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Invisible Power (14 pages) 
The Demon of Electricity (6 pages) 

Dark Forces 

Angel to Some Demon to Others (6 pages) 
Spiritual Underachievers (4 pages) 

Venom of the Demiurge (8 pages) 

Space Invaders (10 pages) 

The Fate of The Jews (3 pages) 

Evil Clown (8 pages) 


The Lords' Work and the Lords of the Earth (10 pages) 
Immortals (5 pages) 

White Weakness, Aryan Power (18 pages) 

Lucifer (14 pages) 

The World 

The System (5 pages) 

The World of Robots (5 pages) 

Vampire Farm (8 pages) 

Robocop: Planned Obsolescence of Human Wetware (9 pages) 
The Matrix of Inverted Reality (14 pages) 

Female Power, Female Violence (12 pages) 

Spectacle Society (6 pages) 

‘Universal’ (20 pages) 

Academia's ‘Universalism’ (9 pages) 


Zombie Apocalypse (10 pages) 
O.R.1.0.N and the Krist Ray (6 pages) 

Invisible Power 

The invisible power that rules this world can only be spoken of as malevolent, harmful; serving a 
wholly negative purpose as far as the lives of all sentient beings on Gaia are concerned. A power of a 
vampiric nature which spreads itself over the earth as an octopus spreads its tentacles into every 
corner of life to vampirize the life force from its denizens. 

This invisible power the writer will designate "The Demiurge" and will posit as a really existent entity, 
spoken in masonic terms as "the great architect of the universe" (G.A.O.T.U). This is the entity which 
the hidden powers who conceal themselves behind the hidden hand of magnanimity venerate and 
consider themselves as his minions, his 'luciferian' elite, those endowed with the light of 'G-d'. 

Thus they consider themselves gods who partake of the Divine light and all else as 'mundane' or 
‘profane’ creatures, the incomplete souls or soul shells (Qlippoth) who are deserving of slavery only 
and no higher form of life. 

The invisible power which governs this world exerts its influence through its surreptitious agents who, 
concealed in ivory towers and in concealed enclaves far away from the site of 'the profane’ 
nonetheless is visible as it 'hides in plain sight' amongst the multitude. The masonic elite understand 
well the 'profane' are nearly incapable of observing this power. However a few can and these serve as 
the hidden hand's karmic scapegoat, representatives of 'the people’. As members thereof they have 
the karmic burden transferred onto their shoulders by the masonic elite of the latter's sins should they 
fail to oppose them. Should they fail to do so as representatives of 'the profane’, the sum total are 
considered blameworthy and deserving of their fate. 

The system of the Demiurge functions as a game of manipulation with the hidden hand abiding by 
certain rules themselves unknown or not readily known by the ‘profane’ common folk. These rules are 
based upon their understanding (or misunderstanding?) of the laws of Reality which they ascribe to 
their Demiurge as architect thereof, the laws of causality within the lower five heavens, the laws of 
action and reaction that function within 'the world’ of this 'Great Architect’. 

These laws are not those of Cosmic Reality but rather those of the inferior planes of temporality, not 

those of the Eternal Realm which preceded the existence of this violator of the Mother Goddess, the 

rapist, the 'G.A.O.T.U'. These are the laws of cause and effect and these again distorted and corrupted 
in a self-serving way by the black magicians. 

The first law is that of the 'revelation of the method’ where they, the judeo-masonic 'elite' reveal to 
the population they intend to exploit or harm what they will do to them and this in advance of doing 
it, and in a clandestine and not easily discernible manner. 

Through symbol and coded language; through numerology or simply through number itself they 
reveal their intentions to those they call 'goyim' (cattle or 'animals'). In their understanding this 
transfers their karma onto their victims, simply letting their victims know what they intend to do to 
them in advance of doing this. 

This protocol or 'law' they adhere to finds its parallel in the Babylonian Talmud with the Kol Nidre, the 
‘vowed to end all vows', in which jews take an oath to the Demiurge to absolve themselves of all 
oaths; obligations; and commitments in advance of their formation with all non-jews for the duration 
of the year taken on new years. 

Hence this Mephistophelian pact they enter into with their deity is in no way consistent with the 
actual laws of Cosmic Reality as letting someone know what you intend to do to them prior to 
committing an act of harm to them does not serve as an exculpatory condition of the violation of their 
being but amounts to self-deception on the part of the violator and renders those who adhere to such 
‘laws' specious, self-serving hypocrites. 

The second of the 'laws' the hidden hand adheres to might be called 'the law of compensation' where 
the hidden hand has an obligation to take from others either to compensate them in advance; during 
or after the fact as a condition of receiving from them a benefit. To accommodate this ‘law of 
reciprocation or compensation’ and to maximize their personal advantage and maximize harm to their 
enemies’ (which includes all 'people' or those non-jews they deem 'goyim' or 'profane’). 

The ‘exchange’ the jews involve themselves with their 'goyim' is that of giving the least amount of 
actual value and the most amount of harm they can while taking the most amount of actual value 
they can and this with the least detection on the part of 'the goyim' and indeed deceiving them to 
believe they have received a benefit and not harm. 

An example is taxation: the 'goyim' have been conditioned through propaganda to look upon the 
existence of taxation (property tax and income tax) as a 'civic' virtue, a 'moral obligation’. This the 
black magicians have conditioned their slaves to 'believe' but never to 'know' to be a real association 
as one can never know a falsehood to be true. 

The payment of tax takes from one and enables the middleman to absorb the lion's share for himself 
while ostensibly giving a benefit to another. Claiming to set up for example, a hospital with taxpayer 
funding to 'help' people while absorbing most of the wealth for himself (the hidden hand cabal of jews 
and masons). Once the hospital is established through the robbery of the peasants it can then serve as 
a simulacrum, and appearance of further 'benefit' conferred upon the population of ‘health services’ 
or 'medical services’. 

These services themselves function as a racket to absorb yet more wealth into the coffers of the cabal 
under the guise of offering a 'benefit'. within the context of the medical murder establishment the 
notion of ‘informed consent' is a variation of the form of 'revelation of the method’, the first 

Demiurgic law (the law of 'G-d') the Qabbalists adhere to that purports to clear them of their karma 
for the crimes they commit against third parties. 

All doctors are Freemasons and being members of the hidden hand are simply agents of a different 
cloth (that of a white coat) of their cabal who seek to absorb the wealth of the 'goyim' while 
simultaneously harming them to the extent it doesn't cut into their profits. 

Thus invisible power of the Demiurge extends itself from that central nervous system brain existing at 
higher dimensions along its ubiquitous tentacles and through its earthly emissaries the jews and 
freemasons (the latter including all Christian clergy be they Protestant or Catholic). 

This power is of a seemingly omnipresent nature and manifests in the myriad agents that span the 
spectrum of ‘society’ for the purpose of engineered rapine and vampirism of the blood of the 'goyim', 
those excluded as either insufficiently intelligent (in the sense of the cunning mercurial mind of jewry) 
or insufficiently corruptible to play a role in the despotism of this world order. 

The invisible power of the Demiurge thus is selective in its manifestation, gravitating toward those 
with least integrity and with least regard for Truth and Justice; those in short who can be useful tools 
in his tentacles with which to tear down and destroy while absorbing the life force of his captive 

Within 'the world’, the control system manifests its invisible power in the form of bureaucracies. These 
are themselves both visible and invisible. Visible as concrete brick, mortar and steel constructs 
wherein the bureaucrats conceal themselves and generate their red tape deploying their statistics; 
rules; regulations; policies; laws and guidelines as mechanisms of enforcing their Demiurgic law. 

This is been the historical reality in the structuring and ordering of society according to the Demiurgic 
template of hyper-rationalist control. The privilege controllers sequester themselves away in their 
secluded and segregated areas behind their meat shields of 'law enforcement officers' who function as 
paid spies and tops who operate in the enforcement of the laws of 'G-d' the Demiurge. 

The ‘force continuum' of law enforcement , a model of crime and punishment, is invoked as a 
mechanism of transference of karma onto the agent/victim who is designated ‘criminal’ by virtue of 
stepping outside of Masters rules in his acts or omissions. The law enforcement officer then, on a scale 
of proportionality can, according to the law which is posited (asserted) as ‘Absolute’ and inviolable 
save by a kosher certified ‘judge’ or ‘legislator’, match the act or omission on the part of the 'criminal’ 
or ‘civilian’ with his legally approved coercion to the point of the execution of the 'criminal/civilian’ 
with deadly force. 

Hence a person entering into an enclave of Demiurgic law (a bureaucracy) and failing to abide by the 
rules; regulations; policies, deemed 'reasonable' is subject to the level of coercion deemed 
appropriate. Should he not comply with the initial warnings; requests or commands he is then subject 
to brute physical coercion as the ultimately default option of the hidden hand working through its 

Agents of the hidden hand, at least historically, have been somewhat accessible to the 
‘civilian'/'common man’, the 'goy', who has had dealings with lower-level agents with whom he can 
have in person contact is typically separated from the higher level operatives who are well concealed 
behind barriers and in the bowels of the bureaucracy of the Demiurge. 

The iron heel enforcers are forever circulating and spying and this with the facade of pleasantness 
spread across their faces according to the hypocritical veneer of the magian morality of judeo- 
masonry: pompous rhetoric regarding 'humanity' and 'peace' which simply serves as a mask behind 
which they conceal their vampiric exploitation of others. 

The 'goy' who attempts to seek justice through himself has no such option, as to play the game of the 
system is to be gamed by the system and its agents, to be exploited by an entire network of cryptic 
and duplicitous servants of the cabal and cabal members, the initiated black magicians of the Zion 

Hence he has no recourse to avail himself of any Cosmic Justice as such justice does not exist within 
the 'world system’. The ‘justice’ existing within the system is itself simulacral, false, a mere distorted 
perversion of Cosmic Justice serving the black magician elite and their hidden Masters. 

Only they who are qualified as 'party members’ of the system are permitted to seek any ‘justice’ 
within it as they are deemed ‘kosher’ by the wire pullers who accommodate their vices and enable 
them to escape punishment for their violations of Cosmic Law or to advantage themselves if need be 
(and if serviceable to the hidden hand) against Cosmic Law, whereas the 'goy' or 'profane' who is not a 
‘member of the party’ is excluded from any and all representation save a distorted, simulacral 
misrepresentation of himself as a ‘citizen’; a 'tax slave’; a 'worker', but never as a being endowed with 
any qualities or attributes that have any value as his only value within the system is slavery. 

His character is qualified as ‘citizen’; 'worker'; ‘criminal’; 'tax payer' but nothing beyond as the system 
observes him and determines his being through its narrow purposes which are justified according to 
its high flown principles of hypocrisy: liberty; equality; fraternity; God (G-d); jesus; humanity, etc. 

The beehive of bureaucracy of the judeo-masonic system is operated by what the writer proposes to 
call J.E.Ws (Jehovah's Evil Workers). These apparatchiks are neither exclusively Abraham-ists nor of any 
particular creed but are recruited by those at higher levels who are venerator's and servitors of the 
Demiurge, the creator of YHVH/Jehovah who they also worship, the captive aion Sandur/Krodo who 
was transformed by the Demiurge into Saturn/Satan. 

Though those at the lower level may be largely ignorant of what they do they are nonetheless 
complicit and thus blameworthy to the extent it is reasonable for them to know of the blameworthy 
actions they perpetrate. Blame is proportional to rank: those at higher levels are increasingly 
blameworthy for the occurrences which visit harm upon the population and those of the highest rank 
are most blameworthy. 

This proportional allocation of blame is attributable to the compartmentalization of the Masonic 
beehive both in the case of the invisible power as it expresses itself through bureaucracy and in the 
case of the unofficial networks affiliated therewith either through personal relations between 
individual cabal members in different functions of the system or through their secret societies and 
associate organizations in the private or public sectors (this will be investigated further). 

The compartmentalization of the beehive entails both a segregation of its function as well as a 
connection of its functions through unofficial vertices which constitute the borders of the hexagram 
cells of the beehive functions. Each bureaucrat is segregated from others such that they only know 
what serves their limited function and those at higher levels (having proportionally more power) 
overarch their subordinates and are capable of moving along these vertices between cells. 

The blame transference on the part of the system to the private sector as the ‘heel’ of the dialectic 
serves the function of keeping up the appearance of the 'virtue' of the public face of government, the 
overt structure of the invisible power. 

The private sector becomes the boogeyman of the 'heartless corporate system' and a hypocritical 
hidden hand represents its public face as the 'kind and caring’ system whose members (the union of 
public employees) are portrayed as altruistic other-regarding humanitarians, who are being ‘held 
down' in their defense and care for ‘humanity’ by the 'corporate monster’. 

Thus a false dichotomy is established in the mind of the profane through its propaganda apparatus: 
public sector, equates to 'good' for those who are not involved in the private sector in any semi- 
independent capacity and 'bad' or 'Enemy' in the minds of those who are not affiliated with 
government but operate in the sphere of the 'corporate monster’ and who view the public sector of 
government as the 'socialist or 'government monster’. Both faces or masks of the monster are simply 
blinds of the real power that are worn alternately to obscure the actual face of the Demiurge and his 
agents who conceal themselves thereby. 

Their intention over time and across their agenda is to merge the two anti-theses together into a 
synthesis of these opposites in their communitarian society whose power center is simultaneously 
everywhere and nowhere and whose pervasive, invisible power, thus cannot be contested or opposed 
by virtue of the decentralization of its pervasive presence. 

Indeed all become absorbed into this power structure by virtue of participation and through quantum 
entanglement within its invisible web have their life's blood drained from them as flies trapped by 
invisible spiders whose visible counterparts on the mundane plane are the bureaucratic spiders in the 
hives of decentralized power-the office complexes and network of bureaucracy. 

The system conceals its true nature not only under the facade of altruistic 'Other-regard' but under 
that of its myriad blinds of the political spectrum and infinite dispersal of power through its hypostatic 
simulacra-political parties; organizations; groups; agencies; companies; Crown or government run 
corporations and official and unofficial agents. 

Thus the invisible power of the Demiurge is to all appearances dissipated across all lines and functions 
of mundane reality but this apparent dissipation is in reality a casting of the spiders' web over a 
greater non-localized and thus unidentifiable space, the panoptic power of His Hive Mind 
superintending over the material beehive of Zion. 

The entire structure of the system is pyramidal, with a physical upward pointing pyramid with its base 
on the ground constituting the 'majority', the mass, who see only the physical pyramid and a non- 
physical invisible or nearly invisible inverted pyramid of actual power overlaid on top of the physical 
pyramid at a higher dimension. The majority in greatest power is at the apex of the physical pyramid 
and the Demiurge occupies the top with his subordinate agents YHVH/Jehovah; the reptilian trans- 
dimensional's; the jewish-reptilian hybrids and Freemasons; the 'profane' functionaries of state and 
commerce and the executive functionaries beneath ruling over the animate tools of the system as so 
many worker bees in the hive who manufacture the honey feasted upon by the Queen bees at the 
higher levels. 

The honey is that bio-energy, the life force (soul energy) of the 'goyim' and the Queen bees are the 
hidden hand initiated black magicians and their demonic overlords they call 'angels'-reptilian trans- 
dimensionals- who are the arch vampires and true architects of destruction operating under the 

Only those who are 'members of the party' may ascend the hierarchy and only those who, through 
whatever fallibility or delusive understanding of 'the good', had been selected as worthy candidates to 
serve the system. Corruption being proportional to rank it is also pervasive owing to the trickle-down 
effect with the blood of the victims of the system trickling down into the maws of the lower-level 
functionaries who absorb their ‘portion’ as a reward for their corruption. 

Those least corruptible are the greatest threat to the system and thus are targeted for observation at 
the least and assassination at the extreme of measures taken against them should they pry into the 
affairs of the state which its controllers desire them not to know. 

Whistle-blowers and those who, having a 'conscience' (a recognition of 'good' or Cosmic Law and its 
violation in the form of 'human-all-too-human' agency) are subject to the operation of the network 
whose wire pullers the spiders of Zion set in motion, initiating the chain of the Demiurgic causality of 

punishment typically operating through unofficial channels should those of their official channels be 
inadequate as an enforcer of their will to put a stop to the whistle-blowers revelations. 

These unofficial channels might be the local drug dealer or other criminal(s) who receive money; 
drugs; alcohol or reduced jail sentences to dispatch the targeted persons who had angered the cabal. 
These proxies serve as karmic scapegoats onto which the cabal offloads its karma, at least according to 
its 'laws' (those of the Demiurge). 

These proxies serve as screens or blinds behind which the black magicians hide. To conceal their 
violence behind these unofficial agents officialdom keeps its hands clean, again 'to all appearances’, 
and thus appears squeaky clean in the eyes of society’s sheep as the 'virtuous' establishment. 

The appearance of fighting crime is the ultimate farcical theater of the real acted out by the cabal 
whose inversion of Reality is a method of their madness. The ‘criminal’ is that which is a violator of 
'Law', which are the laws themselves and this by virtue of their Demiurgic nature (as aforesaid). These 
‘laws' are unjust or ‘criminal’ according to Cosmic Law and the criminal who violates them not 
necessarily of a vicious sort but often so. 

The blinds to conceal violence don't simply occur in the form of unofficial 'criminal' agents but also in 
the form of officialdom itself who drapes the flag of virtue over its vices and accoutres its enforcers in 
the regalia of 'G-d' or statecraft, thus creating a simulacrum of Justice. 

The motives of the system embodied in its decrees; policies; rules; regulations; ‘laws’, etc. are 
concealed behind the blind of ‘legal justice’; its decrees in all forms of its function (medical; social; 
economic; political; legal) serving its vampiric purposes of keeping the sheep sufficiently controlled 
such that they can be sheared (taxation; work) and slaughtered (estate taxes; property; soul energy in 
both cases being the true value) for the purpose of empowering the elites at the expense of their 

Thus 'the state' (the jewish occupation government-J.O.G) declares war under cover of peace or a 
public emergency to justify its imposition of force on the masses (e.g. The shuttering of people indoors 
under the cover of a virus while it installs the 5G kill grid to blast the population with electromagnetic 
fields inducing heart attacks and hypoxia leading to brain damage and cellular death). 

The blinds of controlled opposition are yet another example of the system of simulacra or false 
appearances that is the very essence of the system. The direction the controllers want to head in 
terms of their globalist agenda for Demiurgic dominion necessitates what Carroll Quigley called 'the 
tension of development' with the creation of to all appearances opposing factions which are 
reconcilable only through some form of necessary conflict and which conflict serves as 'theater of the 
real' in which the masses come to an understanding of the negative or untenable nature of either or 
both 'sides' and are led to an acceptance of a new synthesis of the dialectic of opposites. 

Those incapable of 'moving forward’ according to the direction of this 'progression' are either left 
behind to stagnate in their dogma (that formulated by the cabal as one of the antitheses) or in 
extreme cases if the cabal deems necessary to be eliminated in the conflict, the outcome being as 
close an approximation as is possible to suit their plans or agenda with whatever damage control 
being carried out by their agents who have been inserted in the groups; organizations or who have 
been financed to play this role or who have voluntarily taken it on as their christian or masonic ‘duty’ 
to the G.A.O.T.U. 

All Are actors on the stage of hyper-reality within the matrix of the beehive of masonic despotism and 
all must play their role in the scripts written by the hidden hand, those failing to 'play along’ suffering 
the consequences the cabal deems appropriate. Each agent is groomed to play their role by their 
higher-ups most of whom are jews, specifically Mossad operatives who perform an executive function 
in overseeing the acting out of the 'theater of the real' and in more ways than one (‘executive'; 

On a grassroots personal level the agents of the cabal are planted in advance into certain locations or 
given certain functions to play either in physical or virtual presence. These are not known to those 
with whom they seek involvement but simply ‘encounter’ the target and seek to influence the target 
in the desired direction. 

This works in the case of targeted individuals and gang-stalking as well as a matter of power politics. 
The ‘jewish community’ especially is a ringleader of this 'behavioral modeling and influencing ‘or 
‘perception management’ protocol for the purpose of steering the 'goyim' in the desired direction. 

The jew specifically is a born actor, whose chameleon-like character enables him to intertwine himself 
in the good graces of his host and to, like a parasite, attach himself to the mind of his host and to steer 
and manipulate his host to serve his agenda. His power is invisible as a child of his 'G-d', the Demiurge, 
and works through a subtle coercion or imposition of his ‘services’; ‘advice’; ‘counsel’, etc.. 

He converts his host into a mule (goy) to pull his cart while he steers the goy through his cunning art 
of hypnosis and manipulation to exert a mental influence upon his captive using the black magic 
techniques he derives from his Master. 

Qabalistic black magic is employed on a constant basis by the cabal as this is the form of their invisible 
power which, to the profane, appears 'formless' and is designed to so appear. This is the method of 
hoodwinking the sheep and placing them in a ‘double bind'-they were informed (this is the logic of the 
cabal) of what was being done to them in advance of its being done and the 'profane' did not act, thus 
they are 'blameworthy' according to the scape-goating tactics of the cabal; but more than this they are 
considered ‘inferior’ for not knowing what was done to them and thus they have through omission of 
protest or prevention demonstrated their relative impotence of thought and action which according to 
the cabal increases the latter's power. 

This black magic is employed in all operations of the cabal and across all sectors of its power structure 
such that the entire system is an ‘occult theocracy’ of judeo-masonic corruption known and accessible 
only to the initiates and 'party members’. 

The secret societies who govern the system are probably not confined to freemasonry but to all 
appearances governed by it and by the jews who control them having a ruling secret society of B'nai 
Brith which super intends masonry. Perhaps masonry is governed at its highest levels by others but 
the veil of appearances of the cabal can only be pulled aside so far by the writer. 

The unofficial officialdom of the system is thus orchestrated by the white hands of masonry and 
operates in their typically subterranean and ‘jewish’ manner: through deception and intrigue. 

The mind control apparatus does not confine itself to interpersonal contact with individual members 
alone but exists in the form of the pervasive electro-magnetic spiders web woven by the members of 
the cabal that comes in the form of the technological apparatus of power: HAARP; ELF; EMF cell 
towers; the entire 5G 'smart grid. This electro-magnetic transmission system operates round-the-clock 
to entrain certain brain frequencies, to condition the masses to think and behave according to a set of 
inputs by certain radio and EMF frequencies, to operate on a certain wavelength and to thus become 
merged with the hive mind of the Masonic beehive. 

An interesting point is that bees navigate via electro-magnetic frequencies- which further 
substantiates the metaphorical reality of the Zion hive mind- hyper-reality become Reality, the black 
magic reification of the Idea. 

This is 'communitarianism' at its finest polish as the masonic philosophical fools' gold of the resultant 
product of the reconciliation of opposites- the merger of 'left' and 'right' into a new ‘thesis’ of socio- 
political conjuncture. 

Within this panopticon surveillance 'community' each and all are being conditioned to operate on the 
same frequency as a ‘hive mind' (and thus involuntarily and without informed consent other than the 
‘liability waiver' of the black magicians, their 'information' of numerological and symbolic 'revelation 
of the method’). 

All spy upon all and, having been conditioned to 'be One’, part of the 'We' subject, they carry out their 
programming in the form of duties of spy craft, observing the minutiae of the bee-havior of their peers 
who they coerce through the socially acceptable means to 'tow the party line’. 

Those who fail in such an endeavor are subject to the socially acceptable (conditioned) response: that 
of a sliding scale of punishment leading to consequences-the controllers and there specialized agents 
deem ‘just' according to their law. 

Thus as "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" have said: "we will make it a civic duty for the citizens to 
spy upon one another". This manifests itself in the form of the gang-stalking activity and the 
‘community-based agents’ (about which read "Disintegration: Jewish Torture-Murder") who enable it 
to function as the panopticon of the surveillance society and imposition of 'female power’, that of 
extreme passive aggression (cruel and unusual abuse of targeted individuals). 

In order to reinforce the Demiurge's hive mind transmitted through His monadic point of violent 
projection through the network of His agents, there exists certain institutionalized forms of his 
consciousness that serve as a storage and distribution node in His spiders' Web matrix on the 
mundane plane. 

These institutions are conventionally given the pompous title of ‘religious centers’ or ‘places of 
worship’ and have secular (‘worldly’) equivalents in the institutions of media propaganda and centers 
of what purports to be ‘learning’. 

The former institutions of 'worship' are hives of the Demiurge's agents, the non-visible entities who 
exist therein and with whom He is bound in a quantum entanglement in his spider's web of maya, in a 
quid pro quo relationship of giving and taking and, as spoken of with respect to 'the law of recipcrocity 
or compensation’ above ‘gives in order to take' as the Chinese Maxim has it: giving the least, taking 
the most and benefiting the least and harming the most his enemies or rather ‘cattle’. 

The hierarchy of his angels are all bound up in His spiders web of His 'Divine Mind' and receive their 
instructions from him as so many puppets on strings or smaller spiders trapped within the web in 
which they find their being. 

These entities create harm and torment to the parishioners through fear and through impelling their 
earthly agents the priests to create mundane conditions designed to harm the 'goyim' or laity as 
means of their feasting upon their souls giving scraps of power and energy (the leavings) to the black 
magician priest caste and the lion's share to the Demiurge and their hierarchy. 

Beyond this soul absorption process the religious institutions of Demiurge worship function to keep 
the masses in lower vibrational frequency states of consciousness with the timid and frightened sheep 
sheltering within their 'angel hives' mistakingly 'believing' (as they could never know in their 'profane' 
state of consciousness, as knowledge or gnosis entails a certain ontological state of acquaintance with 
higher realm existence and presupposes such a capacity) that they are finding 'sanctuary' within the 
‘angel hive' of the church or 'place of worship' (mosque; Temple, etc.) But in reality are simply sheep 
among the wolves in sheep's clothing, too foolish to understand their own good. 

The religious programming they received is that designed to perpetuate a state of spiritual death, to 
maintain them at the level of mundane reality and sever them from the higher planes and states of 
being which are accessible only to the ‘enlightened’ or spiritual initiates either in those mysteries of 
black magic Demiurge worship (jews; masons) or of the True Doctrine of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan, the 
Polar-Hyperborean Tradition of the Aryan race. 


The invisible power of the Demiurge is reinforced at these lower levels by the priests and church 
hierarchy and serves as a matrix of lower vibration, a literal 'wet blanket' of ignorance and agnosia 
(lack of knowledge or gnosis) suppressing the consciousness of the population to a level of the easily 
controllable 'mundane' whose modality of consciousness is one of emotion (soul) and instinct (the 
animal mind, 'kama manas') and not spirit (buddhi manas). 

In the secular realm, a new religious creed of materialistic atheism has been formed around the 
academic institutions which are mind programming centers whose function is to condition the 
developing youth to have a mind restricted to purely mundane reality, facilitating a dark age of 
spiritual death as the ‘alternative’ (apparent only) to the Demiurge worship of Abrahamism. 

This creative materialism is designed to create a 'tension of development’ between the ‘leftist’ new 
ideology of the Demiurge (whose realm is that of matter) and the previous form thereof, that of 
Abrahamic religion, which served the purpose of tangling itself up with pre-existent Aryan forms of 
spirituality (the remnants of 'The Tradition’) and negating them then being negated itself over time 
(e.g. Catholicism, having become sufficiently pervasive in its 'catholicity' or scope of power then being 
negated by Protestantism just as Catholicism had negated Aryan spirituality throughout its murderous 
crusade over the once harmonious lands of the Aryan race- and indeed of others as well). 

The function of the secular schools is to clear away Abrahamism and then, through the crucible of 
world crisis this radical break initiates, to give way to an illuminist ideology of luciferianism (the false 
and corrupted ‘luciferianism' based upon a multi-cultural mongrelization template?), which would 
then be installed by the United Nations or some new version thereof if it would not simply be played 
off against Abrahamic religion as a sacrificial scapegoat to then destroy and supplant the true doctrine 
of Lucifer with that of the Demiurge, either in the form of Zionism or any variant on the Abrahamic 
(eg. 'chrislam',etc.). 

Thus academic in its current form is 'profane' pseudo-knowledge (which deals with matter and this in 
a characteristically Demiurgic manner-a violation of the harmony of existence across all subjects or 
disciplines: bio-logy becoming a mort-ology the science of death, of dead matter; chemistry becoming 
black magic alchemy designed to destroy organic vital substances; criminology becoming Demiurgic 
law studies; philosophy becoming miso-sophy or hatred of knowledge, a mere substitution of true 
gnosis with the system of wooden abstractions born in the image of jewry-the list could go on 

Academia thus is simply a profanation of Plato's Academy where Pythagorean gnosis was taught to 
the initiates, the caste of philosopher kings whose role was to lead and to govern in a harmonious 
matter, now usurped by the black magicians of Zion. 


Academia remains the official indoctrination center to disseminate the sensationalistic programming 
of the Zion hive mind which, working in tandem with cell towers and the ‘smart grid’, the material- 
electrical form of the transmission of the Mind of the Demiurge, conditions the slave class to be ina 
certain state of consciousness that will enable them to serve the 'G.A.O.T.U' in the manner designed 
by his mundane architects of destruction: jewry; masonry and Abrahamic priest caste. 

The tele-screens which broadcast their messages have been developed as mind control machines 
whose function is a direct dissemination of egregores-ensembles of sights; sounds and vibration 
through a certain photonic transmission-to inseminate into the soul-consciousness of the receiver of 
this message (which is simultaneously a medium) the egregores of Zion to construct yet another node 
(goy) in a spider's web of the Demiurgic Hive Mind. 

Simultaneously through this process the entities (angels; sephardim) of the Demiurge and YHVH feed 
upon their loosh or soul-energy as it emanates from their being as a reaction to the bombardment of 
their senses. 

The mind control apparatus of the Demiurge, having been installed in the consciousness of the blind 
'goyim', they are as lambs to the slaughter, held captive before the luminescence of the false light as it 
bathes them in its mesmeric glow. This state of being, of a zombified robot, is the outcome and 
condition of the robot slave to exist as a ‘docile body’ within the system and not put up any resistance 
to it. 

The virtual telepresence of the vision of the Demiurge transmitting itself through LCD displays also 
captures the controllers of the system to become entangled (through quantum entanglement) in his 
Mind as extensions thereof, plugged into computers and machines as conditio sine quo non of their 
derivation of what they have come to look upon as value, namely worldly goods and sense pleasures 
and little else. 

Trapped within the matrix systems' cybernetic control grid the bureaucrats (white-collar proletarians) 
and all of those whose existence is dependent on the machine of the Demiurge-the electrical grid- 
become ever more enslaved as the reach of the control grid expands itself as a viral symbiont 
intruding into the very soul of its slaves (this through 'nano-technology'and through the crystalline 
structure of the blood, carrier and filter of substances through the physical body's system). 

Those who would enslave are themselves enslaved in a grand irony, the poetic justice of the 
Demiurge, with whom they have made their diabolical pacts. They become robotized by the Invisible 
Power they have sold their souls to and are then used in cast aside as obsolete material structures 
once their physical vehicle has outlived its usefulness. 

The system being of a vampiric nature, its systems are engineered to harvest the souls’ energy, it's 
vital essence and then to transform their physical vehicle and all of the persons (now robotized and 
commodified) assets into yet more usable energy that can be absorbed into the Demiurge via his 
network of agents. 


The ‘law of economicity' applies with the maximization of gain and minimization of loss; the 
maximization of the minimum possibility of gain and minimization of the maximum possibility of loss 
being the ultimate principle of the system and one to which all are subordinated within the hierarchy 
of the Prince of slavery, who is the ultimate recipient of their bio-energy. 

"Now | lay me down to sleep and pray the Lord my soul to keep. If | should die before | wake | pray the 
Lord my soul to take". Such is the fate of the animal-men on the animal farm of Zion. And such is the 
fate of the greedy farmers who make a pact with their Dark Lord, the Demiurge. The only hope for an 
escape from the system and its violence is combat against it in all planes and dimensions of existence. 
Failure to combat the enemy is to forfeit one's soul to 'The Lord’. 


The Demon Of Electricity 

Ai T 

The Demon of Electricity 

The violent explosion in Heaven occurred when the Demiurge imposed Himself upon the Eternal 
realms. He initiated the process of materialization and the cycles of time which were the ripples in the 
ocean of Being he caused, the disturbance in the force that threatens to imprison all in the lowest 
density of vibration, crystallizing their souls in caskets of leaden bodies. This rapist of Being, the 
Demiurge, violated the sacred feminine of Mary Magdalene (the Aryan Sumerian Mari), and we are 
subject to his ‘will’ to this day. 

Electricity is a phenomenon that is often associated in occultism with ‘the divine masculine’ or the 
father God, the positive or yang polarity in relation to the yin polarity of magnetism (Mary Mag- 
dalene). Both forces, if such they may be called, are ill-defined by profane science and thus serve as 
largely unintelligible placeholders in their jugglery of wooden abstractions subordinated to abstract 
quality, i.e. 'number' and bereft of any sacred dimension of numerology, Pythagorean or Orphic 

The process of 'westernization' which may be considered a process of degeneration equivalent to the 
Will of the Demiurge, has submerged the sacred science of cymatics and numerology, sacred 
geometry and other sacred sciences in the sewage of profane utilitarianism, purely ‘human all too 
human' consciousness restricted to phenomenal spatio-temporal causality and to this alone. 

Westernization is Demiurgic, the offspring of the Demiurge and the illusory world of Maya which he 
has created or rather plagiarized as he is merely a plagiarist incapable of independent or autonomous 
creation. The 'force' called electricity is the Demiurge in a certain form distributed as a pervasive 
substance or presence inhering in all things as a primum mobile superimposed upon that which 
preceded his manifestation in the Eternal planes. 

Thus we are immersed in the substance of what in Judeo-Christianity is often referred to as 'God', the 
will of the Demiurge, his mode of manifestation within the phenomenal plane. This substance is 
indeed ubiquitous at a certain dimensional level, from the fifth heaven downwards, within the 
phenomenal planes of existence and the influence of this substance, what could in the vulgar terms be 
called 'demonic bukkake’, the ejaculate of the Demiurge, his Ideoplasm pervades our perceived reality. 

This ubiquitous substance is the mode of existence of the 'great architect of the universe’ in 
freemasonic terms and indeed it can truly be said that 'God is with us' in this life of mundane striving. 
It cannot be said necessarily to be a good thing either, for this 'God' is an inferior deity who violated 
the sacred feminine of Sophia and has kept prisoner the souls of all sentient life on the earth which, 
under the transformative presence of this entity, has brought all of that which is higher to a lower 
level of existence in low density vibration, materialized as an earthbound soul. 

Ubiquitous indeed. A force to be reckoned with, to be combated as an antagonistic violation of a 
harmonious world. Perhaps the plug should be pulled and the lights shut off and only then will the 
purblind denizens of Gaia be able to truly see Reality when the illusion machine is short-circuited. Like 

the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, the wizard of Zion, the jew, conceals himself behind the rainbow 
curtain of Maya, the veil of Isis behind which he hides to serve his Demiurge master who powers his 
illusion machine and traps the souls of all sentient life in his slave matrix of Zion. 

Dorothy, the sacred feminine or soul of the Aryan race, has finally come to an understanding of the 
matrix. She has integrated into herself all aspects of her soul: thought (the stupid scarecrow become 
genius); emotion (the rigid rusty tinman become heartfelt) and action (the cowardly lion become 
brave) into a complete soul which is her True Self. 

She ventures into the Emerald City, the Greenland and confronts the master of puppets, the illusion 
maker with his Demiurgic machine of 'Oz", the alleged strength of God, the 'great and powerful’. Thus 
God is exposed is a lie, as a plagiaristic violator of the Emerald City, an installed machine who operates 
according to his mechanical workings which are manipulated by the jew his earthly servant. Dorothy 
pulls the veil of Isis away from the blind citizens of Oz who with her end up recognizing the Truth. 

She has overcome the wicked witch of the West with Glenda the good witch of the East- the sacred 
feminine- assisting her and has destroyed the hidden hand of evil which enslaves this earth with the 
pure water of Truth causing the lie to dissipate and melt into nonexistence. 

The legions of the Demiurge have enslaved Santur and transformed him into the Time Lord Kronos 
through encasing him in the icy rings which serve as a transceiver of his gravitational waves, trapping 
the denizens of earth in the lowest density so they can be then vampirized by the reptilian entities 
who serve the Demiurge and operate on his wavelength just as the wicked witch of the West operates 
to enslave the masses of the world of Oz through fear and through her agents the flying monkeys and 
soldiers who guard her segregated Castle. 

Thus in the allegory of Oz the ‘strength of God’ is the illusory strength of a charlatan and his mode of 
enslavement is that of machines running on his vital being, electricity, or rather Himself manifesting 
Himself through machines which then serve as an extension of his will. 

In the movie of Stephen King "Maximum Overdrive", the machines of America where the story plays 
itself out, are activated by the passage of an alien presence over the earth. The machines are used in 
the same way as the machine of illusion in the wizard of Oz-they become vehicles of the will of an 
alien presence itself mysterious and unknown, an alien or aliens with a conscious, malevolent intent 
with regard to the human and animal population of Gaia. The machines are activated and violently 
assault the hapless humans who must defend themselves in order to survive. 

Stephen King's theme of machines being possessed by an entity is echoed also in his short story "the 
mangler" in which a laundry machine becomes possessed by an entity after a person fell into it (or was 
impelled into it?) Feeding the machine with his blood- the blood is the life. Subsequently the machine 
perpetuates the cycle of abuse, seeking to feed upon the blood of the workers. 

This motif was written of also in Stephen King's work "Christine" where a classic car named ‘Christine’ 
becomes possessed by the soul of a dead man and its inheritor who purchases it in a condition of 
rusty degradation becomes over time and exposure taken over by the entity, the car having an 
influence upon its possessor which, rather than the human owner utilizing the vehicle, the vehicle 
inverts roles and utilizes the owner to carry out its will. 

This ;body snatching’ phenomenon is almost certainly a reality and is spoken of in "The Body 
Snatchers" by Susan.B.Reed. In that work she illustrates her own experiences in copious detail of how 
reptilian aliens existing in a non-visible inner space, in the astral planes, have taken over the bodies of 
others and/or work with others to utilize them as a vehicle of their will and to facilitate their diabolical 
plan for the extermination of humanity and takeover of the planet. 

Perhaps the alien presence alluded to in "Maximum Overdrive'is the coterie of reptilian's who are the 
'Seraphim' of the Jewish book of witchcraft called the Tanakh and Talmud? Perhaps Jehovah is their 
leader or perhaps their true leader is the Demiurge who is electricity itself, pervading the lower planes 
from the fifth heaven downwards and keeping all trapped within his matrix? 

The notion of the matrix as popularly presented in the somewhat contemporary movie of the same 
name has uncertain origins but is tangible in the gnostic mythos. The 'archons' spoken of therein may 
be these entities who are attempting a takeover of the earth to feed upon the souls of its denizens. 
The jewish agents who construct the material form of the matrix on this earth have harnessed 
electricity in its construction perhaps as early as ancient Egypt- or perhaps they stole that once more 
harmonious power-technology of Egypt, plagiarizing and perverting it to their ends, utilizing 
explosively generated power, the will of their Demiurge God, to power their technologies of 
enslavement on the earth plane- the violence of their G.A.O.T.U augmented by their own violence, a 
materialized transformation of a mysterious force of aggression which seeks control through its 
devouring influence as it travels throughout the cosmos. 

We are now living in the panopticon of the jewish slave matrix (J.O.G-Jewish occupation government) 
whose ubiquitous telepresence keeps trapped within its slaves monitored round-the-clock in all of 
their movements and soon to be, the puppet masters intend, monitored and controlled once chipped 
through the cybernetic artificial intelligence control grid. Or perhaps what is perceived through 
‘western eyes’, through lowest density, is not artificial at all, at least in the sense of being of ‘human 
design’ but is rather the artifice of the Demiurge's intelligence, the allegedly all-knowing omniscience 
of the all seeing eye of Judeo-masonry, the architect of destruction to whom they have attributed the 
label 'God'. 

The cybernetic control system operates on the basis of information and seeks to make all an object of 
power/knowledge, reducing all too quantized information (data) which can be controlled and 
managed according to algorithms in their ‘information processing’ machines. Aristotle refered to 
slaves as ‘animate tools' and indeed this is what the jews look upon the 'goyim' as- cattle; 'animate 
tools' to exploit for their bioenergy. Within the panopticon of the information system of ‘Zion’ all are 

to be reduced through countless dysgenic means to 'Z.1.0.N.S' in the words of Tim Rifat-' zombie 
installations operating negatively’, inharmoniously according to the destructive will of the Demiurge 
and his minions jewry and the black magician priests who seek the enslavement of the earth. 

The movie "The Matrix" wherein all humans are encased in bubbles, their energy drained from them 
and fed upon by entities of a machine-like quality may indeed be predictive programming to condition 
the masses to view the transhumanized world of cybernetics as the 'new normal’. 

Initially, according to the gradualism of jewry's dialectical deception, the masses are flattered into 
thinking they will be a recipient of some great benefit through the 'wonders of technology’ but the 
eighth (or ninth- the final act, nine being the number of completion in Kabbalah?) wonder of the 
world of nanotechnology is presented as a pleasant illusion, the Internet of things in which all can 
interact and immerse themselves in the false reality of the Zion matrix. 

Just as in the movie 'They Live’,'they' the black magicians of Zion live to the extent the living dead can 
be said to live and 'we', the sheep or cattle, sleep, immersing ourselves in the pleasant dreams of an 
illusory world, the world of the Demiurge, Maya and are simultaneously fed upon by the vampiric 
entities who operate the cybernetic matrix perhaps themselves under the control and influence of 
‘the demon of electricity’. 

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in "The Secret Doctrine" refers to electricity as an entity. Her just 
castigation of the Judeo-Christian black magicians reveals not only her insight into Reality but her 
allegiance to Truth, although she may not have had the entire truth. 

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy who was an adherent of Blavatsky's ideas predicted the 
creation of the Internet. He may hence have been a jewish insider steeped in masonic dogma 
presenting a revelation of the method, but his warnings as to its malevolence are poignant- that it is a 
spider's web in which all are to be caught through the beguilement of its shimmering strands and 
which would then co-opt and takeover those caught within its web. Once caught they could then be 
utilized as an energetic source to vampirize for these entities. 

Yet more predictive programming of the Demiurgic takeover by way of machines and the electricity 
they require to run can be seen in "The Terminator" movies which present an apocalyptic future in 
which humans must fight against machines (and perhaps the entities within or controlling the 
machines from another dimension) for survival. 

In the original Star Trek episode "The Return of The Archons" a planet reminiscent of earth is enslaved 
and all of its residents adhere to a mindless religion which permits no questioning or thought and 
wherein all must smile perpetually in order to be permitted to eke out an existence worshiping ‘The 
One' (Demiurge). Capt. Kirk and Spock descends to the earth disguised as fellow denizens of the 
village wherein the story unfolds and ultimately reveal that the earth is enslaved by a machine 
concealed in a hidden room using holograms to deceive the people into thinking they've heard 'the 
voice of God'. 

This is also a theme in the movie "THX-1138", the first movie of George Lucas in which all humans 
must be obedient slaves in the mega-city carrying out their tasks as technicians operating machinery 
serving the system and machine, inverting the priority of man and machine and becoming a mere 
extension of it. The religion of the city is based upon productive efficiency reminiscent of Marxism 
with the Catholic aesthetic. In it the workers must go to confessional before a holographic image of a 
priest to confess their 'sins' of failure to uphold production quotas. As Oswald Spengler said 
"Christianity is the grandmother of Bolshevism" and the movie illustrates the synthesis of these two 
apparently divergent creeds, one containing the illusion of spirituality the other jettisoning it in favor 
of atheistic materialism. Both jewish serving the Demiurge. 

These movies and books are all gnostic and have been given much representation by jury in their 
media, most of which were written or created by jews. Why then, it may be asked, does jewry adhere 
to a religion of Demiurge worship while simultaneously and paradoxically presenting themselves as its 
opposition, and why is it they stigmatize the Catholic Church as the Ultima cause of of the slave 

In the opinion of the writer this is simply a transference tactic of shifting blame toward a scapegoat, 
one they have themselves created in its origin and use as a patsy for their chaotic action, creating the 
chaos with their leftist-praxis, the implementation of their distorted version of 'truth', and then having 
their Christian agents in the church react to their chaos, putting the break on it imposing tyranny on 
the populace in the name of ‘quelling unrest' and 'God'. This is the Demiurgic dialectic in operation 
where jewry plays the rogue element who abandoned 'their God’, the Demiurge, and the Christian 
contingent seek to bring them back into the fold, ‘converting them to Christ’, the 'rebellious children’ 
of 'God'. 

Gnosticism, as Miguel Serrano wrote of in a letter to an attempted plagiarist of his work Nimrod de 

"The plan of the jew and the Demiurge, the Demon, the Enemy, is to preach escapism". "For esoteric 
Hitlerism, for me, there is only a corruption on the surface, a bad copy clothed over with the film of 
maya... Hitler and the SS believed in the possibility of reversing entropy... In any instant of the Yuga of 
Heroes it is possible to rebuild Thule, to return to the Golden age of First Hyperborea." 

Hence for esoteric Hitlerism, the only legitimate opposition to the evil horde now existent, in their 
combat with the Demiurge entails a combat against his cybernetic control grid and those fleshly 
agents who are the wizards of Zion behind the curtain. The only recourse available at this time in the 
nadir of the Kali Yuga is to combat the enemy spiritually through the magic of AMOR (magic love) and 
physically through unplugging the electrical grid and severing the silver cords of the 'robots of the 
Demiurge’', His material agents on Gaia. Only then can the Demiurge be defeated and a new Golden 
age arise from the ashes of Zion. 

„A g 




Angel to Some Demon to Others 

The judeo-christards who venerate their chosen masters and obsequiously bow and scrape before 
them as a means of accruing to themselves ‘treasures in heaven’ and this under the guise of serving 
'God' live in the matrix of delusion. 

This God they speak of in hushed tones and with reverence they posit as an Absolutely powerful 
Supreme Being and demand that all alike bow down before this ill-defined conceptual construct. 
Those who fail to do so or who have no willingness to do so the christards seek to destroy and this 
with sadistic glee in cruelly tormenting and abusing those they deem ‘heretics’ or 'infidels'. The 
christards would happily- had they adequate power- destroy all of those who are not of their kind and 
this in the name of serving what they call 'God'. 

What they fail to understand in their purblind ignorance is that this 'deity' so-called that they prostrate 
themselves before is in actuality a malevolent vampiric entity which goes by the name Jehovah- 
Yahweh and is by no means anything venerable save in the minds of the mind controlled and 
possessed christards and their jewish overlords. 

Jehovah-Yahweh the Lord of hosts. Indeed. The hosts of 'Angels' as the christards call them are in 
reality subordinate reptilian vampires who exist in the multiple planes of reality- both physically and in 
the invisible astral planes as well, having the capacity to shape shift . These reptilian trans-dimensional 
vampires who emanate from another region in the galaxy are these same angels who the self- 
righteous congregation propitiate's via kabbalistic black magic and which they in their naiveté and 
arrogance believe is a means of accruing 'treasures in heaven’, in reality a call power which is simply a 
distortion of the truth speciously misconstrued and misrepresented to others as beneficial; 
benevolent and altruistic, when in reality being the exact converse. 

At higher levels of the christard hierarchy the pastors and priests of infamy probably have a dim grasp 
of their malevolent and evil nature; however, at lower levels the 'laity' so-called, the paying slaves of 
the evil hierarchy, happily feed and fatten in the dens of iniquity called the churches and allow their 
vital force to be vampirized by these alien creatures making of these churches a veritable buffet of 
loosh which is fed on by these reptilian's to empower themselves at the expense of the witless and 
mindless slave class. 

Hence churchianity is little more than an institution of bio-energetic agriculture, each church serving 
as a receptacle of the energy of the 'flock' which these vicious entities absorb just as a farmer shears 
the sheep of their wool. The sheep must be fattened and kept contented on the animal farm of Zion 
and this as a means of economically farming their soul which over time atrophies and decays for 
having been fed upon by the entities and the priestly caste. The priests absorb into themselves some 
of the residue of the laity's bio-energy as interest for their work on the mundane and other planes; 
keeping the sheep in fear and trembling and deploying priestly caste witchcraft to enable the entities 
to feed at the expense of their ‘flock’. 

Once the 'flock' have grown too old in body they are sacrificed and this typically via the medical 
system: inducing cancer states via radiation treatment; poisoning or creating some forms of 
dysfunctionality in their body or mind to accelerate their demise and this at the most profitable rate 
under the guise of benevolent humanitarian care. 

Once the sheep has died in the physical its soul is then vampirized and absorbed into the entities or if 
not wholly absorbed than vampirized in part as it awaits reincarnation, not having been sufficiently 
powerful in life to immortalize itself or to ascends to higher planes out of the reach of these creatures. 

The function of churchianity is to reduce the mindless to slavery and to have them perform the sole 
function of an energetic battery which can be fed upon by the entities to empower themselves. The 
coercion imposed upon the slave cast by their masters entails a release of energy that is absorbed into 
the maw of the entities. The additional function of paying devotional service to 'the Lord’ of these 
entities entails coerced attendance in church and the consequent vampirization of one's soul therein. 

Hence in order to exist within the matrix prison of souls one has imposed upon him an obligation to 
allow his vampirization. Those who refuse to participate in the slave system are horribly abused and 
tormented, thereby causing them to release stress-energy upon which these entities feed and which 
erodes their soul. However their soul is not as eroded as those of the parishioners in churchianity. 
Examples of this abuse are the witchhunts of the Medieval ages and its contemporary form of 
gangstalking, state-sanctioned witchhunting run via the community policing programs (ie. 
neighborhood watch). 

Hence within the slave system of Zion there is no escape. The only way out of the slave prison is 
combat-the destruction of the earthly emissaries of these vampiric creatures- Jews; Christians and 
Freemasons (all Christians at higher levels being Freemasons). With the destruction of the hierarchy, 
the liberation of the world is enabled as the entities who are bound up with jewry are thereby 
disconnected from the earthly population of sentiment life (mineral; vegetable; animal; humans who 
are no longer goyim). 

The absence of the Jews who are the initiators of the chaos by their black magic and the absence of 
their underlings constitutes a severance of the tie between the reptilian's and the earth plane. This 
and the elevation of the sentient life on earth via an increase in the vibrational frequency of the earth 
plane will be the reptilians' undoing. The melting of the icy rings which have bound Saturn will 
increase the vibrational frequency as well and enable the return to first Hyperborea in a new golden 

The solar system, moving through the galactic plane toward the black sun of the galactic center will 
increase the vibrational frequencies of the earth and in addition in melting the rings around Saturn 
will destroy the moon-Saturn matrix and enable millennial long lifespans on the earth. 

At present however the demons are strategizing and attempting to deceive the populace into thinking 
they are there liberators, their Messiah, and that their enemies- in reality the true liberators- are a 
threat to everything they value. 

The Bible blueprint which enslaves their mind is utilized to create a self-fulfilling prophecy on the part 
of jewry to work up their slaves into a frenzy and attack their enemies for them. The programming of 
the Bible with its fear and trembling has enabled the possession of jewry's slaves by the reptilian 
entities and their influence upon their charges (the sheep of 'the flock') presumably works up their 
sheep into a frenzy of emotion (fear; trembling; lust and infantile states of consciousness, clinging to 
the Bible for solace amidst the chaos these entities create and which simply perpetuates their 
enslavement and vampirization of their soul). 

The biblical narrative of temporal linearity works hand-in-hand with the fear and trembling 
programming, the zealots of the biblical narrative believing in their extreme naivete that there is only 
one path to the salvation of their soul and that is the path of what they call 'God', that being a 
mortgaging of their soul to these entities through affiliation with churchianity. 

To affiliate oneself with churchianity is to involve oneself in their practices of witchcraft which entail 
the regurgitation of Bible passages and ‘calling upon the name of the Lord' meaning invoking the 
entities they are bound to by a sympathetic magic; the Hebrew names recalling these entities who are 
bound to the zealot and empowering them (the entity not the zealot). In the programming of christ- 
insanity there are only two destinations: 1) hellfire (the destruction of one's soul... paradoxically ad 
aeternitatis); 2) heaven (the preservation of one's soul...again ad aeternitatis) and possibly some 
variant as in catholicism with purgatory, the ultimate destination being either of the former two. 

The dynamics of the demonology of judeo-christianity play themselves out in the minds of their 
captive slaves who are programmed via black magic and the influence of these entities to allow their 
soul to become captive and to place themselves under the influence of these creatures. Hence the 
Bible, a book of Jewish witchcraft, is simply a program for destruction and was contrived for that very 
reason. It is indeed the Lords' 'holy book’ or 'the word of God'-the word of reptilian trans-dimensional 
entities who are the masters of this prison planet slave plantation and who have captured the minds 
of most of those on the earth plane through this means, this ‘holy writ’. 

The transmission of this text is almost certainly undergone through a voiceless and wordless 
communication to jewry who were the vector through which this 'word' of God emanated. They the 
jews received whatever directives in whatever language or revealed form of wordless communication 
from these entities and encoded these diabolical plans in this book as a means of enslaving the world. 

Hence the ‘Bible blueprint’ is a slave mechanism, a textual weapon derived from those who are 
represented as 'benevolent' Angels but are in reality what are conventionally called in today's 
language 'David'. This is an inversion of the meaning of words where 'demon' derives from the Greek 
word 'Daimon'and refers to one's higher self and the word ‘Angel’ is simply a Latin word for 

'messenger' (‘angelos')- and the medium in this case is indeed the messenger, the word of God, i.e. of 
Jehovah-Yahweh, Lord of reptilian hosts of trans-dimensional entities who enslave this earth as a soul 
farm prison planet. 

The hierarchy of this world order represents itself as a benevolent benefactor of altrustic 
‘dispensations' and ‘glad tidings’. The smiling mask of the priest caste and their Jewish masters 
conceals their vile self-interested parasitism. Indeed they are the black magicians of this prison planet 
and they utilize underhanded techniques of priestcraft to serve themselves while 'serving the Lord’, 
i.e. serving the reptilian demons who enslave the earth. 

Only the corrupt; the duplicitous and the deceitful need apply and the hierarchy accepts only 
members of the laity who demonstrate the greatest hypocrisy and dishonorable mendacity. The 
higher one ascends, the more corrupt one is, and the more one becomes enslaved to these reptilian 
entities on the earth plane. The entire apparatus of statecraft is established to serve the purpose of 
vampirization. Like this song of the smashing pumpkins "the world is a vampire" and those deemed 
beyond the 'worldly' are instead simply captive slaves at higher levels by the reptilian, allowing 
themselves to be bound to rise by them as a means of increasing (so they believe) their own power 
and influence and this at the expense of the laity or 'profane' slaves of the system). 

It is the fear-based classical conditioning encoded in the text of 'the Bible' that keeps the prisoners of 
the prison planet enchained to the slave matrix- for to break away would entail, so they have been 
conditioned to believe, hellfire, hence they must 'suffer' the abuse and trauma of the jews and their 
reptilian masters as a condition of perpetuating their sad life of slavery, the life of a living dead 
organism, a zombie, he who lives in order to die and whose life entails death, dying by degrees 
through the vampirization of their soul. This one can clearly see in the faded and pale look of 
Christians and in spite of their false smiles plastered to their faces they are at a higher level, crying out 
in pain as the reptilian's vampirize their souls. 

The entire apparatus of statecraft is subordinate to the priest caste and this priest caste insures that 
this mechanical matrix of slavery continues to operate through the fear of hellfire instilled into the 
minds of the populace. The police and military are they who are selected from amongst the laity, the 
Christian flock of zombies who are under the hypnotic influence of jewry and their Christian priest 
affiliates. These hired goons play the role of system enforcers to ensure the perpetuation of the slave 
caste keeping them in their chains and prohibiting them from carrying out any activity which might 
threaten to undo the leaden bands which curtail their otherwise healthy activity. 

Hence all must 'obey the law', which is to say the ‘will of the sovereign power' and the sovereign black 
magicians ensure that their will is enforced through the most economic means, minimizing loss and 
cost of energy for themselves (and thereby in the most efficient manner absorbing as much energy for 
themselves as possible). 

Led from above by their reptilian masters these servitors of the evil horde keep the potentially 
awakened in a dormant state to the degree they may be kept in darkness and only taught the 
technical details of operating within the matrix to the extent it serves the hierarchy. 

Education amounts to an education in false reality, in the matrix and its illusory causality which simply 
serves the explicate order of the slavers who exist both within and outside of this myopic veil. Hence 
no gnosis or actual knowledge may be acquired by the slave caste save to the degree it serves the 
hierarchy in conscripting new members who are selected as desirable candidates by themselves. Most 
are born into it and this classist exclusivism is based upon past life karma and energetic ties to the 
reptilian's and the bloodlines of the hybrid Jews. From evil only evil comes. 

Spiritual Underachievers 

The arrogance of Christians and other Abrahamists in broadcasting their ‘spiritual virtue’ is a result of 
their crystallized consciousness, restricted as it is to a limited set of presuppositions and emotionally 
based dogma which is itself rooted in contrived narratives they call 'the word of God’. 

This bigoted narrowness of consciousness that is the necessary result of adherence to the Abrahamic 
creeds leads to one becoming a bigot by definition, ie. "Not having a willingness to be receptive to 
information outside of one's dogma or restricted and narrow-minded belief system". 

Such a narrowing of the consciousness does not imply an ‘integration’ of the aspects of one's being in 
a truly spiritual sense but simply the restriction of one's understanding to a limited set of narratives or 
stories however understood (allegorically; metaphorically or literally). To call into question the 
meaning of these stories, to critically question and to think in relation to them in a rational way and 
indeed in a supra-rational way, is prima facie and prejudicially condemned as 'heresy', considered 

Such a bigotry derives from the mind of the jew and radiates its halo of false light outwards into the 
minds of others as a religious gaslight which obscures and distorts the otherwise pure vision of they 
who have become subject to the influence of this spiritual program of Saturnian restriction. 

This unfortunate occurrence of being subject to the influence of Abrahamism (literally Saturn- ism as 
Abraham in some conceptions is a metaphor for the planet Saturn) has led to the materialization of 
the world under this influence and of all of its denizens, whose consciousness vibration has been stuck 
in the groove of Saturn, low vibrational frequencies being broadcast on the broken record of the Kali 
Yuga and the Piscean age. 

Perhaps soon will be seen the greater increase of these vibrations as the needle of mass 
consciousness skips over the groove of the materialistic vinyl record of the Kali Yuga and falls into that 
of the Solar-Uranian current of the Aquarian age-Baldr in Aquarius, with the individual and collective 
of which they are a part having had their frequencies amplified by the aeonic changes brought about 
by the manvantara, the cycles of time. 

The claims of these spiritual underachievers to being above and beyond the hum drum of daily affairs, 
that which they stigmatize as 'worldly’, fail of realization in their exaltation of their ego as a'spiritual 
superior’. Rather spiritual inferior is what they qualify as not only owing to their self limitation to an 
unintelligible dogma purely faith-based and having no evidence for its reality or any amplification of its 
meaning save at best a distorted syncretism of ancient Aryan gnosis and spirituality combined with 
foreign 'demonology' (Mediterranean and Near Eastern, especially that of the mother goddess cults); 
not only this but additionally their perpetual castigation of others. 

This castigation usually operates in an indirect and underhanded backstab or slander which they 
circulate as a means not only of attacking their enemies (and anyone not themselves is their enemy, 
anyone 'Other' who possesses properties 'not-self') but of inflating their ego through this process of 

The witchhunts of the Middle Ages and modern day gang stalking have always been the modus 
operandi of the judaic Abrahamists in their abuse and assault against the 'Other' with such abuse and 
assault usually culminating in torture and murder (witch burnings and the torture of women in dark 
dungeons, eg.). 

The fact of their participation in such activities which have never ceased throughout their history (a 
contemporary example being the Salem 'witch' trials, i.e. sadistic abuse of women by puritanical 
bigots under the influence especially of Old Testament theology) implies that those who adhere to 
such a dogma are necessarily abusive and sadistic beyond redemption. Indeed it further strictly 
implies that Abrahamic programming leads directly to torture and murder of anything 'Other' to itself. 

The bigotry of the Abrahamists, the Demiurge worshippers, would extend itself without limit as a virus 
(a literal spiritual infection of the soul) and enslave the cosmos should it be able to replicate virally 
through its vectors, the devotees of the creed of Abrahamism. 

At higher levels both Abrahamic creeds of Christianity and Islam are controlled by 'the eternal jew', 
the administrator of these mind programs which leads to the possession of the adherent not only by 
their dogma and the consequent crystallization of their mind but moreover the possession of their 
soul by the entities in both mosque and church which they call 'Angels'. 

These entities are demonic creatures who exist in innerspace between the third and fourth dimension 
and whose modus vivendi is the vampirization of the soul energy of their slaves. The latter, the zealots 
of Abrahamism are spellbound through the black magic witchcraft of these religious incantations 
which had been formulated for this purpose, for the invocation of these entities and these entities 
attachments to the zealot as means of: 

1) controlling and influencing the zealot and 

2) vampirizing their soul energy to perpetuate their own lives. Over time of attendance in these soul 
vampirization Angel hives called mosques and churches and of ingraining the alleged 'holy works' into 
their minds, they are subject to a proportional loss of soul energy which both these negative entities 
and their black magician priest caste feed upon. 

Hence the '‘laity' is mere energetic food for these demonic creatures to enhance their own energy 
through harassing and abusing them if not an Abrahamist (and even if they should be) and through 
subjecting them to the mental influence of witchcraft via 'scriptural passages’ which are little more 
than black magic formulae of mind control. 

Those the Abrahamists, at the behest of their masters the jews and black magician priest caste, 
stigmatize and bully as 'witches'; 'heretics' and 'Satanists' are in reality those truly possessed of a 
higher understanding of reality, a superlatively developed consciousness that ties them to higher 
forces at higher dimensions of vibrational frequency. It is the truly spiritual the Abrahamists' hate and 
seek to destroy owing to their programming and limited state understanding of reality and perhaps 
especially the influence of these 'Angels' or 'Seraphim’. 

Those who are aware of this causality of abuse understand its mechanism of action and employ it as a 
means of self empowerment, viz. to harass and abuse others through various underhanded tactics 
(slander; noise generation; ruination of reputation; sabotage of one's business or relationships; 
torture; abuse; encouragement of drug addiction, etc.)-any act which leads to the 'Other' especially 
the pure of soul to release their life force or bio-energy or 'loosh' that these angelic entities can feed 

'The causality of sadism’ it may be called, works hand in glove with the slave programming of 
Abrahamism that, like a drug addict, keeps the addict coming back for more pulls on their religious 
opium pipe and enables these entities to continue to feed in a perpetual feedback loop of stimulus 
(harassment; abuse; zealotry;) and response (emanation of bio-energy or 'Loosh'), a perpetual cycle of 
abuse which plays itself out in the cycles of time as the phenomenal world of third density becomes 
ever denser reducing all to mechanical robots whose souls having faded to dimly glowing coals in the 
dying fires of planetary vitality as the 'Angels' continue to feed with rapacity upon the soul of Gaia 
Sophia and her denizens. 

arn =] can 
mae y | 
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ip | 



Venom of the Demiurge 
"A parasite growing into its host" 
("The Prince of Darkness", by John Carpenter) 

We are all more than familiar with a certain humanoid tribe who's notoriously parasitic nature has 
spread itself over the earth and has come to monopolize nearly all positions of power and influence. 

The question must be asked: what is the cause of this parasitism and what can be done to stop its viral 
spread? This question will be investigated in light of the nature of the parasite and the otherworldly 
powers with whom it is bound. 

Miguel Serrano, referring to the Demiurge, spoke of the jews, this parasitic tribe, as an 
"ideoplasmation of His illusory dreaming". According to Serrano's conception, jewry are some form of 
‘plasmation'; projection or emanation of the Demiurge's essence and manifested on the earth as his 
de facto children, as literal offspring of their 'Father God’. 

Whether this means they were a result of genetic engineering and hybridization in a more concrete 
sense or were beings whose origin was not humanoid and who metamorphosed into a human 
through some other process is not entirely clear. Given that 'plasmation' suggests or implies some 
form of mutation, the latter may be more likely the case. 

Pop-culture, the entartete kultur controlled and operated by jewry as a weapon in their occult war 
against the 'goyim', is a vehicle through which the conveyance of their aggression against the 'goyim' 
is made. In their system of ethics, revealing what they're going to do, albeit secretly and through 
symbolic means unintelligible to 'the goyim', before they do it exempts them from liability for what 
they do and justifies them in their actions. 

Hence looking through a pop cultural lens at the parasitic tribe and their behavior enables one to gain 
insight into their nature or essence and plans and thus to circumvent or thwart them to a degree. Of 
course exposing oneself to these vehicles of vice and instruments of idiocy not only subjects one to a 
dumbing down influence but renders one susceptible to the jew's predictive programming, 
transmuting or rather mutating one's consciousness in 'the image of the Lord’, as an ‘ideoplasmation' 
of the Demiurge's "illusory dreaming". 

The illusion machine of pop-culture, be it in the form of comic books; video games; magazines; movies 
or virtual reality of whatever kind fascinates the mind and facilitates the agenda of the jews and their 
'G-d', bringing one's consciousness into alignment with their protocols- and this in spite of any 
opposition one might have as motivation. 

Regardless, the following investigates the viral spread of the parasite tribe in its particular form of 
existence not considered so much in abstracto, in a purely rationalistic sense, but in doubt of organic- 
sentient life, as 'L'chaim' (a ‘living thing' in Hebrew). 

The lower forms of life in the plant and mineral kingdoms are considered conscious in occultism. They 
have life cycles and change under certain conditions and exist their essence according to their 
blueprint or nature- they grow; expand; atrophy, rust and die. The physical plane of being (or explicate 
order) is a reflection of the higher planes which manifest through their subjection to the influence of 
the Demiurge in ever increasingly dense states of vibrational frequencies, what might be called the 
manifestation of differentiated order. The concrete material plane is in a condition of entropy, a 
gradual densification and crystallization which renders its denizens more detached from Spirit. 

The smaller (at least to the visual eyes) kingdoms of simpler conscious, sentient life are perhaps more 
greatly influenced than more complex organic systems of life such as the ‘mammalian’, and hence are 
more susceptible to influences from the higher planes not being as strongly opposed to those 
influences given their relatively less powerful and complex form (at least in their material form). 
Hence they may, may these lower substrata of sentient life that are known to us, be a more 
penetrable gateway for entities from higher dimensions to enter into this world and to exert their 
influence upon more complex organic life such as the ‘human-all-too-human'’. 

Jack Heart referenced 'Serratia Marcescens’, a unicellular algae which has conscious intelligence and 
has the capacity to take over other life forms and exert control and influence upon them. This defines 
it as a ‘parasite’, an organism which exists at the expense of others and which is dependent upon the 
other organisms' maintaining at least a basic level of functionality in order for the parasite to 
perpetuate itself. 

This medium, one of the lowest if not the lowest form of physical life on the planet would serve 
entities from higher planes as a perfect medium through which to work in such entities' viral spread 
over the earth, in effect a medium of parasitical takeover. 

In the context of pop culture there are many venues which reveal the presence of a green- yellowish 
or simply greenish fluidic median which has a hypertropic function: forever growing; spreading and 
replicating itself, typically through being absorbed by mammalian lifeforms of a more complex nature. 
This medium or rather the entity (the Demiurge?) or entities which have taken possession of it, use it 
as a physical, organic instrument of its will. 

Hence the entities and their 'ideoplasm’ or the lower strata of life through which they manifest and 
carry out their takeover, can merge symbiotically with their host, the consciousness of the host 
becoming merged and usurped by the parasite over time. 

In the movie by John Carpenter "The Prince of Darkness" (1987), the presence of a green fluid 
contained within a glass vessel for thousands of years since the time of Christ is presented as having a 

relationship to or containing directly "The Prince of Darkness", ie. Satan, the adversary (shaitan) of 
'God' (the Absolute). 

This fluid manages to get loose and become absorbed into the body of a jewish female (Lilith) who is 
attracted to it by some strange influence of sympathetic resonance. This may be a hint as to the true 
origin of the allegory of the Garden of Eden and Lilith being conceived of as the offspring of Eve and 
the serpent, Eve representing ‘humanity’, the serpent Satan and perhaps as a bioplasma substance 
through which the consciousness of The Prince of Darkness' works, mutating and usurping the 
physical body of 'Eve'. Perhaps this is the origin of jewry and they are an 'ideoplasmation' of the Prince 
of Darkness"s "illusory dreaming", as Miguel Serrano alludes to. 

The jewish female then serves as a vector for the spread of the substance , which in turn affects others 
in the same way , transforming them into 'robots of the Demiurge' in Serrano's terms. Other lower 
kingdoms of life such as the insectile are present and to a greater degree than that of the more 
complex systems of the human or animal kingdom. 

The presence of greenish yellow slime in Carpenter's earlier movie "Season of the Witch" (1982) 
further underscores that this was probably a revelation of the method. In this film the typical jewish 
tactic of inversion is put forth with the archvillain being an Irish man who is an occultist attempting to 
perform a ritual sacrifice of children on Halloween or Samhain. 

He utilizes robotic creatures who he makes in his toy manufacturing company (simulacra of humanity) 
who when killed, secrete this greenish-yellow algae like substance. These robots are also accompanied 
by insects who, as in "The Prince of Darkness" are an ever present phenomenon. 

In the Halloween film these automata are activated by a mysterious force derived from pieces of 
Stonehenge which the pagan has taken from its resting place and relocated to his toy factory. He has 
attached "Silver Shamrock" brand icons (his company's brand name) to his manufactured Halloween 
masks which of a small granule of the rock of Stonehenge and a microchip inside and which, when 
activated by the commercial he runs viewed by the children wearing the mask, causes this energy to 
discharge as electrical fire of the witch power into them, killing them. 

Again insects are ever present and come out of the dead once this gruesome process has been 
brought to its final stage of sacrifice. Perhaps the mycoplasma of the automata human cyborgs; The 
Witch Power (Vril?) and insects function in some synergistic mode, being all related as in "The Prince 
of Darkness" as occult forces domineering over and organizing the lower kingdoms of life? 

The depiction of a "parasite growing into its host" (a quotation from "The Prince of Darkness") or an 
outright murderous assault against the ‘human-all-to-human'. The Demiurge at work in his assault 
against the pure? In "The Prince of Darkness", the woman who is selected as the female vessel who 
will bring into the world, into manifestation, "The Prince of Darkness", happens to be a blonde 
woman. This "cursing of the gentiles" on the part of the probable jew John Carpenter, the director of 
the film, may nonetheless have at least some intelligibility in showing that higher, pure beings like 

those most akin to the Hyperborean Divyas, the Aryan race, are more susceptible of a greater spread 
and influence of higher forces than the more hybridized stock such as the jews. In the movie Christ is 
referred to as 'white' and as having come to the earth to save mankind from the antichrist. 

The blonde woman is portrayed as having an occult symbol reminiscent of a bruise on her right arm 
near the elbow which has a shape similar to an Egyptian Ankh and equal armed cross combined. 
Perhaps this is a connotation to the initiates of certain bloodlines who can serve as a better vehicle for 
higher entities, whose greater complexity through sympathetic magic attracts them or enables them 
to operate at a higher level of power? The demonization of Aryans is present here though it could be 
viewed as complementary more than a backhanded insult and perhaps expresses the fear jewry has 
for the Aryan race as does also "Season of the Witch", with the Irish archvillain having a diabolically 
‘evil’ nature, foriegn into the Judeo-Christian moralizing of the protagonists and indeed perhaps 
Carpenter himself albeit inadvertently on the part of the latter. 

The connection between these episodes and ‘the antichrist’ can also be seen in the case of Nietzsche. 
The philosopher who wrote "The Antichrist"was alleged to have died of pneumonia. This leads one to 
question whether the pneumonia he contracted was not a result of this mycoplasma or unicellular 
algae which in similar fashion took over his body and caused him to channel "The Antichrist"; "Ecce 
Homo" and "The Case Against Wagner", the last works he completed on before his death. Perhaps, 
under the influence of his jewish 'friends' Lou Andreas-Salome; Paul Rhee and Peter Ghast as well as 
his probable masonic affiliation, led to his becoming 'body snatched' or usurped by this substance and 
his writing works which expressed the Demiurge's "Will to Power", ushering in the new Aeon. This was 
perhaps followed up by Crowley and "The Book of The Law" only a short time later, which might have 
been a continuation of this process of manifestation. 

In the movie "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1956), plant-like spores take over the earth and 
the bodies of the 'human-all-to-human' through creating clones of their physical forms and, through 
some form of sympathetic magic or quantum entanglement, usurping their consciousness and 
transforming it into their clones which 'body snatch’ the soul of their prey, enabling these entities to 
work through them and this through their spore-like medium, as the initial cause of their parasitical 

This allusion to plant life is further revealed in the movie from the same period "The Thing From 
Another World" (1951), in which a plant-like alien lands in Antarctica and can only be defeated 
through electricity which destroys its otherwise indestructible plant-like body, which can reassemble 
itself if shot with bullets. It had been attempting to replicate itself in a similar way to "The Invasion of 
The Body Snatchers". John Wyndham's book "The Day of the Triffids" (1951) shows the same motif 
with plans taking over the earth through a parasitical spread of their spore. 

John Carpenter's re-presentation of the movie "The Thing From Another World" in his "The Thing" 
(1982) Also takes place in Antarctica with the bodies of the researchers in Antarctica being taken over 
and modified by an entity which initially works through smaller organic life and seeks expansion and 
conquest (will to power) through the medium of physically larger organisms (but not necessarily larger 
in power or proportion at higher dimensions). 

Antarctica has been off-limits for many years largely owing to the intervention of the National Socialist 
Miguel Serrano and perhaps is a region of the earth playing host to an entity or entities of this sort or 
at least had been prior to the migration there of the ReichsDeutsche, the National Socialists who 
established Neuschwabenland, their base of operations. Perhaps, it might be speculated, that the 
entity or entities dwelling there are of a beneficent nature only portrayed in a negative and distorted 
way by jewish Hollywood ‘legend’. These legends being themselves perhaps 'ideoplasms' of the 
Demiurge, his mundane robots and their 'movie magic’? 

Perhaps one might speculate further and draw connection between the comet which entered into the 
solar system millennia ago now called planet Venus and these entities? The parallel between the color 
green often associated with Venus and this '‘ideoplasmation' of mycoplasma or unicellular algae and its 
color is suggestive. 

The children's novel by the jew R.L. Stine "Monster Blood", in four parts as part of his 'goosebumps' 
series, presents the green ectoplasmic (ideoplasmic?) medium of conscious intelligence as having the 
properties of growth and the capacity to hypertrophy organic life, causing the growth of the children 
who play with the 'Monster Blood' as well as other smaller creatures, forming a symbiotic relationship 
to them, not one in any way benevolent however but parasitical and mutative, serving its own ends, 
destroying human life if it cannot be taken over (and even if it can if it is not serviceable to its agenda 
or to the agenda of its 'genius' who works through it). 

In the Marvel comics series 'Venom' by the jew Stan Lee, a black goo takes over a blonde haired, blue- 
eyed (hence relatively racially pure) man who is transformed when it exerts its influence over him, into 
a violently aggressive being who serves as the instrument of the substance and who is the nemesis of 
the ‘intellectual anti-hero jew' Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spiderman. 

Venom is the golem of the Dark Forces, just as is the blonde female in "The Prince of Darkness" 
serving the will of their master. Yet, given that jewry always play this role, it actually amounts to 
another inversion and ‘cursing of the gentiles' on the part of the jewish creators, possibly even 
amounting to a predictive programming through which is revealed jewry's intention (as the intention 
of 'The Prince of Darkness'?) to transform the Aryan race, those owho possess pure blood (the Graal, 
litr Godi, the Divine Elektron in the words of Jorg Lans von Leibenfels) into golem to serve their master. 
Indeed the observable facts point to jewry in the role of golem. 

The chemtrails routinely being sprayed over the world one might speculate, do not just serve the 
exclusive purpose of terraforming the world for the takeover of entities through modifying the 
atmosphere. Rather their primary function may very well be the creation of the symbiont. Distributing 
heavy metal nanoparticulate and self-replicating bacterial mycoplasma that can be absorbed into the 
bodies of 'the-human-all-to-human' and which can then take over their bodies in an aggressively 
symbiotic usurpation of the autonomy of their soul. 

The black goo portrayed in 'Venom' (indeed the word itself having this connotation as a poison that is 
introduced into a host and poisons it from within) perhaps is a symbiotic amalgam of the mineral 
kingdom (heavy metal nanoparticulate) and the organismal or plant kingdom (algae) which are fused 
together to serve as a substance that can invade and take over a host without being neutralized 
through organic processes such as stomach acid or other organic defense mechanisms. 

The takeover by this conscious substance (itself probably simply a medium of the higher intelligence 
of the Demiurge, 'The Prince of Darkness') creates through quantum entanglement at higher 
dimensions a hive mind through which all of the subordinate and relatively independent 'symbionts' 
Can communicate with one another (in reality simply tentacles of the octopus of the Demiurge) and 
work collectively toward their/His goal which is presumably the vampirization of everything into itself, 
the souls of all relatively independent organisms spanning all kingdoms of life: mineral; plant; 
organismal and beyond. 

This is the Will to Power of the Demiurge and manifests itself in the political system of 
communitarianism, the collectivized hive mind of 'The Prince of Darkness’ ruling over his cybernetic 
robots on the ant farm of Zion. 

The connection between this hive mind, it's political embodiment and the theology of pantheistic 
naturalism is clear- everything must be equalized and placed on the same wavelength of vibration- no 
independence is permitted and all of that which seeks, through its own will, autonomy, is subject to 
destruction-"Join us or die". The hymn to Pan of Aleister Crowley echoes here throughout the ages to 
the present, from ancient Lemuria, also named after Pan, to the shtetl's dotting the body of Gaia as so 
many sarcomas, to the cities, themselves tumors of the 'human- all- to-human’, which further pollute 
Gaia and terraform the atmosphere for the enslavement of the world. 'All are One', merging with and 
serving ‘The One", the Demiurge. 

The robots of the Demiurge, jewry, facilitate the role of causation of all sentient life and could not help 
but do so as they are mere instruments of his will. They cause the chemtrails to be dispersed and the 
installation of the 5G death grid. The mutations of organic life induced by the black goo (amalgam of 
Demiurgic venom) in conjunction with the deadly orgone (EMF/ELF) emanating from cell towers and 
smart meters which function synergistically to achieve this organic mutation, are enabling the 
takeover of entities from higher dimensions. 

Like the motto of "Monster: Energy Drink": "Monster Inside", we are being mutated by the black 
magicians and their hierarchy to serve as their Frankenstein's monster. We already have a 'monster 
inside’, in the form of Demiurgic venom, and like the movie "Alien" (1979) we are incubating an entity 
which seeks to take over our very souls. 

An attack on a higher consciousness is being undergone at all times inducing: fear; lust; pain; hate; 
aggression; stupidity and apathy and detaching us from the nucleus of our being, disintegrating our 
bodies and souls through innervation and creating chaos and dysfunctionality within. "And all of the 
children are insane" as Jim Morrison prophetically warned before his assassination. The nano-particles 
in our pineal gland and blood are sabotaging the higher functioning of our body, creating a separation 
from our souls, even as the entity takes over, displacing us. 

Though this may cause some to despair that would be to associate ourselves with our bodies and to 
simply acquiesce to our transhumanization, being transformed into what Tim Rifat called a "Z.1.0.N' 
(zombie installation operating negatively), a 'cambion' or body snatched vessel of an alien will. 

However time appears to be short for "The Prince of Darkness". The solar system is traveling closer to 
the galactic center and the emanations of the black sun, the Krist ray, are elevating our vibration even 
as a dark forces are moving rapidly forward, in desperation of losing their grip on power and the soul 
food that it gives them to live there parasitical lives serving the Demiurge. A re-turn to Hyperborea 
awaits and only those who live ‘in time’ and do not walk the path of transcendence need concern 
themselves with their own finitude. 

Those who seek and give priority to success and achievement in the physical world and live a life 
amidst the ruins of the Demiurge and his venom have forsaken the treasures in Heaven which are 
attainable only by those whose focal point of consciousness is directed toward the higher planes, they 
who ‘dwell in Eternity’ and thereby wrest their souls from the grip of the monster and his 
ideoplasmations. These latter will perish with him and the Pure will resurrect upon a new earth in the 
new Golden age as Baldr in Aquarius. 

Space Invaders 
Pop culture reveals the strategy of the enemy. It is designed with at least two purposes in mind: 
1) a revelation of the method and 

2) the placing of a double bind on the broad masses. According to the dark forces who control the 
planet their malevolent and violent action against their captive slaves is justified if and only if they give 
their captive a 'choice': either to oppose them or to submit to their enslavement and gradual 
disintegration of their soul through the vampirization of their slave master overlords. 

This ‘choice’ comes in the form of a restriction of the options of the captive: an imposition of their 
intended masters will upon them to force their captives to make a decision with respect to the options 
the dark forces impose upon them. 

The set of options usually entails choosing between the lesser of two or more evils, the options always 
being overall detrimental and causing loss, harm or injury to the decision-maker though conferring an 
apparent benefit. The false gifts the vampire overlords claim to offer their subordinates are poisoned 
apples whose sweetness (or desirable form of appearance) makes their poison (or actual influence or 
consequence) more readily accepted. 

The mode in which these choices are offered is usually covert and indirect and might be called a 
simulacral mode of communication, substituting a counterfeit; token or distorted form or 
representation of the thing actually offered, which appears good or necessary but is in reality 
necessarily bad and unnecessary. 

This false gift or 'choice' offered the captive slave or still free mark placed into the crosshairs of the 
vampire overlords is a hook of incentive offered to the mark which is a disguised appearance 
concealing the harm underneath or within it. 

It is always a ‘choice’ that constitutes bait- a worm or a hook the vampires cast out before their fish to 
snare them and to absorb their energy (be the form of energy money; tangible, material goods or the 
pain; suffering; defilement or in general loss, harm or injury the mark would incur in 'taking the bait’). 
Hence the 'choice' offered, is made to initiate a contract with the mark or dupe and to inveigle him 
and/or others to suffer a loss that feeds the vampire there bio-energy. 

The 'choice' of the decision violently imposed through covert means upon their marks are revealed in 
the fine print of the contract. This ‘fine print' is concealed behind the simulacral form of the offer of 
the 'gift' or 'choice' and is the actual substance of the contract. It is usually the hidden meaning that 
the contract comes in, the form of symbol or tone or other simulacra which obscure or conceal to 
those not aware of the meaning of the symbolism the fine-print actual form of the contract. 

The movie "They Live" by the jewish reptilian-hybrid John Carpenter from 1988 reveals this method in 
a more crude manner: under the false appearance of beguiling advertisements are the actual meaning 
of these ads which constitute commands to act in certain ways (obey; consume; produce) or forbear 
from certain forms of action. 

According to the logic of these creatures (the reptilian's and their reptilian-neanderthal hybrid 
offspring who call themselves 'jews') to reveal to their mark what they intend to do before doing it 
discharges their karma for their crimes, 'washes away their sins' or 'the blood from their hands’. 
Though the form of communication be unintelligible to their mark according to the dark forces twisted 
logic, it is adequate as an exculpatory act to ‘get off the hook' for their karma and moreover transfer 
their karma or 'sin' onto their mark as the latter was given a 'choice' to oppose their imposition and 
failed to do so which amounts to an acquiescence (silence is consent)to the contract. 

In failing to choose the lesser of the two or more evils of the restricted set of 'choices', the dark forces 
impose upon their marks, the marks are blameworthy and not the dark forces who initiated and 
imposed the unilateral contract upon their victims. Any involvement with and failure to oppose the 
dark forces according to their logic constitutes agreement to enter into a contract with them. As Bram 
Stoker allegorized in his novel "Dracula", to allow the vampire to enter into one's place (society; 
organization, etc.) is to allow the vampire to drink one's blood, more literally to drain one or his 
company; family or race of their bio-energy through this form of unilateral contractual agreement. 

Blaming the victim for the harm caused the victim by the dark forces is the latter's attempt to impose 
a ‘double bind’ upon their marks, cursing them once, for entering into the contract with the inevitable 
negative consequences of loss, harm or injury and doubly so for not opposing the contract and failing 
to recognize that the choices offered as terms of this contract were not necessary but simply optional 
or a 'choice' that could be rejected even though with potentially negative consequences (which are 
initially less bad than having made the contract and carried through with it). 

The metaphor of a bully grabbing one's fists and beating their captive with them applies in this 
‘double bind’ conception. Only it is typically a proxy who is paid to bully others who the jews employ, 
being as they are cowardly and risk-averse as well as wanting to transfer their sins onto the bully as a 

On a grander scale the police and military forces constitute the kosher approved bullies the jewish 
oligarchy unleashes on those they hate while simultaneously making a pretense of condemning 
‘militarism’ and ‘police brutality',the after creating damage to another nation, coming in to interfere 
after the damage was done to 'help' the victim by giving them a false gift of whatever form (foreign 
aid; medical care; military aid- all of which is designed to further weaken into submission or destroy 
their enemy so that the latter may be vampirized more effectively). 

The foregoing constituted a basic encapsulation of the ethics of the dark forces which amounts to a 
black magic working imposed upon others with violence of a voiceless and covert form of 
manifestation. It applies in their sphere of entartete kultur (degenerate culture) which serves as their 
karmic clearing movie-house or theater of the real which reveals to the population what the dark 
forces are intending to do to them while representing it as mere ‘entertainment’. 

Thus the watching of movies not only programs the minds of the zombified masses to operate 
according to how they are programmed (subliminal messages and archetypes- "The Medium is The 
Message" as McCluhan said in his book of the same name) but serves as a contract itself. 

The substance or subject matter of the contract entails a presentation of the heretofore concealed 
and now revealed information the dark forces wish to bring out, and by giving 'informed consent' to 
the audience this justifies them, according to their logic, in imposing the particular subject matter 
upon the audience in real life. Thus the hyper-reality of fiction serves as a contract whose 
consumption justifies the imposition of the actual meaning or act covertly revealed in fictional form. 

The movies of jewish Hollywood, which revealed the invasion of Earth by extra-terrestrial life are 
designed as a contractual offer to consent to such an invasion. The particular form of aliens presented 
in these movies are of a variety of species and their motives sometimes malevolent sometimes 
benevolent, as a means of creating confusion in the 'goyim' and shifting attention from who actually 
the aliens are and what their intentions are, making the variety of aliens appear to be mere ‘vain 
imaginings' of the minds of eccentric scriptwriters and Hollywood producers. 

Regardless of the variety of alien, there are two themes that have a constant presence throughout film 
industry history: 

1) there exist reptiloid aliens and 
2) they seek to invade Earth and 
3) have hostile intent in relation to the population. 

These themes are the basic template of world history and explain, albeit in distorted forms of 
presentation in the movies of jewish Hollywood, the cosmic war between the Aryan race and these 
reptilian creatures. 

The inversion of Hollywood being a typical act of jewish black (movie) magic, the reptilian's are either 
portrayed as good, in a favorable light and bound up with jewish actors who play the role of a 
messianic protagonist figure, or the reptilians are portrayed as bad and affiliated with 'nazis'. The 
reality, should one wish to reverse engineer the distortion of jewish Hollywood, is the contrary, though 
not necessarily the opposite, of jewish Hollywood. 

One can conclude that the reptilians are bad or malevolent (as portrayed as affiliated though in an 
apparently positive light with jews) and when associated with 'nazis' in a negative light, though the 
behavior of the 'Hollywood nazis' is 'evil and bad' and that of the dark forces portrayed as good, hence 
constituting an inversion of reality and simulacrum behind which the hidden hand conceals itself. 

Perhaps there exist good reptilians that have rebelled against their hive just as there exist 'good jews'? 
Or perhaps that is a myth of jewish Hollywood itself? The obscurantism of the culture distortor is 
deliberately ambiguous, designed to obfuscate and drag red herrings across their path to shift the 
consciousness away from themselves and to portray themselves if known or caught in a half-light of 
saving grace- that they might someday ‘convert to Christ' or become like the rest of the 'goyim' and 
cast aside their old ways of 'transgression' and ethnocentric fanaticism. 

The concealed reality however is that, even if such exceptions to the rule exist the rule is the rule and 
jewish and by extension reptilian behavior is a constant and malevolent, existential threat to all 
sentient life on Gaia. 

The themes presented in jewish Hollywood depicting reptilian's as a malevolent force is a revelation of 
the method. The movies of quasi-reptilian or reptilian creatures released by jewish Hollywood are a 
revelation of the method, and are attempts to discharge their karma, curse their hated foe the Aryan 
race, and predictably program the mass mind to receive these alien overlords. 

The theme of space invasion or the exploration of space and discovery of aliens of a malevolent kind 
entails reptilian's or quasi-reptilian's in this role of an aggressive colonist of Gaia and her denizens or 
as simply an antagonist towards the Aryan race. In the cartoon "Space Ghost" from the 1960s, created 
by the jewish spin doctors William Hannah and Joseph Barbera, in the episode "The Lizard Slavers", a 
cadre of reptilian aliens whose symbol is a yellow triangle on a black uniform are depicted as running a 
intergalactic slave ring. The lizard's uniforms and logo perhaps signify the Demiurge whose symbol is 
the masculine upward pointing triangle signifying the Akasa or element of masculine positive force 
(electricity?) and yellow possibly connoting intellect as well as electricity, the current of electrical fire 
(fire element of akasa) traveling along the neural networks of the bio computer brain as electrical 
impulses and, as within so without, the 'divine' or demonic Mind of the Demiurge in his cosmic Will to 
power, the Will of the violator of the Absolute (Mari Mag-Dalene). In this T.V series the lizard slavers 
target humans and store them in underground facilities, actually dwelling within the crust of the 
planet they inhabit. 

In the "Super Mario Bros." movie (1993) the Mario brothers are average everyday 'mundanes' living 
within their daily grind world of the matrix and must become who they are, Aryan supermen who 
combat the invasion of King Koopa, a reptilian alien and his legions. In both this movie and its video- 
game predecessor the profane or mundane unenlightened figure of Mario the plumber has his 
girlfriend, a blue-eyed blonde haired princess toadstool, abducted by King Koopa. 

This could be a connotation of the fall of man and loss of the first estate of higher consciousness 
through involution of the Aryan Hyperboreans with the sacred feminine of Higher Intuition 'stolen' by 
the lower state of beast-consciousness which took over the higher functions of the consciousness 
through mixture with the anthropoids during Primordial times. 

The way back for Mario, the fallen mundane, to become Superman and regain his first estate, become 
a fully integrated soul who recovers the sacred feminine (princess toadstool) is through consuming the 
mushroom and acquiring superpowers. Perhaps the mushroom represents the phallic principle 
integrated into his consciousness, his lower drives transmuted into higher consciousness? 

Regardless, the theme of this Japanese videogame franchise clearly reveals a reptilian theme and 
probably has more than one layer of interpretation. Perhaps, as dual seed line identity has it, the fall 
of man occurred and was subsequently followed by the presence of Cain, the wicked one, who 
interbred with the Aryan Eve creating Esau (the jew). Cain perhaps, or 'the serpent’, in the paradisiacal 
Garden of Eden may represent the reptilian's as a synecdoche, the part representing the whole. 

Yet further movies with similar reptilian themes are that of "Conan the Barbarian" in which James Earl 
Jones plays Thulsa Doom, a negro priest-king who lived in the southern regions of the earth and who 
transforms into a giant serpent which Conan must slay to liberate the population from its black magic 
hypnotic influence. The hypnosis employed by jewry and presumably their reptilian overlords is a 
black magic method of influencing the consciousness of their would be slaves. 

The clandestine and surreptitious nature of jewry is 'reptilian' by definition and probably derives from 
that extraterrestrial group of reptilians, their creators via genetic engineering. Their cold-bloodedness 
and calculating Demiurgic mind with its emotionless rationalism, a purely analytical and logical 
control freakishness, is the psychological manifestation of their Demiurge deity through his agents and 
probably, the writer ventures to speculate, bound up with this violent 'Father God' figure. 

The movie "Alien" starring the jewess Sigourney Weaver, is yet another alien franchise only in it the 
aliens are of a more insectile appearing form which is re-presented to a degree in other films such as 
"Starship Troopers", where insect-like aliens war with humans. 

In "Alien", the manner in which the aliens perpetuate themselves as a species is through, very similar 
to a reptile, depositing an egg, only in the body of a human as their vessel. According to the book by 
Susan.B.Reed "The Body Snatchers", reptilians being of a trans-dimensional nature have the capacity 
to take over the bodies of the 'human all too human' and to impel and compel them to act according 
to the will of the reptilian in effect being 'taken over' or 'body snatched' by these creatures. 

The movie from the 50s "Invasion of The Body Snatchers" reveals plant-like creatures, pods who 
create a body double of those they take over and the body-double becomes endowed with the soul of 
the creature who then does away with the original party, stealing their blood or genetics to replicate 
itself and supplant the original body, only being one devoid of emotion and having a 'plant-like' quality 
of simply growing and surviving without any will or emotion. 

Reptilians are notoriously cold-blooded in their behavior and consciousness is readily observed in the 
behavior of jewry with his cold-blooded ruthlessness and calculating; devious; subterranean modality 
of consciousness. Perhaps there is some form of connection between them and the plant-like beings, 
also revealed in fictional form in the novel "The Day of the Triffids" by John Wyndham and in the 
movie "G.I Joe: the Animated Movie" in which latter spores are to be released over the earth to kill off 
humanity so a reptilian race of subterranean beings can reconquer the earth. 

The movie "The Thing From Another World", released in the 50s, depicts a creature of a plant-like 
quality entering onto the earth and taking over the bodies of its captives, being only able to be 
destroyed by electricity, the same directed energy used to destroy the spores in the "G.I.Joe" movie by 
the "Broadcast Energy Transmitter" (B.E.T) device. 

"The Thing", a remake of the original 50s movie by John Carpenter, shows a similar alien theme of 
hostile takeover with an alien life force taking over the bodies of its captives and warping and using 
them as the vehicle of its will to vampirically take over the earth. Again it can only be destroyed by 

Sigourney Weaver again is presented in a 'revelation of the method!’ of jewish Hollywood in the short 
film "Rakkan" which explicitly depicts an alien invasion of Earth by reptilian beings who enslave and 
consume the 'human all too human' and are enabled to exist on the earth through the increase of 
carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emitted from the factories run by 'the human all too human’. 

The connection between jewry and the reptilians can be read between the lines in many other venues 
of pop-culture: the figure of golem in Tolkein's "Lord of the Rings", obsessed by the power of 'Sauron' 
(Saturn-home base of the reptilians in our solar system) and is used as an instrument of the Dark Lord 
(reptilians and their leader?) To take from the hobbits the ring of power, connotative perhaps of the 
higher consciousness or 'Graal' of Aryan divine blood, perhaps subtly connoting the vampirization 
agenda of jewry and there reptilian overlords. 

The figure of 'reptile' in the videogame franchise "Mortal Kombat" is a human-reptilian shape-shifter 
who, in the franchise story, is a servant of Shao Kahn the ruler of Outworld, the dark forces as 
depicted in an inverted form by the writers of the story who depict the characters of 'Cabal'-a 'good 
jew' with a sinister past; Sub-zero, a Chinese member of a secret society and other figures who are the 
servitors of the reptilians in real life as the 'saviors' and 'defenders' of Earth-an inversion of their actual 

In the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs "At The Earth's Core" Of his "Pellucidar" series, the protagonist 
enters the hollow earth through a drill machine from the surface and discovers a race of Aryan 
humans who are mute and lacking any education and who are kept as food stock for a group of 
reptilians called 'the Mahars'. 'Mahar' is a jewish surname. 

These reptilian's consume the bodies of the human cattle ('goyim') and the protagonist attempts to 
save them, conscripting the more barbarous creatures of the hollow earth to assist him- an allegory of 
the Aryan race leading the non-whites to combat the reptilian horde which enslaves the earth and to 
liberate all. 

A figure whose attributes are of a quasi-Neanderthal variety called 'Ucchi the sly one' sells out the 
‘human all too human’ and sides with the reptilian's owing to the female human 'Diane the beautiful’ 
being attracted to the protagonist and not him (the sacred feminine or holy Graal being possessed by 
the Aryan race and not the hybrid stock, the jew his jealousy perhaps being the cause of his betrayal?). 
The parallel between the characters of ‘reptile’ in "Mortal Kombat"; 'Ucchi the sly one' and 'Golem' is 
clear in their roles of servitor or minion of the dark forces. 

The cannibalism of the reptilians is a practice they are alleged to engage in and explains not only the 
less common discoveries or information leaks of conspiracy theorists regarding such events as 
‘pizzagate' and others related to Fritz Springmeier's books, but the more common occurrences of 
missing persons, specifically children, and of the latter category specifically blue-eyed and blonde 
haired children of Nordic bloodlines, the descendants of the Hyperborean Divyas. 

Blood drinking, a coarser form of energy vampirism, is readily apparent in pop culture in the character 
of vampires and is almost certainly a practice that jewry involves themselves in. How else, for 
example, can one explain the alleged necessity of blood banks in hospitals? Surely no blood 
transfusions (which are themselves a means of destroying the soul) would be needed on such a large 
scale other than to serve the jews as a life source which they can absorb into themselves, the physical, 
liquid-gaseous form of the life force of their slaves. 

Cannibalism is not as readily observable but almost certainly occurs as the abduction of people who 
'go missing’ reveals (though it would itself be an inappropriate term as jewry are a hybrid species and 
thus their consumption of ‘humans’ wouldn't qualify as ‘cannibalism’ by definition, as ‘cannibalism’ 
implies same species consumption). The consumption of things declared illegal such as animal organs 
from farms (e.g. brains, is almost a certainty with jewry who has a relationship to their christian 
farmer slaves who do their dirty work of animal husbandry for them. 

The jewish T.V show "V" which originated in the 80s and which was re-- presented recently, depicts a 
coterie of reptilian aliens who infiltrate planet Earth and have a humanoid appearance which they 
have shape shifted into. 

David Icke in some of his presentations refers to the matrix in which we are situated as a ‘hologram’. 
His disinformation presentations are partial truths which lead astray the Truth seeker toward the party 
line of Zion and the dark forces. These creatures are depicted as shape-shifting entities and the 
chameleon-like nature of the illusion makers of the matrix, the jews, is telling: their acting ability and 
capacity to adopt different personae as means of ingratiating themselves with their hosts being a 
modus operandi reminiscent of "The Thing". 

The attempt on the part of Jewry to interbreed with the locals further reveals their shape-shifting 
character who, like "The Thing", take on the appearance of their host to imperceptibly dissolve into 
the median of their hosts' blood while absorbing into themselves as much as possible in their 
characteristically vampiric way. 

We are living in a matrix of illusion and yet it is no computer-generated hologram as Icke contends but 
simply a certain frequency of vibration manipulated and distorted by the illusion makers to keep us 
enslaved the more readily to feed off our souls. 

Other disinformation agents such as the jews Stewart Swerdlow (Sverdlov) and Len Kasten have taken 
up Icke's theme and re-presented his disinformation distortion, portraying the Draco reptilians as 
affiliated with 'the nazis' amongst other implicitly slanderous claims against whites. 

Stewart Swerdlov derived from a Soviet commissar officer who a city was named after under the 
communist regime: Sverdlovsk. His jewish roots and connection to high-level cabal operatives reveals 
prima facing his untrustworthiness. The classic disinformation trope of shifting attention away from 
the jews towards 'nazis' as a scapegoat is present in all theorists who attempt to introduce these 
theories related to reptilians and their malevolent intent. The book of Arthur.C.Clarke "Childhood's 
End" further underscores this demonization of whites and attempts to reveal their intended genocide 
as a 'revelation of the method’. 

Zachariah Sitchin and Eric von Daniken also are disinformation agents whose intention is to propound 
an anthropogenic theory about the common 'origin' of 'mankind' (itself a christian and freemasonic 
abstract, Universalist concept). 'Mankind' they contend along with Icke and his followers was simply 
created to 'mine gold’, contrary to the real meaning and historical purpose of the origin of the 
diversity of bipedal species currently extent on Gaia. This origin will be gone into in the next section. 

With respect to the reptilian connection with jews, the hybrid character of jewry is readily apparent in 
their anatomical and behavioral features by which they can be recognized and identified. 

The anatomical features of jewry are telling of their reptilian origins: slanted eyes; wide-mouth; weak 
chin; wide jaw; receding forehead; ear lobes attached to jawline; hooked nose with wide nostrils; 
elongated torso relative to limb length; pasty and strange colored skin; strange odor; frizzy and strange 
hair often sparse around the face (eg.scraggly beard); beady eyes with a hypnotic quality. 

Behaviorally they also reveal parallels to reptilians: cunning and possessed of a cold bloodedness; 
emotionless unless play-acting; able to change channels in their mood states at the press of a button; 
paradoxically erratic in their emotions and when confronted or exposed full of aggressive violence 
similar to their reptilian masters and Demiurge deity. 

Hedonistic and, outside of their coldly rational consciousness, given to low minded sensual 
indulgence; a vacillation between the reptilian brain of lower cerebral functionality and the cerebral 
cortex overlay without any holistic mindedness (it's physical manifestation as the cerebellum; pineal 
and pituitary gland). 

The low-minded propensities of jewry are readily apparent in their mammonistic mind, greedy and 
rapacious and this counterbalanced with their calculating cunning of reason operating at its usual 
subterranean level. All traits bespeak a reptile whose actions and behavior all relate purely to 
survivalistic inclination, of a 'worldly' sort, restricted to the phenomenal plane and to the perpetuation 
of the purely perishable, the telluric. 

The space invaders, the reptilians, have been documented throughout history in all areas of the globe 
and have been depicted as having a relatively similar set of anatomical features, depicted in similar 
scenes of ‘human all too human’ sacrifice and the consumption of and overlordship over their 
captives. What their probable origins, the history of this world and what it's ultimate destiny will be 
discussed in the next section. 

The Fate of The Jews 

The Fate of The Jews 

The question has been posed in many forms by several philosophers and theoreticians: "what will be 
the fate of the jews?"; "What is the solution to the jewish question [or problem]?" 

The answer has been best explicated in Julius Evola's "Three Aspects of The Jewish Problem" in which 
he considers the alternatives and how best to deal with the jewish pest as a ‘final solution’. 

The answer that Evola came up with was the formation of an Aryan international and the implied 
destruction or subjugation of jewish power. He did not explicitly claim that jewry as a race or species 
were to be eliminated tout court or that the jews should not be allowed to live or to live even amidst 
the non-jewish elements. Rather what he did say is that this is the only effective strategy and that its 
function would be to coerce jewry and their affiliates to heel and to cease and desist from their violent 

Hence we are left without any more explicitly articulated position on how the jews are to be dealt 
with let alone what their fate will be in relation to others. However one can speculate or even 
prognosticate that given the chaotic history of jewry, their bloody trek through the ages, there is only 
a limited set of solutions as the final outcome of the formation of an Aryan international and that is 

1) breeding out of their jewishness; 2) quarantine or 3) destruction 

In the case of the first option the jews could be subject to a gradual and harmonious miscegenation 
such that their jewishness no longer poses a problem for the denizens of the earth. This would have 
the effect of detaching the hold of the entities that impel them to carry out their evil acts. In the case 
of the second option, should not all jews or even any be subject to extermination (the ‘final solution’ 
or last option) they could be quarantined (and where globally is the question). 

If the second option were possible and jewry could be rounded up and forced to leave by threat of the 
last option (as they certainly would not voluntarily leave, as no parasite leaves its host voluntarily) 
they would be relocated to a particular region of the earth and suffer their fate there. 

Further this could occur in Palestine or what is now called 'The State of Israel’ where they could be left 
to their own devices, that being certain death, or they could be removed to another location and left 
there to their own devices or possibly with whatever assistance merited again based upon the laws of 

Almost of a certainty, the judeo-christians would wish to assist them but it would be necessary, after 
at most a preliminary gift by the judeo-christians of start up resources that they be forced to remain 
completely isolated from all others and that no one may visit them or allow them to leave at any point 
as this may enable them to use these others as proxies to traffic biological or other weapons with 
which to harm others outside of their territory. 

This would necessitate a military blockade and the privation of the jews of all weaponry to attempt to 
completely neutralize their potentially threatening nature. However, even in spite of all precautions, 
the jews, being steeped in black magic, would undoubtedly invoke their entities to create problems, 
harming others and empowering themselves as per their usual modus operandi. The question as to 
the fate of the jews is indeed one difficult to decide. The law of consequence, what many would call 
‘the laws of God’ must ultimately decide their fate and destiny on the earth. 

“The monads of the jews come from Saturn” 

-"The Secret Doctrine”, H.P.Blavatsky 

The Eye of Sauron/Saturn/Satan... 

Evil Clown 

Evil clowns are omnipresent in today's world- they can be seen everywhere and have become a commonplace. 
Their normalization has a reason and this reason is not readily apparent to the average person. This is all by 
design and, since it has been designed by evil clowns, it has been designed with malice aforethought, a 
behavior so characteristic of the evil clown. 

The archetype of the evil clown as a mediatized creation could only be introduced by those who have 
constructed this archetype 'in their own image’, taking an apparently benign and even benevolent archetype of 
positivity and happiness and inverting it into its current form of a malevolent and sadistic figure, the anti-thesis 
of the historical figure of ‘the clown’. 

This inversion is an instance of a Nietzschean 'transvaluation of all values’, only this 'transvaluation' still exists 
within the christian paradigm of 'good versus evil’ and hasn't exited this moral matrix of judeo-christianity and 
entered into the Pleroma of classical virtue, that of the ancient Master Morality of 'good versus bad’. 

Hence the evil clown is a representative figure of the nigredo phase of the black magicians in their judeo- 
dialectic of christian 'good' (the corny and false suicidal altruism of magian morality) and judeo-christian ‘evil’ 
(the strong and willful ethics of power and inner strength which the judeo-christian portrays as ‘evil' in their 

This figure is out of the judeo-christian, that of the priests of the order of Melchizedek, all judeo-christians 
being freemasons at higher levels and the morality of the near Eastern Magus (‘magian' in Spengler's terms) 
being there defining trait- indirect; Lunar (reflecting the power of the sun indirectly); cunning; ‘subterranean’ in 
the words of Julius Evola. 

The 'good versus evil’ paradigm of the magian moralists is something they are incapable of transcending as it is 
something they have manifested into being in the first place and which is a function of their consciousness, a 
schema of ‘good versus evil’ which is a direct translation of their modality of consciousness into objective 

Nietzsche critiqued this dichotomy of 'master morality' and 'slave morality' well in his works "Beyond Good and 
Evil"and "The Genealogy of Morals". It was not the white man who needed to go 'beyond good and evil’ but 
rather the jew, who was the originator of the chandal morality (the morality of the slave)-at least initially. 

The Naivete and gullibility of the white man however rendered him susceptible to the spiritual virus jewry had 
concocted and had uploaded into his conscious mind. Subsequently the white man did and still to this day does, 
require a 'transvaluation’ of his values owing to this mind parasite of christianism which has intertwined itself in 
his consciousness and has transmuted him into a debased slave of jewry. 

The evil clowns who rule this world are still subscribers to the magian moralism they manifested into being as 
the chandala they were. They have been snagged on this barb of moralism throughout their history on this 
earth and indeed not just their own plagiaristic narrative of their self understanding but the circumstances of 
the world in its Truth as well. 

Though their magian ethos led them to defile and tear down their would-be masters the Aryan race through 
laying the trap of christianity out for their superiors to take the bait they themselves have remained poisoned 
with it and perhaps have no capacity to overcome its poisonous influence. 

The subterranean psyche of jewry has led them to adopt various pragmatic strategies of coping with and 
engineering states of affairs serviceable to their ends. Hence the garb of the ‘evil clown'-an apparently benign 
figure who conceals malevolence beneath his exterior façade is the jewish archetype in pop cultural form- an 
actor; a hypocrite; concealing hostile intent behind the smiling mask. 

That this is fully understood by the jew to be his 'Ace' card up his caftans' sleeve is clearly inferable in a quick 
glance at pop culture which is largely his creation, that of the Hollywood ‘theater of the hyper-real' and its 
precursor-live theater. 

The live theater of history was often stage-managed by jewry especially amongst the rabble and on the 
periphery of ‘polite society’, amongst the outcasts; criminal and quasi-criminal elements, what was deemed 
‘fringe’ but now has become mainstream and ‘normalized’. 

The opera of Leoncavallo "The Players" (I Pagliacci) featuring a troop of clowns one of whose members commits 
a murder, is an early introduction into the consciousness of polite society of the anti-hero ‘Dark side' of the 
apparent benign and 'good' in the christian sense, a transvaluation of judeo-christian magian morality through a 
theatrical vehicle, instilling in the consciousness of the demimonde upper-class the notion of the sinister 
entailed in the 'Kingdom of God' (‘the world’). 

Such a theme was carried out throughout the history of jewry but in the most literal sense took center stage 
after their emancipation during the French Revolution. "Rigoletto" by Giuseppe Verdi is yet another vehicle of 
this theme of the dark underside of the aristocracy in the figure of the prodigal Duke who mocks and abuses 
women and his court jester Rigoletto. The revenge sought by the jester who, owing to the existing power 
differential, brings about his own destruction in a desperate act of vengeance with a cruel twist of fate leaving 
him a shattered figure similar to the murderer in Leoncavallo's "The Players”. 

Perhaps this reveals the impossible project of fighting against 'God' as represented in microcosmic form-fighting 
against the establishment or attempting to escape the establishment (the system, the 'Kingdom of God') and 
simply bring about one's own destruction through such an endeavor. This shows the jewish black magicians’ 
dialectical praxis: creating chaos in an attempt to bring about the second coming only with themselves as 
Messiah, the tribe of jewry, not any jewish man God called ‘Jesus’. 

The Jewish actor, in portraying himself as a tragic figure attempting to oppose his 'G-d' simply posits the 
supremacy of his 'G-d' and himself by proxy as a rebellious yet humble child of 'G-d', and this indirectly, in an 
archetypically lunar-feminine manner affirming his supremacy through indirection. 

Such in any case the attempt as presented in his ‘theater of the real', his hyper-realization of Reality, an attempt 
to reify his deific mask in the form of that of a tragi-comic figure, an evil clown who yet in spite of all fallibility is 
redeemable and can 'go to G-d' and, through this redeemable trait (that of recognizing his own fallibility, his 
own sin) reflects the mind of 'G-d' through himself and thus merits his supremacy overall as a righteous servant 
of 'the Lord’. 

"The Joker" is known to most all who have an acquaintance with pop culture. Its originator, an Ashkenazi jew 
from New York called Bob Kahn who changed his name to Bob Kane is telling of the Jewish archetype. Indeed 
even the name 'Bob Kane' is telling as 'Kane' undoubtedly refers to the Gnostic Cainites, they who took the 
figure of the biblical Cain as their own archetype- a figure who embodied the left-hand path or vama marg, a 
disturber of the force creating chaos in the Edenic paradise, getting Eve and Adam kicked out into the fallen 
world of 'G-d', forcing them through being a product of mixture to 'suffer' in 'the world’, to face the music of 
that which was not perfect as themselves and indeed to experience in the most visceral way that imperfection. 

Perhaps beyond this still, to force them to recognize their own imperfection as susceptible to mixture ‘in the 
beginning’? At least as understood from Kane's perspective and that of the Cainites who themselves embodied 
the magian consciousness and were still hung up on 'good' and ‘evil’. What was perhaps (the writer can only 
conjecture) unbeknownst to them was that 'Adam' and 'Eve' were themselves a result of the voluntary 
involution of the Divyas or Vanir of higher planes who involuted on the earth to liberate the souls of the animal- 
man through mixing and to prevent the Demiurge ('G-d') from continuing to feed off their souls. 

Hence their 'sin' in 'the fall' was a voluntary act and accordingly was 'sin' only in the magian conception of a 
static closed-system of the Demiurge, of entropy. The extropy of the figure of Cain (perhaps himself a half-jew) 
what the judeo-christians call 'satanic' or ‘evil’, was the dialectical praxis of creating chaos to engineer a positive 
result as the outcome of the dialectical process. 

Cain 'rose up’ and slew the figure of Abel, of the magian in judeo-christian who wished to till the fields, 
facilitating the perpetuation of the system of entropy leading to the expansion of the power of the vampire the 
judeo-christians call 'G-d' through facilitating the generation (birth) and corruption (death) of the life forms 
thereon who are the earthbound souls their G-d feeds off along with his priest caste of judeo-christianity. 

Bob Kane the creator of "the Joker" and "Batman" allegorized the static world of the Demiurge as Gotham city 
and the dialectic of the magian and Faustian soul as that between Batman and the Joker respectively. Batman 
represented the ‘law and order’ of the Demiurge and the Joker, the rebel against that law and order, the 
Luciferian figure who rebelled against the static- entropy of the Demiurge which constitutes its 'laws' of spatio- 
temporality, the 'laws' of the phenomenal plane of Being. 

Hence Batman's outfit is grey (a color associated with the planet Saturn) and black (the alleged 'spirituality' of 
the Chinese 'yin' in relation to the white 'yang') with yellow-gold outline representative of higher spirituality or 
perhaps simply the intellect or cunning of Reason (the Logos, the fallible mind of the Demiurge and his judeo- 
christian adherents). 

The side-kick of Batman is Robin whose outfit is red (passion; emotion) and dark green (the earth; the 
mundane) underscoring his low state of consciousness rooted in the mire of mundane existence. He represents 
the 'profane' judeo-christian sidekick of the jew. 

The Joker is of course an evil clown archetype (‘evil' in the judeo-christian sense). He carries a Joker card with 
him which is conventionally associated with chance and is a ‘wildcard’ in the game of the entropic system of 
‘the world' which he represents a rebellious; Luciferian figure who opposes the system of entropy in which he is 
trapped or at least to all appearances trapped (to all visual-physical appearances). 

His outfit is purple, connotative of the Sahasrara chakra of the crown (keter) signifying his adeptship, his 
attainment of a higher consciousness ‘beyond good and evil’. His green hair and eyebrows are connotative of 
the green ray of Venus and of ascension beyond the soul prison of the Demiurge. 

His (apparent) malevolence in opposition to Gotham city (‘the world’) as a ‘criminal’ ringleader (rebel) suggests 
a Cainite figure in the image of Bob Kane himself perhaps. The Joker's laughter is the laughter of the Immortals 
though presented through the magian lens of Kane whose jewish nature possibly could not go 'beyond good 
and evil’ even though he made the attempt through his 'evil' and 'good' characters. 

Nonetheless he presents the archetype of a jewish attempt to achieve this protocol and to rebel against his 
Judaic background through a subterranean left-hand path, taking the ‘evil’ route against the 'good' in the 
Demiurgic dichotomy of magian morality. In Kane's mythos of "Batman" the character of 'Two-Face' (Harvey 
Dent) is a better representation of the jewish cainite-a devious lawyer who embodies both sides of the coin of 
the judeo-christian moralism without being able to integrate them into his soul and transcend these 

Kane's portrayal of the Joker as a malevolent criminal figure, a violator of the 'laws' of Gotham and held in 
check by its special affiliates, the 'superior' (morally and intellectually) jew (Batman) and his side-kick Robin (the 
judeo-christian), reveals the jews' secret recognition of the legitimate threat posed by the true left-hand path 
(vama marg) action of the Aryan, the Luciferian figure who has managed to escape the system of 'laws' of 
Gotham city (‘the world'), who lives 'in the world' but is not of it. 

Neither is he, like Batman ‘above the world’ or 'above Time’ in the sense of Savitri Devi but against Time 
expressing the true nature of the vama marg, symbolized by the leftward rotating swastika, the symbol of the 
pole (‘Qutb' in arabic and in islam)-a dwelling (being) in Eternity yet an existing (in the world) against the cycles 
of Time of the Demiurge, existing in an out of the blades of the Eternal Return symbolized by the right-hand 
swastika (Kronos' chronology). 

The bat-sign of Batman also symbolizes the system of the Demiurge. The bat is a nocturnal rodent forever 
vigilant (semper vigilans), capable of keeping watch through and over the darkness of the non-visible 
(quotidian) spaces of the mundane. This connotes an aloofness and an eternal watch or omniscience-an all 
seeing eye' which Batman with his bat mask reflects in microcosm as a fractal of the Demiurge (Batman being a 
jewish millionaire-Bruce Wayne), a child of 'G-d'. 

The evil clown Joker is presented as being eternally defeated in the system of the Demiurge (Gotham city and 
its laws) by the creator Bob Kane. However this is perhaps a projection of the wishful thinking of the jew whose 
finite perspective of the Luciferian Joker is characteristically magian in essence, a necessary feature of his Judaic 
mindset albeit modified to a degree under the Cainite gnostic influence. "Batman" could also have been 
designed as predictive programming to influence the consciousness of the reader to associate the paradigm of 
‘good versus evil’ with Reality and this through the median of the hyper-real. 

The hold of the Demiurge on his child here can be seen in the latter's presenting the Joker as an eternal loser 
when it is the Demiurge (Gotham city) which is the inevitable loser and the Joker who is the 'Eternal Champion’ 
at higher planes. A projection of the subterranean consciousness of jewry in the form of media. 

The Batman franchise replicated these Judaic themes in the movie "Batman Returns", directed and produced by 
Tim Burton a known Qabalist. In the movie the Penguin represented the jew cast out of ‘polite (Gentile) 
society’, a disgruntled outcast seeking vengeance upon those who had subjected him to this intended (or 
unintended out of apathy) ignominious fate. 

He worked with a circus troupe of clowns who served as his mafia to tear down and usurp Gentile society, 
placing himself on a pedestal through cunning and guile. The inverted norms of the judeo-christian 'good versus 
evil’ and wants to all appearances benign clowns, are converted into a ruthless mafia and the Christian ‘evil’ is 
posited as triumphing albeit for a short time and as an Icarian venture ultimately positing the magian norm of 
‘good’ as victorious over those of ‘evil’. 

This suggests as a motif of Jewish dialectics that jewry simply plays the rogue role with christians playing the 
‘conservative’ role, that of putting a stop to the chaos jewry creates while simultaneously allowing them to get 
away with much of their action as a means of dialectically imposing their Zion despotism over all as a final 
phase of their (mutual) black magic alchemical working (dialectical materialism and idealist materialism). This is 
the 'totalitarian tiptoe’ of "two steps forward [jewish chaos], one step back" (judeo-christian order). 

The movie"Beetle Juice", is yet another example of the inversion of Luciferian norms with the ‘evil clown’ 
serving as a catalyst (in a Sabbataen-Frankist mode) of reifying their 'Zion' ideal through his trouble making. 
Within the movie (also directed and produced by Tim Burton), "Beetle Juice", a ‘lost soul' figure existing in 
innerspace between 'the world' and 'Heaven' (Pleroma, Eternal Realms) attempts to facilitate the journey of a 
dead young jewish couple who have gotten trapped on the earth plane post mortem. 

Beetle Juice is a creature of the nether realms and is an agent of chaos in the system of 'the world’ to prevent 
the couple from ‘following the rules' of the afterlife according to a book called "The Guide For The Deceased" 
which is a complex blueprint of how to get to Heaven. 

Beetle juice 'bucks the system’ and its rules and does so in his capacity of an ‘evil clown’, a comic relief figure 
which normalizes in the consciousness of the 'mundane' (the viewer) the positive nature of ‘evil' and this by 
way of comedy. 

The jewish couple in the film follow the advice of Beetle juice come back to earth (to become earthbound) and 
to regain some former semblance of their prior existence. Eventually this comes to pass and they achieve their 
purposes ‘bucking the system’ through the intervention of Beetle juice. 

Interestingly enough the movie alludes to another world outside of their quaint New England home (the matrix; 
‘the world') which to all appearances leads to Betelgeuse (the star in the Orion constellation, possibly from 
whence jewry and their masters' derive) with depictions of 'sandworms' (wormholes?). 

These sandworms are depicted also in the series of Frank Hebert "Dune"and the wormholes are possibly 
correlated with Venus/Lucifer as a stargate to Orion (to Sirius and to Betelgeuse)? 

The take-home message here is that yet another 'evil' clown serves as a catalyst of exiting the Demiurgic system 
of entropy and attaining immortality. The jews in the movie attained this state but not the whites who are 
portrayed as either rigidly uptight Christians or ‘worldly’ self-absorbed types. Hence the movie again posits 
jewry as a Supreme Being in miniature, Luciferian figures who yet dwell within ‘the world’ avoiding Heaven, 
dwelling within the matrix and ‘ruling in hell, within the cycles of time. 

The Christians in the movie are perhaps adequately portrayed as trapped in their matrix microcosm of a town 
and no revelation of their fate is disclosed but presumably the implication is yet another adherence to rules and 
regulations according to "The Guide For The Deceased" in the afterlife. 

The evil clown archetype of jewry is seen more overtly in the character of the jewish comedian. In this 
‘character’, the actor that is the jew becomes a simulacrum of himself acting as an actor playing different roles, 
a ‘master of puppets’, of different personae he adopts and satirizes or caricatures. 

In the figure of the jewish comedian we see that of a dissimulator simulating himself as well as others and as 
such transforming himself into a simulacrum of himself (an actor playing the role of an actor, reifying his masks 
which are hypostases of his being). 

The jews' monopoly of the comedy racket or 'Laugh, inc.' thereby posits him as an archetype of himself. Figures 
such as Jerry Seinfeld and Rodney Dangerfield are archetypical comedians and play the role of an archetypical 
comedian, being synonymous with 'comedy’, ‘Laugh, inc.'. The sinister dimension of their apparently benign 
‘act' lies in the way in which they influence the spectators (the docile bodies and minds of the 'goyim', their 
cattle) to adopt the behaviors and perspectives of the jews and to follow in their trek toward Zion, embracing 
the same magian morality as presented by jewry-and anti-white and ‘anti-traditional' (in the christian sense) 
value system. 

However a deeper layer of their duplicity lies in the reinforcement of a 'traditional' judaic lifestyle amongst their 
own and hence their 'behavioral modeling' amounts to a black magician's stage act with the voodoo dolls of the 
simulacra the comedian constructs (deconstructs with the barbs of his rapier wit) being embraced by the 
‘goyim' as 'themselves' and consequently by sympathetic magic, leading to the transposition of the simulacra 
(comedy sketch lampoon or stereotype) with the spectator (he who is implicitly and duplicitously lampooned) 
thereby visiting harm to the 'goyim' as an evil clown harming an innocent victim of his ‘spectacle’. 

Thus the 'good' within the system of magian morality, of the Semite is affirmed (traditional values; the jewish 
intellectual 'superior' and 'moral' superior) for jewry and the traditional values conducing to power and 
strength for the 'goyim' are trampled in the mire and bespattered by the turds of the turd-flinging monkey 

In terms of simulacra Jim Carrey is a perfect example of the fake or imitator of the Truth with his film "The 
Mask", transforming himself into a super-powerful figure through a simulacral mask, a mask which transvalues 
the personality of the 'normal' into a superlatively powerful figure and this behind the blind of a comedic 
sensational display masking the malevolence behind an apparent magnanimity and benevolence. 

Movies such as Stephen King's "It" which featured an amorphous menacing presence which at a certain point 
embodies itself in a clown serve as allegories of the jewish method of infiltration, a revelation of their motive 
and being. 

The character of the clown, a benign and to all appearances desirable presence in one's community yet 
underneath the makeup and mask a malevolent presence, is the jew revealing himself to the 'goyim’ in his 
media monopoly, as an evil clown mocking his victims and giving them the 'choice' to stop his madness -or 
suffer the consequences. 

The clown in the sewer in the movie "It" shows the subterranean nature of the evil clowns of Zion and their 
agenda which is to employ dialectical strategies of chaos to engineer their order and impose it upon the 
'goyim', using the revelation of the method as above to discharge their karma for their imposition of harm on 
the goy population, letting them know they could choose to oppose the evil clowns and to unmask them for 
who they are rather than simply consume their image and spectacle like a bottle of liquor inebriating their 
minds with the apparent ‘entertainment of the predictive programming . 

As inthe movie "Batman" by the jewish qabalist Tim Burton, the Joker takes Gotham under the guise of being a 
benevolent entertainer, a showman whose theatrics are designed not only to pacify the 'goyim' and to lull them 
to sleep, to inebriate their minds with sensational appearances but to mock them as a gesture of power, 
implying the goyim 'sleep' and 'They live’, in the sense of having a conscious awareness of what they are doing 
and why, of having a greater knowledge (in the occult sense of gnosis) Real 'knowledge' than those who see 
only surface appearances and can penetrate the veil of Maya, of illusion that jewry drapes over their vision. 

The evil clown character of 'the Joker' is portrayed in "Batman" is taking over Gotham (‘the world’, the 
mundane plane of the Demiurge) through the creation of simulacra which he hides behind. This is a virtual 
reality 'immanentization of the eschaton' in the words of Robert Anton Wilson author of "the Illuminatus" 
bringing about in Crowley's terms "the Aeon of Horace". Or perhaps this is simply an appearance itself and 
what is really portrayed as being brought about is the Messianic age with the jews as a tribal collective 
crowning themselves the Messiah and the Joker as "King of the Jews"? Though in the movie the Joker is 
defeated and destroyed and the Batman triumphs as a Dark side figure Messiah himself. Such a confusion of 
norms is a result of the influence of both Faustian and Magian morality upon the jewish consciousness. 

Tim Burton and the creator of "Batman" Bob Kane had the Joker represent the left-hand path 'Nazi' figure with 
his 'violence' and ‘imperialistic tendencies’. In the movie the Joker's demise occurs through his having fallen to 
his death from a high tower-an Icarian defeat with the Nazi Ubermensch of the left-hand path being defeated 
by the 'Superman'’ of jewish intellect and magian morality represented by Batman the unofficial affiliate of 
Gotham city (the law) who enforces the magian conception of 'morality', of the Will of his G-d the Demiurge. 

Though the joker is defeated in ‘the world’ his spirit lives on in another dimension and his Icarian mors 
triumphalis is simply the confirmation of his transcendental nature. His ‘criminality’, though deems such by 
jewish moralism, is simply a technology of left-hand path dialectics in breaking free of the matrix prison of Zion 
and his physical death is simply a necessary cost to destroy Gotham city, the "New Jerusalem". 

Though the evil clown motif propounded by jewry in their media is a revelation of their own method their 
presentation of the magian morality of 'good versus evil' is a necessary feature of any of their virtual-reality 
propaganda, a distorted understanding of a higher morality which was termed "Faustian" by Oswald Spengler in 
his book "The Decline of The West". 

The true and proper understanding of the figure 'the Joker’ is a proper understanding of Luciferianism-a 
doctrine and creed of imminent transcendence against time (the Demiurge) and a securing of one's place in 
Eternity through challenge and experience of hardship, a combat against the closed system of entropy that is 
‘the world', that is Gotham city and its Byzantine 'laws'. Hence in the end one can only conclude with Nietzsche 
that the path to the stars lies beyond good and evil. 

ri ) Pa <~YHVH, the Tgram 


The Lords' Work 
and the 
Lords of the Earth 

The Lords' Work and the Lords of the Earth 

The Zionist garbage who have, like all fecal matter, floated to the surface of society as the largest and 
hence most buoyant of detritus, believe (as they could never know) in their extreme arrogance, that 
they are carrying out 'the Lords' work’. 

Well thus far they are indeed correct, only they fail to understand (as failing to know) that the Lord 
they pay obeisance to and devote their sick and sadistic lives to is not a Lord of any divine nature nor 
indeed a Lord worthy of veneration. 

Rather the 'Lord' they worship is the Lord of hosts, hosts of what are called 'Angels' and which have 
been associated with all manner of good and virtue. However the goods don't match the description 
as the angels they reverence and the Lord of these Angels are in fact a coterie of malevolent and 
vampiric entities who wish to enslave and absorb the soul energy of the denizens of the earth. 

Zionists in their zealous devotion to these entities have mortgaged their soul to these creatures in 
doing the 'Lords' work' as. In their vain repetitions of Bible passages and calling upon the names of 
these entities which names they consider ‘divine’ the zionists have simply brought upon themselves 
curses as these entities are thereby enabled to bind to them and absorb their energy. 

Indeed this 'name-calling' of religious fervor is in fact an invocation of negative entities who bind 
themselves to the zealot and vampirize their soul energy as a means of perpetuating their own life. 
Over time and intensity of such practices of their 'religiosity' they become a captive slave of these 
creatures, zombies by definition incapable of any autonomy of will and thus trapped as a sacrifice in a 
magic square, simply fading away, their life force absorbed over time by these entities which possess 

Under the influence of these 'blessings' of the Lord the zionist christian (and indeed this applies to all 
christians but especially to zionists given the greater devotion to jewry encoded in the Scofield Bible) 
becomes what Tim Rifat called ‘human wetware' or a biological A.I, robotized drone which carries out 
the program of jewry for the latter's dominion mandate and witlessly adheres with slavish obedience 
to any and all suggestions or directives their jewish masters subtly implant into their consciousness, 
through the standard operating procedures of kabbalistic black magic: hypnosis; neuro-linguistic 
programming; telekinetic influence and the more deep-seated programming of the bio-computer 
mind with the various words and passages of the so-called ‘Scriptures’, in reality a book of jewish 

Such is the 'Lords' work' which perpetuates by such zealotry via conversion by sword or persuasion the 
vampirization of the soul by these entities of their naive and gullible captive pawns the christians. 
Indeed jewry looks upon christians as cattle with good reason for not only are they utilized as an 
energy source for themselves on a mundane level through the christians drawing water and hewing 
wood for the jews as their labour force but most importantly and which this labor ultimately serves as: 
they are a receptacle or battery of bio-energy. 

This bio-energy or 'loosh' which is absorbed by these entities with whom Jewry and the priestly caste 
have a quid pro quo relationship. The Judeo-priest caste of Jewry; masonry and the church priest caste 
create conditions on the Earth to generate hardship that causes the release of loosh from their servile 
slave caste in famine; poverty; revolution; crime and war as well as the inbuilt fear and low vibrational 
mental states that Abrahamic religion, especially christianity entails. 

Hence the slave matrix of Zion is established as a ‘loosh' farm as Jack Heart has called it, a soul farm on 
which the bio-energy of the slaves is harvested on a continual basis, feeding the vampires of Zion both 
in the form of the ‘angels’ and in that of their earthly emissaries the priest-caste with whom they are 
bound up. 

This has been the history of the world, that between the luciferian Aryan race and the dark forces. The 
Aryans seek to liberate the earth from the presence of these vampiric entities through bringing about 
the destruction of the slave matrix and the black magician cabal of Zion whose intent as stated is to 
farm the bio-energy of the 'goyim' for themselves and their masters. 

Indeed this is the 'Lords work' of these priestly caste servants of the dark forces who are truly 
'servants' of the Lord. Indeed the jews specifically are truly the 'children of the Lord’ as this Lord is the 
leader of the coterie of the dark forces of vampiric entities on the earth and they have either interbred 
with Neanderthals or genetically engineered their own blood with them creating the jews as a 
resultant hybrid type, by definition amounting to the ‘children’ of Elohim (plural), these touted 'gods' 
who are in reality malevolent entities. 

These entities are trans-dimensional which is to say they can shape shift between the third and fourth 
dimension, possibly taking on other forms in the material plane. They are probably by default a 
species of reptilian's who derived from Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation and were always at war 
with the Aryan race who had colonies on Sirius and Aldebaran. 

In terms of the history of a cosmic war as suggested in Blavatsky's "The Secret Doctrine" the Aryans 
had come to Mars possibly being pursued by these reptilian's and that Aryan colony on Mars was 
destroyed by these reptilian entities. The Aryans then traveled to a planet in our current solar system 
that was destroyed and prior to this to earth, some of the Aryans perishing on that destroyed planet, 
for which the moon became a substitute. 

The moon, an artificial structure that caused the pole shift, was used by these reptilian's in the 
formation of their matrix on earth, controlling the soul farm on earth from Saturn through the 
transmission of gravitational waves which reduce the vitality of the population. These gravitational 
waves cause aging and death, forcing souls to reincarnate if insufficiently high vibration and thus 
cycling in the wheel of Ixion to feed the entities who vampirize their loosh as their souls fade over 
each incarnation and as the Earth continues to lose its vitality which is absorbed by these ‘angelic 
hosts' of entities and the jews and their shabbos goy puppets on the earth even as the black magician 

priest caste has their own souls absorbed by these entities. The Abrahamic laity are not only the cattle 
they are the propagators of more cattle via conversion of non-Abrahamics and vivaparous breeding. 

However what is perhaps not known to them and perhaps also to their priestly caste masters is that 
the finite sources of energy on the earth in the form of mineral; vegetable; animal; and goyim are a 
depleting resource whose consumption outdoes its production creating a deficit of this 'wasting asset’ 
(wasting in terms of both quality and quantity). Hence the slave matrix is doomed to implode on itself 
under the detrimental stewardship of the Abrahamics (this applies to the atheistic materialists as well) 
and thus, unless jewry can managed to conquer more planets for the host of Angels to feed off they 
will have failed in their mission to perpetuate themselves via the cycles of incarnation. The process of 
reincarnation leads downwards toward entropy and death through the violence of these dark forces 
rapacious vampirism, having to derive the life force in the form of loosh through more vital sources 
than their own possessed and hybrid selves, having no Divine Spark or Graal particle, not deriving 
from higher planes as the Aryans but from the earth as a golem of these reptilian entities. 

At this point in the cycles of time or Yugas, in the Manvantara or breath of Brahma as it is called in the 
vedic tradition (the oldest extent remnants still in some degree of completion at this time) the Kali 
Yuga is in its nadir or end phase as a cosmological conception distorted in christianity as 'the end 
times’, distorting temporal cyclicity by rendering it linear. 

Rather than a cyclical or heliacal process of rounds it has been deliberately distorted by the black 
magicians as a process of Genesis to Apocalypse, replete with the fear and trembling over one's fate 
itself represented as based and contingent upon adherence to 'the laws of God' (or of the angels, 
leaders of the dark forces): either one bows down obsequiously to these entities and their priestly 
caste representatives else one suffers a fate of eternal torment, a perverse and sadistic psycho- 
spiritual mind program instilled in the consciousness of the Aryans for the entirety of the Piscean age. 

The reality of course is otherwise as adhering to 'laws' whose Saturnian restriction constitutes a 
legalistic recipe for the atrophy of the soul would simply lead to one's eventual extinction as a 
composite entity and thus one would 'go to God' in the sense of his soul dissipating into the Aether 
and being served up as soul food to these Dark Forces. 

In the case of the Vedic conception it is to the internal planes one goes post-mortem and in this one 
can see parallels with the Eddic ('Vedic') cosmology of Asgard and Ragnarok being the Nordico-Aryan 
equivalent of the Kali Yuga. The Demiurge is the Fenrir wolf who, in the Wolf age of the Kali Yuga, 
consumes the world in its material form, created by himself as an explicate order of plagiary 
superimposed upon the implicate order of Eternity. Eternity is a term designating the spiritual, original 
planes of Being, which preceded the Big Bang explosion of the Demiurge or 'creator' of the 
materialized universe. 

This Cosmogenesis is spoken of in Miguel Serrano's works, most explicitly in "Manu: For the Man To 
Come" the last of the quaternary of esoteric Hitlerism. In this perennial cosmic battle which has 
played itself out throughout the star systems the Aryans have been perpetually opposed to jewry and 
have embodied the principle of order over and against that of chaos of which jewry is its material 
form on the earth. 

We have been led to this point in the Kali Yuga largely through the psyops of jewish intrigue, of their 
diabolical black magic which they have employed to enslave and to exploit the Aryan race and their 
goyim cattle as sword and shield of imperialism over the earth. It is specifically the christian program 
with its pathos and emotionalism that has played upon the mind of the Aryan and has disconnected 
them to the extent this christian program has taken root in their mind from the higher planes and has 
enabled jewry to hitch their cart to the christian as their parasitical master who utilizes his hypnotic 
techniques of black magic to play upon their mind. 

The jews are doing their Lords' work, that of strengthening to the extent they are able the slave matrix 
of their Zion utopia through the dialectical process of ordo ab chao and "dividing and conquering the 
nations" which has always been their tactic. This 'serpent wisdom’ derived from their reptilian masters 
through the hazy memory of their anti-blood, that mixture of cacophony derived from extraterrestrial 
origins, is used to oppose the true wisdom of the philosophia Perennis of the Aryan and his mission on 
the earth for the liberation of Sophia from the Demiurge and the dark hordes which have enslaved 

The slave program of christianism, has had its deleterious influence over the entirety of the Piscean 
age and has begun to lose its hold on the consciousness of the Aryan race, being replaced to varying 
degrees by other slave programs of various christian sects and new age variant. All of these slave 
programs tie into the thought forms of jewish invention, that of a jewish messianic figure and the 
jewish people as a special and set apart collective who are predestined for global dominion (christian 
identity notwithstanding, as the substitute of whites in place of jews is at best a functional mechanism 
of disempowering jews within this theology of Aryanism). 

Now that ‘fissures’ in the wall of the 'Petrus' of christianity have manifested its foundation is on the 
verge of cracking and the jews are desperately attempting to repair it with the masonry of new-ageism 
and other forms of magian moralistically based, ideology through which they seek to perpetuate their 
slave plantation. 

The egregores or thought forms bound up with these ideologies are designed to create a mental bind 
upon the goyim or intended goyim cattle of jewry as means of achieving the following: 

The castration psychically and physically of the 'goyim' so that they can be rendered docile bodies 
reduced to witless and powerless obedience before 'the Lord’, that is to say before jewry and their 
invisible masters. 

The sum total of genocidal techniques deployed by jewry and their self interested and mind controlled 
minions (freemasons; christians; liberals, etc.) are designed to decimate the white population and to 
supplant them with the mongrelized slave caste of the 'eurasian negro' over whom jewry intends to 
have arbitrary sway doing their 'Lord's work’. 

However, given the opposition to jewish tyranny embodied in the white race, the history of the world 
has been one of constant struggle and the endeavor on the part of jewry for the enslavement of the 
earth has been circumvented and opposed by the Aryan race. His ancient empires in the now Indian 
subcontinent; the Gobi desert; Egypt and the current Americas-indeed over the entire span of the 
earth from Atlantis and beyond have been destroyed. This was a result of both jewish infiltration and 
sabotage and of the naturally jovial nature of whites, attempting to overextend the boundaries of 
their empire and mixing with their slaves, typically those of diverse species from their own, leading 
themselves toward a degenerated stock of dysfunctional and inadequate hybrids who have lost the 
blood memory or Graal of their Hyperborean origins and thus had become what they are, a degraded 

This and the foreign invasion of asiatic hordes and other groups in different regions of the earth have 
decimated the empires and civilizations of the Aryan and have led them to the point where they have 
now been cornered in their ancestral homeland and must fight for their lives against the anti-white 
fanatics foremost amongst whom remain the christians who have ever been the enemy of whites in so 
far as they have been authentic in their christianity, always servile to Jewry and under their black 
magic influences. 

The golden cord of Aryanity which Miguel Serrano labeled ‘esoteric Hitlerism' runs throughout the 
history of this perennial struggle between the forces of light, Luciferian Aryan, and the forces of 
darkness, the bearers of the false light of Yahweh-Jehovah, the demiurge and his legions of 'angelic 
hosts’. In Catharism to a degree and in some forms of Gnosticism especially that of Marcion; in Duns 
Scotus; Meister Eckhart; Luther and other figures during the dark age of Pisces, the light of the Aryan 
shown through and managed to keep up the fight against the Saturnization of the world which the 
dark forces intended, a world of ignorance; superstition and fear with slavish subordination to the 
priest caste of judeo-christianity. These figures and others operating under the mantle of christian 
piety managed to preserve the tradition of the Aryan race and avoid the stake at the hands of the 
fanatics of Jehovah. 

The Tradition exists still though operating as usual behind the scenes and during the course of the 
early twentieth century came out of the shadows of dark age ignorance and into the light once again. 
The opposition of another jewish program, communism, created a fissure in the wall of the religion of 
Roman catholicism and protestantism and enabled a re-presentation, a self-assertion of the folkish 
spirit of Aryan mankind. 

Through this fissure came the light of the regime of the Italian fascists who set a precedent at the very 
heart of Rome (ROMA becoming AMOR-the magic love of the hermetic alchemical transmutation of 
Man into Superman via Tantric Maithuna-if only as an idea, one emanating from the Solar-Uranian 
tradition of Hyperborea) with Mussolini and his affiliates threatening the hegemony of Rome. 

However they did not physically overcome it but only overcame it in the higher planes as an Idea, thus 
subjugating its influence in this supplantation of the dark age superstition of ROMA with the perennial 
philosophy of Hermes. Rome was allowed to continue to totter on its crooked legs for yet another vain 
hour as the Aeon of Pisces made way for that of Aquarius and the inevitable defeat of jewry and the 
ascent of Aryan mankind. 

During and indeed before the ascension of the political foundation in Italy with all of its fallible 
representatives, in Germany there was a reawakening of the Germanic weltgeist via Hegel; 
Shopenhauer and eventually Wagner. Subsequently there was the ascension of Jorg lans von 
Liebenfels' New Templar Order and Guido von List in the intermediate area of Austria. 

These sparks kindled the flame of Lucifer to burn yet brighter in the dark night which had overlaid the 
once refulgent glow of the Aryan homeland. Between Rome and the former Atlantis a man was born 
who was destined to be the embodiment of the figure of Wotan, the avatar of Vishnu as one sage of 
India had termed him. Indeed in the ancient Aryan homeland of India shrines to the Fuehrer or leader 
of the Aryan folk were commonplace in the homes of Indians whose faded blood memory yet held the 
latent glow of their Aryan origins in ancient Vedic India. 

Hitler and the entire German people in the very heart of Europe, the last bastion of the white race, 
arose to defend the Aryan folk and indeed the whole of all sentient life on earth and Sophia herself. He 
was the avatar selected by Vishnu according to the language of the Indian sage to lead his people to 
victory. Victory was attained not in the material plane just as in the case of Fascist Italy. It was a victory 
in a higher planes and on this basis established the conditions for the eventual defeat of the demiurge 
and his hoards of slaves both on the earth and beyond. 

It was these same christians in Germany who caused the defeat of Hitler on the material plane. It was 
these same christians who enabled his victory on the spiritual planes and, in carrying out their ‘Lords 
work' sabotaging Hitler they simply sabotaged themselves, destroying themselves in the conflagration 
and indeed, as is the fate of all christians, weakening their soul through their attachment to the 
entities called 'angels' and buying themselves a one-way ticket to the lake of fire owing to their karmic 
violation of themselves, their own Racial Soul of which they were a part, a cancerous part that 
metastasized and destroyed itself through its own malignant growth. 

The christians as Savitri Devi spoke of in her work "Gold In the Furnace" had sabotaged themselves 
karmically and would reap a whirlwind once the chaos begun through the opponents they had created 
globally under the influence of jewry and their mind program of christianity which had on the natural 
plane granted the pyrrhic victory to the international jew and his masonic and christian affiliates. 

Now that karmic backlash is manifesting itself in the reaction against England and America, it's overt 
and covert colonialist expansion of its malignant christian and liberal humanist ideology having 
corombed back against itself in the form of mass non-white immigration, creating a powder keg of 
race war simply waiting for the spark of the troublesome jew to detonate and bring about the end of 
anglo-american imperialism. 

Though this imperialism was of jewish inspiration it was nonetheless only enabled in physical 
manifestation through the instrumentality of the anglo and american type whose largely christian and 
liberal internationalist thinking brought about the current globalist regime which jewry set up simply 
to knock down once they were done using the anglo-american golem to usurp power from others 
through economic and military installations globally. 

Thus Hitler martyred himself and indeed the German people as a whole for the sake of establishing a 
victory in the higher planes which will inevitably manifest in concrete reality on the mundane owing to 
the processes of karma. Hitler fought against the ideas of jewry and their minions, those which violate 
the principles of fundamental justice, that of hierarchy and spiritual authority; of the stronger force 
overcoming the weaker, the ancient Aryan conception of difference best embodied in the caste system 
of Aryan India and in the Latin phrase of the ancient Romans: "Suum Quique"-(to each their own). This 
had its echo in that of the Greeks 'gnothe seuton’ or "know thyself", meaning to understand one's 
place within the hierarchical order of existence and to live according to one's own proper nature. 

This the National Socialist weltanschauung encapsulated with the principal 'own folk first' and the 
principle of authority vested in a leader who is the vanguard of his folk and foremost material 
manifestation of its Culture Organism. 

Hitler thus was possessed by Wotan and by Vishnu, at that particular point in history the leader of 
Aryan mankind who sacrificed himself just as had Wotan for a wise purpose, in the case of Hitler that 
being the survival of the Aryan race and the defeat of its enemies through exposing the enemy, 
revealing to the world the cause of world unrest and much of its diabolism. 

Hitler said it best when he revealed the truth that "Judaism is a satanic power". Through his agency 
the world now understands the problem and the solution thereto can be easily read between the lines 
owing to the subsequent developments of jewish corruption globally from the creation of the state of 
Israel to the United Nations and the rapine of the earth and all sentient life thereon 

Jewry, though still stooped over their intended prize of the captive Sophia, the earth, have brought 
about conditions where they have only a few moves in the global chess game remaining before they 
receive their karmic reward. The question simply remains whether the Aryan race can manage to 
overcome the jew and their dark Lord and his legions of 'Angels'. This question can be easily answered 
in the affirmative and for the following reasons: 

Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists are still here with us in Spirit and many have relocated to the 
earth and many others have never left. They had escaped Germany in the Hanebu vimanas through 
the implosively generated technology of ancient Aryan Spiritual science with its contemporary 
representatives of Nikola Tesla; Victor Schauberger and Edward Leedskalnin amongst others. This is 
discussed in Miguel Serrano's "Hitler's UFOs Against the New World Order" and Ernst Zundel's "UFOs: 
Nazi Secret Weapon" as well as the novelist Wilhelm Landig in his works. 

They have consolidated their forces and have achieved a global network clandestinely and within both 
the implicate and explicate orders of our reality communing with Aryan Divyas on Sirius and 
Aldebaran, on Venus and Mars and are now poised at this time of our darkest hour to ensure the 
neutralization of the pestilential miasma from the East, the jew. 

However the Aryan race currently upon this earth and in various areas thereof must play their role to 
merit their place in the New Order of the Golden age. This is the stage that is upon us now as the cycle 
of Kronos ticks down to doomsday in the Ragnarok. It is the RaHoWa (racial holy war) the war of all 
against all, the war of the children of light against the children of darkness. 

The Aryan and their noble allies against the accursed pest and his slave minions the judeo- christians; 
freemasons; mammonists; and hordes of mongrel madmen and communist proletarians whipped up 
into a frenzy by their devious masters to exterminate what the jews deem to be the only remaining 
threat to their power. 

It is thus a moral imperative and obligation on the part of the Aryan race to resurrect themselves from 
the depths of depravity and self-indulgent hedonism and play their proper role in the world and 
ensure to the extent of their ability the survival, expansion and advancement of the white race that it 
may attain mastery over the earth and establish a harmonious world in accordance with the principles 
of fundamental justice namely: a person and race are only equal to Itself and should not be violated in 
its nature unless that race or person violates others creating overall greater inharmony then less. The 
balance of karma played out through the drama of history requires rectification and this may be 
attained only through combat and force so that the equilibrium of the powers of the earth may be 

This equilibrium entails an affirmation of inequality and no ideological distortion of this fundamental 
reality may change the structure of reality-that all are unequal and to equalize that which is unequal is 
to subvert the identity of all. The Christian program of mind control slavery has nearly exhausted itself 
to all of its karmic praxis of violence (the violation of Truth and Justice through attempting the 
impossible equalization of the unequal) and thus must be transmuted for good into an Aryan Solar- 
Phallic weltanschauung devoid of any Semitic elements, a re-presentation yet upgraded and revealed 
to all, of the ancient vedic wisdom of the Aryan established and enforced through his Will to Power in 
accordance with the Divine Will and the Fuhrerprinzip, the principle of differentiation of rank based 
upon merit and upon the essential nature of individuals and races, with all receiving their just deserts 
according to their merit and in service of themselves and others, their race and the Aryan in particular. 

Christianity is in its death throes and hence must lash out with violence as the most dangerous head 
of the beast of the semitic hive mind, the Gorgon of Abrahamic religion. The dark forces are panicking 
and in the final phase of their life cycle, recognizing the threat to their being both for their earthly 
instruments (jewry and the shabbos goy establishment) and for themselves. 

To sever the ties of these dark forces to the earth via jewry entails that jewry receive their karma and 
be subjugated in their power. With the subjugation of jewry the Earth will have become spiritualized 
and this in conjunction with the emanations of the light from the liberated Deity Saturn who will have 
been freed from his bonds of ice that he has been encircled in by the dark forces. 

This will be the new Golden age in which Aryan mankind, the children of the Divyas, the gods of 
Hyperborea, has dominion over the earth and maintains a just and orderly world wherein all will be 
able to develop into gods over the incarnations, their souls traveling to their proper destination 
according to the laws of attraction and fulfilling their proper destiny. 

Now we face the combat against the dark forces and must alert all Aryans and the noble of other kinds 
about who the enemy of all is and that there is no compromise with them, only the hard 'either-or'. 





The Immortals: Ancient and Modern 

In ancient times during the Satya Yuga the ancestors of the white race were immortal, they were pure 
white with a bluish tinge to their skin, a sign of their blue-blood. They were adepts able to utilize their 
spiritual powers to levitate and to move via telekinesis huge blocks of stone in the construction of 
temples and cities which they designed in their instruction and elevation of the pashu beastman from 
his lower state of being. 

This was the world situation prior to the arrival of the reptilian species of extra-terrestrials who many 
have claimed derive from Draco in the Orion constellation. These latter sabotaged through a great 
cataclysm on planets in the solar system, on Mars and on Venus, the Aryan empires, and then 
occupied planet Saturn, their home base of operations; for the enslavement and vampirization of the 
souls of the denizens of Gaia. 

These creatures either interbred with or via genetic engineering with Neanderthals created a hybrid 
stock of themselves to carry out their task of enslaving the planet for themselves, transforming it into 
a soul farm they have since this time used to absorb, to vampirize, the soul energy of their slaves. 

The Divyas were here first and the reptilian invasion was a reaction to the deliberate sabotage of the 
slave farm of the reptilian's who had previously occupied the earth, ruling over the Neanderthals and 
harvesting their soul energy as they initiated violence through war and aggression amongst different 
factions and groups from ancient Lemurian in the South Pacific to other regions of the earth. 

The Divyas came to crash the party from Venus, those spoken of as 'Vanir' in the Edda. When the 
reptilian's returned the war on earth began as it had in Heaven with the devastation of Aryan societies 
under the influence of the vile creatures who desperately sought the enslavement of the earth as the 
conditio sine qua non of their own perpetuation, being as they were vampires. 

The Divyas, the Vanir, lost their immortality as a voluntary choice to enter into the earth and give 
combat against the slavers of the earth. Their descendants, the Aryans or Aesir, who had devolved as 
mixed stock, mixed in with the pashu, had for the entirety of history up to the present moment 
involved themselves in combat against the emissaries of the reptilians those who have come to be 
identified with 'jews' today and, according to dual-seed line christian identity are the seed-line of Cain, 
the 'wicked one’. 

The children of the gods, of the Divays, the Vanir, thus face-off against the children of the 'wicked one’, 
the reptilian aliens who have often been associated with Satan and the devil in christian terms. All are 
involved in the combat which is upon us now and the Ragnarok, the final battle on this earth for 
supremacy is in process and it will either be an Aryan victory or the total devastation of the earth, its 
material destruction and with it all organic sentient life thereon. Valhalla awaits the heroes who face 
the combat and depart on the battlefield rather than in cowardly resignation and apathy concede the 
pyrrhic victory to the enemy as a means of slaking their thirst of desire for yet another vain hour. 

Regardless, there is no longer any immortality in a material form at this time for the ancestors of the 
Divyas. Their path to Heaven, the starry home of their ancestors, lies in combat, in victory either on 
the Earth or off. Perhaps they will resurrect on the Earth in another life after the dust settles, who can 

Regardless what can be understood is that the reptilian spawn of 'Satan' (‘the adversary')have no 
immortality beyond this world, their destiny being of a 'worldly' nature, having no ontological validity 
but being merely a hybrid creature who is generated on the earth by their reptilian masters. 

Hence not coming from above they do not 'go above’. Their fate and destiny is simply a recycling 
through the cycles of incarnation on this earth. Hence their intention is to employ technological, 
purely material means to ensure that their atrophying souls can perpetuate themselves on the earth 
and attain a perverse hubristic pseudo-immortality, a prolongation of their life of material density; an 
attempt to embody their souls in imperishable or nearly imperishable matter as a means of prolonging 
it while they attempt to enhance themselves through these same means and to absorb the energy of 
their slaves they would entrap on the earth, a crude mass of witless mongrels who can be incubated 
to serve them as food for their vampire feast. 

The merger of 'man' and machine, the souls and more perishable flesh suits of the anatomical body, 
the synchronicity of organic being and inorganic matter is the goal and is what jewry deems the key to 
attain a simulacral immortality which is an illusion as a world of perishable matter is the only world 
they have and, given its perishability at the level of lowest density, the level of the Demiurge, they will 
necessarily cease to be able to continue postmortem dwelling as the Aryans in the higher planes and 
dimensions of being, the Greenland or Heaven (Eternity). 

Hence the attempt to attain a singularity between man and machine for either themselves or for the 
Aryans is an impossible feat as Matter and Spirit will never merge into a singularity as this simply 
denies the existence of either, and both are ontologically distinct. 

The goal is to unify Spirit and Matter in an organic form- that of an 'immortal'-and this through purely 
technical-technological means. To merge the soul with matter of whatever subtle state (plasma?) is 
thus absurd as this merger would be the negation of the organism of the soul through its becoming 
trapped in matter and becoming- to the extent this is possible, subject to the degeneration and 
corruption of the perishable world. 

Contrast this with the immortalization of the soul through organic spiritual practice which unifies all of 
the ontologically valid and relevant (essential) aspects of one's being in one organism, rendering it 
pure and integrated as a diamond body able to be self sustainable as an ‘entelechy' in Aristotle's terms 
or a ‘self-propelling wheel’ as Nietzsche spoke of it. 

This is the diamond body of Immortal Vajra that is the project of the luciferian, the Esoteric Hitlerist, 
forming a complete, fully integrated soul of Immortality to ensure throughout the chaos to calm, that 
of the Ragnarok. In the end the victory will lie with the Aryan race then elevated to a higher octave of 
Being, become again Divya, one of the Vanir, and Immortal. 

For those who are capable and willing to fight within this 'Mortal Kombat' of the world for the 
preservation of the higher spiritual state of Being and against the Demiurge and his legions of 
vampires and their representatives on the earth they alone have a chance to secure the world for the 
Aryan race and, failing this, a place in Valhalla. 

Immortality is thus attainable only by the immortals and never by those who belong to 'the world’. 
The question remains: what of the traitors? They who have ‘sold their soul to the devil’? Who have 
involved themselves in a diabolical pact with evil on the earth: every Judeo-Christian at a higher level 
who participates in mainstream churchianity with its government approved tax-exempt status; 
everyone a priest of the order of Melchizedek; every Freemason outside of churchianity as well and 
every other lower-level minion was has 'sold their soul to the devil' through the diabolical pact of the 
‘counter-initiation' of jewish black magic-even though they have done so in a more proximal manner, 
Byron arm's-length decision to facilitate the despotism of the black magicians of Zion. "Dead in the 
jews' money" is Charles Manson said. 

They who have sold their soul for power (occult or mundane); prestige and profit have signed in blood 
a contract for its forfeiture and exchanged the possibility of immortality for the perishable things of 
this world: the gleam of gold; the scent of money; the thrill of cocaine; alcohol and sensationalistic 
experience that 'only money can buy’. 

Those of affiliation with the diabolism of masonry- immortality is not for such, indeed certain 
extinction through the second death is the outcome for them and all delusive hopes for a prolongation 
of their mundane and 'hue-man' (in the black magic sense) lives through a trans-humanist self- 
transmutation, through cybernetization of their body and soul with organic machines is simply a false 
promise, a poisoned apple offered by the 'devil',the jew. 

This is entrapment in the most literal sense, with the soul becoming ‘earthbound', trapped within and 
by the nano-machinery of 'weird science’ not the wyrd scientia ('‘wisdom' in Latin) of the Hyperborean 
gnosis. One who undergoes such a process simply forsakes his soul and allows himself to suffer its 
gradual usurpation by the self assembling nano-bots; the graphene oxide; the black goo of them 
metallicized Mycoplasma via injection and respiration- all merging with the host as a cybernetic 
symbiont who becomes over time a machine and whose soul thereby becomes vampirized over time 
leading to his extinction (and not necessarily over a long time to perhaps within a very short time). 

Perhaps he, the cybernetic symbiont, is held captive as an earthbound soul and fed upon by the 
entities with whom jewry are bound and then, like the fruit of an orange consumed from its skin has 
the peal cast into the waste heap, a mere vehicle or material prison of a no longer existent soul. 

Hence, like the movie "The Matrix" one will have- voluntarily by way of coercion-allowed himself to 
become imprisoned within the bubble of technologized matter, becoming this, and thus bring about 

his extinction. 

The only path out of this state of being, this technologized fate of dead souls, is to involve oneself in 
the combat and to destroy the maniacs who would make of one Frankenstein's monster. To destroy 
the laboratory of the Demiurge, Dr. Frankenstein, and He Himself. Should he fail in the attempt there is 
at least a place for him in Valhalla. Should he fail to attempt there is no place for him in this life or the 
next as he will have ceased to exist, not merging with the machine but being consumed by it and the 

vampires of Zion. 

Wrille : 

White Weakness, Aryan Power 

The problems of today's world can be traced directly to the problems inherent in the white mind. All 
other problems are simply enabled thereby and this owing to the historically superlative power and 
capacity of whites who have employed this capacity in such a way as to bring about the current 
conditions by act or omission. 

Throughout the history of the world, the devastation of Empire and the ruination of all higher culture 
established in its origin by the Aryan race, nearly all can be traced to what the writer will herein label 
‘white weakness’ or 'white fallibility’, the susceptibility of the white mind to reduce all higher aims and 
purposes to inferior levels of existence and thus to drag down the projects; enterprises and actions of 
the white race to a state of decay, of unsustainability and degeneration. 

The writer designates by the term 'white' the conventional constellation of ideas associated with this 
term, what the average 'man in the street' would associate with it and with what it has been 
historically associated with namely Caucasian; European, ‘white’ people. 

He differentiates this term from that of the 'Aryan' and the ‘Aryan race’ by which latter he means the 
white race elevated to a higher octave of Spiritual Being, a spiritually superior type that exists within 
and can only exist within the biological substrata of white, European people. 

The fallibility of the white mind is not possible in that of the Aryan and this by virtue of his superior 
spiritual state, understanding life at a higher level of existence beyond both the animal mind of the 
pashu beast-man and the rational mind of the worldly functionary. Both beast-men (the emotional 
man) and the 'man of reason' have their consciousness rooted in the lower planes of being yet within 
the 'human-all-too-human' reality of phenomenal causality, in the 'spatio-temporal consciousness’ if 
such it may be called, completely lacking in any transcendent state of Being. 

The following purports to constitute a synopsis of factors that are related to the mind of white 
fallibility (which is inherently fallible, the term 'white' being fallible by definition). There may be 
countless others which apply but these are the few which have occurred to the writer as of the time of 
this writing: gullibility; emotional reactivity; petty self-interest; pathological altruism; historical 
amnesia; excessive lenience; hedonism/decadence; hubris; hyper-individualism/solipsism; Saturnian 

Gullibility is a significant factor of white people. By virtue of their Hyperborean origins they have a 
consciousness which may be spoken of as not 'of this world' but rather having Divine origins. 
Accordingly they are not as 'savvy' (or perhaps 'cunning' would be the proper word) as the beast-men 
who are developed in accordance with 'the world’ in their having not been genetically engineered or 
interbred with whatever reptilian entities who created the jews or who are simply a miscegenated 
product of interbreeding and this to varying degrees within the white population. 

Hence the non-white beast-man has an animal cunning (perhaps 'anthropoidal' would be the proper 
term) and on this basis is of a 'worldly' nature, restricted in his consciousness to the phenomenal 
world and seeking the satisfaction of his base drives. Whereas the white population, deriving from 
what might be called 'Heaven' (the higher planes from the Divyas as spoken of in the Bhagavad-Gita), 
are detached from 'the world' and on this basis lack the animal 'cunning' of the beast-man and thus 
are not overly focused (assuming they could ever be) on the beast-man's deceptions and 

By virtue of the gullibility of the white race the devious Jew has exploited the fallible white mind and 
introduce all manner of 'spookism' into his consciousness in the words of Ben Klassen. The various 
mind manipulative Ideas of the Jew are inserted as so many viruses into the consciousness of the 
white by jewry and this as divisive means of dividing and conquering people against one another. 

The receptivity to these Ideas and ideologies on the part of whites is a result of their higher 
consciousness which, existing in worldly conditions and becoming immersed in them (thinking in 
purely rational or 'human-all-too-human' terms) may become tangled up in the ‘letter of the law' and 
not the spirit and hence are led astray from Truth, winding up amidst the weeds along the byways 
which deviate from it's straight and narrow path. 

The ideologies are formulated by jewry to contain Truths which are agreeable to their targeted 
demographic (eg. women; men; young; old; or of whatever particular quality or type) and which 
contain all manner of other details in the fine print which are not in any way beneficial for white 

The white mind becomes immersed in the details of these ideologies or various ideas which seem 
consistent with the initial 'truths' or which, prima facie on their surface appearance, appear True but 
are in reality simulacra (imitations of the truth, mere facsimiles and counterfeits substituted for the 
original or actual Truth). 

The receptivity of the white mind to such Ideas is a result of a failure in its faculty of transcendence 
which had become weaker through miscegenation subsequent to 'the fall of man’, from the spiritual 
planes and the Divyas. Those susceptible to gullibility (which is a universal amongst whites) gravitate 
toward these ideologies as curiosities and dainties which they partake of as so many 'sweet-meats', 
eagerly gobbling up these intellectual and aesthetic dainties as a starveling at a feast gobbles victuals. 

The inevitable repercussions of such mental gluttony is a bellyache and diabetes of the mind- the high 
of sugar sweet curiosities and conceptual novelty leading to a subsequent low of intellectual 
deprivation once the novelty has been assimilated and the questing after more being the inevitable 
result of the insatiable desire consciousness. Not having a willingness to persevere in less amusing and 
curious investigation into verifying or disproving the ideology or Idea initially partaken of out of a 
superficial curiosity, or over eagerness to partake in novel experiences. 

The ideologies jewry serves up as their sweetmeat fare are specifically tailored to render the mind 
always simultaneously bloated with these crazy ideas on the one hand and deprived of any very sound 
nourishment on the other. Here the jew is like the witch in Hansel and Gretel, stuffing Hansel so full of 
sweets to fatten him up for the slaughter and to induce an intellectual high (of mental masturbation) 
so that he will come to appreciate his life of slavery in the cage of the illusion matrix of jewry until he, 
the jew, decides it is time he was slaughtered. 

It is the mundane's inability to transcend his base-born condition of worldly care and desire, his 
inability to overcome his decision- born of curiosity and a desire to attain or be something other than 
he is- to partake of such poisoned apples of ideology, that brings about his first down-going. 

Hence it is a Saturnian consciousness of the mundane which renders them susceptible to seeking that 
which is other to himself, his tendency toward desire consciousness which chains him to the earth as 
an earthbound soul questing after purely worldly delights and pleasures (be they pleasures of the 
mind or of the flesh). Hence, for the 'mundane' properly so-called he has placed matter over Spirit and 
allowed himself or perhaps had insufficient capacity to resist- the gravity of his telluric consciousness. 

Gullibility is a function for the white mundane owing to his attachment to Spirit to a degree and 
paradoxically his detachment from Spirit: in the first case he has an ineptitude in his engagement with 
‘the world'-his Divine origins lead him away from being an adept or 'worldly wise’ and cunning figure 
like the jew and the beast man non-white. 

In the second case, that of his detachment from Spirit and immersion within the mire of 'worldliness' 
(becoming a 'mundane' by definition) he has insufficient self-control to elevate himself from the mire 
like Baron von Munchausen, extricating himself from the earthbound condition through his own 
willpower. He pursues curiosities, attempts to engage them and ‘falls from grace' owing to his 
incapacity to 'tow the line’ of the worldly. Gullibility thus is the Achilles' heel of the white man. 

The ideological sweet-meats fired up by the jew for the white man serve the function of leading him 
astray and away from his Spiritual height, poisoning his system simultaneously and, over time, 
dragging him down to the depths of beast-consciousness through triggering his desire nature or 
rendering him comatose through pseudo-spiritual offerings, theological and intellectual Gordian knots 
which serve to distract him from his enslavement and intended genocide. 

The outcome of the gullible white man partaking of the jewish poisoned apples is observable in the 
religious fanatics of the nunneries and dark age with their self-abasement and self-flagellation. The 
new age nostrums of pseudo-spiritual inebriation jewry traffics in and the hippie pacifists who partake 
of them are another example with their self and Other abusive passive aggression and self-extinction 
of any and all forms of strength and power which latter were at least preserved in christianism. 

Both New Age ideology and Piscean dark age christianism (that especially bound up with the religious 
institution of Rome) are templates or mind programs which condition the consciousness to traverse 
paths of extinction amounting to death cults that terminate the life force of their adherents over time 
and transform them into the walking dead or 'Z.I.0.N.S' (' zombie installations operating negatively’) to 
use a term of Tim Rifat. 

These religions, especially those of Abrahamic ideology, create a crystallized consciousness rendering 
the adherent a Z.1.0.N-neurotic; inhibited and probably possessed by the ‘angelic entities' which are 
invoked through the religious conditioning process (the quotation of Bible passages; the re-citation of 
various mantras related to a pacifistic peace-nik-ism). 

This package of ideologies installed in the mind of the Z.1.0.N as an egregoric software which amplifies 
a natural or essential tendency of the white population toward more of its weak points, viz.: 
emotional reactivity; pathological altruism; excessive lenience; and hubris. 

Both ideological spheres (new-age-ism and christianism) overlap to a great degree like a Venn 
diagram, each sharing in many similar properties and serving largely the same purpose of jewry, that 
being the enervation; enslavement and gradual replacement of whites under their hegemony, the 
gradualistically orchestrated merger with the host of the parasite in a process of symbiosis. 

With respect to 'emotional reactivity’ both ideologies function to amplify the natural tendency of the 
mundane who, and this even in the case of whites and antagonism to their God-mind and the essence 
of the Graal, to emotional reactivity, to react to stimuli, to dwell within the lower states of 
consciousness in the purely emotional level of existence or at least to an excessive degree. 

Hence a lack of self-control through detachment from Spiritual reality, from the higher planes of 
existence, is the result; a lack of ability to think clearly and distinctly (rationally) and the lack of an 
ability to obtain or maintain super consciousness, the faculty of supra-rational intuition or 'intellection' 
as it was spoken of by the medieval scholastics. Emotion superseding reason or higher understanding 
leads downward to the transient world of spatio-temporal contingency and renders one susceptible to 
the mutability of emotionalism. 

The propensity on the part of the white mundane to react emotionally to circumstantial changes is a 
function of his detachment from the Spiritual planes; of his attachment to desire and the confusion 
induced by the emotionally-based nature of the Jewish ideologies. 

These ideologies are not necessarily designed in all cases with malice aforethought by jews but are in 
many cases (especially in that of christianism itself as the foremost mind virus of the white mind) a 
symptom of the jewish consciousness embodying itself in a theological form- much emotional pathos 
of the 'Magian soul’ as Spengler called it; devotional ecstasy before the Demiurge ('G-d') and all 
manner of theatrical fables born of the visionary mind of the Semite. 

The consequence of such an ideology (re-presented in new age-ism) is a mind of a chaotic nature, one 
which has been subjected to the conditioning of what might be called 'Semitism' the pathos and 
hysteria of the jewish type. 

In tandem with this state of emotional reactivity is the exploitation of the altruistic 'Other-regard' of 
whites through these ideological vectors which function to transfer white 'Other-regard' toward all 
who constitute the 'ferment of decomposition’ of the higher culture created through white ingenuity: 
the crippled; weak and comparatively valueless members of ‘society’ and this under the influence of 
the pathological altruism jewish ideology generates. 

Hence the 'good' intentions of whites under the influence of this mental inebriation has bad 
consequences more often than not: enabling the propagation seemingly without limit of the 'many- 
too-many' and the nourishing and sustaining of the untermenschen at the expense of whites as a ‘sick 
animal’ in Nietzsche's words allowing white blood to be drained into the veins of those already too far 
gone for redemption. 

Hence consequentially, the suicide creeds invented by jewry serve to weaken and destroy the white 
society, through their mental inebriation and slow poisoning causing the whites to behave in 
imprudent ways supporting dysgenic practices at their own expense. 

The hubris of such as christians with their desire to 'play God' or to ‘fight the devil’ (a pervasive and 
amorphous entity who is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere) and 'save' all souls' through their 
agency is another of the most significant Achilles heels' of the white race. Hence they take upon 
themselves the role of Savior and ‘imitate Christ' according to the judeo-christian template of 

The white christian places upon themselves the Halo or aureole of sanctity in the name of 'the Lord’; 
Christ; and presupposes they are Divinely appointed to carry out such tasks amounting to an arrogant 
implied claim to: 1) having the capacity to help others and 2) having the Truth. 

Perhaps they are right? Regardless their hubris laboring under the ideological delusion of christianism 
and new-age-ism leads to an Icarian flight of pseudo-spiritual praxis: a desire to impose upon all a 
universal template which, like a cookie-cutter of adamant impressed upon the 'Other' simply mutilates 
the form of the 'Other' and leads to its destruction. 

Perhaps this is a necessary good and the 'Other' in their 'Otherness' is a corruption whose ‘Otherness 
simply perpetrates greater corruption in proportion to its existence? And this requires 'destruction' at 
least in terms of its syncretic and hybridized cultural form of existence in order to achieve a more 
harmonious state of existence, a 'kingdom of heaven upon earth’? 

New-age-ism is simply christianism redux, a reformulated universal cookie-cutter template designed to 
be imposed upon all, only instead of being of adamant alone it is given a coating of candy paint. In 
consequence the same outcome results and that is the establishment of a mongrelized jewish 
theocracy under whatever particular form with the erasure of whites being the outcome. 

This is the logical conclusion of the pathologization of white altruism. White altruism is presumably a 
feature of the blood of the Divyas and is simply perversely twisted by jewry to bring about even 
greater harm than would otherwise occur should these ideologies (jewish psychic influence, or 
‘psychic driving') not have been introduced in the first place. 

Again it is the pathological influence of ideology coupled with the inherent altruism of whites which 
causes the damage, either existing in separation would lack any such potency and deleterious 
consequences. Hubris is simply an added aspect of these ideologies (themselves impossible of 
realization as no lion would ever lie down with lambs in a state of coexistence). Hubris is the motive of 
white will-power taken in a certain direction with these ideological maps as a guide, the destination of 
‘universal peace’ being the fabulous land to be arrived at and everything standing in its way marked 
for removal in the building of this Solomon's Temple/Zion edifice of 'Heaven on earth’. 

Under the influence of jewry hubris had also taken many forms prior to Christendom in the empire 
building motivation of whites whose overemphasis on worldly ambition and conquest was again 
exploited and amplified by jewish advisors best represented in the movie 'Jude Suss'’. 

It is the worldly orientation of the white 'mundane' which leads toward their destruction. Such 
‘worldliness' or overemphasis on a materialistic focus (ultimately a lower egoic emphasis oriented 
around the transient and motivated by a desire) which has led to the downfall of whites who, in their 
activity within 'the world' have focused unduly upon it and also, through their miscegenation with the 
anthropoids (a deliberate act on the part of the Divyas to liberate the souls of the beast-men from 
their otherwise inevitable extinction through soul atrophy over the incarnations). 

Such worldliness when become the focal point of consciousness leads to a petty self-interestedness, a 
hyper-focus on ego and 'Self' which, in the nadir of the Kali Yuga, our present epoch is a pervasive 
phenomenon, indeed the defining character type of our times: pure Self and only having regard for 
Others to the extent it serves themselves; a complete divorce from the Divine and a total immersion in 
the mire of materialism and self-seeking. 

This obsession with material life (consumption; ambition; achievement; popularity and reputation) is 
encouraged and exploited by the Enemy as a means of bringing about an acceleration of the downfall 
of the white race. Hence a society of possessive individualism (hyper-individualism) is the outcome, 
leading to a solipsistic mentality wherein everything exists only ‘for self' and if one dislikes any feature 
of the experiential manifold of 'their' consciousness they need only 'change the channel’ and view 
more pleasant scenes (sensations; thrills, etc.). The maxim of the Kali Yuga is not only ‘kill or be killed’ 
but 'maximize pleasure and minimize pain’ and this last even at the expense of the lives of others. 

Partially related to the pathological altruism of the mundane white mind especially under the 
influence of jewish ideological inebriation is a propensity of the 'white mundane’ towards excessive 
leniency, a desire to simply ‘forgive and forget' and to avoid unpleasantness through acquiescing to 
transgressions on the part of oneself or Others, transgressions of a kind precipitating the harm; loss or 
injury to oneself or Others and typically toward Others. 

This is rooted in the selfish egotism of the 'mundane' white consciousness, of the inability or 
incapacity of the transcendence of his telluric, 'worldly' orientation. Thus excessive leniency is largely 
based upon the worldly mentality (which in occult terms could only be called 'Satanic' or 'Saturnian’ in 
the sense of being a materialistic orientation). 

However it is not exclusively rooted in this lower-minded value system but rather in that of the 
altruistic 'Other-regard' of whites who, genuinely altruistic, have a desire to be charitable; merciful 
and forgiving of the transgression of Others. This capacity is the 'weak link' (at least viewed from a 
worldly perspective) in the chain of white power which the jews' chisel away at in order to break the 
bonds and enable their evil intentions which have thus far been kept in check by whites and this 
paradoxically under the influence of christianism which has had a restraining effect on the willingness 
of whites to punish jewry for their transgressions against Universal Order, a symptom of their 
excessive lenience. 

A direct result of this default tendency of the white mundane toward hedonism and decadence 
through adhering to the maximum of 'maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain’ is a historical 
amnesia, a direct result also of 'forgiving and forgetting’ and hence a seeming incapacity to learn the 
lessons of history. 

As Corneliu Codreanu stated: "the jews swims in the sea of our iniquity" (check?) And the statement 
"a country has the Jews it deserves" further underscores this principle. The pathological mode of 
altruistic 'Other-regard' and its dual cause of the Graal of the Divyas and the tellurism of a profaned 
Divinity are all factors in the unwillingness and partial inability of the white mundane to learn the 
lessons of previous transgressions, to recognize and observe the law of consequence. 

The 'trek of the jew through the ages' has borne witness to the chaos he has brought about in his 
wake, the introduction of his bacilli and their consequent proliferation to the point of the destruction 
in whole or in part of the race and its culture in particular times and places. 

Hence this most serious feature of white fallibility must be recognized and dealt with as the most 
serious problem, that of a selfish escapism and refusal to face the law of consequence based upon the 
law of cause and effect, of causality, not simply the causality of physical reality but that of higher 
planes for 'as above so below’, and what appears in higher dimensions has effects at lower 

Hence to refuse to face the Truth out of a cowardly or hedonistic desire to 'maximize pleasure and 
minimize pain’ is to fail to ‘live in the Truth’. To refuse to ‘live in the truth’ is to live in a world of 
subordinate causes at best, in 'the world' and not to create a more harmonious reality. Rather it is to 
allow reality to continue to degrade and chaos to amplify which leads to the current period of time. 

Thus failing to ‘live in the Truth’ is the ultimate cause of the problems of this world and to fail to ‘live in 
the Truth’ is to fail to uphold Justice which is defined as ‘living in accordance with Truth’, i.e. creating 
maximal harmony through one's actions and omissions; having the greatest positive and harmonious 
influence upon Reality through one's agency. 

Acknowledging that 'no man is an island entire unto himself' is an imperative to avoid the trap of the 
false self and concomitant selfishness and all of the inner harmony generated through a life of 
selfishness. All problems in the world are traceable to this ‘fall of man’, this detachment from the 
higher planes of Spirit and immersion in the mire of matter wherein he swims in the sewer of his 
iniquities and accommodates chaos through willful ignorance and pursuit of selfish desire. This desire 
often comes in the form of pathological altruism and a 'God complex’, the proliferating of the sins of 
others accelerating the chaos of the 'end times' to the doomsday point. 

Only an Aryan can save us now and the mundane white man must strive to ‘live in the Truth’ in a 
transcendent state of consciousness beyond the contingencies of spatio-temporal reality and the petty 
and selfish desires which characterize him as a 'mundane’. Many are called but few are chosen and 
only those Truly noble; Aryan, of Spirit, may lead us to a 'kingdom of Heaven upon earth". 

Part 2 

Aryan Power 

The term ‘Aryan’ is often a source of confusion and indeed, by virtue of its historically ambiguous 
references and meaning is a term used to generate confusion. Such as Fritjof Schuon an islamic 
convert following in the footsteps of Rene Guenon in his essay "The Meaning of Race" attempts to 
nullify the biological hierarchy of the Hyperborean Tradition as was reflected in the Vedic caste system 
(Varnashrama Dharma, 'the law of color and social function’). 

He was merely representing similar trajectories of thinking deriving from such as all as Oswald 
Spengler and Francis Parker Yockey who attempted to either downplay the value of biological 'race' or 
to qualify it along these lines of ambiguation, rendering the concrete; material; biological race merely 
subsidiary to a 'spiritual race' defining race as or ‘feeling’ or ‘instinct’ and yet failing to present a 
positive doctrine of race supportive of this Traditional Hierarchy as was done by Julius Evola in his 
work "The Synthesis of Racial Doctrine” with his tripartite conception of race: the race of the body 
(material); the race of the soul (emotion) and the race of the Spirit (the supra human). 

Employing a deliberate ambiguation and of the race idea has thus been their strategy and that of 
those who sought an affiliation with another otherwise distinct racial group for personal advantage or 
the advantage of their tribe. Herein the term 'Aryan' designates the biological race of conventionally 
labeled 'European'-'Caucasian' people regardless of historical geographic origins- they who are of a 
relatively similar biological type, physically identifiable in the Hyperborean archetype, the blue-eyed 
blonde haired Nordico-Germanic type and that which is sufficiently similar thereto to qualify as 'white 

on a physical level. 

Beyond the physical and following Julius Evola's tripartite conception of Race they who approximate 
the 'Solar-Uranian’' Spiritual type and who have a transcendent consciousness not rooted in the 
transience of this world, qualify as 'white'. 

Only they who are biologically on a physical basis 'white' though elevated in their consciousness 
through an attachment to a higher Spiritual principle, to the nucleus of their being and its Divine 
origins can be spoken of as ‘Aryan’ within this work. 

Those who are merely 'white', e.g. but who have the consciousness or soul of a jew or negro are 
disqualified from being categorized as 'Aryan' and are respectively 'spiritual jews' or 'wiggers' or 
whatever other variant or permutation of racial type they may be. 

This is not to take away from the brute power of whites or even perhaps their highly intellectual (in 
the rational sense) superlatively developed 'brain power’, wholly confined within the prison of this 
matricized world of Zion. They are indeed a powerful race, their powers perversely exploited as useful 
labor by the black magicians of Zion and many of this class of slavers are themselves white however 

black their hearts may be and however steeped in mendacity and the vile rites of qabalistic black 
magic and however bound up with the vile entities with whom they work to achieve their despotism. 

The mercenary soldiers and police; the lawyers; judges; teachers; preachers, etc.-all might be 
superlatively powerful on both the brute physical and rational basis but are nonetheless disqualified 
from having the term ‘Aryan’ ascribed to them owing to their self-serving and diabolical nature. They 
are, rather than being a noble metal of philosophical gold molded into a statue to last through the 
ages, instead a crude construction of base metal alloyed with fools' gold and possibly given a coat of 
spray paint to create the appearance of 24 carat purity of body; soul and spirit. 

Far from a noble being they constitute the ignoble nobility of Zion and are the foremost agents of the 
social chaos of this world as: 

1) not only have they the power to stop jewry and their other affiliates in tearing down a potentially 
harmonious civilization, but 

2) they are the architects of the destructive blueprint jewry has attempted to impose upon the world, 
their executive and subordinate minions who, catering to their own base-borne selfishness (a far cry 
from 'nobility' or the Aryan nature) facilitate their own destruction and that of their race through their 
blind greed and power madness. 

Their hubris, in their Icarian flight off the cliff of harmony has precipitated the near destruction of the 
rest of the herd who do not so much follow them as are dragged behind them to their destruction. 

In discussing the power of the Aryan we may however, in spite of the foregoing, touch upon the lower 
elements of the race, that of white power in its physical and in its rational manifestations, the latter, 
partaking to a greater degree in the higher states of Being. 

With respect to physical power the white race, as the history of the world has shown, are the 
strongest race on earth. This, the writer contends, derives from our godly origins and is not explicable 
in purely physical terms. Regardless of causes the evidence reveals this to be true: our tendons are 
thicker; our muscle bellies longer; our bones denser; our form more compact and yet not 
disproportionate, neither too long nor too short- a perfect machine whose image derives from the 
Divyas of Hyperborea, the perfect manifestation of the gods even in spite of varying degrees of 
admixture with the anthropoids over the course of time. 

The white race having this connection to higher states of being (however degraded in the present 
time) have a superlative will-power that enables them to employ (or deploying as the case may be) 
their physical form to endure hardships and challenges beyond that of the average non-white. 

They can suffer greater pain though simultaneously being affected by it, sensing it, not like the 
insensate beast-men whose coarse senses necessitate a greater stimulus in order to elicit a response- 
the white man endowed with such a superlative will-power has a capacity for greater endurance and 
this in spite of his greater capacity to feel pain being of a superlatively developed mind (at a Spiritual 


level) and of a superlatively developed brain (at a physical). Having a greater and more sensitive 
nervous constitution he is nonetheless capable of transcending pain and suffering and this for a 
greater period of time than the non-whites whose comparatively weak will-power erupts initially in a 
paroxysm of violence then peters out in a short time in nervous exhaustion owing to their weaker 

The physical capacity of the white race can be observed in the French Foreign Legion (when it was still 
exclusively white); the SS officers of the Third Reich; the Berserker warriors of Scandinavia and 
Germany and in the more notorious (in a bad sense as a product of the Kali Yuga) sports 'heroes'-their 
physical capacity to endure pain and hardship and express their imminently transcendental properties 
through willpower, to the extent this can be expressed through brute physicality. 

The world's strongest Man competition reveals the Truth in microcosm of just who is 'the world's 
strongest Man’, all winners having been white and specifically northern European and even more 
specifically Scandinavian, those closest to the Divyas (the blue-eyed and blonde haired Nordico- 
Germanic race). 

Absolute strength is thus the exclusive possession of the white man. As regards sprinting and other 
feats of speed this is not so much the white man's realm and this owing to the higher insertion of 
tendons on long bones and comparatively lighter bone structure of the Negro who receives this prize 
as it were by default and certainly not owing to any superlative will-power or influence of 
consciousness or Mind but merely their anatomical structure. 

Ergo for the Chinese weightlifters who are being placed upon a pedestal in contemporary times as a 
means of jewry attempting to demoralize whites and portray them as comparatively weak and 
decrepit. The anatomy of Chinese, being short and of a squat proportionality with shorter limbs, 
enables them to move the barbell more rapidly owing to the shorter distance (and consequently less 
muscular exertion) required to perform the lift. 

Pound for pound the white man is the best physical specimen overall which is well expressed in 
triathlons and other multi sport competitions. In terms of fighting sports he excels overall being of a 
medium physical constitution, compact; muscular but not gangly and disproportionate in terms of 
limb length relative to the torso, etc. 

His physical power is telegraphed against the opponents in the same manner as against the inanimate 
objects of strength sports- through a superlative will-power which, in spite of the jewish monopoly on 
fight sports, can be seen in such figures as Rocky Marciano in boxing; George St. Pierre in MMA and 
Frank Dux in karate. 

The virtual monopoly on these sports by jewry has demoted the white man to second place and this 
even in spite of the superlative qualities he possesses. Thus illustrating the lack of merit of those who 
have attained pyrrhic victories in 'the matrix system’. 


Recourse for a facsimile of masculinity is available for the white man only in the form of serving the 
system as either a gladiator as above and this not reflecting his true merit or as a mercenary soldier 
(soul-die-r) in the jewish occupation government system. 

This pseudo-masculinity is a kosher machismo which is served up as a substitute for a higher form of 
transcendent consciousness and Will manifesting itself in detached action. Here this pseudo- 
masculinity exists only 'in time’ though it may manifest in the appearance of imminent transcendence 
and even to some extent partake thereof but, by virtue of affiliation with the system (as mercenary or 
sports 'hero'), the falsehood of the purpose of his actions reduces its apparently 'transcendent' action 
to a purely physical level of bestial aggression. 

He is not been able to overcome himself as his True self and accordingly his True Will, is not being 
upheld and pursued but rather the false self of the hypocrite, that of a system stooge who facilitates 
its false purposes in the name of meaningless phrases: 'democracy now’; ‘humanity’; ‘peace’; 'God', 

Aryan power exists even in the depths of matter and this is the nucleus of the being of the white man, 
his very Spirit, which might be properly associated with what Jorg lans von Leibenfels called "The 
Divine Elektron" or the Graal, the blue blood of the Hyperborean Divyas. 

At a superior level of the being of the white man- who is not yet Aryan though may be in potentia 
(though in most cases one must be born this way)-he expresses his Aryan power in works of art: 
music; plastic and visual art; architecture; creative expressions of his being which are a direct 
translation of his attempts to 'realize the conception’ or 'the idea' as Hegel defined art- the translation 
of the Order or Structure of Reality into a concrete representation thereof, expressing the Ideas inner 
harmony and thus bringing beauty into the world through his creative Will. 

His artistic achievements can be subordinated into a hierarchy of creative value: at the lowest level is 
the creation of the wigger-the telluric or chthonic creation of the animal man who is nonetheless 
‘white’ albeit a degraded and inferior type. The example of the white rapper or a comic book writer or 
videogame designer occupies this level of white identity. 

At a higher level, which could be correlated with that of the emotional level of consciousness, with the 
more intellectualized form (or even a form wholly intellectual in a rationalist sense) would be the work 
of art of the bourgeois intellectual, a scholar or jazz musician or some equivalent type. This art form is 
that of a rationalistic molding of an emotional state of the sub-personal. Sigmund Freud and Marxist 
culture is an example of this as is the culture of christians which, though paradoxical in the eyes of 
some (such as both categories, viz. marxist; christian, etc.) are both a dressed up form of emotional 
states of consciousness and, in the form of bourgeois culture, dressed up in the guise of rationalist 
abstractions, especially in contemporary times in that of 'scientism',' applied’ to phenomena and given 
an aesthetic veneer. 


The art of rational man (the bourgeois) is that of the judaized Gentile, the fusion of emotion and 
reason whose nom de plume may be called ‘rationalized sentimentalism’, the codification of the 
‘human-all-too-human' in artistic form. 

Some of this 'culture' has redeemable elements for both whites and Aryans. In the case of whites it 
puts certain categories of people in their place and elevates or devolves depending on who controls 
the culture. An example is the popular culture of Fascist Italy or National Socialist Germany with its 
broader mass appeal qualifies as a positive; authentic expression of the white consciousness and 
serves to elevate it to a higher level of existence. Whereas the culture of Marxist materialism and 
bourgeois intellectualism under the jewish regime drags one downward to the depths of the sub- 
personal and shifts, more importantly perhaps, one's consciousness away from a volkish orientation 
toward an abstract Universalism, a rootless cosmopolitanism of purely 'human-all-too-human' 

Aryan creativity pervades even the lowest type of the white race owing to their sharing in the Graal or 
Divine Elektron. Art which may be truly spoken of as 'Aryan' however cannot be accomplished by the 
lower elements save for some form of Divine intervention or guidance on the part of higher forces 
who, for a moment, use the lower white as an instrument of Their Will. 

Aryan artists are typically born and are, like Mozart or Bach, child prodigies whose genius finds 
aesthetic form from an early age. At present all art has been either monopolized or suppressed by the 
dark forces who seek to sabotage and destroy the higher and drag down to the lowest depths of the 
instinctive mind the exceptional man of genius. 

True art is a mediation of the higher planes in concrete sensuous form: sound; sight; and to a lesser 
extent the tactile senses all accompanied by the higher senses beyond the human level. Such art can 
only be spoken of as Divine and this can be observed in the exact proportionality of ancient temples; 
the harmonics of Bach and the aesthetic designs of the Celts and Scandinavians now diminished as an 
echo in islamic art (a poor facsimile of the ancient Aryan arts in both racial and aesthetic terms). 

Imagination and capacity for invention of whites is optimally presented in the form of artistic genius 
through the Will and Skill of the Aryan. Only an Aryan may create Aryan art. Literary works of 
modernity are poor approximations of the poetic genius of the Edda; the Nibelungenlied; and Rg Veda 
as examples, poetry always preceding literature in terms of attaining spiritual heights of consciousness 
and ‘literature’ being more a jewish devolution of poetry, the linear, rationalist, purely human 
language being superseded by the supra-human dream language of poetry which connects word; 
image and Idea within a few lines or words, elevating the base of human language to the status of the 
noble language of the gods. 


Aryan power thus is expressed both in coarse physical form and higher aesthetic form and reveals an 
elevation of the lower levels of consciousness. The highest expression of Aryan power is that of magic. 
Being the descendants of the gods, the Divyas of Hyperborea, the power of the gods (the Vril) is 
inherent in the Aryan, the spiritually elevated and relatively pure 'white' now no longer 'white' but 
Aryan in the sense of spiritual superiority, connected to higher planes of being and endowed with the 
capacity to attain those heights. 

The historical degeneration of the white population to the level of the wigger or judaized Gentile has 
been largely though not exclusively the result of miscegenation. 

Additional causes of this drop in his level of consciousness to that of the 'white mundane’, a wigger or 
a judaized Gentile are the perfidious nature of jewry, their subtle creep into Aryan society and its 
degradation to the level of the 'white society' on the way to a cloaca gentium of multi-cultist hell on 
earth, an inferno of volk chaos. These additional causes are at least twofold: 

1) the jewish instigated influence predominantly, and 

2) the intrusion of non-whites who modify and some would say contaminate the Culture Organism of 
the white race, introducing chaos into the otherwise harmonious essence of the Aryan. 

In the former case jewry willfully and with malice aforethought introduces the grains of ferment into 
the white society as above via ideological and material drugs: their divisive and degenerative 
ideologies of christianism; liberalism and their drugs of body and soul destroying potions; pills and 
various herbs or plants. 

White weakness occurs when the white population who is susceptible to degradation partakes of this 
forbidden fruit and leads itself downward into corruption owing to its fatal flaws of lack of inner 
strength and self-control, an inner lack of transcendent capacity. 

Hence the white spirituality which potentially was of an Aryan nature is dragged down into the pit of 
corruption and becomes 'modern in the Traditional sense of the pseudo-spirituality of the Kali Yuga 
both in the form of 'new age-ism' or christianism. 

The jewish element of corruption had seeped into the original Aryan spirituality through the more 
profane whites enabling this intrusion, again out of a curiosity for novelty, sticking their finger into the 
bear trap of the mysteries placed before them by jewry and becoming snagged by the jew in a harmful 

The corruption of the caste system enabling vaishyas (merchants) and other lower elements to intrude 
seems to have been a common occurrence in the ancient world, perhaps the altruistic whites enabling 
jews and other foreigners to enter in out of a desire to learn and share their knowledge with others in 
addition to their quest for novelty. 


As the mysteries became corrupted in the case of the Druids with jewish intrusion, transforming the 
spiritual cadre of priests who had insured a harmonious world order into a vile sect of human 
sacrifice, a semitic death cult which had a later analog in the Aryan Mayan and Aztec civilizations 
which were themselves subject to similar transformation under the deleterious influence of jewry. 

Hence what ensued was a massacre of the innocent, the white gods having departed and having taken 
with them their spiritual protection, leaving the corrupt and irredeemable elements of the priest caste 
as servitors of the demonic entities who feasted upon the pain energy of the sacrificed multitude and 
possessed their earthly agents of destruction, perpetuating the ruination of the once spiritually 
oriented society. 

In the Middle East similar occurrences transpired under the influence of the international jew-the 
child sacrifice cults which sprang up around Canaan were once again the resultant product of Jewish 

The book "The History of Human Sacrifice" by the jewish ‘lord' Acton (aka. John Emerich Edward 
Dalberg-Acton) details these practices in their horror and yet downplays the jewish influence. Written 
in the 1800s it was a revelation of the method of the arcane rites of jewish witchcraft after it had 
attained a comfortable position through its assent by way of the French Revolution and its hypocritical 
pretense of humanitarian love, the mask behind which the murder cults of jewry conceals itself. 

Hence in the 1800s the bloody revolutions erupted as so many powder kegs of violence which opened 
up spaces in the spatio-temporal continuum to enable the inner-space vampire entities jewry is bound 
up with to enter into the earth and facilitate the downward spiral of the Kali Yuga, bringing more 
misery; bloodshed and chaos as the fin de siecle wound its way down to the cataclysm of world wars; 
famines; and perpetual revolution, all multiplied like a virus throughout the world. 

One might claim it was the emancipation of the jews which precipitated this fall when they were given 
citizenship in the 1800s in various countries throughout Europe starting with France. However it was 
simply a symptom of the cycles of time and the ‘fall of man’ as well as being a causal influence of the 
chaos of "The Crisis of the Modern World". 

In contemporary times the black magic of jewry has only become popularized and given a facelift- one 
comprised of dead fetal tissue and Botox injections. It has become a mainstream phenomenon and 
the 'terminal madness of the end times' as Baudrillard called it is upon us. And Christ won't save us, it 
is up to us to save ourselves. 

Contemporary masonry mirrors the fall from grace of Aryan man- it reflects the degeneration not only 
of the racial stock of Aryans, become white, then wiggerized and judaized gentiles, but of the 
increasing influence of foreign culture who is of a necessarily cacophanous nature and has created the 
‘volk chaos' Hitler spoke of in Mein Kampf. 


This present epoch is 'the social chaos' spoken of by Rene Guenon in his work "The Crisis of the 
Modern World" and modern masonry, as far as a writer can infer looking through a glass darkly, is a 
profaned mystery indeed, thoroughly judaized and brought low from its presumed Aryan height in its 
origins in the misty past of paleo-history. 

Glenda the good witch of the East (or perhaps the North of Hyperborea would be a better term) has 
been abducted and imprisoned in the Tower of the wicked witch of the West of the semitized black 
magicians, who have corrupted the mysteries, transforming them from the purity of gnosis to the 
profanation of political intrigue they have become. 

The minds of the Aryan elite been poisoned with the corrosive waters of the well of Mimir by the 
poisoner jew who has crept in in the dead of night and added the hallucinogens of the 
ideoplasmations of the Demiurge inebriating in the minds of their captives (of His captives) with His 
illusory dreaming, or rather nightmares. 

This is Gandalf in Moriah fighting the Balrog. He is in the depth of the nadir of the Kali Yuga, in the 
bowels of Moriah and must become an ‘Angel in the whirlwind' to conquer the dark forces. 
Unfortunately, like Saruman, most have gone over to the dark side and are serving the enemy and 
their 'G-d', the 'great architect of the universe' (G.A.O.T.U). 

The French movie "Occult Forces"(1943) whose director and writer were both assassinated after its 
release depicts modern masonry in its proper light. Modern masonry has become the Mind or Genius 
of the ferment of decomposition, the source of world unrest and its ultimate cause as the crucible in 
which this chaos is generated under the influence of the dark forces. 

This is the mastermind of our woe but is reflected as a shadow in mainstream churchianity as well. 
Most Christian clergy (at least Protestants as far as a writer knows) are Freemasons and their church 
hierarchy is graded on an initiatic basis with the 'elders' of the church being Masons of corresponding 

The seemingly faux opposition between masonry and churchianity is the illusion that keeps the sheep 
coming back for more out of fear of the boogie man of Freemasonry and huddling around their 
shepherd priest king of the order of Melchizedek as the ‘angels’, their ostensive protectors, feast upon 
their souls and the priests based likewise: from the collection plate and tithings as well as upon the 
bio-energy of the fearful and foolish flock. 

For the black magicians this is the 'Golden fleece’ they have substituted for that of the philosophical 
gold of the mysteries, now the philosophical ‘fools gold' of Saruman of the 'white hand' of 'modern' 
masonry, a reflection of the dark clouds of the Kali Yuga in the fetid pool of the cloaca gentium. 


The consciousness of the Divyas lies dormant in the white race of today, however it is still a presence 
and must be activated in order to kindle the revival of a higher spirituality. The blood memory latent in 
the blood and in the brain sand of the pineal gland is only activated through the activation of the 
higher centers of consciousness and their material organs, from the solar plexus to the heart, to the 
pineal gland and pituitary body, to the cerebellum- all activated and able to bring into being the blood 
memory of the Divyas through magic and exercises of consciousness elevation. 

The spiritual heights of former times may still be attainable even in spite of the degradation of our 
reality within this world. Indeed it is not an external savior figure who will save the white race but 
oneself alone who will do so. Aryan power is first and foremost spiritual power and regardless of one's 
rank in the system of modern corruption and its regression of castes one has the option to improve 
oneself and work in a positive direction. 

Failure to do so is itself a symptom of weakness of the Will and weakness of one's inner nature. They 
who gravitate toward destruction along downward trending paths leading to the abyss are their own 
worst enemy. Such pathos as those of jewish ideology. The upward climbing path is the most difficult 
and ascending the mountaintop can only be attained through Will-power and skill, the heightened 
awareness of an adept regardless of the depth of his position. 






The System 

The image you are viewing is an encapsulation of the world conspiracy that reigns despotically over 
the earth and can only be called 'The System’ as there is no better or more desirable term available. 
Truly it is a 'system'- a collective or gathering of elements which are interrelated through strict 
causality and whose elements can be detected in all of the others which exert their influence in 
keeping any rogue element in line, 

in its strictly limited position within 'The System’. 'The System' operates or functions based upon 
information received from above, from the Demiurge and Jehovah his creation underneath him, as a 
spider in an intricate web of spiritual or rather demonic strands along which are transmitted dictates 
and directions that impinge upon the lower levels of the hierarchy and determine in large part their 
motions as a sound wave (‘Verbum’; 'Word'; ‘Logos’) is mediated through the string of an instrument 
to transmit sound or as light is refracted through a crystal, so too the dictates of Jehovah are mediated 
through the hierarchy 'as above so below'. 

The structure of the hierarchy is of a trapezoidal shape on the material and lower astral planes above 
which jehovah and the Demiurge serve as primum mobile (first movers) and exert their arbitrary sway 
through the causal nexus of spatio-temporality, the matrix of illusion, which is the trapezoidal 
structure of the material and lower astral planes. 

According to Miguel Serrano in his book "Manu: For the Man to Come", Jehovah has occupied the 
planet Saturn, holding it, a planetary archon, captive and having created the rings around it made of 
ice crystals that serve as an electromagnetic transmission station that transmits the vibrational 
frequencies and messages that enslave the planet in an electromagnetic matrix. This matrix is keeping 
all conscious, sentient life in a state of lower vibrational consciousness thereby preventing the earth, 
Gaia-Sophia and her denizens from maintaining their first estate, ie. a higher vibrational frequency 
spiritual state, the state of First Hyperborea or "The Green Land" as it was called in Egypt. 

According to Joy of Satan ministries Jehovah/YHVH is a coterie of reptiloid appearing aliens who have 
control of the planet and are using it as their colony. They fly around the solar system in cube shaped 
space ships as depicted in Star Trek the Next Generation by its jewish creator, a revelation of the 
method to inform the populace of 'goyim' (non-jews) what Jehovah is doing as a means of discharging 
their karma (according to the jews they have to let the 'goyim' know what they are doing before they 
do it as a means of putting the goyim in a double-bind and discharging their own 
blameworthiness/karma onto them). 

Norman Bergrun's "The Ringmakers of Saturn" has revealed photographic evidence showing 
spacecraft that manufacture and repair Saturn's ice rings and David Icke has presented sound 
argumentation in his "Moon-Saturn Matrix" presentation to explain how the reptilians are enslaving 
the population via their electromagnetic control grid generated from Saturn. Thus Jehovah is this 
coterie of beings and perhaps a greater singular being who leads this coterie who exerts control over 

Gaia/Gerda/the Earth through and from Saturn, possibly the hexagonal vortex on the South Pole of 
Saturn, generating the gravitational waves through the agency of Jehovah. This the writer cannot with 
certainty ascertain. 

Below Jehovah are the angels who are the dark energy matter entities which serve as his messengers 
(‘angelos' meaning messenger in Latin) and reptilian aliens who are the jews progenitors, who have 
mixed themselves with anthropoids on the earth through genetic engineering which mixture is called 
the "jews'" today. The jews are the physical instruments of their Dark Lord Jehovah, they are 
cybernetic robots who carry out his will on the Earth. They are a mediator between dark energy 
matter entities; reptiloid and grey alien slave robots on the mundane earth plane. They behave in a 
manner that is a reflection of their Dark Lord and thus can be spoken of as Is-ra-el (‘ruling with god' in 
their language of hebrew)-only the false god Jehovah. 

They operate as anyone who is sufficiently observant can see, as a ‘hive mind’ on the earth who carry 
out actions in a concealed effort to contrive to enslave the 'goyim' (non-jewish population) in the 
matrix as a means of absorbing their spirit energy in vivo (in life) and post mortem (after death) 
through their endlessly minute techniques of creating lower vibrational frequency states of 
consciousness and coerced work slavery as means of having the 'goyim' release their bio-energy, 
through what is called 'work' ('work' being defined as "the ability to produce", in this case producing a 
release of energy so that lower astral dark energy matter entities; reptilians and jews can vampirize 
the energy of the slaves through quantum entanglement, through the aether and through the abstract 
representation of energy, ie. money, the necessary condition of living in the jewish occupation 
government matrix). 

Thus the Matrix the non-jews and jews themselves are forced to live in is a global prison, a prison - 
planet in a literal sense used to harvest the soul energy of its denizens through multifarious means. 
The jews are influenced to the point of a strict control over their mind by Jehovah, their hive-mind 
collective consciousness as in the case of the 'BORG' in Star Trek: Next Generation and assimilate into 
their lower level ‘spiritual Israel' all of the shabbos goyim (stupid animals) they entice through 
prospects of fame and fortune as “The Protocols of The Elders of Zion" speak of. 

Freemasonry is the trap into which the jews at the behest of their Dark Lord ensnare the goyim and 
which creates spiritual bonds which assimilate them into ‘spiritual Israel’ rendering them slaves at all 
levels and dimensions to the jews. The shabbos goyim are then influenced from above through entity 
attachment, the more entrenched one becomes in the hierarchy through freemasonic rituals, the 
higher up one goes, the more of a slave and robot of Jehovah one becomes. To ensure that the slaves 
never break their chains they are bound by blood oaths through being forced to commit 
compromising actions such as the ritual murder of children; cannibalism; vampirism; pedophilic rape 
and torture, etc. This ensures loyalty else one will be subject to the leakage of this material and 
consequent legal penalty or merely subject to murder by the cabal. Not only the murder of 
themselves but of their family as a further incentive should they attempt to break away and martyrize 

Freemasonry is divided in the characteristically jewish divide and conquer polarization mode: left-wing 
Scottish rite freemasonry (left hand path) and right-wing York rite freemasonry (right hand path). This 
ensures some room for differences amongst the shabbos goyim who are by nature not as tightly 
unified as the jews being of a more independent mind and who can be pitted against one another in a 
dialectical way by the jews for their mutal destruction (liberal vs. consevative; communist vs. 
capitalist, etc.). The Catholic orders of the Knights of Malta; Knights of Columbus etc. are also present 
at this level of the hierarchy only representative of a more rigidly conservative christian character, thus 
appealing to that demographic group, hooking them ever deeper into the matrix. 

Below these higher echelon categories which members are nearly exclusively from the upper caste of 
the plutocracy (‘born into it' as the saying goes) are the bifurcated categories of 'left' and 'right' each 
of which subsumes within itself the bulk of the population of more affluent intelligentsia at the higher 
end of the spectrum and the least intelligent masses who divide themselves based on their job 
function or lack thereof, those of the lowest tier being completely apathetic and living purely for 
thrills and indulgence having no identity beyond 'work and play’, the brute labor of industry which 
they are coerced to undergo as condition of the reward of hedonistic abandon for a brief moment or 
two as their release from the iron manacle of 'work'. 

To keep these lower tier drones in line and prevent them from massing either through their own 
efforts or through guidance from a rogue element at higher levels who has managed to cut through a 
few layers of the tissue of the matrix and see the light of Truth if only as one viewing the world 
through a kaleidoscope, or one of the rogue element seeking vengeance on 'The System' for a 
personal slight, there exists the 'Thin Blue Line’, dividing the slaves from their masters called police 
and military forces. These are conditioned through mind control to believe 'The System’ is god and 
that they are demi-gods whose alleged authority brooks no question and who are necessarily in the 
right at all times, justified in everything from abduction of the populace for ritual murder to outright 
murder should they the enforcers have the willingness and ability to do so at the behest of their 
chosen masters. The jews are serviced first by the police and receiving greatest protection hide away 
in their gated communities across boulevards; rivers; on hills and away form the 'goyim' who are 
packed into their particular area based on socio-economic class without regard for creed; colour or 

The class of slaves is stratified based on socio-economic class which is determined by what constitutes 
value to 'The System’, ultimately to Jehovah the 'grand architect of the universe’ (G.A.O.T.U) so-called 
in Freemasonry. At its height there exists the business sector, the highest echelon of which is 
comprised of freemasons and lower level illuminist organizations (Lions Club; Rotary; Oddfellows, etc.) 
This tier is also overarched and interpenetrated by the bureaucratic hierarchy's lower levels. 

Subordinate to this are the lower level business owners and underneath them trades people and 
those fulfilling a more rudimentary executive function bleeding down to the lowest levels of what is 
crudely referred to as 'the labor pool' of jobbers and transient workers, ie. proletarian slaves; 
plebeians; untermenschen. 

The latter caste constitutes the lowest level of the hierarchy, the bedrock of the trapezoidal structure 
of basest lead crushing under its bulk the homeless, outcasts and welfare dependents not fortunate 
enough to struggle hard enough to stand on the necks of their peers to grasp the scraps cast before 
them with desperate frenzy. 

Such in summary is the hierarchy in its structure and function, a system of slavery designed as a soul 
form to vampirize the soul energy, the bioelectrical energy of the goyim, the non-jews and to transmit 
it up the hierarchy in the form of money, blood and energy towards the Dark Lord Jehovah. 'The 
System' fears its rogue elements , those who are capable of displacing bricks in its walls, of creating 
fissures and cracks in the structure which may radiate outwards and further crumble to ruins 
eventually its seemingly infallible structure. That Jehovah is the blind god, the maniac monster who 
overvalues his own limited power just as do his servants the jews it follows from the premises that he 
is liable to err and that he will not be able to reign in through his minions all of the rogues who would, 
as part of the Luciferian rebellion, dismantle Zion, the trapezoidal structure of 'The System' through 
effective action, detecting weak points and working towards the destruction of the Matrix and its 
architects of control. 

Those possessed of the Graal, the Divine Elektron, the White Race, are the only salvation for this 
world. Jehovah has turned all against the White Race in his desperate attempt to destroy them, his 
only opponents and thus the White Race must fight and destroy 'The System’ and his control or perish 
in the attempt liberating Gaia-Gerda the Earth Mother and all of her denizens who have not betrayed 
the White Race and sided with the dark forces. 

Victory or Valhalla! 


The World of Robots 

Trans-humanism is the agenda of Jewry who are themselves cybernetic robots, genetic constructs of 
alien entities and who wish to make the 'goyim' in their own image. They would extend their control 
over the non-Jewish population to the extent of exerting their influence over robotized cyborgs who 
have had their physical form implanted with R.F.I.D chips and graphene oxide and other nano- 
particulate substances injected into their bloodstream, modifying their DNA and contaminating their 

The entire gamut of gene modifying therapy, masquerading under the pseudo-sophisticated label of 
‘epigenetic's' is mobilized are weapons of bio-spiritual warfare against the goyim in the form of a 
multi-pronged assault against the integrity of their souls and bodies. 

Over the last few decades since World War II the perverted contamination of the physical form with 
artificial nanotechnology across all kingdoms of sentient life (human; organismal, etc.) has established 
the jew in a position where he is on the brink of bringing about his masterstroke of diabolism: the 
robotization of the goyim. 

By way of injection of biological material (cancers and other bacilli from animals; poisons from various 
creatures; same species DNA from fetuses, etc.) and of inorganic substances (nanoparticles of heavy 
metals- mercury; aluminum, etc.) and hybrid forms of substance that span different kingdoms of life 
(eg. graphene oxide spanning the mineral and biological- organismal kingdoms) the black magician jew 
works his ultimatestage act in the theater of the real. The body serving as a pedestal of clay molded 
into the desired shape by the psychopathic jew like a serial killer mental patient molding a statue out 
of the body parts of his victims, the jew has managed to create an extreme of chaos through 
gradualistic means over the generations to degrade and distort the otherwise healthy forms of their 

They would discharge their karma ‘transferring their sins onto others through blaming their victims for 
‘taking the bait' of whatever cultural chaos they have engineered. However it is a failed and impotent 
endeavor on their part given that people are trapped in their matrix and only blameworthy to the 
extent an actual choice was available, any 'choice' jewry imposes upon others being that in the form 
of "your Money or your life" and hence a 'choice' in name only, with negative consequences either 
way and not voluntarily entered into. 

The injection of poisons into the organism creates an internal chaos which, in conjunction with the 
external bombardment of mind poison in the form of degenerate culture (culture designed to 
engineer chaos, to distort and pervert the mind and thereby to destabilize the harmonious 
homeostatic condition of the body and of the soul), and with the sum total of their technology to 
transform the 'human-all-too-human’' into robotized golem that are serviceable to their endless 
demands and desires. 

The multi-pronged assault against the human population however fallible and effective in their being 
has led to the point where most of the world's population stumble about in a stupor in a zombified 
state of unconsciousness and have been reduced in their cognitive capacity to the level of beasts 
which jewry calls all of those not jewish, the level of 'goyim' (animals in yiddish). Previously, before the 
recent decades of cellular tower installations (zombification installations) and so-called 'smart' 
technology which has captured the minds of the now yet more mindless, the mindless were semi- 
conscious, not so immersed in the 'system of objects' of the postmodern and post-human technocracy 
(techno-crazy) of liquid crystal displays and radiation bombardment of the consciousness. They were 
once 'human-all-too-human' and yet nonetheless human in the sense of having some degree of light, 
of the rays of the sun of mind. 

Now the dark clouds of the polluted horizon have beclouded their vision of the Real to an even greater 
extent while yet more strange and harmful poisons are being injected into the body- mind via 
chemtrails and other occult forces- from electromagnetic fields to radiations of a subtle nature, to 
magnetic fields to synthetic telepathy and the list goes on. 

This perpetual obstruction of the vision of the non-Jewish population by jewry is and will continue to 
be a logarithmically expanding pall of miasma until the few sufficiently awake to their fate of 
inevitable death unless they oppose with all of the force they can muster the dark forces of this world. 

Some such as the jew Jay Weidner have put forth (as a revelation of the method?) the conception that 
the Earth is being terraformed by the 'globalists' (a mistranslation of jewry) so as to accommodate 
entities to enable them to manifest on the earth and to occupy. Perhaps this is the true meaning of 
the jews' biblical prophecy and the phrase assigned to jewry "occupy til | come"? 

Perhaps this group of alien entities can only manifest from their inner-dimensional state of being onto 
the earth in material form once the earth is sufficiently saturated with nano-particulate heavy-metal, 
the pollution vapor of gas and oil and other noxious carbon rich substances? Perhaps these organisms 
respire carbon dioxide or even Monoxide or atmosphere richer in this substance? 

Is C.E.R.N, based out of Switzerland, a dimensional portal enabling the manifestation on the earth of 
the entities jewry propitiate's as their 'Elohim' (plural)? Perhaps the robotization of the goyim is being 
undergone for the purpose of rendering the population ‘docile bodies’ in the sense of Michel Foucault, 
near mindless slaves whose cognitive capacity has been so dumbed down as to have rendered them 
zombified? This last question goes without saying but the former raise an endless series of others e.g.: 
"What entities are these?"; "What is their purpose on earth?"; "What can one do to stop them?"-Or 
perhaps they are benevolent in some twisted way and we the 'human all too human’ should allow 
ourselves to be transformed into robots as their servitors? In all likelihood we should not. In all 
likelihood these entities are malevolent and, as Robert.E.Dickhoff in his work "Agartha" speaks of they 
are creatures who feed off the energy of human beings and indeed when manifest in physical form off 
their living carcasses. 

These are the reptilian trans-dimensional's as David Icke (the disinformation agent) has presented. 
They are, according to Dickhoff from Venus though perhaps this planet is now no longer occupied by 
them. Regardless they have imprisoned the captive archon of Santur with ice crystals and are poised 
to invade the earth and consume the people there on. The trans-humanist agenda is simply a 
transitional stage perhaps which readies the goyim to be more easily consumed-their souls or true 
selves- their physical vehicles being 'upgraded' to suit the purpose of their soul vampirization. To 
robotize the goyim is to extend their life span on the earth so that their souls may be more completely 
harvested and absorbed by these entities. This is surely the main purpose of the trans-humanist 
agenda: to trap the souls of the 'human all too human’ in a leaden coffin of matter and to drag them 
down to perdition over whatever amount of time their life force lasts. 

Within this context of the mechanization of the 'human all too human’ there would undoubtedly be 
ample opportunity to indulge in vivaparous propagation generating more and more bodies to serve as 
traps for the incarnate souls who linger around the mundane plane, harnessing them or their 
mechanical flesh vehicles and enabling the entities to absorb their souls multiplied many times over. 

The locusts of the non-visible astral planes, be they reptilian's or other creatures (the evidence of 
history suggests they are reptiloid in physical form) will thus have succeeded in their plans to engineer 
a soul farm matrix in which the bio-energy of the goyim is harvested to empower these entities and 
their earthly emissaries and to enable the entities perhaps to possess and occupy the bodies of the 
fragmented and dissipated souls who have become weakened through a life of earthbound striving, 
lusting after the flesh and ‘eating, drinking and being merry.’ 

The ‘human all too human’ have only one actual choice at this time and it comes in the form of a 
simple dichotomy, an irreducible 'either-or': fight or die. The war is spiritual just as much as it is 
physical and must play itself out across all dimensions and in all forms of combat, the ultimate goal 
being the defeat of the enemy and with it the spiritualization of the earth and empowerment of 
oneself and one's kind as living gods. 

At present we are in a state of the living dead and the dimly glowing sparks of our souls must be 
rekindled in order to undergo this combat. It must begin at a spiritual level and manifest in the 
physical, as above so below. 

With the material defeat of the enemy the earth will have been liberated from the instruments of the 
dark forces on the earth as their earthly emissaries through black magic means and through creating a 
world of chaos will have been eliminated thus enabling the spiritualization of the earth be it after one 
thousand years of rest after the dust of global catastrophe has settled or in a more gentle way within 
the near future considered in terms of mundane reality. Regardless at this moment it is combat to the 
finish else death for all independent souls on this earth. 

To engage in the system and plug oneself into its networks of destructive energy is to degrade one's 
soul. One must detach himself to the greatest extent possible and work against the robotization of the 
goyim else he will lose his soul on the animal farm of Zion and create further chaos in his wake. 

Vampire Farm 

We are animals on an animal Farm. The farmers are vampires who absorb our life force through 
multifarious means. Most of us are animals, some of us are hue-men, men with ‘hue’, those who have 
light or enlightened minds (the word 'man' derives from the Sanskrit word 'manas'). 

In the hive mind of the farmers of Zion we are all animals (goyim) who exist only to serve them: to 
allow them to vampirize our life's blood through coerced wage slavery (if you want to play the game of 
life you have to pay and in order to pay you have to work, i.e. sell your soul into service to a master- a 
slave to a paymaster, either in the form of customers or any other type); to allow the vampire farmers 
to vampirize our energy through their architectural grid and all their systems of control, and which 
system regulates and controls our ‘labor’, designed to engineer in the most efficient and effective way 
the harvesting of our soul energy. 

This latter factor of the system of Zion will be discussed in the following: how the infrastructure of 
material density is designed and how its functions are coordinated logistically to serve the purpose of 
harvesting our energy and enabling its absorption by the vampires of Zion, both their material 
humanoid creatures on the earth (the jewish people and their black magician affiliates- Freemasons 
and the Judeo-Christian and religious clergy- the priest caste) and they themselves the trans- 
dimensional reptilian's who control the vampire farm as its architects and engineers at higher 

The architecture of Zion is based upon the cube. Everything is right angular, square in two dimensional 
form and cubic in three-dimensional form. The cube represents (and indeed ontologically is in terms 
of sacred geometry) 'matter' or third density- that which is tangible and can be touched, also referred 
to in the system of elements as ‘Earth’. 

Indeed, we are living on a dirt farm of lowest density, a sacrificial plane upon which the cutthroat 
shepherd kings routinely cut the carotid arteries of their goyim in ritual murder sacrifice either in war 
or revolution or simply in a more quotidian form of nervous exhaustion; drug or alcohol addiction and 
other forms of chaos to create dysfunctionality or entropy within the system they have installed. 

How this effectively works is that the square or cube-as in occultism- is a geometrical shape or solid 
that traps energy within, preventing its escape and impeding its flow. This holds the energy in place 
enabling these entities to feed once they have initiated stress inducing conditions that cause the 
'goyim' to give off 'loosh' or bio-energy upon which the vampires feed. 

Thus we are living in a matrix of magic squares in which we are trapped in a structure reminiscent of a 
nesting doll- cells within cells, layers of matter that trap the circulation of energy in an entropic 
condition within an array of three-dimensional fixity. 

Everywhere we go we are walking along a right angular road grid (the road itself designed as a parallel 
structure with two sides within which we must walk) which constitutes the topographical layout of all 
towns and cities under the influence of the jewish occupation government. 

Such a topography is geopathic- it generates chaos or harm by virtue of the slowing down and 
rendering static of energy. The grid layout of towns and cities contain right angular buildings. These 
buildings are all in effect ‘entropy machines’ which facilitate the breakdown of the life force energy of 
their occupants, trapping their souls within and enabling the trans-dimensional entities to steal their 

In the Traditional world, the layout of population centers was always of a circular or round nature and 
they were always placed next to bodies of water to enable the energies to flow better, taking away 
'Dor' (deadly orgone in the words of Wilhelm Reich) and enabling healthy orgone (vril; od; chi-life 
force energy by whatever name) to take its place. 

The round spires and houses of the Traditional world also enables energy to flow and uplifts the 
denizens increasing health and vitality rather than having their energy growth static and stagnant 
through a lack of dynamism. This is the difference between the entropic nature of the system of Zion 
with its deliberate stagnation of energy flow and that of the world of Tradition (which could only be 
Aryan), with its dynamic extropy, energies flowing harmoniously according to their natural tendencies 
and being properly channeled and harnessed according to ontologically valid metaphysical principles 
of sacred geometry and sacred science. 

Undoubtedly, like flies on feces, the elementarwessen or entities from the netherworld delight in the 

stagnant energetic climate of the geopathic right angular grid. We are living in a matrix in which there 
is no escaping the low vibrations induced by the topographical structure of the cube and square. You 

are indeed 'on the square’ in the judeo-masonic vampire farm, indeed you are 'in the square’ as a rat 

in the cage. 

That the roads and buildings are comprised of the most geopathic materials also must be noted: oil 
comprising tar for roads, giving off much pollution into the atmosphere to be respired by the 
population; concrete and oil-based paint; metal; gyprock- all materials which are formed from the 
lowest density kingdom of elements: the mineral kingdom, that which is correlated with the earth. 

Heretofore the materials were of wood, especially in the ancient world before they were destroyed by 
the irrational fanaticism of Abrahamic religion and its implicit recognition of the greater Spiritual 
power vested in the more living kingdom of plants in the form of wood, which could be impregnated 
with positive energies and were a vital extension thereof. 

Hence the Abrahamics had recourse to burn down the buildings especially the temples as a means of 
eliminating their competition for hegemony; they are characteristically violent nature imposing itself 
as an extension of the will of the Demiurge, their 'God'. 

The materials of stone and of synthetic materials based upon the mineral kingdom (and worse based 
upon a chemical mixture of artificial engineering) all have their properties of creating 'Dor' and of 
diminishing the harmonious circulation or resonance of energy (vril; chi; od, etc.). Hence they serve, 
do these materials, as containers of the stagnant energies which can then be, like milk from a carton 
(or blood from a bag) absorbed into these entities. 

Hence we, the so-called 'human all too human’ are indeed living in a matrix, just as is depicted in the 
movie of the same name. We are a battery being drained of its life force by slow degrees round-the- 
clock and at every point in time. Trapped within the matrix cube of the Demiurge we are subjected to 
constant stressors: noise pollution; 'Dor' from cell towers and satellites; a noxious vapor of exhaust 
fumes and the perpetual hum and vibration of machines (fridges; furnaces, etc.). The constant stress 
of the quotidian ‘daily grind' of coerced slavery and imposed social; financial; legal and other 
obligations imposed upon us by the vampires of Zion- all with malice aforethought, and with the 
intention of absorbing our energy which we give off as stress responses and other emanations of our 
vital being, as reactions to the constant bombardment of stimuli they hurl at us as so many missiles. 

The accumulation of low-level vibration over a consistent time period leads to the negative feedback 
loops of metabolism as the organism attempts to adjust itself homeostatically as its natural survival 
mechanism. We are always running a deficit in all senses: bills to pay; hunger; thirst; exhaustion; 
burning the candle at both ends. All a deficiency needing rectification as condition of survival. Hence 
within the slave matrix of Zion even to merely survive, to subsist, is rendered impossible and one is 
like a used car or house: subject to amortization, a wearing down which is accelerated through these 

The obligation on our part to work for the system that erodes our life force, serving one's executioners 
as a wage slave, is a bitter irony that escapes most in terms of its real meaning and yet is intuitively 
understood by most as absurd and indeed ‘their lot in life'. Most who are not the vampires and their 
servants at higher levels (or those servants-indeed this applies nearly to all servants-who delude 
themselves into thinking they are a master as having a relative degree of control and influence over 
others) carry on day by day in numb apathy. For the deluded servants and masters,though a hammer 
they are nonetheless an anvil and just as they hammer upon their underlings so to their hammered 
upon by their overlords. Such is the vampire world of the matrix, a mechanical system of sadism and 
reciprocal use and abuse. 

All recognize their obligation to 'go along to get along’ though their 'getting' is exceeded by the cost of 
doing business, and thus they begin there down going, spiraling down entropically not only in this life 
but throughout the incarnations, as the Demiurgic at clock ticks down to Ragnarok and the end of the 

The wage slaves of Zion have mortgaged their souls and this as a necessary condition of entering into 
contract with the vampire controllers of the system, a contract unilaterally imposed upon them in 
utero in the form of the drafting up of a birth certificate. One receives kosher certification as a farm 
animal on the animal farm of Zion. 

Money, the abstract form of bio-energy or the life force, is the currency that flows through the hands 
and electronic bank accounts of the vampire banking cartel, yielding interest which is the life force fed 
upon by the bankster gangsters. Everything has a cost and this cost is made tangible in the form of 
money, now reduced to digits in a cybernetic system of control that, like water (current; currency- 
dirty electricity) can only flow through one's hands in a perpetual circulation without stop save the 
complete crash of the currency. 

The system is doomed owing to the fact of the circulation of currency not yielding benefits but taking 
benefits in the form of interest which then devalues the currency- even as it increases the coffers of 
the rapacious vampires of Zion who, understanding the mechanics of their Usury system of fractional 
reserve banking, have spent multiple incarnations on this earth absorbing wealth as a parasitical tribe 
and have wandered over the earth with stolen loot and the mortgaged souls of those whose life 
energy they have robbed like a figure of Chichikov in Nicolai Gogol's book "Dead Souls". 

The interest on the mortgaged souls monopolized by jury and their affiliates will inevitably have to be 
paid back given that their unilaterally imposed 'contract' (not based upon agreement but deceit and 
hence not a meeting of the minds) was not a contract at all and thus their charging of interest (itself a 
sin as a violation of the Absolute, an attempt to create something- interest- out of nothing- illusory, 
counterfeit consideration) will backfire karmically upon themselves. 

That the creatures who have genetically engineered the jews millennia ago, these reptilian 
transnationals, exist vampirically, implies according to cosmic law that they are living on borrowed 
time, taking from others without giving a proportional amount or indeed anything at all to those 
whose life force they rob. They are a net negative in the cosmic account book of the divine and thus 
are a cost unworthy of paying and will almost certainly be cut from the budget of the divine through 
the appropriate karmic processes. We are all agents of karma and thus must ensure that these 
vampires cease their activity else we incur our own karma of extermination at their hands if not in this 
incarnation then in the next. 

Thus in order to save one's soul, to prevent the continued entropic devitalization of Gaia and all 
sentient life thereon one must combat these vampiric entities, both the reptilian's ('‘seraphim’; 
'elophim') and their earthly tools the jews and their underlings. Their defeat alone will ensure the 
spiritualization of the earth and the establishment of a new golden age. 

The vampire farm of Zion is a three-dimensional matrix of global proportions, perhaps replicated on 
similar worlds. Perhaps it is even four dimensional comprising the structure of a Tesseract (a four- 
dimensional hypercube of spatio-temporality)? Both under the earth and over the earth a matrix of 
machines and infrastructure exists, all of which runs on electricity (or the vital substance of the 
Demiurge, his mode of existence in the material plane). Within the earth are systems of power 
generation: electrical wires which span the earth and which are hooked into the square shaped boxes 
called buildings or dwellings, tying all citizens into power-generating stations which utilize explosively 
generated power that generates Dor and harms Gaia and her population. 

The electrical grid is a spider's web of cybernetic control which transmits waveforms along its metallic 
and fiber-optic strands creating an informational network through which all may be controlled and 
enslaved according to its engineers. Simultaneously the dirty electricity (the bukkake and urine of the 
Demiurge) is emitted from electrical outlets; power lines; cell towers and satellites bathing the earth 
in his electromagnetic germ-plasm and, like urinating into a potted plant, upsetting the healthy pH of 
of all sentient life, creating conditions of degeneration and sickness. 

The Demon of electricity transmits himself like a rapist in the dead of night along his highways of 
communication, and rapes the virginal earth in brutal fashion. He is the Demiurge of the Abrahamists 
and his violent assault against the harmony of existence is a celebratory rite of his Will, a vulgar 
display of power- that of a rapacious beast. His minions, the reptilian's, feed off the pain and stress he 
induces, gathering up the bio-energy of the goyim into themselves as a means of perpetuating their 
vampire lives. 

It is not only the current of electricity that participates in the control grid as its primum mobile but 
different power systems and infrastructural apparati play a role in this system. The plumbing and 
sewer system also function as conduits of bio-energy. The flow of water enables energy to move about 
the control grid and the topography of the control grid is designed in a way to move negative energy 
('Dor', deadly orgone in the term of Wilhelm Reich) away from the privileged elites who operate the 
control grid on the mundane plane and toward their slave caste creating an endless feedback loop 
designed to induce stress responses in the populace through bombarding them with Dor. 

Prisons and other buildings wherein extreme negative emotions exist are segregated from the 
privileged who conceal themselves away from the Dor emanating from their slaves. These buildings of 
negative vibration (slaughterhouses; prisons; mental hospitals; ghettos filled with low minded animal 
men, the 'goyim’) are typically constructed along rivers if not in self-contained areas so that bioenergy 
can be directed away from the privileged, perhaps transmuted along its flow and then transmitted via 
lay lines and waterways (sewer pipes; rivers; plumbing systems) to them to feed and empower them 
with energy, enhancing their life force. 

Churches and buildings of this sort are designed architecturally to transmit energy. Their spires are 
structured in such a way as to channel energy up and from the Earth to the sky, possibly being 
absorbed by the trans-dimensional reptilian's or even transmitted off planet to one of their locations 
in the solar system or cosmos such as the planet Saturn or through black holes to another dimension 
or region of the galaxy. 

The hapless slaves who congregate as so many dupes of Judah and indeed of Jehovah in their angel 
hive loosh collectors called 'churches', simply have their energy vampirized by these entities in one 
way or another empowering those on the earth or in other dimensions. They are trapped in a cycle of 
reciprocal use and abuse in which these entities and their priest caste delegates create fear and low 
vibrational states of consciousness and thereby vampirize their life force, keeping them coming back 
for more thinking that the solution to their problem's can be found at the problem source. 

This absurd abusiveness extends to all the functions of the system of the vampire farm: the medical 
system purports to heal but in fact harms- the patient or sufferer seeks remedy for their sufferings 
being ignorant of the causes and having been conditioned to venerate their medical priests (all of 
whom at higher levels are jews and freemasons) bow obsequiously before then in a profane rite of 
allopathic self-sacrifice, allowing themselves to be poisoned with pharmaceuticals and radiation; 
injected with poisons and biological weapons called 'vaccines' and subject to anatomical mutilations 
and corruptions of whatever variety. They seek the solution to their problem from, if not the source in 
this case than a source which simply compounds their problems and adds insult to injury through such 
injurious reliance upon the unquestionable medical priest. 

In terms of the legal system the system imposes legal prosecution and penalties upon the gullible (be 
they in the form of traffic tickets or false charges which one must defend himself against or face a 
greater penalty for failing to do so). The gullible seek help from the system which attacks them, 
incurring legal fees and compounding their stress and anxiety which fills the coffers of the priests of 
Saturn with their bio-energy not only in the form of money (it's abstract representation, yet having 
real consequences) but in that of loosh. 

The stress induced by the prosecution and indeed by the penalty if such is the result (eg. jail or 
community service) causes the emanation of loosh which the vampiric entities can feed off and which, 
being trapped in greater conditions of restriction (eg. a jail cell or financial hardship) places one in a 
position for greater vampirization. 

Be it the labor force of coerced wage slavery or the various facets of the 'chiliagon' (the thousand 
sided figure) of the crystalline matrix, all are subject to entropy and the amortization of their life force 
over time, their lifespans having been proportionally reduced over the incarnations and the cycles of 
time of the Manvantara. 

One must, in order to liberate both his own individual soul and that of Gaia and her denizens, each 
sharing to relative degrees in the collective consciousness from the matrix prison, shatter this 
crystalline matrix. 

The false light- gaslight of the black magicians of Zion continues to mesmerize and deceive the 
majority who understand only effects not causes and can't trace the problems on this earth to their 
ultimate cause, that being the architects of destruction, the vampires of the animal Farm who pull the 
levers of the matrix machine to trap our souls in the lowest density while we atrophy and feed these 
entities with our life force. All of the architecture of Zion, it's systems of information processing run on 
the demon of electricity, the Demiurge. It is this architecture and its architects which keep us 
enslaved. Hence both it and they must be sabotaged with the wrecking ball of our collective willpower 
led by Aryan adepts who will guide the aggressive force of the masses to the proper target. Only then 
can the refulgent light of a new golden age dawn upon this earth. 

Planned Obsolescence of Human Wetware 

RoboCop: Planned Obsolescence of Human Wetware 

The function and role of what is euphemistically referred to as 'law enforcement’ has been a presence 
throughout history and used by the priest caste as a mechanism of enforcing their will upon the slave 
population. Physical coercion of compliance with what is called 'law' (the will of the sovereign power) 
is carried out through the trained instruments of human wetware who are called ‘law enforcement 
officers' in contemporary jargon. In the ancient world, especially in the semitized near Eastern 
Mediterranean regions or in the cloaca gentia of Asiatic despotism, the hired 'toughs' or 'law 
enforcers' were a ubiquitous presence. 

These instruments of the state and its controlling architects, the priest caste and nobility, were their 
perpetual sword and shield against the masses whose primordial instinctive rebelliousness, based 
upon an impulsive desire consciousness, had to be restrained. 

This at least was and is the perspective of the priest caste who justify their overlordship over the 
‘broad masses' under the pretext of keeping 'order' and preventing violations thereof, what they 
construe as 'violence' or ‘crime’. 

Perhaps to some extent this conception is correct-the broad masses have their tendencies toward 
irrational outbursts and are largely governed by impulse. However in a Traditional society where each 
caste member knew their place there was less need for an omnipresent police and military phalanx 
subjecting the population to the panoptic vision of the priestly caste network of spies and thugs who 
are now dignified with the title 'law enforcement officer’. 

Thus in the ancient world it was usually only within multi-ethnic empires and cities that there was 
need of a veritable militarized police force. Within Traditional societies of a homogeneous nature the 
need of police was an absence and instead organically formed militias took her place with the citizens 
self organizing and repelling raiders and brigands and punishing transgressors of their ‘Rita’ or ‘law’ in 
a manner that reflected the will of the collective as embodied in and represented by its leadership. 

The distinction between the two forms of law enforcement is that between the two distinct types of 
community: the artificial multi-ethnic state form and the organic state or community whose members 
were of a relatively homogeneous kind. Thus it can be seen that in the case of the cloaca gentium of 
Empire, a police force existing independently of 'the peasants' was a necessity to attempt to impose 
the priestly caste will called 'law' upon their slaves and in the latter case of an organic state or 
Traditional nation no such enforcers were needed. As no such artificial, abstract, bureaucratized law 
existed, only the Cultural Soul of the organic collective reacting and interacting with the outsider 
prevailed as a mechanism of self-preservation and empowerment. 

Another factor in the development of the police lies in the type of consciousness of the priest caste. In 
the case of the hybridized negroid and mongoloid Mediterranean and Asiatic stock, the will of the 
sovereign power approximates the despotic will of their deities, or the monotheism of the earliest 
Abrahamics or the polytheism of those religious forms which preceded Abrahamism and which had 

developed under the consciousness of the hybrid. 

Hence the thug-like personality of the hybrid stock, especially that of the near Eastern and 
Mediterranean despot translated itself into action in the form of a society of masters and slaves, both 
castes being sharply divided by a thin blue line of thugs. 

The work "A Police Genealogy" by Bruno Cariou, further amplifies upon the development of the police 
in more contemporary times around the time of the French Revolution. Figures such as the French 
quondam criminal become police chief 'Vidoq' and the justice minister of Napoleon Joseph Fouche 
were Classic early prototypes of the criminal nature of those whose status as ‘law enforcement 
officers' was elevated above the fray and molded into a statue of bronze before which the broad 
masses were required to doff their cap and bow their head in obsequious obedience to ‘the law'."An 
attack upon the king's men is an attack upon the king himself" and would merit, according to the 
logistics of discipline and punish, of the state and its black magician architects, the appropriate 

The procedures of classical conditioning inbuilt into the system conditioned the masses into servility 
before the sovereign power. Object lessons were routinely acted out by the latter with such 
sensationalistic and shocking displays of punishment as public torture; execution and witch burning 
being a horror spectacle before which the masses were to be cowed into obedience before 'the law' 
lest they suffer a similar fate. 

Thus can be seen how the vampire system of Zion works across all dimensions of consciousness and 
lived experience: the ‘law’ in its juridical- legal form claiming to have been a concretization of 'the 
Divine Will’ mediated through priestly caste representatives who received kosher approval through 
indoctrination from birth and who were in most cases derived from certain family lines of the priest 
caste; the administration or enforcement of law beneath them being a translation of priestly caste 
decree in tandem with administrative decree into concrete action, which was and is the function of 

Within the function of an organic state this would have merit and be a direct and authentic 
transmission of the conscious will of the cultural organism into concrete action in defense of itself and 
its members. Within the context of the cloaca gentium of modernity such a translation of priestly 
caste decree into tangible action could only be at best a crude approximation of Truth and hence, 
though operating under the color of law, was a rough justice, in most cases more unjust than just and 
the more unjust the further along in the Kali Yuga. 

The regression of the castes and the intrusion into the priest caste especially of rogue elements of 
black magicians, notably jews, who had inserted themselves into spaces they had opened up through 
bribery and orchestrated revolutions signaled the death knell of Justice in a cosmic sense. Henceforth 
the scales of justice were increasingly unbalanced, destabilized by: 1) the unbalanced minds of the 
hybrid priest caste and their lackeys and 2) by the mixture and in many cases unfortunate 
hybridization of the population which as a population could serve only the function of a crucible of 
chaos. This 'volk chaos' generated yet more need for order and hence a greater need for police within 
the context of degenerate modernity. 

The Mafia criminality which exploded in America during the fin de siecle period was a direct result of 
the invasion of Ellis Island by Sicilian and Russian jews who, upon arrival in their new host immediately 
formed gangs in opposition to the indigenous population. The white hand gang of Irish New Yorkers 
was formed as a reaction to that of the black hand of mishpuka kosher nostra criminals who were 
accommodated by the priestly caste elite of judeo-christians. 

The creed of egalitarianism in which there was 'neither jew nor Greek' enabled the passage of the 
plague rats to invade, their ships finding safe harbor for their diabolical praxis under the petticoats of 
Lady liberty a.k.a. Isis the mother goddess. The presence of jewish criminality attempted to conceal 
itself behind the phalanxes of Italian soldiers as front men while the Dons were invariably situated in 
relative comfort and affluence behind their ethnic Shabbos goyim. 

The creation of the problem of 'crime', of violent action meeting with priestly caste disapproval and 
disfavor, led dialectically to the formation of arrival phalanxes to 'prevent crime’, what came to be 
identified by the term 'police’. It was the fin de siecle period which witnessed the greatest 
development of the police forces heretofore. 

Jewish academics such as Ceasar Lombroso in his work "Criminal Man", drew upon the latest trend of 
anthropological 'science' as a discourse of power/knowledge relations which was another weapon in 
the arsenal of the black magician priest caste to subjugate and enslaved populations through 
qualifying them as ‘criminal man' or ‘quasi criminal’ (criminaloid) or 'good citizen'. Anyone bearing the 
former two designations upon meeting their criteria based upon anatomical features, was placed 
under the vision of the panopticon open-air prison of Zion and subject to segregation; scrutiny and 
marginalization, in effect, excommunicated from the ‘land of milk and honey' of judeo-christian, 
‘good’, society. 

This discourse of forensic anthropology in conjunction with that of the developing pseudoscience of 
psychology under the jew Sigmund Freud were designed as discursive mechanisms of control, of the 
making of populations objects of knowledge/power then, having been assigned their respective 
categorial label they were subject to the appropriate consequences by the state and its controllers 
according to the modal logic of the system. 

At this time the police were given little training in any higher sense though kosher approved 
‘knowledge’ trickled down into their consciousness and formed them as a type of human wetware 
with certain programmed dispositions and sets of reactions and behaviors. The police were invariably 
Christian and specifically Catholic within the New York area and the additional programming of 
elementary psychology and anthropology amplified their total transformation into a mechanical arm 
of statecraft with a consciousness marching in lockstep with the priestly caste- as its iron heel 
enforcers of 'the law’. 

Further the technology that had been developed around this time by the Aryan genius Thomas Edison, 
the motion picture, was expropriated by jewry who had through organized crime and its international 
connections and servants in the judeo-christian clergy been enabled to pervert and misuse it. The 
jews began to develop motion pictures modeled on Freudian psychology, presenting lurid and 
titillating; shocking and melodramatic stories which were designed to implant certain thought forms 
into the consciousness of youth. 

The precode filmography consisted in scenes of crime which purported to condemn crime while 
simultaneously glorifying it at an ur-level of the consciousness of the instinctive minded masses. 
"Crime doesn't pay" was the message which to some of the audience glorified the police and to those 
not members of the 'moral majority' indirectly presented the criminal as a tragic figure fallen from the 
grace of ‘priestly caste’ approval who lived a life of danger and risk. 

This played to the Eros and Thanatos Idic consciousness of the peasant cash who secretly delighted in 
the aggressive anti-heroic figure who was scorned just as they were by the moral majority and its 
neurotic bourgeois mores of inhibition and restriction. This ‘liberating’ influence of jewish Hollywood 
films seeded the ideas of crime paying dividends in the form of fame and glamour even if having a 
tragic ending. 

The function of the indoctrination of these films and other media such as comic books (eg. Dick Tracy; 
True Crime) dialectically engineered in the mass consciousness the desirability of police presence and 
garnered support for the installation of their slave masters whose sole function was a restriction of 
that very liberty which they vicariously experienced in a simulacral form through the medium of 
movies; comic books and crime novels. 

Thus the institution of policing became embedded in the consciousness of the population and was 

institutionalized as a socially approved necessary presence no longer merely, like the earlier private 
security firm of Pinkerton's, a hired bully whose function was to club the peasants, but a ‘protector 
and defender’ of the sheep, the sheepdogs of the Shepherd Kings of the order of Melchizedek. 

Thereby the notion of 'community policing’ was introduced, a euphemistic phrase which, connoting a 
sheepdog protecting the sheep (' good peasants’) from wolves (bad peasants, 'criminals'), functioned 
to extend the power of the priest caste more ubiquitously as a 'dragnet' in which the bad or 'evil' were 

caught and 'justly' punished according to priestly caste logistics and 'the good’ could happily pass 
through the nets unscathed. 

Nonetheless all were and indeed are to this day trapped within the electromagnetic surveillance 
dragnet of the Zion system and none now may exist outside of its 'total information awareness’. The 
entire apparatus of the technocracy (technai-crazy, the electronic slave apparatus of Jehovah) extends 
itself on (sur); above (supra) and below (sub) Gaia/Terra and is controlled ultimately in subterranean 
nether regions by the trans-dimensional reptilian's as the true architects of the system invisible to 
most all save their hybrid children, the jews, and their kosher approved black magician shabbos goyim. 

Those diabolical presences of other-dimensional species, vampires of the life force of those they seek 
to enslave on their animal farm of bipedal goyim, rarely are known to the ‘useful idiots' who play a 
role in the system as its enforcers. However their influence extends downward even into the barracks 
of their iron heel enforcers whose relative ignorance is determined by rank. 

The higher up the ranks the enforcers go the more initiated they become in the sinister processes of 
the black magicians and their overlords the reptilians. Parallels with Freemasonry are strictly 
correlated with the rank structure of military and police, with all police at or above the level of Sargent 
participating in the diabolical black magic of masonry and becoming assimilated into the hive mind of 
Zion through these same rites, allowing their souls perhaps without understanding what they're 
getting into to be captured by the reptilians; some becoming possessed, perhaps others having a 
relative degree of autonomy to maintain some semblance of 'normal life' on the slave farm of the Zion 

In the case of the military, given its more limited function of direct aggression against the population 
and its larger numbers, masonic appointments are presumably restricted to the officer caste and 
higher-level N.C.Os. The entire trapezoidal structure of 'the system’ is designed in a 
compartmentalized fashion, with each level being tightly segregated from those below it so that those 
above have power/knowledge over those below and thus exert control over their underlings. 

The lower ranks are only slightly removed from the average civilian population, although having 
greater physical but not spiritual power, and in occult terms the number of the citizens or 'civvies' as 
they are contemptuously stigmatized by the military and police members as an institutionalized 
perspective, is '666' and that of the military ad police ranks being '667'-the first '6' being Spirit; the 
second 'soul'and the last number being the physical body with '6' connoting material density and '7' a 
higher frequency or dimension of being. 

The masonic fraternal order of police is its true governing body with all other functions and 
associations subordinate thereto constituting merely contingent and pragmatic ensembles of 
organization and collective action. Like all things within the inner sanctum of masonry the fraternal 
order of police is simply an instrument in the hidden hands of the reptilian's which is of contingent use 

and whose existence is simply a transient means of controlling the ‘human all too human’ peasant 

Both ‘human all too human’ police, whose number is '667' and those they bully whose number is '666' 
are simply ‘human’ or rather ‘animal men', wetware in the informational control system of Zion, who 
are slated for the scrapheap once the reptilian's are sufficiently in position to do away with their 
‘animate tools' on the vampire farm. As Susan.B.Reed in her book "The Body Snatchers" has revealed, 
they will be replaced by reptilian hybrids who are less rebellious and more compatible with their Zion 
hive mind. Perhaps a contingent of humanoid animal-men would be kept around, grown as livestock 
to feed upon by these reptilian creatures, the mongrelized slave stock comprising an inventory of 
livestock on the vampire farm having no functional mind or freedom whatsoever and being simply 
entertainment for the reptilians' violent sadism and the main course of their feasting. 

Robert E.Dickhoff, the German buddhist who relocated to Tibet in the 1920s prior to the second world 
war wrote in his book "Agartha" of how reptilian's who had been living on Venus were intending to 
travel to earth and occupy it for the consumption of the earthly denizens. The police however and 
their military analog, each merging together into a judge Dredd-style RoboCop, are deployed by the 
priest caste to ensure that any potential rebellion against their masters fails. 

Indeed this is the function of police- to ensure the masters remain fat and happy and their slaves 
neutralized by whatever means (fear; coercion; incentive), always and ultimately with the implied 
threat of deadly force, the true power as Mao Tse Tung said "coming from the barrel of a gun", either 
the priestly caste threat of hellfire or failing that the gunfire of military and police or more recent 
‘non-lethal’ technology- microwave and directed energy weapons, the electronic fire of the Demiurge. 

Movies such as "judge Dredd"and "RoboCop" were released during the time when the citizen 
population had begun to become restless in the United States of America Corporation. The Vietnam 
War and the Kennedy assassination had shifted the consciousness of the population toward a state of 
suspicion with respect to the trustworthiness of their government which just shortly before this time 
they embraced with jingoistic frenzy, culminating in the massacre of their own race in the second 
world war and their own subsequent immersion in the mire of the cloaca gentium jewry was in 
process of constructing. 

Accordingly the J.O.G (jewish occupation government) system had to predictably program the 
population into compliance with law using propaganda films centered around the Vietnam War to 
melodramatize the corruption of government and keep their plantation serves trapped within the 
‘left-right’ paradigm of democratic party politics, dividing and conquering the population against itself. 

"Rambo", depicted a heroic youth who had served his country with noble intent in its war against 
Vietnam and the spiteful and hostile backlash of backwoods ignoramuses who dishonored their 
badges as ‘law enforcement officers’. Thus the legitimacy of law enforcement was called into question 
in the popular mass mind and the 'citizens' and police were subject to a further ‘divide and conquer' 

conditioning, leading the mass mind of the fraternal order of police (667) and that of the peasants 
(666) into a relationship more antagonistic than that which had crystallized during the time of "The 
Andy Griffith Show", the 'man of the people’ police officer archetype. 

The cabal established the police in its mind control apparatus as initially good sheepdogs defending 
‘Law and order', then as buffoons (eg.Deputy Dog; the Dukes of Hazzard) and finally as scoundrels and 
tainted and untrustworthy figures though only in part, still possessing redeemable qualities, 
testaments to the fallibility of human wetware. 

This confusion of the mass mind with mixed messages further assisted in neutralizing any prospective 
rebellion amongst the 'broad masses' who were in the state of confusion as to whether there 
sheepdogs were friend or foe. Similar to the red and blue lights on police cruisers which signal activity 
(red) and passivity (blue); aggression (red) and its neutralization (blue), the mass mind was neutralized 
in its aggressive hostility through not knowing how to act. Mind control, world control. 

Around the mid-to-late 80s the TV show "COPS' was created, glorifying the police as heroes. 
Simultaneously, predictive programming films of rogue police bucking the ‘letter of the law' such as 
"Cobra" with Stallone and "The Running Man" with Schwarzenegger, portrayed police as victims of 
‘the system’, ‘just trying to do what's right' but being hamstrung by bureaucratic red tape. This 
portrayal of police as dutiful heroes just wanting to carry out justice, but the system with its heartless 
bureaucrats who created injustice preventing them was the new archetype introduced in the life-cycle 
of the police. This signalled its waning of youthful vitality as an institution based upon a failed 
integration of human wetware and technologized bureaucracy. 

"Dirty Harry" was yet another of these movies which blurred the lines of the Judeo-Christian ‘evil’ and 
'good' and condition the mass mind to be receptive to the operations of the developing militarized 
police state as simply a child of necessity, birth pangs of a utopian world of 'safety and security’ amidst 
a fallen world of ‘Satanic evil’. 

Such was and indeed is the intention of the programmers of Zion. However as of the time of this 
writing there is a paradigm shift as the Kali Yuga spirals down in its nadir, that being an expiry date 
uncovered on the rusty human wetware who, for the cabal of dark forces, have largely outlived their 
usefulness. Accordingly the planning Department of the jewish utopia have decided that the system 
has no need of their ‘human wetware'. 

The development by human hands, typically by the genius of the Aryan race, of robots, has supplanted 
the need for fallible human agents whose capacity to think independently of the system and whose 
limited informational capacity doesn't meet the requirements of the architects of destruction. The 
black magicians who envision a final confrontation with the goyim necessitating the elimination of 
fallible ‘human all too human’ agents. 

Hence the final phase of the biblical blueprint of 'the end times' has already been implemented, with 
police and military having been forcibly injected with biological weapons made in the state of Israel. 
The human wetware whose number is (667) have had implanted into their meat machine vascular 
system graphene oxide which is a substance spanning the organismal and mineral kingdoms, the 
hardest substance on earth, harder than diamonds and which, circulating around the bloodstream, 
will create continual micro-trauma, like razor blades in the bloodstream eventually forming blood clots 
that will induce strokes and heart attacks amongst their sheepdog enforcers. 

To replace their animate tools will be introduced: unmanned aerial vehicles (U.A.Vs); weaponized 
drones; robots, all controlled by the reptilian hybrids who are known as 'jews' today and who would 
have achieved through this means dominion over the earth. This but for the presence of the 
ReichsDeutsche, the Imperial Germans, who have been a presence on and off the Earth ever since at 
least the end of the second world war, occupying Antarctica and bases on the Moon and Venus. The 
hope for a final defeat of the forces of darkness on this earth lies with them and with those who still 
exist who oppose the matrix and seek not a cowardly escape in dreams but a destruction, total 
overthrow, and occupation of the earth in a Reich of fifth density, in Hyperborea redux. 

The fourth generational technotronic warfare of the cabal hence must have its artificial lifeline severed 
at its source, that being the medium or mode of power it runs on: electricity. To salvage the Truly hue- 
men from the living dead scrap heap of the ‘human all to human’ animal-men requires an unplugging 
of the system from its power source, the Demon of electricity, the Demiurge, severing his tie to the 

The Demiurgic matrix of electricity must be dismantled. The destruction of all cell-towers; satellites 
and power-generating stations; the highest level wire pullers and button pressers who operate the 
machine. Only with "The Disintegration of the System" in the manner of Giorgio Freda can the 
integration of the soul of the Truly hue-men become a fait accompli on a spiritualized earth 
disconnected from the Demiurge matrix power system of explosively generated violence, and 
operating on a harmoniously resonant frequency of the magnetism of Mari Mag-dalene the Mother 
Goddes on the liberated Gaia Sophia. 


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ae. yin ie oO f 

The Matrix of Inverted Reality 

The matrix of illusion we are all trapped within like a scorpion in amber may be called the J.0.G 
(jewish occupation government) system. It is based on illusions and the illusion makers are the black 
magicians who conceal themselves behind the curtain of maya, the veil of Isis and whose modus 
operandi is that of concealment and deceit. 

They are malevolent agents of chaos who engineer chaos as a means of stealing the life force of the 
denizens of Gaia. Indeed these sinister black magicians are themselves merely underlings subordinate 
to other dark forces beyond the veil of Isis, our perceptual field within third density. Pull aside this 
rainbow veil of illusion and you will see the ultimate cause of global chaos and catastrophe operating 
through mysterious occult means upon the earth and generating the matrix of illusion that keeps us 
trapped as a scorpion in amber, unable to move and reduced to a static state of impotence. 

To identify the architects of destruction of this matrix world of illusion is to recognize the cause of all 
problems on this earth which can be traced to them and to them alone. Only then can the crystallized 
matrix of amber in which we are encased be shattered and the scorpion sting of our will be unleashed 
to destroy they who wish to enslave; torment and ultimately consume us. 

'They' are the trans-dimensional reptilian extra-terrestrials who have transformed our planet into a 
crystallized and materialized prison structure as means of trapping our souls within, encasing us in 
their low vibrational frequency of 3-D pseudo-reality while they exist in higher dimensions beyond our 
visual field and absorb our energy for themselves. 

The entire mechanical system in which we exist has been devised by their overlord deity the Demiurge 
who has with violent force exploded into being, imposing His low vibrational energy upon the pre- 
existent fabric of reality, the rapist forcing himself upon the mother goddess or Mari-Magdalene (the 
astral light) and rendering the subtle fabric of her green garment defiles with his demonic ejaculate, 
the encrustation of materialized substance deriving from the electrical orgasm of His will-to-power, His 
will to dominate and enslave and absorbed into Himself all the vitality of the source from whence he 

The reptilian entities worship His vampiric Self and adopt His mode of existence as their own which 
could never be a choice on their part but only a necessary function of their uncreative being. They are 
crystallized fractals of His Will. What their origin is is a mystery and yet their historical footprint on 
Gaia in the form of statuary; iconography; bas reliefs; wall paintings and mention in sacred texts 
spanning the globe reveals that they have been on this earth over its entirety and for a considerable 
period of time having a malevolent influence on its denizens. 

The depiction of reptiloid creatures throughout the culture of this world and throughout its millennial 
history builds a case for the existence of such beings. Beyond this those in the know, the spiritual 
adepts who are capable of the second sight can pull aside the veil of Isis and observe these beings as 
they carry out their vile actions of soul theft against the hapless pawns they and their hybridized 

offspring jewry have enslaved. Those adepts who are the Aryan warrior Priest caste defending the 
earth plane from the encroachment of these reptilian's have been ever at war with them in all 
dimensions and planes of Being and are engaged in active combat at all times against the dark forces. 
The mundane do not know what presences exist above their limited and restricted consciousness and 
thus all of this discourse will not amount to knowledge for them only ‘information’; ‘opinion’; 

The Demiurge works through His cosmic emissaries the reptilian's, possibly bound up with them in a 
quid pro quo relationship in which the energy of sacrifice these creatures cause to be released 
through the chaos they engineer is absorbed into the Demiurge as water (the aqua vitae or life's blood 
energy) is lept upon by electrical fire, the waters of life serving as a conduit of His violent Will and 
rapacious praxis. 

Their genetically hybridized and engineered minions, those who call themselves 'jews' on the earth, 
are the mundane administrators of the chaos crucible which is the J.O.G system. Subordinate to these 
reptilian-neanderthal genetic hybrids are the 'shabbos goyim' (or 'stupid animals’ in yiddish-a name 
jewry ascribes to their subordinates). 

These non-jewish and often partially jewish minions are bound up with jewry through fear of harm 
being brought against them or those they love; fear of loss of what they value (property; money; 
position) or incentive (the conference of position; prestige or some form of desired consideration such 
as the ubiquitous universal value form with which jewry binds its slaves, "the wage of slavery" as 
Seneca called it). 

The shabbos goyim preyed upon by jewry span the spectrum of class from the highest ivory towers of 
priest-craft to the depths of the gutter: the former are bought with fame and dark occult power, the 
latter with the infame of thrills and brute pleasure. Once bound up with jewry the shabbos goy 
become caught in the nets of the matrix system- in order to take you must give and with interest is the 
name of the kosher game. 

The interest jewry drafts up in the fine print of his contracts is always based upon the vital force of his 
slaves, alternately reducible to the food of the Demiurge and of his underlings: the ‘life force’ or 
energy of the soul. Obligations to labor; to save the jews time; money and effort; obligations to 
undergo activity which drains one of his life force which is then fed off by these entities; obligations to 
direct ones conscious energies toward the Demiurge, what jewry calls 'G-d', and to transmit his 
conscious energy toward this entity, allowing his vital force to be drained by this entity as interest on a 
debt jewry has imposed upon his slave class. 

As discussed in the section 'vampire farm’ the entire J.O.G system is engineered to absorb, vampirize, 
the soul energy or life force from the 'goyim', the non-jewish organic life upon which jewry and their 
overlords feed. The devotional prayers of Abrahamic religion and other religious institutions are all 
designed to feed these entities and ultimately the principal entity 'G-d', the Demon of electricity who, 

being a vampire, must absorb the soul energy of His slaves in order to expand Himself just as 
electricity expands itself through the appropriate medium be it water or metal. 

Along the path of His expansion, His rapacious and bloody trek throughout the Cosmos, He absorbs 
and destroys the souls of sentient life and thus may be likened to the 'death drive' as His existence is 
hollow even if apparently the ‘fullness’, and He can only fill himself as a leech with the bio-electricity 
of others. 

The vampire system, across all of its levels, is designed to absorb the life force into 'One', into 'The 
One' false counterfeit deity 'G-d'. Veneration of 'The One' is to attach oneself to a cosmic leech who 
drains one of his life force. This is the reason why the devotees of Abrahamic religion have such pasty 
appearances-they are allowing the very soul of which they as a body are a mere physical 
manifestation, a fractal reflection of higher planes, to become absorbed into the maw of their vampire 
God whose 'Word!' is 'death', not the false promise of Eternal Life that such a being has promised in 
the alleged ‘holy book' which was simply a translation of His aggressive violence into human language 
mediated through its jewish scribes. 

The 'Word' is thus a black magic spell used as an incantation to mesmerize and bamboozle the ‘flock’ 
of sheep who, through fear of hell fire and fear of homelessness and destitution, congregate in his 
angel hives to allow the vampirization of their energy by these reptilian creatures (‘angels'; 'Seraphim'; 
'Elohim') and to bleed off whatever King's portion of their vital force He demands as sacrifice unto 
Him. Failing that one will be harassed to death as a 'witch', cast out of the 'good' society and into the 
streets, having been refused employment through the passive aggression of the 'flock' of spiteful 

The devious mendacity of the jew is reflected in the shabbos goy: at higher levels they consider 
themselves ‘spiritual jews', having become hooked by the shepherds crook of power and money into 
the masonic lodge becoming 'twice the child of hell' of the jew and over time become transformed 
into a quasi-jew in terms of their consciousness: devious; mendacious; unprincipled; self-interested 
megalomaniacs displaying the spectrum of traits conventionally considered 'psychopathic' or 

A hierarchy of evil is established with the installation of the J.O.G system under the aegis of the 
reptilians: the jews are left on the mundane plane to play a role as administrators who must "occupy 
until | come", i.e. to maintain the slave system and to develop it in conjunction with their reptilian 
overlords' technology and advice and the creative engineering of their Aryan shabbos goyim. The 
Aryan technology they pervert and use the products of for their sinister purposes of violence. 

The jewish hybrids are installed as a more effective means for the reptilians to pacify their slave caste 
and virally replicate their genetics through interbreeding with the 'human all too human’ and Aryan 
populations of the earth. The intention of the reptilians is global dominion and the transformation of 
Gaia into an animal farm for the consumption of the souls of the 'human all too human' goyim and the 

Aryan race. 

Perhaps, it may be speculated, the reptilians are unable to live on the earth with its current 
atmosphere and therefore must terraform the earth as the jew Jay Weidner has claimed, increasing 
the carbon dioxide (and carbon monoxide?) Content of the air as means of respiration. The entire 
apparatus of the J.O.G system serves the purpose of generating carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide: 
the gas and oil industry; the generation of pollution by factories; the combustion engines of machines, 
whose function is to rape the earth and further pollute the atmosphere: via the car driven by the red 
tape generator bureaucrat who enables more bodies (and thus more consumers) to populate the 
earth and to perpetuate the absurd cyclicity of the vampire system, poisoning the atmosphere and 
enabling these entities to ‘occupy’ for the realization of their dominion mandate. 

The 'consumers' serve as the scapegoat who their vampire overlords blame for their own coerced 
slavery within the slave system. Of course blame should be apportioned to all but the ultimate cause 
of global devastation are the reptilian's and their earthly minions jewry after which in priority of 
blameworthiness are the shabbos goyim and these in a subordinate hierarchy pervaded by jewry as 
middle and lower level micromanagers; spies and disturbers of the force at all levels of society from 
high-level illuminati to low-level taxi drivers and security guards- all spying upon and generating chaos 
against their 'goyim' farm animals. 

Gaia under the J.O.G slave system has been transformed into a ‘natural resource’, a materially dense 
ensemble of substances which are considered mere energetic food for these reptilian life forms, 
intergalactic slavers and vampires who colonize whole worlds and enforce their oligarchical despotism 
upon the population, gradually working toward their total vampirization and devastation of the planet. 

As a microcosm of the Demiurgic macrocosm the reptilians are the soul harvesters of worlds and 
beneath or within this meso-cosm between Yahweh-Jehovah and the humanoid reptilian's called 
jewry on the earth plane are the reptilian's themselves. On the earth plane the jews are controlled by 
the reptilians and the region of the earth now transformed into a devitalized desert called ‘Israel’ and 
the Middle Eastern region as a whole serves as an example of their locust-like devastation of vital 
organic life. 

The jewish and related stocks, under the tutelage of their reptilian overlords, devastated the area, 
transforming a once lush region of vitality into a desert barren of life. "The desert encroaches", says 
Nietzsche, and it spread occurs through the agency of jewry, vampirizing all sentient life: mineral; 
vegetable; animal and the 'human all too human’, all feeding the Demiurge and the reptilians and 
jewry-in that order of precedence. 

The entire system is one of illusion and all of the facets of the chiliastic matrix are designed to appear 
benevolent, being merely clothed in the appearance of benevolence and being actually of a sinister 
and malevolent nature, offering help and visiting harm and this in the most secretive and clandestine 

The system is a fractal structure whose different facets are inter-related with one another though 
apparently distinct. All run on the ‘universal lubricant' of the Demiurge namely energy, the life force 
and this manifests within the system in the form of the ‘universal value form' of money. All qualitative 
distinctions are levelled to a quantitative plane of equality, everything being reduced to number and 
translatable into money. "Our results are measurable" in the J.O.G system, and the 'Great Architect of 
The Universe’, measures the souls of his slaves with an exceedingly fine calibrated scale. 

All of his agents operate on the basis of the principle of economicity: maximizing the minimum 
possibility of gain and minimizing the maximum possibility of loss- maximizing the profit of energy 
with minimal costs to the system and its agents, placing their vampire deity Jehovah first before all 
and this through the sacrifice of their own and others' energy through worship; prayer and other 
devotional forms of thought energy transference. 

Hence the economic system of fractional reserve banking is set up to absorb bio-energy in the form of 
interest- it does not give but takes and this under the facade of giving, which serves as the ‘hook’, of 
incentive by which the goyim are brought into the system in the first place: the hook of money- 
changing or money management and its false appearance of ‘safety and security’, of value through 
institutionalized banking-' too big to fail' financial cartel monopoly whose mammon-ist monolithic 
structure stands forth before the broad masses as their golden idol before which they prostrate 

Whether the particular economic system is command (communism) or demand (capitalism) to allow 
the concentration of wealth into the hands of Jehovah's earthly representatives is to hand a golden 
key to a gold vault to a common thief and depart on a lengthy vacation leaving one's fate in his hands. 
The financial mis-management system operates on the basis of an appearance of trust, of a bedrock of 
integrity which in physical form is solid looking: a bank building with its cadre of hired guards and 
opulent and clever agents who create the appearance of, stability and permanence. 

This is one of the simulacral facets of the Zion matrix-a mere golden veil of maya draped over the door 
of an empty vault whose wealth has been sequestered by the reptilian-hybrids who slink in the 
shadows and who have stolen the wealth, the abstract or physical representation, of the bio-energy of 
their 'goyim' slave class substituting the counterfeit (simulacrum) of the apparent value in the form of 
quantitative abstractions (money) for the tangible and real value of chattels; realty and ultimately the 
life force of their slaves. Hence with the Usury system of Zion, some thing (bio-energy) is exchanged 
for nothing (a promissory note or bill of exchange which is simply a token of consideration in the 
worst, empty sense of the word). 

The cunning rogues of Zion have established themselves through deceiving the gullible Aryans and 
other bipedal organic species of the ‘human all too human’. The financial wizards of 'economic 
science’ have piled up whole databases and academic curricula of tables of abstractions and equations 
to dupe and deceive the gullible into granting legitimacy to their usury system. 

In this particular form the 'God of science’ has reared its ugly head yet again and stands with supreme 
arrogance as the infallible authority on all matters related to value. The universal value form of 
‘money' has supplanted the spiritual value of vitality, of the life force, the soul of beings who have 
been convinced that their focus should be on the abstract nothingness of value tokens rather than the 
concrete and higher dimensional reality which constitutes their very essence. 

The god of materialistic-atheism called 'science' is the God of the matrix of mammon. The word 
‘science’ derives from the word 'scientia’ in latin, which translates into 'wisdom' in English, and this 
deity of modernity is far from being wisdom and its manifestation (The Divine Will) but is in reality the 
violence of Jehovah embodied in a conceptual system based upon abstract quantity, signaling the 
‘reign of quantity’, within the prison plantation of the Demiurge, His effective ideological instrument 
with which to rule the earth through humanoid agents, bringing a simulacral heaven onto the earth by 
crashing the gates of hell with His imposing dominance and aspiration to dominion over Gaia. 

Science extends itself as the cunning of Reason of 'the Logos' throughout the mechanical system of 
the J.0.G, a superimposed overlay upon the pre-existent vitality of Spirit, encasing all in a leaden coffin 
of matter. The materialized world and its materialized denizens are, through the knowledge/power 
technology of science (the cunning of Reason imposing itself like a stick-up man robbing a stagecoach), 
subject to the regulation and ordering of the Demiurge through this means. 

The medical field; that of the law and the political apparatus as well as and most importantly the 
religious system of institutionalized mind control and soul-tithing. This Tesseract structure of the 
crystalline matrix, a four dimensional hypercube of processes and logistical interrelations is the prison 
in which all are trapped and subject to a vampirization of their soul. 

The medical system, as Michel Foucault has laid out in copious hermeneutical analyses in his works 
"The Birth of The Clinic" and "The History of Madness" are designed to harm the patients in a subtle 
and covert way over time such that the harm is nearly undetectable to the 'goyim' both 
simultaneously absorbing as much of their money-energy as possible into themselves the medical 
priests, while simultaneously harming their 'patients' as much as possible, releasing as much pain and 
stress energy into the aether as possible as means of feeding the reptilian trans-dimensionals and the 
Demiurge, and simultaneously maximizing their own profits in the process, fattening themselves just 
as the swindlers in the financial sector fattened on the wealth of their suckers and dupes. 

Swindlers pervade the J.O.G system as it is a swindle itself- an apparently 'Divinely appointed' 
architecture of earthly organization designed as a veritable Garden of Eden on earth by their 'Great 
Architect of The Universe’ (G.A.O.T.U) and His priestly caste puppets. The legal system is a notorious 
facet of the J.O.G tyranny and given that the judges and lawyers who constitute its wire pullers and 
button pressers are priests of Saturn, it may equally be said that the system is run by lawyers given its 
Saturnian nature of restriction and limitation of vital life. ‘Lawyer’ in common parlance being 
synonymous with liar, and the system being one of illusion and deliberate deception, it is also 
mercurial in nature which is why its luciferian apparatchiks exalt the cunning of Reason as their modus 

operandi, operating on the same wavelength of logical stricture and control as their Demiurge deity. 

The hybrid reptilians, the jews and their masonic and christian affiliates who wear the black robe of 
Saturn in their official capacity operate a kangaroo court system of illusion in which they are the judge; 
jury and executioners and 'the accused!’ is guilty before proven innocent. The notion of ‘fairness’ 
propounded by the legal system in such jurisprudential toilet paper as John Rawls "A Theory of 
Justice" and Richard Posner's "Pragmatism in The Law" and other ivory tower tombes are put forth as 
talmudic justification for the installation of the laws of Jehovah. The noahide law for the 'goyim' slave 
class are subject to the imposition of a Universalist international maritime law superimposed with 
violent aggression upon the common law which preceded it. The ratio decidendi (reasons for decision) 
and doctrine of precedent (stare decisis) being supplanted by statute laws which supplant the sterile 
letters of jewish-Jehovistic law with the fluid and dynamic spirit of the laws of the land (judge made 

It either case however, both sides of this gavel of just-us, the hammer of Jehovah wielded against his 
slaves with merciless cold-bloodedness, are universalistic-the simulacral universal of the J.O.G, the 
imposition of the violent Will of the Demiurge mediated through and translated by his earthly agents 
of the cabal. 

These priests of Saturn undoubtedly confer with the entities with whom they are bound in making 
their decisions, which are more often than not and especially when brought against their enemies, 
acts of black magic designed to harm those who ‘violate masters’ rules’. 

The indoctrination system is another facet of the matrix chiliagon in which the gas-lighting and 
manipulation of the mass mind reaches a fever pitch and pervades the life-span of the 'human all too 
human’ wetware from cradle to grave. It manifests itself in multidimensional form from kindergarten 
to graduate school; to the ‘intellectual sophistication’ of academic journals; periodicals and works of 
pseudo-scholarship, to the tabloids and commercial broadcasts from the mind control machines the 
screened out masses gawk at with wonder as the gaslight wavers in front of their vision obscuring 
their purblind perception of reality. 

The educational system with its dogmatic pretence of authority regarding 'truth' subordinates Truth 
under the Abrahamic despotism to the Demiurge, the counterfeit Absolute, violator of Mari- 
Magdalene, and in the secular humanist indoctrination centers Truth is subordinate to majority 
decision which latter is swayed and engineered a priori by the black magicians from the education 
ministry to the local board of education to the lowest level executive function of teachers. 

Both forms of the indoctrination system are designed to subject the 'docile bodies' and minds of the 
passive sheep to the party line of Zion- that the Aryan race is the ultimate evil; jews are the children of 
the Demiurge who, it is alleged, is the "best there was; the best there is, and the best there ever will 
be"; mongrelization is a moral imperative; slavish and unquestioning obedience to the priest caste a 
matter of salvation or damnation. 

The youth are divided into two groups: slaves and masters, with the former being indoctrinated to 
content themselves with their ‘lot in life' as mindless drones, mere voiceless tools of industry, and the 
latter, the 'master caste’, restricting the potentiality of the former youth to the level of brutes, 
transforming potential Superman into sub human animal-men serviceable to their overlords. 

The illusory educational curriculum entails an entire history; psychology and pseudo-science that 
serves the exclusive purpose of putting slaves to work and confers nothing in terms of wisdom; 
understanding, higher purpose or meaning in life either in the Abrahamic or in the secular side of the 
educational facet of the matrix. 

The rigorous indoctrination undergone in the mind control system, conditions the slave class and 
indeed the master caste who are beguiled by their egoic reflections in their vanity mirrors and 
conditioned to believe they are destined for greatness on the earth plane when in reality they are 
merely terraforming the earth ("building Solomon's Temple") so that it may be occupied by the 

Hence their role as a would-be master caste is absurd as they are little more than slaves to the dark 
forces who would demote them to the status of their supper or a gladiator in the Colosseum had 
these dark forces their way reminiscent of the predictive programming movies "The Running Man" 
and 'The Hunger Games". 

Once passed through the system of slavery these slaves and masters go their separate ways, one up 
toward the higher ranks of the power structure, one down, sweating in the pit of economic serfdom 
and giving up their life force so that may be vampirized by the dark forces. 

In the section "Spiritual Underachievers", judeo-christianity is castigated as the false promise of a 
heaven world above, as a means of conditioning the serfs to suffer mutely a living hell below. The 
church as discussed in the section "Vampire Farm" revealed as the farce it is, as a giant architectural 
machine made of brick and mortar which is designed to trap within the energies of the congregation, 
within its square structure and, once the priestly caste black magician pastor or priest works his serfs 
up into a paroxysm of emotionalism their energies are released and fed upon by the trans- 
dimensional entities and simultaneously transmitted by the church spires upward and out words to 
the planet Saturn wherein these entities have a base of operations. 

Hence churchianity not only serves as a spiritual program of mind control, and opium pipe for the 
sheeple to line up and take a pull in order to pacify their concerns over their daily lives of absurd 
cyclicity, but it serves as a harvester of soul energy to empower the Demiurge and His subordinate 
minions. Churchianity thus is a blight upon the earth, a shackle upon the mind which enables the 
shackling of the body in wage slavery and the imprisonment of the population in the matrix. 

New-ageism is simply another permutation of the same template for slavery which existed in the form 
of christianity over the past two thousand years within the Piscean age. It entails the same ideas of 
pacifistic conformism and reality denial that christianity does only it incorporates a variety of practices 

which purport to confer upon the initiate or ‘enlightened’ spiritual power. 

Hence infinite varieties of this same template are served up to the broad masses to condition them to 
lay down their weapons, turn their swords into plowshares and permit their slave chains to be riveted 
around their necks. One must not judge- rather remain ignorant of Reality, ignoring Reality around 
them should it take them out of their happy state comfort zone; one must allow oneself to be buffeted 
and abused by the sadistic black magicians and their servitors-never to fight back and oppose harm to 
oneself or to others. 

At least christianity in its historical form had the option of fighting a ‘jus bellum’ or ‘just war' in 
defense of a judaized universalism. It erred in attacking the good; the True and the beautiful and 
enabling the jewish scarlet woman to ride upon its back in the beasts' bloody track of crusading and 
conquering for 'the faith' nonetheless it was not a complete suicide religion- at least while it was 
turning itself against others (‘infidels'; 'heretics') saving 'the best' for last, for its own swan-song of 
turning its abusive sadism upon itself as the ultimate virtue signal which latter played itself out in the 
sectarian war-everlasting between Protestantism and Catholicism. 

New-ageism, and largely a product of jewish contrivance though having some oppositional qualities to 
jewry such as in the case of Blavatsky, in large part has throughout its short history prescribed an 
obsessive focus on moralism of a quasi-christian-hindu pacifistic 'do no harm' variety. The real face 
concealed beneath this mask however is that of an inhibited and neurotic passive-aggression which 
has the words 'peace' and ‘love’ forever on its lips while it breathes its halitosis breath in the face of its 
enemies and bites as it kisses, love-bombing all who reject its fallacious presuppositions. 

These presuppositions are simply a convoluted extension of christianism: the egalitarian 
submissiveness before the Earth mother rather than a spiritually virile and manly comportment 
toward the natural world as in the case of National Socialism, which upheld the aristocratic ideal of 
differentiated order; hierarchy; inequality; discipline and will to power. 

The new age promised throughout its history and promises to this day nothing that would in any way 
conduce to a spiritually virile mode of life or upliftment of the lower being of fallen man to the level of 
Superman. It promises only a painted mask overlaid upon a cadaverous face draped in the rainbow 
flag of the failed integration of the soul. 

Contrast this spiritually soporific condition of soul syphilis with the Esoteric Hitlerism of Miguel 
Serrano which, far from being 'new age’ is indeed Primordial, the weltanschuang of the Eternal age of 
Timeless Truth, which harkens back to the ancient Hyperboran Solar-Uranian tradition. 

The new age is indeed in diametrical opposition to Esoteric Hitlerism on the most fundamental points 
of its doctrine: escapist rather than pragmatically oriented; pacifistic, rather than active in a virile 
sense; emotional rather than entailing a transcendent detachment from the chaos of worldly life; 
pathologically altruistic, venerating weakness and defectiveness rather than supporting power and 
strength harmoniously attuned to the Absolute; a graceless and human centeredness or if not human 

than purely telluric, a nature religion of pantheism rather than the higher transcendent orientation of 
Esoteric Hitlerism; a condemnation of higher forms of life which exhibit strength and power; creative 
ingenuity and challenging endeavor substituting in its place a stagnation of positive action in the name 
of 'peace’. 

Indeed new-age-ism is yet another constellation of spiritually suicidal creeds which are used as a 
means of tearing down legitimate power sources of opposition against the cabal, a channel through 
which to bleed off any pent-up aggression that may exist in those who might pose a threat to its 
hypocritical despotism. 

The distortion of new-age-ism trickles down into the mass mind as so much poison from above and 
conditions the broad masses to follow broad and winding paths to the abyss laid out for them by 
jewry as so many byways deviating from the straight and narrow path of truth. The consequence is a 
‘venerable social cataclysm’ as spoken of prognosticatively by Albert Pike in his letter to Giuseppe 
Mazzini concerning the Third World war and the nigredo phase of political alchemy, is facilitated in its 
manifestation to the chaotic ideas of new-age-ism. 

These ideas serve to divide and conquer the population, driving their candy coated and rainbow 
colored wedges into the integral Cultural Organism of the Aryan race and serve to tear it apart, 
fracturing it along countless ideological lines like tributaries deviating from a major river and making 
encroachments upon the land, splitting it up and flooding its luxurious verdure with its corrosive 

The trickle-down effect of pseudo-sophisticated new-age-ism and marketed to the intelligentsia 
gradually poisons the brains of the broad masses who operate in an inebriated and intoxicated state 
as vectors of this planned chaos, cancerous cells in the host body of society. The cultural degeneracy 
orchestrated by jewry in large part was designed to drag the consciousness of the masses down into 
the gutter of the sub-personal, the tellurism of the untermensch: sexual promiscuity, superseding the 
sexual inhibition of christianity (both unhealthy and hence spiritually degenerate); drug and alcohol 
addiction and the pursuit of 'thrills' through self-stimulation with poisons of the body; mind and soul 
and the aesthetic thought forms or egregores which lead toward these practices- a sensationalistic 
and shocking gestalt of audio-visual multi-sensorial affect designed with one purpose, that being: to 
destroy the Culture Organism of the Aryan race and indeed all other non-jewish Cultures which jewry 
seeks to invade, sabotage and destroy after assimilating all the wealth for itself and its kind. 

The inversion of Traditional values and the semitized distortion of Traditional values, that of 
christianity, which nonetheless prescribed some elements of Tradition within itself, was the protocol 
invoked to disintegrate the society of the non-jewish 'Other', the corrosion of the cultural battery acid 
of what the National Socialists called 'Entartete Kultur’ or degenerate culture. 


The inversion of Reality within the matrix of Zion transformed ‘love’ in a higher, spiritual sense into 
'lust';' peace' in the cosmic sense of universal harmony into a 'piece' of the pie of a commodified 
world; ‘equality’ in the sense of equals treated as equals regardless of the contingent blows of fate 
they were subject to in 'equity' with the person dying with the most toys winning a pyrrhic victory in a 
perpetual war of ruthless competition with each vying with all for supremacy- not the supremacy of 
Truth or Justice of the Aryan race but for the supremacy of their selfish false self, a purely worldly 
quest after the biggest 'piece' of the pie they could beg; borrow or steal; Justice transformed under 
the influence of entartete kultur into just-us, the combines and monopolies of the parasite tribe and 
their shabbos goy plutocrats and commissar ‘elites’. 

The process of 'immanentizing the eschaton' in the words of Robert Anton Wilson the jewish occultist, 
was undergone through the machinery not only of the degenerating entartete kultur but to its 
ideological or intellectual seeds which the tribe had implanted into the consciousness of the more 
rotten elements of their hopes through the allure and beguilement of mystery, and a catering to the 
lust and greed of their rivals. 

This gradualistic process of societal breakdown the jews initiated upon entry into any of their host 
populations operating at a subterranean level of praxis: the circulation of pornography and trafficking 
in prostitution in which their own females were sold as vessels of lust and corruption of the 
indigenous population; drugs and alcohol were always staples in their trade in vice and, occupying the 
margins and fringes of the indigenous society, they made inroads as a creeping pestilence into the 
center of the host. 

Not only in terms of geographical inroads targeting the malcontents and marginalized populations but 
the periphery of the Mind of the nation, from its more detached or corrupt priestly caste and criminal 
elements at lower levels to the average everyday middle-class member. The host becomes rotted out 
from the periphery to the center. Now, that which is considered 'marginal' is the former 'center' and 
that which is the former center has become de-centered through this process of the degeneration of 
ideology and subsequent and simultaneous creation of entartete kultur. The creation of the kultur, 
through the legerdemain of the black magician hidden hands of Zion, had its ideological influence and 
served as a vector of ideology just as the ideology they had established to whatever degree, had its 
cultural imprint upon the minds of the population. 

Introducing kultural vice such as salacious novels or peep shows and the inevitable accompanying 
poisons purveyed therein, the liquor soaked environment and haze of drug smoke worked reciprocally 
to condition the population to embrace the 'new normal’ or normative inversion, the trans-valuation 
of the values of Tradition and their supplementation with the tellurism of the nether regions, the 
diabolism of the dark side of Eden. 


As a consequence of jewry's creation, or rather plagiarism, of culture, transforming it into entartete 
(degenerate) kultur, the state of consciousness of the population had become degraded, taking it away 
from the higher states of consciousness and the spiritual planes toward the nether regions, enabling 
the dark forces to feed upon the energy they released through such vicious pursuits of hyper- 
stimulation: the low vibrational frequency music played in the dens of iniquity euphemistically called 
'bars' or 'pubs' was simply an additional ingredients in the stew of vice that lowered the consciousness 
and destabilize the integrity of the lost souls of those enclaves enabling the entities to bind to their 
slaves and to feed upon their bio-energy. 

The influence of drugs and liquor lowered the natural defenses of the population and weakened their 
capacity to resist the influence of these entities. Indeed it was not simply the exploitation of the 
indigenous population jewry sought nor even their destruction, though under such influences it would 
be inevitable, but the vampirization of their souls that was and is the ultimate 'endgame' of jewry and 
their reptilian overlords. 

To keep the masses weakened in every way possible was and is the goal as means of beating down 
their capacity to resist this process of vampirization of their souls. Substances which cause the 
dissipation of loosh in the atmosphere: stimulants which accelerate the metabolic rate and increase 
the discharge of energy- stimulants of a substantial nature such as drugs and alcohol; of an 
insubstantial virtual nature such as the illusion machines of TV; video games and cell phones (de facto 
electronic drugs); the obligation of wage slavery and the imposition of chronic lower and negative 
states of consciousness: fear; lust; pain worry; concern, all designed to have a weakening influence 
upon the soul. 

Depressants of a psycho-spiritual nature such as the ‘end times' blueprint of judeo-christianity, with its 
doom and gloom; the physiological results of hyper-stimulation: nervous exhaustion and burnout; the 
depressant nature of alcohol, the ‘liquid drug' associated with popularity, making of one 'the life of the 
party’, the vital energetic source amidst the party of reptilian trans-dimensionals who leech off his 
soul to empower themselves. Such a process of degeneration was from its beginning always the 
procedure of jewry in their destruction of host nations not for the abstract representation of bio- 
energy called 'money' but for the bio-energy itself, and not for themselves alone, who are merely 
instruments on the earth of these entities, but for the entities and their deity the Demiurge. 

The chaos magic of the black magicians operates on the basis of what the jew Count Richard 
Coudenhove von Kalergi called "Practical Idealism", and which process was replicated in the official- 
though only partly encoded in law and ideology- policy of the Soviet regime; with its dialectical 
materialism (diamat) or ‘idealist materialism' in the words of Stalin. 

The reification of the Idea, the manifestation of egregores or thought forms from higher planes is the 
basis of this black magic. The Idea is created as a syncretism of previously existent Ideas then, through 
ceremonial magic as well as more tangible cultural forms of magic, reified into the consciousness of 
the 'broad masses' to condition the mass mind according to the blueprint of jewry, shifting and 


perverting the harmoniously pre-existent consciousness of the culture organism of the indigenous 
culture and attempting to mold it into a golem of their own distortion, serviceable to their ends and 
those of their overlords. 

The 'end game' as aforesaid, is the harvesting of the soul energy of the non-jewish population and 
their gradual replacement with jewish hybrids ruling over a mongrelized mass of slaves at lower levels 
who serve as livestock on the animal farm of Zion. 

The idealism of cabalistic black magic is the illusion machine jewry employs in their theater of the real, 
creating a warped perception of reality amongst the population through their exciting and 
sensationalistic gaslighting techniques. The pageantry of the theater of jewry in its conventional form 
parallels that of their theater of the real, blending together the world of maya and their harmful ideas 
or egregores which are put before the masses, entangling themselves in their formerly healthy 
consciousness and wrecking havoc, creating chaos within (in mente), which necessarily translates into 
chaos without (in action and behavior). 

The spectacle of the theater of the real is the matrix of Zion. Its fabric or structure is forever shifting 
and transforming as scenes in a movie seamlessly blend, changing the perspectives and actions of the 
incarnate souls they call 'goyim'. The jews as material instruments on the earth, are bringing all into 
their Zion matrix spiders' web, binding them in Yahweh's electro-magnetic web of illusion more solidly 
than the mishpuka encase their rivals feet in concrete boots. We are trapped in the all pervasive mesh 
of Yahweh's net and though some of us struggle to free ourselves, the mesh binds ever tighter, further 
restricting our movements. 

The only path available through these bonds is the dagger of the mind. Once the bonds of one captive 
slave are cut by themselves through the development of the higher Intuition and sound reason, they 
can assist others in severing their's. To remain complacent and apathetic is to acquiesce to the loss of 
one's soul and to give carte blanche to the dark forces to transform a former Elysium into a burnt out 
wasteland whose life force they will have vampirized. 



Female Power, Female Violence 

The Mother Goddess religion has never disappeared. It has lurked in the shadows of this world for 
millennia, it's origins shrouded in mystery, the mysteries of iniquity. In modern times (within the 
period commonly referred to as "The Kali Yuga’) this cult has spread itself globally through its Nexuses 
like strands of a spider's web, undetectable to the 'many-too-many' of 'profane' humanity. 

The Mother Goddess can be likened to the figure of Shelob in J.R.R.Tolkein's "The Lord of The Rings”. 
She guards the gates to Mordor, to the higher planes above the physical that one must pass in order to 
transcend the reincarnation trap of her spiders web. 

She exists in the nether regions does Shelob, the Mother Goddess, between the third and the fourth 
dimensions, in the astral planes with her fellow spiders and their consorts, the shades of her devotees 
on the earth plane who have forsaken their mortal coil; these and the dark, vampiric entities who steal 
the souls of men, feeding upon their vital energy both in physical life and postmortem. 

Her cult involves an ec-static devotion to these infernal forces and to herself, the Mother Goddess, the 
undifferentiated Absolute of 'holy chaos’, venerated by they on the mundane plane who seek to state 
their bloodlust and obsession with power. 

These beings, devotees of her vile black magic, of sacrifice and the consumption of the living in 
vampiric rites, have castrated themselves in ecstatic devotion to her image and allow themselves to be 
transformed into her slaves to attempt the impossible: to sate her insatiable lust for power and their 
own in the process. 

These ecstatic states of consciousness her devotees undergo are designed to attract the entities who 
dwell within these nether regions or the 'infernal' regions of Being, and to derive power from them in 
exchange for blood. 

The diabolical pact formed between these entities and the devotees of the Mother Goddess have 
been consistently maintained over millennia possibly without interruption since the genesis of 
‘mankind’. They are the real cause of world unrest and the whole working of the apparatus of 
statecraft can be laid before them as the raison d'être of the chaotic history of this world. 

These consorts of the Mother Goddess are as Hadit in relation to Nuit in Crowlean terms. They are the 
Baals or Baal priests of the ancient Phoenicians, one of the enclaves of the merciless merchants of 
Yahweh-Jehovah. Today they are the entire judeo-christian priest caste from Catholic to Protestant to 
jewry-all priests of the order of Melchizedek who, in conjunction with masonry (with which nearly all 
are affiliated) serve as the cabal of black magicians who enslave us all in the prison matrix of Zion. 

The chaos they create is a pageantry of appearances, simulacra, which blind the masses and obscure 
the hidden hand working the levers and gears of the Leviathan machine of statecraft and all of its 
subordinate limbs: economy; judiciary; religious and academic mind control, and other appendages of 
this beast of Zion. 

Simulacra and simulations, veils of appearances, are the principal technology of power of the Mother 
Goddess cult, her consorts playing the executive role of hoodwinking through such theater of the real, 
their ‘human-all-too-human' profane slave labor, whose potential rebelliousness is held in check by 
these mayavic veils: rainbow flags; the kaleidoscopic imagery of the virtual-reality mind control 
machines of the cybernetic dreamscape of illusion; the icons of the church fathers of Mary Magdalene 
and Jesus her consort, the Ra and Isis of Pisces. All serve to perpetuate the rule of pharaonic power of 
the Priest Kings, who employed this beguiling and seductive array of sensualistic appearances to 
beguile and pacify the foolish masses. 

Through their black magic of emotionalization, of pairing the image of a virtual reality (icon; 
photograph; statue; video footage) with certain states of emotion acted out by themselves and their 
minions in their theater of the real, the witless masses of sheep are conditioned to react emotionally 
every time they encounter these stimuli, to act according to their mental conditioning in the Pavlovian 
sense, or better, in the sense of sympathetic magic. 

The priests empower the simulacra of image; sound and appearance with certain meaning and cast 
the image before the purblind senses of the broad mass of their 'flock' before which they then 
replicate the appropriate behavior, understanding (if they understand anything at all) at an ur-level of 
their consciousness that, the ‘appropriate’ emotional reaction means the condition of their continued 
participation within their heard as one of the kosher branded cattle. 

To fail to make overt display of emotional reactivity is to signify my way of absence of the ‘appropriate 
behavior’ ones' non-compliance with the consensus gentium and to receive as in the ancient Greek 
practice, the Ostraka of social ostracism-and beyond this perhaps: damnation; hellfire, or a similar 

The Mother Goddess cult operates on the basis of collectivism- either one is in and this totally and 
completely, or one is out. There is no room for question or dissent-all must be equalized and 
homogenized within the hive mind, merging with the Mother Goddess in her cosmic womb, to be 
absorbed within, in the instinctive level of being, the sub-personal. 

Such a cult drags one down into the depths of Being, to an infra-human level of being, wherein all are 
as Oswald Spengler spoke of with respect to women: 'plant-like' in their existence, purely passive 
objects, as so many flowers in the garden of Gaia and the mother goddess- all else are 'weeds' 
awaiting their destruction at the hands of the insects in the beehive of masonic collectivist despotism. 

Shelob is the archetype of this cult of infra-humanity, with all higher principles of one's being dragged 
down to the level of the common 'human-all-too-human’. All art and higher achievements and those 
intellectual capacities which enable them to manifest through 'hue-man' (in the proper sense) agency, 
are torn down by the pincers of the ants of the anthill as so many weeds into the mulch of leveling 

This is 'communitarianism', the postmodern (and yet all too modern, as all too naturalistic and all too 
lacking in spiritual elevation, a product of the Kali Yuga) socio-political conjuncture that serves as a 
template for the organization of the 'human-all-too-human’, by the Baal priests of the order of 
Melchizedek, devotees of the Mother Goddess. 

Communitarianism is, as Roger Devlin referred to liberalism in his work of the same name: "The 
Tyranny of Ambiguity", in which no distinct or determinative source of power exists that can be 
implicated as the agent or agents of policy and decision-making, only a giant bureaucratic network of 
petty tyrants ruling over their minute and compartmentalized functions as so many folders and sub- 
folders in a filing cabinet or computer database. 

All bureaucrats, just as in the case of the Politburo of the Soviet Union, are identified only by an 
ambiguous name and title, typically by their first or last name only with an initial beside, or even 
beyond this a simple title and numerical reference. That such slimy bureaucrats (and 'slimy' by 
definition) escape any liability for their decisions by concealing themselves in the mass of 
communitarian ooze or buried within the files and fine print of the 'Bureau' enables them to shift 
blame amongst themselves and to escape any punishment individually, and especially any threats to 
their system whose soft power lacks any face or body to identify and obstruct in its blind and short- 
sighted exercise of power. 

The communitarian beehive of society is a concretion of the Mother Goddess, her bureaucratic 
representatives being the political counterparts to the Baal priests of ancient Phoenicia and the Near 
East. Beyond and above these (though often identifiable with these) are the black magician Baal 
priests who exercise the real power above the executive level. 

It is they who, in the name of the 'G.A.O.T.U' seek to manifest into being their Temple of Solomon 
whose structure strikingly resembles a Bureau or public administration building- compartmentalized 
with superordinate and sub ordinate functionaries who are interrelated as bees in a hive to ensure the 
perpetuation of the system and its expansion of power, assimilating all within itself and nihilating 
those unassimilable within its womb-like prison. 

The power of the Mother Goddess is extrapolated into being through her consorts, those at the 
highest levels of whom are undoubtedly females themselves, members of female masonry who are 
the priestesses of the Mother Goddess: Cybele; Isis; Mary Magdalene; Gaia Sophia. These material 
females are governed by the Instinctive Mind and serve 'The Whole' (the hole) of the Mother 
Goddess, fractal microcosms of her macrocosmal non-being, her cosmic web of astral light. 

Like so many queen bees governing the hive they carry out- perhaps without any conscious thought, 
operating at an instinctive ur-level of consciousness- their tasks within their own particular sphere of 
mundane reality and (again instinctively as if in answer to some form of telepathic transmission of 
communication from the Mother Goddess and her mundane representative, Gaia Sophia) to simply 

act in a manner coherent with the will of Isis, for the perpetuation of her static non-being and 
mundane finitude on Gaia-as Gaia. 

The political concretization of the hive mind in communitarianism is a female expression of power: a 
ubiquitous state of static inertia lacking the dynamism of the Divine Masculine. The maintenance of 
female power operates as Shelob in her tenebrous webbing, her network of obstruction to the 
development of higher and more complex forms of culture, the flower of the dynamism of masculine 

Female power in its inertia thus constitutes an obstruction to that of the masculine spirit, to the Solar- 
Uranian forces of the Divine Masculine. In its proper place it stabilizes the masculine forces but, when 
the latter slackens its tension of development or the former has enveloped and assimilated the latter 
through a pre-existent imbalance of the energies, inertia is the result and entropy, a gradual catagogic 
process of breaking down occurs, of disintegration as the higher is assimilated into the lower through 
the process of leveling equality. 

The end result is the multicultural wasteland of the cloaca genitum, the morbid stagnation of the 
higher which is sacrificed at the expense of the lower, leading to 'the reign of quantity’ in the words of 
Rene Guenon in his book of the same name. The telluric rites of Dionysian in ecstasy, of the chaotic 
emotionalism of the Mother Goddess, are the residue of this disintegration process, ultimately 
terminating in the gory residue of the mysteries of iniquity, bloody sacrifice, vampirism and 

From this point the dark forces gain mastery of the earth, absorbing the energies of their savage and 
debased slaves into themselves, accelerating the entropy of the higher life forms of the earth who 
have become detached from higher planes of Being. Within the spider's web of Shelob the hapless 
flies anesthetized by her venom lie contentedly in her webbing awaiting the vampirization of their life 

The female forces which seek the vampirization of the life force of others, descend upon the net of the 
matrix of the dark forces and feed upon the expendable flies who serve them as their soul food. 

In more mundane terms this comes in the form of wage slavery, the debased and sub-intellectualized 
masses being reduced through the process of leveling equality to the state of witless drones of sub- 
personality, mere robots, sub-human batteries which serve the system and exist only in its service. 
This is the policy of white slavery and specifically of white male slavery- the concealed castration of 
white men from an in utero state and throughout their developmental period, developing in the 
image or simulacrum of a 'worker bee’, a proletarian slave of the hive mind of Gaia Sophia. 

To maintain their collectivist despotism the matriarchy and there castrated Baal priests, the brethren 
of the Lodge, make use of the virtual-reality apparatus of 'the theater of the real’ through which all 
acts and figures observable to the public are assimilated into their mass mind consciousness as a 
distinct type (archetype) with a distinct meaning. 

This is designed to condition the conscious mind to adopt certain behaviors and to serve as a crook 
leading the flock of sheep back into the pen should they stray (if only in potentia) to be sheared and 
ultimately slaughtered. The notion of pre-crime applies here especially to those few white men still 
worthy of the name who have not allowed themselves to be castrated by the matriarchy of the 
Mother Goddess through psycho-social ennervation and mutilation of their being by their female and 
effeminized teachers and social superiors in the hierarchy of the masonic beehive. 

The Judeo-Christian churches took the Mother Goddess cult in a slightly different direction but 
nonetheless serves Her in Her aspect of Mary Magdalene and her 'Christ child’, the initiated figure of a 
'Christ' or anointed one, deriving from the Egyptian mysteries of the 'krestos' or crocodile fat with 
which the initiates into the mysteries were anointed. 

The archetypes of 'Christ' and 'Lucifer' were Piscean age contemporary variance of that of Horus and 
Mithras, of Attis and Dionysos, syncretic amalgams of the archetypes of the Mother Goddess and her 
consort in the Near East and Mediterranean region. 

For the masses this figure functioned as an exoteric figure with a historical presence whereas for those 
selected to elevate themselves up the ladder of the masonic-christian hierarchy he was a symbolical 
archetype of initiated gnosis, he who had attained enlightenment through the prescribed rights, 
attaining varying degrees of ‘light’. 

Through such process the initiate became the servitor of the dark forces, his soul becoming captive as 
he merged with the hive mind of the Mother Goddess, gradually losing the autonomy of his soul. 

It was the pageantry in imaginary dreamscape and priest-craft which served as a shepherd's crook to 
hook him into the fold and to bind him there in hypnotic fascination with the spectacle of female 
power, a covert and seductive form of fatal attraction, like a black widow spider enticing her victims 
into her web with her alluring red pattern on her otherwise shining black body (the arachnoid 
equivalent of lipstick and latex?). 

The female violence of the Mother Goddess cult operates on the basis of illusion: the apparent good 
being served up as a simulacrum, as mask or spice which conceals a real harm beneath- the false 
appearance of the 'working-class hero’, concealing his slavery and abject serfdom before the Baal 
priests and priestesses of Isis. Lady liberty serving as a simulacrum for the collectivist despotism of 

The power of matriarchy is thus implicit and unidentifiable, operating clandestinely and through 
proxies (themselves simulacra) in a ubiquitous network behind which the Mother Goddess lies. The 
political theater of democratic politics and its faux opposition amount to nothing but illusion, a 
mechanism of distraction and means of controlling the witless pawns of Zion. 

The proxies behind which matriarchy hides serve to shift attention from the real power which exists 
covertly behind the scenes. This power has usurped, through its subterranean process of assimilation 
of the power of others as a black widow spider, near total power to the degree it can be spoken of as 

And yet the black widows, the Shelob spiders who hide behind simulacral masks of overt power, of 
particular appearances of power, are not to be seen, identified or held accountable. They, in their 
Absolute or near Absolute power of the Absolute, the Mother Goddess, have simultaneously Absolute 
unaccountability, zero liability for their violence. 

Hence their violation of the 'Other', of the Divine Masculine and the differentiated man of the Aryan is 
of a passive aggressive, female nature, the natural modality of female violence being passive 
aggression. Shelob strikes in the darkness and her venom does not have immediate affect but operate 
slowly, her bite typically undetectable to the 'mundane' who misunderstands the workings of her 
subtle and instinctive web spinning of political machinations. 

To the masses of flies in her web of bureaucratic despotism she, the female face of the Mother 
Goddess is ‘innocent darling, innocent’ and her cosmetic mask which conceals her power and her 
instinctive workings is a simulacrum readily torn aside by the penetrating wisdom of the man of race, 
the differentiated man who is not subject to the influence of the theater of the real and who 
understands through reason and intellect that that it is all just a simulacrum of power itself and it is 
the simulacral nature of matriarchy in which this power lies. To tear aside the mask from the face of 
Shelob is to lay bare her true face- that of the cthonic, sub-personality of the hive mind. 

The functioning of female power comes in the form of the prohibition of the schoolmarm: a dogmatic, 
rule-bound pedantry without liberty to deviate from the ‘rules’. That is unless such deviance entails an 
activation of the libidinal, and activation of the Eros and Thanatos dimension of the instinctive mind 
with its chtonic excitation and the Dionysian ecstasy. All else is a prohibition and a perpetual spying 
and control-freakish micromanagement of everything and everyone, wrapping up all difference in the 
wedding of Shelob. 

Jewish power, in spite of its macho facade, is female and hence works in tandem with the power of 
matriarchy. Whether jewry or the Masonic elite of the female illuminati are ultimately in power is a 
question that requires further investigation so that the crosshairs of one's mind are placed on the 
proper target and the subjugation of the collectivist despotism can be achieved as a victory for the 
higher culture of the world and for Aryan mankind. 

Female consciousness is inherent in jewry as Otto Weininger, the jewish philosopher and writer of the 
book "Sex and Character" (1903) Contended and spoke of as an authority on the subject: "Our age, 
which is not only the most Jewish, but also the most effeminate of all ages." 

Nietzsche also spoke of the Dionysian tendency and female mode of consciousness of jewry although 
he praised them as well, having been assimilated into their hive mind if only to a degree through a 
female influence: that of Lou Andreas-Salome, who had captured him with her hypnotic or mesmeric 
influence, that so characteristic of a woman, amplified through her being jewish (hence, though of a 
brassy and controlling nature, being the embodiment of female consciousness-both jew and woman). 

The jewish type is that which Nietzsche also spoke of as embodying the Semitic tendency which the 
arabs had overcome and which jewry had failed to overcome: that characterized by Julius Evola in 
"Three Aspects of the Jewish Problem" as Dionysian, a lunar, mutable quality given toward irrational 
outbursts and emotional pathos. 

Such emotional pathos was translated by jewry into their religion of judaism which is purely 
devotional and submissive toward an irrational deity who throws temper tantrums without apparent 
cause, a veritable 'tempest in a teapot' form of spirituality. Whether jewry created this religion based 
upon their consciousness to a degree and/or they were created by this entity (The Demiurge? 
Jehovah-Yahweh?) Is a question. 

Regardless the religion of judaism and the anti-race race of jewry are intertwined and amplify one 
another in a dialectic of expansionism: a Will to Power, to control and enslave, and this based upon a 
chaotic feminine consciousness. Indeed the consciousness of females is mutable, like the moon, and 
can properly be spoken of as 'Lunar' just as can that of the jew as any can observe by way of inferring 
the inner from the outer, the mind or consciousness inferable from the behavior and action. 

Though Weininger stated opposites attract (at least in sexual terms), 'sameness' attracts also as 
Baltasar Gracian, the Spanish Jesuit said: "like attracts like as surely as the lodestone attracts iron" and 
"birds of feather flock together" as a proverb has it. 

Hence jewry and females gravitate toward one another on an instinctive basis, without any conscious 
awareness and form a Mephistophelian pact with one another on the basis of sympathetic resonance. 
Of course exceptions to the rule apply, however the general principle of sympathy between females 
and jews applies which explains the relative ease through which jewry may penetrate into Aryan 
society and indeed in any society, as a pleomorphic parasite, ingratiating himself with the host by way 
of female sympathy. 

Of course it can be argued that the Aryan man (or non-jewish males in general) are to blame in 
permitting the females have power over them, to indulge the females in their whims which latter are 
typically only a test of male strength and which is the nature of females as so to speak ‘vessels of 
nature’ in its selection of the strongest and wisest to perpetuate the species and elevate it in 
accordance with the natural teleology of the type. 

The religion of jewry is tribal, collectivistic and other than an oligarchical theocracy of rabbis, 
unidentifiable and hidden in its power and hence functions in a subterranean manner in its political 
praxis: centered around intrigue and legerdemain, a strategy of female hypertrophy, growing in power 
in an imperceptible manner.. 

Max Weber's book "Ancient Judaism" expounds upon the tribalistic nature of judaism. He does not go 
far enough in failing to recognize that this tribalism is a projection of the consciousness of jewry, that 
of the hive mind of the Demiurge which works through them as an instrument, the octopus working 
through its tentacles in its mad grab for power, seeking in its instinctive trieb to strangle the earth and 
vampirize the souls of its denizens in its beak. Yahweh-Jehovah was apparently a female 'pagan' 
Canaanite deity before being reformulated into its current form. 

Christianity being a shadow cast from the original formation of judaism is itself of the female nature. 
This can be seen in the effeminate pathos, so archetypically 'semitic' (Near Eastern) of the figure of 
jesus, whose emotional paste those epitomizes the frenzy of the Dionysian modality of jewish 
consciousness: aggressive in the sense of a 'macho-man Randy Savage' of wrestling infamy and yet 
motivated by a schizoidal and 'visionary' or delusive imagining faculty that leads to an either 
extrovertive hitting out or striking at others (the non-tribal 'Other', the 'goyim') or an inward directed 
self-abasement; flagellation or suicide as Otto Weininger; Carlo Michelstaedter and Arthur Koestler 
realized their fate. 

Indeed fatalism is a natural orientation of the 'semite'’ or Near-Easterner and this presumably based 
upon their hybridity and/or their alien origins which leads to their having no future beyond this earth 
and their souls' reincarnation and gradual entropy thereon. Hence their fatalistic resignation with 
respect to life, and this translated theologically into their Tanakh and their deities’ 'plan' for the 
‘inevitable 'end times (prophecy as inevitablism). 

This is contrasted with the Aryan conception of a manly comportment toward the Divine and a carving 
out through will and skill of his own proper destiny, a heroic striving for the transcendent and for 
conquest and power. 

The power sought by the jews and christians as well as females is that of an invisible nature, a 
subterranean or clandestine power grab. In their specious minds they are 'victims' who ‘just want to 
have peace’ and anyone and anything which contravenes even only in potentia the particular agenda 
is ‘violent’ as in a ‘violation’ of their Will to Power, there survivalistic propensity which is a costume in 
which their Will to Power takes form. 

They 'believe' it but refuse and perhaps cannot know their true, inner motivation. They are blinded by 
a survivalistic instinct which necessitates not self-control oriented toward the Divine and a stoical 
indifference to death as in the case of the Aryan, but a desire to control others and everything 'Other' 
to themselves. Their 'world fear' as Heidegger called it, is their motive principle as well as their desire 
which operates in an uncontrolled manner and hence projects itself upon the world as the pestilence 

which has escaped from Pandora's box unlike in the case of the Aryan who sublimates desire and uses 
it as directed energy to achieve victory both on the earth in a harmonious state form as well as in the 

The mutable nature of the jewish type attracts those of a similar nature to itself: females and 
effeminate males especially those of the Oriental and far Eastern, specifically Chinese variety, form a 
combine on the basis of elective affinities and this can be seen in tangible manifestation today with 
the respective geopolitical power blocs: the masculine pitted against the feminine, each group 
interpenetrating both anatomical sexes: effeminate males; jews; and the sympathetic non-whites 
along with most females on one side and on the other the more constant and spiritually-oriented 
toward the transcendent or at the very least the Titanic lower octave of masculine consciousness: 
some sub-groups of Latin America and some distant affiliates amongst negroes; redskins and the more 
Caucasoidal arabs. 

The distinction here is between the spiritually-oriented, those who direct the focus of their will toward 
the Divine and yet in a fixed and unwavering form, and those whose will is oriented toward the 
mutable and transient both in terms of mental state; behavior and its expression-'Yin' in Chinese 
Taoist terms as opposed to the 'Yang', of what Evola called the 'Solar-Uranian' spirituality of the Aryan 
and related types. 

The dark feminine of the 'Yin' principle manifests itself in various ideologies which are its expression 
and which, though apparently divergent and even conflictual, are mutually self-supportive and are 
particular programs which have the same goal as their 'pot of gold' at the end of the rainbow, that 
being total power and the formation of a despotic government structure. 

These ideologies have not formed only in the recent centuries but have been a presence perhaps since 
the time of Lemuria. What is called ‘liberalism’ today has often been and indeed in many extremist 
circles (doctrinal circles?) of Christianism identified as 'Satanism', has pervaded the world and its 
history for millennia and has the common denominator of the Mother Goddess and the Dionysian 
rites related thereto bound up with it as an inextricable chemical bond. 

The Mother Goddess archetype is a presence in the more esoteric basis of liberalism- Gaia Sophia; the 
astral light, Isis, etc., liberalism being an exoteric and mundane crystallization of these ideas. The 
Mother Goddess and her consort are reflected politically in the figure of 'society' or 'the community' 
and the individual members thereof- the former being as a hive and its Queen Bee in relation to the 
soldiers and drones who serve her agenda and who are fused with her in the hive mind collective 

However it is not liberalism or even an occult or secret society form of the Mother Goddess which is 
the exclusive form of female power in modernity within the Piscean age. The Christian religion, being 
a formulation of the jewish consciousness of feminine pathos though incorporative of Solar-Aryan 
elements, is nonetheless also incorporative though to a lesser degree of the archetypes, one might 
more properly say of, the consciousness of the Mother Goddess. 

Hence there is Mary Magdalene and the apostolic jewish figures (her consort's) who by virtue of their 
behavior, at once communistic and passive, embody the female consciousness only with elements of 
the 'macho Man Randy Savage' variety (irrational machismo and a swaggering bravado, eg. King 

The symbolism of judeo-christianity has connotations of the Mother Goddess: the cathedrals and 
churches typically, at least before they were further reduced in their quality to mere mass-produced 
structures amidst 'the reign of quantity’, were of an ovular shape in their doorway tapering at the top, 
conveying a simulacrum of female power to those who entered, to them serving as 'a witness’ of the 
Mother Goddess, her 'Shekinah glory’, that of the female 'Holy Ghost’. 

The robes of the priests, be they Protestant or Catholic, were typically of a female nature, long and 
flowing, concealing their actual sex beneath and connoting the traditional dress of the Middle East 
and Mediterranean with its feminine consciousness. The black suits of Catholic priests with a white- 
collar clearly revealed the yin-like darkness of the hidden or all pervading nature of the astral light, of 
cosmic chaos, the Mother Goddess, the white part of the collar conveying perhaps the manifestation 
of the Divine Masculine Father God organizing the chaos in its differentiation of forms, the white patch 
being placed over the throat chakra, the locus of the 'Word' or 'Verbum', the 'Logos'’. 

The effeminate manners and whispery nature of the priests also convey the Mother Goddess in her 
representatives. The ecclesia or church is a physical concretization of the vagina and the parishioners 
are the fetuses within, who are being gestated with the 'Word' or 'Logos' through which they become 
‘christians', or devoted servants of the consort of the Mother Goddess, Christ. 

The spectacle of the Mother Goddess though veiled behind the apparent masculine Father God is ever 
present and pervades Christianity and all this particular sects. The spectacle and pageantry of 
churchianity operates on the basis of simulacra, appearances and images of a wholly female nature- 
that which is discrete, spoken of in whispery tones of 'the sacred’ and typically depicts the effeminate 
jewish males who star as the anti-heroes of ‘Scripture’ and the ubiquitous motif of the Virgin Mary 
and 'the Christ child’, the re-presentation of the Mother Goddess and her consort. 

Such imagery and theater spectacle of the Mother Goddess, conditions the sheep to adopt the 
mannerisms of a female, paradoxically even the most manly, (rather 'macho') of males: irrationally 
aggressive; emotional; mutable in their consciousness (a lunar-semitic mode of 'soulishness') and 


Indeed the political manifestation of this consciousness is female and there is little difference between 
the female mode of liberalism and that of christianism: both are control-freakish and despotic and 
embody themselves in a technology of power which is ubiquitous, pervasive and totalitarian. 

Both are intolerant of anything not pacifistic and oriented toward a quasi-sensualistic emotionalism- 
anything that places one in a pleasant state of being and which enables one to ignore the 
unpleasantness of challenges and existential threat which enhance and enable a transcendence of this 
base state of contemplative pacifism. 

The technologies of power deployed by the regime of the Mother Goddess are the illusory power of 
simulacra- theater; appearances of threats to frighten people into submission; the panoptic vision of 
the police state and its spy network of citizen spies (‘community policing’ or ‘citizens on patrol’). 

This is not to say that there is no credibility to the threats- far from it. The female power structure by 
virtue of its essence is that of female violence. The voyeurism of gang-stalking (the particular form of 
the spy network in action) is the sexual component related to the sadistic thrill it gives its participants, 
which sadism is the death-drive component of the instinctive minded nature of female power oriented 
around the pleasure principle, the phallic totem having a skull impaled at its apex. 

Sex and death, Eros and Thanatos, unite in the libidinal nature of the instinctive mind of the ants in 
the anthill of the tellurian community. All are part of the hive mind which, by virtue of its ubiquity, 
drags down all to the lowest level of beast-consciousness, to the instinctive hive mind of what Evola 
called 'the animal ideal’, the activation of the reptilian brain (pons; medulla and brainstem),of the 
instinctive mind with its self fixation on the sex-death connection, one wholly female (Holy Chaos, the 
principle of the Mother Goddess. 

Hence the delight in sadism is the activation of the primitive mind which perpetuates itself in the 
gang-stalking praxis with its harassment and passive aggression; shunning and abuse of members of 
the anthill who are disqualified by the Queens as members-members become pariahs and the 
differentiated men who are incapable, by virtue of their essence, to participate in a hive mind rooted 
in primitive drives: sex; death and 'the belly' and genitals which are the basis of its 'philosophy’. 

The Mother Goddess in her lower aspect is reflected in modernity and across the spectrum of 
ideology she has gestated as her ideoplasmic progeny: liberalism; christianism; libertarianism with its 
obsession with consumerism, the base tendency toward matter without form. 

The female power latent within these ideologies manifests itself to the behavior of their adherents 
and serves the solidification of the hive mind which entropically closes in on itself under this influence 
of a hive mind collective consciousness, of a lunar-telluric form, directed toward the lower states and a 
rooted in the mire of the primitive, of an undifferentiated chaos of the multi-kult, wherein ‘everyone is 
equal’ in relation to the cosmic womb of the Mother Goddess, absorbed into non-being as a satanic 
rite of the extinction of identity, of difference. 



Society of Spectacle 

The society of spectacle is the pageantry of female power manifesting itself in the form of aesthetic 
and sensational phenomena that constitute the perceptual manifold of the 'many-to-many'. 

The manifold is a virtual-reality screen that may be called 'the matrix’, a tapestry of sights; sounds and 
sensations that the Mother Goddess and her earthly denizen goddesses of the Order of the Eastern 
Star of Freemasonry, have woven as a blind with which to blind the masses and keep them living in a 
world of illusion. 

The society of the Freemasonic beehive operates on the basis of illusion; of a false reality of 
appearances behind which further layers of appearances are placed and ultimately behind which the 
vacuum of female desire exists, the cosmic womb and the spectacle of cosmic rapine starring the 
Demiurge as archvillain rapist of the Mother Goddess and herself as ‘innocent, darling, innocent’ 

Of course there are no victims but neither are their villains- simply facts and truths (veritas de fait, 
‘truths of fact') distorted and confused through cosmic processes, the temporal transmission of the 
Will of the Demiurge having created a state of ever increasing entropy, folding in on itself and creating 
distortion and disruption in the higher planes which pre-existed his violent manifestation. 

Just as a confusion of cosmic processes transpired as the His-story of the cosmos unfolded through 
temporality through the creation of time by the time Lord so to a confusion by a process of reasoning 
occurred in the attempt on the part of fallible mortals to understand and purely human terms failed to 

The limited consciousness of the 'human-all-too-human' confined itself to the world of the Demiurge, 
of spatio-temporality, of the causality of the lower five heavens and accordingly immersed itself in the 
spectacle of the veil of Isis. 

Detached from a higher intuition (‘intellection' in the terms of the medievals) which alone gave access 
to the chastity belt of the Mother Goddess and enabled her mysteries to be attained by they who 
were capable of developing that power. 

They, the few, properly spoken of as adepts or initiates and especially the Aryans whose relative purity 
of soul enabled them to have the most comprehensive vision of the Absolute, most able to pull aside 
the myriad veils of appearances which have trapped him in this world of the Demiurge's nightmare. 

The 'many-to-many' or 'human-all-too-human' are incapable of transcending this limited sphere of 
spatio-temporality which is alone available to their base consciousness and which traps them within 
its matrix of limitation. 

The spectacles of illusion generated by the system are designed as distractions to keep enslaved the 
corrupt and all too corruptible masses. The female power of the spectacle is paradoxically also 
'Demiurgic': irrational and not supra-rational; a violent imposition upon the consciousness of the 
broad masses similar to a female dressed in the latest fashion forcing herself by surreptitious means 
upon men through subtle gestures of beguilement and seduction, maintaining them within the system 
as its economic slaves and this meaning its human batteries, money being an abstract representation 
of bio-energy, the food which the Demiurge feeds upon owing to his entropic state- that of a vampire 
which requires the life's blood (energ) of others to survive. 

The Mother Goddess is negentropy, generating power through the void, through implosion. She is 
concealed behind the veils of false appearance and the beguilement that are woven on the loom 
machine of the Will and violent explosive power of the Demiurge. 

The world of modernity and indeed 'the world' itself, the world of the material encrustation of akashic 
bukkake that constitutes the fabric of our material plane of being is only to all appearances of a female 

It is a veil of appearance behind with the Demiurge conceals himself and this through the agency of 
His material servitors the black magicians who engineer according to His Will His designs for the 
harvest of souls. 

The pageantry and aesthetic display of maya serves to entrap the earthbound souls chaining them to 
the earth with candy-painted leaden chains, those of a consciousness rooted in phenomena and 
incapable of its supersession. 

The 'human-all-too-human' cannot overcome the gravitational forces of the Demiurge generated 
through Himself and through Saturn which debases their consciousness and drags down to a low level 
of existence that of their feeble consciousness. Becoming attached to the kaleidoscopic swirl of 
appearances (sights; sounds; sensations) the earthbound souls lacking adequate transcendental 
properties are as ripe fruit for the consumption of those entities who serve their Cosmic Vampire of 
entropy in harvesting the souls of the denizens of Gaia. 

A Circus Maximus is forever playing itself out in 'the world' of the Demiurge. Like the attractive 
patterns on the back of female insects that attract them their mates, the aesthetic manifold of 
attractive and seductive appearances pulls in the 'goyim' and gives them the false promise of deriving 
some form of 'benefit' from participation in the Circus of the illusory reality, the hyper-real wherein 
Reality is coated in the bukkake of the Demiurge, His false coin of crystallized money shots that rape 
the sacred feminine of the higher mind and blind the masses who gape in wonder at the ejaculation of 
his vileness. 

The desire of the controllers of society is the desire of a female- insatiable, their nature may be called 
‘clitoral’, as having no possibility of satiety, no cessation of its orgasmic nature. They want and indeed 
crave, through having a desire mind incapable of being transcended through a higher, transcendent 
consciousness, endless things endlessly or rather ending only in death: power; money; status; all 
reducible to the life force of that which is 'Other' to themselves. 

They are by definition vampiric, seeking to steal the souls of others upon which they feed. Their desire 
mind is that of a female. The Demiurge is their 'G-d', he who they venerate and, paradoxical as it may 
seem, the masculine consciousness of a crude machismo they interiorize and become constituted as 
though adherence to the Demiurge and His Will manifest itself in a behavior of a female kind. 

Because 'He' is of a female nature in the lowest sense: crude; irrational; egocentric; a vampire who 
takes and gives only as a means of taking-a pure self. Their behavior reflects a female soul but one not 
in the image of any sacred feminine, of the Mother Goddess, but in that of the slatternly whore of the 
violent Father Deity they venerate. 

It is said physical anatomical males have a female soul and physical, anatomical females have a male 
soul, hence the two are divided and yet united. However the stage managers of the society of 
spectacle, to the extent they can be spoken of as having an autonomous soul at all (one which is not 
totally controlled by the Demiurge and his legions through the law of attraction and sympathetic 
magic of the working of His Will) have a soul neither female nor male but a lower octave of both: the 
negative action of female consciousness: irrational; selfish; exploitative and the lower octave of 
masculine consciousness (itself paradoxically female in many of its aspects): irrationally aggressive; 
self-serving; violent; imposing its will on others and attempting to use and exploit others to serve itself 
and itself alone. 

The irrational desire nature of the black magicians of Zion exists in a tense dialectic with their hyper- 
rational, logical mode of consciousness- one by definition 'demiurgic': controlling; regulating and 
engineering the ‘architecture of destruction’ that constitutes the prison matrix of this world. 

The ‘knowledge’, a pseudo-gnosis and a purely human and purely spatio-temporal (Demiurgic) set of 
information that the architects of destruction draw upon and indeed venerate, His counterpoised with 
their illusion-making or rather plagiaristic distortion of the pre-existent Reality, a means of rational 
calculus to impose a destructive asbestos fabric of Maya overtop of all and to use this matrix blanket 
or net to generate fear; hate; lust and low vibrational frequency states of consciousness that enables 
the emanation of loosh from their captive slaves, serving themselves as vampires of Zion. 

The irrational gauze of perception they have hoodwinked the masses with is a rainbow bandana of 
asbestos that appears beneficial and wonderful but is in reality another blind. 

The vampiric nature of the judeo-masonic cabal marks them as feminine in essence 
(vampiric),absorbing the essence of others and giving nothing in exchange. The black garments they 
dress in further underscores their vampire nature as black absorbs energy and white and brighter 
colors radiate or give off energy. This is yet another technology of their system of vampirism. 

Jewry, being deficient in the life force (and indeed so to all who are bound up with the Demiurge and 
his legions becoming by definition deficient as they are themselves vampirized by more powerful 
vampires at higher levels and indeed possessed by the archetypes and entities of the Demiurgic 
system) must have recourse to the vampirization of the energy of others. 

Neither the Demiurge nor his minions generate energy but only absorb energy and serve themselves. 
Hence they have a 'dark feminine’ consciousness and this by definition, being a perpetual seeking not 
of pleasure but of energy, their souls being converted into astral leeches which have an inner drive to 
absorb and glut themselves seemingly without limit on the vital force of others. 

Their motivations hence can be spoken of as ‘clitoral’, being of insatiable greed though for energy not 
pleasure. This is the correct understanding of Freudian psycho-logy, that not only are their actions and 
behavior a violation of Otherness, an imposition of aggression (Oedipal) but they are also ‘desiring 
flows' in the sense of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, the tendency to the outward expansion of the 
Demiurge mediated through their own consciousness as an expanding leech or Baleen whale that 
absorbs everything in its path. 

This is the correct understanding of Freud whose psycho-analysis is based upon control; dominance 
and regulation of processes and states of being (political affairs; personal, sexual affairs) of a purely 
material form that exist only within the realm of Time (' in time' in the sense of Savitri Devi). 

Clitoral motivation can be observed in the pageantry of phenomenon of 'the world' system: the 
endless cycle of movies; theatrical spectacles (including the political 'theater of the real’); the 
transmission of sounds and electromagnetic fields from cell towers and satellites; radio broadcast 
stations and speakers arrayed in the public space; the imagery of advertisements and the distribution 
of scent (perfume; aphrodisiacs) and tactile sensations all blend into a potpourri of aesthetic trauma 
that is imposed in Demiurgic fashion upon the population as an electrified net of sensa and violence, 
violating their potential peace of mind and potentiality to be something beyond the level of a vulgar 
‘mundane’, living moment by moment for base sensual gratification detached from higher planes of 

Conditioned to partake of this poison potpourri from birth the mundane masses are conditioned to 
have clitoral motivation- forever in pursuit of pleasure and power governed by the desire mind which 
determines their being as an earthbound soul. 

Not only is the medium is the message with the omnipresence of sensa, of violent sensation violating 
one's being at all times and places, but the specific substance of these various media are themselves a 
message- that of trauma based mind control and of lower states of consciousness induced by these 
phenomenon which are formulated and designed for this purpose, that of 'trauma stimuli’, the 
stimulation of the clitoral consciousness of the masses, Being so governed they pursued stimuli to the 
extent of the fragmentation of their soul which loses its integrity through attachment to external 
phenomena. From thence their soul can be more easily assimilated into the Demiurge and 'go to G-d'. 


The original 'academia’' if such it may be called, derived from the Academy of Plato in ancient Greece. 
It was a mystery school in which those who were of a superlatively developed spiritual constitution 
were enabled to further develop themselves and to fulfill their potentiality to be something beyond 
the baser state of a ‘mundane’ or 'profane' character. 

The Academy was structured in such a way as to provide students (would-be initiates) with the basic 
curriculum that enabled them to develop their higher faculties. Thus there existed a hierarchized 
curriculum with the basics of logic; mathematics; geometry; rhetoric and natural science is a 
foundational platform for this developmental process, the initiation into 'the mysteries’ at a higher 

Hence the students accepted had to first have a basis in the rudiments of reason before they could 
transcend reason through gnosis and attain actual knowledge in a metaphysical sense through ritual 
and spiritual practice. 

Many would criticize the Platonic school as basing itself on a fundamental error and indeed the same 
would claim that such an error nullifies any claims made to have 'the truth’ or that there is sucha 
thing as 'truth’ itself, it being merely an abstraction and all subordinate 'truths' that are related to it as 
propositions within a grand schematic argument are simply conceptual constructs and human 
invented "useful fictions and necessary lies" (Nietzsche, "On the Use and Abuse of History For Life"). 

They would claim that such a 'mobile army of metonymy; metaphor, is simply a discourse or 
language employed as a system of regulating; controlling and managing the population (this is echoed 
by Michel Foucault in his "Archaeology of Knowledge"). 

However this is to give the school man and the purported ‘philosopher Kings' perhaps too much 
credit, ascribing to them the very 'truth' which is affirmed to be non-existent (in the case of Nietzsche) 
and in the case of Foucault to attempt to reduce the higher states of consciousness and higher planes 
of being to the purely 'human-all-too-human' level of consciousness, to the world of mechanism and 
quantity (secular humanism). 

Both are wrong in their criticism, including Plato who was wrong in his affirmation of ‘universal truth’ 
accessible via mathematics and via number in the Pythagorean sense. Abstract formalism and 
quantitative reductionism are no path to paradise. Paradise or immortality is attainable only through 
spiritual practices that create a transcendent personality, the Absolute Personality. 

This is the 'vama marg' or left-hand path of subjecting oneself to challenges which, in overcoming 
them, serve as springboards to the divine. The contemplative passivity of the Lunar-spirituality and 
even of the infra-human Dionysian path are simply forms of spiritual atrophy and the gradual erosion 
and weakening of the soul through a failure to strengthen it and this in opposition to challenges both 
internally and externally conditioned. 

The Aryan in path of the Solar-Uranian spirituality is the only path to the stars. Plato affirmed the 
existence of the Demiurgos' as his highest height, the 'Creator' (or rather plagiarist) of the earthly, 
mundane plane of being, from the fifth heaven downward. 

This was his 'God' or his 'Absolute' or pseudo-absolute, and his Academy was structured on the basis 
of His God's Will, His violent transmission of His conscious mind into the lower planes leading to a 
crystallization of the higher vibrational states of being, those which exist in the Realm of Forms, and 
which are manifested upon the earth plane as a perishable matter which the 'mundane' identifies with 
as his 'be-all and end-all’. "Ashes to ashes and dust to dust". 

Plato hence, under the influence of the Demiurge, fell victim of His error and confused the Eternal 
Realm of Forms with the mundane perishable and corruptible matter of 'the world’, going so far as to 
say there existed in the Eternal Realm blueprints for such things as tables and chairs, these being 
objects of a purely human artifice through his conception applied to some extent to organic life in 
terms of the principles of their being (eg. mammals; color; geometrical structure). 

Hence the confusion of Plato initiated through the figure represented by his mentor Socrates. The 
‘Socratic tradition’ which was critiqued fairly well in the works of Nietzsche who himself had only a 
partial truth owing to his affiliation with jewry and masonry (he having probably been a Freemason) 
and possibly financed by Jewish bankers such that he was spoken of by Miguel Serrano as a ‘half-jew' 
and properly. 

The 'Socratic' or 'Platonic tradition’ was the initial form of what has come to be known as 
‘Universalism’, the one-size-fits-all template of worldly life and organization by self-appointed 
‘philosopher Kings' and their pseudo-gnosis embodied in judaized freemasonry. 

The ‘universal error’ of Plato possibly derived via Socrates from the cloaca gentium of the Middle East 
and this itself from the ruins of Vedic India which had been transformed under the regression and 
mixing of castes into a cloaca gentium and as a necessary result of the amalgamation of consciousness 
a distorted pseudo-gnosis which transmitted itself from East to West and crystallized around the 
mysteries of Chaldea and its surrounding region where Socrates had presumably dwelt at a certain 
point in his life. 

Hence the plague virus of a pseudo-gnosis was carried back by the vector of Socrates's mind and 
through his ambitious and powerful student Plato further amplified its scope through the ‘ancient 
world' as the 'Greco-Roman tradition’. 

Though elements of 'truth' remained in the affirmed 'truth' of the Demiurgos and perhaps (if only 
inferential and perceptible through a glass darkly) beyond in the doctrine of Plato and later Neo- 
Platonists such as Plotinus, the distortion was apparent and had its deleterious consequences in 
enabling the influx of yet more sewage into the cloaca gentium of the Greek and Roman empires. 

Such figures as Alexander the Great; Titus and Nero attempted to put a ‘cease and desist' order 
through conquest and force on the backwash of pseudo-spiritual currents into their relatively orderly 
power centers and relatively stable cultures but it was too late, the ‘universal’ (the false universal of 
the Demiurge based upon an ‘abstraction of the quintessence’ in the words of Rabelais, the ‘universal’ 
based upon quantitative formalism, the 'semitic' or near Eastern importation of purely human ‘forms’ 
to impose upon the Forms of the Eternal Planes) had assimilated into itself particularity of organic life, 
distorting and perverting its structural essence through its hegemony. 

One might conjecture that the hegemonic discourse of the Universal is a transmission of the mind of 
the Demiurge through His agents, His biological offspring who He had created and who are controlled 
and stage-managed by their bio-engineers, the reptilian trans-dimensional's (Seraphim; angels etc.). 

Hence the ‘abstraction of the quintessence’ is a necessary operation of jewry which is an essential 
tendency of their hive mind consciousness, ruled as it is through the hierarchy of the sephirotic tree of 
death with the Prince of darkness the Demiurge (G.A.O.T.U) ruling over all and controlling and 
regulating their conduct and indeed structuring and influencing their consciousness to a minute 

The violation of 'the Forms' Plato speaks of via quantitative ‘language’ (itself an abstract universalist 
form of communication and programming language- a system of practical directives based upon 
abstract concepts), was the Demiurgic transmission of His aggressive and violent Will upon the 
mundane plane. 

Number, especially, the ultimate reductio ad absurdam, is a formalistic language which attempts to 
impose its 'reductio' of everything to nothing (Os; 1s-abstractions) upon all and sundry organic beings. 
Hence as Heidegger critiqued in his "Being and Time", the beings of Being (organic life) are violated 
through a misunderstanding of the real meaning of Being (the Eternal Planes; Heaven; the Greenland; 
First Hyperborea) through the ‘History of Being’, a narrative or story of Universalists, they who are 
adherents to the Mind and Will of the Demiurge, his 'children' properly so-called, they who are called 
‘jews' today and who are hybridized stock of reptilian trans-dimensional's and Neanderthals, further 
and subsequently mixed together into an amalgam of organic lifeforms, a plagiaristic ‘organic lie’ that 
has no ontological validity in higher planes (that which does not 'come from above' but rather from or 
through a process of either genetic engineering or vivaparous mixture with the reptilian's). 

The consciousness of jewry is one based upon this formalism of the 'false universal’, of the Demiurge 
and could only be called 'Demiurgic consciousness’, a logical, quantitatively based mode of thought 
centered in the left hemisphere of the prefrontal cortex, the center commonly associated with 
language (in the formalistic sense of quantitative abstractions). 

This hyper-rationalism has its astrological correspondence with the planet 'Saturn' (Satan) who has, 
according to Miguel Serrano in "Manu: For the Man to Come" been transformed into a captive Aion, a 
machine (a conscious parasitic entity?) From which gravitational fields are generated for keeping the 
souls of the denizens of Gaia in a state of degeneration and corruption, reducing their lifespans and 
subjecting them to temporality (aging). 

Saturn is associated with limitation; restriction and matter, with its symbol showing the cross of matter 
over the circle of the soul and connoting the reapers’ scythe, the death drive or 'todestrieb' re- 
presented in Freudian psycho-anal-lysis, the jewish application of the Demiurgic consciousness to the 
philosophy or discourse pertaining to the soul (psyche), the Saturnization or Demiurgization of the 
soul, immersing it in matter, in the ‘anal phase’ and other modalities of the sub personal or 'infra- 
human' states of consciousness. 

Thus the jew characterizes and caricatures the 'mundane’, attempting to apply his universal template 
to ‘all and sundry’, the 'goyim’, all non-Jews, they who are evaluated as 'profane’, a profanation of the 
mysteries of the Demiurge, what the judeo-christians call 'God'. 

Hence the hegemonic discourse of the Demiurge was transmitted virally through his offspring who 
served the maieutic function of an abortion of the 'crowned and conquering child' of the mysteries of 
Polar-Hyperborea which were syncretized and mixed together into an amalgam of pseudo-gnosis of 
black magic occultism, a ‘counter initiation’ in the sense of Rene Guenon. 

The syncretism became two-fold: a pseudo-universalism for the 'Gentiles' in both are esoteric form 
(‘the mysteries' of the universal in which all and sundry might participate regardless of any organic, 
actual particular qualities: racial-cultural distinctions and the consciousness inextricably bound up 
therewith, the outer and inner being simply two sides of the same coin, never ‘universal’ save when 
subject to the violence of the Universalists) and an exoteric form of profane religiosity usually in the 
form of Demiurge worship (‘The One'; 'Being'; 'God';YHVH; Jehovah and if need be a Trinitarian 
conception of 'his' son Jesus, but typically confined to a veneration of 'The One' should Jewry have 
attained this point in their dialectical praxis of theocratic expansionism, thereby confining the 
consciousness of the masses to a limited state of submissive slavery before the 'G.A.O.T.U' (Great 
Architect of the Universe) with themselves as his 'special' and selected children. 

Thereby jewry makes claim to have a monopoly on the universal, to thereby justify their rule over 
others as the priestly caste 'children of God/G-d', (of the Demiurge) and to install their Zion 
government using this theological discourse to legitimate their hegemony. 

It is not the discourse of theology alone which they draw upon to manipulate the mass mind but 
rather their theological discourse is a de facto translation (however distorted) of their existence on the 
earth (and it is indeed a plagiaristic distortion of their history having been derived from and 
formulated in large part in Babylon wherein they intended a takeover coup subsequently pretending 
they had existed in ‘captivity’. The book "The Great Jewish Masque" by an anonymous South African 
author reveals this distortion and syncretism that became the Tanakh at a later period). 

The 'Universal' so-called thus has manifested itself from the plane of the Demiurge to the mundane 
plane and has come in the form of theocracy, a system of control and organization by a priest caste 
who lords over and exploits the 'laity' or mundane cast of 'believers' so that the pseudo-gnosis (that 
alone available to the jew and his black magician affiliates in the judeo-christian hierarchy) of the 
Abrahamics (the priests of Abraham//Saturn/Satan) can be monopolized by themselves to suit their 
own personal ends of global dominion and indeed the ends of their invisible 'helpers', the entities in 
their hierarchy of evil who overarch their limited function within the matrix of the Demiurge, within 
the spatio-temporal dimension of purely mundane existence- the material and the lower astral planes 
wherein these entities dwell. 

This monopoly of the universal was the keystone in the construction of the Temple of Solomon on the 
part of jewry whose priestly caste discourse and its associated black magic practices and relation to 
entities have enabled them to obtain a control on the mass mind, and indeed to construct the mass 
mind as a ‘universal’ (without regard to creed; color or distinction) and this through the egregores and 
concepts of universalism, the standard form template they have constructed out of pre-existent Forms 
and imposed upon the mass through deception; the promise of false gifts, and force. 

Judeo-christianity 'rose up' through the conditions long prepared in advance by jewry through their 
infiltration into the Greco-Roman world and indeed the preceding Middle East wherein they 
consolidated their power. If was ripe, was Rome, for the imposition of yet another ‘Universalist 
template’ made in the image of the Demiurge and developed through a further syncretism of earlier 
syncretism's (Neo-platonism and its 'ontology' and metaphysics; Stoicism and its ‘ethics and other 

‘Christianity’ in its 'advent' was simply a combination of the elements of Rome which had their ‘origin’ 
as syncretic remnants of earlier forms of the tradition. These elements were a mixture of Hellenistic 
rising and dying Sun-god archetypes (Mitra; Sol Invictus; Apollo, etc.) with the pantheon of Greco- 
Roman (and earlier) metaphysical representatives of planetary archons (e.g. Jupiter becomes Jew 
Peter',etc.) and the Jewish supremacist theology superimposed upon and interwoven in its fabric. 

It was only possible to install this 'Novum Romanum’ religion after jewry had established sufficient 
power and, once attained, they were able to employ their dialectical praxis amongst the rabble of 
Rome to sabotage the nation and reduce all to the point of exhaustion, justifying a reaction to their 
chaos imposing their own brand of ‘order' in the form of 'the universal’ (Catholicism, ‘Catholic’ 
meaning ‘universal') an institutionalized formation of Demiurgic power, the 'power of God' ('G-d'). 

Thus came into being through the parthenogenesis of dialectical legerdemain the 'Reign' (regnabit) of 
the fictional Jewish man-God formulated in the image of the prior sun gods only those which were a 
translation of the consciousness of the hybrid stock of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region 
not that of the Hyperborean Apollo. 

The crucifixion was a symbol of the mutability and transient nature of the rising and dying Sun God 
archetype which is discussed in Acharya S' (D.M.Murdock's) book "The Christ Conspiracy". 

This foreign archetype was imposed upon the mass mind of the Roman Empire (Pax Romanum) which, 
in order to perpetuate itself, necessitated the assimilation of all and sundry organic particular culture 
into the melting pot of the ‘universal’. 

The Aryan deity Apollo (Baldr; Ra, etc.) was reduced to a state of transience no longer 'Solar' in the 
sense of the Polar-Hyperborean Tradition but rather a poor copy of that archetype. This was reduced 
further by a Christianity (catholicity), mixed and deformed into a jewish man, a hollow mockery of the 
mysteries of Apollo, a positing of matter over Spirit (the physical jewish man God absurdly ‘dying for 
sins' in a black mass of coerced belief in a being for whom no historical evidence exists. cf. "Jesus 
Never Existed" by Kenneth Humphreys). 

This is the Saturnization of Spirituality with Spirit being smeared with the mud of matter and the 
masses hurled into the mud of the cloaca gentium in more ways than one (miscegenation; a mixture 
of organic peoples and cultures under this ‘false light’ of a universal, under the eye of 
Sauron/Saturn/Satan under the blind vision of the Demiurge). 

The violent transmission of this ‘universal’ spread itself according to its inner principle of aggressive 
expansion over the earth. Over the ensuing centuries the 'Universal' carried forward in its expansion 
destroying all organic cultures and peoples and assimilating those usable elements into itself with a 
smile of hypocrisy on its face and destroying all others as 'heresy' or ‘infidels’. 

The profanation of the mysteries further devolved as the Kali Yuga spiralled down from the 'pagan' 
empire of the Pax Romanum to the black magic transmutation of the partially Aryan imperium 
Romanum to the semitized imperium of jewish, judeo-christian universalism. Radiating outwards with 
greater numbers and force driven by the fanatical zeal of the Demiurge and his offspring, the 'Catholic 
Church’ (transmuted form of the Pax Romanum, the Kshatriya empire transformed into a duplicitous 
priest oligarchy) spread its conquering power through the subtlety of priest-craft and through the viral 
egregores of the Demiurge themselves encoded in theological emotional pathos, that of the near 
Easterner with his lunar and devious mind. 

The spirit of the Prince of Darkness spread is false light over the globe through the implicit coercion of 
priest-craft backed up with the machines of war of the empires the judeo-christians had formulated, 
expanding the power and influence of the agents of what they call 'God' (the Demiurge) over the 

During this dark age of the Piscean era, the last epoch before the end of the Kali Yuga and indeed, the 
end of the cycle of the Manvantara according to Vedic cosmology, the 'University' system was 

established. This 'system' of 'academic', a Saturnized (materialized) distortion of Plato's Academy, was 
designed to corroborate and legitimize the dogma of Catholicism and served as a training institute for 
its priests who were further indoctrinated in what Duns Scots' 'Scots' Porridge’ of abstract conceptual 


Thus scholasticism was born, the ideology or discourse of the school man. Julius Evola in his article 
"Scholasticism and The Spirit of Modernity" has critiqued the scholasticism of the medieval ages 
though his article does not refute its value. Its value lies in an approach to but by no means an 
attainment of a higher understanding of the Absolute Supreme Being ("that- then- which- nothing- 
greater-can-exist" according to the scholastic 'St.' Anselm of Canterbury in his ‘ontological proof of the 
existence of God' which amounts to a typical example of scholasticism and thus a pale reflection of 
the same Platonic error: to define terms, themselves conceptual constructs, an attempt to endow 
them with meaning by associating them-according to this system of logical reasoning or discourse- 
with yet other terms- conceptual constructs; in other words inventing a ‘hegemonic discourse’ and 
attempting to legitimate it through itself homologously, without it having any correspondence to 
Reality other than being a mere conceptual construct crudely and formalistically superimposed upon 
Reality just as the Demiurge superimposed his egregoric ejaculate upon the Mother Goddess in his 
violent rapine of Isis). 

Scholasticism was the discourse of 'the universal’ during the Medieval Ages and established itself 
(through itself homologously and auto-nomos-ly, i.e. as a self-made law unto itself, purporting to be 
self-legitimating just as the Demiurge has established Himself through a violent imposition of His 
Being on the Higher Planes, His ejaculate crystallizing on the starry tresses of Isis. 

Scholasticism being the discourse which had monopolize the false ‘universal’ it established what was 
called 'the Trivium’ and the 'Quadrivium’': the ‘Trivium’ was a basic set of three disciplines that 
constituted a lower level of ‘academia’, of the University curriculum. It consisted of the disciplines of 
grammar; logic and rhetoric and was largely based upon the prior Roman system of education, itself 
derived from the Platonic Academy and Aristotle's Lyceum which took up the torch of Plato. 

The medieval distortion of the Greco-Roman ‘pagan’ curriculum was a further Saturnization 
(materialization) of the teachings of the mystery schools wherein the ‘learning’ consisted of a purely 
materialistic, worldly, 'secular' form of learning though denying its own secularism (worldliness) 
through being a substantiation of Catholic theology. 

Grammar was simply a study of the 'languages', purely written and formalistic, which | crystallized 
during the Hellenistic period. Gone were the days of the runes and of the magical symbols which were 
pregnant with the meaning of star lore and higher, legitimate metaphysics and ontology. 

The magical symbols and sigil's had been declared, under the influence of the 'catholicity' of the false 
universal as 'heresy' and 'marks of old scratch’, 'demonic' marks of Satan and his 'demons'. The 
functional utility of runes and sacred symbols of a higher gnosis were thus subject to a profanation, a 
dragging down to the lowest level of this 'truth'-a mere pragmatic application of 'human-all-too- 
human’ conceptual constructs integrated into a formalistic system of abstraction with no organic basis. 

Hence the (in the terms of the contemporary linguist Ferdinand de Saussure) ‘parole’ or natural 
discourse or speech (patois) of the folk the organic particular group of actual vital essence, the 
‘Culture Organism’ as Yockey would call it, was substituted as an act of black magic for a formalized 
language which purported to apply to ‘All’, universally. 

Latin and ancient languages of the Near Easterner as well as Greek became superimposed upon the 
consciousness of the leadership of the folk, the priest caste who, having been rendered a carrier of 
this virus of the false universal became transmuted into a ‘universal man', a 'citizen of the world' in the 
terms of Socrates and thus their conscious mind was severed from their folk. 

That the priest-caste were so alienated (and this as a voluntary choice) from their people, they of 
whom they were derived biologically through ancestry, led to their being formed as a caste apart 
having no organic relationship to their folk. 

Unlike the priest caste of the people which pre-existed the Universalist religious formations (which 
probably began with Zoroastrianism and later Buddhism and creationism and to some extent Brahman 
is in in his decline which latter metamorphosed into various sects conventionally subsumed by the 
Universalists under the term 'Hinduism'); this Catholic priest caste had no regard for organic being, the 
‘dasein' ('there-being') spoken of by the National Socialist Martin Heidegger. 

The priests of the 'Universal' (the simulacrum of Isis, the Demiurge, the false universal and false 'God' 
who purported to monopolize 'Being') were apathetic as regards organic; racial; folkish being and cast 
aside as mere 'nature' or ‘pantheistic naturalism’; 'pagan' (in the contemptuous sense of judeo- 
christianity, 'pagan' designating 'backwoods' or 'provincial' from the Latin term for this name). 

The Catholic priests (priest of the universal) condemned to death all of that which was 'Other' to their 
'G-d' (Demiurge)-all of that which was incapable of assimilation into the maw of their vampire deity. 

Within the trivium or lowest tier of the scholasticist universalism logic served its function as a 
foundational structure of the system. This logic, derived in part from Aristotle and via him from India 
where he had undoubtedly traveled with Alexander the Great as the latter's tutor, was that of the 
spatio-temporal matrix of the Demiurge and explains why Aristotle adopted his hylo-morphic 
conception of 'reality' (physics and metaphysics) as this conception was that of the 'Divine Mind' of 
the 'Logos' (Demiurge). 

The 'Logos' is logic, the manifestation of the 'Divine Mind’ and 'Divine Will’ in empirical five sense 
reality, the logic which governed the fifth heaven downward, the logic of space and time, of 
immanence and which denied anything transcendent beyond itself. 

The logic adopted by the medievals, though purporting to explain ‘Reality’ was simply a modernist 
construct of the Kali Yuga, a purely materialistic ('Hyle' in Greek being 'matter') and lower astral 
(‘morphe' for 'Form' in Greek-hence 'hylo-morphic') conception of reality, a blind glance of the blind 
God the Demiurge (Saklas the blind God to the Gnostics) at the Reality of his plagiarism of the pre- 
given world of Eternity that preceded his violation. 

Hence the scholastics of the medieval ages, the priests of the false universal (the Demiurge, the Logos) 
attaching themselves to Him restricted their consciousness of higher planes to the world of his 
manifestation, his plagiarism (the fifth heaven downward in vibrational frequency) and mediating 
through themselves His Mind in the form of the discipline of academic called ‘logic’. 

The Aristotelian-Demiurgic logic of the Logos, purported to describe the ‘laws of thought’ and the 
structure of Reality and, as a Universalist discourse, imposed itself upon all and sundry restricting their 
consciousness to a state of mundane limitation. 

Though this logic purported to be a stairway to Heaven it was in fact an iron gate barring access 
thereto, confining the masses into the prison matrix of the Demiurge through the restriction of their 
consciousness to that of 'worldliness', with the superimposition of a theocratic system of human and 
Saturnian logocentric ideas which confined themselves in its prison. 

The 'Scots' Porridge’ of dense logic put forth by such as Duns Scotus’ a Scottish Monk who through 
taking the logic of Aristotle and his theocratic imitator Thomas Aquinas to the extreme, was the 
Scotsman's attempt to transcend the matrix of the Demiurge through the logocentric discourse of the 
Demiurge-using the Logos against Himself. For this Scotus narrowly escaped being branded a heretic 
and burnt at the stake. His sophisticated reasoning (which demonstrated the sophistry of the 
logocentric/Demiurgic theology) was unintelligible to the theocrat's of Rome and hence he managed 
to escape that fate. However he opened up fissures in the matrix wall of the Demiurge, enabling more 
light from the black sun to enter in and to liberate more souls from its net. 

The last subject of the Trivium after that of grammar (the formalization of natural speech; the 
imposition of the artificial universal upon the particular organic and natural language) and of logic (the 
strait-jacket of thought imposed by the Logos) was that of ‘rhetoric’. 

Rhetoric was a significant element in the mode of control of the Greco-Roman/Hellenistic and earlier 
periods and presumably derived from India after the latter had fallen and assimilated into itself the 
blood of the Lemurian beast-man and his cunning deviousness. Rhetoric thus was always, in Platonic 
jargon, ‘sophistry’, a reasoning discourse that employed all manner of emotional elements and 
deceptions designed to achieve a pragmatic purpose of influencing other parties. 

It was in its origin the original book of "How to Talk Dirty and Influence People". Plato took issue with 
this and this for motives one might infer were of a pragmatic nature unto themselves, perhaps to 
impose the Will of the Demiurge/Logos upon all in the name of 'Truth' (the Lord's 'truth'). He 
differentiated his 'truth' from that of rhetoric or sophistry in his 'Gorgias', a dialogue which featured 
the 'sophist' (rhetorician) Gorgias, a foreigner (presumably from the Middle East, possibly a jew) from 
that of one such as Plato's philosopher archetype, the mongrel Socrates. 

Gorgias was considered more or less 'false' and 'wrong' in his usage of dialectic (reasoned discourse) 
to achieve purely pragmatic aims without regard for ‘truth’, the logic of the Demiurge). Gorgias was 
castigated by Plato through his mouthpiece or sock puppet Socrates as being an enemy of 'truth' and 
Plato had the dialogue between Gorgias and Socrates reduced to a victory for Socrates based upon his 
homologous discourse, his self legitimating, pseudo-axiomatic language (logic) whereby the 'truth' of 
his claims was affirmed in advance of any proof and this based upon the way in which terms were 
defined and a 'chain of reasoning’ consisting of weak links constituting the 'argument' to establish his 

Every connection between claims and propositions was based upon an interpretation of terms and 
these extended to terms he claimed were 'related' according to the ‘logic' of the Socratic dialectic. 
That the terms were always defined in a specious way based upon interpretation and were cobbled 
together through false association between propositions make of them fallacious arguments from 
analogy-necessarily fallacious as being an attempt to assimilate distinct things on the basis of an 
asserted similarity of features, these 'similarities' being little more than subjective perceptions. The 
fallacy of ‘secundum quid’, no connection obtaining between the things claimed similar or their 
attributes; a fallacy of relevance). 

Plato put words into the mouth of Gorgias that the real Gorgias would never have agreed to. Plato 
thereby imposed his 'Universal' upon Gorgias as a vulgar display of the power of his Logos (the 
Demiurge), a vulgar rapine of a blow-up doll strawman of Gorgias with Gorgias in absentia and unable 
to represent himself in the 'debate’. 

Thereby Plato demonstrated his own fallacy as a paragon of 'truth' as his 'truth' simply couldn't stand 
up to criticism as it was restricted to his own academic circle-jerkers who hid away in the ivory towers 
of the Academy concealing themselves from the reality of 'the world’, living in what Aristophanes 
lampooned him for in his satirical play mocking Plato for living in "The Clouds" (Necolophrygia). 

Plato's veneration of Socrates suggested a myopia of judgment on his part. Socrates was a jew-like, 
devious snake who utilized the logocentrism (itself mere rhetoric) of the Demiurge to impose his (and 
His Masters') 'Universal Truth’, upon all, serving the mongrelization agenda with his 'Universalist' 
hegemonic discourse. 


The passive-aggressive nature of Socrates was characteristically jewish and indeed judeo-christian in a 
later re-presentation of the same thing and with justice the Athenians dispatched Socrates with 
hemlock- Mother Nature through her agents of an organic state (hierarchical; racial) dispatching an 
agent of the Demiurge in the latter's attempt to destabilize the structure of Athena with his structural 
weapons of the Demiurge (his homo-logous logic, the self-legitimating and self-asserted logic of 
‘truth'-"I am that lam", "A is A"). 

Rhetoric carried itself forward in the Trivium of the medieval ages. The 'school men cloistered in their 
privileged world of ecclesiastical bigotry, existed at a complete remove from the population and 
served as a cadre of aliens existing amidst the folk whose purpose was to regulate and impose the Will 
of the Demiurge upon the population. 

While they communed with and received commands from the Demiurge they hoarded the wealth of 
their slaves as the vampires they were. Some were sincere and lived an austere life of relative purity in 
terms of the circumstances and conditions of their lives. However, their mind was polluted with the 
rhetoric of the Demiurge (logocentrism), the theological discourse of 'the Bible' in its then alien 
tongues of Latin, Greek and Hebrew (universal languages with only a partial basis in organic existence, 
the faint echo of the soul of the folk transmitting itself through the barriers of a Saturnized language 
of 'the universal’). 

Rhetoric thus served as a tool of priest-craft to deceive and mind control the population. The usage of 
the ‘universal language' (Latin) in the church during their black masses before the Demiurge, serve not 
only to tap into the entities which were the conferrers of occult power upon the priest but to 
bamboozle the laity into a cowardly submission before a spectacle they didn't understand and indeed 
misunderstood entirely, attempting to praise and worship according to their instructions these entities 
and their Dark Lord, and to avoid any punishment on the part of the fanatical priest caste and their 
jewish masters, all of whom constituted a spy network forever seeking any black sheep amidst the 
flock they could burn at the stake in sacrifice before their 'G-d' serving up another soul to 'the Lord’. 

Rhetoric thus was (and indeed is to this day) an essential tool in the mind control of the population 
who are controlled and regulated by the priest cast through the emotional techniques they employ: 
the style of speech (voice roll; a hypnotic cadence) and the sensationalistic subject matter related to 
demons; devils; angels; salvation and damnation. 

The rhetoric of the priest, derived from the ancient world and the priest-craft of that time, continues 
to this day in the soft tones of 'reason' and their pompous tones of authority, the secular and religious 
clergy of the judeo-masonic and judeo-christian slave plantation society, the society of the Demiurge. 

Rhetoric and grammar are interwoven and the rhetoric of grammar had modify the language of the 
spoken word of the folk , being a universalistic modification, a violation, of the organic culture of the 
race of the people, of their Culture Soul upon whom it was imposed in the name of 'the universal’ ('G- 
d', the Demiurge). 


The grammar of rhetoric, it's inverse, the original rules of writings of the folk, was mangled through 
this Universalist imposition and thus the organic was subject to a distortion of the inorganic just as the 
Higher Planes were subject to a concealment by the Demiurge. 

For the medieval schoolmen grammar and rhetoric were theologized and 'theology' was the grammar 
and rhetoric of the knowledge/power discourse of modernity at that time (and everything within the 
Kali Yuga of the last 5,400 years qualifies as 'modernist' or 'modern' contrary to the sedevanticists, the 
‘traditional catholics'-for Catholicism is simply a formulation of the ‘Universal’ within the Kali Yuga, a 
syncretic mixture of irreconcilable differences and a perversion of the Tradition, enabling jewish 
supremacism and the mongrelization of the white race). 

The theology of today's world is still the theology of the Demiurge and this hegemonic discourse of 
knowledge/power relations is still the discourse of the contemporary period, the nadir of the Kali Yuga 
whether the theological discourse dresses itself up in the garb of a rainbow flag or in that of a black 
Monks' gown (both effeminate and both of the lunar-semitic consciousness whose violence is female- 
passive aggressive; indirect, as the moon reflects the rays of the power of the sun), this theology of 
the universal is nonetheless artificial and a violent imposition of His Will over all reinforced through 
the legalistic and theocratic jargon and discourse of the black magician priest caste and their 
underlings of useful idiots and fellow corrupt hypocrites at lower levels, (the 'laity' or ‘flock’). 

In contemporary times many attempts especially on the part of jewry to engineer a ‘universal 
language' have been made, Esperanto being one example. More covertly the philosophers and 
theorists of contemporary ‘academia’ (the institutions in which the 'Universal' is formulated and 
applied with subtle coercion, the female violence of the judeo-Demiurgic control system) have 
attempted to weave theoretical webs in which to trap the minds of their 'flock' of would be priests in 
training and molding them to become Universalists (assuming they were not born that way which is 
usually the case being a segregated cast of privileged elites) to perpetuate the system of the 

Such figures as those of the Vienna school of ‘logical positivists' (Bertrand Russell; Ludwig 
Wittgenstein; Alfred North Whitehead- all Jews) and of Edmund Husserl (the jewish creator of 
‘phenomenology') have attempted to posit theoretical hegemonic discourses claiming that the 
‘structure of human consciousness’ is 'the same’ and this based upon their conceptual models and 

This is an application of Platonic paralogic, the logic of Plato, of the universal: that the term ‘human’ is 
itself a Universalist abstraction, to claim that ‘all [Universally] humans' are 'X,Y,Z, etc.' is a 
presupposition, a homo-logous (applying to itself) and hence factually incorrect logic (as all logic is, 
being a mere system of abstractions derived from the consciousness of the jew, child of the 


Hence no 'structure of human-consciousness' can ever be discovered only invented as an abstracting, 
and violently (by definition) imposed upon others, defacing or ignoring their difference. This discourse 
of the universal has only one property that may be said to be 'true' in the sense of corresponding to 
factual reality either in the world or the realms above: that it imposes violence upon Being and 
destroys through its function that which He can influence (that which is confined within the mundane 
world which can be influenced through their agency). The notion of a 'common' or ‘Universal’ is an 
articulation of violence imposed upon others perverting and distorting their being with its 'one-size- 
fits-all' rhetoric; grammar and logic. 

Jacques Derrida, a Zionist jewish supremacist 'philosopher' of contemporary society has even gone so 
far as to boastfully claim the supremacy of jewry in affirming that the very words spoken by the 
‘human-all-too-human' (People's; bipedal species, etc. call them what you will) take the form of the 
Hebrew letter 'Aleph' when given articulation. 

The falsehood and arrogance of this claim underscores the real meaning of 'humanity' in the discourse 
of modernity, that being to imply that only jews qualify as 'human' or that they are the template or 
archetype of the human (hue-man; men of light) and all else are mere simulacra or copies of the 
‘children of God’, when the reality is the exact opposite, jews being merely plagiaristic constructs of 
aliens and being an alien consciousness imposed upon ‘All’, universally, made in the image of their 
violent war-G-d who imposes himself upon the Other for domination and vampirization. 

The higher level curriculum of 'University' during the medieval period was called 'the Quadrivium'’. 
This was comprised of: arithmetic; geometry; music and astronomy. 

The universal pervaded these disciplines which were yet more ‘abstractions of the quintessence’ as 
applied to certain forms of mundane life, bringing the Mind and Will of the Demiurge into the hearts 
and minds of the 'mundane' and 'profane' masses. 

Arithmetic, which derived from the Arabic Peninsula, was the foundational underpinning of the 
curriculum of the Demiurge. It was and is based upon quantitative reductionism, reducing everything 
(every qualitatively distinct being and its higher Form) to abstract equality such that the determination 
of the beings of Being was purely quantitative, reduced to number and simultaneously number was 
projected upon all things as the net of quantitative formalization, stripping them of their idiosyncratic 
properties, of their actual, essential properties and reducing them to a purely quantitative level. 

This is yet another example of the progression (necessarily quantitative in the sense of a reductio ad 
absurdam, a downward spiral of quality to quantity) of the Kali Yuga which is in hierarchical terms a 
‘regression’ to the lowest common denominator. 

Politically, taking the numerical idea to its logical conclusion, following its own logic, reduces 
everything to a communitarian or communistic state of the ant heap or worse as even ants have a 


The Demiurge's results are measurable and they are intelligible only for the psychopaths and 
hypocrites who control society as the black magician hidden hand. Everything under the 'Reign of 
Quantity’ as Rene Guenon referred to the dark age of the Kali Yuga, is reduced to quantity and subject 
to temporalization, to generation (increasingly brief in its growth and life-cycle) and degeneration. 

All processes and functions are subordinated to numeration, a reducing and calculus of means and 
ends always translated into the mode of priest-craft power which derives from the near East and the 
rootless internationalist merchants of jewry: number; accountancy; calculation; exchange. 

Ultimately all beings which have developed themselves through themselves and grown organically (all 
organic being) is subject to processes which degrade and reduce its life force to the unit, the basis of 
number (cf. "The Concept of Number", Gottlob Frege) and thus ultimately in the form of money, the 
abstract representation of bio-energy, of life that can be sold and bought through the medium of 
exchange of the stock market and indeed through the system of priest-craft which purports to have a 
monopoly through its Universalist discourse of theology on the universal, on what it calls 'God'. 

"All that which comes from God returns to God" and this was the priest caste of vampires who absorb 
the bio-energy of others into themselves as the managers and administrators of 'God's kingdom’, 
a.k.a. the kingdom of the Demiurge; the ultimate vampire of the cosmos. 

Hence to participate, which one must of necessity in the system of corruption, one must give in order 

to take. The system is designed in such a way that the net gain is exceeded by the loss for the 'profane 
and the reverse for those ‘enlightened’ with the false light (the priest-caste of hypocrisy). 

Thus one is determined per quanta as a 'citizen' and in being considered such is subject to the 
imposed duties which entail having to give of one's bio energy through work (taxation; fines; tithes; 
fees, etc.) in order to perpetuate the absurd cycle of his life and this for the vain hour he exists on this 

Arabic numerals are the basis of arithmetic and have their origin in the mind of the 'semite' who 
controls and regulates affairs (temporal power) through this pseudo-gnosis, the 'knowledge' of 
Demiurgic quantity. 

His power is that of a trap which he lays out- a gold-plated trap which entices his would be 'buyers' 
and, once they fall for this 'gleam of gold' (this apparent value, they become trapped in the system of 
quantity as a node in the system of exchange. 

Whether financially as in the actual system of mercantilism or end out of the Temple (the priestly- 
caste merchant system) the semite entraps his payers, his sources of temporal power (bio-energy) and 
seeks the absorption of their life force into himself through indirect means, according to the rules and 
logic of his system. 


Hence his power is of a lunar character: indirect; deceptive; mutable; fluid and transient and this all 
bathed in the false light of a mirror of truth. His power is simulacral, a reflection of reality, of real 
power and force translated into the abstract formalism of language and accountancy, all reducible to 
quantity be it in the form of the quantity of quality (logic- quantitative quality) or formal quantity, e.g. 
mathematics and arithmetic specifically. That and algebra, another permutation of his formalistic 
legerdemain, reveals his form of power, that of the Demiurge, a plagiarist, an imitator of the truth. 

Whether in the form of tithing or in that of taxation or investment or any form of ‘giving in order to 
take’ (his logic of exploitation and Usury) the 'goyim' must pay in order to play the game and according 
to his rules, those which are an applicable only to them and not to himself or his tribe. 

Double entry accounting is a double standard counting with two for the jew and none for the goy in 
the end. His system works on the basis of illusion: the illusion of worldly allure provocative of desire 
and the simulacra of priestly-caste powers and connections to higher forces which are held out as 
beneficial but are instead detrimental. 

Geometry is yet another discipline within the 'Quadrivium' that purports to grant privileged access to 
‘the universal’, to G-d, to the Demiurge (the false universal). The great architect of the universe 
(G.A.O.T.U) is held out as the model to follow, the 'modeler of reality' according to judeo-christian and 
Abrahamic religion (indeed all monotheism which venerates the monad). 

The goal of this priest-caste here in adducing geometry as an essential skill mirrors that of Plato's 
Academy and purports to be a skill enabling they who are skilled in this activity to have a monopoly on 
‘truth’, on knowing the universal, and thus legitimating their power over others who have no 
knowledge of this alleged 'truth' (that which is, Being in its Being, it's ‘spirit and truth’). 

Thereby the priest caste employs its limited materialistic and formalistic system of concepts and the 
language in which it manifests called 'Geo-metry' to regulate; control and justify their exploitation of 
others. The etymology of geo-metry is 'earth' (geo) measure (metre) and implies a relationship of 
control and power imposed upon Gaia and indeed upon all material structures in the realm of the 
Demiurgic plagiary, the world of the crystallized ejaculate of the Demiurge. 

Measuring implies a controlling and relationship of dominance, of dominance over the earth through 
a formalization of tangible reality again ultimately reducible to quantity (a reductio ad absurdam) to 
bio-energy for the vampire priests. 

The Quadrivium also entailed the quantitative and materialistic distortion of astrology called 
‘astronomy’. This is the application of geo-metry to the stars, supplanting a Traditional grasp of star 
lore with a crude ‘abstraction of the quintessence’, an extension of the Demiurge into the realm of 
Traditional gnosis, concealed under his material excreta. 


Rough implements such as compasses and squares and telescopes were used by the servants of the 
Demiurge to reduce the higher to the state of the lower, to a mere human (and ostensibly ‘divine’ in 
the sense of the false universalism) level of perception: the eye and visual perception tangled up with 
and translated into formalistic language. 

The atrophy of higher perception, of the supra-rational consciousness through an excessive 
preponderance of rationalism led to star lore, the gnosis of astrology, becoming reduced to simple 
observation of material forms perceptible to the naked eye of the observer and their movements 
around the earth. 

At this time the dark age of ignorance posited the existence of the flat Earth and drove the peasants 
into an even greater state of ignorance. Intuition was thus neglected for reason, for the geometers' 
modality of consciousness at least among the profane. Presumably, star lore was still utilized and 
practiced by the black magician elite of judeo-christianity and served their purposes of amusing 
themselves while they drove the masses into war and revolution to absorb their energies for 

Astronomy also purported to give a monopoly on the universal for the priest caste cornering the 
market on the actual gnosis of star lore and its essential wisdom in understanding reality and how to 
conduct one's life, giving a monopoly to the black magicians of Zion who alone had ‘legitimacy’ all else 
seeking to or actually practicing astrology being branded 'witches' or 'heretics' and subjected to the 
‘appropriate’ penalty of torture and murder. 

The ignorant peasants were whipped into a frenzy to witch-hunt whoever the priests and their jewish 
overlords would point their finger at and incite the mob to round-up for torture and execution, setting 
a precedent to shroud the peasants’ sight from the light of truth. That the truth of astrology enabled 
the population to understand Truth, to predict and explain events and indeed to commune with the 
old gods with whom contact had been severed by the cabal through their ‘false religion’; was not 
something desired by the priests led to its being portrayed as ‘heresy’ and this with religious 
‘justification’, a religion contrived and designed to keep the population severed from the power of the 
gods and thus reduced to ignorant rabble easily controlled and manipulated by the priest-caste. 

Music was the remaining discipline of the quadrivium. It was the application of the geometry of the 
Demiurge to sound, rendering the polyharmonic structure of the higher planes a limited and 
formalistic system of rigidity. Within this context the folk music of that time alone had managed to 
maintain and to serve as a vehicle of transcendence beyond the matrix of the judeo-christian 'God' 
while, while the priest-caste had their own brand of 'music' which served to substantiate with sonic 
resonance the matrix system, to strengthen its walls with their acoustic assault of ecclesiastical music 
(muse-sick), the binding and restricting of the Muses within the Saturnian bands of lead placed upon 
them by the formal schemata of the church, controlled and regulated by itself and itself alone. 


Through this process such figures as Bach and Buxtehude who were ostensibly and on the surface 
'Christians' managed to preserve in hermetic coding, in the hermetic symbolic tonality the Tradition of 
the Hyperboreans. Though constrained to the breaking point by the Saturnian priests and their 
masters jewry and their reptilian overlords. The music of Eternity still echoed throughout the realm of 
the Demiurge. 

Music (muse-sick) was thus revitalized and transmuted under the genius of the Aryan race, under the 
guidance of the Divyas manifesting themselves in the form of child prodigies such as Bach and Mozart 
helping to generate sonic beams of light to tear holes in the matrix of dark age gloom. 

Through the Quadrivium music became Saturnized. The folk music, which was an organic expression 
of the soul of the people became assimilated to the degree Saturnian priests were able to achieve 
their purposes in the church transforming the philosophical gold of the harmony of the spheres into 
the base lead of a judaized formalism: choral and ecclesiastical music, which served the exclusive 
purpose of ‘praising him' the Demiurge and his jewish man-god son with characteristically semitic 

This leaden casket into which music was cast, rendered 'muse-sick' was only broken through the will of 
Aryan man deployed against the assault on their conscious mind by the horde of the evil tide. This 
attack enabled Aryan man to develop a more transcendent state of being beyond that of a crude 
emotionalism, the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth of the jewish archetype. 

The true universal of the mother Goddess thus could be heard echoing in Eternity through such 
German compositions as "The Nine Muses" by J. C. F. Fisher and "Hexacordum Apollonis" by Johann 
Pachelbel. Apollo thus resurrected and his noble form cast a shadow over the plaintive semite on the 
cross whose a vulgar display of female power was eclipsed by the Solar Spirit of Aryan man. 

The hermetic adepts of the Aryan masons had made fissures in the matrix wall through such means as 
art and music, whose immediate influence upon the conscious mind of the perceiver was sufficient to 
rouse both the ire of the Saturnian priests of 'catholicity' and the blood memory of the Aryan folk. 

Masonry was the luciferian opposition to the false universal of catholicity and its Demiurge worship, 
the 'G-d' of Jewry. This is why it was perceived as a threat by the latter and infiltrated and co-opted by 
jewry as was their typical modus operandi of neutralizing (i.e. destroying) their enemies, attaching 
themselves to their opponents as a leech and gradually draining the blood of their animate tools. 

The guileful cunning of jewry transformed masonry into an instrument of their 'ferment of decay',of 
their intended ‘triumph of the underman' at the expense of the Aryan ubermensch whose light they 
sought to snuff out in their plans for Zion. 


The rhetoric and meeting of masonry was subject to a universalization, of the false universal 
(assuming masonry had been otherwise, which is likely given the independent and self-respecting 
nature of Aryan man and his quest for truth) by jewry who subordinated the rites and mysteries to 
their own level of consciousness rendering the Solar-Uranian mode of consciousness of the Aryan into 
that of the cthonic-tellurian, submerging- or attempting the submergence of-the sun of mind beneath 
the horizon of the Superman, plunging it into the night of the near Eastern and Mediterranean rites of 
Dionysos and Baal, the abominable rights of ghouls and vampires and all of this in the name of 'G-d', 
the Demiurge, architect of an order of corruption. 

Both Catholic; Protestant and masonic claims to having the true universal (‘the truth') imposed upon 
the leadership of society a mental virus which infected their minds and lead them toward that 
promised land of Zion with the jew whispering instructions in their ears. 

Those who oppose the internationalist agenda were hunted and attacked from the shadows by jewry 
and their affiliates who had become shackled through semitic rites of initiation to their G.A.O.T.U and 
his evil horde and accordingly had no longer any independent consciousness. 

Nevertheless, through the fragmentation of the power of the Catholic Church opportunities opened 
up through which yet more light could be shed upon the earth through the leaden walls of dark age 

The ‘universal truth' had become subject to question, to debate and through this process was reduced 
to a mere conception; ‘philosophy’; 'Universal truth’ or ‘idea’, and indeed as greater fissures were 
created in the wall and more light came through, this was construed as a symptom of insanity and a 
sign of narrow-mindedness. 

Thereby the priest-caste were no longer venerated as the ‘height of heights' as they alone who could 
possess the universal and employ their power against others through its justification. They were 
simply ‘human-all-too-human’; fallible and no longer possessed the aureole of sanctity that had an 
prior epoch of dark age simplicity been a symbol of their pedigree as 'men of the cloth’ or 'men of 
God', Saints whose power was derived through lunar means- that is to say indirectly- from the false 
universal, the false light of the Demiurge who they had arrogantly and with false humility and self- 
righteousness placed upon a pedestal as their false idol, their private preserve. 

The golden calf of 'Jehovah/YHVH' was thrown down into the mire by the seekers of Truth whose 
motivations were undoubtedly of a pure nature. Such figures as Prince Peter Kropotkin and Friedrich 
Nietzsche, though bound up with jewry to a degree and of necessity were motivated by a Higher Idea, 
that of Justice and Freedom as a means of establishing a society or state which could serve the people 
to elevate themselves above the level of the vulgar 'goyim', toward a return to Hyperborea. 


It was nonetheless jewry, with its money power, it's vampiric power, which still remained attached 
with Leech-like tenacity to the Aryan ubermensch. The folkish orientation of Kropotkin, of even to 
some extent Oswald Spengler and indeed of Stalin had to wait with infinite patience and go along with 
the powers of international finance in order to realize their longer term objectives, like a desperate 
hero riding a tiger and clinging on while the Tiger exhausted itself in its frenzied race to its own 

Hyperborea, the light of the black sun, bathed them in its rays as they involved themselves in the 
secret war with the black magician agents of the Demiurge. The true universal was forever inside of 
the adepts and perhaps to a dim degree of consciousness of jewry who was and is unable to secure 
his place in Eternity. 

The Aryan's goal of spiritualizing the earth, breaking the walls of jewry's technocracy, funded by 
promissory notes printed in the blood of his victim was and is still attainable. The light of the True 
Universal can never be extinguished, only the light of they who cannot secure for themselves a place 
in its Realm. 

To maintain the refulgence of one's own soul he must live in Valhalla even on this earth and that 
means to ‘live in the Truth' and to be 'in the world yet not of the world’, to face the challenges of this 
world with a heroic stand and without existing on the level of the false universal, the state of being of 
the 'human-all-too-human’, that of the worldly and other black magician masters whose existence 
also is incapable of immortality, simply a circling around in the wheel of incarnation, in and out of the 
digestive system of the Demiurge. 

They need to maintain this prison planet in order to perpetuate their vampire lives. It is up to the 
Aryan who alone embodies the True Universal, the Graal or Divine Elektron, to put a stop to this 
meaningless world of consumption (vampirization) and production (emanation of the life force); 
generation (soul consumption by the vampires) and degeneration (the atrophy of the souls of their 


Should he fail the world will carry on for a time and then become a decayed husk of its current vitality, 
the locusts of the population feeding and breeding beyond sustainability and thus bringing about their 
doom. From fence the Demiurge will continue with his hordes of reptilian trans-dimensionals and 
devastate other planets, transforming vital worlds into desertified dead planets wracked with war and 
pollution, the only rotten fruits of the false universal and His violent expansion, the tumorous growth 
of the destroyer of worlds. 


Akadumbia's ‘Universalism’ 

Modern-day academia, having derived from the universities of the medieval ages is still subject to the 
Saturnian influence of the theocracy of the Catholic Church and its implied claims to having a 
monopoly on the ‘Universal’. 

It is still an Institute of quantitative abstractions, of ideas and concepts derived from the 'Great 
Architect of The Universe’ (G.A.O.T.U) of judeo-masonry and indeed of mainstream religion,'The One' 
or the Demiurge, the violent father-God deity who wishes to trap all souls within a prison of 
crystallized matter that he controls and engineers and this through his agents the jews and their 
underlings (judaized masonry; churchianity, and down the line). 

The ivory towers of the academe are as Isengard in Tolkein's work- controlled and turned to an evil 
purpose by Sauron/Saturn/Satan; the nazgul (trans-dimensional reptilians); worm tongue (the jew, a 
reptilian hybridized with Neanderthals and other 'humans') and Saruman of the white hand (modern 

The professors and priests of academia are invariably members of 'the white hand' of masonry and 
serve its agenda for the construction of the Temple of Solomon, of Zion, the preparation of the earth 
for the invasion of the reptilians so that they may consume the souls and bodies of the ‘human- all- 
too-human'; and have 'dominion over the earth’. 

The technocracy of Zion has virtually (in the most literal sense) rendered the planet a cybernetic 
matrix prison run on the power of the Demiurge, electricity, the explosive energy of the violator of the 
Mother Goddess. 

The orcs (non-whites) of Isengard are put to use in the construction of horrible machines of war and 
industry to serve this agenda, being coercively mated with the men of middle Earth into mongrel 
hybrids (the Kalergi plan for the genocide of the 'children of the West', a.k.a. the Aryan race). 

The academe, though portrayed as an ‘objective' institution above political affairs, serves the ‘false 
universal' of the Demiurge through imposing it through the formalistic and quantitative discourse of 
number and the purported theoretical reduction of all higher concepts and ideas to the level of crude 
matter and materialism. 

The academe serves to establish the 'reign of quantity’ on the earth and this through the hegemonic 
discourse of the ‘abstraction of the quintessence’ in the words of François Rabelais. 

Scholarship amounts to an intended legitimation of the discourse of modernity (which includes the 
entire Kali Yuga), and imposition of the logocentric 'tradition' and the Logos ('the Demiurge') by 

Academia, by establishing itself as authoritative, as a repository of the 'Universal’, a ‘University’ 
becomes the arbiter of 'truth' and its professional priests become the authorities who, by virtue of 
having an ostensive monopoly on 'the Universal’ (in reality being specialists in the language of 
'Universalism') have an implied power of acceptance or rejection of all discourse; ideas; thoughts; 
opinions; theories, etc. which they alone are able to decide have value or validity, all else being 

‘beneath notice' and relegated to the waste heap of non-being, not to be a part of 'God's kingdom’. 

Within the academe the ‘Universal’ imposes its hegemony on the various forms of life which it 
purports to regulate and to engineer. In the case of organic life the discipline or discourse of 'bio-logy' 
and bio-logical sciences is established as the prevailing hegemonic discourse. 

'Bios' means 'life' deriving from the Greek root, and the discourse functions to construct a simulacrum 
of the 'bios' or life, and to create this Frankenstein's monster through the materials of number and 
wooden abstractions, crystallized and irrelevant ideas and thought forms reified into processes and 
actions of engagement with organic being, violating the organic and transmuting it by a black magic 
means into a destroyed and synthetic product of unrelated parts. 

This is the nigredo phase of Qabalistic alchemy staged by the black magicians of Zion as part of the 
deconstruction of the organic Idea of their enemies as applied through the discourse of 'science' to 
organic life. 

Bio-logy is transmuted through black alchemy into 'mort-ology' or death science, 'science' here in this 
context amounting to a perversion (itself an act of black magic) of 'Scientia', the Latin term for 

Such a 'science' is far from wisdom even for the black magicians of Zion as they thereby bring about 
their own destruction through a fanatical attempt to tear down and destroy their enemies. 

What wisdom, it must be asked, could possibly be entailed in the desertification of farmland through 
its becoming saturated with synthetic, poisonous chemicals, and raped to the extreme of crop yield, 
making the healthy organic crops into Frankensteinian corruptions of nature's bounty? 

And all of this under the hypocritical facade of ‘humanitarian aid’ which itself serves the purpose of 
the judeo-masons' 'nigredo phase’ of planetary depopulation, engineering disease and harm to the 

Bio-logical sciences amount to 'weird science’, the application of synthetic 'chemicals' to organic 
being, these chemicals themselves horrible abominations that are a result of the erroneous 
application of the false universal to the 'chemical' level of Being, below in quantity that of the 
organismal, the 'microbiological'). 

They also entail a cadaveral perspective of life hence not life but death and thus are properly spoken 
of as Mort (death)-ology (word) not bio (life)-ology (word): viewing the anatomy and physiology of 
organisms as mere ‘conceptual models' based upon quantitative reductivism 'chemicals' based upon 
systems of qualitatively distinct abstractions subject to quantitative analysis, ie. the periodic table and 
the ‘application’ or rather imposition or projection of these quantitative abstractions (axioms) and 
qualitative abstractions (‘acroams' in the sense of Kant) upon organic reality. 

Chemistry thus is a lower level of quantitative abstractions itself based upon the lowest level (which is 
to say the most abstract quantitative level) of abstraction, that of math. It is an attempt to transform 
mathematics into a phenomenal instrument of ‘scientific’, i.e. black magic praxis. 

These sciences affirm that the structural essence of beings is chemical-that all phenomenal beings 
within Being (within the phenomenal world of the Demiurge) are 'chemical' at their ‘base’, i.e. are 
comprised from these simple parts. This conception of organic existence is that of materialism and 
indeed hylo-morphism in the Aristotelian sense and denies higher spiritual reality reduced in abstracto 
(theoretically, the only way this could ever be achieved- and again amounting to only a theoretical 
achievement) to mere quantity to serve 'the reign of quantity’, of the Prince of spiritual Darkness, the 
Demiurge, the 'G-d' of judeo-masonic/christianity. 

'The scientists', a.k.a. The 'wise men' of the Elders of Zion (wise asses in the lion's skin) utilize the 
‘sciences’ of life (death) in their genocidal agenda, transforming organic life and nations into 
quantitative abstractions of the 'Universal' which they then justify, through this regime of discourse, to 
control; manage and indeed 'genocide' or 'process' life forms through this means (cattle being 
considered mere units of commodity to be tagged and slaughtered and, given that the jews view all 
non-jews as ‘cattle’ it is simply a question of extending the scope of this 'scientism’', their hegemonic 
discourse, to the so-called 'human' level to transform ‘people’ such as the reader and writer of these 
words into units of commodity which can be bought; sold and slaughtered at the behest of the 
‘scientists' or people managers. Trans-humanism is the extension of the 'scientific' discourse of these 
knowledge/power principles of 'science’). 

Physics based upon the arid quantitative discourse of mathematics only its 'application' and extension 
into the physical realm of the phenomenal playing of the demiurge, is an underlying set of principles 
which are drawn upon to extend the scope of knowledge/power relations to the 'Other'. 

They had their origin with the Greco-Roman world during the time of Plato and derived from the 
Platonic 'tradition' (itself a pseudo-tradition of modernity) and have virally replicated throughout the 
subsequent discourse of 'Western' civilization, i.e. of the state of being wherein the son of mind if it 
has not already set is in its phase of decline along the horizon of Being signaling the dark age. 

Hence 'physics' was typically a matter of pragmatics- of application to machines of war and fortresses 
and other technical-technological processes that are constructed as conceptual models of control, 
dominance and expansion to serve the Judeo-Christian project of globalism and even before this the 
Roman empires expansion. 

To this day 'physics' has the same mode of existence as a theoretical system of Logocentrism and 
mirrors the behaviors of the 'G.A.O.T.U', the physicists (theoreticians of the Logos in its intended 
application or extension into concrete manifestation) and engineers (the applicators of the physicists’ 
conceptual models of the violation of the harmony of the spheres) are accelerating their programs for 
global terrorism at a breakneck pace. 

Their 'physics' is that of the Demiurge, The Great Architect of The Universe- an explosive violence 
against anything and everything, a vampiric motivation to absorb into themselves all of the vitality of 
organic being. Such is the Logos as it translates itself into concrete action through its emissaries and 

Mathematics underpins all of the 'sciences' (discourses of modernity) of the 'University', the 
institutions of the false universal (the Demiurge). It is algebraically based, erected upon a created 
system of abstractions, of formal quantity, without any intuitive translation into reality (assuming any 
mathematics could ever be reified by these means or any). 

Hence it is an artificial language imposed rudely upon the Mother Goddess and accordingly is properly 
spoken of by Ludwig Bieberbach as 'jewish' mathematics. Bieberbach had written a work called 
"Deutsche Mathematik" during the Third Reich illustrating the difference in mathematics as a form of 
thought in the Germans, his work serving as a microcosm of the larger macrocosm of the organicist 
Idea, that being that all beings have a distinct view and experience of the world and mediate Being 
(the True Universal) through themselves in such a way that there is no 'Universal' purely accessible to 
any but only a gnosis (knowledge by acquaintance) of a qualitatively distinct nature mediated through 
particular dasein or organic beings. 

The universal came in the form of philosophy [the love of wisdom- Philo (love) sophia (wisdom- the 
goddess)] prior to that of mathematics, as prior to philosophy 'mathematics' was not of the same form 
as subsequent 'Western' mathematics, what has come to be called this today. 

The earliest mathematics as metaphysics (eg."The Metaphysical Principles of The Infinitesimal 
Calculus", Rene Guenon) and was an occult 'science', science and the sense of wisdom properly so- 
called (cymatics; sacred geometry; numerology; star lore, etc.). 

Philosophy under Plato and possibly the pre-Socratic's before him though not presented formally until 
Plato, transformed mathematics into the Geo-metry of the Demiurge through its logocentric 
discourse. Thus philosophy was functionally of a certain influence in formalizing the wisdom of the 
Tradition, that is to say a rendering the quality of quantity (of sacred geometry and mathematics) into 
the quantitative determination of this qualitative discourse. 

This served to invert reality leading to a Saturnization of Spiritual Reality, placing quantity over quality, 
signaling the cardinal phase so to speak of the Kali Yuga, the most characteristically Saturnian and yet 
‘philosophical’ phase of this epoch before it trended still further downward into the abyss of the dark 
age wherein even 'philosophy' became distorted into an applied 'physics' or pragmatic theorizing for 
purely mundane purposes, having no attachment to any higher principle of Being thereby signaling 
the close of the cycle of the Manvantara. 

Hence philosophy, with Plato, became a 'miso-sophy' (hatred of wisdom, of Sophia) and an 
increasingly hateful desecration of Sophia by the Demiurge and his 'philosophical' and theoretical 
agents subsequently. 

Thus 'philosophy' destroyed itself and rather than constituting the limit of ‘human reason’, led to an 
even greater crystallization of the mind and at best an active nihilism, a transcendence of Reason 
through reason, a breaking out of the Demiurgic prison through combating the Demiurge with his own 
weapons, that of the logos (Reason) and the discourse of universalism, of the logocentric form of 
consciousness as the theater in which this war must play itself out. However it was a lost battle whose 
fruits were the bitter recognition of the limited value of 'philosophy' itself. 

Subsequent degradations of the 'Sophia' (wisdom) of the ancients can readily be perceived in the 
application of the 'Universal' to the sphere of the soul and of society, to psyche-logos (the logos of 
logocentric universalism as applied to the 'human- all-too-human' society). 

Psyche-logy was a creation of the Jew Sigmund Freud in large part through the Catholic and possible 
crypto-jew Franz Brentano (the impetus for the phenomenological school of Edmund Husserl) may 
have been a forbear of freudianism. 

It was a clear assault against the soul but found traction through the already degraded condition of 
what had begun as Plato's Academy and had become transmuted from the mystery school of initiation 
into a coarse technology- technological Institute for the control; management and dominance over the 

The soul is construed under this regime of discourse as a ‘ghost in the machine’ without any apparent 
correlation to the structures of the 'anatomically' constructed (deconstructed) organism as it would 
later become under the increasingly Saturnized discipline that has come to be known as '‘bio- 
psychology’, the structure-function relationship between organic anatomy (structure) and 'behavior' 
(its function). 

Four Freud the vestiges of the ideas of Tradition regarding the soul were still a presence and this 
perhaps owing to the offsetting nature of the ‘Universal’ of catholicity, of the Catholic theology whose 
prominence especially in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, of which Freud was a part, constituted a 
‘spiritual’ check and balance on his jewish tendency toward the infra-human of the cthonic-tellurian 
sub-personal dimensions of Being, what he construed in his psyche-logos as the 'Id' in relation to the 

higher elements of the being of the 'human' (the Universalist construct of humanism thus here 
manifests itself). 

These elements of the being of the human correlate with the dimensions of the Catholic conception 
(Universalist imposition) of the 'human': the body; the soul and the spirit (a tripartite conception) 
which Freud presumably sought to submerge in the mire of materialism dragging the higher to the 
level of the lower. 

The psyche-logos of Freud served as a template for subversion of the Aryan society, tearing it down 
and encouraging the population to descend to the level of the secular humanist construct of the 
‘human’, or as Nietzsche would call it the 'human-all-too-human'’. 

Subsequent to Freud such disciples of his such as the jew Wilhelm Reich would take this concept of 
the tripartite human, the theoretical construct of Freud, and further debase it to the level of the sub- 
personal, of that of a being requiring a sexualization, i.e. a debasement to the level of a hedonistic 
beast-man (this is discussed in the book "The Merchants of Sin", by Benjamin Garland). During the 
Weimar period in Germany the Freudian concept of the sexualized 'human' almost certainly paraded 
on the stage of the decadent debauchery of jewish entartete kultur. 

Psyche-logy worked in conjunction even as of that time during the Fin de siecle period in tandem with 
the bio-logical 'sciences' (a.k.a. the mort-ological alchemical processes of death) to control and 
regulate the behavior of 'humanity' of the 'human-all-too-human. 

Cesar Lombroso's work "Criminal Man" served as a microcosm of this macrocosmal processing 
protocol of jewry in addition to what was called 'eugenics' for the construction of a suitable type of 
population, qualifying all who did not fit within this rigid, materialistic structure of the Abrahamic and 
secular humanist mold as 'L'Homo Delinquente' (‘criminal man‘) or ‘animal man’, at the very least 
‘criminaloids', or quasi-criminals. 

Perhaps there was some truth to their judgments, however the overly materialistic and rigid 
perspective excluded any meaningful difference, reducing the social system to a state of entropy and 
creating a crystallized structure which didn't accommodate the cyclicism of the cycles of time (Yugas; 
aeonic changes) and organic development but simply created archetypes of 'Universalism' as applied 
to the 'universal man’, attempt to reify this figure as the new standard. 

The Soviet regime took this still further in transforming the animals on the animal farm into pure 
beasts completely removed from all Higher Spiritual consciousness. The 'Homo Sovieticus' (or Soviet 
man) is re-presented in modern (postmodern?) times as a universal 'Homo de Terra’ (Earth man) not 
the previously exalted archetype of the 'Homo de Coelo' (man of Heaven), dragging Spirit in the mire 
of matter in a Saturnian rite of black magic). 

Of course it is jewry and their affiliates who wish to reduce the non-jews and those not considered 
initiates to the level of a brute beast that they can more effectively subject to further ‘processing’ in 
their trans-humanist agenda, burying the soul of 'L'Homo Delinquent’ and indeed of all of those 
outside of their exclusive circle of 'chosenness' in the mire of the cloaca gentium. 

The Universalist discourse of academia thus serves the purpose of transforming the organic beings of 
Being into 'goyim', substitutable and replaceable robots who can be exploited and used to serve their 
own agenda, as human batteries conferring their life force upon the vampire elite. 

From the beginning the technological discourse of the 'Universal' had a pragmatic function even in 
spite of its claims to the contrary-the ‘Universal’ functioned to serve the architects of destruction in 
their applied geometry taking a cue from the blueprints of their 'Universalist' discourse which itself 
was derived from the Demiurge and his legions of trans-dimensional reptilians and other beings, the 
discourse of modernity being a direct translation of the Mind of the Demiurge and his priests 
(academic priests of catholicity) who are appendages of His Will to Power overall, transforming the 
earth into his animal Farm to feed him the souls of its earthbound slaves. 

Economics, the jewish science par exellence-based upon abstract quantity (mathematics; number)- 

was and is a regulative mechanism which was designed from the beginning to standardize all beings 
into units of value which could be managed and controlled through the system of abstractions called 
‘political economy’ by the Politburo in the secular humanist system and the church in the theocratic 

system of the Demiurge. 

Everything being reduced to quantity, all qualitative organic being is concealed under this crude, 
formalistic mesh of synthetic abstractions by the priests of Zion be they ‘scientists’; 'doctors' or clergy. 

Their ‘common purpose' has been and will continue to be in so far as they exist, the transformation of 
Gaia into a terraformed cybernetic prison planet controllable through technology that operates on the 
basis of 'Demiurgic science’ the 'science' of violence and the destruction of organic life. 

The principle of the Demiurge is the antithesis of ‘live and let live' that being ‘live and let die’, the 
violent assault against; exploitation and destruction of the beings of Being, the children of the Mother 

The material husks of the body which the mundane perceives to be real are the shells and peals of the 
organic beings of Being which are consumed along with whatever portion of their being the Demiurge 
and his minions can vampirize for themselves. 

Their technocracy (technai-crazy), exists as a machine of violence, generating yet more machines of 
violence to entrap the souls of the beings of Being within the matrix and harvest their souls to 
empower themselves. They wish to establish a closed system of slavery in which the life force of all 
(mineral; plant; animal; ‘human-all-too-human') can be efficiently harvested for themselves within a 
rigidly controlled system of exploitative vampirism. 

It is the false universal of philosophy which thus far has enabled them to get away with this process of 
transformation of the soul into an energy source upon which they may feed. To dupe and deceive the 
'goyim' into thinking their organic being either isn't a reality or doesn't matter as only 'G-d' (the 
Demiurge) and 'humanity' (a ‘Universalist’ abstraction) matters within their system. 

The fallacious distortion of the truth into a simulacrum, an imitation or counterfeit, has led the naive 
masses to burn their own intelligent and spiritually superior leadership at the stake and to sell their 
souls to the vampires of the world for the false gifts of immortality and filthy lucre. 

Academic is simply a discursive means of the priest class to achieve this purpose, a justificatory 
discourse to hoodwink the 'goyim' and obscure the light of truth from their feeble site shrouding them 
in the darkness of their ‘knowledge’, of their rationalist logocentric language, the form of 
consciousness they prescribe in their ‘reign of quantity’ in the Kali Yuga. 

Zombie Apocalypse 

In the end time the zombie apocalypse is the scene most commonly observed throughout the urban 

landscape. Thus far it exists more in a virtual form than in that of a physical form and that the virtual 

precedes its concrete physical manifestation means that the Zombification phenomenon is replicated 
amongst all populations including the remote rural areas via virtual technology. 

Prior to the omnipresence of virtual technology the rural population was relatively safeguarded from 
the reach of the eye of Sauron, of the screen of Satanic luminescence which has served as the most 
significant medium through which the Zombification process has occurred. 

This process the cabal has engineered over decades and has brought forth to its present state, utilizing 
the technical skill and profane knowledge of their slaves. It is a multi-faceted assault that operates 
covertly and through guile and secrecy and has targeted certain facets of the being of its subject 
matter- 'the goyim', mind, body and soul. 

Perhaps for the entirety of its presence on the earth the cabal has been operating to achieve their 
goals of rendering healthy and independent populations their golem or Frankenstein's monsters. 

The process utilizes technology which for the profane would not qualify as 'technology' but would 
appear instead (if it would appear to them at all), to be a wonder or the apparition of ghosts or devils, 
or simply the behavior of mad men. Everything starts at higher planes and manifests in concrete 
reality if it doesn't exist only at higher dimensions. "Everything's eventual" as Stephen King said, 
meaning phenomena (beings; Platonic ideas; egregores; spirits; non-physical entities) crystallize in 
greater material density over time and with the cycles of Time, with 'G-d' (the Demiurge, the Time 

Hence what may appear (or not appear) to be x, y, z in the mind of the profane has probably already 
manifested in another form and certainly invariably has higher, more subtle causes than meets the eye 
or lower senses that are available to the ‘mundane’. 

This is the level the 'technology of Zombification' starts from and eventually manifests on the earth 
plane as more dense and apparent processes and influences. The technology employed thus is 
spiritual (many would say 'demonic') before any denser and more physical form of manifestation. 
Religion is the dense form of spiritual praxis and is the lowest level of magic practiced by the adept. 
For the black magicians of Zion the religions of Zoroastrianism; vaishnavism and eventually christianity 
where the particular forms of ‘religion’ (religious technology) used to keep the masses in line and to 
reduce them to the level of witless slaves who adhere only to what the priest-caste imposes upon 
them without any independent consciousness or independent action. 

The credo here is "mind control, world control" and that the intention of the 'Elders of Zion’ is to 
golemize and Zombify the 'goyim'’, it follows from the premises that controlling the mind leads to the 
control of the population and can facilitate their protocols for reducing the 'goyim' to the level of 
witless slaves and ultimately, according to their plan of cleansing the earth (Tikkun Olam) of reducing 
their slave class to manageable levels within a closed system of entropy called 'Zion' ruled by their 
Demiurge deity, His 'angelic hosts' (of reptilians) and themselves overall. 

Christianity was a more recent phenomenon of the Kali Yuga, a slave religion formulated to enslave 
the 'profane' non-jews just as the prior Zoroastrianism and vaishnavism were also creeds of pacifism 
and weakness that led one down the right-hand path of the rightwards turning swastika toward 
extinction via entropy, within Time, within the closed system of the Demiurge having their souls fed 
upon throughout their lifecycle by the black magicians and their angelic hosts. 

The path of extinction('Nirvana’) was and is to this day the path of the fool who never grows wise and 
the path of suicidal self-destruction through a reduction of oneself to the lowest level of existence, a 
pure subsistence level of being in which the only purposes of life consist of ‘praising’ 

Brahma/God/Jehovah, etc. (the Demiurge) and working with ‘humility’, “earning one's bread through 
the sweat of one's brow". 

They must serve the parasitical elite who hypocritically pose as 'humble' before their Demiurge deity 
while in actuality being self-serving black magicians who practice vile rights of vampirism and 
cannibalism. Their ‘humility’ being a simulacral mask behind which they conceal their true nature. 

In pious arrogance they stand forth before the congregation and spew moralizing bigotry with 
brimstone and hellfire added in to justify their ill-gotten gain in the form of tithes; taxes and ‘gifts to 
God' which they take for themselves to acquire a monopoly on power. 

To reinforce their monopoly on power they employ their religious technology to enslave the minds of 
the laity, their 'flock', shearing them of their wool (glad tithings) and slaughtering them once finished, 
their use-value as a utility or commodity (labor) having been expended. 

Once finished their days' drudge they are further degraded and cast into the old-folks home and 
poisoned amongst other technical-technological means of genocide, always subtle and yet ‘hiding in 
plain sight’. 

The spiritual/black magic technology of Zombification was and is run on a two-tiered basis, with the 
lower level being the religious dogma formulated by the priest-caste and a higher level, that 
formulated by the Elders of Zion for the goy elite, that being (at least historically) Freemasonry. 

The 'mysteries' were hijacked by jewry and transformed into their Qabala of iniquity. Their infiltration 
of masonry (and perhaps this via the Scottish Rite and the 'French' masonry developed during and 
before the time of the French Revolution) led to its being a vehicle for their globalist dominion 

Perhaps before this the Qabala was formulated by German jews in Germany through an expropriation 
of the Kala and secret gnosis of the Teutons mixed and combined with near Eastern and Caucasian 
Gnostic ideas (Cainites; Bogomils, and crystallized into the Qabalah of Isaac Deluria in the Zohar. 

Such syncretic process is spoken of by Miguel Serrano in "Adolf Hitler The Last Avatar". Additionally 
the infiltration from a much earlier period into the Druids by the jewish Golan of North Africa and 
jewish Phoenicians into Ireland and even in South America were other examples of the hijacking and 
subjecting of the Aryan mysteries to jewish pragmatic purposes. 

Regardless jewry became intertwined with the Aryan mysteries (the remnants of Hyperborea) and 
distorted them to serve its purposes. As far as a writer knows masonry serves to ‘hook in' and 
hoodwink the naive and gullible Gentile elites, at least if "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" can be 
believed to be an authentic template of jewish praxis. 

This document speaks of using masonry as a system of enslavement to compartmentalize and divide 
and conquer the 'goyim' (nations) and compromise and frame people if need be should they ever have 
the willingness to violate there masonic oaths. 

In addition to the form of enslavement through threat, the same or similar processes as in religion is 
undergone with the 'goyim' (the non-jews) being possessed by the ‘angelic hosts’ only in the case of 
masonry being subject to a process of possession and possible displacement of the soul, the Mason 
becoming a Z.O.M.B.I.E (Zion Occupied Mind By Infernal Entities) and this perhaps to a greater degree 
owing to the greater degree of intensity of interrelationship between entity and host, though in this 
the writer can only speculate. 

Indeed 'as above so below’, the mechanism of the enslavement of the population, for the hijacking of 
their minds, comes in the form of the demonic praxis which masquerades as ‘spirituality’ both for the 
profane in exoteric religion and for the 'elite' through the now iniquitous 'mysteries'. 

Priest-craft or better spoken of 'witchcraft' was and has always been the mechanism through which 
the world has been subjugated which underscores the validity of Rene Guenon's book "Spiritual 
Authority and Temporal Power" at least during the time of the Kali Yuga when the warrior Priests of 
Atlantis had their function bifurcated into the Brahmanical priest-caste and the administrative 
aristocratic caste who governed temporal (‘worldly’) affairs at the behest of their priestly-caste 

The priest-caste has arranged affairs to enable themselves to perpetuate their system of slavery 
through playing upon the mind of their worldly subordinates. Through having a monopoly on priest- 
craft, on 'higher authority' as intermediaries between the Divine and human realms they have ensured 
their supremacy at least in the minds of their slaves. Accordingly they have attained control over their 
minions converting them into so many limbs of the Octopus System, so many instruments- human 
batteries; gears and parts of the system of the Demiurge which they run in his name and service. 

However there have always been those who are capable of discernment and pulling aside the veil of 
appearances which threatens the control system through its exposure and which, to whatever degree 
of probability, may wake up an adequate number of powerful opponents who could overturn their 
system and with it themselves, they who exist to hold others in subjection. 

Hence the priest-caste must have recourse to a further level of the Zombification process in the event 
that there exertion of diabolical (‘spiritual’) influence via mainstream religion is inadequate. 

Their recourse is to reduce to the greatest extent possible through other means the probability of the 
‘goyim' knowing who they are and what they're doing and to carry out the appropriate means to 
subjugate their puppets through this 'Diabolism’, their enslavement and subjection of the population 
to their G-d's will. These means are two-fold: 

1) Dysgenics or Malgenics (deconstruction): the degradation of the body and soul of the 'goyim’; 
2) construction- the modification or transmutation of the body and soul into a Z.O.M.B.1.E 

The first means of carrying out the Zombification process on the mundane plane (which means are 
intertwined with and a translation into physical action of their black magic 'spirituality'), is that of 
deconstructing the 'goyim’, which is to say breaking down or destroying the current state of healthy 
being of the 'goyim’. 

This may be considered the 'blackening' phase of their black magic diabolism. Countless means are 
used that are employed in an imperceptible way such that there is minimal probability of detection of 
their activity and motives. 

To transform a healthy and strong population united with their Culture Soul, their gods or archetypes 
(what Carl Jung called 'psychoidal' entities or archetypes), the spiritual destructive process is 
undergone first as above stated and once fissures in the wall of the Culture Organism have been 
opened up with the sledgehammers and dynamite of their deconstructive process new contents of 
consciousness (archetypes) are added in (e.g. The messianic egregore of Jesus and 'the chosen 

From hence this blueprint or software of their consciousness can be activated by the appropriate 
symbols and signs of priest-craft (qabalistic incantations; number; symbol; color; tone, and on 
this basis more mundane misinformation can be added to the chaotic egregogric stew which serve as 
instructions for people to follow certain paths that lead to the weakening and degradation of their 
soul and body. 

With respect to the former in the nigredo phase, the perpetual castigation of the old gods as ‘Satanic 
devils' in the most negatively intended sense is a procedure undergone. Thus individual members of 

the Culture Organism are turned against themselves, against an authentic form of life and the source 
of their power and strength. 

After this blackening of the old gods (at least in the mind of the 'goyim' not necessarily in actuality) is 
undergone a substitution of new egregores (gods) is put forth and the 'goyim' are influenced to invest 
all of their time and effort worshiping and 'praising' the Demiurge (‘The One’) and the particular 
angelic host of this entity which are given different names for different ethnic groups of 'goyim' 
tailoring the narratives and pantheons to whatever forms will work to suit the particular ethnos the 
black magicians are attempting to co-opt. 

Thus they become through this spiritual means Z.O.M.B.I.E.S possessed and controlled by the 
archetypes of the black magician priest-caste. This phase may be installed as demonic software 
gradually as the old gods are slandered and castigated and the new brought in with much fanfare and 
spectacle to make them appear more appealing to the 'goyim’. 

The nigredo phase of deconstruction of the mind of the 'goy' is thus undergone simultaneous to the 
construction phase of the supplantation of another kosher brand of software, that approved and 
desired by the black magicians. 

The form of the diabolical software put forth by the black magicians is that which is most effective in 
their being able to hijack the particular ethnos and to mix with it and usurp power through infiltration. 
The installation of the software is a means of enabling mixture and the monopolization of power. 

Their technology is thus first and foremost the technology of idealism, of the introduction of ideas 
(thought forms; egregogres, into the consciousness of the 'goyim'. These thought forms are 
variable and pleomorphic having a parasitical function or mode of existence within the terroir of the 
culture organism and its particular individuals- mutable, ever changing and adapting to the defense 
mechanisms of the host. 

In most cases jewry has deceived the host into thinking they are an affiliated 'tribe of Israel’ and thus 
employ this tactic to ingratiate themselves with their host. The alternative is to introduce ideas of 
strangeness and wonder which beguiles their host leading them into deviant and self-destructive 
lifestyle practices (black magic practice; the beguilement of foreign flesh; the curiosity of the 'foreign' 
or unusual culture; the thrills provided by various drugs, etc.). 

In the main however the goal is the installation of the ‘Universalist fallacy’ of "all men are brothers", a 
statement which encapsulates the absurdity of the fallacy (being a homologous statement)-'man' 
presupposing a universal object or entity which could only be a fallacious notion ( being a mere 
‘humanist' conceptual construct it is absurd to claim universal validity for it). This notion is typically 
‘substantiated’ with the additional reference to universally equality 'in the eyes of God' (the false 
‘Universal’ of the Demiurge, a false claim as nothing, in so far as it is a thing can ever be equal even in 
the eyes of any 'God'). 

Embracing such an idea leads to the receptivity on the part of those embracing it to foreign inclusion 
and eventual assimilation under the influence of this diabolical software (Universalist egregores). 
Jesus can be of any ethnicity and be anything to anyone but is in all cases (universally) a kosher 
egregore which conduces to the empowerment of jewry who are 'His' brethren, granting them a 
special place and this regardless of any false humility on their part. Black Jesus; Filipino Israelites, etc.- 
all the same software of Abrahamic religion, and this 'Universal' functionality applies in all cases of 
Universalist religions which can assimilate anything into themselves by definition, unless the particular 
form of the universal is particular to themselves, i.e. ethnocentric (this applies somewhat to Hinduism 
and to a lesser extent to Islam which latter is accommodative of jewry, enabling them to continue to 
expand their power and influence for their own benefit at the expense of the host). 

In the mundane sphere the degenerate culture and kosher approved culture is put forth, a culture 
which is formulated to tear down and destroy the pre-existent culture of the ethnos and this 
simultaneous to working with the culture jewry deems serviceable as a positive substitute 'made in 
their image’, one which is presented as appealing and desirable and which is tailored to specific 
classes and subcultures within the cultural organism. 

Both the spiritual culture for the elites and its worldly analog are presented in this twofold manner 
and to the extent they are able to install it without having the host nation subjected to punishment. 
Over time their gradualistic procedure for monopolizing culture and society in general has enabled 
them to be virtually immune from any form of punishment within the bounds of their ‘law’. 

With respect to masonry, the Universalist construct of the perfect Ashlar or 'man perfected’ posits or 
affirms the ‘Universal’ originally formulated in mainstream religion (whatever its specific origin): "all 
men are brothers" and serves the function as does religion in chipping away at the organic being of 
the 'goyim' molding them into a kosher approved shape. 

The creation of a Z.O.M.B.I.E, a 'Zion Occupied Mind By Infernal Entities', may not necessitate the 
deployment of myriad tactics of physical assault but it is typically the necessary analog of the spiritual 
deconstruction and reconstruction Zombification process, the trance-formation of the once healthy 
and strong organism into a mere beast of burden (a 'goy’). 

Over time jewry has managed to convince enough of the 'goyim' (non-Jews) that it is either an 
unfortunate necessity or in their interest to adopt certain processes and procedures to regulate (in 
actuality to allow the jews to regulate) their lives and this to an infinitely minute degree of micro- 

In terms of the physical assault against the body-mind of the 'profane' by the cabal a representative 
sample of techniques and technology employed is covered in the work "Jewish White Genocide". 

The Zombification process spans across the spectrum of the elements: the Akasa (fire; electricity; the 
element of the Demiurge); Earth (GMOs; chemtrails, etc.); Water (alcohol; caffeine and other forms of 
liquid drugs; the sexualization of society); Air (EMF/ELF; sound-waves; synthetic telepathy, etc.). The 
element of plasma also plays a significant role in the Zombification process which has been covered 
more extensively in the section "Venom of the Demiurge". 

All elements of which there are five are the medium of poisoning of the goyim which serves its 
purpose of degrading their body-mind and transforming and transmuting it into a Z.O.M.B.I.E (Zion 
Occupied Mind By Infernal Entities). 

To illustrate the general deconstruction-reconstruction procedure one need only observe the lifespan 
of the average 'goy' under the current epoch, for example a person born in 1960. From birth he was 
injected with 'vaccines' (a.k.a. bio-weapons of the bacteriological and multi-biological kingdom 
substances- the mineral kingdom- aluminum; mercury, etc.; The bacteria or micro-organismal kingdom 
which might be both plant and/or mammalian-DNA particles or viruses of animals and the 'human-all- 
too-human' blood; dead fetal tissue, 

He is bombarded by harsh lighting which negatively affects his sleep cycle; he is subject to ultrasound 
in the womb which causes mutation of his body-mind, his soul and its physical form of expression. He 
is traumatized through hospital birth and given a poor diet lacking essential nutrients which conduce 
to brain growth and often infant formula which further degrades brain growth; the umbilical cord is 
severed which deprives the baby of adequate nutrients and oxygen to inhibit and stunt its growth. 

As his life progresses he is further subjected to constant physical assault along these lines while being 
kept in a state of total and complete ignorance while the jews and their affiliates have the best of 
everything which they hoard for themselves. 

Hence his body and mind are underdeveloped by definition ‘retarded’, in relation to what he might 
otherwise have attained but for the dysgenic and malgenic influences brought to bear against him as 
an assault against his very being. 

At the present age-one of ever increasing entropy- a multi-pronged assault is amplified to a great 
extent and the child, assuming they come of age, is unlikely to even have gotten to the point of 
maturation before degeneration sets in making a cretinous and retarded being of a potential God. 

Rendered a zombie through the processes of chemtrails; injections of (and possible respiration or 
ingestion by food or drink of) graphene oxide in conjunction with all of the above tangible weapons of 
the occult war, the Z.O.M.B.I.E is in process of formation. 

The somewhat recent addition of TV; computers; 'smart' phones and chips (as yet undisclosed to the 
population but in process of implementation) render the trans-humanist agenda not yet "fully 
operational" but on the way there, the 'human-all-too-human in Nietzsche's terms being transmuted 
by a black magic alchemy into a robotized and Zombified creature , a Frankenstein's monster 
concocted in the laboratory of the hyper-real, in the prison without walls that is 'society'. 

The Zombification process shows its symptoms in the vacant stare of the population, their inability to 
concentrate or otherwise total apathy; their lack of any connection to higher dimensions [itself 
revealed in the complete self-serving amorality that is not so much 'beyond good and evil’ as simply a 
purely egocentric focus, a selfishness to the extreme of 'psycho-pathology', of the disease of the soul: 
psyche (soul) pathe (passion/emotion]. 

‘Screened out' in Baudrillard's words, a zombie staring blankly into space without any conscious 
awareness of anything save momentary stimuli and, as an alternative as above stated- nothing. 

The recipe for zombification is clearly apparent to all who still retain a capacity for a higher awareness: 
abulia (will-lessness); apatheia (lack of emotion); agnosia (lack of knowledge in the gnostic sense) 
according to the terminology of Michael Hoffman. 

The mass injection of the population with graphene oxide and other body and soul-destroying toxins is 
already upon us. According to some the graphene oxide causes liver damage and prevents the body 
from self-detoxification, leading to a gradual slow and agonizing death, to the teeth of a person falling 
out and their skin becoming discolored as well as acquiring various sores and pock marks on their 
body and the degradation of their brain- a literal Zombification of they who are deemed 'goyim' or 
cattle by the hypocritical black magicians. 

The movie "Dawn of the Dead" released in the 1978 when much of the dysgenics protocols were 
being increasingly implemented was predictive programming for what inevitably will come. The'goyim' 
properly so called to serve the cabal and are its labor force, specifically Zionists, the right-wing 
conservatard psychopaths who in their egocentric mini mind exalt themselves as a ‘righteous, spiritual 
superior',are being conditioned by their jewish puppet masters to find amusement in the suffering and 
death of their own people including women and children. 

The right-wing propaganda is setting up a cartoonish scapegoat of 'the liberal’ to blame for all of the 
sins of the 'chosen people’ and their minions the christard conservatards who cater to their every 
whim and worship their every word as Beavis follows and imitates Butthead. 

The popularization of phenomena such as the zombie apocalypse and the notion of 'zombie killers' (as 
if this were an amusing idea that would not be problematic to act out in real life) is a commonplace at 
this point in the Kali Yuga. 

The self-righteous arrogance of the Zionist has led him to the point where he looks upon anyone 
‘Other' to himself as a 'worldly' devil and associates then in his mendacious and hypocritical schizoidal 
mind with 'tranny's' and 'pedophiles' justifying to himself his murder of his own race. 

Though Seneca said "cease to hope and you will cease to fear" there is in actuality no need for either 
as hope is irrelevant to the inevitable end of Zion, if not immediately in this world of the Demiurge 
then beyond in the higher planes. 

No fear need be had when one lives in the Truth. Those who apathetically disregard the suffering of 
their own and indeed delight in it, though in their specious and self-deceiving minds having no great 
fear over their fate blinded as they are by their hubris, they will be the ones to find their fate in the 
lake of fire while many of those they have assisted in transforming into 'zombies' will make their way 
to higher planes. 

O.R.1.0.N and the Krist Ray 

O.R.1.0.N is an acronym used to designate the phrase "our race is our nation". This has connotations 
to the constellation of Orion from which some have contended the Aryan race derive. Others claim the 
planet Aldebaran and still others both, that there are colonies in both Sirius B and Aldebaran in the 
consolation of Taurus. 

Symbolism throughout the history of the world abounds in its references to these two locations in the 
universe. The Egyptian pyramid of Giza's Kings' chamber, the chamber in which the Pharaoh would be 
entombed would enable the rays from Sirius B to be directly transmitted onto his form. Perhaps he 
would ascend to the Duat or heaven, the Greenland along its rays and, through a black hole (the black 
sun) travel to Sirius B to return to his Primordial home? 

In Mormonism the planet Kolub is affirmed to be the home of "white and delightsome" humans who 
sired the Aryan race on the earth and one particular being referred to as ‘Elohim’ is affirmed to be 
their celestial Father. Perhaps the name 'Elohim' was simply used pragmatically by Joseph Smith the 
Royal Arch Freemason who formed Mormonism and who was assassinated by other freemasons just 
as Mozart had been for revealing too much of the true Tradition of the polar Hyperboreans? 

The Mormon faith in its origins served as a polygamists religion for the preservation of the white race 
in what was to be the New Jerusalem of North America, the "New Atlantis" of Francis Bacon who 
David Lane claimed created the new testament as a blueprint for the manifestation of the destiny of 
the white race on this earth, an enclave in which the malevolent jews would be prevented from 
subjecting the Aryans to jewry's genocidal mongrelization process, the jews' employing their typical 
modus operandi to destroy the Aryan race as a means of taking the planet for themselves. 

Orion is thus a likely home of the Aryan race and it is highly probable that spiritually advanced 
humanoids from Orion created the white race or involuted through a deliberate choice onto the Earth 
and whose presence signalled the true genesis of ‘mankind’. 

Miguel Serrano speaks of the involution of the Divyas, so white they appeared blue owing to their 
blueblood, the mysterious liquid-gaseous substance of the Graal or 'Gotter Elektron’ (god particle) 
spoken of by Jorg lans von Leibenfels in his "Theozoology". Anthropogenesis was thus a deliberate 
choice on the part of the Orion and likely Aldebaran Divyas who made this choice as Miguel Serrano 
speaks up in his work "Manu: For The Man To Come" as a means of liberating the souls of the then 
anthropoids and most significantly to fight against the Demiurge who feeds upon their souls. 

The interbreeding between Divyas and anthropoids was a necessary sacrifice of the purity of the Divya 
as their conference of the Graal if only to a slight extent upon the anthropoids shattered their Culture 
Soul which was trapped in a state of entropy on the earth, cycling around in the wheel of incarnation 
leading to their ultimate extinction and the extinction of Gaia-Sophia through the energy of Gaia being 
absorbed into the Demiurge leaving a devastated world. 

Hence to prevent the vampire God of the Demiurge from feeding off the souls of those beings unable 
to resonate with sufficiently high vibration and to liberate their souls from its crystallized state of 
being the interbreeding was a necessity. 

During the Atlantean period the Aryans had a thriving society which centered around eugenics and 
operated on the basis of harmonious technology attuned to the earth- implosively generated energy 
running not on the power of the Demiurge- electricity- and of its harmful energetic effects, but on that 
which harmonized with the Absolute, Divine power systems in resonance with the mother goddess 
(Mari Mag-Dalene; Isis-by whatever other name). 

This Atlantean earthly paradise of Thule, the Elysium on the earth, was sabotaged and disrupted 
through infiltration perhaps and the consequent introduction into its culture especially into its priest- 
craft of the black magic of the Demiurge and his subordinates slaves the trans-dimensional reptilian's 
and their earthly agents the hybrid jew, part neanderthal, part reptilian, a product of genetic 
engineering by the reptilians. 

Perhaps the jews suddenly appeared from the mainland of earth from the southern regions outside of 
Hyperborea. As usual they were welcomed if only to a degree by the courteous Aryans who 
accommodated them according to their harmonious consciousness, based as it was on the principle of 
‘live and let live’, non-violence and accommodation of Others. 

This infiltration one might infer was deliberate on the part of the reptilians who manufactured the 
jews perhaps for this purpose, perhaps for the purpose of labor. The function of the jew as was the 
function of 'Golem' in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of The Rings" and the character of 'reptile' in the 
video-game "Mortal Kombat" was an intermediary, spy and servitor of the dark forces. 

His chameleon-like appearance, being a result of intermixture between the anthropoid neanderthals 
and the reptilians enable him to insert himself as a variant of the anthropoid stock perhaps existing in 
Atlantis as a labor force. Over perhaps centuries the jew interbred with the slave class, inciting slave 
rebellions and working for and under the instrumentality of the reptilian's who perpetually over 
arched their cunning mind which constituted a hive mind bound up with that of the reptilians and was 
impelled and governed thereby. 

Gradually interbreeding with the Aryan stock, those most deviant and inclined toward low sensuality, 
enabled the generation of mixed offspring, part reptilian, part neanderthal and part Aryan, enabling 
‘jewry' and by extension their reptilian masters to climb the hierarchy of the Aryan society, pooling 
resources and working in a subterranean manner through intrigue and corruption of the nation to 
ascend to the heights of power. 

Once on top jewry, who went by other names at that time, took over the priest caste just as they 
habitually did in subsequent historical epochs and corrupted the entire nation, ruling it from above as 
a master caste in collusion with their overlords. At such point the continent of Atlantis sank, some 

such as Blavatsky claiming it was owing to the corruption of the black magicians, others through other 

Subsequent migrations historically to Gobland or 'Pear Land’ in the Gobi desert; to Egypt; to North and 
South America and Samaria in the Middle East radiating outwards throughout the world ensues and 
the same process to a greater or lesser degree occurred in each nation with jewry chasing after the 
Aryans, those still relatively pure, possessed of the Divine Elektron or Graal of the gods. The jews' 
mission was to corrupt them as means of repossessing the earth for the reptilian's to transform it into 
a soul farm for themselves and their Demiurge deity, to feed off the souls of the mongrel stock, 
breeding them down and dumbing them down, detaching them from higher consciousness, subjecting 
them to a Saturnization of the conscious mind. 

Beyond this earth the captive Aion of Santur also referred to as Krodo was encircled in ice rings by the 
reptilian craft which encircled Him after establishing bases on Him, His having become more materially 
dense through the influence of the Demiurge. Santur was 'satanized' to use the terminology of the 
Hebrew word 'shaitan' the adversary, transforming a benevolent deity into a malevolent generator of 
gravitational waves. Serrano speaks of this in the section "Demiurge" in his work "Manu: For the Man 
to Come" accelerates the aging process and prevents those born from maturing to as great a degree of 
wisdom through the limitation of their lifespan that they might otherwise have attained but for this 
matrix system having been installed on ‘Saturn’. 

Some have claimed the moon was put into place as an artificial structure from which the gravitational 
waves bounce onto the earth, creating a condition of lower vibrational frequency which such as David 
Icke have referred to as "the Moon-Saturn matrix", the purpose of which is to keep the sentient 
beings on earth at a lower level of vibration so that they can more effectively be vampirized by the 
reptilians and by the Demiurge. 

The ice crystals around Saturn constitute "the ring past not" and are one of the main factors in the 
creation of the soul trap that is our current solar system. Perhaps the reptilians who occupy Saturn or 
at least had occupied it during the Piscean age, the age of dark age ignorance and violence, the lowest 
point in the cycles of time, of the last age of the Kali Yuga or 'End Times' in Christian parlance? Perhaps 
on Saturn they have established technology that modifies or transmutes or even generates these 
gravitational waves? 

The rings of Saturn are alleged by some authorities such as NASA to be melting and this owing to the 
solar system's orbit of the black son or galactic center and the transmission of the rays emitted 
therefrom causing the heating up of the solar system through perhaps an increase in the activity of 
the sun as a reaction to the 'Krist Ray' or the rays emitted by the black sun, the Vril. 

Peryt Shou speaks of this in his works "The Mystery of The Central Sun" and "The Edda: Key To The 
Coming Age". Though Shou's checkered past suggests he may have been an agent of the dark side to a 
degree having affiliations with Aleister Crowley, the general conception appears credible and that this 

is the 'dawning of the age of Aquarius’, the new Golden age of the Satya Yuga where Baldr the Aryan 
hero endowed with the Graal will resurrect on a new earth. 

This is the second coming of the Krist of Atlantis, the increase of the vibration of the Earth's 
frequencies and the unconcealment (aletheia,'Truth' in Greek, revealing in their true light) of the dark 
forces, similar to the movie "They Live" by John Carpenter, who then will be recognizable and 
identifiable by all of those not contaminated with their genetics or tainted anti-blood, those jewry 
calls 'goyim'. 

The 'scorched earth’ policy jewry seeks to unleash upon their 'goyim' slaves is their final act of 
revengemanship they seek to impose upon those who they have exploited and vampirized throughout 
the history of the Kali Yuga, from the genesis of their hybrid presence on the earth to the present 
Ragnarok or "war of all against all", in which it will be a battle to the finish to decide whether the 
Aryan race will rule the earth in a benevolent Imperium in harmony with the Absolute, Mary Mag- 
Dalene or whether the dark forces will somehow be able to maintain their global slave plantation and 
salvage their 'livestock' to feed the Demiurge and themselves. 

Given the mixture which has been undergone paleohistorically this is not too likely however and thus 
a scorched earth policy of spite has undoubtedly been adopted by the dark forces who seek to drag 
down the higher with them into the abyss. 

Not only the Krist Ray or the Vril emanating from the black sun and melting the rings of Saturn 
liberating Santur, kristening Saturn with the Krist Ray, transmuting the Satanized planet into what he 
was: the former ruler of the Golden age; but beyond this there is the presence of the Divyas and the 

The Orion Divyas and possibly those from Aldebaran have already neutralized the threat to the earth 
of the reptilian hordes. They have in conjunction with the ReichsDeutsche, the legions of Hitler and 
the national Socialist Imperial Germans (who had escaped the violent genocidal intent of the servants 
of the Demiurge during the second world war), already established bases on the Moon; Mars and on 
Venus and have created an impenetrable barrier that the dark forces are unable to either escape or to 
receive assistance from their kind. 

The process of acceleration is and has been initiated by jewry on the earth as a means of attempting 
to justify the extermination of their hated foe the Aryan race. They are attempting to do everything in 
their power to destroy the Aryan race of a spiteful and irrational hatred of they who derived from the 
gods and whose ancestors have ever been a foe of the Demiurge and his vampire legions. 

The RaHoWa (Racial Holy War) is now all but openly declared from official sources on Gaia and the 
Aryan race and what few allies she has must combat the foe-jewry; their reptilian masters and their 
corrupt Shabbos goy affiliates in order to liberate Gaia from the enslavement of the vampire cabal. 

Ragnarok; the Apocalypse-the RaHoWa: by whatever name it is known to different cultures it is here 
and the only choice is to fight or to die as no compromise may be had with the dark forces. Either he 
will fight for his own life, which implies the life of all as all share a common destiny who are not of the 
Darkside, or he will submit in cowardly servility to the slave yoke and lose his soul through being a 
robotized and miscegenated and ultimately consumed as energetic food by the Demiurge. 

It is either Aryan victory or Valhalla for those who have the Graal, all others will stand or fall 
depending on the side with whom they choose to align. No future plans within the mundane world 
need concern one as only combat in the most efficient and effective way is an option. To merit the 
designation 'Aryan' one must not bow out of the fight with excuses and out of cowardly self-interest, 
saving himself and his immediate family alone. The dark forces do not intend to spare any who they 
cannot reduce to the lowest level of abject slavery. The Aryan will either fight to the death and readily 
cast aside his life in the last battle or he will attain victory and be one of the last man standing as a 
Lord of the earth.