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Full text of "Marine and Freshwater Research 1999: Vol 50 Index"

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Index to Volume 50 (1999) 
Authors and Titles 

See Ivantsoff W 467 

Acha E M, Mianzan H, Lasta C A, Guerrero R A 
Estuarine spawning of the whitemouth croaker 
Micropogonias furnieri (Pisces : Sciaenidae), 
in the Rio de la Plata, Argentina. 57 

Adams M 
See BryarsS R15 

Alexander C G 

See Johnston DJ 213 
Allen D 
See Donnelly TH 689 

Almeida Z 
See Lessa R 
Alongi DM 
See TrottLA 45] 
Anderson T J, Babcock R C 

Subcutaneous electromagnetic tagging of 


benthic octopus: a preliminary evaluation. 225 
t d 

Andrew N | 

See Stewart J 389 
Anstiss J M 

See Taylor HH 907 
Apte SC 

See Batley GE 729 
Au DW 

See Smith § E 373 
Ayvazian S G 

See Young GC 633 

Babcock R C 
See Anderson TJ 225 
and Kelly S 409 
Baker P D 
Role of akinetes in the development of 
cyanobacterial populations in the lower 
Murray River, Australia. 265 
Baldwin J , Gupta A, Iglesias X 
Scaling of anaerobic energy metabolism 
during tail flipping behaviour in the 
freshwater crayfish, Cherax destructor. 183 
Banks SA 
See Harriott V J 
Barnett C W, Pankhurst N W 

Repreductive biology and endocrinology of 


greenback flounder Rhombosolea tapirina 

(Giinther 1862). 35 
Batley G E, Apte S C, Stauber J L 

Accepiability of aquatic ioxicity data for the 

derivation of water quality guidelines for 

metals. 729 
Batley G E 

See also Fabris G J 
Baverstock PR 

See Jerry DR 661 
Beckley L E, van der Lingen C D 

Biology, fishery and management of sardines 


(Sardinops sagax) in southern African waters. 



Berelson W M, Townsend T, Heggie D T, Ford P, 
Longmore A R, Skyring G W, Kilgore T, 
Nicholson G J 
Modelling bio-irrigation rates in the 
sediments of Port Phillip Bay. 573 

Berelson W M 
See also Nicholson GJ 567 
and Heggie DT 589 

Bird F L, Ford P W, Hancock G J 
Effect of burrowing macrobenthos on the flux 

of dissolved substances across the water- 

sediment interface. 523 
Blaber S JM 

See Staunton-Smith J 643 
Black K P 

See Sokolov S 493 
Blake S 

See van Woesik R 427 
Boon PI 

See RobertsonAl 813 

Bormans M, Sherman B S, Webster I 7 

Is buoyancy regulation in cyanobac 

adaptation to exploit separation of light and 
nutrients? 897 
Boyd P 
See Hunter KA 739 
Brand S J, Lanyon J M, Limpus C J 
Digesta composition and retention times in 

wild immature green turtles, C/ 

1 mydas 
a preliminary investigation. 145 

Breen B 
See Marsh H 979 

Bryars S R, Adams M 
Allozyme study of the blue swimmer crab 

Portunus pelagicus (Crustacea : Portunidae), 
in Australia: stock delineation in southern 
Australia and evidence for a cryptic species 
in northern waters. 15 

Bulman C M, Koslow J A, Haskard K A 
Estimation of the spawning stock biomass of 
blue grenadier ‘ facruronus novaezelandiae) 

off western Tasmania based upon the a 

egg production method. 197 

Bunn S | 

See Woolschot L 68 


and Robertson Al 813 

Burke C M 
Molecular diffusive fluxes of oxygen in 
sediments of Port Phillip Bay in south-eastern 
Australia. 557 

Burton C 

See Moran M 

Cairns SC 
See Jerry DR 
Campbell S J 


Uptake of ammonium by four species of 

macroalgae in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, 

Caputi N 

See MoranM 27 

Carranza-Edwards A 

ia. 515 

See Rosales-Hoz L189 
Chen H-Y, Chen Y-L I 

Temperature preferendum of post 

arval black 

tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon). 67 

Chen Y, Kennelly S J 

Growth of spanner crabs, Ranina ranina, off 

the east coast of Australia 
Chen Y-L L 
See Chen H-Y 67 
Cho E-A 
See HaK 89 
Corkeron P 
See MarshH 979 
Crook D A, Robertson A I 
Relationships between riverine 

ish and 

woody debris: implications for lowland 
rivers. 94] 

Currie K I, Hunter K A 
Seasonal variation of surface water CO 


partial pressure in the So 


of New Zealand 

Davidson N C 
See FinlaysonC M 717 
Davis K M, Dixon PI, Harris J H 
Allozyme and mitochondrial DNA analysis o 


carp, Cyprinus carpio L., from 
Australia. 253 
Die D J, Ellis N 

Aggregation dynamics in penaeid fisheries: 

banana prawns (Penaeus merguiensis) in the 

Australian Northern Prawn Fishery. 667 
Dijkstra L H, Jellyman D J 
Is the subspecies classification of the 
freshwater eels Anguilla australis australis 
Richardson and A. a. schmidtii Phillipps still 
valid? 261 
Dixon P I 
See Davis K M_ 253 
Donnelly TH, Ford P W, Mc sregor D, Allen D 

Anthropogenic changes to a billabong in New 

South Wales: 1. Lagoon evolution and 
phosphorus dynamics. 689 

Ellis N 
See DieDJ 667 

Eros ¢€ 
See Marsh H 979 

Escot C, Granado-Lorencio ¢ 
Comparison of four methods of back- 
calculat 1s of a 
European ba ri (Giinthe 
(Pisces : Cyprinidae). 83 

Fabris G J, Mon C A, Batley G I 
Heavy metals in waters and sediments of Port 
Phillip Bay, Australia 

Fairfull S J L, Harriext V J 


“Ce y r > an ncpes® waneeres 
Succession, space and coral recrt 

subtropical fouling community. 2 

rguson G J 

See McGarvey R 
Ferrell D J 

See Stewart J 
Findlay S, Sinsabaugh R | 

Unravelling the sources and bioavailability 


of dissolved organic matter in lotic aquatic 

ecosystems. 78] 


Finlayson C M, Davidson N C, Spiers A G, 
Stevenson N J 

Global wetland inventory — current status and 

future priorities. 717 

Fletcher W J 
Vertical distribution of pilchard (Sardinops 
sagax) eggs and larvae off southern Australia. 

Ford P W 
See Bird FL 523 
and Berelson W M_= 5 
and Donnelly TH 689 

Fowler AJ , McLeay L, Short DA 

eproductive mode and spa g informatic 
Reproductive mode and spawning information 


based on gonad analysis for the King George 
whiting (Percoidei : Sillaginidae) from South 
Australia. | 

Francis RICC 

Optimum design for catch sampling of eels 

Francis RICC, Jellyman D J 
a Are mean size data adequate to monitor 

freshwater eel fisheries? 355 

Garcia V B 
See LuciforaL O 629 
Garcia-Ruiz R, Lucena J, Niell F X 
| Do bacteria regenerate phosphorus 
while decomposing seston? 459 
Graham D 
See Roubal FR 291 
Granado-Lorencio C 
See Escot C 83 
i Greenwood J G 
See Staunton-Smith J 643 
Grutter AS 
Fish cleaning behaviour in Noumea, 
New Caledonia. 209 
Guerrero RA 
See AchaEM 57 
Gupta A 

See Baldwin J 183 

Ha K, Cho E-A, Kim H-W, Joo G-J 
Microcystis bloom formation in the lower 
Nakdong River, South Korea: importance of 
hydrodynamics and nutrient loading. 89 
Hancock G J, Hunter J R 
Use of excess 7!°Pb and **’Th to estimate 
rates of sediment accumulation and 
bioturbation in Port Phillip Bay. 533 
Hancock G J 
See also Bird FL 523 
Harriott V J, Banks S A, Mau RL, Richardson 
D, Roberts LG 
Ecological and conservation significance of 
the subtidal rocky reef communities of 
northern New South Wales, Australia. 299 
Harriott V J 
See also FairfullS JL 235 
Harris G P 
Comparison of the biogeochemistry of lakes 
and estuaries: ecosystem processes, functional 
groups, hysteresis efffects and interactions 
betwee: macro- and microbiology. 791 

Harris J H 
See Davis KM _ 253 
Haskard K A 
See BulmanC M_ 197 
Haywood M DE 
See Wang Y-G 313 
Hegge B J 
SeeLemmAJ 95 
Heggie D T, Skyring G W, Orchardo J, Longmore 
AR, Nicholson G J, Berelson WM 
Denitrification and denitrifying efficiencies 
in sediments of Port Philip Bay: direct 
determinations of biogenic N> and 
N-metabolite fluxes. 589 
Heggie D1 
See also Berelson WM_= 573 
Hehir G 
See Marchant R_ 179 
Heron M L 
See PrytzA 483 
Herzfeld M, Tomezak M 
Bottom-driven upwelling generated by 
eastern intensification in closed and semi- 
closed basins with a sloping bottom. 613 
Hobday D K, Officer R A, Parry G D 
Changes to demersal fish communities in 
Port Phillip Bay, Australia, over two decades, 
1970-91. 397 
Hoegh-Guldberg O 
Climate change, coral bleaching and the 
future of the world’s coral reefs. 839 
Horn PL, Hurst R J 
Age and stock structure of gemfish (Rexea 
solandri) in New Zealand waters. 103 
Hughes J M 
See Woolschot L_ 681 
Hunter J R 
See Hancock GJ 533 
Hunter K A 
Direct disposal of liquified fossil fuel carbon 

dioxide in the ocean. 755 
Hunter K A, Boyd P 
Biogeochemistry of trace metals in the ocean. 
Hunter K A, Kim J P, Reid MR 
Factors influencing the inorganic speciation 
of trace metal cations in fresh waters. 367 
Hunter K A 
See also Currie K 1 375 
and Kim J P 699 
Hurst R J 
See Horn PL 103 


lesias X 
See Baldwin J 183 
Illingworth J 
See MossGA_ 129 
Ivantsoff W, Aarn 
Detection of predation on Australian native 
fishes by Gambusia holbrooki. 467 

Jeffrey S W, Wright S W, Zapata M 
Recent advances in HPLC pigment analysis 
of phytoplankton. 879 

Jellyman D J 
See DijkstraL H 261 
and Francis RICC 3 
Jerry D R, Raadik T A, Cairns S C, Baverstock PR 
Evidence for natural interspecific hybridiza- 


tion between the Australian bass (Macquaria 
novemaculeata) and estuary perch 
(M. colonorum). 661 
Johnston D J, Alexander C G 
Functional morphology of the mouthparts and 
alimentary tract of the slipper lobster Thenus 
orientalis (Decapoda : Scyllaridae). 213 
See HaK 89 

Kelly S, MacDiarmid A B, Babcock R C 
Characteristics of spiny lobster, Jasus 
edwardsii, aggregations in exposed reef and 
sandy areas. 409 

Kennelly S J 
See Chen Y 319 

See Pendrey RC 677 

Kilgore T 
See Berelson W M_ 573 

Kim H W 
See HaK 89 

Kim J P, Hunter K A, Reid MR 
Geochemical processes affecting the major 
ion composition of rivers in the South Island, 
New Zealand. 699 

Kim J P 
See also Hunter KA 367 

Koslow JA 
See Bulman C M_ 197 

Lanyon J M 
See BrandS J 145 
LastaC A 
See Acha EM 
Leeming R 
See O'Leary T 547 
Lemm A J, Hegge B J, Masselink G 
Offshore wave climate, Perth (Western 
Australia), 1994-96. 95 
Lessa R, Santana F, Menni R, Almeida Z 
Population structure and reproductive biology 


of the smalltail shark (Carcharhinus porosus) 
off Maranhao (Brazil). 383 
Limpus C J 
See BrandS J 145 
Loneragan N R 
See Park YC 327 
rae oval 
Longmore A 4 
See NeiraF J 43 
and Nicholson G J 567 
and Berelson WM _ 573 
and NicholsonGJ 581 
and Heggie DT 589 
Lucas JS 
See StumpRJW 71 
Lucena J 
See Garcia-Ruiz R 459 

Lucifora L O, Valero J L, Garcia V B 
Length at maturity of the greeneye spurdog 

shark, Squalus mitsukurii (Elasmobranchii : 

Squalidae), from the SW Atlantic, with 

comparisons with other regions. 629 

MacDiarmid A B 
See Kelly S 409 
Marchant R , Hehir G 
A method for quantifying hand-net samples 
of stream invertebrates. 179 
Marsh H , Eros C, Corkeron P, Breen B 
A conservation strategy for dugongs: 
implications of Australian research. 979 
MartinR B 
See Young PC 417 
Masselink G 
SeeLemmAJ 95 
Mau R | 
See Harriott VJ 299 
McEwan A D 
See ReicheltRE 711 
McGarvey R, Ferguson G J, Prescott J H 
Spatial variation in mean growth rates at size 
of southern rock lobster, Jasus edwardsii, in 
South Australian waters. 333 
McGregor D 
See Donnelly TH 689 
McLeay | 
See FowlerAJ 1 
McLoughlin R J 
See Young PC 417 
Melville A 
See Stevenson J 
Melville M D 
See Wilson BP 149 
Mendez-Jaime C 
See Rosales-Hoz L 189 
Menni R 
Se 3 I essa R 383 
Mianzan H 
See AchaEM_ 57 
Mitchell B D 
See NewtonGM 441 
Monahan C A 
See Fabris GJ 503 
Monreal-Gomez M A 
See Rosales-Hoz L189 
Moran M, Burton C, Caputi N 
Sexual and local variation in head morphol- 


ogy of snapper, Pagrus auratus, Sparidae, in 
the Shark Bay region of Western Australia. 

MorisonA K 
See RobertsonS G 73 

Moss GA, Tong L J, Illingworth J 
Effects of light intensity and food density on 
the growth and survival of early-stage 
phyllosoma larvae of the rock lobster Jasus 
edwardsii. 129 

Murray A G Parslow J S 
Modelling of nutrient impacts 
in Port Phillip bay — a semi-enclosed marine 

Australian ecosystem. 597 

Murray S, Suthers | M 
Population ecology of Noctiluca scintillans 

Macartney, a red-tide-forming dinoflagellate 

Neira F J, Sporcic M I, Longmore AR 
Biology and fishery of pilchard, Sardinops 
sagax (Clupeidae), within a large south- 
eastern Australian bay. 43 

Newton G M, Mitchell B D 
Egg dormancy in the Australian estuarine- 
endemic copepods Gippslandia estuarina and 
Sulcanus conflictus, with reference to 
dormancy of other estuarine fauna. 441 

Nichols P D 
See O’Leary T 547 

Nicholson G J, Longmore AR 
Causes of observed temporal variability of 
nutrient fluxes from a southern Australian 
marine embayment. 581 

Nicholson G J, Longmore A R, Berelson W M 
Nutrient fluxes measured by two types of 
benthic chamber. 567 

Nicholson G J 
See also Berelson W M_ 573 
and Heggie DT 589 

Niell F X 
See Garcia-Ruiz R 459 

O’Leary T, Leeming R, Nichols P D, Volkman J K 
Assessment of the sources, transport and fate 
of sewage-derived organic matter in Port 
Phillip Bay, Australia, using the signature 
lipid coprostanol. 547 

Officer RA 
See Hobday DK 34 

Orchardo J 

See Heggie DT 589 

Page MJ 
See Woods CMC_ 135 

Pankhurst N W 
See Barnett CC W 35 

Park Y C, Loneragan N R 
Effect of temperature on the behaviour of the 
endeavour prawns Metapenaeus endeavouri 
(Schmitt) and Metapenaeus ensis (De Haan) 
(Decapoda : Penaeidae). 327 

Parry GD 
See Hobday DK 397 

Parslow JS 
See Murray AG 597 

Pattiaratchi C 
See Ranasinghe R 281 

Pendrey R C, Loneragan N R , Kenyon RA, 
Vance D J 
Simple morphometric characters, confirmed 
by gel electrophoresis, separate small 
juvenile banana prawns (Penaeus indicus and 
P. merguiensis). 677 

Pettovello A D 
By-catch in the Patagonian red shrimp 
(Pleoticus muelleri) fishery. 123 


Plaut | 
Effects of salinity acclimation on oxygen 
consumption in the freshwater blenny, 
Salaria fluviatilis, and the marine peacock 
blenny, S. pavo. 655 

Prescott J H 
See McGarvey R_ 333 

Prytz A, Heron ML 
On the flushing of Port Phillip Bay: an 
application of HF ocean radar. 483 

Raadik TA 
See Jerry DR 661 
Ranasinghe R, Pattiaratchi C 
Circulation and mixing characteristics of a 
seasonally open tidal inlet: a field study. 281 
Reichelt R E, McEwan A D 
Australia’s marine science and technology 
plan: an action plan for Australia’s Oceans 
Policy. 711 
See Hunter K A 367 
and Kim JP 699 
Richardson D 
See Harriott VJ 299 
Risk M J 
Paradise lost: how marine science failed the 
world’s coral reefs. 831 
Roberts L G 
See Harriott VJ 299 
Robertson Al , Bunn S E, Boon P I, Walker K f 
Sources, sinks and transformations of organic 

carbon in Australian floodplain rivers. 8 
Robertson A | 
See also Crook DA 941 
Robertson S G Morison A K 
A trial of artificial neural networks for 
automatically estimating the age of fish. 73 
Rosales-Hoz L, Carranza-Edwards A, Mendez- 
Jaime C, Monreal-Gomez M A 
Metals in shelf sediments and their 
association with continental discharges in a 
tropical zone. 189 
Roubal F R, Graham D 
Monthly variation in recruitment, infection, 
size, fecundity and mating of Naobranchia 
variabilis (Copepoda : Naobrachiidae) 
parasitic on the gills of toadfish Tetractenos 
hamiltoni from Moreton Bay, Australia. 291 

Santana F 
See Lessa R 383 
Short DA 
See FowlerAJ 1 
Show C 
See SmithS E 373 
Sinsabaugh R L 
See Findlay S_ 781 
Skyring G W 
See Berelson W M_ 573 
and Heggie DT 589 
Smith S E, Au D W, Show C 
Corrigendum to: Intrinsic rebound potentials 
of 26 species of Pacific sharks [Vol.49 issue 
pages 663-78]. 373 

Sokolov S, Black K P 

Long-term prediction of water quality for 

three types of catchment. 493 
Spiers A G 

See Finlayson C M 
Sporcic M I 

See NeiraF J 43 
Stauber J | 

See Batley GE 729 
Staunton-Smith J, Blaber S J M, Greenwood J G 


Interspecific differences in the distribution of 

adult and juvenile ponyfish (Leiognathidae) 
in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia. 643 
Stevenson J, Melville A 
Settlement and recruitment of the abalone 
Haliotis cyclobates Péron, 1816. 229 
Stevenson N J 
See FinlaysonC M 717 
Stewart J, Ferrell D J, Andrew N L 
Validation of the formation and appearance 
of annual marks in the otoliths of yellowtail 
(Trachurus novaezelandiae) and blue 
mackerel (Scomber australasicus) in New 
South Wales. 389 
Stump R J W, Lucas J S 

Age estimation and patterns of growth in 

Acanthaster planci: a reply to Souter (1997). 

Suthers | M 
See Murray S 243 

Taylor H H, Anstiss J M 
Copper and haemocyanin dynamics in 
aquatic invertebrates. 907 

Tomascik 17 
See van Woesik R 427 

Tomezak M 
See Herzfeld M 613 

Tong L J 

See MossGA_ 129 

Townsend T 
See Berelson WM 5 


Trott L A, Alongi D M 
Variability in surface water chemistry and 
phytoplankton biomass in two tropical, 
tidally dominated mangrove creeks. 451 

Valero J L 

See LuciforaL O 629 
Vance D J 

See Pendrey RC 677 
van der Lingen C D 

See Beckley LE 955 
Van Woesik R, Tomascik T, Blake S 

Coral assemblages and physico-chemical 

characteristics of the Whitsunday Islands: 

evidence of recent community changes. 427 
Volkman J K 

Australasian research on marine natural 

products: chemistry, bioactivity and ecology. 

Volkman J K 
See also O'Leary T 547 

Walker D 
Some physical and chemical features of two 
upland crater lakes in tropical north-eastern 
Australia. 159 

Walker K F 
See RobertsonAl 813 

Walker S J 
Coupled hydrodynamic and transport models 
of Port Phillip Bay, a semi-enclosed bay in 
south-eastern Australia. 469 

Wang Y-G 
A maximum-likelihood method for 
estimating natural mortality and catchability 
coefficient from catch-and-effort data. 307 

Wang Y-G, Haywood M DE 
Size-dependent natural mortality of juvenile 
banana prawns Penaeus merguiensis in the 
Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia. 313 

Wells RM G 
Haemoglobin function in aquatic animals: 
molecular adaptations to environmental 
challenge. 933 

West G J 
See YoungPC 417 
White I 

See WilsonBP 149 

Wilkinson C R 
Global and local threats to coral reef 
functioning and existence: review and 
predictions. 867 

Wilson B P, White | , Melville M D 
Floodplain hydrology, acid discharge and 
change in water quality associated with a 
drained acid sulfate soil. 149 

Wise BS 
See Young GC 633 

Woods C M C, Page M J 
Sponge masking and related preferences in 
the spider crab Thacanophrys filholi 
(Brachyura: Majidae). 135 

Woolschot L, Hughes J M, Bunn S E 
Dispersal among populations of Caridina sp. 
(Decapoda : Atyidae) in coastal lowland 
streams, south-eastern Queensland, Australia. 

Wright S W 
See Jeffrey SW 879 

Young G C, Wise B S, Ayvazian S G 
A tagging study on tailor (Pomatomus 
saltatrix) in Western Australian waters: 
their movement, exploitation, growth and 
mortality. 633 

Young P C, West G J, McLoughlin R J, Martin R B 
Reproduction of the commercial scallop, 

-ecten fumatus, Reeve, 1852 in Bass Strait, 

Australia. 417 

Zapata M 
See Jeffrey S W 879