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Full text of "RTN 118 Oct. 1975 # 2 (mailed Oct.~ 31)"

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VOL.5 NO. 20 


Jeseef l$ 

FROM: P.O. Box 9007 | asia, aan = 
Berkeley, CA 94709 USA lege Class Re, a 

MU Ir ——— PAID 10¢ — 
To: : i comp PERMIT 1083 — 
i i ach | | BERKELEY, CAL 


Now that the smoke has settled on the Atlanta-Dallas horizon, don't you think it's 
high time that the rail passengers all "put their money where their mouths are"? In 
vitding a book on the history of Florida's railroads, | can't help but work with Am- 
trak, city, county and state, and | wonder how many Fellow Southern boys (no, I don't 
live in Oregon) realize the mass jam that Florida has backed into? | will try to 
give you a sneak preview of what has been sent to me fron all offices and let you 
iudge for yourselves whether or not the near-sighted New Englanders are on our team 
ar not! 

First, after many letters of introduction and suggestion, | gained an outline of 
the plans by the cities and the groups they have built. They are as follows: 

The Jacksonville Transit Authority--request for 2 trains each way per day between 
the capitol at Tallahassee and the state’s largest city, Jacksonville. This is act- 
ually supposed to be 3 trains a day, but the GULF WIND will supply the balance. ` 

The Central Florida Transit District--(Tampa, Orlando, Daytona Beach) request for 
tvo trains per day between Miami and Orlando and at least one per day between Orlan- 
do and Tampa-St. Pete and Mîami-TampaeSt, Pete, Amtrak was called in to study the 
poutes and the results locked good to them, but found our state dragging its feet 
and maybe one train will roll as a result of the work (Orlando-Niaail 

Amtrak stated that ne concrete deal has been worked cut between the state and the 
passenger network, so don't hold your breath! Received a letter from the state DOT 
that was one of the best-written *dodge the issue and cry in your beer for lack cf 
funds" pleas that man has ever witnessed. 

Concerning conventional service, | hava a letter from Mr, Reistrup stating that | 
can publish the facts that Amtrak is going to make the servica to America's Playground 
faster, cheaper and more convenient! First thing, comes the First September issue of 
RIN (with Sept schedule changes) and guess who loses one train? O.k., now we have 
two a day to the Northeast and one to Chicago inove over, Dallas--looks like a whole 
state vants to join your club), One of the prise targets of our letters has been 
to give Jacksonville a good shake as the trains roll over the line and into the metro 
araa of some 800,000 people ... so we get a nice arrival from Chicago at 3:30am, just 
in time for a businessman's breakfast. The STAR from New York gets there around the 
5 o'clock hour, which leaves that one big METEOR/CHAMP job which is sure to be the 
one that grabs the lion's share of our “New Clifford Lane Station" (which is not on 
2 city bus route, and a cab fare from those wid-town railway stops can cost you $13, 
to midetown! | am not talking în circles--Amtrak ist If that station is mid-town, 
{'11 eat a timetable for the Hayor.} The northbound arrivals aren't much better for 
Jacksonville, considering the time to get to and from the station. 

Looking for the GULF WIND, | can picture the arrival at something like 12 midnight 
so the patrons (all six of them) can make a short layover and proceed south to Dise 
ney World for an eye-opening Gam arrival in Orìando! Forget that--the city wanted 
3 trains to connect the capitol so the businessmen and officials could hop a conven- 
ient train instead of clogging the state's under-built interstate highway 10. 

Looking at the facts, we find Amtrak's Florida Fleet surviving and shrinking at 
the same time, | see STUPID station planning, and a state dragging its feet! | hope 
the other GULF WIND states are patient with Florida, and if we sit and wait on our 
state to give us a new train, | fear our bottoms will blister first! In the dozens 

Rail Travel News (formerly Rail Travel Newsletter), Vol. 5, No, 20 (Whole No, 118) 
Second Issue of October, 1975, Copyright c 1975 by Message Media, Published twìce 
monthly by Message Media, P.0. Box 9007, Berkeley CA 94709, Subscription $8.00 per 
year; single copy 35¢. STAFF: James Russell, Editor; Paul Rayton, Editor-at-Large. 
Regional Correspondents: Peter Putnam Bretz, Malibu; Jack Ferry, Chicago; Kenneth 
Waylath, Baltimore; Peter Roehm, Boston, Hailing date this issue: Oct 31, 1975. 


Amtrak train 40, the BROADWAY LIMITED, described by Amtrak president Paul Reistrup 

in a private memo as reminding one of an “accommodation train" (see last issue), 
pulls out cf Chicago last July 19 with a long consist drawn by 3 engines (2 SDPAGFS s 
and an E unit), With the Oct 26 timetable changes, this train and the NATIONAL LIM. 
ITED have nad their schedules lengthened te accord more closely with actual running 
time and erase the goose eags from their onetime perforzance tables, in Aatrak's 

Oct 26 Midwest and East-Midwest schedules, this note is inserted pertaining to these 
two trains: "The above schedules are considerably slover than the Penn Central is re- 
quired to provide under its contract with Amtrak, However, while work progresses to 
overcome deteriorated track conditions, faster schedules are impossible to achieve 

at this time." Photo by Jack Ferry. 

upon dozens of letters their has been TALK of Ft, Myers service, Naples, Sarasota, 
Venice and the old Flagler System, but | hate to tell you that's all it is--7ALK! 

| am willing to pay $1 a gallon for gas if only 25f worth of it would fund an atter- 
nate transit service, | have ridden the floor of a Greyhound or Trailways bus that 

didn't have any seats left too many times to say | can keep quiet any longer, 

Let's face it, peopìe--Antrak will make it, but on whose terms? If you go to 
Florida and a handful of other states where you are headed for vacation or busi- 
ness, ycu want to arrive at a time when you can get a cab, call a hotel, poke 
around the stores and eat a good dinner in a restaurant before retiring to your 
“place in the sun," Leave Chicago in the a.m, and arrive in Jacksonville in the 
early p.m. and St. Pete by late evening, Maybe even an overnight STAR between 
Jacksonville and Tampa/Miami along the lines of the old GULF COAST SPECIAL. Sure 
i'a crazy, Wr, Kist (see LETTERS, First Sept issue); it's just that | want my tor- 
ture over a wider span of tise and during sore convenient hours, 

| would like to hear from anyone concerning this matter; thus you can print my 

address Robert W, Mann 
35440 S.E. Hwy 211, Space #25 
Boring, Oregon 97009 

As your publication has followed the progress of our 5(3«B proposal, please let me 
bring you up to date on it. The study team (requested by the 1975 Legislature) re- 
commended that a multi-modal package be impleaented. This was to include: 

“Extension of trains 796/797 from Portland to Eugene, with interaediate stops in 
Wocdburn (on flag), Salem and Albany. 

*Qperation of a Greyhound local from Portland to Eugene, connecting with trains 
795/798 at Portland's Union Station, 

"Operation of a Pacific Trailways local from Corvallis to Albany on 2 round-trip 
connections with trains 796/797. 

"Qrganization of a marketing program to increase public awareness of the various 
alternatives for travel within the Willamette Valley, in which a majority of Oregon's 
population îs îecated, 

On Sept 24, this proposal was approved by the Oregon Transportation Commission for 
presentation to the Legislature's Emergency Board (an interim joint House-Senate 
body which controls the release of funds) at its October meeting, On Oct 14 a re- 
quest was made to delay the presentation until November, As the proposed startup 
date for the services was April 25, there is still time for a decision to be nade. 

Since the staff recommendation was made, Pacfic Trailways has indicated that it is 
not interested in providing the Corvallis-Albany service, However, Greyhound also 
has operating rights over the route, and we are hopeful that due to its other working 
arrangements with Amtrak that it will be able to handle beth bus operations. 

As an experimental project, the multi-modal combination seemed most attractive. We 
had hoped to gather a great deal of practical information from it, as well as using 

page 3 

it as a catalyst to bring a number ot carriers into closer touch with each other. 
in addition, the Willamette Valley population centers south of Portland would have 
been tied into the national Amtrak system for longedistance travel in a far superior 
arrangement than the one currently in effect. Train 796 would have made a convenient 
connection in Seattle with train 8. The bus link southbound off train 795 would have 
wade a similar connection from train 9. In the long run, the train extension had 
been seen as an expression of Oregon’s enthusiasm for establishment of Portland- 
BoiseeEast as an Amtrak experimental route. Train 796 would have connected at Porte 
Jand with any of the most likely schedules for either PortlandeBoise-Dgdene5alt Lake 
City, or Poriland-Boise-Green River-Denver. Trains 795/798 were seen as being ab- 
sorbed by the Portland-Boise-East service to fora a thru train from Seattle (Where 
Amtrak cars are based) te either Salt Lake City or Denver, 

| have noted with interest the debate in your pages over priorities for short or 
longehaul trains. There should be no conflict, As i have described above, each 
should help the other, The travel needs of corridor residents are not confined to a 
limited gsographic area or a particular type of trip. In a broader sense, regard- 
ing the question of recreational travel, is a college kid out to discover America 
any less worthy of subsidy than a motor boat owner operating on a Federally«built 
reservoir? Our recommended project attempted to strike a balance between not only 

wedes, but travel needs, Robart! aero 

Pe Department of Transportation 

Salem, fregon 

itd, notes Sinca receipt ef the above letter, pessimistic news reports from Oregon 
indicate that Gov, Straub feels that the state has insufficient population to supe 
gert mass transit or the pilot precrea Mr, Rynorson described. His cffice also ex- 
pressed concern over whether rail or bus transit should be emphasized, and called 
the plan "kind of schizophrenic®.) 

Gn Sunday, Oct 12 | roda the St. Lowis-Chicago 4:30pm Turboliner (train 306) to 
Chicago... Ihe diner, in the center car of the Turbo, was manned by a 2-man staff; 
ìn addition, a third Amtrgk food service employee was serving drinks from a smail 
vestibule facility in the second car of the 5ecar train. Shortly after Bloomingten, 
at Bpm, when the largest number of people had boarded the train, the diner staff 
shut down the diner, turning away all customers, and proceeded to take inventory 
for over 30 minutes... Ths two attendants eventually did allow someone tc buy some 
food, around 8:40, and when that hurdle had been overcome, other people started 
buying food also. í : 

Surely it is utterly absurd, and a waste of taxpayers’ money (which subsidizes 
such Astrak operations) that instead of providing food to passengers en routeeewhich 
is the purpose for which the expense of providing a diner ìs incurred--the staff 
spends about one-fifth of the trip doing inventory, a function which they can per- 
fors perfectly well after the trip. 

eeeAt present, such abuse is widespread in Amtrak, and the public doesn't know 
that an employes doesn't have the right, for example, to shut down a snack bar when 
still 40 minutes out of Grand Central Station, to cite one example that i've seen. 
Abuses like this should be confronted head-on, Notices should bs posted telling 
the public exactly how long food service facilities are open, and the same informa- 
tion should be spelled out in schedules. |f employees don't provide the service 
they're paid to provide, a few heads should roll. Amtrak's image of professionalism 
would improve sharply. 
New York, New York 
(Ed, note: The following quote is from the First Feb 1975 issue of RIN: 

Peter Bretz: "What about this problem of attendants closing eariy?" 

Edward Buyes (Amtrak Director of on-board services): "They're not supposed to 
close early-»it's illegal, Now we are inventorying the train in the station instead 
of before it arrives. The yard crew meets it, and the facility will have te be open 
because everything will have tobe in place for us to inventory it.*) 


Christopher Kasiutynski 


As Amtrak was preparing for the Oct 31 startup of the long-awaited LAKE SHORE 
LIMITED, the new Boston and New York to Chicago train via Cleveland, representa- 
tives of the nation's bus operators were registering a protest against the train 
and against Amtrak, calling the rail corporation "unfair compstition." The bus 
people threatened to picket in Boston as the service started, and to hold a meet- 
pi in Washington, They claimed Amtrak is charging "two dollars less fare than in 

In reply to this, Amtrak said "Competition yes; unfair no." Amtrak said it com- 
petes in fares, comfort, service, reliability and safety. However, all forms of 
transportation are subsidized in this country and throughout most of the world, 
Buses and autos could not operate without subsidies to interstate highways, local 
highways and streets. Amtrak said that over $450 billicn has gone into roads and 
highways in the U.S. since 1921, and $145 billion of this sum has never been req 
covered from user charges, Amtrak pointed.out that the public foots the bill, and 
while bus companies squabble over a tiny fraction of the total transportation scene, 
872 of all U.S. travel is still by private auto, Amtrak called upon the bus men to 
stop the dickering and join them in helping create a strong, healthy intercity pub- 
lic transportation network, Amtrak asked the bus people to stop fighting among 
themselves and help go after the over=abundant auto riders and attract them off the 
streets, and cooperate for a total transportation service. 

In answer to the lower fare charge, Amtrak said that the 1972 comparison is unfair, 
since that was before rail fares were adjusted and equalized over the nation (they 
were much higher in the East before Amtrak's equalization). 


Amtrak may soon be running lo- 
comotives in the Colonial Corrie 
dor that resemble this Swedish- 
built electric engine. 

Amtrak announced Oct 30 that 
it will lease a highespeed, light 
weight Swedish locomotive built 
by ASEA for testing between Wash- 
ington and New Haven. Returning 
from his European trip, on which 
leasing arrangements were nade, 
Amtrak president Paul Reistrup 
said "It is essential that Amtrak 
use the best passenger train teche 
nology ìn the world to provide im- 
proved inter-city service to the 
American public, 

The 6emonth lease, with option s 
for 6 more months, will give Âm- pie 
trak one model Re4 6000hp electric ASEA photo 
locomotive for trials with the Amcoaches in the Corridor. A $215,900 modification 
is included in the $750,000 price. The 180,000-1b engine weighs less than half as 
much as comparable American machines. The 4-axle loco is equipped with an advanced 
thyristor control system-ean "early warning" wheel slip control device that detects 
the beginning of wheel slippage and cuts off power to those wheels, enabling the 
lightweight loco to provide powerful acceleration with relatively heavy loads. The 
engine will do a maximum of 120mph. ASEA thyristor locos are in use in Sweden 
Austria, and Rumania, and the control devices have been ordered by British Rail for 

3 “ a 

es ee ee {04 3 0) eet a 

use in its Advanced Passenger Train. The manufacturer claims its locos can handle 
trains of 252 greater weight than can conventional electric engines. 

The leased engine will be off the asseably line next summer, and then shipped to 
this country, |f Amtrak ultimately decides to purchase such engines, they can be 
manufactured in this country, since EMD division of General Motors is licensed te 
build them here. 

Altho Amtrak refused to confirm the report, Washington Star transportation writer 
Stephen Aug found that the reason for the interest in the Swedish machine is disen- 
chantment with the GE electric locos now on order, The 26 GE engines apparently have 
shown safety problems în DOT tests. While they're supposed to reach 120mph, the en- 
gines give "high lateral forces cn the rail” and side-to-side vibrations at speeds 
ovar 80, The DOT has not yet approved thea, altho al] 26 locos on order have been 
built to some degree of completion. FRA head Asaph Hali said that he is hopeful the 
aachines can be reworked to perform satisfactorily, with altered suspension systems, 
in its test program, the DOT's FRA has tried out the GE electrics, P30 diesels, GG1s 
asd SDPSOFs, A GE E60 electric derailed at 100mph at Elkton, MD in DOT tests. The 
Swedish engine has the same horsepower but about half the weight of the GE design, 


Members of the Brotherhood of Railway and Airline Clerks walked off the job the 
evening of Oct 16 on SP lines, causing Amtrak service on those lines and SP's San 
Francisco commuter runs to terminate. SP promptly obtained a court order that 
brought service back about 24 hours later. Trains were running normally by Oct 18. 
The court order is in effect until Nov 21, 


At least one U.S. Senator is convinced that the next yearly experimental route to 
be selected by Amtrak wil] be Portìand-Boise-Denver, Sen. Robert Packwood of Oregon 
told the press late this month that after a meeting with president Paul Reistrup and 
several other Western Senators, he believes that next April or May Amtrak will ane 
nouce selection ofthe new Western route, He said that Reistrup strongly implied that 
the route was next in line for consideration, The last route selected, before the 
legal requirement that Amtrak make the selection (instead of the DOT), was the Den- 
ver-Washington DC route, stil} not implemented. 


Metroliner 132, the 5pm train from Washington to Philadelphia, was struck from the 
rear by PC local Wilmington train 944, derailing 4 cars of each train, on Oct 17. 
The Metroliner was then sideswiped by southbound Wilmington focal 939, carrying six 
passengers. There were about 300 on the Metroliner, and. an unknown number on the 
northbound local. Railroad investigators charged the engineer of the local with 
failure to heed a warning signal, and suspended him, About 26 people had minor in- 
juries. The Metroliner apparently stopped because of a short in its electrical sys- 
tem during a heavy rain, about two miles north of the Wilmington station, The short 
caused an automatic brake application, The 944 was traveling at J0mph when it hit 
the Amtrak train, doing very little apparent damage to the Metroliner, but pushing 
in about 8 feet of Silverlîner car 252, a 127-seat coach built by Budd în 1963, 
Train 944 was carrying about 20 passengers. One report said all 6 Metro cars derailed 
along with 2 cars of train 944, 


A rear-end train collision in Mexico's subway Oct 20 killed about 26 people and 
injured "dozens" of others. There were conflicting reports, but it appears that a 
passenger pulled an emergency cord that stopped a train when someone was caught in 
a closing door, Another train hit the rear of the train stopped in the station, 
and the driver of the oncoming train was charged with manslaughter and negligence, 
altho there appeared to be doubt that warning lights and automatic braking devices 
were functioning properly. 



by Bill McDonald 

October 7 began as a brisk, 5J«degree morning, Th ose in a clous ky 
over Boston to reveal what night yiii noe âd -Antrak a ie 
5803, and Penn Central private cars 5, 6, and 76. The consist on track 1b of the 
forelorn South Station was awaiting its am departure time for an inspection of 
the route of Amtrak's next new trainse=449/49 & 448/48, the LAKE SHORE LIMITED. 

With a host ef Penn Central, Amtrak, and (so | was told) ConRail officials aboard 
departure came at 7:02am. We made a simulated passenger stop at Back Bay, Then ; 
we slowly moved thru the Prudential Center Tunnel and gradually accelerated to the 
30mph limit between Back Bay and Beacon Park Yard at mile post 3, 

Once past mapa 3, our speed climbed to the S0mph liait permitted over the rest of 
the old Boston & Albany. |t wasn't enough to maintain an even pace with the traf- 
fic on the parallel Massachusetts Turnpike, but certainly better than 30mph, 

Surprised looks greeted the unexpected passing of this unusual train, as we passed 
waiting commuters at 'stations'--or more appropriately, platforas--thru Wellesley 
Natick, and Framingham, We made another simulated stop at Worcester, where a new. 
station is being constructed. 

At Springfield, where we simulated another stop, a crew of carpenters were at 
work repairing the platform canopy adjacent to track 2, Presusably the platform 
at track 1 will receive similar attention, 
and an additional section of the subway por- 
tion of the old Springfield station will be 
reopened so that passengers will bs able to 
reach the stairway leading to track 1, 

Since it was a Tuesday morning, freight 
traffic on the usually quite busy B&A appear- 
ed rather light. Eastbound trains were passed 
at Westboro (ai: 31) and Palmer (a.p. 83), 
where the CV crosses the BRA in an interesting 
fashion--on a "diamond." 

Two westbound trains were waiting in West 
Springfield Yard for our passage before be- 
ginning their runs over the Berkshires to 
Selkirk Yard just south of Albany. Two acre 
westbound freighis were overtaken as we passed 
thru Pittsfield on the eastbound track. We 
returned to the westbound track at mo, 150 on 
the west side of Pittsfield, only to return to 
Sd Cwl the eastbound at E. Chatham, NY HD. 2). 
cai t INGSW YOrK This time it was to "run around" a track crew 
installing ribbon rail thru Chatham, 

Across the 192 miles of B&A trackage, three 
areas of major track repair work were in evi- 
dence--the first two on track 2 east of Palmer 
and west of Chester, Mass; the third area on 
track 1 in Chatham, NY, Track repair on the 
B&A is a pressing need. While the roadbed is 
well ballasted and completely free of weeds, 
thus appearing sound, at least from a distance, 
the riding quality above 40-50aph leaves much 
to be desired. Close inspection reveals con- 

Amtrak. * 

“The bake 
Shore Limited 
Chicago = 
and Boston 
We ali Gers ie: ec} ; 

With convenient connecting service 
~ from Chicago to: Los Angeles/New Orleans 
~ ;Fforkda. From New York to: Montreal 
Washington, D.C. Florida. 

J^ ED tia 

hi 2 

siderable wear at the rail joints--a consequence of the ten or more thru freight 
trains that visit the line in each direction on a typical day, and of course the 
usual practice of deferred maintenance. ; seni. 

if the speed on the B&A is nothing to thril one, there are consol ations. One is 
the if not spectacular, certainly picturesque scenery across Massachusetts, partic- 
ularly west of the Connecticut River in the Berkshires. On an autumn day with the 
display of color at its peak, the views are captivating. i d 

Also of interest, particularly te the history buff, are the constant reminders 
that this was the BRA railroad. Numerous long-abandoned freight houses can be seen 
conspicuously painted "Boston & Albany Freight Station." The dormant passenger de= 
sets are quite distinctive architecturally. A nuaber have found new uses, as is 
rather common these days. With but few exceptions, they were well built, Stone 
was cosronly used, and as expected, shows little sign of age. For the visitor to 
Boston, a meal at the Alston Depot is worthwhile both for the food and for the 
railread motif that is featured. This was, not unexpectedly, the BEA depot in the 
Alston section of Boston, which is just across the Charles River from Cambridge. 

The viewing came to a climax at 12:33pm when we came to a halt at what is called 
C.P. SH. This is the remotely controlled interlocking at the east end of the Case 
tleten Bridge which spans the Hudson River at approximately 150 feet. To the north 
ihe skyline of Albany some 12 miles away can be easily seen. 

Following the brief stop at C.P. SM to pick up a Hudson Division crew, we began 
the circumnavigation of the infamcus 12-mile hiatus. |n what hindsight has shown 
to be one of its poorer decisions, Amtrak, under its former president, approved the 
Penn Central's removal of 12 miles of track between Rensselaer (Albany) and Post 
Road, NY. The basis for the decision was the assertion that Amtrak would not be 
using the route in the future, The rails were pulled up two years ago. 

ft 12:42pm, three blasts from the horn signalled the first *switchback move from 
C.P, SM sicht miles south to Stuyvesant on the Hudson Division main line. The top 
speed on the move is 3Ôwph, with a 10mph slow order for one mile, in total, 30 ain- 
utes were consumed, No sooner had the 601 cleared the interlocking limits, than 
the switch points were lined for the straight move on track 1. The "home beard 
cleared te a high green a y ne on our way on the ìast 18 miles and the only 

tively speedy portion of the run, k 
“Ee aide vas at 1:31pm, for a running tine of 6 hours, 29 minutes, 
Anyone familiar with railroading in thîs area will attest to the embarrassing 
lethargy of such time. The new train is scheduled to cover the distance in six 
hours, 20 minutes, Unless some speed limits are liberalized, my conjecture is that 
tardiness will be the rule for the new train, at least on the BêÂ, 

Shown below is the running time of the pilot train over the entire Boston-Chicago 
route. It will be apparent that the running time west of Albany was not as poor as 
one aight have expected, ; 

First day: fwrw 7:02am; Framingham 7:40am; Worcester 8:15am; Springfield ar 9:44 
am, lv 9:46am; Pittsfield 11:20am; Post Rd. 12:25pm; C.P. SH ar 12:33pm, lv T2:42pa; 
Albany ar 1:31pm, lv 1:36pm; Utica ar 3:22pm, lv 3:23pm; Syracuse ar 4:08pa, lv 4:11 
pw; Rochester ar 5:41pm, 1v 5:42pm; Buffalo ar 7:04pm. Sacond day: Buffalo lv 6an; 
Bay View Jct 6:30am; Erie lv 7:55am; Ashtabula 8:31am; Collinwood iv 9:28am; Breia 
Jct 10:03am; Toledo lv 11:48am; Elkhart 1v 2:40pm; Chicago ar 3:40pm, 

The total running tîme of 22 hrs 40 min is approximately 2 hours faster than the 
scheduled running time of the new train, so the trains should run on time west of 
Albany, | would hesitate to predict the timekeeping or patronage prospects on the 
B&A portion of the run. All one can do is hope for the provision by Amtrak of ame 
enities other than speed, Perhaps attractive lounge and dining facilities may help 
pass the time across Massachusetts. And while we're hoping, we might keep in mind 
that restoration of the missing 12 miles of track will easily save 45 minutes to 
an hour just between Post Rd, and Rensselaen, 
page 8 

by Duane W. Roller 

On a cool but brilliantly clear Sunday morning, | traveled te St, Tnomas, Ontario, 
to witness the first revenue stop of Amtrak's EMPIRE STATE EXPRESS, Altho there 
were no signs, the large, two-story Penn Central station and offices are a St, Thomas 
landmark, and the building was not difficult to find, The waiting room was unlocked, 
but the only indication of train serviceeeand the only change from the previous week 
cewere four crudely handwritten signs indicating that tickets must be purchased on 
the train, that there was no intra-Canadian travel, and a condensed schedule. inside 
the waiting room was the old bulletin board, reading "New York Cantral System” and 
showing a train 29 fro Boston and a train 33 from New York, Seemingly it had been 
left since May 1, 1971, 

About 15 people gathered, but it soon turned out that all were from the press, 
There was a desperate--and unsuccessful--attempt to find a passenger, and when an 
elderly lady appeared and announced that she was meeting two passengers, she was dee 
scended upon as the most newsworthy event so far, 

Shortly after 9:50am, a headlight appeared to the west, and at 9:55am No, 64 drew 
to a stop, It was pulled by Penn Central unit 262, and consisted of 5 cars: baggage 
1066, coaches 6414 and 6411; diner 8341; and coach 6429, The rear coach was opened 
and the expected two passengers descended. Since some of the press were at the on- 
aw iA point, the couple was soon asked to recreate the histeric event, which 

ey did, 

The conductor was affable, and said that there had been 50 passengers out of De-- 
troit, including the two at St. Thomas, but none at Windsor, Canadian passengers, 
he said, were forced to ride în the rear coach while the train was in Canada, and 
could not use the diner (altho a waiter would come and take orders and bring food). 
A Canadian immigration inspector rides the train across Canada, The conductor was 
fairly critical of the Canadian government, pointing out the ease of the operation 
in pre-Astrak days as contrasted with the year's difficulties, still not resolved, 
în getting permission to stop in Canada, He also was critical of Amtrak fer not 
prosoting the new service but was optimistic about its future, On tise at 10:Q2an, 
No. 64 departed, with cameras clicking and whirring. 

As the train left, a local television reporter said to me, "it seems the angle to 
this story is Amtrak's lack of interest in its service," A cameraman added, "Sure 
îs a big nothing, isn't it?" Even if St. Thomas îs not one of tha big points in 
the Amtrak system, one wonders why there was no Amtrak person on the scene, why the 
only publicity was in an occasional (and often erroneous) neus report, and why it 
was not possible, and still is not possible, for people in St, Thomas and nearby 
London te get timetables, other information, or even an Amtrak telephone number, 


Recent observations of Amtrak passenger cars equipped with unbreakable Lexan is 
place of glass reinforces our conclusion that this alarmîng alteration îs one of 
the sost undesirable moves Amtrak has made, Altho its manufacturer, General Elec- 
tric Plastics Business Division of Pittsfield, Mass, clains that the material îs 
"as colorless and transparent as high quality glass", such îs by no means the case. 
Altho Amtrak has found that scenery viewing is one of the prime activatiens for 
rail travel, and is one of the top selling points mentioned in its ads, it persists 
înfastalling this material that renders window areas virtually worthless for sight- 
seeing. Recently in an exeSP coach used on the SAN JOAQUIN we made a photograph 
of the view thru two adjacent windows simultaneousÌy-eone of goed glass and one of 
Lexan. The difference was striking, but unfortunately our film was spoiled, and we 
will have to try again to illustrate this difference. While break resistance may 
be often desirable, we also have a report of a recent derailment in which rescuers 
were hampered in their efforts because they could not break thru train windows. 

seJ Re - page 9 


“NATIONAL LIMITED, train 31 at Paoli, PA Oct 16: engine 910; baggage 1036; sleep 
ers 2633, 2796; diner 8024: sleeper-lounge 3201; coaches 5474, 5674, 5&l4, 

- *MINUTE MAN, train 170, Oct 3: power car 1299; Amcoaches 21030, 21009; Amcafe 
20004; Amcoaches 21008, 21023, 

*SENATOR, train 177, Oct 11: parlor car 3632 "Henry Knox", galley lounge 3321 (ex- 
PC parlor car 7143): coaches 5647, 5642, 5667; PC coaches 1522, 1510. 

*R10 GRANDE ZEPHYR, D&RGW train 18, Sept 28: 1230 coach-baggage combine; coach 
"Silver Aspena", coach "Silver Pine", dome coach "Silver Pony”, dome coach "Silver 
Bronco", dome coach "Silver Mustang’, diner "Silver Banquet", dose sleeper lounge 
®Silver Sky,” 

“NATIONAL LINITED, train 31 at Kansas City Oct 21: engines 599, 471 (A), 233 (8); 
baggage 1161; sleepers 2611 "Pacific Forest* (L.A, sleeper), 2796 "Union County!;- 
diner 8061; sleeper 3201 "Woodland Stream®; coaches 5474, 6574, S444, 5463, 

*JAMCS WHITCORB RILEY/MOUNTAINEER, train 50-54, at Muncie Oct 9: engines 602, 609; 
cars 1087, 1531, 5673, 5628, 5668, 8111, 2016, (MOUNTAINEER section:) 2155, 8200, 
5747, 6070, 6054, 5082. 

BROADWAY LIMITED, train 440 at Paoli, PA Oct 23: engine 919; slumbsrcoaches 2021, 
2003; coaches 5264, 5263, 5268; lounge 3401; dinar 8804-8805; sleepers 2290, 2556; 
baggage 1159. 

SCOAST STARLIGHT, train 11, at San Jose Oct 1: engines 566, 557; baggage 1005; bag- 
dora 1510; coaches 4492, 4544, 4596, 4405; lunch counter diner 8106; coaches 4872, 
48523 lounge 3370; diner 8033; sleepers 2750 "Palm Arch”, 2726 "Pine Mesa." Sane 
train & location, Oct 6: engines 557, 554; baggage 1065; bagedorm 1501; coaches 
5519, 4821, 4815, 4855, 4497, 4820; lounge 3351; diner 8038; sleepers 2/23 "Pine 
King’, 2621 "Pacific Horthwest." Train 14, Oct 14: engines 558, 556; cars 1065, 
1510, 4519, 4864, 4615, 4855, 4491, 4820, 3351, 8038, 2713 "Pine Cavern", 2621 "Pac- 
ific Northwest”, 2215 “Indian Maid”, coach 4482 deadheading. 

*SAN JOAQUIN, train 710, Oct 18: engines 110, 116; coaches 7518, 7506; lunch coun- 
ter diner 8503; coach 7515 ex-$P unrefurbished, . 

*Football Special, Milwaukee-Madison roundtrip Oct 25, sponsored by Milwaukee Athe 
letic Club and Charter Wire Corp.: engines 408, 435; 9814 "Silver Kettle"; 6450, 
6452, 4857, 4881, 4461, 4527, 4483, 4546, 4537, private car "Golden Moon? sleeper 
of Charter Wire Corp., and "Imperial Leaf* (similar car). 

*ABE LINCOLN, first run, Chicago-St, Louis Oct 26: (train 303) engines 421, 465; 
4841, 4840, 5801, 5803, 5802, 8320, 3770 "Port of Seattle” with "Abe Lincoln” drum- 
head, (Train is based in St. Louis.) 

*ADIRONDACK, train 68, at New York Oct 21: FL9 engines 5013, 5014; DÊH cars 41 
"Saratoga inn", 34 "Whiteface Mountain", Amtrak 6448, 

*Four GE diesels are to be sent to the Midwest for use on the iLLINI and the ILLI- 
NOIS ZEPHYR, says a report. By spring, all F units on the Amtrak system are expected 
to be out of service, Eight are being held temporarily for the RENO FUN TRAIN and 
the SAN JOAQUIN. The KEYSTONE train is up for sale by Amtrak. (The GE diesels for 
the Midwest are numbered 702-705.) 

*The Empire Service may he the last stronghold for E units, reports reader R. Bee- 
man, who sends this list of al] Amtrak E's that have operated there: 

258 (ex-PC NYC 4040); 259 (ex-PC NYC 4041; 262 (ex-PC NYC 4045); 263 (ex-PC NYC 4047); 
264 (ex-PC NYC 4048); 265 (ex-PC NYC 4049) 266(ex-PC NYC 4051); 267 (ex-PC NYC 4052); 
ex-PC NYC ice 269 (ex-PC NYC 4054); oe NYC ro 211 (ex-PC NYC po 
ex-PC NYC 4057); 273 (ex-PC NYC M056); 215(ex-PC NYC 4060); 276 (ex«PC NYC 4061); 
: 427 (ex-UP 953); 428 (ex-UP 955); 

3 255 (ex-PC NYC 4020, rebuilt ETA). All engines listed operated thru 

exeRF&P 1007); 224 (ex-L&N 794); 249 lex-SCL SAL 592, 3053) ; 291 (ex-PC PRR 4283); 
ex-UP aan 415 (exeUP 910); 425 (ex«UP 948) 

ex-UP 957 

Syracuse, NY, 

page 10 

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Readers are invited to submit their ratings and comments on North Amarican regue 
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Results will be published in RTN at the close of this year. 

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: Rate as many trains as you wish. Rate cach 
train on each of the 11 categories listed below: 

A. Overall quality of service, taking everything into account, 

Service from on-board train personnel {except food service personnel). 
Service from dining, snack or lounge crew. 

Quality of food offered aboard the train. 

Condition of cars used (cleanliness, repair, etc.), 

Desirability of the particular route it follows. 

Quality of station services along the route, 

Condition of the track and roadbed along the route, 

Desirability of present scheduling of the train. 

Train promoticn--how well is it advertised or promoted? 

Desirability of type of cars used on the train. 

Use a 9-point scale for your ratings, as follows: t= extremely poor; 9 = exe 
tremely good; 5 (scale wid-point) = average, acceptable, You need not make a 
rating on each of the above 11 items, but list all 11 letters (A-K) for each train, 
and place your rating number beside each ietter, leaving blank those categories you 
can't rate, Place your number rating, from 1-9, beside each category letter. 

Please do your ratings on a piece of paper or card separate from any other busi- 
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Include your name and address and indicate whether we can use your name if we pub- 
lish any of your comments. 

A few people have asked what should be their basis for judgmentseethe ideal train, 
the best train under the present circumstances, etc. Our answer is: use your own 
judgment, That way the results will reflect rider satisfaction based on the riders! 
own internal criteria, This will give the most useful information, since riders! 
personal satisfaction is what determines the amount cf business a train generates. 

We are accepting ratings of Auto-Train and Canadian trains, along with Amtrak and 
non-Amtrak American passenger trains. 

SEND YOUR RATINGS TO: Rail Travel News, Box 9007, Berkeley CA 94709, Thank you. 

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* Accounts of conteaporary train travel in the U.S., Canada and Moxico. 

* Big full-page photos of passenger trains we've never published before, 

* Rail Travel 1980 - A Fantasy, by Janes Russell. 

* New trains of the past year - photos and descriptions. 

* Complete train rating tables from our first reader rating survey, 

* Surprise feature: comprehensive listing of Amtrak and other railroad 
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' the Dallas- 


"Now you can.go directly to Boston, Chicago, New York (and many cities in between) 
without flying or driving. Using the Lake Shore Limited, business pecnle, students 
and vacationers can travel toeeand stop overeeîn major cities with greater conveni- 
ence and economy than ever before... You come and go casily-edirecily»eavoiding al? 
the inconveniences and hassles of flying or driîving.? 

«-From Amtrak's route brochure for the LAKE SHORE LIMITED 

Urban - Suburban Transi€: 

A DISASTROUS FIRE in SEPTA's Woodland Avenue car house in the early morning hours 

of Oct 23 destroyed 54 PCC streetcars of the transit authority's fleet of 250, plus 
about 7 other work cars, including the "Hog Island? car scheduled to be restored for 
the Bicentennial. Damage was estimated at $30 aillion. Philadelphia will use buses 
in place of the lost PCC cars, and an official said it would be 3-4 years before the 
streetcars can be replaced, 

NEWS OF BART: The transitagency announced Oct 23 the appointeant of Robert D. Gallae 
way, 41, as head of operations. He comes from Texas International Airlines, where 
he guided operations since 1972, The system announced late this month that it will 
extend evening operation from the present 8pm closing up to midnight, starting Nov 28, 
The added 4 hours daily (there is no weekend operation) will continue thre the fiscal 
year, since federal funds have become available to finance the longer service, Nov 3 
will see some fare increases on BART--in the case of Berkeley, a 31% increase for a 
transbay trip to San Francisco, or 42% higher than the faster AC Transit bus. 

DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION announced Oct 24 the funding of a $100,000 study with the 
U.S. Geological Survey of the geological and hydrologic conditions in downtown Los 
Angeles and adjacent areas as they would affect tunneling for a mass transit system, 

NEW YORK CITY received from UMTA at the start of October $66 million in federal grants 
to pay half the deficit from operating expenses on the city's transit systems and the 
PC's Harlem, Hudson and New Haven lines, the EL Hoboken-Port Jervis service, and the 

Long Island Rail Road, State and local funds must cover the other half of the costs, 

CHICAGO'S SOUTH SUBURBAN Mass Transit District is to make a decision on bids subait- 
ted this sonth for construction of electric Highliner commuter cars. Among the bids 
were two from Canadian builders: from Bombardîer-MLW-Worthington, $756,400 per car; 
and from Hawker Siddeley, $925,000 each, Bids were also received from Pullman-Stan- 
dard, General Electric, and Mitsubishi International (Tokyu Car Corp.). 

THE ROHR CORPORATION hopes it can deliver 28 transit cars to the Washington Metro sys- 
tem by the end of November. Rehr said it may lose substantially more money on the 
car order and blamed the Transit Authority in part for the delays it is having, 

ÎN AN INTERVIEW with William J. Ronan, president of the American Public Transit Asso- 
ciation, Mass T ransit magazine has quoted the prominent transport figure as saying 
that development of public transit depends on getting back to reality. Said Ronan: 
"It is a fact that the aerospace industry never really appreciated the environment of 
public trnasport and the rigors of it... This has been one of the problems of our 
new systems, whether it be BART in San Francisco, Morgantown, or the people-mover at 
Ft. Worth Airport." He said that transit systems looking for immediate 
improvement cannot gamble on futuristic, untried vehicles. He added, "Some civic 
leaders have got to recognize that in planning a new transit system they are not go- 
ing to invent a new wheel... Don't laugh, there has been an awful lot of that thing." 

page 11 

Rail Canada 

CANAD | AN NATIONAL HAS received permission to eliminate its Toronto-Gasioh commuter 
trains, The runs were originally slated to be ended when GO Train service bagan 
between Toronto and Georgetown (a closer-in point on the same route), but were ord- 
ered continued by the CTC, GO officials.said improved bus connections would be 
started Guelph-Georgetown, 

PIERRE DELAGRAVE, the hustling former CN passenger vice-president vho led CN's pass- 
enger resurgence in the 1950s, has reappeared on the passenger train scene after an 
absence of several years, Delagrave has been appointed to the marketing consortium 
that is beginning to make large scale efforts to sell the newly developed LRC passe 
enger train, Delagrave is best remembered for his promotion efforts that doubled CM 
passenger revenues in the 5-year period 1962-67 with such concepts as the Rapido 
trains, red-white-blue fares, and a major "image! rehabilitation for CN. 

THE FEDERAL CABINET in Ottawa this fal] wil] mull purchase of new passenger train 
equipment for Cl, Recent cancellation of the Toronto Pickering supereairport by 
veto of the Ontario Provincial government has given purchase of new rail cars added 
priority, accordingto insiders. Garth Campbell, CN passenger viceepresident, said 
recently that Ci would have to scrap 50 old passenger cars this year, or 152 of the 
remaining active fleet. Campbell said CH has no funds to buy new passenger equip- 
rr w he e eE = — rydd passenger runs are deficit opera- 
cas, Previously, Camp ad estimated that operating costs for CN n 
runs could be cut 302 with new equipment. : Md 

CANADA'S UP-AND-DOWN PASSENGER situation may be momentarily "up" as of late fall, 

Newly appointed federal Transport Minister Otto Lang was quoted by the press as saye 
ing "I start with the belief that railways should remain in the passenger business,” 
Lang said that, as of the moment, he intends to "at least keep the passenger system 
functioning." Apparently plans to cut CP Rail's CANADIAN and CN's SUPER CONTINENTAL 

to tri-weekiy operation have been temporarily shelved. The influential Toronto Globe 

& Hail reported on Sept 15 that these cutbacks were possible at the end of October, 
Lang said he was immediately interested in better scheduling, coordination between 
the two major lines on passenger matters, and an improvement of marketing programs. 
Higher speeds and new equipment will have to wait, Lang teld reporters. 

VANCOUVER'S HASTINGS STREET may see streetcar operation once again, according to ofe 
ficials of the B.C, government's Bureau ef Transit, Studies are being made to det- 
ermine the feasibility of operating articulated streetcar trains over the busy route, 
which îs now nearing capacity as a "bus? street. Until the 1950s, Hastings had been 
a busy streetcar route of the old B.C. Electric Co. One articulated train could re- 
piace as sany as five buses, and operate over former interurban rights-of-way to 
Burnaby, with buses retained only for local service in curb lanes, 

B.C. STEAMSHIP COMPANY has announced a tentative 1976 season schedule for the former 
CH Alaska cruiseliner "Prince George," Under her new owners, the "George" will make 
weekly sailings from Vancouver, BC to Ketchikan, Alaska, departing 7:30pm Saturdays, 
returning 4:30pm Fridays June 14-$ept 24. The northbound voyage will cruise Knight 
inlet, and make calls at Ocean Falls and Pt, Simpson, The southbound trip will call 
at Prince Rupert, Alert Bay and cruise Howe Sound, Sketches shown to the press in 
Seattle Sept 29 indicated the ship's new colour scheme will be much like that now 
worn by "Princess Marguerite.” 

PASSENGER TRAIN JOURNAL reports that Mr. Harvey Dust of 55 St, John St, Seuth, St, 
Karys, Ontario NOM 2VO, is interested in hearing. from Canadian citizens who would 
like to form a rail passenger lobby group to work for improved Canadian service. 

FORMER CP RAIL mini-liner "Princess Elizabeth", now moored in Scotland, is among 
some vessels being considered for the Victoria-Port Angeles, Wash. service, 

by Pete Roehm and Eric Watson 

During the final week of August we ventured by air to the Far Northwest to savor 
a few rai] lines, Wednesday morning was heavily overcast in Vancouver as we arose 
amidst the dark dawn spiced occasionally with drizzle in the true Northwest style. 
The morning Sun commented that the BC Railway was te be struck at about noon, but a 
call to ihe railway station assured us, as had a friend on the PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL 
the day before, that the CARIBOU DAYLINER would be running thro to Prince George. 

Thus to our taxi and on to the North Vancouver station, a modern affair tucked al- 
most out of sight not far from the bridge over the First Narrows between Stanley Park 
and North Vancouver, There is a special bus, fer a fee, fron downtown Vancouver, but 
with the rain, we chose the faster cab which provided us an opportunity to photograph 
the train unobstructed by other passengers and to obtain our reserved seat tickets 
free of a long line, We alse checked our larger bags thru rather than maneuver them 
aboard the Budd car, Passengers soon began te trickle in, followed by the bus, and 
then the deluge began: campers, indians, tourists, railfans, and other descriptive 
types. The small station took on an appearance of a mini-Grand Central. 

Our seats were in BC-33, the lead RDC-3 (and one of 4 of this model owned by the 
BC), with the seats reclining, whereas the 3 RDC-i's following were the standard 
pull-over variety that | encounter daily on the Beston & Haine. Our young hostess 
checked our seat coupons and we relaxed a bit before departure which would find 952 
of our car filled and a good patronage of the 3 rear coaches, We departed a bit 
late, but no one seemed to aind, as the day was set aside entirely for the 12-hour | 
ride north. The couple across the aisle were from Zurich and enroute to visit their | 
son in Sitka via the CN at Prince George and the ferry from Prince Rupert; a proper | 
British gentleman sat behind them and was wrapping up a lengthy tour of the Dominion | 
before returning to Britain. 

Howe Sound was cloaked in heavy clouds but still beautiful as the train proceeded 
"north to Alaska! (someday!) or at least in that general direction. The second hos- 
tess, actually the chef, was up front în the galley section of the baggage compart- 
ment warming the grill for the preparation of our hot breakfast which would be served 
to "first class” passengers only. The extra fee of $7 entitles one to the reserved 
reclining seat plus 3 hot meals served at your seat. A good deal, and a help during 
the long ride ahead, Rather than being airline style, they are cooked from fresh 
jngredients on board and served fresh and hot, Breakfast would be sausages, scras- 
bled eggs, bran muffins, orange juice, and coffee-tea-milk, All things considered, 
it was very good; and better than Amtrak's offering the night before on the "P.|." 

Lillooet, division point on the BC, is reached just after lunch hour, and much bea- 
utiful lake and mountain scenery, and it is here that the train is severed in half.” 
The first 2 cars (RDC-3 and one RDC-1) go on to Prince George (tri-weekly) and the 
rear 2 cars (RDC-1's) return to Vancouver as train 2 daily. The stop takes but 10 
minutes, and then it is off and climbing and time for lunch, which consists of two 
amply stuffed cabbage (rice and beef), salad, vegetable, rolls, nut bread, apple 
juice, and the usual coffee-tea-milk, Again, very good, 

Lillooet sits at an elevation of 793 feet and within 40 miles we are at 2706 feet, 
mile post 183, and the point called Moran, where the Fraser River runs some 2000 feet 
below us. One can only imagine what winter aust be like around here as the train 
slings to the side of the mountains and timber trestles still exist, altho sone have 
been abandoned in favor of hillside grades, Must be fun! From Moran we continue to 
cliab to Horse Lake, mile post 243, elevation 3864 feet, and the highest point reached 
by the railroad. Then it is all downhill to Quesnel, once the northern terminal cf 
the line, but not before crossing the 312-foot-high beep Creek trestle, said to be 
one of the world's highest. Quesnel is now a major lumber shipping point. 

Dinner is then served, and consists of 3 large meatballs in gravy with a large 
scoop of mashed potatoes plus tossed salad, peas, rolls, tomato juice, and date bar, 
plus the coffee-tea-milk routine. Again a good feed. page 13 

We certainly could not complain about the meal service and definitely not about 
the scenery nor the spectacular nature of the railroad itself, This lina should 
be a must on anyone's list. |f you go, be sure to reserve a seat in advance so 
that you can relax and be fed by a lovely young cook and another lovely young host- 
ess. These girls are apparently employed by the catering firm hired by the BC to 
provide the meal service. 

Arrival in Prince George was on time, and there was a bus, airpert-style, meeting 
the train to deliver passengers tc their respective sleeping quarters, downtown 
meeting spots, or the CN station (CN trains are due within the following 2 hours). 
We checked in at our Travelodge and were then up at 5am to catch Northern Thunder- 
bird Airìine's swanky DC-3 for the south. 

The CARIBOU DAYLINER locked like the photo below about five weeks Jater (see last 
issue) after it struck a logging truck near Quesne! on Oct 2, Photo courtesy of 
The Province (Vancouver) 

THIS ISSUE OF RTN will be delivered late to our Canadian readers, since the Canadian 
Post Uffice was shut sown by a strike in the last week of October. The U.S. Postal 
Service, as we go to press, is still embargeing mail to Canada, 

page 14 

Mixed Train of Thoughts 

AMTRAK HAS PRODUCED a very attractive route brochure fer the new LAKE SHORE LIMITED, 
the front of which is illustrated on pafe in the rush to get to press, we couldn't 
fix a problem in our photo: the words "Amtrak introduces dropped out of the picture 
just under the logo, since the magenta wording did net reproduce on our film, We 
particularly like this brochure because the descriptions of points on the route teli 
you things you want to know, unlike the old blurbs that gave you only dull statistics 
--how many tons of coal a town produced per year, etc. See also QUOTES OF THE WEEK 
cesas THE PROPOSED CRITERIA for selecting routes, prepared by Amtrak for Congressi- 
onal approval, include 3 sets of criteriae<economic, social and environmental, The 
economic criteria are: financial contribution per revenue passenger mile; total fine 
ancial contribution; incremental capital jnvestment requirements; return on incre- 
mental investment; and financial impact on connecting parts of the system. Social 
criteria: population served; individuals currently using the route or service; pop- 
ulation deprived of or provided with rail service; availability of alternate modes; 
impact on personal safety. Environmental criteria: change în energy consumed; change 

in pollutants generated; and land freed for or removed from alternative use,.... 

LEXAN LIVES DEPARTMENT: The Budd Company is promoting the use of Lexan in its current 
trade-journal advertising hawking construction of the 492 Amcoaches new being built 
in Philadelphia, The Lexan windows are listed as "improvesents®..... RKED BY LACK 
of cooperation at UMTA for the proposed Dayton, Ohio light rail rapid transit project, 
Sen. Robert Taft, Jr. had some stinging words on UMTA's failure to develop a light 
rail national policy: "That is what the (UMTA) bureaucracy is too often abouteeavoid- 
ance of decision making, avoidance of responsibility, and ultimately, avoidance of the 
actions needed to solve the problems for which the bureaucracy was originally created". 
Taft said he would make UMTA's failure a "test case',.,.. NOVEMBER 1975 ISSUE of 
Apartment Life magazine contains an article on the SAN FRANCISCO ZEPHYR and "10 Best 
Trains”,,,.. OCCASIONAL RTN CONTRIBUTOR George Hyko reports that he was aboard the 
SAN FRANCISCO ZEPHYR coming into Oakland Oct 18 (the first train that ran after the 
SP strike), and as it passed the Richmond BART station, where the Santa Fe crosses 
both BART and the SP, a Santa Fe freight on the parallel track crossed directly over 
the Amtrak train: "The big blue and ysllow freight units went exactly over our dome 
car. it was a dramatic and unexpected sight, and | missed a picture |'1] never see 
again, since | left my camera back in the other car." Which shows that you should 
always have ycur camera handy while riding, loaded and ready to shoot..... 

THE BROADWAY LIMITED'S timekeeping has improved noticeably since Sept 1, reports a 
reader, The train has been only 30-45 minutes late frequently--ironic ìn the face 
of the new schedule that adds at least 95-110 minutes to the running tine..... 
BLUEPRINTS OF A proposed rebuilding of the Penn Central 12@ St, yard in Chicago 
have been seen by some. The yard would be vacated completely by Jan. 1977, with 
demolition of most existing structures. Then 12 months of construction. New yard 
would include an 8-story comissary-office building, This new "super" facility would 
be Amtrak's only yard in Chicago except for Brighton Park..... THE PENN CENTRAL 
will allow the LAKE SHORE LIMITED only 6Qmph on its reasonably well-maintained weld- 
ed rail (TC mainline from Chicago eastward, points out a reader: "Having detoured 
on the BROADWAY LIMITED from Chicago to Cleveland, | found it evident that the ox- 
NYG mainline was good for at least 79mph, if not do. Our detouring train made the 
340 miles in about 5 hours!"...oo THE SUNSET LIMITED'S stop at Benson, AZ occurs 
eastbound at 10:40am, westbound at 7:15pm, starting Oct 27, This is an experinental 
stop for one year, with no ticket sales or baggage checking..... page 15 

SENATOR LLOYD BENTSEN (D-Texas) said last month that ten Senators have jeined his 
efforts to persude Amtrak to establish a daily Atlanta«Los Angeles route which 

would serve seven Texas cities. He said there is presently no east-west passenger 
service linking the vast area between Albuquerque and Atlanta..... DELAWARE AND 
HUDSON diner-lounges are again operating into NY's Grand Central Terminal on the 
ADIRONDACK, A D&H dining car crew operates from Montreal to Mechanicville, where 

an Amtrak crew, which boarded at Saratoga Springs, takes over,.,.. AMTRAK RECENTLY 
DISPLAYED an Amcoach and an Amcafe at the Eastern States Exposition, a large regi- | 
onal fair held in West Springfield, MA. A generator in a baggage car provided 
lighting and air conditioning powere The display saw over 94,000 people in the 12 | 
days of the exposition, a larger crowd than during the summer Colonial “orridor | 
tour this year..... SOMETHING MUST BE done, we are told, to stop New Jersey from 
extending the PATH out to Plainfield, thereby destroying the CNJ. Readers who are 
interested in this controversy are invited to contact reader Simon L, Rosenbach, 

33B Woodside Gardens, Roselle Park, NJ 07204. He would like to mobilize support 

for an upgraded CNJ, for better service at a smaller cost..... THE FIRST RUN of 
fatrak's Chicago-$t, Louis conventional train (with parlor car service), renamed 

the ABRAHAM LINCOLN, occured at 4:15pm on Oct 26. The train czrries a special Abe | 
Lincoln drumhead on the rear of the parlor car, and got some good press coverage 

(see CARS & CONSISTS, page 10)... naw | 

SAW FRANCISCO ZEPHYR once again connects in both directions with the RIO GRANDE 
ZEPHYR, effective with the Oct 26 time changes. Eastbound the train reaches Ogden 
at 4:55aa (actually 5:55am Pacific time), a saner hour than before, Westbound it 
hits Ogden at 10:35pm and leaves at 11pm, allowing the RGZ to connect,..., | 
 CONGRESSIONAL SPECIAL was run by Amtrak for a tour of Amtrak facilities, Cars | 
left the East Oct 10 tacked on the rear of the NATIONAL LIMITED, after a tour of 
the Ben Salem, PA reservations center, Occupants detrained at Beech Grove for a 
toru of that facility, then rede a Turboliner from St, Louis to Springfield, and 
back on the Special to Chicago, returning to the East on the rear of the RILEY- 
MOUNTAINEER, Special cars used were Amtrak 2796, 2628, 8063, 3210, 2702, 2785, 
and Southern 19 "Buena Vista." Somewhere along the line PC business car 4 was added 
coves STEAM GENERATOR CARS now being built by ICG in Paducah are to go onto trains 
9-10, the NORTH COAST HIAWATHA, this winter..... WITH DINING CAR crews cut in size, 
one report says that the SFZ waiters, now only 2 in number, had to serve about 400 
riders recently, which necessitated running the diner until 1am, with long waits 
for a lot of passengers..... THE THRU TURBOLINER between Milwaukee and Detroit, 
inaugurated Oct 26, leaves Milwaukee at 11:45am, arrives Chicago 1:15, leabes 1:50, 
hits Detroit at 8:30pm. |t departs Detroit at 11:30am,reaches Chicago at 4:05pm, 
leaves there at 4:30, and is in Milwaukee at 6:02pm..... 

FREEDOM TRAIN UPDATE: Sparks, Nevada, instead of Reno will host the train Nov, 24- 
26 (the train pulls in the night of Nov 23), because the WP tracks that were tobe | 
used in Reno were judged to be not strong enough for the massive train. And on 
Nov 11-14 the train will be on display in Portland, Oregon, where the 4449 steam 
engine was prepared for the trip. Some Portland enthusiasts are already talking up 
the possibility of keeping the engine active, perhaps for Amtrak excursions, etc. 
And in Montana this month, a group from Bozeman, Helena, Missoula and Billings was 
planning to stage a protest demonstration against the train, claiming that it was 
WE by big ripoff corporations and doesn't represent real freedom..... 
BN BUSINESS CAR "Missouri River” was on the rear of the northbound MT, RAINIER | 

leaving Portland Sept 25, writes David Bragdon, "The view from the great dome- 
dinereobservation car, which was just added recently, was killed by 'Missouri Riv- 
er.’ | don't know who was in it, but as it passed me pulling out, | could see 
that whoever the bigwig was, he was watching the 5:30 k 

behind the enginesî",..., 

page 16 

ATU news, Why wasn't it 

THE FIRST ANNUAL National Conference for the Transportation Disadvantaged will be 
held Dec 3e5 at the ShorehameAmerìcana Hotel in Washington DE, info fron NOD, 
Suite 206, 905 162 St, NW, Washington DC 20006,..,. AN ATTEEPT TO aake Aatrak 

make public the minutes of its beard meetings îs being done in a suit brought by 
Washìneton Star reporter Stephen Aug, with assistance from NARP...., FEDERAL RAIL. 
ROAD ADRINISTRATION and Carnegie-Meilon University are sponsoring a conference on 
improved passenger service ìn Pittsburgh Dec 2-5, Info from Richard A, lher, Tranc- 
portation Research Institute, Baker Hail 109C, Carnegie-Mellon University, Fitis- 
burgh..... VERMONT BICENTENNIAL PLAN: a followup report: in a drastic move, the 
special transportation coamittee set up te implowent the YT2 Steam Expedition voted 
to cut the system to a one-train system, This move is undesirable from the stande 
point of rail supporters, but the final verdict is not ín yet..... THE SP STRIKE 
that bagan the evening of Oct 16 and affected Amtrak created the following service 
disruptions: both COAST STARLIGHTS were halted at Oakland: the westbound SFZ was 
stopped at Ogden; the westbound SUNSET LIMITED completed its run into Les Angelas 

after being delayed at Yuma. The strike started at Spa on the 16%..... 

* »* 
THE LOS BANOS, California former SP train station is fer sale for anyone who will 
pay the costs of moving it..... MISSOURI PACIFIC DEPOT in San Antonio is to be 
turned inte a World Trade Station, if the FRA comes thru with a grant for refurb- 
ishing the building, A San Antonio businessman is planning the venture..c.. 
WILL GLENWOOD CANYON be destroyed by an interstate highway? it's likely a 4=lane 
monstrosity will tear thru the picturesque canyon travars3d gently by the RIC GRANDE 
ZEPHYR, unless Congress passes a bill exempting the area from interstate highway 
construction standards..... ITALIAN RAILWAY WORKERS went on strike early this month 
because they could not afford to eat in France, where their raiì trips took them, 
The Rome-Paris and Milan-Lyon lines were reported disrupted..... AMTRAK HAS LOST 
its bid to keep more space in the Washington Union Station undar construction into 
a National Visoters Center, and it will have to make do vith less space there..... 
DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION of illinois is expecting the bankruptcy of three more rail- 
roads--the ICG, the Milwaukee Road, and the C&NW..... THE PANAMA LIMITED becomes 
the SAINTS FOOTBALL SPECIAL on six dates this fall, when the train leaves New Or- 
leans at 4:45pm and makes all stops between there and Memphis about 45minute behind 
the regular schedule. Dates are: Sept 28, Oct 12, Nev 2, Nov 16, Nov 23, Dec 7..... 
MAIN STREET STATION in Richmond VA was abandoned by Amtrak, its last tenant, on 
Oct 15. Amtrk will use temporaily an old C&0 station at Ellerson for the Newport 
News run, with a station on Staples Mill Road under construction, The historical 
landmark station now has an uncertain future. its owner, the Chessie System, has 
a price tag of $500,000 on the building, which is said to be structurally unsound... 
THE MAILING DATE of this issue has had to be delayed until Nov 3..... 


The Ford Administration announced Oct 20 that ít has concluded that $4 billion 
is too much to spend for ultra-high speed Washington-Boston rail services, and in- 
stead a scaled-down $1 billion program of upgrading existing track will be pushed. 
The federal government would pay 90% of such upgrading, and the states the rest, 
with cities and states funding the rehabilitation of passenger stations. Rather 
than cutting the NYeWashington schedule to 24 hours, the downwardly revised program 
would make a 3-hour running time "consistent and reliable.” The smaller program 
includes extending electrified line from New Haven to Boston, An Amtrak spokesman 
offered no comment on the plan, indicating that it îs up to lawmakers to decide how 
much money they want to invest in improving the Colonial Corridor. 

in other news, The House voted late this month to give railroads $240 million for 
hiring unemployed workers to rebuild bad track, President Ford has indicated that 
he will veto this bill. The vote was 261-129, page 17 


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page 13 


yu y: 



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initiating process. Expediting the improvement of low-cost rail 
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TSTEANY® is a loco- 

, CO 80909, 

Volume If 1975 

A DURING 1974. 

1. Updated Amtrak Roster includes cars renum- 
bered and acquired during 1974. 
2. All passenger cars owned by U.S. and Canadian 
Railroads including: 
e Business cars e Cars retained for Business 
Excursions e Cars in revenue service including 
3. Transit and Light Rail Equipment e All systems 
in the US and Canada from Boston to San Francisco 
4. Passenger cars in Private Ownership 

Current car numbers and/or names listed in num- 
erical order under owning carrier or authority. Ac- 
commodations, past history, builder and date built, 
is shown for each car. Gives disposition of cars re- 
moved from service during 1974. 

Approximately 150 pages, 6 x 9” softbound is 
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VOL. 11974 

Contains all passenger cars in revenue service dur- 
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