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Full text of "Not so much of a stuttering mess"

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Not SO much of a stuttering mess 

by mnegan 

Category: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir 
Genre : Romance 
Language: English 

Characters: Adrien/ Chat Noir, Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug 

Status: Completed 

Published: 2016-04-12 00:05:18 

Updated: 2016-04-12 00:05:18 

Packaged: 2016-04-27 18:35:17 

Rating: M 

Chapters : 1 

Words : 2,101 


Summary: Identities sex reveal? Adrien's in love with Marinette now. 
She notices. She visits him. They reveal each other while doing it? 
Damn . 

Not so much of a stuttering mess 

Marinette had been noticing the blonde boy sitting in front of her. 
Well, she always noticed him. she stared all the time at him. But she 
started noticing how he peeked to one of the sides to take a quick 
look at her. Alya noticed it, too, a lot better than the blue haired 
girl, since she got to see Adrien's face much better from her 
angle . 

"Girl, this guy is surely getting an interest in you" Aya texted her 

bff while the teacher still was away from the 


ff j ff 

"Maybe". Marinette replied. 

She looked straight ahead, a little down once again to see him 
staring back. He didn't care if he would be noticed staring at her. 

In fact, he wanted to be sure Marinette would notice his wide grins 
and slight blush. He never said a thing though. He was head over 
heels for the girl behind him but he was too shy to say anything now 
that he felt like this for this particular girl in class. 

Marinette couldn't help but blush at his stares. Couldn't he see what 
he did to her. Her stuttering and falling whenever he was around or 
he'd talk to her. He was too oblivious about others romantic feelings 
but he can't ignore his. Marinette was just unsure if he really 
started to feel something for her. She doubted so much if a guy like 
him would really ever fall for a stuttering mess like herself. 

What if Ladybug came to visit him late at night one of these days. Or 
tonight. She thought of it and she couldn't deny her very good idea 
to find out if he liked her as more than a friend. She knows he's 
pretty cute around Ladybug so perhaps she can plan something rather 
fun for him to spill his feelings. 


At the Agreste's 

Adrien was taking a shower. A real shower this time. He had to admit 
not only because he needed one. But he felt so hot down his stomach 
and he couldn't hide that his thoughts for the pig tailed girl were 
some really turned on daydreams. Just how in the world could he be 
thinking so many things about Marinette in that way. He was in 
ecstasy. He opened the hot water. He didn't waste any time in taking 
his clothes off, grab his fully erected cock and start stroking up 
and down. It was the same feeling he got when he thought of Ladybug 
just like this. Those thoughts of his lady were replaced by a really 
cute shy girl with wiggling butt and he was just desiring he could 
just have it here at this instant and take her in anyway he could. He 
wanted his classmate in front of him, pinning her to the wall, water 
falling over her body. 

Oh. He moaned. "Mari..." He sighed at her name. "Marinette!" He 
jerked off so hard and fast having her cute little face in his mind. 
He wanted to be inside her. He wanted to be inside her now. 

Then, the red, black spotted superhero came inside of his bathroom 
from the window. Silently and being careful. 

She saw him masturbating, hips moving, cute round butt tightening at 
every thrust he seemed to do. "Is he imagining stuff about me?" She 
bit her lower lip while moving one of her hands to her mouth, the 
other going between her legs. He was so hot looking. She dreamt of 
being able to see him like this. In the shower, too. She never 
thought she'd caught him doing this. She didn't mind a slight 
bit . 

He kept stroking. Hand resting on the wall in front of him. That 
other hand down there, feeling how the throbbing erection felt. 
"F-fuck. Marinette...! want you!" She doesn't care less about her 
identity anymore. She walked towards him and stood just a meter away 
from him. 

"So it's true" She smirked. 

He froze right there but not before looking back to see Ladybug 
starting at him. Fully naked. All wet. He didn't want to face her, 
otherwise she would also be seeing that fully grown dick. 

"You have feelings for me" She gave mind command to Tikki to 
detransform and flee to his bedroom. 

He didn't have time to react at her words, because what he saw, or 
rather who he saw right at the back of him, got him harder than 
before. He stretched out his left arm, grabbing her arm and pulling 
her towards him. He was glad she wore her pajamas because it would 
have taken a lot more time and he was impatient. He stripped a bit 
down her pajama pants, grabbed her panties and slid them to one side 

and entered deep into her. 

"Oh, fuck!" They both shouted with each other's name. 

"M-Marinette . You're so beautiful". He fucked the girl pinned on the 
bathroom wall. He grabbed her by her right leg, pushed it up and 
thrust more into her. Each feeling deeper every 
time . 

"A-Adrien . . . m-more-MMMORE ! She threw her arms around his neck, 
holding onto his back. 

He took it as granted and moved his hand to rub her clit vertically, 
in circles. Oh gods, he didn't care. All he wanted was to take his 
princess' cunt in every way he could. 

"M-my Lady. Y-you ' re my Lady! Oh Marinette! You're my Lady! He fucked 
her faster as he referred to her as both her name and her alter 
ego . 

"Y-you 're Chat noir?" She was moaning so good and hard and could 
barely speak. 

"He totally is, so if you don't believe it, here I am". 

"PLAGG! I told you not to interrupt!" Tikki only pulled him by his 
tail out of the bathroom. 

Marinette and Adrien could only stare at the door silently, but then 
without noticing he started moving inside her again. It felt too 
good . 

"Oh. Kitty. Keep it going". She spoke seductively and confidently 
while running her hands through his hair and tugging it hard. 

"Oh. Consider it done, my Lady" He confirmed. Hand still holding onto 
her leg and the other placing it on her cheek, tilting her head and 
pressing his lips to hers. 

They kissed so tenderly, but them having sex was the most erotic 
scene. Not only were they having sex. They felt like they loved each 
other since they first met. It felt so intimate. They knew they'd 
only do this with each other. It was pure love and even when there 
was no sign of too much tenderness, this felt so right. But fuck it. 
It felt too good to have his cock deep inside her. Her fantasies do 
not compare to the real thing. Heck, she even has had plenty of 
dreams having to do with Chat and she wasn't even knowing why. She 
now realizes why those dirty thoughts with her partner. 

"Princess, you feel so good" His hand left her leg and placed it down 
gently, and going through her wet body, pajama pants going down every 
minute, shirt so very wet drawing her curved figure, panties getting 
too tight and uncomfortable to wear while he fucked her, but she 
wasn't going to waste any time to pulled them down. 

Mmmmmm. . .Mon Chaton, mmmm" She groaned in pleasure. His body, all 
naked, pressing into her, feeling his abdomen hitting her various 
times, making her shake every time he adjusted himself deep inside 
her core. How was he not yet releasing his load? He was enjoying this 
so much he never wanted to stop. He abruptly but making sure he 

wouldn't hurt her, made her face the other way, lifted her and guided 
her near his large tub. He stopped there. She stretched her arms down 
so she could place them on the tub. He got her pants all down, 
grabber her panties, sliding them just around her knees, leaving them 
there, and without any further notice, he went inside her 
again . 

"Ohh! I didn't expect you ' da€ 1 fuck doggy stylea€ 1 seeinga€ 1 you're a 
kittya€ 1 " She barely spoke, legs bent down a little, trying to take 
all of him inside her body. 

"Oh, purrincess. Cats have their cat style, not only doggies can have 
their so called doggy styleaC 1 " He replied while giving hard thrusts 
into her while holding her by her sides and guiding her far and close 
as he goes in and out. He then goes with his left hand to reach her 
right shoulder to keep her from moving away. Not that she will, but 
perhaps she'll be wanting to take some leadership, but that's when 
she's Ladybug. Right now, she's the sweet girl and he's the model 
guy, and he shall have his way with her in his steamy bathroom. 

He holds her by her shoulders and keeps going inside and outside. He 
then takes a look at how her body looks from the back. Her petite 
figure, so very sexy. It turns him on so much how wet she looks, with 
the shirt tightening around, and even more so when he grabs it and 
pulls it towards him. He pulls it with one hand while he leans in and 
starts caressing both her breasts. She can't control herself. She 
feels how he pinches one of her nipples that make her moan silently 
to the air, head stretching upwards. She's so close. "I'm so close, 
AdrienaC 1 " 

"Close to what, Marinette?" He said while teasing. Teasing her 
because he knows what she's close to. And teasing her clit with tiny 
pokes with his index finger. He rubbed her. 

And with that, she came hard. His member still inside of her 
sex . 

"Adrien!" The pressure felt while still inside her was marvelous. He 
wanted to cum so hard deep inside her. He was about to but he 
stopped, giving a little time for his member to go easy. He pulled 
out and lifted Mari and carried her, coming inside her yet again. She 
was exhausted but so turned on by his actions. He pounded her, 
holding her in an embrace. She bounced up and down, rubbing against 
his body. She rested her hands on his bare wet chest. He wasn't 
stopping on pounding her tight pussy, too wet from her sticky 
juices . 

She then moved her arms resting them over his shoulders. She took her 
position as advantage to capture his noisy mouth with hers. They both 
moaned in sync while having their lips connected. 

She felt him shiver. He was so close to his release. He made her lay 
on the edge of the tub, her hands going to each of her sides to the 
floor for support. She played with her clitoris so she could also be 
able to grab his dick sometimes. He then pulled out as fast as he 
could and then released his cum shot on her stomach, reaching for her 
tits and even her face. 

"OH, Marinette!" He yelled her name in pleasure sending shivers down 
her spine as she came once again. She came hard again as she felt his 

hot sperm touching her wet body. 

"A-Adrien" Her voice was soft and low but full of passion and lust. 
He gave little strokes to his member for it to let the last drop 
out . 

"Mmm. Yes, Marinette?" He enjoyed every bit of it going out and to be 
spread all over his lover. 

"You do have feelings for me..." She stuttered a little bit. 

"Heh. Marinette. That is why I love you. How much of a stutter mess 
you are". He chuckled softly. 

"You-you love me...?" 

Adrien took her by her hands and pulled her to him gently. 

"I fell in love with the same girl. The you behind the mask. And the 
one just here with me". He pressed her body to his and hugged her 
tightly . 

"Phew. At least I did fall in love with the kitty with the mask too 


"Ohh. So you did fall for my pawesome side eventually". 

"How come you still make the worst puns when not using the suit and 
being naked. Really." She rolled her eyes in annoyance. 

"You love me just like this, don't you? All naked". 

She couldn't deny that. She was gonna make him all hers. 

"Adrien Agreste. I'm gonna have to take all of you. If you know what 
I mean" . She started pushing him towards the door to his 
bedroom . 

"Heh. You know there are two kwamis over there, right?" 

She pouted and remembered. So she instead pushed him roughly to the 
door, he gasped in shock, went on her knees, and took him all in her 
mouth . 

f ile .