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Continuing the 

cAdvocate of “Peace 
Through Justice 

Vol. 129 

The American Peace Society 
1307 New Hampshire Avenue, 
Washington 6, D. C. 






Index to Volume 129 

. A 
Abbott, Arthur 8.—World Buddhists Under Pressure 101 
Ahoua, Timothée N’Guetta—Foreign Policy of the nan of the Ivory 
Alliance for Progress, “"The—Hartley F. Dame 233 
Anatomy of Conquest, The—Donald 146 
Armistice of 1918, The—Ulysses S. Grant, 3rd 13 
Armstrong, Anne—Book Review. - bcos 264 
Armstrong, Donald— 
Book Reviews. : 42, 124, 1197 
Cold War and Peace: “Lessons from the Greeks... 74 
Hitler’s Cold War... 218 

“Asian Policy”—Yes and No—of the United States, The—Stanley K. Hornbeck 7 
Atkinson, James D.—Book Review..... 208 

Baldwin, Merle S.—Book Review___.. 44 
Barber, Willard—Book Review ..................-.. 57 
Baumer, William H.—Book Review... 119 
Bear, F.— Book Review ... 56 
Berri, Heidi—Book Review... 198 
Blackstock, Paul W.—Book Review. 141 
Blakeley, H. W.—Book Review... .. 66 
Blocks, Adrian—Book Reviews 60, 111 
Books Reviewed— 
Africa—Waldemar A. 67 
African Enterprise: The Nigerian Bread 189 
Anguish of India, The—Ronald Segal. 
Atlantic Community, The—Drew Middleton... 44 
Burden of Guilt, The—-Hannah Vogt 45 
Central Asians Under Russian Rule—Elizabeth A. Bacon... 275 
Century After Cortés, The—Fernando Benitez ee mee 47 
China—Harry Schwartz 67 
China ard the World—Vidya 48 
China: Empire of the 700 Million—Harry Hamm. 190 
Chinese Communist Education, edited by Stewart Frazer_.........-.... 48 
Chinese Political Thought: Mao Tse-tung and Liu Shao-chi— 

Cominterm, The: Historical Highlights—Milorad Drachovitech 257 
Communism and the Political Process in Malaya—K. J. Ratnam. 69 
Communism in Africa—Fritz Schatten ___.. 192 
Communist China in World Polities—Harold C. Hinton 48 
Communist Revolution in Asia, The—Robert A. Scalapino_..-..._. 112 
Conflict Society, The—Kalman H. Silvert 256 
Congress and Lobbies: sania and Reality—Andrew Scott and 

Creating Political Order: “The ‘Party States of West Africa— 

Aristide Zolberg 284 
Crisis of German Ideology, The—George L. Mosse . 260 

Death in the Northeast: siete and Revolution of Brazil 
Josue de Castro 261 


DeGaulle, A Political Biography—Alexander Werth 197 
DeGaulle: Implacable Ally—Roy C. Maecridis... 197 
Dirty Politics—Bruce L. Felknor_. 273 
East Wind Over Africa: Red China’s African Offensive—John K. Cooley 192 
Economic Integration in the Soviet Bloc—Heinz Kohler _ . 49 
Economics of Agricultural Development, The—John W. Mellor .... 263 
Edwardians, The—Charles Petrie . 264 
Empire of the Arabs, The—John B. Glubb . : . 
Escalation and the Nuclear Option-——Bernard ‘Brodie. 257 
European Idea, The—Lord Gladwyn .. stesso 
Europe of the ‘Dictators, 1919- 1945—FElizabeth Wiskemann . 265 
Evolution of International Organization, The—Evan Luard ’ 267 
Explanation of De Gaulle—Robert Aron . 42 
Federalism and Supranational Organizations—Peter Hay 267 
Financing African Development, edited by Tom Farer 193 
First Amendment, The: Religious Freedom in America from Colonial 
Days to the School Prayer Controversy—Wm. Marnell 199 
Five Journeys from Jakarta——Maslyn Williams _.. 50 
Formosa Betrayed—George H. Kerr __ _. 114 
Foundation of Freedom, The—Durward V. Sandifer and L. R. Scheman 52 
France and Germany—Rene Lauret 53 
French Army in Politics, The, 1945- 1962—John s. Ambler 268 
From Collective Security to Preventive Diplomacy—Joel Larus 53 
From Marshall Aid to Atlantic Partnership—Ernst H. Van Der Beugel.. 200 
Germany and the Atlantie Alliance—James L. Richardson . 201 
Germany: Yesterday and Tomorrow—Peter H. Merk] 45 
| Glass House, The:—United Nations in Action—James J. W adsworth 117 
Goethe: His Life and Times—Richard Friedenthal 55 
Hitler and Japan: The Hollow Alliance—Johanna M. Meskill ‘ 270 
Hitler’s Social Revolution—David Schoebaum .... 265 
India Speaks to America—B. N. Chakravarty 202 
International Financia] Aid—Wolfgang Friedmann 272 
Israel and Africa—M. E. Kreinin  _. 284 
Kennedy Campaigning—Murray B. Levin 273 
Kenyatta’s Country—Richard Cox . 192 
Khrushchev and the Arts—Priscilla Johnson .... 56 
Khrushchev and the Soviet Leadership—Carl Linden 275 
Last Battle, The—Cornelius Ryan .... 119 
Latin America: An Economie and Social Geography—J. P. Cole 57 
Latin America: Politics, Economics, and Hemispheric Security—edited 
by Norman A. 58 
Law and Social Change in Ghana—William B. “Harvey ; 284 
Law in the Soviet Society—Wayne R. LaFave 120 
Letters from the Paris Peace Conference—Harold B. Whiteman 123 
Making of Foreign Policy, The—Andrew H, Berding _ 123 
Memoirs, 1945- 1953—Konrad Adenauer 278 
Memoirs of Capitalism, Communism and Nazism—C aivin “Hoover 59 
Memoirs of Field Marshal Keitel, The, edited by Walter Gorlitz . 124 
Moral Issue in Statecraft, The—Kenneth W. Thompson —__ . 280 
Munich: “Peace for Our Time’”—Henri Nogueres._. 
Nazi Culture—George L. Mosse 265 
Nehru: A Contemporary’s Estimate—Walter Crocker 2 . 204 
New Front Page, The—John Hohenberg 
New Left, The—Phillip A. Luce —_.. 205 
New York Times World Economic Review and “Forecast -1966—edited 
by Lee Kanner... . 144 
None So Blind—Ian Colvin. 60 
Obligations of Power, The: American Diplomacy ix in 1 the ‘Search ‘for ‘Peace 
—Harlan Cleveland .. . 12 
On the Uses of Military Power i in . the Nuclear “Age—Klaus ‘Knorr. 257 

Overtaken by Events—John Bartlow Martin... 281 
E Papers of Woodrow Wilson, vol. 1, 1856-1880, senna edited by 
Arthur S. Link. 206 
Parades and Politics ‘at ‘Viehy—Robert oO. “Paxton... 
Party That Lost Its Head, The—G. F. Gilder and B. K. Chapman. Sule ae 273 
Political Development and Social Change, edited by J. L. Finkle and 
{sale Political Economy of Latin America, The—Wendell C. Gordon... 63 
Political Oppositions in Western Democracies, edited by Robert A. Dahl 129 
Politics Is Adjourned: Woodrow Wilson and the War — 1916- 
1918—Seward W. Livermore... . 206 
Political Power and Social Change—Peter iH. ‘Odegard 
Polities in Africa: 7 Cases, edited by Gwendolyn Carter... 
Polities in West Africa—W. Arthur Lewis 193 
Politics of Struggle: The Communist Front and Political Warfare— : 
James D. Atkinson _.... 207 
Polities, Strategy, and American Diplomacy : “Studies in 1 Foreign Poliey, 
1873- 1917—John A. S. Grenville and George B. Young —__. . 257 
Portrait of Adlai E. Stevenson—Alden Whitman and New York Times 130 ] 
Power Broker, The: A Biography of John M. Bailey—J. L. Lieberman... 273 ] 
Presidential Government: The Crucible of Leadership—James M. Burns... 131 I 
Private Plans and Public Dangers: The Story of FDR’s Third 
Nomination—Bernard F. Donahue — 
Quest for Peace, The, edited by A. Cordier and W. Foote... aac seeaka 
Reluctant Warriors, The—Donald Armstrong see 208 Cc 
Responsible Electorate: Rationality in Presidential Voting 1 1936- 1960, C 
The—V. O. Key Jr... . 131 Cc 
Revolution of Color, The—Thomas P. “Melady. 132 
Revolution of the Saints, The: A Study in the Origins of Radical Parties 
Roosevelt-Litvinov Agreements, The—Donald G. | ee 135 D 
Rise of the Legal Profession in America, The—A. H. Chroust... —~ See 
Secrecy and the Arms Race—Martin C. McGuire de 
Security of Southern Asia, The—D. E. Kennedy __ 
‘ Seeds of Discord: De Gaulle, Free France and the ‘Allies— F 
Dorothy S. White 
Sino-Soviet Military Relations, ‘edited by Raymond L. Garthoff 257 
Social Change: The Colonial Situation, edited by I. Wallerstein... 192 
ia Social History of an Indonesian Town, The—Clifford Geertz... 50 G 
Sons of France: Petain and De Tournoux............ 197 Ge 
Southeast Asia’s Second Front—Arnold ‘Brackman... 69 Gr 
Soviet Economic Controversies—Jere L. Felker. 275 Gr 
Soviet Ideology Today—Gustav A. Wetter.._.__»___--=_ 288 
Soviet Impact on International Law, The-—Hans W. Baade...__........... 120 
Soviet Military Policy: A Historical Analysis—R. L. Garthoff__.. 211 He 
Soviet Poticy-Making: Studies of Communism in Transition—edited a Hi 
Peter H. Juviler and Henry W. Morton. Ho 
Soviet Strategy at the Crossroads—Thomas w. ‘Wolfe. 211 Ho 
a Study of Contemporary Ghana, I: The Economy of Ghana, edited by 
a W. Birmingham, I. Neustadt and E. N. Omaboe_......---_____ 284 
tg Survey of United States-Latin American Relations, A—J. L. Mecham... 136 Hu 
This Kind of Peace—T. R. Fehrenbach 117 
ol Three Faces of Fascism: Action, Francaise, Italian Fascism, “National 
Socialism—Ernst Nolte 137 Imy 
Three Lives of Charles De ‘Gaulle, “The—David 8 Schoenbaum 42 Ind 
Three Worlds of Development—Irving L. Horowitz 213 
Truman Administration, The, edited by B. J. Bernstein and A. J. Jac 
Matusow.. 2 273 Jen 


Truman Presidency, The: History of a Triumphant Succession— 

United States and Japan, “The—Herbert Passin.___ 140 
Under Five Shahs—Hassan Arfa_. ELON 
Unwritten Alliance, The—E. I 71 
Waffen SS: Hitler’s Elite Guard at War—George H. Stein... 141 
Wilson: Campaigns for Progressivism and Peace—Arthur S. Link 72 
Wilson: Confusion and Crises—Arthur S. Link... 72 
World Cities, The—Peter Hal] 143 

World Revolutionary Elites, edited by H. D. “Lasswell and Daniel Lerner 211 

Yearbook of the United Nations: 1964, The... 144 
Brabner-Smith, John W.—Book Reviews. $0, 278, = 
Brosius, Joan E.—Book Review... 135 
Brown, Philip Marshall—Denys P. Myers __ ea 4 
Burdette, Franklin L.—Book Reviews...» 131, "206, 207, 273 

Publie Opinion in Changing 83 

Stanley K. Hornbeck: An Appreciation...» . 222 
Burke, Arleigh—Decision Making: The Human Element... 152 
Butler, Brian E.—Book Reviews ...................-...-----.-.-.------ 63, 136, 213, 280 
Butler, William E.—Book Reviews... 120, 275 

They Say 39 

Cold War and Peace: Lessons from the Greeks—Donald Armstrong... os 74 
Congress of Nations for the Peaceful ee of All International 
Disputes, A—William Ladd 176 
Dame, Hartley F.—Alliance for 233 

de Brabant, Jean—Book 132, 288 
Decision Making: The Human Element—Arleigh Burke... 152 

Foreign Policy of the Republic of the Ivory Coast—Timothée N’Guetta 
Ahoua 160 
Fraser, Donald M.—New Directions in Foreign Aid 244 
Gosnell, Harold F.—Book Review 
Grant, ‘Ulysses S. 3rd—Armistice of 1918, The | 
Great Cultura] Revolution and the Red Guards, The—Michael Lindsay___._.. 225 
Heisler, Martin .—Book Review _ 
Hoehling IV, Adolph A.—Book Review 210 
Hornbeck, Stanley K.—An Appreciation ___ 222 

“Asian Policy’—Yes and No—of the United States, The...» 7 

Book Reviews -_. 112, 114, 128, 190 

Paul M. A. Linebarger. 1913- -1966 79 
Hutzel, Willard J.—Book Review. 143 

Important Action Taken by the Directors _ 109 
India’s Policy and the Vietnam Conflict—Baljit Singh 251 
Jacobs, Walter Darnell—Book Reviews... 52, 129, 136, 205, 211, 257, 267 
Jones, William—Book Reviews 189, 263 

4 | 
3 : 


Kegley, Charles W. II—Book Review.. 
Kim, Joungwon A.—Korean Participation in the Vietnam War. 28 
Korean Participation in the Vietnam 
Kraus, Jon—Book Reviews... 192, 193, 284 
Ladd, William—A Congress of Nations for the Peaceful soeenaniaticain of All 
International Disputes 176 
Levit Jr., William H.—Book Reviews “202, 204 
Lindsay, Michael—The Great Cultural Revolution and the Red Guards... 225 
Linebarger, Genevieve Collins—Book Reviews....... 69 
Linebarger, Paul M. A.—Book Reviews _. 48, 67 
Paul M. A. Linebarger, 1913- 1966—Stanley K. Hornbeck... 79 
Lowry, Charles Wesley—Viands for Anglophiles..__-..--..------------_- 183 
Lowry, Kate Rowe—Presidential Mantle Falls on General Donald Armstrong 36 

Peace and the Poor Nations—Aaron 168 
Penniman, Howard R.—Book Review -. 
Pettee, George S.—Political Development: “A Problem Needing Study. 88 
Piper, Don C.—Book Reviews........... : 
Planck, Charles—Book Review... 
Plisehke, Elmer—Reflections on “International ‘Integration 20 
Pluralism and National Unity—Franklin L. Burdette... 
Political Development: A Problem Needing Study—George s. ‘Pettee- 88 
Presidential Mantle Falls on General Donald a Rowe since 36 
Public Opinion in Changing Socieites—Franklin L. Burdette... 83 

Reflections on International Integration 20 

Scheinfeld, Aaron—Peace and the Poor Nations... 
Shiflett, Vance I..—Book Reviews 
Singh, Baljit—India’s Policy and the Vietnam Conflict... ROR 
Stewart-Smith, Geoffrey—Buok 60 

They Say—William E. Butler -... 

Thomson, Vernon W.—Book Review... 192 

Thorning, Joseph F.—Book Reviews 47, “55, Tl, “199, 261, 281 

Toward Stability in Multinational States—James H. “Wolfe 94 

Viands for Anglophiles—-Charles W. Lowry. 

Wolfe, James H.—Book Reviews _- 45, 122, 125, 137, 201, 265, 278 
Toward Stability in Multinational States _ 94 
World Buddhists Under Pressure—Arthur S. Abbott. 

Zvonchenko, Walter—Book Review .. 

153 4