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Full text of "Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 1985: Vol 36 Index"

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Index to Volume 36 

Authors and Titles 

Anderson, D. T., and Anderson, J. T. 
Functional morphology of the balanomorph 
barnacles Tesseropora rosea (Krauss) and 
Tetraclitella purpurascens (Wood) 
(Tetraclitidae) 87 
Anderson, D. T. See also Egan, E. A. 
Anderson, J. T. See Anderson, D. T. 
Arnott, G. H., and McKinnon, A. D. 
Distribution and abundance of eggs of the 
anchovy, Engraulis australis antipodum 
Gunther, in relation to temperature and 
salinity in the Gippsland Lakes 433 
Arthington, A. H. See Milton, D. A. 
Atkinson, M. J. See Holloway, Peter E.; 
Kimmerer, W. J. 

Barry, M. J., and Bayly, I. A. E. 

Further studies on predator induction of 
crests in Australian Daphnia and the effects 
of crests on predation 519 

Corrigendum 880 

Bayly, I. A. E. See Barry, M. J. 
Beer, S., and Eshel, A. 

Determining phycoerythrin and phycocyanin 
concentrations in aqueous crude extracts 
of red algae 785 

Blaber, S. J. M., Young, J. W., and 
Dunning, M. C. 

Community structure and zoogeographic 
affinities of the coastal fishes of the 
Dampier region of north-western 
Australia 247 

Booth, D. J., Pyke, G. H., and 
Lanzing, W. J. R. 

Prey detection by the blue-eye, Pseudomugil 
signifer Kner (Atherinidae): analysis of 
field behaviour by controlled laboratory 
experiments 691 

Brandt, S. B. See Dunning, M. 
Briggs, S. V., and Maher, M. T. 

Limnological studies of waterfowl habitat in 

. south-western New South Wales. II. 
Aquatic macrophyte productivity 707 

Briggs, S. V., Maher, M. T., and 
Carpenter, S. M. 

Limnological studies of waterfowl habitat in 
south-western New South Wales. I. Water 
chemistry 59 

Bunt, E. D. See Bunt, J. S. 

Bunt, J. S., Williams, W. T., and Bunt, E. D. 
Mangrove species distribution in relation to 
tide at the seafront and up rivers 481 
Butler, E. C. V., and Smith, J. D. 
Iodine and arsenic redox species in 
oxygen-deficient estuarine waters 301 

Carpenter, S. M. See Briggs, S. V. 
Chessman, B. C. 
Phytoplankton of the La Trobe River, 
- Victoria 115 
Artificial-substratum periphyton and water 
quality in the lower La Trobe River, 
Victoria 855 
Estimates of ecosystem metabolism in the 
La Trobe River, Victoria 873 
Collins, J. D. See Heyward, A. J. 
Croome, R. L., and Tyler, P. A. 
Structure and ecology of the flagellate 
S-ourfieldia caeca (Korsh.) Belcher & Swale 
in two meromicticlakesin Tasmania 413 
Distribution of silica-scaled Chrysophyceae 
(Paraphysomonadaceae and 
Mallomonadaceae) in Australian inland 
waters 839 

Davis, T. L. O. 

Seasonal changes in gonad maturity, and 
abundance of larvae and early juveniles 
of barramundi, Lates calcarifer 
(Bloch), in Van Diemen Gulf and the 
Gulf of Carpentaria 177 

De Deckker, P. See Martens, K. 
Dexter, D. M. 

Distribution and life histories of 
abundant crustaceans of four sandy 
beaches of south-eastern New South 
Wales 281 

Dexter, P. E. See Heron, M. L. 
Dunning, M., and Brandt, S. B. 

Distribution and life history of deep-water 
squid of commercial interest from 
Australia 343 

Dunning, M. C. See also Blaber, S. J. M. 

Egan, E. A., and Anderson, D. T. 

Larval development of Elminius covertus 
Foster and Hexaminius popeiana Foster 
(Cirripedia : Archaeobalanidae : 
Elminiinae) rearedinthelaboratory 383 

Eshel, A. See Beer, S. 

Fandry, C. B., Hubbert, G. D., and 
McIntosh, P. C. 

Comparison of predictions of a numerical 
model and observations of tides in Bass 
Strait 737 

Ferris, J. M., and Tyler, P. A. 

Chlorophyll-total phosphorus relationships in 
Lake Burragorang, New South Wales, and 
some other Southern Hemisphere 
lakes 157 

Fielder, D. R. See Heasman, M. P. 
Fletcher, A. R., Morison, A. K., and 
Hume, D. J. 

Effects of carp, Cyprinus carpio L., on 
communities of aquatic vegetation and 
turbidity of waterbodies in the lower 
Goulburn River basin 311 

Ford, W. B. See Prince, J. D. 
Frusher, S. D., Gwyther, D., and 
Lindholm, R. 

Growth of the banana prawn, Penaeus 
merguiensis De Man, as estimated from 
tagging studies in the Gulf of Papua 793 

Ganf, G. G., and Shiel, R. J. 
Feeding behaviour and limb morphology 
of two cladocerans with small intersetular 
distances 69 
Particle capture by Daphnia carinata 371 
Garrett, R. N. See Russell, D. J. 
Godfrey, J. S. See Thomson, J. D. 
Gwyther, D. See Frusher, S. D. 

Hamilton, T. F. See Smith, J. D. 
Harriott, V. J. 

Reproductive biology of three congeneric sea 
cucumber species, Holothuria atra, 
H. impatiens and H. edulis, at Heron 
Reef, Great Barrier Reef 51 

Harris, J. H. 

Diet of the Australian bass, Macquaria 
novemaculeata (Perciformes : 
Percichthyidae), in the Sydney 
Basin 219 

Age of Australian bass, Macquaria 
novemaculeata (Perciformes : 
Percichthyidae), in the Sydney 
Basin 235 

Hartwick, R. F. See Jenkins, G. P. 
Haslett, S. J., and Wear, R. G. 

Biomass estimation of Artemia at Lake 
Grassmere, Marlborough, New 
Zealand 537 

Hearn, C. J., Hunter, J. R., Imberger, J., 
and van Senden, D. 

Tidally induced jet in Koombana Bay, 

Western Australia 453 

Authors and Titles 

Hearn, C. J., and Pearce, A. F. 

NOAA satellite and air-borne sensing of a 

small-scale, coastal tidal jet 643 
Heasman, M. P., Fielder, D. R., and 
Shepherd, R. K. 

Mating and spawning in the mudcrab, 
Scylla serrata (Forskal) (Decapoda : 
Portunidae), in Morton Bay, 
Queensland 773 

Heath, R. A. 

Large-scale influence of the New Zealand 
seafloor topography on western boundary 
currents of the South Pacific Ocean 1 

Heron, M. L., Dexter, P. E., and 
McGann, B. T. 

Parameters of the air-sea interface by 
high-frequency ground-wave Doppler 
radar 655 

Heyward, A. J., and Collins, J. D. 

Growth and sexual reproduction in the 
scleractinian coral Montipora digitata 
(Dana) 441 

Hodda, M., and Nicholas, W. L. 

Meiofauna associated with mangroves in the 
Hunter River estuary and Fullerton Cove, 
south-eastern Australia 41 

Holloway, P. E., Humphries, S. E., 
Atkinson, M., and Imberger, J. 

Mechanisms for nitrogen supply to the 

Australian North West Shelf 753 
Holloway, P. E., and Nye, H. C. 

Leeuwin Current and wind 
distributions on the southern part of the 
Australian North West Shelf between 
January 1982 and July 1983 123 

Howard, R. K., and Koehn, J. D. 

Population dynamics and feeding ecology of 
pipefish (Syngnathidae) associated with 
eelgrass beds of Western Port, 

Victoria 361 
Hubbert, G. D. See Fandry, C. B. 
Hume, D. J. See Fletcher, A. R. 
Humphries, S. E. See Holloway, P. E. 
Hunter, J. R. See Hearn, C. J. 

Imberger, J. See Hearn, C. J.; Holloway, P. E. 

Jenkins, G. P., Milward, N. E., and 
Hartwick, R. F. 

Occurrence of larvae of Spanish mackerels, 
genus Scomberomorus (Teleostei : 
Scombridae), in shelf waters of the 
Great Barrier Reef 635 

Johns, R. B. See Nichols, P. D. 
Jones, G. 

Revision of the Australian species of the 

fish family Leiognathidae 559 

Authors and Titles 

Kessell, J. A. See Kimmerer, W. J. 
Kimmerer, W. J., McKinnon, A. D., 
Atkinson, M. J., and Kessell, J. A. 
Spatial distributions of plankton in Shark 
Bay, Western Australia 421 
Corrigendum 736 
Klumpp, D. W. See Nichois, P. D. 
Koehn, J. D. See Howard, R. K. 

Lanzing, W. J. R. See Booth, D. J. 
Lindholm, R. See Frusher, S. D. 
Lloyd, L. N., and Tomasov, J. F. 
Taxonomic status of the mosquitofish, 
Gambusia affinis (Poeciliidae), in 
Australia 447 

McGann, B. T. See Heron, M. L. 

McIntosh, P. C. See Fandry, C. B. 

McKinnon, A. D. See Arnott, G. H.; 
Kimmerer, W. J. 

McLoughlin, R. J., and Young, P. C. 

Sedimentary provinces of the fishing grounds 
of the North West Shelf of Australia: 
grain-size frequency analysis of 
surficial sediments 671 

Maher, M. T. See Briggs, S. V. 

Marples, T. G. See Martens, K. 

Martens, K., De Deckker, P., and 
Marples, T. G. 

Life history of Mytilocypris henricae 
(Chapman) (Crustacea : Ostracoda) in 
Lake Bathurst, New South Wales 807 

Milton, D. A., and Arthington, A. H. 

Reproductive strategy and growth of the 
Australian smelt, Retropinna semoni 
(Weber) (Pisces : Retropinnidae), and 
the olive perchlet, Ambassis nigripinnis 
(De Vis) (Pisces : Ambassidae), in 
Brisbane, south-eastern Queensland 329 

Milward, N. E. See Jenkins, G. P. 
Morison, A. K. See Fletcher, A. R. 
Morton, D. W. 

Revision of the Australian Cyclopidae 
(Copepoda : Cyclopoida). I. 
Acanthocyclops Kiefer, Diacyclops 
Kiefer and Australocyclops, gen. 
nov. 615 

Nicholas, W. L. See Hodda, M. 
Nichols, P. D., Klumpp, D. W., and 
Johns, R. B. 

A study of food chains in seagrass 
communities. III. Stable carbon isotope 
ratios 683 

Nuttall, P. M. 

Uptake of phosphorus and nitrogen by 
Myriophyllum aquaticum (Velloza) Verd. 
growing in a wastewater treatment 
system 493 

Nye, H. C. See Holloway, P. E. 

Owen, L. 

Polypocephalus sp. (Cestoda : 
Lecanicephalidae) as a biological 
marker for banana prawns, Penaeus 
merguiensis de Man, in the Gulf of 
Carpentaria 291 

Pearce, A. F. See Hearn, C. J. 
Prince, J. D., and Ford, W. B. 

Use of anaesthetic to standardize efficiency 
in sampiing abalone populations (genus 
Haliotis; Mollusca : Gastropoda) 701 

Pyke, G. H. See Booth, D. J. 

Rimmer, M. A. 

Reproductive cycle of the fork-tailed catfish 
Arius graeffei Kner & Steindachner 
(Pisces : Ariidae) from the Clarence 
River, New South Wales 23 

Growth, feeding and condition of the 
fork-tailed catfish Arius graeffei Kner & 
Steindachner (Pisces : Ariidae) from the 
Clarence River, New South Wales 33 

Early development and buccal incubation in 
the fork-tailed catfish Arius graeffei 
Kner & Steindachner (Pisces : Ariidae) 
from the Clarence River, New South 
Wales 405 

Russell, D. J., and Garrett, R. N. 

Early life history of barramundi, Lates 
calcarifer (Bloch), in north-eastern 
Queensland 191 

Corrigendum 641 

Salini, J. P. See Shaklee, J. B. 
Semple, G. P. 

Reproductive behaviour and development 
of the glass perchlet, Ambassis agrammus 
Gunther (Pisces : Ambassidae), from 
the Alligator Rivers system, Northern 
Territory 797 

Senden, D. van. See Hearn, C. J. 
Shaklee, J. B., and Salini, J. P. 

Genetic variation and population subdivision 
in Australian “arramundi, Lates 
calcarifer (Bicch) 203 

Shepherd, R. K. See Heasman, M. P. 
Shiel, R. J. See Ganf, G. G. 
Smith, J. D., and Hamilton, T. F. 

Modelling of 7!°Pb behaviour in the 
catchment and sediment of Lake Tali 
Karng, Victoria, and estimation of 
recent sedimentation rates 15 

Smith, J. D. See also Butler, E. C. V. 

Talbot, V. 

Heavy metal concentrations in the oysters 
Saccostrea cuccullata and Saccostrea sp. 
from the Dampier Archipelago, Western 
Australia 169 

Thomson, J. D. 

Mercury concentrations of the axial muscle 
tissues of some marine fishes of the 
continental shelf adjacent to 
Tasmania 509 

Thomson, J. D., and Godfrey, J. S. 

Circulation dynamics in the Derwent 

Tomasov, J. F. See Lloyd, L. N. 
Towns, D. R. 

Limnological characteristics of a South 
Australian intermittent stream, Brown 
Hill Creek 821 

Authors and Titles 

Tyler, P. A. See Croome, R. L.; Ferris, J. M. 

Wear, R. G. See Haslett, S. J. 
Williams, W. T. See Bunt, J. S. 
Wilson, B. R. 
Direct development in southern Australian 
cowries (Gastropoda : Cypraeidae) 267 
Wilson, P. R. 
Tidal studies in the One Tree Isiand 
lagoon 139 

Young, J. W. See Blaber, S. J. M. 
Young, P. C. See McLoughlin, R. J. 
Yule, C. 
Comparative study of the life cycles of six 
species of Dinotoperla (Plecoptera : 
Gripopterygidae) in Victoria 717