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! Ag84Aw 
no. 9 


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t DEC 2 3 1942 


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Peanuts Pack a Punch 

Peanut oil is needed to win the war. 

In pre-Pearl Harbor days, coconut oil from the Philippines, palm oil from 
the Dutch East Indies and Malaya, and tung oil from China accounted for about 50 
percent of this country's vegetable-fat oil imports. 

All that is out of the window now — 

But peanut growers have an answer: In 1942 the acreage of peanuts grown 
for all purposes, estimated at 4,827,000 acres, is nearly double that of 1941. 
It is difficult to estimate what proportion of the peanuts picked and threshed will be 
crushed for oil — but perhaps 1% billion pounds of farmers' stock peanuts will remain 
for crushing. 

Peanut growers have faced difficulties: Shortage of farm machinery for 
cultivating and picking; labor problems, particularly in areas near war industry 
plants; and scarcity of burlap bags. 


The peanut growers are coming through, despite these difficulties. 

Increased production of peanut oil will be used to replace imported oils for 
shortening, cooking fats, salad oils, etc. It can be substituted for oils that are used 
in making explosives, antifreeze, medicines, and other vital products. Every part 
of the peanut plant can be used to advantage. The hay is a good source of protein, 
and the meal left after the oil has been extracted from the nuts makes a high-protein 
feed for livestock. 

Uncle Sam's hat is off to the peanut grower! 

LEND-LEASE food products, such as vegetable EXPLOSIVES: Glycerin, used in nitroglycerin, is 
cooking fat, to help feed United Nations. extracted from peanut oil. 

PAINTS AND VARNISHES, for our Navy and SOAPS, SALVES, MEDICINES, for cleanliness 
Army. and strength. 


Agricultural Adjustment Agency 
Washington;'. D„ . C . 

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, *D*. C. 

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