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US Office of Strategic Services 

Simple Sabotage Field Manual 

Simple Sabotage Field Manual 
By United States Office of Strategic Services 

Formed during World War Il, the United States Office of Strategic Services 
(OSS) was organized for special operations and intelligence gathering and 
analysis. Included in its mission was the implementation of and training of 
foreign forces in propaganda, espionage, subversion, and sabotage. After 
the war, OSS functions were transferred to the newly formed Central 
Intelligence Agency (CIA). 

This “Simple Sabotage Field Manual” was used by OSS agents in training 
“citizen-saboteurs” in methods for inciting and executing simple sabotage 
to thwart industry and other vital functions in Axis-occupied areas. 
(Summary by James Christopher) 

Read by James Christopher; total running time: 00:58:43. Dedicated Proof- 
Listener: Tricia G. 

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Cover picture by Cplbeaudoin (2008). 
camouflage pattern _%28Temperate_Woodland_variant%29.jpg Cover design by Janette Brown. 
This design is in the public domain. 

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