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§  Pride  and  Prejudice 

^  By  Jane  Austen  (1 775-1 81 7) 


o  Pride  and  Prejudice  is  the  most  famous  of  Jane  Austen's  novels,  and  its  opening  is 
oj  one  of  the  most  famous  lines  in  English  literature  -  "It  is  a  truth  universally 
acknowledged,  that  a  single  man  in  possession  of  a  good  fortune,  must  be  in  want 
of  a  wife."  Its  manuscript  was  first  written  between  1796  and  1797,  and  was  initially 
called  First  Impressions,  but  was  never  published  under  that  title.  Following 
revisions  it  was  published  on  28  January  1813  by  the  same  Mr.  Egerton  of  the 
Military  Library,  Whitehall,  who  had  brought  out  Sense  and  Sensibility.  Like  both  its 
predecessor  and  Northanger  Abbey,  it  was  written  at  Steventon  Rectory. 
(Summary  from  wikipedia) 

Read    by    Chris    Goringe,    Kara    Shallenberg,    Kristen  McQuillin, 
Suburbanbanshee,  Gord  Mackenzie,  Sureka  Goringe,  Mark  Bradford,  Annie 
Coleman,  Elisabeth  Shields,  Sherry  Crowther,  PenelopePitstop,  Gesine, 
m    Eileen  aka  e,  &  ajikan81.  Total  running  time:  13:06:51 

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