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Prudenci Bertrana fou un escriptor modernista que s’enfronta al classicisme 
(i classisme) noucentista que dominava la Catalunya de principis del segle 
XX. Conegut sobretot per la seva novel-la Josafat (1906) i pel Ilibre de 
contes Proses barbares (1911), va publicar una gran quantitat de contes 
entre Pany 1903 i el 1937 que son considerats dels millors de la literatura 
catalana. Les seves obres es basen en tres aspectes principals: el paisatge, 
els pagesos i els animals. En aquest recull, oferim quatre contes seus 
publicats entre 1905 i 1923. 

Prudenci Bertrana was a modernist writer who confronted the noucentista 
classicism (and classism) that dominated Catalonia at the beginning of the 
20th century. Known mainly for his novel Josafat (1906) and for his short 
story book Proses barbares (1911), he published a large number of short 
stories between 1903 and 1937 that are considered among the best in 
Catalan literature. His works are based on three main aspects: the 
landscape, the farmers and the animals. In this collection, we offer four of 
his short stories published between 1905 and 1923. 

- Summary by Joan Pujolar 

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RECULL DE CONTES Prudenci Bertrana 
RECULL DE CONTES Prudenci Bertrana