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Also covers Lightsaber Duels™ ae -_ rv yo 
for) Wii™! aS Ty j +\ rR WA 

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For Nintendo 0S. 




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The Devastation... 


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a“ Touch the Touch * Screen) 

The Clone Wars rage across the entire galaxy! The forces of the 
Republic, led by the valiant Jedi Knights, must defend against 
Count Dooku, General Grievous, and the Separatist Army. 

When a cargo of precious lightsaber crystals is mysteriously Notes may not enhance your abilities or experience, 
hijacked, Anakin Skywalker and his new Padawan, Ahsoka but they will provide information on the game or the 
Tano, are sent to recover it. What begins as a routine inves- book. You can live without these, but if you thirst for 
tigation leads to a test of will for the fearless Jedi. Anakin, knowledge, read them! 

Ahsoka, and eventually Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace 
Windu, Plo Kloon, and Kit Fisto must band together to face a 
terrifying new enemy. The Jedi must combine their individual 
powers in new ways to overcome a sinister force that can 
match their skills with the lightsaber and even the Force! 

The future of the entire Republic is at stake...will our heroes 


At the start of each mission, you choose two Jedi from a 
selection of six. The pairing of the Jedi gives you access to 
abilities that are unique to each Jedi team. 

Using this combination of the Jedis’ unique abilities, 
you battle through nine action-packed levels that feature 
innovative, stylus-based combat, unique environments, Jedi These sidebars are for true Star Wars fans. Each trivia 
Master-level puzzles, and several different types of minigames! box contains little bits of info on the Jedi Alliance plot, 

game, and the people who made it! 


The following section details all the playable characters in Jedi Alliance. 

sal =, pt 
| a 

Allegiance: The Republic 
Rank: Commander 
Class: Padawan 
Species: Togruta 
Height: 1.61 
Force Power: Environmental 

Combo Attacks 

Combo AIstHit 2ndHit 3rdHit 4th Hit 
[JediCombot | Mid] Mid | High__| 
[JediCombos [mid [mid [Mid tow 


Ans’ 1 

AnsokaCombo4 | High || Low 
[ansoka Combos [tow [High | Mid | 

Once you've stunned a melee enemy, you can 
execute a combo by performing a variety of high, 
mid, and low attacks. j 

AhsokaTano is Anakin’s Padawan, and like her master, she is both highly skilled and 

overly enthusiastic. She is strong with the Force and is empathetic toward others. 





— j 

[ose wan; Kena toi yi as 


ng \} i re 



Allegiance: The Republic 
Rank: General 
Class: Jedi Knight 
Species: Human 
Height: 1.88 
Force Power: Combat 

Combo Attacks 

Combo Ist Hit 2nd Hit 3rd Hit 4th Hit é . 7 

Fiediconbor [Mad | Mid | High | Hah | 

Fesicombo2 | tow | tow | tow | Mid _| 

[esiGonbos [Ma wis] [tow | 

Fvesiconos | Mid | wid | wid | Hig _] 

eiconbos [igh [High | ign [id | 

FanekinCombor | Mid tow | High | Low | 

FanekinComo2 | low [law] id [ah] 

Fanekincombo3 [tow | _wigh [Mid] tow | 

Farin Combo | —vigh [ig [wig [wis] 

Fanekincombos | ish | wid] Low | wid | 

Anakin is a powerful but impetuous Jedi Knight and general. His skills 

are highly respected by the Jedi Council, but some worry about his , 
unpredictable behavior. 4 : 



O A a: 

a _ 


Allegiance: The Republic 
Rank: High General 

Class: Jedi Knight 

Species: Nautolan 

Height: 1.96 

Force Power: Environmental 

Combo Attacks 

Combo Ast Hit 2ndHit S3rdHit 4th Hit 
Fedicombo2 [tow | Low _| 
[edicontos | ma] 

Fisto Combo 3 

tow | 4 
[rsoconbos [wis | a 
ion | 

Fisto Combo 5 

Kit Fisto is a natural warrior. Equally 
comfortable fighting on land and in 
water, he is known for his trademark 
smile that shows he relishes every 
moment of battle. 


Fucr unou 



[Sy — 




Allegiance: The Republic 
Rank: General 
Class: Jedi Master 
Species: Human 
Height: 1.8 

Force Power: Combat 

Combo Attacks 

Combo Ist Hit 2ndHit 3rd Hit 4th Hit 
Fusdiconbor | Ms | Md | igh | High | 
[esiconbos [Maw [tow] 
Fesiconbos | mis] wid | mid] Hoh _] 
[eciconos [igh Wig [igh i] 
FwindsCantoz [tow [tow Wah Mid 
windy ombo2 | Wigh | —wia_| Mid] Hi _| 
[wind Combo [Mid High [Woh tow] 
Fwingu contos | igh | wid | tow | Mid | 

Mace Windu is the cool head of the Jedi 
Council. Mace always seems to have the 
weight of the galaxy on his shoulders. 
In truth, he is constantly pondering the 
depths of the Force. 


Allegiance: The Republic 
Rank: General 
Class: Jedi Master 

Species: Human , 
Height: 1.8 f 

Force Power: Combat 

Combo Attacks 

Combo Ist Hit 2ndHit 3rdHit 4th Hit 

HeciConbot [Md | Md Nigh [High | 
Ce a A 
FieciConbos | Mid | Mid wid] Hah | 
[sediGonbos | ¥igk | Wigh[_ gh wid] 
[ouewenonboz |_wd | High] Won | 

Obi-Wan Combos | High [High [tow 
Obi: Wan Combo 5 Mid 

Obi-Wan is a seasoned and compas- 
sionate warrior and general. His 
principles and charm make him a natural 

#0 KOON 
Eiasce win 








Allegiance: The Republic 
Rank: General 

At various points in the game, you will 

Class: Lifetime member of the Jedi 

Council also control droids C-3P0 and R2-D2. 

R2-D2 is skilled in zapping droids and 
tapping security consoles, while C-3P0 
Height: 1.88 uses his renowned translation abilities 
Force Power: Environmental and quick thinking to confuse and 
irritate the opposition. 

Species: Kel Dor 

Combo 1st Hit 2nd Hit 

Plo Koon is a high-ranking general of 

the grand army of the Republic. He has Jedi Combo 1 | Mid | Mid __| 
a strong sense of justice and is highly Jedi Combo 2 | tow | tow | 
skilled in hand-to-hand fighting with his JediCombo3 | Mid | Mid _| 
lightsaber. Jedi Combo 4 |__Mid_ | Mid_| 
Jedi Combo 5 ae 
aaa Toa Koon Combo 2 a a 

— KeonConbo3 | mia __| tow | 

= | 

3rd Hit 

Bio Combo Attacks 

4th Hit 



Move the stylus 
on the lower touch 
screen to move 
Neltimestle-(oclm a 
that direction. 

Tap on the 
indicators with 
your stylus to jump 
to that location. 

Walk over an item 
to automatically 
collect and use 

it. Items include 
lum crystals and 
Force orbs, which 
replenish and 
add Force power. 
To collect Force 
orbs, gather them 
after breaking 
destructible containers scattered throughout the levels. 



Certain objects will 
glow to indicate 
that you can 
interact with them. 
Tap on glowing 
objects with your 
stylus to perform 
actions. Some 
interactive objects 
can only be found 
by using the Force 
(@ or @) 


Upon encountering 
an enemy, you will 
automatically draw 
your lightsaber. At 
that point, you can 
engage the foe by 
tapping on them 
with your stylus. 
combat, simply tap 
anywhere on the 
screen behind you. 

Tap high, mid, or 
low on an enemy 
with your stylus 
to perform rapid 
attacks with your 
lightsaber. Some 
enemies will block 
these attacks until 
they are stunned 
F-Talemer-lamelal hy 

be damaged by 
performing combo 

— a) 




Melee enemies 

will block your 
rapid attacks until 
you breach their 
defense. In order 
to breach a melee 
enemy's defense, 
you must push 
them backward by 
skillfully executing 
rapid attacks before 
they have the 
chance to attack you. Once an enemy is leaning backward, they 
can be stunned by performing a few more well-timed rapid 

Melee enemies are those that can attack you with 
melee strikes, Droids, for example, are not melee 
enemies. Nightsisters are. 

When fighting 

melee enemies, 

you may end up in 

a Lightsaber Lock 

with them. Quickly 

tap anywhere on the 

screen with your 

stylus to push the 

enemy backward to win the lock and prevent your 
Jedi from taking damage. 

Tap on the enemy 
your partner is 
currently fighting to 
automatically join 
in the battle. 


To perform a 
powerful counter- 
strike, tap on your 
Jedi at the moment 
they are hit by a 
melee attack. 

Your Jedi will 

Fell celanr-livercling 
block all attacks 
as long as they 
aren't stunned 

or currently 
attacking an enemy. 
However, your 
Jedi’s Defense 
meter will deplete 
every time an 
autoblock is 

Tap on your Jedi as 
they are about to 
be hit by a ranged 
Elitle SReilaal’ 
back to its source. 

Hold @ or @) and 
tap on an enemy 
droid with your 
stylus to perform a 
Force Push. You can 
only perform this 
attack when you 
are not currently 
engaged with 

an enemy and 
when there is a 
glow around the 
intended target. 

When your Force 
meter is full, hold 
your stylus on an 
enemy to perform 
an extremely 
powerful Team 

Up Combo. Each 
time you complete 
a mission using 
the same team of 
Jedi, their bond 
will strengthen and 
their Force meter will increase by one segment. The larger 
your Force meter, the more powerful your Team Up Combos 
will become, but you must have a full Force meter to use this 
action, and performing it will use all of your Force power. 

At specific points 
within each 
mission, there are 
areas that can only 
be accessed with 
the right team of 
Jedi. Each Jedi is 
strong in a specific 
part of the Force, 
and combining 
these different 
strengths will yield 
varying results. 

Use the stylus to 
trace the patterns 
that appear 
onscreen in the 
direction of the 
moving cursor. 

Touch the correct 
symbol with the 
stylus and drag 

it to its matching 
location when it is 
the correct color; 
avoid the other 
symbols when 
doing this. 

To cut a door open, 
tap on it with your 
stylus and draw 
the pattern that 

With your stylus, 
tap on the white 
circle in the 
screen's center to 
extend R2-D2's 
folcolare rm inicelele | sm Ui-d 
openings in each 



Re) 5 


Deep in the far 
reaches of space, 

a Jedi cargo ship 
is under fire. Jedi 
Master Luminara 
watches over the 
cargo as a group of 
buzz droids cut into 
the hull and grant 
an invading ship 
access to the Jedi 
transport vessel. 
As the invading 
ship boards the 
Jedi cargo vessel, 
Master Luminara 
steps to the front 
of her clone troops’ 
line with her ‘saber 
raised and ready 
for combat. 

Just then, a 
mysterious figure 
disembarks the 
invading ship. It’s a 


The opening sequence pays homage to the opening shot 
in Star Wars: Episode 4—A New Hope. 


Amidst the 

turbulence of the 
Clone Wars years, 
the Jedi Council 
receives a distress 
call from one of 
its ships, under 
attack from an 
unknown enemy. 
The holo-projection 
of the clone 
trooper reports 
that the ship was 
overwhelmed, and 
the stormtroopers 
could not fend 

off the invaders. 
yNelerolgeliare i co) 
Master Kenobi, the 
ship, the Sedawan, 
was carrying a 
load of lightsaber 
crystals from Hum. 

Just as the 
trooper finishes 
reporting, the 
holo-image is 
interrupted by a 
flash of a lightsaber 
cutting across the 
trooper’s gun. 
Whoever hijacked 
the Sedawan and 
stole the crystals 
is skilled with the 
‘saber. Anakin suspects it is Count Dooku, but there is only one 
Area Comino mel lem inate (liom 



Select your two 
Jedi and proceed. 

For the first level, we've selected Anakin Skywalker 
as our primary Jedi and Ahsoka Tano as his partner. 

Storm into the 
corridor ahead and 
smash through the 
crates lining the 

sides of the hall. Go 

As you approach 
the Sedawan on 
a starfighter, the 
ship’s hull looks 
surprisingly clean 
from the outside. 
Still, you can 
sense that Master 
Luminara is in great 
danger. You land 
in the Sedawan’s 
hangar bay with 
your partner in tow. 

Walk up to the 
two crates in the 
hangar's top left 
corner and break 
them open with a 
few quick ‘saber 
slashes. Near the 
hangar’s bottom 
right corner are two 
more crates. Crack 
them open, then approach the door on the room’s north side. 

Tap on the blue 
ll arrows just in front 
of the door and 
Velen (-t-JeMelalvomanl-3 
raised area. Lead 
your partner to the 
door and activate 
the glowing 
door switches by 
tapping on them. 

through the door 
at the hall’s far end 
and enter a shorter, 
more narrow 
corridor with red 
walkways. As soon 
as you enter, a 
reli me|cele) eels 
buzz droids comes 
ire) itaye mele) ae) ar-1a) 
adjacent hallway. 

Rush the droids 
‘saber into their 
Evanntelem Mt) om ixelan) 
droid to droid, 
assisting your 
partner as you 
destroy all droids 
in the hall. After 
demolishing the 
first wave of droids, 
a second wave will 
rush out from the 
hall. Finish them 
oli mee late m (tl-Me ele] ar-1a 
the hall's end will 

The next area is 
a large wide-open 
icclelpim Vitam Mlelare) 
winding walkway. 
On the walkway’s 
opposite side are 
several more buzz 
droids. Either 
deflect their blaster 
fire back at them 
from your position, 
or leap across the 
walkway to destroy 
them with several 
‘saber strikes. 

Follow the 
‘walkway to the 
room's northwest 
corner. Grab the 
green llum crystal 
there, then use your 
Force abilities to 
open the cracked 
hatch nearby. Proceed through the hatch into the next area. 

= a.) 


The next room 
is even larger 
than the previous 
one. It has several 
walkways with 

Follow the 
walkway left, then 
Ulgamare lal meyelcom tal) 
second catwalk 
(the first is broken). 
On the catwalk is 
a small glowing 
console. Activate 
it and your partner 
will automatically 
speed by and step 
onto the a small 
platform to your 
raises your partner 
to the second-level 
walkway, where 
you then take 
control of your 

As the second 
Jedi, rush up 
the second-level 
walkway toward the next glowing console. Activate the 
console to lower the platform on your right to the lower level 

Once the other platform is lowered, you regain control of the 
primary Jedi. Backtrack to the walkway along the far left wall 
and make a right. Follow it to the room’s north end and make 
ETavelaarclmafe lal melal Com caremealixe Rerolaar-Letlare Mer-1ay 7-1 emo) oom Ul) 
lowered platform and take it up to the second level, where you 
reunite with your partner. 

Follow the 
walkway left, 

then right to 

the next hatch. 
Dash through 

the doorway into 
the next room, 
where several 
battle droids are 
going about their 
business. Take your 
lightsaber and cut 
through the rickety 
droids to clear the 

On the room's 
opposite side is 
FM [ole to Molelol a 
Approach it and 
initiate the door- 
cutting minigame. 
Carefully slice 
through the door in 
a clockwise motion, 
making as close to 
a perfect circle as 
possible. If you do 
so without straying 
too far from the 
prompt on the top 
screen, the door 
will open. 

In the next hall, 
cut through crates 
and cylinders 
lining the walls and 
collect the Force 
orbs they release. 
Enter the bridge at 
the hall's end. 

Co) E> eee ee 

The Sedawan is a tuned-up version of the Rebel blockade 

Upon reaching 
the bridge, you 
arrive just in time 
to find that all the 
escape pods have 
been jettisoned. 
Unfortunately, the 
pods’ destinations 
have been erased 
from the computer 
along with the 
onboard computer 
memory! Just then, 
a@ woman clad in 
red and toting a red 
‘saber enters the 

You leap toward 
her with your 
lightsaber drawn, 
but she's too fast. 
A quick wave of her 
‘saber sends you 
and your partner flying backward into the bridge's computers. 
And just as quickly as she arrived, she disappears back 
through the hatch through which she entered. 

Follow the mysterious woman through the hatch into the 
next corridor. As you go, the corridor erupts in a series of 
explosions behind you. The fires threaten to spread to the 
entire ship unless you find a way to contain them. 

Rush through 
the corridor into 
the next room and 
immediately pick 
up the lium crystal 
on the right. Inside 
the room is another 
rel fonwilare meelan elelcclm 
console. Use it and 
engage the falling 
symbol minigame 
Slide the matching 
symbols into place, 
and the hatch 
slams shut behind 
you, containing the 
fires to just that 

Exit through 
the doors on the 
room's left side and 
you'll enter a Jedi 
action sequence. 
The next room is 
ablaze as the core 
explodes. Follow 
the prompts from 
the Jedi action 
sequence, and 
draw an upward 
diagonal line to 
leap across the 
bFli flare Me (leary 
While in midair, 
draw a curved line 
to slash through 
the crumbling 

Finally, draw one 
more curved line 
to grab the falling 
walkway and swing 
i colte) (eel gelelare mm (ole) 
reunite with your 
partner—who leapt 
Elitcr-le Me) melt beer-larel 
you speed off, away 
from the crumbling 




Draw one more 
curved line to leap 
across the large 
gap in the room, 
and land on the 
far walkway. Dash 
lilac imincme(elelg 
into the large room 
with two turrets. 


Step out into 
the room’s center, 
where the turrets’ 
fires cross. Either 
deflect their fire 
back at them or 
rush the turrets, 
allowing your 
‘saber to block 
the fire as you go, 
then cut through 
the turrets’ armor. 

After destroying the two turrets, walk to the door at the room's 
bottom left corner. 

. a 

Use your Force 
powers on the blue 
locking mechanism 
olamiat-male ll a-lare! 
open the door in 
the turret room's 
bottom left corner. 
Speed into the 
corridor and follow 
it until you find a 
Sith holocron. Pick 
it up, then continue 
to the hall's end. 
The hall leads to 
a large cargo bay 
guarded by several 
battle droids. 

Cut through the small battalion of battle droids and engage 
the group of buzz droids as they rush in from the right. If you 
haven't destroyed all the battle droids before the buzz droids 
arrive, leave the remaining battle droids to your partner while 
you handle the pesky buzz droids. 

Hold your 
position near the 
center of the cargo 
bay and fend off 
the second and 
third waves of 
buzz droids before 
they can inflict any 

After you clear 
the bay of all 
enemies, a door 
at the bay's top 
left corner slides 
open. Break open 
the small crates in 
the far left corner 
of the lower level 
and collect the 
Force orbs inside. 
Leap atop the large 
crates in the room's 
north side and hop 
onto the higher 

Follow the top 
walkway left, past 
the open door, and 
around the corner 
into a small room. 
Pick up the lum 
crystal inside, then 
backtrack from the room toward the door that opened after 
you defeated all the droids on the lower level. 

Break open the cylinder in the corridor, then rush into the 
next room. 

A camera droid 
patrols the next 
room. If alerted, 
the droid will call 
some battle droids 
to stop intruders. 
Wait for the camera 
droid to fly by, then 
rush behind it into 
the small room on 
the right. Inside the 
room is a glowing 
console. Activate the console and successfully complete the 
falling symbol minigame to bypass the console’s security. 
Activate the console a second time to power up the crane 
system in the room outside, where the camera droid patrols. 

Rush back out into the main room and once again wait for 
the camera droid to zip by. When it does, head to the room's 
bottom right corner and activate the glowing console there. 
This sends the large hanging crate zipping down the room, 
crashing through the camera droid and busting open the hatch 
at the end. 

Dash into the next room and crush the crates in the corner. 
Grab the Force orbs they release and pick up the Ilum crystal 
at the room’s far end. Turn left into the long corridor with the 
orange ribbing. Follow it to the end, breaking the crates as you 
go. Turn left at the hall's end and enter the hangar. 

Upon entering 
the hangar, 
you catch the 
mysterious lady 
in red as she 
boards her ship. 
She attempts to 
slow you down by 
unleashing two of 
her Nightsisters 
on you and your 
partner! Engage 
the Nightsisters 
in battle. Use a 
series of high, mid, 
and low attacks to 
assault and deflect 
the Nightsister’s 
attacks. While you 
engage one sister, 
your partner will 
engage the other, 
so concentrate on 
your opponent. 

If you engage in 
a Lightsaber Lock, 
rapidly tap on your 
enemy to break the 
lock, then follow it 
up with a four-hit 
combo to inflict 
major damage. If 
your partner finishes 
her opponent before 
you defeat yours, 
she'll come to your aid. UseTeam Up Combos and your Jedi’s 
special combos to defeat the first pair of Nightsisters. 


The Nightsisters were first referenced in the made-for-TV 
movie Ewoks: The Battle for Endor. 

After defeating 
the first pair of 

a second pair 
attempts to ambush 
you. Defeat them 
as you did the first 
pair to clean the 
Sedawan of enemy 
invaders. Though 
you defeated the 
Nightsisters, the 
mysterious woman 
ilamecte Mant-lar-le[-\em Ce} 
get away. With your 
mission complete, 
there is only one 
thing left to do. 
Report to the Jedi 

wy ey 

During their 
investigation on 
the Sedawan, the 
BI-fol collate Mare) 
trace of its cargo 
of lightsaber 
crystals. Instead, 
they were attacked 
by a mysterious 
female who 
eluded capture, 
Determined to find 
their assailant, 

the Jedi are now 
heading to the 
planet Rodia. They 
report back to the 
Council that the 
mysterious woman 
was strong in the 
ways of the Force. 

VER im (oler-] 
is familiar with 
the woman. She 
is a Nightsister, 
and that troubles 
him deeply. The 
Jedi report that 
though the crystals 
were nowhere to 
be found, they 
suspect that they 
were ejected in 
the Sedawan’‘s 
escape pods. The 


© ao 


investigating Jedi managed to attach a tracking device to the 
Nightsister's ship as she fled, but the signal was lost after she 
touched down on Rodia. In the meantime, Yoda also suggests 
that the Jedi search closer to home as well as inspecting 

For the second mission, we've selected Obi-Wan 
Kenobi and his former Padawan, Anakin Skywalker. 

You speed toward 
the Rodian city in 
eltim (r-larseleeacille} 
and prepare for 
landing. Unfortu- 
nately, someone 
has been alerted to 
your approach and 
quickly activates 
the city’s dome 
energy shield. Your 
A-wing crashes 
into it just as the 
dome rises over the 
city, but your Jedi 
skills are far too 
powerful. Just as 
your ship explodes, 
you and your 
partner leap off the 
ship and free-fall 
into the city! 


Meanwhile, the 
gunship that was 
escorting you 
barely manages 
to escape the 
dome. Upon your 
landing inside the 
city, your clone 
comrade Cody 
contacts you. He 
can't get through 
the dome shield. 
ia celtim (relele els 
going to take the Rodian city, you must first destroy the shield 


es. And search closer to home we must. A possible ll 

ae - 
on't you worry, Cody. Shield generators are my 


Select a pair of 
Jedi to proceed. 

The Devastation battleship is the sister ship to the 
Malevolence, as featured in the TV shows. 

Walk left toward 
the brown crates 
and smash them 
open to grab a few 
Force orbs. Turn 
around and walk 
right, then make a 
left at the corner. 
As you walk up the 
narrow walkway, 

a group of battle 
droids storms out 
of the door ahead 
and opens fire! 

Rush the droids 
and slash them 
to bits. After 
destroying the first 
wave, backtrack 
down the walkway 
to engage the 
second wave. Help 
your partner cut 
them apart, then finish off the final group of droids by the door 
at the walkway’s far end. 

Activate the two 
glowing panels 
near the door to 
open it. Before 
entering the door, 
your partner 
expresses some 
concern over what 
may lay ahead. 

Inside, the large 
room is separated 
by a large pool 
with a submarine 
floating in the 
water. Guide your 
primary Jedi down 
to the crate in the 
bottom right corner 
Flale Meig-(e. a] aol ol-10 
Take the Force 
orbs, then dive into 
the water on your 
left. Swim across 
the pool to the 
room's other side 
and hop out of the 

Break open the 
next crate and 
cylinder nearby to 
find an lum crystal, 
then activate the 
glowing console. This lowers a platform near your partner, and 
he automatically hops on. The platform rises and carries your 

partner over a small wall and drops him on the other side, 

near another glowing console. 


As the second 
ll Jedi, activate the 
felteyWiinre meelarel (om 
This time, instead 
of moving a 
folElacolgaamcom oy( lo} 
your partner, the 
console activates a 
ie TeetcMantelelacim carla 
lifts the submarine 
out of the water. 
Luckily, the 
submarine clears 
a swimming lane 
deeper into the 
room where your 
partner awaits. Hop 
back into the water 
and swim under the 
sub, to the room's 
north side. 

Climb out of the 
water and approach 
the glowing console 
at the room’s far 
north end. Activate 
it and the room's 
shutters automat- 
ically lock down! The 
room goes pitch- 
black, and the large 
submarine swings 
around to reveal a 
blaster turret! 

As soon as the 
turret comes online, 
your partner ducks 
behind the pillar 
on the left. Follow 
his lead and take 
cover behind the 
pillar on the right. 
Stay behind the 
pillar as the turret 
opens fire. When it 
does, the turret will 
fire a continuous 
beam and swing 
around the room. 
When the beam 
swings to your side 
of the room, your 
pillar will block it, 
keeping you safe. 

Wait for the turret 
to cease firing, 
then rush out from 
behind your cover and slash at the turret’s barrel. When you 
do, your partner will leap out from his cover and deliver a 
follow-up blow. Sprint back behind the pillar before the turret 
opens fire again. Repeat this two more times to defeat the 




After destroying 
the turret, a 
into the north wall 
fol ce)ey-mcomelcelelare| 

With the bridge 
clear, walk over 
to the control 
console near the 
bridge’s center and 
activate it. Match 
the falling symbols 
to the three located 
at the screen's 
corners, and the 
dome shields first 

generator begins 
Step on the to fail. 

platform and 
activate the 

ellen aiare meelniacel| 
console. This lifts 
the platform back 
up to the second 
level. Break the 
crates nearby to 
grab more Force 
orbs, then follow 
the walkway right 
as it leads to an 
ornate doorway. 
Go through this 
door to exit the 
submarine room. 

Your antics don’t 
go unnoticed. 
Suddenly, a pair 
of turrets opens 
fire on you from 
the other side of 
You duck behind 
the console, just in 
time to avoid being 
hit, but now you're 

Follow the Jedi 
action sequence 
prompts as they 
appear on the 
bottom screen to 
leap across the 
canyon and slash 
the turret cannons 
off. After destroying il yr 
the turrets, follow 
the final prompt to 
hop down onto a 
small patch of grass 

Outside you are 
greeted by a group 
of battle droids 
and some super 
battle droids! Head 
toward the droids 
and cut through 
them with quick 
‘saber strikes. 

If their blaster 

fire threatens to 
overwhelm you 
before you can reach them, deflect the fire back at them and 
destroy them from a distance. 

After destroying the first wave, turn around and sprint toward 
the second wave that appears behind you, Cut through them, 
melting their metal with your blade, then explore the bridge's 
far end. Bust open the crates there to find an llum crystal. 


After you exit 
—T the water, Cody 
ns contacts you again. 

Fs He registers the 

a Rodian shields at 

70 percent and has 
he shield is at 70% and our sensors register another ll Hoeeale Solas 
snerstor at the ton ot thic tower generator for you at 
the top of the tower 
you're currently in. 
Destroy the crates 
nearby to find 
more Force orbs, 
crystal near the 
room’s opposite 

Dive into the water and swim past the rising and falling 
mines. Wait until the mine drops, then swim past it and. hold 
your position. When the next mine drops, swim past it and 
hold again. Continue carefully navigating past the mines until 
you reach the wall on the other side. 

PNicctmere) creature} 
all the loot in the 
room, walk across 
the small bridge at 
the room's center 
and enter the 
filtration tower. 
Again, break all the 
crates in the room 
to find more Force 

y about your partner. They can hit the 
mines as they swim behind you, but as long as you 
don't take damage, you'll be able to continue. 

At the wall, turn i! 1 
right and swim 

along the wall’s 

edge. Turn left into 

the hole in the 

wall and enter the 

next area. Here, 

the robotic mines 

don’t rise and fall; 

instead they swim Il ll 
left and right. Once 
again, wait for the 
mine to pass you 
by, then quickly 
swim by it. 

Stop before 
running into the 
next mine and 
swim past it as 
soon as it zips by. 
Continue doing 
so until you reach After collecting all the Force orbs, dive into the pool at the 
the far end of the room’s center and activate the switch. This makes the tower 
underwater cavern. Go through the hole in the cavern’s wall begin to fill up with water, carrying you to the top! 
and emerge out of the water back in the compound's interior. 



Re), = 


Follow the bridge 
right until it turns 

At the tower's north. Dash toward 
ll top, get out of the the small droid 
water and climb battalion ahead. 
onto the small Sever their servos 
catwalk lining the with several ‘saber 
far tower wall. strikes, then sprint 
Follow it right, past the pile of 
across the tower, parts until you 
to the glowing encounter another 
locked door.Tap the small group of 
door to drive your droids. 

lightsaber into it 

and initiate a door 
cutting minigame TRIVIA BOX 
Carefully “trace” = 

the prompt on The game locations Christophsis, Rodia, and Coruscant 

the top screen z : 
ahadeanea cle aldo featured in the TV show and in the Clone Wars 

clockwise on the 
bottom screen to 
break the door’s 

With the door 
unlocked, activate the console behind it, and the water begins 
to rise again. 

This time, the 
ll droids are guarding 
the second shield 
generator. Cut 
through the droids’ 
ranks and either 
reflect their blaster 
fire back at them, or 
help your partner 
slash them one by 
one; whatever you 
do, dispatch them 
quickly, or their 
blaster fire will 
slowly eat away at 
your Health bar! 

PNicim elt he lr iicel 
the droids, break 
open all the crates 
on this side of the 
bridge. Take the 
Force orbs, then 
grab the Ilum 
crystal near the | 
bridge's far end. 

Finally, tap on the 
glowing spot on the 
shield generator 

to initiate the 
minigame. After 
you complete it 
successfully, the 
second generator 
goes offline. 

When the water 
stops rising, hop 
out of it and onto 
the narrow platform 
along the wall. 
Follow it left to the 
exit and walk out of 
the door to another 
bridge. Break open 
the next crate at the 
turn in the bridge, 
then make a right. 

Sabotaging the 
second generator 
gets you some 
unwanted heat, and 
a turret high on the 
tower opens fire 
on you! You barely 
manage to escape 
by rushing out of 
the way and onto 
a series of small 
broken ledges 

along the tower's left wall. 

Run along the 
ledges, leaping from 
ledge to ledge, as 
you stay ahead of 
the turret's blaster 
fire. Just as you 
reach the final ledge, 
the wall behind you 
begins to crumble 
and creates a small 
opening for you 
to escape. You 
immediately seize 
the opportunity and 
Lite) eRe loam icon =) 
ledge into a pool far 

Swim left to a 
small platform 
jutting out into the 
water and climb 
out of the water 
onto solid ground. 

Leap from the platform onto the large raised area on the left, 

then onto the small bridge. Break open the crates here. Collect 
the Force orbs and Ilum crystal, then approach the console 

near the bridge's center. 

From the safety 
of the bridge, you 
spy a large monster 
swimming in the 
water below. If 
you're to continue, 
you must first 
trap the monster 
where he can’t hurt 
you. Wait for the 
creature to swim 
under the lower 
right side of the 
bridge. When it 
does, activate the 
console and close 
the doors under the 
the creature on the 
other side. 

With the monster 
out of your way, 
walk to the bridge's 
lilelaracyie(-M-lare mate) e} 
down to where 
the monster 
was previously 
swimming. Dive 
into the water and 
swim to the small 
platform with the 
two glowing floor 
switches on it. 
Step on one and 
your partner will 

automatically step on the other. 

triggered, the gate 
on the wall nearby 
will slide up and 
reveal a large 
switch. Tap it and 
a missing section 
of the bridge you 
were previously 
on rises out of the 
water and slides 
into place. 

Dive back into 
the water and 
backtrack onto the 
bridge. This time, 
go to the bridge’s 
left end; cross 
the raised bridge. 
Make a right at the 
bridge's far end 
Flare mele] oMeley Va) 

onto the narrow walkway leading to the water. 

—7 a) 





Finally, follow 
the last prompt to 
execute an upward 
slash and cut 

the beast’s belly. 
The final blow is 
too much for the 
monster, and it 
crashes headfirst 
into a cracked 

wall underwater, 
creating an 
opening for you to 

Dive into the 
water and swim 
into the hole left by 
the megacephalic 
monster to enter 
the chamber where 
you lost the signal 
from the Night- 
sister's ship. With 
no ship in sight, however, you must start looking for clues... 

Follow the 
walkway right as 
it leads down to 
a wide opening. 
Upon reaching 
it, you and your 
partner dive into 
the water and begin 
swimming across. 
Just as you reach 
the middle of the 
pool, the large 
aquatic abomination that you trapped earlier breaks free and 


Stay calm as it approaches and keep a steady stylus. Follow 
the onscreen Jedi action sequence prompt when it appears, 
and dodge the beast’s first attack. Follow the second prompt 
to leap onto the creature's head, and run your ‘saber through 
its skull! 

While the search 
for the unknown 
female assailant 
continues on Rodia, 
the Jedi Council 
seeks aid on 
Coruscant. Ziro the 
Hutt holds the key 
to this endeavor. 
palace is uncharac- ant MIS A TH Tr 
teristically sealed 
off. Senator Padme 
Amidala reports to 
the Jedi Council 
that her contacts 
are keeping an eye 
on Ziro the Hutt. 
According to them, 
Ziro always has his 
ear to the ground 
when it comes 

to underground 
information. Unfor 
tunately, Amidala 
has been unable to 
contact Ziro, and 
his palace is on 

Master Kit Fisto 
suspects that the 
Separatists must 
be involved. If the 
Jedi Council is to 
seek the help of the 
Nightsister Ros Lai, they must find a way to reach Ziro. With no 
way of knowing if Ros Lai is even still alive, the Jedi Council 
has no choice but to infiltrate Ziro’s palace. The Jedi Council 
will send two Jedi to investigate, but Senator Amidala offers to 
help grant them access by her own means. 

The Jedi you chose in the second mission are still 
on Rodia, so you must choose two new Jedi from 
the remaining four. We've chosen Jedi Masters Plo 
Koon and Mace Windu, respectively. 

While you're 
selecting your 
Jedi duo, Senator 
Amidala sends 
her two droids, 
C-3PO and R2-D2, 
into Ziro the Hutt's 
palace. The two 
droids calmly walk ess Padmé thinks we can 
up to the palace b alace wh can't 
doors and knock. A 
Separatist Magna 
guard opens the 
door and captures 
Padme’s protocol 
pals. Just then, you 
arrive with your 
partner at Ziro’s 
palace with no way 
to get in. 

hope Senator Al 

Back inside the palace, the captured droids are ina 
Hutt-sized heap of trouble. Before the Treadwell droids can 
reprogram the droid duo, R2 breaks free! As R2-D2, approach 
the Treadwell droids in the room and tap on them to zap them 
with electricity and destroy them. Once the coast is clear, you 
free C-3PO from his shackles and can freely communicate with 
the Jedi outside the palace walls. 

Zap the four 

; ll crates scattered 
about the room 

to break them 

and collect the 
Force orbs inside. 
Then approach the 
glowing lock near 
the room's far left 
corner, and hack it 
to activate the R2 
minigame. In this 
minigame, wait until 
the spinning gaps in 
the spinning rings 
are lined up with 
the center lock-, 
picking mechanism. 
When it does, tap 
on the center lock- 
picking mechanism 
to deploy the 

rods through the 
openings in the 
outer rings. Do this to all three rings before the time runs out and 
the door will unlock, granting the Jedi access into Ziro’s palace! 
(You automatically switch back to the Jedi at this point.) 

The little droid’s 
efforts pay off, and 
you gain access to 
the palace. Once 
inside Ziro’s bar, 
you find that the 
palace is almost 
entirely empty. 
One of Ziro’s Bith 
servants spots you 
Tato M atin -melimn (ol) 
immediately alert 
C-3PO that you've 
been spotted so 
that he can stop the 
sniveling Bith if he 
attempts to alert 

Break the 
cylinders nearby 
and grab the Force 
orbs and the Ilum 
crystal in Ziro’s bar, 
then stand on the 
small glowing circle 
on the ground. 
When you do, your 
primary Jedi stands 
on the circle while 
you take control 
of the secondary 
Jedi. Use the Force 
to move the small 
pedestal on the 

sure how we might 

right, then step on the glowing circle revealed by the pedestal. 
The force field around the pedestal on the left deactivates. 

Back in control 
il of your primary 
Jedi, press the 
button on the left 
pedestal. The wall 
at the bar's rear 
opens to reveal a 
hidden passage. 
Rush into the 
corridor and bust 
open the cylinders 
and crates at the 
end of the first hall. 
Make a right at the 
hall’s end, breaking 
crates as you go, 
and pass under the 
small archway into 
a new hallway. 

As soon as you 
enter, the hallway 
ahead is sealed off 
by several red laser 
gates. You're trapped! You attempt to contact R2 only to find 
that the trap is interfering with your communications signal. 
(You now shift to controlling C-3P0.) 


The Sedawan and the Devastation were designed exclu- 
sively for the game. 

Meanwhile, in 
another section of 
the palace, R2-D2 
and C-3P0 run into 
EM UETelar-meltr-ine) 
and the Bith snitch. 
Luckily, the Bith 
cannot commu- 
nicate with the 
guard, so he needs 
you, C-3PO, to 

Respond with 
the following 
commands to trick 
the guard and 
betray the Bith: 

He saps there are Jedi in the palace 

1. “He says that He sags that there are intruders in the palace 

the jazz band is 

2. "They owe him il 
credits and he 
demands that 
you assist him in their collection!” or “He says that no 
matter is too trivial when it comes to credit collection!” 

He saps that the jae band is late 

3. “As a simple guard, he demands you assist him 

Make a left at the hall's end and dash past the next broken 

immediately or he will report you!” or “He inquires if you laser gate. Bust open the cylinders just behind the broken laser 
need a memory wipe, as your behavior pattern must be gate and collect a few more Force orbs. Next, speed past two 
faulty.” more malfunctioning laser gates on the left. 

4. “He wonders if you would be more suited to work as a 

speed bump” 

5. “He swears you are the sorriest excuse for a droid and 
would be more useful melted down." 
Once you dupe the guard, the laser gates trapping the Jedi 
begin to malfunction, granting them passage deeper into 
Ziro’s palace. (You now control the Jedi again.) 

As the Jedi, 
turn left in the hall 
and walk to its 
end. Break open 
the crates at the 
hall's end, then 
backtrack to the 
main passage. 
Carefully approach 
the malfunctioning 
gate and wait for 
the lasers to turn 
off. When they do, 
rush through the 
opening before 
they reactivate. 
Make a right in 
the next hall, and 
destroy the two 
consoles flanking 
the next laser gate 
to deactivate it. 

Break open the 

two cylinders at the hall's end to find more Force orbs, then 
backtrack to the hall's center and take the passage on the left. 

Break two more 
cylinders on the 
corridor’s south 
side, then break 
the console on 
the corridor’s 
north end to bring 
down the next 
laser gate. Finally, 
break the final two 
cylinders in the 
corridor ahead 
before making a 
Lteiemeleclo)eliare mtnlcy 
llum crystal on the 
ground, and exiting 
into the main 

The hall ends at a intersection. On the right are two more 

crates; break them open for more Force orbs, then make a left 
past the next malfunctioning laser gate. 

past the two control 
consoles on the 
five Lt eme-lave Ms) ¢-t-1.4 
open the cylinders 
there. Backtrack to Just as you enter the hangar, you spy several Magna guards 
the two consoles on the level above. Without hesitation, they leap down for the 
and destroy themto attack! 

drop the laser gate, 

then proceed into 

the next corridor. 

ws awh 

With the hangar 
free from enemy 
resistance, head 
over to the control 
panels on the 
hangar’s far right 
corner and activate 
them to drop the 
laser gate on the 
right. The large 
Feleteliarem ex-leMi-r-[el3 
back out to the busy 

skyways surrounding Ziro’s palace. 


izle Meli molt 
rickety rivals by 
folelenawaccleyelinre mela} 
them to counter 
attack. Knock them 
back after winning 
a Lightsaber Lock, 
then attack with 
a vicious four-hit 
combo. If you take 
boleManeleamel-lasr-le lc 
from the Magna 
guards, rush to the 
hangar’s left side 
and pick up the 
llum crystal to refill 
your health. 

Once you're 
replenished, rejoin 
your partner finish 
off the first wave of 
Separatist robots 
After destroying the 
first wave, a second 
and third wave of 
guards arrives, 
ficealiaremcolm- mile luis 
Give it to them, 
and finish them off 
quickly with Jedi 
assist attacks and 
team-up combos. 

Back outside the 
palace, you must 
find another way 
back in. Follow 
the Jedi action 
sequence prompts 
to leap from skycar 
to skycar, and deftly 
climb up to another 
external entrance to il 
the palace. You find 
another entrance, 
but it’s blocked by 
more protective 
laser beams. Your 
only hope is to 
have R2-D2 and 
C-3PO deactivate 
them as they did 
the others. (You 
now take control of 

Back in the 
palace, R2-D2 and 
C-3PO are under 
attack from more 
Treadwell droids. 
Tap on them to 
zap them with 
electricity and 

As R2-D2, roll 
into the hall on the 
far left corner. As 
you go, a trio of 
Treadwells will try 
to stop you. Fry 
their circuits as 
they approach and 
continue up the 
hall until you enter 
the next control 
room. Inside are 
another trio of 
Treadwells. Fry 
them like you did 
their companions, 
then grab the 
llum crystal in the 
room's far end. 

Glide over to the 
contro! panel on 
the room’s left and 
initiate another 
R2-D2 minigame. Slide the bolt through the spinning rings and 
unlock the doors blocking your Jedi buddies. 

The planet Dathomir is the home of the Nightsisters. The 
planet was uniquely redesigned to match the style of the 
TV Show. 

With R2-D2 
holding up his end 
of the plan, you can 
sneak back into the 
palace—only to find 
another blocked 
Luckily, this is one 
you can handle. 
Walk up to the 
purple window on 
the right and use 
the Force to flip 
the switch on the 
other side. This 
deactivates the 
laser gates on your 
side of the passage 
but activates the 
laser gates on the 
other side. 

Once the gates 
are dropped, step 

into the room on the left and break open the crates inside. Take 

the Force orbs, then activate the control consoles in the room 
to bring up the window shutters. When the window shutters 

rise, they expose the switch on the window’s other side. Once 
again, flip the switch to deactivate the laser gates behind you. 

Walk into the next tunnel where a pair of large fans are 

With no way 
spinning fans in 
one piece, you 
contact R2-D2 and 
ask him to hack 
the fan controls. 
Back in the control 
room, as C-3PO, 
sneak past the 
camera droid, 
using the niches 
along the wall to hide in, and activate the glowing switch at 
the hall's far right end. 

The switch unlocks the cell door. Backtrack to the control 
room (head south), where you'll take control of R2-D2. Activate 
the glowing console in the room’s far right corner and slow 
the fans to a manageable speed. Well, manageable for Jedi, 

If the camera droid spots you as sneak by, you'll 
have to restart the sneaking sequence! 





Back in the fan 
tunnel, carefully 
approach the first 
fan and use the 
Force to target it. 
Tap on the fan to 
destroy the blades 
with a Force attack, 
then rush past it. 
Do the same to 
the second fan, 
and grab the Ilum 
crystal on the 
ground. Turn right 
at the tunnel’s end 
and jump down 
into the shaft 
leading to Ziro’s 
throne room. 

When you arrive, 
elem ile W4l com tal-) 
Hutt shackled! He 
begs you to “make 

her stop,’ but who is “she”? Just then, you get your answer. 
Asajj Ventress, Dooku’s dome-headed drone. 

Ventress wastes 
little time in 
attacking. Before 
you can act, she 
assaults you with 
a Sith lightning 
attack! Dodge her 
attack by running 
away, and instead 
destroy one of 
her battle droid 
Once the droid is 
downed, use the 
Force to hurl the 
droid's broken 
body at her. The 
blow knocks her off 
guard and creates 
an opening for you 
to attack. 

Rush Ventress 
while she’s 
stunned. Use 
combination ‘saber 
strikes and mulithit 
combos to whittle 
her health away. As 
you attack, keep a 
close watch on your 
Team-up Combo 
meter. When it's 
full, unleash a 
team-up combo 
to dish out major 
damage. Repeat this process several times until Ventress 
retreats like the coward she is. 

With Ventress 
gone, Ziro the Hutt 
is very grateful. 
Before he can offer 
you his deepest 
thanks, however, a 
mysterious woman 
from the vents. It’s 
Ros Lai! 

After much delib- 
eration, and with 
some hesitation, 
Ros Lai agrees to 
help you, as long 
as you can smuggle 
her off Coruscant. 
Reluctant though 
she may be, you've 
made your first ally 
in the fight against 
Dooku and the 

il ;ody. What's your progress on breaking through the 

As the Council 
begins their 
analysis of the 
intercepted Night- 
sister transmission 
on Ros Lai’s data 
chip, the Jedi find 
themselves digging 
deeper into the 
planet Rodia in 
their hunt for the 
female attacker 
from the Sedawan. 
Back on the planet 
Rodia, the two Jedi 
sent to investigate 
contact the clone 
commander Cody. 
Instead of getting a 
reply, though, they 
get nothing but 

static. The shield et's worry about that later! 
is interfering with 

between the Jedi generals and their troops. 

Before the Jedi can figure out a way to contact their clone 
troops, the pool from which they emerged into the Rodian 
compound is sealed off. The Jedi draw their ‘sabers as the 
mysterious Nightsister drops in from above with a small group 
of Nightsister lackeys! Before they can stop her, the Night- 
sister leader escapes through a tunnel at the chamber’s north 
end, leaving her followers to fend off the Jedi. 

You pick up the adventure with the same pair of 
Jedi you chose at the beginning of your second 

Rush the Night- 
sisters and lash 
out at them with 
your lightsaber. 
Destroy the first 
three Nightsisters 
with your partner's 
help, then fend off 
the next two waves 
of attackers. Use 
several multihit 
combos and 
team-up combos 
to dispatch them 
quickly, then walk 
up to the hatch on 
the north wall. 

Enter the long 
blue tunnel and 
sprint north. Follow 
the tunnel until 
you're ambushed 
by a small group of 
Nightsisters. Hold 
your position and 
fight off the nasty 
Nightsisters. Act 
quickly —you're 

Activate the two 
consoles near the 
wall to open the 



— Re). /5 


into the hall at the 
tunnel’s end, Follow 
the hall to its end 
and enter the large 
storehouse. Break 
all the crates and 
cylinders there to 
find plenty of Force 
orbs. Press the 

fel fehwalayemelelicelamela) 
the console near 
the room's far end 
and successfully 
complete the 

While you 
deactivate the final 
shield generator, 
the lead Nightsister 
unleashes more 
of her minions on 
you. The group of 
Nightsister lackeys 
waits for you in the 
large tunnel you 
used to enter the 
ES Colg-lalol 1m Bola 
disappoint them; 
backtrack to the 
tunnel and meet 
them in combat. 

Rush inside and stop at the hall's corner. Farther down the 
hall to the right, a turret opens fire on you! Rush into the hall, 
allowing your lightsaber to deflect the incoming fire, and 
either duck into the hall on the left or reflect the turret’s fire 
back at it. 

Break the crates open in the large room, then use the 
console against the far wall. Complete the symbol-matching 
minigame to disable the turret in the hall (if you haven't 
Eligsrlehmel-ciigey 7-H it 

Backtrack out 

|) to the hail with 

the now-disabled 
turret and make 

a left. Walk north 
to the hall's end. 
As you enter the 
room there, the 
Nightsister leader 
sabotages the train 
generator. She 
sprints away before 
you can catch her, 
but you formulate 
a plan to catch 

up to the speedy 
sister. Activate the 
two consoles in 
the room to unlock 
the door in the hall 
behind you. 

After defeating the group of Nightsisters in the tunnel, Backtrack into 
walk to the hatch near the tunnels middle and activate the the hall with 
door-cutting minigame. This time, instead of a circle, draw an the disabled turret, and turn left into the short hall with the 
upside-down triangle and cut the door open. now-unlocked door, In the next room is the large train that the 

Nightsister sabotaged. Dash around the train and tap on all 

four switches. Be quick, because the switches are timed. If you 
take too long before tapping all four, you'll have to redo it until 
you can get all four. 

Pe Nicimillsyeiaer-it 
four switches, the 
train takes off like 
a laser bolt and 

you speed after the 
fleeing Nightsister. 

While your 
primary Jedi stands 
on the floor switch, 
eURCL areal ice)! 

of the secondary 
Jedi. Jump into 

bist-M elele) Me-\ <1] (-10) 
by the open floor 
panels. Just as you 
dive into the water, 
a group of Night- 
sisters ambushes 

wall, and the small hatch on the floor slides open. 

your partner on the floor switch! 

The dastardly 

ll Nightsister realizes 

you've given chase 
and immediately 
booby-traps the 
train tracks with 
droids! Follow 

the prompts for 
the Jedi action 
sequence to cut 
through the droids, 
leap off the train, 
and narrowly avoid 
a head-on collision 
with a second 
train. Upon landing 
safely at the train 
station, you're 
reunited with your 
partner, who also 
narrowly missed 
the collision. 

Bust open the 
crates in the 
station, then 
go through the 
small doors on 
the far right wall. 
Speed up the hall, 
breaking crates as 
you go, until you 
reach the room at 
the end. Hop onto 
the glowing floor 
switch along the far 

The game features over 3,500 lines of recorded dialog, 
which has also been localized into recorded dialog for 
French, Spanish, and German. 

There's nothing 
ole mer-laMeloM-lelelela 
it now. The floor 
panels slide 
shut and you're 
underwater. Follow 
the underwater 
tunnel as it wends 
around. Stop at the 
laser gates and wait 
for them to disable 
past them. At the 
tunnel’s end, swim 
to the wall switch 
and activate it. 
When you do, 
the floor panels 
open again, and 
you revert back 
to controlling the 
primary Jedi. 

Cut the Night- 
sister attackers to ribbons with quick combos and fierce ‘saber 
slashes. After you defeat them all, hop down onto the main 
floor and dive into the pool after your partner. 

Rendezvous with your partner and flip the other switch on 
the wall to open the hatch at the tunnel’s end. 





Lead your partner 
deeper into the 
tunnel, past more 
laser gates. When 
you reach the 
tunnels end, you 
rise out of the water 
into another large 
chamber. Once 
again, a small swarm 
of Nightsisters 
ambushes you. 

Defend against 
their attack and 
counter with combos. 
Defeat the Night- 
sisters, then activate 
the two glowing 
consoles at the 
chamber’s far end. 

boxes as you go, 
and collect the 
Force orbs and lium 
crystal in the first 
room. Make a right 
into the hall and 
follow it until you 
reach the control 

Though the Night- 
sister manages to 
stay one step ahead 
of you, you're 
getting closer. 
Leave the control 
room through the 
door on the right 
and you'll automat- 
ically leap down 
to the area below 
and engage the 
first group of battle 
droids. Slash them 
to little bits, then 
dash left across the 

On the bridge's 
other side, flip 
the two glowing 
switches and go 
through the door 
into the next 
hallway. Sprint to the room at the hall's end and break open all 
the crates inside. 

Flip the switch 
on the console at 
the room's end 

and successfully 
complete the 
minigame. This 
unlocks the door on 
the left side of the 
control room. 

Backtrack out 
of the room, 
down the hall, 
and back to the 
bridge. There, you 
encounter several 
more Nightsisters. 
Swashbuckle past 
them on the bridge 
and destroy the 
Nightsisters before 
they can defeat 

Dash back into 
the control room, 
then go through 
the door on the left. 

Speed into the 
corridor on the 
left and follow it 
to its end. There, 
you finally catch 
up to the Night- 
sister and spy her 
with Darth Sidious! 
She reports that 
the stolen crystals 
are absorbing the 
Force energy as 
expected. While 
the Nightsister 
with Sidious, you 
attempt to reach 
Commander Cody 
again. Success! 

You finally 
reach your clone 
commander over 
the communications channel. Cody breaks through the shield 
and zeroes in on your position, but the gunship rocks the 
compound and exposes your position to the Nightsister! 

Fibcaratay Ure cone 

The Nightsister 
attacks from high 
above the ground. 
You can't reach 
her, so instead 
of wagging your 
lightsaber at her 
feet, attack the 
large crystal at the 
center of the large 
chamber. With each 
blow of your ‘saber, 
the crystal shoots 
smaller needlelike 
shards around 
the room. After 
knocking three 

Without a moment's hesitation, the Nightsister attacks. crystal shards to 
the floor, use the 
Force to hurl them 
at the high-flying 

After you hit 
the Nightsister 
three times, she 
falls to the floor, 
helpless. Rush the 
I Tfelaecs cimr-lare} 
attack with a flurry 
of combos. When 
she’s taken enough, 
the Nightsister 
floats back up and 
resumes attacking 
you with lightning 
blasts. Dodge her attacks and repeat the crystal and combos 
attacks until you defeat her. 


The voices in the game are from the same actors as the 
TV show. 





1DY-Tele) Wa axelele) (ciel 

by the discovery 
that the Night- 
sisters are in 
league with Dooku, 
the Jedi Council 
has once again 
enlisted Senator 
Amidala’‘s help, 
The analysis of Ros elting suspicious happening on 
Lai’s information us ft Aru appears to be 
points toward the 
planet Christophsis, 
where the senator's 
covert probes 

have confirmed 

the Council's 
suspicions. As 
Amidala reports on 
her findings—that 
the Separatists 

are mining for Ve appreciate you di 
something on a 
transport ship 

The Jedi 
Council watches 
as the senator's 
holo-image is e “5 
disrupted and goes ee 
offline. In a panic, 
Anakin demands 
that the Council 
send help. The 
Council agrees... 

& } 
‘admé! We have to help her! 

Select a pair 
of Jedi before 

and Anakin 

We've selected 
Obi-Wan Kenobi 

As your dropship 
approaches the 
on Christophsis, 
you encounter 
resistance. What at 
first seems like a 
beacon is actually 
incoming fire, and 
the ship is shot 
down. It crashes 
on the edge of 
a precipice and 
hangs precariously. 
Before you can 
act, a small group 
of battle droids 
arrives and opens 
fire on the ship. 

Follow the Jedi 
action sequence 
prompts as they 
appear onscreen 
CoM (-t-oR ice il! 
teetering ship and 
down the long 
canyon wall. As you 
felomm Volt Mel e-leReliig 
partner's hand and 
swing away from 
falling debris. 

Just when the 
coast seems to be 
clear, the dropship 
finally gives way 
and begins to 
tumble down the 
cliff, threatening to 
crush you. Continue 
following the 
felgelanl elem come lolelel 1 
the ship, leap onto 
its rear, and hop to safety. 

You land safely 
on a ledge leading 
into the heart of 
the cliffside, but 
your thoughts 
are on your ship’s 
crew and leader, 
Commander Kree. 
The commander 
doesn’t respond to 
your message, so 
you've no choice 
but to continue on your mission. 

Crush the crate 
on the ledge, then 
step into the dark 
passageway ahead. 
Break open all 
the crates in the 
cave and approach 
the blast doors 
at the cave’s end. 
Run your ‘saber 
into the door and 
trace an upside- 
down triangle to 
cut through the 
lock. Run into the 
next section of the 
cave, still breaking 
open the crates as 
you go, until you 
reach a room full of 

Crush the first 
few droids, then 
speed to the small 
glowing pillar on 
the left. Target it 
with the Force and 
destroy the pillar 
to bring the wall 
above it crumbling 
down. As it does, it 
blocks the transport 
hole for more 
droids! Destroy the 
pillar on the left as 
well, then finish off the remaining droids in the cavern. 

25t GOOrS i 2 Cave’ 

Clear the room, 
then grab the llum 
crystal on the 
ground. Break the 
remaining crates 
and cylinders, then 
go through the 
door on the north 
wall. This leads to 
an elevator that 
quickly begins to 
rise, carrying you 
high into the cavern 
before coming 

to a screeching 
halt. You've been 
detected! As the 
battle droids 
prepare to open 
fire, successfully 
complete the 
cutting minigame 
and carve outa 
hole in the base of 
the elevator floor. 

the Jedi action 
sequence to safely 
leap down the 
elevator shaft and 
land on the ground 
floor of the massive 

Miitmelcel ine Milerels 
leads to an exit 
Walk outside and 
break open all 
the crates nearby. 
Double-jump onto 
the walkway on 
the left, then storm 
onto the narrow 
Nightsisters and 
droids as you go 
First destroy the bothersome Nightsisters, then focus on the 
droids. While you dispatch the Nightsisters, the droids can 
safely land on the bridge and become easier to hit 

wm © 

yr BL) 

SC = 


If a droid is out of reach, use the Force to bring it down. 
With the bridge free of all enemies, cross it to the right, break 
open the containers, and collect the Force orbs. Turn left at 
the bridge's far end and follow it north to the large glowing 
panel at the end. Successfully complete the symbol-matching 
minigame, and three large pillars appear below, bridging the 
for-Jomelam iam elelicoluamilele ls 

The games cart size is a massive 256 megabytes! 


Backtrack across 
the bridge and 
defeat the second 
wave of Night- 

Hop back down 
Com inl-melgel lal] 
floor and make a 
left. Hop across 
the newly risen 
pillars and reach 
the other side of 
the large chasm. 
There, activate the 
two glowing panels 
Tate al-t-lo ll sy-[e.9 
inside the caves. 
Trek deeper into 
the caves, breaking 
the containers as 
you go. Collect the 
Force orbs, then 
exit back out to a 
large wide-open 

There, you are 
HT] FYanleleriat-teM os Manlel f=) 
Nightsisters and 
droids! Run your ‘saber through them and dispatch them quickly. 
Once the area is yours to roam freely, approach the three large 
crystals near the area’s center and tap them one by one. 


Tapping the three 
crystals activates 
them and sends 
three bright blue 
lights into the 
nearby cliffside. 
The cliff crumbles, 
creating a pillared 
path up the 
‘|| cliffside. 

Hop up the 
pillars until you 
reach the entrance 
to the next cave. 
Enter and break 
the containers as 
you go. When you 
reach a bridge, 
you're ambushed 
again! This time, 
the Nightsisters 
bring a new friend 
to the battle. The 
blue Nightsister 
is a ranged-attack 
specialist. Dispatch 
her first, then take 
out the other pesky 

Continue crossing 
the bridge until 
you're greeted by a 
friendly dropship. 
It's Commaner Kree; he and the crew of your dropship 
survived! You command him to find a landing area while you 
continue the search for Senator Amidala. 

il Nore of these crystals 

Finish crossing the bridge and open the door at the end 
by flipping both switches. The next room is a large glowing 
chamber with two doors, one on each side, and three huge 
glowing crystals. 

Walk up to the 
ll base of the left 
crystal and wait 
for the room to 
glow green. When 
it does, press the 
button on the 
crystal’s base to 
unlock the green 
door. Rush out 
onto the long 
catwalk and engage 
the twisted sisters! 
Fight past the 
swarm of Night- 
sisters until you 
reach the walkway’s 
other side. 

Enter the room 
there, then use 
the Force to slide 
the small crystal 
pillar back. Once 
this crystal in place, the center crystal in the large glowing 
chamber is surrounded by a rising pedestal. 

ers on the catwalk 

Grab the llum 
crystal behind the 
smail pillar, then 
backtrack across 
the walkway to the 
glowing chamber. 

This time, open 
the blue door by 
tapping the right 
crystal when the 
room glows blue. 

Just as before, 
carefully cross the 
walkway as you 
duel past a small 
squad of sisters. 
Enter the small 
chamber at the 
walkway’s end and 
slide it into place 
just as you did the 
green one. Pick up 
the Ilum crystal, 
then backtrack 
across the bridge to 
the main room. 

Back in the main 
room, hop on the 
large pedestal, and 
it begins to rise. 
When it stops, 
creep into the 
corridor, break the 
crates in your way, 
and turn right at the end. 

Use the glowing 
consoles to enter 
the final room and 
find the senator, 
her clone comrade, 
C-3PO, and R2-D2 all 
behind laser gates. 
You deactivate the 
laser gate and free 
them from their 
prison, but there’s 
no time to rejoice. 
The senator overheard her captors talk about harvesting crystals 
from the planet core. The Separatists’ plans are even more 
sinister than first thought. First they stole the lightsaber crystal 
cargo, and now they’re harvesting them from the planet? With no 
time to waste, you contact Commander Kree and call for an evac 
Your mission here is complete...for now. 


Adegan crystals are from the planet Ilum and are the 
power source of a lightsaber. 






The successful 
rescue of Senator 
Amidala on Chris- 
tophsis brings 
confirmation of the 
Separatists’ interest 
in the crystals 

on the planet 
However, much to 
the Jedi Council's 
dismay, Ros Lai’s 
information is 
incomplete. It is 

in this moment of 
uncertainty that 
Yoda reveals what 
the Jedi’s next 
move should be. 
While Senator 
Amidala is en route 
to Coruscant, the 
Jedi report to the 

The alliance 
between Dooku 
and the Night- 
sisters troubles the 
Council deeply. The 
only place left to 
go is to the source 
home of the Night- 

Select a pair of 
Jedi from the four 
remaining. The Jedi 
pair sent to Chris- 
tophsis remains 
there, so you can’t 
choose them again. 
We've chosen Plo 
Koon and Ahsoka 

Approach the 
compound's side 
door and step on 
the long yellow 
floor switch. When 
you do, your 
partner steps on 
the second switch 
and the doors slide 
open. You step into 
a large chamber 
with a small pool 
of water separating 
the room and a 
retracted bridge 
at the center. Step 
on the floor switch 
at the room's 
bottom right corner, 
This opens an 
underwater hatch 
FTeleM st -meelalicel| 
to your secondary 

Upon landing 
on Dathomir, your 
clone scout spies 
several squads 
of battle droids 
accompanied by 
Nightsisters. In 
order to bypass 
the security, the 
scout suggests you 
infiltrate the facility 
through a side 

You agree and 
storm into the 
compound's side 
entrance while 
the clones hold 
position and create 
a diversion. 

As the secondary 
Jedi, dive into the 
water and swim 
through the newly 
opened hatch. 

Upon reaching 
the other side of the | 
underwater tunnel, 
your primary Jedi is 

attacked by Night- 
sisters! He steps 

In th d 
Zl el Sk aha 
and the water on : 

i your secondary 
ee. ck Jedi emerged from 
out of the water and the water, =e 
rush through the on the two floor 
door on the right to switches to open 
aid your ne the door on the left. 

aes Pick up the llum 
secre ne Y crystal in the hall 

chamber, you can 
see your partner 
surrounded by 
Nightsisters. Dash 
to the control 
console at the 

and head down 
the passage until 
you're reunited 
with your clone 
troopers. A trooper 
reports that they 

chamber’s bottom were ambushed 

left and activate it. and overwhelmed. 
Complete the symbol-matching game to extend the bridge at Despite the 

the room’s center, which connects both sides of the chamber. trooper's seemingly 

broken spirit, you 
command him 

to soldier up and 
get into a tight 
formation so that the troops can cover your advance into the 

Rush into the next chamber and engage the Nightsisters in 
Loy-yed (om Mav -\ A eoM ole) (ellale MantelecMey Mm \Zole Lae (olat-m (cole) ol-eM ales) Cle cH) 
As you fight the Nightsisters, grab the two Ilum crystals in the 
chamber to replenish your health. Quickly destroy the several 
waves of Nightsisters and reunite your trooper squadron. 
Once you do, break all the orange tablets in the chamber to 
find some Force orbs. 

Once you're rejoined with your partner, you resume control 
over the primary Jedi. Quickly fend off the attacking Night- 
sisters and cross left over the bridge. 

eee eee eee A ) 


== — 


Walk up to 
the door on the 
chamber's far right 
and rendezvous 
with your clone 
troopers. The 
troopers report that 
they've detected 

a high amount 

of activity under- 
ground. The door 
on the far right will 
lead you toward it 
However, in order 
to proceed, you 
need to distract the 
forces inside the 
compound. Your 
troopers agree to 
provide cover fire. 


Go through the 
door and up the 
corridor. Stop to 
destroy the tablets near the end, then enter the next chamber. 
Before leaving the large chamber, explore the room's west 
side. If you have one environmental Jedi and one combat Jedi, 
use a Team Up Environment ability on the wall to reveal a Sith 

Activate the 
small console near 
the retracted bridge 
and complete the 
minigame. When 
you do, the bridge 
extends across 
the wide gap 
and connects the 
two sides of the 
chamber. Dash 
across the bridge 
into the next large 

As you cross the 
small walkway in 
the next chamber, 
an explosion from 
below crumbles 
the walkway 
underneath your 
feet. Follow the 
Jedi action sequence prompts to safely navigate the falling 
rubble, and dodge the booby traps along the walls. Upon 
landing on the bottom of the tall chamber, you spy a pool 
guarded by laser gates. 

CC _—— 

As the secondary 
ll Jedi, leap into the 
pool and carefully 
swim past the 
blinking laser gates. 
Wait for the lasers 
to deactivate, then 
quickly swim past 
them. Once on the 
other side, get out 
of the water and 
step onto one of 
the floor switches. Once in place, take control of the primary 
Jedi and swim past the laser gates to join your partner on the 
second floor switch. The floor switches open a door on the 
room's opposite side. 

Swim back across 
the small pool and 
break the tablets 
on the room's 
other side, then go 
through the newly 
opened door. There 
is an llum crystal 
just right after 
entering the room, 
but don’t get it just 
yet. Instead, wait 
for the Nightsisters 
to drop in from 
above. When they 
do, rush at them 
and unleash your 
‘saber combos. 

Use Team Up 
Combos to dispatch 
them quickly. Grab 
the Ilum crystal 
midfight if you take 

too much damage. After surviving the Nightsister ambush, 
walk up to the door on the far left and stand on the floor 
switches nearby to open it. 

Rush down 
the next hallway, 
collecting the Ilum 
crystal as you go. 
When you reach 
the next room—a 
large coffin-filled 
chamber—a pair 
of Nightsisters 
saunters in from 
the opposite end. 
Without warning, 
they leap into 
action! Destroy 
the Nightsister 
attackers, then 
break the tablets in 
the room's corners. 
After collecting 
the Force orbs, 
hop down onto 
the main floor of 
the coffin-filled 

As soon as you 
set foot on the 
tower level, more 
Nightsisters drop 
in from above. As 
you whittle their 
numbers down, 
also break the 
tablets and small 
spires on the 
bottom floor to 
collect more Force 

The TV show and the Nintendo DS game are produced in 
the same studio in Singapore. 

Flip the two glowing switches near the room’s north wall to 
open the door on the chamber’s upper level. 

1M -¥-}o o}-[e ato) 
to the chamber’s 
higher level and 
walk into the 
newly opened 
passageway. When 
you do, a booby 
trap is triggered 
and the room 
begins to transform 
around you as 
pillars jut out of the 
walls, threatening to crush you! 

Follow the onscreen prompts to successfully complete the 
Jedi action sequence, and bound up and out of the booby- 
trapped room. Once you're safely across the booby trapped 
room, break the two tablets flanking the doorway and enter 
the passage on the far wall. 

Follow the 
winding tunnel as 
it leads deeper into 
the compound. As 
you go, break the 
small spires lining 
the walls to find 
more Force orbs. 
After making the 
first turn, follow the 
tunnel to its end, 
where a fallen piece 
(o)el-lolat-mo) (ele e-Malcele(-1aMelele] om OLt-M-M(-t-lagMOlom aa\Vicelalantclale 
ability with two environmental Jedis to reveal a secret 
chamber with a Sith holocron. 

You emerge from the tunnel into a large chamber. As you 
enter, you sense that there is something dark inside, but 
before you can act, the Nightsister waiting high above the 
ground unleashes a powerful Force blast at the ceiling! 
Suddenly, the ceiling begins to crumble and give way. You try 
to run, but the floor cracks under your feet and gives way. You 
LF] | Me(1-) oN lalcom tul-Mear-ranlelsim col iavel-1 (el Mer-lare Mm UnlMeccl (ave mCcllomela} 
top of you. The Nightsister, pleased with her work, laughs and 
struts away. You're trapped. 

—7 a 



The Nightsister 
home planet 
of Dathomir 
proves as hostile 
as the witches, 

and the Jedi 

find themselves 
engaged in intense 
Meanwhile, on 
Christophsis, the 
Council's investi- 
gation leads farther 
into the depths of 
the planet's core. 
As the two Jedi 
prepare to infiltrate 
stal-Meolanl rele Lalo] 

on Christophsis, 
Senator Amidala 
departs with 

the injured 
Commander Rex. 

The Jedi pair 
decide to split up 
with the droids, 
allowing them 
to venture to the 
compound's main 
computer. There, 
hil-Melnol(ekmuelsl(omel ag 
vital information. 

he compoun 
ed tag 

looks like it extends much further. We 

0 the hatinm of th 

in this mission, you 
play as R2-D2 and 

C-3P0. There's no 
need to choose a 
Jedi pair. 

As R2-D2, pass by the chatty battle droids and turn left up the 

At the hall's end, 
you're met by two 
more battle droids 
that confuse you 
for a pair of new 
droids and send 
you into the room 
behind them. In the 
room, youre tasked 
with configuring 
fresh battle droids 
and equipping 
them for war. Once 
you're alone in the 
room, you contact 
your Jedi Generals, 
who suggest you 
Fs leleietel Men -melselield 
by configuring 
them to be as least 
threatening as 

Break open the 
crates in the room, 
then begin your 
task by approaching 
the glowing console 
on the left. Activate 
the console and 
initiate the R2-D2 
minigame. Match 
the colored notches 
in the spinning 
rings to the colored 
slots on the outer ring to complete the minigame successfully. 
After completing the R2-D2 minigame, a screen will flash 
showing the required piece of equipment for the battle droids. 
To sabotage them, use C-3PO to pick up useless items from the 
bins on the far right wall that are comparable in size to the ones 
onscreen; equip them on the droids. If the image is of a blaster 
rifle, equip the droids with the broom (the item in the first bin 
from the top). When the screen calls for a small blaster pistol, 
equip them with the drum item. When the image calls for a 
wrench, equip them with a spoon. 

jz 2 : 

ve heard that one before. Move it before | blast you! il 

\c—_————mmmmeee@) cummed) = | comensnmmeememenctl 

The only way to access the computer in the adjoining room 
Ele maro)ame[-1mer-l0 lela) atm comcel| Mola Comola-Melm Cal Mi lolol molec 1G) 
switches in front of the crystal console. C-3PO will automat- 
ically step on the other pressure switch. This returns the 
crystal to a light blue color, which indicates its temperature is 
nominal. Immediately leave the pressure switch, and speed 
into one of the four small lit alcoves on the room's sides. This 
makes a panel retract and reveals a glowing console. Use the 
glowing console to complete the R2-D2 minigame, then rush 
back to the crystal console to raise the crystal’s temperature 

The R2-D2 console minigame will keep restarting if 
you fail. The C-3P0 part of the puzzle cannot fail, so 

if C-3P0 attempts to pick up the wrong item, R2-D2 
will complain until the correct item is chosen. 

Plo Koon is Dave Filoni’s (the director of the TV show) 
favorite Jedi. 

After repeating 
the process 
three times and 
sabotaging the 
battle droids, the 
pair of droids 
that sent you into 
the room come 
storming back in 
with a new task — 

uiet! We've got something even a protocol droid 
for you. iL ep sa 

The bothersome 
ll battle droids 
escort you into 
a temperature- 
regulating room. In 
order to regulate 
the temperature 
of the large crystal 
in the room, you 
must stand on the 
two floor switches 
in front of the 
crystal. When your 
battle droid escorts 
leave you to your 
new task, Senator 
Amidala contacts 
you in need of 
She requests 
coordinates for a 
safe landing spot 
for Commander 
Gree. In the 
adjoining room is a 
computer console 
that R2-D2 can 
use to find such 
coordinates. Unfor- 
tunately, you’re 
tied up in this room 
having to regulate 
the crystal’s 
temperature. If you 
allow the crystal to 
overheat, the battle droids outside will rush into the room and 
fire at you. 

before it turns red. 

Do this four 
times, one for 
each of the four 
alcoves in the 
room, to open 
doors blocking the 
entrance to the 
adjoining room. 
Break all the crates 
in the room, grab 
the Force orbs and 

flum crystal, then dash into the adjoining room. 

This R2 unit has been trouble ever since we met! 

There's something wrong with his programming! 

We thought we detected something in here. 
Or rather, the R2 unit did! 

I didn't want to come in here, but my counterpart 

insisted! He ean be ever so stubborn! 

responses to avoid becoming a pile of junk parts. 
“We thought we detected something in here. Or rather, the 

R2 unit did!” 

“You're absolutely right! But he insisted something was 


“Please don’t! He was trying to remedy an error! 
Otherwise the whole system would have overloaded” 

Grab the Sith 

iT] holocron in the 

computer room, 
then use the 
computer console 
to complete the 
R2-D2 minigame. 
PNiccimeelan fe) (-tiiale} 

it, you’re able to 
Amidala’s request. 
Exit the room, back 
to the temperature- 
regulating room 
where you're 
confronted by two 
very irate battle 

When they ask 
why you weren't 
at your post, 
answer them with 
ital-micoll te Uiare] 

_— Sn a.) 


erat Ak] teceremeell 



“He's no simple droid! Beneath those rusty dents is a truly 
remarkable exemplar of engineering finesse.” 

“R2-D2 detected a system malfunction! If he hadn't halted 
a failing process, we'd have been vaporized!” 

Satisfied with 
your explanation, 
the two battle 
droids go back to 
their post. Just 
then, one of the 
Jedi Generals 
contacts you and 
requests that you 
open a factory door 
to create an escape 
route for him and 
his partner. While accessing the computer earlier, you spied 
another computer terminal nearby. 


After the message from the Jedi General, you 
resume your adventure in a long hallway. 

ine, just hurry. We're not sure how long we can hold 

Head up the 

ll hall and turn left 
into the first small 
alcove. Activate 
the computer in 
the alcove to grant 
the Jedi’s request. 
While accessing 
the computer, you 
also find plans for 
a new Separatist 
weapon! You report 
your findings to the 
Jedi Generals, then 
to the Jedi Council 
The Jedi Generals 
send you to another 
computer terminal 
in case they need 
further help. Follow 
the hall up and 
enter the room at 
the end. 

The room contains three colored consoles: one red, one 
yellow, and one blue. When you tap on one of the three colors, 
the console emits a high-, mid-, or low-pitched tone. Step 
into the area with the three consoles and wait for the main 
computer to emit the first set of tones. When they do, respond 
by pressing on the colored consoles to match the tones 
emitted by the main computer. 


After completing 
the lights and 
sounds minigame, 
the door at the 
room’s far end will 
open. Break the 
crates in the room 
before you go, 
and grab the Sith lt il 
holocron near the 
center, Enter the 
newly opened door 
and roll north, into 
the hall. 

As you strut into 
the next room, your 
Jedi counterparts 
are in another part 
of the complex 
being ambushed 
by battle droids! 
Suddenly, to make 
matters worse, 
you're being chased — 
by a droid as well. pot tan, ee 
You speed into the 
next room and shut the hatch behind you. 

Activate the 
glowing console at 
the room’s center. 
This initiates an 
R2-D2 lock puzzle. 
Complete it quickly 
and note the four 
symbols at the 
screen's bottom. 
After completing 
the puzzle as 
R2-D2, you take 
control of C-3PO. 

As C-3PO, flip 
the switches along 
the wall in the 
same order as 
the symbols that 
appeared after 
completing the 
R2-D2 minigame. 
When you do, a 
large machine 
drops on the droids surrounding your Jedi friends, crushing 
them into little droid pancakes. 

Your Jedi friends are saved! You slowly travel down the next 
hall and into a new chamber while the Jedi Generals infiltrate 
deep into the compound. 

Leuuueeseesd) j§.§ (suusemenemenesd 


In the next 
room, break the 
containers to 
collect more Force 
orbs and an Ilum 
crystal, then use the 
felfos aleve meolantolelcig 
at the room's far left 
corner. Successfully 
complete the 
R2-D2 minigame 
and the first red 
light atop the far 
door turns blue. As 
C-3PO, activate the 
glowing console 
on the room's 
far right corner 
and successfully 
complete the 
minigame. When 
you do, the second 
red light turns blue. 
Continue switching back and forth between the two droids, 
completing console minigames until all four red lights are blue 
ETomtul-Me lolol mela 

The minigames increase in difficulty as you bounce 
back and forth between them. 

Your efforts 
pay off, and the 
Jedi pair press on 
deeper into the 
orlanielelelae Meaty 
they speed along, 
el rotate mel eller 
as they go, they’re 
interrupted by none 
other than Count 
Dooku! The Jedi 
inform Dooku that 
as they speak, the location of his secret weapon, the Separatist 
Battle Station, is being sent to the Jedi Council. 

The Jedi draw 
their lightsabers, 
but Dooku acts 
quickly! He 
distracts them 
with a surge of 
Sith lightning and 

There are 30 possible playable combinations of Jedi for 
each mission. 





The confrontation 
with Dooku on 
comes with the 
horrific revelation 
of the Separatist’s 
latest weapon, 

a battleship 
weaponry system 
powered by the 
Force. With the 
dissemination of 
this information 
across all Jedi 
Council members, 
the mission of the 
Jedi on Dathomir 
takes on a much 
graver urgency. 
Back on Dathomir, 
the two Jedi sent to 3 
investigate emerge atists are. 
from their rubble —— 
prison with only 
a few bumps and 

As you recover 
Liclanm ella 
temporary tomb, 
you receive a holo- 
transmission from 
VER im Colel-ilal-) 
informs you about 
the Force-powered 
Separatist weapon. 
Most frightening of all is Yoda’s sudden revelation that the 
Nightsisters must be charging the crystals harvested from 
Dathomir, Christophsis, and Rodia. Your mission is clear—stop 
the Nightsisters! 

You resume the mission on Dathomir with the Jedi 
| you chose for the sixth mission. We chose Plo 
Koon and Ahsoka Tano for the sixth mission, so we 
assume control over them once again. 



As the primary 
Jedi, resume 
your mission on 
Dathomir by first 
breaking all the 
tablets nearby 
late Mere) | (clout iarem calcd 
Force orbs. Exit the 
chamber through 
the passageway on 
the far wall. 

In the next 
chamber, a small 
SS olganlicele) slag 
squadron is 
engaged with a 
hulking rancor 
beast. Rush up the 
passage, breaking 
tablets as you go, 
and make a sharp 
left at the corner. 
The rancor beast 

sees you and gives chase. 

Follow the 

. kee |] prompts for 

the Jedi action 
sequence as they 
Eye) sll lene ele lel 
the first two booby 
traps. The rancor 
crushes through 
the wall spikes as 
you speed down 
the hall. Continue 
dashing down 
bit-mer-lalel-leelt ty 
passageway as 
the rancor beast 
follows. Leap over 
chasms and swing 
across spikes 

as you continue 
following the Jedi 
action sequence 
prompts. When you 
reach the chasm’s 
opposite end, the 

rancor beast fails to make it all the way across, and your lose 
the bothersome beast. 


Break the tablets 
on the chasm’s 
other side, then 
tap on the glowing 
switch by the door 
to open it up. 

upon entering the 
next room, you're 
ambushed by a 
group of Night- 
sisters. Focus on 
the dark Night- 
sisters first, then 
eliminate the red 
Nightsisters. With 
the foes eliminated, 
step on the floor 
switch on the 
room's left side. 
When you do, the 
nearby door will 
ES ife(-Me) ol-1ame-Tlel 
your secondary 
Jedi will automat- 
ically leap onto the 
FS (lelel-temelelelanc-ha3 
and climb up to the 
chamber’s second 

Nightsisters use a modified version of the lightsaber 
design. The long swords have an additional two-prong 
fork at the hilt. The Nightsisters also use a short-sword 

As the primary 

|] Jedi, walk into 

the newly opened 
room and step on 
the floor switch on 
the walkway’s right. 
This slides open 
Stil-me (olelm elm elt ig 
partner, allowing 
him or her access 
into the upper level. 

As the secondary 
ll Jedi, run into the 
room and flip 

the first glowing 
switch. When it 
deactivates the 
force field on the 
level below, you 
can run down the 
walkway as the 
primary Jedi and 
flip the switch 

on the bottom 
level. Continue 
switching back and 
forth between the 
two Jedi as you 
folveyomiolge-Milclle ls) 
and slowly move 

When you reach 
the walkway’s end, 
leap from beam to 
beam as they pop in and out of the wall, and storm across the 
long chasm. 

At the next 
chasm, wait for the 
pillars to jut out 
of the ground. As 
soon as they do, 
leap onto the first 
one and press the 
glowing switch to 
drop the force field 
for your partner 
above you. Then 
use the next pillar 
to jump across the chasm to safety. 

Round the next 
ll corner and jump 
onto the ledge 

high above you, 
reuniting with your 
partner. Wait for 
the force fields 
ahead to drop, then 
carefully speed past 
each one. When you 
reach the end, you 
bilse melee t-ilmel-le.4 
in the main room 
where the Night- 
sisters ambushed 
you. There are 

iWon Eelge [sy o) [aval iare) 
wheels that open 
EMFIse [8 celal-Me lolol 
at the center. This 
time, step on the 
two floor switches 
on the room's 

right side. 



Se i 

Rush onto the 
bridge in the next 
room and engage 
the blue Night- 
sisters, Destroy 
them as you move 
across all the 
bridge's crossing 
sections. Break 
open the small 
spires on the bridge 
to find Force orbs 

and two llum crystals. After defeating all the Nightsisters on 
the bridge, turn left onto the left crossing section and step on 
the two floor switches flanking the doorway. Dash through the 
door when it opens, and storm deeper into the compound. 

Make a left into 
the next section of 
the long winding 
chamber. Follow the 
walkway up, then 
left again, breaking 
spires as you go, 
until you reach a 
tall stepped wall. 
Break the tablets 
on both sides 
of the wall, then 
leap up the steps 
until you're on the 
chamber’s next 
level. You emerge 
back in the main 
room once again, 
but this time, the 
second large wheel 
lifts the final stone 
door and reveals 
a passage deeper 
into the compound. 

Enter the long, ribbed hallway. 


Crush the Night- 
sisters in the room, 
then break open the 
tablets and spires 
nearby to collect 
more Force orbs. 

e Destroy the stone 
< ll tablets and spires 
as you rush up the 
orange-hued hall, 
and collect all the 

Force orbs they 
release. Follow 
the hall to its end, 
where you reach 

a large chamber. 
There, a group of 
Nightsisters drops 
in on you and 
attacks! Fend off 
the feisty sisters. 
During battle, one 
of the blue Night- 
sisters unleashes 
a Force attack on 
you that sends you 
bibgiaremelcelele iF 

On the wall’s 
other side, you find 
yourself in a long 
chamber with a 
series of precarious 
broken walkways 
Stretching across 
a long chasm. One 
of the Nightsisters 
struts into the 
room with you and 
challenges you to 
a fight. She’s nota 
part of your mission, yet, so instead you decide to leap across 
the chasm. 

Follow the onscreen Jedi action sequence prompts to leap 
across the crumbling walkways. While you leap and swing 
across, the Nightsister uses the Force to bring the rest of the 
room crumbling down around you. 

Upon reaching the chasm’s other side, a clone trooper 
battalion drops in and provides cover fire from the Night- 
sister's attacks! 

Rush to the back 
of the chamber 
and activate the 
glowing switch. 

Over 200 concept art pieces were created for the game. 
Some of this concept art can be unlocked and viewed in 
the Extras menu. 

Tr? The switch makes 
7 ll two other switches 
light up. When they 
do, activate them 

b oMe) sem cal-Melelelg 

at the room’s rear. 
Go through the 
door into the next 
chamber. Here, 

you find Master 
Luminara held in 
stasis by the Force. 
Meanwhile, small 
PeuIELeM sleyemelomeltig 
of the floor. The 
only way to free 
Master Luminara 

is to attack the 
glowing pillar while 
your partner jumps 
on one of the other 

Rush around the stasis pillars and strike the glowing pillars. 
If they are surrounded by a red force field, move on to the next 
glowing pillar. 

After you destroy 
all four pillars, 
Master Luminara 
is released and 
falls to the ground. 
When this happens, 
the Nightsister 
boss, Sai Sircu, 
jumps down and 
confronts you. The 
Nightsister tempo- 
rarily escapes while 
you check to see if 
Master Luminara is 

After checking on 
Master Luminara, 
rush after the 
cowardly Night- 
sister. You finally 
catch her, pinned 
by your clone 
troopers’ fire. 
Engage her in battle 
and use combos to 
fill yourTeam Up 
Combo meter. Once 
the meter is full, 
unleash aTeam Up 
Combo to slice off 
a huge chunk of her 
health. Dodge her 
Force blast, then 
counter with quick 

After taking a 
bit of damage, Sai 
Sircu flees again. 
This time she cuts 
the chains holding 
up the chamber 
door and slows 
you down. On 
the door’s other 
side, Sai Sircu 
sends a communi- 
cation stating that 
the crystals are 
charged and ready 
iColmte-latjelelam conta) 
Devastation starship. 

= O 


As the Jedi set 
off to stop the 
Separatist battle 
cruiser, the 
Devastation, Yoda 
presses upon them 
the urgency of 
succeeding in their 
mission. However, 
unbeknownst to 
anyone, the uneasy 
alliance between 
Dooku's Separatist 
forces and the 
Nightsisters takes 
an unexpected turn. The game features a scene with the Jedi being chased by 
After the crystals a rancor. The rancor is indigenous to Dathomir, the home 

from the planets ‘ 2 
Christophsis and of the Nightsisters. 

Dathomir have 
been installed into 
the battle cruiser’s 
main weapon 
chamber, only the 
Rodian crystals are 

Sai Sircu knocks 
Hal-Mer-ticieel melt le) 
into a separate 
chamber of the 
bridge and locks 
them out. She 
then redirects the 
Devastation toward 

back at the Jedi 
Council chamber 
on Coruscant, the 
Council convenes 
from across the 
galaxy via holo- 
Yoda, the only 

one actually 

in the Council 
chamber, stresses 
the importance of 
stopping the Devas- 
tation. The various 
Jedi are paired 

up and prepare to 
launch an all-out 
assault on the 
Devastation. This is 
their only hope.... 

In spite of the 
Rodian crystals 
being missing, 
the Nightsister 
is confident that 
she can boost 
the power of the 
Dathomir crystals. 
Lord Sidious 
conveys his disappointment through the holo-communication 
device, but Count Dooku is confident that the weapon is 
actually more powerful than expected, despite the missing 

At this point, you take control of the first pair of 

i Jedi. Throughout the mission, you will control the 
Asajj Ventress suggests that they demonstrate the weapon's entire cast of Jedi by leading different pairs into 
power to Lord Sidious. He likes the suggestion and orders battle. 
Dooku to set course for Dathomir. While Ventress sets the 
coordinates to the Nightsister home planet, Sai Sircu takes 
exception to Sidious's suggested target and she quietly 
sneaks away. As she does, she charges her Force powers, then 
unleashes a Force blast on both Dooku and Ventress! 


You arrive at the 
Devastation via 
Starfighter and rush 
into the cruiser's 
landing bay, where 
you're greeted 
by a battalion of 
super battle droids! 
Reflect their fire 
back at them, or 
deflect their blaster 
fire away as you 
approach them 
and get within 
‘saber range. After 
destroying the 
super battle droids, 
a group of Magna 
guards rushes 
into battle. Take 
them out with a 
few quick strikes 
of your ‘saber and 
clear the hangar 
bay of all enemies. 

Before leaving 
the hangar bay, 
break all the 
containers in it to 
find some Force 

Run up to the 
hangar’s far end and ll & 
hop on the small is 
platform along the 
right wall. Press the 
red button on the 
platform, and ride 
it up to the second 
level. When you 
reach the second 
level, a group of 
battle droids enter 
through a nearby door. Rush the droids and chop them up. 

Press the glowing consoles flanking the door along the far 

wall, then head into the corridor. Grab the Ilum crystal as you 

go, then enter the room at the hall's end, which houses two 
large turrets and several droids. 

Hold your position 
ll and reflect the 
turrets’ blaster fire 
back at them. If you 
can’t reflect the 
turrets’ fire, then 
sprint up to them 
and destroy them 
with the Force. After 
demolishing the 
turrets, turn your 
attention to the 
attacking droids. 
Once the room is 
clear of enemies, 
crush open the 
crates to collect 
more Force orbs. 
Flip the two switches 
by the door at the 
far end, then enter 
the passage into the 
new area. 

In the next 
corridor, approach 
the red force field 
Elite Meltr-lel(-Mial oy] 
cutting through the 
white beams next 
to it. 

Farther down 
the next hall, there 
is a camera droid 
buzzing back and 
forth, Wait for it to 
turn around and 
float away from 
you, then rush into 
the hall. Follow the 
droid up the hall. 

If the droid turns 
around, hide behind 
one of the walls 
jutting out along 
the corridor and let 
it pass you by. 

Pass the camera 
droid and turn 
right at the hall's 
end. Enter the next 
room and step on 
the large elevator 
at the center. Press 
left, left, down, then down again on the screen to lower the 

elevator to the proper floor and exit. 




In the next room, 
you're greeted by 
Asajj Ventress. To 
defeat Ventress, 
don’t engage her 
directly. In fact, 
your priority isn’t 
Ventress but the 
Foleime lee melee Gli 
section of the ship. 
When the battle 
begins, destroy a 
battle droid, then 
Force Throw it at 
Ventress to stun 
her. While she is 
stunned, run to 
the bridge’s north 
section and activate 
one of the glowing 
consoles. The 
switch lowers the 
biletol ano selecinre misled 
of the power grid. 
Destroy the power 
grids by repeatedly 
slashing them, then 
return to the fight 
against Ventress. 

Step off the lift and enter the next hallway. Break the 
containers as you storm up the hall, and collect the Force orbs 
and llum crystal. 

About halfway 
up the hall, you're 
attacked by several 
buzz droids. Rush 
the rotund robots 
lightsaber through 
them. Attack with 
quick combos and 
leap from droid 
to droid as you 
demolish them. 

Rush right, into 
the corridor from 
where the droids 
Eyeyel-s-lacte par Tare | 
crack the containers 
open. Collect more 
Force orbs, then run 
to the hall's end. 

Repeat the process two more times for the other power 
grids, and leave the hand-to-hand battle against Ventress to 
your partner. Once all three power grids have been destroyed, 
Ventress accidentally hints at a backup power grid elsewhere 
on the ship. 

Before you can 
resume the battle 
against Ventress, 
Sai Sircu arrives 
and attacks the 

elsewhere on the 
ship, a second pair 
of Jedi land on the 
Devastation. As 
the new primary 
Jedi, attack the 
Magna guards as 
they rush into the 
hangar. While you 
engage the Magna 
guards, a group of 
battle droids opens 
fire from a nearby 

Either reflect the 
turret's fire back at 
it, or Force Throw 
crates at it and 
destroy it. Step on 
the platform at the 
hangar's north end 
and ride it to the 
top level. 

Crush the battle droids on the second level, then activate the 
two glowing switches along the north wall. A passage opens 
up, granting you entry into the next corridor. 


The game's original title was Day of the Nightsisters, 
reference to LucasArt's classic Day of the Tentacle. 


in the next hall, sever the white beam to bring down the red 
force field. Creep up the corridor and hide behind the large 
barrels to avoid being detected by the camera droid buzzing 
by. Quickly defeat any buzz droids that appear, then press the 
glowing button on the right wall. The camera droid buzzes 
away, and the next red force field deactivates. Sneak past 
another camera droid and turn right at the hall's end. 

In the next room, 
ll you find the ship's 
reactor core. It is 
bi Fela) <-tem oyvan Oye) 
(olololecmlcr-lel tare male) 
smaller rooms and 
guarded by two 
camera droids. 
While avoiding 
the camera droids, 
dash into the right 
corridor. Walk to the 
end and tap on the 
glowing console. 
Complete the 
minigame to 
partially activate 
the console in the 
reactor room. 

Return to the 
reactor room, but 
this time, sneak 
past the camera 
droid on the left 
and into the left 
room. The console 
in this room has 
three levers. Pull 
on them in the 
following order— 
left, middle, middle 
so that the colors 
above them match 
what is displayed 
on the wall. The console in the main reactor room lights up, 

and the computer console becomes active. 

ye aL) 

Return to the 
reactor room and 
sneak past the 
camera droids 
again, toward the 
main computer, 
Activate the 
computer to 
overload the 
reactor, then get 
some cover behind 
the large barricade 
at the room’s rear. 


When the reactor 
explodes, it reveals 
a passage behind 
it. Defeat the battle 
droids that spill 
out of the passage, 
then grab the Ilum 
crystal on the 
room's far right 
corner. Break open 
the crates nearby to 
collect more Force 
orbs, then saunter 
into the passage. 
Follow the corridor 
to its end, collecting 
more Force orbs as 
ele me lomminl-lamel-1me)a) 
the lift. Press right, 
then down to move 
the lift into position, 
and enter the next 


Like the recent 
battle with 
Ventress, during 
the battle against 
Dooku, the villain 
is not your priority. 
Instead, destroy 
the six targeting 
consoles on the 
upper level. Avoid 
direct combat with 
Dooku—that is for 
another episode. 
Instead, destroy the 
battle droids that 
join the fight, and 
throw them at the 

While he is 
stunned, jump up 
to the higher level 
Elateme (=< ceMelatcy 
of the six glowing 
consoles. Repeat 

Walk to the hall’s 
far end and enter 
the room there. You 
find Count Dooku 
talking to Darth 
Sidious via holo- 
The traitorous Sith 
Lords are angered 
by Sai Sircu’s 
betrayal. During 
their discussion, 
you hear Dooku 
mention the battle 
cruiser's new 
You rush in with 
your ‘saber ready 
for battle! 

Walk up the the process five 
corridor, breaking More times until 
more containers as ll Six targeting 
you go, and destroy consoles are 
the buzz droidsin destroyed. 
your way. 

After you destroy the consoles, Sai Sircu joins the fight. She 
hits you and Dooku with a powerful Force blast that knocks 
you out. In the attack, Dooku flees and she gets away. 

With the second 
i} pair of Jedi 
knocked uncon- 
scious, the hopes 
of the mission 

rest on the third 
pair of Jedi on the 
Devastation. As 
they land in the 
hangar bay, they 
are met by Magna 
guards. As the new 
primary Jedi, attack 
the Magna guard 
and dispatch them 

Rush through 
the rear hangar 
door into a large 
storage room and 
break open the 
crates inside. Turn 
left and walk past 
the malfunctioning force fields. Wait for the fields to deactivate, 
then rush past them. Grab the Ilum crystal on the left as you go. 

Destroy the 
droids at the hall’s 
end and trundle 
into the next section 
of the hall. As you 
enter, you can 
sense a dark force 
nearby. Follow the 
hall to the bend and 
turn right. Enter the 
elevator room at the 
hall's end and hop 
on the lift. Press 
left twice, then up 
twice to reach your 
destination. Get off 
the lift. 

In the next hall, 
you're greeted by 
several more buzz 
droids. Instead 
of staying and 
fighting, however, 
you sneak into 
a ventilation 
shaft. Follow the 
onscreen Jedi 
action sequence 
prompts to leap 
across the long 
shaft and destroy 
the droids on 
the other side. 
Continue following 
the prompts to leap 
from security droid to security droid. Climb up the tall shaft 
and onto an entryway back into the facility. 

Back inside the facility, you're met by a group of Magna 
guards. Cut your way past them to the opposite side of the 
large room. Break open the crates and collect the Ilum crystals 
on the ground. 

=f @ 




Run into the next 
room and confront 
Sai Sircu, There, 
you find Sai Sircu 
fel-inenl-romallelam-lele) Yc} 
the ground atop 
a tall ledge. She 
greets you with 
a Force blast that 
almost knocks you 
off your feet. She's 
fitoaliave Colm ml oy-} calc) 
and quickly attacks 
from a platform 
above you. 
Between you and 
her, there is a force 
field that turns on 
and off. 

Along the room’s 
sides, crates 
periodically trickle 
down the wall from 
EMerela\-s'fel ml o\-11 6 
When the battle 
begins, use the 
Force to throw 
crates at Sai Sircu 
while the force 
field is not active. 
The crates will hit 
one of the four 
supporting beams 
olamalcime)i-lecolena melee} 
destroy it. 

Once she’s on 
the ground, Sircu 
begins attacking 
you with direct 
Force blasts. Dodge 
her assaults and 
instead attack 
the large crystals 
on the lower 
level—they are 
the source of Sai 
Sircu's power. 
Move clockwise or 
and attack each 
crystal with your 

After hitting all 
four crystals, Sircu 
is unable to focus 
her Force energy 
and is temporarily 
stunned. Continue 
stunning her until 
her Health bar 
appears and she 
engages you in 
‘saber battle. 


ll unleash aleam 

Up Combo when 
you engage her in 
battle. After hitting 
her with aTeam 

Up Combo, back 
away and let your 
partner whittle her 
down a bit. Join 
your partner in 
battle and begin 
filling up yourTeam 
Up Combo meter 
again. Once it's full, 
hit her again with 
another Team Up 

Dretele Malis 
attacks and 
occasionally let 
some damage. 
After a few more exchanges, Sai Sircu can take no more. 

Dodge Sai Sircu’s Force blasts while you pepper her 
platform with crates until you destroy all four support beams. 

© = 

The development team is truly multinational with over 15 

countries represented. 

Once she's 
sustained too much 
damage, Sai Sircu 
backs away and 
falls to her knees. 
The energy beam 
surrounds her and 
slowly lifts her 
into the air. The 
Force energy flows 
from her to the 
four surrounding 
crystals and quickly 

Suddenly, ina 
beam of light, Sai 
Sircu is joined 
with the Force... 
permanently. The 
Jedi all rush to their 
cS cclailelalccie-w-lale| 
escape the Devas- 
tation just as the 
large battle cruiser 

ft a 
| a 


The following secret Je 
on how to unlock all pie 

How to Get It Description 

Unlocks bonus costume for Anakin 

Unlocks bonus costume for Ahsoka 

Unlocks bonus costume for Plo Koon 

Unlocks bonus costume fr Kt isto 

Unlocks bonus costume for Mace Windu 

Unlocks bonus costume for Obi-Wan 

Unlocks 2nd bonus costume for Anakin 

Unlocks 2nd bonus costume for Obi-Wan 

Unlock 2nd bonis woes for Aloka 

Unlocks model of battle droid in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of buzz droid in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of super buzz droid in the Extras screen 
Urilocks model of Ziro the Hutt in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of camera droid in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of Luminara in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of Magna guard in the Extras screen 
Livaek tunnel inst celia teense scree 
Unlocks model of Darth Sidious in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of Commander Cody in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of the gunship in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of Nightsister 1 in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of Nightsister 2 in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of boss miner droid in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of Padmé Amidala in the Extras screen 
Uniocksnnlelof rancor nthe tarasteraen 

Unlocks model of Sai Sircu in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of Count Dooku in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of Ahsoka Tano in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of Anakin Skywalker in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of C-3P0 in the Extras screen 

Unlocks model of R2-D2 in the Extras screen 

Unlocks model of Mace Windu in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of Plo Koon in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of Kit Fisto in the Extras screen 

Unlocks model of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Extras screen 
Unlocks model of a clone in the Extras screen 

Unlocks Satewarl2 conesrtatt Wihe Brad scteen 
(lacks Salananid Gunceqtart hithe Dares eoTsen 
Uafoeks Conecant? concept arin ehres rb 
Unlocks Coruscant 1 concept art in the Extras screen 
Unlocks Christophsis 3 concept art in the Extras screen 
Unlocks Dathomird concept ertin the Extras screen 
Uskaced Chnienaphais cones alt acta Bares scan 
Unlocks Dathomir 10 concept art in the Bares screen 
Unlocks Sedawan 1 concept art in the Extras screen 
Unlocks Sedawan 3 concept art in the Extras screen 
Coruscant 4 concept art in the Extras screen 

How to Get It Description 
efeat 100 total enemies in Christophsis Mission 1 
Defeat 100 total enemies in Dathomic Mission 1 
Complete Chrstophsis Mission 1 
Complete Dathomir Mission 1 
Christophsis Mission 2 
omplete Dathomir Mission 2 

clo ololelolels|elols|o 
] EN ERES ENF aRaLa & 
Fi Ay 
S ts fo foje s/s |o 8 
g Eom fom fom Fo bol baal bd e 
8 als lals 
2/2 8181818 | 8 
13 jo }2 |= )=)= s 
=|s |Z]s|s|sis g 
@121/81> [2/2 |2 2 
#)2/8)° 131313 § 
3 |=\s a \o'|s 5 
SF |8) 1818 |8 8 
g 5/5 |5 5 
s slole > 
Vs sisiz 2 
2/5 |5 
312 |2 a 
s ]2./3 = 
8 |>]2, % 
a g 
$1518 g 
FA 3 
gis ~ 
S 1a 

Unlocks Nightsister transport ship concept art in the Extras screen 
Unlocks Concept Art 2 in the Extras screen 
Finish Rodia Mission 1 without picking up any items Unlocks Concept Art 16 in the Extras screen 



Sich dha Masi? Mod Beta Bo aty Rams 
Finish Christophsis Mission 1 without picking up any items 
Finish Dathomir Mission 1 without picking up any items 
Finish Dathomir Mission 2 without picking up any items 
Finish Devastation without picking up any items 
Chanda Sadie tithont icing’ all your healt 
Complete Rodia Mission 1 without losing all your health 
Cosibits Coiiecant Mpesion ivahode lasing al your ehith 
Complete Christophsis Mission 1 without Ising all your health 
Complete Dathomir Mission 1 without losing all your health 

n nm n 

5 5 3, 

S & g 

° ° a 

EA 8 a 

2 € by 

3 g = 

3 3 3 

a 3 

a z 5 

= ABE 

g 3 5 

o 3 ro, 

s = 3 

n = ia 

= Fio la 

= 2 < 

6 5 hal 

tad rs. 3 

iS 6 

= = = 

= 2 3 

5 3 

Ce} = a 


‘S 2 

@ 2 

2 Py 

3 : 


g a 



Complete Christophsis Mission 2 without losing all your health 
Complete Dathomir Mission 2 without losing all your health 
[Sats Sinan aio lessoy ol your cath 
Complete Rodia Mission 1 with all pairings 
Complete Coruscant Mission 1 with all pairings Fane 
Complete Rodia Mission 2 with al pairings aslo Cofics PATE i Sa Esa cTAEN An TNL SIRE EE SP 
Complete Christophsis Mission 1 with all pairings IS “s 
Complete Dathomir Mission 1 witha pairings 
Complete Christophsis Mission 2 with all pairings 
Coniplets Dathonair Mion Zeit Bl paving FUsiocks ConeeetAr ota Thales steer sei Hawt ee 
Complete Devastation with all pairings [Unlocks Devastation 2conceptartintheExtrasscreen 


Defeat all enemies in Sedawan Unlock Super Enemies tweak in the Extras screen. Your enemies will be stronger. 

Defeat all anémies tn Hodia Mission'l Unlock Super Lightsaber tweak in the Extras screen. Your lightsaber will be more 

Nolectail enemies in Cordecant Wesson Unlock Super Team Up Combat tweak in the Extras screen. Double the rate you 
acquire Force energy. 

Defect all enemiexin Hodia Messin? ee Super Block tweak in the Extras screen. Double the stopping power of your 

Defeat all enemies in Christophsis Mission 1 Ralpce Soret Force Attack tweak in the Extras screen. A single Force attack defeats 

Unlock Auto Laser Deflect tweak in the Extras screen. Automatically deflect lasers 
back at their source. 

Defeat all enemies in Christophsis Mission 2 area ane Chain tweak in the Extras screen. You'll have more time to continue 

Defeat all enemies in Dathomir Mission 1 

Detcetallenemies in Dathomir Mission 2 Unlock Health Restore tweak in the Extras screen. Instantly recover all your health 
after combat. 
Hates nkanenuas in Luvacthtion ee tweak in the Extras screen. You're immune to all but the Power 




Also|covers Jedi Alliance™) 

Made with love by 


they! are) not lost permanently: 

People interested in helping out in any capacity, 
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EMTS STUGY, (OVS) CoKo) TnKohe SU oy oxoyne avedan) clare | okey ASUS | Cavey’ 

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