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Full text of "Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 1989 - 1990: Vol 133 Index"

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Author Index of Volume 133 

Borjesson, D.L. and Szelistowski, W. A., Shell selection, utilization and predation in the hermit crab 
Clibanarius panamensis Stimpson in a tropical mangrove estuary 

Browne, R.A., see MacDonald, G.H. 

Clarke, A., Rodhouse, P.G., Holmes, L.J. and Pascoe, P.L., Growth rate and nucleic acid ratio in 
cultured cuttlefish Sepia officinalis (Mollusca:Cephalapoda) 

Dauvin, J.-C., see Menard, F. 

Deaton, L.E., Derby, J.G.S., Subhedar, N. and Greenberg, M.J., Osmoregulation and salinity 
tolerance in two species of bivalve mollusc: Limnoperna fortunei and Mytilopsis leucophaeta 

Derby, J.G.S., see Deaton, L.E. 

Elner, R.W., see Hughes, R.N. 
Fell, P. E., Knight, P.-A. and Rieders, W., Low-salinity tolerance and salinity-induced dormancy in the 

estuarine sponge Microciona prolifera (Ellis et Solander) under long-term laboratory culture 

Franz, D.R. and Mohamed, Y., Short-distance dispersal in a fouling community amphipod crustacean, 
Jassa marmorata Holmes 

Gentil, F., see Menard, F. 

Gilmour, T.H.J., A method for studying the hydrodynamics of microscopic animals 

Greenberg, M.J., see Deaton, L.E. 

Harms, J. and Seeger, B., Larval development and survival in seven decapod species (Crustacea) in 
relation to laboratory diet 

Hicks, G.R.F., Does epibenthic structure negatively affect meiofauna? 

Holmes, L.J., see Clarke, A. 

Holmes, L.J., see Peck, L.S. 

Hughes, R.N. and Elner, R.W., Foraging behaviour of a tropical crab: Calappa ocellata Holthuis 
feeding upon the mussel Brachidontes domingensis (Lamarck) 

Kingsley, R.J. and Watabe, N., The dynamics of spicule calcification in whole colonies of the gorgonian 
Leptogorgia virgulata (Lamarck) (Coelenterata:Gorgonacea) 

Knight, P.-A., see Fell, P.E. 

MacDonald, G.H. and Browne, R.A., Population dynamics of an asexual brine shrimp Artemia 

Menard, F., Gentil, F. and Dauvin, J.-C., Population dynamics and secondary production of Owenia 
fusiformis Delle Chiaje (Polychaeta) from the Bay of Seine (eastern English Channel) 

Mohamed, Y., see Franz, D.R. 

Pascoe, P.L., see Clarke, A. 

Peck, L.S. and Holmes, L.J., Scaling patterns in the Antarctic brachiopod Liothyrella uva (Broderip, 

Quetin, L.B., see Ross, R.M. 

Rieders, W., see Fell, P.E. 

Rodhouse, P.G., see Clarke, A. 

Ross, R.M. and Quetin, L. B., Energetic cost to develop to the first feeding stage of Euphausia superba 
Dana and the effect of delays in food availability 

Seeger, B., see Harms, J. 

Sogard, S.M., Colonization of artificial seagrass by fishes an decapod crustaceans: importance of 
proximity to natural eelgrass 

Subhedar, N., see Deaton, L.E. 

Szelistowski, W.A., see Borjesson, D.L. 

Watabe, N., see Kingsley, R. J. 
Yoshioka, E., Experimental analysis of the diurnal and tidal spawning rhythm in the chiton Acantho- 

pleura japonica (Lischke) by manipulating conditions of light and tide