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50 Lincoln Stamp 

Excerpts from newspapers and other 


From the files of the 
Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection 

-71 2_oo<? o<2 5 o"55<? U 


Issue of 1902-3 & 1908 

The five-cent Lincoln stamp 
of the 1902-3 issue is blue in 
color and was first released on 
January 20, 1903. A description 
of the stamp follows: "Portrait 
of Lincoln. Female figures full 
robed, except the arms are rest- 
ing against the portrait line, 
and crossing wands of palm 
over the vignette, with flags 
floating behind their heads. The 
numerals are in the lower 

The series, of which the five- 
cent Lincoln is one, was issued 
to replace the series of 1894. To 
add historical and educational interest to the series, the 
name of the person whose portrait is presented appears 
on each stamp and the year of birth and death. The 
words "Series 1902" appear in small type upon each 
of the stamps, with the legend "United States of Ameri- 
ca," "postage," and the denomination in words in bold- 
faced white letters as well as in Arabic numerals. 
The Scott catalogue numbers follow: 
304 (1902-3)— blue 
304a — pale blue 
315— blue 

"This stamp was issued imperforate but all 
copies were privately perforated with large 
oblong perforations at the sides (Schermack 
type III)" 

317 (1908)— blue "perforation 12 horizontally" 
Other persons appearing on various stamps in this 
issue are Franklin, Washington, Jackson, Grant, Garfield, 
Martha Washington, Webster, Harrison, Clay, Jefferson, 
Farragut, Madison, and Marshall. The Lincoln portrait 
on the five-cent stamp, facing % right, is from the 
original photograph taken at Washington, D. C. on Sep- 
tember 2, 1864 by Mathew Brady. 


Letters Addressed To Lincoln In the Foundation 

(Continued from Lincoln Lore No. H29) 

63. GRIFFIN, JOHN (Phoenixville, Pa.) Feb. 27, 1861 

Recommendation of Samuel Cornett for appointment to the 
office of U. S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Pa. 

64. HARDING, AARON, & OTHERS. July 31, 1861 

Petition recommending Jeremiah T. Boyle of Boyle County, 
Ky., for appointment to the position of U. S. District Jud^e 
for one of the districts in the state of Ky. Lincoln's en- 
dorsement: "Atty. Genl. please preserve this. A. L. Aug. 7, 

& OTHERS (Lebanon, 

Ohio) May 19, 1862 

Recommendation of John T. Floyd of Sprin^boro. Ohio for 
office of hospital chaplain. 

66. HASKIN, JOHN B. (Fordham) June 2, 1863 

Recommendation of Edmund J. Porter for appointment as 
governor or chief justice of one of the new territories of the 

67. HELMRICK, W. (Washington, D. C.) March 6, 1861 

Recommendation of Samuel Tean as qualified for appointment 
for one of the judgeships of Neb. 

68. HENDERSON, J. B., & OTHERS (Washington, 
D. C.) July 15, 1862 

Recommendation of Lieut. Frederick Dodge for appointment 
to the office as quartermaster or paymaster. 

69. HOLLOWAY, D. P. (Washington, D. C) July 19, 

Recommendation of L. C. Robbins practicing in the office of 
Solicitor of Patents who "would be incapable of performing 
any act unworthy of a man of honor with the object of ob- 
taining official position." 

70. HOPKINS, HENRY (Alexandria, Va.) June 16, 

Expressing appreciation of Rev. C. C. Painter of Va. for 
appointment to the office of hospital chaplain. 

71. HOUGH, SHERWOOD (St. Paul, Minn.) Jan. 12, 

Recommendation of C. F. Buck for appointment to the office 
of U. S. Marshal for the District of Minn. 

72. HOVEY, ALVIN P. (Indianapolis, Ind.) April 24, 

Recommendation of Judge (lookins for appointment as one of 
the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court. 

ton, D. C) July 7, 1874 

Petition requesting the reappointment of William James Cull 
as a Justice of the Peace for the district. 

74. HUTCHINSON, W. F. (Falls Church, Va.) May 19, 

Request for the appointment of Lieut. L. M. S. Haynes to the 
position of hospital chaplain for the General Hospital. 

75. JACQUES, DAVID R. (New York, N. Y.) Feb. 26, 

Recommendation of Judge Quackenbush "who is an applicant 
for a position under the incoming administration." 

76. JAMES, A. B. (Ogdensburg, N. Y.) May 27, 1862 

Recommendation of Eclmund I. Porter for the office of Gover- 
nor of the New Territory of Ariz. 

77. JENNINGS, HENRY S. (Hastings, Minn.) April 20, 

Request for the position of judgeship in Ida. or Mont. 

78. JONES, STILES P. (St. Paul, Minn.) Jan. 9, 1861 

Recommendation of C. F. Buck for appointment to the office 
of U. S. Marshal of Minn. 

79. JORDAN, A. L. (New York, N. Y.) Feb. 1, 1861 

Recommendation of John C. Perry for the appointment to a 
judgeship in one of the territories of the U. S. 

80. KARSNER, CHARLES (Germantown, Pa.) Sept. 3, 

Request for appointment to office of Chaplain to the (leiman- 
town Hospital. 

81. KARSNER, CHARLES (Philadelphia, Pa.) Nov. 26, 

Request for appointment to office of Chaplain to the German- 
town Hospital. 

82. KEENE, WILLIAM W. JR., & OTHERS May 20, 

Recommendation of J. B. Davis for the post of Chaplain at 
the General Hospital. 

83. KEIMAN, J. SPENCER (Washington, D. C.) 

Recommendation cf the Rev. Mr. E. F. Crane of New York 
for the post of chaplain at a hospital in Baltimore. 

84. KELSEY, D. M., & OTHERS (Washington, D. C.) 

Petition recommending William F. Lockwood for the office of 
Associate Justice of the Territory of Neb. 

85. KING, & THOMPSON & OTHERS (Cincinnati, 
Ohio) Jan. 17, 1865 

Petition of Cincinnati lawyers recommending reappointment 
of A. C. Sands as U. S. Marshal. 

86. KING, PRESTON, (Washington, D. C) March 26, 

A recommendation in favor of Edward C. Kattel for the office 
of judge or secretary in one of the territories. 


Petition that a pardon be granted William R. King of Haw- 
kins County, Tenn. and that he be allowed to take the oath 
prescribed in the President's Proclamation o 4 Dec. 8, 1863. 

88. KIRKER, JOHN (Wheeling, W. Va.) Oct. 15, 1864 

Recommendation of Rev. David Trueman for appointment to 
Post Chaplain of the U. S. A. Post Hospital. 

89. LACEY, H. B., & OTHERS 

Recommendation of Jesse H. McMath of Cadiz. Ohio for ap- 
pointment to office cf Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of 
the Territory of Neb. 

90. LANAHAN, J. (Washington, D. C.) May 23, 

Request for appointment to post of hospital chaplain to any 
of the hospitals in Alexandria, Va. 

91. LANDON, GEORGE (Harrisburg, Pa.) Jan. 25, 

Recommendation to the president-elect in favor of Lloyd Jones, 
an applicant for the appointment to the office of Marshal of 
the Eastern District of Pa. 

92. LARNED, SYLVESTER March 20, 1861 

Request for the President "to hold in suspense for one month 
the appointment of Mr. Stroughton as District Attorney for 
Mich. ... so as to present to the president proof of his 
entire incapacity and lack of practice ..." 

93. LATTA, SAMUEL E. (Friendship, N. Y.) 

Application for the release from the service of a boy (Emmet 
G. Latta) 15 years old. 

94. LEARY, C S. S. (Baltimore, Md.) April 22, 1864 

Recommendation of Dennis S. Sweeney for appointment to 
the office of Associate Justice of the Territory of Mont. 

95. LEARY, C S. S. (Baltimore, Md.) Sept. 20, 1861 

Recommendation of Henry Stump for "an appointment 
suitable to his requirements." 


H. E. Harris & Co. 
Eoston 17, Massachusetts 

*315 1906-08 5c Lincoln, blue, im- 
perforate. A very fine and fresh 
unused and O.G block of 4 (See 
page 5) $300 00 

'315 1906-08 5c Lincoln, blue imper- 
forate A very fine and fresh unused and 
O.G. block of 4 $3oo 00 

*315 1906-08 5c Lincoln, blue, imper- 
forate. Very fine unused horizontal pan 
utj $150.00