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Toothless Jealousy 
by Lady-Brover 

Category: How to Train Your Dragon 

Genre: Angst, Suspense 

Language: English 

Characters: Astrid, Toothless 

Status: In-Progress 

Published: 2010-11-10 18:21:15 

Updated: 2011-01-09 17:24:42 

Packaged: 2016-04-26 11:15:05 

Rating: T 

Chapters : 4 

Words : 2,197 


Summary: Toothless is fed up with the others taking away his Hiccup, 
mainly Astrid. He decides to get rid of them his own way. 


1 . Prologue 

The young Night fury let out a dissaproving snort. 

>His little human had been spending time with that blonde haired girl 
for a week now. When was his human going to take him flying? Or just 
atleast spend time with him.<p> 

Toothless was currently sunning on a rock. All the past week, he had 
just been napping and eating fish. He let out another angry snort. 
When was his human going to visit him? He had never liked that 
Astrid, and this week, he had just been loathing her. The night fury 
didn't want to admit, but he was indeed jealous. Hiccup was 
HIS . 

Those green toxic eyes suddenly shined with an idea. After meeting 
and befriending Hiccup, he vowed to never hurt any other humans. But 
his rage and jealous was to the point of bubbling over. What if he 
hurt the blonde girl? Much less, killed her. His young hatchling 
would never forgive him... would he? 

Yes, he was sure that Hiccup wouldn't forgive him. His human loved 
that girl. 

>But, what about Toothless' feelings? Didn't they matter? The dragon 
let out an angry growl. He was sick of this. Sick of being ignored. 
Sick of that blonde girl.<p> 

The night fury wasn't sure if something inside him snapped. But his 
mind was set on one decision. He was going to get rid of that Astrid. 
But what if he killed her? What would he do with the body? Dump it in 
the ocean, maybe? 

An idea dawned onto him, something that Hiccup had said along time 
ago . 

><em>"Be glad that you don't eat humans Bud," he joked, "Every viking 
around here is tough and tasteless . "<em> 

>Toothless scowled how his stomach growled at that memory. He had 
never thought about eating a human. In his past, he only ate sheep 
and fish.<p> 

What did humans taste like? Were they really tough and tasteless? 
Toothless doubted it. But... maybe he could give them a try? Yes. He 
decided what he was going to do. 

>With that, he stood up from his sunning rock and jumped off, running 
into the forest, following the scent that lead him to his 
human . <p> 

YUS. THIS **IS** VORE. :U Toothless WILL EAT Astrid in the next part. 
If you don't like this fact, then press the 'back button' Thanks~ 

c : 

2 . feeding 

[OK. I didn't come up with this on my own, no no. xD There is fanart 
on DA by DatoMaruko. The picture is called 'HTTYD Jealousy' 
http :_/ datomaruko ._/ gallery/ #/ d2pdlz2 **_and_** 

http :_/datomaruko ._/gallery/#/d2s6by8 [_JUST TAKE OUT THE '_'S_] 

I have this story posted on DA and I've been getting the same 
THAT!" and of course "WHY DID HE EAT HER? SHE WAS SO PRETTY!" **I 
KNOW. DURRHURR. **Please, use your brains. xD ] 

A small chuckle escaped Hiccup's throat, "Ah, Stop that, the 
vibrations tickle." he whispered as Astrid continued to hum from 
where she lay on his chest. She couldn't help but let her own giggle 
escape, "I'm just very comfortable. Can't help it," she replied 
lazily, sleep starting to take her over. 

Hiccup nodded in agreement. "I'm just glad that we have some alone 
time from the others." He closed his eyes, giving the young woman in 
his arms a soft squeeze, and started to doze off. 

"You mean away from that dragon of yours." His eyes quickly snapped 
open, he gave Astrid a glance and smiled lightly, "Oh you know, he's 
just over-protective.." She looked up, to meet his own eyes; his tone 
was joking yet his eyes held concern. 

Astrid gave him a sarcastic look, "Yeah Hiccup, but he's a bit too 
over-protect ive ... He ' s always following you everywhere you go! I feel 
lucky just to spend this much time with you alone!" Hiccup started 
looking around the trees that surrounded them nervously, beads of 
sweat forming. "W-Well . . I . . What can I do Astrid? This is Toothless 
we're talking about! and, I-I just can't make him stop being 
protective...!" he dared to look back at her, but regretted it 
instantly as she was glaring at him. 

After a few moments, she let out a quiet sigh. She would punch him if 
he wasn't holding her so tightly. "I don't know Hiccup, he seems to 
be too much of a mother hen." Hiccup bit his lip, he wasn't going to 
disagree there. "But Astrid.. he's just my best friend, I don't think 

he's doing it on purpose... 

She let out another sigh and relaxed in his embrace, nuzzling her 
face deeper into his chest. "Let's just enjoy our time." her voice 
was muffled by his shirt as she closed her eyes slowly. Hiccup 
released the breath he didn't even know he was holding. "Y-Yeah.." He 
rested his chin ontop of her head, and soon both their breaths evened 
and slowed, as they were engulfed into slumber. 

Toothless raised his head, inhaling the forest air with his sensetive 
nostrils. Once he picked up the scent, he was running through the 
trees once again. The Night Fury was tingling under his scales, just 
so close to the humans. 

After another minute, he jumped right into the opening where Hiccup 
and Astrid lay; hacking a growl at the ugly sight. Though, felt lucky 
that Hiccup was asleep too, or else this would be a harder job. 

>Quiet as a he could, walked over to them and snorted. Hiccup was a 
deep sleeper, he could tell that the young man had been holding 
Astrid tightly, the grip now wasn't even recognizable . <p> 

Retracting his teeth, he lowered his head and bit on the back of 
Astrid' s shirt, slowly and gently lifting her off his Hiccup. As 
expected, she made a noise of discomfort, her eyes quivering behind 
her closed lids, but stayed in her world of slumber. Toothless wanted 
to laugh, but had no time, only wanting to get his job done. 

He slowly carried her far from the opening, hearing her grunts every 
once and awhile. Finally, when he thought they were far enough, 
dropped Astrid on the forest floor. Not even giving her time to 
react, he closed his mouth over her head. 

Astrid' s blue eyes shot open, no longer was she laying in Hiccup's 
arms, or in the fresh calm air, but was in a moist, warm cave. A 
strong force was pulling her farther down the cave. That's when she 
realized that the rest of her body was still in the fresh air. She 
looked around her as much as she could to notice there was no teeth, 
only gums. Another realization dawned onto her, 'I'm in...' 

Her loud screams of panic were easily quieted and muffled by the 
Night Fury's mouth. Toothless resisted as much as he could, to not 
just bite the young woman into tiny pieces, instead distracted 
himself with just swallowing her down. He relished in the screams and 
closed his eyes, moaning in pleasure. 

She could feel tears streaming down her face, her entire frame 
shaking, 'This isn't happening. This isn't happening. This _Can't_ be 
happening!' Her legs were flailing, trying to kick her predator, it 
was just good humor to the dragon though. Soon her head was in 
Toothless' throat as her waist now in his mouth. Astrid whimpered in 
fear, no longer could she breathe, the force just kept pulling her 
down, swallow after swallow. 'Please Odin, just let this all be over 
with . . ' 

And as if the gods answered her prayer, she found herself dropped 
into a new cave. The moment she knew she could breathe, she inhaled, 
but started gagging and coughing from the hot smelly air. More tears 
welled up in her eyes, "Toothless!" she screamed, "You damn dragon! 
When I get out of here. I'll make you regret all of this!" Astrid 

wasn't stupid, she knew that she was now in the stomach. But, she 
also knew what the next step after this was... 

Kicking and punching at her fleshy prison as hard as she could, "Let. 
me. out!" she screamed again, her voice betraying her as she let out 
a few sobs. "Just let me out.." she continued to punch at the walls 
that surrounded her, slower and slower, 'til she stopped and sat 
there, silently, waiting for her fate. 

3 . Note 

Okay. Quick Note; 

I abandoned this story right after posting it. But, as of late I read 
the reviews and while I tried to ignore them, it's been bugging 
me . 

The truth is, I actually did write a third part to this and TRIED to 
write a fourth part but didn't get far. 

I'm scared to upload the third part because honestly, all it is, is 
_Astrid getting digested_. If anybody DOES want me to upload it, I 
will . 


By the way; **Calm-Waters**; Vore is basically when a live being eats 
another. It can either be 'Hard vore', when blood and tearing/chewing 
of flesh is involved. Or 'Soft vore' -The kind I enjoy writing- where 
the being is swallowed whole. That's the basics lol. 

4 . Digestion 

There was completely no breathe-able air. None at all. Astrid gasped 
and coughed, her chest heaving up and down, her lungs were screaming 
for oxygen. The poor girl had been sitting in the Night fury's 
stomach for awhile now, when was her torture going to end? "You 
really are a useless, " she kicked at the fleshy walls, "Stupid, " 
another harsh kick, "Damned reptile!" She continued to kick, even 
though she knew it was futile. 

Einally, she felt lightheaded and dizzy. She stopped kicking and 
settled back, she felt sick to her stomach, and the fact that she 
was_ in_ a stomach made her even more ill. "I hate you.." Astrid 
breathed out once some of the dizziness faded, "I hate you so much. I 
swear when I get out of here.." 

She yelped as her surroundings shifted, and her world spun upside 
down, "Wh-What ' s going on?" she slid onto her back. The rushing sound 
of breathing and the heartbeat above informed her that Toothless was 
now laying on his own back too. 

Astird blinked and growled in the back of her throat, "You stu-" she 
was cut off as she felt even more liquid all around her. She tried to 
pull herself up by pulling at the slick flesh but ended up falling 
back with a loud splash. A loud sizzling noise caught her attention, 
her eyes flashed towards her hand, while she felt a numbing 
sensation. It was too dark to see anything but the noise and feeling 

continued . 

Soon though she knew what was happening; letting out a loud scream 
she tucked her hand close to her chest protectively. She could smell 
the burning flesh from the acids, but was in too much pain to even 
feel it. Astrid used all her strength to finally pull herself up into 
a sitting position, but once there she realized that her clothes were 
already burning away, leaving her delicate skin exposed in the 
acid . 

Her boots were burned away as well, and she whimpered. Accidentally 
slipping her elbow into the liquid, she quickly snapped it out with a 
loud yelp. Even though she couldn't see, she slowly touched the area 
and instantly regretted it. Her eyes widened; The skin and tissue 
were already gone. 

Tears fell down her face as she sobbed unashamedly, and to her 
horror, the acid only rose more and more, quickly taking half of her 
body in. Astrid let out a inhuman screech, all of her flesh was now 
tearing away, she could finally feel the pain. The terrible agonizing 
pain . 

The hot, fish smelling air was now replaced with the smell of her 
body burning, and she could do nothing to stop this nightmare. Astrid 
inhaled as much air as she could, though it did not help; her lungs 
were burning away. "H-Hiccup.." she whimpered before the acids took 
her under. The girl was digested in merely minutes. 

"Huh.." Hiccup rested his head on Toothless' stomach, looking half 
asleep and listening to the noises within, "Strange, it sounds 
exactly like Astrid, doesn't it?" His eyes gazed up at the Night 
fury's. Toothless looked down innocently at his slightly bulged 
stomach and crooned. The boy laughed at how adorable his dragon could 
be, and stood up. He looked around the dimmed forest before looking 
back down, "I wonder where she went anyway.. This isn't like her." he 
sighed, "Want to go back to the village then?" 

Toothless nodded and rolled onto his feet, feeling Hiccup climb into 
the saddle. As they made their way back, he kept that devilish smirk 
within, for he knew the young woman was long dead by now, and he had 
Hiccup all to himself. 

**Yup. I know it's short, but I'm not really one to write torture.. 
Hope you guys enjoyed anyway though~** 

f lie .