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on War, Revolution, and Peace 


Fabian Tract No. 129. 




A Supplement to "What to Read," containing Publications 
FROM October, 1901, to October, 1906. 

Published and Sold by 





The Fabian Society, 3 Clement's Inn, Strand, W.C. 
November, 1906. 
/ ' — 

/ / 1? / 

I A BOOKS .recommended in '<What to Read" 
and in "More Books to Read" are supplied at a 
Discount of 3d. in the 1/- (except in the case of Net Books) 




Books out of print advertised for and reported free of 

Telephone No, 6oj P. O, Hampstead, Manager. 


Telephone No. 3914 Central. Telegraphic Address : " Socialayd." 

/^BJECTS: To collect, register, and disseminate information relating to all forms 
of Social Service adaptable to the needs of the United 

To minimize waste by codifying the results of experience, and to 
prevent the overlapping of ameliorative social movements. 

The Institute is supported by Voluntary Contributions. 



Published on the Fifteenth of January, April, July, and October, 

Each issue of Progress contains, in addition to interesting articles, a Bibliography 
and List of Magazine References for the preceding three months, which are invalu- 
able for Students of Social Questions. 

For further mformatton about the Institute or PROGRESS, write to 

More Books to Read. 


The following list of books is a supplement to the fourth edition of 
"What to Read" (Tract No. 29 ; 6d. n.), published in October, 1901. 
The books are classified under almost the same headings, and in some 
cases headings are inserted without books in order to indicate that 
the editors have nothing to add to the earlier list. The books cata- 
logued consist of publications since October, 1901, and only in one 
or two cases, for special reasons, are older books or new editions 
mentioned. A small number of the more important Blue-books 
are added at the end of the sections concerned. 

The editors cannot pretend to have read or examined every book 
in the list, and occasionally they may have placed books under wrong 
headings, owing to the practice, unfortunately common with authors, 
of using misleading or vague titles. 

The books selected are those likely to be required by Socialists 
and Social Reformers, and for this reason the completeness of the 
lists greatly varies. For example, under Free Trade, only a dozen 
volumes are named out of the hundreds published, whilst under 
Socialism all books of any permanent importance are (or should 
be) included. 

Finally, the editors desire to say that, although on the subjects 
named they have used every endeavor to mention all the books suit- 
able in respect of price and contents for the class of reader contem- 
plated — that is, for those who do not desire very recondite, or, unless 
absolutely indispensable, very expensive, books — they cannot hope 
that there are no omissions, and that every book named is rightly 


A — Acton, II. Acworth, 16. Adams, 13. Addams, 6. Alden, 18. Alston, 10. 

Amery, 15. Andrews, ii. Armitage Smith, 9. Ashbce, 16. Ashley, P., 9, 10. 

Ashley, VV. J., 9, 11, 12. Ashley, R. L., 15. Atkins, 15. Atkinson, 10. 
B— Bax, 16. Best, II. Binns, 5. Blackburn, 18, 19. Bland, 17. Blatchford, 16. 

Blauvelt, 6. Boies, 7. B^hm-Bawerk, 8. Bonn, 13. Bosanquet, 10. Boutmy, 15. 

Bowles, 9. Bowley, 17. Boyle, 9. Brabrook, 9. Bradshaw, 8. Brooks, 16. 

Bucher, 10. Burton, 12. 


C — Cadbury, 19. Cannan, 7. Cantlie, 15. Carlile, 18. Carpenter, 7. Chap- 
man, 13. Chappie, 15. Chesterton, 15. Chomley, 9. Churchill, 5. Clare- 
mont,8. Clarke, 12. Collet, 19. CoUings, 13. Cotton, 11. Cox, 9, 13. Crin- 
nell, 17. Cummings, 7. Cunningham, W., 9, 13. Cunnjngham, W. (Dunferm- 
line), 16. 

D — Darby, II. Dannn, 14. Dawson, 9, 10. Day, 10. De Montmorency, 8. De- 
vine, 15. Dicey, 6. Dickinson, 17. Diosy, 10. Disraeli, 5. Dodd, 16. Drage, 18. 
Dundee Social Union, 12. Dutt, 12, 

B — Egerton, 12, Eighty Club, 15. Eltzbacher, 10. Ensor, 16. 

P— Ferri, 16. Flux, 8. Fox, 13. 

Q^-Geddes, 14. Gent, 17. Giffen, 8. Gilman, 5. Gladstone, 5. Conner, 8. Gor- 
don, 9. Gorst, 6. Goschen, 8. Gray, 10. 

H — Haggard, 13. Haldane, 6, 8. Hamilton, 5. Hand, 6. Harrison, 10, 19. Hart, 5. 
Haw, II, 14, 17. Henderson, 8. Higgs, 15, 18. Hillquit, 16. Hinds, 6. 
Hirst, 9, 18. Hobhouse, 15. Hobson, 5, 9, 12, 17. Hollander, 18. Holyoake,7. 
Horsfall, ii. Howell, 18. Hughes, 8. Hunt, ii. Hunter, 18. Hutchins, 10. 

I — Ingram, 17. Irvine, 12. 

J — ^Jaur^, 17. Jeans, 12. Jebb, 13. Jenks, 6. 

K— Keeble, 6. Kelley, 17. Kellor, 7. Kidd, 10. Kirkbridge, 18. Knoop, $. Kro- 
potkin, s, 10, 13. 

L — Lange, 14. Laughlin, 7. Law, 9. Lawson, 12. Lee, 10. Lilly, 12. Lloyd, 8. 
Loch, 14, 17. Low, 12, 15. Lushington, 8. Lydston, 7. 

Macdonald, 8, 17, 19. McCleary,l6. Mackail, 5. Mackenzie, 16. McMillan 8. 
Marr, II. Martin, 13. Maxwell, 10. Meakin, ii. Mercia, 7. Meredith, 9. 
Merz, II. Meyer, 14, 16. Millar, 14, 17. Milnes, 13. Money, 9, 17. Monroe, 8. 
Moore, 13. Morley, 5. Morris, 5. Murray, 13. 
N — Newman, 16. Nicholson, 8, 9, 13. Noel, 15. 

O— Oliver, F. S., 5. Oliver, T., 12. Olivier, 12. Oman, 16. Ostrogorski, 15. Owen, 5. 
P — Parsons, II. Passos, 18. Paul, 11. Payne, 12. Peaker, 6. Pease, 7. Penty, 17. 

Pigou, 5. Plunkett, 13. Podmore, 5. Pratt, 14, 16, 18. 
R — Reason, 18. Redlich, 10. Reeves, 12. Reid, 7. Reinsch, 12. Ripley, 18. 

Rogers, A. G. L., 14. Rogers, F., 14. Ross, 16. Rowntree, B. S., 12. Rown- 

tree, J., 7. Ruskin, 5. Russell, 19. Ryan, 11. 
S— Salceby, 17. Samuel, 15. Sanders, 15. Seligmann, 8. Sellers, 15. Semett, 11. 

Shadwell, 7, 12. Shaw, 10. Shaw, G. B., 14. Sherard, 6. Sherwell, 7. Sichell, 5. 

Smart, 9, 14. Smith, 19. Smyth, 15. Southwark (Bp. of), 19. Sparge, 6, 17. 

Speaker y 15. Spelling, 16. Steffens, 10. Suthers, 14, 18. Swann, 19. 
T — Tarbell, 18. Tarde, 19. Thompson, 11. Tolstoi, 17. Trevelyan, 6. 
U— Unwin, ii. 

V— VinogradoflF, 10. Vynne, 13. 

W— Walker, 7. Wame, 18. Webb, C, 7. Webb, S., 8. Webb, S. & B., 7, 10. 
Westermarck, 15. Whelpley, 9. Wells, 10, 19. Whitehouse, 14. Whiteway,7. 
Whitman, 5. Wilcox, 14. Woodworth, 17. 

Y— Young, 13. 
Z— Zueblin, 14. 

^IDore Books to IReab. 

The abbreviation n. means net. Tr. = translated. 

Government publications, which can be obtained of the Government publishers, 
or of P. S. King and Son, Great Smith Street, Westminster, London, S.W., are 
placed at the end of the sections concerned, and follow a thin line. 


Hart, W. C. The confessions of an anarchist. iqo6, Richards, 
2/6 n. 

Kkopotkin, Peter. The conquest of bread. 1906, Chapman, 
10/6 n. 

Arbitration — Industrial, and Conciliation. 

GiLMAN, N. P. Methods of industrial peace. 1904, Macmillan, 


Knoop, D. Industrial conciliation and arbitration. 1905, 
King, 7/6 n. 

PiGOU, A. C. Principles and methods of industrial peace. 
1905, Macmillan, 3/6 n. 

Biographies of Socialists and Reformers. 

Churchill, Lord Randolph, Life of. By Winston Churchill. 

2 vol. 1905, 36s. n. 
Disraeli, Isaac. Disraeli : a study in personality and ideas. 

By Walter Sichel. 1904, Methuen, 12/6 n., W. E., Life of. By John Morley. 2 vol. 1906, 

Macmillan, 5s. n. each. 
Hamilton, Alexander. By F. Scott Oliver. 1906, Constable, 

12/6 n. 

Morris, William, Life of. By J. W. Mackail. 1902, Long- 
mans, JOS. n. 

Owen, Robert. A biography. By Frank Podmore. 1906, 

Hutchinson, 24s. n. 
RusKiN, John — social reformer. By J. A. Hobson. IQ04, Nis- 

bet, 2/6 n. 

Whitman, Walt, Life of. By Henry B. Binns. 1905, Methuen, 
10/6 n. 



GoRST, Sir J. E. The children of the nation : how their health 
and vigor should be promoted by the state. 1906, Methuen, 
7/6 n. 

Sherard, R. H. The child-slaves of Britain. 1905, Hurst, 6s. 
Spargo, J. Bitter cry of the children [American]. American 

academy vol. on child labor. 1906. 
Trevelyan, Rev. William Pitt. Some results of boarding-out 

poor law children. 1903, King, 2s. n. 

Report of the proceedings of the international congress for the 
welfare and protection of children, held in London, July 
1902. King, 2/6 n. 

Employment of school children. Report of interdepartmental 
committee. Cd. 849, 1902, 3d. 

Street trading. Report of interdepartmental committee, with 
evidence. Cd. 1144, 1902, 1/8. 

Medical inspection and feeding of (school) children. . . . Inter- 
departmental committee report. Cd. 2779, 1905, 1/3. 

Feeding of school children in Continental and American cities. 
Return relating to methods adopted in great Continental 
and American cities for dealing with underfed children. 
Cd. 2926, 1906, 4jd. 

Board of education. Reports on children under five years of 
age in public elementary schools. . . . Cd. 2726, 1906, 8Jd. 


Addams, Jane. Democracy and social ethics [American]. 1902, 

Macmillan, 5s. n. 
Hand, J. E. (ed.). Science in public affairs. With a preface by 

R. B. Haldane. 1906, Allen, ss. n. 
Keebi.e, S. E. (ed.). Citizen of to-morrow. A handbook on 

social questions. 1906, C. H. Kelly, 2s. n. 
Peaker, J. British citizenship. 1906, Ralph Holland, 2s. 

Communist and Co-operative Experiments. 

Hlnds, Wm. Alfred. American communities. 1902, Ker 

Constitutional History, British. 

Blauvelt, Mary T. Development of cabinet government in 

England. 1902, Macmillan, 6s. n. 
Dicey, A. V. Relation between law and public opinion in 

England during the nineteenth century. 1905, Macmillan, 

10/6 n. 

Jenks, E. Parliamentary England. The evolution of the 
cabinet system. (Story of the nations.) 1903, Unwin, 5s. 



HoLYOAKE, Geo. J. The history of co-operation. Revised edn. 

1905, Unwin, 21s. 
Webb, Catherine. Industrial co-operation. Co-op. Union, 

Manchester, 2/6 n. 

Crime and Prison Treatment. 

Boies, H. M. Science of penology : defence of society against 
crime. 1902, Putnam, 155. n. 

Carpenter, Edward. Prisons, police and punishment : an en- 
quiry into the causes and treatment of crime and criminals. 
1905, Fifield, 2/6 n. 

Kellor, F. a. Experimental sociology : delinquents. 1902, 
Macmillan, 8/6 n. 

Lydston, Dr. G. F. The diseases of society (the vice and crime 
problem). 1905, Lippincott, iSs. n. 

Mercia, C. Criminal responsibility. 1905, Frowde, 7/6 n. 

Whiteway, a. R. Recent object lessons in penal science. 
1902, Sonnenschein, 3/6 n. 

Currency, Banking and Exchange. 

Laughlin, J. L. Principles of money. 1903, J. Murray, i6s. n. 

Drink Question. 

CuMMiNG, A. N. Public house reform. 1902, Sonnenschein, 

Pease, E. R. The case for municipal drink trade. 1904, P. S. 
King, 2/6 n. 

Reid, G. Archdall. Alcoholism: a study in heredity. 1901, 
Unwin, 6s. n. 

Rowntree, Joseph, and Arthur Sherwell. The taxation of 
the liquor trade. Vol. i., public houses, etc. 1906, Mac- 
millan, 10/6 n. 

Public control of the liquor traffic. 1903, Richards, 

2 6 n. 

Shadwell, Arthur. Drink, temperance and legislation. 1902, 
Longmans, 5s. n. 

Walker, J. Commonwealth as publican : examination of Go- 
thenburg system. 1902, Constable, 2/6 n. 

Webb, Sidney and Beatrice. The history of liquor licensing 
in England. 1903, Longmans, 2/6 n. 

Economics, Early. 

Economic Theory, History of. 

Cannan, Edwin. A history of the theories of production and 
distribution. 1903, King, 10/6 n. 


Economics, Classical. 

Economics, Modern. 

B5hm-Bawerk, E. B. Recent literature on interest. Supple- 
ment to Capital and interest. 1904, Macmillan, 4/6 n. 

Claremont, a. W. Pictures in political economy. 1904, 
Richards, 3/6 n. 

Flux, A. W. Economic principles. An introductory study. 
1904, Methuen, 7/6 n. 

GiFFEN, Sir Robert. Economic inquiries and studies. 2 vol. 
1904, Bell, 2 IS. n. 

GoNNER, E. C. K. Interest and saving. 1906, Macmillan, 3/6 n. 

GoscHEN, The Hon. Viscount. Essays and addresses on econ- 
omic questions. 1905, Arnold, iss. n. 

Nicholson, J. S. Elements of political economy. 1904, Black, 
7/6 n. 

Seligman, Edwin R. A. Principles of economics, with special 
reference to American conditions. 1906, Longmans, 9s. n. 


DE Montmorency, J. E. D. State intervention in English 

education from earliest times to 1833. 1902, Clay, 5s. n. 
Haldane, R. B. Education and empire : addresses on certain 

topics of the day. 1902, Murray, ss. n. 
Hughes, R. E. The making of citizens : study in comparative 

education. 1902, W. Scott, 6s. 
McMillan, M. Education through the imagination. 1904, 

Sonnenschein, 3/6. 
Monroe, P. Text-book of the history of education. 1905, 

Macmillan, 5s. n. 
Webb, Sidney. London education. 1904, Longmans, 2/6 n. 

Election and Registration Law. 

Henderson, A., M.P., and J. R. MacDonald, M.P. Notes on 
organization and the law of registration and election. 1903, 
Labor Party, 28 Victoria Street, London, 2 6 n. 

Lloyd, J. Seymour. Elections and how to fight them. 1905, 
Vacher, 3/6 n. 

Municipal elections and how to fight them. 1906, 

Vacher, 1/6 n. 

LusHLNGTON, S. G. County council and municipal election 
manual. 2nd edn. 1892, Shaw, 7 6. 

Electoral and Legislative Machinery. 

Emigration and Immigration. 

Bradshaw, F., and C. Emanuel. Alien immigration : should 
restrictions be imposed ? 1904, Isbister, 2/6 n. 


Emigration and Immigration — continued. 

Gordon, Major Evans. The alien immigrant. 1903, Heine- 
mann, 6s. n. 

Whklpley, J. D. The problem of the immigrant. 1905, Chap- 
man, 10/6 n. 

Finance, Public, including Rates and Taxation. 

ARMfTAGE-SMiTH, G. Principles and methods of taxation. 

1905, Murray, Ss. n. 

Bowles, T. G. National finance. An imminent peril. 1904, 
Unwin, 6d. n. 

Boyle, E., and G. Humphreys Davies. Principles of rating. 

1906, Clowes, 20s. n. 

Hirst, F. W. A preface to the budget, how to save, how to 
spend, how to tax. 1905, Speaker^ is. n. 

Income Tax. Departmental committee on. Cd. 2575, 1905, 3d. 
Graduated income taxes in foreign countries. Cd. 2587, 1905, 

in colonies. S.P. 196, 1905, lod. [1/5. 

in Tasmania. S.P. 282, 1905, 7d. 

Free Trade, Protection and International Trade. 

Ashley, W. J. The tariff problem. 1903, King, 3/6 n. 
Ashley, Percy. Modern tariff history : Germany, United 

States, France. 1904, J. Murray, 10/6 n. 
Chomley, C. H. Protection in Canada and Australasia. 1904, 

King, 3/6 n. 

Cox, H. British industries under free trade. Essays by experts. 
1904, Unwin, 6s. 

Cunningham, W. The rise and decline of the free trade move- 
ment. 1904, Cambridge University Press, 2/6 n. 

Dawson, William Harbutt. Protection in Germany. 1904, 
King, 3/6 n. 

HoBSON, John A. International trade : an application of 

economic theory. 1904, Methuen, 2/6 n. 
Law, a. Maurice. Protection in the United States. 1904, 

King, 3/6 n. 

Meredith, H. O. Protection in France. 1904, King, 3/6 n. 
Money, L. G. Chiozza. Elements of the fiscal problem. 1903, 
King, 3/6 n. 

Nicholson, J. S. History of the English corn laws. 1904, 

Sonnenschein, 2/6. 
Smart, William. The return to protection. 1904, Macmillan, 

5s. n. 

Friendly Societies, etc. 

Brabrook, Sir E. Building societies. 1906, King, is. n. 


Government, United Kingdom. — Central. 

Government, United Kingdom. — Local. 

Ashley, Percy. Local government. 1905, Jack, is. n. 
Local and central government : a comparative study 

of England, France, Prussia, and the United States. 1900, 

Murray, 10/6 n. 

Atkinson, Mabel. Local government in Scotland. 1904, 
Blackwood, 12/6 n. (Remainder sold at 5s.) 

Lee, W. L. M. History of police in England. 1902, Methuen, 
3/6 n. 

Maxwell, R. C. English local government. 1905, Dent, is. 
Reduch, J. Local government in England. Edited by F. W. 

Hirst. 2 vol. 1903, MacmiUan, 21s. n. Remainder sold 

at 7/6. 

Shaw's local government manual. 1905, Shaw, 7/6. 
Webb, Sidney and Beatrice. English local government : the 
parish and the county. 1906, Longmans, i6s. n. 

Government, Foreign. 

Alston, Leonard. Modern constitutions in outline. 1905, 
Longmans, 2/6 n. 

Dawson, W. H. The German workman : a study in industrial 
efficiency. 1906, King, 6s. n. 

Day, Clive. The policy and administration in Java. 1904, 
Macmillan, 8/6 n. 

DiosY, Arthur. The new far east. 1904, Cassell, 3/6. 

Eltzbacher, O. Modern Germany. Her political and econ- 
omic problems, etc. 1905, Smith, Elder, 7/6 n. 

Stefffns, Lincoln. The shame of the cities [American]. 
1904, Heinemann, 5s. n. 

Wells, H. G. The future in America. 1906, Chapman, 
10/6 n. 

History of Economic and Social Development. 

BosANQUET, Helen. The family. 1906, Macmillan, 8/6 n. 
BucHKR, C. Industrial evolution. 1902, Bell, 12s. 
Gray, R. Kirkman. A history of British philanthropy. 1905, 
King, 7/6 n. 

HuTCHiNS, B. L., and A. Harrison. A history of factory legis- 
lation. 1903, King, 10/6 n. 

KiDD, B. Principles of western civilization. 1902, Macmillan, 
iSs. n. 

Kropotkin, Prlnce. Mutual aid. 1902, Heinemann, 3/6. 

History, Mediaeval. 

Vinogradoff, Dr. P. The growth of the manor. 1906, Son- 
nenschein, 10/6. 


History, Modern. 

Acton, Lord. The Cambridge modern histoiy. Edited by A. 
W. Ward, G. W. Prothero, and Stanley Leathes. 12 vol. 
1904, Cambridge University Press, i6s. each. 

Andrews, £. B. The United States in our time. A history 
from reconstruction to expansion. 1904, Chatto, i6s. n. 

Hunt, W., and R. L. Poole (eds.). Political history of Eng- 
land. 12 vol. 1905-6, Longmans, 80s. n. the set. 7/6 n. 

Merz, J. T. A history of European thought in the nineteenth 
century. Vol. i., 1904, William Blackwood, 10 6. Vol. ii., 
1903, 15s. n. 

Paul, Herbert. A history of modern England (5 vols). 1904-6, 

Macmillan, 8/6 n. each. 
Unwin, George. Industrial organization in the sixteenth and 

seventeenth centuries. 1906, Clarendon Press, 7/6. 

Hospital Management. 

Hours of Labor and Wages. 

Ashley, W. J. The progress of the German working classes in 
the last quarter of a century. 1905, Longmans, 1/6 n. 

Best. R. H., W. T. Davis, and C. Perks. The brassworkers of 
Berlin and Birmingham. 1905, King, is. n. 

Ryan, J. A. A living wage [American]. 1905, Macmillan, 
4/6 n. 


Haw, Geo. Britain's homes. 1902, Clarion^ 2/6 n. 
HoRSFALL, T. C. Improvement of the dwellings of the people. 

The example of Germany. 1904, Sherrat and Hughes, is. n. 
Marr, T. R. Housing conditions in Manchester and Salford 

(report). 1904, Sherrat and Hughes, is. n. 
Meakin, Budget. Model factories and villages : ideal conditions 

of labor and housing. 1905, Unwin, 7/6. 
Parsons, J. Housing by voluntary enterprise : an examination 

of provision by municipal authorities. 1903, King, 2 6 n. 
Semett, a. R. Garden cities in theory and practice. 2 vol. 

1905, Bemrose, 21s. n. 
Thompson, W. The housing handbook. IQ04, P. S. King, 

2/6 n. 

Imperial and Colonial Problems. 

Cotton, Sir Henry J. S. New India, or, India in transition. 

1904, Kegan Paul, 3/6 n. 
Darby, W: E. International tribunals : a collection of various 

schemes. 1904, Dent, 15s. n. 


Imperial and Colonial Problems — continued. 

DuTT, R. Economic history of British India. Record of agri- 
culture and land settlements, trade and manufacturing in- 
dustries. 1902, Paul, 7/6. 

Egerton, H. E. Origin and growth of the English colonies 
and of their system of government. 1903, H. Frowde, 
Clarendon Press, 2/6. 

HoBSON, J. A. Imperialism : a study. 1904, Nisbet, 2/6 n. 

Irvine, R. F., and O. T. J. Alpers. Progress of New Zealand 
in a century. 1902, Chambers, fs. n. 

Lilly, W. S. India and its problems. 1902, Sands, 7/6 n. 

Low, Sidney. Vision of India. 1906, Smith, Elder, 10/6 n. 

Olivier, Sydney. White capital and colored labor. (Socialist 
library, vol. iv.) 1906, 1. L. P., is. and 1/6 n. 

Payne, E. J. Colonies and colonial federations. (English citi- 
zen series.) 1905, Macmillan, 3/6 n. 

Reeves, W. Pember. State experiments in Australia and New 
Zealand. 2 vol. 1902, Richards, 24s. n. 

Reinsch, p. S. Colonial government. 1902, Macmillan, 53. n. 

Industrial and Social Conditions. 

Ashley, W. J. British industries. A series of general reviews 

for business men and students. 1904, Longmans, 5/6 n. 
Burton, T. E. Financial crises and periods of industrial and 

commercial depression. 1902, E. Wilson, 6s. n. 
Chapman, Sydney J. The Lancashire cotton industry. A study 

in economic development. 1904, Sherrat and Hughes, 7/6. 
Clarke, Allen. The effect of the factory system. 1904, 

Richards, is. n. 

Dundee Social Union. Report on housing and industrial con- 
ditions and medical inspection of school children. 1905, 
(Dundee) Leng, 1/6. 

Jeans, J. S. The iron trade of Great Britain. 1906, Methuen, 
2/6 n. 

Lawson, W. R. British economics in 1904. 1905, Blackwood, 
6s. n. 

Oliver, Thomas. Trades (dangerous) : historical, social and 
legal aspects of industrial occupation as affecting health, by 
a number of experts. 1902, Murray, 25s. n. 

Rowntrke, B. Seebohm. Betting and gambling : a national 
evil. IQ05, Macmillan, 5s. n. 

Poverty : a study of town life [in York]. 1901, 

Macmillan, 10/6 n. 

Shadwell, a., M.A., M.D. Industrial efficiency. A compara- 
tive study of industrial life, England, Germany and America. 
2 vol. 1906, Longmans, 26s. n. 

Betting. Report of the House of Lords committee, with evi- 
dence. S.P. 370, 1901, 5d. 


Industrial and Commercial History. 

Cunningham, W. The growth of English industry and com- 
merce in modern times. In two parts. 1904, Cambridge 
University Press, 25s. n. 

MiLNES, Alfred. From gild to factory. Short course of econ- 
omic history. 1904, Finch, 2s. n. 

Irish Questions. 

Bonn, Moritz J. Modern Ireland and her agrarian problem 
(tr. by T. W. Rolleston). 1906, Hodges, Figgis, 2/6 n. 

Murray, Alice Effie. History of the commercial and financial 
relations between England and Ireland from the period of 
the restoration. 1903, P. S. King, 10/6 n. 

Plunkett, Rt. Hon. H. Ireland in the new century. New edn. 
1905, Murray, is. n. 

Young, Filson. Ireland at the cross roads. An essay in ex- 
planation. 1904, Richards, 3/6 n. 

Labor Laws. 

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Une mploy ed — cont i n ued . 

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1906, King, IS. n. 

FABIAN 80C1BTY.— ThaFftbian Boolatr ooadsta of SoeUJlgto. A iteto 
ment of lie Bnlaf And thi following pnUioftlloni oftn be obteinod from tin 
Saontovy, at tiio Fabian Offloe, 8 Olement's Inn, London, W.O. 
FABIANISM AND THB BMPIRB: A ManiliMto. id. poet free. 
Paper oover, i/- ; plain cloth, i/-, poet free from the Seoretary. 
TraeU, Boeh 16 to 69 pp., price Id,, or 9d. per dot., unUu oth§nois§ ttaUd, 
LeOffUUt 4 pp. eackt price Id.fct %%» eopMf , U.p&r 100, or Sfip&r 1000* 
The Set of 88, as. ; post free 3/5. Bound in Buckram, 4/6 ; post free for 5a 

I. — General Socialism in its various aspects. 

TB40T8. — zaz. Public Service versus Private Expenditure. By SirOLiYSi 
LoDGS. 1 13. Communism. ByWx. Mobbis. 107. Socialism tor Million- 
aires. By Bkbnabd Shaw. 78. Socialism and the Teaching of Christ 
By Dr. John Oufvobd. 87. The same in Welsh. 49. Christian Social- 
ism. By Rev. S. D. Hbadlax. 75. Labor in the Longest Reign. B3 
SzDNBT WSBB. 79. The Moral Aspects of Socialism. By 8n)HBT BaiiK 
69. Difficulties of Individualism. By Sxdhbt Wbbb. 51. Socialism : True 
and False. By S. Wbbb. 45. The Impossibilities of Anarchism. B] 
Bbbnabd Shaw (prioeSdO* 15* English Propess towards Social Demo- 
• cracy. By S.Wbbb. 7. Capital and Land (GOiedn. revised 1904). 5. Pact 1 
for Socialists (lOth edn., revised 1906). Lba m i b 13. What Socialism Is. 
I. Why are the Many Poor? 38. The same in Welsh. 

II. — Applications of Socialism to Particular Problems. 

Tbaots. — xa8. The Case for a Legal Minimum Wage. za6. The Aboli- 
tion of Poor Law Guardians, zas. Municipal Milk and Public Health, 
By Dr. F. Lawson Dodd. zao. " After Bread, Education." za5. Mtmici- 
palization by Provinces. 1x9. Public Control of Electrical Power and 
Transit. za3. The Revival of Agriculture. iz8. The Secret of Rural 
Depopulation. 1x5. State Aid to Agriculture : an Example, zxa. Life 
in the Laundry, zxo. Problems of Indian Poverty. 98. State Rail- 
ways for Ireland. xa4. State Control of Trusts. 86. Municipal Drink 
Traffic. 85. Liquor Licensing at Home and Abroad. 84. Economics 
of Direct Employment. 83. State Arbitration and the Living Wage, 
73. Case for State Pensions in Old Age. 67. Women and the Factory 
r - Acts. 50. Sweating: its Cause and Remedy. 48. Eight Hours by Law. 

I a3. Case for an Eight Hours Bill. 47. The Unemployed. Bv John 

I! BuBHS, M.P. Lbaflbtb.— 89. Old Age Pensions at Work. 19. What the 

Farm Laborer Wants. X04. How Trade Unions benefit Workmen. 

III. — Local Government Powers : How to use them. 

I ^ Traotb. — XX7. The London Education Act, 1903: how to make the best 

< of it, XX4. The Education Act, xgoa. xxx. Reform of Reformatories 

and Industrial Schools. By H. T. HoiiMBS. X09. Cottage Plans and 
Common Sense. By Raymond Ukwin. X03. Overcrowding in London 
and its Remedy. By W. G. Steadmak, L.G.C. 76. Houses for the People, 
xoo. Metropolitan Borough Councils. 99. Local Government in Ireland. 
8a. Workmen's Compensation Act. 6a. Parish and District Councils. 
6x. The London County Council. 54. The Humanising of the Poor 
Law. By J. F. Oakbbhott. Lbaflbtb.— 68. The Tenant'a Sanitary 
Catechiam. 7X. Same for London. 63. Parish Council Cottagea and 
how to get them. 58. AUotmenta and how to get them. FABIAN 
MUNIOIPAL PROGRAM, Fibbt Sbbibs (Nos. 32, 36, 37). Municipalisa- 
tion of the Qas Supply. The Scandal of London'a Markets. A 
Labor Policy for Public Authorities. Second Sebiss (Nos. go to 97). 
Municipalization of Milk Supply. Municipal Pawnshops. Municipal 
Slaughterhouses. Women as Councillors. Municipal Bakeries. Muni- 
cipal Hospitals. Municipal Fire Insurance. Municipal Steamboats. — 
* .Second Series in a red oover for Id. (9d. per dos.) ; separate leaflets, 1/- per 100. 

IV* — Books. 29. What to Read on social and economic subjects. 6d. net, 
X29. More Books to Read. Supplement to October, 1906. 

v.— General Politics and Fabian Policy. 

X27. Socialism and Labor Policy. xx6. Fabianism and the Fiscal 
Question : an alternative policy. xo8. Twentieth Century Politics. By 
Sidney Webb. 70. Report on Fabian Policy. 4X. The Fabian Society: 
its Early History. By Bernard Shaw. 
VI. — Question Leaflets. Questions for Candidates: 30, Poor Law Guard 
ians. 24, Parliament. 28, County Coonoils, Bural. 56, Parish Oonnoils. 67| 
Bural District Councils. 102, Metropolitan Borough Councils. 
Book Boxes lent to Societies. Clubs. Trade Unions, for 68. a year, or 2/6 a qnartag 
Printed by G. StandnnK, 7 luebury Loudun, K.C, and poblished by the l^ablan tk>cietyr~' 
'\ Cleraervt'8 Inn, Strand. London W.C. 


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