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the jackinthebox 
by incense-whiskers 

Category: Hairspray 
Genre: Family 
Language: English 

Characters: Velma vT . , Wilbur T. 

Status: Completed 
Published: 2010-05-11 19:08:43 
Updated: 2010-05-11 19:08:43 
Packaged: 2016-04-26 16:57:58 
Rating: K+ 

Chapters : 1 
Words: 414 


Summary: here, shake my hand - bzz! /because wilbur's nobody's 

the jackinthebox 
_Disclaimer: I don't own._ 

_Starring: Wilbur Turnblad/Velma Von Tussle_ 

_Summary: Women like her had tricks that guys like him don't stock on 
shelves ._ 

Wilbur Turnblad is a simple soul. He loves three things: he loves his 
baby girl, he loves his wife and he loves his store. He considers 
himself to be a lucky man that he gets to do what he likes to provide 
for his little family. He knows others, friends from school days that 
aren't as fortunate. So Wilbur does his best to keep his head down. 
Stays out of trouble, smoothes out the arguments that occur between 
the teenager and the mother and reassures his wife that she is still 
the apple pie in his eye. 

Wilbur has everything he's ever wanted. 

Wilbur Turnblad knows that his daughter is a mover and shaker. He 
thinks it's a good thing. When you try to keep a low profile you tend 
to miss things and sometimes change is good. You gotta rotate the 
stock, refresh the prank jar, and switch targets everyonce in a 
while. It keeps you on your toes. So when she sets out to right 
wrongs and change the world, why Wilbur couldn't be more proud of 
her . 

Wilbur has accomplished everything he's ever wanted. 

Wilbur Turnblad knows that not everybody likes change. Not everybody 
likes keeping a low profile. Not everybody likes the classic jokes. 

they prefer maiming and hurting instead of a good laugh had by all. 

So when _she _walked in he felt a sliver of ice run down to his toes 
and he knew that this would not be good. Women like her had tricks 
that guys like him don't stock on shelves. 

Wilbur knows that this little domino effect could take away 
everything he's gained. 

Wilbur Turnblad is a simple soul. But that doesn't mean he's stupid. 
He knows what she's up to a€" it's obvious really, in a dress like 
that and they've never met. He knows this woman's name and how she 
dislikes _his_ girls. He knows that Tracy is trying to change the 
world and this harpy is in her way and Wilbur just won't have that. 
His girls and his jokes are all he's ever wanted. He slips the buzzer 
on he's hand and hopes that this vampire will get the hint. 

Wilbur is the joker yes, but he's no fool. 

f lie .