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Mortals Meet Demigods 
by iTheGirllnTheStarsl 

Category: Percy Jackson and the Olympians 

Language: English 

Status: In-Progress 

Published: 2016-04-11 00:37:55 

Updated: 2016-04-27 15:49:06 

Packaged: 2016-04-27 19:11:01 

Rating: T 

Chapters : 9 

Words : 8,344 


Summary: The usual mortals meeting demigods. They may be a little be 
a little cliche, but I'll try to be original. There may also be a few 
demigods rather than mortals. Please enjoy and have a good 
day . 

1 . Chapter 1 

**Here goes nothing...** 

Hey there guys, I'm Skyler! A little bit about me is that I am 16, 
have blonde hair and blue eyes and I am best friends with Chris 
Rodriguez, my crush. I don't get why he's my friend when he's like 
the most hottest boy in school and is constantly invited to sit with 
the 'cool' kids, but he just declines and sticks with the nobodies.** 
(Not that anybody who isn't in the popular group is a nobody... I'm 
not in the** **popular group either.)** He is always asked out by 
many people, but turns them down, but today we all found out 
why . . . 

We had just come into the Gym when we realised our usual teacher. 
Coach Hale wasn't here. In his place, was a small man with a baseball 
bat. He didn't look familiar, but Chris seemed to know him since he'd 
shouted, "Coach Hedge! What are you doing here?" 'Coach Hedge' turned 
around and greeted him in a hushed whisper. I strained to hear. " 
Smelled ... Demigod ... Cupcake ... " Demigod?what ' s that? Chris responded 
in the same hushed tone, " Her... Sky ... Dyslexic ... " Chris and I were 
both Dyslexic were both dyslexic, but what did that have to do with 
demigods ? 

They finally stopped talking when the Gym had started to fill in with 
kids. Chris joined me at the back of the rest of the kids. " Listen 
up cupcakes ! I'm your fill in coach for today and we're going to be 
doing some sword fighting today, " this earned a lot of excited 
whispers including me. In fact I was so excited that I whooped, "Shut 
up! Anyway, I'm not actually going to be teaching since we have an 
instructor from a camp in Long Island." He winked at Chris and I 
looked over at Chris to see him smiling widely. 

Just then a buff girl with brown hair and brown eyes came through the 
Gym doors. She was wearing a red bandana across her forehead. " I 
give you Clarisse! Good Luck cupcakes ! " he then limped over to the 
bench. All eyes turned the girl when she cleared her throat. " Listen 
up punks! Today, we're doing sword fighting. I'm gonna need a 
volunteer!" Two hands went up. Jack, a jock and Chris. 

She pointed at Jack, completely ignoring Chris. " You, come here." 
Jack stepped forward and walked over. " Now listen closely, I'm going 
to be demonstrating some moves on him an-" She was cut off by Jack 
scoffing. "Please, I've been learning sword fighting for three years 
now, I can easily beat you." Clarisse smirked and I heard Chris 
stifle a laugh beside me. "Ok then." was all she said. They started 
fighting and in one second flat. Jack's sword was dismantled and at 
his neck." Three years my a**. Get back in line." Chris stifled a 
laugh as Jack scrambled back towards the rest of the kids. 

"Now Rodriguez! Get your backside up here!" Chris came forward with 
his hands up. He laughed lightly. "Ok ok, I'm coming." How did they 
know each other? He grabbed a wooden sword and got ready to fight. 
They fought for a couple minutes at an amazing speed. They lashed, 
parried and deflected each others blades until Clarisse finally 
dismantled his sword and had one sword at his throat and another at 
the back of his neck. How did he learn to fight like that?! They were 
pro! She let him go and Chris leaned forward, capturing his lips in 
hers. There were many gasps and they stayed like that for a couple of 
seconds. I felt sad, but it was quite obvious that they weren't going 
to be breaking up, judging by the looks of love they gave each other. 
They made a cute couple anyway. 

When they broke apart, Clarisse smirked. "Alright Rodriguez, you can 
give me back my stuff now." Chris handed her a wallet, a beaded 
necklace similar to his own and other things like gum and shades. How 
did he manage to take them without anyone noticing?! "You're missing 
one more thing." She looked at him pointedly and he sighed. He fished 
out a ring out of his pocket and handed it to her. He then retrieved 
another and slid it onto his own finger. What? He was engaged? " I 
don't get why you took that when you're the one who gave it to me." 
Chris just shrugged and smirked. 

They turned to us all, as if finally registering that we were there. 
They both blushed when I squealed and ran forward. "Chris! You never 
told me you were engaged or even had a girlfriend? ! That must explain 
why you turned down practically everyone!" I smacked my forehead. 
Clarisse smirked. She turned to him and said " Apollo." he nodded and 
laughed. For the rest of the lesson, both of the continued to teach 
us how to sword fight. 

When the lesson had ended and I'd gotten dressed, I saw Chris and 
Clarisse hugging with his arms around her waist and her arms around 
his neck. I fought the urge to squeal and walked in front of them. I 
clapped my hands loudly and they broke apart blushing, but Chris kept 
his arm around her waist. I grinned and held out my hand to Clarisse. 
"Hey there! I'm Skylar, Chris' great friend!" She smiled at 
me . 

Before she could say anything, a giant mastiff broke through the Gym 
doors. I was mildly suprised. The reason? Because I've always seen 
these monstrous things. I just kept quiet about since if probably be 

dragged of to a mental institute. Clarisse and Chris grabbed ? They 
attacked and thirty seconds later, the thing exploded into golden 
dust! So cool! " That was so cool! You guys were like this and then 
this and then that." I shrieked while mimicking a bunch of moves. 
Clarisse laughed, "OK girl, you're obviously a demigod, so you'll 
have to come with us to camp." I squealed. Yeah! I'm going to that 
camp that Chris always talks about! We walked out of school and into 
a van called Delphi strawberries and drove to 'camp'. 

It was so amazing! During the campfire, I was claimed as a daughter 
of Apollo. 

2. Tratie 

Hello guys. As you know, my name is Kristie, the most popular girl at 
Seldom High School. Me and my cronies love to torment Katie Gardner 
.We were in English when something weird happened. . . Somebody called 
Katie! And it wasn't a wrong number! I know, shocking discovery, 
right? How do I know? I'll tell you how I know. I never really liked 
Katie. She was genuine and put us all to shame since she didn't wear 
makeup and she still looked beautiful. Not that I'll ever tell 
her . 

"Katie Partner." I whispered to the girl beside me. I saw her tense 
and smirked. I inched forward and grabbed her brown locks in my hand 
and pulled on them. She let out a sound of surprise, which caused the 
teacher to glare at her. "Do you have a problem miss Gardner?" she 
asked. Katie shook her head. "No miss." the teacher glared at her 
before resuming the lesson. 

A couple of minutes later while I was texting Chelsea about what we 
were going to buy when shopping, a phone went off. We all looked 
around, trying to place whose phone it was. Katie's face went red and 
I smirked. "Miss Bickle! It's Katie's phone! I don't even get why 
someone would call her. Its not like she has any friends." Miss 
Bickle smirked and looked at Katie with a gleam in her eyes. She 
seemed to also like tormenting Katie as much as I did. " I agree 
Kristie. Why Miss Gardner would have any friends, I don't know. 

Please answer the call and come to the front." Katie nodded and 
retrieved her phone. It had an omega sign at the back instead of an 
apple or Samsung. 

The class rule was that we had to put our phones on speaker if our 
phones went off. She pressed accept : 

(Kat ie=underline- Travis=Normal ) 

T= Katie Kat! 

K= Hey Travis. 


K= What? 

T= You have to actually guess! 

K= Just tell me Stoll. 

T= What's with the last names? I thought we were past that by now, 
Gardner . 

She rolled her eyes. 

K= Shut it Stoll. 

T= Make me Gardner. 

K= Oh I will. 

T= And Katie dear, how will you do that? With a kiss? 

K= No, a punch. 

T= Haha, you're hilarious. 

K= Why thank you, I try. 

T= Well anyway, Connor has some NEWS... And so does Miranda. 

Katie squealed. 

K= ok ok, they finally- 

K= Yes! Einally! How did you guys find out? 

T= They just walked around holding hands and when someone asked they 
said yes... Totally un-Connor like. 

K= I agree . 

T= At least it wasn't how we were found out. I still remember the 
prank I played on you. It was HILARIOUS! And then you got angry and 
shouting at me. Then I apologised and you were so surprised that I, 
the amazing Travis Stoll apologised. I told you why I pranked you and 
you kissed me. It was so funny when we saw the faces of the other 
campers. Did you know they bet on us? 

K= Yeah, I saw Miranda and Connor exchange. Oh! I owe you twelve 
drachmas . 

T= yeah you do, I can get more stuff. I won't need to buy my pranking 
stuff since I can easily take them without people noticing. 

Miss Bickle cleared her throat. 

K= Ok, I need to go now... I'll see you at camp. 

T= You're coming to camp! YES! It's been two months! I can't wait! 
Connor! Katie's coming to camp today! We need to get the chocolate 
bunnies on the roof! 

K= What did you just say? 

T= Eerrr... Nothing... Can't wait to say you! Love you, bye! 

K= Love you too, but Travis! 

The phone clicked off. Katie looked up as if just realising that we 
were all there. Her emerald eyes were bright with happiness, but her 
face was becoming a little red from when Travis mentioned the 
bunnies. She grabbed her bag started to make her way out of class. 
"Katie Gardner! Where do you think you're going? ! "Miss Bickle shouts 
.after her, fuming. Katie turned and smirked, "Camp you mortal!" She 
shouted and flipped her jacket over her shoulders. Total movie moment 
in my opinion. 

As much as I hated Katie, I knew that she was loved and had really 
good friends. 

3. Hazel Levesque 

Hey, I'm Wilson, but you all know me as the greatest horse rider 
ever. ** (Nope nope nopedy nope.) **I'm getting ready for my horse 
riding competition in five minutes. I don't really need to get ready. 
My competition isn't much anyway. She's a fourteen year old 
Af rican-American girl named Hazel. She's nice and soft, unlike me, 
and intimidating, true rider. The only thing that's intimidating 
about her is her gold eyes. I swear to God, they are the most 
scariest thing you'll ever see! They look like they've seen so much 
and they look so tired and wary all the time, but there is also the 
spark of happiness and joy that makes her eyes light up. Anyway, it's 
time for the race. Don't wish me luck, I don't need it. **(I'm pretty 
sure you will.)** 

**-This AMAZHANG Time Skip-** 

I waited at the starting line for Hazel to come. I haven't seen her 
horse yet and I'm just waiting for the puny excuse for a horse she'll 
have . 

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her coming, but she was alone. She 
approached the line. "Where's your horse Hazel? Or do you think you 
can win by running?" She looked at me and laughed. "He'll be here." I 
could hear her mumbling under eat her breath, " Arion promised he 
would be here. Percy confirmed it." We waited a few minutes and the 
judges were getting annoyed. A few moments later, a horse appeared 
right next to her. It was majestic. The horse was a beautiful tan 
stallion with a lush black mane. "Arion! You made it!" Hazel hugged 
the horse's neck. We all stood there admiring the horse's beauty 
until the judges snapped out of their gazes. "Are we ready to start 
Miss Levesque?" Asked the judge, who was now beyond annoyed. Hazel 
blushed and fanned herself. "Yes , sorry." 

We got ready and the race started. We ran numerous laps. I thought I 
was doing great when I looked to me side to see Hazel nowhere to be 
seen. I guess she's somewhere behind. After numerous laps, I finished 
at 4:56, my personal best. Nobody could beat that, certainly not 
Hazel . 

I got off my horse with a wide smile, but the smile died as I saw the 
judges giving Hazel a medal. I stormed up to them and snatched the 
medal out of Hazel hands. Arion beside her snarled. She gave him some 
-gold?! Wait no, it's just a carrot, which calmed him down. "Look 
buddy, did you not just see me win the race?!" The judge and Hazel 
laughed, which angered me even more. "Wilson, Hazel beat you." How 

could this be! What was your time?" I asked her. Surely she couldn't 
have beaten me. There was no way. "Forty five seconds, though he was 
just warming up." She said nonchalantly. What?! "You're lying!? If 
he's so fast, I want to see him!" She just nodded and wordlessly got 
onto the horse's back. The judge chuckled beside me. "That horse is a 
blur when he gallops. I could barely see them." 

The whistle blew and they vanished from the spot. What was 
happening?! I looked around the track to catch a blur. Wait was that 
them? How could they go so fast? They were done in thirty five 
seconds this time. I was sure the judges and my own mouth were 
hanging open. She stopped on front of us and smiled at our 
expressions. "How?! He must be the fastest horse I've ever seen!" 
Hazel chuckled and said under her breath, " He is." She hugged Arion 
and by the time I had blinked, he was gone and so was Hazel. 

4 . Percabeth 

Hey guys! I'm Hilda, 'Hilly' for short. I know, stupid nickname isn't 
it? Tell that to my boyfriend James. Anyway, James, Percy, my friend 
and I were at the cafeteria table when we heard someone screech, "Oh 
Peerrccyy!" We all groaned as Rosaline sauntered up to our table. A 
little bit about Rosaline, she is one of the actual decent looking 
girls who doesn't really wear revealing clothes and a hundred tonnes 
of makeup. The thing is, she won't give up on anyone who rejects her. 
This time, our unlucky guy is Percy! Yay! Not! She is constantly 
hounding him and since we're with him most of the time, we also 
endure her whining. 

"Yeah Rosary?" Rosaline's expression turned annoyed for a second 
before her sickly sweet smile was back on her face. "It's Rosaline. 

So anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies 
tonight?" She droned on, " You can pick me up at seven because I ha- 
Percy? Are you even listening to me?" I looked over at Percy to see 
his gaze fixated on something across the cafeteria. I followed his 
gaze, more like glare, to see Seth, a jock and also Rosaline's ex, 
flirting with the shy, pretty, smart girl, Annabeth. Why was he 
bothered with them? Seth had grabbed Annabeth ' s wrist. Percy's hands 
balled into fists. I could only see the back of Annabeth ' s head, but 
Seth suddenly backed off with a slightly horrified expression on his 
face. Percy smirked and mumbled to himself, "That's my Wise Girl." 
Wise Girl? It's like four year olds made up the name. How would they 
know each other? I've never seen them talk before. 

Annabeth turned around and I saw what Seth was scared of. It was her 
glare. Even from here, I could see that her grey eyes were cloudy 
with anger. She was truly terrifying. I looked over at James to see 
him slightly cowering. I was doing the same, while Percy was just 
smiling goofily, even though there was a small hint of fear in his 
eyes. Annabeth looked at him and it was like they were having a 
staring contest until Annabeth winked at him. Percy smirked and stuck 
his tongue out , which she returned. Seriously, was there something 
we were missing? 

My thinking was cut off by Rosaline screeching, "What's that?" She 
was pointing at Percy's hand. I saw a flash of silver before Percy 
covered it up. "Uhh nothing.." His face had turned slightly red. 
Rosaline gasps as if she just realised something. "Was that a wedding 
ring?!" Percy's ears tinted red. "Nooo..." It as obvious he was 

lying. Everyone must have heard because the whole cafeteria was 
silent . 

Annabeth now had a murderous look on her face, which was directed at 
Percy. Percy saw it and gulped uneasily. Why was she angry? "Yeah, it 
was." Rosaline made a grab for Percy's hand, but he quickly stood up 
with his hands in the air to stop her. Percy being Percy, didn't 
realise that now everyone could see his hands. It was a wedding ring. 
It was a simple grey band, engraved with the words 'As long as we're 
together.' **(i know. It's extremely cheesy, but Oh well)** It was 
pretty cute, what am I saying? It was adorable! "You do have wedding 
ring! Are you married?" Seriously Rosaline? You're asking that 
question when it's quite obvious? 

Before Percy could say anything, a scream was heard from the other 
side of the cafeteria, "PERSEUS JACKSON!" It was Annabeth. We looked 
over at Percy to see how angry he would get since hated being called 
by his full name, but he just flinched and looked scared. "Yeah 
Annabeth!?" He shouted over to her. She marched over to him and 
sighed. "Seaweed Brain! Why did you wear it to school?! We're 
undercover!" Percy pouted. "But Wise Girl! I didn't think anyone 
would actually pay attention. A load of people wear rings these days 
so I though that people would assume it's just for style." Annabeth 
looked at him angrily. She smacked his chest lightly. "Did you ever 
think that maybe all those rings do not look like wedding rings and 
have engravings about what you say to me?" He said that to her? Aww ! 
Percy's ears became redder. "No..." Annabeth sighed and Percy wrapped 
his arms around her and rested his head on her head. She returned it. 
"I'm sorry Wise Girl. I really am a Seaweed Brain." Ananbeth laughed 
slightly and kissed his nose. Did I mention Aww! I realise I was 
gripping James' arm, but he was doing the same since he was also a 
sucker for romance. "Aww come on! Kiss my lips not my nose." Annabeth 
laughed and kissed his lips. It was short, but sweet. James hugged me 
tighter, obviously fanboying inside. 

"I guess our covers blown. We'll have to tell Chiron." Percy nodded, 
but looked quite happy to be leaving. "Wait!" He said as he 
remembered something. He dug into us pocket and retrieved another 
ring. "How did you take my ring without me noticing?" It was also a 
grey band with a small sea green rock in the middle. The outside was 
lined with grey stones. They matched their eyes. Her ring was also 
engraved with the same words. It was simple, but beautiful. "The 
Stolls taught me a few things at camp." He smiled. He grabbed her 
hand and slid the ring on her finger and kissed her hand. Were they 
trying to kill me with the feels!? 

She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm glad we can leave. I hate 
wearing these glasses." She took off her glasses, so her fierce grey 
eyes were even scarier, but beautiful. Percy handed a bobble and she 
tied her hair up. She then took off her baggy sweatshirt, revealing a 
fit and toned body under her orange shirt that had weird writing in 
it. Percy took his own off and gave it to her to wear. She slipped it 
on and threw the other one in the bin. 

"We can leave! We're free!" Percy shouted while Annabeth laughed at 
his craziness. Percy turned to James and I. "Hey guys... We're not 
really seventeen. We're twenty one, but there was this special makeup 
stuff that made us look a little younger, " he winked at Annabeth and 
she laughs quietly to makeup had magically worn off and they looked 
not much older, but the way I could tell they were older was because 

Annabeth looked more mature, more beautiful and breathtaking. Percy 
obviously and had the same thoughts since he was staring at Annabeth, 
until she flicked his ear. He also looked a little more mature and 
more handsome. Rosaline gasped a little. 

"I guess we leave now. I can't wait to see the seven and everybody 
else! Thalia and the hunters are coming!" She cheered, obviously 
excited. Percy laughed and grabbed her hand. "I'll see you guys some 
time later." He said as they turned around, walking away, leaving the 
rest of the school staring after them. 

5 . Thaluke 

Hi, I'm Jane. I was having a pretty bad day until I had an encounter 
with these two kids. Let me tell you about it: 

I sighed as I trudged forward in the pouring rain. Today was not my 
day. First, my car stops working and I'm late for work, then I'm 
fired for being late and now I have to walk home in the 
dark . 

Shivering in the thin blazer that did little to keep me warm, I 
walked through the deserted street. Lightning flashed overhead, 
making me cringe. This day is not going well for me and all I want to 
do is go home and sleep under my fluffy comforter. I carried on 
dreaming about my bed as I walked. 

A distant scream was heard and I whipped my head around to see where 
it came from. It seemed to be coming from the broken down house on my 
left. I inched closer to it straining to hear. Inside I could hear a 
girl sobbing and someone else mumbling. I crept towards the door and 
quickly slid in. She might be in trouble, I have to help if she 
is . 

As I walked forward, I saw a dim light coming from the room at the 
end of the hallway. The rest of the hallway was dingy and damp. I 
moved closer to the light, doing my best to avoid the fallen pieces 
of wood laying on the ground. 

I peeped around the corner to see a boy who looked about fourteen and 
a girl who looked thirteen in the corner of the room, sitting on the 
floor. The boy was quite tall, with blonde hair and soft, baby blue 
eyes. He looked like one of those kids who usually had a mischevious 
twinkle in their eyes, but right now, the only emotion his eyes held 
was concern. I looked over at the girl. She had short, black spiky 
hair and electric blue eyes. It looked as If her eyes were filled 
with sparks . 

She had tears streaming down her cheeks and she was clutching the 
blonde's shirt, while he had his arms wrapped around her. She buried 
her face in his neck and sobbed harder. "Shhh, Thalia. It was all a 
dream. You don't need to worry. I'm here, ok?" She nodded into his 
chest and sighed. Her sobs had now reduced to sniffles and she seemed 
to have calmed down. She moved her head away from his chest and put 
her arms around his neck, hugging him. He responded by wrapping his 
arms around her waist. "Thank you Luke. That dream was so real, you 
were standing there, but your eyes were gold. I don't know what I'd 
do without you. Please don't ever leave me." He pulled away and 
looked at her in the eyes. "Listen, I'm _never _leaving you. 

Remember, we're a family, and family means no one gets left behind." 

I just fought the urge to _aww _when I heard him say that. What? I 
liked cheesy stuff. Thalia laughed softly and kissed his cheek, which 
created a small blush on his cheeks. 

She layed a head onto his shoulder and whispered, "Goodnight Luke." 

He responded and she quickly fell into a deep was wrapped in what 
looked like Luke's jacket, but was still shivering. Luke looked at 
her for a couple of seconds before kissing her forehead and also 
tried to sleep. 

I had retreated back to the hallway when a floorboard creaked under 
my foot. "Whose there?" Luke 's voice came from the room and he was 
in front of me in a flash, holding a ruler? He looked at me with 
caution before lowering his ruler. " Who are you?" He demanded in a 
whisper. His eyes had bags circling them and looked tired. " I'm 
sorry. I heard somebody scream when I was walking home and heard a 
scream. I came to check it out and saw you guys, I hastily 
explained . 

" Why are you guys out here?" He gave me a sheepish smile. "Well, 
we've both run away from our homes due to... a bad home life. We met 
a while ago on the run and now we stick together." He quickly 
explained. So they're runaways. "It's freezing here. Come to my 
apartment and you can stay the night." I told him. He quickly shook 
his head. "We can't. We'll attract mo-," He stopped himself. "We 
can't. We just can't" 

I looked at him from head to toe. His body was thin, but there were 
faint muscles outlining his shivering bare arms. He looked like he 
hadn't eaten in days. Thinking back to the girl Thalia , she also 
looked like she hadn't eaten in days. "Do you have any food? 

Clothes?" He nodded, but it was obvious they hadn't since all they 
had at the moment was the clothes on their back. "You're lying," He 
just sighed. "Come on. Let me help you." He seemed to think about it 
and then reluctantly nodded. He looked over at Thalia and smiled a 
faint smile. "Thank you. We cant wake her up. She wont be able to 
sleep." I nodded. 

He picked her up and slid her onto his back. We made our way out of 
the house and started walking home. "You guys look really cute 
together. She's really pretty." I had to admit, both of these kids 
were quite good looking. He blushed. "Uhh... We're not 
together ... yeah, she really is." I could easily tell that he cared 
for her deeply. I smiled. "So... why are you on the run?" Luke tensed 
and I realised that I asked the wrong question. I shook my head. 
"Never mind. Forget I asked that." He relaxed and we carried on 
walking in a comfortable silence. Thalia would occasionally slip off 
his back and he would have to hoist her back up. I guess he got tired 
of that and decided to carry her bridal style. 

We reached the apartment and I directed him to my bedroom where he 
could put Thalia. I watched from the doorway as he lay her down and 
kissed her forehead. He turned towards me, realising that I saw and 
blushed. He followed me to the kitchen and I gave him some fruit, 
vegetables and snacks. I also warmed up some left over lasagne. He 
ate quickly, as if he hadn't eaten in a long time, which he probably 
hadn ' t . 

When he finished, he got out and turned to me. "Thank you so much for 

letting us stay the night and giving us some food. I don't know how 
much longer we would last- and Thalia, Oh gods, if something happens 
to her-" I cut off his rant with a shake of my head. " Luke, she'll 
be fine, ok? Stay her as long as you need to and the fridge is 
stocked with should go to sleep 's some extra blankets if you need 
them. Good night." I patted his shoulder and made my way to the guest 
bedroom. As soon as I hit the bed, I fell asleep. 

-This AMAZHANG Line Break- 

I woke up from the sunlight streaming through the room. I groaned and 
sat up, knowing I would have to find a new job and a mechanic for my 
car. Oh! Luke and Thalia! I staggered out of bed and walked onto the 
living room. The sofa was empty, when I passed it. I made my way into 
the kitchen and found a note on the counter. I picked up the crinkled 
note and tried to understand the messy scrawl. 

><em>To Jane, <br>Thank you so much for letting us stay with you. We 
can't stay anywhere for too long. We just wanted you to know that 
we're really grateful and thank you for the food. We hope that we'll 
meet again. 

>- Luke and Thalia. <em> 

I opened my fridge to see it practically empty. I shrugged, knowing 
that they'd need it more than me. Maybe yesterday wasn't that 
bad . 

6. No2- Percabeth 

Hey guys! I'm Alexis, Alex for short. I know my best friend Annabeth 
has some kind of PTSD, but I never knew that she had gone through so 
much... And that she had a boyfriend... Let me tell you about 

it . . . 

"Hey Annabeth!" I called after the girl at the end of the hallway. 

She turned and smiled. I power walked over to her, breathing heavily. 
Annabeth laughed at me. "What? Not everyone can be as fit as you." I 
complained. It was true. Annabeth was extremely good at sports and 
all things active. She just laughed and shook her head. " what have 
we got now? I hope it's not English or Maths. God, I hate those two." 
I grimaced. The subjects are so hard, they juts make me want to 
sleep. "well then, luckily for you, we have History." I cheered. We 
were learning about the Greeks. Greek mythology was interesting and 
quite scary at times. The Kronos guy eating his kids and everything. 
Yuck. "Come on! We'll be late!" Annabeth exclaimed as she hauled me 
off to History. 

Once we had reached the class and taken our seats, the teacher, Mr 
Halcott started the lesson. He looked quite similar to Annabeth with 
the curly blonde hair and incredibly intimidating grey eyes, except 
Annabeth had a broken quality to hers, as if she's been through more 
than any 17 year old should. 

"OK class! Today we'll be learning about quite a sad and gruesome 
topic to do with the Greeks. Ok does anybody have any ideas?" I 
looked at Annabeth who wasn't paying attention, as usual. She always 
paid attention in every other classes , but ever since we started 
learning Greek, she would go off to dreamland. Sometimes I would 
catch her muttering something like a 'seaweed' or something. The 
surprising thing was that every time the teacher called on her, she 

got every question right! I'm getting off track now. 

When no one raised their hands, Mr Halcott sighed. "Ok, I guess 
nobody knows. We are learning about Tartarus." As soon as he said the 
word, Annabeth immediately tensed. I turned towards her and saw that 
her grey eyes looked shattered. Her lips trembles and she bit them to 
stop it. "Hey, are you ok?" I whispered to her. She didn't seem to 
hear me and stared straight ahead. "So, Tartarus is basically Greek 
hell." Annabeth covered her ears and began to rock back and forth. Oh 
my god! What's happening to her?! Me Halcott noticed what was 
happening and stopped the class to walk over to Annabeth. "Annabeth, 
are you ok?" She didn't answer. Instead, she carried on rocking and 
whispering things to herself. "Ok kids, I'm just going to help Annabth 
here and you guys discuss what Tar... That place was like." Someone 
shouted out. "I think that they had monster in Tartarus since that's 
where monsters went, right?" That's when Annabeth snapped. Her scream 
pierced through the air. "Percy! Where are you?! You left me! Don't 
leave me! Please, help me! I'm all alone, I can't see! She's coming, 
she's coming for us and she won't stop!" Annabeth fell to the ground, 
clutching her ears screaming. "Stop it! Don't hurt me! Get 
away, Percy! Where are you?!" He grey were clouded as if she was stuck 
somewhere . 

Mr Halcott was the first to come out of his shock and ordered the 
class out of the doors. I stayed behind to help. Digging through her 
bag, I found her phone. It had an Omega sign at the back, but how's 
not the time. I clicked on the first contact I saw which was labelled 
'Seaweed Brain'. Hmm, that must be the nickname then. I pressed call 
and the phone picked up. "Wise Girl? Is everything ok?" A male voice 
answered. I couldn't get a word in since Annabeth ' s screams drowned 
my voice. "Annabeth?! What's happening? Where are you?! I'm coming!" 
He shrieked. I managed to get a few words in, "She's at her school. 
It's call-" I was cut off by the phone turning off. 

Moments later two boys literally appears out of the shadows. What the 
hell!? They both had black hair, but the smaller one had black eyes. 
The taller one had bright sea green eyes, but they also held that 
broken quality like Annabeths ' . His eyes seemed to break even more at 
the sight of Annabeth on the floor, punching and kicking the teacher 
away. He rushed over to her and pulled her into his lap, ignoring her 
protests. He lay a hand on her cheek, caressing it." Wise girl, were 
out of that place. I'm here. Always together, right? They won't get 
you, they can't hurt you as long as I'm alive." 

He held her for the next five minutes, holding her, kissing her hair 
and occasionally whispering words to her. Eventually her screams had 
turned into sobs and her eyes cleared. She looked up at him. "Percy?" 
She asked, still unsure he was there. He smiled softly, " Yeah, I'm 
here Annabeth." She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. He 
responded by wrapping his arms around her waist and burying his face 
into the crook of her neck. "Percy, "She breathed, laughing lightly. 
"You're here. You're really here." He gave a soft kiss. _Aww, they're 
so cute! _Students were looking through the doors and I heard some 
' awws ' from there too. 

Mr Halcott came up to them. "Demigods?" Percy nodded in confirmation. 
The teacher smiled. "Son of Athena. I know that Annabeth ' s one too. 
Whose your parent?" He asked. "Posiedon." The teacher looked slightly 
surprised. "When was the last time you heard anything from camp?" The 
teacher, shrugged. "Fifteen years ago, I think. Wait, you're a child 

of the big three... The prophecy? " Percy chuckled. He pointed at the 
dark haired boy in the corner. "Shadow travel... Hades and you're 
Posiedon's. Which one of you was it? " he asked, his eyes shining. 
Percy quickly explained, "It was me. Nico is Hades, Thalia, a 
huntress now, is Zeus. We also have a daughter of Pluto and Jupiter." 
The teacher looked really surprised. 

Mr Halcott motioned to Annabeth. " what happened to Annabeth when we 
talked about that place... No one apart from monster for there and 
survive. Unless she did..." He seemed think it over. He shook his 
head as if he saying it wasn't possible. "It happened to her, to me 
and to Nico. Nico was on his own, but me and Annabeth were together. 
Nico was taken and the Mark Of Athena and Arachne was the reason for 
Annabeth and I." The teacher paled and coughed. "Wow..." Percy 
laughed humourlessly . He and Nico closed their eyes, as if they were 
trying to stop the memories from pouring out. _0k, I'm already 
confused. I don't need any more confusion. _I thought to 
myself . 

They had obviously forgotten about me, so I just slid out of the 
doorway and into the hallway. That was quite the show. 

7 . Solangelo 

Guys! Guess what!? I'm finally going on a date with Will Solace! 
Well... he doesn't exactly know. You see, I asked Will if he wanted to 
go grab some coffee after school. He thinks that the rest of friends 
are coming, but it's just me and him. 

Anyway, my name is Hailey Scott. I have white blonde hair and light 
green eyes. I'm sunny and bright just as Will is so I we'll be the 
perfect couple. I'm going to get ready to meet Will, I'll see you 
guys later! 

-This AMAZHANG Time Skip- 

>"Hey Will!" I called to him as I caught sight of him sitting alone 
at a table in the cafe we were meeting in. "Hey Hailey, where are the 
other?" He asked with a confused look. I clicked my fingers, "Oh! I 
forgot to tell you, the others couldn't make it, so it just you and 
me." I said sitting down across him. I smiled at him, but he seemed 
to be staring at something behind my shoulder. His face was alight 
with a mixture of happiness and amusement. <em>Seriously ? I'm right 
here, you know, the love of your life?<em> "What are you looking at?" 
I looked around to see nothing, but an emo looking kid sitting on his 
own. _He can't be looking at him. How would Will know a goth? _** (Emo 
and goth are two different things. And Nico isn't any of those.) 

**"no one, just thought I saw somebody." I heard him mutter something 
about a 'Death boy'. 

It's been ten minutes since I've arrived and Will still hasn't paid 
any attention to me. He's still looking over my shoulder and staring 
with a dreamy expression, occasionally stifling a laugh. Whenever I 
turn around, I only see the goth and that's it. At one time Wills 
cheeks pinked as if he was embarrassed. _Is he embarrassed of 

After the fifth time that Will had tried to stop him from laughing, I 
snapped. " what's so funny?" I asked with barely controlled rage. He 
looked at me as if he hadn't realised I was there. "Oh Hailey, he. 

Didn't see you there." That's it. I was now beyond angry. "Will, for 
the past twenty minutes you've been looking past my shoulder and 
laughing. What is so funny that you have to do it on our date?" His 
eyes widened then narrowed. My cheeks flamed and I gulped. "Date? Is 
this a date?" He asked, his blue eyes flashing. I vigorously shook my 
head. "N-no. No! Of course not! Did I say date? No, not a date." He 
obviously didn't buy it. "Look, Hailey, I happen to be in a 
relationship that I am happy in. " Tears welled up in my eyes and I 
cleared my throat. This was embarrassing. "Yeah, ok, I understand. I 
didn't know you were dating someone. I was stupid to think that I 
would have a chance . I'm gonna go now, I'm really sorry. Bye" 

I began to get up from my seat until a hand latched onto my wrist and 
pulled me back. "Hailey, you're great, nice, caring and smart... But 
I have a boyfriend." My body tensed. _He was gay?_ "Oh, ok. Again, 

I'm really sorry. I hope I can meet your boyfriend one day." Will's 
face lit up and he grabbed my hand. He gently pulled me to the goth 
guy. _Why was he taking me to him?_ "Will? Are you ok there? Why are 
we going to that guy?" He just smiled. 

We stopped in front of him. His head was down and he was mixing a 
spoon into his black coffee. "Death booooyyyy." Will sang out. His 
voice was soft and melodic. The guys head snapped around to meet 
Will's. His eyes were dark brown, almost black and he had black hair. 
"Hey Will." He said breathlessly. They just stared at each other. 
After about thirty seconds, I finally broke their weird stare fest. 
"Hey guys... I'm right here." They both blushed. "Oh yeah sorry 
Hailey. Nice, this is Hailey, my friend. Hailey, this is Nico, my 
amazing boyfriend." Nico blushed. Aww. I stuck my hand out and he 
gingerly returned it. It was obvious that he wasn't used to this. 

A phone beeped and then another. Nico and Will both smiled sheepishly 
as they retrieved their phones from their pockets. They answered 
their phones. Their faces had turned white. Looking at each other, 
they nodded and pocketed their phones and turned to me. "Umm. . . We've 
got to go to camp... We'll see you later." The turned and started to 
walk away. 

I heard a few words as they left. "We need to get the quickly. We 
need to shado-" he was cut off by Will covering his mouth with his 
hand. Nico made a sound of protest. "No can do. Doctors orders, 
remember?" Nico rolled his eyes, but he was smiling underneath his 
hands. Will removed his hands from his mouth and smiled. "But we're 
an hour away! Camp is under attack! We don't have time to drive!" 

Will shook his head. "Relax, I'll see if Mrs O'Leary is about." Just 
then. Will let out an ear piercing whistle. Nico and I both covered 
our ears. The tables shook and the Windows vibrated. 

Just then, a small dog appeared. For a moment it flickered into a 
really big mastiff, but I'm pretty sure it's just a dog. "Hey girl." 
Will scratched the dogs ears. The dog licked his face in response. 

She jumped on Nico and began to lick him as well. Nico laughed and 
pushed at her face to get her off. "Are you ready?" The dog jumped up 
and down. They laughed and jumped onto the dog. _What are they doing? 
They're hurting the dog! _But the dog just stood as if it could carry 
them easily. Will sat in front and Nico had his arms wrapped around 
his waist. Will turned his head slightly and caught Nice's lips. Will 
grinned while Nico blushed. _Aww!_ The dog started to run and the 
simply vanished into the shadows with the two boys on top. What was 

8 . Caleo 

**This is really short, I'm sorry.** 

"Sunshine!" A Latino looking guy shrieked while running past me. I 
watched him run over to a beautiful girl with caramel hair who was 
scowling at him. "Leo! How many times have I told you not to call me 
sunshine!" Even though she looked angry to him, the small smile that 
she tried hard to suppress told me that she liked the nickname. "Aw 
but you love it. "He whined. She just chuckled. "Whatever Valdez." She 
said while throwing her arms around his shoulders. His arms went 
around her middle. "Are you ready to open the shop Calypso? We have 
our own business ! "the guy Leo asked excitedly. I could have sworn his 
nose had lit on fire, but it was distinguished just as quickly as it 
came. "Yep!" Calypso said back enthusiastically. He pulled her 
closer. "I just wish my mom was here to see you and the shop. She 
would have been so proud. She would have loved you..." Leo's voice 
trailed off. Calypso tightened her hold on him. "Leo. She _is _proud 
of you. The gods would have shown her. She deserves to o know how 
amazing her son is." _The gods? _I heard Leo sniffle a little. "Yeah 
they will have." 

They began to walk away until I called out to them. They turned 
around and smiled, but they looked a little wary. " I couldn't help 
over hear, but your mother died, right!" Leo tensed a little, but 
smiled nonetheless. "Yeah, when I was young actually... My dad wasn't 
really around so I was kind of passed from one foster home to 
another. I ran away every single time." He smiled a sad smile. I just 
wanted to wrap him into a bundle of blankets and keep him safe! Hey, 
I'm sixty four years old, of course I'm going to be like that. "Well, 
I'm really sorry to hear the sweetie. I just wanted to say that even 
though I'm not your mother, I'm proud of you from what I've heard. 
Sorry for eavesdropping. And this beautiful girl is lucky to have you 
and you are lucky to have her. It's obvious to that you two love each 
other and you're happy. Just don't hang onto the past. It's ok to 
move on, but never forget. " Leo nodded and gave me a small smile, 
his eyes were watery and I opened my arms. He fell into them and 
hugged me tight." Thank you random person. You have no idea how much 
I've wanted to hear that lady." I pulled away and smiled softly at 
him. Calypso had a few tears trickling into her cheeks. "I know, my 
father died when I was young, but I learned to move on. You should to 
that." He nodded and stepped back. He grabbed calypso's hand and 
entwined them. They waved at me goodbye and turned and left. 

I never saw them again, but something tells me that Leo had taken my 
advice . 

9. Frazel 

Hey guys! I'm Kelsey. My best friend Hazel and I are working on this 
project about the Greek and Roman Gods. Let me tell you now. Hazel 
knows a lot about Greek and Roman. I know that she knows way more 
than the teacher. She even knows how to speak Latin and some Ancient 
Greek! Well, she probably can since she told me that she's from a 
roman heritage. Well anyway, I'm going over to her home today. I've 
been a couple of times. She lives with her brother Nice and his 
boyfriend Will. I've never actually met Will before since he's always 

at that camp they go to. She says that she usually lives at camp, but 
her brother and her father wanted her to have an education. I'm 
getting off track now, I need to get my Greek and Roman stuff ready 
to learn when I go to her house. Oh, I forgot to mention that we're 
working on a Project about one of the gods. We have to talk about 
their Greek ad Roman form. I'm going now, bye! 

"Hey Hazel" I gave her a small wave. She smiled and waved back. We 
were at my locker so I could grab my Greek and Roman textbook. Not 
that I would need it though. Hazel knows practically everything there 
is to know about them. We're going to be doing Pluto, or Hades as he 
is known as. Don't ask me why we're doing the God of the Underworld, 
It was Hazel's choice. 

"Are you ready?" She asked smiling. I smiled back. "Nico can't pick 
us up today since he's gone to camp with Will with some sort of 
emergency. Frank is picking us up instead." Frank? Never heard of 
him. We walked outside to find a group of girls huddled in a circle. 
In the middle of them was a buff guy with black hair and brown eyes. 
He was fairly good looking, but it wasn't every day that we saw a new 
guy here. I remember when Nico first picked her up. Nico had started 
to panic and went red. This guy looked really uncomfortable. His eyes 
were darting left and right, as if he was searching for someone. His 
gaze fell on us and his features lightened. "Hazel!" He called. I 
looked over to Hazel who was smiling widely. "Frank!" She responded 
running over to him. He pushed through the crowd of girls, muttering 
apologies to them as he passed. They met in the middle and hugged for 
what seemed like ages. When they finally pulled apart. Hazel kissed 
his cheek, which made him blush, aww... he was shy. 

Hazel looked over at me and motioned for me to come over. When I did, 
she introduced me. "Frank, this is Kelsey, don't worry she isn't a 
monster," Huh? "Kelsey, this is Frank, my boyfriend." Frank must have 
been about 19 and Hazel was 16. He smiled warmly at me and held his 
hand out. "Hey." I smiled back and shook his hand. He was very well 
mannered. Hazel clapped her hands and said, "Shall we go? This 
project isn't going to finish itself." We walked over to a rusty pick 
up truck. I sat in the back. While Hazel and Frank sat in front." 

What is it about?" He asked, genuinely curious. "Greek and Roman 
Mythology. We're doing a God of our choice. We're going to be 
researching my da- I mean Pluto." Hazel said excitedly. Frank looked 
just as excited. "That's great! Could I help?" He asked shyly. Hazel 
smiled. "Yeah, you can. It'll be great!" 

Ten minutes have passed and here I am in a car, waiting for Frank and 
Hazel to stop arguing about who is better- Pluto or Mars. "Pluto 
knows who dies. He has a helm of darkness, he can be invisible!" 

Hazel threw her hands in the air. Frank quickly retaliated " So what? 
Mars is better." He gave no reason. In fact, he was smiling. He knew 
Hazel was getting frustrated. It was obvious that they've had this 
conversation many times before. He put his arm around her, "I'm 
kidding Hazel, Pluto is better." Thunder rumbled in the distance and 
Frank glared slightly at the sky. He hugged her and kissed her cheek. 
She hugged him back until she screamed out, "Frank, you're driving! 
Dying the first time wasn't good, I don't want it to happen to any of 
us any time soon." Dying the first time? Ha, I doubt it. 

f ile .