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The festive firearm fun of Point Blank is back, and this time, it's even 
more explosive than before! From the arcade action of Point Blank Gastle 
to the suspense and excitement of Theme Park Mode, this game has it 
all! Dr. Don and Dr. Dan are back too, in their wacky elorv. Get ready All 


enzy cravings 

the PlayStation game console. 


tti< Sgncen {he-^^ o«fe 




ssaass . 

i^£.iK7ir ■■ ■■; 


Sfiuut UiK Arurt you laont to 
uiSft. Aim curofiii fy ! 


T>.a iii ttiitlli- 
Turf WaTHl 

^ Trainini; iMocIo 

Theme Park Mode 

New Game, 


Settiri-js iS 





In Options mode, you can save and load g< 
data, and adjust various settings. If you she 
“Options" area in the Mode Select Screen, 
three choices "Save," "Load," and "Settings' 
appear. Pick one and shoot! 


1 '1^ 



1 ^ 1 

100 0S ^ 



1 iiEs^ 

. 1 ^ 


<S*‘ ^ 

Cun Setup 


Versus Mode 



'ou four choices. Pick one 

You can switch between stereo 
and mono sound. 

You can adjust the position of 
'the screen by shooting the up, 
arrows. To reset the screen to its 


Hit Size: Small or wide 

A Button B: Switches button setup 


Hit Size: Small or wide 

Cursor Speed: Slow, fast or max 

Eiidlirtinco Mode 

Arcade Mode 

you can with a limited number of lives. Shoot 
"New Game" on the Fndurance Mode menu 
screen to begin a new game. You can also shoot 
the "Quit" button to exit this mode and save yout 
game. If you lose, you can shoot the "Retry" 
button to start the challenge from the beginning 
or the "Quit" button to end the game. To resume 
a saved game, start Endurance Mode again from 
Point Blank Castle's Game Select Screen, 

^ Four courses avvait you in 
Arcade Mode- Practice, 
Beginner, Advanced and Insane. The Practice 
course features 4 stages, and the other three 
courses have 16 each. There are also some Bonus 


Basic Rules 

Before each stage begins, the conditions for clearing 
the stage, as well as any limits on time and bullets, 
will be displayed on the screen. After you play the 
stage, your results and high score will be displayed. 

If you failed to meet the conditions, or if you shot an 
object labeled "Don't Shoot!" then you will lose lives 
accordingly. When you run out of lives, the game 
is over. 

About Continues 

In Arcade and Versus Modes, you can choose to 
continue the game when you run out of lives. Each 
time you decide to continue, points will be deducted 
from your total score. In Endurance Mode, you cannot 
continue once you run out of lives. 




You and your friends can ( 
games in Party Mode. If yc 
the Mode Select Screen, t! 

How to Start Haying In Party Mode 

Pick one of the three games on the Game Select 
Screen, and shoot it to start the game. If you want to 
go back one screen, shoot the "Back" button. 

Also, shooting the "High Scores" button will display 
the current high scores. 

On some stages, each 
player will have their own 
shooting area in different 
parts of the same screen. 
On other stages, the 
screen will be split into 
two halves. Regardless of 
the number of lives left, 
the player with the most 

^|||■■■|■■|■■■|^You and your friends can 

against each other in a 
tournament battle. You will lose lives if you can't 
fulfill the stage clear conditions, or if you shoot an 
object marked "Don't Shoot!" But regardless of the 
number of lives left, the player with the most points 
will be declared the winner. Up to four playets can 
compete in the tournament. In case of a draw, 
there will be a rematch. > 

Team Battle 

dnd your buddies can split 
^HWliiilll^Vup into the Red and Blue team 
to compete against each other. Players from each 
team compete oneron-one, and the player with the 
highest score wins. In the end, the team with the 
most players remaining wins the match. Each team 
can have up to four players, for a total of eight. 

^MIiP|HH||^ln this game, you and your 
^^Hyillllfllllll^friends take turns trying to 
steal each other's territory. The player with the most 
territory at the end of the match wins the game. On 
your turn, you choose a square to invade, and if you 
can defeat the owner of the square, it becomes your 
territory, tn addition, any squares that are between 
your existing territory and the newly conquered 
square also bdeome your territory. Since this works 
vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, this means 
that players who have nothing to do with the one- 
on-one match may find that their territory has been 
taken away. 

After a pre-determined number of rounds, the player 

with the most territory wins the game. Up to four I f’, 

players can participate. \I 'I 

Important note: The controller in Controller Port 1 is always used for 
offense. All players must use that controller on their turn, no matter what 


Character and Handicap Settings 

On the Player Select Screen, each player (starling with 
Player 1) can adjust their score and life handicaps, 
and choose a character tO represent them on screen. 
Shoot the panels to adjust each s^ing, and shoot the 
"Next" button to move on to the next plaver. When all 
players have adjusted, their,settings, shoot the "OK " 
button. This will display the settings for each player. 

If the settings are okay, shoot the "Play" button. 
Shooting "Back" will cancel the setting adjustments, 
and the game will return to the Came Select Screen. 

About Penalties 

If you lose a game in Party Mode, a penalty will be 
displayed for the losers. 

Controiler Settings for Party Mode 

If a Guncon or coiitroller such as a Standard Controller is 
into Controller Port 2, two players can play simultaneous! 
if both a Gurteptl and a controller are plugged in, they cai 
reassigned tO different players. If you have only one Gunc 
can take turns playing the stages one at a time. 

About the Statistics 

n practice on any of tlie stages that appear in Point Blank 2, 
)ur records for the past eight tries are displayed on a graph, 
have improved. This mode is for one player only. Train 
the high scores and cream 

How to Start Playing in Training Mode 

The stages are divided into categories, such as 
"Black & White Targets." First, pick the category you 
want and shoot! You can then pick the stage you 
want to practice on. When you select a stage, your 
statistics for that stage will appear. Shoot "Play" and 
choose the level of difficulty you wish to practice or 
shoot "Back" to return to the Stage Select screen. 

Your statistics for the past 8 tries 
liBiiiiijijPwill be displayed on a line graph. 
Also, if you shoot the "High Scores" button, you can 
view the high scores for each difficulty level. 

Exiting Theme Park Mode 

Saving Data 

Tbffne gpe dps? m 


You're the hero! Your mission is to clear each of the at 
while searching for the missing Princess. This mode is 

How to Start Playing in Theme Park Mode 

If you shoot "Theme Park Mode" on the Mode Select 
Screen, a menu will appear. If you are'playing for the 
first time, shoot the "New Came" button and enter 
your name. Names can be up to six letters long. If 
you already have a saved game, shoot the "Continue' 
button to load your game. 

can pause the game 
at the Attraction Select 

screen by pressing the B Button on your Guncon, or 
the Button on your Standard Controller. When the 
game is paused, the following menu will appear: 

^ Continue: Unpauses the game. 

Hints: Displays the clues you have collected 
about the missing PrinceSsl 

Power-ups: Shows the Power-ups you have collected.- 
\. Quit: Exits from Theme Park Mode. 

^_||pMYou can save your game 
^^■miMllil^Vwhen you finish playing an 
attraction or when you exit from Theme Park 
Mode. Just follow the instructions on the Save 
Screen. There are three game save slots, so you 
can save three different games. 


An Introduction to 2 Attrai 

The Haunted House 

A maze-type attraction with a time limit . 

Get out while you still can! 

1) Try to find the exit and escape from the Haunted 
House! Use the map in the corner of your screen 
to guess the shortest route. 

2) Monsters lurk at various points along the way! 
Each monster will test your skills, and if you pass, 
you can move on. 

3) You can also find treasure boxes along the way. 
These boxes can contain goodies such as extra 
lives or extra time. But be careful, they can also 
contain monsters! 

4) When you run out of lives or run out of time, it's 
game over. 

5) Escape as fast as you can! The more time you 

have left over, the better your ranking will be 1 
at the end. ^ 

Abyss Tours 





From this screen, you can choose 
to visit the attractions in any order. 
First, you must visit these four 
attractions to collect information 
about the missing Princess. Where 
is the mysterious final attraction? 
And where is the missing Princess? 
It's up to you to find out! 

shooting iittriif. 

1) You aro the gunner of a spaceship on its way to 
Earth. Shoot any approaching enemies! If you rpiss; 
one and it hits your ship, a stage begins. If you fail, 
on the stage, you lose a life. If you lose all of 
your lives, the game is over. 

2) Shoot the enemies with your Guncon. Some of 
them are protected by shields, and may need 
several shots before they explode. 

3) You may see powerups mixed in with the 
asteroids. Don't miss any! 

4) When you approach your destination, you face the 
enemy boss. If .you lose in this mini-game, the 
game is over, = 

5) The more er^mies you shoot down, the better 
your ranking will be at the end. 

The Hero 

The King 



His precious 
daughter is 
missing, and 
the King is 

The beautiful young 
Princess who has 

Several people have 
seen her around 
the Theme Park. It's 
rumored that she 
likes to play tricks... 

Rumor has it that Dr. Don and Dr. Dan have invented 
the world's toughest gun shooting game, and arc 
lurking somewhere in Theme Park Mode...