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How To Tell Fibs And Influence People 

A recent article published by the Combating Terrorism Center at the Establishment-run West Point Military Academy is 
a good example of how the Establishment works and has worked in the past few decades to mould ‘public opinion’ in 
regard to the individuals and groups who oppose multiculturalism. {1} 

The article, titled The Iron March Forum and the Evolution of the Skull Mask Neo-Fascist Network, {2} written by 
someone working for the Accelerationism Research Consortium, is an opinion-piece of the type considered a 'reliable 
source' by the Establishment, by Establishment supporters, by the Media, and by those of the special-interest 
advocacy groups and the public who agree with Establishment orthodoxy in the matter of multiculturalism. It is also 
the type of 'reliable source’ used by Wikipedia to inform Joe and Jane public about politicians, political groups, and 

Yet the article is, in the matter of both the subculture known as the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) and David Myatt, 
fundamentally flawed with its use as a 'reliable source’ by anyone amounting to the fallacy of argumentum ad 
verecundiam, the fallacy of the appeal to authority. 

It is flawed for two basic reasons. 

1. Under the heading The Order of Nine Angles and Terrorist Radicalization the authoress {3} states that "the O9A is a 
occultist current founded by David Myatt in the late 1960s in the United Kingdom," for which only one reference is 
given. The reference is to the book Black Sun by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke in which Goodrick-Clarke associates Myatt 
with the O9A and states that Myatt founded the O9A, for which claims he provides no evidential facts, no documents, 
no references, only giving his personal opinion that Myatt was the author of a typewritten manuscript titled Diablerie a 
copy of which is in the British Library and for which attribution Goodrick-Clarke provided no evidential facts. 

Neither Goodrick-Clarke nor anyone who uses his personal opinion in that book as 'proof' that Myatt founded the O9A 
and was ‘Anton Long' has (i) bothered to mention Myatt's denial of writing that manuscript, (ii) mentioned Myatt's 
claim that it is a forgery, or (iii) provided any evidential facts regarding him being Anton Long or of founding the OYA. 

2. The authoress provides no citations whatsoever for her opinions about the O9A, instead using unscholarly 
expressions such as "O9A text. Title withheld for public safety reasons," and "Author's analysis of O9A texts and other 
primary documents associated with O9A offshoots." 

Thus she writes without providing any citations: 

"The network's transition from activism to terrorism was facilitated by the introduction of violent ritualistic 
initiation practices derived from the writings of the Order of Nine Angles, which helped to habituate members 
to violence as well as to create a sense of shared membership in a militant elite." 

What violent ritualistic initiation practices? What O9A writings are they derived from? The OYA - being the esoteric 
philosophy of Anton Long as described in his writings and only in his writings {4} - has no such violent ritualistic 
initiation practices, and there are no writings by Anton Long which condone or incite such practices. 

Therefore, at best the authoress is telling fibs; at worst she is writing propaganda on behalf of the Establishment whose 
propagandistic ill-informed views about the O9A were well-expressed by elected British politicians in 2021: 

Dear Home Secretary 

| am writing to request a meeting to discuss the urgency of proscribing the Nazi-occultist group the 
Order of Nine Angles (O9A). 

Along with HOPE not hate, the anti-fascist organisation whose parliamentary group | chair, I've 
been pressing the prescription review group to urgently assess the O9A threat and to bring 
forward the required parliamentary motion to proscribe O9A. 

| have raised this matter both in the House and publicly a number of times. The O9A pose a 
significant threat to the lives and security of families in Britain. 

This morning, the BBC reported that the man who murdered Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman in 
Wembley had been influenced by a man closely associated with O9A. These brutal and savage 
murders were inspired by the killers interest in satanism - an ideology which is promoted by, O9A - 
as well as Neo-Nazism. 

This is not the first horrendous crime involving the O9A. This is a group that is promoting and 
praising terrorist attacks, especially attacks which involve sexual violence. Recently, a serving US 
soldier was indicted for conspiring with O9A supporters to launch a terror attack on his own unit. 

Proscription will send a clear message that we are united against their hate and violence, and it 
would provide the police and security services with additional powers to stop this vile group from 
organising - and potentially save further lives from being lost. 

| do urge you to ensure that they are proscribed urgently and | look forward to your reply and the 
opportunity to discuss this matter with you soon. 

Yours sincerely 

> Sage 
( LAK my 
Stephanie Peacock MP 

Will the Government, as highlighted by the group Hope not Hate, whose work | pay tribute to, 
seek to outlaw the neo-Nazi organisation Order of the Nine Angles, alongside other despicable 
far-right groups? | pay tribute to my hon. Friend the Member for Barnsley East (Stephanie 
Peacock) for the work that she continues to do on this as chair of the all-party Hope not Hate 
group. Clearly, proscription should mark the start and not the end of the process. As such, is the 
Minister happy with the level of enforcement against proscribed organisations and their members? 

Conor McGinn, MP for St Helens North: 

That their views about the O9A and about Mr Myatt were and are propagandistic and ill-informed is obvious given that 
their views are not based on evidential facts, as texts such as The Occult Phantom Menace {5} and The Urban Tale Of 
Myatt And Long {6} have revealed. 

Influencing People 

That such an article as The Order of Nine Angles and Terrorist Radicalization and the personal opinion of an academic 
such as Goodrick-Clarke - neither of whom present any evidential facts - are classed as 'reliable sources’ is a triumph 
for the Establishment and their multicultural agenda, and an example of how it is not just the hoi polloi who commit 
the fallacy of 'appeal to authority’, by for instance using such internet sources as Wikipedia, but also that modern 
academics as well as those who are part of or who support the Establishment and its agenda commit the fallacy. 

Which indicates something not only about modern Western societies and modern democracy {7} but also about the 
hoi polloi, about modern academics, about modern politicians, journalists, the Media, and the Establishment itself. 

What is indicated is the astonishing lack of logical reasoning among the populace and among the educated 
professional class; an astonishing acceptance of propaganda by the majority, and an astonishing lack of scholarship in 
academia; {8} and astonishing because of the well-established tertiary educational system of Western societies and 
the mandatory schooling of children. 

Such an astonishing lack of logical reasoning among the peoples of the West after thousands of years of civilization is 
an indictment of modern government, an indictment of the modern State; an indictment of mass urban living; and an 
indictment of the modern educational system. It is also an example of how the causal abstractions now embedded in 
ideologies and political parties as well as in the educational system have triumphed over pathei-mathos and the 
virtues of KaAdc Kaya8dc. {9} 

In regard to the astonishing acceptance of propaganda by the majority, as a perspicacious writer recently noted in 

respect of how Western governments have bamboozled the public in 2022 into supporting yet another war: 

"Because selling the war to the public is a built-in component of all war strategy, the war will always look 
necessary from the mainstream perspective, and it won't look like those other wars which we now know in 
retrospect were mistakes. It's always designed to look appealing. There's never not going to be atrocity 
propaganda. There's never not going to be reasons fed to you selling this military intervention as special and 
completely necessary. That will be the case every single time, because that's how modern wars are 
packaged and presented [...] 

Propaganda is the single most overlooked and underappreciated aspect of our society. It has far more 
influence over how the public thinks, acts and votes than any of our official mechanisms for doing so, yet it's 
barely discussed, it isn't taught in schools, and even the best political ideologies barely touch on it relative to 
their other areas of focus [...] 

Our entire civilization is shaped by domestic propaganda." {10} 

In regard to the OYA, in order to discredit it in the eyes of the public, the Establishment had to finally resort to black 
propaganda Spread by a paid agent provocateur {11} as well as rely on the prejudice of antifascists and their political 
and journalist supporters who they rightly assumed would in their prejudice not only believe such propaganda and 
spread and embellish it but also use it as part of their decades-old campaign to discredit Mr Myatt who antifascists 
franticly believe is the architect of and the driving force behind the O9A. 

That the public, as well as antifascists and their political and journalist supporters and others including academics, 
commit the fallacy of ‘appeal to authority’ and other fallacies in connection with the O9A and Mr Myatt, as well as 
never bother to research the O9A using primary sources {4} reveals, at least to the sagacious minority, not only just 
how uncultured the societies of the West in reality still are but how our societies and our people are moulded by 
propaganda. As Myatt wrote in his 2010 essay A Moment Among My Reading: Some Problems With Modern 

"A study of history, ancient and modern, indicates - at least to me - that such manipulation of the many by 
the few for the benefit of the few cannot, given human nature en masse, continue indefinitely. That there 
may well arise such a breakdown of basic services, such perceived inequality, such perceived injustices, such 
widespread discontent, that revolution, somewhere - peaceful or otherwise - seems almost inevitable, with 
the attendant suffering that revolutions often cause. Thus will the cyclical nature of human history repeat 
itself, for we humans apparently have not changed, en masse, significantly enough so that we are personally 
guided by such virtues as honesty, reason, and evtaéia to thus be immune to the propagandistic 
machinations of politicians, demagogues, ideologues, and special interest groups. Instead, it seems that the 
same fears, hopes, and emotions, still guide us, just as the negative traits of old seem to still guide so many 
of those few who have, by whatever means, acquired power and authority over the majority. 

Can this apparently inevitable suffering-causing cyclicity - such as that of governing cliques and their 
overthrow, and of the decline of societies - be avoided? My own personal - and admittedly fallible - answer is 
to reform modern democracy so that leaders and politicians must have such personal character-revealing 
experience as qualifies them to lead and to govern, with that personal experience consisting of proven and 
years-long ‘front line' service to their country and to their people such as in the armed forces or serving as a 
‘first responder' in such occupations as paramedic, a police officer, and in the Fire & Rescue service. 

However, such a reform by having character-revealing experience as a qualification for political office is 
unlikely to occur, given vested interests and - dare | say it - an education system which has neglected study 
in their original language of authors such as Thucydides, Herodotus, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Aristotle, Pliny, 
Tacitus, and Cicero." {12} 

Kerri Scott 
2022 ev 
v. 1.03 

{1} By the Establishment is meant those who in modern Western societies have the power, the means, to influence 
and to shape 'public opinion’ on matters political and social. The Establishment thus includes politicians and the 
incumbent government and often the ‘political opposition’, large often multinational business enterprises, the 
mainstream Media (especially national newspapers and television news media), well-funded special-interest advocacy 
groups both political and business-orientated, established academics whose work has featured in mainstream 
publications, and so-called 'independent'’ or 'freelance' journalists whose work is used by the mainstream Media. 

Multiculturalism postulates that a multiracial society is beneficial and preferable to an ethnic society composed of 
people of one or similar ethnicity and culture, with such a multiracial society giving people of non-Caucasian ethnicity 
and their culture special consideration which in practice has meant that 'Black' and ‘Asian’ culture and traditions and 
groups are encouraged and 'White' ancestral culture and traditions and White-only groups at best deprecated and at 
worst considered as 'racist' or belonging to the colonialist past. 

The Establishment represents the orthodoxy, the zeitgeist, of a particular era, with adherence to or a belief in this 
orthodoxy a good indication of who or what is part of the Establishment. Thus the orthodoxy of the current Western 
current era includes the following: the dogma of racial equality; that multiculturalism is 'good'; that those who oppose 
multiculturalism are 'bad'; that the colonial past of many Western nations was a manifestation of 'racism'; that the 
Shoah cannot be disputed; that Hitler and National Socialist Germany were ‘evil’; that the Zionist entity that now 
occupies Palestine should be supported with any public criticism of its policies at best ‘ill-informed' and at worst 
amounting to ‘anti-semitism’. And so on. 

In effect, many of the tenets of antifascist ideology concerning multiculturalism, racism, and 'hate', are now 
mainstream, part of Establishment orthodoxy. 

[Accessed May 2022 ev] 

{3} The Establishment orthodoxy of our era states that 'authoress' - denoting a female author, and in use since c.1765 
ev - is, along with terms such as actress and poetess, now considered a demeaning, derogatory, term; that is, is not 
politically correct. 


"Crucial to understanding and appreciating O9A philosophy is the study of the writings of Anton Long, 
1976-2012, for they are the primary sources, the only primary sources, of that philosophy. Which writings 
were published under that name or using the two pseudonyms which he himself has acknowledged, which 
are (i) "Stephen Brown", with reference to the two volumes of The Satanic Letters, 1992, and (ii) "Thorold 
West", with reference to the manuscript of Naos: A Practical Guide To Modern Magick, 1989. These primary 
sources include those two works, the four novels of the Deofel Quartet published between 1976 and 1992, 
The Last Writings of Anton Long published in 2012, and the classic texts The Gentleman's - and Noble Ladies 
- Brief Guide to The Dark Arts (2008), Concerning Culling as Art (2011) and The De-Evolutionary Nature of 
Might is Right (2011). 

Other sources - O9A texts published between 1990 and 2012 - are therefore secondary and tertiary sources 
and represent the interpretations and opinions of others regarding Anton Long's philosophy and the Seven 
Fold Way that he devised. 

For what has hitherto been rejected or ignored by O9A critics, by some O9A supporters, and by all O9A 
opponents, is the scholarly detail, the view, that not all O9A texts published between 1990 and 2012 were 
written by Anton Long, whomsoever he was. Thus of all the texts in the three volumes of Hostia, published in 
1992, only a few have the name Anton Long, or the initials AL, or the name Stephen Brown, attached to 
them, and it is an un-scholarly but common mistake to assume that uncredited texts - such as the one titled 
Conquer, Destroy, Create in volume II of Hostia - represent his, that is O9A, philosophy." The Boundaries Of 
OYA Philosophy, 

{5} The Occult Phantom Menace, 
{6} The Urban Tale Of Myatt And Long, 

{7} According to Myatt, in a modern democracy 

"a country generally gets the leaders - presidents, prime ministers - and the government who and which 
tend to reflect, in their words, promises, and policies, the often changeable fears, hopes, and emotions of a 
majority of people at election time or at least of the percentage necessary to win an election; with such 
fears, hopes, and emotions often engendered by the Media, by a specific political party, by a ‘social 
movement’, and by 'special interest' (advocacy) groups or individuals with their own agendas, all of whom 
seek to influence ‘public opinion’ and the policies of politicians and governments. Such ‘special interest' 
groups invariably include those with particular business and political concerns who have the financial 
resources to employ professional lobbyists, Media consultants, and propagandists. 

The result is that the political party and/or particular advocacy groups who have the most money during 
elections campaigns, and who have the support of a substantial part of the Media, and/or who have a 
candidate for high office who is a persuasive public speaker, influence the result of elections, having 
persuaded or influenced the percentage of people necessary to win an election. 

In other words, modern elections have become an often cynical process of targeting, persuading, and 
influencing, people (or specific types of people) by appealing to their fears, their hopes, their emotions, 
based on specific - and supra-personal - political, social, and business, agendas and interests." A Moment 
Among My Reading: Some Problems With Modern Democracy, 

An archive copy of Myatt's article is available at pdf 

{8} The criteria of scholarship are: (i) a detailed, meticulous, unbiased original research on and concerning a specific 
topic or topics or subject undertaken over a year or more in duration and involving primary source material; (ii) an 
ability to be able to read primary sources in their original language; and (iii) a rational assessment of the knowledge 
acquired by such research, with such conclusions about the topic, topics, or subject being the logical result of the 
cumulative scholarly learning so acquired. 

If the researcher cannot read primary sources in their original language and has to rely on the translations of others 
then their conclusions are not original and not scholarly just as if they commit logical fallacies - such as argumentum 
ad verecundiam - then their conclusions are also not scholarly. 

{9} The term KkaAdc Kkaya8dc refers to personal behaviour and thus to the classical virtues of TO dya8Ov, TO KAAOV, and 
apetr. As noted in The Boundaries Of O9A Philosophy, 

"In a 2021 interview Anton Long stated that the O9A ethos is succinctly expressed by three terms - 140€t- 
uUda8oc, KAAOC-Kayab6c, and kindred-honour and that KaAdc-Kaya86c enshrines noble personal behaviour and 
thus personal honour which thus precludes advocating and committing [...] dishonourable deeds." 

See also Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos where Myatt writes: 

"we are, ontologically, emanations of and presence Being, and are a connexion to the cosmos - to other 
presencings of Being - through, in terms of epistemology, not only reason (Adéyoc), perceiverance (vodc) and 
wordless-awareness (ouund8Eta, empathy) but also through tO d&ya8ov, TO KaAOV, and apETH, through the 
beautiful and the well-balanced, the valourous and honourable, and those who possess aréte, all of which are 
combined in one Greek phrase: KaAOc ka&ya86c, which means those who conduct themselves in a 
gentlemanly or lady-like manner and who thus manifest - because of their innate physis or through pathei- 
mathos or through a certain type of education or learning - nobility of character. Which Greek phrase 
expresses the ethics, the high personal standards, of the ancient paganus weltanschauung we have been 
discussing, and which standards naturally resulted in two things. First, in only a minority of individuals in a 
particular méAtc or civitas - community, tribe, clan, or society - manifesting such standards in their daily lives, 
with such a minority often forming a natural, and ruling, aristocracy. Second, that it was often a person who 
lived (and was prepared to die) by such high standards who, because of their character or based on a 
reputation established through valourous and noble deeds, became or was chosen as the leader or the 
chieftain of some community, tribe, clan, or society." 
/classical-paganism-v2-print. pdf 


{11} In regard to the State-sponsored anti-O9A narrative, its black propaganda, the agent provocateur Sutter and his 
FBI paycheck of nearly US$ 100,000 for work done between 2018 and early 2020, see Birth Of A Demonic Myth in The 
Occult Phantom Menace, 

It has since come to light that the FBI also funded Sutter's Martinet Press and contracted authors to write the books 
published by Martinet Press, having paid Sutter nearly US$ 80,000 plus expenses between 2015 and 2017, with Sutter 
thus having received almost a quarter of a million US dollars for his work as an agent provocateur. That Sutter has not 
been exposed by the mainstream Media or been the subject of investigative TV documentaries or the subject of 
questions asked about his FBI paychecks by opposition politicians in America and Britain, is indicative. As is the fact 
that on the few occasions Sutter has been mentioned by antifascist journalists he is dismissed as a mere FBI 
confidential informant (Cl) which journalists when then asked why Sutter was paid nearly US$ 100,000 by the FBI 
between 2018 and early 2020 do not reply for they know that no Cl is paid that much money, just as these so-called 
‘investigative journalists' do not reply when asked who wrote the books published by Sutter's Martinet Press. 

{12} An archive copy of Myatt's article is 
available at 

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Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) License 
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