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Matsuo  Basho 

^  Oku  no  Hosomichi  £ 

tS  By  Matsuo  Basho  (1644-1694)  3 

o  0 

J2  O/cu  no  Hosomichi  (meaning  Narrow  Road  to  Oku  [the  Deep  North])  is  a  major  g 


work  by  Matsuo  Basho. 

Oku  no  Hosomichi  was  written  based  on  a  journey  taken  by  Basho  in  the  late 
spring  of  1689.  He  and  his  traveling  companion  Sora  departed  from  Edo  (modern- 
day  Tokyo)  for  the  northerly  interior  region  known  as  Oku,  propelled  mostly  by  a 
desire  to  see  the  places  about  which  the  old  poets  wrote.  Travel  in  those  days 
was,  of  course,  very  dangerous  to  one's  health,  but  Basho  was  committed  to  a 
kind  of  poetic  ideal  of  wandering.  He  travelled  for  about  156  days  all  together, 
covering  thousands  of  miles  mostly  on  foot.  Of  all  of  Basho's  works,  Oku  no 
Hosomichi  is  best  known.  (Summary  from  Wikipedia) 

Read  in  Japanese  by  kaseumin.  Total  running  time:  01:08:21 

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