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November 194-5 


fa* * 

References on Cand/y Making 
and Sources of Equipment and Materials 

Agricultural Chemical Research Division 
Bureau of Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry 
Agricultural Research Administration 
U, 3. Department of Agriculture 

The Department of Agriculture is frequently requested to furnish in- 
formation on. candy making or the preparation and handling of ingredients 
which are commonly used by the industry. Since it has net issued publi- 
cations relating to these subjects, this circular has been prepared to 
serve as a guide for prospective and established candy makers to sources 
of information. It contains lists of references to books and trade jour- 
nals, together with the names of a number of manufacturers and suppliers 
of equipment and materials. This circular is intended as a means of pre- 
senting a larger amount of information than could be included in a letter. 
It is hoped that it will be of seme assistance in obtaining general o.nd 
detailed information relative to the industry c 

BooLc on Candy Making on C omme r c ial Scale 

"Hew to Make Candy? ,r by Walter W. C'henoweth, published by The Mac- 
millan Co, , GO Fif th Avenue New York* New York* (AV 

"Chocolate Evaluation* " by Stroud Jordan.-, published by Geo,.. S„ 

Ferguson Co*, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania < May be purchased 
from Confectioners Journal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (A) 

"Confectionery Standards./' by Stroud Jordan, published by Goo,, S. 
Ferguson Co., Philadelphia;. Pennsylvania, May bo purchased 
from Confectioners Journals Philadelphia- Pennsylvania., (A) 

"Confectionery Problems," by Stroud Jordan, published by LaPidus 
Printing Co., Now York. May be purchased from National Con- 
fectioners' Association* One North LaSalle Street, Chicago 2, 
Illinois. (A) 

"Sweet Manufacture, " by Norman F. Scarborough* published by L, Bill, 

Ltd, London, (A)" 
"Commercial Confectionery," by A, C. Skoats, published by Grosham 

Publishing Co... Ltd e London,, (A) 
"The Nov; and Yfhy of Candy Makings " by Matthew Barman* published by 

Emmet Boyle s* Chicago* Illinois. (B) 

"Vfm, K. Boll's Pilot; An Authorativo Book on The Manufacture of Can- 
dies," by Yfcu Mo Boll* published by The Workman Manufacturing 
Co.,? 1200 W.j Monroe Street, Chicago* Illinois.. (A) 

Books designated by the letter (A) are available for purchase from the 
publisher or other designated source* and may be consulted in some large 
public or technical libraries. These designated by the letter (B) ".re 
net available for purchase* but may be consulted in some largo public or 
technical libraries. 

"Rigby's Reliable Candy Teacher," by W, 0, Rigby, published by The 

Rigby Publishing Co., Topeka, Kansas, (A) 
"How to Make Candies," by Antoine Lascas, published by I, & M, 

Ottenheimer, 114 South Street, Baltimore, Maryland. (A) 
"Cocoa and Chocolatej Their Chemistry and Manufacture," by R. Mhymper, 

published by The Elakiston Co., 1012 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, 

Pennsylvania, (B) 
"Modern Methods cf Cocca and Chocolate Manufacture," by H, W, By- 
waters, published by The Blakiston Co., Philadelphia, Pa, (B) 
"The Che. nis try, Flavoring and Manufacture of Chocolate, Confectionery 

and Cocoa,," by Harold Rupert Jensen^ published by ?h« Blakiston 

Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (B) 

Books on Cand y Maki ng in the Home 
(information could be adapted to manufacture on a small scale.) 

"Candy Tricks and Treasures," by Frances C'ifeil, published by C, 
Donne Publishing Co,, Greenfield, Ife.ssachusetts . (A) 

"Food Manufacture," by Saul Elumenthal, published by Chemical Pub- 
lishing Company, 26 Court Street, Brooklyn* New York, (A) 

"Hot/ to Mike' Candy, 11 by Walter W. Chenoweth, published by The Mac- 
mil lan Co., 60 Fifth Avenue, Few York, Hew York, (A) 

"Blue Book on Heme Candy Making, " by M» A. Pease, 606 E. Douglast 
Street, Blocmington, Illinois. (A) 

"Candy Cookbook," by Alice Bradley, published by Little, Brown & 
Company, Boston, Massachusetts. (B) 

Books on Food Pres ervation 

"Laboratory Manual cf Fruit and Vegetable Products," by W. V. Cruess. 

and A. W, Christie, published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, New 

York, Hew York, (A) 
"Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Products," by IT. V. Cruess, published 

by McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, Hew York, (A) 
"Instructions in Scientific Candy Making and Fruit Glueing," by H* 

Browner, published by Flagg Printing Co., San Bernardino, 

California, (A) 

"A Complete Course in Canning* M published by The Canning Trade, Balti- 
more* Maryland, (A) 

"Food Manufacture*" by Saul Elumenthal, published by Chemical Publish- 
ing Co., 26 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York, (A) 

"Campbell* s Book - Canning, Preserving and Pickling," by Clyde K» 

Campbell, published by Vance Publishing Corp., 175 - 5th Avenue, 
New York, New York, (A) 

The above books contain a large number of formulas and directions for 
making candies and preserving and handling various products. In listing 
these books this Department does not recommend them over others on the 


same subject not listed, nor does it take any responsibility for the accu- 
racy of the formulas or statements made therein. 

C andy and Related Trade J ournals 

Much useful information relative to various phases of the 
candy industry, including formulas of various kinds, will 
be found in the trade journals listed below* 

"Confectioners Journal," published by The Confectioners Journal Pub- 
lishing Co., 437 Chestnut St., Philadelphia 6, Pennsylvania. 

"The International Confectioner," published by International Confec- 
tioner, Inc. ^ 80 'Jail Street, Hew York 15, New York. 

"Confectionery - Ice Cream Yibrld, " published by the Consolidated 

Trade Publications, Inc., 99 Hudson Street, New York 13, N. Y. 

"The Manuf ac tur ing Confectioner," published by The Manuf acturing Con- 
fectioner Publishing Co., 2012 Daily News 31dg., Chicago 6, 111. 

"The Confectioner," 625 N, Milwaukee Street, Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin. 

"Western Confectioner," published by Russell B. Tripp, 304 S. Broad- 
way, Los Angeles 13, California. 

Copies of the above journals doubtless may be consulted in any exten- 
sive library or may be obtained from the publishers by yearly subscription. 

Manufacturers and Suppliers of E quipment, R av>r Materials, and Mis c e llaneous_ 

The following names of manufacturers and suppliers were obtained from 
advertisements in various candy and related trade journals, and the Manu- 
facturing Confectioners' Blue Book, published by the Manufacturing Confec- 
tioner Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois. This book lists the names of 
manufacturers of (a) machinery and equipment; (b) raw materials including 
flavors j (c) packaging materials, and (d) miscellaneous factory supplies. 
It is to be understood that the products manufac tured or handl ed by thes e 
f irms are no t guaranteed by t hi s Department or recommen ded e ver those of 
o thers not listed . 

Machinery and Supplies 
The Pfaudler Co., Rochester, New York. 

J. P. Anderson & Co., 9th and Thompson Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 
J. Friedman, 214 E. 22d St,, New York,, New York. 
The August Maag Co., Baltimore, Maryland. 

Thos. Mills & Br 0^5 1301-11 N u 8th Streets Philadelphia, Pa. 
National Equipment Co t .j> Springfield" Massachusetts. 
Package Machinery Co., Springfield, Massachusetts. 

Racine Confectioners Machinery Co., 1620 Racine Street, Racine, Wis. 
Savage Bros. Co., 2638 Gladys Avenue, Chicago^ Illinois. 
Union Confectionery Co., Inc., 29-35 W. Houston Street, New York, 
New York. 


Union Confectionery Machinery Co., Inc., 318-322 Lafayette Street, 

Hew York, New York. 
Vacuum Candy Machinery Co., 326 W. Madison St., Chicago, Illinois. 
Vorhees Rubber Mfg. Co., 20-56 Bostwick Avenue, Jersey City, 

New Jersey. 

Jas, Y. L'atkins & Sons, Inc., 16-20 Catherine St., New York, N, Y. 


American Aniline Products, Inc., 45 E. 17th Street, New York, N. Y. 

(Branches in Boston, Massachusetts; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 

Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois). 
W. J. Bush & Co., 370 - 7th Avenue, New York, New York. 
Kohnstamm & Co., 89 Park Place, New York, New York. 
National Aniline & Chemical Co., Inc., 40 Rector Street, New York, 

New York. 

(Branches in Chicago, Illinois; Charlotte, North Carolina; 
San Francisco, California). 


American Food Laboratories, Inc., 860 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
California Fruit Growers S7:change, Ontario, California. 
Dodge & Olcott Co., 180 Varick Street, Hew York, New York, 
R. W. Snyder Co., Battle Creek, Michigan. 

Fritzs che Bros., Inc., 82 Beekman Street, New York, New York. 
Kohnstamm & Co., 89 Park Place, New York, New York. 
Ungerer & Co., 124 W. 19th Street, New York, New York. 
Magnus, Mabee and Reynard, Inc., New York, Net; York. 
Vanilla Laboratories, Inc., Rochester, New York. 

Sugars, Sirups and Starches 

Cincinnati Sugar Co., P. 0. Box 116, Cincinnati, Ohio, 
Dyer & Co., B. W«, 120 Wall Street, New. York, New York. 
Fuchs & Co., 96 "Tall Street, New York, New York. 

Liquid Sugars, Inc., 1323 Chocolate Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana. 
Refined Syrups & Sugars, Inc., Yonkers, New York. 
Clinton Co., Clinton, Iowa. 

Corn Products Refining Co., 17 Battery Place, New York, New York. 

National Starch Products Inc., New York, New York. 

Staley Mfg., Co., A. E., Decatur, Illinois, 

The Nulomoline Co., 120 Wall Street, New York, New York. 

Cocoa and C hoc olate 

Ambrosia Chocolate Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 
Baker & Co., Inc., Walter, Dorchester, Massachusetts. 
Balch Flavor Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
Hooton Chocolate Co t , Newark* New Jersey 


Merchens Chocolate Co,, Buffalo, New York. 

Wilbur- Sue hard Chocolate Co., Li tit z, Pennsylvania. 

P ac ka ges and Wrappers i 

The Gardner-Richardson Co., Middletown, Ohio. 
Gaylord Container Corp., St. Louis, Missouri. 

Sylvania Industrial Corp., 122 B. 42nd Street, New York, New York. 
Berchmer Mfg., Co., 1101 W. Allegheny Ave,, Philadelphia, Pa, 
E. I. duPont de Nemours & Co., Wilmington, Delaware. 

Miscellaneou s^ 

Angermeier & Co., T. K. , (Pectin) New York, New York, 
California Fruit Growers Exohange (Pectin) Ontario, California, 
General Foods Sales Co., Inc. (Pectin) Postum Bldg., New York, N. Y. 
Mutual Citrus Products Co., (Pectin) Anaheim, California. 
Central Soya Co., Inc., (Lecithin) Ft, Wayne, Indiana, 
W. A. Cleary Corp., (Lecithin) New Brunswick, New Jersey, 
Chas. Pfizer & Co., Inc., (Acids) 81 Maiden Lane, New York, New York. 
Central Soya Co., Inc« (Soy Products) Ft. Wayne, Indiana, 
Spencer-Kellogg & Sons, Inc. (Soy rroducts) Decatur, Illinois, 
The Glidden Co., (Soy Products) Chicago, Illinois, 
Archer-Daniels-Midland Co., (Soy Products) Minneapolis, Minnesota, 
The Borden Co., (Dairy Products) New York, New York. 
Durkee Famous Foods (Vegetable Fats) 2670 El st on Avenue, Chicago,