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Mary’s Park Improvement Club 



Est. 1941 

June 1994 

To St. Mary's Park Residents: 

This is to acknowledge those persons who worked on the Improvement Club Picnic on Sunday, May 22,1994 and 
made it such a success. 

There were approximately 125 people in attendance - from old timers, to new, their guests and youngsters. The 
majority were residents of St. Mary's Park. 

Thanks for a job well done by the picnic committee headed by Ron Crider and including Jeff Friedman, Bill and Louisa 
Fossett, Josephine and Graham Beaumont, Jewel Walli, Jonna Ramey, Donna Peterson, Dennis Billingsley, Guido 
and Marie Guinasso and also Rick Winget who suggested the idea of a community picnic. 

Special thanks to Rick as well for grilling the hamburgers and hot dogs and creating a wonderful homemade 
barbecue sauce. 

Special thanks to Jonna Ramey and Donna Peterson for the top door prize (a beautiful scale model of a ‘57 
Chevrolet); the Guinasso's for the Mrs. Doubtfire video prize; Ron Crider and Bill Fossett for the Blockbuster and 
Tower Records gift certificate prizes and the bottles of fine wine. (My apologies if I missed any donors!) 

Thanks to Bill Fossett for providing the volleyball set up and the Guinasso’s for the croquet set. 

Thanks to Scott Hill and Tom Rodriquez for providing some great live music. 

Our thanks to all of you who brought all the wonderful salads, side dishes and desserts - it amounted to an incredible 

Thanks to Sonia, Paula and Eric of Rec & Park for all of their help in setting up the picnic area. 

It was a very enjoyable day. For any of you who missed it this year, don’t miss the next one! 

Have a safe and happy summer. Our next Improvement Club meeting will be September 13,1994. 

Herb Smith 

St. Mary’s Park Improvement Club