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The DreamWorks Girls: FART EDITION 

by kade32 

Category: Misc. Movies 
Genre: Humor 
Language: English 
Status: In-Progress 
Published: 2016-04-10 00:00:32 
Updated: 2016-04-10 00:00:32 
Packaged: 2016-04-27 20:57:42 
Rating: M 
Chapters : 3 
Words : 8,049 


Summary: Kade meets with the girls from DreamWorks Animation to judge 
their fart contest ,... until it leads to something unexpected. 

WARNING: Eproctophilia, sex, etc. 

1 . Chapter 1 

**_Princess Eiona - (Shrek)_ _ 

><em>_Susan Murphy/Ginormica - (Monsters vs. Aliens) 
><em>_Chel - (The Road to El Dorado)_ _ 

><em>_Marina - (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas)_ _ 
><em>_Vanessa Bloome - (Bee Movie)_ _ 

><em>_Eep Crood - (The Croods)_ _ 

><em>_Astrid Hofferson - (How to Train Your Dragon)_ 

><em>_Roxanne Ritchi - (Megamind) _ _ 

><em>_Paz - (Turbo)_ _ 

><em>_Gratuity "Tip" Tucci - (Home)_** 

■jk" ■jk" ■jk" 

><p><strong><em>Cameron Diaz as Eiona<em>** 

After putting her children to bed, Eiona walked out of the nursery 
and felt a rumbling in her stomach. She smirked and walked outside of 
the swamp house. Closing the door, Eiona strained, clenching her 
fists until they became white and let go of her bowels, resulting in 

LP!** the loud, deep-brass tone fart echoed everywhere, except inside 
the house. She sprayed a thick cloud of green fart gas everywhere 
from the blast. Eiona took a whiff and fanned the air, 
laughing . 

"Woo! My!" Eiona laughed. She coughed a bit. It was a bit strong. 
"Better out than in." She said and went back in the house. 

><p><emXstrong>Reese Witherspoon as Susan<strong>_ 

Susan was sitting in her room at Area 50-Something listening to music 
with her headphones on. She was bopped her head to the beat when she 
suddenly leaned to the right. Susan held a mischievous smile and 
pushed hard. Outside her cell in the base hallways as people were 
wandering about, a loud 

throughout the entire base and a powerfully strong just of wind came 
in it's wake, blowing everyone back from the direction it came from, 
knocking crates and such back. When the wind died down as well as the 
fart, everyone was sprawled out on the floor, groaning and covering 
their noses from the thick smell and coughing. 

"What the hell was that?!" An employee exclaimed in 
shock . 

"Ginormica." A soldier answered. "It happens every time she cuts 
one." The rest of the monsters were baffled by this. 

"Damn, that's her worst one yet." The Missing Link spoke. 
"Agreed." Dr. Cockroach nodded. 

"Whoa! What's the weather like in here?" B.O.B. asked, making 
everyone roll their eyes. 

* * 


><p><emXstrong>Rosie Perez as Chel<strong>_ 

Chel was escaping the guards after stealing a golden item. She 
quickly hid herself from view and the guards were off her trail. With 
a sigh of relief, she came out of hiding and carried her prize to her 
place. Back at her hideout, she placed the item with the rest of her 
impromptu collection. Suddenly, **ppppppT!** she farted. She looked 
almost embarrassed, then giggled. Deciding to have some fun, she 
places her hands on both her butt cheeks and ripped out some 

She sniffed her own gas and held her nose. 

"Woo. That stinks!" She said and smiled. "I like it." 

■jk" ■jk" ■jk" 

xpXemXstrong>Catherine Zeta-Jones as Marina<strong>_ 

Inside her chambers, Marina stripped nude and prepared herself a 
bubble bath. She filled the tub with water mixed with scented shampoo 
to the rim. Finally shutting the water off, Marina slowly climbing 
into the tub and into the warm, soapy water. She moaned heavily, 
feeling the warmth of the water against her nude body. She then sat 
down into the bath and began to relax. She soon found herself falling 
into a blissful reverie, finding the warm bath very comforting. She 

eventually started to doze off when her stomach start to grumble. The 
grumbling vibrated her belly, creating small waves in the water. 
Suddenly, a muffled * *PPFFPFPPPPPTTPTPPPPPPPPPPPPP ! * * was heard and a 
large set of bubbles sprang to the surface, waking Marina. She 
giggled at herself for doing that. She then smelled a rancid odor and 
shrugged . 

■jk" ■jk" ■jk" 

><pXstrong>RenA©e Zellweger as Vanessa Bloome<strong> 

"Oh no. It's not a problem." Vanessa shook her head, talking to her 
friend on her phone and walking around her apartment. 

"I can come by anytime honestly. I don't have very much planned 
tonight. Except maybe the Saw marathon." 

"Yeah, I'm into that movie. I know they say it's like torture porn, 
but I thought it was decent for a horror franchise. And just so you 
know... wait. Hold on. Someone wants to talk to you." Vanessa lowers 
the phone and placed it over her jean-clad butt. 

TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ! * *_ She laughed after ripping a loud, wet fart into 
the phone. She played this joke many times before. She placed the 
phone back to her ear. 

"Yeah, my ass." She told her friend. "Okay, I'll see you soon. Buh 
bye." She hangs up the phone. Vanessa goes over to her couch and 
grabbed a pillow. She placed the pillow over her buttocks and 

PPLLLLOOOPPPPPPPPPP ! **She ripped a barrage of loud farts that were 
muffled against the softness of the pillow. Vanessa sighed in relief 
and removed the pillow. She brings it up to her face and she takes a 
sniff. She held her nose from the smell. 

"Whoa." She exclaimed. "I got to lay off the nachos." 

■jk" ■jk" ■jk" 

><p><strong><em>Emma Stone as Eep Crood<em>** 

Eep was wondering around the jungles. She ate a large bird for lunch, 
which she and Guy had caught in one of his cleverly-concieled traps. 

* *PPPTTPTPTPP ! **Eep suddenly broke wind. "Oh!" Eep exclaimed in 
surprise and giggled in embarrassment. 

"Excuse me." She said even though she was on her own. She continued 
walking and ripped a few more farts along the way. 


were getting worse and the strong fart gas causing some vegetation to 
die and some animals so suffocate. 

"Ugh! That bird must not agree with my stomach." Eep groaned, 
clutching her belly. She noticed a large bush nearby which gave her 
an idea. Eep quickly ran toward it and sat right inside it. She then 
grunted really hard. * *EEEEBEBBEBBBBPBPPPPPPPEEEETTTTT ! **The large 

fart cause the leaves to blow around. Eep sighed with relief and 
hopped out of the now-stinking bush. Some small animals climbed out 
and started to cough from the odor. But Eep ' s stomach grumbled 
again . 

"It's not enough." Eep exclaimed and she went over to a small pond. 
She walked into the water and sat down, sticking her ass in the 
water . 

"This should do the trick." She said and grunted again. 

* *PPPPPTPTPTPPPPPP ! * * She released massive fart bubbles in the water 
and farted out some more bubbles. * *EPEEPEPPPPPPPPPLLLLAAAATATTTT ! 
larger fart bubbles almost bigger than her. Eep stopped and 
exhaled . 

"I think I feel better now." She stood up from the water, her bum now 
soaking wet. Eep sauntered off, not noticing the dead fish in the 
pond who were killed by the gas. 

* * 


><p><strong><em>America Eerrara as Astrid Hof f erson<em>* * 

Astrid was off flying with Stormfly. They both landed on a small 
island by themselves. The two were playing with each other when 
Astrid got too energetic which caused her stomach to growl. Astrid 
moaned and clutched it. 

"Excuse me a second, girl." She told her Nadder friend. She placed 
both hands on her stomach and pressed hard. She released a thick 
exhaled with relief from letting out that monster. She saw Stormfly 
coughing and shaking her head from the smell. 

"Oh, come on!" Astrid complained. "That was classic!" 

■jk" ■jk" ■jk" 

><p><strongXem>Tina Eey as Roxanne Ritchi<em>** 

Roxanne was snoozing away in her bed. She was currently having a wet 
dream and her hand just slid down and started to rub her private 
parts. She even moaned blissfully. Suddenly her alarm clock alarm, 
waking her up. She hit snooze and yawned. She lifted her arms up to 
stretch and she ripped a wet 

Roxanne giggled to herself. 

"Morning gas." She laughed in a low voice. 

■jk" "jk" "jk" 

><p><strong><em>Michelle Rodriquez as Paz<em>** 

The sounds of work tools filled her garage as Paz worked under the 
hood of a car. One her workers walked by her and she suddenly farted 
loudly. **PPPPPLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPP ! ** He jumped back in 
surprise and looked at her in disbelief. 

"Whoops!" Paz laughed and looked at him over her shoulder. "Sorry 
about that. Had a lot to eat today. Woo!" She fanned her butt. 

"I don't remember eating that." She joked. Her worker pulled his 
collar over his nose. 

"You do this all the time, Paz. Even I couldn't fart that huge." He 
complains. Paz pulls out from under the hood and looked at him with 
contempt . 

"You don't think a woman fart better than a man? We'll see about 
that." Paz challenged, then clenched her fists and grunted. 
sighed and placed her hands on her hips. Her workers stated to have a 
coughing fit, causing Paz ' s ego to increase. Another worker who 
overheard her suddenly passed out from the overbearing smell. 

"I'm not done yet." She wagged her finger tauntingly and aimed her 


"Please, stop! Okay! I get it already!" Her worker shouted in 
disgust, trying to fan the odor away, but to no avail. 

"Say I'm better than you and I'll stop." Paz demanded with her butt 
still pointed at him. 

PPPPPPPPPPP ! _**She emitted a bigger fart that blew her worker back, 
sending him crashing into a solid wall. The worker fell to the floor, 
groaning from the pain. 

"You're better than me." The worker said in defeat. Paz chuckled. 

"I knew you'd see it my way." She spoke. 

■jk" ■jk" ■jk" 

><p><strongXem>Rihanna as Tip<em>** 

"Linda was trying to coax me into going to a party, but I didn't want 
to." Tip exclaimed to her mother, Lucy. 

"How come?" Her mother asked. 

"Because I don't like parties as much." Tip answered. They were 
sitting in their living room. Suddenly, Tip grew a smile on her 
face . 

"Hey, mom." She said. 

"Yes?" Lucy asked. Tip presented her index finger. 

"Pull my finger." She ordered. Lucy's eyes widened, then grinned 
amusedly. This was a game they would sometimes play to entertain 
themselves. Lucy leaned out and gave her finger a tug, which resulted 
in a loud 


TTPPPPPPPP !_** They both share a roar of hearty laughter. Lucy held 
her nose and waved her air. 

"That was big one!" Lucy exclaimed through laughter. 

"I know." Tip said in a fit of giggles. Lucy suddenly stood up, 
turned around, and pointed her own buttocks at her daughter. 

"God! Ew ! No!" Tip smiled herself in mock-fright, pressing a foot to 
her ass. 


"Uuuugggh! Mom!" Tip whined and fanned the air frantically, covering 
her nose. Lucy laughed at her. 

"I think I win!" She laughed. 

■jk" ■jk" ■jk" 

><p>It was a beautiful summer night at the local football stadium. It 
was now Sunday and the stadium was closed. A young man named Kade 
entered the stadium entrance, hoping to see someone. Entering through 
the entrance, he was thinking to himself the many times he spent with 
a group of girls who liked to called themselves the "Stinkers" for 
some reason. It came to his thoughts that maybe that were juvenile 
delinquents, but that didn't matter. They were his closet friends. He 
passed by a janitor through a hallway who was fast asleep. He gave 
him a blanket and he smiled in his sleep. When he came into the 
field, he saw Susan, Eiona, Tip, Paz, Eep, Roxanne, Vanessa, Astrid, 
Chel and Marina hanging around in the middle in the field. The reason 
they were hanging around here was because they needed room for Susan, 
due to her gigantic size. It was a strange place to hang out in, but 
for Susan's sake, it was worth the time for them. As a matter of 
fact, Kade used to hang out here too before her graduated from high 
school. And he also came her to watch the football game. He only went 
because his family wanted to go and not him, so he only wanted to 
humor them. Chel was practicing a few salacious and exotic belly 
dance moves while Marina was watching her, Astrid, Eep and Tip were 
having a hand-to-hand combat and Astrid was winning (mostly) , Roxanne 
and Vanessa were texting on their phone while chatting, Eiona was 
talking with Susan, while Paz was listening to their conversation, 
since Paz is an old classmate of Susan's. Kade smiled when he saw all 
of his friends and when to go join out into the field. He climbed 
down from the bleachers and onto the grassy field. <p> 

"Hi, girls!" Kade shouted to them. 

After listening in on Susan's conversation, Paz notices their friend 
walking into the stadium. She walks over to him hoping to start a 
conversation. "Hey, what are you doing here?" She asks. 

"Well, Vanessa texted me to come over here for something fun. She 
didn't tell me what it was, though." Kade explained, gesturing to 
Vanessa who had stopped her conversation with Roxanne to look at 
him . 

"Oh. Okay, she also texted all of us to come here as well for some 
game she had planned. She told us we were waiting on one other person 
and that must've been you." Paz said with a smile. 

Kade looked around the whole stadium with the stadium lights 
illuminating the entire field from the night sky. 

"Are we playing a football game or something? Is that why we're all 
at the stadium? I really don't like sports." Kade asked. 

Paz shook her head and said "No, it's because we're about to have a 
farting contest!" She said and the other girls voiced their 
agreement . 

"What? How come?" Kade asked, confused at the odd activity in 
question . 

"We'd thought it would be fun!" Eep exclaimed in excitement. "Yeah." 
Astrid nodded. 

"Have you guys ever done this before?" Kade asked raising an 
eyebrow . 

"Not as a contest." Tip said shrugging. 

"Not as a contest?" Kade repeated with a slight giggled and a 
smirk . 

"We've farted together, but not for a competition." Roxanne 
explained . 

"Can you guys name one time you guys "farted together"?" Kade 
snickered almost, starting to find this situation funny, but that 
didn't stop his desires from rising. 

"We all were at a slumber party together when I let it rip. I thought 
the others wouldn't like it, but it shocked me when they did like it" 
Astrid replied. Chel snickered at that memory. 

"So you guys did for just laughs, huh?" Kade asked, putting the 
pieces together. Everyone nodded. "And why are you so anxious about 
this, if you don't mind me asking, Vanessa?" He stared at the 
youngf lorist . 

"Last time you and I had a fart contest, you almost crapped your 
pants." The girls all looked at Vanessa in surprise, who blushed 
madly . 

"I had too much beans before that day." Vanessa said meekly. 

"Well, " Kade nodded, "now that we got that out of the way, who wants 
to go first?" He asked his friends. 

"I do!" Marina said immediately raising her hand. 

"Show me what you got." Kade stated crossed his arms. 

Marina squatted down to her knees on the field and grunted. 
fart . 

"Hmm, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give that from a 5 to a 3." Kade 
remarked, smelling the small fart gas. Marina pouted slightly. 

"Who do you want to go next?" Astrid asked Kade . 

"How about..." Kade looked through the group and pointed up at 
Ginormica. "Susan go next." He suggested. He wanted to see how a 
giantess could fart. 

"If your sure about it..." Susan said as she prepared herself. Susan 
pushed and 

TTTTTTTTT ! _**blasted a huge fart that smelled like tuna. Due to her 
enormous size, she created a strong gust of wind which died down 
after she stopped farting. "How was that?" 

Kade smelled it. "Woo!" He exclaimed and fanned his nose. "That 
reeks! That was amazing!" Susan smiled warmly and blushed. 

Vanessa decided that she wanted to go next as she let out a long, 
moist sounding fart that lasted 30 seconds. 


I * * 

"That was unexpected. Van." Kade told her, then smelled her fart. He 
pulled his collar of his nose. "But it smells worse. What did you 

"I had some rice and tuna before getting here." Vanessa told 

"How about you. Tip?" He asked the Barbados girl next who smiled in 
response. Tip responded by hiking up a leg and * *PPPPBBBPPPPTTTTT 
PPPPBBBPPPPTTTTT ! **letting out two quick farts of her own. 

Kade smelled it and almost looked sick. "Now that one was rank. 

Please tell me you didn't have Indian again." Kade replied before dry 
hazing . 

"I did eat some curry." Tip said. 

"Good." Kade said in a hoarse voice, then turned to Paz. "I'll bet 
you're the better farter out of rest." He asked the mechanic. 

Paz smirked before bending over. 


* A monster fart blasted out of Paz ' s ass. She sighed in 
relief . 

Kade was on the verge of losing his lunch as he smelled Paz ' s super 
pungent flatulence. "That was awesome" Kade forced out. "Wouldn't you 
agree, motor girl?" 

"I agree, that was very foul." Paz said jokingly in agreement as she 
crossed her arms. 

"Anyone else going next?" Kade asked the girls. 

"Ready your noses everyone! Because I'm going up next!" Fiona said as 
she stood up. 

"Will it be bad?" Kade asked as he and the rest of the girls covered 
their noses and most of them held their breaths. 

"You know it!" Fiona said as she smacked her huge ass, making it 
jiggle before farting. 

let out a massive blast of gas that smelled even worse that Paz ' s 
fart. That did it. Everyone began coughing and choking on the thick 
odor that Fiona created. There was a green gas cloud all around the 
them. Kade was coughing and hacking as well and was finding it hard 
to breath. He tried his best to fan the stink away, but it was 
everywhere. The gas was lingering. He was finally able to breath when 
he presses his sleeve against his nose and mouth, but his eyes 
started to water. He looked at Fiona, who smirk with her hands on her 
hips . 

"I have no words for that one." His muffled voice came. 

"Aren't you glad that I at least warned you?" Fiona asked 
smiling . 

"I am sort of." Kade said in his sleeved arm. "Who hasn't gone yet?" 

He asked. 

"I haven't gone yet." Roxanne said as she raised her hand. 

"Well, then, " Kade began and waved the stinky green fumes away to 
clear his vision. "Let 'er rip!" 

Roxanne grunted and * *PPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRPPPPPPTTT ! * * let out an 
average sized fart. "Excuse me." She squeaked. 

"That was really something." Kade chuckled, only to cough again from 
the lingering green ogress gas. "Chel, would you mind going next?" He 
asked the voluptuous Spanish girl. Chel belly danced beautifully as 
she passed gas, doing so twelve times. * *pppptptptpttttt ! 






"Where did you learn that?" Kade asked her smelling her farts. 

"I learned it in dance class, I added the farts to it." Chel 
said . 

"What about you, Eep?" Kade spoke, but was suddenly pounced on by the 
cave girl herself who held a strange smile on her face. Kade sat on 
his back on the grassy ground. 

Eep turned around, showing her huge butt to Kade as she went ahead 
and farted on his face. 

very stinky!" She grinned at him. 

Kade coughed. "Yeah, it was. Smells like spoiled chicken." He said 
and spanked her. 

"Ouch!" Eep said playfully as she was spanked by Kade . 

"That was the first round, girls." Kade stated, causing them look at 
his him confused. "And I say Fiona won this one, since she almost 
suffocated me." Fiona smiled widely and clapped as she heard the 
news . 

"Second round, I'm going to ask two of you to step up and fart on me 
while aiming your butts at me. You girls ready?" Kade asked. 

"Okay Kade!" The girls said excitedly. 

"Let's start with..." Kade scratched his head. "Fiona." He pointed at 
the green ogress who smiled. "And Ginormica." He pointed up at Susan. 
"Is it okay if I call you that?" He asked. 

"I'm cool with that." Ginormica said. They both went up to Kade and 
turned around, aiming their large butts at him and let loose at the 

their farts were long and very smelly. Kade was pushed back a bit, 
since both of their farts were completely strong. Susan's fart was 
the biggest one. Bigger than Fiona's and twice as smelly. 

"Ugh! Susan wins." Kade said, much to Susan's pleasure. "Next up is 
Tip and . . . Astrid . " Then the two came up to him and pointed their 
butts at him. Tip had a head start of farting three small farts. 
grunted and blasted out a very long fart. 


"I'm going to give you points. Tip. Since you ripped the most farts." 
Kade said to Tip. She grinned in triumph. "Astrid, even though that 
fart was long. I'll give you 1 point." Astrid glared at him for 
that . 

"Who do you want to go next?" Fiona said. 

"Vanessa and Roxanne." Kade said. With that said, Vanessa and Roxanne 
shook hands as they pointed their asses at him. Vanessa wiggled her 
buttocks a bit before they both let out some nasty steam from their 
times straight while Roxanne farted nine times straight. **BBBBBBBB! 


PPPFFFFFMFMMMMMMMMMMM ! * * Both of their farts smelled, but Vanessa's 
smelled the worst. 

"I think Vanessa wins this one." Kade declared, until a four air 
filled his nostrils. "And you should probably stay away from the 
Asian next time." Vanessa blushed. "Next up is Chel and Eep." 

They both came up to Kade and started shaking there huge butts as 
they were farting up a storm. * *PPPRPRPRPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHTTTT ! 
!** Chel was running out of gas before Eep was. 

"You two really know how to perform. Honestly." Kade explained, 
causing them both to smile and blush. "Chel, I appreciate the effort 
you put into your flatulence so I'll give you 4 points and this." He 
then pinched her butt check, causing her to squeal with delight. 

"Eep, I'll give you 5 points. Next up is Marina and...Paz." 

Marina and Paz pointed their butts at him and were farting one at a 
time to see who would run out of gas. * *PFPFPFPPTPTPPPPPPPPPP ! 
Eight farts in, Marina grunted, but no fart came out. Paz was happy 
as she farted big for her last time. 

was loud and wet and smelled awfully. 

Kade coughed up a storm. "That really stinks!" He exclaimed through 
the gas. "So the winner of this round is ... Vanessa . " 

2 . Chapter 2 

The young florist smiled when he said that. 

"So, the third and final round and, this might sound weird, you all 
have to strip down to your underwear and fart. Does... does that 
bother anyone?" Kade announced and asked meekly, blushing 
embarrassingly, hoping not to offend the girls. 

"Not really." The girls said and then all of them started to disrobe, 
taking off their shirts, pants, skirts and dresses until they were in 
nothing but their undergarments. 

"Okay then." Kade breathed in relief. "Who wants to go first?" 

"I do!" Tip said who wore a bright lime green lacy bra and thong. "Go 
ahead." Kade encouraged. 

FFFBFBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB ! * * Tip farted three times in a row. 

"Not bad." Kade laughed. "You're next, Fiona." 

Fiona hiked up her panties as she squatted. * *PPBBPBPPPAAAAPPP ! 


MMMMMMMFFFFFPPPPPPPPPP ! * * Fiona farted ten times in a row and it 
stank really bad. 

"Woof." Kade fanned the air, laughing. "How about you, 

Ginormica? " 

Ginormica squatted her giant black pantied-clad ass toward him and 

PPPPP-PPPLLLLLLLOOOOOPPPPPP !_**farted five long farts straight. Kade 
breathed in the toxic wind she blasted at him and endured 

"You're a real natural. Sue." He shouted up at her and she smiled 
warmly. "Chel, you're next." 

Chel, who wore no specific undergarment and was completely nude, kept 
on smacking her juicy butt as she kept on farting, which was fourteen 


"You know how to show a boy a good time." Kade responded. Chel blew 
him a kiss. "Vanessa, you're 

magenta bra and panties, farted two long farts that smelled like bad 
beans . 

"Better than ever." Kade complimented her. "You might as well keep 
your panties on Paz, because you're next." 

Paz, who wore a dark indigo lingerie, bent down and touched her toes 
as she farted a monster of a fart. 


"Nice one, Paz." Kade smiled placing a hand on her soft ass. 

"Roxanne, you're next." 

Roxanne, who wore a dark blue laced bra and frilly panties, grunted, 
but let out an embarrassingly small fart. **pppptt!** 

"That wasn't much." Kade said. "Eep is 
next . " 


PLLPLPLPLPLPLPLPPPPP ! PPPSSTTTTTTT ! **Eep, who wore a strapped bra 
and panties, stomped the ground as she farted a total of sixteen 
times to make it seem intimidating. 

"Whoa!" Kade jump back a bit as she did that. "Marina, how about 
you? " 

PPPPLPLPLPPPP !_** Marina, who wore a light blue bikini, grunted as a 
huge, wave-like gas bursts from her ass. 

"Oh my god!" Kade held his nose. "What about you, Astrid?" 

"Here it goes!" Astrid said who was wearing a strapped bra and 
stripped panties. 

* * 

her panties rippled. 

"Jesus!" Kade exclaimed in surprise. "You just ruined your 
underwear ! " 

"Oops!" Astrid said as she held her cheeks together. 

"Well I guess the winner is...Chel." Kade announced. 

"Hooray!" Chel said as she jumped for joy before kissing Kade on the 
cheek . 

"Thanks." Kade hugged her and turned to everyone. "And to be fair, 
you all win the contest for your great effort and determination. And 
while I was on my way to the stadium, an old lady gave me this." He 
reaches in his pocket and pulls out a dark green bottle. "She said 
it's some kind of serum that..." He reads the label. "Increases 
bodily function. Gives one a burping and farting ability. Wasn't sure 
why she would give me this at first." Everyone clapped as they heard 
that they all won. 

"I think that she gave you the bottle, knowing that this day would 
come." Marina said. 

"I don't feel like trying it." Kade said and offered the bottle to 
the girls. "Any of you guys like to try some?" 

"I'll try some of it!" Roxanne said as she took a sip. 

"How do you feel?" Kade asked. 

"I f eel . . . * *BBBBBBUUURRRRPRPPPPPPP ! * * " Roxanne was saying before a 
monstrous belch came from her mouth. "Sorry about that." 

"You're good at that." Kade commented. "Anyone else like to try?" 

"I want some as well." Chel said. 

"Here." Kade handed her the bottle. 

Chel had a sip as well. * *BBBUUUUURRPPPPP ! BBBRRAAUUUPPPPPP ! 
**She belched before farting like crazy. 

"Damn." Kade pressed his sleeve against his nose. "That's really 
doing a number on you. Maybe Susan would like a sip." 

"Are you sure about that Kade?" Susan asked him. 

"Of course. Why?" Kade asked. 

Susan shrugged her shoulders as she drank a little bit. Her burp and 
fart was loud and proud. * *BBBUUURRRPP ! 

standing behind her when she farted and the blast from her ass blew 
him back until he crashed into a wall. Luckily, he wasn't 
injured . 

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Susan said as she helped Kade to his 
feet . 

"You didn't warn me." Kade grunted. 

"Sorry." Susan said as she winked at him. 

"Okay, whose next?" Kade asked. 

"Me!" Fiona said with a gleam in her eyes, beckoning Kade to come 
close to her. 

"Okay." Kade walked over to her with the bottle. Fiona drank some of 
the drink, grabbed his head, and shoved it up her butt. Then she 
blasted him in the face with a nasty fart. 

laughed at this. Kade laughed as well, but let out a few coughs. 
"What was that about?" He asked baffled. 

"I think that there is a hidden effect in the drink. For me it was 
lust." Fiona said. 

"Oh, really?" Kade smirked. 

"Really." Fiona said with a smile on her face. 

"Excuse me for asking, but aren't you married?" Kade asked as 
delicately as he could. 

"I am, the drink made me temporarily forget." Fiona said. 

"Are we allowed to... you know?" Kade nervously asked. 

"If you want." Fiona said. Meanwhile, Vanessa to a swig from the 
drink . 

"I'd like that." Kade replied. Fiona smiled at the response before 
watching Vanessa. She was doing the cowboy dance as she was farting. 
When she said "_yeehaw!_" she belched loudly. 

"Do you think Shrek won't know? And how would you want me to do "it" 
with you?" Kade whispered to Fiona. Vanessa tossed the bottle to Paz 
who took a sip as well. 

"Were the same as humans you know. Shrek won't know a thing." Fiona 
said while Paz was twerking her butt while farting meaty butt 
blasts . 

"Would you believe I have a fetish for girl farts and butts?" Kade 
asked as he watched Paz hand the bottle to Tip and continued working 
her ass as she farted. 

"I would believe it!" Astrid said. 

"Are you girls okay with that?" Kade said hopefully while Tip took 
her sip. 

"We are!" The girls said as Tip farted. * *PPPLLAPPPPTPTTTTTT ! * * The 
girls then put their butts near him. 

"What are you all doing?" Kade flinched and blushed nervously at what 
they were doing. All of the girls were rubbing their huge butts on 
his body. 

"This actually feels nice." Kade moaned as his friends rubbed their 
asses on him. 

"We'd knew you love this!" Fiona said as she rubbed her ass in Kade ' s 
face. "You really deserve this!" Chel said as she grinded on his 
crotch . 

"What happens next?" Kade asked, his voice muffled in Fiona's massive 
butt cheeks . 

"Next comes the farts!" Astrid said as she farted on his left hand. 

* *BBRRRRRRAAHAHHPHPPPPPPP ! * * "One at a time, we're going to fart on 
you while we are like this!" Paz said as she farted on your right 

Kade started to feel his member harden and twitch from the sexual 
arousal flooding over him. 

"I feel warm inside!" Eep said as she farted on his left leg. 


"I think that the lust spread to us too." Marina said as she farted 

"I don't think that Kade minds though." Chel said as she farted right 

"Wait." Kade said with his face still in Fiona's butt. "Where's 
Ginormica? I can't see her." 

"I farted on your stomach before they dog piled you." Ginormica said. 
**PPPPPPLLLLALAABBBBBPPPPPP ! ** Tip farted on Kade ' s feet. 

"I don't know about you girls, but I'm starting to feel very horny." 
Kade said. 

"So are we!" Vanessa said as she and Roxanne farted on his sides. 

Chel farted on his crotch again. Fiona kept on rubbing her huge, 
juicy butt on his face while all the other girls kept on farting on 
his body. 

"Are you ready for my gas Kade?" Fiona asked. 

"Bring it on." Kade smiled under her butt. 

in Kade ' s face five times in a row. 

"That is rank." Kade coughed. "I'm sorry if this is sudden and 
somewhat perverted, but do you girls want to have 
intercourse ? " 

"Sure, that sounds great!" Fiona said as the other girls agreed. 

"I think I'll start with you." Kade said as he gripped Fiona's 

panties and slid them down her giant green butt. He caresses those 
massive globes of hers. 

"That feels good Kade . " Fiona said while moaning. 

"You know, Vanessa warned me on the texts that you aren't on the 
pill." Kade stated as he unzipped his pants. Vanessa nodded in 
agreement. "What happens if I get you pregnant?" He asked pulling his 
erection out. 

"I wouldn't worry about that." Fiona said. "If you want. I'll take a 
pill right now." 

"Is it okay with if you if you carried our bastard child or 
something?" Kade asked with his left hand on her left green butt 
cheek . 

"I don't mind. I'll tell Shrek something." Fiona said. 

"Like what?" Kade asked as he rubbed the tip of his erection against 
her vagina. 

"I adopted a child." Fiona moaned. Kade wasted no time and plunged 
his penis slowly into her vagina. Fiona moaned as she felt his tool 
slid inside of her. 

"Will I get to name the child? Or ever get to see it?" Kade asked as 
he grunted and slid in and out of her. 

"Of course you can see the child and name it." Fiona said as she was 
moaning . 

"Will I be able to raise it with you?" Kade went inside and outside 
of her, starting to pick up the pace. 

"Yes." Fiona said. Kade went faster and faster, causing her to moan 
louder and scream sexually. He finally climaxed, camming inside and 
then pulled out of her. They both laid on the grassy field breathing 
heavily. The girls all smiled as they watched them. Kade scooted over 
to Fiona and felt her ass. He felt a rumbling in her ass. Fiona 
trapped his hand between her massive cheeks before farting on it. 

Kade freed his hand from her ass and smelled it. "Ooh!" He recoiled 
from the smell and laughed. He leaned over to her and kissed her on 
the cheek. "I love you." He said. 

"I love you too, Kade." Fiona said as she kissed him back. 

"Susan, you want to go next?" He asked the young giantess, who looked 
down at him in surprise. 

"If you think you can handle it, alright." Susan said. 

"I can handle it." Kade said as he laid back down on his back on the 
field. Susan stood with her back turned to him. She then squatted 
down. She pulled her panties down and slipped them off. She lowered 
her giant ass down toward him until her anus was close to his penis. 
Her anus was almost larger than Kade ' s body. Kade started to rub his 
penis all over her anus. 

"You're not doing bad so far." Susan said. 

"You still feel gassy, babe?" Kade asked as he stroked her butthole 
with his tool. 

"I still have some left in me." Susan said. 

"I feel it, too." Kade heard a loud rumble inside of her and it was 
getting louder. "Let 'er rip, girl!" Tip shouted in 
encouragement . 

"Here comes the bass!" Susan said as she ripped two huge, bombastic 
smacked him right in the face. It blew his hair back and fluttered 
some of the grass around him. 

"I think that serum's working perfectly." Kade said as he lifted his 
pelvis up and lipped his penis inside her giant anus. 

"I agree with you Kade!" Susan said as she rubbed her ass on his 
penis. Kade thrusted into her harder and faster until Susan soufflA©d 
finally feel him inside of her. She moaned and screamed in extreme 
euphoria and pleasure. The heat inside her increased and they finally 
orgasmed and Kade came inside of her. Once he pulled out, her anus 
was dripping with semen. 

"That felt awesome, Kade!" Susan said as she picked him up and gave 
him a huge kiss. 

"Anyone else like to go next?" Kade asked the rest of the girls. 

"I do!" Eep said as she raised her hand. 

"Come on then." Kade jumped off of Susan's hand and onto the ground. 
Eep ran to Kade, removed her panties and sat on his lap. 

"Ever done this before?" Kade asked as her rubbed her butt cheeks on 
his penis, squeezing it in between her large orbs, giving her a 
butt job . 

"Chel showed me how!" Eep said as Chel blushed. 

"Did she now?" Kade smiled toward Chel as she teased Eep ' s butthole 
and vagina with his cock. 

"She asked me and I didn't want her to get an answer from a bad guy." 
Chel said. 

"That's understandable." Kade nodded as he trusted into Eep ' s ass 
hard and fast. She spanked her cheeks a few times. Eep gigged as she 
kissed his cheeks. Kade orgasmed and came into her. She pulled out 
and kissed her on the lips. Suddenly, * *PPLPLPLLPPLPPPPPP ! * * she let 
out a wet fart. 

"Cops! I hope that didn't ruin the mood." Eep said. 

"Cf course, not." Kade kissed her. "Why do you girls call yourselves 
the "Stinkers" anyway?" 

"Because we fart a lot and can stand it." Vanessa said. 

"Wanna go next, Vanessa?" He asked her. 

"Sure." Vanessa said. Kade gestured her over to him. Vanessa walked 
sexily over to where he was. Kade held his erection out as Vanessa 
squatted her large pantied-clad butt over his dick. 

* *PPFPFPPTPTTTRAAAAPPPPPPP ! * * Vanessa farted on his crotch before 
sitting down on it. Kade pulled her panties down and pressed his 
erection against her vagina. 

"Let's go!" Vanessa said as she sat down on his erection. 

Kade thrusted into her vagina hard. Vanessa moaned and yelped as he 
fucked her. The faster he went, the louder her moans got. He came 
inside her, coating her womb with semen before slipping out. 

"You were way better than Ken!" Vanessa said. 

"Chel? How about you?" Kade asked as he rubbed Vanessa's butt and 
squeezed it. 

"Okay, I'll show you how I taught Eep." Chel said. 

"Show me, then." Kade nodded. Chel sat on his erection and she grind 
on it efficiently. 

"This is how you taught her?" Kade moaned. 

"Yes, yes I did." Chel said. 

"If you have any butt bombs, babe, rip 'em now." Kade reminded her as 
his hands with three meaty farts. 

"You're a stinky girl, aren't you?" Kade asked and he smelled her gas 
and rubbed her buttocks sexually. 

"Very stinky!" Chel said as she farted again. 

"I'm gonna plug you up!" Kade claimed as he jammed his erection into 
her sphincter. 

"Wow! You feel big, Kade!" Chel said. Kade thrusted into her harder 
and harder, faster and faster. Chel ' s moans got louder and he 
screamed his name over an over and begged for more. He then came 
inside of her and pulled out. He reached out and kissed her on her 
lips . 

"Awesome! I want some of a that!" Astrid said. 

"Do you think I'd survive fucking you?" Kade asked as she come over. 
"You're tough, so yes." Astrid shrugged. 

"Then come on and prove how tough I am." Kade challenged her. 

Astrid came over there and sat on his crotch. She started to have sex 

with him roughly. 

"Ooh! Getting frisky, aren't we?" Kade asked as Astrid fucked him up 
her ass. His dick thrusted up her ass hard and fast. 

"Of course!" Astrid said as she matched his speed. 

"Feel gassy, tough girl?" Kade asked thrusting inside of her. Astrid 
grunted as she farted twice. * *PPLLLLAPPPPPPP ! FFFFFBBBBBBBB ! **Her 
aggressive thrusting and farting made Kade cum inside of her. 

"You make me proud to call you my friend." Astrid said as she hugged 

"Paz, are you okay going next?" Kade asked the mechanic. 

"Ready when you are!" Paz said after giving him a thumbs up. 

"Let do this!" Kade told her. Paz slipped his penis inside of her as 
she gave him wet kisses. 

"Ever dreamed of doing this?" Kade asked as she kissed him and he 
vaginal fucked her. 

"Yes, I just didn't know with who I would do it with." Paz said. Kade 
thrusted inside of her cunt harder and harder, causing Paz ' s moan to 
get louder and louder until she screamed sexually. Kade orgasmed as 
well as she did and he cam right inside of her. 

"Ooh, that felt great Kade." Paz said as she rubbed her 
vagina . 

"Tell me about it. Wanna do it. Tip?" 

"Let's give it a shot!" Tip said as she went over to Kade and started 
to have sex with him. Kade spanked her as her jammed his dick inside 
of her vagina hard. 

"So far, so good Kade!" Tip said. 

"I've wanted to fuck you since you shook your booty to Nicki Minaj's 
Anaconda." Kade said as he fucked her ass. 

"Thanks for the compliment!" Tip said. 

"You must really love that song. You have the perfect butt for it." 
Kade said and spanked her while he fucked her anally. 

"I love the song so much." Tip said as she twerked her butt. 

"Do you have the super gas, baby?" Kade asked. 

"I might." Tip said as she farted twice. **pppptt! 

PPLLPLPLPPPOOOOOPPPPP ! * * Kade fucked her even harder. Her moans get 
louder which turns into sexual screams. He then climaxes and cums 
inside of her. Tip farts his semen back at him. 

"This day has been pretty wild, huh Kade?" Tip asked him. 

"Yeah, I guess my Anaconda don't like none unless you got buns, hun . " 

Kade joked, quoting a lyric from Anaconda while squeezing Tip's round 
butt. Tip laughed as she gave him a big hug. 

3 . Chapter 3 

"Roxanne, you're next." Kade gestures the young reporter over to 
him . 

"Okay." Roxanne said as she was blushing. Roxanne gets on her hands 
and knees as Kade licks her butthole while groping her cheeks. 

"That tickles!" Roxanne said as she was laughing. 

"Are you gassy?" He asked licking her butt. 

farted twice in his face as she said, "Yes, I am." Kade slipped his 
dick inside her anus hard and thrusters in and out. His pace 
quickened as Roxanne farted on his penis while it was in there. He 
then came, costing her rectum with white gunk. 

"Nice work." Roxanne said. 

"Thank you." Kade said pinching her ass meat. "And last, but never 
the least, Marina." 

"Come here Kade." Marina said as she shook her juicy butt in his 
direction. Kade walked over to her and stroked his cock all over her 
butthole. Marina held Kade close. 

"Feeling desperate?" Kade asked as he jammed his erect tool into her 
vagina . 

"No, I've seen how you were doing it, so I wanted it too." Marina 
said. Kade fucked her hard as she moaned and then screamed in 
complete arousal. Marina screamed his name and to fuck her harder and 
faster, which he obeyed eagerly. He finally came into her womb before 
pulling out of her and they both panted. 

"That was a blast!" Marina said. 

"I feel like I want to marry all of you." Kade said through 
pants . 

"Then why don't you?!" The girls asked. 

"I was too nervous to ask, but I didn't think you'd all go for that 
for me to marry all of you at once. I wasn't certain if polygamy was 
okay." Kade explained. 

"It's fine with us, right girls?" Marina said as the girls 
agreed . 

"We should probably get going. It's getting late." Kade suggested as 
he put his satisfied cock back into his underwear and zipped up his 
pants. The girls agreed and went with him. 

"You know, there's a game going on tomorrow. Do you think the players 
will notice the smell in the field or anything?" Kade asked as the 


girls put their clothes back on and exited the stadium. 

"I'll fix it before the game starts with some air freshener." 
said . 

"Fair enough." Kade nodded as they both left the stadium together. 

•:k ^ ^ 

><p><emXstrong>12 Years Later ... <strong>_ 

Kade walked into the park where he was told to go. There, he saw all 
of the girls having out together, expecting him to arrive. Fiona sat 
on the bench holding a bundle in her arms. "Hi, girls!" He shouted to 
everyone . 

"Hi Kade!" The girls responded. 

"Hey, Fiona." Kade sat next to the ogress on the bench. "Sorry I 
wasn't there for you while you were in labor." 

"That's alright. But at least you'll be there to take care of the 
baby from time to time." Fiona said. 

"Can I see our baby?" Kade asked leaning in. 

"Sure." Fiona said as she showed him the baby. 

"It's a girl." Kade replied looking at the hybrid baby. She had green 
skin, human ears and chestnut brown hair. "What do we name her?" He 
asked . 

"Samantha." Fiona said. The baby, Samantha, open her blue eyes and 
smiled at her birth parents. 

"So cute, just like the man who I had it by." Fiona said as she 
kissed Kade. 

"I heard about what happened between you and Shrek. It breaks my 
heart to think that destroyed your marriage. You seemed crushed when 
he left you and took custody of the triplets." Kade said to her as he 
stroked his baby daughter's head as she cooed. 

"I was crushed at first, but I'll be okay, since I have you by my 
side." Fiona smiled. 

Kade was about to respond, but suddenly 

as her fart blew Kade to the ground. 

"Are you okay?" Fiona asked. 

"I'm fine." He stood up from the ground and looked at the baby. "She 
must have your farting ability." He placed his arm around Fiona. 

"I think that she does too." Fiona said as she hugged him. 

Kade looked to see the other girls holding babies of their own. The 
girls were feeding their babies milk. Kade looked at his wife's 
children. Susan had twins: two girls. Tip had a 2-month old baby 

girl, Marina had triplets: two girls, one boy, Roxanne and a son and 
a daughter, Vanessa had a toddler daughter and an infant daughter, 

Eep had a newborn baby girl, Astrid had twins: one girl, one boy, 

Chel has three daughters and Paz had a 1-month old baby girl. 

"What are the children's names, girls." He asked. "Susan?" He asked 
the giantess. 

"Sarah and Sasha." Susan said. 

"Ashley and Alex" Astrid said. 

"Penny." Paz said. 

"Tina." Tip said. 

"Mary, Mark and Maddie." Marina said. 

"Rocky and Rosie." Roxanne said. 

"Victoria and Laura." Vanessa said. 

"Lucy." Eep said. 

"Christina, Connie and Carol." Chel said. 

"We made beautiful kids together didn't we?" Kade asked his wives, 
while holding Samantha in his arms as she made baby noises. 

"We sure did!" The girls said in agreement. 

"What do you think our future would look like?" Kade 
asked . 

"Brighter that the ball of fire in the sky!" Eep said. "That's the 
sun, Eep." Marina corrected her. "I knew that!" Eep replied. 

"How could we raise all the kids?" Kade asked. 

"We'll find a way." Chel said. 

"Do you girls feel gassy?" He asked. 

"Yes." Eiona said. "But I don't want to worry about the kids when we 
have our fun." Paz said. 

"What makes you say that?" Kade asked. 

"Well, we want our gassy time with our husband to be private." Paz 
said and his other wives nodded. 

"Oh, yes. Of course." Kade nodded, understanding. "Should we drop 
them off at a daycare center somewhere?" 

"Great idea, Kade!" Vanessa said. The girls dropped the babies near a 
daycare center. 

"So, who wants to go first?" Kade smiled at his wives. 

><pXstrong>THE END<strong> 

f ile .