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Full text of "The Arts in Psychotherapy 1988: Vol 15 Table of Contents"

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art / dance 


music poetry / creativity in therapy 

VOLUME 15, 1988 

Volume 15, Number 1 

David Read Johnson 

Kenneth Bruscia 

Barry M. Cohen 
Jeffrey S. Hammer 
Shira Singer 

David Read Johnson 

Beth Kaplan Westbrook 
Mary Sing 

Nancy F. Wells 

Arleen McCarty Hynes 

Cindi Rosner Kelly 

June Collins Pulliam 
Patricia Somerville 
Judith Prebiuda 

Margareta Wdarja-Danielsson 

Karen Clark-Schock 
Yolanda deG. Turner 
Terry L. Bovee 

Myra F. Levick 

Elaine Rapp 

Alice Entin 

Carol Carrino 

Introduction to the Special Issue on Assessment in the Creative 
Arts Therapies 

Perspective: Standards for Clinical Assessment in the Arts 

The Diagnostic Drawing Series: A Systematic Approach to Art 
Therapy Evaluation and Research 
The Diagnostic Role-Playing Test 

A Psychiatric Movement Assessment Scale with Developmental 

An Individual Music Therapy Assessment Procedure for 
Emotionally Disturbed Young Adolescents 

Some Considerations Concerning Assessment in Poetry Therapy 
and Interactive Bibliotherapy 

Expressive Therapy Assessment 

Three Heads are Better Than One: The Expressive Arts Group 

A Multidisciplinary Psychiatric Assessment: The Introductory 

Book Review: Waiting at the Gate: Creativity and Hope in the 
Nursing Home by Susan L Sandel and David Read Johnson 

Book Review: Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams by 
Eugene Gendlin 

Book Review: Stage Fright: Its Role in Acting by Stephen Aaron 
News and Notes 

Call for Papers 


Volume 15, Number 2 

Arthur Robbins 

Beth I. Kalish-Weiss 

Cynthia A. Ambrogne-O’ Toole 

Alma Marie Rolfs 
Stacia I. Super 
Michael H. Thaut 

Pam Barragar Dunne 

Connie E. Naitove 

Bonnie A. Weiss 

Emanuel F. Hammer 

Suellen Carney 

James E. Borling 

Carol Carrino 


Perspective: A Psychoaesthetic Perspective on Creative Arts 
Therapy and Training 

Born Blind and Visually Handicapped Infants: 
Movement Psychotherapy and Assessment 

Exploring Female Sexuality Through the Expressive Therapies 

Guiding the Unconscious: The Process of Poem Selection for 

Poetry Therapy Groups 

Rhythmic Intervention Techniques in Music Therapy With Gross 
Motor Dysfunctions 

Drama Therapy Techniques in One-To-One Treatment With 
Disturbed Children and Adolescents 

Arts Therapy With Child Molesters: An Historical Perspective on 
the Act and an Approach to Treatment 

Reflections: The Administrative Journey 

Book Review: Kinetic-House-Tree-Person Drawings (K-H-T-P): 
An Interpretative Manual by Robert C. Burns 

Book Review: Journeying Towards Health Through Creativity 
by Penny H. Baron 

Book Review: Music and Health by Even Ruud 

News and Notes 

Volume 15, Number 3 

Paul J. Fink 

Nadine J. Kaslow 
Virginia W. Eicher 
Stephen A. Martin 

Leon Peek 
Judy P. Sawyer 

Suzanne B. Hanser 

Carol A. Bush 


Perspective: The Importance of the Creative Arts Therapist in 
Psychiatric Treatment 

Body Image Therapy: A Combined Creative Arts Therapy and 
Verbal Psychotherapy Approach 

Martin Ramirez: Psychological Hero 

Utilization of the Family Drawing Depression Scale With Pain 

Controversy in Music Listening/Stress Reduction Research 

Dreams, Mandalas, and Music Imagery: Therapeutic Uses in a 
Case Study 


Jerry L. Fryrear 
Bill C. Stephens 

Joseph Gold 
Fred Gloade 

Lou Furman 
Maxine Toch Frankenfelder 

Bonnie Allie 

Marilyn La Monica 

Rosilyn Wilder 

Jack J. Leedy 

Carol Carrino 

Group Psychotherapy Using Masks and Video to Facilitate 

Intrapersonal Communication 

Affective Reading and Its Life Applications 

Theatre as Therapy: The Distancing Effect Applied to Audience 
Reflections: For Later Days—A Fulfillment 

Book Review: The Dynamics of Art Psychotherapy by 
Harriet Wadeson 

Book Review: Between Therapists: The Processing of 
Transference/Countertransference Material by Arthur Robbins 

Book Review: Psychotherapy Through Clinical Role Playing by 
David A. Kipper 

Book Review: Poetry as Therapy by Morris R. Morrison 

News and Notes 

Volume 15, Number 4 

David Read Johnson 

Joseph J. Moreno 

Claire Schmais 
Shaun McNiff 
Eleanor C. Irwin 
Joseph J. Moreno 
Claire Schmais 
Shaun McNiff 
Eleanor C. Irwin 

Penny Parker Lewis 

Harriet Wadeson 

Cheryl Dileo Maranto 


Introduction to the Special Issue—Creative Arts Therapists as 
Contemporary Shamans: Reality or Romance? 

Perspective: The Music Therapist: Creative Arts Therapist and 
Contemporary Shaman 

Creative Arts Therapies and Shamanism: A Comparison 
The Shaman Within 

Arts Therapy and Healing 

Response: Creative Therapy: The Shaman’s Legacy 
Response: Tread With Care! 

Response: Expanding the Spectrum 

Response: Further Thoughts on Understandings 

Clinical Focus: The Transformative Process Within the 
Imaginal Realm 

Book Review: Family Art Psychotherapy: A Clinical Guide and 
Casebook by Helen Landgarten 

Book Review: Music Therapy: An Introduction by Jacqueline 
Schmidt Peters 

Roger Cardinal 

Pia K. Mitchell 

Carol Carrino 

Allie, B., 255 

Ambrogne-O’Toole, C. A., 109 

Borling, J. E., 169 
Bovee, T. L., 79 
Bruscia, K., 5 

Bush, C. A., 219 
Cardinal, R., 320 
Carney, S., 167 

Carrino, C., 89, 171, 265, 325 
Clark-Schock, K., 79 
Cohen, B. M., 11 

Dunne, P. B., 139 
Eicher, V. W., 177 
Entin, A., 86 

Fink, P. J., 175 
Frankenfelder, M. T., 251 
Fryrear, J. L., 227 
Furman, L., 245 

Gloade, F., 235 

Gold, J., 235 

Book Review: Visages intimes. Le maquillage libre by 

Nancy Breitenbach 

Book Review: Approaches to Art Therapy, Theory and Technique 

by Judith Aron Rubin 

News and Notes 

Cali for Papers 

Index to Volume 15 

Author Index 

Hammer, E. F., 9 
Hammer, J. S., 11 
Hanser, S. B., 211 
Hynes, A. M., 55 
Irwin, E. C., 293, 307 
Johnson, D. R., 1, 23, 269 
Kalish-Weiss, B. I., 101 
Kaslow, N. J., 177 
Kelly, C. R., 63 
LaMonica, M., 257 
Leedy, J. J., 262 
Levick, M. F., 83 
Lewis, P. P., 10 
McNiff, 285, 303 
Martin, S. A., 189 
Maranto, C. D., 319 
Mitchell, P. K., 322 
Moreno, J. J., 271, 297 
Naitove, C. E., 151 
Peek, L., 207 

Prebluda, J., 71 
Pulliam, J. C., 71 
Rapp, E., 84 
Robbins, A., 95 
Rolfs, A. M., 119 
Sawyer, J. P., 207 
Schmais, C., 281, 301 
Sing, M., 37 

Singer, S., 11 
Somerville, P., 71 
Stephens, B. C., 227 
Super, S. I., 119 
Thaut, M. H., 127 
Turner, Y. D., 79 
Wadeson, H., 317 
Warja-Danielsson, M., 71 
Weiss, B. A., 161 
Wells, N. F., 47 
Westbook, B. K., 37 
Wilder, 259