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A Magazine for Deaf-Blind Readers 

Vol. XVIII January, 196k No. 1 

(Mimeograph Edition) 

Edited and published monthly, except July and September 
by the American Foundation for the Blind, Inc. 

1$ West l6th Street, Mew York 11, N.Y. 

Editor; Sam Ghermak (Deaf-Blind) 


Vol. X7III 

January, 196U 

No. 1 

Message from Annette Dinsmore . . 



News Digest . 

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Sports Shots. , 

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Jannie’s Corner 

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Marginalia , 

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Recently a friend recounted an incident that occurred on a bus she 
book from Philadelphia to New York City. This incident is one which could 
appropriately set the tone for the new year — 196h: 

Every seat was full X’jhen the bus edged its way out of the terminal 
into the maze of holiday traffic. It gathered speed as it drew on to the 
bridge spanning the Delaware River. At that Point, an elderly lady in 
the frort seat, said to the driver, "Will you let me laiow when we get to 

The driver replied, "Madam, this bus is an express to New York City, 
and we don^t go through Newark," 

The little old lady shoxired quick dismay. "But I have come clear from 
Chicago, and the ticket says ’To Newaiid — \iJha.t can I do?" 

The driver ansxrered, "We can send you back to Newark by bus from the 
New York terminal." 

The little old lady was now in tears and seemed utterly frantic. "Ch, 
my children are meeting me. They’ll think 

The bxis rolled on steadily, straight as an arrox'j, on the smooth txarnpike. 
Shadox-ors lengthened in the late afternoon, and snoxjflakes swirled lightly 
through the air. The miles sped by as the motor droned on. Then, unexpected- 
ly, the bus edged over to the right-hand lane and curved doxm the road leading 
off the highi-jay at an exit marked "Nexiark." 

A cheer went up from the sxirprised passengers. The driver was taking 
a detour for the sake of one small worried old lady! 

When the croxreded bus pulled up at the Nexrark Depot, one passenger only 
f got off I Cries of "Grandma, grandma. Hi! filled the air. She turned back 

to thank the driver, xrho smiled and waved his hand. 



mm H 0 AE 33 M 

r w ,t- ij drinbioni rm be^.' 

I;. •' '0 'i ^ -if- 1. i airfT ^V/iO kinY r,^::^;/) r.i t;ij:rr f'^haXlcfi moil: ?(o<>J 

: 'rr.c*\; w?)n sfU ‘•:o,^ '.V' :s ufd Mfi Ylcd’fii'-.-qoTCqqB 

I I ,. . . 

1 ‘ ,’'0 

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-> (• .* - 

WjM • 


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tyjw. . 

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o r • ' tC lo ,ssx.m ocl;J 

r-i ' o'.iD-,x.Xr>ir jionr.ntqE asbltcf 


• « * 

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•" ,i’,- , ?iyj ,.Hnob ou briB 

:‘.i-', ,:b.;,L , ' ^iXo^X oriT .. 

• ;: • :i .,./' P’."':;--? arlq fjxtii <03^0 jrfO 

.)c '.(Vj ■ fc 0 : 07 / 1 ^) srfT 

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uv” •vrw' i oU.UX sriT 

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.?: ^ . fc 'f- .,'it’T ettd silT . 

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L'.n ••') 'ro-ori: eii; r' '■■ oq :::- '. f-r ?'!bl' .xtf. ©rlvi risdo'iriX 

'•■-** '^neJ J.«jd-'.M ■-. ' ^ ■.. b."”it 0 e/rd ©rit .:«;, 

iff ' fte Tff .t*: \;ttV'r|j)Xd sritl llo 
» astiq bjsjiiqTX'r; .ui^ .m' il q*/' J’iifivr iswfsJ A ^ 

b' ^’1 •'' ■ 

K-i -j >.X>-- h..=>.rtn,o^r XXRjffs 9 <t'‘ 'to pjbe oril tol ivoXob a 
:ir r. “ ' .J'V' f .-h'" XI otij Je qu biiXX,.'a fjeborJO’to arid" narlW 

^ ' « iV .*iX" ‘H < JJil ^erntnEt^ t^mbfUDib" 'lo c^X'iO Hlo .tog 

Jj-’-H ftXii b©v 5 V tvir ibclifto cwlw ^ atli ^fifaid 




The bus lumbered on . . . twenty-five minutes behind schedule , • , but 
everyone seemed pleased and no one voiced a comolaint at the delay. 

As the bus emptied out at the city terminal, each descending passenger 
stopped to congratulate the driver for his thoughtful kindness and wished 
him a happy and successful New Year. 


Annette Dinsmore 



'<■> . 


. . 'ij.>i'-f3.rio2. bntil^ “vH-r.inic,^ ... no beiodmX autf orfT 

-+r ,+1^ ir.iroo b&oLov '■-»n on bna bnesalq b^ntone »ftot*tsv9 

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' ’"/ti irj-n? .i5! .' zh> lio'y ‘X'^ il'kb irii 9C.r‘ Cndfiisnoo od- b:-3cno.rt : 

.Tn:'T wt>M lolBeGOoini bnu a ntd 

‘ 'm van y^^AH 

3 - li' 3, ’■:••, :;rf P 


When the U.S. Supreme Coui-'t ruled in March 1962 that the apnortionment of state 
legislature was a proper concern of the courts, it touched off a remarkable ground 
swell: lawsuits seeking reapoortionment in 39 states and actual realignment of legis- 
lative districts (mostly under threat of judicial order) in twenty. 

But two sticky questions remained to plague lesser judges. Must seats in both 
houses of a legislature be apportioned according to population or could one house be 
cut up geographically — like the U.S. Senate? And how bad must malapportionment be 
before a Federal court intervenes? The High Court itself began considering the 
questiciB last month before a crammed chamber. The cases on the docket came from New 
York, Alabama, Marshland, and Virginia, and the court had set aside seventeen and a 
half hours for arguments. Never had the issue between rural and city areas been so 
sharply drawn, nor the political balance between them been so clearly at stake, 

Leonard B. Sand of New York, attorney for Manhattan radio station WMCA and five 
other challengers of the distribution of seats in the state legislature, put the case 
for the city and its sr-jelling suburbs. New York City, he noted, has ^2 per cent of 
the state’s population, but holds only per cent of the seats in the Assembly j in 
one case, a city assemblyman represents ten times as many citizens as an assemblyman 
from upstate Schuyler County. 

Arguing for the state of New York, and its present apportionment, Irving Galt, 
assistant solicitor general, oointed out that when New York City's seats were added 
to those of the bigger upstate cities, the total outnumbered rural representatives, 
"The smaller interest," he said, "must be heard." The rejoinder by U.S. Solicitor 
General Archibald Cox, participating as a friend of the court, reflected the Federal 
government’s position that a head count of the citizenry should be the ultimate basis 
of opnortionment. To depart from that principle just to favor rural over urban resi- 
dents, the U.S. lawyer said, "is absolutely out. That is class legislation." 


ftHti ifllP 

*-T ST*: 



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.i-j-m -Za ir>“ 





- / fio'tfM rti fcoXirf ^';i»eO'tT'UE, .S.U •srfi’ n!?fJW ' 

.‘: -i SI ^e.‘.'*r«ort odd- \Z' nisodoa- issqo'Sjg fi eew oiod^leigsj 
If. /.ztc 'iri c^nj^wtoid-ro-fiST E.iiu€wcX tJCXdW;^ 

T ■ ■’T' i/? roil'.iff’, urox'Ld •lebfjr.f vlieow) edol'idaii? s'^ldi 
I od hanif KraT srroxjsr-'p "vplold's ovd Sv8 

w ovi ••;, 'rtoooz c’O.i.J-rc?* o 'Xfislei^j 'al 6 syaaort 

d VO- . ^ 'i'acifin'&ci -C.'J orit j:'L.r--'j^Xl6aL'l<Tf8'r3nes qi/ tfyo 
jf j zh O fi;,4K ijdT i'3or!'TV“"'^c : i: d-zuco Lstsba'? >3 s>vol9<rjj 
-•> '•:i.''’‘! .'ss-rT'nj."'^ ^ ddnon dPsX a,-.t>id‘89W'| 

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— -.i-io . !?du t, .,>! F:d/Iomii!3’t5 VOt E'xuori IX.Qd ' 

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* +},o I i-i ' &d.: tP.-?Xd!.v ©rid "Jo -/aort* oi 

nfl'T ”,^-1 -‘.H .larrff" ,bJ;A2 .*)fi ".d^iOtodwX talXf.®! ati'T® 
■r'.-j JO brf"t"£ x Sj: ’tioI.iAoioX i'i3q ,jCoD M^pdXnoiA - 

’xr«.‘>-Jdic '■dd 1^, dn'-'OT baorl .1 dvxdd notdlaoq b’ J aom'isY* 

X „,n -:T"ri - j vpt 'tcri.ini'ior d-iri.t ffoil <h:aqeb oT .dOjmioX'bio^o lo 
' .vir X Ba. Xa a* -vriT .difo '. xodw tosdc- ci” ^blsa lericwBl .E.U e/td ^ednab 


*•". Il -T I ’V 

■ ' * •" 'X' '. 


Next month, the Supreme Court i-ill hear still another apportionment case, this 
one from Delaware. Then, though probably not until this spring, laivyers expect a 
historic decision that may accelerate the ground sx-iell of reapportionment already 


Japan's new election regulations severely limit carapaign activities, but the 
country?’ *s politicians are masters at circumventing the rules. Faced with a •:J|i7,000 
limit on campaign expenditunes, many a candidate in last month’s general elections 
simply followed an old practice of having contributions finineled through "research 
institutes" Since candidates X'j’ere restricted to three posters each (v. the previous 
limit of 12,000), many "accidentally" dropped cards, complete with picture and slogan, 
in telephone booths, department stores, bars and buses. On rainy days, one aspirant 
even had his campaign workers approach commuters and hand out armloads of umbrellas; 
when they were opened, the candidate’s name spread out in huge characters painted 
on the umbrella surface. 

For all the uproar over procedures, the election amounted to an importnat vote 
of confidence for procapitalist, pro-Western Premier Hayato Ikeda, 63* The Social- 
ist opposition zeroed in on the nagging inflation that has accompanied Japan’s phe- 
nomenal economic boom. Economist Ikeda, whistle- stopping across the nation, re- 
torted that incomes have risen ^2% in the past three years, while prices have risen 
only lk%» At a K3'-oto rally, he asked: "Which do you think is better? The Social- 
ists’ advocacy of dividing three egss among four people? Or Ikeda ’s policy of divid- 
ing eight eggs among four people?" 

On election day, amid the shriek of sirens that reminded people to vote, Ikeda* s 
Liberal-Democratic Party won control of the Ij.67-'seat House of Representatives for 
another four years, although the government’s 283-seat total fell three short of its 
share in the old House. The Socialists gained seven seats for a total of Ili-U. The 
more moderate Democratic Socialsits picked up nine additional seats for a total of 23. 

•H’ 44 ' 



T-jf' i otif. rXf^?: 'caed I/Jb-’’ Inw nO srt&’xr^ixS 

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eiiio li.l'j*.’ ^cir d3*/0''^ ^rreilT .sfcvreX^O rtoili ijfia. 


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"iiiLl'f 3 noi-j a^Xe w?n B^£iij9c|£t» * 

'>t ■ i- '>ridivfa'r>n4i> -i''': (5'i'e->t ,irT' n-'v/:- cnijX nXJ'Hnci a’ _ 

-•• -... A ■••.'» -'■ Yr 'Y , : ' ‘:(rri€'CT»' rtj^ianimr'o /iq i-ontT' 

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?U x 'Oi-'.'j no.tdlBocirio deX 

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! •'Tt.i n-rffi-mt dBiU fo^irtotf 

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..I '}yr''i snoms agga driaXa Jt: 

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j.-ao-Ynji Brft 'io {..►.'• ,■ £) rtc?T.‘ '■^ ntJ*i;'ioor,Ti70kXaid<iXl.^ 


f' f.v I .>d-C?,5 li'dasiiHj :•■* -'CY -tdr' rl^/orldX*? tmoI larfdOiftir V: 

a- VC, Y-ilf bl(5 9iiJ nX 

»fT-'-» bo4rin ftjx. XUuXff. oldiDtoo' toQ wtcMB 

For years Soviet transmitters beamed a propaganda barrage against neighboring 
Iran, including appeals for insurrection against Mohammed Reza Fbhlevi. These 
days Moscow’s line is more seductive than destructive. In Teheran on a state visit 
last month, toasting the health of "Your Imperial Majest3^," was the titular Soviet 
Chief of State, Leonid L. Brezhnev, one of Nikita Khrushchev’s most promising 
proteges. Like a road company version of the boss, the husky, bushy-browed Soviet 
President displayed the common touch. Waving a glass of vodka at a Soviet Embassy 
reception, Brezhnev gaily shouted "Down xirith protocol and long live freedom." The 
performance did little for protocol but even less for freedom. For a royal banquet 
at Golestan Palace, Brezhnev specified in advance that proper dress would be a 
business suit (the Ehpress appeared in a filmy black go>m, -without her tiara) . He 
visibly caused raised ej^ebrows at one dinner by licking his fingers after heaping 
caviar on a slice of toast. Riding through the streets of Teheran in a gilded coach, 
Brezhnev defied custom when he turned his back on the Shah in his eagerness to wave 
back to crowds shouting Zincftibad Rafiq ("Long Live the Comrade"). 

When the Soviet President addressed a joint session of the Majlis, he confident- 
ly cooed that "at present, no clouds of misunderstanding darken the relations between 
Iran and the Soviet Union." But even as Brezhnev spoke, excited deputies X\rhispered 
the latest news: l 8 miles inside the Iranian border, three Soviet jets had shot down 
an unarmed Iranian plane on a photographic mapping mission for the Shah’s land reform 
program, killing the Iranian surve^z-ors. Unaware of the incident, amid cold stares 
from his audience, Brezhnev droned on, demonstrating once again the perils of what 
the Kremlin calls peace. 

•ir •ii- 

Two specters rose to remind Germans of events that took place a quarter century 
and more ago, but had still 'the power to evoke deep emotion. In West Berlin, the 
Reichstag once again became habitable. A huge, florid structure of Silesian sand- 
stone — since I89I1 the home of whatever democracy German^?- kneiir from the days of 
Bismarck through the Weimer Repubijc-^the building had bulked vacant and lifeless ever 

l\ n +enifi5)5 s-;^p.Tic.d « fcsflified E'lfeduijrrisasrtcf <toi:vo8 8'rs?)'^ i<y5 'J -)| 

-3 'ij 

.x'-j^ridT ffoxJ-o^iTXJLfafii -lol aXseqqe snxbjyJonX 

'■' ^ '• ‘/^oT ft .‘?vi. 3 oj/-;.*c©h ftfirfc}' ot'Xdoifbe': sTon aJt snlX r’v^oocoM 

x'x'. c. ■' ,jox.Cii?2 Cri'i-xTrTir Xitel” 1o fiiJ.s5rI srid-' jddrtor' 

' '- "O/xti ';■'?? x.iixUi-" lo oflo tV'^njfsaxH »J bXnossI ,od‘:.J8 lo '^eiWO 

■ •- ^'Xiud *■■■< ,a^od t^rtr lo 00 x 3 x 57 hrox b .eegsXo'SJ" 

•1’. : . 

./ -'■'^j: f d 

l-t'o? -..t;' i, gni'.o#/ ,f(o:,oi' riorrioo erief bD'^csXqsXb 


"■ I loo-t-cxx rljxvr tx^j-fiforic vsHTfs^xS ,,ffGidqao9lS, 


}S ■■■/: -T3f?l ftexs ttxd XoooJo'i- xK' ^Xil’diLl bib sensnrtolT^q 
eonxvbjs iu. b“xl:i:o->cc v^rr/leoxS x.xd'7.9Xo0;'i8l 

r’ -f 

xn-'.Xc' ^xxCI't & fx: ii^'ixp^p.'-qn eriX) i.ii;8 eeoxJiEod 

.t!oJ [ "d 'lertfx'^b r-no .fr avre^jdax^ baeisx bosjjEO \Id±a 

"j-iJ-p. edt c’yjo'xd'i T:o eeiXs b no n-srvBW 

'"0 "ioxcf tixd i'f3fr '',t oil ;;ar'ir moX&fjn boileb vstnriasjS 

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.■s '.j-\Ior £ bo?-0!^xti,.:; txobxse'il XdivoS narHIW 4*''^' 'I 
• ixo-:.'- xiXJsi.T 'iO eb'o.lo ’00. ^xnaee'ia da” dfift.t bgooo Ylv'.;® 
'■v itsa':?I Q.-: nove .iXt ".ncinU dxlwS bna n2*tl' 

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:rx:o.;i f,-'x,ii;'.:I oril Co. r/m Bx tovren d?.?»i5X 

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Xc exi^r-^nn . '■z<. r- -ofld sniCJUbf 


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<■' " ’ 

'. •• ' ' *» ■ '/. T^O vp'-Tooneb lo'/^drTit' to »t*fDd ^k!d vl^X uonie— inodsr 

i -rrt +:•'*'»•, V be fl 'I !:.£Jd axiiblX^d oil.*— oiX'jtrq&il 'i^nlaV odd dyio’xrid 


since it vra.s gutted by fire on Feb, 27, 1933. The Nazis claimed the fire was 
kindled by Communists as the signal for a Red uprising and a confused Dutch boy 
named Marinus Van der Lubbe was beheaded for his alleged part in the crime. Since 
the Reichstag fire gave Hitler a pretext to gain complete control of Germany, most 
historians have concluded that the fire was set by the Nazis themselves, possibly 
even by Hermann Goring in person. 

The Reichstag was further damaged by Allied bombers and by shellfire in the 
closing days of World War II. Though many Germans thought that it should remain in 
ruins — as a reminder of the past — slow reconstruction work was begun in 1958. By 
last month the south wing containing hS offices, seven conference rooms and a 
presidential suite, was formally reopened. It will take about four more years and 
an additional .'^;12,5 million to completely restore the Reichstag. Unanswered, so far, 
is the question of who i'ri.11 occupy it and x^hy. The Bundestag is unlilcely to leave 
Bonn for Berlin for fear of bringing cries of “provocation" from Russia. Most likely, 
the reconstructed Reichstag x-rill stand empty through the years, serving West Germany 
and West Berlin as a mute symbol of the hope of eventual reunification of the nation. 

•K- * 

In Communist-run Poland, x-rhich has a population of 30,3 million, there are 
more than a million unemploj^ed youths betx/jeen the ages of llx and 18. Together with 
hundreds of thousands of -unemployed men in their 20s, these youngsters have nothing 
to do but get into trouble. They wear black leather jackets, affect "duck-tail" 
haircuts, and aie known as khui iganie (hooligans). The khuiiganie, reports from 
Poland reveal, have noxf created such a reign of terror in both city and countryside 
that police can no longer control them. Recently, a 'oair of youthful killers, who 
murdered two militiamen "just for kicks," took refuge in the sx-jamps s-urrounding 
Tarnow in southern Poland. To round them up required an eleven-day operation involv- 
ing hundreds of militiamen and regular army infantry. 

Polish authorities blame a combination of unaccustomed freedom, lack of 
parental discipline, suppression of religion, and dissatisfaction x-jith living condi- 
tions. 5 


- 1 ( 

-^rf? -trCX I VS .<.*’j''4 iTo “arLtl. ^ b4.t^j:rg ai^w J'l ocjfllB 
'• ’(rW ri\fTr2^ arf-i e*. oi»iaw?'*j>'CO b >H 
•o\^L\6-»{iftv!’ s ftJi'iJ tj^7 ami'uM f>3C 

v-t V •jVT- oTfcl a>^^exiDia 5 I ft;!! 

o'lX't .rrflJ- svflrf eniuH'^^aJ 

.f\t I' '•'< :u. ^ni'ioD nrtiJiirtsH nwii 
'•.■ i/x, ::jedar{'5lsfi odX. si 

r : £•.■■ -'ffi':- 

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’"'('0 ^,<c;'- -- 


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.•vr ■ sr, — ooian:': 

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in zhnow >rii- •'^ abaibmfd ^ j 

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frainaidJtUrn wJ” bsi’iebfM!* 

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• ■ t( 'lo ’icnldr.-^rj • t-rvl^j cs--^i:<j'ir‘iorldi;a riaiicff 
‘ , •:}-•■ .N.xf. *r Ho. Toinc-o'iK? '^.e ^offilcjlcfBib * 


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But in a land which is fond of boasting that it has al-nost abolished the death 
sentence^ the only solution the authorities have to offer is more liberal use of 
capital punishment. A few weeks ago the ST^raggering 21-year-old leader of a self- 
styled '‘murder gang" was sentenced to death for his part in l^mcMng a policeman in 
front of a Warsaw movie house while queued-up cinema goers looked on too terrorized 
to intervene. Last month Polish courts handed doTTO death sentences in four more 
similar cases. "Longer prison sentences and more police patrols may clear the 
streets^" said one VJarsaw social worker, "but they won’t cure the siclmess of the 
soul ... in Poland very few people have much faith left in anything." 

^ ^Ar 

As Peking’s People’s Congress met in secret to hear the latest word on the 
status of the Sino-Soviet feud, among other topics, Communist China cut loose with 
one of its most scathing personal attacks to date on Nild.ta Khrushchev. In simul- 
taneous articles, Red Flag and People ’s Daily accused IrLm of paralyzing the Russian 
armed forces, of kox-rbowing to the capitalists — and of so'.-’nding too holy by far. "It 
is clear" said the Chinese, that "in spite of Khrushchov’s Bible-reading and psalm- 
singing, U.S. imperialists have not become beautifiiL angels. They have not turned 
into compassionate Buddhas in spite of his prayers and incense-burning." In short, 
said Red China, Khrushchev is ."a laughing stock." 

The blast may well open a new rift between Moscott and Peking, even though the 
Kremlin has been relatively restraind in recent weeks. For as Klirushchev once asser- 
eds "There is much in Christ that is common with us Commumsts. But I cannot agree 
T'jith him when he says that when you are hit on the right cheek, turn the left cheek. 

If I am hit on the left cheek, I liit back on the right cheek so hard that his head 

might fall off." -?(- * 

Efforts to cu-rb obscenity often go awry because of the difficulty of defining 

the term "obscene." Courts , including the U.S. Supreme Court, keep slipping on that 
semantic banana peel. But Nexj York State has a clearly-worded law that gets around 
the proolem with directness and ease. It explicitly prohibits selling to persons 
under 18 any book or magazine that "exploits, is devoted to, or is made up of descrip- 


;|ljf }ys SW' 


J' ' ' f> nr:' ji terfi sftt,t£%(xf lo bnol si tiohi\s brtaX chyS^^ 

I’/^o '?iil*car- jir^ uoIjjjIoe oriX 


.i.'/'T'-^jy/:' -'. 'dvi. op''’- s:-C53T^ x-n^l A ,in?ntrfcifu/q: I.<;i.tqj5o' 


:‘r ' 5 /^ 30’ .98 a.w ’'gang 'f^fcrjU/Ai" 


^I.::!w Sc.i 7 c:i aivod wasiaW b lo ^noil-^ 

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r.-s 'fe .f.CxI" .seex o 't. XiaiJtai 

.:.v; Trx':’.r. 9 i"c hip.H 

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'*,■ ■os<' "v 9 'v v;i*jy. o;|i-:Ic?'. rti Ii/as , 

; ' ; o ‘'i,/ (,i j '-< ■ 

iic^ a'?i.''o,sS 3 A 

.” . '■>. ./• «'‘! 5 -cv'’.S-o;r. £ 'lo Ei/ieia 

1 ,- rf-,-.'-.!:? ejx lo^ortO 

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rvja' :=i ‘'n:. g.:!" xj. v si/oa 

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r;." ,9-r::'n^''rr b-fipc ‘'yfiolo fti.'] 


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iX: i;; ixr.-ctrtl 3 ,■ doissr-ojaco o^ru 


..'iLpyr C 1 '! '“ii' ^ rxoJi bias' 

+■■ •., rW' X /:• ■ - ,:T‘tT,’ .i'^.':... 3 /iT ' •• 


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•).■:' '. rm r'j[ noHo 'v'S'i'dooEdo d'-a*' cch odTOxlS 

'■'. .cdJ tyU) :;jnXbx'l •jnE’^al'ui^oO /‘..' 5 ns>i>sd'o” odl ' 

■■ . ■ ■ 1 ‘ I 

:-i3 a c d dyoV diJtt ..Cosii^’ sffBfisd oiJrjwiglp ^ ^ 

!? ilqi-o Jl .^0X3 ban esexs^iotvilb riltw aolbcriq^wfl 

i , s oiMiJ SniSB^J^tK "XO liOGtf ypB 6 x 



tions of illicit sex or sexual immorality." 

In Manhatten last raonth a three-judge Criminal Court xias called upon to decide 
whether the prohibition apolies to Fanny Hill, that ancient and nox*7 once again best- 
selling Memoirs of a Moman of Pleasure. The case involved a l6-year-old girl trho 
had bought-a copy of the book last September at the suggestion of Operation Yorlcville 
a neighborhood organisation created to "keep obscene literature out of the hands of 
children." In another case last suunmer, brought under a different statute, the 
state’s supreme couirt had ruled that Fanny Hill x^as not "obscene." But the Crhninal 
Court judges xrere not deterred. "It was due to oxxr judicial duty rather than to idle 
curiosity that we read tills book," said the court’s opinion. "It consists of 298 
pages, almost entirely devoted to a detailed description of and recital of illicit 
love and perverted erotism. IJhile it is true that the book is well-X'Xritten, such 
fact does not condone its indecency. Filth, even if wrapped in the finest packaging, 
is still filth." The proprietors and the clerk X'^ho sold the book face a 
penalty of up to three years’ imprisonment. 


For scientists working on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s 
Centaxxr rocket project, nothing seemed to go right. lUien NASA scientists finally 
got Centaur off the ground nearly tx-ro years behind schedule in May 1962, the rocket 
exploded 95 seconds after lift-off. Congressional space committees constantly 
criticized the program,' the General Accounting office recently accused NASA and its 
contractors of bungling that cost taxpayers ''i;i00,000,000. 

But last month NASA officials had reason to be jubilant. A Centaur rocket xras 
laxinched x^iithout a hitch and successfully fired its second stage into earth orbit. 

The Centaur’s flax-jless performance at Cape Canaveral, the Florida space center that 
President Johnson renamed Cape Kennedy the next day, gave a big boost to the U, S. 
man-to-the-moon project. In hurling its second stage into orbit, the Centaxxr became 
the first rocket to successfully use liqxiid hydrogen fuel. 

NASA officials have tabbed the Centaur* and liquid hydrogen for major roles 




■ ■■■ 7 mm " 12 ^ ., 

'tci'^’xaa ii'>£tli' 

. . « rI«jr?offi is.*! Kod'^t^jteM til 

j* i ■ u.ui rmr^x U? i!OjEiJ:cfii'-lonDq arid' 'isrlda^ 


’ '"-T,! ;£>Hfo sriT lo H 3 .«!d ^ ^0 ai iofroM 3 ni CX« 

■‘. ' . <Grv'--Jq.r,a ?(ood or'd 'lo “^cqoo JSvi^SiTod" 

■■.ii •"■.'v r-Kco oj riR-h^'.rv^ i),riori'-:odri^l^|^^' 

••iri,V' - -i''' f''i.‘?i'^tiii;;.^. vH’ij.C :? 3 .so. Tiridon-a nl 

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;i§T'- Xiii-; ’Iciir i:'".-.r.r 'f bc.ri, . -^rtyoa ^wnsnqi/?! 

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■j r-'i' uv.v .jT” .?oa aisv sa^fciLrf; .r--.ui 

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V 17.1 


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;'• ■■ no 

r-'^T'K,: '?]Irid' .b.s£>i.,av/ i-^rfd* vdlao.lij/ri 1 ' 

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'i: ..r/'j-d'OT^ .bsd'xov’i 1 ?^ bfis/sYoX ,^ 

hr-. !'."!iS,/f 

Hd-.L s^iyobnof) saot:' 

•- , .. '(■;■■ „•'■ .j’_* ' !• ootr'-.'-e vr(,^j.7Ci;.’ ^d'5e(.,0ia' dr'^Ioo'’!: ittr 

■•‘fov f'Xi'/ "V.i •'.'■'u."^a ht^oT^. tsfid tlo 

t; X' : 0-tr?r.'.'; ;jr-^oO .'> lv-d’lX.r 'xa-d’^a: cbnoo^z b-?b 
J r,-' .- ■" jirrij'SXjG'tq arid 

.‘ ■ . d;-rid 'jr UanacJ lo e’^'X'iri^ 

':;i' 'id t,;!i ^ 'iv >'..r'-,\.;i:11;o ridnoi'n dS£X dr/ff 

rr-^ ji'iz b-rt^xi:! YX/i/i’-'aft.’.ou" 'btiz rlodlri b d-uoridlvf b-^-XoriW 
~. I ■ , j r^d*0 in ftnn;ViXO'i'x.oq nea Jv^aXl . ’xuadntep 

'■? . i» .' 

.A’’' '• .Vttn dyx''fi axiJ ■/ferr'i's,'';! aSriO Knn^'in©'!: ftoeruioti' dnribiao’ 

. ■’ifei 

0, ' i'd bacooii cji jxJ-C'ni.’ri fil ..too^.o^q nc'0m-'9rid'"9'd 
■ • . f7osc'»b-{ri b.fcup.i.X sw 'V,XIf''l8caooj;/e od da^Doa, 

' K : : 

•* M IS haa 'ta’jBdaj-D arid' Jd^iridad . 9V»ri f;;XnJ;Di:*ito -nil 

r, 'A. ■, ;, t 

in the ''^20 billion effort to land a man on the moon. The Centaur will launch an 
unmanned Surveyor spacecraft to the moon, hoped in early 196$, The 2,300-pound 
Surveyor will drop a package of instruments on the moon’s surface to help NASA, of- 
ficials detemine where to land the Apollo spacecraft for the manned moon flights 
now set for 1968 or 1969. 

Liquid hydrogen, a fluid that vaporizes at te.riperatures higher than h23 degrees 

below zero, produces 3$ per cent more tlirust per pound of fuel than other chenicals 

nox^ in use. A 350-foot Saturn V rocket will launch the Apollo spacecrafts to the 

moon, xising smaller rockets fueled by liquid hydrogen in second and third stages. 

* «- 

Could it be? Nikita Khrushchev, rxiler of all the Russias, urbanely modeling a 
short-sleeved cardigan in a U.S, men’s fashion ad^’^eiiisement? Many readers were 
intrigued, but evidently not increduious, x^rhen the Soviet Premier’s likeness appeared 
in a Drxjmmond Knitwear Co. ad in Esquire and G entleme n’s Q uaterly magazines. ’’The 
most amazing thing,” Drxxmmond sales manager Richard Berman reported last month, ”is 
the number of people x-rho legitimately and sincerdLy think we coerced Mr, Khrushchev 
into modeling our STfeater.''DrxmTmond didn’t get Khrushchev, it got instead Oscar 
Jordan, a portly, 63-year-old New Rochelle, N.Y., house-painting contractor. For 
four years, Jordan has been cashing in handsomely on his extraordinary resemblance 
to Khrushchev on television shoxjs,at openings and in assorted promotions. 

La.tvia-born Jordan revels in his role as Khrushchev’s double. >Jliile he re- 
fuses to disclose his earning from modeling, they must be substantial; he txirned 
doT/m one job because the fee was oniLy ',''2,000. ”I love it,” he confesses in rolling 
Khrushchevian tones. And he encounters no animosity, "People love me ever 3 nirheiB I 
go," he says. 

One evening last month, in a Nex^r York hotel, Jordan met a Montana millionaire 
x<rho took him in a rented limousine on a prankster’s tour. They asked an astounded 
traffic cop for an escort, aLmost got it before they spilled the joke. In a night- 
club, Jordan took the floor to thank an applauding crox-jd for offering U.S. wheat to 




'■ A 

.noc'/r fro ni>,rr r. hnct oj- iio't.'ta noiJJLid 0S<'** ^rlt iit. 
■' tHoofr 0* ^l£.7--jf\03qB Ticncfyv^TuB, bonmimau 

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- . .7'') 7irfCi?nj7.lri''i' lo ?* ioi-q s qirib IXiw TO’^^'"a^8. 

7L/' 'iA .idr* iia.I o^rf ?^79d'' snLsriJdd’efo alptatl 

70 lo'i ioa'woflt 


Jc/i: t s ■ bii/pM < 

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lIv; ■■ V 

i 1 '. r L 'o iv; 

■ ‘■7 i:- o,£;bG7qi 

T< 1 •'■ J' 

A .ft?,X/ lIxAWTXl 

r 70X1 '".irm rniaif tfioofli 

rl^L:U U bJj^oO 




c- ‘ . • -L 1 

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c-' TT ■'■.,jnQ!>Jtvo .h/f? 

•:,. --•X'/u-Xn" hir-r-^ifr^.-.a nJt 

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.:7 -iJ ;5fitscpre ^ecjn 

Oilr = ^'oy': 'iic odd’ , 

V’ . , , _'c . 7 ■ iT.f ' j in f . ' •r'bon cdrti: ■ 

...: 4 


■ t. h: h 7»ot 

V: v-x’iodiitf’tdM' o# 


vAi n^act- • .'.■J’fijl 

f' aX { ■j.-oJ’Xiaxb cvd aasw* 

s' •• _ *' I dof, «no- nwob 

, H 

I*.- h[i\ -aanod r;.UV9f(orf'^j'irfH, - 

,3A'ae ftd 

-S' sAn ftsU fi'- tddncm dtiEl S-'^inavw oflO , 

• V- ' ti', V 00 ’• ci-oniL liSirnai /' oi mid '>lo^*d' 'eoV, 
-.! > rriQ'l^t .u .»c;, . 1 . or nn ifol oco 

'ittVii o<* •sooll. ®rtd ilooS fiob^ol* idU-fa 


In a recent poll members of the Academy of Sports Editors voted per cent 
for baseball as the "national pastime”; 2^ per cent voted for football, 11 per cent 
voted for both, and the other 10 per cent voted for otiier eports. ... Pete Rose, the 
Cincinnati Reds’ second baseman, was chosen as the Netional League Rookie of the 
Tear for 1963. Rose, 21, batted .273^ hit six home runs, and batted in Ul runs. ... 
The Baltimore Orioles named Hank Bauer, the former N.Y. Yanlcee outfielder, as their 
new manager to replace Billy Hitchcock. ... The Kansas City Athletics acquire first 
baseman Jim Gentile and :’)25,000 cash from the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for out- 
fielder Norm Siebern. They also obtained Rocky Colavito from Detroit in exchange 
for infielder Jerry Lumpe and aitchers Ed Rakow and Dave Wickersham; in addition 
to Colavito, they got pitcher Bob Anderson and an estimated '.50,000 in cash. Siebern 
was the last of the players who was x^rith the A’s when Charles Finley bought the 
club in 1961 . ... A group of sport swriters and sportscasters voted Otto Graham, 
former Cleveland Brox-ms quarterback and now head football coach at the U.S. Coast 
Guard Academy, as the greatest professional football quarterback of all time. Other 
quarterbacks x-^ho finished behind Graham were Y.S. Tittle, now with the New York 
Giants; Sid Luckman, of the Chicago Bears; Bobby Lajme, who played for Detroit and 
RLttsbxirgh; Norm Van Brocklin, coach of the Minnesota Vikings; Charley Conerly, 
formerly of the New York Giants; and Bob Waterfield, formerly of the Los Angeles 
Rams. ... Navy quarterback Roger Staxibach, 21, won the Heisman Trophy, awarded an- 
nually to the best college football player in the U.S. ... Jack Nicklaus became the 
second man (Arnold Palmer was the first) in golf history to earn more than -5100,000 
in one year in official Professional Golf Association tournaments. Mickey Wright 
has established a women’s official money record by earning 531,269 in 1963, her 
third straight year as the leading female money winner. ... Bnile Griffith, the 
first boxer ever to x-jin the x-jelterw^ight title three times, was named the winner of 

the Edward J. Neil Memoria.1 ELaque as the Boxer of the Year. 


E m?. ETSKf lZ 

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!■ ...4t ■ 

t^zr-'E *to '/yir.bsoA oiiJ Ic eiadjr.^rrf X/oq &na09‘^ a nl 
'■’ - -teq i '’o<ntc*tj£q lifioJr^^n” ’^ri^' nc Iledoesd •liA 

. ''1 •:•> bod'cv^ Jneo ’£&■! 01 no{I^o tfri5 'xot bs^i 

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, * rij ZB r^t- oiio arv jurjitoar/i fiaoorta * eibtH iisfinJtoniO 


-rj, >J:s did itTl. h9viJ-£(j tXS -rol; ’isiT*; 


._,' •y-.ri:! r?*{rjL^ fes-Tiifi a^Joi-xO 9'io<r*iJ’X&3. arfT ^ 

' It s»rri .. .^ioonriaj ih su^Xari cd Tg^fijiiisflr^’ijsn 

, n'Mzj r'z’i dz~r> 0 '‘i/c*'^*’ 9lt4nr^ mlh niimM&d 
■■ ■.•• ..ov' ',':i('3');0 .brin r;. it r '^:..>r .nfsdslS. mdi t^h£9S*l''p 

' ■'7 

,v>' .‘ ' _ TTo-^.,;;i Ki MrT'Od-i £0;- *rbl' 

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'■? rr-'^r- f-af ' 

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^^L^ -o.tXq . 

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^j-r.T - .•■ ^ 



'H’ 8'i£r:/;£Xt 

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! ;. V ' -:r< 

' *■ J'roc 

;-. "io fiJi/o'i; 

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3’ l.-.n'- ^ ■ > 

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t-:a' .<> 

l.'-i-' in,' ' 

1^0 y 

..dod' b"fl3. 

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S • •■' ’ 1 '3*^1 i , 


I'O ed.’ lo 

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, 3 10 

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■'■ =».. ... . 

■ -•«■ u:-; j 

r J • r't‘‘i;.-'-*v dot. bni3 i'id'Jiii'L' :HoI w®!! J>rti Tto ■vjX'if'/inol, 

IV ■' < V- trt.'i/’tijj'-.cfS iaga)T vior^JiBdifiap T'tXl ... .earafl-^ 
.'- .'j oflvf i 3£ 'S67.t>Iq Xiadddol: ojjtiXXoo ^aed ©dd oi vllaenj 
"f. tyjjl ai (i’/ufi 3d: odw hloirtA) n«H incoof 

< at L.'UXaoer'/i 'iIoO XEiotllo fll issn^ ano al: X 

iaoooi Y?tO'fl Jjafoil'io p’nGmow a badaiidadBe aid 
.‘janni-v oXi.X!rl snib^I ndi ba .JdjXB'ida biXrf^. 

Im oXdXd ddsi:j»rT0dXeFXf cirfi iilv oi 'tf'V© t&xed .textii 

^ 9 1 O'’! 3 'lo 't©xoi{ wid 8fi oi/poJPl Xt’X’'OB8M b'te^&SL odt 

Oi ^ 


Hi there I It*s me again. 

I wear my fur coat every day. I wear it when it’s cold, and I 
wear it when it*s hot, too. 

I wear it outdoors and I wear it in the house. 

I always wear it. It’s pretty, and everybody knox’js who I am. 

The Boss has a fur coat, too. But she doesn’t xrear it all the 
time. She puts it on when we go out in the cold. And she takes it 
off in the house. 

Men it’s hot, she doesn’t wear any coat at all. She has differ- 
ent coats. Men friends come to see us, they x^rear all kinds of coats. 
They take them off inside. 

It is confusing’. 

The Boss looks different different times. Friends look different 
different times. I vjonder how they Imow x-xho they are! 

I’m always the same. Everyone can know me right away. 

Our yard has nex^ x^hite snox<r all over it nox-r. The Boss says it 
has a coat on, too. 

I like snox'7. 

The Boss says the snow is wishing us a clean new year. 

Happy NeX'j Year to you’. 

Jannie Dinsmore 




o/m p,*jr 

! '■.risrU^ 


Jj OD -' M 

1 ^>1 'mm r X 


■ ■' .j; '*??o\s’ i hern 

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. iX 'tfii'v' I 

■- . r’ "! 

.u ’ '£ 

: ijV'StrlS I 

.on/f ^OJ'or> 

*t»/i 'J :; 

p.i'i 1.N(T 

|i (, ' -.^iro 'j'i- n-; 

.■Hv V 


„'<tt;yod fi/W ni llo 

1 ,-;• * r 


. 3 ' J.r *78fM 

1 _ - ij 4.<*^ .’i' ' 1 •* * 

~i f’ 

"‘"••fl/ . «Ji5CO &rt& 

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• V:.v -o pi' jI 

I'Urt r. V^ 

1 srlT 


*• ■ M I.Ol’ ',- 

fjr.C't'' X 

.p/.-'niXi J'nc'ialTLLb 

■ rrt. \ i^M,: 

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„ ■ -r-.r, \ 


.. 1 


l'>.'. .(. .t^T.OCj 3. 

o>U L I 


'' f” ..-•-’oQ aiffT 



President Johnson placed his Administration's prestige on the line against 
Southern stalling tactics, moved to force a House vote on the bipartisan civil 
rights package by mid- January. Negro leader Dr. Martin Luther King told the Presi- 
dent street demonstrations will resume ’’until the white power structure decides 
to do away with existing forms of discrimination.” . .The Supreme Court ruled unani- 
mously that state courts have the right to enforce their own right to work laws. 

The ruling upheld a Florida Supreme Court decision banning the agency shop (in 
which non-union workers must pay dues, fees equivalent to those paid by union 
members). ... Secret Service agent Clinton J. Hill, 31^ received the Treasury 
Department’s highest award for ’’exceptional bravery.” It xjas Hill (x*7ith bullets 
still being fired) x^ho made a running jump into President Kennedy’s limousine, 
used his cx-ai body to shield the late President and Mi’s. Kennedy from further gun- 
fire. ... Soviet Premier Khrushchev expressed satisfaction that President Johnson 
has pledged to xTOrk for continued good relations betxreen Russia and the U.S, He 
promised that the Soviet Union ’’will not relax” in its efforts to solve East-West 
issues. ... President Jolinson named a top-level, seven-member commission headed by 
Chief Justice Earl Warren to investigate the assassination of President Kennedy. 

The pxxrpose is to study and report upon all the facts and circxxmstances relating to 
the late President’s mxirder, the slaying of the man charged x^ith the assassination. 
... Dr, Raul Leoni, 57, leader of the anti-Castro Democratic Action party, was 
elected President of oil -rich Venezuela, succeeding his long-time friend Romulo 
Betancourt. Pro-Cornmunist terrorists, who failed to stop the free elections, 
not given up their campaign of murder and sabotage, xfill step up their activities. 
... Legislation was introduced in the House to put the slain President’s likeness 
on new JiilO bills a.nd a nexf 50”Cent piece. ... Pope Paul. VI told the closing session 
of the Second Vatican (Ecxxmenical) Council he X'jill make an unprecedented trip to 
the Holy Land in January. He x^rill become the first successor to St. Peter, who was 



?ii'. I'soBlq nciBnr!oT. 

:oK r . gnillxi^a frx0rictoo8’ 

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:ni;f;Q bri <. -■'*-■ 

i -L, -Ii“5jb»! «SBi(ofiq airfsil'X^'^ 

■' ;'h ^99i^^ J-neb ■/! 

‘.'t rivt/’.-j Yxjv^ ob’oJ* £ 


>n ©jQ.Tf, i vrojfiooi 

r‘ 'H. « ivI-'rlTltr jjflili."? . 3tlT ^ 
,;; r^T-.'^r-rix j-iolfu/^qon r!;jinw 

4 ' 

,, -j .:uhhi s’ Jne^T^ntBqaff' ,. 

(b: (I'l ■.-’xiei’ X-CIJ^ 


■>. od ’'bet' 0331/ 

* ■ V 

'i ivc .2 r.. .■.'-■'lil 

n.t i;..o-;-b 3 £q er>rf 

« .:iii 

. "'■> •‘-'■"It b-:'1;.l/Et>*XIX 

i,i .ib ... , 2 ; 3 iTsei , 

• V i'iB.:! eDi.,-lziX, ^ 

■“ ' 1 "-^ 

••''■■vii c.J si 'icicxfiuq' adT . 


/I »Jt>I 9rt»J' 

I |V’’ iJ.'BJl .rQ 

--ri:' '10 h'-'J-oaX#' 

' , .lHr so qpy itavig ion 

n.’- f. jcii .‘V.j t.i b: ■■! • * 

... 9"^ I' ii'’o-. wft /5 bn7 rIJLid ,OIi|. van no 

xv V i’-^.vO U /XU; raeS) bfjor.oa lo 

'11 odi '?<i.forj'x' iiix 6i\ . fs/^ATwV at batJ yXqH adi*'’ 

born in ancient Palestine, to travel to the Holy Land; the trip, by plane, will be 
the longest by a.ny reigning Pontiff. ... Government sources revealed that the FBI 
is convinced that accused assassin Lee Hainrey Oswald was not part of a conspiracy, 
did not have accomplices when he shot the President. They disregarded rumors that 
two men were seen in the Book Repository window, from wliich the shots were fired, 
before the shooting. ... A Trans-Canada Airlines DC-3 jetliner crashed and burned 
in a driving rain storm 20 miles north of Ifontreal. Police reported all Il8 
persons aboard x^ere killed. ... Tom Howard, defense attorney for Jack Ruby, accused 
Dallas District Attorney Heniy Wade of using ”xmfair tactics" in his effort to con- 
vict the morderer of President Kennedy’s alleged assassin. Howard charged the DA 
withheld results of a psychiatric examination because "the test probably shoxis that 
Ruby is mentally unbalanced." ... President Jolmson presented the ,*550,000 Enrico 
Fermi Award to atomic scientist Dr. J. Robert Opnenheimer, with Senator Hicken- 
looper boycotting the White House ceremony. The late President Kennedy, seeking 
to rehabilitate the reputation of Dr. Oppenheimer, had planned to personally confer 
the award on the physicist who was stripped of his security clearance in 195U. ... 
Lee Harvey Osxiald xias questioned several times by the FBI in the months prior to 
President Kennedy’s murder. The FBI also x-ras aware of Osx-jald’s pBsence in Dallas 
but did not notify the Secret Service. ... Pro-Castro Comraunist terrorists hijacked 
a Venezuelan commercial airliner, forced the pilot at gunpoint to fly the plane to 
the nearby island of Trinidad. The harassed government formalljr accused Cuba of 
aggression, smuggling arms to the Red terrorists. ... The bodies of two children of 
President and I4rs. Kennedy (who died at or shortly after birth) were transferred to 

Arlington National Cemetery, to lie beside their father, the late Chief Executive. 
...An estimated 10,000 students, protesting x^hat they called inadeouate education- 
al facilities, engaged in a street battle with Paris police. The demonstrating 
students X'lere sprayed with fire hoses, clubbed, and punched by 5,000 police, with 
injuries on both sides. ... Pauline V. Bates, a public stenographer, said in Dallas 
that Lee Harvey Osx'xald, the accused assassin, x-ras x-jriting an anti-Soviet book 


fd: of ftj , ewtfdstslst ^nolana at 

,. -rf/rtyi: 'r ''{zr tao^^nol od« 

''.'‘‘i . -I i-p/U fc»*ioiiivnoo ci 

i' r • J >f. Kc.uxi'-^Tionrr^ aviri ion bib.' 

c >/ 

■'‘I j|<' i-j 

i ;. . “i 

-Dfli '\t nsuEi o»'T*)'.'( ri«»m 

% ^ i 

^jrfn t>di <^'fol'Hl 

iibi"! ^navl'ib a dl 

U ' ^‘10^/ biiiC'Jf an*: vieq 

•c t-rA f'jXZ:iZ.tC 'lua 

jr- -rri Cjifib 

£ \o I- 'Mtidilv 

...'.utii-L- vAX«ia$p' .J 

.■'i::' ?.Tr 

fctrJVjA ifFTta^ 


-. \i X OO^iDC! Z^qoot 

,*■' J •'• ;} i X_i: :■: n,i -.-T^of 

.'■r- !' 

a /nV 9"'.'' /TO b , sdii 


\/v\"t£H '■^qJ 

. If'! 3 ' ■ d'fft 'T': - -1 t ffi' bl aerl 

...,,< f . 

.• v'li ( ■ ion blJb jud 

' :i 

I ‘o-icrtirjou rt\Lr> soadK A 

TO I { 

' iT If) xdo.a.fiXT eili 


rX3 n.xl32^/fK: tUo'cae-.F-aa^^ 

Jiri' '^.l.J JTd d^.' '• ■■. 

;hiv>'k»X'( ,'■: LC'-'d n A- 
, .7 ,'T . 

lor-'.O XGOoi-T.'vl^ Aof^nilTji 

jo^'^Oi bQd/'.fd'iarj »iA ... 

■ ii 

bc’^a'TriB !(!»*ISW I 

>,('>bJ:T5 rficjd bo t^vl-ri/tnlj 


b»oji/oa« t^?Iev/iTO e>oJ Jtuii 

year ago. She claims Osirald X'jas critical of eve king he saw during his travels 
as a defector in the Soviet Union, hinted he had gone as a U.S. secret agent. 

Aldous Leonard Huxley, 69, philosopher, novelist, historian, and satirist, died of 
cancer in Los Angeles. ... Mrs. Kennedy has asked Caliiomia architect Jolin Carl 
Warnecke to develop designs for a suitable tomb-memorial for the late President at 
Arlington National Cemeterj'". Warnecke said the yoimg widoxii will exercise very 
close direction over the project. ... Rep. Tom Steed, D., Okla, , charged that he 
Imows a Senator X'irith pxto call girls on his paxrroll. The Senate (saying it had been 
insulted) demanded Steed name the Senator. ... The Soviet press published reports 
suggesting that Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of President Kennedy, might have 
been a U.S. spy during his two-year stay in Russia. It folloxied a good-x-ri.ll Soviet 
gestxire in surrendering its files on the defector to our State .Department. ... 

Secret Service agents arrested Robert A. Weatherington of Washington, said he 
threatened to assassinate President Johnson, desecrate the late President Kennedy' s 
grave. His reason: He claimed he x-jas unjustly discharged from the Corps of Army 
Engineers. ... South Viet Nam’s nexf ruling military junta X'^as reported to be engaged 
in a widespread campaign of indiscriminate arrests for political reasons. The 
troubled nation X'jas being subjected to the same arbitrary justice, secret police 
methods employed by the overthrox-m regime of the late President Diem. ... UN 
Ambassador Stevenson told the General Assembly’s main political committee that 
President Jolinson had instructed him to reaffirm the proposal by the late President 
Kennedy for a U.S. -Soviet joint expedition to the moon. ... Loxrell Thomas, 71, 
author and nexrB commentator, was discharged from Henrj?" Ford Hospital in Detroit, 
where he was treated for a heart attack. ... Rep. Carl Vinson, 80, Georgia Dem.ocrat 
who rules the House Armed Service Committee x-^ith an iron tongue, x^xill retire from 
Congress after serving $0 years in the House, longer tlian any other man in history. 
...John Nance "Cactus Jack" Garner, Vice President of the U.S. from 1933 to 19la, 
observed his 95th birthday in Uvalde, Texas. 

ftotHio bJJAf^O orlB .oga la 

/•’Kc,; b r: ■;.'' f.'oJiiiit ^noieil: ;^9ir;oC;- rl 'iorloalab a as 
*' .,.T ; /X^■-.^'^^ \'3lxyH' ij^’sno^ ruofi 

'. >P Ofoi._. a.uJ vbefuiEiX ... ,,«sJ4?ffcA aoJ «1 'is'^ftapi] 

' ''.-rM'i-u rw!),! ? lol sajJl^Qb Oif 03^o■J^^'3ai^, 

,m"-'.;'- :' ■ I-noId^sM xioi^fillxA ^ 

1^*:..“'' .1'' ' . 

...» sdct rtn^o ncJLtos^'ilb ^aoXo 


^ i * 

.» CT 


-r. ^‘ 1 , 

, r^i p,i';i’g XI^o c\f4 ’to^firt&E B S'^nonJl. ' a 

... 'inii-n,3c- >5ri.; €*ma b^Q4? batiosar^lb (bocl'XLfgni 

X ^ 

‘vi ^ t .vJ.Gi‘*' :<> '''.-X .t/jdo 

’:,. .;.=“ ■■’ .■$\:-o'v.\T 5^.bT ;5i>ii*:tL'fa .S.U w iTSfjcf'' 

: ., I'.j ccrx TXii‘3^’brf-o'£"ru3 ax V' 

' t 

'• .l'•«<^c}^ r^O-lvTs^ '_■ 

r i# . . r, 

•■»! .! .1 ■■•" r:?:'-t'r ■ a j .:- nxecGyaa ■^.t b'Sf.'O^so'jirx 

r J 

.:* K ijt'i'.-io r^ll ;ooG^>u-^t siH .ov^i'ts' * 

f ; 

■-■. .. .: . a'xL:jU J' ]lJt.<c?i. ... 5'iS^isn5,_ 

£ ■. f-'s-j.- •■ . ’ . j "Vo it;v '•.' b«:?IiXO£>bjfc?l.';^'ni 

.■' -* ^^.^.. •.■; i- ‘ i"''.*'tBr. b©Xc^wo‘x4‘’ |.J 

, ■. - .: . r;-i,;(r i',: {;tr-> 'f>J..', vr! j'-^nia sbo.'f.lMi 

■‘ • ■ ... ’■ '„'. r. •■:£ ;•■ :i‘' 'mX' hJcri n^f'.ae'’r4JS 

. ' .:'i 'ii,ii'i 0.) Pr.i J. ', '- biiiS f/ObturioL 

••' 1 . :'T ;'tox ‘ ‘bf. .vHP rlrL o(;, ^ciV' ‘L- .o ft **oTt xbsrsfa^ 

:<o’t'i tnftJiUb a.?'-' , ' >.''<>n^oa iK-ia hciB 

^ .i 

.' . ifJi ... . fl Tfol eaw ari 

1 . 

'• ;. *^'. uoi’’.' s-sX.tjtmiRC'O Ji5olv*^»C brn-iA oBucH 'M^cl■ ceii/i Qctir 
' ' r*. ' ort^- fsl eiae^ 0^ -nXmoa ‘rxct’ls re - ran 

• ^ jac''.’ir."‘H 90x1 tMO'axx.O •'Xo>;t» roJohO^ eojiaH arfot>*.. 

.as;j‘’‘r ^-jbXavO o-i v;a£aidTrirf aJW tsnsado \ 


BOY GITS OUTFOXID - In Peterboro ’gh, England, the neighbors said they didn't mind 
lii-yeai-old Barry Rutterford’s guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and $0 parakeets. But 
they drew the line at a fox. "He was my favorite petj' sighed Barry as he .^ut Fred- 
die the Fox up for sale. 


PRISON BID PAID OFF - In Tampico, Mexico, when railroad worker Francisco Maldonado 
Valladares gets out of jail a year hence, he will be a Mexican millionaire. Lottery 
tickets he bought from a prison guard won him a million Mexican pesos (about 
■^80,000). Maldonado is serving two years in jail on negligence charges groining out 
of a train crash. 


B ABY TAKES THE WAY UP - In Kno:rville, Tenn., four persons got on the elevator at St, 
Mary’s Hospital, but five got off. The fifth was a six-round, one and one-ha.lf ounce 
son born to Mrs. Shirley Cooper, 32. 

it it a- 

T HE PADE^’IIL E V IDENCE - In Marshfield, Wis., Policeman Rajmiond Blanchard Imocked at 
the home of Eugene Cichon after neighbors had com'lained that Cichon’s dog had bit- 
ten them. The door opened, and Patrolman Blanchard got cjuick insight into what the 
case was all about — the dog bit him, too. 

UNCOIETLY GESTURES - In Los Angeles, the judges’ chambers at county courthouse are 
getting to be a popular olace for thieves. Municipal Judge Allan G. Campbell 
reported the theft of a transistor radio worth '%0 from his desk. There was another 
3I1O loss three weeks ago when a wallet was stolen from the desk of Superior Judge 
Lloyd S. Nix. 

it it 

HIS 'LICENSE* HAD RUN OUT - In DubuNue, Iowa, Melvin Roeth, for 3 h years, had stopped 
at all stop signs and never drove over the speed limit. Last month he had liis first 
traffic ticket — for driving without a license. He told police he never bothered to 
get one. 13 


k r 


^ ,4i;i ,t.A£jjjflS ^\)<yroc}‘i'A^“o^ i>I - CTTO Tn^O 

"jil /siticis c ^ iVic'Xiftctdu^i '^'£Bfl Mc-utd^ 

I '^AX''OV'" ! 

Bcv •kJ‘‘ n <-r(iX nri^^ 

9 . 

r- •{*■ |i 


.fiX&Q loT: <ir xo^ 


.o-^i-aTteV rJ- - TO »irjyr crta K r>ar. g j 

4 i ,- -'''=J^‘ & liiEt 'io «^»3 

■ x/Ti u 'IS lv<;wLC f,toti.f/iK? tt fTK)-!! -tdayocf 9 ^' 


• '• r E. 7 .VX anrrrx'? yX obfinoMal'I -{CK^vOO 

.dcxito cX?xl 9 ilo. 


u T’ •* - ,L ; ' I V 

,:.-L. ‘v::a(%^ id - <ni TAV fiiHT SaRA?!;^ 

V-. ■ ' .^ •“*' <}, •'■■■■ — _ — f 

( .X'o 'y: '-vJ! vbr.l ^X-sJicadi e* 

'.ij’cO ^eX^tidS . 9 t^^ oX rrfC<^o 8 * 

■t-l'l.'.:.i- ' nl - SQiiroXVg 3H7 

-i>v .f? '/-i it^doiO affori' arii^, 

j .. r.iJ! 


7 v:>--,i p i ( 'icch OiiT nai , 

.r. . .r«/r. iX''' gob efU*— IXt ‘^X ’.6 

,b.x-,,-i;. isoi Ri - ^Tsao 

\ -i .ov'-'Xrid- 'ibl 0 i>iiXr^ 'x^Jxicjon 

.(V I ' riv' rv cJ ‘-■/'f tRtsiafta'rX s 5 o 9 rii 

■' ■■” 1 
"ToIoXa Ei’.>' & fsariv 

.xJtM .S ircoXlj 

.V Vf <■ 

»f' j i > -><? r\f;v/9 !'I , vtoX ^viisPujdkiQ •’I Tl^Q ItUir Q iy i^SS'^vjXil^ 

Htt... v+v I ..*X-’tiJJ h^arfa adb" mvo ^voib isven t^w UiiBi# IX*.^ 


1 'X 07 sH ,^ai\«ox.i i Jk-vcXXv? ^rtXvXifc 'to' 3 --J^ 3 ioX 4 ' o.M 


. 9 A 0 X 









• . ( 



•-- ^ 


A Magazine for Deaf-Blind Readers 

7ol. XVIII February, 196h 

Mo. 2 

(Mimeograph Edition) 

Edited and published monthly, except July and September 
by the American Foundation for the Blind, Inc. 

15 West l6th Street, Mew York 11, M.I. 

Editor: Sam Chermak (Deaf-Blind) 

. i ."' ' , ,. ■’' ’ ^ 

■ '• tv- > ■ fjjl / ,i 


g-. ^^5,7 b:'rrta-'.lB0Q *sol anis^ss.fjK A 


(no j-.d r i r 'r.iK) 

■;<'f>.HT/; c bir, d'<7-3ax3 

..orJ ,hr..tISI aot&nimr'o'l sfii "'(fi 

, ,i.:' >t'lOy. Vi^Vi 

(hn ’ /R-'v/.^G) r:cE T-toditfi 


7oi. r/iii 



No. 2 

Message from Annette 

Dinsmore . 

• • 


. 1 

News Digest 

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« • 



Sports Shots 

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Jannie ’ s Corner . 

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One of the characteristics that help to keep America young is her enthusiasm 
for new things. There are recurrent waves of intense interest in some fadj game, 
or hobby— interest which occasionally continues, but which often peters out to 
be succeeded by another. 

For about a year oeople all over the country have been playing a vjord game 
known as ’’Torn Svrifties.” The game is based on the st^^le used by Victor Appleton, 
the author of a series of adventure stories for boys, published in the early 
nineteen hundreds. The hero of these forty volumes was Tom Si-rift. Tom Swift 
never simply ’’said” anytliing,” he said it "soberly,” 'thoughtfully,” 'bxcitedly,” 
as, for instance; ’’Come on?" cried Tom impulsivelyj or "I wish I’d known of it 
at the time,” said Tom savagely. 

Today, years after the books have more or less died a natural death, the 
game of making up ”Swif ties” —promoted by three energetic men in the advertising 
field through the publication of their book of "Si^rifties” — has suddenly reached, 
the height of popularity. The best of today’s "St-jifities” have a humorous twist, 
using puns or play upon words. Here are some typical "Swifties”; 

”I can alx-rays identify a tree by its bark,” said Tom doggedly. 

"I’m getting fat," said Tom stoutly. 

"Mo, sir, I never touch martinis," said Tom dryly. 

"I had a hot dog for lunch," said Tom frankly. 

”I just don’t like t-jilted lettuce, said she limply. 

"Did you actually brew six cups of tea with one bag?" she asked weakly. 

A quarrel between a man and wife, using only "Sxrifties” would go something 
like this; 

"How many times must I tell you to pull up your shoulder strap?" asked he 


' - I • 




■ ^ ST 

:>.Tev~c iTiF^fVA isc^n^ 3*'‘^e3:TK 

• >xy-A o,! .t^ii-v* coJriab.'j+OB'ijBdc 9ft,t lo onO 

-'^;,^/^:.l jo eis oiadT «as^if^^^ wa lo'i'-S 

iid /Ii'i-rinUEf^ooo rs.oi.iw 

-*£9il.ions Yii bsh^rsow.mXsd f 

.' /tJ .v.-J 'r-r-vD .11': aXcoo' '£‘:9Y ; .ti’odfi lo^ 

., - o :>-‘Ad l 1 w.ic^ 3(11 8B rfvr? 

- --•;( v'^'l Dfftv'oy ')t b lofid'U'jB afiJ:*’^ 

■ .Yo acI l'’.;nx-::rr ''d? . abelbru.d 

v ■• '< It' K' n . .'■! ■;.;;iqid'h:£tja "bi-xn*' Tevert 

rJi.:"T!':i'. (Tici ''^tj'’- fsf'rjO'* "tol 

.■\!o "Y''?: iTiO'r tin’’ ".oruit qrfu jjB 
^ < • . « 

' ' 'i). r. s*’-''.' ■ --d.^ ‘roi'u’ RTrdS*: , -BboT 

■' -••■; i-.r ••■ •— Yi'd-.-; ^rxl^^r-ci -lo sca^ 

1 . rl 

c.'-'.': '^d-> .i:,-*' ■’'Lii' falail. 

■.f:': : .rir>TC'Y ?’.o Tc’.nio.'i, adj-'' 

ir'> •- ‘ rn-’suiiq ^nxa^ 

S "d:, 5 .Yjc‘^-Ds Ilfif! I” 

'■'iT bi r' "• •’ - iiT: « q t tj (I ! * 1 ’'* 

;.., ■ I',. ■■’ r.i‘ d.O" ■■■Y 'i.a'n.'n I t^xe <oH” 

. ' (.‘'vT birn *-'.dr'ntri ■'c'“\ Jofi -s biui I’,' 

^ • I. '^rlr- ‘ •/.'i ' ' 3 >(ji‘ J’aob ;Jou(i. I" 

Yr-/-; - -Jg:-: r 

, : n fla.vf is'- 1" yxt:: : ' Y/Xri(.tOf. 1/0^ fclG’* 

i •' y/rc -j^dra/ ^ >!*>,' -'YL^ nsn b n'=-‘>ud3d.- XpTiorp A 


•(■!.*. .70 ILn iJ<n ^ ernnii r/ifw woH" 


'•My aren’t He sharp tonight," said she cuttingly. 

"To be blunt, no," he said pointedly. 

"Some ner^re," she pouted neurotically. 

"How easy my xdfe is to get along with," he remarked shrevjdly. 

"Lettuce go home, Love," she said crisnly. 

Everyone seems to be able to make up "Si^rifities" except me. I enjoy them 
tremendously, but I simpl3;' cannot make one up no matter how hard I try. The 
book ends appro priatelji", "Good luck and Godspeed," said Tom Si^iftly. And so say 
I frustratedly. 

Annette Dinsmore 


«rf-i Micia "iWsiPoT 


. blr.Q s»ri '% :'P (stfitfld 9<i oT*’ 

n biJn<y' Of to *' . ".vtor potoQ” 

ijn.'^X,'' J'^i Cij* si oi±v/ \-yn y^-'o wril’' 
.*, -aik *'*-i'^I <;&!'■, on og 

• ■ ' ’ riii. >:! ••vt ?^'Ty>oe cwn-X'^o'va 


■n ■: “-l.-fii a:;'^»r*3 I -1*^ j ^'v;Xnt*obfT9tn^li• 

M'>:'rr.hoO '::iH ^ v 

.vCf’ "*.tE*£uai/i1: I 


A good eight months before the Atlantic City convention x^rhere Lyndon Johnson 
must finally choose his running mate. Democrats are already playing the game of Veep, 
Veep. Although there is a new seriousness about it, the rules seem to be pretty 
much the same. For every argument on behalf of a particular candidate, others are 
advanced against him — and sometimes the same arguments are used both for and against. 
A partial lineup: 

Bobby Kennedy. Arguments for: the Kennedy name, youth (38), proven political 
skill, strong civil rights advocate. Arguments against: the dynasty issue, too 
young, political unpopularity (especially in the South), absence of elective 
experience, too controversial. 

Sargent Shriver. Arguments for: Kennedy family member wi.thout the Kennedy 
name, a Catholic, a good record as director of the Peace Corps, business experience 
as onetime overseer of Joe Kennedy’s Merchandise Mart, ilrgument against: no 
elective experience. 

Minnesota's Senator Hubert Humphrey. Arguments for: a tried and true liberal, 
a topnotch orator. Arguments against: too liberal, not a Catholic. 

Under Secretary of Commerce Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. Argument for: His 
father’s name. Argument against: overuse of that name. 

Connecticut’s Senator Abraham Ribicoff. Arguments for: a moderate, a Jew, a 
proven vote getter in Connecticut. Arguments against i religion, a lackluster record 
as Kennedy’s first Secretary of Health, Education and Melfare. 

New York City Maj'or Robert F. Wagner. Arguments for: Leading Democratic 
figure in a pivotal state, a Catholic. Arguments against: a dilatory personality, 
an uneven record, no national experience, 

California’s Governor Pat Bro-^m. Arguments for: top Democratic officeholder 

in a key state, a liberal, a Catholic. Arguments against: an indecisive leader, 

eeograpbicaLly too close to Lyndon Johnson. 




rfv’ ftoxjfiovnon fifii OTO'lsd 2H-tcc« v-W^l© boo^ A 

jf w v^bco''.. .-. ■' 2d8^t>of!B9<l tOifr^ tjirl asoorlo 

-■••;■•? lioLtj r r.rfj ,‘i &aanfix/onoc =■ si: ©':©ricl’‘ rigucsdiXA .qs©V] 

.i'--: ''} -j .I'l'u.’’ l'.-OT lo llRdod no ^'o^ .op»£a erfd^ dQXMB^ 

•V 0.- o/vir.e ?fU no/'Jr^atr»e bas--i«i:d .J^fxJLcafl b3ona\ 

; qt ;orfl X I A“3 

f. ■' . ''• ^r.ii-.'^fr vX!p^;r'<:H :ao?. '3jrfo:ii/3’-A ’i(Xioa 

it ’ .oifopvbB XJrvio tlXbCs 

, 'it d 

^.-, ^-x .; ,‘;'X'-'-.'C sf'J^ rr. vI rBio^<isr*> yJ- c^slDrforrtuj CAoid'iioq t^noord 

.XsXs'x^vcnitnco ooX f^onsXioqjKri 

,tX '<'1 '/p^rtmTl ‘.'j.o'l sjrfDjia.iS'iA .*3;ovXTdS 

- i® 



.V'-I Vr; 'Tc t' f' bcC3 i»i£Oi1i/30 


BElrrL'x'x r u' c'^bornio/X ocX lo ^^.sbtlovo .'U'i-tsno: ais 

' . eortoXtanxe ' 9viSoel»i 


" ^ jr -cai.'^frA ‘.'•ii :c{'^/rT' -I loch'aoS E’/UoewirtiM 

:-^i,C nrj ; 5-5if:.r£;,3r. c.iJnsfiPfpaA fioJonqod’-^s "I 

:■ ;or.7': .Q rJ.I'Uic‘i'Z o^TBri''ojri^^iE«j'9'j:oo8 a^X'nU 
._• ivi: T'n'f "^o 9iii/-f3vO : .amsa s'ledisl 

■ ,TiO 0X0151 medfj'icJA locr^'toS s ’ Ji/oi J-oennoJi '-a 

, J" ■ L )'.•: 'XRr.’fK^i^ Rdfiofljij;§TA ,ni siov- rwvo'iq 

. ''■i'. f'f-G nc.tctB‘ji;b3 irf.JXs5>n *^ 0 fiiji-'rOtiS d^.'iXl b * vbomaJ!^, Bfl, ] 
rol x. n-rrrgtA .a5ng;:W. .J XiodoX' "XO'-al ijd'XO jIioT vreVi Ij^ 

' IjJ> fi :j ;;:, /jO BXfreni'^ •. A .oricdX'rO s tSuS^a I^oviq a nl 

• oonoiteopco lenoldha on tbacoon nevaistf ns 
'•rs~'yn i-jrij :r:oJ .rrwerrfl jt'l -ronTsvoD B'sXntoltlBO 


r*,c z .^ n^s^n Ei^nforatrq'iA .oJLIodXoO C <Xi:aetdXI a ,oXirfa ^ 

■■■ ■ ■' J ^ 

.fjoenrinl. o^aCa rvn.t xl’ffnK-fqtrqf^^ * 


With the Speaker of the House, John McCormack, nearly 72, and the president 
pro tern of the Senate, Carl Hayden, 86, next in line for the R’esidency, many of 
the nation’s opinion makers nere lobbying for a change in the succession law to 
favor younger, better qualified men. Bills popped u~ in both houses to change the 
procedure. Under one of them, the House woiild elect a Vice R-’esident from a list 
of three to five names submitted by the President. Under another bill, a Vice Presi- 
dent w .o succeeded to the VJhite House would nominate his oTm successor to the Vice 
Presidency, subject to confirmation by the House and the Senate. This legislation 
also would cope with the sticity problem of how to deterinine whether a President is 
unable to discharge his duties and should be replaced by iiis Vice President, 

Hearings on such legislation will be held shortly in both houses. 

But no bill would require McCormack and Hayden to resign. It remained for 
Sarah McClendon, the drawling, aggressive reporter for Te:cas and Wex-ir England nex-rs- 
papers, to put the question of quitting directly to Speaker McCormack, xHiose temper 
sometimes explodes with the speed of a tavern Donnybrook in his native South Boston. 

"I was elected Speaker and I’m staying Speaker," Mr. McCormack snapped back. 

"I’m amazed, just amazed, that you can ask that. Are there no limits to decency?" 


It is a policeman’s truism that a well-publicized act of violence almost in- 
evitably inspires a rash of imitative crimes, and the assassination of President 
Kennedy has proved to be no exception. Since those six seconds of horror in Dallas, 
threats for magnicide — the psychiatric term for killing important people — have 
burgeoned around the x-rorld; 

The first post-Kennedy assassination threat was to Australia’s Prime Minister 
Sir Robert Gordon Menzies as he x^as xjinding up a successful election campaign. The 
day after the telephoned threat x-xas made, a practical joker exploded a firecracker 
at a Menzies rally, severely testing the nerves and patience of the 30 armed cops 
scattered among the audience of 6or) autoxixorkers » 

In London, Scotland Yard received a letter telling them that "sentence of 

h •!. 

n -ii 

nfl*'T, .-onirtH lo Bdi ri^JrW 


- Nr 

nxr ai j ••r,'.-. Iij»D oil.t 1o o’tt^ 

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<<0 ^ri 5> fstv' 

'• - ■ a '•■ -,rvf/ri acju-.d cft.'J'ov. 

.!* -^V 

' ■ ■ 

? , - or.','.-,- Bil* , . ?Cto' 'T/:»LnU .^•twb^'OO' 

.~: ’ ; vi {“j,; Et'.'Titis.f; ‘^■gj.7. f^S ^a'trfv^ Ip 

a.^ifl’., oj! ' oJ bobseo-xia o v insb 

■ •.■. :: rJxj'^'ix'b. '.> “J .J'ODGCIfffi ,'^fpne'Ji.B 

• ' : •■ ’.' ^ rU-f^T •s^rj^o bl^ow osXft 

■■.;'■ '. i.'rtr? i-t'f ■■!,' P .3 v)f:.oe!iq oi* p»I;fi3Cir 

iU<=i'i -^{\ "I'" •-'. ..‘ irr-l'.-X /l^rs n-: s^.ii'rrst 

-r ' .''•■,r "-L ■ u 

^ ' 'iS : 

-.■ ;'. . !' '•■rij daicS' 

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.l•L.'- b ;.:i £e,£!iii!WK4 

■: -1 ‘tiM.'TX’p Q* 2 ll I” 

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’•'■.-'X.r*'-^ I*' ai 

c r- ,t;fcrl 

. ’ H • 

; b-'-vr'V'x ’.ad rbsnnsX 
-- - • -icl f?d»e'irfi'' 



' ■ 1 IT-X^iOC’ =’nT ‘H 


I "visitC'H frob'ior* o^TodoH xt£, 

r'i ■ 

- :,. r ; ^ 


i . Pr ‘ 

1 J 

I .'C'i. ' 

'.I /I '1' 

.>'f''t '=■ -iu’' <•■ hfvjnil ivf^ Ji.>d sdvt ■>C2 

I'fi' r /'w' -3f; ? jinJ-JC'- .t v.ip .pvon' eoisnsM a d ^ 

.e*t^.>l7cv.‘r‘itjc " ' ’ * -nsibi/A 0»(J 2noiTO jb0:f'?dw*no' 

T>'‘.<vt>I r; vx’'5 3'j r*'^y hO'-t jai'iB ^nobrttvl .nl 

death by assassination” had been passed ’'on the Rt, Hon. Harold Wilson, M.P.” The 
letter was mailed on Wednesday and set a Saturday deadline for the killing, h'limedi- 
ately, detectives were assigned to guard Wilson, who heads the opposition Labor 
Party. For Britons, it was a strange experience to see news pictures of policemen 
trailing roly-poly Harold Wilson through the streets of London. Even Britain’s 
Prime Plinister is rarely accompanied by more than one security guard when he steps 
out of 10 Downing Street for a stroll through St, James’s Park. 

In Bonn, the murder threat came over the phone to a patrolman at police head- 
quarters. ”If Chancellor Erhard doesn’t meet the demands of the veterans, he’ll be 
assassinated,” the caller promised. Immediately, additional agents from the seciuri- 
ty group were assigned to protect Erhard, who, until the threat, had never traveled 
with more than one guard and had always insisted thcot his limousine stop at traffic 
lights. Now he is followed everywhere by a car full of heavily armed detectives. 

Most security agents argue the real assassin never advertises his intentions. 

He didn’t in Dallas. Nor did he in Aden, in the British- pro tec ted Federation of 

South Arabia. From an airnort observation deck, a figune clad in the veil and 

robes of an Arab woman flung a grenade that wounded the British High Commissioner, 

Sir Kennedy Trevaskis, and 38 other officials and jounnalists. An Indian woman, 

boarding a plane with her son, died from shrapnel wounds. The assassin escaped, 


Wilile thoughtful. Aiaericans brooded on the conditions that spawn murderous 
violence, one accused assassin in the Hinds County jail at Jackson, Miss., apneared 
concerned about nothing at all. Byron de La Becki'Xith, charged with the June 12 
ambush murder of Negro civil-rights leader Medgar Evers, confidently awaited his 
trial. And life — even jail life — appeared to be leaving Beckivith little to xTOrry 
his head about. 

For three months the U3-year-old fertilizer salesman had been the star prisoner 
I of the little Rankin County jail in Brandon, 15 miles from Jackson. There Beckwith 
enjoyed a television set and his personal gun collection in liis cell. Local house- 




r .’ * > M 9i{«t no" beats jsq rrped biitl ••aoJiiRTiteas^eB 

' - ‘ 'i'>‘- »v;- -^ctyrtfUae & bflfi Tj^sanba^f rro b^sllRn saw 

- d. ,r “-iT^.ur^. r' * ^rveXcV' bm^s bnitgisas q-:‘--v neviipiaiab t’^X^Xs 

irvf-f ' ^ ,>f’.'-^iX-^ s di ^cfipJxTfl lol 

: ,.-'T'^. i''^L' fioaUiV; Mo*iaH y,Xo»^-’^Xo'T ’i,.TJ:Xi, 


T. • .lil.i . .tl w'.rT'.qnToonr, el' "larsXr.iM'oci 

.'■i ll •-? •.(o- s 'toa Oi Xo ^ttjQ. I 

c?-:io*ert n^.bvm 2*tlv ♦nnoa p1 

:f-*^ = 

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v'rrj’^io '1 FirVi-:? II *‘ 

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t.- "''’ cT^G't al ivF .e.triiLX 


^^ .ncfltC .i.h d'n6i:b>H ? 

'•r. ' ri, ■<•:. 'jo;>? . viti.^'iA. ri4uo6*:'3 

I ■- ‘ 'I 

■".'/i G; p'.- df'ivl nr lo 3eicfo*f 

^ C p: ' I’^'olt nf-'i r’ rjx^' 'iJS8 . ,j 

.,- , f^ srrit-Yspd. 

, '■- •-• f- . ; /< eiTi.oj'^'P.aA r.-j’;id 9/idi|- '*1j 

0 c:-iLi.' = ■'.■ 'u ' 'a: t^r;'' tearwloivj 


I . -dor.': rJ ••’ .IJa d . ;«u.a:ci' d-fw- . ben'ra-.^aoo 

j ••-■:• '-vTiI' •'s-JXvj'3 o-s;.r-'b r- •T.ibWKi riaitdWR fe] 

•e ^ 

-- • 

!•■.' = rp ■ yj '*d 0.^ I ■' *•■•. .IV' XiSu 


, rtt/od* beorf ntrf'i 

-«'•■ 'r»pfi . r 3 .G 2-dcF CTi&ncm .uetHd Giot '- 

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• ..irfi >1 .nobusitP. ni f ^inwoO rJr^iteH oXiilf 

^ r. , f lino a^'j lar •?-*-*'! eld bfT« Jao a h/^xopiB r 


wives vied for the honor of taking hot meals to him. Vfiien not writing letters to 
editors drumming up business for his defense fund (called the Wliite Citizens Legal 
Defense Fund, it has pulled in some 15^000), the prisoner received such friendly- 
visitors as a Rankin Coimty bootlegger who gave him '200 and confided: ’’I've killed 
a hundred niggers and they ain't never done anytliing to me yet. Just don’t tell them 
anj'ihing." Another recent caller at Beckifith’s cell in Brandon was former Maj. Gen, 
Edwin Walker. He said he found Becki-jith "a fine Southern gentleman." (As to his 
feeling about Becki'iith’s guilt or innocence, Walker would saj/- only: "Evers was X'rork- 
ing against the good of the country.") 

Authorities moved Becln-jith to the Hinds County jail on the order of the State 
Supreme Court. He seemed miffed that Hinds County Sheriff Bob Gilfoy refused to let 
him keep his gun collection with him ("I might need it mighty bad when I get out"). 

h/hen Beclcwith, a stocl-cy round-faced figure in a broT-m business suit, entered 
the Jackson jail he carried with liim an isometric exercise kit, a portable typexjriter : 
a sleek, sheathed, man’s umbrella, and a lighted cigan that he flourished as he 
greeted the jailer ("Mighty glad to be here, sir") and corimented to reporters on the 
death of the President, "It was a fearful thing," Beclarith said. "I say, fearful." 

■Jf * -K- 

The lurching subi-ray car on New York’s ancient IRT line was a meticulous replica 
of the real thing, complete urLth dirty windows and a scurfy litter of candy urrappers 
on the floor. It had been built from plans furnished by the New York Transit 
Authority, and set up in a Brooklyn studio for a Du Pont Show of the Week play 
called "Ride With Terror," by Nicholas Baehr. But when the Transit Authority heard 
what "Terror" was about it was horrified. The play dealt brilliantly with a pair of 
hopped- up punks who terrorise a subi-j-ay carful of earlj'- morning riders. For an hour 
the hoods tease, insult and frighten the passengers. Yet no one dares do a-nything 
to stop them. Finally, as one leather- jacketed jackal torments a father with a sleep- 
ing child, a young soldier rebels. "Leave those people alone," he cries, and suddenly 
there is a knife in the punk’s hand. The other passengers simply watch as the hood 



V ton .rLl:r{ oi aXxsont ^orl snI:iR»t lo Tono'l ari^ lol bairv aevJbw' 

■ y 

i,:? s ii-'f.* -ii-dJ- ''■^LLlo) hni.' i Btt’ Tiol asanianiJ o.x; ^ninflw’ib 8*io^iJb«’ 

- ■ ' ''■d 

•.••. i . _a.- 'i '• ^{000^?£ ©mca ni boXD/q Bdiri i'J: ^bnii'^'Dsri©!^ 

:b- ■■ t tft-. lyfC" i-suirf ©vs*,t ofhJ ‘irftg^al^otxJ x-tm/oO nJtstn;?/? u c« o'loJ’ieJtv 
^ . - v ' / ©neb lovan j ’ is xor’j bnp- O'rnsSJtf^ bsibra/d:^^ 

.'I f .'. uo ni'ii.v-CocS cJ‘fi 'ioH;^o ^AGo&r n/Ucini 

.•''’• o'C. ori'l bnuo?: arj bx$8 oH ,'iQ'AIj^ nj;wf^I 

’■ . U ’ ‘■ r ?: V ' . aDn « iO '*': t '^ ' 'lo Htlb -: e * cSifOdfi ''^fiiJ 

orit Irj booTj erfd- Aznla^a gett 
• V !' jH ?•';,> 'K atiJ - t 4 ' ( I ;:*^.': r / oo 5 hovc,iv BoJtiiTio.iJvA 

, . -r I ', J - r . t , ^ 


■‘"t . t , 

, *1 I "jjd 

r'.bnirT b'-\'rUm i ;)<?{ ti £> e 6 . d ' lx .' oD ' c . T ©. iq «^^ 

j'li T.'’) .'-'■'■f r-Ji",’ /jcxct'Oc>IIoD fW3 oi.'^ qeok tnid^^; 

•<’■ ' ,{ 

' ■“ V / io .' X ''8 X , ric } . 

r - -j r 

p ,,,_. . bvi'rtiio rifi HJBt nosi-Iost add 


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r " ■ . a ' ft Xvfti ; &bb:1 2 , -ytmla b ‘ 

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* I’’ srict iidsab', 

••:< 'f \ jtnntOTaX ariT ,^'' 

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jtn .Mi 1.59 oxiJ ' 

L .iv'T. A •■-.'•.'-Xr; -.-'■rfi if-Lj"' rtoad ,'vAvf( cfl .rrooXt arii' no J 

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ii '"- .^. cf.nUv rp ^' l :}!■ ^■ r ^ Q .' >? nx tj.^f biie tY - tx ’ toddvA '*''^ 
x' itlci’o!''' ri.J’^V sbx/^'^ brXIit^o; 

-■.i^ . b 1 1:''.i;'T'Jod gbi; voocir i- r ”rtoT:''i9T^„_XadW.j,^^. 

' 1 '^ X ' I ' lrt ) .■;• ©. j ;£ T : o'rreX ''b njUK/cf ’ x-beqqc 

. a <© fj ,*:^ E 2 * . rroJd ^ i ' fT ' bn - oXt^arJ , 9 eS 3 j ’ zhood 9 rfd»j 
r • [ or'c fcoxt 0 i (‘? Bj t>nc 9 " .JSisdd cjo^tc o & 

d *•,'■/•.• X oXr-,n©c f'C-iti f taXhlo-e Otbliiio 

*, ladJo .Dfiari iiX nlJir"! 5^»5it ©lad^ .A 

■< rip - 

closes in on the unarmed soldier in the terrible crouch of the si-fitchblader. In the 
last grisly moments, the soldier is stabbed, the hoods are hauled off by the police. 

NBC presented "Terror" despite the Transit Authority’s protest that no inci- 
dent like that had ever occurred on their subxrays. Next day an off-duty city detec- 
tive was shot to death bj?- a gang of teen-age thugs on an IRT train in Brooklyn. 


For an organization dedicated to the overt hrox^r of U.S. democracy, the Commxinist 
Party of the U.S. has taken abxindant advantage of the Is gal protection that democracy 
provides. Ever since 1950, x-rhen the Internal Seciu’ity Act x«rent into effect, the 
Government has been trying to comoel the painty to register as a "Communist action 
organization" and fxirnish lists of its members, income soxirces and expenditures. 
During all that time, invoking its rights under the U.S. Constitution, the Communist 
Party has successfifLly fended off xirave after wave of Justice Department lathers. 

Last year in the U.S, District Coxirt in Washington, a jury finally foxind the 
Communist party guilty of failing to register, and Judge Alexander Holtzoff imposed 
a 1120,000 fine. When a newsman asked one of the Communist Party’s latz-Tyers, Josenh 
Forer, whether he regarded the trial as the "culmination" of the long battle, the 
ansx<j-er was indignant: "CuliTunation? Are you out of your mind? This is the begin- 
ning of a new round." Right he was. In Washington last month, a three- judge panel 
of the U.S, Count of Appeals struck dox^m the 1962 conviction. 

What the Court of Anpeals decided X'j’as that the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee 
against self -incrimination protected the Commxmist Party against prosecution for 
failxire to register. Any member who came forward to register for the party, the 
court reasoned, woxfLd automatically incriminate himself. Present statutes, said the 
opinion Xnrritten by Cliief Judge David L. Bazelon, brand the Communist Party as a 
criminal conspiracy. "Mere association x-rith the jarty incriminates." Rejecting the 
Government’s argument that the party could have found a volunteer to register for 
it, the coxurt said that it cox.xld not "assxmie Xfithout proof that aryone is x-ri-lling 
to submit data the ownership of x^xhich implies an intimate knoxfledge of the party’s 
vTOJC'ldngs , " 


/'I.-ir- ‘J- -i ^l.r 0 nt Toibloe iwsnan:^ rtfl at eepcoaa^ 

V *■’' I’iLil ais cboorf ■gfi.t ,^!4<^ds;^e| ,cl Ti»tMofi iRtnensart ijlalig 

- ^ * .’i-i-xonJuA tonmii: bsdn^^sTq OOH 




^ . B'^r.viif.jR ~X'?‘:(j (T*v tavs hari isrli ioeb 

•'I g:^.' .,jiii: 4 s. i 5 .'iicsb <>4 ^orfc eW evict, 

■X- - 

10 ^o-^rlrr ''Oj of Ev’ic.-ibnt: na 


.Ml •<. •- r:rrobi 4 'e^ri .i,.'; jirivi' to 

X 'r’"- 'Xl S'iv'f' n-wS"-^ t'C?*:! «or<t« "inv:; R&di-voi^. 

a-'.! I-vnocv -'u • ad noorf Ew* drf'-affrtr 3 vo 6 . 
::r.'.'^r:t« lo :iti a.l rfainwi boc ’’noij'js.-insjj^'iflt,,. 
■T-'.t ?'di jnio’o'.X-t t^rdivt dartd TJfi: 


n--* r 

•' ' ■ '.' .viv •r- u' li- :*'• i,’ IV l j>b;;&l 'cIl 5 :l 5 seoof /8 earf 

da.'-, i .’foI'jic.l-C .b/T ?^f!d fti x^sy. dexj 

:V V- , :< yvr od vV.Vlii ., to ';;%+j!it/s‘" 7 :d'i^:xri isiaaaKBoO 

■?S^^..,= il;. 

c -.‘r 

•:'r. 3-1 /rij- yo 3 r'o .h. r'”':f?oVT( £ .onirl ono^OSJJ^ 's 


•■■; , .:.-bi'^i’: -v, ^ r ’ dad -'.I.' DiV ‘'*dS'T f'd ‘TerfJ^ijcJw 

1 --- 

,- ... Vi.;. ; •^^ ' T.r -■ • VU” e 55 W xowanai 

‘ ■■•,<.■,- ”T • at'’ a-' ’’.^xt'oa woai p lo anitf 

i.'". -. _V*I if'.f'a.V oi-wV^. '\t> daifoO .C.U orfd to' 

1 ■"m ’• :/.s;i*i J!-. r’.Idjfjf , /; to d'ljCJOO Prld 'ij 

, ;. d-vf-M.T. . .-0 . f ■■;■:, c-.f/N-ry .< 10 td£nlffUa:>xii-'tlG 8 cfcnijssify, 

■ d ofdiio oo'-i • aodfft!}'* .lodaxjiea od ooifLJbati'' 

, .: -raV 3 Jofrt.riayoi 'VX' oid 'Piodits foXiiow tb©fjoEiia*i ^•moqt ' 
' ^'-^ .■ ^noS■■■>Li■S .J jiv;dl ‘ioixiO yrf noddiw m>irijb ®6 

*>!. ., 

■''J. I' ■•;: c ■.^'rrG:l ori.f rfdiar fjou J oiocssx .-^Of.-xitiaiico rrrftL'oi'i.a' 

.1 iv roi 

.jnij 3 l. oTcfi bJi /00 orid t+*.rfd dtropn/jias e'dflPntfnevoO 

i r-'': ’a ' T'-dd jitactiivf otTu.fegij'’ don .bbfoo ctt dadd iiafi d’'i:xioo odd ,d± 


‘ * n • rv' r,rj:in t na B^!; rfnh»f ‘in qldmDmrQ arid adab dlrrii;0’od 



The Court of Appeals decision nox^ sends the case back to the district court 

"xdLth instructions to grant a nexj trial if the government shall request it, rr in 

absence of such a request, to enter a judgnent of acquittal." 

^ -a- ^ 

"We can expect them to use the shock, grief, and confusion of the American 
people resulting from the assassination of our President, as an opportunity for 
pushing their oxm plans faster." Thus, in a full-page advertisement in The Ne-w York 
Times and other U.S. papers, the extreme rightxiring John Birch Society warned last 
month of x^hat "the Coiiimunists” x-rere up to. Actually, the warning described just 
what the Birch Society itself x-ras up to — and in its oxm ad. 

In typical Birchese, the ad purported to prove that the Communist Party had 
ordered President Kennedy *s assassination. And that, it said, proved "tragically 
but conclusively" that the Birchers had been right all along. "The time has come," 
said the Birch ad, "for every red-blooded American to react as such." Readers 
doubtful about Itoxj to react i-jere invited to send money. Many readers protested 
against the sale of space to the Birch Society so it could try to exploit the death 
of a man it had vilified in life — and as a pro-Communist or appeaser at that. 

Indeed, his murder caught the Birchers issuing the December nxmiber of their magazine, 
Americ a n Opinion , xjith references evidently so abusive to the late President that 
they called back and suppressed the whole press run. Right up to his death, the 
Birchers’ magazine had been vitriolic in its attacks on Mr. Kennedy. An article 
in the September issue of last year said that a physical beating administered to 
President Kennedy and his brother. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, woxild be "a 
fine thing for our country." Last June, a piece by Westbrook Pegler even expressed 
i%ret over the failure of the 1933 assassination attempt on Frai klin D. Roosevelt 
(Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak, X'lho x^/as killed, "stopped the bullet which might 
saved the world," Pegler xrrote). 

In the fxiror over the newspaper ad, x-Jhich cost about 335^000, the Birchers' 
founder .-md head, Robert Welch, xras silent. One of his lieutenants. Col. La.urence 


^ 1 A -♦ ■ * '3 r 

xZ .) viCi; 


sl-r-^'S won noieioeb ::X»3aaA To ^i£/oO arfT 

* *S^' 

It : ’rnr- rj-x iritJ ^^ 7 fT s d-nt-ts oj- aaoJrrfou’iJrni li^rw* 
■>'' ,: ^cte'vvpot b rioi/c lo e^’frea? 

^ tv // 

r'^-TCT" , ' t'*ri,\ ,".i) DC r^arfu aso ’W" 

0 -^. -f' ".-r f. -aart mo*?T oJDqcoq , 


I ,c-' ■'^' -<1 aasXq rx;o ilod^ sotrinirq, 

,•• •-, - \''- t-'-rrJc; .c.'j fvia ngji 

-j. -. 

'r:,.^, ir:?t:T%(uO vt;jri'w *?(?■ rfinc 


■ 1 j; j. 

(* *■ 

'i.for.J.c ('tronc criiJ' ittMi 


i. ',Hj ^6'';3rir)':icf Itiotqxvt -'il j 

•'* ; •, io 3 Snold:. j fl beiafrio 

' i 

n \ 

■■' ..'^’■v I’P -/.,j j;-y- %-j itv.oo ' 

I , _ I 


a «f; ■ 

■ -■• '■! ■ • '.*. 

. X:VT? V-T,-. 

I --jx 

-' ■ . J ^ i 1 S| ^■ 



- - r 


.-A t ' 

'-V - ' 

II?'',' ^• 2~1 

-■- e.:^i 


TO't * , r ; 3 rf;f bisa' 


' ’^y *?ifc.'i JjyTjdwaf) 

■ ). r ,■; s-I'* oad .tRfli.agB 


••-. v^TTfriliv h, , n.'iiti s To 


:'. ■ 0 aiui if> 9 (DbctI 

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(fTt imoTiaiitK,' 


f n r. 'aioxls-xiS 

'I '-.. a:-;.! ;/-:)3 isdi ni 

, ’c' nb' ' U^nnf >3 

sail ( 

• 'jr'V i'->oiTrsO lo^t^K 0 ”ooi'ifD)' 

.'(of'T.q’ T* rg<^ *’tbI'’Aov od<t 
^DO;: doxi' f », ■■^ v.'XX'^ iDfiX n®«rb TroTirT imIJ" rrl | 

Jr) ,c»q>XJe £;'*v i.odoM bn •lob/ttfol,' 


E, Bunker of Wellesley, Mass., denied the ad was intended to drm up money or members. 
But the society leadership got its stories mixed up. The Birchers’ Western district 
governor, John Rousselot of Los Angeles, explained that the ’’terrible national 
tragedy,” was well timed for Birch purposes. ”We were going to kick off the ex- 
panded nationwide membership program at the beginning of the year,” he said, ”... 

so we just moved up the starting line a bit.” 

* * -K- 

In the green and pleasant town of Westham in Sussex last month, the Rev Harold 
Coulthurst performed one of the rarest of Anglican ceremonies: rehallowing an altar. 
Rehallowing vras required because several days before, four men had been surprised 
while in the midst of a mj^sterious ritual inside Westliam’s 11th century church of 
St. Mary the Virgin, ’’The men were trying to communicate viith evil spirits,” de- 
clared Coulthurst. ’’They were chanting some sort of mumbo jumbo. They were 
definitely in league i^Tith the devil.” 

Church defilement has lately become an occupational hazard of village vicars j 
England seems to be in the midst of a mild little revival of black magic. Recently, 
the Rev. J. L, Head of St, Clements at Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, found a sheep.*s heart 
stuck with 13 thorns on the grave of a woman believed to have been a iiritch. On All 
Souls’ Eve, gravestones were overturned and hexes traced on the graveyard of the 
parish church in Appleton, Berksliire . 

Last March, the graves of six Xiromen x^rere opened in the abandoned churchyard 
of St, Mary’s, Clophd,!!, Bedfordshire. One skeleton x^ras removed, and was later dis- 
covered inside the church. Investigators assxime that the church had been the scene 
of an impromptu Black Mass — wliich properly performed, requires a live nude woman 
as altar. 

Parliament removed vritchcraft from the list of criminal offenses in 1736. Since 
then, the black arts have been the property of tiny der.ionic cults. But 1963, for 
no clear reason, has been a banner year for sorcerers. Last month, a Conservative 
M.P., Commander John Kerens, asked the government for nex -7 laxfs against the spread 


of xijitchcraft . 

rtr±^ od* fcii tdi Jbeiflob ^.ciicl! ^xi^IaoIXoV ‘io?Itu€ -.a.;' 


- - -?d[T ,'' a ad t doc‘ ^jJWartabr.f^X Y^niooe orfd dii0 


1 " -v' > .+ ! ■ I Lslffxo ^aeI‘^,t«<TA ^iOuL lo ^oXoe^u'^Sf nrtoT* ^lom^vorg' 
.f ^ f •r^*'- ■ •• '* IT' I'O'Zi*® iOi bo«ai;t IliJt# e^iw 

.• ri I; '■'j.ric'radKaw ofifcvnoidcxi ho^/ctjwJfj 

’•. •'ACi *■ ’flU' .^n ;! diS qtt b^von tat 0^ 


.r'd.oW If. fjii^.vi' ctn!5s.':(^J.q ^J^» cools Gwi^^ 

^ ■?iXsn.\ .t«o*^* ' j?f(d 'Ic ofro boiiaol-tar; .fttiu^XtroO 

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.'ft^-..-! ■ f-.'v, r T .v f’ lo'CJIpQ'I 2.«'1 3flX>'0rjrsd9fl 

j.j' - f - ‘ ,cf' -irrjjr'f fie, ' e “ic .ToMfli efXt nt oXi(b^ 

•, ' • V..' trj.:: ir'-'i'’'* •'rtd .t2 

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'.j- - of". :;[.i cJ. •X»<1'.Cfti’]U>bj 

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■' ' I*’ '■ l.t 'l‘J ' 

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.J-.; le Jivyni'- 


, Jo:-':. 

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1 •'(< oj stm-jfi, barl^nS^ 

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. . .. • . vi*r'*r ''•■•■! vt' lo' 

j. . !r« dyJ:/ fiiWJ r«':l d-ltiiorio-f'iw fervoife'i 

< nl. ‘.•'r f "to yd*J f^oDq ofl r,Of)> 3VA.i eta.jloeXri tflorW*, 
T. J. : ' ’ • '' ''lor. trr'i Of-'* ^ vennid a nsad tnoae&i to®!?' OjO 

i. *' I io*i JT!3nim£*''^o3 ori*t t^uUif* |Mrta*iv*l iTbnjRMwwO 



By Gerard F» McCauley 

A flurry of post-season games marked the end of both the college and profession- 
al football season during January. For the third straight year, the New York Giants 
lost the NFL championship, this time to the Chicago Bears, who won their first title 
since 19U6. The weather was too tough for either team to mount a sustained offense. 
Defense, a factor that brought the Bears two victories over last year's champion 
Green Bay Packers and the Western title, proved to be the decisive factor. Five 
Tittle passes x^ere picked off by the alert Bears— two leading to touchdoxms. The 
Bears trudged off Wrigley Field ;|6,000 richer per man by virtue cf their lii-10 
victory. . . . The AFL victory x^ras more convincing as the San Diego Chargers took 
their championship by beating the Boston Patriots, ^1-10, as San Diego pass 
receivers and fleet backs spent most of their afternoon in the shadow of the Boston 
goal posts. ... In the Rose BoX'jI, Illinois, Big Ten champions, defeated a game but 
outclassed Washington team, 17-73 Tim Davis booted four field goals from the I16, 
31 and 22 yard lines to pace Alabama over Ole Miss, 12-7, in the Sugar Bowl; Nebrask 
scored all their points in the first seventeen minutes to defeat Auburn, 13 - 1 } in 
the Orange Bowl. The Cotton Bowl, the most exciting match of the year, pitted No, 
1-ranked Texas against Heisman Trophy winner Roger Staubach and No, 2 -ranked Naxry, Carlisle and Tex3.s trimming the Middies, 28-6. ... The U.S, Tennis Team ended 
Australian dominance by taking home the Davis Cup this year — the first time since 
1958 . It was done by Dennis (The Menace) Ralston, 21, a red-headed firecracker from 
Bakersfield, Calif,, and Chuck McKinley, 22, a muscxxiar fireplug from Corpus 
Christie, Texas. ... Floyd Patterson provided less excitement in his first victory 
on the comeback trail than the controversy over Doc Kearns' admission in his post- 
humous memoirs that Dempsey's gloves were very much loaded with plaster of paris in 
his knockout of Jess Willard on July ij., 1919. Willard never xxras the same after 

being dethroned that raemerable day as champion. 


- ,,1^ ..i«r 


“jja ■ 

‘ } I 

^‘.-i'l II jf l 

r 'x "• 


■ h 

..X^-^f^OoV. /•{ fr£!!nfeO yQ 

■ 1 'f. 

' ■ ' " o //.i« 'id..* i:c>nr-:3 nosAsc-^l-soq lo A 

r'lt -1 -ii '5 Bni.'dd*' ncacae XlBrfJ’ool la^'- 


r .' -:xi.-r) !v. ■ o.i i'^r-ri sJi'ij taijii'irioJbqrTsr-xfc J’’l7i 9fll ^aol 

' 'I'.'v,'; “C L ^';/'toJ' oo4 E-.'f '/.sriJESW -iviT eonln 

M'Ut m li35i 6 orlj J'tl;'‘i'“0'id .txdd ttoiosl a tsenalaCT 


, ''flJ ^.^fi \:afl a&9*l05 

^-- r 

;:(' ’tv" 

f.r^ oxli yd ilo /."•'TinXfT Q’is'jJ sob's cq aldd-xT 
bXxIr'ii vsJ^i'iA'? Ylo 8l£©3^| 

F-;^' '3xfl‘ ... .■CtO.tDiv'; 

;> oc on • ; c:I%b' rfd Atd qineaoiixtiGrlo lieddH 
T i80'if iT'forc X* ''S.J bnz e'lovXaosT 

*-.a . I 

X.a'U ' tj. ; ll rj3 

3 V - ■ . 

.o i::; ^fO , TO 

•rf'-\-^' x-X' 

■.{./•o'-'f i ii 

i.J'r ■" ('.'ii'J' :Y~'*.i 

-*rfj rj ... .^iE«l Xaog 

F.ic-Fit? nc Lar.'F.'W I^oesBlodifo 

‘“'T ■F'C!' ai" t: ,'n,C- b"tp;\'. SS brtfl XX 

1 . 

-:/'3'' '■’’f. nX S'jX^or -rXcdd lis fosioo® ' 


u .1 1^:' (ScJxO^.-iiiT \lvoG. ^snsTO sri.i 
FKi'cT /i.'.rnl X’ janiwja eaxoT 

.:. r<',, : '-x,t;. >d'.T e'i;Tv?T hi& oXsXXti'.O rfijnf 

^ .. 'X -0 -... x; G .Jiii 3'r(f.':'' :3,fu" :, j v t-oasn.cntob n.sxXc^ifUXi 

•■ S'oa'ioH b;iT) \ii onob ai^vr il .85^1 


; . • ^,«Jj5x;:o^‘ i{o*;j!D *.1U&0 tbXoitax.'Mtiiatj 

't cr i lottXvo'iC nos'io-td-.dH b-^o/GI ... .bbxoT ,;ei'tiiOi 

.•/G .' i 'i .vt) vs':ovoT3r.o3 O'ti risrtd jiosdsjfioo arf.i' no 

.cC '• ."I a i'jv' EOV0X5 r.>3Fi-.eq(j^a w£f\d siloiTDn aucMiurt ': 

b‘\ lss\s .CXQI Tb.-I. xjo MrXXi:\^ aaol lo itL'Ojt'iofof a±rf' 

.nci.’*irtfttln po -r-cb /sldaiotiWiT J'ArlJ' benoirfd’ob 


Hi there.* It*s me again, 

Ada comes to our house every Friday. She washes the dishes. She washes 
the windows, and scrubs the floors. She gets all the dust off things, and she 
gets my hairs up off the rugs. 

Ada works hard. She makes the house look pretty. That’s why the Boss 
always lik®to bring home company on Friday night. 

Ada finds my lost toys for me and she finds things for the Boss, too. 

Ada- can cook and sew and iron. 

She can do everytliingl 

She gives me Yunimies and sometimes a squealcj’- rubber toy. 

I like Ada. 

She likes me, too. 

I wish Ada would come every day. The Boss says that would spoil us. But 
it would be nice I 

One time the Boss and I went to a church. There were people standing up 
in front singing. They had on pretty clothes. The music was pretty, too. 
Aften^ards, we walked doim to the front, and there m&s Ada I 

I was siirprised. She had on a pretty blue dress and she laughed because 
I was surprised. 

Ada can sing, too. 

Can you sing? 


Jannie Dinsmore 



OT5 a'JT J»i«f{vt tH 


pfiS .<,atJr'«'’I Y't-iVs eeucrf rtr/o 6i cskido fibA 
= Li CiJ? . 2 '/'v>ri ^'ft^ e'itj*Xv)0 bfus ^ewoboiw ari^ 5 

. oHJ- Tlo qu B'ri£rf a, '^©3 

.q^i' oKj aejf arfS erslna^ iJ>A 

■".^^rf:.^"^ v^i'in'T nc '?mod gni’icf oJ- ■‘3?^1X> 51 


t ^ . 

.; r, >:'i; :;r.. ( fn /lol avocT Jra':! X' ribalJ ftfcA 
.ff'v'.'tl - ^r3 bns ^000 nxs^i sbA 

%...;■• ''O:- j. h^iii PcirUrr'Y* Ciflf 2S>vl^j SflS' 

.k'.A poJil I 

f .ni^f , ‘fill .■ZaAl f ??rf2 iT^B 


^riT .’ -' Yi Y^rfTT'r o L-Io sbA risinf I , 


.':©aifi sd falifiow 

i •“ 

i ’. z ' l ---]') ' :* .-ri"', I nri'". scoSi ©Atd %*j0 

./ ' T -r b^ii iiar.? .\ri^rf.Ji.e ■i’noil ni.- 
'• i-;-.; . '•]'■ ai.' '--.r T' •! £;vV QV,' ^at'iovrradlA’ 

’’ll ' hr. 'fn' •■ '■’- ‘ ..'..f ^i'Z fb^c.i’x ’’iXift eiiw X 

..baei’iq'ii/B :35\r l 

.00.-^ i AF’O cbA 

^^■•■£2 ifo^ nsO 




■'M ■■ 


G'lOf^nbd ^Imr.l 


The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to decide whether Prince Edward County^ Va., has 
the right to close its public schools rather than integrate them. The County has 
refused to operate the schools since 19^9} claiming local governments have a right 
to refuse to sponsor public education. Arizona’s Sen. Barry Goldwater officially 
declared himself a candidate for the 196k Republican Presidential nomination. Gov. 
Rockefeller welcom.ed Sen. Goldwater into the race and challenged the Senator to de- 
bate the issues. ... President Johnson told Soviet R-emier Khrushchev that the 
’’highest purpose” of his Adrainistration in 1961!. will be the ’’strengthening of peace,” 
said he xfould strive to further improve U.S. -Soviet relations. In another New Year's 
message, Jolinson promised that the U.S. will continue to press the war in Viet Mam 
until the Communist Viet Con end their ’’terrorist aggression.” ... The National 
Aeronautics and Space Administration and the AEC slashed '182 million from their 
nuclear rocket development program. This indicated that the nuclear rocket program 
had fallen behind schedule, was in technological trouble. ... Dr. Luis Conte-Aguero, 
head of the Cuban Sentinels of Liberty, charged that Soviet troops in Cuba have 
emplaced three 70-foot missiles ”in a position ready to fire” toward the U.S. Nine 
other missiles of equal size are stored in underground tunnels at the missile site on 
a farm five miles from the north coast of Cuba and 30 miles west of Havana, he said. 
... The late President John F. Kennedy left the bulk of his estate to his x-ridow and 
txro children in a xjill filed last month in Boston. Suffolk County probate officials 
said copies of the document, xjliich xvas signed June 18, 195^4, already are collectors' 
items, and are being sold at llO for attested copies and ')11 for certified copies. ... 
The U.S. delivered a ’’strong protest” to Communist Bulgaria, demanded that the Bulga- 
rian government pay for or repair dama^ caused during an hour-long attack on the 
American Legation in Sofia by a mob of 3,000. The xjindoxj- smashing, auto-overturning 
riot occurred during the trial of a former Bulgarian diplomat at the UN, accused of 






•f ‘I 


. ■ 

Aij.nrf{ 5 .vK 

) rT ^aroO ©cbt^S , 2 ,U c*n’T 

'.,.:>j'»i^ 'T«u(j at^dtrqf edJ: enoCo -MbI' 

i- .ol '^nL^^Xo oon-*.': r.X^rfoR oi* 

;.' ’ ivrf- 3 . 1 *^'' . I’to • ^ . oilcbq 7 o;ino’« 0 ^ se.J^ 

A WunK.n -idQX fvl ,5 - 2^1 ©.'fcbj^fi.'so & ’U.:>scti.rf bfiiii^ab 
!>' ‘>i:* or?*/: ^Ii 'j/c.'SHbXrjO ^noS •xorX«>l<ii<ooH' 

,n' 1 .' i’.'- T. r'Tf?! s!oGnr^ot> ... .saussi 3 ri-i 

•■ « r' . io0.r- fi/ noX . ein lo ‘’ac^nruiq >tcof 

' ;.■ j.vo'>..r.iI •v,,^-^r",: oi svi'xio Myov.od htsH 

' • -■'■• IC’’ '." .n '/"/i-i n^'^/lorj 

H f r, • n.j:' ^ .hrjr.'noO rfi’i.i:'/ dzlrtuesnoO 

• '2 2 ' 
,.(- 1 -^'.- K -1 ;;of/ , i'- ts.lci^k ooEq'?? bnt •aoWuwioidA'; 

•',, - ■• 'r •-• . '■, ~xf'-.^ir oi'", d‘^i‘{!iaoX 9 VS>b ’jiaf 3 X/Xl\ 

D.‘b 9 ^fr *6 tml.i'ifvi nollfil bnd 


n , 1 ; 

.- 3 ^ 


, 1 • '.jtj n n^ySvO ndd- 1;o r>s«'a, 

J.. ■ :-, ■•:'* 3 f..ur.,r :3 d<-:.l-OT boD^?IcpC*,,-. 

, ■ 

,-■- m lo c«IisuJbir 


l.[. ' ^i- 'J rid'ii'jr ocl't t ; 'I’t BO.Li;n afis^ fl ^ 

; , t ,j'-. ; >n i rJ5/T« d'nsbjitio'ifl odT '% . . 

...Hvi*^4 r‘ rijrrr; ,; * J Xiiu * OJ. •^■^'thUAO mS 

™ _ 

SofCJ’K ^ • ■ • ' o' t;f?;ocTi/oob <?rt^ 'setqoa 

• •Xtyoo nvl ' is Moc Sfijtdd S'tft Mr %0lS^iJg 

■ d>clcv/rti*ca fvf ”J.',&.rcrK: « Jb-fovUob .2.^t ^ 

• ••n ’• t’C.KfjAar mv fe. -»ol Sn.^rn'to^ 

‘ Mr(T .COjX ’\t' doifl z’ rt* 0 ^^'tA 

. n 3 ^0 XiUrrd BnJiuH tyjriizaoo.WiL^ 

being a U.S. spy. ... A 99-year-old international dispute was ended when the Senate 
approved a treaty ceding a It3 7-acre section of SI Paso, Te:cas, to Mexico. An arbi- 
tration commission awarded the disputed land to Mexico in 1911^ but the U.S, refused 
to cede it. ... The most startling informa.tion in the FBI report on its investigation 
of the assassination of President Kennedy is the fact that the father of 22-year-old 
Marina Osi'iald, the widow of Lee Harvey Ost-xald, the suspected slayer, is a member of 
the Soviet Military Intelligence. The report also reveals that Osii^ald, vihile in 
the Marine Corps, once remarked that he was thinl:ing of shooting the then President 
Eisenhower. ... Fallout from Russian nuclear tests in 1961 contaminated the American 
aircraft carrier Eii^rprise but did not endanger the health of those aboard. The 
Navy said that fallout carried hy rainstorms covered the outside of the nuclear- 
poxiTered ship, part of the Atlantic fleet, for about a month and elaborate precautions 
were taken to prevent it from entering the vessel. ... Soviet Premier Khrushchev, 
making a toast at a Moscow reception for a visiting delegation of Algerian leaders, 
predicted that the U.S. will be ousted from South Viet Nam ’’just as the French were 
driven from North Viet Nam and Algeria.” Klirushchev said he did not Icnow how long it 
TOold take, but ’’the time is sure to come.” ... West Germany has been secretly test- 
ing ’’weather rockets” for the past year. The secrecy" has caused observers to XTOnder 
if the rockets mi-ght also have some military significance. ... India announced the 
recovery of a stolen Moslem relic, a hair reputed to come from the beard of the 
Prophet Mohammed, whose theft in Kasiimir caused bloody riots. The relic vanished 
from its glass-and-silver case in the Hazratbal shrine five miles outside the Indian- 
held part of Kaslmiir. ... Morocco has given Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy a 100-year-old 
mansion in the resort city of Marrakesh as a Christmas gift. The house she has 
accepted is made of stone, surrounded by a high wall, and equipped with servants’ 
quarters, stables, gardens, and a garage. ... The Marine Corps is testing a radio- 
controlled reconnaissance drone plane that can take pictiu-es behind enemy lines 
without any person aboard. Made of fiber and aluminum, the drone is cailed the 


^irjv^ nr.' iis&Tn tsv ddi^rrslfc Wo-x^s'^-^ A ... .Y!?« .8.V ii anl^d 

I f • ■ - 



.''0i:rsK oJ ^esjcsT ,-'3::;^ Xj lo rf^''SC sTSf’.-Tliii A ^ntimo x^aot^ a f>evo*»3(|fe 

• .l-.U tt/o rrx CfOjyjdi ot f>n I Jbe^^fqslfe sdi' fcc»bi£»7B coJfcealnmoo noi^a’if 

‘*1 « 

‘•"■■.vr !: c7i h j Ict’i .rto; /->! noi.rjrfrno'Lii -^niX^o^'a dco/ff dWT ,., ot>&p- c& 

'-n J- : -t''t jocl wiX gI \'b'?fff<oH :^nfibsBQ^ lo ^^oi:d■f^o!iBCP.a8A srfit lo 

trr>v/»Xi ^ ej7f5 ad-1 ^bl^rvaO '{ovx‘'H ' g'sI le vohir^ -afil ,bixt;«0 ,u~i*xf 

,' ■ ' t. . tii 

.- •, -r *1 

•"■ '.I 

' ■ ■. ■.•■' >\ / ' j 

. ■ . r* ir . * * r ' . ' 

I :-' . 

• -’ u ,: 70 ‘' 

' n '<'> i -j -.. ■•. !' 

l-.-.r/r/' f' ''' 

' ’ ■ . .,•' f', ■ 

v:;;: j 

.0 '■'•A- 

.*' r»sL‘' i'lr.'-qai ezlT V^xl.cJCiit JniToS sdJf' 

. ' J? ^ , 

'X;frer fo ad Jsrf-1 bdjixop?! so/jo .aq'ioO 6;:1 ta 1^ od^- 

■ I fr-ir -l xasXbon (Uzl'^.BisSk ain’tt jI/o.CXj®'? ... .isi.'arirjaelX, 

* i; " 

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£>iit -Irot Itfri loJtl'xao dlLz.'trrJti^' 

■I J 

\‘ri^ro''- Ginod-Eiflrt hiiiXTBO dXfoXI.^‘1 bisfi Tjyfill/ 


" ijxa. Tot oiv/fJiv.CjA sdl lo cHsq #qida fcsisvoq; 

. . rdl nnl^''.1rr3 no**! -Ii: I'ncvs’jcq at no>f6-t ©iisw 


/■ .-y 

prillel’T s TOl GD/ Ja.ot)oi ■woogoK a to a 5^fu;lBiaX 

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f,V-7 .rKrtl s'J riXri’ .2.^ sdt !iotoX5Baq„ 

v'_"-:>:TfGi;’ifI>I *’. hni» itc-H l^i^V dtno^'T moTl GAviib ' 


wX’ ”..*i Oo ct f.>(st^ p1 ertt-t aiij" di/d t'^iiiit fa£t/ow 

7 ’ .-.iG Mi'7 .'f 'V’c ts xr odi' *jo!l X'vlt'xow** aixf' 

' • ibr.* ... . ' . ■ ; ' 'r \7:;rti‘. f J,;x Dfjjoa osX.*. tdsiw GteMoxx erlt lA 

' ' .■'•t ’ i-ri* '. r xrx^x! irmJGsJl 0 (e>Jo1r b lo 

■"* nL,*;'. -jIT '-'OoX'’- JboSfjcG xL'v\fjSRil rri. pu<x.{w jbwmuioH tadqc 

'• - •'* £--]■* n evil Ificitf.'iSoH add fiX 03 .': 0 i^vUiG-bnA-Gcrla etX moil 

-.I'.vb* or'.tX.'rrr^osjT, s^H <''3cto'xoM ... .xbrjJOBH lo txfq; Msd 

• .1" i »!’inlEix!0 s as ria.'WTiiiRK Itc i'to^e'r. orlt fii 

j fl3r' d '.yf twfjmfO'i'Cje ^srocE lo e&r.ii el be'qoo 

•T t ^,1 r.iLi ’ cl cqioO '>nlX'?K eriT ... .a^ifniJifl brti; icnsb*rBg jaeXdeta 
("• r v,,,)*-M h r,<-i a! .v) 2 '*'itrtDXr nft? tarfl on Alq MO'ib oDnjSAoJbruMOOOl fao.rroxt _ 

cfU" 7 'i; onerJ- <9(U^ »rt.irttf‘iuXs brtc “lec'i'i lo aUoH .trtooefa noataq X^a difori-l^ 

British actor Richard Burton, 39, 

Bikini and can be built for less than 'll, 000. 
was divorced in Mexico and planned to wed actress Elizabeth Taylor after she and 
singer Eddie Fisher are divorced. ... Margaretta Fitler (Happy) Rockefeller, 37, 
and New York Gov. Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, $5, announced they are expecting their 
first child in June. ... President Johnson decided to push for passage of the 'loll 
billion tax cut bill ahead of civil rights. He also proposed a 0[i.00 million attack 
on poverty. ... Communist Cuba’s trans 'ortation system received new life with the 
Castro regime’s purchase of UOO new buses from a British firm. The action flouted 
the U.S. economic embargo, an embargo which has been largely responsible for Cuba’s 
transportation difficulties. ... President Johnson named Assistant Secretary of Labor 
Esther Peterson a special Presidential assistant for consumer affairs, and head of a 
new Presidential committee on consumer interests. LBJ’s purpose is to assure that 
the American consumer has a direct voice in the highest councils of government. ... 
Gorgeous George, ijS, born George Wagner, blondined darling of TV wrestling, died of 
a heart attack in Los Angeles General Hospital ... Anne Spencer Lindbergh, 23, 
daughter of pioneer aviator Charles Lindbergh, was married to Jacques Feydy, 21, a 
student, in Douzillac, France. ... White House sources close to President Johnson 
revealed that cocktail parties are "out” in Wasliington in 196Ij.. The new "in" style 
in the nation’s capital: Hard work, late working hours and lots of overtime. ... 

John M. Spencer, U6, quit his post as Vermont’s Democratic State Chairman to enter 
a hospital for treatment as an alcoholic. Spencer, a wealthy politician, played a 
key part in helping to win election last year for Philip H. Hoff, first Democratic 
governor of Vermont in 109 years. ••• Ann McKeon, 25, a Manhattan-born daughter of 
Irish immigrant parents, was named the 196k World’s Fair Summer Festival Queen. 

Miss McKeon (five feet, six inches and 108 pounds) was chosen from a field of 100 
models. ... Scarcely a month after they met at a Hollywood soiree, Ethel Merraan, 
queen of Broadx-iay musicals, and Ernest Borgnine, h6, of "Marty" fame, announced 
their plans for a wedding. ... Heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, 39, was married to movie 

writer Vfyatt Cooper, 39, her fourth marriage, 




^ \i 0 :F.iT.iT‘ ... ftfirfi'- eaal lol ^Xicd ^ aeo bns 

•;- 'T-il.^ocftsira BC'^TdoB how 'ii bGnrr.;Iq bns ooixoM ni. boDiovlb' 8 bv 
: '*. '-ei:H) •*-••, o. '/~M , . ., .iroOTnv.JLb B-tB •lodsi'i fsibfcGi T-::.ni8 

j'.,.. r-/ ^ ,13'loA''’'iii fxoir'ThJj'i nor. .vcO >inoV T-r^Vi boA 

' hohr--.-> -m: ••'. 'cn-.r' .... .•'.nr.t, nJ; Ixt.rrio tsTi:! ^ 

• ,;■ - ;•, o-ibt-. ■', .a y* .'■■T Itvto 'V-/ .'.'^fvrfs Lfld d-no xz& noiXIld 
-- -‘-....r--? n.v. cr.-.i c^r;.J;'-wr:-0 ... .^c^'^^vcq no 


r .-• - '.t. (>f', .■•j'ci.ffji ’..TO OOf-i '.lO •>•;'•. G ' O.'Oi’^O'l on<t8f-0 

'T:, ;■ . .'i '‘^oi'rlv.' C'.'i.-O'no no tOT'T'"':.'r .?5 o.Liironooo .8.IT srfit 

, ;..r, - t,.- ' ... J'f'ol'l'i.ilh nc.y:^''d"tfv:TSni'.T:tJ‘ • 

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- •■ . . ■ ■ •• )■»■•;!; '^r->’l.' 3 nOO "O GO i'SS'l^ VfSifV 

••: - G -r- :,r r ; .‘'r'-- i.': J-do'!.-'.' ■-: usd 'jti r-'oe''»'.ir) nsobnsnjl 

... -■ j id ,•; V' •'•or •'^ nvofj e-yoo^ir*!!) 

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^ ;;.c Tr ^ ivi L- ' T r. oX': ncXso-vs 'T'^'orTc i'c' io toc^dgi/Bb 

. r... ... .'-•■■■ ^ocr.i Inc/oCI '• ' ^^n9bi;.t8 

p-f ,:,■•■ D r.r.ldiGO' .Cr:o,+;(r»oo buXB©‘'/9'5 

.'-'.ov i<XoI. h"-.H ';y^;i- so a’noj-.-fon add" ni 

• r r •‘-rK . ■.oV zz 0 io .'W'Ofioqo ,H ndot> 

■ ,‘i ■ ■ ■•■ ,o.f; Icrl'^^'.'.In a.?- us ciTf:.-(:‘ro''‘ j 'lo'l Isdiqiod 8 

j, ■. .-v; .p.;^.-; rtoxdroE^' rbz o-t nnasXod ''ri d^ 

.;.. .■ ^ ' ,r ' O-'To'; n'-A . .r/.' nv qOI. r. i lQ lamfivoji' 

" ’’I ri’ i, .'X y-'Zl odd bomsrf cn-r ^-?,dno^r,;T d.-’ -ir.iin-ui; .deill 

:•' i>,'v- -.rr HOI ba scrion.*: rJ:E tdo-.Xi ovil) non.'Iu.i soiM 
■•:•, .■ ) •!' > dn-: 'Codd n-od';r :. 'non s 'ilnmsoS , . . .af.ohow 

" i ' .'■ ,nn'':’,noC bns ^p.Ir.r-icjf/n lo ns-iup 

f! 7 tinoIO aer-iioH ... .^nibi^w b toI cnolq li^di 
.o;^i;i:nr.iii fldnr/o*}. inri cn-"qoovh dda^ 


HE ART ISN«T IN HIS WOR K - In Reno, Nev., when a patrolman sent his ferocious police 

dog into a warehouse to flush a suspected biurglar, out came a seven-year-old boy who 

reported that the animal playfully licked his face. ”I told him to go away, and he 

did," the youngster told the dianayed patrolman. 

^ ^ 

WRIST WATCH ON THE BEAN - In Fort Worth, Texas, a housei^rife opened a can of green 
beans for lunch and found a raan*s wrist watch in the beans. She wound the water- 

proof watch and it ran. 


TOUCH OF THE OI P FRONTIER - In Nashville, Tenn., Daniel Boone ordered Davey Crockett 
jailed. Mrs. Crockett s^-jore out a warrant against her husband, David Tidwell 
Crockett, ^2, charging him x-rith drunkenness. Judge Daniel Boone of General Sessions 
Court refused bail. 

^ * 

HlIEST TRAPS A SBIWIR - In San Antonio, Texas, Father Kevin Snith of St. Henry’s 
Catholic Church may have earned himself the nickname of "Booty-Trap Priest." He 
rigged up an electronic alarm on the poor box and cauglt a burglar, Anthony Bonato,ii8. 

•M- * 

CLEAN GETAVjAY IN PATROL CAR - In Philadelphia, Pa., while patrolmen James Curley aid 
James Harkins were looking for a burglar in a pharmacy, the burglar was apparently 
outside looking for transportation. He found it— Curley’s and Harkind patrol car, 

^ it it 

SHERIFF RAPS, RUNS, WAITS - In Madisonville, Ky., sheriff A1 Lantrip used a bit of 
psychology in capturing four men who were gambling in the Nortonville School, He 
drove to the school and knocked on the back door. Then he dashed around to the front 
and was waiting with open arms when the gamblers came running outside, 

it it it 

UNKINDEIST TAX OF ALL - In Denver, Colo., the citizen who mailed a check for >168,77 
to Manager of Revenue Charles L. Temple made two mistakes: He used a 1963 property 
tax notice paid a year ago. The 196ii, bills won’t be mailed out until after January. 
He mistook the machine code number for what he owed. The tax figure was only ^3,QQ. 

it ^ it 



• zir' "^nsa n nonw tOnai^! ^:t - ?fHD W Slli y i 

. .. ..-.-^Y viinoo t ■Tfil^j’ii"'i b..*o-3rf5,rc s c^zuJl ■’>.^ fttu;orio‘r«w c oini 30b 

- - - V* tv-.:, i.» fil:' Xcrru •; dtiinJ boiKxjoi 

.niirrio'T.-'^ir he^^s^’ieXn arf-J £)J( 5 .t lo^B'niiOV. "tbib 

■»r >• 

•‘ , •-: t c-:i- ■ -. s;.-'- ••■'UO.- « <£ v:--T .riiioW cKo':: nl - -^HT V?> HOTAW TSI.^ 


. .; rnicfc • <: ic .i . .. ;'>flX<^ni nojL-,ir JcIta a’nnm ,>> b"i« riorii;£ 'in'i 8n£©cf 

-K- - - 

, .fias? ei-i'j 

^..•,. .'hr-.'J’T 

.nsi ix bnfi rfodcw ^ooTcq 
vde -K nl - Trie Hi aiO ?IiT ?0 HO^JOT 
V cj-Xo>ioo*xD .a’^M .bellfit 

.'! • -jf • - X'. i' '--•(. ..aoearrer'falx'xo riuiw iiirrf gnrgTCfiD 

u, ' .iiort b©6Jjl©t iHnoO 

..•fc x'- . : ' r ' '.' v' ^:?;rxeT .^ '• r«j - i C K ' 'Xt*: A ■ EH A5?T TSV I ?H 

arix bsme.-'© ©rsri rio-iudO otiori&^O 


■ --■■ ■' ,"<■ .X'r... ; -K';;-.*:) xcc: "oori erf no ‘arxsXr oi j’jcJo'.I© nc qi/ Jboggi*! 

•jfr ;• •> 

. ■ '..c ,."<1 rxl - 

,- - : . ■- ,;.'i ■ ,Y. 'viiff'" -S P.i '■f;'X*‘'it:d li 'I'Xt ^r:J>!oo/. 0';£'-' B-Oflisl*' 

r .'•’ ~ "'—•j-.E: hnool -Xd .noidci'.'f' ,Ai;jiocI oblaJ-rjo 

?♦ -,}• ;•• 

•'.- ?*■."! j X ''.X.'. t.vW , oJ. Li vnop.Xb"^ nl ~ ''TI.X-' . LtH 

. LL'V.ioX'roVi ••.■■■ :i/ s'f©to oriv; 'O/rl ni ic^oXorioX®*?' 

1 V. c';';’ :-;’n O'.i rr> 'T . r'^rX e/li no f)i»{r>:aV .bn^ Xoorloc oi Bvo'cb 

/ -irv-csy'-t •=^rn‘iD n-toIirTtC'^ en'd' rroHv Rma roqo rioXv/ gfii.tXsw B'*v bfw 


nc*. ’orT « b•.■It^:'' '.'Hv' '^'^irxii'O ?''.vt ^.oXoO - J J A * ’^0 XAT 

XXsx * uf) .'.■ 'P :r; WKdtsin ow-t ob»?n oXcii'neT .J n^X'orfO eunov*^^ to logj.'ncM oi 
r ^r: . Lv>':v yvr, boiXsn ©a -t'-iov 0IXW odT .o^b -uoy « bX^ »olion xflif 

70 C‘*v 8'T:.‘r'. 'I ’.s-3 j.'I'I erf Tto*l TodaiL'n oboo ©ni-rfoom an.'* >foc^iXni oH 

» y- 

‘ .••••. l!» ' -lit* - 

I tl-, ' 


A Magazine for Deaf-Blind Readers 


Marchj I 96 I 1 . 

No. 3 

(Miineograph Edition) 

Edited and published monthly, except July and September 
by the American Foundation for the Blind, Inc. 

15 West 16th Street, New York 11, N. Y. 

Editor: Sam Chermak (Deaf-Blind) 


Vol. }[UIII March, 196h No. 3 

Message from Annette Dinsmore . . . . 1 

Mews Digest ....... 3 

Sports Roundup. ...... 10 

Jannie’s Corner ...... 11 

Marginalia ....... 12 

Trivia ........ 15 


e'iorr''-f ''X stc-^Xi. 


^ .1 

, • ./kjx- ‘*;Ji , r:t'r'xjc5 





L ^ 

< » 1 


• a /' 


Easter runs second only to Christmas as a tine nhen greeting cards 
flood the mails. HoT-rever^ greeting cards are becoming more and more 
popular all during the year for birthdays, v/edding anniversaries, thank 
you notes, get well wishes, Valentines, etc. There are dozens of other 
ways cards are used these days, and a well-knovm greeting card company 
advertises its wares in the following sentimental, but appropriate 
statement : 

’’A greeting card can warm a heart, hold a hand, lend an ear, 
pat a back, light up a face, tickle a fimnybone, dr3’' an eye, 
surprise a child, woo a sweetheart, toast a bride, welcome a 
stranger, wave a goodbye, shout a bravo, blox-x a kiss, mend a 
quarrel, ease a pain, boost a morale, stop a worry, start a 

A greeting card can do all these thi.ngs but to me a personal note, 
no matter how brief, can do even more. Perhaps we, who are the most 
guilty of postponing irriting letters, appreciate one from a friend and 
feel grateful for the time and effort involved. It seems too bad to 
spend the money for a printed card when a personal letter is much more 

Card companies would soon go out of business if everj^'body felt this 

way I 

tJhether it be through a letter or card, the most important thing of 
all is to remember our friends kindlyj to lojish them xiellj and to harbor 
only thoughts of understanding and good will, lie all have faults and we 


^'rr; K I Ha/ ?zwi 


-i'l'Hil?- T.v* Ciiut ^ 

.'V-’f o .’'l\i.-ri tH .iXififa ?'rivt booH:.' 

, ’ ■ r 


. ' ' iJn^ .1 - V t iv i J ^r>t i . s^>vt or. 

. '• •- I r •. i' '■‘’.Vj;'v bjr:ft £i.'a ;’0 
I ,..r nr' r.4X f 

,. ... i 

‘:^f' ,.-■ . r‘ nzo b'i''-.:) ji A” 

^ ; • v--' 'T, ?f.rf ,. lai t?irx:i e .d^'q 

■j , ^■' ft.'-.- •■ ' /Ta;_ i';mXr. 

. -•• n *v, _fy ■ • "'r (_13 

".i: ■.\'i 05 ^nv 

.,:■ _ r • ■ oi' >*. ■> -< 'Id ••' ’ on 

- .'-M.-o.:; ■';:> 

, ,-. . "-■■ "t V •> r-.’.; .■' ' ■■■' ' .D.:'V'u j”'in 

;:^; r- A ■ ■..•:.■* ’u-'i -^vnc/- bneqB 

i . j. 

. ovXd oo'i'l© 

<(: > J \ :■; '.' "tf' 0 ' '^"*'0 

'.-'.e.,, -to tod -■»•-•. I' • .dd -cf' 

vj 0.1 ;•- •‘Uojnl no. ol 'C ' -ifijdtiDtnsT o.? CJ 

I • ♦' 

I :n/ !.'. -ijj. -tin r'-' " Btx.'niforfc? /inoi 

all have wealciesses. But recognition of these need not affect the 
sincerity of our friendsliip. We all have streng'bhs and good qualities 
and it is these mb need to be first aware of in our friends. Such 
attitudes are contagious and can help to foster peace and harmony. 

Happy Easter to all of youl 

Annette Dinsmore 



y^fu to notd-,>X!? 3 otj'yi ^^^/8 4 !;?»sr.fivrt)(n«^^ evfvrf XJ 

iS^chiirrz^s mc.r^ ov. .qj-ifctinfetil 'll/a I0. ^iXtoo 
i c ;;x 10 o'iftvn '’>:i od b'j>^r, t'V si ^X t rti; 

’ jS'il ol qix< nfio fl‘i« B4>b£j^ic Xfl’ 

Ji.tcv 1'^ XT*- 05 'WviH5'>i 

% 'r i.Ui: 



The Administration’s proposed Xirar on poverty prorapted a counterattack last 
month from Arizona's Sen. Barry Goldxirater . In factj the senator's blast before the 
black-tie diners of Manhattan's Economic Club sounded remarkably like an all-out 
attack on the nation’s poverty stricken. Not only did he complain of fraud in 
relief payments and urge that all able-bodied recipients be out to work on public 
projects, but in a section of the prepared speech omitted for lack of time, the 
Republican Presidential aspirant expressed doubt education would help many of the 
poor. "We are told his address read, "that man3^ people lack skills and cannot 

find jobs because thejr did not have an education. That's like saying that people 
have big feet because they wear big shoes. The fact is that most people who have 
no skill have no education for the same reason — loxir intelligence or low ambition." 

Although Goldwater was aimAng at what he called "the Fast Deal" and "Santa. 
Claus promises" of President Jolinson, New York’s Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, a rival 
for the GOP nomination, x^ras the first to fire back. He told students at Nexir 
Hampshire's Keene Teachers College he x-ras "diametricall;'' opposed" to Goldwater 's 
viex-^s. "A lot of people who are without jobs," he said, "are not stupid or indolent 
but have been denied economic and educational opportunities. The South has not 
furnished economic and educational opportunities to its largest minority group . . . 
Some Southern leaders, including Senator Goldx-'jater, are restricted by a lack of 
xmder standing I' Rockefeller, hatless in the snow, made his remarks in an exchange 
with a student jWho charged: "You are a Robin Hood in a gray flannel suit." "No," 
the governor replied, "I don’t take money from the rich." 

Meanwhile, another of the Arizona senator's outbursts x^as still reverberating 
around Washington. Mississippi’s Democratic Sen. John C. Stennis, chairman of the 
Preparedness subcommittee, announced that he intended to look into Goldwater 's charge 
— angrily denied by Defense Secretar/ McNamara — that the nation’s intercontinental 
baTlAstic are undependable, -JX- -K- 


•lO' jJ tr.'/cjo Y'^'.to'rpc no 1W bsscyio^q a‘fTcJi4'si^&J:TilrTbA edT - 

rJ'ic. r.nee : ,.tosI '^I » leii^wbioC a»Rnos£:jA wO'J'i r\^n 


'. .. wvj- fc^/ aj-roncoS 1o atonlb M-ilo&m 

:• > lo sL.:r:;:v;o ?^f':v^ , v;cl^ . 06 ;fo x^'rn*?oq e’rtolicn no :Iob;^^ 

f, > .-, ^ri ?’,-;r:.-:..x:':--'‘**'i r'-- d-Bu'U bn3 acf’nL-irr^/»q^,»'ioJ:X^^^ 

■ •• V => -. ■■>.'. I x-- . -v tii.' Bt* ’to-WoeQ 3 iii: dnd 

i‘ii.r.' - 'DO i-'-v'.>b bc.'3E'm.7.:9 d'.'Tij'iX' nsoif.dx/<M^ 

E;. 9 -LbbG six! 'U - . ena sV^" .nooq J 

^iPS SJ 

I ‘ 

r,3'tr:sfi qoii l>i'> "/od<t aar/i&oao adot bolt ♦‘|| 

;X ,1?’?' \E0';iio ’^‘’nd' anaBOOO d-nal 

^ -r ■ f ';. sj ■ ;/■ 'T‘i^-n-oei93 oT.r.r .col aciidtou'oo' or, ovcd txc 

“ •'^ -. .. ' ' •'•Ij'j-o o^Kcf 'Ti'’ ci/> ^.'■;\: 'it'dirwrMo i:i ^.uofld'XA ' ^ 

r- I r-.r j •'■ .--o- !-''-'xoX w"'' .oosnool. ' •jnaMrc-o'i^ %o «'ac;i toKTiqt' 

'(f ■ 

= bX.-- s’-^ -V-.. 9 V. o.t .iK^n ?d:j. ? *vr ,ncx.-^-.n.h*ic.i ^00 ofid-'tot 

.,,..x !:’•<• ;..x-v/ <><1 ejaXIcO Kn^Jioc'^T ©fis^eg e » 9-ri:l8q?c#: ^ 

i- oc'D''!' ^''’O' C'— ■ "io doX A*' 

-, ,f ,t v3;,'‘>-" Koe oix ■i;i- oc I>3lnob no'>d ovari dud. 

x-, ;v;l .:oi;irjj..lnco.',,n .ten - cr»u;i;= a bns oinronoo-? buriain^^ 
fu.’bioO io..'c.^' -an. b'ji on.l- te'cofcBoI rtnsrfdnoa snat^S^ 


J- /-r'i’- ..■■< 

I 7,1 .3.51- 


cli^ obErt ob-^nc Bti.i rti v.^: ‘^d ^’ssXrolojtaoE 

- boofT nidor r. <n.'' oor" ibostMo' ori?.\dn9bx;J« s riiM’ 
'<i.i ^rtll -i-ftor, .t'noS I" .li^ilgo’s 70in.iT0S 
,. t ,f Ej--i,f..'*i'i e'-oJstraa amaf.h Oil.) to -tsMona .oiirtwtsoK^ 

.- -a 0 , .1 .0 .^r’o'. .Oi.0 o.tjo-ioor.oo .'ii;r--tr,DiooiH .iioJsliiJileaW fcmrco* 

1 r'..„j.v./-’ -Jini >10 ' or t-rtnoini; o.'! ^<irf.t tooioi.-m ■ , -ctJti.noocii-* csontoi^^^ 

... .. '.. . : .. ni o' li i.'on oil.t .1 'iri.1— uTni.inMof! .■.(.r.+O’iosS oonetoQ ^l.■'±^«i> \i ‘ 051 

.«rrtrhf7«.f.hnT oiJS o».rtoBt.o o[...|lt£Xi3 ..; 

Ever since the U.S. Constitution was adopted in 1789^ there ha‘''’e been rougliLy 
9^700 proposals in Congress or in state legislatures to amend it. But only 23 of 
them have been ratified by the necessary three-fourths of the legislatures and in- 
corporated into the U.S. charter. In Pierre, S.D., last month, the legislature 
hiirriedly waived its rules to make sure of beating Georgia to become the 38th state 
to ratify the 2[ Amendment — wliich bans poll taxes in Federal elections. Only the 
technicality of formal certification by the General Services Administration remains 
before the amendment becomes law. 

Another constitutional amendment was proposed by the special Coaference on 

Presidential Inability and Succession convened in Washington last month by the 

American Bar Association. The distinguished panel included AB.A president Walter 

Craig, former U.S. Attorney General Herbert Brownell, and Harvard law professor 

Paul Freund. Their recor.mendation: when a vacancy occm^s in the Vice Presidency, 

the President should nominate a replacement who, if approved by a majority in 

Congress, would serve out the unexpired terra. 


India’s Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru has always contended that it would 
be both undemocratic and politically unwise if he were to name his own successor. 

Yet last month he seemlnglj^ did just that — and managed in the process to avoid any 
hint of arbitrariness. The device Nehru used was to bring self-effacing former 
Home Minister Lai Badahur Shastri, 59, back into the Cabinet as minister without 

Despite his age ( 7h) and visibly increasing weariness, Nehru until last month 
had steadfastly refused, even to discuss the succession problem. But now, grievously 
slowed down by prostate trouble a.nd a paralytic stroke, he became aware that by 
failing to do so he was fostering potentially dangerous intrigue among Iiis Cabinet 
ministers and the leaders of the Congress Party. Finally, Nehru called Shastri to 
him and said: "Please help me. You will have to carr^^ on my work." It was a 
pathetic — and historic — statement by the man who has personified India ever since 



- d i’-zd t^' VI bi»jr:ycb» kjrv ,B.TJ ftrfc?' SGrtic I'i’vS 5 

d. .d£ oi c.Q'a/loIrUsal rtf 10 csea’-^.noO nf 3X;:cflqoTcq 


h*i r "::J^'iX?-i:''viI «»i1^ vT/=.e«'^rti»rt sdd ^ n:«9<X s'^rtrf 

'■! « ' ■ 

ft ' J[ f"’?! Pf'". tiUro'- dr.vl rtt .-reX^/^irfG .BJJ ffrl,>i oini bed’B’iocffGO ,J 

S3:, -I 
;^^"■■ . 


aUH <• 


',.J- 3iCli<ti^^5Cl' lO S5>i?CI O't SCJ'X havlBW ^ 

I^-’; -'■-V 

''lo^ Grts^q rloi'-’-v— vtns-r^iiomA li^iS e{iv+ \lx<fst' 

r ff ' ‘ ‘- *"r- I'i*- r ;-'<f''’' ■ ■ ? ■ *’P &rf, \':d nLcitr.oj:li5^i©G I«xfncl lo J-£iaii5rtSiTjj ©fit 

• VC 

■ ■, r£-r'’> --.n: 'C rt-'isor.Tt'r,' egw irt«iTjba':>;,"u; X&rJloiXTfc^■i;c^ert.q^ ^ssiid-ooA' 

■yz'Z:: 'z ■’i.'^o',. ' If'e'il ni fOiiDvaon nolesoGOffS brip; YcHIldf^nl Xsi^nsbiad 

' * r' 

..'f :-‘.^'-.-’i;,';n.r Idit:.t bari'iXL'^r.t leJ b ar'? .no-tJBiooftsA igS ttfift-t'X: 

,_Aj^'rtvc-t=> J'lS'i'i vH IwT.ftrtvO .E.U is.'irxoT < 3 . 

:.:. e.'-f!' ''io Yo^iftGG'.r 'n’t"'';' ;rtdI'X2br:£-'r&ftoet i.cbdT 

l '-VO'!/ • .1, 1‘ 

Yirl'y" t,;-. T-voRioftH t bl'JrtflE ;^(tobi:B9T^ srfd'.-:!] 

ih«' -if ->'• I , '."<« 

^>•.'1 YroE c'v.' li n^i uT'ftM I.Gl'iBrf/n/Bb Tfjdc.Xnll'i s^Bibnl 


-., ' ^ .-,- i^--' /-/i :-.rh.frj- ’'XJGO.jJi.rc^ bnr cWBifto^pbriir rf.tcjd od "■■ 

Hu. ^ . W * . .r *..*1 -• C » ,f»W i 

. r i. b 

gj -,,--.:.t «.■ .J ,f-- X . -„7nrf- hn;— •'■.1*!^: •Xi'j[., fXb 7 r7fr>ff’<3.Aa xl ddrtO.M dsftX 

.1 -'Cti ■■^^' '3 Ov o'jr ban/ w'jioV: ’t's>i.y''-b 'ViT .aGqrtl'*'CG'^vfxC{'t0 1o ctr[.fcstr-^ 

■ £1, 1 arid ■ d':,::d iirrirtfcaG M is-taiolHs ^’rrnK/'l 


i I'-+:'" r' \X..iaiv 'qh^ (4Y ) e^^lqaPd '^ 

‘i; ty'^ltzo'i'ynt or:J aaoTBib ■od’. ijova bGad1;o*r YXfex:! bread’s 

' ' ~ '■ . ^ 

■j r. . f -it;'''**'* VI t -;o"dc ryl^£'.!,Xf'tan ih tlB ©Idifoti^ ©dsJ'aolq ■'{d xTwrcb '-^vr 

.3 si’oqoi^rtF'fc xXXiixJTrvdocj ^ri’XadsoY Rsw e^^^^ oa ob od gntli^'i 

X- c ilxft "T’ft'f .■\jd''i^ ee©-t;3«cD (?iiv+ id BisbiwsX add bnfi 

sftv dX ^',^'t'^v; Ti r!o od II tw rtoY -oftt qlad sasqX^^ ibJioa 

** j.iiCL 

,••3 Jt * i'iivil a-'u orfw ra-tt wJvf ?>.tYo,t0M fcrtf— oidsxfdr.^ 

a; .'i^j.x ( 3 ?, 

it became independent in IShl ■ Obediently^ Shastri took over an office next to 
Nehru's and began going through the fiiLes on foreign affairs and preparing himself 
to assume the Prime hlinister's role as goverranent leader in Parliament. A middle- 
of-the-roader (veering slightly to the right), Shastri promptly received assurances 
of support from both left- and right-wing factions. A Brahman reared in near 
poverty by a widoxired mother, he tonped off a brilliant academic career by joining 
Mahatma Gandhi's passive-resistance movement against British rule and, as a result, 
spent six and a half ^’’ears in jail. He stands only 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 
110 pounds. 


"This," cried JiiTimy Eoffa, "is one of the finest contracts ever negotiated 
in the U.S." For Teamster Boss Hoff a, it X'jas also the fulfillment of a long-hel:l 
dream: to bi-ing Teamster locals under the umbrella of a single national agreement 
with truckers. 

More than 14.00,000 Teamsters in liOO locals are covered by the three-year 
agreement with key industry executives in Chicago last month. For the Teamsters, who 
now get /3.02 to ,.3.28 an hour, it means a t'.ree-step pay raise of 28fS an hour, 
with another a week per man for the union's medical-care and pension funds. For 
the trucking companies it m.eans increased expense of nearly ohOO million. For the 
truckers' customers, it spells an almost inevitable increse in rates. "Obviously," 
said Chief Industry Negotiator Carvel G. Zwingle, "we wil-1 have to do sometMng to 
pick up the costs." To protests that the contract would give the Teamsters the 
power of a nationwide strike that might amount to a stranglehold on the nation's 
economy, Hoffa offered sly assurances. Such a national strike, he snorted, would 
only deprive him of liis raost potent weapons — ’playing off one employer against 
another by striking some wfnile allowing others to operate. 

For jubilant Jimmy, there were gloomier times just around the corner. In 
Chattanooga, Tenn. , he goes to trial on charges of jury tampering — the sixth 
federal indictment brought against him in six years. 

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-,r ^ ,• •^•.•^l 

For all Nikita Khrushchev’s boasts of overtaking the West by 1970, an e^cten- 
sive report released by the Central Intelligence Agnicy last month argues that the 
Russians are actually falling far beMnd. In 1962 and 1963, according to the 
agency’s analysis, the Russian economy grew at a rate of less than 2,^% annually, 
x^hile the U.3. groxrth rate avera, ed and is expected to expand at that level in 

196u as well. Even if the Russians doubled their gross national product (1962 
level ,260 billion) in the next decade, a feat that most experts consider impossible, 
Soviet output in 1972 world still be less than the billion total logged by the 

U. S. a x-rhole decade earlier. 

Five straight years of poor harvests not only helloed crimp Russia’s economic 
expansion, but, by forcing the government to buy grain abroad, also reduced its 
gold reserves to a level estimated by the CIA as considerably less than billion. 
There was a slight drop in industrial production, xjhich grew at a rate of nearly 
6% annuall^^ in the past two j^ears v. 7% in the U.S. Moreover, the CIA sees little 
chance that Russia will again be able to achieve the sxistained high overall grox-rbh 
rate {7.h% on average) that marked its economy in the 1950s. The government, it 
said, ”is trjd-ng to do too much with too few resources," notably in space and de- 
fense spending — upi-jards of „iiO billion in 1962 — ^X'^hich drains off ill-soared capital, 
plant and brains from the civilian economy. 

Main significance of the report, xvhich x-ras derided by some academic economists 
as painting too dark a picture of the Soviet economy, is that Russia is already 
"living on borro^^ed capital" and cannot possibly realise its plans for massive 
expansion of chemical and fertilizer industries x-rithout greatly increased credits 
from the West — credits xnich the U.S. Government clearly hopes the Russians x-jill 
not get, 

• 55 - 

For weeks an xmcharacteristic silence had sxirrounded the affairs of Madame 
Ngo Dinh Nhu, the fiery ex-First Lady of South Vietnam, Now living in a comfort- 
able, five-room Paris apartment, the Madame seemed totally absorbed in writing her 


t tO‘'2r y.l ?!rl^ bt.«t d'if>vo "io Eiriz.od e*v.-?dD*iEL'’sr!)I £s?i:^iT! XXs 'fo'^ ^ 

,1^ axn. a,rno tn ..r -or, '^:me3iX\P^trI IctJtaD M 7.H teaflsls’i .+'ioqe‘t ovla. 

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c^i.'j'.f/"' !. '.r'^j' '.'i ".e''/r:i Jf.r/of. crir.l-c.tii>^-- siSd' ‘ii nd^TSi .XX-w ex' J 

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^pivv S' •'-BOS It d..-'d ui' (nC'XXiXd O^S^^iPVaX.*, 

nsd'ci v? i: >3 ST^^X rd- Xtrqchxo .tsivoS -< 

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. ‘i'.3i X'lx/s (^‘>Ji>oab eXofIvr'fi -SiO 


• X’Vj '•‘r.xx C' X'O'' rg/' '-ir; ' J'Ofi ■"iXo'iv. r/' 't'^Q' \ 

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i_.r-,- (.rf,-, 5^Xi;,=.' ' '., ■ ■ " ■./;. ''■■■'d C'toB-ti'iB . c^;. ;x '*xo'i tnotexa 

,,, ,.. I-,,.., :,r';( ^,ft + ,i;.r>,j.-^r’i.;: j^v? IS'V'''X n od- er-^vtseo'^ t>Xo8'.^ 

r. - . -.r.,-- qa..::v ...t qo'-h dfigXIe s eiiw 

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n.} s rd.B ^'.'.y-'^y^- ..' fxX'j' ixXweixS drxld GOfiftdO* 

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v, : vb err d .^.- h ,d“tr.-r5, ^ edd lo jrjxrxsox'riisais aiaM ' 

j..,i1’ -' ' d rives f?dd lo o-w f:d'.^ s >l'tBJb r^od- snx^^ff.Uqt' J-a: ^ 

'' T -xo't o'r.X''' cdc o:- . o vld'i'^eoq dorLoso i'nr' '•Xcu.t'' '->o i I'O' "C-'i'xocf no gnXVv^*^’^:. 

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umX^ i'. nn.cBlIx c-lX hs.f.ri'roTiirc iror/vDs »XdtsX"L‘34a£n.rdonr.^ na ro% | 

/, o: vii wo;'' .rjyr,)r-.£V rfft/oe ic cfe'fXV.n® 'CiQ^ add dnld' oaK^^x 

:r- -P*nT./ nX ho-^nor.o. XCl'-'ioX add' diooi-cvXa 



memoirs. But last month she unsheathed her claws again. In a letter to the U.N., 
she demanded an investigation of ’’the numerous facts which prove the complicity of 
American elements" in last November's Saigon coup. She also asked that the U.N. 
investigate the fate of her husband and his brother, the late President Ngo Dinh 
Diem. The Madame claimed she could not recognize either Diem or Nhu in the widely 
circulated photos of their corpses and, therefore, "it is not even certain the two 
men are dead." Unfortunately for Madame Nhu, her demands do not meet with the quick 
response that they once did. Sooner or later, a junior bureaucrat at the U.N. 
vrill write her a letter, thanking her for her interest and informing her that the 
U.N. can only act on the request of national governrfients. The Madame probably knew 
that all along, anjA^ray. But if, as seemed likely, her intention was only to 
embarrass the generals now ruling South Vietnam, she certainly succeeded. The last 
thing the generals want is a fact-finding exhumation of the bodies of Nhu and Diem — 
which would shox-ir be3?’ond doubt that the two men xirere repeatedly staobed in the back 
and did not commit "accidental suicide" as the nex^r Vietnamese Government has claimed. 

.jj. j'. ^ 

The biggest murder trial in West German history xiras under way last month in. 
a stark, high-ceilinged auditorium in Frankfurt's Toxm Hall. Beliind six rox;s of 
X'Tooden desks sat the 22 defendants, who looked like an ordinary cross section of 
West Geman citizens. Indeed they were: facing the coiu’t x-rere dentists and busi- 
nessmen, a farmer, a sales-man, a pharmacist. "/Jhat set them apart was that thej^" 
were once custodians of that death factory called Auschwitz, the concentration camp 
x-jhere Hitler's men killed JeX'irs, gypsies, Poles and Russians at the rate of up to 
9,000 a day during World War II. 

It has taken five years to assemble all the ugly evidence of Auschx/itz, and 
it x-iTill probably take at least six months or more to tell the full tale in court. 
Prosecutors sifted 17,000 pages of pre-trial testimony before coming up with a 700- 
page indictment that describes in detail how prisoners were slain with pistols, 
poison gas, clubs, bottles, and by trampling, hanging, droxming, freezing, injections 
and electrocution. 



?* r .tI ..’C35.t- evfeX?? lorl b^(ii&-^dzms fl.'f.B rt^t^cJ?r ^sbX Jjffi .BTiic 

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. j.' o ov-y/fr i'fo. ;.•' r foj-J Bitorrotmn "J? n« 

V ■ “ 

'v{, ^r-i!J- h3:-zi ' '- ..y .^.joa co^icZ 'ro'-,mvo^. ct^isl nl "a^n«?rw}l9 *t’:oX7! 

?-:r . s •'>7 

^ ' cf.i - '.'X-S;.? 
rr’ > : 

9 1 ' zlct tar. 'tsif *5:0 oJ'qI srfl sdssXc^svvni, 

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,-'l> .'■/■•' .-v.vr,!, 'i*r{ <5ni5,'->r,’'^ 'i'^: ■ *Kh&ob 3t&,.nBni 

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' F-- -' .•■■; V xt’JrsX jj: t:* , .': .b.i.x sarjo \edt XaiiX !2'?.noqji|T,'. 

'■'< ■;■- .rl;iV9 jf'/' -irZ, :■■ [ X j'i'?K.-}J-3j ja 

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•• -''■ ;i.'j 'irc«, Jxnc J .* 'X'' io 'ixo;- 3i.d ^ ■;isi j'ix. "v.Xno nso .W.tJ' 

yf - ; n 'o?' -'Xr ,vr-i^nf; t^noXa XX^ 

■•" .:ri-v.;r.'r-,,.V ' ^ i;,, ;v^'; ..,ivi I'an eij^T&re;^ e;<X esi^xif 

'o iiJ; -iTf.OT ©rfJ gfi-trLi’,' 

f .. rM- X'.‘;7v. ; (. 'iOV -sd ’^^.12 DiyOT^" rfOiilW" 

V '''; fr i-t ;■ c 

('■■'■'■■ 'TO'-l .J 

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.‘'■iDi'o.. tin'wtca dnr! bXb bn» 

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iBtxX dTS^jigxd odT I 



■: T 7 ..' .:r'-i,:.<-i,'t'a -• . -/•-XI'X'X v .■.qr^ir.'^a-rfisXa a, 

. .- " K, .. ,,-.,r.-.x^.|_‘';'s X.TiB e>?R5!b r.Bl 

.r-'..nfvsi-/Xa nfliTX?0 | -Xp.^^W 


■ ' . „ ot* 

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• - J/-X X -f'oa -i ';;• o^Xx on/aitvo^&wo »afio^<>t9W^ 

,. !.i -'•■ '-I- ..''c.,, X bnr. ? X'oH ,r.vjro--*'> -its'oT^ bsIXx.X iisin a ex 

.ir uW M'JOW stttixrb ^cb » 

^ ■ • •;• , L,fJ OL'i'r ll<^ Zj-Wnwf.r : rf 9VX1 Bi=d 

.- , I./ •’ rX T' aXoo. x-la J-etioI J’Xi ’’cXdadoiqt IXin? d'i 

;■ ' 'O' '-. '■-r.X*',; m . . t.ciXr^ »v‘ jfit'iX~©*c.'i t^, fc5a;£,Jiq o6 o<VX i>©.nXB BTCC./lliJaacn^' 

L'q :, ,. 'Tr' 'ncBirn; Xi.s^t’ab riX B'jdXtaaab cf/irid* d'n^fn^oXbnX 

, ta nvrvih .;,d fvfo ,_e2Xd’dfd ^Zdiflo rtOiXotf^^ 

% .nplif/aoidaaj^!: ixiih* 

Confronted by the mountain of evidence, the accused pleaded that familiar 
defense that they were only ’’little men” who followed orders. One of the major 
defendants, Robert tlulka, 68 , a prosperous Hamburg importer who was assistant com- 
mandant of Auschwitz, declared that he ’’knet? nothing, saw not.hing, heard nothing'* 
about mass extermination. I-iTny, sxTOre Mulka, he had never even set foot inside the 
vast prisoners’ compound. 

Stuttgart salesman Wilhelm Boger, 57, onetime chief of the Auschwitz intelli- 
gence system, boasted that the place had the lowest escape rate of any Nazi concen- 
tration came. Boger was the inventor of a torture rack knovm as the ’’Boger si'jing,” 
in which the victim— bound hand and foot and swinging from a beam — was whipped, 
often until he died. ”We helped those too tired to go on,” Boger blandly explained. 
The most defiant defendant was a burly ex-butcher and male nurse, Oswald Kadulc, 

57 , who was charged with breaking the necks of elderl 3 ?' prisoners by standing on a 

walking stick placed against their necks. 

-:c- ■«- 

Daniel AndveX'j Seeger is a friendl 3 /‘, rosy-cheeked 3 "oung man who looks as if 
he ought to oe cheujing a wad of soearmint and circling under a fly ball. Instead, 
he has spent the past three years of his life beating the Selective Service Act. 

In i 960 , Seeger reported to a New York Citj^ induction center and took an Army 
physical exam with a group of draftees. But when the others took a step fon-jard 
to be sworn in, Seeger remained rooted in place. ”I felt nervous,” he recalled, 
but I Icnew what I was doing was right.” A pacifist, Seeger cited religious grounds 
for his action; but he admitted his beliefs were not based on a Supreme Being. 

Last May, a Federal judge — acting on the 19^8 draft law, wliich requires that conscien- 
tious objectors prove that their religious beliefs are based on a Supreme Being — 
sentenced Seeger to a year and a day in prison. He appealed, and last month the 
U.S. Court of Anpeals declr'red that section of the lasw unconstitutional. 

”... Requirement of belief in a Supreme Being no matter how broadly defined, 
cannot embrace all those faiths which can validljr claim to be called ‘religious',” 


: bobcsI'T adJ ,f^'Viobivf) lo nLzSm.Kxn e.^J rcT be^no'i’JnoO 

* T; 

•I'll. -r "to :rl .c-jb’ro' bin-'oTIcT: odv ’’:';«»m Yj.iiO &’xot^ sanoJi 

o 7rr j : ■> c-rw ridw to^’0-<^J: r. I'xfo'n^H ei;-j"C9<triO'i:- n i8^nRh';9l#i 

!’- J ■If' ' 'ir-O i c.rr' Kvr vr^it .^r'.W tof? ad dwU tS-iiwJlnetrA t.^sf 

} ‘ Y. 

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’ ii bi?n-Ld .noij--aimT,r*i:M .-lesjff 

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.brt'io^^Yto ' c'TenoBl’icj iBsv^ 

'.' ; ■ - *l-\/'.'’'j rn.ldnn-r' ,V'J! /rJi^d/tV osneoXas .J'titsd.*0d‘2,;^ 

-'•■ji.. -i;' vi-^o arl^ bzfi eo'sS.c crid fosjapod ^fnad’a'^. ganeg®' 

,‘ rrw'": /•'■t r?-ii;\f B lo ■lod'.'feynl d EvV T'1':-.o(? .CtfiSD noi'.ttt*; 

-t .* ! -•■;, •, ■:J:innlm &•:■- J'oo’t bn;i brnd bn,(/0'i“-jr(ii:J‘ai:v 5dd ri«»,MW>,d!X 

.? - • ■•-/('. ‘‘ r'’’ c i r-'-'i; :*- o '-t fviQ-Lod 3'd’‘ .iefcfo sd Ii:tau ria^rlo-( 

-!'• , '•‘r Ml -*^i,'‘. ! . ■'•i' '•r':''-:’ur- ••:>:; ’•'r*;c'c.‘ ni:!.'.' vtii^bns'jfsib v+rfoXleb .t30» odT 

. *’• :■.. "<.o S/!')np rd: ]■.'/''> hri’i'i-odo cr-w orfv 

’xri'id.-j btinsla daX-ta grf’'dJ 

>'■■ •Ti' 

•n. ' O': , ' • i hrvi'i' 

’■wo‘'ibnA X« titaCE’ 

' ; ' - , 

--■‘rjfic b:'-. .n^-.r(r. r f'- bsix’ giiivario 5' 'OYf Xfigi/W? «i'l 


:■'■-■■ ' -;■ -b.r.d •V’ri:! ai;.' !''■ r ■.'si.v -tasq arl-j d.naaa' sM ^ ' 

'■’T' , ' "di.r; VT-I' ,? "••>■' ;■ nX 

■•■' 'Tr-ibv.' dj /5 .-rb >:'■'f: 5 dil’r.v rtrx'^' 


*i' 1 ■' n:i' br'j'ocT ..fv'j i' '103503 ^nX mov/a acf-'p-j 

■ " 

■ ^ .,r'ii:'.>‘u’y ".dd’j*T cv ifiXob S 5 <l'i I Jariv;' w©/'i:'t 1 vtwd 


' d r-,n <v-f>v aX : bo.Mi.ff.i. ad .tud :noi:do>* eld *101:.? 

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■ " I j'tK'ib 8ii ‘ ''' • "'r.llPit — 3 . ' lij'ieba'? ^ •'CftJ'f 

>. . ... : I r, MV,/ cXaiiob at 7 clsli>T -do '.' .woi^ 

:i ,:\ - t - ^hr>^ >nl‘r aH .noei'^o oJ xu>h e.; JCH» b od •xogooS b^ooeine^ • 

.ipno ^•J.'.Ti.J’pnotjrt. insr.X >d.'f lo noidPoKs .too' aXfl^y.A lo d'tuoO . 8 .^ 

’*' vf‘ . '''Td '.’O-d ooiVijn/c oit f ftJ "i&lJiffC! "io dnaflia'ilupaH 

M'l < b»d^i -!3 «i : risiD xXtilA'*' uio doidt,' erinX.’*! steorfd XXfl p 3 e*nJnj 9 

3 ^ 

■-> ..!l :: '- 


• '■■‘'!',_L;'f. i; ;■ 
:,/■ - ~ f ». 

'O. r t 

( •' 

declared Judge Irving Kaufman in the three-man court's opinion. He cited Buddhism, 
Taoism, Ethical Culture, and Secular Humanism as among religious sects which do 
not believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, and said the law's insistence on 
such belief violated the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment. (Atheists, 
however, still cannot be deferred on religious grounds.) 

■jf -){■ 

Ugly? It's jug-eared and potbellied; the eyes are as glassy as its grin, and 
the head stops directly above the eyebrows, where it abruptly gives way to a floor- 
length hank of combed sheep’s xtooI. Yet everyone from Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson to 
hundreds of thousands of U.S. college girls find it lovable, and the "Dammit" doll 
is fast replacing the rabbit's foot as the world's most nooular good-luck charm. 

The name supposedly is taken from a once ix^or Danish woodcutter named Thomas 
Dam. About five j'-ears ago, the story goes. Dam could not afford to buy a birthday 
gift for his teen-age daughter, so he carved her his vision of a troll — one of those 
chubby, elusive little characters who, legend holds, scamper about the craggy Nordic 
mountains and bestow eternal good fortune on humans who catch them. Dam's good 
fortune started the very next day. Enchanted, his daughter dressed the doll and 
showed it about the village, xfhere it caught the eye of a Danish toy merchant. 

Today Dam operates troll factories in Denmark, New Zealand, and Hialeah, Fla; 
he has sold more than a million of his tiny vinyl proteges in the U.S. alone. Like 
the ubiquitous Barbie Doll, trolls now come with families (poppa, ,^5*95; baby, 
>1.25), demand accessories (miniature ironing boards, dishes, motorcycles) , and have 
inspired a smorgasbord of iinitations (e.g., VJishniks and Drolls). They've even 
entered politics; Dajm has just come out an ele 'hant and a donkey troll that are 
even homelier than their human counterparts. "The secret of their charm is that 
they're so ugly you to laugh," says Mrs, Inge Dykins, xfno introduced them to 
the U.S. "And we Danes have a saying: "VThen you laugh, nothing bad can happen to 
you." Troll ovmers agree. Mrs. Betty Miller, the housewife who recently flew 7,14.00 
Tniles across the Pacific to better Amelia Earhart's 1935 record flight, took as her only passenger, -x- -x- 




bs-olr? -i .n'-.'.,ij':io tMtuoo ne sri.t nl gnx'crtl «g6uT. ba-.r.Ioi 

■/oi.-it;.r' es pmlnr-vxM vTjf^fsZ hivs x^t'jyfjjO 

'■«' - ' I i?;»i '.i: .'I 

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''■ ;iiril’?v2 ^^nw-scff'C e lo iii ' cfodi’j 

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’’f" '>o :vci.rul-r as^Dntq aub sfi.l b 9 J' 5 ;-Xci:v 

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"• . » ; -.■'vlllsdioc brfji a’jl. 

’?' ji; •■‘•-:p:‘'.' fi f :};. '.a V^CM^©’5:ife ?*.«*. tfi ^ ■ 

•.I':',- sr'-'vi'av':- :^'-''T .Icc'-* a ^ •["•>:., ‘{R fcodfioo lo : 4 tt£rl, 

‘ l:‘/•.•‘t' ''.'.'‘ 71 ;, "t"|o.rioo .o.r *><5 ..' .•■•.j^jc ’ 1 o sb- 3 ' 

•, ■ i'l’.TO"*' "''r • ' * j'jcrfdr.'i. ©liJ* anio^Iqs’-c 4»sl‘ Gb i.j 

" i •i’f'!-. ii : .O. n©:L'5d “i xl^s^ccjcjirs ©inr-a 1 

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f f hn,: ,y S .'.cvtf.j^ rco'>r.''i(t Dns srttB'JfniWQSl'. 

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SPORTS Rowroup 

Bj' Gerard F. McCauley 

The Soviet Union dominated the Winter Olymnics in Innsbruck, Austria, this 
year by compiling an extraordinary 2^ medals^ with eleven gold medals, eight silver, 
and six bronze. Austria finished second with a total of twelve medals, far below 
the performance of the Russian athletes who, in their specialties, were outstanding. 
The Russian hockey team posted a flax^less 7-0 record, their figure-skating was 
superb, and even more so, they gave the 1961; e-rents a new star. Certainly individual 
honors went to Lidia Sko'olikova, 21;, who became the first contender to win four gold 
medals and set three new Oljrmpic records by dominating all the women’s speed-skating 
events. Mrs. Claudia, 21;, took three gold medals home to the Soviet 
Union by winning two in cross-country skiing and another as the anchor on the Russian 
l5-kilometer relay team. Seven of the eleven Russian gold medals were brought home 
betT-reen the two women. 

In contrast, the /unerican performace was ooor to mediocre with few bright 
spotd. Only in the short slalom run did American skiers dstinguish themselves. 
Vaunted as the best American skiers yet, Billy Kidd, 20, of Stowe, Vt., and Jimi-ay 
Heuga, 20, of Tahoe City, Calif., startled their European contenders by finishing 
second and third repsectively in the short slalom run. Jean Saubert, 21, the pert 
Oregon State coed, ttou a silver medal in the women’s giant slalom and a bronze 
medal in the .slalom. Tevry McDermott, a twenty-three-year-old barber from Essexville, 
Much., set a vjorld record by winning the 500-meter speed-skating in 1;0.1 seconds, 
brought home our only first nlace. Scott Allen, a fourteen -year-old from Smoke Rise, 
W.J., gave evidence that the American skating supremacy may be replaced in future 
games, after the tragic air crash eliminated so man^" of our skaters three years ago. 
With remarkable poise and precision for his age, Allen placed third in figure-skating 
to close out America's smc medals. The American victories tell half the story: in 
many events our skiers --ere disqualified,* in the ski jumps we finished no higher 

than PUth; In hockey we tied for fifth with a 2-9 record. 


bfft-rjD v^9 

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‘- ■ " i '- ■'. ''rJ-'". A', (.’jiv .c^wid ^d^^bctaf 

*•/'• -•■ -■ f i,>rlzi^ ■'■■. nx 4-;h*’ tsJ^-IrisJ'c tmxi.Zii^ Ofic^ ^o Bonamol': 

: • ; '- '-i - '■ -' .'■••''09-y *'-t ^ b=»dn:!Ch;i ,:i£e.f -p-N’ocd nj^lizuSL. 

- ' ■ r.-r’’,-?; srfj- -t*.;** ^03 OTOH nSV» bXDJ -\di:$qlni' 

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.':i3 'ndr-'OC‘-eu'j:o ;ii n<r^ ^fUnniw ’\;d ' 

'‘r, n''-V'-i': *r:s0d Y^X'^r tf?; 

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■fir-,t' (c*'^ c,jj£’rr?r. ^rid- '!J.arvC> nl] ^ 

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. <(' .•: ■ jI; J : .l^■:rr z •.-/* /li ^it, r.t-rna'erj^'' fcxtfl-. hrtfl pr/05^ 

' !-. ■.,i;j .I Ur-vri *1 ■' j. 'i-: 3 .'fOW , b<=»CO rjoSClOl 

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. ■? a'il bnooeTc dI'iot-'J a 

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-j,a‘ .•=»T7*.B ;^rJ4.a7<a . 1 . -■J iQ?ys ziic '‘crfY o.onabXvia evGjg 
:o .;-!,n': ■« ^e.fnnir tXft 'i-iM’) iXia oti' Td odd ledX* 

<?:;*> cW -cl iiK ■.^}'y^'!^' bti'i ?><s.toc( ©Idr'X*Ti'<7»’t 

* 'r -yi ** 'i!'' i Xf®.J ' nx nXYe.iW )dtfl c'aoiTsinA duo aaoio^c 


r '.- L i.Tjtfu'i <^’; ±jio *^nd ni - ’.1 s'fev siaWa ’ll;© adrt»v^ 

.btoosT 5*51 ft :ld ^w •jcl fw virc^ryatf at ;xf.i(K a 

01 „ ' ■ 


Hi there I It's me again. 

A long time ago I told you that one time I took some cheese from 
a little table. The Boss was cross with me. Cheese is good! 

The other day we went to see some friends. 

They had a big house and I could run arornd it on the grass 
and play, 

I ran all over the house inside^ too. 

I saw a piece of cheese in a corner on the floor. It was on a 
little board. The Boss was busy tallcing. Everyone was talking. Mo 
one could see mej so I grabbed the cheese. Then hit me on 
the nose. I yelled. 

Everyone jumped and looked! 

I couldn't hide and my nose hurt, too. 

The Boss told me that that cheese was on something called "a 
mouse trap." 

I don't understand about the mouse trap. 

But I guess 1 won't take cheese any more. 

Would you? 

Goodbye I 

Jamie Dinsmore 



o’.tl iH 

' .-> r-nc cfald octi, Mat I '?;sa^ pfnM BfioX A 
. OA d^tJtv aconfi R'W e^oQ aMT .pIcIjb^ £i 

.ifot'i'i SACS *»9R c.t ^rt'^vv •^■■' y.s'^ arfl' 

, ^!, !.u<‘s bSjJoo 1 bjrt'" "'^^'b'V.t .0 fei'trl \';''3>1T 

,Y,-!.Cr[ bns 

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v/xi £.' r*-'.' io xr’ .?$' tier's X 

.zr.r.lit.i Y'liJf! :.•?•.•;■ f;.;rT b-pod «9X.tJi.X 

ffi / ■■) (2s?i *•'! }- r.'C ' Sf '. iSOg hSS'Ob f>fiO 

' . I .^£Cf'f arid' 

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.iXon \r.'i CIM ■rj;'f-.> .t’novr I naw • tx/Q 

/j''* 'jiiroW 



Connnimist Cuba (backed b3’' Soviet Russia) cut off water to the U.S. Naval Base 
at Guantanamo Baj^ ostensiblj!- because Florida jailed four trawler crews for invadin^i 
state waters. President Johnson promised Guantanam.o fresh water '’indefinitely," and 
he also disclosed the trawlers were heard radioing Havana that they were inside the 
U.S. line, Washingt.on observers felt that Cuba deliberately provoked the incident 
to test the Jolinson administration’s reflexes. ... For the first time, the U.S, shot 
ahead of Soviet Russia in rocket booster power. At Cape Kennedy, Fla., America’s 
space scientists successfully fired the world’s heaviest satellite (37>700 pounds) 
into orbit in a test of Saturn I, which was l6 stories tall — 13 feet taller than the 
Statue of Liberty and twice as heavy. , . . Maine Reoublican Senator Margaret Chase 
Smith, doubting it’s a man’s world, announced her candidacy for the I96I1. GOP Presi- 
dential nomination. Her purpose is to prove thait despite "the heavy odds against 
me" that women can compete for the nation’s highest office. ... President de Gaulle 
claimed France’s recognition of the Communist Chinese regirae was "no more than 
recognizing the world as it is." French officials said flatlv that President 
de Gaulle will break relations with Nationalist China, back any claims Red China 
may make to official Chinese property in Paris. ... The 26-member executive committee 
of the Erie Coujity (N.Y.) Democratic Committee sent a resolution to President Johnson 
naming Attorney General Kennedy its choice for Vice-Px-esident in 1961;. ... Britain’s 
Transport Mnister Ernest Marples announced that England and France have finally 
decided to build a rail tunnel under the English Channel. The project is expected 
to be completed in the early 1970s. ... President Johnson asked Congress to permit 
the government to require double pay overtime in certain industries, to combat un- 
emplo3Tnent, Most employers find it cheaper to pa'" time-and-a-half overtime instead 
of hiring additional workers. More military base closings are in the offing, a 
number will be announced before the November elections. Defense Secretary McNamara 



r Sj'C 

r t'S 

? Ill 



:’I-T;'J>a: 0 'Tit! 


. r. . ■• xXJ: '•'•t 

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i-' i-':-f*7.':. f'lu^jbnoii:.’ aTOf/rlo'*j .R'leisw 

vj-r ■' ^ ..r; ..r, srTioxi'rjtT b'!!js?>n q 


orid* boRoX's^Xb oals orf 


. .1:1) j3dt;D i>'.rio tXo': ■.t^'r-n^jfidc, rsojr^rrxriasW .sniX .8.U 

. .Qfj'i ^‘^c.■..■i'•^':■^X^i:.£i:^bc noi’.ar'cL erid* 6 «J- 


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>'::'.;'rq 'xM ' .nciic-.nxmon I^Xinafr ' '• 
.COXTit- 77 :?r{;j;Xr-: B'nC'XJr:;^: ?- 1 > 77 X Hcn rsfffOW Xiiricf 



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d'RiX f .M'"' ii'ii'' f rttf ^I£iJS{i '35. 

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'Xtti., •^. r.y 1 ... .eiT,— .'!! -^/hiTKxO^/ 


r; O'? :••■. iJi) !c''-“.v '• in;-'.-: ox\'' (.V.h) yidxrccO at*!® ericf 

' ... . r>j. jna.jx^ ')iv 'io\ at' 'byrnioVI Ix'tDfiQx) 'omoitk 

iLiiji'? br-. i‘n-.r-nX. d.,>iSx t:*onfm'm .tao.rf isdTwXnjiii j“i ^c/src ytTi_ 

jrKf j ^rirwo li.s't a 5iij/cJ oJ* b 3 b.?aaM 
30V^X v.^r'iss ox'i nX X'tJelqflios 
I .-3 -X .30 ru offd^Xiavr ^c.q aldrob s'lb.'.ofi-i od toirrrnavon) ;i 

■' . ’, nr_ X '"‘VO 'i C^il-c-b;'- .•■■arxi'v-f .^.q ot 'sac|‘^*wio - Tfi c'fs'v'iolqmd deoM .dna/trcoXcjc^J* 

, I zs 9':v DS-'d ■’.rfftdXll.'fl irfc^T . . . s*£03!l"covr X^*Toi,iX55,6 ' 

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k'./'i'H • ■ sir.n-i icd ^p/ioidcels la^fwav^i ©dd fcaortbomn ^ XXXw 't^naja 


■I : 



said. ’’Every base i;e have is in jeopardy in the sense that we don’t plan to retain 
a single one not required for military nur-oses/’ said Mr. McNamara. ... Secretary 
of the Treasury Dillon reported that Americans already were experiencing one of the 
nation’s best business years in peace — and tliree or fo^u’ more ’’good time” years 
should follow. His bright outlook Xijas based on assuriiptions that Congress will ap- 
prove the Administration’s proposed tax cut. ... U. S. Ranger-6 spacecraft operation 
to the moon i-jas a success^ but the project, to photograph the moon’s surface, xras a 
fiasco as a battery of six television cameras failed at the crucial moment. This 
was a setback in the space race which the British sumned up, ’’One of the great dis- 
apnointments of the space a e.” ... President Johnson sent Congress a special 

message on consumer interest in which he endorsed nine specific pieces of legisla- 
ture to protect the public against phony packaging, disguised interest charges and 
similar business malpractices. ... Communist Clnna fired the latest salvo in its 
ideological war with Soviet Russia, said ’’the Kremlin wants to carve up the world with 
the U.S.” and declared Khrushchev and his party leaders "will be buried." ... Queen 
Juliana of the Netherlands, moving to calm a divided nation, announced that her 
daughter would not be married to a Spanish nobleman. Her announcement followed a 
parliamentary storm set off bj/' the disclosure that Princess Irene, 2U, second in line 
to the Protestant throne, had converted to Roman Catholicism ?ln June. ... Soviet 
Russia announced a single rocket had throx-m two satellites into space. The purpose 
is to study electrical particles around the earth. . . . Baseball Hall-of -Earner Jackie 
Robinson resigned bus job as "vice-president of a restaunant chain to join Gov. 
Rockefeller’s campaign staff, Robinson campaigned for Richard Ni^con in the last 
Presidential election, uas not a member of his staff. ... Sxu'geon General Luther L, 
Terry expressed pessimism about the prospect of develop .ng a "safe tobacco." But he 
indorsed proposed legislation for Federal research to reduce the health hazards of 
smoking. ... Ex-iald Peters, hp, the head of tJest Germany Chancellor Erliard’s personal 
bodyguard, hanged himself with a bed sheet in iiis Bonn jail cell while aX'T’aiting trial 


, '•.'''■ .-!■■ ’■'"'f^ x'^sUlhii te'^li'y^z ion eno ©f^nJ 

:i- rer::-- 

jp Si-fr^i'i^m +ca> ivrj^r^s-^ nolli-a 'enress'iT f^rfi lo; 

? / -'C;''’ .•-* 

■•) I'H'T. — r.’yj'oo .r:.!. excov ti sen, tr-wd deod e^noW^vn, 

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.c. ' ... .dr*) .•’.HO i-'rnoqciq s* rici.ji^n.tcln-i’tbA ©ri-t ev 6 iB|a 

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-rlBi' 5 'X' '* lis-iOf vi.'.sx rc/- jiosd^ea a ©ew- 

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xi n^-'Ta.-ct'’fOO no p);?x^8! 

X V -•/'^co v''vo. ^^cxt . oxlcbc orl.' .t'>'->d'0’xc -od ©Wi 
‘'./■■i. '- ■■' ^ -x ’X'* - •' " ... • . ':: •' ^ xs - r/ieud xbU 

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"■;A f; 'X x’I'jX;,. ^'^JC: hoxflloii'h hfiid “.S.U 

' :.rz^r: add lo BCsiXati'H 

"m oi'f vton {•i>;-r.i» ladrfsjtis^^ 

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'fX' .' ,'■ '"vl:h.^x I.'rojfc'xto'-Jo ^fbifda oi si ■ 
•■■.T'-'V V :..('>X!':' - X’> n ■. dot 

or’^i' r.ioEfXc'd';, n;f-i‘.i^nTr,.'sO -e’ i©i!X©'ro 3 looJ> 

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oI--'v' V/ do -.xsO'K, srd di/o-H- pc 3 Xn(i:s»ofi boae-©^cpca W©T # 

■I u'V •'ll. ■ 10 'i noi-dxXfi^S^X f?ei 30 q<yjc( ^-aaio^ 

r-.iXAioO i«.dv. ''.p ©dt ^3Xo^«^ ,bXa^, *.. .:^»rr.W' 

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as a Nazi war criminal. Peters, who accompanied Erhard on his trip to Texas last 
December, had been accused of mass murders in World War II. . . . Sen. Gaylord Nelson, 
a Wisconsin Democrat, proposes a 5-cent-a-pack incresBe in the present 8-cent Federal 
tax on cigarets. He wants the proceeds, estimated at more than Jl billaon annually, 
earmarked for financing the Administration's "war on poverty." ... Pennsylvania Gov. 
William Scranton dropped out of New Hampshire’s Republican Presidential primary, was 
quoted by a spokesman as saj/lng he "is not a candidate" for office. Former Vice- 
President Nixon left the door open for a draft to make him the candidate again but 
claimed the possibility "is very remote." ... Rep. Michael Feighan, Democrat of Ohio, 
said the U.S. government is considering cancellation of British actor Richard 
Burton’s American passport on moral grounds. Feighan said there was "no difference" 
between Burton’s international romance with film star Elizabeth Taylor and the 
activities of British call girls Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies. . . . The 
French government was quietly paving the way for a substantial liike in trade with 
Communist Cuba, starting ^Tith a ‘’ilO-million order for trucks and tractors and 
negotiating a similar deal for French locomotives. France also signed a ne^i trade 
pact with Poland, reportedly vxas working another out 'rith Russia. ... Nightclub 
piano player Joseph Armand Castro, 36, filed suit for divorce in Los Angeles and 
demanded 1)5,000-a-month alimony from his wife, Doris Duke, ^1, "the richest girl in 
the world," revealing for the first time that they had been married in 19^6. ... 
lirs. Takako Shimazu, 25j the youngest daughter of Emperor Hirohito, and her commoner 
husband are moving to Washington, D.C., where Mr. Shimazu will work for the Japanese 
Import-Export Bank. Mrs. Shimazu, once regarded as a divine princess, will become 
the first member of the royal family to live abroad. . . . Movie actress Jayne Mans- 
field, 30, divorced since last April from hungarian-born wrestler Nickey Hargitay, 

33, but sharing a home with him nevertheless, announced the birth of a daughter. ... 
Jackie Gleason, 47, the 258-pound comedian, accepted CBS’s one-year, 'v6 million 
contract — ^the biggest one-year contract in television liistoiy. 

• f* 4 , 

I ub’ fi" fc'.ut'L K.fcftsq5ioDO£i oci'' tJs’TsJ^ .XrrJnt’TO rfftr IstM a en 

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'i .-ia-- j-0 -rr. zzi'i sjii-f n - ot,- ' jcfti- jio.^q-r.-.tnsa-r' so^oqo'sq ftlsnooaiW a 

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. 1 .;. :j r r.' 'ffc, c’ t:-»'’i.LiS'''T.dl v;'?!! lo iifo i)r>c/qo*ib notnaioS .'nti^iXJ 

,ion ci " eu ""-o n£xr?iqxoqE £ ^d bsiclypf^'^ 

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&or;c juTBrfLl-.LE .S'il’l .JlnsS cKoqjffl-t^c 

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>' ■’ v. dd -.' it< ■ h'-'A'jonoA tBPoIo'^'.Hevon nW ddX^f ©{nod £ gnlixfls dncf 
- '*■ ^ • o'v.'iTl b-iuqsooa ^niiXbotUOO tfl.* ^^^d «T*i ifioBBOXf) 

. n<.'fcE’^7eXed ni d8t»pjitd ?n1.+ — 



. di ii 


OLD RSLLIBLE PO^IY EXF^.JjSS - In Boulder, Colo., neither of Mrs. Stevie Noblitt's two 
cars would start in last month’s zero weather. She rode the three miles to work on 
a Shetland pony oraed by her three children. 


TIT F OR TAT - Farmer Otello Granari of Rome, Italy, was taking his old ox to the 
slaughterhouse when the animal suddenlj?" fainted and fell on Granari, breaking several 
of the farmer’s bones. 

* * * 

TAKE PROGRESS IM DEAD EAPIJEST - Residents and businesaaen near the Houston (Texas) 
manned spacecraft center had mixed emotions about the tj^nP© C)f progress displayed 
by this sign near the center: "Site of future expansion of South Park Cemetery— 
A sign of progress." 

* * 

SHOPPING FOR GRIPES - Retired Lt. Col. Frank S. Moorcroft, 59, of Trevealyn, Scot- 
land, said he was organizing a national "pick-a-bone club" to teach the public how 
to complain to stores. Each year, he said, a panel will award a "gold bone" to 
the member with the most valuable gripe. Runner sup will get "silver bones." 

-X- * 

THE ICETMN O VPHCOMSTH - James Strodtbeck and Tom Jones of Kalispell, Mont., didn’t 

let a mishap interfere with their ice fishing. Shortly after they dropped lines on 

Duck Lake their pickup truck broke through the ice and sank into 11 feet of water. 

The men continued fishing until they hooked their limit of trout. 

■a- ■a- -a- 

STICKS AND STONES - In Florence, Italy, it’s no crime to call an Italian traffic 
policeman "a Turk." Antonio Anghileri, 23, who was charged with insulting a public 
official, was acquitted after the court ruled, "the Turks are a civilized people and 
our friends and NATO allies." 

* * *> 

GET LOST THERE YOU’. - In Delhi, N. Y,, the annual renort of Delaware County Sheriff 

Wendell A. Young included: "Missing persons reported — 2. Missing persons found— 3." 

* * 

NO liAN IS AN ISLA.ND - The Isle of Man has a shortage of men. The government said 

there axe 26,09d women and men on this island, off the west coast of Ireland. 

-)c- -K- ^ 




• 'itildoVf £>i:v?>.tp .p."!.: i-*. •xsrtdi&n nl‘- T\ ''^, ZIBU^ 

>;-'ox' oi aolb: 3r:r;.l odi (jdgt: o-tss a’rfv^ncm d-e.aX nl iiBj-a bij^iow sijsaj^ 

.notMaH oo-jidi xeri yri banvro Xinnq f 
■i^* ‘i- ,> fi 

.x-:t ot xo bxo sir’ 'r^ix's/ av, ^ Jo i'L?^QTO c.CXodO •xsma'? -' T 'T 

•i^', - r'. ..h' .;<G'Tr !“■ XJ.-^I: fcrti; bf'.o.’riiiil: v.Id'sbbue I/i??dnB srii nsdw 0'..'.iod*xf»d‘ri^'i! 

'«» '., i 

.eonod e^'isjTTfijt lO:^ 

■>f ■!'/■ 


•*• ..' oH ix-. ■!■ 'i-.G.'i briG einoblssH - TSTH^IA'S Clfi^vQ W Si^riTXO.^. 'j 

•-S. ■-' ,fxJ' to Gt'f'v'.w ''d j JSforir. ■'fioi'Sopo brajwXnt fo)2d X'^^nao d’xjS’tosDJsqs borifti 

a r^MV-#P 

'tc' noiafrTJT.-c^ :.o bdXg” tisjrrso o£id iBon afdtf 


lo n^ia A,; 

■ii' •)<■ O 

'?0 .Hi .loO^.dJ, farj'Ti:XB5 •• .';01 ail« 

id iJoi'r d -M” ''tlr- 1 - o.''rod-f-.--Soxq« lanos.jini s jinXjjjLxtsgxo a"-w ad ,&is« ^cnfiX- 

^'••CT -.c: 

■-•':•• !?T.T.5 .r.L;’’:' b ^ivi:i,«3 od i’tr^oK 

,3a'icd« oi n.f..'jI{Tff«3«5‘ od’ J, 

xJ.iT..'' arii-zian-THB .ofTXfg aldsjiIjBV dac«>s •Kid ridJtw tadais® add, 

},! 'jr. bar. Maaddboa jri ~ HA’^OSC' 


h. r:--^^'/-.*:; '■■■■-(■i ^^;j't:‘. •*Ir'.:odC .^nidia/l’ ao± •yXarid' ataxTcsdnl qii/ieXfl# b dal /. 

■•ro' "’r if •' ' Tf; >1.- x ba; e.'’.£: '■’dd d^c'fdd o?{ox.; ?/ay“Td 'T/ioxq idadd ajIsJ >134/(2 * 

..b :'ij ':' dmll “yiand fct^jioori v.add Xldri't ?;nid8jt'‘t fcoirnidfsoo naw srlT ,. 

¥r -ii- •'S* 

*rt .:r','''jl o.u 1X30 od oo s * di ‘ toonrrxol^ nX - ^iisOT^CvIA. 

ox I 

Ss’vi :?rvti /Utt-v hr^s'^ziio gbv tXS ti'/oUii^rfA obcodoti ^.riTidT /;** m^fnaaiXoq- 


If; .i .f G 1 b'^.-.lLlvro ■ o'lB a/'sf« tbeXuT dinoo orfd -xschLs fcaddJtx; )>o.o eaiw .IxXo. 

”,8 sXXIb OM bas a'-nalil zuo 

* n- ^ 

’I- c*-AZ \/!rucO ao-it/Bl-C .rio-e-i Lv(cm& add ,.Y .K tlrfXaO rtX - : UOY S' ^ 'ii? Tg 

.' 8aots-tf<f . 2-» bf>d'?orr8'i sflcei/^q ?5ni:3eXH’* tbeMonX BforoX .A XXefonaW 

' ; •» dnaron?vaj^ f\/{T .rroM *50 a'-JBdiode b bb: 1 rxffiK lo ©XbI ariT -> HtlXlg .! HA BX P fAK^ CM . 

.* , *‘:.'r" *>0 dctiO'' <^d.1 btinfal «.W.t nr o'> 0 ^'?'s tsiO^^S frta a'i>'»<f.+ 

» * * ,u 








'* I ’ ■ 

M 'i 



p t 

r, M’ 






^ .f- Ta 






l . .if 

" i 

> » 

i: A. 

w ■ 



M A -'t'. 

*■'■-» ..■{ -V 

U^) K 

••fl ‘.'-f 




• f’;^ 


Vol. XVIII April, 19G4 No. 4 

I/'ecsage froin Annette Einsi-'-ore I 

Hews Digest 2 

Ep orts Doundup 1 1 

Jannie’s Corner . >10 

I Marginalia 13 

Trivia 18 

E S C A G E F A O I/I ANNETTE E I N G )'■( O F. E 

Bits of This and That 

In order to give you news items that are more current, we have made an 
arrangement with Glovernook to print TAG during four working days, mailing it 
out to you on the fifth day. This can be done, provided we get a copy in their 
hands on the second Monday of each month - a slack period for Glovernook - 
and you should receive it on the third Monday or Tuesday at the latest. This 
new plan will mean that you will receive your copy after the middle of the month, 

but the news will be only about ten days old. 

* * 

Some of you may remember that I told you about my young nephew who 
played football at Yale and later I talked about his graduation ceremonies. Just 
to keep you up-to-date, he is now serving in the Peace Corps - doing a two-year 
stint in 77est Africa, teaching English to French- spealdng native children. He 
has had to make an adjustment to the tropical climate and to the somewhat 
primitive living conditions. In the meantime, just before he took off, he fell in 
love with the sister of his college room-mate - and became engaged. The 
wedding will take place , hopefully , when he returns to civilization - and we 

will report to you later on developments. 

>}: * ♦ 

Cur AFB film ’'Communicating with Deaf-Blind People" has been accepted 
for the Film Festival Contest, to be held in April, by the Educational Film 
Library Association. The acceptance itself is gratifying - we will let you know 
next month if it is lucky enough to win a Blue Tlibbon ! 

* 4: + 

- 1 - 

T,|( "f r-if 

aTTiUMA nC'r H iIDA:‘3;!lK 

b/if? aijffr io atiJI - 

, diotci' 6'ie awoa wc^ «! 

■ !v» t n/i/ -lib OAT ini 14 oi woontovoiC fJiiw inomt)^iUi'n£ : 

, uw .'yj -rq od nBo ^ijIT .*'sh diill fiiU no wo\f oi Juo 

'y :-JCi x; - r-lriorri ir^-l/!3 io yr.bac fmcoot: arli ao sfonarf 


Li V. b'jMj wii no ovr^os’i bluorla xjo^t bxift' 

f - i.oy nvA-y^v Niw i/ov, JxjfiJ nfififi. !Iivx rt^fq v<'W 

.bic rxoi y.Inc sd Itrw avz-nxi: orii itrd 

>^‘ »k ^ 



.’ ^1. • W'- y hloi ScrJ'i '/BiVi rjo\, lo ''n'o'oO " 

.A M tk ..a/ .yy-ils^t 7 ’nisr bru^ ^.'.^7 SB .aBd^'>ol bsyuiq 
: ' ■; \V. 'jr!* :.i . OiViCCij 'Vor '.x Oil .ate?-ci-qij JJOY, 0‘)0xl oj 

... '.La^')'. ,-, ■:/;.■)' ■■• ,4 A ii.oV xU iriiia 

I.; -'. : ' > i ‘ •’i joJ <•) iiooibn na 3-^lsrrr rd bad r.Bff 

■••.'7 /): Jr,zt^.i i,:l .arsohiNxr? 
p/ Jui. - '7 .;.l. • ->o’-- L'jsiJoo -:ix’ ii. 'laJiuLi ad) xtliv^ ovoi 

,, iu r.srW/ ..-^(fidacjori ,00Aii-q[ sjitiii Uiv/ ;^aiM*3Vx 

.iit'y at'oiovob tin 'i'yi/7. /)•>•/; <m .♦•loqa'x lUw 

'"" r- 

41 Iff ♦ 

[■rr i j' Uu:<Li 'lai>a ;inl1»30t/tt/aK:Tun ' Tv-UI « 7A ^itO 
:{ ox.'j vd .ii^qA fit bi3il sd t}J JcoJro''' rrxfn 3iiJ no! 

(!• ^llr-i'S at ii-iait '^rlT .floilfitoosoA , 

' noddiL B niv/ oJ d^orifnj v_;|r,ot td li li iilfttvtt Ixea , 

m • * 

- i - 

Mr. Gerald F. McCauley is the new director of publications at AFB, and he 
has shown great interest in TAG. He has undertal^en to write up the Sports 
Section and is doing so with energy and enthusiasm. VVe are sure you will welcome 
him to our Touch — And Go family. 

* ♦ * 

One of our deaf-blind friends from Stamford, Connecticut, ’Robert Nealey, 
won the title of checkers champion two years ago at Peoria, Illinois, and 
recently defeated the 7094 IBM checker-playing computer. He is going to com- 
pete next August in Rockford, Illinois, for the official blind checker championship 
of America and Canada. We all wish him success. 

April showers are with us now. I hope they will bring colorful flowers to 
brighten your gardens and your lives in the early Spring weeks ahead, 

Annette Dinsmore 


He is remembered mostly for promising the battered, 
beaten Filipinos, ”I shall return.” And for telling the nation 
that acclaimed him when stripped of his command in Korea 
that "old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” 

General of the Army Douglas MacArthur has been many 
things to many people. He could be a "great hunk of God in 
the flesh” to a congressman; or "the greatest man who ever 


jrf .S'?/* la arfolisoiidiKi Ic wiot ^di at iofuJiOoM .'5 hl^TeO .11^1 

urtJ qu r.t afld sH .OAT fil iB&i&iai ciworfa 'sail 

•^ivr ifW' ii ,v *?Ti)3 '^V' ..T^aat^irdina briB ^faiana dllw na ^iob al f)r»e acfcJooG 

.’iUiaJil ftO bnA—rlaiioT 'xwo ol XijM 

T : . , irxf^lr.-j. Bis tiioil abnai*;! bitlld “Issb tuo 1o 9fi0 

S' *''. oT_.e vviHet, ov/1 rroiqt iido eviSibado k» aliil odi now 

.;- •' ;^ . «. 3.. ’ . ..dfll >G0 V 9xlJ MjBsSab ’^Ilft'sod'i: 

<• >: r..’ ■ b;iilri orfl 'iol ,aioffilll ,b3db!aon ni Ja/x?!ijA bxart elaq 

XAiid neiw fiii a'.V .rixfitusa brcs soitioiLiA lo 

•fc r,-'' W ' 

f<. •■ f.v .j .yi r<''> •; ! htv/ v.edl 3qofl i . v.Tifi 5JJ rlJiw 3'i£ axav/odaiHqA 

.'. i'n .,;x nn*', "sj a^vi’ 'jtryv f>fiB uufO)^ rt9ld,^ii<l 

* If i ■'■■ ■'■' ' >tf ' , » ‘ - 


- <! 

j ’u .)!a ’<1 

.'' ••^■' 1 -'’ ! • , , I . I ii. • - ■'i q xo> ba v acliiiacxiaT zt &H 

/.;i( .* ‘rrA '!£•/> .ii'^xUo'f IlBfiR X" ,£OCiqMr'l 

' '•■' -.nura.ffcj aid \c Laqql'sla riQrivr mirf Hai-aila (-jaA ladl 

•’p\<ri\ > xi] .sib lavon siaiblott bio" isdi 

v.ftii. . > '0 aid toxUtAobxa iiul^iioCT ^miA ori3 to Ju'ranaO „ 

»io<; ■’f >l(tiir* B 3d bfjjoo oir .olqo^q ynoox oJ aaalrfl 

1jv » ofl'-/ ac. t:33fiy-i>i ‘iriJ" 70 ; rriici.n»‘3t gno 0 fl 03 "daot! odJ 

lived” to a staff member; or, to his many critics, an over- 
bearing, arrogant egotist with an inflated reputation. In the 
picture most people have of him he was proudly erect, always 
with open collar, corncob pipe, and scrambled-egg hat with 
tarnished gold braid, all intensified by the stern patrician 
bearing. Everything about General I/IacArthur was bigger than 
life, his triumphs as well as his errors. But nothing surpasses 
the day the country was stunned to learn that President 
Truman had r eli eie d the 71-year-old general of his Korean 
c o m m and. 

Douglas Li acArthur actually had questioned the wisdom of 
the nation's entire foreign policy and, in effect, given 
I.i r . Truman no choice. The challenge the general threw at 
Washington was profound. The question was not only whose 
policy was correct, but whether a field leader should question 
orders from a civilian government, Should policy be set in 
Washington or in the field? General Li acArthur had made it 
clear he objected to the fundamental structure of American 
foreign policy. He called the war of containment "appeasement," 
and demanded total victory against communism in Korea. He 
rode the crest of a fantastic outpouring of public sentiment 
and political support. But the v/ave that bore him so high 
gradually played itself out, and General MacArthur lived on in 
quiet retirement, a venerated hero, a respected man, a growing 





■, ■ (■ 

, o ■ j r 'i' ;3 V f f 0 ;j': ■ I . 

ij : :: 

■ : I/' 

' ' ' ' ■, ■ '> 

• , ICC ; s d X 0 I'i ^ i uj c aj '' b ‘■•' '' H 'i’ 

!'!i fi.- rw JD iS injcs^o cj d' :‘jj 
■; ( ; 0 >r A fl ' I ci Cf a f| i o ri 'j. u i o \ q 

: b: :; dx. ,'t.uHv.o xIjiw 

::rf‘ . ■•/ ': • j ,: Ci? jj-j i ,I i.^"d 

■,. ,v ■'. ,. ;.iv: ■; ff :f;odr qrx r :i j y-x:? Y'^I ’ 

<. :■ :.i --.G f h» '- o". :;; dq -r vj'T i ;? nf 

.'I • - 

i f. ? 

:■ XiS ;;) ' ■ ' ■)H?! rj’G. 

i. : G ’7 

77^fiirf.o ody 

3 ri I 


; G G' ; 

> 1 1 -I 

bOGB ffo'c .jAfJ 


b n ri 

; ,l 0 0 

; • n vIIj'u.;' • 

; 7 . . ■' 

■■ 7 A iJ .£! r i '3 J r; A 

.: n ij :" j 

• - . ■ '■ 

• /; 7 7 0 ): 

X.' 'T}: in 7 « ' f> o,£ i B xi 


; •■••; ? ■: 

: • d 7 c ij (' f- ' ■- u'.: b 

, * ' .i 

■■'. , i- 'X 

L' '' t ■>■ ;.i .' ‘jp_ Oil '. 

. A I’ ■■: ':i 

o'xq ^srr :'0.i^riiu 


^.VO' d.-G''’ 't "■ . ! j'Ou'i' jrd , i G ; •■■ 'TO > oxivr vo'^oq 
'j i t; c ..'■ .. . : •'. •'• ' : s I , i 7 i: G ’ c 'x'\ ■.'. G's-q -y u 

oiA •'. .i 

r«:0;:;3Xi t i.. 3 V' 

: .• • , ; A G ; ' ' f. A: 

.7 ■•, i ; 7 li. j Q J .'.y 'S' -i 

:. •> i_ r\ ..,' 3 i'l \£fy lo 

.: • o: :: Ur' 7 A'. 'X ■': vJ 

7,i,( q.l:I 

, jU.'3q 

. : i ' . n ' ~ '.. i '3 J G 7? i : 

.'.oi 0( 7 ; A, : 

q J j' 7 '}.: :: 0 b br;s 

• : r. . >:■ } vfi r 'lijoq ' n 

'' , ■ . ; 7X3? 7 'iO 

1:3 5 'VJ Sill qboi 

■ ■ oc t. ... rfji'j! 

y t;l A' , A •. 

■ ' i-i 1. J- If 0 q bfiu 

lij ; '•u--' " ' 77 -ir-5.’j ?;> 

. J ;> ,J7.'C v'la-'. A ;>? 


’y > j 7 " . .; -f "y rl 

'■. ‘■A.H'i r-r.^)v 33 , si-ftarx. tf-j Jttot 'ioAip 




•• !:: 



Douglas LCacArtliur v/as horn in Little ?.ock, Ark. , on Jan. 26, 1880. At West 
Point young MacArthur compiled an academic and leadership record never equaled. 
Graduated at the top of his class, he was voted cadet most likely to succeed. On 
April 5 , following three major surgical operations at Walter leed Medical Center 
in Washington, General Douglas MacArthur, senior ranlcing officer in the U. C. 
Army, died. 

Republicans noisily warned it would happen. The Democrats never denied it. 
Nobody, therefore, was surprised when it finally happened last month. The Genate 
Pules Committee laid the Bobby Baicer case to rest. 

To the end, the investigation remained as it had from its beginning five months 
ago — far more interesting for the questions it raised than for those it answered. 

The final star witness, accountant Milton L. Hauft of the U. G. Labor Department, 
only reaffirmed what he already had declared: tliat his signature had been forged 
to Hobert G. Baker’s 1C61 income-tax return. Nobody charged any other irregularity 
in the returns, and the group’s Democratic ixiajority made clear that its curiosity 
had been satisfied. Nobody but Republicans even wanted to know who had signed 
Eauft’s name. So Chairman B. Everett Jordan of North Carolina gaveled to a 
close what the Democrats intended to be the last hearing in the case of the former 
secretary to the Democratic majority. ”It’s about milking time, boys,” he said 
in adjourning. There, at least, the Republicans could agree — and they prepared to 
milk the case right into November. 



■ nU/l-A ' . : ' ■■ ■Jr.'S'': AofiyJ' 

.^; .,.o/'.; rJ '.'.‘nq; ... V .. •..uriT'* ^•yr.'. ;;ir.'cy ifiio'l 
’i. ;.i<;t jo ooj O'Ji 'yjySr.jbssvO 
i/&vcAioj ,d ii'tciA 

'■■• :,y rf- 

. ■'• .-i-o;.. ij; v;r- Vr v 

:' ' j T :' . . . . V ‘ ' -A i OOiiif.jM.. •Jlifj',. 

■ i , 'IcyiA^' ;•':; ?:.}:cr:\jy}!A ,f)x;fj v'J c'f 

'■• .A -A'A ci ; ' Aivrsjui: stcl:'. •'' rv- -o;^.B 

A aa/aja",. , A .■;A.'A;?iiw 'A.;:^::. !5riT 

;': fi-:. 'AjiO'AlA •■■>.! A "'.V box.. ’:':^7 .£'-i'!: vino 

i '■; '.Av- '"' jl .-io'iodo'' oj 

r ,: .o..; «'a a’a b,r:io .uXiVfii'Ai rif 

’ .■. X.ii’' . ’ A IjA-. .- jT,’:.' "A’ uC/, ' ,^'i.', (itii'.'i*''. ri'3£>C -'Oil 

f?Ob'j-l '■■•.■■ ' . A ■; o.. 'i.iMiib t/'i . I 'UbH 

;;•: f ;> b' .-bool'Tf aJf'xoc.' :rjiU Ofb lox/v'/ iAOi',! 

f:;> ■ xi.r'oyoi'r-.r.,;' tu'A cv y,'ijsb:vx;..-oa 

It. ^ A,-:, jd' i'rt , :,K[be nt 

. ;:;'.<tj "■ ’i .tri'ji"; snfi-* o-. ’ ■■'Miivr 

V •* • 

I lissicsippi lawinalcers, whose thoughts occasionally confound the rest of the 
nation, had some second ones last month about a bill, primarily aimed at Negroes, 
that would giver second-time parents of illegitimate children a stern choice: three 
years in jail or sterilization. The Gtate House of Representatives waved the bill 
through, 72 to 37, assured by its author, '’Buck" Meek of Eupora, that it was 
’’morally sound. ” Then a howl arose from religious leaders. "Chocking, " agreed 
the Human Betterment Association for Voluntary Cterilization, Inc. , wliich though 
it champions voluntary sterilization, opposes the new scheme as compulsory. But 
there were some hard-headed objections, too. The state welfare department 
figured out that it v/ould cost more than three times as much to put a child in a home, 
if the mother chose jail over sterility, than it would if the unjailed mother received 
a dole to care for the child. And that didn’t even include the cost of jailing the 

Moreover, though the House had apparently been swayed by the latest official 
count (for 1962) showing 8,203 Negro and 444 white illegitimate births in Mississippi , 
a state statistician figures that "a lot more white women give birth to illegitimate 
children than we report because many of them check into the hospital as Mrs. So 
and So, and nobod]/ questions them. " 

"V/e are going to have to study the bill, ’’ said a member of the B/Iississippi 
Senate, where the bill is now in cornmittee, " — like for the rest of the se ssion. " 

* >'f 4 : 

In Washington last month a great silver rush became a sterling example of what 
the law of supply and demand can do to the Government’s precious-metal stocks. 

Long lines of coin collectors — or speculators, or both — formed at the Treasury to 


di 1- bnjolijoo ■j.IfPcioiiBC'Oc elrf^wcrft 9:30^v/ ,«iT3.'f£.r.^sl iqqisalaeUf 

._o. lj-.j(-.ii; <ill~isu i iq iJd iuot’B tfJuorii faaf i9«o bijooaa airzoa buri 

.‘‘^i:*; *^5' 'orir: lo alnoiBq ^#r.itl--!^cc»9£ bluoy/ indi 

i": «■) . - ’r,v' .r lo eajioH TfXoii£StIi*r!jJa to al aiB9>t 

, .vMi >■ .!3 o. ' j "ybfja” .'iciDf.s bJi bo'xwaap ,T£ oJ 2V .tlsuotjii 

I • •:• ■ , ■;'>.of] ''' .a*? :>f r.-rJ *^ot5 auo'iB Iv^oifa jasilT 

. I*' • 

■ -.. vv r vji' ,nc l.hoi.: "is^nuToV -jfcl HoUHioci,} A tod. .. a9ii:>Si nfirii/H Otti 

,• • L''< - . '3: a!'!!' uo:.".qqo ,iTfol.‘B.'';i[I';ato cjCiciq'i'iSffa it 

)t: ■- ^':fiqov arj'i .or.- boi^'tftd oraos o*aw 

. ' ■' -j. :i‘! :■ ( J rf'iui; . r: 30»v rri (tBr'j 9£0.’.» biucw to ifliJi too 

»' ■ ' ^ 

'■ 'jt to fiBi’li . ’•■ lixi( oaoxlo Oiilit 

:y: y-l. u:'nto,G/ r'jav ) i'iibrb tofto ;?aA sriJ I'oi d^GO oi 9k>b j 3 


.r. " •"'■ X ro-: ' J..r3>i^r|B bp4l 'jd? f{s.ycfrj /xsvoai’xclvl ,|. 

'■1'.' «= ■"' -i ■- ito;; :yr< _ , COa'. , G >;!ribv7orr3 (SBfil lol) jitwoo 

v.-'i ' -■-• iv! av). " . <■. " 'yJLiw ‘jiOO- 70* f-" iGjii J0 ruv;to <Ji3toi'ia iIGto 9toto s 

’---_ -»■ 


-.•; , „• , c ' •«*'' o.r.i u .'dJo ...adt aj "icuLii BWyjood i ioq-i i o\v tittdS ns>'ibtorio 

■' ,..i9fl) aiio^i-aaop'^bodcii buB .08 I’m 

• "*! '^4.1 >0 i9v. oi a bifia "totod odi ybuf^ oj av.nd o3 ijctioig oib a\V” 

r.'.j ■ „ j V jj-y/ or!"' -.ct ojiy — '' :?'3toL.i/rrjoo fli wen Gt (IM orli atadv/ ,‘i^Ba93 


-f » * 

^ i 

.ii , . . -<" , R-* 1) jtitoiojii s r!an'^ taviia tcrx^ u cltncw tojjl nl 

..■l.•' ' t tti-i j i~'Li'uf’JO'iq y'io adi u) cb a&:^ lwiB;u9b bn« ylqa'fo 

•' t ru,.C'*: I ot:} ifl ba _‘nlt — ilk'd 10 .eiotolwo-Kia to— s'sotoetooo ntoo 'to aonll 

buy silver dollars by the bagful, 1, 000 at a time. 

The quest for silver dollars began earlier last month when the Treasury 
announced it had found a cache of ’’Morgans" of the 1880’ s named for George Morgan, 
their designer. Depending on place and date of minting, and condition of wear, they 
can be valuable to collectors. An 1382 piece minted at New Orleans, for exa.nple, 
may be worth from (|:175 to $750. No silver dollars of any sort have been minted 
since 1S35, and recently the House rejected a bill for coining more. With that the 
silver rush intensified. The follov/ing day the Treasury halted sales. Its supply of 
silver dollars had shrunic to 3 million, the Treasury said, and there was no "equit- 
able v/ay of distributing them. 

The silver-dollar rush coincided with the issuance of the new half-dollar bearing 
the lil^eness of President Kennedy. There was a great rush to buy them, too — even 
though officials pointed out that the Kennedy half-dollars will be regular issue for 
the foreseeable future. 

J|< >|5 >!c 

Harold Wilson was indignant. "Degrading, " snorted the gray-haired leader of 
Britain’s Labor Partj^ "Gqualid. " In the v/orking-class Birmingham suburb of 
Cmethwick, Wilson charged Tory parliamentary candidate Peter Griffiths was 
lending a new lov/ tone to British politics ’oy giving currency to the slogan: "If you 
want a nigger for a neighbor, vote Labor. " 

Chocked Britons siad, "It can’t happen here, ’’ and Griffiths denied that he had 
ever said such a thing. But there seemed to be little question that the 35-year-old 
schoolmaster was pushing hard on the "color issue, ’’ More important, for the 
first time in modern British political history the approach was being taken seriously 

- 6 - 


.onri^ a lu (M)0,I .M^sc’ aril aiallob tiavfia xyd 
iT e ft vfl'-ivr dJno-L i?j?f ■xail'tso rse^d s'xaUob lavfla toI Isajip adT 
- - ro b'>c r.ii .'.i''"?! o;U lo lo or'-'Ro a hftool biid Ji baoavattflfl 

. .rtv # . ■ . ' ':► r :■■ T, . >dJ:ai . 'dab bn,s arwln nn ^^jJbxKKjan .loarilu^b 'xiadJ 

i*'F : '•vJ3-d-!‘ .'rc'“ ji-, ljaini^..i>osiiq .'JBOl i'j'A b-xoIooIIoo ol alci£u.ia7 ad iiBO 

flli#: ■•' ; r. i:ofi\c c7idfoi.' 'sevO^ oT'I ,0>'}?’‘ ,ol atlO aofl dhovr 

; j 

; )r . V' ■ . i, /'.I'.r rr.-Ti .o.) i>;d ^ baJijarO'.r o '.t‘OK Ivia ,SSC'I 3Dai8> 

,- ' .. li-dsd 'ri(;a.r.a'> V -jdl 7 r>b ^^arvofin^ orlT .banidnalflf diUt levi'ia 

■ , '••■ ■ -■ ,. b.f:i ,ricx/U.y. v oJ' :ifawlv3 bad a'j.alJob lavlia 

*■ griUudiTJoxb xc "^avr ^jfds 

. .■,' : . ’ .:• K:,f: .iit'lc ' ifTBj-ir.r-i • 3 ;d d5i:v.' I'.'i :i'>nk>a. dc'j:.'! "xancb-'iSvliG adT 

^-r- - j .' , '. .i.rr oj A,v\ .vaoT^! ri .^peivirp^riiibL'ias'r'l. lo &di 

.■■ ,;/v^ .'L V j/sdi ioo baimoq alaiodlc )l;3iJOdl 

oJLd£:^aao'ioi aril 


=• - V 

.. . i x-'-> '>ii ’ .’5^; rbfri^o T* d..ivi^dbxii tsaw cGsir.V hlotill 

.ricii'., r r' '.. i . 7 cV •' .’dTSl 'lOtlaJ ?5'malita 

lU': ■•■: "» '!jab.j7fi5j ^'-a.-iTs .alh^.jq ^oT boS'xarfo aouiilV ,,doiwriio£j:3 
- .. d ' .nonjjG 7 d a:5!j£loq duaHH oJ onol 'ml n 

' . '.>:cdf>,.l aJov .iccdri^jion a lol le'js.t^ia a inaw^ 


' . ... ;. . '• , y-vo .dn'^Vrx^} bnn oaqqfifi J'xtEO ir' .baJQ GacIWd b&jbortD 

I i* •<-. o .i f/’.rii nMla^^r/p oliliJ sd ot ba:-io>9a ej^dj ^t/fl .T^dl b rioua biaa yovd 

•■ :. % I . jnRj-iuq'.'d oto ',. '■ .orraai loioj" adJ no bind ^niiiauq aftyr ’ffllaamlootlos 
K-I'j']..!-..’? '.t*' r'.;>.J f/iiod ^,07j iqds 'it^s rwvlKirl InoOitnq fl8Hi.TfT n'joh^'.fiT rtf enU l8iit 

* ' ® ■ ■ -. 8 . 

^ Ilk 

. ' sJi difii > 

on a national scale. 

Sin .e last election in 1C5S, Britain's population of Indians, 
Pakistanis, and West Indians had soared to more than half a million. And as a 
result, in urban constituencies across the country, where the colored immigrants 
had clustered, politicians were keeping a close and nervous eye on the goings on 
in Smethwick. 

Peter Griffiths is confident that in this year's election he will unseat Smethwick's 
present I.ieniber of Parliament, Labor's shadow Foreign Secretary Patrick Gordon 
Walker. If Griffiths does win, it may well mean a milestone in British politics. 
"Good God, man, this is Birminghan, England, not Birmingham, Alabama, " 
snapped one Labor intellectual in Cmethwick. But perhaps if he had witnessed a 
scene in a london workingman's club last month, it rmght have given him pause. 

"I've voted Labor all my life," one grizzled old member told the Labor Party 
agent. "But never again until you stop favoring the darkies. " 

❖ ^ >i< 

There's no business like no business 
Like no business I know! 

Every day 5 mu take another bruising! 

Every day your money worries mount! 

Lots of tranquilizers you are using 
When you are losing 
A fat account! 

For Mad magazine, there’s no business l&e the parody business. But when 
Mad needled I/Iadison Avenue, doctors, and other well-worn targets to the tune of 
Irving Berlin's "There’s No Business Like Chow Business" and other popular songs, 
Berlin and twelve music publishers (representing llichard Lodgers and Cole Porter 
among others) refused to sing along. Instead, they filed suit charging infringement 

- 7 - 

isJi'if. ijf nt/ijnoir.r fil3 ImxUJSJC! » no 

■ r.:v.j -a-xcrr oJ i>w. i/:>,ibrtT ,alrtBJi;l3iA<I 

. ' Vl r. J/'; :, 4 .:;v. 4 i I'.'jiOilOVtrtG/Ioa , HiJBQJ 

'i jji > n 1 j a aeioii/loG ,bai»t3i/Ea L«d 

v rii 

f -■ =. - Ai? f m; V.'" ■ >0 ui 

|,.. ic . :n?530‘vq 

■ . ' . .'rjvf -^ 5 .^ O' ,i' '■■ I'-'-'b ?d<fBrir' !} .i:d;llnV.' 

. 'i . ,T'!r .bcu bonO’’ 

. ‘ .1'- . ..c 'ioda.- one 

^ <’;Io ;rl':.:'%v ■' fJ» sri^os 

i'C V .’ ' .-■^AL Vr. !b'3 svT’ 

-"b . ' V- vt Hi j;c v: T<?v 3 a J.uCL*' 

, ■ V, ■ . 

^,i ebid ■ ’.••= .:, • i .. .'bv,'';' 

' V. } w* ..i! : A’> 

^ - i" . .;k :! ■• • 

r fr.'fi '. , "L ;>' 'v.'T 

'jl'f ' I iO. i, 

■ ' - f n. jxl A 

p/j.l r.-Aj'if-'.'J '. jT'jfj b£V lo'i; 

•- .l-m u^u 'io -f) i ,'j<jrio-/A .jcaiba-I t: j*', .aij 

; . ' ’V'ilU yj'i I ttu .a o'l ^tnl 

f ytn^C-3Bj>. ' tj-i jf!r>Utluq ’itai/u- ovlowi tjut fUhaS 
. • u’} v >di .iiKH.Air! .yiois oi boaj/laT (ai^i^Uo ;p,nat .6 

- V - 

of copyricrht law, clar^iages could have been assessed as high as $1 per copy for each 
infringement. Cince 25 song parodies in one issue were involved (’'The Last Time I 
Caw Faris" became "The First Time I Caw l/Iaris, " a dig at the Uanlcee ballplayer) 
and 700,000 copies were sold, the assessment could have reached $17.5 million, 
"L'lost people have a sense of humor, " said A1 Feidstein, editor of the •’satirical 
monthly. "I guess the music publishers don’t. I just worried that the next time I 
sang in tlie shower I rnight have to pay 2 cents. ’’ 

Iv'Iad , according to a ruling by the U. S. Court of Appeals in New York last 
month, no longer has to worry about its song parodies. "Parody and satire are 
deserving of substantial freedom both as entertainment and as a form of social and 
literary criticism," wrote Judge Irving Kaufman. Liad ’ s victory struck a sour 
note for Berlin, the music publishers, and their attorneys, who now plan to appeal 
to the Cupreme Court. 

4: * sjc 

Ever since he’s been able to thinic about it, man has tried to discover where he 
came from, and how. If Dr. Louis C. B. Lealcey is right, man originated in Africa. 
Dr. Lealcey, a British anthropologist, announced his findings in Washington, D. C. , 
last month. Displaying bone fragments of what he contends is a newly discovered 
species of man. Dr. Lealcey stated flatly: "There is no doubt that Africa — East 
Central Africa — is where man really came from. ’’ 

The anthropologist and liis wife, I/Iary, have dug for decades in the Olduvai 
Gorge in Tanganyika, now a barren v/aste but believed once to have been a lush, 
habitable area. From chance findings in 1D60 and more last fall, they have 

" 8 " 

;ii !v:>' namJ wsd blyoo JrtijlT'two lo 

' .'v'c /fi n : "// -ir.ix t*(-c oi t.t3i!!)</’iSq 30 CC S 2 saaP .tn:jr«oj*nK>jil 

■ ♦£ ,.i'-> :• " ,ai .. ’ '•/fz'Z ,? taiTf, e,-!!"' o;irj 8 at'd "dJoa-I wjaS 

■ •>; . f’' '. l-.rjTJ S)lj ,bioo a'rgw 'uojqosj OCft.OOV bita 

■> 3^.. .-.-,p^,>3 B avfid ftiqodq 

I ' 

■■' ' / .! ■■■ ’rrj:!<:;; C’f'’.' . ■- 'Jn’i- - I" .vL;Jnoi'4 

■■ .••'4 ^ f J ov;"!!! '■ I iOV^Hfa orW ni gni;a > 

r . '1 (.aI. • .L.A. '>{.b 'M ;.;.:iiliri a O't .iiorb'xoo-ja . bn\J. 

' '. . .a’i''- •! :U^ Ar 2 y/it:.. 7 -isl' cfr ,tUnoc:: 

•' ’■• . ,4 „.<■!' ;Y.c;'vO':'r'!: ^0 ^v'oaab 

■ _ , Y a' '• 1 ,’.,'" . :;,Arviii i>", . v-b' .>''o''f’Y " , .xr:ic»Lli‘v:» vi’aii>ljci 

. / ' 

• ■ • '’■/'-j. '*!/' ■.'f''. ,ii‘< r’;,!fc;riq viJ:? .rJiJTor' ioj 

a:'..;f:r,qjjD o<iJ oJ 

■ . . ^ ■ 1 

r .,- .Jr ^ i> cf >‘^tvr{'svi g-jflta ’lovj^ 

, ' ■, ,., r.u:o ; ...T' .'(A A .''^Ttrtr^>r;j8 ,/'•(*. rl' ‘JiC-iao 

t ' 'bf .Mi\. >- R a ■< .-rdL 


. 'it '):::'■ It' j.. V ■ jv. '• t.<',r/;l 0 foj ;r.{T/Yj;Iqoi^T ./UnoiJ' >?,»[ 
f':' nu.'.b n ' ■ V I.l/ili bsarac v^^IboJ .'td .rraai to aoJovqa 

.* .‘I'il 'j . S'i yiir-ri w. . rjvgrfv/ vi — aoJilA lutiji 
■; jf. /» '.f.i :irb fjvnd .YAfl' " ofif /.>nB ysxarboqQxrfl'CK griT 

f'i < AM j'JmH jjr^i fitj'tinH ’,v« n , BVU’CflR^'jftJBT tii 

ir,: 5 i'l ’"am .> in& 00^ t nt aj(»Ulv<n goonrlo /uonl .iitiia ald^lWajl 

reconstructed what they believe is man’s oldest known direct ancestor: Homo 

Eabilis . He lived about 1,820,000 years ago. The oldest previously acknowledged 
ancestor is a species that lived 600,000 years ago on the island of Java. Scientists 
have believed evolution followed a straight line from ape forms to near- man to 
Pithecanthropus (Java Kan) and the genus, Homo, to which modern man belongs. 

Br. Leakey’s findings would upset the timetable. He already has found remains 
in Olduvai of a near-man, Binjanthropus, which came along after his latest find. 

His Zinjanthropus did not develop into man, but became extinct. 

The anthropologist believes Iiis Ilomo Eabilis spread to Europe and elsewhere 
and developed into the later species of man, such as the Cro-Magnon, which lived 
30, 000 years ago. Instead of man developing in different places at different times, 
he intimates, man as we know him came out of the Olduvai Gorge. Homo Habilis , 
which means ”oan v/ith ability,” was short, about 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 feet. His teeth 
show him to be a meat-eater, and his jaw was constructed in such a way that he may 
have spoken. His name implies a new definition of determining man from ape, the 
ability to stand erect, to walk for a long time, to make cutting tools, and to speal^. 
Until now, evidence of the ability to make tools was considered enough to distinguish 
man from the lower animals. 

It is yet to be determined what this does to the hunt for the ’’missing linic, ” the 
precise species Uniting man to ape beyond doubt. Since Dr. Leakey’s man predates 
all other known species in the current line of descent, the search may have to start 
all over again. 

^ ^ ^ 

Greater London is being choked by its population ejiplosion; its birth rate is six 

_ c _ 

■ o. ^ JtwTlb .T>-»ncr:I t»t>bIo a'nfitj ai ovoilcxi '^orfi lariw boioinlsrioooit 

,^vi* ? I'.vf.m-i'" <i Jtiobir; otIT a JQOX OOO ,0'\8 1 f lirodfl bovU dH 

•V. - rf );d- .T/tL I bnslai 9(iJ no cj^f. a'liJOX 000 ,000 ^'OvH Udi colooqti a Qi \wud:)tiB 
; -rvr.-: ifl i -j oc^s 70“'1 ^ijJ/ iJ bQ\/c4folk xinliylova bavalldd o^rsd 

iiiidt , ~.r, ' ,7 c’l' , 0 U 50 S a;;j f>f[B (caii?l ,^7.Ql) sJjqO’imrrcoiubHI 

• , • ..'i ■ v' noY r> ^oaqi/ biijov*’ nv^ifflbaH .*dl j 

' _ ..f r , llrW^ /4rjqo'rd;^'': .op^-^iiarf fl lo ffi’/wfelO oJl 

•■ • »?;--■/ ^ 7?:'> .'■fir,: ctrji qoXavoF.) icr^bih ayq-^nrftnfiil/rlS aiH 

- - ‘ , U'* tlooL" .nii'l Ic 'i .vijin adi oiai b^qoi^'nb ofiB 

■ ■ . ' ' . ■ .1, 

; ; _, ;■• ,• ;.i(=r %i'^, ca’Rj-b id "^niq^'/CiYab r{fi. ' q" tii>J8r?I , 0 '^& Q'lfiax coo, OS 

f ■* 

•r '"u.i U'" C l io -icfc c -Pu . Sid fiv/ as niiiiC ;.i3iiJ aH 

.r . \ j 7 ;i ? ,,it:.r = ,fiv/ \ -iKidr. a’.dNV cBr.i''' aiiBsti, doWw 


•• ■ . . .-■•j.-ffoc v-rfi' -ic daij .■■nvfiij-'Jfiar' c ec! oj mW vn^da 

■ , ■ 1 

e ' :.;■ •■ '/ " ■ “'L'i-'lsb p SKI fi Cjl?q:.. < ,nadi''t];t:; ovod 

■</■ •l.ff'i v'- o, j d ■■nl ;JTs**‘;oi .Jcin'jLO biieia c:rv?iliciB 

;j;v, / -lb v;ic.. viHidn 9;l3 Xo aonobiva ,wj !UxiU 


.alci-wiaa t>v/oI adt iiro'il uiira 

i,.i '. r jnjx] . ‘b .rj'.'b ziih Jfidvr boaKc'iali'b Pd oi iOX 3' Jl 
. u,., -nrtr: . KM'' '' br.oxacl (cqB o? na*;: gnbinll 
U-. i*;‘ja ..i i . lo )/iri srU nl fioivoqa crvromF '/a/fio llB 

.nfj{:58 ’tmo fU 

^ 1$ 4t 


■ f! A. ■;<*•.! > 





f'd ''■[X'j nfii^filAr<.iOcj xd bajforia jyiiad oi nobntxl lalBsiO 

times that of the rest of the country. Traffic is so congested in the city that when a 
i-iagazine staged a race between a sedan chair and a sports car, the sedan chair 
won. Last month, after a 2 1/2- year study, the Tories announced a mammoth 
project to be started within ten years and designed to ease the strangulating conditions 
in southeast England. Described as "the biggest planning project in the free world, ” 
the scheme talces in the area stretching from Lyme .'^egis on the English Channel 
to The V/ash, an inlet on the North Sea. Though this area accounts for only 17% 
of Britain's land surface, it contains 18 million people, or one-third of the island’s 
population. The government proposes building three new cities for up to 250, 000 
people in this area. In addition, two new developments, each holding 100, 000, are 
planned and 16 existing towns will be expanded to absorb population increases of 
30, 000 people. 

The new towns are to serve as counterrnagnets to London, to drav/ business from 
the capital, as well as white-collar workers tired of ever-lengthening commuter 
travel between London and its "dormer" suburbs. The new communities are to be 
self-contained, with living, working and playing space close together and hence 
little need for commuting. 

sje >{: 

It might have been the most colorful contest of the decade: Youthful, vigorous 
John H. Glenn, Jr. , America’s first man in orbit, battling for a seat in the U. S. 
Senate against Dobert Taft, Jr. , a dynamic young congressman and possessor of 
a magic name in Ohio politics. But last month Jolin Glenn looked anything but 
vigorous as newsmen crowded around a steel-framed hospital bed at Lackland Air 
Force Base, Can Antonio, to hear the astronaut withdraw from the Democratic 

- 10 - 

’iJH ^d3 nl betie^iioo oa si iiHtla rT ,’{Ttawo arli to Jaai odt to seiiiii 
n-'j -tioTH f fc''f‘s xiiirio flabas a Ka©v'J*>d acei s IjasBta oaiafi^Bf jf 
r: 1 o h >oiiUufaj 3 iO'.^oT oil. .vtoia isay -k\X S s .fliaou:*! .now 

oi\^ 3 (j 4 b9n:^^aob baa ri'iso*- rtad* atd.ti'W /xsitAts od o3 ioo(^oTc<i 
■iiii' •"/ : '*■ Juaioiq .jTitriif.lq aril” aa badixonoCC ..bcBljaS J 2 .B»rriaoo at 

■ ., '~i '^14 r. >;r:j9 , r:>riv I oxo'x) ^nMo.}5'Xjf" xiaxa arit fti soMjsj oc^arfoa orit 
* -.i: ■'ja.-.'.'?':, r,a':A -.ii-Jl ,^08 no loM fiB .risB'V oriT ■ 

iv Yr ■a*Q*.,'ici ndrl.bci anir.'ooo >'l ,o'j^(inu 2 LvisI s'nistJiSto 

., ' L i:<\‘ rv.:-:r, v/o-r ’;ni-i>IH»d.r40C:^"'qoiq loor/iri'xovo'g ©flT .noilBiiiqc«| 
■I :: ibi '■ ) .':ia-:in.qv)tov'^b v? 9 rf o'.7l , i^ojjibbii nl .Boifl r.Ml ai siqooq 


-4^. -.v . - iir.inr; cj !yv,itaq>.-5 'bv/ cc.vcj Ri bns bartfifiiq 

.afqoaq COO ,08 

■..• v;- ;.:i c! .,i:obur>.' o:: rjlarr^f'’ c.n iyyr^n <*J O'jus cfwol v/on oriT 

■ ■i 'r. 'Kj b'^it.;.;.i 3X0';:hc^7 ^;^‘4?ca“'^Si^i'v/ SB llavr sB jBliqaa aril 


X'i ’'-u' - . ' vjof- ^': I siHins ricbxioj 'loov/Jad iovB'jtl 

' - f- -* ■' ■*•' -> -V -: ^.^bJavv, /afiivri: rlllv/ .baabiinoo-if^a 

.^/iiJ;ju.^ooo lot Doan olJJil 

* ? <: 

i . 'i'lfi'J ;r- > 4.r,w.< S lol-KjfOD 3TiO*V:, 3rii nood SVBri Iri^iCi il 

--■ }ii I 'ov K •,:>■) ,]i/il?t/*d- ild'ic rA os*t; loiil a'AoriomA , .tcT> .oijoIO .U nrioT, 
-1 boa ur .• : . ♦vrinoa y^voi oii-./iirdb b , , 1 *bT Hodo! Jafflsafl 9lB«a3 

..lirJiyiB b .>!5 oI hi'j'A mini fll«of:i fen! Ixrii .aoUUcq olrfC at aaiiji b 

E. jc- ' i:'K* ;iUri«or( booisi’i-laai^ js biiwo'in habv/f7'io no'tfnwoc an swo'iogiv 

:i r.ii- , Of’' /TBib/Di"// ioanoil^B *Sfni onoxi oi ,oinojnAfl«3 .oafiCJ aO'Jo'2 

senatorial priiaary. He had been given an edge in the primary over incumbent 
Ctephen IZ. Young. 

Colonel Glenn explained that "it will not now be possible to discuss the issue of 
the campaign. I will not run just asking the people of Ohio to vote for a name. " 

But the 42-year-old biarine's withdrawal could cause confusion and trouble for 
Ohio Democrats. How long John Glenn will be out of comi'nission as a result of 
the head injury he suffered in a fall at his Columbus, Ohio, apartment Deb, 26 was 
a question his physicians could not answer. But the swelling in his inner ear has 
upset his balance, and leaves him subject to fits of nausea when he stands for any 
lengi;h of time, or even turns his head suddenly. By all accounts it will be months — 
or longer — before he fully recovers. 

Last month's announcement cliinin ished the hopes of many party leaders to 
keeping the Cenate seat in Democratic hands this year. Cleveland's outspoken 
Cenator Young is 74 years old, and his 1958 election victory is regarded by some 
pros as a flulie. The election turned largely on Chic's lepubli can-backed right-to- 
work laws, banning compulsory miionism. Though Democrat Young is a hard 
campaigner, party chieftains fear he will prove no match in November for 47 -year- 
old Bob Taft, son of the late "^.obert A. Taft, the Cenate's "XTr. Conservative. " 

By Gerard 7. i.IcCauley 

Let's forget the travesty occuring last month known as the heavy championship 

fight where Conny Liston gave his title to Cassius Clay, or is it Cassius X; the 

IContreai Ganadiens struggle to regain past prominence in the National Hockey 
League; and the supremacy of UCLA in college basketball. Baseball opens this 


• Vtj 

in j rr. 

Hi ne'rhg »i»od I'ljfi iT? 4q Tui'roJfiaftB 

.^strrvY . ...i fio.-Iqot" 

■• j' '1 jw'-i o ' v-vj 1 frj*., i'^ fx-»njs!<p<^ oiXdlO Jj/tcfcC 

ir' 'r itd'j' -'r.i/l, .v ^*‘1 fon Jihv 1 ftsijsq:' B:j flill 

-• ■ Utvnn Lii”‘r'i':iJvr :i' -.oi'tE' sdJ tuS 

“• ■ ■ •■ 'A ■■-( ni*'/ • ;,'’ r, f 'VjF . iS iDnAT.oCT oMD 

■’' ' "■>■' !leJ r ^i.\vryrj‘i3rrs o.'l v'fjjiai 3.di 

; i .'‘-'r.'.’^nji j/i uV;-' • :J!'l‘')i-r/;r'q f.-id nr Uaox/p £ 

"’ " *• -y.’tcrjr.-i '../rv* v.o''' bnE .,'j'5(i£jjBcl aiii Jrtr.cyj 


" d ■; ' . hr.''- : bj jj ;v?5 vr. lo 

.'• •(.• 'iiu.'-ty --j;. lo 

t 'd b 9 ri.:l’ rd; . j! bie 'djrro j Sjse " 

■ ' ’ ■■'■■ ■■■ '->3.’^!. .r-' bur-i bl- .. :,r - ir-\' cJ r'iWoY -folnne:^ 

■ I 

; •■• •• '■•<;■ ^^t i-.i" r?r’T .ojlidl E re -.^o-xq 


'd.?' ,o /i-iov/ 

^ ■- — ^ 

•' ■'■"■ ‘ '■^' - . .4 i'iSdL ■^’!'! Of.' 'if» 'DE «V':1 bio 

■ T , ^ - 1 , Y . f o . - • , 

'rbitu' i3 . ' I 

.V % ( > ■ 'ij’f ./;! .'I .X ’fl'.a'/r.ii oxb j9':j']iol 

' I ' ■ , .1 M -'j f/ »vE,; EoialJ yanoZ oicriv/ 

u •a*..a;.-f.7q f ax-jd’! •'ij 'onaibfirmb (EOii/io/T 

■ Jib' .!' '>‘!'3l3o-> fii A. '.00 'o v.yE'aO'fqtfB ©xli I 

•• fl 

"-ont!i with ail the prcrhce and fanfare for another hot National J eanue pennant race 
and the custor^arj^ boredom of another pennant for the Yankeeo. To pick an American 
League winner poses no difficTiitj^. It could if a baseball merger combined Ifinnesota 
Power with either Ciiicago or Detroit, but it does not. It is a case of the proficient , 
machlne-lilce Uanlcees blessed with the long ball of l .'aric and I. ’antle and the inner 
defense of Kubek flanl^ed by .dichardson and Boyer toying v/ith a pack of nine "also- 
rans. " The National l eague again is a sifferent story and to predict a winner is no 
more secure a game than . .ussian fioulette. Tliis is not a league of ten well- 
balanced teams levelling off in a tedium of mediocrity, Bather v/e find three and 
perhaps four excellent clubs all with sciind claims as baseball chanipions warding 
off four others who cotiid not win but definitely will be spoilers. Last place is easy 
to choose. The ICets now have the stature of Chea Ctadium but that is all that is new. 
Baseball, it seems, i&e the population, has centered in California, v/hat could 
determine the outcome is a history of the past two years — Dodger pitching with- 

standing the pov/er hitting of the Giants in Can Trancisco. It will be tighter than this, 
since it is a league complicated by a strong contender in £t. Louis whose aged ball- 
players may fade in August and a definite sleeper in the Philadelphia Phillies wno 
are ready to mal'e a move. ICilwaukee and Cincinnati won't win out they have ail 
it takes to be nasty to the four leading contenders. Corget about Pittsburgh anci 

Chicago who have to patch wealv spots and find pov/sr iiitting. Houston will keep, 
the Diets company, Yanicee competition arrives in tiie v/orld Geries next nctober 

and any hardened National I eague representatiye will take it in six games. 


c jnnr*f;’^q 5 u--fin * ifi'ioiJjiJ'f lorf ’i&'iKnfi Tcl 9'i£t«n''. bno sokiCtq s/it Uu /!!Jc»»C-^ I 
A .’L*; 4'3lq •'"’ ras^nV rtr*.' ici tr?jsnn«q tsKtcai lo cob/^'Torf a/lj htjis 

rtt' .ii -= 1 ii'^fiiL' - 0:1 i2Tr-^^^ IrvOuL^Ri. r. U bXwoo il •-tJiJnitllifo oa casoq immhf aw^BS.t 
. - ,'ijr - -q r'«j , y. :a ; , •, j jT .tcrc ti -ocf .JicitaCf 70 o^iasjidO TtaxItXs flttw T';V.vo«3[ 

-1 ’-■' ‘ ' i'/i: ( '’o 3/iJ iltiv/ 'vs^.aa^d ass^IriJiU 9>Ul~9aicro«ti 

i ' - 'j '.'- / . a t.ri'.v tij'yr ban Xioabxft/lfifr '4 bsjinaft 3!sdu5l lo tijrwlsb 

• i a f -jv.q ','■)■ ;:ir:n v /fJ.'. .‘rx/o’iU u ai rtt/.f/s '5>u7JiS T i&miis’ii adT " ..,'.;ubi , 

•:^''f.3f « !c/' .y -'Hi .ei-'aluc;' iis^.suu riDiit A Qiinsa avo/t; S“\) 



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Df'.iT,'- .v, '33' 'y .:r;K>3.'. ,n ui yio . 3 r;,£sJ fmosualsd . ,;^JI 

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■,' -Ij '^:p a,t 'Ii’,7 \;:-j3i,r!f'l3fr! I'ad r.;v.' Jcd fefjfoc* cdw a'-tOilio 


j.-y-r."-; Jc :,yxu1^''H c-’i 3v.pjf wen .’ srfT .sac^alo ot 

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Uii'/. r'r rc' .rrcttfjl'rqoq srlj- 3 ;lil ti .ItadsaflQ' 


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w x'in'.uyof,:/.'; j* 

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; .-."Hiy" Jtreda tcjn; " .iy^baoia'-j ’aaibsel two’! a/ft ct ad ol aajifiJ ti y 
j' w, r.c.,M,t -xiwcq br.n bf.'£ a:tc.ri3 jieow itio.tnq rj ovsd edw 

i.'-ja!' bhe'-’’ OfJt iti Gsa^/an j-jc/tti(jq»»:C'a .y^ib^I'-co alf*" f »<if 

y * s -.: 0 I i; Oviai irKv ^yijfltri^aotqsT su^s . ianotiRU x^oB ia« 


- £1 - 

. . IVi! 

* t 


lii thei’e! It ' 2 again. 

Do you know about tails? 

I have a long tail. It almoct touchec the floor. It follows me everywhere I go, 

I wag it hard when I play and when companj/’ comes. It is a happy tail. 

VAieu I talce the Boss down the stairs, my tail plops on each step behind us. 

Two times someone stepped on it and I cried. Now the Loss tells people, "Watch 

■■.7hen we get into a car the Bose holds on to my tail until the door is shut. Che 
says the door could hurt it. Che says I don't take responsibiity for my tail. I don't 
know v/hat that is - but I do take my tail with me. 

Cne time the Boss and I were at a big meeting. A -nan stood up and tallied and 
tallied. Comebody pushed a chair back right on to my tailed and I howled and howled. 
Nobody saw the chair and I kept on howling. Then the Boss took me out and I felt 
better . 

The man came to see the Boss. lie said he was very sorrj/ that his voice hurt 
my ears. The Boss told Mm about the chair. Then he felt better, too. 

Gooci^ye ! 

Jannie Dinsmoreii 

A federal Grand Jury in New York indicted eight of the 
nation’s largest steel companies, tv/o top executives. They 
wene charged with conspiring - -in secret hotel room meetings-- 
to fix prices in the $3.6 billion a year carbon sheet steel 


r 'Iff -VI 


.r ( ••• 

' -./fiJi .:;;co^ v/<xi'-A Sj:yi c- j 

■;v. -'i ■: JJ . :it\, .;i ^ >5V'5^i I 

•-' • ■ ■ ' '■■i:.' ■■-■ r:';juv/ ' s?i'f 7 .isii'V jl -o^v/ 1 

'•i' '■^' ' v .i.'.u.f ,"■ :.H!^ m v 3j‘i ojiA? I ■is;;'' • 

^ ,. ::; _.4 '.^■•^‘ ■ * ’x.r. 7' .:to .iccrj;^, Mio^'u-oz wx ili f'V/y 

' iJO 

■ i irs." •. .. i. J - r. •v.k;:: ciiij '^izux 

\ r!7:’ ; 

>'’77. .7/ 7>Aijoo xi tb »:b' cvj^r; 

■ K'iJi'j 


./^ r. . .* '"•js .;,.^Oi:: /'/• .(r ... 

r-i >:c- zlz.-z ;; yljocijj,. .c ’ 

. -•7'^" ,/n.ik‘iViA no iqo.i x onB 'isnx- onj \(x'Oocl-l ;'!|f 

‘..■3.--! at. 

•.f -'\. .. •>fc. 

' ■' '■ i '!* ' .'IK.'. '.3 k77 

a if'V;:: ' . Isl 7io7 ;^uo':7 .:'jj '' V:. v 

. 1 1 ' . . ' ' 1 4j '. -J".- b 

':■ ■: > ^ 

., - :3\ r;. .. on/^-rr.. rTialieb ..^ 

:': V' ]( :• ov/7 . .. K 7 .. •; 3 U' '‘•s " 7 v. a :r: js i 

; .;yw::3u n ‘•‘- •••;/. i. t (vo '■ . w 

: - Z . 7; a'fj -i h;;7 

industry. ...Wisconsin’s Governor Pe 3molds, heading a slate pledged 
to President Johnson, won the state’s Democratic Presidential pririary. However, 
his opponent, Alabama’s segregationist Gov. Wallace, aided by ‘Republican votes, 

received about twice as many votes as expected ?mv. Bruce Klunder, 27, a 

white minister demonstrating for civil rights at a Clevelnad school construction 
cite, was crushed to death by a tractor. His death touched off riots and street 
disorders, . . . A U. C. iJarine Corps jet interceptor crashed into a residential area 
20 miles southwest of Tokyo, killing four Japanese and injuring 26 others while 
flattening 10 homes. The pilot, Capt. H. !■. Bown, of Ceattle, Wash. , ejected 
at 5, 000 feet, landed on an automobile, was reported to be in good condition. . . . 
President Johnson cleared the way for restoring most-favored-nation treatment 
to imports from Communist Yugoslavia and Poland, He notified Congress that 
extending trade benefits to the two Soviet bloc nations v/ould be in the national 
interest, . . . The Communist Party paper Pravda in Moscovv^ disclosed a purge 
of pro-Peking notables. Expelled by the party were former Premier Georgi I'mienkov, 
Stalin’s successor; former Premier and Foreign ICinister V. M. LColotov; former 
First Deputy Premier Lazar Kaga,novich. . . . Fire, tidal waves and heavy aftershocks 
ravaged Alaska in the walce of one of the greatest earthquakes of modern times — a 
quake which leve led a large part of Anchorage and cost at least 100 lives. Damage 
was estimated from $500 million to $850 million. . , . Brazil's President Joao 
Goulart, v/ho had been moving more to the left each day, was ousted, fled the 
country in a bloodless revolution led by anti- Communist military officers. Presi- 
dent Johnson offered "warmest good wishes" to the new regime headed by Cocial 
Democrat Paschoal Hanieri ILazzilli, 54. ...The big, influential California 

- 14 - 

I j? .oMonrx:"; /onidvoO a 'n ( snoaalV/ . 

*> « 

. V. 11,4 a iib ft 1 

if ^ 

^ ,T,vv/.v' 

V 3r\rit| w;rtfj^iat3y’l Dii£*T5ofr'm2 idli now ,flO'»iiruioX, ':4 

.■!-.;?^' Vihiii *0lno£lJG,-'3‘i'>t'.«a u'*'iJ'i!x,e6«iA ,4c»2»oo<icir> oixl 

«, r 1 

rn ' 


.V :;:> .r.fMj .VO,'.,.. rui yri/Jf.i Atrods b'SVt^oOT 

h ' 

. 1 ' -j )•• .Ji Ivnh/'ov;... ’ * i.vlr 'lr.^ *94r.lnln-i' oAJtdlw 

i P;;:'' 

’ ' -' '■ 'i'' d "i^pv Ii [I'z ,io.?DA J 0 vii 'ijK3i) oi bdrfatno ,;>ila 

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. ■’T E r,.i,i ^ < ‘-f- vi'i '- “,' :■' v,rf'jo''’ '-i’-i ?•■!.''■ 1 . ■ .DA,,. .r.iabn'Oaff) 

I * • • , 

” 'vfui.'i: b'".'. 'fiEwi ^rii :i;:’ ,o . .'K/.-iP. iarwJJuoc', OS 

■■' p .'ivr 'i. JoUq C'K'” .iisjm’Oii 01 gaiiiottali 

b. \ . ■ ■'. p; I>^*"'V:r37 ,'f! :o bobnal J09l 000,r, 4« 

■■ - b ‘ ’■•* ^> '■ 'p'l ■■' ^,v ■' .'iw.' ., 

': .3 .i".' n y 7 . .■ ■ ^^.. f,£7r:,' .y^ l.iO'O ot 

'!■'!■)' 'v.r , i'0,T -'.1 c-A-J .;'It ' o5i:’ri 


b 'b ' v,\.‘,a ■ ' ,;i .':nqfv:; v,i'tn''’ ■^v'7^ic>0 :7A?T . . . 




'- ’-■ ■■ ■ • ■ '.mX.- 1' ■' ^ ..fAiidiiio.'i 3nbiD<-l-iiiq \o 

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< ’■ ■’ ■' ’■ r";^' ’yy' tf-ia >'>ji‘',->'i‘l ;7oric;^r)t>iiG ./ttilBACl 

’ • • .’ n . ',: , If'' . . ... tr^fian-j-yi sr.H?, ' k‘i(A-i‘I ’<k»Ci*j0 ba'fH 

'■ ” - 

.y -: M ■ 'Drirf'. /T'l ’ -v^j: >-r j ', : }<> :^./(c '[c u5kw >d) Js-hjaL^. ba.'vsvii'i 


,;.. i ^:-. •.( y\z:.\'io )u;:i ikW'tT' oMai^p 

I h ; :7^ f; ; 

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f ' . ; ..1=^ , .EinMiiT: • • J r.oiJIi E’ OOilJ /ro'xl balftminx'* nflv/ 

r: j'>r-”r z^-r 7 fib i' VI iAdj rrcAV :>ab/cfii naod bad od.v .I'lAro^.-O 

.1 .:iV ' r;jr' '* j nr.r. v ' ^ ■} /friaaiovri saaHioofcl a n? y'iimtoo 

Pr ' r, : 

' . .'or.'*f) 0;;, ••/ .. -vfiV 1 '’■;■ (l'4i7r huo^ iuOmi/iV' h£>x4T):(» rtoandoX. jnab 

•Ojt i'.]. '>ifT - . W-iltrrf:.’" ^j^tnoir^SfCI. 

Poll reported Ar-ibassador Lodge (31 percent) presently was the leading choice of 
state .Republicans for the GOF Presidential nor-jination. Trailing the New 
shire prin-.ary winner were £en. Goldwater, 25 percent; Tiichard Nixon, 21 percent; 
Gov. "ockefeller, 12 percent. , . . NACA space chief James E. Webb, in a letter 
to Congressional space committees, said that .Canger 6, the $28-miliion spacesMp 
that crash-landed on the moon last February 2, was poorly designed, inadequately 
tested. Webb charged that there were five major faults in design, construction, 
testing of the spaceship. . . . Charles L. (Chuckle) O’Brien, protege of Teamsters 
president Jimmy Hoffa, was indicted by a Chattanooga, Tenn. , Federal Grand Jury, 
O'Brien allegedly offered a ^25, 000 bribe to a member of the jury which recently 
convicted Hoffa for jury tampering. . . .Astronomers have found an object in the 
sky moving so fast and at such a great distance that it upset current concepts of the 
age and size of the universe. "We have had to throw our yardstick out the window, " 
said Dr. ICaarten Gchmidt, of the Piount Wilson and Palomar observatories, who, 
with radio astronomer Thomas A. Tlatthews, discovered the mysterious source of 
incredibly powerful light and radio waves. . . . John Irwin, 42, of Los Angeles, the 
house painter v/ho surrendered voluntarily after the kidnapping of Franlc Cinatra, Jr. , 
v/ac sentenced to 16 years and 8 months in prison. Two others convicted with him 
had been sentenced earlier to terms of life plus 75 years. . . .Attorney General 
..iobert F. Kennedy and Cen. Edward Kennedy revealed that $6 million — half the 
required $10 million — has been raised for the John F. Kennedy library in Boston. 
Contributions of $1 or more will insure inscription of the donor's name in the 
"Great Book" of contributors, which will have a place of honor in the library's 
permanent collection. ... In a speech to the United Auto Workers' Convention in 

- 16 - 

!o oiL'M'.o eu-rj zHfr (laooTi>q JS) a^gbnJC *:ob»aQsdmA b^t!£0(}di IIo*? 

-q- ft\ V’:;’'' .r Isitaobtii'j'r^ "^CC 9ril ro\ anfiwfdwqsr, 


^Djoq ^ ' .."oxiM bvBrfoi .inoD’f .q 5S ,T9l‘w/bi''v' ,no3 ‘^r<w,i9ntftlvr :hiq ort^^ 
■ijjft' i. ri ,&.:,3’'.' .'>1 ao; iiT, laid') SDBqa Ar<AH . . .?nor>i;3q ,7?3fM9Moc'" .^rcO 

T, r 

-irK .touih..-‘'i^‘:': y3 ,t 'ir:if3/.. Sf.vU bias .'aoiJt.: ...too Ifinohaotj^ffoC oj 

; ''"r^!\n'f£ ,inf?vij->S i''*''; :S y^jsi’*. do'' t .s!. rioc _• ..rll no bofyti&hd^^io iurfj 

;co ,r,^; .3h '-ij ''•'‘.v'?i'i:. os^f} triov/ isiti bos*<sflo dtlaW .baiaoJ 

i ■• ■ ■ •-i'i ■ ■■•.rq fC*’ idz-hyd'^j) '.tOh'BfSr . . . .qldaooBqa 3*11 5o ;;rxiJaaJ 

(T '-■"‘••''v , .m«)T (.r.,]oo:,.r;,th'5'"^C n \;d j.‘>:)jcibrv? ar.v/' viYir-iltt. :'aoblaa:rq 

1 .-;^ •: .; V' ” I'l'i . ;r *f^<l' x, .', o;i oditd COO .b.'?;'^ B boT'VJlo riotiQL’C 

! f;r. :>v^y' • Qiiiir.TiCt'J:* '. . . . TiTJ-/ nt vxift b*IcH bQioivmo 

, ;. oA'ou"xi'j3 j'; •!■.;'■,) *; iu iXfjB Jcai' rr ;}nivci.: Y.^la 

■ ■•' ' - i! '■• wo vr.. ;rl;f o,‘ bad ' /‘lii v/' *' r. nivvini; oilj ks bos ogB 

• ' b IF:-,': ■/'. iaa,;clr:'!f 1c; .^bi^rdo;'; no^iaC,! ,.i<T b?Bn 
■i>r . -1 3/!t i-.n'i' •/'.'^v/,J!> . r/-v f Ab'i.. .Of!T 7^rxo^io•:t♦aa oJbB'i dJiw 

'■ ■ ' '■ -.0 ■ ?(. /v/'ir •'r?r. Y , . . ^ovGvx C jbB't bna .)c{7jif li’Hov/oq 

•.'-b jil " :.o* . i-,'. •fiatqqf:. d^.v '.*^1 'fo'Aa 'Ir.TlRtiicv b-n.^br^n'E^(Si:.'V' ■s^trfi.'iq ajifocl 
V. . -w”? 'ffu V to':. ^v/T ./ir,jiTq;q zd'fno i I ban o'uJOV, bsoiiOYxoc ofiw 
1 - .... ' rt rr;jj.-. ... , .TnS.f <? rjfjiq -.iCa' I'c :.;>..-'i!:J 01 TCii.fT.'5!0 boonalc^a fioob bad' 

Jj -’f'. — f,f Uii- • ■ .n<.'.< b'j's' YoT Yb^nrtii';’ fi'j5-.vrj7 .iieb /i biOfio:'.; 

. r.i •raTcf’ v'oo:;. .'•. jnuiob orb xc"^ boaAijTi oflxi— aoilUi- 0!^ ooaiwpQT 

■•' • ; I '.-[i oxll lo fioHqiaoar.i 3'x.ij:jinf litw to lo cificljiidJTljaoC 

C'rJii 'fb r.f -rnricrl '?o ;)ojp.(q r 'v/ad ifiv? ibirlv/ .Rxo.iijdi'zlfico lo “Jioofl jcoiO** 


t : <iojJxiovr;r : b ;5;hwV ''TrxA boxinU orlJ of nboofn u nl , . . .noiJoolIoO ./KOUB! .‘CTOCi 

Atlantic City, AFL-CIO precident George Keany charply attacked the White House 
wage-price guideline. The policy leads to a government- controlled econoin 3 ^ "the 
end of free collective bargaining, " I ieany said. . . . Ten men, ranging from a 
London bookie to a country lawyer, were convicted in Aylesbury, England, of the 
biggest cash robbery known in history — Jp7. 3 million from a train last A.ugust 8, 

Eight more defendants face separate trials, then sentences will be determined; 
masterminds and most of the cash are still missing. . . .Heiress Barbara Mutton, 51, 
took for her seventh husband Prince Pierre Faymond Doan Vinli, 48, a French 
national of Indochinese royalty. ... To strengthen Russia’s hand in the ideological 
struggle w’ith Communist China, Coviet Premier Khrushchev presented documents 
in Budapest detailing woes at home besetting Peking, including riots, guerrilla 
warfare. . . .Brendan Behan, 41, Irish plajwvright, died in Dublin of diabetes. Jaun- 
dice, and the ravages of heavy drinl^ing. . . . A 51-foot aluminum submarine, 
designed to be the world’s deepest diving undersea boat (15, 000 feet), will go into 
operation this summer under command of a private firm — not the military. J. Louis 
r.eynolds, board chairman of the "eynolds International, Inc. , and the U. C. Navy 
have mutually agreed to part company on the project, leaving the craft with the 
alurrhnum firm. . . . President Johnson unexpectedly Xiade a strong appeal for active 
civil rights leadership by Couthern Baptist clergymen. Johnson was the first 
president to jmalce a strong, direct bid to Southern churchmen to lead their 
congregations actively in the rights fight. . . .Britain’s famed astronomer Cir 
Bernard Lovell, only V/esterner to visit .'.uscia’s ^200 million Criimea space- 
tracking center, warned A^nericans the Coviet Union is getting ready to establish 
a big space platform 100 miles from the earth. ..ussia’s purpose is a launching pad 

1 7 - 


V- 77 "' 

^jusbctio fJ^oflO Jft;jMt, 3 '!:q’:CrO-'I^A ?il^nJ<liA 


"nlJ” .xi ort^vu > 1) jno'.^oo-lflo^ft'ravos s frJ ’j^otlgq ejrJT .^iSlsfehrS o?)^ici"'5iy9w , 

.V :n 

5 ", ' ,r.> 5 :.. no" . . . .b. s;, '^o. I " >o baa 

lo .bn^l'^^rr I .X‘ hi uit.^olvaoo O’iOV' .fovwi^l vrxliiuca a o^ i&ijJocd Gobm>.I 

.1 : .' ’^.. '» '•/'? r.ln'r: ? i tiI n-tiliirw f. .T^— Arto-t- it’ f!l cmajS x;Tfod[cfo'r ilcoo 

•I - b iff f'; ,7 ii'j'iixgiG;:., /ioJi ^ 3 f 3 l aJashirylob dicG. 

'oV:'^'. rrf’ 

. j ■• • 1 - ► 

-3Tf3 /h,ea fsr'i \o i-„oui hns cfojrtk-;’f3ij«j5;:'‘ 


d'x j*/'. f! , s:iV fffi'/J b'-fOi.. v/X yiryVI oc'ni'j;'-! bft.ndawrr dtaev&a “iad lot iloof 
"•)■;<: v'-f rv, f.. :.n.!i;J rt.ju'' rorli[‘r:>'r*S: oT . . . .vKsya'i ar.aairbobnr lo iBfloiJ'fia 
• 5 . 3 •' '•• !)bc»: 'XI*] ^rJa^ioiycC- ,nrth'A: SsimiLiMicO diivr ^i^j:}trxia I 

'•■' '• ‘X .i-Vf-i .•.,'tribn^ •■:;n''tiac.3'i f):^oa IfJ bioqubxi^ rci 

jVK'i-if. i‘. 1 r;: , 'i' jtxw'^r.lq ('sh'I ,!;:'■ . rfiuiaH; afibasiG! , , . .3'i.r>^i3y^ 

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i.,n jocJ-m A , .. . jjaiMnna lo ?ir*; 3 avai odJ bnfi ,!&3lh 

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. r'v; ,r;!) fr - „.t :*bi7.i.r rjmvi.j i^.-^q'yjb od cJ 

-- .r 1 . • ‘ '■' 

.- . ;xi-^' • ■ ‘ ^:^.i7i';.<“j p. V/ fii'it.iw..-:>iiO'j 'fiiibkiu 'x^viGiWf; otiii fXorto"r<i<li® 

. "■ bf'i: . .'.ib’ -rM::' r :,jr,I -SoIt'-nYo" io tw^j'iiisfb bifiod 


■'■ .'»b 1 ,J ' .'P';'! -.dJ .'io -iCTj i'i/3q f»l oo-st^jr pvaii . 




4 .'j y ,h ' 'r:.f:Ci Z .et-x. ,:;_-7-rUi tou'ir'f X(- q>dv)'3abp?»l ciif’xH -MfVio 

. :;*r ' r/;] r.hc. ntj V}>MiZ oi bb^ Joydb ,;;7r!oxJ3 a 33 Ifi.l 1 oi ^nsbiaa'xq 

M ■•■ '-fiP'xliuG b ..jji. ’(flf.tii X . . . .idjji' ad3 nr ylfivliofi .PolMSP'^OO ' 


, ■<■)*- .EJ. 

.•■'X'u i--'< -'i-y.? fp llli... ly^Sd a'flxasn ‘iialv cJ •i 3 G'x» 3 um\\ 'ike «Uavcid; btfimaS, 

i r 

i c j vbeai «i n<*kU Jalvoa edl *iXifioim:<A b>fr*\aw ,'i3jrt30 ^ 

b.i'i ; • ?,[/ : I B :J s.'f.qiirq .’rJaaiJ dJixx® dxJt i xo*!? fi-jlk; OCI pyxolifilq 5W fi “ - 

. r 1 . 




for roanned inoon rockets and possible ixilitary use of a space platforis.. . . . Cinger 
Brenda Lee, 1£ and £5 pounds, and her husband, Charles L.onald Shacklett, 1£, 
announced the birth of their first child, born six weeks prematurely. . . . A special 
V/hite House group reported on the possibility of using nuclear energy to desalt 
sea water for human use. The group envisioned gigantic nuclear power plants by 
1£75 producing cheap electricity and water — even heating chilly coastal waters for 
swimmers and fishermen. . . . The Citizens' Committee for a Tree Cuba, a group of 
anti- Castro Americans, reported that the Communist Cuban government has a new 
device to combat uprisings against the Castro regime. The terror device is a 
military vehicle, called "Death on T/heels, " which transports a court, jury and 
executioners to the scene of a revolt. . . . The Presidential Corximission investigating, 
in secret, the murder of President Kennedy was said to be near an end in 
examination of evidence and witnesses. The Commission’s findings — still to be 
written — reportedly will indicate the crime was the act of an irrational individual, 
the slain Lee Oswald. 


London, Austrian actress 

E 1 k e C o rn m e r bought a large selection of swords and guns as 
"presents for :my friends." Asked by a reporter what she 
gave her enemies, the film beauty replied, "Love, that can 
be more lethal than swords." 




C i-i ^ o E i ■ J 


Frank Kerne row ski of Fresno, 


•j’.'-iCfU ij ;0 vU'.j V' 

ef.C'X.’.^cq i>n£ o:;i>:A>OT tiooL': 50 •'xtx:; . . lol 

'.jf'-jir?: ,bi 

.in.:! h(i:^ ,u5/'a;'*'q 4!? brcxs “I ,eoJ JjbnOTfC 

ir 'vyry '.*. \ J*' 

. fi , :.u .■«.■: 'X.n a; ..'rl: lo .rii'iiU orii boonwOiTU'rn, 

q'fl.i’kUaccq O'u no .bouioqo'i quoT;} o^.oo.H aii/r? 

\r'r.o ''{rjo:" oxJT ^ iiFj:c:sjd 'i-’tsv/ 

no ' 

■■>-•■■ >r->l’ 7 i loom vJfoiT:'* jofo q. 3 o:tcj r{n.ioubo'Vi tJVCI 

.? 'l<"■ ' i . t'.. .. ’C 

. ■ o: o.;'T . . . . bnfi on : ■ rv/o 

: iip-Jf; . : h':rj< .r: 

■ .30; A cnio.o'I -.iJoxj 

ocli' . 0 " .r:‘;vr 

0 f Oiti }"':;;o;f’X 3 o^ar:! xqi) ^ndcao:> o-!: ootveb 

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, .iaoblos’i I 1-:, 0 d-ini;:;.!: 'nl: Jo':^ io.nni 

.c,.3C'-:ort‘3'hy 5i>f: oono!).r/o .avo 

■i .;d :.i 

:■ 7 •^i.- I'i:- - -i’ TdPoibxii y;F'OJ7oqn'X — ;0j):-3:w 

.ol£7ra:!' oo^ antofa Ofli' 

.. 7 '■ 0 . a r a .rn 

' T '' . '■ !' a a ' .! 

:, : ! ' ■ o'^vj 5 .. r jX'- 'j oa 73 ' oi’i,?. 

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n.:'" ’.aonojn'! v ‘ anr. oaeiq"' 

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Ar;)’.'. Ix^ tjXil .^.0; ..■orio asil avjB^j 

■ . • h 7 <3 v/t. ;:£;! ■ x” j 0 i a 1 od 

V .+ . .iT 

' , .. . :'rjr'i ' 

',r ' ' ■ '■■ ■■:' ■■■>■“>• ,', ■ .T --T > T>- " A r 7 > 

' . . • *. /. .. . v< .i V. , -i f\ V W 4 i .. /. 

California, wac sentenced to three months in prison for evading payment of $800 in 
Federal income taxes, aemerowski pleaded guilty to evading taxes during 1958 — 
when he v/as employed as an Internal Revenue Agent. 

j!' * * * * 

ONE CAN BE TOO ACCURATE - In Casper, Wyo. , Jack Denny, a city public 
utilities inspector, guessed the location of a water main leak pretty accurately. He 
parked his city truck and climbed out to look around just as the pavement collapsed. 

It took tow hoist trucks to lift his truck out. 

♦ * * > 1 ^ 

PAINT JOBS RUIN BRUIN - To curb troublesome bears in Canadian parks 

authorities catch the bruins and paint their bottoms an irritating red. "After one 
coat they usually don’t come back," Superintendent Donald Coombs of Banff, 

Alberta, reported. 

* + ♦ + 

A RED - HOT FIRE BUFF - Not only was oldgernot ITunz, 23, of Bludenz, Austria, 
charged with setting $20, 000 worth of fires in 13 buildings; he used fuses to give him 
time to take his post with the Bludenz Fire Brigade to help extinguish the fires. 

ANGLER GETB OFF THE HOOK - Municipal Court Judge Harry Grand of Des 
Moines, Iowa, asked Bert L. Brown why he was driving the wrong way on a one-way 
street. Mr. Brovv^n replied he was "thinking about going fishing. " "Case dismissed, " 
said Judge Grund, an ardent angler. 

- 19 - 

- -'uRvo t' ij'yc! :'i Adinacr. oi b3'>n-’>Jno3 a-Bvr ,fjtlrf'i:cUUO 

<:-:i •. ;■ Ti^ irix-T.- ■•■xr/bs', o? bob4a:':t bf;.rv7o:f-^:'ior .r.oxsj saioon,?. 

..'nv'“',..\ .';;a70j'fiJ rrr. v.i£i by'^olqcr^ g.w 3.r! n^rlw 

-:m ' ;■ : vb-'-.i.': ’'isfv n o/'t baccai)^ sr>.cJnito 

I ‘ ■ ' V V ;. 7 .. i y ;-,.v;-;:.r; b ' 7 ;, i^orlrr'b' h«c ;k:jnw 'ifn Z'jJ bo>hnq 

;fcu'T.;} iii/ iVrf 00 'Mlani *Qiod 7;oJ >looi il 

ff v ,,• 

•'■ . , -■•■jv-:' •■ .f;i, - 'vjt‘ 'j-rcD oT T-iiir-.fT Hfu.T :::aci- 


^^■.'' ’ .. ''■s"' .' ■ -■ 'll '.iri ■c-'’! :;;.■ b .;;;.q b:i;.s -.xWJ-ic .)dj asiiriOiltUi? 

' ■' ■■ ii-Ra,"' ■/::;■!.■:• -jjb ' , bo;5<! 0 too )'rob ^r.oo 

.bofiOM'Vi ,B.;7odiA 

S. .4' M 

. : b-'',' q'-. . -t; •'■ '-Toq-Aio' . r-. -.0-7) TiiCi tgt^ - ":::■/"' A 

' ■■:■ -■ ■-• ' ■■’ U:;' o.; b. "bT.-:. 'V T,b'^‘;i ''rliiTC rljiv? io 

': •-"loq.'bT 7 o ■.,■• 'v..;’;. o.', '•■'■. ;•■{ jAj) :br7f i.:0q aif^ owfsi oJ 3:T;il 

■ o.bor . fR'-T-oo:' yrc?: vk: ;".:i.:> ctia 

• r '• ■ 7 ■> ;j i 'r -7 .,.<r,, t ‘ vrr-'' TVvT)'rT ,J ;-:L>a bo^'iin ,b\/oI , oaruo^J! 

■ ■.'•■' ’ .'..oirfoA q '£••"; ;;,(:bTq£l.b‘ obv? ou b biqo'-: ifl , 7 , I JatiiJa 

.T.'-iI''fiR bo ^hrro'?..';) oqbyti bion 


A Magazine for Deaf-Blind Readers 


May, 1964 

No. 5 

(Mimeograph Edition) 

Edited and published monthly, except July and September 
by the Merican Foundation for the Blind, Inc. 

15 West 16th Street, New York 11 , N. Y. 

Editor; Sam Chermak (Deaf-Blind) 



7 » 

\ \ 




V (I!uV;^:;IOUOT ■ 

-. ■. -tstififi hr:., i Tc'i 3fti« '-'AtCv /. 

(* :.-.,.f ! r.W r*q.s’T!if’.‘^niil 0 

, !!'< :ini'!0>‘0 bori'^Ho yq blTfi 

. n ■~h\-t 'r/'. liox’i 'bcu: .' i orld" \;tf 

. T' yi\' Vi: ■'• hiol qI 

ii!‘- -'! /•:'! I ) ' ^ -iO .r Ib:: 



Vol. XVIII May, I 964 No. 5 

Message from Annette Dinsmore 1 

News Digest 2 

Sports Roundup 11 

Jannie's Comer 12 

Marginalia 13 

Trivia 15 



IIXTa .Xo7 

r-^'rocisaXC? od'j-^rtft'; 

. . . . :i'e5J*xO liVf&U 

qiJbiuro^ f'.’l’ioq?. 
... . .* 1£'.1'iO0 ci ’ o.L'^jtbL 




Bits of this and that, again 

Robert Bums, the Scottish poet, said, "The best laid schemes o' mice 
and men gang aft a-gl^ ..." Our time schedule for the April TAG went 
"aft a-gley" due to an unexpected delay at Clovernook and then in Uncle Sam's 
mail service. The first has been cleared up and we hope that Uncle Sam will 
also jack up his deliveries. 


Do you like to cook? 

There is now available a Braille Convenience Foods Cookbook which will 
open a heretofore almost closed section of the food market for blind and deaf- 
blind cooks. 

To assist blind homemakers across the country to make better use of this 
important source of food supply the Brooklyn Bureau of Social Service has 
published a sturdy, easy-to-handle cookbook which contains* l) a listing of 
the various kinds and forms of frozen and dehydrated foods and packaged mixes 
available; 2) directions for preparing these; 3) guides for storage; 4) nutri- 
tional value of the various foods, and 5) suggestions for planning balanced 
and tasty meals. 

The book, the first cookbook to be reproduced of durable plastic, is 
unaffected by moisture, food and greasy hands. This type of material is 
particularly suitable for a cookbook as the Braille dots will not flatten 
out with moisture as they tend to do when imprinted on regular Braille paper 
exposed to kitchen conditions. 

The cookbook vidll sell for $4.50, which is less than cost. Copies will 
be available for those unable to afford a book at this price. Proceeds will 
be used to purchase material for additional copies. The book may be ordered 
directly from the Brooklyn Bureau of Social Service and Children's Aid Society, 

- 1 - 

Hsrfjfcirr'j ant'TT^/ji rcHS sdabc®-! 

nlegf brte airft 1c ac*i2 ' ■ 

zzt-a 'o M'^rjedac *?1 kX arfT” ^bX£E ^iaoc rfcjtJ’J'oo?. 9ri<J I^u'frofH shtetCoH 

DiT Ii"TL> e.rlJ -lol 90Tx;t liX) ‘’. . . 416 bns 

ii'treo !U ni riQ tj- Jnnji vloomaveX') 46 be-i-oocprenir ns od (WJb '*'^X5^~6 416*^ 

jlix ‘:'J.,'?;j'j -t.'-'-iJ a.jcri t-v; hrta qu 59 * 1 x 9 X 0 nood exd 4a*xi1 crfr .coXvnca XX£ai 

.eoX'fOYiI©b eid q:^ Jic^t 

"iV -JV 

YTioco c4 9?(XX xo^ oG 

.i.L ':;p.! u.-r.-Jjfo-j J cLooq 9‘or'>x.*»f.>YnoO sIXIfx?:! i< eXdxXixYX vfoni eX otdriT - 'jl 
"''i '• ■ v'‘ •*’■- 4f?('>x.T[ ^ool 'bdd lo aoi4o6e bo’ic.XD laomfii oo?*>1o49oed £ n&qo J|■■■ 

.e^ooo bnXXcf 

^i:- :.•■ ; i ^T* J 'll 0* Y;ia-n ■ ••' i-<i.l' e&o-rox e’laSxrpf'rjo/l' .bnilc’ deXecG oT , 

; '^.o-' ■ ; ■• if^C'.{.'6 'rr’'Moooa oriX Xor-'l I 0 ijowee drfsd-xoqcsjfc ':|||m 

■ :> yii ■■ .;,[ , ’ ■ - i^.J rioo doxdv; ^'-^o-'-Vood « bo.ieXXdiiq , 

■ ■ix/'r ■[ ■: be hn^ noxC'j:! I 0 c-.!:?xo’i bae iibr..tA euoJ:*j.£iv 9rf4 

x. ' ‘f ’' r. (b --'Fio. * *51/1 e :6qib,xq ool P TOxXosilb (il : sidfcllisry** 

- i.Xn ''*ir-x4u'-^*j;.v-s (0 xm- erfJ lo si/Ixv Xx/toli 


-— ^ .nLB.m *^yer.4 ta* 

"■ ;■ i^d'yiLi: 'lo b'SiOJj'oy^t’x hcJ ot V.x^dji'ioo JS'/il ©rfd ,/'ood 9 /IT 

:..• t* .V, 'ic j bu^I' .Pir.y.i X/u- bo:'*) .^'xudzlr^ai b©406'il6ni; 

.■.s':i.- ■’. CiT : . 1'; s.'.,Cx^ t;('! add ar^ jioodTiorio i. nj/i ald'Adixrc xHuluoidn^q 

'. ; iirv'' ro boJ’jr/i'X'^'d aoj?w ob 0 + br.od ■\je>.}4 sa aoudeinei fWxvf duo 

.8noi41tnoo nBdoiJW o4 ti^coqpoc 

" ’b< ■ Id' j' b 7"!X eX rloXfbv^ ,0?.4i^. lol flet^ /Xtw 'iood^iooo «rfT 

- r. . 'oX-i'i ■‘iXili ia >{ocn x tioll* oi sidam/ aoorfd *io1 Bibe>U.JSV& 9cf 
: . j*Lii'. 7i»a H<>^d '-'dT .t^Xqoo Xuioidibbs, nol XfiJi'xadiuii SE6do*i/rq o4 Lohu ad 
v’neo Lid! brjs aoXvia^: Xx»xooci 1c trcXsioo'ifi arid raoil 

285 Schermerhom Street, Brooklyn 11217. 

(A print edition sells for $1.25.) 

-jf -«■ 

On Friday evening, l^lay 1, Jannie and I, with three friends from the 
Foundation, attended the closing banquet of the American Film Festival. All 
during dinner the more than four hundred guests were kept in suspense wonder- 
ing which films would be given Blue Ribbon Awards. At the end of the meal, 
they began to announce the xidnner in each of the various categories. Suddenly 
I heard the announcement - "In Category 7 /^ 6 , the comments of the judges - ’An 
excellent tool to develop understanding, ‘ - the winner: CCMMUNICATING IITH 
DEAF-BLIND PEOPLE, submitted by the American Foundation for the Blind - receiver 
Annette B. Dinsmore." 

I shook with excitement, but Jannie took me up the aisle like a soldier 
to the head table. The master of ceremonies presented me with the Certificate 
with its gold seal and blue ribbons together with the transparent Incite Trophy 
which contained the same seal and ribbons embedded in it. 

As I held these in my hands, I thought, "This is for Lewis Hoskins, 
Geraldine Lawhorn, Enio Struzzi, Mary Gilmour, Sam Chermak, and Carmela Otero. 
This is also for deaf-blind people everywhere to help show the world how grand 
they are!" 

Congratulations to all of you! 

Annette Dinsmore 


The First Mendment to the Constitution states that "Congress shall make 
no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise 
thereof." Tvra years ago the Supreme Court ruled that recitation of a "non- 
denominational" prayer in New York public schools violated that amendment. 

A year later the Court broadened its ruling, foimially barring "religious 
exercises required by the states" — prayers and Bible-reading — in all public 

- 2 - 

^TlSir /ncXbtlofi'iS- 5SS 

*101 k-ZIoe ^oic^il>^J ininq *»/ 

■i -4 % -^r •■'.«■ 

I <'*•«). .-isi- ,I bni? -i.'iMi’il ,I x*i{! ^rjfiJtndvo nC) 

i*rii lo ct»ii:pnfc=c.' :^;tlscXo arf.* fosbr'si^^iB ^noXd’.flJbruio'n 
>•:■'-“/ ■.'".tr.f ftd-rtar. 'At'o'l -rarfct o'lom o/ft 'r'^nftib ar'i-H/Jb 

•/ j'. ./;;,'ifv'A.noddi'r{ ‘■•irJil bli/C'w .•’.tfXil bdlnw grji 

aif<"X'!..: ■: .'dj ’is') i'll D/fa eons/OitiiB o& ntjied 

;t/ Tjr.'co .■.;■* ,r3i' v^^ono^BO nl'* - dneirf^snucrrrj' siHa" brrjso/i I 
-■ •■ vru-....' o'tvf - ' ,:jif:xi>fr.r,ar~"?bn!.; r^oif^vab ct loo& 4noIX©^>xc 
/ .'■• •bv;. rrio-i nt.ol'ibuv^ xd ,HJ[b’C?r=T .II'[U3-'5A3[CI 

. ‘j^afTsrthCi .Q oddr^rmk 

: i ';rt om d'id ^■y :-w^^dloxB ndlv ^fcoria X 

•'■■ 'i,y ht'HC: 'VSb '.'. 0 'ict-’i -ff' : bjC:.'a ^rW” cS 

'■• ..;;j r'-tb'. • li. •ij'od p./.A-jb/'t -ri id Xr:.'^ i£.;;^ ,blo> eiX rfai;; 

■ ' ■ ,r t -0 ;;•.>>• '( ■”,■ -j;;o<Jd.).'(. br^. v-iij b“nIi'ano^ ricJtrfw 

lOl ■ „ idnjjOfb' I J -VJI'X. ,’ : bX 9e??rfa b[t*ii 1 BA 

i": • „•, /. .i'>:,.XiO Y'ivi/' \ ^.:^:■ <rij \ od^::. .xior'wrj 
''■ ■ . • ; :ibvv r-.Dv • r. ;• ; n:cX opJt-. fU 

;;r; ' ''o f ' .u a.'^ox;. i [:■ ■ ,•■'•' nnO 

* i > ■ . ^ -•s / 

• -i • Si u »,. 

•;•.•.■ c(. .‘iJ-: x!cXJj;s;ix.ti;R)’; orX' ''>d Jn»'''br<‘'»c;; du-ii'''! f>fiT 
d [o'/-; 'K ^:.o^;; Xj[ -vx Ir jrro '.- ir. njs. r;f'.i: ,1" >'i Wi.r on 

‘Vi J 3 orj^ru-.u: (".id wipe-;; cn-T " . 

«! j.: foX'c 'I '.cor' ' nXXc’.r^ >i-:oi ar '’Xi'r;oiJ/jnbiion®b 

•T.-J I j^nilrrx f'.o/T«rf.'u.7rf OftX 'jcJ'jbI rrAa-y; A 

•' -6id:.Fi Ihir R*:r'Y£iq — odJ vyi hfvr.tjrp'O'r *»*'« 

schools. The rulings aroused bitter criticism. Thirty-seven states had on 
their books laws requiring or permitting religious exercises in public schools, 
and there were demands for Congressional action "to put God back in the schools." 
A total of 147 resolutions were introduced in the House, all favoring some 
sort of amendment. 

Last month the House Judiciary Committee heard public testimony on the 
proposed amendment issue. It was supported by clergymen of various faiths, 
including Bishop Fulton Sheen of New York, who said the "wall of separation" 
between church and state was a myt-h. Governor V/allace of Alabama said the 
Court decisions were "part of the deliberate design to subordinate the 
American people ..." 

An amendment was opposed by other religious spokesmen. A rabbi told the 
committee that state- sponsored prayers "v;ould open the way to religious 
tension, a misuse of public institutions, and irreverence." A Protestant 
minister said that "probably 90 per cent of ny congregation would have 
supported such an amendment after the Supreme Court’s nilings . . . but now, 
after a deeper study of the history and theology involved, I'd say 80 per 
cent of them are opposed." 

I'Jhether Congress rvill act on an amendment this session is problematical. 
Judiciary Committee Chairman Emanuel Celler of Brooklyn is known to have 
mixed feelings about an amendment, and to be in no hurry to act on one. 

•X- -Jt- -x- -;{• -;{• 

On the Senate floor last April 13 Senator Clair Engle, 52, still partly 
paralyzed as a result of brain surgery seven months earlier, rose to introduce 
a bill. His right arm in a sling, his right leg limp, the Senator steadied 
himself against his desk. As his fellow Senators waited expectantly, he tried 
to address the chair, but he could not. Quietly, Senator Pat McNamara took 
the bill and presented it to the Senate for him. That incident pointed up a 
question that had caused considerable confusion among California Democrats — 

- 3 - 

nr' * £«i .ntt v* >:• •TOio^tt’iP baoi»o'tX' CjifiJLtirx edT .sloorioe 

'y' = oiildirq ■.-a3ia'’e7C3 njcb^iSft'x 'yni.^^luratq 'to 5,ni'':JLLip^‘'X ev/fl£ B>(ood 'rierfi 
.■:n . 'j.'.i .-.i ;!oiid boC Jtfr' oi" no.':J£>fi X.-rroieEft^noO lol ebnrxjiab aiaw briB 

•:.c.c £■£-*> i*g:jo!; “^UvI iii :'?»out!0’iJnx aaevr ertoxiyXcea'i lo Ita^o* i. 

.dnaxubnsnfi lo iioB 

"i'll :: • ...t oxIc>vq b'tr.‘»d .;^Xi'’'frT-0 •{iiuoil'i.'b art/oH 9r^^ di'^crfri inf.I 

■ivt-V' *- =t»:>X.:i:v 'i:- . vci -i '.noqqufc .ai/ssi j-rK»rttbft«nus besoqfrfq 

r-C'’:- j- -b.L'^'fc o iv ' moH Ic n?'9it3 ffo.jXu'^ qodaiG j^itlbi/Xorri: 

i- ■■■ L ! s':r- -.:-rj jx. s>'>xXD--': ‘so-navoC. & ebw acS'^^^te bfj£ /frs'iJJ’Ho nscr.Vsfad 

‘j vf Osix.j'i.r.*.' . ■■> -fffe od r,';:; ':^Gb 4j,r".7'3u.rle.b lo a'se'A' cnoXEXJ>ab .tiXJoO 

aiqofq nxioitesi/i 

y-f.'.: : ..wfci,'^^i,ro'i ■;?/id‘0 boaoqqo EbV driOfttb.aofltx' oA 

r* i; ■■ r . r ; ., bix'O'w’' c':'^y,b’';v!’ bsi08frbqs,-fi>J’^e stiXf'J aoioiuiiProo 

.... . x.yc'ii^-'rsx't bi'b .r ioiJn&.tSeiil DtC'^uq lo bayeXi.i b .nclarreJ 

i: [.rr /’f wi 't'" >i.aoQ OV ^£y1'^ biiJBC i5>.+ci:nxin 

. . -•*{('.’ T' ’ ..‘••i.'foO «nj rnvi'ti'ssiris cw liossL bs^ioqqxAa 

’••'i X ‘ ■ vr-i %r,o br!*> '■‘I'.cX.TiJtxi £.•><■':’ 3.0 ‘'xbxJJ's Xt laJlB 

^ ".b ’ROqro oijb L'lBiiii 1o driso 

X '.oI.■^ •■ :'.' ■■■ ''■'■'je: x.ij-i.t (lo .foB fJM r,i>xxv.:ioO Tb/iJ-o/'’ 

•• -.ri . 3 .' .s,.' .>i c.J. 'io :c->X/.'^.'~ '■- r.'r!Sf<‘A nfjvTx uirf'J s^' ji'rxicO 

■'•.■ :.c '.v;-.. 'z.J "ri' ' ti o .xa -vd ox bnxi , .tnexithnsixu-. Hjs fuodf. s^aXIeial bsxiirt 

x.j ?■ r ’ r^c , '.j .3^,£; . •xcci xif 3 cX .IX'iqA J(if>l joofl vKi rtO 

c ■■^.b'l i/Ti;.':’ £;il.J'iorr( rrevoa nxxi'td lo J.Ix'LO'i .■■ Gxs bas'ljXx-ri.Bq 

. • ..' . '• )• .. /jio.., odd lol c''Ar bx B nl ^xtb Siti-ti p.tH ►XX2d b 

* V '3 oedi-T/' '3'Xod.oXf^C woI.r£*l sXrl t^A .Aseb ei:rl danoijJSi. Ifasxxbf 

■('<<■1 .-’f.r'".. ..ton bJCnoo od dud" arid ecoibbij od 

= OL' ; '»i:.Xo'i x.:; biorfl dcrfT .ftri no’i. ojr.iieS orid od dl btjdusc‘''xq bnjB IXic' arid 
--.:d '-rx ':.«3 . drnwli.Xa'J s^joTir oXdf'x*^bd^nog bai*:;n’o Ab-X dtutd 

had Senator Engle recovered sufficiently to run for re-election and to continue 
in the Senate? Many supporters said he had, and he himself declared that he 
vrould be a candidate in the June primary. Others, however, gave their support 
to State Controller Alan Cranston or former Presidential Press Secretary Pierre 

Last month Senator Engle underv/ent a second operation. A week later he 
informed his campaign officials that he had been advised by his doctors to 
vathdraw from the race. "If I am going to win the battle to regain ray health," 
he said, "I must conserve my strength." The Senator's withdrawal came too 
late to get his name off the primary ballot, and he is expected to receive 
some votes. The feeling in California is that the Salinger-Cranston race 
will be extremely close, although some observers feel that Mr. Cranston, who 
has the support of Governor Brown, holds a slight lead. 

^ * -X- 

Judge Joe B. Brown of Dallas will decide soon, probably this month, 
idiether to put Jack Ruby on trial to determine if he is sane. Last month 
the Judge, who presided over the murder trial of Ruby, appointed Dr. Robert 
Stubblefield of the Southwest Medical School to examine Ruby and report back 
to him. Dr. Stubblefield saw Ruby once and said he will see him once more 
before giving the Judge his report. Ruby’s family asked for a sanity trial, 
which xvDuld be heard by a jury, after Ruby apparently tried suicide twice, 
once by ramming his head against his cell wall and later the same day by 
trying to fashion a noose from the lining of his prison jacket. 

A k^ point in the defense of Ruby at his trial for the murder of Lee 
Harvey Oswald vra,s that Ruby was insane at the time of the killing. The 
sanity trial would be concerned, however, only with his current mental 
state. If Judge Brown decides to grant Ruby a sanity trial and he is found 
insane. Ruby v/ould be committed to a mental hospital until doctors decided 
he was sane again. Then another trial would be held and if it confirmed the 

oi % • ‘rja;. - <^0! nxr* 0 -t ^cfS’ia^oniJiJ:i L'd-iovoo^iT elgnS lO^tan^P b£jrf 

•■■; * 4 ili t.?' : Coai. •firn' ■sri .b£fi tsrf blcfi a'lai^cqque '.71^11 3 dJ nJc 

Jr . ■ vr. ^ ' ' jt-iisdiO .T^^nriq sflul arl^ ai; jb ad biucn^ 

• '■-’ T -'o^ niO'i'I j.£l*noi: xijti*:'? lonriol 'lO nocfsn^T') ni»Ifi 9 ^Ji 48 od" 

■ - ■ . -J '■ • .''' ‘'E.*r:*(,ro biio^oa A d'ns.vvitibm/ 'icJ&fteB ddnc/n ia/sJ 

■ •:::• •;!. • /: \a -.,.i\-’M£ .Ti^od irn iMj ?. rrx.roi'SAO ji?±»' uhi bamclffi 

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doctors’ judgment the criminal case against Ruby vrould resume. 

As the case stands now. Ruby faces execution for the killing of Osvald, 
suspected assassin of President Kennedy. Ruby’s lawyers tried unsuccessfully 
last month to persuade Judge Brotm to hold a new trial on that charge. The 
lai^ers then said they will appeal the conviction to the Court of Criminal 
Appeals in Texas. If denied there too they will take their case into the 
Federal courts. 

-a- -X- 

In Febmiary General Maxwell Taylor, chainiian of the Joint Chiefs of 
Staff, testified before a House Appropriations subcommittee. The transcript, 
released last month, showed Taylor, if not exactly riddled, at least discomfited. 
Answering some questions, Taylor declared that he was opposed "under all 
circimistances" to using U. S. forces as a "direct means of suppressing the 
guerrillas." That riled Pennsylvania’s Democratic Congressman Daniel Plood. 

"I am concerned," said Flood. "I am not at all satisfied vdth your answer. 

I would expect you to have much more to say about that. There is a division 
of command. The analogy with Malaya is very, very close. There were British 
combat troops by the thousands in the jungle, and they stayed there. Choppers 
were used to supply them, and they did not come out. And that is how they 

beat the guerrillas. There was none of this hit-and-run business. The 
initiative was British, not guerrilla. In South Viet Mam, it is the diametric 

opposite. There is no South Vietnamese and no American initiative at all. 

We command and control nothing." 

At that point. General Taylor demurred. Then, demanded Flood, "lA/hat do 

you command there?" 

Taylor: "Not a thing." 

Flood: "TJhat do you control there?" 

Taylor: (Deleted by censor.) 

Flood: "You do not command." 

Taylor: "Me do not. That is correct." 

Flood: "That is where you are heading for failure. You command nothing. 

Yr>n hav<5 come to the Rubicon. Very, very soon in South Viet Nam you are at 

- 5 - 

.‘ dt-'.-i hixjo’.' «ai? I. r<Tti'f!> »riv+ i^ec^g^y(, *etoioci> 

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'Pdca-i' oo «-L trd7 .docj ob s’.i'' •'tolY-T 

j-': xu’d Wf'\ nf rioOR . rxfv'i hrttdl ?».r{.t » .1 <^yrn(( ttrCf 

■ Vj 




the end of the line. You have to make up your mind very soon, General, that 
you are going to command, or you are not going to command. If you are not 
going to command, you are a dead duck;, you cannot win. If you decide you 
want to command and they will not let you command, get out. You are a dead 
duck. You cannot win. Make up your mind." 

* * -jf 

"Let us clear any romantic notion of daredeviltry from our minds," said 
Justice Edmund Davies before passing sentence on the twelve Great Train 
Robbers before him. "It is nothing less than a sordid crime of violence 
inspired by vast greed." For their parts in the $7,369,000 robbery of the 
royal mails last August (most of the money has not yet been recovered), seven 
of the men drew 30 years apiece, only one got less than 20. They were the 
most severe prison sentences to be imposed in Britain in this century, except 
for Foreign Office spy George Blake, who got 42 years in 1961. 

The sentences raised immediate controversy. Loud cheers in the House 
of Commons greeted Home Secretary Henry Brooke's comment that Justice Davies 
proved that judges "are not afraid of imposing deterrent sentences." The 
Conservative Da ily Expr ess saluted them as "a measure of the Community's 
need for defense." But perennially angry Medthodist Dr. Donald Soper called 
them "miserable and dreadfully unchristian." T he Da ily He ra.ld pointed out 
that the train robbers were not armed, saw the sentences threatening Britain's 
"great technical and ethical difference between crimes at gunpoint and crimes 
without guns." Since even murderers often serve an average of only 15 years, 
the D aily Mirro r asked; "Does this mean that stealing bank notes is regarded 
as more wicked than murdering someone?" By coincidence, as the furor nrounted, 
a royal commission was beginning a thorough review of British sentencing, 
pnnishmAnt methods and prisons — the first in 70 years. 

-K- •}{• 

Four hooded Klansmen drove into a ramshackle neighborhood of McComb, 

- 6 - 

cy ©>'iun OJ »vtd t/oY ,??ni:I f'ffi Ih bn© cdi 
'll, .rir>..i’oy '^'UE aox no ,bniwrioo oj jn-nicg &*i& uox 

'jrri II .ni.j ,tofiai>o uoy bf.ftb « ©nij hqx oc 3r!ioa 

• ■t-*'-' ■ ‘ t/c'^ .-.^©X >or. ILb/? brua iurr-jamDO o.t ^rwtf 

".h\irr„ nc'r’r q;; lort'fiio iroY .^oub 

-i- ^ St- -{»• a 

.;/o ■ r.i vi Ji.; . ‘ilo n.-iJ-oa o tinmon i£oXo ^atr JoJ” 

^'.. .1'.^ '•:>ao' :. :i ■•' ;o:\-;*!;: i;aiJrtAq enn'ioX c^jhrrXI bnuinfcS 0ol,tsirl» 

- •;■■•■. ■.'•/•; ..i.vU’ Ktvl ji,ai.;f;ron ci: .11” .lairi ©nolad enaddoH 


.' J . V iT ./'v 'to* lil: ni-.—'f-i no? * jtsa;^ "xp b&iJ'qefii: 

notv-? •■: n •.ojt i-f.n 'vf;.:r;v.'',v otij 'lo ./. nni) cra.f5j alxfiai 

J-'X i ,.;T u .-ip;- ano iao OC wenb niiCt ari^ lo 

'!- •■: ' '^C'.^v n'- i'-;.or.xi cd e^oua^JriaB n<>axn.q .'novae d'aoitt 
':''vJ. lA '■J'"'';: ''''V o;. - -.'.(••O *{;c'j: ao.niO nj.innc? nol 


L'v.-'' ‘ .''wP'f.nn;-; *:i; • bc-aim naoiiachreB odT 

•..Jf ',• :, > v.vria-i •v'-;:,o’' 0 'i >ntcH bay©an?{ n.itotmc'^ Yo 

i.t'.' .•7.n;-.,;-.M.. :,,ai' •- cf:r:i 'lo I' ,i;." ; ,t .K.n onsa’’ caaburt j-adcJ bovonq 

> ...SJ 'r... a': :.';:(.p-v: . .. r:r,,:c .'.air/f r- I- ^.^'’■^>[3 ov ii^vnasno!) 

‘ '■ ■■■’ • :;i ■'<; ■^.i' - Ur;' •.' pq ".et-nalah nol be»a 

■ ■ j'iai-: hri-^ih; airfiw©e.tAtf' road,!* 

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o '0 r';- 7. jcr-fi .'onana'i'i {;b .'"ii.t.iifi.j'a bna dBonjj” 

■*■■:;.( I..- i'vx- ff.. '. s rye 'jod'ro cnf'ioboij.'fi t'Vo er.njiS ".orufs .tirorfjiw 
1.7.7' r.'--e!i-! .iltly eoor;" > noiobH vixr>G arid 

■li ':r .aj-:ab/ p.i.oo vH ■•ror{o6T,7oe jt£rid boIoJtw anoa e.© 

rii. ?:. . '*.. '•'-1 laxfonrrid a xiojtepjjtitsnoo Irvon ja 

. Mian. jj +s v.rx arid — -sno-^i-Lq t;ta a/vsf(.+*»n; ttT'^ixriy^ i rarq 



inooiX’-iL-a •■• I^oarisra-M r. od.-rJt evc^ib n»(.»fiaX3! bwboori nirol 

Miss., stopped at the home of a destitute Negro couple vdth 13 children, 
banged on the door — and left a box of groceries. At a Klan rally in Atlanta, 
K.K.K. bullies surrounded Negro spectators, moved in ominously. The shouts 
of their leader stopped them: "Klansmen, Klansmen, leave those Negroes alone — 
they have a right to be here." 

By such tactics, the Ku Klux Klan is seeking a new respectability — and 
new members — throughout the Deep South. Its meetings are often held in the 
banquet halls of metropolitan hotels, just as peaceably as the Jaycees. I’Jhen 
race trouble flares, Klan security men, wearing white helmets, sometimes 
circulate through crowds, calming whites. Declares North Carolina Grand 
Dragon James R. Jones: "The reborn Klan is absolutely non-violent. ¥e don’t 
allow rabble-rousers." Says Imperial Wizard Bobby Shelton of Tuscaloosa, 

Ala.: "We vmnt the kind of people in the Klan like businessmen who build — 
not the kind of people who by their own inner emotions destroy what they are 
trying to build." 

Yet beneath the veneer lurks the same old gang of Kluxers that rode the 
moon-dark nights across the Mississippi Delta during Reconstruction. They 
still instill terror and engage in violence. The fact was demonstrated one 
night last month by the eerie glow of Klan crosses burning in a score of 
Mssissippi communities. In Louisiana, TV newsman Robeirb Wagner vra.s seized 
by armed Klansmen as he tried to cover their secret meetings in a bam not 
far from Baton Rouge. He was forced to remove his trousers, lie in a poison 
ivy patch, where he was beaten with a belt before being shoved into a dog pen 
on a truck. Beaten again, he was released under a threat of death if he 
reported the incident. Despite such acts, Klansmen now try to protect their 
public relations image, express their bigotry in relatively polite terms. 

The case had come to be known as the "career-girl murders" and it was 
one of the most savage and baffling in the annals of crime in New York. 

7 - 

tittMhi.tffo ft uji'.f -^iquco o-ixeli i to fiioc^d f-tid is tooqdia ^.eeiJl 

ni '^XIatc iibl'-’ js iA he xod i rlaL bnii-- •r'x*]; arii no barjnM 

^.Jtr'Cile tnT . TcXe/zattGo ri bsvont ^z^iois^foaqs fx>brujO*xijjc f.»/,X-Urd ,>l.3I*?l 

.’ '!i ,n9j:G,nfiTH -rrariJ beqqoXe istivaX itarfi to 

’’.ansd 00 * oJ- s r^vsd 

r.'u---YU Uid^.fzsqr ^y'' v??'i n eJt r:Ml}i xuDi tfX ©rf<l tOoxcfsOfsX /iot/o i0 

' t; citir: r-e.'';-/ s>:7.U!?r9c: ^.tl .d,*uo3 q^oG sdi ijjcd^uo'idi — snficlmocj vfon 

, : Cii.'.' a.' -iS-It vos^jq r,s .iz/B^ori n4*.tiIoqcnX*3x; tc 5 Tijbif XsupnM 

•'•rv-j.ji- ,:'0" , Ti X 0 c !'^ r>./jiriv< .non; •’:;tx‘'ii/O0J5 noIH «a-3n^It ^.WjjciX Aox-n 

; .i x,!.''-};:; uj'-^ol'! .a9^^xr^v/ ^rrijtXxo ^abumo rigifo'iflX oXali/onio 

ii j" ‘jJf'.Lv'-Tj'yr; vfoXLU"“!d'ii si Hi'.Ii !nod«>T ’.dT" ^eonol. ,,H aomjsli /Toax-Ti^I 
't'i noJior'" --/.:;c':,U Jsx't&qrl^‘Z '\^n&euo'^-e [ddBit hojCIs 

— Li-'.:. 'r’me?Gn.rsy:^ y-lX n^O! i\.l Biqo'jq to tni-d &[ii fniM b'J" .aLA 

•'• - v.L ij- .j-.v:iV j.nfv sr-r Mcr.v' li-in'i ■'■■; udvr eXqooq to bij.ol anii ion 

' 'KbLtud oi jjnuhn^ 

.i.: -,>z' \ ■■, [:' p ;-.->:v...ii'i 'to y-.ryt^'r bio b::u-.^. oii-t sa-Wj. 'leonev vdJ diAoned Jb'i 
\o "i ..'■.Gii'ji-'.f..; •'..•■x/ftj'l x'/XeG icq^tte/eeiM ;)-!;)■ 'c-Kionos jiiob-rsocwn 

• ."* x" ; A-xisront--;. ,. / >o.r'j. r, *T '’o.rv y t ~iy^ bnii 'xoinsj tllinni IIHb 

to c-soiys .. ^;T ■.•'■:;•-■ .: :, .i .oo. j nxvXi. 'to v.'oi^ Gtnos yn.t ■'id diacjZi iufii 

■■• ' u ,v'''v; :':mKV.-a V': .t 1 , fcx_i^J;njbT3aoo irqippieaiM 

i' T:.-.- •■ A,, c^r' -%■:■.■ jo^r-,: 'ixedf n.Bvqo '.\i inixiTt ad so mmnx^H bonns xdl 
■ /'■ till ■w:'.’''".r s.i.d '.vnj.TS'i o;'. baono'i -’a/ oH noi^S and'i lAt 

“T ;; f. oi'jJ. .oovox e 'a'v -1 cr:.obod .p. liJiv; rioiood .s,ew “id onoA^j x^Jt 

:l d .'isvi ': j V- idj 'tobiu' haeo&io-a .. -7v’ ed ^^^l£Ss atiiceS .dcLni no 

iG'-.--; :q c* 'i'. ; ■.. :-n doue vdivisoU .d’nsbioni Bni b«*.tioqon 

"nr:.! u iXv;.' [/'<•: ni yiio^id oifrij sconqxjj t^soxii c::olisLri oiXdyq 

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tx )..nx ’'D*ifo*uj.. inx^^ -nifanoo" odi cf; m^oevA acf oi aaos bjsd ©eoo ©rlT 
^noV oK r.l ':o sXnnrTft ©dt ni v^niltlpd bnx ©ii^vee icora odi tc qao 

Sometime before noon last August 28, Janice h^lie, 21, a pretty, blond 
editorial employee, and Emily Hoffert, 23, a teacher, were bound together with 
torn bedsheets and slashed to death in their $250-a-month East Side apartment. 
The bodies were discovered when a third roommate, Patricia Tolies, returned 
to the ransacked flat and summoned lELss \tylle's father. Max, a writer vdio is 
the brother of novelist Philip lyiie. The murder weapons — three knives from 
the girls’ kitchen — were found in the apartment. 

The murders shocked the city, prompting one of the most painstaking 
investigations ever undertaken in New York. Detectives questioned more than 
1,000 persons — friends of the slain girls, co-vrorkers, and suspects in other 
murders. They checked unlikely leads in Canada, Mexico, England, Bermuda, 
even Lebanon — and got nowhere. 

Last month, a Brooklyn patrolman, hunting a thug who had attacked a 
young girl, picked up slim, 19-year-old George kliitmore, a jobless Negro viho 
lives in a Brooklyn tenement. Under questioning, police said, IJhitmore 
admitted the mugging, and also confessed to the stabbing of a Brooklyn woman. 
The interrogation continued, for the detectives, in searching kliitmore, had 
made a startling discovery: in his pocket they found a snapshot of Janice 
^^Srlie. How could he explain it? Calmly, almost indifferently, IJhitmore told 
his story, according to police: Bent on burglary, he said, he had entered 
the girls’ building on impulse, walked up the back stairs, found the door to 
apartment 3-C unlocked, and wandered in. He surprised Janice coming out of 
the shower, he told the detectives, and hit her on the head with a soda bottle 
to stop her screams. Qnily entered, and, he said, he knocked her unconscious, 
too. I'^en Emily began to regain consciousness, he told police, he stabbed 
her to shut off her cries, slashed Janice, and tied them vjith strips of tom 
bedsheets. After washing his hands, he left the building by the back stairs 
and took a subxvay home. 

■Vihitmore ’ s lawyer insisted that the confession had been wrung from him 

- 8 - 

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tjr.- 'it}.';-r.-;ioJ //Huod (' .^S ^dnalloH vj;j.K£i bnA tOSYdlqnjo X£jt*sodxJhf» 

dcjs»^ d.'t;ioc-ju-C'i'’ss' 'i.'.srid ni d^ixb oi fcojia^Xe bns, edoodebfed mod 
J;.,' ^:r,Sic.'l b'dicii 3 nofiw hofevooeUb onew Bolbod liriT 

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r"-i,: .'..vj.:o. i. .^'■^1,.:- ji bnan & 1 IT .oIIy’ >{xXxi 1'! d’eliwoo to ly/ldo-'id OfW 

. i-je;!:di.C''^x ;j:*d ni ‘vmct s-xovi — nofbJxsi *s3lnls add 
vnj'>’j . •.•cf.; ■,»!:■} 70 ono .Li qiroTvO ,ydx3 ©dd b©?\Dad© enah'ii/ni odT 

:■ '..d:i' '''.fDr;! i' -'-r s/p ':c vl'.io'rJ.n- .1 .d-ii;T iv’";;-;! n,*; ffsd/^d'jobfjif '2»vo snoio«j;UdQOvnJt 

. ': '..• .^n:,: .. .r>‘:'^dicy:r -n^i jc;L'Lj f.'hvla ©dd 'to E.-Xn&x.'iit — ?.ns'j^"'sq OOOiX 

.:j ,oa; 1.:. ^■jz.:iok\d'-^rcd id: or; ■’/;[©;Urai/ Jiodnodo vpnT .©^©Jb*JtKa 

.ensxiwor. dor bn*— xionsds'J osva 

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^•.rr ir. •' „ 30 hdO"ni-'>6''>9 T qjj' b»>^oXq gnuox 

.. .•■r-r. J '- / "oi rc'r . jrinoJidyonr -ivvi^t' , .-ba.'.:;; ; a:~/i:}loo'sH a at eavil 

f'- : ' •--'id ; ■'<. -,->i-,-;v;.'. • oj h.')P.3r*Xftoe- iuiS i>dd i> 0 jv?jrdi>B 

.‘V- :+; ; • ; . •, •\'. jor odd '.oL roliii^oinod'ai ©dT 

■o' ' •••'• -••• - ; a.-' r,r ::- b- -.o : .a;. 7 i..,:'ooq . ''"cov '-og j;b sniXi"Bj <2 o obvijm 
’ ' , v.'.. •'ro':: r.^rr ■ .tT> dr ^-);..nrr7 nL:Loro ed bijj d V'oH ^ 

iL.' '■ .- z\' .3'.' ■ ■ ■ '■ b.,-raJ no jrrad ‘OU-Licq : rifsi,b'<o03X} ^ 'erode «iri 

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under threats — and said the youth had recanted it. But the police, believing 
that they had broken the bizarre case at last, charged IMtmore xvith murder. 

Is it possible to communicate — instantly, accurately, unfailingly — with 
a man who is distracted or deafened by noise and unlikely or unable to see? 

Two Lockheed scientists, in a company-sponsored ’’research for a purpose" 
project, recently found a way. Cutaneous communication is its scientific 
name, but they've nicknamed it "tickle-talk. " ^y taping electrodes to the 
fingertips of one hand, th^ can transmit a simple code based on tingling 
sensations of three intensities and different finger combinations. Amazingly, 
volunteers learn in just 12 hours to receive this code at a rate of 60 per 
cent faster than the Morse code "expert" attains in six months! This new 
system should, for example, be useful for "talking" to men at work near jet 
engines or drop hammers. 

How can the ear be made a substitute for the eye? One blindfolded 
scientist demonstrated the technique developed in accoustics research at 
Lockheed. He used a radar- type "dish" to sweep high-frequency sound signals 
back and forth across an echo-free chamber, ^^^ose v/alls absorbed all sound 
except the signals that struck the target and bounced back to him. He could 
detect cylinders the diameter of water pipe or fence wire — and tell them 
apart. Lockheed's new technique may lead to advanced submarine-detection 
sonar, and eventually to a flashlight- size magic ivand for the blind. 

■a- •}<- -K- -K- 

1/illiam J. Green, Jr., was one of the oldest faces in Pennsylvania's 
fluid politics when he died last Dec^ber at 53* He served seventeen years 
as a congressman from Philadelphia and headed the city's Donocratic machine. 
Last month his Fifth Congressional District seat was filled by the newest 
face: a tall, dark, and handsome youngster ’^o, at 25, will be the youngest 
member of Congress and the youngest ever from Philadelphia. In fact, he is 

- 9 - 

1 " 

■ ('■^c2 .‘i .xlc ' &;'t iuCI .^x ij&3Cboet% hr^d rf^uo^ adJ hiAJi p itaidi 'ttjivrv 

.'. - b^x n .i^-T. o'f Sti^r ts^ ' bjpx/tio if. eeao o'niis.’'<J odi ne5l<yid bil ypiid iBtii 

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'•'■•i- ■ ■ .;o.':i.iO.^ 'xv.- L?n fsuojinrJxO .■'.’:n.' £ brruol tioe^o-jq 

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:■ L'.r. 'ixB b sU'i-c*T'''rL ri-'o ,bm-.d enc 'io 

- •’' ■' -•■. : •/'•■-•■o •/-'■••. -’Ll tcu xor ’x.^.aoir.X 30 -w!J’ Iv anoxifiirtee 

'■• J ■ ■- -■ ■••'■' '’i'''' ■ i'.iJ ■^Y.too^o'i Oj 9..i. deijt rl rvn^^a.l' si^eintrlov 

'■ ••- .■‘■■■'.CL" ' if jir- ’'i'lO^Ls f\i oo osToi" -'f’d' jfxrd.i loieBl inoo 

' .• '■ / x-w ' •. '' : : ; *;ij:-r.r , I.;.-, LTo'i. Xi/iacr; .©.rqrfx.j lo'i .bli/ods msieijg 

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■ ' -x : . . ' -t... L7.'; j ••jc .rcvv c x-rpimbooi adj *;ait^7.i€rioi~t>X ♦ajri.'ieios 

*-'■■' /X' .X ^ .!,d C.X *' cq-vj-csXL'), a. ‘■^00^^ oH , bocfWocJ 

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’ 'X ■, : .rjo> xfvr iop.'tjR.-i -rd rXt.*x.;.-5 wbt' iq©ox» 

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•>.:. 0 .': c.-Za-iqr^xIrfcfX'i s: o- Xax ^-if/xoa 

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' ■>r. .yM •*', c.?cfnw3a0 Jb.-.Z '.oil:, ©rf neXV) so.iixX'X: bilj;;!! 

— •' '-'t. A ; •-Tj-', ,,\-f botfeuii b.ip. £>i,:<irii.;;'xXxii'^ uto’t'i rRw«,co-xijrfc& r at 

^ • ' ' ’ VcXlV RBv. T£.rtoXp 0 ©' 2 j}ifo'j «L 1 jrlinon 

'■ ' •■ '•■ ' ' ’ ’T:6J8r£’.i'‘^y. ■"-‘tu^abnxd bna .M'xab ,,CX«.i 1 . ;eo*il 

• r* r 

. L-.crL j.rcnv.iJxiy /ooil t?-v© irugriuoy odt bnti - 80 * ^0 "‘'Cinrt's 

still in school — a senior at Villanova University Law School. He was supposed 
to graduate in June, but now he’s not sure he can make it. If need be, he 
said, he'll make up the missed credits "some time in the future." 

The student-congressman claims nineteen years of political experience, 
dating from the days when he helped deliver campaign circulars of the man he 
succeeds. And he vdll have the advantage of a name very familiar to Washington. 
Elected to finish his father’s term, by a respectable 9#100-vote margin over 
his Republican opponent: William J. Green III. 

•ji- * -Ji- 

The scene was Moscow University-but it might as well have been Radcliffe 
or Michigan. "VJhy, " asked an innocent-eyed blond coed, "don't they trust us." 
L’hat was bothering the coed — and many of her 22,000 fellow undergraduates at 
the skyscraper campus of Moscow U was the attitude of university authorities 
toward sex. Not that life in a Soviet dormitory is all spicy. But if Western 
exchange students are to be believed, weekend parties and all-night visiting 
are on the increase at Mosco^^r U. Hence Article 13 of the university’s regu- 
lations: "People of the opposite sex are not allowed in dormitories." 

There v/as a time, not long ago, when Soviet students would have taken 
this without complaint. But the new Soviet youth, like his Western counter- 
part, does not accept his elders as all-knowing. "Ifypocrisy. . . " editorialized 
the newspaper of Moscow U’s Young Communist League last month. "A dormitory 
is not a public bath where the sexes are segregated. Article 13 ruins healthy 
relationships . " 

"Moscow," said one American exchange student, "is beginning to seem more 
like home." 

- 10 - 

L::V cir. 'i'-'Ximn ^.-lonr'an ;u 

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'i''::.rj dfJL'O-y’s bopj' q;iJ bAk'x Il'vA 

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/LOv^' ?;3rrro'l 6/ a-*'- b rriO'?! gritiif. 

’J'a^ r.'V' o.'{ .t/iA , “jx.’Co;'Ji.“-ri 

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..'x^■C' jbov?ii.rud y‘ vt S'ij'. c J‘££o:u;'jr:' .ox?^ 

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oIXiv d- u v'Xii >:;-3 o jXi'X Xc i*' ' ^ncx.x^X 

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/■ :r HO.’!; df-.nt^xr-cix.'C v^acY 5 YJ vxxbv'.' Yc •iov:qGVi=)X erfd 
.^v/ r;:./ '‘-nx oiler Cixo..;’- iX' b ' o;:Id;;q x Y-n e.c 

I 'J:';OOX.Tjt-J.S'X 

, dxxbi/j?- Cb'ii .il--- ■• ar-'^i'j'orY. o;:o 1 rrx; ’Yv-oo^oY" 

’ . "‘.lucn eoU ' 



Gerard F. McCauley 

One could easily surmise that April has been a month to decide champions. 
The Boston Celtics proved to be the most consistent champions of all, as they 
took the measure of the San Francisco Warriors four games out of five to reign 
for the sixth straight year as champions of the National Basketball Association. 
The Detroit Red Wings in hockey plated like champs but the long season took 
its toll and the Toronto Maple Leafs came from one game down to beat the Red 

Wings 4-0 in the seventh and final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs Records 

also fell in this year's Kentucky Derby as Bill Hartack became the first to 
win four Derbies as he pounded home on second seated Northern Dancer and liter- 
ally nosed out the favored Willy Shoemaker and Hill Rise. 

Champions dominated the first three weeks of baseball too. The amazin' 
Willie ifeys has been just that as he has led the league in batting with a 
whopping .479 average, banged out ten home runs to lead in that catagory and 
of course, was first in r.b.i's with 26. Richie Allen, the highly touted 
rookie third baseman of the Phillies, lived up to his press clippings by 
banging out six home runs as the Giants and Phillies see-sav^ed back and forth 
for first place. I'lilwaukee so far has gotten what it v/anted ^-d-th Warren 
Spahn backed up by young pitching in Fischer, Lemaster, and Cloninger. What 
has been surprising is the Los Angeles Dodgers' capacity for just bad luck. 

On one day Sandy Koufax and Ron Perranoski both were out with injuries to 
join Willie Davis. But it is a young season and over 140 games remain to 
separate the men from the boys. Only the Mets followed customary form, 
vanning only four of the first t\-/enty games to become lodged in last place 
and fall ten games behind. 

The Yankees in the American League simply have not gotten started. But 
each day they climb a notch on the ladder and as this is- being written remain 
two games behind Cleveland and a half game behind Chicago. Poor Kansas City. 

- 11 - 

i .'T 

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lo evcf-oD" ory :hcOvI 
S i-~f,'jl:. .:'A O'U: lo •;:^oxcTnut/'.3 et- 'ixo\; vXl^-iis-iJe , oxy 'xol 

e<y i.'.rrirdo s?.-'.?! rx^ct.Jq ve^^Dor' xj,.c J'io'xioCI erlT 

'■:L ■■■, :L..-. or-: .,r'-' .'•!• c^-no oJ.q.i'j:'!'io','’ Cid-i ^n.% XjOd J.c 

■ V '. 3,1; ■’■"'■ r>'X? 'i- ■ -q .'£X)i;'}, vr.7 .ioHi^ve: «^J: 0-^A 

. ' : .li'-''- '■cl.e'C IXqI; ojsIs 

;!.’'7''i7' • '■''■34.\7q fir- j373l>r:,uc7; :>d esic'-Tro'I *iuol 

s:r. Z.\.’:\ V 3 x;- .-x^.iCicXc. b.7'.ov3>’i 7^x0 A'jo l!C.=;on 

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xr*-': r'^-aTid K'iiiilX o.;;?Ioo''C 

, ; -Xi's ' . 

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j'lS:- 33 

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‘ 7. 

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'. ,’: -..jjil Oh ;v;i3 sX OfX: uc HoioiT ' .±i'u:J'.'> \i.5.b ff;>j.o 

:.; ■-■..X.'*'; i'.;:.' -MAiOi l.'X-.' fi >.u"C br-.r fx'vr.i Ci iiu i rf. 

Trades brought the power hitting of Rocky Colavito and Jim Gentile who place 
first and third respectively with eight and six home runs in the long ball 
category. The results? Last place — a heartening note for the fan xvho remembers 
tight pitching, backed by strong defense and the hit-and-run. 


Hi there! It's me again. 

I have a big sister. Her name is Gwen Waterhouse. She has a great big 
yard vdth a high fence. She lives in a big house, too. 

The Boss took me to visit Gwen when tirs. Waterhouse had a little party. 

We played together. We ran all around the yard and we ran around the house, 

Everybody said we look the same. My fur is the same color. I wiggle 
ny ears the same way. Gwen lies down and curls up one front paw and stretches 
out the other one. So do I. Gwen jumps on the door to come in. So do I. 

Gwen is a little bigger than me and she is two years older. 

We fooled the Boss several times. 

Gwen has two little tags on her collar. They rattle. The Boss had to 
look for those tags when Gwen nudged her. Then she knew it wasn’t me. That 
vra.s funny! 

Other people mixed us up, too. 

I like Gwen. I like her house. I like Mrs. Waterhouse. But I like 
the Boss, too. 

ifeybe Gv/en will come to see me sometime. 

I have a little yard and I live in a little place. But maybe we could 
fool people here, too. 

I like to visit, but I like company best. 

Goodbye ! 

Jannie Dinsmore 

- 12 - 

'•.i art\f vii.j*T“v -ciT, f ns. o^Jr^'^JoO YHoofi lo "imvs>q 'trisw'Jd eot-ftiT 

i': ,[ii >1 'fU'-i a.:x:>i^ xJ:c bas ct’rfjtid ’^evid’oaqas'' 

•■('■! i p^ . .i • ioS ..ion :,n ooijiq S’eJ'IixasTi •jff'T ’ 

..fiin *.• f{ ‘.>'^v+ h/'b 98r'o1?»f Dncnc^e yidf b«>ij>/vd ^3^lJrfoJ^J;q 

ii/rj o »dI lo'iefld j;H 

r^ .’’;- % •^. ; .':;^ . o-e/".;i'yo;Lb.. jTW-jf'; z.i *2t»K .‘todeie 3x0 d ?N'’jRri I 

.<.■' ■ . ;.c cn- .n ii.t .‘.^orK?! .s WlSvf h'XS'^ 

i: ■, v- l ' ils ixor^. od *50 jiooi eoc;:' orfT 

' l Vj.. :■. ■ , .^iiv 11 : 'I'n o'.,’ .,'^9fflesod eW 

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• j:- : ;;-, lr:y. i --ro c: ::ln!:o br:>: nwcb nc'li im’-D ,vxvr eW£S 9fid a'rae X?*' 

c; ., • 1 c "■ ■; loob iic sqffixft :v .1 o?'' oc .000 lobdo and Jjjo 
.. "n o'.j '-i. ix '.lib ::>r. eUdlL £ ei rmwD 

,arML.'/ .’ .“liivoie JS-..OU t'bd bslool aV*' 

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.on .'^r ?.i' bo>:.fcfff a.fqo’xi 

.■. •,. .■: ";■■ .. .'Uf I • ?.. o’.-i; o.H^r I .Ovt. -.o asiiX X' .fi'PwD eJiil I 

-ood ^ncofl arfd 

.; :V’!C?' JOr. C.l’ OXlOa IlJ?/.' IISKD 

• bo ./. o- • -I ...;•' . .K'j.iiJ.q ' fjibj: j 6 ni ovi.i I b.if; ’.n. -r o.Xddxi s ovafi I 

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.dfcisjd •■jfii’.qi^o r-o i £ X'' dwd ,dXarv od ajfjLf X 


■c.;)e.'!j'.Q o. on.' L 


A U.S. Army transport crashed and burned on take-off from a field 26 
miles from Saigon, killed all 16 troops abroad — 10 Americans, 6 Vietnamese. 

It was the worst single disaster for U.S. forces since the start of the war 
in South Viet Nam. ...New York's ifeyor Robert F. Wagner announced his willing- 
ness to run for Vice President on the Democratic ticket this fall if President 
Johnson picks him as his running mate. .. .Communist Premier Khrushchev and 
Castro bluntly learned in I'lay Day speeches that U.S. reconnaissance flights 
over the Caribbean island could set off World War III. Ignoring the threats 
U.S. flights continued. .. .The Administration is seriously considering pilot- 
less reconnaissance craft — drone planes or guided missiles — instead of the 
present manned U-2's to keep this nation’s photographic ^es on Communist 
Cuba's missiles. This would reduce chances of near-vra,r crises if Castro 
decided to shoot down a U.S. plane.... The Supreme Court let stand the Con- 
gressionally-created arbitration board's decision is the railroad work-rule 
dispute. The 8-0 decision cleared the way for the railroads to eliminate 
up to 48,000 jobs they find unnecessary. .. Oommuniats exploded a hole by methods 
unknown in the 9,800-ton U.S.S. Card , sank the American aircraft transport 
loaded with helicopters in the harbor at Saigon, South Viet Nam, vdth no loss 
of life. The 496-foot former escort carrier x^as the first major American ship 
sunk in the U.S. -supported war against the Communist North Vietnamese. , .'.The 
Federal government indicted 12 companies which produce 65 per cent of the 
bakery flour sold east of the Roclqr Moxmtains. The companies and six of 
their officers allegedly took part in a price-fixing conspiracy that inflated 
bread prices. .. .The first Communist Cubans, perhaps 1,000, were back home after 
special training in the Soviet Union to take over missiles left by the departing 
Russians. However, Russia took home late model SA-2 anti-aircraft missiles, 
replaced them with older types, indicating distrust of erratic Premier Castro 
and cohorts.. , .The John F, Kennec^ memorial stamp, bearing his likeness and a 

- 13 - 

'K /-'I.'.'ii r. .M©'?': no bomod bni? tiotjenartcJ 'rjpraA ,ci.U A 

'.tarV ^ tciTfiOinonA OT — bi>oidi* aqcoii <^1 fXn he££hl /rscTcl ceii.;i 

^ iO tritip or{.'» u’f jit «©n'io'i .c'.lj 'to?. nOvlBBeilfa oXj^TLta ^tcio/ 6d^ ST 

. .’.rr-f ’' -CT^-.j-'r *’.' '7c->ii^i^.’ j'rodoiT ‘xorf^i c’M'ioY vt)M, . . .flisli SolV ciSsjod nl 

?.j' j'., c;') -Arf- ? . 'oxX n.’‘vt£.-£!>o<^‘i orfJ .to Xjt^fci.acn*^ ftoF/ 'xoY /un od’ eeon 

' •'-:]£..£ j\-:Xnuc\:ic'i ^njtnniD airt afi nbr! ^iJTioiq noanriol 

' i=jr- r:;- .HA' .'f-riJ e?.;l,D^oqe y >;i bon*je\/ xX«^’ni/Xd oiiasO 

..-t'-.i ■..r:v •'nx’.oi; I ,Ti;i rd' M'lO';’ 'ilo .?*3P bXuoc hncX'?;.! rr«<f*ddi*tfiD •^avo 
' ' ij ; 0 v.^'M'C'X'i. e sX (••o.L-.'rriOfiJ.fT/Ao,^ o»Vi .... uni Jrioo eXdsiXi .&.U 

. "(.t "fc. ' '■ '.■•>: ‘^o eno-jb-^—riF/ir. oDniinaixnnono'X aooX 

•'; .'Ti.'ir :•;■?. £r v -• '-iiijA A.t aidi ■.vg'’:.'! cX e'^X-U OanfiGfr inocsaq 

:-‘:i \j. "^o -soqn.^’fo ocr/boT: .nXumjr »liiT ,8oi;.^ielni a’uduO 

-iX-O .vf:. ■*-/, ■;■ _:. q ;.;Tr6':;qf,'ri x-r^T. , , .©r'/uq .c.U x nvxcb Xoorfa oX babioob 

^ Gil:: '"O.V-'OcA :loiXq"CXi:d*^Ji bGji^j'ID-yXfjfqoieeC'S^i 

: -v. ;'rr- 'X'':' ' ^'v »*'. Xc.ei 3‘i.!’ q: - f-o r'”. nii^io&b 0-4^ arfT .aXuq'Bib 

X\.; . .q. v;; biA't 'cyriX ?Jdot 0 CK), 84 \ oX qu 


■ ;. i ."t r. i'>Gx-tq^>X» '"qlt 'XX"'-' n.cj-OOS,,'? ofiX nX xo-'ortMittr 

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£■•-.' .:■ c/f:’ v;..!' •r-; J.-;. , •,.),.• X' OGf-i'i •iom.O'l n“!l lo 

. ./I .rX. j •■' > .' ;> •■ tuni.’G ? qr lir.'Hii b'fMtqoqque-.S.U o.iX ni )biua 

•-■ix 1 Xr. .-. -iG 1 X '- ''Guf- .:<•' G/.nV aqi'.vfiqifjco L :' ‘^.-.X'ibnX Xnenifrtavoj,^ Litabe'^ 

*.'. . •■j ca o'j”. , nii.i.Alj/oi'I arU; to Xfcjisa l)Ioe ^uoXl vp:i»>lad 

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•r.'* An*: -' ■ r '. .XO-'.i “'qf.r. ^anc. 'u^ jairi.u;:itir;0 Xaixt e*iT. . . .eaoi'rq tAVxd 

v;o . ■ •>: /t-'j e*' laai.x •'.‘•'■'ro o:i,r.X oX noinU iaivoS sKX ni ^naiijft'xX l^ioaqa 

. .' i .,.1 ‘''i ;.i\- Un>j A- J. Xcborfr oJgX ‘j'nod Moo3 flieetffi , i9'»'a\'oH .arfuiCSi/H 

X.f'J ''•. r v.-^i T G. T 'i'*e qo Xcf/nXe.ib ^fA.Xf-oiijnjt .eoq'^X noblo riXb'i 3f£>dX boojdXqo'i 

^>’'tneAli eirl .■.C'.'iiOQ ^•:^raA^c Xiiinccnm Tjb^rtf/ao nrU»U i^riT, , « .«.‘<’TCOfloo haA 

dravang of the flame that burns on his grave, will go on sale nationally 
May 29, his 47th birthday. Mrs. Kennedy chose the design for the blue- 
gray 5-cent commemorative issue idiich suggests a TV screen. .. .Eight Japanese 
who survived the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki visited Truman at 
the Truman Library in Independence, Mo. Explaining vdiy he ordered the bombs 
dropped the former President said it was "to end l/orld War II in such a way 
that not a half million more people would be killed on each side and that 
many injured." Vasily Tarasov, 35, a Russian "correspondent," was trapped 
by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police when he received classified docimients 
from a civil servant, and vjsls ordered to leave the country. Canada’s 
reluctance to create a major incident, or to invite retaliation, was the 
reason for not prosecuting him. .. .Britain’s Princess Ilargaret, 33, sister of 
Wueen Elizabeth II, gave birth to her second child, a six-pound- two-ounce 
daughter, Buckingham Palace celebrated the event by playing "Thank Heaven 
for Little Girls." ... .Pope Paul VI has granted a dispensation to Ernest Adam 
Beck, 39, a former New Jersey Lutheran pastor with a wife and two children 
to be ordained a Roman Catholic priest. He would be the first American 
Protestant minister to receive Holy Orders in the last 12 years without taking 
the vows of celibacy. .. .The U.S., Russia, and Britain each announced cutbacks 
in nuclear- weapons materials. President Johnson said the U.S. cutback, the 
second announced this year, was possible because of more than adequate supplies 
of nuclear material for weapons. .. .After checking on a cryptic classified ad 
in the Sacramento Un ion aimed at "young modern married couples," Sacramento 
police uncovered a wife-swapping club. However, the D.A.’s office refused 
to swat the swappers, said- "A private exchange of spouses among consenting 
adults for temporary pleasure is not a crime — vdfe svjapping just doesn't 
violate any section of the California penal code." ... .Lady Nancy Astor, 85, 
Amfiricarv-bom widow of the second Viscount Astor and the first woman to sit 
in Britain’s House of Commons, v^ere she served from 1919 to 1945 died in 

- 14 - 

cL-i: n- 03 IXir .svf.rrji ri.b1 no emjcf ijtdJ %li lo 

u., ■ !^/:r -C - oio ooorin .j;*:?!'! . Tji;X>dvtTr±d «Xri ^?S 

", M;- '-Ti. . . .v^. ••" . d.-Zitv «C'p:si oviijjBriOjr'^irno"? itjier-c TBTS* 

• - ’■ -.A ^^1141' Mx'i 

’'0 ejnxdinod ortc^ bovirvu^a otiw 

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' rix r i : '■:!iui;csooiq >Jon 10'i. 

■ •; , - : ; ic '- - ■. '< ■\-.‘ <--} jiv id ; ^IX i{:^r+fi£ 5 ; nOflX^VI 

■y/.: ' VO Kii:': .•f:v ; o.f 'ib'-.' ’"j 'v'/rXx'X .'i't> jr.'.,^i/fib 

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Mr„ j '• ■■'■•w.i .. bU'-'-iVi : L.' /'•'ro'-; ej.'K: bedfwcrilJb i-xioofip. 

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/u.'« '■■>. 0:1 ,XuXo ^ sciloq 

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J ' ../ 0. : 1 i!.: . i oTO/O'^ 

! ’ * odd 'io trritb'# nr^'^ j-t-nia/. 

» - ' ' '"■.1 '‘.L> ;. n '1 bftviae *iii& 

v:.'MtW ,i?iTri«p«oO !<:' X*. ’ ntSitl'dil itx 



Bourne, England. . . .The New York Police Department was investigating the 
possibility that racism was the motive in several recent Harlem murders. 
Mlitant young Negro gangs have attacked vdiite persons at random; two Negro 
teen-agers were arrested, charged with homicide in stabbings of two white 
women. .. .Lynda Bird Johnson, 33, the pretty, peppery elder daughter of 
President Johnson, broke her engagement to Navy Lt. (J.G.) Bernard Rosenback, 
23. Both the kihite House and Lieutenant Rosenbach denied that his religion 
(Roman Catholic) played a part in the breakup. . . .Ngo Dinh Can, 53> younger 
brother of the late deposed South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem, was 
convicted of murder, extortion, illegal financial dealings, and perpetration 
of illegal arrests, and sentenced to death in Saigon. .. .Britain's former War 
Minister John Profumo, central figure in the Christine Keeler scandal, has 
started a new job — helping the needy in London slums. The wealthy Profumo, 

49, is working five days a week at the Toynbee Hall Settlement in the heart 
of London's East End. .. .Princess Irene, 24, v^o gave up her rights to the 
Dutch throne, and Spain's Prince Carlos, 34, claimant to the Spanish throne, 
were married in Rome. The ceremony was boycotted by her own family and other 
royalty. .. .Democratic Gov. Orval E. Faubus announced his candidacy for a sixth 
term and said it will be "interesting to see if a poor boy can still beat a 
millionaire." The millionaire is Winthrop Rockefeller, brother of Governor 
Nelson Rockefeller, a candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination 
in Arkansas. .. .Michael Thiess, 18, son of actress Ursula Thiess and stepson 
of actor Robert Taylor, was sentenced in Munich to one year's detention for 
trying to poison his father. West German film producer George Thiess.... A 
West German court ordered Nazi leader Herman Goering's daughter to return a 
valuable painting her father blackmailed the city of Cologne into giving her 
as a birthday present. Lawyers for Cologne said Goering blackmailed city 
fathers into giving his then 10-year-old daughter, Edda, Lucas Cranach's 
"Madonna and Child," a masterpiece valued at $37, 500. .. .After a two-yearprobe 

- 15 - 

tnitxqaG eoiJio*! ifioT well <».dT. . , .bn^Ian^ »f»rru;o6 
.n*'b'i,' ^noeo-i Ic'tovsft ni ©vjtiora odJ es. intloF-i ’t^lXidltsacxi 

vj :£nobn>n -ifi oiirrfvr bsjioisii^, ovarl cngsM gni/ox 

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I . .' X - P V-j.-''’ c:^’!.. ,qi.%'Jjcie'Xd ^;'.? ^.c b baysiq {al£crli£D n,fiaK>J!) 

>.-. .:•' a*' ; ...:.i] o; .t.'-.,;,.;, oeesi-ril'C'i 7 diyoP .^.Quo^at 3 d£j orU lo ‘ 3 t 3 ffdo'id 

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<■'•'■' -i’ '’-' ■ ^i.iT I'jeLr'Oj ill yh«‘ .'/r i-nM '^.ruqCarf—^ot v^« x. bsJ'r&da 

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: .r'xJiF).'. 'il o' - :■ ;: cue o, CioiyyM ux beoi; T»lu/»fc aiiu liedoH lodofl lo 

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v: • ■ L.n , r^T : ^,-1 ' '.ruAfij b lii nnsolol 'lo'i .dnof-Paq ■yi'briXTtXrf b sjp 

•:' .' Lir.-cl fl/,'-!.. , bbl ,':c^ttf;.(; b Jb-fo-u£i>y*OI nod-t eid cXtiX euBrfdjEil 

■I ii- . • . .C-fl* , tj' t' bouf/vj ^09jj(p9*lnp/ti B '',bl WO ?vir. B/»fv>bRK'’ 

of a $200,000-a-year vice ring operating on Long Island, a holdover Nassau 
County grand jury in Mineola, L.I., indicted 49 persons — including 15 women — 
and 10 businesses. Nassau District Attorney l.llliam Cahn said that husbands 
of some defendants "sat home as baby sitters while the ladies of the house 
picked up side income to help pay the mortgage Lowell M. Birrell, 57, 

"the most brilliant manipulator of corporations in modern times," returned 
to the U.S. from Brazil after seven years of self-exile. I'h:. Birrell, who 
faces 286 years imprisonment for looting through the years various companies 
of $50 million, said, "It’s very good to be back." 


THE BIRTH OF A SEC RET - In Anaheim, Calif., policeman Edward Hanson responded 
to a call for assistance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wells — and helped 
in the delivery of a baby girl. As Mrs. Wells prepared to leave for the 
hospital with the baby in an ambulance, her husband confided to the officer: 

"We didn’t even know she was pregnant." 

■k'- * ^ * -K* 

ESPECIALLY FOR SPECIALISTS - The Police Department of Laramie, L^o., recently 
installed radar units in its cars to catch speeders. So far police have 
ticketed Municipal Judge Robert Costin, University of li^oming policewoman Ann 
Harrison and Duke Dueweke, who issues and renews driver's licenses. 

■it" -W- * 

BETT ER LATE THAN NEVER - In Windsor, Ont., the bride waited in a packed church. 
The groom showed up. But they both forgot to get a marriage license. After 
much scuriying about, a license was issued and Adam Fornetran and Sheila Cooke 
were married-only two hours after their evening reception got into full svang. 

^ -K- -s:- -K- 

ADDS CLASS TO THE JOB - In Ipswich, England, a polite thief left two type- 
written notes after breaking into a printing firm and walking off with $560 


T- ■'"•r I ^ .Jbnjblel 2noJ no 2«.t^Jb^oqo ?,nx^: ftoJ:/ -ijaov^^-OOC^OCSl^J JS lo 
•i ' .'■: .'I rL_'-- >-:c »;'4i bs*Joi.i'ni , .T.,T nJ: ■'"iu{, xtru^^oO 

v-.,-/j!'' u ' ti'iii, fTi'ar.'j ' '.^rrioj^A ^tolnfstd u&a&jLi/l .eoECodlatfd 01 bciB 

' ^‘ ■ • ■ ■ ‘.'I-iriw r ar arrjorl J/se' sctnjpfcneleh OiroG -lo 

•■ " • -- ‘ ’ qlsnf Cc ditnoofti: obie qu baiJoiq 

• "' ' ' ■ ! ■ •'■'Cl.. 'J. ' ''£oi..+ 'ir vr -j "o 'lOjiiXifq Cftism £feom nrict'* 

i Uv.-; ^0 -i&.tl" cTo-il .u.U *srfrf oq 

-■ ‘-''' - -i';. '?'; ..'iXcx-ii; '^<■0. Jf.^raiiOEX^ c^SS saofi'i 

' .-hm .-; r’.'- Oe^ 'io 

’’■ 1 >.:■ .cin:* i:-';.:' .'■flw 'I- o;:'ox; '>ori£-/ 'i:'). iljjo a Cht 

'■ ' - ' • '•■;:•.•■ q’J'rq nlW' .fj'/'T f.s ?d k 1o sdi ni 

'• ’ - •• '• •' j ■.:'r-'::i or{i..!!:K'nc.: fr . •:/. n. ' ' rf^jr.-f l£>dJ:q«r>ff 

’ . r'ii;(.y-: ■' ■ ':-r;i’ vfojKi rrevo d*iibib o’,.’” 

,?!. ..■• ;.f •??. 

- ^ ■ - V - ■ i " ^oXXc’^ ^ cV?;- TXd >iq': UJ. I^8S 

/V«l« « •«••*■» . . . .» I ■>»«>»»<-.< Hirfl Pi, M l 

■“ ri e, v; •, ^rl ;j_j; ^^r;r- 

•'• ■'•i ■- ■ tix. '...>■} c?j>L.'Ir coirs'll 

-■' • '.'■■■ ''.'I' ; i'ij“ri>:-: . o;''.-.' ik-UjC iriL rro« i'i'ij&H 

•’'•■ ■■ ■- ■' riil ' ni •' 

. ■ . , j f ;i.T: .7^'r o.t do'- ro'i rftod \;oX.f Jx/O qu bsvoilTi Jttoo'i^ edT 

‘ ' *■•< - -I '■' ■• • 'J ’’■ i b‘-j b<7i/®ex t>en'j;)j.i’ ii , :'uod£ ;,_i-iTtTti/o8 iioim 

• ■ '•' i’ ' ■ill').!; e'tii'orl ry/.-^ ' j'no-r-hoXT'fxvia eiftw 

•'4 -t- ■, ■ ■;!• > 

■ • i .■-.• ■* v*L’>q f .-.rr.rv:,^ ffl - COl JHT OT r.SAwTO ea-IA 

■ ’* ' ‘ ■• '-•.■• br.o nx.i.'' r^mljii'3 I ■ ct -i ;i;»;ii,>If.pKxd 'iwcfir. ue-'torr rro.+d.htxj 


in cash. The first note to the police said, "No prints left so don’t 
bother to look." The other, for the management, read, "Thanks — sorry about 
the mess. " 

-K- ^ •55' 

IT ONLY HURTS A LITTLE BIT - Motorists in Wakefield, Mass., may be wearing 
a grin when they get arrested for speeding. The police traffic Bureau has 
put up signs reading: "Smile you’re on radar." 

•ii- ^ -jf -i'c -a- 

PUB KEEPERS ’ SHUT OFF ’ - In Nottingham, England, the local bar owners associa- 
tion (the Nottingham Licensed Victuallers Assn.), has banned alcoholic drinks 
at its meetings "because some members got unruly and talked through their 
hats," an official said. 

- 17 - 



03 vn®I. e^,utq o\r oaUoq 6i ofoaJzrn ^ftT .det^ ni 
^iL'cdj: 's:no«-«ejlAg.'fT’' ^rii noTt ^-rori^o oxiT «. 3 tooI oc^ ^ 9 fiM 

^ ojW 


nnxoisovj tjcl ibX.oJi'toMBJ,.’ ni nS^M'toJoK - TIH 2 UTTT- T A oT^Tlil! YJ^ID 

ewi u£ ‘lufi ^.otfr*q eri? .znibBsqz 'loY boieoioij dog ndrfw nl't^ & 

no 0*2 'wo^ aXiraB” i^nJtb£ 9 '£ ensla qy iuq 

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f'T -ov-o -jcci ri-.cnf ,bn!.^I^rtS nl -» ‘T'P 

' ‘j-B . ./^^:mzk coeTXfii/JoiV cw-U'IgniiJ’^oW dri^) noitf 

j : ) 

J,jn£; 'iXi^r»no .-tos s-isomoi araoe oai/x^oscf” «£/ix^asm aXi il 


• bi^ X^ioXYYo m '\8^Bd 



A Magazine for Deaf-Blind Readers 

Vol. XVIII June, 196it 

No, 6 

(Mimeograph Edition) 

Edited and published monthly, except July and September 
by the American Foundation for the Blind, Inc. 

15 West 16th Street, New York 11, N.Y. 

Editor; Sam Chermak (Deaf-Blind) 



June, 196\x 

No. 6 

Message from Annette 

Dinsmore • 


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Sports Roundup , 

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. 11 

Jannie’s Corner, 

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. 18 


Albert Einstein, one of the great scientists of our age, came 
to this country from Germany in 1933 and settled down at the 
Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University, There he 
continued the studies and experiments he had conducted abroad. He 
was best known for his theory of relativity xfhich baffled all but 
the most scientifically and mathematically oriented. This theory 
and other discoveries led directly to the release of atomic energy 
and knowledge X'lhich formed the basis of all subsequent space age 
developments. He retired in 19h$f but remained active in his studies 
until his death in 1955 • 

Einstein was, in addition, a great humanitarian and offered 
assistance to his fellow men escaping from Hitler's persecution, 
Einstein had an empathy for -mankind and believed in a world of 
simplicity and harmony. 

Years ago, when relativity vjas still considered the confusion 
of the century, I was spending long, dreary weeks in a hospital 
room, I learned from my nurse that Albert Einstein’s brother was 
in the next wing of the hospital, recovering from a minor operation, 
I persuaded her to arrange for me to meet this ”near-greatness" - 
and one afternoon she wheeled me around to his room. It vias 
exciting and fearful to shake hands with a person who knew Einstein 
intimately, but he was very friendly and put me at ease, 

With the impulsive confidence of youth, I asked him to explain 
the theory of relativity for me. With a smile in his eyes, he 
replied - "It’s like this - when you sit on a red hot stove for 
one second, it seems like an hour. When a pretty girl sits on 
your lap for one hour, it seems lilce one second I" 

- 1 - 


-■■;r. :U vri";.noO rtotl vriJnuoo Fdri-f oJ' 

k . ‘jc !2z 1 i!r. Yl'jJ-C 'jaonr.'/bji zo2 ru-fl 

ff'. ;■■ v-t ''-fVTXO £>,:;*■. eiexOtrit. odJ" '-Gi/niinoo 
.;>•) • t ri^^‘:n,:i 

-■ r-ur '' wOi't Pfioc St-'.oni od& 

*r't o:: vld *'./ g ba!.' gc'-t C'VOGW iib 'UhUIo j.r/i 
■? bo .«rb<;.;;' oj:J i>G.v^:i1, ;ob ’iT-r "> bas 
.yr. .:'ib ,:i m.- ‘o:->;.-j- . GJnGfcrvolGvor 

t',i: rict?.3b vjd liJcu) 

:'^"’-'i:;-; :£ ^ /;c<i 0 ".I'- ^ f oG'?- 

] - !'y.'' r.v'/a'i: rib Ob •„■;• 

■■■ ^ '’lo-fior,'' 

, b:^o' ' 

bj-Ja 000 V.!; v.b'': ;■■ -o .oobv ^obB O'TooY 
•'’":h ,._;OOl :'ii.bo3..;a O':*; I ^ '0 •’■<10 Yc 

I" o-<'-:b Oo'-O.;! ..i- bo/r-iGoI I 

y r:;oor ... .ibr •■(;o'-<i, o:b; *,0 ■<>.' obb ni 

I. on o'< 0';; •'■ 3 ': '-uni'v/.L ob 20 // s.ooTcjq I 
■ .'\r .yxz t',::'- .'">f>I-'.’'V'!.w !.be ;r '5 on'!': Hid on-', bn.o 
' b?- z'ozci' oo'ono o,:? i baa 

b' a 'bjoi'tl V'cov ■ '■•; ob Ciic; , ■',;;Iov», . lorrti: 

■■■; 'io piOr:nt,).r bin :) •v'/'io.,I;--;frj; o;iI 
B 'lb .nio 'n ■ vct^,i /IcBl-Jb io vl'ioobJ ynt 
&'• - ouisj ods.I .bdl” *- aexiqoi 

I’fMl' -'f f '-f{ .on ‘.oLrX fdinooa li ^Ji;)^oc'OE 
-..''•5 Obo.' Bi'nvoo 4I .luorl' Mo ‘lol '■'EsT 

Recently a paper printed a poem in blank verse by Albert 
Einstein which reveals a philosophy as great as any of his other 
achievements . 

Strange is our situation here upon earth. 
Each of us comes for a short visit, not 
knowing x^rhy, yet sometimes seeming 
to divine a purpose. From the standpoint 
of daily life, however, there 
is one thing we know; 

That Han is here for the sake of 
other Men Above all, for those upon 
whose smile and well-being our 
own happiness depends, and also for the 
countless unknoxm souls with x-Jhose fate 
X'je are connected by a bond of S3Tnpathy, 

Many times a day I realize hox^ much 
my own outer and inner life is built upon 
the labors of my fellow men, both living 
and dead, and how earnestly I must 

exert myself in order to give in return 
as much as I have received. 

Annette Dinsmore 


Almost 10 years to the day since the Supreme Coxirt outlawed 
segregated schools and almost nine since it called for desegre- 
gation ’’with all deliberate speed" the court last month indicated 
impatience x-xith the pace at which its edict is being carried cut. 

In a decision involving Virginia's rural, southside Prince Edward 
County, which for a decade has evaded the Federal directives, the 
court also indicated it x«jould not hesitate to use its authority 
to insure compliance. 

It was a Prince Edward County school desegregation suit, among 
others, on which the court ruled in its historic 19^h decision 

- 2 - 

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. Jr..; XX ... i..v -i. . -.viX Xf'.X.r/."'' er..-i r;,bfia(X'> n rlo (.•!'/■ \>irj(.toO 

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.': iv ,.'.'■ '.,v> 

outlawing school segregation. The suit bhen had already dragged 
on for three years: the county authorities responded by weaving 
complex legal entanglements calculated to preserve segregation 

Aided by the ''''irginia Legislature’s new lavjs of ’’massive resis- 
tance” to the desegregation decision. Prince Edward officials 
embarked on a course that by 1959 had closed the county’s public 
schools. In their place — but only for the 1,250 x^hite children — 
vrere private, segregated schools financed in part b; state and lo- 
cal funds. Until last autumn the 1,600 Negro children had no 
provision for schooling. Last autumn a Free School Association was 
organized x-Jith private funds to help Negro children for one year. 

In the meantime, litigation aimed at reopening the public schools 
moved slowly through the state and Federal courts. 

At Issue in the case that reached the Supreme Court last month 
xijas the channeling of public funds to the private, segregated schools, 
A District Court decision enjoining local officials from so doing 
was upset by a Circuit Court and it was an appeal of that upset 
that was before the Supreme Court. 

Nobody doubts that Robert F, Kennedy has an assured political 
future — the question is where, and as xjhat? After his brother’s 
assassination, there xjas an immediate surge of sentiment for Bobby 
to seek the Vice Presidency under Lyndon Johnson. But the Lhite 
House believes the Attorney General xTould be a liability in the 
South; besides, Mr, Johnson had never really cottoned to his former 
chief’s brother. 

That seemed to leave Massachusetts. But the troubles there 
are: younger brother Sen, Ted Kennedy is up for re-election, and 

iwrf neai Jifo ariT Xocdae 5)XTiw«Idi!o 

VfiVfjLw yp ijfibrwKjtiO’t isnij: 5 iTorf^i/s. y^awoo orfd ;ex^€rv; 16^ no 


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i.X. ’• j brirvfPb -iO .X ’ . .'.'il'^./oeb OflJ 0 ^ "oo/wJ 

_^. ’ . 7 .- 0 -Iv '-•i.l':. >n;l tGri^t fiRiiioo a no 

□';■ /:!"■ ' j l•'*■t "i'ao Ji/d — acalo ’li dcf itX .ttfoodoa 

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., fa'i L OiX Ic'iorj^?C' v.'';'i:'j<}'^A and arstvoiled a wolf 

. f>v Ji j;;ovjoo ''^1. 1 'xov^n ufii non/uloi. ♦'xi’I ,Boojta^ irfiaoS 

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•larlj c. i e.Ivi ».rd . cJdocifrtoa 00*41 (i> 74 v?i OJ baw»8 dtt.iT 

:.ti' 4 ' X r'j'uo- I" itCj- .X v,bar<noX L®T .loii 'X'idJjrtd Toam/OY toxa 

Democratic Gov. Endicott Peabody is only in his first term. 
Furthermore, Lt. Gov, Francis Bellotti has first claim to succeed 
Peabody. Massachusetts Democrats fear that a bid for Bobby to 
wrest the governorship axray from Peabody and Bellotti would demora- 
lize the party there. 

But Bobby and his supporters are a flexible lot, so last month 
they turned to Mew York. Bobby asked his brother-in-law Stephen 
Smith to find out how New York Democrats xirould feel if he were to 
run for the Senate against Republican incumbent Kenneth Keating. 

All Nex>r York Democrats who mattered seemed to like the idea — or 
at least were unwilling to oppose it. The law, they pointed out, 
requires only that a candidate be a resident on election day. There 
was also the advantage that the Senatorial nominations would not 
be made until after the national convention. This means that 
Kennedy would be available in the unlikely event Mr. Johnson should 
decide he wants him as Vice President: if not, he would still be 
available to try for Kenneth Keating's Senate seat. 

The President, once a poor boy himself, really feels deeply 
about poverty. But he is also striding high with it as a political 
issue, and last month he got tripped up. 

A couple of Republican Congressmen, Nebraska's David Martin 
and Kentucky's Gene Snyder, journeyed South and returned with a 
tale of dire poverty in Lyndon's pwn backyard— or, more precisely. 
Lady Bird's. In Alabama's Autauge County, Lady Bird ox-ms about 
3,000 acres of land that she inherited from her family. Much of 
the land, once cotton-producing, has been turned to timber, but 
four Negro tenant families still live on some of the property, 
occupying rxindoxm houses that do more than Lyndon Johnson's words 

- - 

aifJ ni «i vtcyfae"? ^io'atbfd .voC 

basoojfB .'T’ijalG -‘eti* t-;l:D.wt^ ,‘«ro0 M ^cr^apt1£'Mc^^f'i 

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<'*iv-'«ih hSir-jv »•,. sno't'i yc«/q qi.'feYOfr^ovog.ortif dr.encw 

v.vtifta «^rict a^iX 

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w ?‘v'i siri bo:*!!;® \cJdoG .jfaoY {^b’I od' bsn'tuii’ 

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:■) c-t-yi jrt ' li'-zi vi ■'••.» odi^'xaui^roCI AioT voV worf dijo bnt'i Ov+ rfdinS 
.••u-.xJr-:-'/ utf'/' ii.G'.. ;g :'*(i: :!/ arldtroa’I^\;;5a edx.a&S lol: run 
— ^ • J ..ixl n.z i:ono;?t: boTiaidK.n aife sidsTOoni'Q'I ?{ioY w&H IXA 

,Ji/_ . 4 i!"" .r .ii fj'eoqqu od' nrciilxwrjii s^iQV d'S/jaX i& 

o '.' .-lo'Io 'fc .)a' 5'- caoY n £‘X ’i»dftbib/ii5;o jb Xcrid’ GS'iXifpO'x 

' M. 0.*; j,. Ici - ... ' j.! .'/•X'Co.'tanpC an'j du.i’d' ‘3';»fidr?Bvbij srid oaXfl aaw 
w. io ■ *’;'■ ».;c.^dT^vn;..o JeitoidBri 9jU 'rad'-iis Ildnx; &b&T, sd 

I;*' -ilG . -r </-»>!!, [.-.i: t?:id ' <^Irf£;Qx.V£i or^ bJj/ow Yb£»birft}9 

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,q.i< jon a.l ffdnom da^X bins 

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, ' j*» •• -p.-w ^7 — ,Tifo fi' ’iot' ‘TxJ id x-Hovo^ji oncib 'io 

... .u.^ I ot; i \o<I , iiwoO aj^.'XBdi A BVix^tadBlA rl .c’biXo '<X>^i.T 
.'{.lijir'i tx'i -oad-iioriai ?jdf3 ds.fl.t bn»i 'to 000, C 

jw ,'ii V id ' d brt'twd fsued a^X t:.inioj/b<rtn-r! 0 <fXoa oono ,t>rjoX s.-fd 
>'t j.‘j 1.0 srioa no oviX Xlide nsiX.tJno* dnftnod (ngoH luoX 
al -j' W »*' ;oe,x<o'. iTab-TCX nr^iid atom nb d»dd r»\c.yofj n;>njh<Tiin soifcyqfuooo 

to dramatize poverty, 

"We were shocked at the squalor we found," reported the Congress- 
men when they returned vxith a telling set of photographs. The tenants 
are "living in deplorable poverty x-^ith little evidence of concern 
by their millionaire landlords." Said Snyder: 'W^e found tenants 
living in three and four-room shacks with cracks in the flooring, 
leaking roofs, broken wood-burning cook stoves, some at least $0 
years old, and no toilet facilities," Said Martin: "If I oxmed 
property like that, I’d feel it a moral obligation to make it com- 
fortable and adequate. At least so the roof doesn’t leak everytime 
it rains, so the water doesn't fall on the bed." Added Snyder: "We 
saw nothing here that could not easily be corrected by the Johnsons 
themselves, without a nickel of federal funds or a single federal 
program — if, of course, they really cared." 

Among Lady Bird’s tenants, said Martin and Snyder, were 
Charles Cutler, 75 j and his wife Willie, They pay Lady Bird $5 a 
month for a four-room house and an old barn on four acres, and 
have a cash income from public x^relfare of $150 a month, "We have 
lived here for $0 years," said Mrs, Cutler. "We like it. I want to 
stay here until the good Lord takes me avray. But I do wish that 
Mrs. Johnson xTOuld fix the roof. This old house leaks bad." 

^Hiile ne-wsmen flocked to Autauga County to see for themselves. 
Lady Bird’s press secretary, Elizabeth Carpenter, hastily explained 
the Johnson side of the stor37'. It seemed that Lady Bird actually 
wanted to turn all of her land to timber, but expressly instructed 
her overseer to permit the old tenants on the land to stay as long 
as they liked. 

Sure enough, farmer Cutler shoxired newsmen three tailor-made 
suits that Lyndon had sent him. "They makes me feel just like I’m 

- 5 - 

,\^^rfiVCrJf :JSJ;^£rrifj'lb V;.t 


'inclt b'S"'!o:‘''-bi otew s".-:" 

nVr^.' b'^nx.’Ci' 3 'T '>’;s 5 r(vt aIOjIk nom 

L,.r" r \r -t ■ 'ir S 15 n,i sx,g 

c ibrx£ - hlva-:'' SS tin ‘■ii- 3 dd cd 

•:v . .!,•:. s:-:. '.hi£- ooxr';^ nl HnxviX 

i..* — - • • ■ ^ 

i .'X.= bi .CO';’’! OCj' x^J a bfiP ,_bXo BJJ I'X 

<f->:cr X .U. -a-'vV., 

; ;C:/aL i.i . - X;,Vfp 9 !>o ras cbdr-fioi 

:- :'Xr.l aiX di 

' V.' r/yfr-: r. rt;:.;") cIxa/- kkr 

jojd'av ^ ■k-':;:;a;i' , ?j'=='vC'sa;T^^'/I4 

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j;.!;: .T . ■••' riv-x-A r^ch: ---i ol. a x'-’A rl-inon 

■'.■ '-i nXii.rr '•'‘..j, ■ :• ''x;. ^:^■XKU. b ' 9 vBd 

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'G ail! '’ '■ . ■ '.I'-' ■'!; ;•■ iij -L .'! i'.' -‘.ij - ' 'j'f 

a. ^ c;!,'"' .JO ■;' ■‘A'.' 'i.-r:,- ,« r:dn. -o'', ' . 

o.? u-;"^ ‘' A b I '.r't i.T^. ■ ■•'.I ./ j'i'w' 

’x',' A 'Ml.r.B.i.X.' . ; .o; joxoiV S'.’:,’.o '^bAT 

•.■''■■)<!! O'l .' TcJ'?' '•': >j i'C a'oL. . •'Xii.'-'i.- 

idiiuo.! '■.uiii; 'ciii.d >r .■'■••v'dq ;j bJ' tnfitj 

!;: j a].‘ " vn'iT.'XTi '■■.! •,. on-.-x.'Jxa 

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'<■. , J.i. : G? *ri/;,oro oxi.'c 

.;ii " ,1"L- 4ni; •■ ar;l j’OhfX/d'c JrAii R'+ilfO 

a Senator myself," he chuckled. As to whether the President’s anti- 
poverty program is likel^^ to affect them, I'irs. Cutler alloaired as 
how she was not familiar with the specifics, but that if Lyndon 
Johnson runs it, "it's sure gonna be a fine thing." And maybe, 
before the good Lord takes her, that roof will get fixed. 

Scanning his bodyguards before an appearance at Chicago's 
McCormick Place one June day in I 96 I, John F. Kennedy spotted a 
Secret Service pin in the lapel of agent Abraham Bolden. The 
President stopped to chat, learned that Bolden had signed on 
months before, was stationed in Chicago, and loved his work. 
Impressed with the young Negro agent, JFK asked Secret Service 
officials to transfer him to the White House. It wasn’t long before 
the stocky former Pinkerton man and Illinois Sta&e trooper took his 
post as the first Negro ever assigned to the Secret Service's 
prestigious Presidential detail. He spent 35 days that summer 
guarding i-Ir, Kennedy in Washington and Hyannis Port, and impressed 
his fellow agents as a competent, hardworking recruit. Then Bolden 
retiarned to his specialty: roving undercover work against counter- 
feiters, Again, he got top marks — cracking rings in Buffalo, 
Cleveland, and Chicago, and winning two commendations, 

Earlier last month, he teamed up with other agents in Chicago 
to arrest an eight-man gang wanted for counterfeiting $300,000 
vTorth of travelers checks and U.S. savings bonds. It looked like 
another boost for Bolden. But the episode turned into one of the 
sorriest chapters in the proud history of the Secret Service. 

One of the counterfeiting suspects, Joseph Spagnoli, Jr., a 
happy-go-lucky small -timer who boasts of 150 arrests and no con- 
victions, x^ent to the nex^spapers with a tantalizing tale of 

- 6 - 

r. ’ctTPO*' I.' L~ i hk .f 3r./i'ov:lo sd i fi 


■": . y I 'lv. :; , "r ‘1 JorjTl/i si x'S^C'ic: 

t'i ,, : ■ , ‘'"t riOJnc i'.U't if^i-w "rcJfcCii'nfi'l ia: 2-ow ^da woii 

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'..' . ... ■ • • • .T.*-. •K/t.3 ; r. ?.j:rf r^nxvmoc 

^ ‘ . ? i\’.- '.. r. ,^'b onnl '^-or.X^. 

r-.’. ’- ,....5 s.f!-'' id ■‘3>V'roc c'‘0T39<!1 

■- . . 'ri : :.'.d '■'•■; , Tgiio ox b^qqod-?. 'ic'Ttl 

. ; . . - .. r-, rr.n b 5 'io': or.u , 

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■j :■. ■ ■:} ^v.s>;J'K ri-.i. . : ..i .at na-rrsv/id ' 'li-.'-zzo'X valo'-di, y.-if 


.. ••' V . . t. x'vn jarrj ..aJ : d.:oq 

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. . a a ..,: ' :‘.;-,%.aa£;i , .. u'j . •'■ c 0 £ - ^ wo.r-C:<t aid 

, — •a:vo:>~;. •■'•,; '■ .^vc c • 4jJ".£.;:r)ea" z]'(\ b&t 'uio'i 

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I,-' ...: . >d cV'.M. '•’.'■■■•■' .'i." Lnr. .■.‘to.i.. ".'/i. ::j 'io dchiow 

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■ . V : - . ■ 'do if’ 7:r ■ •» . it'* U.-.vta .da jnt ar. jqs/(o ct'SQiTioe 

';*■ ' 'irr t Ji SiX- J (■■'i caj lo ouO 

• , V' r. ' T ft Vr I-- f' .. r i’.od Pd'f T(;,1 1 .J- u C."''i V, '0 i-Od-VOf^Sd 

’ '■ 1 , . £ \ r 1 ./ j.'ol r. d.Jiv.- •: it:qftc:';v.-9ji odj oi ^ ertui 

Intrigue. Three days after his arrest, he said, a Negro had 
offered to peddle him the full Secret Service report on the case 
for 150,000, and dangled as bait an obviously authentic scrap 
from the dossier. The Negro had called himself "iir. Q," and 
left a phone number. Checking Spagnoli's tale, agents traced the 
telephone to a petty hustler named Frank Jones, viho had a record 
of arrests for counterfeiting and was under indictment as a 
result of Bolden’s sleuthing. Jones admitted his role in the scheme 
Spagnoli had described, authorities said, then named the Secret 
Service man who had supplied the material from the files— Bolden, 

Secret Service authorities in Chicago imraediately suspended 
Bolden, then clammed up about the affair— the first smudge of its 
kind on the agency’s 99-year record. But the accused agent himself 
had plenty to say. Secret Service officials knew, he claimed, 
that he planned to tell the Warren commission about laxity in the 
protection of Mr. Kennedy: they had framed him to seal his lips. 

By Bolden’s account, agents guarding the President in Hyannis Port 
that summer drank beer for breakfast, sometiraes took three or four 
slugs of whisky before going on duty and used official cars for 
partying with women. 

The Warren panel was reported ready to probe stories that some 
off-duty members of the White House detail were drinking in the 
Fort Worth Press Club on the night before the President was killed 
in Dallas, And a commission member said investigators were consi- 
dering listening to Bolden as well. 

The average man with the Florida tan may not realize it, but 
he has jpst come back from enemy territory — specifically from 
Seminole Indian territory. Florida’s Seminoles have never signed a 

- 7 - 

b&r! otxia< s ei/i -r^itlij s>;;sb . nf5>i‘?t()nl 


:C'i ii no tfoioeS IIx/1 diii (Tuii aibbftq oi bojsllo 

r., :^- jnofiJjf/f; •^i}it'f)jf;-'M^' nis ■fled zb bfjXj^.Tjsb b«a ^CVOO^O^t t:o 1 
*/." ”,p . 1 ;.'’ ISvmkti t>ad .ttiieeob, sriif faoil 

! ,a.l'D * e' ' L‘o.**7:''. jial'^OPiD ^'csdawa enorlq a cKi^X 

. •..."’r ?.r>..,’ Oil' tr-^nol. n'nen'^ •t'^Xd?iuri ^ enod«TsX^<t 

. /• ’p; '■■ n/i:i3rft-J 'ir-pr.-i.' ;'Ff’ jini Ji‘:»'^.'ie4fi:;oo Tol cofta'fua lo 
'. ti-.Q /oi bfic.'h.ibr '.iVA e'nobuCoS lo lii/saf 

' .-'■y n-^jH --wV‘d rTO‘‘''^;<* ,ibr*’d'i'if)p-5b harl iXons»QS 

-- :;£r'i af'j etfj h^.clcc^t’s hnd acN aisn ooi'riac 

■ --'■IP v: fii; p'>.c J '^■r'.>f(Ji;iB ooivreS cfoiogfi 

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tX V. u." 1 ii oo'^p — " iTto.ri'rtol ■yjTiQi'ta I’w'tl .toed 9ffoo Jwt ®crf 
•'•n-- r -I'-'VDH ',vc;{ ^oXonl'ITfftX S * fJri NoXl . XlPlUVJT B£tiptM»E 



peace treaty with the U.S, and have doggedly maintained for years 
that if the Federal government wants to keep Florida, it liad best 
go ahead and pay for it the way it did for Louisiana, Alaska, and 
the Virgin Islands, To keep the issue alive, the Seminoles have in 
recent years threatened to give Florida variously to the Russians, 
the Red Chinese and to Fidel Castro’s Cuba, Last month the Indian 
Claims Commission finally got around to acting on the Seminole’s 
demand that their land be paid for. The commission ruled that the 
U,S, should pay the Seminoles for no fewer that 32 million of 
Florida’s 37 million acres. The purchase price, carefully fixed at 
1830 levels (about $ 1,26 an acre) ijill probably run to $liO million 
or more. Actual payment of the wampum may take months — it must first 
be approved by Congress. 

The United States’ Samos satellites are one of the hush-hush 
areas of the space program. But the belief is that the Samos vehicles 
are equipped with high powered cameras that can take detailed photo- 
graphs of objects on earth from space. And the further assumption 
is that they have been taking pictures of the Soviet Union — pictures 
that formerly were supplied by U-2 flights until the Russians shot 
down Francis Gary Powers’ plane in i960. 

Last month Premier Khrushchev strongly implied that Soviet 
satellites t/jere obtaining similar photographs of the United States, 
Former Senator William Benton reported that the Soviet leader had 
said to him during a Moscow interview, ”If you X'jish, I can show you 
photos of military bases taken from outer space, I will shov; them 
to President Johnson if he wishes,” 

ilr, Khrushchev made this comment in the context of criticism 
of U-2 photographic flights over Cuba as ’’something of international 

- 8 - 

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&'or:,ni:;£»ci Br.'d ;o ^nidoa :>d brMO'Tsi do"! x-Cfcail: iioiBSimoO i-3it;/aX'0 

..j jr.-'j boSn-i .;oian/.’'Troo . “xol b.caq ©li mgI lierid darfd hjxamab 

10 r.oilijci:! f.r, dr>r.'d lOL'o'i orr 'lo'i eelo;:. jfta;;; yiid y;^'n hCi/orla .E»*/ 
fif. 'r'i ^o:,»i•xr; U; ! o/'T , a Jinn Koi'rXim VC s'abj'xoXU 

-fCs:; Oxi'; -'0 .’;rT ,^cf- ..'C'x^: i.ix^r ( ©Tce :m dtfoda) elwaX 0C8X 

.'•i' ■ ■•!-■''' J'Z'—nr if f r<'jf;-r r)iL’q:np.'.-r' aid Xo dnu/ir>f;Bq Xi^i^doA «6l0f.' to 

. liliei-.nt 0 \.cf bovo'iqqa ©cf 

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. ■■'•J' .ad:jh f Ar-.j n.ftT d^rid xjf.'xorifif! b to'v.'a.a I'jUii fldivr bf^Ttupn O'Xu 

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V •;. •'. xi'.'. ■ “ x,'! Olid Irdrx \>d;l-X.ri iJ-U Yd bax'/.n a siow vXiamol daid 

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d 'V''" :^-;'d i-vifTi ql^.aoT.Tc. vsxioriawtd/: 're.'na'T'i ddnorr dscJ 
. . d !■ 3ii1 K;lq>n^odoxlq TLfcXdx.ut'. ^nXrtix.ddo ^©dilledaa 

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•' 'OJJi'io 'b. dx’^dnnc) edo tx dn9rrnoo chid obnm vofiodsjjtit?! .Hi 
Xnfio/ j.xn x - J •>./ to ■ ii^ild'j’' o’* BU ivfi/0 •xovo ".drInM 'j rvhiqfi*JCjrr*J-*viq S«U to 


concern." He suggested that the same results could be obtained by 
satellites without the danger of an international crisis as a 
result of a plane being shot down. 

The U.S. viexT is that satellite cameras would not be an adequate 
substitute for aerial surveillance where Cuba is concerned, Washing- 
ton regards such close surveillance with its greater detail as cru- 
cial in view of Cuba’s refusal to permit on-site inspection 
following the crisis over Soviet missiles on the island, 

To Mao Tse-tung, remote behind the walls of the Forbidden 
City, China’s sole hope for orogress lies in mass organization. 

And now, despite the costly failure of his "great leap forward" of 
a few years ago, Mao is embarked on another program of nation-wide 
reorganization intended to harness China’s 700 million people in 
a drive toward major industrial and agricultural breakthroughs. 

The new program is still relatively muted and it is too early 
to tell whether it will ever reach the convulsive proportions of 
the "great leap," Its aim is the creation of a "great army of 
construction," through which, according to the theoretical monthly 
Red Flag , "wordly miracles will be incessantly created," 

To build this "construction army," Mao has taken as his model 
Red China’s People’s Liberation Army, In many ways the PLA offers 
the ideal blueprint for a Comraunist society— it is tightly control- 
led and totally responsive to commands, and political commissars 
share power with military comraanders at every level, ivhat Mao hopes 
to do is organize civilian China along similar lines with political 
commissars, instructed in PLA indoctrination techniques, overseeing 
all industrial and agricultural units numbering 30 people or more. 

The first purpose of the new program is to insure total 


. / ofrue fs^dd <:3i»c?e«jvi.t'2 #<$i '•.rrtsnnoo 

; -‘ eJi;-. li^iiciii-.-'.i ^'^^v .ci^i 'lo •y'>yi2i:l> ^siOiU'.lrw i t»Jii8 

-n-.rr’' Q/irrit » *10 ^Xirc^'l 

.•r; .-•■ .r-r (.. .'-•1/ E^'ifvir-D ojMIr.Jfij ^.J.ffv't ??i‘ .c«ij srIT 

' . :■ -.. Lr^^a ■J'l'vlr (io>'^.GiXjOvtLr'. 'tol 9SLf>ttdfK}i;z 

'.' .. >.■•■ r^ ’,.+i :'tcJ'.rr 9r//:fiXi.c O’lfit'ti oeoXo cioi/5 nod 

• 'r L o.r^“-- :: c?;.' .i:," i.:^sijiJO tc ^^c5iv nl l£i.I :3 

. jrij’cxc, 3i..ix-..w.f.-^' vno •tf‘vo cisMc ?>rfj 

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. • . .. :*■ Xr t-.i-S. 0 id ;.::ndod ^jo not ^Vjnu'd-'de.T cB'i oT 

.,:^:Lk-.VV- nx c-eJ:.;’. Eii9’5;:^o':ri .'•ol s.-'oH sloe s’»nXi:D 

•-. X. j£0't’;’' i-iiX lo ,. 1 .^Loo nict ^vron 'v'A 

'■•- ■■, .V'-:' ^ .••, ;t:o‘j: i 'iOi'c'on" t brtA'i.cdmo eJ Ofsl'' ^■ 

>■ ■ •••^'-r ';c,.i.i;ix’i' '.'.'V -.-’x: ;2'-: oJ robiio.'bii: ■.lOidBdhiB'^door 


. hUjAb^’^" o':. c,, J’£X'TvEi;X.i.L bTiSwocr '>v/.ib ,g 

.; :■.•?>'•,•.■■■.'i.JF’.r^ 'j; yj. fr;£'i5^o'T^i we.\ Ox^T 

■J .or. 11 '-iAi s.ob::-! 'a/iVi ‘‘'Tb.' .XX iar!c?9f?:r XX '.>d od 

: ■ ■.■.•v:‘' ■‘Ti t..y‘ 'xc T'X ■:•£■:■■:■:> ;‘dd' =:^x r.:'-z f.J.,’ Ddd 

■ -. .' ' xx.U jdj t-d '-r j-rt r:,x. , V'OlA'u ''\iioldojn<^’cr.oo 

. bnjx."' x'j ■ • ;i ixroi’.! ii'rv' ..^’'oG'i.Ln Y'’bT:oT':” 

■-! .x:,.X.iOf V^'! I'Vf-K '••■ iVC..''lX^:iKiO" vi‘'Xj liXi^X'Ki oT 

•: .-il: c ;• o , . / -.Ji n- ■ dfvtrrjhj e'olvOA' a’axtXC' b;>dl 

• ■ .. ..,;.-C . X^“ "oj.: oxX.(uni.ooC ..7. -uJ Ani iOfys/’ld fu^ots edd 

■ .i ■.■j’i.f’ f>r£. , ■./niGi'inoD od JiviunorrE^"! bid: us.r 

■;. j.'X, . •% :-• \-:ovo Jii p ''nh-.aitr'-o :lxi. j lav/oq ‘’tarie 

X- / , ' ;)c:' ' r . j.J. -.f.rx U; jnol-t -JfiX/iO iiGxXivio .'J'finEa'IO cX o£) od' 

:.• VO , ''Upi ' • • d, jf i A-i'. /i.t hjf ^aidzjil' ^ fciascX iLnrn 

■j -- -jr -^r .Jxnr iR'y /iXjoi-v A bart iGimc^m/hni XXa 

Ir.doi -j X .. . ■. . :;i iHidip v-j f .p,; Xo -• orrtt/q dsill orfT 

ideological control of the Chinese populace, Tyoical of the new 
plan are the orders recently issued to the Finance Ministry's tax 
department; all business meetings must begin Xirith ideological 
discussions, and in rating an office's performance, the ideological 
strength of its personnel must be considered first. 

All this indoctrination, moreover, is to be based on the wri- 
ting of Mao himself, "Mao," said a Chinese Communist spokesman last 
month, "is the modern-day master of Marxism-Leninism," In plain 
language, Mao plans to eradicate all traces of Soviet influence 
from his country. 

President Johnson last month i^as caught in the middle of an 
argument within the Episcopal Church over who may receive Holy 
Coimnunion from the denomination's clergy. 

The President is a member of the Disciples of Christ, His wife 
and children are Episcopalians, fir, Johnson frequently joins them 
at Episcopal services and, on occasion, has gone to the altar rail 
to receive Holy Coimmunion, 

The Rev, Albert J. du Bois of Pelham, N. I., virote in American 
Church Mews that Episcopal clergymen x-dio give Holy Communion to the 
President violate church rules. Father du Bois is executive 
director of the American Church Union, a group of Episcopal clergy 
and laity dedicated to "upholding traditional catholic doctrines 
and disciplines of the Episcopal Book of Comraon Prayer ." 

This group contends that prayer book, in at least two 
instances , clearly restricts the giving of consecrated wine and 
bread to those who have formally become Episcopalians through a 
confirmation service. But a part of the Episcopal Cormunion 
service, in the same prayer book, invites to the Communion rail 


'iCf r9nj:%\T ^o^CkUjooc^ oso.”' D or(+ lo Xoi.i^^o3 Xeol';^r:Xo«>bi 
- - -vict c-i bejjTi’^l isrxeb'xo arfJ' iJ'fu ncJ.q 

r'5'; .^n/.ojL’ /ij.fvf ^3J"- s^ni&o»rr ^tierisur' lie :&nmd*zcqBb 

i 'i'J.' ,ea-^r.. -'../.l-i xi e’eox^.lo ^raJs'r cii fe.'jjs tRnoi2(2i;oexb 
, j-':cj: F.i:o 3 »M J-3UFI i 3nn:>U':i scf nd-i* ia r'^gnB'xJa 

1 ' ■• ' J ko n-y-s'j i> v j- ii , 'jr' '.'oom'TF invi:d«/'.r/ioxo.bjrix sxrid ilA 

. - .:•■ ■' T. . • .’;-:.:;x?/ -0 s tinn ’\.0£i'i" «lX«apL/rI lo gnld 

..f I' n’ 1/ fii •••-.■"/ i'c ix-; Vi x; y.- al;? 3j.'' jjrtctnoin 

•■ ' .ff-' v' l •'••'' l i XIx' o.t'voXbvie ocl' snfiXa o£li ,^oj\nsr^.(isiL 

. ; .' ifipi ••■;.'. 3 j-;X/ rld'no..'’ J’^v:a 'ncnq;io'. cff’ftbias'f! 

' 7 .'. ■’ . ■vi;‘=^or''i v ■•.. . o;l‘ •fvvc' >lo\i;t {0 l.iicoor.jt vi diil hxdii'x 

.\,S'i 3 lD eN'JoxJfc'aijTon^b iXoXjt'fimoO ' 

. '.i'x X' V..' ,:C;i'q i-oofO ml ao « vj.' dxt^&X.LDT'^! -aXT 

'• ' • i t;' xrv* ./’isjii'iO'. 7 m * V!£.tu;'-oo 3 / 7 ?' ^i?'X 3 a&ibixriD bns 

'■■•' DO no ,b7.,o XiS-'.'iOnXqS ds 

.O .ivj !o0 xX'/’l 9VXft0i>l 0%t 

,;J ; -.••. V- ., r.'i'Xe.'’ '0 ;>•■■ .h jTt->df.p 7/0"^; 9X{T 

0.1 ;r;Lr. ■ /'O') ' ■r^ ■ h -ott-j x vjnYM',':) .’ ■"■•■ ■ '' oo-'icfa" drad fo .'tf . Ho txjnO 

: '. .'r>xo .’. ■■', ' jr, -ioodi'.X . fr.olE/j r'.ymufb J.jiMb'ic.-wi't 

' ' r ..; . -ov.b:;* ’■'■ ■'■">^ 7 ,) .:■ ^n'llit. Xo'xXf'O ai 3 ox'tx>?fU\ grid Xo lo.^osiib 

■■ ' .. .--n 3! ) .' 'i* . {-oj • ..n,:' pr 7 .bX' 7 .''a'.r" od bodfioJbob ''cXxl bo.’J 

. ^ 'b' X ■' io >iccX. t /s'.o;>55i.>'^ orid lo «07 JX<-iJ'oei one 

• i '■ - X i:x < rgva n unbcr cXiod.noo uxi.i'f.p edriX 

i. >4 ,3 j 3 '’?d £,,toi' -jiiei ^'ip.sXo , aoonsdct'tt 

• . 7'!c '^tiooeri i^.X/ij'r ij x '.vaii oriw ocorid od taa'rri 

' X.i;'' i iO." 4 X ' 0 '.r ' i 9 , id in drj>q £ dufi .ooivrtgE noidfi'ixifinro 
"'-Lii r.oi v'.fi.oD 97s, -.d iidf/ni: 7078 'xq a«nse t-ild nd . 30 . /rse 


without restriction ’’ye who do truly and earnestly repent you of 
your sins, and are in love and charity with your neighbours, and 
intend to lead a new life, following the commandraents of God, and 
walking from henceforth in his xijays. . • Many Episcopal clergy- 
men will give Holy Comnixinion to anyone who responds to this* 

The Rev, William M. Baxter, the rector of St. Mark's Episcopal 
Church in Washington, had no apologies for giving Holy Comiaunion 
to the President and said he would give it to him in the future 
should he come to the rail. The Rev, lir, Baxter said that at a 
service shortly after President Kennedy's assassination "no one vas 
more serious about the Communion he made than the new President, 
and I can assure you no one was more x^illing in that crisis to 
offer it," 

The White House had no comment on the controversy, 

By Gerard F. McCauley 

Texan A.J. Foyt, 29> may have had reason to be proud in 
Indianapolis this past Memorial Day. Driving an Offy-powered Shera- 
ton -Thompson Special, the Houston hotshot won the Indianapolis 
500-raile auto race for the second time (his first in I96I), with 
a record-breaking speed of li+7,35 m.p,h. It brought additional 
fame and fortune. But the triumph was far from sx^ieet. The Memorial 
Day racing classic x^as marred by one of the worst collisions in 
its ^ii-year history. It all started when Dave MacDonald lost 
control on the No. ij. turn and it cost him his life. His car exploded 
as he careened against the inside wall, and six more cars, groping 
at speeds in excess of I60 m.p.h. throughthe smoke and flame,, 
smashed against one another. Eddie Sachs, veteran of nine attempts 


!:• Yi.^aenGt oh mv 9^*''i^aot 

. - ^ -'tLodn;;.^.5r n:rf^ tnr ^v•oJ[ ni o'i« bno tRrJe tuoy. 

.:>: ’ .iO cc':*rv:brt>r.arK )0 t'v\J l/ wollol Vvon 3 ba*iC Oil bno^ni 

-•'-•’£,•1*’ . ‘voofi-qii ”... . eyp-w s.i'rf iji; iid"Tol?onaft gnii^Iaw 

. ^ ’ .'i) jOcs;.: r -it-f .orrr'>;,iiB oj ao i 'lUitMiwO \Jiol] svi^g Xlir tt'Jda 

-5'.:.^*^ V, I'-i'. ’--h..- .o',’, jo .it-v'D"'! , 1 ', rii6l:,J'ls' .vaH x'fT 

.''to..;'' •0!’ ",r:v2;-; .;/? .ojc-QrA.' cqs on 1 ^noclsnida»W ni dOT.ifID. 
•■: ^ ' ■ i .’i.'.. ■ ^ oi 3v.f5 iilt-W Off hns .iii0brp‘’'f. od 

A ■''Ovry..'T .', ' .vo)" ai’I .I.fri 0 * s.-nof. sd tjluodc 

•' ■; i -ss • 5 : ' Yoon.tor ^nooiaotl g tJO/’T^ee 

. .] -.v.-j ; xion'.f oly'ir: od .<.'r\i rjsi'.iRo;! or'v^ JifodR aijoiTtoa tnon 

:■■■- jj-.,!.' :■.;, V'il-Xiv/ ?=>'xqu\ T.r: s^.' • '>0 iA''Y, 3'iDeaii obo 1 or.s 

".Ji. 'i&'Vlo 

ii- o o;'^: a'' op het tA>.ioH ■'tail 'd' odT 



•ii;--u''^],. r ;;.: io 'ci 

YO.i ■f'S'Oo' I . c ..<,1 -./'f 

P' . f o.; vi: fjji-rJ >•. . ,<;s: . 0 .'' nxjxeT 

^ C ioc. .iaro ' ,Krfpi;i/:ihoI 

• .’ . i" ,. ,onJ wiJ JoficrfYi "if' nf aai'noriT-iiPd; 

d. . 'I V'!' V; -‘j 1 ) j;iri :i bnoo-' '. '\1 JT •’Xol &o.-t oJu.a rI.f-n-''’Cc! 

'■ . b> 'VI lu beoqp 2.'oVBe'rd-hv,r>«i - b 

X • r.M;--,,'. •'■’*• ;c-, J!.; •■» ('-■‘I ;^ca; w5/*i .oni'^bicl bfl.^ 

' ^•.. 'T ■•'■ '*>. ft. to vd b'-itism sjsvr olfifts^Co gixioo'i y>GC 

J .. .''V ! i'vuO f>o-‘'i£.'lB ifa il.T "£r.oY-;lici odi: 

O' . Aq : .f -.1. . "’1. ,.‘ 1 ; ' 1 ?;; teoo dl 0;!ti Tiird |J .rd'J 3r{j 00 .roT^inoo 
.l^-LT ‘ -.rP i'v, •, e >. p obipj . Hflcr JOiOfr.SB b9L'’991£.0 C'l IJ» 

• .r.'; . rt.’ ■>.,'r,i;a -» . 0 .' .n i".\r in ,.-.3d«xe .at ^fa»©crO 'Is 

• .traad .vv sibbl .isHdona oiio Jenlss* bdxfaaxrxe 

- Tj. - 

to win the classic, once said "in the long run, death is the odds- 
on favorite." He died, trapped in his cockpit before he could be 
taken from the flaines. Fortunately, the other five survived, but 
it took almost two hours to put out the blaze and clear the wreck- 
age. The race began again. 

The only thing usual about the Mets is their customary last- 
place standing. This they manage to hold, but for a delirious week 
the Mets played baseball as if they Imew how to play baseball. 

They clobbered the Cubs, 19-1; and when Willy Mays came to town, 
they took the Giants the first two games and then recorded t he 
longest doubleheader in baseball history. The Giants had to do it 
in seven hours and twenty-three minutes — and 23 innings — to take 
the second game of the tx^jin bill, 8-6. Both leagues find many con- 
tenders clamoring for the lead. The Yankees in the American League 
have yet to find championship pitching. And Minnesota, sporting the 
likes of Oliva, Killebrew, Allison and Hall has the poxjer. In the 
National League St. Louis has the infield, the Braves the young 
pitchers to stand the August grind, the Giants have the power and 
Juan Marichal on the mound; the Dodgers have pitching maturity and 
Ist-division poise. Pittsburgh has four batters in the top ten and 
probably four fielders in the bottom ten. The Phillies, perennial 
cellar-dxfjeller, have the excitement in speed, fielding and spirit. 
Look for the darkhorse prediction to ring true — the Phillies, if 
the pitching holds, to cop their first pennant in l4 years, 


- 12 

’;‘2bo arij ai ..’■Siif '■ erf;? n.*:” bxev, eor>f> jOleeaXo arii nhr 

uf' .y 'j. r. s-’ .- o’iftd exr 'u beC'tB'Td e" ‘ .acetic vsl no 

Vi. .b' /fv-cy? uv ;?'-fv!o or?:? moTrl tjojIgu 

.-- . :w :Jt ;g 'Io .lu. oifjd i>i'd 'tyr- od 3Ti;od o,:d oaor-iTfl jiood dj; 

.A.f:n;s«'' . nj^ed ©ob-x erfT .o^.^ 

• v7.;i')C. z.'id J -.'-fij Liurxj an.'i'd Y-tno h:^ 

i’-j ’ -awo ' tJo!. ■ ro i ^rjd ,djic i oi b^msin '{rxid UifT ooslq 

• i. j->- ^ ,. -, - ■> vou v.sriJ iX ejB fXi5rfs- acf ba'^iq ed'SiX orf^ 

i- ■ ^. . y J.Lr ' iWri\! '.'.tr ti-’?;! ?j{d' be>*t 'xfrfol o xerri 

y. •' -''OT -JD. i'::; '.•) tna-r: ,jx.rd daii'i odd adnerC add jJc<-.d 'vadJ 

:‘ ' ^ y oi -.:\,.-irCj 'j/Xf .Y'jojsirl ai 'lebesiladdifob jc"j"inoi 

■ ■'••■• >■ -a •.£,' cX f/- bxTS — t:-..dxin.t:;T s.'i'X'-fJ~ydn:?.:.t bar. z-iuorf fiover. iu 

■ ■'; .rrxvTd end o fanooss add 

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Hi there i It’s me again. 

I like to go to new places. 

I like new houses. 

l^hen the Boss lets me off the leash I run all over a new house 
to find all the different smells, I go in every room and push open 
every door I can, I look in closets and one time I found some dog 
toys - a rubber bone, a rubber chop, and a ball. I brought them 
out to show the Boss and everybody laughed. 

Last week we went to a nexir hotel, Libbie went, too. Libbie 
works with the Boss. I wanted to run all over that place, but the 
Boss kept the leash on me except inside our room. 

The next morning Libbie knocked on our door. The Boss said, 
“Come in and sit down. I have to finish dressing." I went through 
that door-very softly. The Boss didn’t see me, Libbie didn't see 
me, I went down long halls and peeked in open doors, I went down- 
stairs and down seme more long halls, I wagged my tail at people 
and they smiled at me. It was exciting. 

Then I came to a big room with couches and soft chairs. There 
was a long desk and I -went behind it to see the man there. He 
patted me and said, "You’ll get lost if you don’t watch out," Then 
he took hold of my collar and we went back to the Boss. 

¥hen he knocked on our door and said, "Here's your dog. Mam," 
the Boss was siurprised. Libbie was surprised, too. 

They talked too much. They didn’t miss me at alll 
But I wasn't lost I 
Do you like new places? 

Goodbye I 

Jannie Dinsmore 

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't-3d ^:{;, c-'id i a xis tqono 'laddm c-',eftod 'lacidirt b • »^od 

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.oad ot^ic-sA .lodorf ifen n od drrau ew dsaJ 

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nivvo iiv X ,r.r.) 0 ' a t (-, nt bn'yly?q bns aiXnil r.iivi nwofo dnw I .am 

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•;■ . r.qiMd / ii’fi "!)«■ -ifs.?- od di t/iafac' dat-^ I br.n jiaab a Jnw 
fiT •3.!.’.) Joy. "ix dsoi dag it'jLfof” ^b^a^ biin ar' bGddxq 

.aecR odd or -Xonr dnov/ ow bun -iKi/oo vjra lo 'xtoil >lood ori 
r-n, ^^ol, -'..<0'''. ^bi&a buu 'Tcob two rto fcadoo«>f Jtf narlV/ 

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^flr jx ur ea^in d'jibib ^^ad"? •lioun ood baxlBo y,©dT i 

idwl d‘nBjav I dua 
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I gr^idbooO 

9^or>:.n^a aianaU 


Sen, Barry Goldwater defeated Gov. Nelson Rockefeller in the 
California Presidential primary and took a commanding lead in the 
Republican Presidential race. The see-saw triumph gave the Arizona 
Senator 86 more delegates to next month’s Republican National Con- 
vention and put him in a strong position to X'jin the Presidential 
nomination. . , , The Supreme Court reversed the Florida Supreme 
Court's decision upholding Bible reading, recitation of The Lord's 
Prayer in Dade County, Miami, public schools. The Court rejected 
the Florida court’s view that Bible reading for secular rather 
than sectarian reasons was Cohstitutional. ... An unmanned 8.5“ton 
model for the super -moons hip Apollo, our heaviest, was successfully 
launched into orbit from Cape Kennedy, Fla, The lift liras supplied 
by the Saturn I rocket, our most parerful booster. . . A history- 
making consular treaty was signed in Moscow on June 1 — the first 
bilateral treaty between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, President 
Johnson called the treaty, which would create more consular services 
in both countries, greater protection for Americans visiting Russia, 
better business representation, "a step forward in understanding 
betX'^een Russia and the U.S.", . . . Pierre Salinger, 36, defeated 
State Controller Alan Cranston, his major competitor, for the 
Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator in California's primary 
election. The former aide to two Presidents will face actor George 
Murphy, a conservative Republican, in the November election. . . • 
Parliamentary approval appeared virtually assured for Lai Bahahdiir 
Shastri, 59, as successor to the late Prirne Minister Jawharial Nehru, 
The man most likely to succeed was Nehru’s deputy. ... A Senate 
Judiciary subcommittee unaninously approved proposed legislation 
designed to keep the office of Vice-President filled and authorizing 

- Ill - 

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vS.' :b Vi.--- -/ahr.r.i . Tu ^ ■■'./CT 'xe^-Lb-iq ,.:i;'i;:b.i..-..- q 

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•:■•■' •,•' I r-^ bj c:-;'''’ . . j.:. T^o': ur:b-:r\ rii x 

■.•:;■ L^'O'-v ;'.b q;- ' '^''i b-.'- -'■•jj'i' :’ * b'X'T' •■:' 

■■■' . , . . 'Ci'-'h’ ;cb:w;oC' c ’ ■ c/Airi n£.i;"icqc'?:M 

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;r.-:'. • ;. 'jc::;- ■.>; .J • t-r ''r;i>!or; 

0 .:- ry: ..■o.,.rv /ob r>.;.,i' ,.•■ 1 ,^ .C.-' qjie'rd by.'Y'/' :’J: i:d 

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, ':o.. .; I I'XO'VrC'O '■iJriC' xl 

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-jL ?n'T'';.o , „ . ,. '’.d.U -v;;.;: f'''.-.'.' /'•^qv:-<d 

'. ,'• ’ ■'■ ■ Y .'■ 'X. '. ,!•''• 'X ; ,-'U I.: It.. tiC'J./i '. ..L t.'i >j I iC \' OOBv.;.. 

■i:. ■ 'i xr jAJi^d ,C. Vv ?2 inoloBxxi'i^O'f Did .qoc. loa 

■:• ' q- ', ■ £.' xo .i ' '. q)'‘ ..:-,i\' j-y'^o .' nvoxfcrr. o ; 'b : 1 v.s'-< 

f.:..’ u :- '. /-r . x’-ixj; v;I.' od xror - ■ ■ wt<- ic. . vC 

■'•" ■ , . , B'Mrnxi'. Ou * 

r. j.o 3 L r::^. ■I', bovciq ■ yJ;d<.c .,r, ;.'Uv yjr,.J'v. S-yb 

.,:J‘.j. :i.''..r. i :lr'.‘>b ' ’iD .''■-^3x7 a,o Ydi'liO ;>rf-t <'e£x’ cd bOir.' r.xoh 




the V.P, to serve as Acting President when necessary. The proposed 
Constitutional amendment now goes to the full committee before 
it is sent to the Senate. . . , President Johnson honored three 
blind college students each of whom will graduate this month with 
outstanding scholastic records. The President received the students — 
Robert Feinberg, 20, of Northwestern U. , Anna L. Kauffman, 21, of 
the U. of Illinois, and Craig R. Anderson, 21, of Carleton College — 
in the iJhite House Rose Garden and gave them the 196k Scholastic 
Achievement Awards of each. . . . Anti-Castro forces backed 

by the U.S, have been attacking Cuban coastal cities, causing great 
damage and loss of life, the Cuban Red Cross said, Castro's 
government acknowledged the attacks, aid announced the execution of 
seven "CIA" agents. ... The Vatican weekly L' Qsservatore della 
Domenica said that research on pills that control the ovulation 
of women should be encouraged and might lead the Roman Catholic 
Church to "re-examine" itis position on birth control. It was the 
first time that an official Vatican publication had discussed the 
possibility that the use of hormonal birth-control pills might be 
accepted by the church. . . . Soviet spy Col. Stig V/ennerstrom of 
the Swedish Air Force, in secret testimony recently released, 
reported it was easy to obtain hush-hush American military informa- 
tion for Moscow. His alleged sources included industrial executives, 
military officers, including intelligence personnel. . . . Mayor 
Haydon Burns of Jacksonville, campaigning on an anti-civil-rights- 
bill platform, won the Florida Democratic gubernatorial nomination 
over Mayor Robert King High of Miami. Nir. Burns is almost certain 
to win the governorship this fall in heavily Democratic Florida, . , 
Ch two Brooklyn subway trains passengers were beaten, robbed, ter- 
rorized by Negro youth gangs on nocturnal rampages, A train from 


bosoqc'iq srfi v.ji'saon nartw tri«*fl jjni^aA as ^vrree o<i .'T.V ertd- 

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o -‘Dioi- .roo jibi '.'cii r>S Eeo;g von ^ijymbners Xsnoi^d’id’enoO 

ror. -ff ;iof:'-.;->l . . , .td.^£r'o5 orlJ insa ei. it 

tU^/' - ^'•.ii.t v.Jc 'b'-’ x^^ .ilJ-r ;Tfi dw ;ioA9 8Xftobr/J‘& s^eLCoo buiXd 

0.:-- 'l;.;'' v } b jw&Dsi d7obc<-' 'i'' anT - ab-^coo-i ^J:c^^i6£orf^)8 g.'fxbrificlrajuo 
... ti'.'A t.w m •vriJ'TO.i to ^0i* itiocfofl 

f.jL-r.' d wot*^. .. T-.o .'d .51 sto'xO Inc tElonlfXI to .U sHi 

■ '. io ' .S'.' i-to' ' 4;£;fcT:£D e'.^o51 ©t^wop ®c5jtrJi'? rarfd nl 

; ■ -''• •• • L, . 7 .'1 r-v v?-. — .' ’b-A . . . .rfoce 00? , to eb'ipvjA insvaioveirfoA 
•■■, r.-:;©--’' ov.«'i .8.11 ©iM \:cf 

. er: c’-Tr.o ncdvO -M:* to eaol fns. s§.snis.b 

V.; .. o^j' .:" «•■■.= . . ,>r£!i.v,.i? ^ rr , *>(tj bv:5b!:'Xv:;rd0f. vffio/fsmovoj^ 

.'- " ■' "T f'soj. uc’' :- !i . . .scfnbtis ”AtC" n©voa 

' ■ !.: .ivc. ■^00 o._ \ !;J\D:a '■.o r’-:.'Tr,©i.«-'£ bfoa f o h noriud 

-■ ^■ D.{;5 b.^e.C b ; •vviff-'C"'' od 5jIi'on'e nono'A'’ to 

. ■.'r .,.' "0 '[ur..^< !■'• .';o •- ai ao.! oJj' '’•"'©-©!-^ o-t rtonfflO 


L).'!:) ■.■L.r T" ' .‘.7v v .I’.'.v,. .oi‘'’to nr XisriJ itRiit 

o'‘ « -X ;. ;v'o- d. S'' J ::nonixori 'i,'"' ©rii; orlJ y.J'j:iicfx 3 eoq 

- ''■'r.:. < . .iS;;:-: v'lo J^oJr'^r, . . , .iioitifio srfd' y;d fWqeoos 

■ ■■■. AoCr:': '.,;r 7 .'’■o tovc fii: liA i.'ai:b©w8 oril 

- ■'/:• vrf>.; : ,f jj nar- ,rv. lA r.oo ;-;- x'd rixx.J'iC' yara a£K .i f beX'-joc/ot 

■ . J. o n -d'Uir';'.S,-s- SoS-r!_5c,> e,oirx:n.c' u.-'^oJI/a ftcP .'’•foor.o.i xot /ioti 
V • . . . , tec- j-^;; r /L' fjJ.Ti '\'U:b';J oni . uioo !:t'to yTCsJtXifri 

-asJr.'-'S •-/ S/Sd - 1 i’C rnh.'.^.xftrnr.o ^aJ’i J;vn>.<.s>(» to nontoH noPyyrIi 
:■ ; non ■ ,• ♦•no-dnr ; siirioonot shl 'ici'? now iiTjntotv.'iXq iXixf 

.s/oJteo .l■^or''’o si i;nnj8 .-ii, . i^Klr 3 ri^iU sni^ i^racfot ‘xevo 

. . rroS'i ni ;G'i. or. ir. i ^ XXsl oirtsiarnsvca arid niu -"d 

-'li.i Jw'o T ©X9W oi-^iyfc-Haaq ^’m-Klua iTxX>'oo't8 oui nO 

. j' 4 4 nif-'ij .A .C'xnjjqnaT: Xsnwifaon no sgrtfla rldnoy o'xgeM y;cf bosiicn 

- ?X . 

Coney Island was virtually taken over by a gang of 27 that left many 
hurt, three cars were torn up; less than 30 minutes later four youths 
with a meat cleaver threatened passengers and crew on another train . 
. . . The Peruvian government declared semi-martial law to halt 
rioting after a stampede in the National Soccer Stadium in Lima 
in which at least 31^ persons were killed and more than 300 injured. 
It started x^hen a Uruguayan referee discounted a goal scored by Peru 
in a game with Argentina, x^hicb the latter xjon, 1-0. . . . Gov. 

Nelson A. Rockefeller, and Margaretta Fitler Murphy Rockefeller, 
37, announced the birth of their first child, a son, his sixth 
child and her fifth. . . . Herbeit Hoover, 89, has “recuperated very 
wall” from a respiratory infection and kidney bleeding and was "up 
and about" in his Waldorf Towers apartment. The former President 
also has resumed X'Jork on another of his books, . . . Judy Garland, 
ij,2, suffered a sudden and unexplained collapse, was rushed to a 
Hong Kong hospital unconscious. A week earlier, in Melbourne, 
Australia, Miss Garland rushed onstage in her street clothes, after 
keeping the audience waiting for more than an hour, slurred through 
some songs, stalked off the stage as the audience filed out. . , . 

The Army revealed that eight American have been killed because of 
structural failures in txTO CH-21, "Flying Banana," helicopters. 

As a result, the CH-21’s are being replaced by UH-1B8 s. . . , R. 
Sargent Shriver, Ii8, director of the Peace Corps, director of the 
President's anti-poverty campaign, and father of four children, was 
named "National Father of the Year" by the National Father's Day 
Committee, . , . Princess Margaret and Lord Snoxjdon— the former 
Antony Armstrong -Jones — have chosen a name for their new daughter. 
Seventh in line to the throne, she will be knox-jn as Lady Sarah 
Armstr ong- Jones . . • . Social Registerite Victoria Thompson, 26, 

- 16 - 


:o vc( •i';''o .■>,;>•■■ '-.d' vlXfiJ*!;'' b?:Gi' 2 l ^ 

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' 30 ''''tfr: ‘.n. ntv.'fi :>t./ rT .vt '> 79 '' p/iirr) 

: :r.-\o br-, ri-: .2 .■ ■•. b*' ■••‘■ur£.S'.f; b-t ,, 5 aU> 06 i>n yi rfdrvr 

!■ j..;, ; .-X / J:.:: avr.&vc^ : '’li'!' ► . , 

'■"■::.{ ‘X s ■■•a'lfi.jb 'tooo''ic J>rTcid»?b '. t -a 'ifi'J'tn. 3iiTi:J'cbv^ 

•■[,>'•' '■'' X - 0 - 1 . ijfj : ban.':' n.--., ■ r bs rio/riirT al: 

. •! ' • •i-''': 1:>C ; : V .:• b ' -r-i: ..<;Y£Lf^):'7 J 'O.-v' vl 

' "''' - » , fir ' rf.i..vf n;: s ; r 

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•• •• - 7 . n , :,. j -j'v-t'X v; sdX , VC 

■ • -bv-f-.c; L*‘ , 7 -- ^'Or-j-: . , , ,fb''J,v'i s.\.n: bliro 

' • ■■ ?.■ : ■■;ar;b.: ■•• ctr •.< J-.;?:) X/xt 7 'rOvr..r^trs^’T .n 'bic^rir 

A: ■■/ •> L ::■ • ^ ; 'i>rr‘'v;''. ■., . . . .;/u^r;^'':.i-' cii^C-' ii'-' ’ tii £■•: 'bb‘ .. fx} 

'X . . - i ;■ ■ •. br : ' ^r: ■; .i„.n :.c> r " bf)rii7U''<-r coJri 

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'.r-^c .X I xi..,' 'b ■: ■• .sri ns:,;. f'i /'■!;, .'b^co JT.!b bx I'r x’x; .,; ’'rr!;,'. .rT 

■■■/'•ool.:. :^:' 'b ,i r/'jb, .^ - ■ .i;-,. 

. . . . sob.; • ; ’j b 07 ;i.Jby-.';. ; . i:=''b o-.;^ o' .r o a/y 

O'- '..O' ^ ;.r: 7 Cb .x'ojro r xi •xobo-O'Xb , xsvX ’i .:C 

o • •*?" -• -'! '.0 o. br>s tbrx r ' j;- Mb.; usT''} 

' : 'bo-i , ;.c. 7!..b 'v;' ''v.;--'' c^.aj .diiJ’s'’! r " 'bn'xn 

'o' ' nc jo t.xv)-:iijb O''-, or-; „ . . , .-•oci Jlnu.’roO 

:/;*..• -'T -j !. 'roi sr'oa s :; •. Of-v . b-- boo^oV 

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t • o r-:; sc: oscV o/f 'xsu sx*;o.: i cioo? . . . .";ov;.7X':iffi'iA 

* bl 


will marry Dr* James Slater Murphy, h2, the Manhattan virologist 
who was Happy Rockefeller’s first husband, • • .Thousands visited 
the exhibit of photographs and documents of John F. Kennedy on 
display at the IBM Building in Manhattan, The exhibit remained in 
New York until June 6, then went on a 23-city tour to raise funds 
for a $10 million memorial library. . • .Ted Collins, 63 , manager 
of singer Kate Smith and former sports promoter, died of a heart 
ailment, in Lake Placid, N.Y, . * * Canadian housewives Annette 
Allard, Cecile Langlois, and Marie Houle, and their sister Yvonne, 
a nun, celebrated their 30th birthday on May 28. The fifth Dionne 
quintuplet, Emilie, died in I9$k» • • .The Food and Drug Administra- 
tion adopted final rules requiring drug manufacturers to demonstrate 
that drugs introduced between 1938 and mid -1963 will accomplish what 
the manufacturers say they will. The check on effectiveness will be 
made xinder a law that went into effect last June 20. ... The U.S, 
and Communist Romania agreed to increase trade, upgrade legations 
to Embassies. The agreement was part of the State Department's 
plan to improve U.S, relations with Soviet bloc East European nations, 
. • . Lawrence Melchior, 7k} famed Wagnerian tenor now in retirement, 
and Mary Markham, iiO, his onetime secretary now a top Hollywood 
booking agent, were married at Santa Monica, Calif. ... A Federal 
jury in Philadelphia decided against six of the nation's biggest 
electrical equipment manufacturers, including GE and Westinghouse, 
in a civil anti-trust suit brought by two utilities for price- 
fixing and rigging. After the jury fixed damages at more than $9.6 
million, a U.S. District Court trebled the amount. 


■t*>^Ara n*ip.ftU .-sa yriwi XIlw 

biJisiv abrrf.fii;orf7, , » .britdei;^ o& iiJ. 3''£9XIdlf^?fooH 'V^fqcH Sfv orfw 
no ^bftru'i'’'" .1 nf!ol» lo <a;?/,s?nuooh fane p«'lqji't 30 d'oria lb oidfxdx® 9dc^ 
al baniojmeT vtio’Xp'x® f^rlT -iisaXtrinxM /.t M8I stfd Xa x*^qaifo 

.:■ r"'.. •iiiiii’j'. oct xvc)^ /. x •'to bnavi nerio anul, Xirfrof ^ttoY w®H 


, '?.’ 'a'^' io'l . , , . Xr-J'/iojiiem fiOxXXXa 01^ >: lol 

a ’'n - T'^Xotnc ro oo\'oqr; •xan'Tol bn,c rIXimS ■xsgnie lo 

pJC'ji'.riA T' '.'■t .''»i?;:'.:;{ n'ji b-'^nfiO . ^ . .Y»n ^blo^iS.*^ RrfjsJ loX jrfnfJpXxfl 
-K-ry::: :i. -a':* ).>j:r, ^oxiio- aX-ijEM bris .aXoX’ fusJ oXXos^O tbieXlA 
ncx" il,tl;- i. , v;;;-,. ro v^bfJ "^x.Eo' .^iiddu heXB'iCaX-ao jfiiui & 

v,tnd 5r;;'.'. bo';'\’ . , .i^v^X f,u' b-o/fc • j oiliffsa jqgXquX/iii/p 

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'.■ .’r oa,: 

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<J j.;; f’'^X^‘' X 

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-a^i* ''..1:' 'L’\. enoxv/i?! 3"i .2.U ovc-iqp.i oX nuXq 

i...i'':i rr v,'.,i.-. '-joix'a nsj;-;' ' bfj-c.t-'.t ^ io: ftoXe'rl Sjyns'ivrsJ . • , 

■ /iio:-' qoX r '•"'•A ’'■UiX»'^o^^; o-v’ ■Jc. 'o aXn ^OjA <njii/t?i'Ajpr^^ hns 

■•i ': ’- .... i. aC .,. oXiiOi’i .-JrsaS dr> boxTicra si&v; grii^lood 

,;;r a <•. ' ■} ■Jsfi efl * 'X > *;.f,rrqJ!6bflXi;/M nX 

l..■-•. V.'.... r.'.itaXr'ni , ’oE'li'nen jncnaxupe Xsoxi.toffXe 

• ■•O-c-xo (oX l ylJfiXJu oKj ''(>X Jf^-jiroxci .t^Jix'xJ-XqrjD Xlvio a nX 

nsdX AK'jr\ Ja «>•■ .rn/ih b'jy.X't vmX bn& gnixil 

.vnaOiTjii fiffj boIcfoiX JtwO Jyt'jJ Xa .2.11 « ^noIXilflii 


l:^»S RED-HOT IM ANTARCTICA- In Le Havre, a spokesman for five 

Frenchmen back from the icy wastes of Antarctica said that "strange 

as it seems, we suffered the most fi*om the heat." The five were 

guests of a Soviet expedition. They said that x^hile temperatures 

outside ranged from UU to $6 below zero the Russians heated the 

interior of their shelter to 113 degrees. 

* -ss- -M- 

JUST DIALS FOR SAIKY - Schoolboy Alan Kennen of Edinburgh, Scotland, 
dialed a number in a pay phone booth. Just then his pet hamster, 

Sammy, crawled out of his pocket and into the coin return slot. 

Alan pressed the coin return button, but no Sammy. He called for 
help and when telephone repairmen began dismantling the phone out 
popped Sammy. 

TOO MUCH, TCX) SOON - In Dallas, Texas, a woman hauled in for brawling 
with her husband on a city street sobbingly told police the trouble 
all started "because I had just a little sip of his beer." Police 
said the wife was 16 years old and the husband 17. 

- 5 {- ■?{■ ■«■ 

IT»S SQllETHING TO TALK ABOUT - In Los Angeles, Beryl A. Mick made 
an urgent call xfhen he received a 761.77 phone bill. Mr. Mick 
got his bill which cited 650,000 message units worth #32,5000. To 
this was added |(;3j 251.07. The monthly service charge was a mere 
iiilO.TO. The bill was followed by a note ftom the Pacific Telephone 
Co., telling him to throx'i out the bill, adding that computer mal- 
function was responsible for the error. 

-X- ■» 

KEEPING IT IM THE FAMILY - Constable Hoyle Patton of Baldwyn, Miss., 
had the backing of his family during a weekend raid on an establish- 
ment making illegal liquor sales. Participating in the raid as 
special deputies were his wife, tx<ro sons, a daughter and a son-in-law. 

-K- * * 



^ril r:"! s lOTvnH nl -AOITOHATilA I'tl 10H-QHH Cli*^IT 

9;, 'i'. iJr;" Mse Goi to socSoew ■<oi crtd’ xrioii >losd nwdono'il 

'>T['»w S'Vij .jr{T orid mo'iJ Jsoitj orf^ bfvislljjn eyt .arisen ix an 

ROT or:rii/ ox rid hxca v.srfT .noidibscpco' d'eivoS « to ac^eeug 

onJ a; .X : a.lj o'xe.^ I'/oXscf oJ- U4! ino'i'i obXadiio 

,f'f)9'T«eb f.XX o4 'TOd’Xarfe trssrisl to 

^ a -tt 

x^b3 lo j.iiilA i^odlocuo^ - YM iAC ^0*^ SJAICT T^’b 

, •>'.•>. • ^ jorr ^/td iiOiKI ;i?,sjl> .rid-ood encda ■v:^q s nl 'sodiar/r' a faelsxb 
.doi-'i rii:>o udn,i: bnn Jsdocq aid to dijo helTBio ,x<^’.b£ 

. 't .b:-: j, 'jr> dd . ■...■jtisc on d,r;d .noddud jixcrds'r .rtloa &d>j hent^Biq xjiii'A 
J •' •'-’nojic; nr;d rscitl ^>i'^e:'::iJ:b nmv'tlaqo'i anodof^bd neriw bns qXSfd 

.ypwTJSS beqr/oq 

•r vf <■ 

/ . ■•■■ :}fi\t D.As^^^l ' lod \d^:'T.idcfcv deo'xds \,di:n g no bfisdeifd xed ridlK 

'? .-:l.-;^7 '-.VC’ • r.'iil lo qlc oXodxi s xtauj; h&d I oatrsnsd” badrcda XCs 

^ \1 bnodcjL'd odJ bnc, exs^yy, aC aBw ed^ bi&e 

■f: v:- -j'- 

doll-' ,A r„,£fr ,at?Xo-tm eai .-^r -xuocdv oT mim'iir'ioa znT 

. '!. . C r. \ i' C,; h-'T'k; t.dira/ 00t' «0'(2«3 bodxo rioidi^ XXicf fild dog 

0T^(!’ c ::x.i'j f.'.^-rsrh soiv'xec xXddnoiti o'fi’ »yo,i^Sfid bobb/i anw airid 
va-.ri (a'^i arT:.:. -jdd r.oY: ojon n ■ d bov/oiXol dgw XXid enT .OV.OX.'' 
- 1 r./.: 'i'»cli/qrr:oo dfirid '9r‘''ijb£ ^rXid odd duo WMiid od aitrl jjnlXXad *.00 

.'XO'iXfi odd lot a£ dl anoiE9*f anw rfoidon;;^ 
Xo noddss :;iY.oH oldadoncO - YilW 2^HT WX T1 OvrX*^^? 
-dar'qaoai nn rto .laa ba97{«>ow n yiniu-b Yllr'jaX aid to €ifla bsd 

ni. bx 3 *T orfd ni: « soXce aowplX iBgeXXl snljfnm detor. 

,v^gX-,.;:. e e bn'; ledfKufln x. jCnoa owd ^ollw aid ennw e.Qidwqefa I&lo»qe 


A Magazine for Deaf-Blind Readers 

Vol. XVIII August, 1964 No. 7 

(Mimeograph Edition) 

Edited and published monthly, except July and September 
by the American Foundation for the Blind, Inc. 

15 West 16th Street, New York 11, N. Y. 

Editor: Sam Chermak (Deaf-Blind) 

1 ‘C:.i a;; ■ 

.o. o.a^ A--ro 

B'/sbii'Sr: b.t![llG-ij?o0[ Tol A 

(i >0 i Jf'brtl f[qp,T4iO'3i‘id A'i) . 

T. ^q(ioxo ,7,fd)iiocf borfaJ-RJ/jq bnjr> bsJibH '% 

I'.l 0M.1 -/oi iw>c:tC!bru>o''r vr<( , 

.7 .]{ij Li d-oY '/n7 diiii j^oW 8f 

OVx'LL"ii::-n) >R‘!''fnodO mu?. j'xoxjtbS 

' .X' > lavWS; SSiM. , /l 

, x.i ;. ’ '■ 5i ‘.. / .’ • .■ . >4A. / 

'iv'tiii. ^'' sv’W' /i 

.f ! y .J1 • A 

-I'l ■■■ ■• 


Vol. XVIII August, 1964 No. 7 

Message from Annette Dinsmore l 

News Digest 3 

Sports 16 

Jannie's Corner 18 

Trivia 20 

Marginalia 21 



New York, this summer, seems like one continuous traffic jam. 
Because of the World’s Fair, conventions of all kinds and descriptions 
have been descending upon us, filling hotels, restaurants, bars, buses, 
subways, and expecially taxicabs. In addition to the conventioneers, 
there has been an ever-increasing influx of tourist - tourists who all 
try to occupy the same space at the same time, and the same taxicabs! 

The convention of the American Association of Workers for the Blind 
was held here during the last week of July, followed by the international 
meeting of the World Council for the Welfare of the Blind. The two 
conventions overlapped on the thirty-first of July and held a joint meeting 
at the United Nations. 

During the week of the AAWB there were two spots on the over-all 
program directly concerned with deaf-blind people. One hour was 
devoted to a presentation of the Anne Sullivan P.Iacy Services of the 
Industrial Home for the Blind and the research that is being carried 
on there in relation to attitudes of people generally toward deaf-blind 
persons. A demonstration was also given, showing how the one-hand 
manual alphabet can be taught in twenty-five minutes to someone who 
is totally unfamiliar with it. On another afternoon, several hours 
were spent with the Committee on Services for the Deaf-Blind of the 
World Council for the Welfare of the Blind, outlining interest throughout 
the world in developing services for deaf-blind people and progress that 

- 1 - 

■ livr^A^A ;aDA33M 

:•■'■' ■ ;.l 

. -; x 

, 5 i, =*1 

.1 ■}• 

-ivsi'mi'i -. . , lT> Ara-^ia rxnmmr^ aW'i ,^hoy vsH 

••■! ' '* ' •' >■ " .''XfOO ,’' U’!I £:y,''f'fOV’.'' df(.t 1,0 OSf.fCPOH 

• '■■ '''I '.• ■wr’i \ .i; (.'■■ic.'i’ '•ii)rbndiieuiL'. [ioad svfift 

V,llil tiiS: 

• '■ ! ‘■'■^1-5 i! r^rj,. ^'.’'jrnvi ^idt Yi‘‘U.y^o v,*j> 

« ' •-■ ;■"- !■ ', , M i to r.oiir^’-v-'io enT 

^ f’ 7.; • . . .1 j '-•:-•■.// Vo ■ ) .or;i ■;./vi'nin '/vod- bJgd sjiv/ 
‘ -''] o ■ 'ii'( I br;.<n'/ aa.J !(:i ■ gniiajjfsr 

it • 

M-;* ‘.r 

boilb t 


1-. Ml orll .I'j ^,'j<..i ino'moj 

c ->• 

. :o' ^?i h--v,JuU , vr.ri h) 


-'t i' •'■O'.i lO IC- j'fV •;yj:i «;j-n.rj 

• b 1. ; b -70' 7.'' ',.U’ 

■t-' ri7 7; <,■: hotovob- 

;■ I "4 oiVMd-I f;:? jLjpub;!? 

' -a ’ 

•,■ ' 'X >. { ,.j , K;j j,.i) ir‘ ;lo 

111 -..'A/ f r i ,forf 0 . 3 'i 9 (,j 

• • “**"'■- 4,}fi;7V. ;.i ;i!»:Ji4' -k f:kJ ■ )'''''.fniffql£ Lcu.osm 

.i- • i.'- ■> uij> ;i7 .4) xi , irtJimfi'Jiin ai 

i .ft ' •■ . ■•'■>(■ VI or ("• od'/ -fbAV/ t/i'-Hie o'vow 

n Jt(n.. .rvjfjfr ofU '/tv jr‘ ok-i^.v o/i,j yol (iciAHf>J> L»!‘!oV/ 

' i'l 

-q 'ypltl-ifsvili ’tn] ft'iji.yqja 'iiakjolovrtb ni biiow f>(Ci 

f «• 

has so far been made in certain areas. 

The American Foundation for the Blind and the Industrial Home 
for the Blind gave a small dinner party one evening for about thirty- 
five people including nine deaf-blind guests. These were: Jackie 
Coker, teacher-counselor from California; Earl Brawner, student 
from Washington, D. C. ; Barbara Wagreich, who will be entering 
college next fall; Sam Cherniak, editor of Touch — And Go; Robert 
Srnithdas, acting director of Deaf-Blind Services at the Industrial 
Home for the Blind; Geraldine Lawhorn, of the entertainment world; 
and Lewis Hoskins, Sidney Mufson, and Harry Weitman, who specialize 
in helping to demonstrate the "instant method" of teaching the one-hand 
manual alphabet. Everyone entered into animated conversations through- 
out the meal and afterwards. Everyone wanted to keep on talking 
indefinitely and for this reason it was hard to break-up the gathering. 

It could have gone on all night. 

Jackie and her co-worker, Dorothy Klaus, better known as Dusty, 
made the most of their time in "the big town. " It was the first time 
either of them had been East, and they took in almost all the sights 
here - the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the boat 
cruise around Manhattan, Greenwich Village, and of course the World’s 
Fair. They had a chance to go down to the Jersey coast and were 
tossed around by our Atlantic Ocean. It was hard to convince them 
that the ocean here is on the east instead of the west, but when they 

- 2 - 


Is, , ' 

ta.Srf ''’•■5;1^*S 

■; i ! ' 

■’ '.''If ■:o.t at)i'i*i4ibtd/s;'T r>;iT 

’,',M?:ii ‘ftinb p yvj:>’3 oH) lo'l 

Vi If. I rjcUftrjfonJ okiimn ^vi‘’i 
i'. ‘ ' I ' . ; / • ' ■ l-j.iiiii-T.: , iw.'iPf' 

:\;CArii r^'yUco 

r u, -* 

;i. < ' 

■' ■■'I'' I 

M;, ; nVf 


'.'J io 

■ ■if. 

.'1 '>/'(’• 

, ' ,'1: 1 1 i i ’ S iJ'.M ,<5i 

■ ; t >1 1,1. piOl'..,, 

; './i ■ ti' Bnj 
" '•■' ■ , . ' .'Frl r> v j! 

'i 'l'" ‘‘M. ' . 



I , fi* 

„ 'j;f} rV,*;; t 

•' '.*<!■ V,- -r.MP’J*) 

I : ■ .lU/.- 

.'r' ; j.P'i'ajB’ ’ 

lVA.*t '■ >.■, .<■> /piiT' : 

, I f'.ri -futi v<' l>r«ni?'*a bi>a}30.') 


"l ‘ * 

•Ii.'*' • ''a'J .. .'j;.. iWlGaf 

ft*. »7 /j/l| 

r y^^, . 

' , 1 ti- .. ;ii 


saw the siin rise, this helped to straighten out directions for them. 
You can't find the sun rising in the west! 

In all, it has been a strenuous but happy summer. 

Annette Dins more 


Much of the mystery over the big guessing game in Washington 
was dispelled last month. President Johnson narrowed the field of 
Democratic Vice Presidential possibilities considerably by ruling out 
all Cabinet members and Administration officials who meet regularly 
with the Cabinet. The President specifically named six men — Attorney 
General Robert F. Kennedy, Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara, 
Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Agriculture Secretary Orville Freeman, 
Peace Corps director R. Sargent Shriver, and UN Ambassador Adlai E. 
Stevenson — as out of the running for No. 2 spot on the national ticket. 
Kennedy, McNamara, Shriver, and Stevenson had been considered 
among front-runners for the nomination. Elimination of these four 
strengthened the chances of Minnesota's two liberal Senators, Hubert 
li. Humphrey and Eugene McCarthy. 

The President denied his decision was directed at any one 
individual. But reports persisted that Johnson had made his announce- 
ment specifically to block any drive for Kennedy at the Democratic 

- 3 - 

rr-'M-' ;j , oi airf.'i iL'i'a itU vin:-, 

i. ■ /'■ ".If.. '’'- r'i-i; jd'i IJA/j. uo/ 


•fixi lU "■ i.- rju a.dij U , rii 

i iio'i . 

\ •■ .if f-.a'. Vjaiu i;:'V 
Uxci.' rv'\ 
■r!', I a J',' ■; • ■ •' a'- I ' .:k 


' ^ if; : v: j Ota rhi r 


- _i i. '■> ■■ 

■f''" afa la aa • a:." 

j'i'’- - ... . 1 .vi 

, I 5 ,aiXi ■ . ,'i. 5 ;• ,]• :■ ..'.ri'i - ■ ' 


...Jo;. . ■ J. '.^‘a !{''.! iVJO JOfl’f, lO'i i f! 

f;. ->■ ') [ Oi..- ’-'’.'•'i"'! '.V 1 '■ . Ia 

. . , I". '? Ifjif'u;, ii''! ouit’ 

Jjiiii OM') = , ... ;■'■'• lo.ri ’ofr i')- ibfit 

■ o:J l/io... 

National Convention tliis month, Johnson, who will make the final 

decision, won't say whom he favors for a running mate. But 
Senator Humphrey is believed to have the best chance of getting 
the nomination. 

A bona fide liberal, Humphrey, 53, has had experience in 
domestic problems and, as a member of the Senate Foreign Rela- 
tions Committee, in foreign affairs. He is popular with labor groups, 
and he was floor manager of the civil-rights bill. Humphrey, however, 
would do little for the ticket in the South, and might have liinited 
appeal at best for discontented Republican moderates who wouldn't 
vote for Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater. 

I.Iinnesota's junior senator, Eugene I.IcCarthy, 48, has little back- 
ground in international affairs. Not closely associated with any civil- 
rights measures, he might be more acceptable in the South than Mr. 
Humphrey. Moreover, Roman Catholic Gene McCarthy might neu- 
tralize any religious sentiment for the Republican Vice Presidential 
candidate. Rep. William Miller of New York, also a Catholic. 

Mayor Robert F. Wagner of New York City got attention when 
he and his two sons stayed at the White House recently, A newcomer 
to the Vice Presidential speculation is Connecticut's Sen. Thomas J, 
Dodd, an old Johnson friend, a Northeasterner , a Catholic, and a 
conservative, especially in foreign affairs. The 57-year-old senator 
has many friends in the South. 

- 4 - 

' .I'Jrtocfi,- noii('ili>vnoO JjicrdIJjjTl- 

' - ^ . j^l 

"•fii*'.". ft ‘-f'- tovj't '■.'/♦ .rrarfvv j'jKC-v/ 4 itoli.iiO:^b 
's4F‘‘' '-fj u,( b‘)V 'fa3t‘l 'i^-y'x/lqA'JyH ‘iOJiSor^ri 

.wUnftlmoii vl3 

/..' .. . '• (d k. jjH .Ih .'ovfi! A 

j-.' .* *•■ V, r, 11 ;onx} .fijj'fb'iq otlFjisjCfolj 


; ■ _ ', v ; . :’i , ■ r. •'; '.-'y-/ ‘ v i * ( , .v^.{ jiirij-XotlK rJjOtJ 

■ ■ ' ^,r.i ':r _ I'.tir.iT 'iooil CiXiW Oil bPiB 

' ■ ... I -ft'- ft :,'rv '■>o'l '^<itll. ob bfUO'A 

■ . - , •■'^’1-:, •'■•:>• -.oi '‘.f? {n’Jt-fqii 

,' -ri'ft, . I'H.i ryi 'jr" 'jAw 

V'- r ' fti’i nt 

■ ‘ ft-- ;• -.ft ■ -, ,. -I- .yjo-|J-f 

-t " - 1 )'“ ift' ■.. . I . .-(.I'TI 

t ■ '‘■'r. ft’ » 'UiV-' ' ^'. '' 

■■ ; »u • -■ -• ■ y-|->'‘‘ :-A3j;bi6nir' 

■■• . ' . , ;■ - 1 . ''C'tc'i 1 . 

*■ -- ;: .' j. r..-i'ft! o^/) hna Oil 

,•> • w .-> " r: I'.-.) -“/iJiV Ol 

' Oft I noAr.'i'lo]* bio ur* ,bbo<I 

,- fti.r ; .1 ^•j‘> 'i . 1 * 



Political facts of life are tricky. Among other things they vary 
widely from state to state. Last month they were costing Barry 
Goldwater the support of a growing number of prominent Republicans, 
nearly all of them in the party’s liberal wing. Both of New York's 
senators said they could not support Goldwater 's Presidential candi- 
dacy unless he modified some of his views. Kenneth B. Keating, 
up for re-election this fall, said he would campaign independently. 
Goldwater, he said, "cannot expect to win support of a broad cross 
section of Republicans by his attacks on moderation and his defense 
of extremism . . . " 

Sen. Jacob Javits, not up for re-election until 1968, backed 
Keating. Javits said he was reluctantly withholding support from 
Goldwater because the Arizonan had made "no real effort to date 
to unify the party, or to conciliate moderate Republicans. " 

In Maryland a check of Baltimore voter registration activity 
since the GOP convention seemed related to the withholding of 
Goldwater support by Gen. J. Glenn Beall and Baltimore Mayor 
Theodore McKeldin, a former Maryland governor. The Baltimore 
registration books showed 175 Republicans had switched to the Demo- 
cratic column in the first nine days after the convention, while only 
10 Democrats had moved the other way. New voters were declaring 
themselves Democrats on an eight-to-one basis, though the ratio of 
alreadj^-registed voters is four to one in favor of the Democrats. 

- 5 - 


7, '.M ;;!r"^r- ot s>l<jjs rao-il \\iobW 

j<’, ’f^c’ 'IK ■!tr,:;v''o7?> jt: ):o .''iO<{(|j.)r5 Qrf.J 'iikiT.'/;I)I<‘fO 

.;;-ir 'ii ^'■Ui :-r = ^";if:q -^fit ni \q iiit fhnon 

jjV;.',’ >•;'■•'- 'u>-2 Ion bir.iC'-/ {Nir.3 B‘’roi45ir-w 

■ -.iffl *'■. iiCioa boiTrbw ’’ 'i.'I :.',3orxfi; 
r. ;:!;i 'v-tf;; .iLiVj .’.L' t j i' !oat<' -;;>■/ toI, 

If]- . .{ x'sqirv,. ujii'.'Ui''y\ ' -b;;: . -x^^nvjbfoO 

■ Jf .'r: ,. r,.|'.ji;i/c,,, i--. '(C: v, ■"•'■'■!' "dor ^ ^ lo fi0.boc3 

. -"ti yi\v :;t.' i0‘" yuoyii .ffoj 

' r ■ ' 

'O';/ --«■ . f-M.’' n.r// -fl b^u,.. .Ovj^i- 


■- ‘ .'b: 4 . (..iSf: .i. ■£»::] ./ /•? ooir^M-jd vcJ7/J7/Jjro-J 

■'...'•‘J'. , ft/-, ub y'ifn:i ot 

-S'O ■ :■• ,'Oi q : >q 

b, '-J. i.. j -(^70 nb 

t.; *'! orr-.'i.I!', i/o 0 .Of,' . {q,j •; 

• -j bri'b'/'o . t:!',.' ' •' j' :' ‘^.•'.rohoSi'T 

' ;K;.i.or\, '->J<:.<}c! 

'fl * T' ' ■• f' /jnb 'j/'f ,tt oMj3'.io 

.vi'fv/ .... r )/0'/o.*4'r t.)ju! 01 

•0 ' »'bri »••!;! jiH' (U< lO :al^’wor;’t;'>G a'.)vt03r;.ti><fvl 

■(/ • -i’ 'o* lih o'/'/jov iJ6iO]l^07--'sjhi)f(> fixs 

I^ep. Stanley Tapper of Maine and Hep. Silvio Conte of Mass. 

plan to campaign for re-election without associating themselves with 
Goldwater. Rep. James G. Fulton of Penna. said his own political 
philosophy is closer to President Johnson's than to Senator Gold- 
water's. He said, however, that he would vote for neither man. 

Goldwater also lost support from some prominent Republican 
businessmen, Walter S. Mack, former president of Pepsi Cola Co. 
and a GOP fund raiser, began formation of an "independent Republi- 
cans and citizens for Johnson" organization. Henry Ford II announced 
for Johnson even before the GOP convention. 

^ ^ ^ 

Alabama's Governor George Wallace for weeks has been bursting 
with tall talk. After his surprising performances in presidential 
primaries in Wisconsin, Indiana and Maryland, segregationist Wallace 
announced that his name would be entered on the ballots of at least 
16 states in the November election. He hoped that he might win 
enough electoral votes to force a sort of "coalition" government with 
one of the major parties — one in which he would be given power of 
review over Supreme Court appointments and assurance that never 
again would civil rights leaders "set foot in the White House. " But 
last month, as abruptly as he had entered, Wallace withdrew as a 
presidential candidate. Still he stayed as cheeky as ever. "My 
mission has been accomplished," he said in a television interview. 

- 6 - 

"My purpose was to help conservatize both national parties. Today 
we hear more talk of states' rights than we have heard in the past 
quarter-century. I was the instrument through which the message 
was sent to the high councils of the parties." 

As for Goldwater, he insisted that there had been no deal with 
Wallace. But Barry could hardly be anything but cheerful about 
Wallace's withdrawal. In San Francisco, he had already admitted 
that the Wallace campaign was "something to be concerned about. " 

If the Hepublican nominee "can't get his foot in the door in the South," 
said Barry, "he is not going any place. " Wallace said, he said, 

"has strength where I have strength. " 

In the wake of the Wallace withdrawal, Alabama Republicans 
claimed, with some justification, that Goldwater would not only carry 
the state but would carry some Republican Congressmen along with 
him. In Mississippi, Tom Garrott, a longtime member of the 
state Democratic executive committee, began cranldng up a Derno- 
crats-for-Goldwater movement. Throughout the South, Gallup and 
Harris polls agreed, a Wallace candidacy would have cost Goldwater 
12 percent of the vote, Johnson 7 percent. 

* * 

For amateurs of crime, British newspapers afford some 
of the world's best reading. V/eek in and week out, they abound in 
richly detailed stories of cunning and cruelty, ranging from the Great 

i"k f: ..Ujw'is iioQ qi'sx! c.i aBV/ 

..rl •,■• ri j 'io ,)j.v '.r:o::. ”i::->irov; 

■;• .1" r v'r 1 .v’J:i;tn30- 'ia5"i 'Mip 

’ v ;.v o v'i ;3 obw 

f' 'r "A 

yr ktjMn'. i'jjti ,'^0';I!7i’7 

,■-.■..■•■■'7 ;-^.7 'J aA:/.uf;i.\7 

^ •v/; [xyj raji ir^nj 

;:oc'7':, ari. 3i!j 'll 

• V'.kc;'! j'a/' 0:f' ,v' biaa 

" • 7 ;'" . \.il ^ a*.;..;'' 

. ’ A' ■ ' ■ 'A, '.7 :.r;7 7.) j/j;- r:" 


^ ' ■•'7 -;;v7,' , ■ H ii' >/ . ’■‘a.aij'io 

• • - .''a^ 7 . .-'JT- i'b'OV JijC" ‘ : '-[> 

- ■' '' \.j.' . , . . aic-T; f.- j. I'l .-.a7' 

( ■-]''' .:" .j a Ij'i n.ix 'jG 

V'^ -. 7 ' ^ /; Tb; ' -viT " 7 

• f .’.''vj'cT. ^o'fcv r^i '.'O ixi 

I .M a 7 .!Jr)i.v:^ 7 

.'Gi'' ib-B'.. .. y:‘,'>'J. i'l'l’iov.' o';,J io 



iaO.!;i I '/0.!rr1 vb'bu'f 


Train Robbery with its slick, almost military precision to the grisly 
strangling last month of the fifth London prostitute killed in the last 
nine months by a latterday Jack the Ripper. Despite all this highly 
publicized lawbreaking, however, the average Englishman is still 
inclined to regard his country as an oasis of law-abiding citizens 
in a lawless world. Or, at least he was, until Dr. Leon Rad- 
zinowicz, 58, a leading professor of criminology at Cambridge 
University, came along to challenge this comfortable myth with 
hard statistics. 

British law-enforcement officials, according to Radzinowicz’s 
studies, actually uncover and punish only about 15 percent of the 
crimes committed in Britain. "The greater opportunity and mobi- 
lity that our modern society has created, " the Polish-born professor 
says, "offers a wide area for crime and the evading of discovery." 
So wide, in fact, that 90 percent of Britain’s top criminals — a 
select group of about 500 men who approach crime in cold, logis- 
tical terms — are never caught at all. And even lesser fry do not 
do too badly. Between 80 and 90 percent of all British larceny 
cases are never solved, and a robber's chance of evading punish- 
ment never fall below 50 percent. 

Even the crimes the police do solve, however, add up to a 
frightening total. On the basis of the present rate of known crime, 
Radzinowicz calculates, 29 percent of Britain's male population and 

- 8 - 





1 • * ■/ . jr'fr <' 3'- f‘V >in'(a ajj r'.in/ v;f ,'ddO(i niCi'l' 

■ ■ ' iA •■ ’/tijao"' i s .:■. .fU'i ^ci,( 3 o t^.viocu iarit 

•: • -, . li'- J ,! .-■ :t >]■>":'. vfjbioDtU <: vd afi:Ui<..;Tf s/rUr 

... .... ^..,.•.fi:.'..;:;l. J /lO'/vjvr ;] , -■jn:>!?i')'AdvViJ b’=)i:ioiId>.iCi 

a".'.;'’ • aj .,:'o iin ar: -i.ul ovie'^yj'^ 61 bo/iilorti' 

'•:, I ' dti-, •Tji! 'aa-l /fL' ■ .bti'":! ij «i 

. /; .; 'a :i ■ •■ d- lOycl -lOTq '■'■ -86 . Joojv/ooi'li 

; ■ V -.ou o' 3 r::’'.o /-^fg'i'SviOiU 

. 2 -ji-tyitvi.-'. iri«n 

i.;' !\) ij)- . ■.: •,;-''i ;Oyo v;- i 

■ . ■* V. > , ri^'.fwrj \ 0 VO 6 ;J!J 'AiiaidO*: , .{l-Kbf I-la 

• •', .•;, -r-cTr 'fi uObMu:irrv\i BD/flity 


/ ■ ■ ih ' v"-'> "IL'O liwfl ‘{Ifl 

. ■■ . ■ :a. ■■■ IJ ha:,, • tio-;:- 

. i:T = -’S -di'df /;i .ebiv.' <-3 

ju A "li'..’ r«jy:i 06 (j fr-".u£ lo qj'';''(.;g .itj-d-’*?; 

'ir if: >i : b;;c -■:;i ool ob 

■•• / ■ ria a''iodclo'r r. '.a.':. !. ^vsn a'.rr aoh/jo 

• I 

''. 1 . . ■'.'i •iyvy*c .lnt)-.Xi 

• I . r'"e. r-b ■>■)]' io!.| ''’■'i a ii or!l' n^vd . 

'll- tiif.r.d 'jiit -iO .iKi'vl 

b'£ , ao.udu’' 



■.Di 7 /onixj':)jR 5 I 

7 percent of its women will be convicted of indictable offenses 
during their lifetimes. And of Britain’s present population of 
52 million, he believes, as many as 4.5 million men and just 
over 1 million women probably already have one such conviction. 

The crime situation in Britain, Radzinowicz argues, has now 
reached such proportions that it should be examined ”as a matter 
of national urgency." 

To that, Britain's police say a hearty amen. Last month. 

Sir Joseph Simpson, London's Commissioner of Metropolitan 
Police, reported to the House Secretary that in 1963 alone the 
number of crimes committed in the city increased 7 percent and 
"surged to a new peak. " 

* * * 

The ideological issue between Moscow and Peking, once so 
murky, was assuming an almost dazzling clarity. Out last month 
were the latest statistics for Soviet industrial production, showing 
a 7 1/2 percent increase in the first half of 1964. Many Western 
experts suspect the real figure to be about 5 percent, but even if 
correct, it would be the smallest percentage increase claimed since 
1942. The usual claim in recent years has been closer to 10 percent. 
The lag appears to be caused by crop setbacks, which affected the 
food production industry, and a sharp drop in the increase in pro- 
ductivity. To cope with this, Khrushchev talks more and more 

- 9 - 

'io ‘id iftw rrsi^fjov/ aii "d ia$ot<tq T 

. lo fju/s, TtotU 'antl'njb 

.• 'nw. .. -i . ,y;n(. V-.J- ryrf , jojiUtrir S3 

r; ' -j-.M.! • • xvn\: ., ! ;'!,f,loMr X /JO/Aj/ir t 

' j.. .'r’ -br.;: .j, ar .Ml-'' Ofl'T 

-i: '1. • 1 ■' '>ii,'(;r»' I ,!:j( ( i| .Ifxjri biU'i'OBS'if 

" r '.(;tir.lT,o/f lo- 

.1 ">• u’ •/(••, ; .' • ■; ': ( .ii'-'. {•• i’ 

■*' ’■ ’• ‘ ' ■.. . /i, •’ ■ 'I r?. 

■■■' I - '" ■' I I'.a'i . . p < ! 

’?■' "Vr 

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>: ^r 

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,s: s'\- io 

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■• 1,. 

;'.--:f; fifrj v?Hnrit. 

]!' . 1 ' ■ . , > i 

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3>d ul 

fi/;r,7 If , ; .^‘rj i;j 

" ' • ' 'iJujOf r.'i '“I'f ji djf;) Irti-'-f axr: 

'. ‘ i tj-i-o 'Od oj .>j:! WT 

' Uf 'r: /; i'fI/3 , vti; boolt 

' ‘I ,f>nU {Utv/ L>qo'i oT 

!(•' I 


about providing greater incentives, only recently announced a 20 

to 40 percent wage increase for some 18 million doctors, white- 
collar workers, teachers. 

This is the kind of thing Nikita's rivals in Red China watch 
with growing suspicion. As Peking put it in its latest blast, a 
24,000-word article in People* Daily: "A privileged bourgeois 
stratum has emerged in Soviet society." In fact, Khrushchev's 
"phony Communism" is restoring the "forces of capitalism" and 
substituting for the class struggle "the struggle for a good dish 
of goulash." It is the "Communism of the American way of life, 
and Communism seeking credits from the devil." 

Western Russia- and China- watchers are carefully studying 
the attack, and Berlin Kremlinologist Richard Lowenthal concludes 
that, far from being merely another anti-Russian blast, it is in 
effect "Mao Tse-tung's ideological testament. " For the document 
warns that the same sort of wicked reversion to capitalism that 
is happening in the Soviet Union could also happen in China. The 
Chinese party has had some cases of "degeneration, " says the 
article, and there must be ceaseless vigilance to keep the newer 
generation of Chinese leaders from going soft, as the West hopes 
they will. Concluded Mao's testament: "A very long period of 
time is needed to decide who will win the struggle between 
socialism and capitalism. Several decades won't do it. Success 

- 10 - 

requires anywhere from one to several centuries. ” 

* * 

In the 41 years since he died, the name of 29th President 
Warren G. Harding has been deeply clouded by stories of his 
extra- marital adventures. Nan Britton, a girl from Harding's 
hometown of Marion, Ohio, wrote a 1927 book calling him the 
father of her daughter. And last month historian Francis 
Russell told of examining some 250 letters from Harding to 
Carrie Phillips, wife of a Marion department- store owner. 

Found in a shoe box by the lawyer who was Carrie's guardian 
before her death in 1960, the letters now belong to her estate. 
And what letters! "I love you clothed, but naked more, " ran 
one line from a lengthy poem that Harding supposedly sent to 
Carrie in 1912. The curator of manuscripts for the Ohio His- 
torical Society is satisfied that Harding was the penman, and 
Russell expects to quote some of the letters in a Harding bio- 
graphy and in an American Heritage magazine article. The 
eleven-year correspondence began when Harding was 44 and 
ceased shortly before he won the Republican Presidential nomi- 
nation in 1920. Toward the end, it seemed, ardor had given 
way to more practical considerations: "To avoid disgrace, I 
will, if you demand it as the price, return to Marion to reside." 
That letter presented an alternative: "If you think I can be more 

helpful by having a public position and influence ... I will pay 

- 11 - 

you $5,000 per year, in March each year, so long as I am in 
that public service. " But there is no indication that Harding 
actually paid Carrie any money. 

After 27 days of fumbling, Italy last month had a government 
once more. Back as Premier was Christian Democrat Aldo Moro, 
48, the very man who resigned a few weeks earlier over what 
seemed a trivial setback to his quarrelsome coalition of center 
and leftist parties. "It’s the second half of the ball game," said 
Moro brightly, as he presented his new government for approval 
to President Antonio Segni. From the grandstand, it looked as 
if Moro was fielding the same team that had been losing in the 
first half. The 26-member Cabinet had the very same party 
breakdown as before. The only conspicuous change was the 
omission of former Budget Minister Antonio Giolitti, a trouble- 
some member of the extreme left wing of the Socialist Party. 

"Y/e are stronger than ever," said Moro — but few in Italy were 
quite so confident as he. 

Much depends on how well Deputy Premier Pietro Nenni, 
the 73-year-old Socialist boss, can control the radical wing of 
his party, which would like to revive the old Socialist- Communist 
alliance. In recent weeks, the Italian Communists have backed 
a series of strikes that threaten to raise labor costs and push 

- 12 - 

‘ ' ;v 

. ■' i'./J 0 ; / aini^'X td 000 , 8 ^ «dt 

ii'. ■.•‘aii.iv. ' I 5L'-' .r>3ii‘ ’ucT " .ax^^v'xag oj]du(^ Jfitll 
. Y, ;<x<’iiT 4 -x.-iff ^iTxiiZ/ b\mi 

:V • .* 

.1 ■ i '■ ... . I’.Lf' ' •, ' r.ji I'o TS “oilA- 


' '!■ : i .icxt! "iV ro-A'. ;>iv:. 5 *l .cr\X3!m &:m<i 

,» ' ■ >.' oJ'i'i / •■ ’ ’,;. 7r.jrr7;'rj'.t'3 r./i'jf V'if' ^ .odt .8^ 

Ui$ ' • ’ 

;:!.xjrdi >?£ h fVi"L.i n 
1 - .c^'i-:na bri.J! 

;]/■ >1 1 ij;- ;. Im:: ■^ "u . i X'jjd.i *. ol 

• ' r - :* 

, '. .t' :*. irj 'rjMWH *i‘->AT j'oi ijc 

V '“• •■■: <rJi '. >.i- ,V‘.' ;^dJ Iv 

■ - V .■■’d V' ' ’'h, 'Xjt. Sv'' 

.7 ?( ..'i?. ;}ns-:.i!('torj i, u atnip 

' T. . ' '*■ 4 '■* .i J *j ‘ *' J J-; 

■ ' lO :• • d- i'-* i ■ ’ i "•'O;'' .(if'5 d'od', I 

I ' '• ,:f;,‘> .i.'iCO i.3xhiUio2,’bb‘'U':iv-K7 

■ . -1 ' -v I ,'JV'r. ui i')(j^ W iI.-jMv' ,Y 44 j?..;f £U'f 

'('(•' vi'A kipotrL .‘iyrrjlsili .0 

>f;' ' fc.l>r' Of .JxxrU K}a;U“ii.'S| ‘to ■ii'.l'Jroa ii 



I ' 



• ;•■ :• dJ-; 


, V'W 

li. I 

. ••»'; 

Italy's inflationary spiral even higher. Last month Nenni did 
his best to point out the fallacies in the Communist strategy. 

The Conimunists, he said, hoped to force Moro to give way to 
a more right-wing Premier under "the old delusion that they 
themselves will later, be the beneficiaries of a pendulum 
swing to the left ..." 

His plea seemed to have little immediate effect. Wood- 
workers and longshoremen struck last month, and railway workers, 
bank clerks, postal employees, and building laborers were on the 
verge of walking out. Unless Moro's new government manages 
to pull together better than his old one, the only result of the change 
will be the loss of valuable time in combating Italy's economic dif- 


Seventy percent of India's 450 million people are engaged in 
agriculture. Yet most of them never have enough to eat. Last 
month the country's food shortages and resulting spiralling prices 
triggered protest riots, and the Government clamped down on grain 
speculation. Despite massive foreign aid, hunger and poverty have 
been major obstacles to the Indian Government's efforts at stability. 
Prime I.Iinister Lai Bahadur Shastri, when he succeeded Jawaharial 
Nehru as India's leader two months ago, labeled the food shortage 
the "most formidable problem" facing the country. He thus gave 

- 13 - 


j "'/■ .'T 

V' • 


»i“r< . /' 

! ••. 'a j II-;:. y 'j./ij '.(o t jjk I' l : •. .1 ■ r yl f IT 

f V-,- r. •--■•_ •, , .... ;o.- ‘V- .• .... I’.-. .i.'M'H -u'l I 

■ :>:• i^r ■>mv'"'rxi^; 5 ,n ''’‘r-,-./!: '' ' 

^ I 

I.'n.rrM. , ■ ' ' ; . .A .'lA.'A [l.i'.V 

... 'y'j'l 'W 

. J i- '. jI C'.’i •' ioi"'- ... -ij ' 'tl 

'■ 'V i .irtt-'i . ''■'Hd '"I 


■ > ’’ , ■■ ' .. 0 ‘. i ' ’'t ' H > 'H't 'd I''',' 

, ^ ^ ' ! 





/ ' . m' 

M ] 

: • ,, . -.Vr;;;!'.. .-- - : ‘ . 7 .v' d', ; j 

■ . ; •■• r .1.; ’’ • 'Vl'ic'.l, .f . .'t'.vljljl.t ' , ' 

' •:! w M i..C' . 

it priority over the Kashmir dispute with Pakistan, the border 
skirmishing with Communist China, and the Uoslem-Hindu con- 
flict within India. 

The basic difficulty is that India has too many people for 
its present economic capabilities. The birth rate remains 
high while the death rate goes down. Over the last three years, 
the population has risen 10 million annually, but there has been 
no corresponding increase in cultivated land or food production. 
Unemployment is high. 

The squeeze on food supplies has caused starvation in some 
regions. Last season's grain stocks are depleted, and rains are 
threatening next fall's harvest. Relief deliveries from abroad 
have been delayed by inadequate port and distribution facilities. 
Hoarding and black marketing have forced prices out of reach of 
the average Indian, who makes $70 a year. Last month hungry 
demonstrators in several cities looted food stores and grain 
trucks. There are reports of peasants eating seed set aside 
for planting. 

Population and economic experts were not optimistic that 
India could solve the problem in the foreseeable future. To 
avert recurring crises, the Government must find a way to 
produce food faster than the population grows. And that will 
require vast changes in India. 

^ 5 }: 5 '^ 

- 14 - 

;i' ij;., 

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' .:oD /ijlv' :rr/i 

.;:U>cJ Jjiii 

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• ■'i' ' ' 

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^ ;(■.') a.. ' a IsUrf. oq j;]j 


A'Ai ' . • •>;; iC J \ '-i' f 

I,.;.'/' ' 0 'i-’K-ar-:’ 

. ' . ; i ! 

»->r- S'...: Ji .cl 1 


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r 5h.-. 1 

'■ ■■ !j.:ubii; ■,.> "07-; J'!.? 

: ^ J 

7'j : !;.• (1 i. .i'b 

■■ ■ i . 0 , >j j. .n.'i.Mv 1 i 

, , , i/.’i' (.:!q •(<■''; 

. ' 'Ji " 

a 1 


«v:’! .n^b:Xl 

vi;i; /r 

. . '.'1 , A t'(ov;j 

]0 IM.) 

1 <lv 

I i.j'p' f’f 

The craft sped above Rocca, Mare Aestatis, Siralis, Hansteen, 

and Herigonius. Then, just north of Darney and southwest of 
Bonpland, at 10.7 degrees south latitude and 20.7 degrees west 
longitude, it slammed into the flat Mare Nubium or Sea of Clouds, 
These were Ranger 7’s last moments on Friday, July 31, the 
exciting moments in history when man got his first closeup view 
via televised photographs of the moon. After six straight Ranger 
flops (and six failures in the earlier Pioneer series). Ranger 7 
performed perfectly. It took 67 hours and 35 minutes to make the 
243,665-mile flight from Cape Kennedy to its landing point. 

What Ranger 7’s cameras saw and quickly flashed to their Cali- 
fornia receiving station were, in the main, what man, beginning with 
Galileo, has long know in remarkable detail. Selenographers 
(scientific moon viewers) have mapped the visible features of the 
moon down to almost the last mile. What Ranger’s pictures show 
is the moon’s features in the last mile — what man will see when 
he first sets foot on the moon. These are mountains (some 
calculated to be 30,000 feet tall — taller than Mt. Everest), clefts, 
valleys, craters, and the famed "seas," so named because early 
astronomers thought these dark areas were water. 

It is said that the history of maps is the history of 
instruments, and Ranger 7 is only the latest such "tool," First 
to observe the moon through an instrument was Galileo early in 

- 15 - 





















the Seventeenth Century. In 1840, J.W. Draper, a New Yorker, 
made a Daguerreotype, the first moon photo, A 20-minute time 
exposure, it was one inch in diameter. This effort contrasts 
with Ranger's job: It took 4,316 pictures in 13 minutes and 40 

The immediate value of the Hanger shot was in the informa- 
tion it sent back on landing conditions for American manned 
moon shots. Scientists concluded from the photos that the Sea 
of Clouds would be a good spot for landing a manned spacecraft. 

>!< ^ 


Seven new members were admitted to baseball's Hall of 
Fame last month, bringing the total to 101, Four of the new 
members attended the ceremonies at Cooperstown, N. Y. They 
include Lulce Appling, the former Chicago White Sox shortstop, 
who now coaches for Kansas City; outfielder Heinie Manush, and 
pitchers Burleigh Grimes and Urban "Red" Faber. Elected 
posthumously were manager Miller Huggins, John Montgomery 
Ward, a player, manager; and pitcher Tim Keefe. 

Before 55,924 yelling fans in Los Angeles, the U. S. swept 
the track and field meet with Soviet Russia (a preview of the 
Tokyo Olympic Games), set two new world records along the 
way. The records; Pole vault, Fred Hansen, Texas, 17 ft. 4 in. 

- 16 - 

is ' 


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• s 'r,-. : !'<*':, !• i-.X ;i -; rljiv/ 


if '! . ,:Jj xf?j/',v sjj'viiuifx'c f -^rlT 

{ t. ,<,T»br!ni. ao ;bAo Jrii'^.j il noU 

. i- oixl'iatiivsl ,'Udiir] ftoo/ t 

ii:'i ^ jiv:, hoo;^ '• vi bfrro// h> 

i V 


I • ■ x-n 

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;.• Jx': ■.■•:■ iV? 1 

'U, «■: 

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■.*/o:r o*\y^ 

•,, 1:.. r 1 
. * 

ry. iflG^rq 

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i2s^. .Jl"5ufc 

■G,i . i ! ii !■ !• J<*'. ;■ :j. 

5 -i 1 r ‘-lox ai :/..a't /'iil cc ;:)'H)’}vn 

■I •■■.rt'; j;';|VCu iJl V.' J". Zhl'i Dl {0 JOBi; aitj 

!■ . gI'C'^iV ,7«>ff nvrj : oJq/ufYj'O ov/bT 

. I >>.; MI .,flr/nv ‘iMoM J OflT 



shotpiit, Dallas Long, Arizona, 67 ft. 10 in. The U.S. won every 
flat race from 100 to 10,000 meters. The Soviet Union’s top 
sports tabloid, Soviet Sports , explained the trouncing by blaming 
the Los Angeles smog and "badly formed circumstances. " Trans- 
lation; "We wuz robbed. " 

Scotland’s Jimmy Clark, 28, won the British and European 
Grand Prix with a record average 94.14 m.p.h. over the twisting 
80-lap, 212-mile, course at Brands Hatch, England. In his green 
factory Lotus, Clark spurted into the lead at the start, was never 
headed and took the checkered flag just 2.8 sec. ahead of fellow 
Briton Graham Hill in a thrilling race that saw the two zipping 
around nose to tailpipe for most of the grind. The win, Clark’s 
third in five Grand Prix so far, gave last year's world champion 
a total 30 points in the 1964 championship, four more than Hill. 

France's Jacques Anquetil, 30, won the Tour de France 
bicycle race for an unparalleled fourth straight year, and his 
fifth win in eight years of competition. After 23 days on the 
grueling, 2,816-mile course that snakes in an out of six countries, 
only 81 out of 132 starters were still riding as the tour swung into 
the final 17-mile dash for Paris. Anquetil had a bare 14-sec. 
lead over his closest pursuer but then he turned it on and pumped 
across the finish line for a 55- second victory, slimmest margin 
in the race’s 51 years. 

- 17 - 




•ci'.io i- ..(!■' . •.rroui'l j 


ni u'\[ ''^;•ii;lJ '■ I r. s''foii 
. : 'd/ (A 

California's Pat^Caretto, 13, won the 1,500-meter women's 

freestyle in the National A.A.U. championships, bettering two 
world records in the process, at Los Altos Hills, Calif. The 
eight-grade sprite was only following her coach's instructions, 
ripped off the first 800 meters in a record 9 min. 47.3 sec. 
because he said that early speed was the way to win the race, 
then just kept going, winding up 1,500 meters in 18 min. 30,5 
sec. , a phenomenal 13 1/2 sec. better than the old record. 

Llickey Wright, 29, took the U. S, women's open golf 
title for a fourth time, at the San Diego Country Club. Forced 
into a playoff round with Huth Jessen, Llickey boomed the ball 
around the 6,400-yd. course for a man-sized, three-under-par 
and her seventh victory in twelve tournaments this year. 

Hi there! It's me again. 

The Boss and I went on a picnic. 

We rode in a car a long time with some friends. There was 
a big house. There was lots of grass and trees and bushes, 

I ran all over the house and all around the grass and trees 
and bushes. I played with two dogs there. But the cat ran away 

- 18 - 

r--..r ii.A A inr.o'>;iVI fO 

■•■'."v (-j ).:■ 'yyyrui a) ui'lOff 

' •' 'jh,/ -.^jrr'qn 

'f. A,?'. S'.' jt!) Tl'o. Jjaqcijr^ 

ii'/ V'J’'*'' . i"::':i‘ ,):•!!/ ■'i? 

’[■' i r’i- ,? fwl 3 

•-■ '...■; .'.-.M!-!;,' ‘i- A..:;?''- ,s.!T:o,\i i-; . .oj/S 

.i : :vf' ' ■' , S'.. -':xh.. 

: “ .' '.‘7 '•!; , tl, r;. 1 f. 'jol 

N . ^ 

' " . , . . r;A'i J: o.yyi: 

■ ■ -■ V ‘ '■'. •.',VU'''| .b'-’~ .. J S’, ‘T' 

. i'.- "■; ■ jiy '. .v,'i 

’ s' 

I S’ •’ ' " " * ' S'J' :i) .P 

. i iS i' i'; f 'j ) iKU^f :.W>E tilT 
sAv; ■■ i ■'‘.'.c'f .. ,:5 n ’if pbo-.i -qV' 

.| ':‘r,,v’i<v Sit'd I n* j^uar! 

if . '.nvfo/; ;).'i /•."/«■. iu: ititv, 1 


• .;') S.'i'V di>,, f .eu!{qt/d artfl 

' m.i 

from me. There were lots of people. Some people played a game 
on the grass. The Boss says you call it ’’croquet." 

I played croquet too. I will tell you how to play croquet. 

First, somebody puts a ball on the grass and thinks and thinks 
which way to hit it. You stand there and wag your tail hard. Just 
before they can hit the ball, you pick it up and run off with it. You 
can hide it in the bushes or under a table. When they tell you "Get 
that ball," you run after it and bring it back again. The red ball 
is the best. But the yellow ball is fun too. Everyone laughs at 
you and calls you "the handicap. " 

Everyone said I was the champion player. But they didn’t know 
I really don’t know about croquet. I just like to play with pretty 

It was a long time before we got something to eat. I was 

They gave me a big bowl of hamburg. I like that. 

The Boss had a hamburger and some pickles and olives and 

There were lots of potato chips and I picked up every one that 
fell on the ground. I like potato chips. But the Boss says I 
can’t have them. 

Picnics are fun. Do you like picnics? 

Goodbye ! 

Jannie Dinsmore 

- 19 - 

.ioo'JH ‘Xr fo faioi o't'iffT ,&rsi, 

. v.ipOf ' f i,;.-.- i.tM” M i^lj> fiP 

■■' ? " ■’•’< If'- ■:V-i ] .0-J foO'ff.lq T 

>.’1 jr: •' ' lL-;-;l <i. -- .'.Aq '^f.iripnnfca 

' ■'■ ■*'■' ; i iVJ yen i'i':', rMS',', vorfi • i-»*K?V>rl 

;f; - i i f'-'J.rif.* 'Ill > 0;!v •';< ii. o'/jo 

'-■ii .'■ ' • ■ ■ ^ I'/P' ' ‘‘ ifirii 

■•■■ ' _ • - -1 _vr;;; o/i,J si 

rivV ^ 1 i ' U^K !4<ri 

' 'j ■'. ■ ' '.t :• C. ‘.'•JVif •:;twr‘^vpv,*f' 

* - r 

. .. N ^ 

' ■'• • '■ ■•''■' . '<5'’'.- -^ jp'ir- .,7..'., ,f r 'fiif-.or /■ 

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' ^ ■ ■ * ! n pd .; lui ^ n d . .,. 

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'■■ ’■ ^ T. - J i 

i .7 m,-;. •: j^(H■ If, .,,, v-rv"'/ .17'', ti 

‘ ■'•’>' ■'■■' ri'-KMi '/ }VHl ao 

• ■• ' ':T ijay v,(T .p.i' 

* ■" *8f^f 

Jt.T -hi -'m iii 

’ .'ydh.>;>0 


SEEKING SOLACE FOR A WIFE - Harold Bell, a Briton who was 

fined $140 for stealing gasoline, wrote to the court in Canterbury, 

England, asking if they give trading stamps "as my wife is very 

angry with me about this and the stamps would cheer her up. " 

* * * 


O’Kane is running for the Monterey County, California, Board of 

Supervisors on a platform of "honest, straightforward corruption." 

His slogan; "Everything for everybody and a little something for 

me." "A supervisor's job pays $6,000 a year for practically no 

work," Mr. O'Kane declares in his campaign through the county. 

* * * 


robber took $310 from the Old Oak Bottle Shop, fled outside, 

returned for about three minutes and finally made good his escape. 

His excuse for the three-minute return; "My car isn't here yet . " 

* * * 

OTHERWISE, DON'T BOTHER - Mrs. Ethel Richmond of 
Albuquerque, N. M. , was glad she received her Albuquerque 
Tribune. She found this note tucked inside; "I am your new 
Tribune carrier. If you did not receive your paper, please call 
me. " The note was signed by the carrier and listed his telephone 

* * * 

WRONG NAME FOR A BANKER - The former executive vice presi- 
dent of the Los Fresnos (Texas) State Bank pleaded guilty to Federal 

- 20 - 

i ' I v- 


y A 'LJLl MkS 

.■•.ii'-i'.: '-cl -fc;')";''! 

'i; vox^ lx -'y^shr.i^ .or5i;;.-;5x,:rI 

) bii;'. ril/i:; ruoc'r :-y.t fijiv' r';onf; 

I y: • 

T Aj ;, 

u. o ■ va' Yov; •/‘fnaatr'i ai ’'fiaX'O 
■ '; :n'i)]4q X; ;■•' S7,o i.h/ioqj':/ 
•-a 'i-.:_ -'j j':xy'xt.rvT" aili 

./fc'l ■ ^^^^;'^■K,;.!', A” '' .oa: 

ia'i,)-* I'jdvlo'i 



■• "a-.i :>:h 



K) i>''a.'o'' . ai' ^:!!.'!’' 

/ jj 'a ' •T"') f'Al.iAir'. 

'l.’t'rf' 'Mi'i' ■' . 'i>/ fl 


y J. ,. 


■.-.: ■<:/}) -'.o > {‘ i -.•l! 1> Xxiof) 


charges of embezzlement. His name; Robert Overcash. 

* * ♦ 

A BIRD HOLDS UP THE TREES? - A deterinined female cardinal 

is holding up sale of more than $400 worth of young oak trees by 

a nursery in Mobile, Ala. The cardinal built a nest in one of 

the trees in a lath house, and Harold Dodd, the nurseryman, 

said the shipment of oaks couldn't be moved until the cardinal's 

eggs are hatched and the young birds learn to fly — in about two 

weeks, "I love birds," Mr. Dodd said. 

* * * 

HOW DRY CAN YOU GET? - In Liverpool, England, an Alcoholics 

Anomymous chapter was formed at Walton Prison. 

* * 


President Johnson said the first year of the nuclear test ban 

treaty indicated it "has left our air cleaner, " Even if ended now 

the U.S, "would be safer and stronger than before," he said. ... 

Soviet Premier Khrushchev hailed the first anniversary (Aug. 5) 

of the partial nuclear test ban treaty, said it put a note of "con- 

findence" into East-West relations. With much remaining to be 

done to "rid the world of international tension . . . the Soviet 

Union will play its part, to strengthen peace," he promised. ... 

President Johnson continues to hold a wide lead over Sen. Gold- 

water — by approximately a 7-to-3 ratio — with indications that 

a sizeable group of Republican voters are not going along with 

the Republican convention's choices for President, according to 

- 21 - 


"J :■ 



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' ‘ “V'.y''’.' 

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l-'oiTirii-ffu bir:':/ 

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■■ 1 i 'J' • ;' ■ 

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.'M ii!ii y\C>. 

t , 

!.- r .’K ' 

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;/ ^1'; .o:.;- - 

<nci,a •/ lotiA 

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:•> : ^-v." .a.;: od* 

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i "■j^v.nobru’^ 

■ < 

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•' ■''iv'' oJ .Ofiioi' 

■ •; 

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•, fr Vjj:.l'; ilivv 


. :.l. :• . 

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. M •r'.fu'.u.'l. i'l.-.-.I.'bi.O'i'T 

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■c /' ' i']*: vu ':s''-:br,7 

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'tvJ'.'V ''if‘.'.)xfi 


1 vldr{:->.v.'.i h 

'■•i r ' yjiiy I'duq y 'nH 

... f- - 


a "flash” survey conducted by a Gallup Poll. , . . Teamsters 
Union president Jimmy Hoffa and six co-defendants were con- 
victed of fraud by a U. S. District Court jury in Chicago. Each 
was charged with 20 counts of fraud in illegally borrowing more 
than $20 million from the Teamsters’ pension fund, diverting 
more than $1 million of it to themselves. . . . The House sent 
to the Senate a bill to increase Social Security benefits by $1.5 
billion and to broaden the program to include 600, 000 more 
persons. The proposed raise for 20 million beneficiaries was 
supported by both Democrats and Republicans. . . . Pierre 
Salinger cut short his world tour to return home for the funeral 
of California’s Democratic Sen. Engle. Gov. Brown appointed 
Salinger the party’s nominee — to serve the remainder of Engle’s 
Senate term. . . . Members of the House of Commons paid a 
special tribute to Sir Winston Churchill, 89, who is retiring 
after 64 years as a Member of Parliament. Emanuel Shinwell, 
79, a Labor Party foe for many years, equated Sir Winston 
with British institutions: The Queen, the Church, Parliament, 
the Press. ... Gov. Rockefeller, at the request of local autho- 
rities, ordered New York National Guardsmen to active duty at 
riot-rocked Rochester. It was the first time militiamen have had 
to be mobilized against racial disturbance in New York State. . . . 
An optional Federal health insurance plan which would provide 

- 22 - 

i {)'),! ■:)j;baoo yov'tuci r, 

a .? q? ii v 


' 'k> b'*q'MV 

bo err 0 ^,;v/ 

■ ',f nu'i' 

• v;' 

'in, f'.’”;. 

»v* CO/.i : 

liii: * 

Mr; i;:: 

•1 ' 

'■'■w'y'J oj 

'• .! '--•'i.l j'l '?ro'i;':l 

1 ’ I'/n; ,1' ' ■ J.-. ^ 

J. i- 

.'.no.-' !'f 


M'tVl 1 ;= 

r->^ ,, 1 ':"; 1,0 



■ t- ~ ; 





. ■ ) ■... ■ T'.^? iirr/, 

' •: r -rvq -,'j 

j, '• f V )0'< /b'l , ■ ^ • ;j'' 

L; o: 

- • ' b')’, ! bi'wf < -y.i o? 
• (• I'Vfoi !„jO (1 A 

90 days of hospital care for the nation’s aged has received 
Predident Jolinson’s endorsement. The new Administration-backed 
proposal offers aged persons a choice between increased Social 
Security payments and medicare benefits. . . . The AFL-CIO execu- 
tive council called the Republican platform "an insult to the intelli- 
gence of the voters" and said it is deficient on three major issues — 
civil rights, extremism, civilian control of nuclear weapons. . . . 
Cataracts were removed from the eyes of 6 persons within 90 
minutes in Pittsburgh last month by a new method of surgery. 

The method, developed by Dr. Charles Kelman of New York City, 
employs a small probe cooled electrically to 40 degrees below 
zero. Because little pressure is exerted on the eye the possi- 
bility of complications is reduced. . . . President Johnson turned 
down French President de Gaulle’s proposal for an international 
conference to neutralize Southeast Asia. Also rejected was de 
Gaulle’s claim that the U.S. is seeking to dominate Europe and 
NATO. ... James McCauley Landis, 64, one of the architects of 
President Franldin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and former dean of 
Harvard Law School, was found dead in the swimming pool of his 
home in Harrison, N. Y. Landis made headlines last year when 
he was convicted of income-tax evasion. ... A Manhattan grand 
jury indicted 11 former Internal Revenue Service agents accused 
of taking from $5,000 to $10,000 per year in bribes. Five 

- 23 - 

: -jo” lo 

v ;-: ’'iT .:I.\ ^ •v’oh'-.i a'rif ■■ih-ioT, Ijiobibs'i^l 

•■■• V ■: , • oX(v>e;7-.'.i hijfv; •* ice'.qo'f -; 

. "i'r' ii.l . ;!?:.((■ •'• : b/iv t *'- '“'■{i’q yJf'xuO'j") 

I'\ 'i/.:?'!;*! ' ijOXXUOD 

;■:,( Ji bi'., liriV ^rir ):b 

ir ‘ ’( 'f ,i'y.-i>vrj .r -v;;-) .riib'b'f Irvro 

-•• ■■•'/■• b'=;va.r '.j? 

^ n ;(’ ''I roxv irw:.i. iJbl ai ;;:fj);riiOT 

b;y. r -l: ;:.’b . * r/vb .boifj^jCt obT 

' ' !-‘;r .•.,r i ., ;• Iqcaft 

I' ‘ 

■• b-/.'-:: -r. I :t V'^J. V‘. , .j .r; :-v; 

■7^-- ... . 


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*<>4 - . 

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L'.i cvo’/T. I"! 

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>:-i on Off 

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(.*.;>■.■( .?id! 

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.';00 , (" i,^ '■ 

TfalBJ jlo 

certified public accountants, three public accountants, an attorney. 

and four taxpayers were also indicted. . . . Film star Joan 
Crawford was reported "unchanged and satisfactory" but "thin 
and rundown" in Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood, when 
she was admitted with pneumonia for the third time in two months. 
...Banl^er David Rockefeller, brother of the Governor „ had a two- 
hour Kremlin conference with Soviet Premier Khrushchev. Among 
topics discussed were Soviet debts, trade, the U.S. political scene, 
and Goldwater’s candidacy. . . . Mrs. John F. Kennedy bought a 
15th-floor, five-bedroom apartment overlooking Central Park on 
Fifth Ave. The former First Lady plans to move to New York in 
mid-September. ... Dr. Harvey Lothringer, 43, who pleaded 
guilty on performing a fatal abortion on a 19-year-old Pelham, 

New York, coed two years ago in his Fresh Meadows, Queens, 
office-home, was sentenced from two to eight years in Sing Sing 
prison. After police discovered the dismembered body of 
Barbara Lofrumento in a sever near Lothringer' s home, he fled 
the country but was found three months later in the little country 
of Andorra, on the French-Spanish border, and was returned to 
the U.S. for trial. ... Hawaii's Democratic Senator Daniel Ken 
Inouye, 39, and Margaret Inouye, 40, amiounced the birth of 
their first child, a son, after 15 years of marriage. . , . Mrs. 

A. Teunizzen-Van Brederode, 67, a widow in Zaandam, the 

- 24 - 

'■-•oo" '. ii'i'jq oo rrj oU'dirq a'^OlJ-roo 

‘ -' , .j" r c"-' vrgv; ; T!>7r,qx.^j lijr/i bra^ 

o:-':^,si.- n L -.rioipT a/jv/ 

'u ;■ •'••,.(. 7. i '>o ain5:^0 "i "/: •'ovit/r.ri bn.R 

•' uf' Pd ■I’iJ /br^ tPbcrfbii jK'r nrUi 

0 a-" 'jivod iih'N ’yjri^‘:-^-xxno 


•>fr' ,;0‘-':' . .P.fvod •oixivi (»■ 


’ . .c‘;' ... a' 

•a’-d-iv/bkil; ijitfi 

;'iq .1 -^i.' iziu^yi ji t .Tocii-'ij'ivi 

"i «■). -d; -d !' .y .'A. 

’ ' . voy 'Hr! . -C .. 

f';d7. .d-r'd-btr;. 

: r. '..‘j ;.!vdP-‘>d,,- ;;.\:;i r 

/i:::,.' ’!. r;:'i '/J'jji'j; 

i:.'". ('y. }'A .id d ‘n.c: 'i-xiiov o"d '■.; 


,■•>.' . ■ O'j.-, 7:0t 1 ./.r;.-' ‘f ... V 

‘ ■- ■wr.xy'i OL. •: ^•0 '3or..•^fi • 

-y. .j. .. v,’.,.-r; -z'.: rr?-' r> n'^ O'nyy 

"X.f. jj ‘.1 ."i 7 .G '. 1 ■ 

'Ti i 99'''d.i h/TJi'Ji ■■ 

'!;! ■.'J^V vrb 

qr ' Mliux'A-Aoao':': ari? (fo ,.!-yL 'io 

>C’. '-'0:';.vC a.'iiiiV'.KjI ... .ip,'''!'! :■'! .d.'J -iidt 

■.iM.' r.r- O' ■■■■/i'Orj't i.-.f/f. ,(jd 

-r' '1 rl ' ,f)'. i/i:, ■i::.';cu 

."i'A obo'.'O -..Tn.s’^u'nfo'r .A 


r:/ ./obf7' a 

Netherlands, lost her life savings when the garbage can she used 
as a strongbox for 10,000 guilders ($2,800) was taken away by 
garbagemen and its contents pulverized to be used as fertilizer. 

. . . Thirteen men were charged in Brooklyn Federal Court with 
conspiracy to steal or dispose of $689,000 in stamps and money 
orders. Federal officials called the team, accused of robbing 
seven New Jersey post offices, the "largest post office burglary 
gang in the nation's history." ... F.ioting Negroes clashed with 
police in Jersey City, N. J. Negro youths hurled I/Iolotov cock- 
tails, bricks and rocks; police, armed with riot guns, shotguns, 
as well as their service pistols, fired into the air in an effort 
to disperse the mobs. At least four policemen were injured and 
two Negro youths shot. ... A district court judge in Fort Worth, 
Texas, ruled that former I- Taj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker should 
receive only $500,000 of the $800,000 a jury recently awarded him 
in his libel suit against the Associated Press. V/alker said the 
AF libeled him in stories about his activities at the University of 
I.Iississippi campus in 1GG2 v/hen Negro James Meredith was 
enrolling there. ... Leon Bush, 38, a California part-time rancher, 
successfully crossed a chicken with a pheasant. He calls the 
result the "Mongolian chicksant. "... An Egyptian ship carrying 
2,000 tons of arms and munitions reportedly bound for President 
Ben Bella's army blew up in Bone Harbor, Algeria, killing at least 
200 and injuring hundreds more. Epeculation was that the ship was 

- 25 - 

..CO T . ( JVC-; “•o/f J^oi ,r‘,.bi:xcI*i.«^flJ'3^^; 

T. n ,!;■’■) n-. ;' o^n _o[ -.,y; 'ilf'. c ui? 

' '■-■';o - il r '■■.* . 3 ).'*;■ !j!.;c‘;i r^./> one 

: :’.C',t'.: , ■■ f'' ^ i ;. j.EL.'-io -7iovvf i'.O'Ov ijv,)3i'iidT 

li ..■'. c--- iif (W•.■’:^V': :-• 'fr j,'70>;;, a! "^oE-t/nsnoo 

:o )■••;• orooc . :. v: •••‘■.; hr’-co fcieba'v .ccoIoaO 

^ :i\o V'^>aio'. 

:,•!-. ;,.;io-.-y. yf;'':' . . ' . O'l) (', ! ’’ : Tr J 

‘ 'v. \:j‘\ n: oMo^j 

'■■'■; ■' ’■'• ■• •■■': ' iJ.i'CO'*' hill’ (Oj'.Ci 

C (?■ .'ic Mf'y f',y.; - 7 /'': _• '.wr, vi; ■■:.■<■([:: IjC ,i.^V7 CB 

.-' /" 


■• o ■>.A'd q j. '■ I.'-, .c'!',., .. 'ir;' ■ .yc.iod oj 

;[ o;7"V; :-rj,;' ' • iv O'' / . .jv'.r. l; 

^:''' .A I. oc 4-. ' . 'r/-.} Mf bj/t;-! 

' ’ '.'’b 'A." 'O'-, -.A 4- (.04 A' o; . ifu- oTi'O 'O': 

I ■ ..., ,7.:.- O'A liiio n 

■'- 4 riobjo o-^r; ■■:r' 0 'b'j;'"' >'■:! t, . •;' • oOxOl 

■' . .0, f'O-',' :' ' rr, ,V ■, ,..vv ' 

: 'A A”"' ;* ,'y'' ''?CO''y . , 5": , ;.l>0''l!;i') 

R '4'7 'a--i :.70 v) h.Aocj‘C0<' ^ 
>'-i • ■• 4 ^ ... '■ liCA'..,, :. ■•' •);ci 

:.: "'i'-)": •■»}:■' orcbci.i; ; !•.,■;•; ■'• c (r 
' ■' '■'.'"•.O'.J/ . , ll'i ■HI '.7"-!'’. V, "C ''I’cfloA ''44 

. . .,ic •' I AO -'-oa " .•;)■; o 1 . Ehc'/i'iiud htm CO? 

• • 

sabotaged by a frogman. . . . Malaysian Prime Minister Tengku 
Abdul Pahman, after meeting with President Johnson, said 
Malaysian troops will be trained in the U. S. to help the newly 
independent nation combat Indonesian aggression. Our aim is to 
counter recent Soviet offers of military aid to Indonesia. ... A 
trigger-happy gang of hooded gunmen pulled off a $1.6 million 
jewel robbery in broad daylight and machine-gunned two people 
before malcing their getaway in a stolen panel truck. It was all 
over in two minutes — the biggest robbery ever in the tiny Riviera 
principality of Monaco, where Prince Rainier’ s princess is the 
former movie star Grace Kelly. ... U. S. aircraft splintered 
25 North Vietnamese PT boats and made rubble of bases from 
which they had attacked U.S. naval vessels. The retaliatory 
strike gave thundering emphasis to a promise from President 
Johnson: "No peace by aggression and no immunity from reply. " 

. . . Three bodies found buried in an earthen dam near Philadelphia, 
Miss. , were identified in Jackson, Miss. , as those of missing 
civil rights workers Michael Schwerner, 24, Andrew Goodman, 20, 
both of New York, and James Chaney a Negro from Meridian, Miss. 
. . . Mrs. Clare Boothe Luce, 61, is seriously considering running 
for Senator on the Conservative Party ticket in opposition to New 
York’s Republican Sen. Kenneth B. Keating and a Democratic 
nominee yet to be chosen. 

- 26 - 

,a:ri;.,:'tfG;T. liiVA 

' . ~'d div’ 

■'‘..'■.'.'i.!. ]!:■■■*:.■,'.■) J': ■no'j'i'b'.u 

^ 'r/v}' ;rr-X;;'.-r 

/-i'r rsjj.rr' / ' T' i r/j",)) 

Kv=r>i v;;. . :7 ' o'vo/od 

Odi --L v'/i ;;i- 

„ 'ioy/ri ' 



,'. ' :•'"■■ i •'• 7 ' ! Oi‘.< "'O;,. 

.'.;7:d dbod , , . 

■jd. jd;:,: 


rA'.n1 'N 

,aj •_. . 



1 ' . ..i l-'i 

' tl 

, f.*') 


A Magazine for Deaf-Blind Readers 

Vol. XVIII October, 1964 No. 8 

(Mimeograph Edition) 

Edited and published monthly, except July and September 
by the American Foundation for the Blind, Inc. 

15 West 16th Street, New York 11, N. Y. 

Editor: Sam Chermak (Deaf-Blind) 

■ ' ;t 

, V,- 4 a.' 

■ i * 

* s 



Uiil ^ 



' ■’ ♦ 





1*' )''>'iv ' ' ’■ '' '’ 

(a,-^ ■ -■ 1 - - ••.■ ■ '■■ '¥! 

“ "' ■r'r.___ " >Si .1 

'i-i. • 1^'' i! .*if «•''"' r 

• y ' 

. - J- 1 i 


ijO . ’ 


5 . 


•■ ** ‘^‘yjl ■' Ww r '< " •' ' ^'-.j - ’ i 3 -'(|Tr ® 7 1 J 

'i'>»iift bci-B y;ltrtf Jq(5«yx5i 

.laiil ,UitiQ toI li!f^ 

.Y .K .H' WSM^ 

, ‘I' ??'■:' '- m 



VoL XVIII October, 1964 No. 8 

Message from Annette Dinsmore 1 

News Digest 3 

Sports 14 

Jannie’s Corner 17 

Trivia 18 

Marginalia 19 


A friend of mine said recently that a tourist who has only one day in 
New York City and wants to see everything might well consider a visit to 
Sixteenth Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. This is the block where 
Jannie and I come to work every morning - to No. 15, the American Founda- 
tion for the Blind. My friend went on to say that this section is "Manliattan 
in miniature. " 

This block houses a large new luxury apartment building, four- story 
brownstones, three-story brick townliouses with grillwork balconies and 
doorstep gardens, loft buildings for light manufacturing, a Roman Catholic 
church and high school with an addition under construction, the headquarter 
of institutions working for the blind, for Jev/ish youth and for birth control; 
a power station, an Italian restaurant, a lamp store, an art supply shop, 
and a banli. 

The block reflects the city's change. The new fourteen- story Chelsea 
Lane apartment house directly opposite the Foundation replaces an ivy- 
covered, three-story stucco quadrangle that was one of New York’s few 
garden apartments. We, at the Foundation, lived through the ear-splitting 
noise of the demolition period, followed by months of the equally loud con- 
fusion of construction. 

The south side of the street is shared by the Chelsea Lane apartments 
and the High School and Church of St. Francis Xavier. Half of the school 
has been demolished and a modern seven-story structure is presently going 

- 1 - 

r^TOVi Vtia aTTa>m/v MCfF'i koa<58c(i.i ^ ^ ,Jri«ii^^ 

'?j •''**■ -w ’‘ i3 

r ' .M' ^' ■ - ^1 

. 7 » L 'i ,lro end oif-v .'a/rn'M B Jfldf ^({inoo^'i bi&f^. ontia -"to bnaJ il' A 

i •'•oiMnrfi-'! h'W ' j‘i.7 •gfflil.i^fova iioa oJ p.Jnaw bxriv sJ'ioY v/9ti '!|B 
'I I — ! ,ir‘ .v:, ■;. v-ijf .ii-M.'novA f];v:i?, flki’'! /rotwiat? rfinoaJxlSjJ^^B 

'.M -f ■“ 7'njTiT>jC7 Y'jtova >bo'/f t>^ ounot? I biue 
f: ■;■ .'■'.i ((‘.'t'.“ ; M i .’■• <n:, oj ,;r-' ut«>v^ x^,'* .bffrla: Yo) noWjJ JH 

" .riuJJStnte ai 

,,■.. . '" . s ‘ 

' “H' >.j .'■■ ,' >- '-Y. ,; !'. iji v^grt x ^Of:!!Ott aidT 

■.'^ ' VPi 

,. i ijf , .» :■ i'.or »n.ji;ri'Oi ;'.'jrxu v’jto.t-.d~^3^iilt ,G0no);:irfVA>'xd ^ 

V qpr, ;- ' - ••■ 7fn .."til tlr-iU-d 3loI .inob'rr-s qoJafOOb ^ 

. ; j , r.- , 1 ; , j >! jibI).R Hu iilA'.v loOiloa rbiJ.rf .bna 

■ ' 'i jv.u » • ; ;=-/Oo J ,baurl I'-T' -irl ^y-a:! .ow “fnoUwtit:! u’ lo ^ 

- ' r .,v- ^■' .i'jr.'tfr.-'K-'v' ..’ailiitl qs .nolt.Ua 

Kibc'^. 3la£(j beta- 

.;>\!:.'.=:3 o'/:l.u o;I,t’ ' JbofcJ 9/lT 

:»Hi:'’. !i 

.,■•;',•■( '!' i;,;'(’tn'.'' "’i! '.4'- q';'' .lOO'i (I^ l,<iSr.'it/3qft orxiki 

'• . ,/ •., j?i' ■.■';:;.-rj!?r*.f p o.-')i;3',=i 7'Y'l(2-do’irl.+ b«‘;riivap 

.:• '.7 ?ii' ?i;j Ji. .jJfmanBqo -M 

.. 1 >'i ifUi.o-^ ypi .'j'.' of! ** jVji'r:'^<.r qoijHorXiob sxU 1o 

.RoljooTiafloo til/, fiotault ^ " 

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.j I I. ;:’ •f‘Jvi'.;i Ml .Vj Vj (lO'JWfiO bitri Io0<'"''5 /l,vlH 

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up. Therefore, our block still contains the chaos of construction that has 

become the trademark of Manhattan. 

On our side of the street, the north side, there has been little or no 
change in the last few years. Directly facing the parochial school are two 
brick townhouses, shaded by tall ailanthus trees, and graced with balconies 
in iron filigree. They repose in a row of four-story houses with a variety 
of facades, all set back ten feet from the building line. Their symmetry is 
interrupted, however, by a power station that juts out to the sidewalk. 

Amid the small houses are the three- story brick Colonial- style head- 
quarters of the American Foundation for the Blind and the National Council 
of Yoimg Israel. One of the brick townhouses is occupied by the Margaret 
Sanger Research Bureau, a pioneer center for information and research on 
birth control and fertility. 

A few months ago our block received a surprise gift of new little trees 
planted at intervals along the curb on each side of the street from Fifth 
Avenue to the Avenue of The Americas. These make me picture years 
hence tall shade trees blocking out the heat of the mid- summer sun. But 
today these baby trees afford interesting sniffing posts for Jannie as we 
leave for home in the late afternoon. Only a few sniffs are permitted, of 

Annette Dinsmore 

- 2 - 

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to ;hfiinob 4 it'd oflJ onrooisd"^, 

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t "•('.■.>’. : r'lf aox'Vi 0 !'f j-uioel YiJ.'jsiK.t '.aijssy v/'q} feal adi 
r.’v ■yy.iL.'T': u/if . • ^-rl aiirllna/ir; ,89S.uof(nwol ?!ol*fd 

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' -■.•■■ ■:'• •, o.t J;;n ■,,ij| rrf:J?i’4a ’'; a yd ,'xovo'vod tb'j-lqw^CTdtel 
'■ = = ■;,)• . .. -s.d Cf' •'-»;U ;i>.LP; ri 8 '>.,!;;o,d ffj= 5 fITa OrfS biaxA 

I'f. ‘.'sK! !‘f' ': u/xrtu odf .fol r.a.;t>ria£r/A ad'i lo a'lOlcrjbMp.- j 

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•■i ‘ ■ " • . -'rrd;.' 'f.V: TjOi.C-'-'f H ,t:CO'UjR fiOIfia^OH 

.■jliiitnal bfr,a 'o-iJnoo dtlM'' 


‘I'd, '■. 

JV iO a 'iJ'fft o'» 

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• ' : .uojj -':t! s;j, ,:!rj>luoL* oL'iU'Ja ifat aoaoitv-m' 

.. . '' i'(ai:ir tinifr b.oT'.'. 

.•'fa /.'•t ... vj'nO .rf^v*»,rr:>}ia f-Add' rd lo'i 


! 9 atuoa ;. 


It has been in session 627 days, longer than any Congress since the 
81st, which met for 655 days in 1949 and 1950. It has passed judgment 
on some of the most controversial legislative proposals in history. It 
mourned the death of a President, whose wishes it left largely unfulfilled. 
And it fulfilled many of the wishes of a new President. For sheer volume, 
the 88th Congress has compiled a record surpassing that of any recent 
Congress. How will it be remembered? 

It will be remembered, first, for a flood of new legislation it enacted, 
notably the most sweeping civil-rights law since Reconstruction days, a 
$10 billion income-tax cut, the many-faceted anti-poverty program, and a 
new formula for wheat and cotton price supports. It extended federal 
responsibility into new areas: Mental health and retardation, urban mass 
transportation, and preservation of wilderness areas for those willing to 
hike or ride horseback to enjoy scenery devoid of man-made roads and 
buildings. It invoked compulsory arbitration for the first time in a rail 
dispute, and provided legal counsel for indigent defendants in federal 
criminal cases. 

The 88th will be remembered too for what it has not enacted: A 
hospital care program for the elderly; incentive payments for fallout 
shelter construction; a solution to the thorny problem of disposing of 
federal defense stockpile surpluses; and aid to public schools. 

- 3 - 

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'i . r''):'3i, rif r.I.'saoqo'Ki ^rvislargoi iKUif^vo-ij/ioo Jaor« &jrti to rjmoa 0 O 
’■•.>fii i'L'ifiu vi3;(':n: HmT 1i ^ 'rl^p// oao.flv/ . In-obiao’j^ i5 to aril b ^niuofn ? 


.. 'J ''jojI', rfV-{ s to aftdsfv to boilUlirl il bnA, 


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• '’I)o'yo<!':i9riiO‘i od .ti iiiv,' v/oH .'3a:''i^o^ 

1: f ./■.•■!.■...;] .iO I to ;vi ini .n . ‘al-it .bo'^odrcoma-i od Uxw iX ■;; 

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h: Y/oo’-oq--;.' '• '>/U rtot- XJsJ ^ onioonx noifO.d 01$ 

'.o2 jj . c.'i’jp ..K ilt. ■ jf'nr ffolloo bni! tBUiivv not filymiot wQflYisj'.i 


i. '•. V*- i. 

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'. .q Li '.• 'ija.' 10 ofo 'ob od ibacoaion abla. 10 a>U(l 

'! j'o -i .d 3!i> aoi notnii fi.J'n:, rcorjiqj,rrc>o b*-;kiy/.rt 'll .8:§niblitid , 

. •'-• > - t';.)lab too’kdari loI foanuoo Mvy.f'1 bobivo'iq f»)XQ .abjqath 

.4 .■ ( 

.Boam li^niiniio 

.' o. 1.1: iini J.t Jaiiw -joi oo-f hoaoti^^jOr ad Uiw sdT ■»! 
j.i d'' *- Li ;■• uii-it* ’/n.; ov.iJ;'9o;ii .•vd'TobiY af’ xol nsT^gorrq 'i'tao I.isitqp.orf ,. ti 
■* • ' . I b*' •{fi't.odl adl oi ncfluloa n jqoiiox/Tlaaoo xablada 

.■d^ .rfoa aildj/q 0 , bift baJ^ ;eaaiijq'tjia oltqjbola oanatab Uixabal 



In some respects its record is inconsistent. It was the Congress that 
gave the President a handful of new resources to fight poverty, while re- 
fusing new funds for earlier anti-poverty tools like the Area Redevelopment 
Administration and an accelerated program of public works. 

There were, as usual, Congressional uproars this time over such 
questions as lawmaker junlcets abroad at taxpayer expense, construction 
of a manned bomber, prayer recitation in the schools, reapportionment 
of state legislatures, and raising the national debt limit. There was the 
broad question of conflict of interest, exposed to public view in the scan- 
dal surrounding the business activities of former Senate Democratic 
majority secretary Robert G. Baker. The work of the 88th Congress is 
part of American history now. 

* * * 

Out to the ten Hearst newspapers went a wire from the boss. "Fol- 
lowing signed editorial is a must go for Page One in ail edition, " read 
the instructions to editors. "Please use signature cut of W.R.H. (Editor- 
in-Chief William Randolph Hearst, Jr.) at end." And so, last month, the 
Hearst papers made their first Democratic presidential endorsement since 
W.R.H. Sr. put his chain in Franldin Roosevelt’s pocket in 1932. 

If there is any surprise factor at all in the U. S. press’s editorial 
posture this presidential year, it lies in the eagerness with which pub- 
lishers who are normally Republican have tossed bouquets at Lyndon 
Johnson. Last month Johnson also havested the surprise support of the 

- 4 - 

ai/." ,f s2 bto'-m «iJl ?Jo9qBB*£ emoa rtl 


i {v; ,' H'jvoi\ I T wsrj td lolfctftBft r. tnabiao'i'I diU i>vj(5^ 

3 / .Lm*" r yi * ..( ’ i • .. n^iovoq-rlif; ToH'jf-e '£ol abintol v/i>fl 

.3^. ...‘f -)j' ■ > .ai.f.'iop-iq b'o^i:'i:sJ?50:>.<5 njs ivis AOiaia-j^aininibA 

•• r.if: ’-■•'I- ...•■\y:qh Iftr.O' j:,.aT;jao''J > , iEWtij; \iriBW 

,o ■■•- 'i ri,i5i!aii( ‘r^'ir.rr.'V^G!' ai> aao.tJaoxip. 

'1 ;. 1 " . jf’:', ;ii a .Tjrrlfv'i:-! 'vr-iF/i^i /wdfi'iod J^^oxti^crt o lo 

. ' L":.f;r ;j: '■ ' L'ifToi;.} cn -jil! AnrrdB'i hrn: 9i£ta lO 

>' ■: •■73 W o J; .•■■ . s.-i.-i-i'V'-;)! Ir iaiUnoo )o bBo^id 

•.r. ^ n/i \fj :jdj ^aibnyo-nwa I.Gb 

• ^ ^-'C' f;v . . 'k. •:•■< •/ 'v! i' ^ < .H ’rtfku'AOOrt vktotBni 

;« '>r^ ■7i;o.i^i.i .a.!i9-'"i9d*A to ijuq 

w - ^ 

,.i yj/-y ; ;u'i’v ’7 ‘v ;. 7 .p ,:;-7 0 ^ ii^O 

■I ^ 

■f ‘..'i; . ■■■• >11 ■- ; ‘X,. 3; I jo'-.v hc'.'r^ki 

;»■ ■.:• '• . -•icj; •••7-rr * .crjofib' o> ■'ifJoijotJT.ierdf 9/lJ 

' .r: ■ •■; • ;.n.. ' ^ /r. ( . .• /r/v.iK !.r;iOf.-.- t,- fi..<*d'x/V/ 'ioi'/IO-Ki 

■■ :; k ■’„• ', ' ..A Tjoffj 9l.>x‘jc:< Ri^qBq iod-SsH 

. •■ ' ' ! >■ '■ ;dk'-"*ve 'x'-'o:': ;: J ' iUst'o fji/f feq ."fS ...\I -n r»V. 

-1-3 ,. JJ '•’•Kr .r . 1 ., Jill rj .!« 70iMkj .nsIvq r'K-^ -^pF. si 3i&xj.f ^ jl 

:./;•, ,o: { » o»1j hi '■:'■<•. k /If iiiMjr*9hi.7..3'iq cldi o-nrifioq 

'.• • ■ •■ -^J < pi:'- -I It^aao: j/r:.f ” H Ixj'for. vJiewion oic ,odv/ aioiloil 

' nniif > i-iC'ti}.: oi!) h>nj’,'hil y^!.i »‘>, fUnoia Sf.rJ .rjotjmloT. 

Saturday Evening Post, which has been Republican ever since the party 

was founded in 1854. "Barry Goldwater’s tongue is like quicksilver," 
said the Post in a back-page editorial explaining WHY LYNDON JOHNSON 
MUST BE ELECTED. "His rnind is like quicksand . . . changes ’convic- 
tions’ almost as often as his shirt ... a grotesque ’ourlesque of the con- 
servative he pretends to be. ’’ 

The New York Herald Tribune , which has now come out for Lyndon 
Johnson, took a census of those papers that have, and reported that the 
President’s newspaper endorsements outnumbered Goldwater’s by more 
than six to one. Among Barry’s most recent backers: the Boise, Idaho, 
Daily Statesman, which is traditionally Republican, and the Arizona Tribune 
of Phoenix — the only Negro newspaper in the state. 

5|s ^ 

For ail their vast differences of policy and style, Lyndon Johnson 
and Barry Goldwater agree on at least one thing: their candidacies 
offer Americans a clear choice. But last month even this lonely atoll 
of concord was in dispute — and from an unexpected source. 

"The electorate ... is left homeless ... by such a pair of 
nominees," declared the Very Rev. Francis B. Sayre, Jr. from his pul- 
pit as dean of Washington’s Protestant Episcopal Cathedral. "This sum- 
mer, we beheld a pair of gatherings at the summit of political power, 
each of which was completely dominated by a single man — the one, a 
man of dangerous ignorance and devastating uncertainty; the other, a 

- 5 - 



ISh ', «■ 
&£-v y*; 

’,1| 5„. o-iul.: .iii.”Udi,(io.l .ISJCI M AaH'M ,ia< y9 ^tna'Tg .;iab2i!M''^| 

. . , »v.i .-.( -'.-snuJ nl bobttud} eaw ; 

i; / { ■ laifur'Icf-'''! lufaoiJbwt D3KO“iiOJ^ jR n/ tgOS, bliiB 
ifu:r:.b,u.v 3 A(n at k?i/.T aiK"' .Cf^Toajat ^fC'TauM 
;.; & .. al/t aa rroJlo Sja iQo^tdE 'anoit 

‘•.“kI oi h;fcu'>biq *>tj 

\ ’’ 

' vrc.u' fr',ir;v*.- h tot^*L 

!i- , >7,od--ir.r‘ ;MOf{j j.0 ai;j^n?dO .fl ,«08tCflot 

U:c;>.v rx>m •]norn:A ..ow oJ xis iRiU 

’ -u .:r..:'iJ'Uti;<i-->b /n^nor ;M>rU a-i fbift v 


J «.v" 

! i;,,,r',( • v, '.;.i; 7 qK'.;q u' ..<t'»ri.;e'nVnib '<?!nY 'fiodt lift ‘iO^^ 

) .i 

lO' ri r-v. • .'i; ;:;!i, J wn - .h;.?*-:' ju (uv . .7,\(rvV/blcO brifl * 

V;.. jf ::mi rnv'j -7. .J'.:-.,i juH rttmqi'omA ‘saTTo : 

• b' 3 h)' f ■•■<".'' -> 1 f'V ' :j.-!J;”**OjtX![Gib rtf fifiv/ b'iJOMOO 'io . 

,' ■• i . .^'jI .. M ur . . . ailT'* 

. ., ..■•.;r- T' .v'bT Y'J<2.V ®'Il bauiJfD'sb ’baaaHifixofi.',, 

■'' I'"' b;>fU;.'.*-' I ..'[O'V.iifjj •■’i'iir. 7 o’j 5 T 3 a Jfi 

• -. bi'^ijrio.i 1 ' lu.l::rrm \o 11 f: bl’Xlod qw ,Tefn _ ’ 

'2 'i »3 bajjtuibaob flaldv/ to dosp • 

i <1^,0 1 . bn^ 'joixxjuon'al 

I ..i-j' f 


man whose public house is splendid in its ever 3 " appearance, but whose private 
lack of ethic must inevitably introduce termites at the very foundation. " 

A friend of President Kennedy, Dean Sayre, 49, was born in the White 
House during the Presidency of his grandfather, Woodrow Wilson. Ten years 
ago, he preached against Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and then, as now, placed the 
ultimate blame not on the politicians, but on the electorate. Politicians, he 
said last month, "reflect what they so cannily perceive to be the preoccupation 
of every single one of us. " 

There were no rejoinders from the candidates, though Mr. Johnson (who 
knows the dean well and has liked him) was xmderstood to be "pretty upset. " 

So evidently was the dean’s bishop, the Rt. Rev. William F. Creighton, who 
disagreed publicly with "questionable analyses" of the candidates’ "personal 
characters." But Sayre’s phone was busy and his mailbox was full. The 
gist of many of the messages: you’ve stated the problem, now tell us the 

* * * 

In normally Republican Ohio, some abnormal things are happening. When 
physicians drove up to a meeting of the Butler County Medical Society, an 
astonishing number of cars bore L. B.J. bumper stickers. Yet, at the same 
time many of those same cars carried a second sticker with another name on 
it: TAFT. 

The extent of the Republican defection to Johnson in Ohio — in one county 

a Republican official estimates it at 20% — is surprising. But the fact that many 

of those .same people plan to split their ballots and vote for Republican Robert 

- 6 - 

! I eciqfi 

■ '.; i 'V 
■ f •; 

.'vr •■ . .. 

A- iO S’ 

ni bibr.oi'^a f' 9Qi.'C't r^Mrlsiq oFfti 

socboftfil v.I(Jr>) I:-, ■:»«.( to 

, o'.'V',3 I ;;j»Q ,7.hoi:i09>f Jfr'jbh-io I’f lo hnoiil. A. 

. c;i;f lO vonob' i 'ni) ' • I! 

, ' ‘. J-.'";! /i:f930b . b--)f*ox;9 ; \ orf .o^n 

m'J rs' .lLf' ,’c!0&j‘>i;.!r5oq o/ft n-, tort -sntfild 
a Oc! vofJ.t JfjfJ-'.'' ,if''uoir‘ tar'I'-buja 

',(.-5U ~io ono y'K.-^.’O \o 

■••1 edi a'jopntob)'i on 0"'‘>v.‘ 9'iOflT 

bii'J i.;0:,Ul ^;.u liL'B !i'-f.V UB.'b •fU ?lWoiUi 

‘ , b-T odi . iorir?'d -''-ats!:' rtii ^f-frr^bivo o3 

f'tl •, baju?>Bs)E) 

. , 'ijK -:'m 9r»'.-' . . :<rcl ” ,.3'fv^'^oiS'jBxia' 
..V. '/d?; - /'uo.' lo v^ici;) io bai^ 


>ii; 1 - 

- ■•i; 'or{'' •; &,':f )c ,0^10 ... .oibii-iq*:#;'; YriiJ^'iT”/o.'7 til 

: •.'*■ : B oi qu .j/o'-ib anfUL>(.^'»dq 

■ .j/d . v'ic.J -i-ina 'lo 70.' -jua ; :?if}i^tn-,»Jaa 

l oi ro.-i ''.;X£0 OMTiO fO ' 0 Omi'* 


o’ o.t f.'fh’oloh riij'; odj lo dffiob^o ‘ulT 

.-ir" -■ 'O;: Ja .*;• s vi/^rrua t j.air)i,(3o not.dicluq'ifl b 

. V ' 

' . jfliul liorfj t^fqa nj dfi '.'qo?'.! mtuih nr,.-»dt 

Taft, Jr. for U. S. Senate is not. The Taft name obviously packs a potent 
political pimch in the state that sent Bob Jr.’s grandfather, William Howard 
Taft, to the presidency and established his father in the Senate as the nation’s 
"Mr. Republican." But beyond that, "young" Bob, in his cool, deliberate man- 
ner, has carefully cultivated a reputation of his own as a constructive legis- 
lator in the Ohio house of representatives and as a one-term member of 
Congress. Many Republicans see Taft, 47, as one of the party's most likely 
new national leader. 

Taft is trying to unseat Democratic Senator Stephen Young, 75, who 
started Ohio back in 1958 when he managed to upset Republican Senator John 
Bricker. Most political observers figured in the past that Taft was a cinch 
to clobber Young. But as of last month, the Taft- Young race was surprisingly 
tight. Taft’s big worry is not Steve Young but Barry Goldwater, who could 
lose Ohio by such a whopping margin that he might drag Taft down to defeat 

While Taft still is favored to win, he is running scared — hitting as many 
as three county fairs in a single day to stay ahead. In the end, he may well 
stand or fall on how many Johnson voters will take the trouble to split their 

* * * 

President Muffley: Is the premier threatening to explode this if our planes 
carry through their attack? 

Societ Ambassodor: No, sir . . . The Doomsday Machine is designed 

- 7 - 

;;■> j O'l ' JCi.: at '^oi .''Tj ,d'tijr 

.i.';!’ k I-', licQ ta'iij .ii. '!l '>'f!J8 r^* rioriucj viJOtJttocj 

' \ ■: :'t a.lrf .tliiT 

V.;:' i-r ,t''d .di;Ct briov/JU lurj ’’ 

■ £■ , ' .:ri '\o .*j vilntS'rBy -'.Brf , ion ^ 


;. '.■• ;,t;r-.. -/riqri e. 3 t.Fod oirSv^ fU Fii “lOdBl 

.-jii ;■, cs .74 i'c' ' osa ,v<hM .x'.jViacJoO 

.•(■;>t.!;'^f. l,'’i'';C!''tBn v/- 0 .rr 

: I 

•/ ii'.-i'r'--' ■ vy '‘a-roc! a;. vi‘:o."t‘to T jbo?.;'.!/ ot rjr.l.od at ilfiT 
- v-vHjj- oo' fti’ ff'i iv/ B 381 JU 

yi iBOidc! ,; laoi'l .ISJloi' K 

. . i ^ •■>•!;;■. ' ^7'- x. r^s. iis<i .nfVJoY aotldolo od 

•■ :• '• -.Y;! y *ii7;y : ^ '''>i>'' x^f oiilO '^>zol 

= ,ooj 

’ • ;■/ .*:: ■' U- '•■ ^tniw 

; , OJ 5 v:rn1 'Jxuioo /vnrfj 


i’-vv .;• ‘ . '7 ','ftari'* ■ ‘‘'fl uo IJfi'i 'to .xini'fi 


■ ■, --'in ^ ry orU ivy'iJirY ■'rq 

y.'.>ar.. oq '■mI’T .,. . 'Yvi :'iV.l7C'>r,nt,IfiTA ioloot'. 

to trigger itself autoiaatically ! 

General Turgidson: It*s an obvious Commie trick. 

President: Dr. Strangelove, do we have anything like this in the works? 

For a time last month, it seemed as if someone was running the film 
track of the Peter Sellers movie "Dr. Strangelove" across newspaper front 
pages. In Moscow, a group of Japanese legislators reported excitedly that 
Premier Khrushchev had told them of the existence of a new "monstrous wea- 
pon" capable of destroying all of humanity. The Premier gave no details, 
except to say that he had seen the new Doomsday Machine for the first time 
the day before. 

The story set off a chain reaction. FEAD SOVlET BEEAKTHFOUGFI IN 
DOOMSDAY WEAPONRY, the Hew York World-Telegram ’s double streamer 
announced over a story from Washington quoting "defense experts. " The Daily 
Mail of London headlined K’s I/’ONSTED. All the possibilities were duly set 
down, sometimes with a relish that seemed to vindicate Freud's description of 
the death wish. One possibility was a super hydrogen bomb; but since the 
largest H-bomb ever detonated — the 50-megatonner set off by the Soviets — 
can set fires "only" up to 35 miles away, this clearly fell short of Doomsday. 
By coating the H-bomb with a cobalt jacket, weaponeers can perhaps achieve 
a radioactive cloud enveloping the Northern Hemisphere. But for worldwide 
results, nerve-gas bombs, laser beams, and other far-out "breakthroughs" 
would be needed. More possible: a series of nuclear bombs, all connected 
to a oonti-al cojopnter (near Moscow?), a possibility suggested by strategist 

- 8 - 


U6aJi lajiahi ot'^ 


.ioii: ^t,>ohr4o ii& n’t? tnoftbignuT taiodoO 

v^o/’ cf: rii .-jufj iinff'-r,., jvtjri ew 'Jy .^voh^s\^ ,rQ :ji7f>W30‘i<l 

[ii i-'D gta' '*f Ii Gjj ii jfiJWfn teui €)rxcW 10 '^ 

•■ ■ : ," - :.{rij^ li;^ . iT’ olvoa »ri.l I 0 ’ 

U ' 

•■ ■ r • :-jK'' ]7X viojrilar/'iJ lo 'qiir>-fT< jj rrf 

v^'i' •■'. ( ' :}■ *rj': 

, -I.-. • 

.'‘ V : ’ 'fj;- Oi. . 

^V'1 rOi i(T:;‘l-'S.. '■ ;''^: 

-.jy-' .. 


..■I .c .xf^fU blot h'iti /rifjo0ajinil>! 1 

,)='• r)j-'\'-iI to ilc ^ixa {.oiJ3ob li,' ?>kU'rfao "ijoq 
r; ^i. 1 nso3 bijf! ii-xi'i 'V.Ba cl ^qeox^' ,- 


’’. '■ : ' v /w"'- ,r iyjj' ^rfjjsd'-j « I'lo Joa '{lola artT 

V ' . 

••• • : ', i;‘*v: ^ ' 'V w^t!/orii v". !-:0'7 YAa3;aOCa> 

,cr;. O', f-:-'. ..''^oop fK;} ',rixi!o.P ' i'r-c'u -^foia a barHUfo., 

-fl'-'. , f.<,.' ''O', 

,' ;l 'i::M^? ■ oTo bsnilheorl nobiiod 

,.:. ■ ' itixb '.i.,irt>'jr rt ilH-v oon-lHa-iO?, .(iWOlj: 


- , • ' V f.’x'a'c ti •ftv; bi It: oq ofkO arit,"'.. 

• ■> 

i.'j ' ■' ■ 'oox/oj;', r.j •7/:- — bdinuoi O'! T3va .raajjtjd?.^' 

i'. ’.' 4 . b'.j'.o' ) ,.v'.T , iBw:i 0*7!: o c; qi’ aaTll loa rujd-' 

■ '■ . -y' y'^iHaqR-ivr .iCadca j-j bJ ,' o ' vcd-n odJ :^ii,8i>o 

'.'./■ ^:^: ..t. O' .ifqab. ’'r' a-ra/I^J'jro ' nd.j '^yiiqomfo JmjoIo avUafioibji'i b* 

•’,.4'. ^ v/y.tM'ic!" -i.'t, ti\ -/'.friic fx.n ,v. .o»<.' . .^u . rx< 'toilBaai , ,^ 

• i. wi ., ,..f ir. e raldlacoq »i»/. .F>:^9dfl od biwVv. ’’ 

.: ••■ ''f ' (' Mlo'.tf ‘iM riilidiaxoq , 1 ; .(TworiHc./i "in^vi) ’ttJlnqiVKri ji> 


Herman Kahn, the "father of the Doomsday Hachine," and later picked up in 
"Dr. Strangelove. " 

Such speculations exploded abruptly when Premier Khruschev, perhaps with 
an eye to world opinion, claimed he had been mistranslated. But the incident 
served to remind the world again how close to the abyss modern weapons 
technology has pushed manicind: today's fictional conceits quickly become tomor- 
row's military reality. 

+ ^ 

Ever since the Japanese recovered from World War II and moved back into 
the ranics of the world's industrial giants, their allies have been urging them 
to take a greater interest in foreign affairs — and especially to help out in aid 
to underdeveloped countries. In the success of the U. S. Peace Corps, Prime 
Minister Hayato Ikeda thought he say his chance. Drafting plans for a Japanese 
copy, he dispatched officials to likely recipients in Southeast Asia and Africa. 
The Africans were interested enough, but when Ikeda' s emissaries got closer 
to home they ran head-on into memories of Japan's "Greater East Asia Co- 
Prosperity Sphere. " 

Orientally polite, India, Pakistan and Ceylon studied their fingernails, and 
said no thanl<s. Thailand, home of the River kwai, and Malaysia, which 
remembers the ignominious defeat of Britain's bastion at Singapore, explained 
they needed engineers, not volunteers. Indonesia snarled at Ikeda' s men as 
"cat's-paws of American imperialism," and in the Philippines the Japanese 
were actually pelted with stones. His good works nipped in the bud, Ilceda 

- 9 - 

• L'hk ’\?Trnr!o. Oiii > ' .nds/T n;.;!? 

. -j.Or 'r ■r'^r " (-Irqjj'jdji i)ODotc(>:> iJ^Iuorsqa flDuR sa 

, .'.i : tA r.'i >r bxifi Ofi .no «;!!'!»■• oJ •j'ij:) £iA ‘t 

' ' ’i 

■'.oi.. tui- .' . . '• .. -..',1''. v/ori nrr-.v-e ) ^(o^v 'j'iJ briirsf;)';: ot bovioa ' 

, J 

' 'r '!■ ■ 'i ' 'Tj'-.o:] rbinJi.icryr Lfui V'.iC;fo0.flo»i 


.yii [ •:■}■! yCxi. ul'us. 


-• ’. “ y'.'i j' icV' r: xf 'je vciyn-. ■•■>■;. i oil) uortir. 'fOv'T 

t ' ■.■ ■".r iliT E:3i7;'. ' . ; tjuiv c '''Tow id/ ’'/) c,^ f»5i orfl 


_if; ;■ ’ '• ■•■■ : :T'r^ I « Oilrt cJ ' 


. - ; "•' . f;'; 4 :.: ^ ’ i “yr^o bnqotvVi^p'jE-sbf:.') 03 

ibJEVvV , ; 0;i ..:’-;;-0; i Vir,/;r^'A 

• -■ . :)b -J'r'. ' liboEi c' - ^ b od ,vqco 

y '. xZ:. '■.:*. ■•'. b.-b:- ■ ' v L'TJ >■.'■’- ■'■ .'■.rusoi^'r/'x oriT 

' . -li i: -r'lj'n..: o.Jm h . .oiU r'tod oi ^ 

■ vJrrtrmoi’T 



■ .-■>/;■■■ U.1 9/:'- ' bpiii/,:' I'i f;fl3 Oft 

. ,. (7 •:■■ :. ■ . , Ir. /d: o/.'ri;. o:f:,' s | 

q !y . rt’i'=.0'fr ..''t! .c 'OOJ r-bi)Y yi’di 

■. : . , - ■[ . 'ii briR ■' .,'';iirir( vqri'fj HL'A’^Mah lo 'fiV'Grt-L-: J 

'.-.-jq • .V.’ boi .'. .u.UK'-r‘. /Urv/' b9tl’>'7 x ^ ^ 

last month resignedly admitted he was "postponing indefinitely" any further 
discussion of a Japanese peace corps. 

* * ♦ 

Everywhere you go, it*s Hello, Dolly ! Everybody is doing it: modern jazz 
groups, Dixieland groups, dance bands. Paul Anita, Franlt Sinatra, Peter Nero, 
A1 Hirt, Benny Goodman, Andy Williams, Steve Lawrence, Andre Kostelanetz. 

"I guess there hasn't been a big hit like this since Star Dust , " says Manhattan 
Disk Jockey William B. Williams. 

Jerry Herman originally wrote it just as a production number to get Carol 
Channing onstage in the second act of his Broadway musical. Then Louis 
Armstrong's recording hit the counters. Typically, Satchmo gave it a rasping 
rhythm and lowdown authority — qualities it never had in the original — and his 
single recording knocked the Beatles right off the top of the bestselling lists. 
Both Republicans and Democrats wanted to cash in on the song's popularity, 
but Dolly producer David Merrick, a loyal Democrat, gave the tune exclusively 
to Johnson for Hello, Lyndon ! and threatened to sue Barry Goldwater if he 
dared use it. 

Now Los Angeles composer Mack David says Dolly is his and Herman is 
a pirate. Dolly , he charges, is really the Sunflower song, which he wrote in 
1948, and his publisher is ready to sue Herman for copyright infringement. 

The beginning of the refrain, "Hello, Dolly, well, hello, Dolly, it's so . . ." 
is identical, says the publisher, with "She's a sunflower, she's my sunflower." 
Herman concedes this, hut points out that after the first notes "the songs take 

- 10 - 

yr^ ^ahaonlsorj” »&'// t>rf beJiiftxbjj v-Ifcan^gAadT fUno.'S ieBiT 

. (j'jroo aHonjjqsL a j^o/iRajtjosU) 

:jj '=:! -rU^. ; , Tv-Cf 'vijoG .oH oH a'-ti ,03 tiov. >>TOHv;ryiw3 

' i 

‘ T Li'vVl .abiiBcI -joftiib bnaiDi-^c/fT ,.'?q>iO‘3^ 

■- ■••',, ■if'- •riiti'ff x^nA, ,r.mibooO S[fumH .i'xrll fA 

■\ 'f'-\ r>nG ' Jirf iik! xi ;(o:'.d Bafai/g I-' 

■ .%nrf5.iilr// cl raRiXUV/ X9>1:><*«X» >laAG 

;. .■G.At'ii ' Kj .0 Z]~-‘ i xl''r>iTiX‘*-'-£c> nunri?^!! < 

.1^ .. <} ■ vi' ivyoiCI njft ’o Jr>.ri K.nooa orU irf o^ii'saq jgfiiysfJiD 


ru',7T)ir:3 .• X ..,. 'xsra^^v yfit 'Lr- ijniEviorin'v a^’g.ioTfsxntA 


;:t;',ri [n: ■ •; - n\vol:>woI brm f/ifllv/ix., 

!-> j :\w' -’/G 'L' .'■<-.(j -iMrtn'.:' vaJ '.^aj.b^ooiM 9ls//ia 

■.■ •’■ 1 .'*, :>!') 5 v) fi"' f'-v.'-' f'- t^n.fc>iidxiy>M dioE 

‘ 1 

. ; -- I ,.'-'iZf.'L " i 1 ,/, ,7'! ,,:•' irr- 7.3^1 GsvriCT 'jeoubo'jq ’A}oC[ iud 

'• ii '* „ < >■”• ■■'■■■} •-'f;; bp.. inolur/ G .wi 0<'amiol, oA 

Jl Q3iJ boiBb 

•■ Cl i;' I :I'.n:. aoj v/oH 

r' :/.icv.' ''X; '/''.c'/n ?■.> .i/ ’^d ■ /dIoG .?»te7iq a 

• ji'.'TiK - 1 v ’ nBfn'^oTT --pxj.i d dvp)*. j-j lorkiilduq aid hits ,8i'5I 


■i Gi 'f.' "II'''! .ilo*;-' .vjiM<'T ,a)!!;?:;" ,«Gn:'io7 wfb lo ^vijrirtl^ad s?riT 


:rr ':’7 ' . /' » ^oltnuri P a'adci'' r(!iv/ /iodailclyc) odA a'^JSS at 

iiti n< •' »dt 'lo.d'' i^:r(| Ifiri »trib.«( Jacf 

off in different directions. " 

Whether she’s Herman's Dolly or David's Sun- 

flower , she's still glowing, crowing, going strong. 

* * * 

There is a New England picture-postcard quality about the town of Darien, 
Conn. Darien is sleek, neat, spick and span, and can legitimately claim to 
be one of the most respectable, law-abiding, and socially elegant commuter- 
villes in the U. S. : it has three country clubs, a yacht club, a public high 
school whose parking lot is jammed with students' sports cars; it has scores 
of modern homes, and no lack of equally modern, determinedly permissive 
parents to go with them. Last month, the proper town of Darien made 
headlines, and in rather a nasty way. somewhat to the confusion of many 
of its townsfolk, Darien found itself actively involved in the accelarating 
revolution in moral standards. 

Early summer is debutante season, and last June 22 there were two 
parties for the teen-age set. At the glass-walled home of Dr. George 
Hughes, a local psychiatrist, 200 young people were on hand with, according 
to Hughes, "60 adults to chaperon them." Earlier in the evening m*any of 
the guests also turned up for dinner on Crooked Mile Road at the home of 
F. E. Dutcher, a vice president of the Johns- Manville Corp. As is cus- 
tomary on such festive occasions, liquor was served. An 18-year-old 
named Michael Smith attended both of the parties, dranl^ a total of twelve 
Scotches and waters, and then drove off with Nancy Hitchings, 17. There 
was an accident, the car went out of control, the girl was killed. 

- 11 - 

IIjhTI y a'offa 'lajrJJbfT// ” .auciJosnifo ifT©'x®'il:ifi nl 31o 

-i/iioji .gfflv/o'ti) ,?iaiwo{^ .CJiJ8 a’«>il2 .idV/oD: 

!.:< 'J;j vii'j-up bi;i jf. oq- bnixijjrit'J A n* 

;h ::ij: i-'f'.;, bru'. >!'>iviy ,iftOa 3i awi'iaO .mioD 4 

\.1L'u‘‘' k 'ir ^ . ": (di;3'-V:K|ft0t >Voi<3> '^riJ “io -sito id . 

; ' ;■ f. .'-idid' ■'■'"• i tir.d .tj iit g^lfiv- 

-•■ ..j T' rK.fv.' hvrc;.'-i;i .'r I; J oaodw Toorioa 

^ r-. :,j. '.yj-ot'-ps) io 'Jb,Dl on Imu .sornod irk>(X>fn io 
■ urb ,‘X’•^o^i ■. .rriiidl fiJ-iv/ ryg di g,trr9iKq 

XV ■■=, •' 'V -Ai.v ,vi i'^a.t,jr.c rJ. bj,.o , iidnilbnorl 


.. jk.. n?/yxiiQ ,3lk>}3nv3o3 lo 

. .b-.'^bv.'d:-. [.(ixoA.'i ax aoxJ.cjiovi’j 

.13 .'.? ‘ brn;. a>;a’.,y*rk»:.* -j,i ■i-xnr'c.'xa ■ 


,1 n r\-:.:c'' l-od’.-*'' 'dt 3 .. '»/■>] eiOU'XJsq 

'y..^< .■ -v.A •iKt'iavyq lf>->oI c 

■,< ■ 

. -■/■/' 

^ . 


' .r'.'^ib M ■•’X adijtn o;;*' ol 

. j 701 , 1,7 boifna-j .oa'i. Ki^-;Of7r) ortt 

■ !xi li 

■}<’ ■ '1 ji,i) j' aotv ,7o:fot!'iG .M .'5 

■' ,,,'■ .h ■; 7oj'p'( ,Laol;j!ijoo •^vtJaO‘3 jbua no 'ftiJcao* 

,-) '{ w .c.iO jrj.n u<'i lo dK>'J bjfvutJfi fUimR i03rt5»iIVt byaran 
?'r*iX7iif‘ ir'- dti/A *>/o'Xh «ort3 b«f? .Xi-ro^JSW bnn c'.':,)rfx)Joo2 d 

' i‘i .7 i7kr, odJ .kjrjjTTf :> lo 5wt> 7i»a aril ,3rT‘>bZooc ois p./iw 


Until last month, it was just another meaningless automobile-age tragedy, 
with the Smith boy hauled into court and pleading not guilty to negligent homi- 
cide, the case continued until Sept. 30, and no one else legally involved. Then 
Rodney Eielson, a 39-year-old circuit court judge (who recently insisted that his 
own driver's license be revoked after he was arrested for speeding), called an 
abrupt halt to parental permissiveness and the new morality. He issued war- 
rants for the arrest of Butcher and his wife, Hughes and his wife, two other 
couples who had been party co-hosts, and six of the hired help, including a 
moonlighting public- school teacher who acted as bartender. The charge was 
based on an obscure Connecticut statute that forbids the serving of liquor to 
minors by persons other than their parents. 

Darierhtes in general were amazed at the arrest, outraged in some cases. 
There were mutter ings that the judge was a publicity seeker, a bluenose. But 
many were more pleased than puzzled. 

^ >!c 

Following the death of President Kennedy, political humor all but ceased to 
be a genre of show business, and long after candidates were back on the stump 
and fustian had returned to the air, comedians were still relatively silent. Mort 
Sahl was practically the third nominee in 1960, but last spring and summer 
neither he nor any other comic made a significant bid for new stature in the 
field. Yet now that the actual campaign has begun, the nation's comedians have 
felt the call to duty, and they seem to be ready. 

Sahl, for example, says that Lyndon Jolmson is "the first President in 

- 12 - 

,;ojr‘ . s'ol'onx:iT,o. 4 lr-u|; r’l'; ic:Xv( litriU 

r:: .'4 jTW:) X>*XTt ' 7 oXi OrfJ rfJlVf 

■ ■>-■'■:■ '(ic .>:• ,0U -.onii bfyijau^rcn o. n> oriJ ,i?.bio 

. '’'i/r i'n.'D'/U' \;; 3 ifboh 

; f 4 V'r:;.iirC -. VU ;y>' (oi'l "/ b;.^;^OV ’-i or.i ')KrX'^r^ii r/'-'^viib .«v/o 
j •.. v; ?,;I; '-“i,; InirS'rxi.Ji jx jquidis 

: .li mb'. Lit; 'I'Xh Jrja lo ''■■Al ’roT siGJJ’S 

i mmnA -'j ‘io .i; brff; , 3 teciJ'^oo ybibq h^rl or{w aslquoo 

oiJ r'viJvflfsJ bx.'ll^n-; Ji •f!r.-UxJ:«Uaoorxi 

- r- -v.r.; ' b!''xo‘i. .tKf'i? o'f'iibjs •♦:.••, 0 ii'.>'';.cfo m.. >10 boHBd^nq x[.::r;> {‘">fU'^ -mnoamoq vd aTOxxtr/; 


• • • ;o ,.'fv>'..xi. ‘..f!j .j:^Jb:i>^9yjvy {urnmnar,: :i! 

' 'rO' ■ ^ '• a ; 07 ;::-;’,-o,d :! xlJr o'lovr :>JOXn\ 

; rii '-;''T , j.r'' ■h'ri£>-'j . .. .'Jt 

.unb' - 4•J4.,1^n ot bixGii;-')': h,jfi 'iGUaut r>f:« 
'i,,.:; J. f' b..-. 'i'i ooxb.'iori .y.h afiw fi[B 3 

i "4jj bid it': ■ i' '.ife^rj'. -iii' ’loAA) ;>ic tcui or! 'loxUlort 

, ("j '■ 

ic' '■r'inifi ’ l.lL’tOil odJ d-tfi ">J\>ii t^Y ••.blDil 
^ir-'>; ■..! OJ y‘yb ba/' , ')) iC^o orlS Jfd 

;!i.b?t'^J ''.vy': ,olq{r:r,>'*) ’t'-Vi .(rfrir^, 

.''Tj ^..' 1 ;" 


history to put the country in his wife’s name.” Mentioning Bobby Baker, Mort 
adds; "Bobby gave Lyndon an expensive stereo set, but Lyndon wasn't really 
happy with it. V/hat Lyndon really wanted was components — something that could 
be hidden away in closets. ” 

Negro comedian Dick Gregory, working at the Crescendo in Los Angeles, 
has entered the campaign too. "You know when I found out that Goldwater is 
square? When he called Lyndon Johnson Ivy League." And, "I’m going to 
vote for Johnson in November, if for no other reason than that he talks like 
us." Goldwater? "He’s the only cat who could stand on the Israel border 
and get shot at from both sides. " 

In his first TV show of the new season. Bob Hope had a couple of political 
gags. "It was thrilling the way Jolinson chose his running mate at the convention, ’ 
goes one. "He just picked Humphrey up by his ears." About the President’s 
anti-poverty bill, Hope quipped: "From now on, it’s against the law to be poor — 
unless you're a Republican, and then it’s expected of you." 

In Greenwich Village, a trio called Jim, Jake, and Joan appear at the 
Bitter End Cafe doing imaginary interviews. Sample: 

Interviewer : Mrs. Johnson, what was the first thing you did when you 
moved into the V/liite House? 

Lady Bird: I sold my slaves. 

Nearby, at another coffeehouse called Phase Two, Resident Satirist Frank 
Lee Wilde observes that Bobby Kennedy is the only person who has not yet 
been Premier of South Viet Nam — "and that is simply because they have a 

13 - 

; • 

'i rh'i Ti -r'jftijoo >' ] rjq 

'■» .,135 0': :::J3 i;.' 37F.7] vdc'ofT" .-abbiJ 

r . r; O'- 5/,// J/n-r.; i rhfr.^j .j.t liiiw '‘'iqqilrf 

. liJ'icCl.; cfi vflvni nsbbid 3d 
- • '-»d ■•;■ '■• .v'-jogo xo { 

' M.'-ni .oo> .3fll 


•■''.;• * • ".i :>{> nr)»'n-,'J -id noi"'’’ '■'a^iurp^ 

no-- 'x->, '.n '.j .-i nj nocnd'A lo't ■3^ov 

' '■ Y.blJ"' r'v;) ' '■ ':!;’tiJVd'.,oD 

'■ cijoJ *14 Joda brtu, 

'■ V -o.: " • 3Ji. 1< Vf.d-; "'•: t-iil aj '’j 

'[■-'> iV' ■ 'B // yB od'JraB 3 F;v/ fl'- ..iliB;] 

‘ '-d , ' Bo/bicj 3r:^Fr .-yxo 536 ^ 


.. ■ ,-1 -. -r . 

'/■'■■a V i\. :'■.;■ YU ‘p :ruil JJ-r y;i3Voq-iJ(in 


V. > o'-ij rTi,;> ■ , ' b, ',■■•.(• -U n J i'vo'/, cSPiroi 

■ d'. .' ' : o ■■ / ' Y ncY‘-d! ''■■ .■)i,"jno'^'rD £ii ' 

"is :.air:> xdy'j unr;i 'totjici 

j. ' 

■/ : ji. ■ '• 

rio T . a ,. ' : ■.» -,1 vy .>i J *i’o Jnl 

iviit: . odi o^rti b -/'iirr 

. ..v/.-t;,, •;:•« 1 !b'j...,i 'T/ii.r 

0! : ■'>•■ !i: X r. i.,. ,7oo , .c’i*53X i 

. a / il/''.’*] YV'' ,\v ood 

( ikJ ( j.j.i?" - -M nVT i'j(’ tMoor'' in I'-l ii-v^wj 

. «’ T , 

residence requirement. ” So Kennedy is traveling around New York State instead, 
and "at every stop he opens the carpetbag and out jumps Mayor Wagner. " 

Elsewhere in Greenwich-^-Village, the cast at the Premise is telling its 
audiences that Goldwater’s first major address as President will begin as 
follows: "Ten . . . nine . . . eight . . . seven . . . six . , . five . . . four ... " 

To anyone who might wonder what life would be like under President Goldwater, 
the answer is: "Brief. " 

* -f- 


In Cleveland, Australia’s Boy Emerson defeated Chuck McKinley, 3-6, 

5-2, 6-4, 6-4, in the fifth and deciding match of the Challenge Round and 
regained the Davis Cup, emblem of world supremacy in tennis, for his country. 
The Aussies beat the defending U. S. , 3-2, to capture the cup for the 12th 
time in the last 15 years. 

The United States, which has never lost the America’s Cup since the 
yacht racing series began in 1851, won its 19th straight last month as the 12- 
meter yacht Constellation outclassed her British challenger. Sovereign in four 
consecutive races. The four defeats were by such wide margins that Sovereign* s 
loss was one of the most humiliating in the Cup history. And after it was 
over, it appeared that the disheartened British would let the Australians be 
the next challenger, probably in 1967. 

John Surtees, 30, won the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, piloting his red 
Italian Ferrari around the banked, 268-mile course at a record average speed 

- 14 - 

• ijii - ia/.} oliiir brtiiO'’i\ at vbaf:no>T oZ .^noct:yilu\if&*s ood^bia^ 

" Tirrni:. ifi.T.u* ii;o ;3srii^<rija;s> wh sjiaqo orf qotei \t*bv® ie” bnia 

aJ *yH I'» ni -I k’i‘l ‘Jiii -s t^.nu -atU cti ovariv/saia ?| 

Z!, nl’i':*'* i'iv^ i!^*’.'h cj t‘C RA Tolfirii. ii fi',t isrff 

‘ . '.■*■'■* . . . /ca .... .iyvi>?. ... .♦. JMirn ... koT” :3v;oiIoll 


'r..' rn ■ v.'-t • 'ro‘-,.,};i •;]'] bi;.ioV/ o!«i •j'.^baov/ •ftffoxnfl oT 


.yjh&** :Gft 'vr^nsne 

^ ^9 

!' ■ :' X) b'.- 3 £iV:oK) ■ M'T al V'. 

'• '. '' ' •■ ' 'b; X' I>ri£ rliiri. orfi r.i ,l ' J ,l'-6 ,S“S r 

•■' J 'f 'io ■• ' -JcL o ,quL) ^iviSCE, Wtus^sw'^ 

^ ■ -' ^ 

,. >■< 

. T 

J ol'ib cfl: Ji^iad s^aissuA 

»xf:t fii'dt/n 

bi'.t '•■vi,r;i.;. ■'i.... .r, i rhidv/ bsiinU sxIT 

' 1 r 

<' r!.:'.3' ,;-•? .,r.J-'f li c-yrtoa ’^yn'ioR^s 

-, ^ i "r, , f XT w' h ":rd.') 3 iic •to.dfitfota rioD •ial'drn: 

;'£7/ 'o y<o'/r 34X'’-)'t':>b 'it-o‘l jdT .aooG'i ovUua^aitoo 

"*' * i 1 : : ' ' I 

;tf ■ '-r 

■n>-''.’-L fr?!,'; '...lit n'i jjrfiipJJdiUJii .teoxu 0.dd lo otui &Bw aaol'Vi 


1 1>(!.:»)V/ drdii'if! b-xiobi n*-id;.;ib art; ifirlj bo'xftGqqc Ji ,x*>vo *' 
.V&#il rtt yJdadtvixj ,‘raj}ii 0 n.«fb -Siam aili' 


• r iJi yJii l bfi.B*tD odJ now cOV. ,eaa1'cii3’niIoL 

iti*'.',- I'iic/i • '*7*1 js tin '.fp'fooo ^{uii'iBOS ,Ix»tn/id ^rljXirTrto'/n I fuuy'I rtRlIotl 

-■5.1- ■'■ 

of 129. 1 mph. It was the second victory in a month for aging (66) automaker 
Enzo Ferrari, gave him a shot at the Grand Prix manufacturers’ championship 
that he once monopolized but has not won since 1961. It also gave ex- motorcyclist 
Surtees 9 points toward the drivers’ championship, moved him into tliird place 
behind Britain’s Graham Hill and Scotland’s defending champion Jimmy Clark, 
both of whom broke down at Monza. The point standings with three races to 
go (the U. S. , Mexican, and South African Grand Prix): Hill 32, Clark 30, 
Surtees 28. 

Tony Lema, 30, won the World Series of Golf, shooting a two-under-par 
138 at the Firestone Country Club in Akron. ’’Champagne Tony,” the Britist 
Open winner, fired a last-round 68, coasted to a five-stroke victory and the 
biggest paycheck in golf: $50,000. It was all ’’unofficial” as far as the Pro- 
fessional Golfers” Association was concerned, but the victory boosted Lema’s 
1964 winnings to $122,555 — ranicing him ahead of the two top "official” money- 
winners. Arnold Palmer ($110,743) and Jack Nicklaus ($101,917). 

Homan Brother won the $144,820 New Hampshire Sweepstakes, first sweeps 
ever run in the U. S. , at Rockingham Park. Running dead last, ten lengths 
behind the leaders in the backstretch, Financier Louis V/olfson’s tiny (889 lbs.) 
gelding, fourth in the 1964 Kentucky Derby, shot into the lead at the eighth pole, 
stood off Knightly Manner’s late challenge to win by a half length. 

Several major league baseball clubs didn’t wait for the pennant races to 
end to deal with their managers. Despite a good deal of speculation to the 
contrary, the Los Angeles Dodgers rehired Walter Alston, whose team finished 

- 15 - 

In- iC i'-n C^d) io> rffn-.'i <0 id viojotv fifio^'aa 'irtJ DftW H .f^qfft T.esf 

/(Oit.-:.. ‘ rit) iur»^li;<:p -;i7<l b.iciO ^ilL» J» iodi* /s rjcW s ^ira JiA'xnQ^ osilSf * x 

r - -"t- / .’,; iLrs 1 / .u :l j 'ftL" ito'H Jon jjcf f'^^stloqoxio.'ja oano orf u;rij 


j.V’’' '■•%;' ..J'' ]yy : ■,i.:::ajoI'.|.?:o'iric» '.-n^vKh bu^wl 3lt?oq Q 

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.1: ..ii . i-M '.ta jfiA^q •jffT . ic^: '-'.T ;.v. nwob oihyi.!l morfvf lo 
;,• ■ ■ r* - . :<'-■.<■< lar.'iO- iin-ji\uA Fjno .m,oiXo?.I , ,‘r\ .U rjdJ )' 03 

... .ciS 


••-■■j Li -vroy.y,;^; , .brvi,' !,j ■■’Oi-xo,.' !:i"4V'»7 ,*rl: ;io7; ,£i'aol ,^';1 

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'. ■ i,'f.,.qr- ) ■•'fo 7 i ri;lv, --.'ti .aov,’ v.idJ’o'A^ 1 

■‘r.i ;■,'■■ n.-jtiJ . .'•■iiE'i ni ..1 M oiiJ ai mrt -tov© 

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!!• ',• ;v:..J •wxaa.sai'^ .xAJfjvj-qtv^Vl orb ;i ^.r^obAoi rfU br»bJsKi <>w 

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"^0 inol) r»-''Oa rJfrfatXI .bti- '^ruic; Uodt <biv/ oJ bft5 ‘ 

-• ' 7 / loJliiW bO’xido'i aof'2»;i/j(A cioj nrfj ,v.*?«'xJrtfi'5 




seventh, and the New York llets signed Casey Stengel again, although the club 
once more finished last. To no one's surprise, the Chicago White Sox and Balti- 
more Orioles rehired A1 Lopez and Hank Bauer, respectively, out of gratitude 
for malting their teams into contenders. Johnny Pesky was out of Boston, how- 
ever, replaced by Billy Herman, and Damiy Murtaugh announced that he was 
quitting at Pittsburgh because of illness. 

The Yankees clinched their 29th American League championship — a record- 
tying fifth consecutive pennant and first under Yogi Berra. . . . For the first 
time in 18 years, the St. Louis Cardinals won the National League flag. If the 
Cards had lost their final game of the season, it would have meant the first 
three-way playoff in major-league history. 

- 16 - 

•v vjti '!-./ 

• , , 
. . I *!0 
..J }(■:!■ I ::-.. 

•- . 

: 'j' .i . . 

, i:.' ■■L’"a£) 

•' ijf in, Mf'ii 

.nLu^jB ypQsD b9n\p9 ^lo*/ w&W bnu ,/driovde'^ 

'< ■ -. - 

* • >1 

1: I 

r.jjnoi/SO odt ,r»artq'ifia s’airio on oT b&rfalnil ^loea oom' 


iovijo:.' a.*\ . ilftBH hnn sdcjo,! IA. hsiirla^f ;iOloJtiO ow/ti ' 

tri-.', .^•lo^bflo^ao» ojfli jlodi ^saljlam 

’■•.rti' : ’^ai''acl hnfi .niiitc'ioH '<IiM ij^ci byDJsiffO'i: .idva; 

* - ’ j 

1o iiy*3'un<3Wi‘^I tn ’^^akiilstpr 

"'r-. -if- ' rltC^: oariiwilo eo<;>2teJ3Y oiHV * 

./'cV'-v I •Tobtjrf :t; 'li bf;i» jni:f;riaq pviiuoaafipo rfilil sxxl'ii 

: :r... < ■•’■I novr iili'.rrrj'j-.jC axDoJ. .fd jhW ,8iao'y: ai ni ocnU''' 

M.,' ,ii li jio^.'uor; ‘"ib Xo ifiirn. Pla.'U leol bfid abiflO -y 


V .vpui?-in ouj^cof- wlJirn tii IJoyt^lq y^v.'-eeniU 


Hi there! It’s me again, 

I lil^e taxicabs. Sometimes I kiss the driver on the back of his neck and 
he pats me. 

I lilce cars. I like to ride in front best and rest my chin on the seat. 

I lilte buses and trains, too. I can sprawl. I can tal^e nice naps in them. 

But I don’t like airplanes! 

They shake and buzz. I don’t kiss anybody. I don’t take naps, or rest my 

chin. I just try to tell the Boss to get off. But she won't. 

I pant and pant. But still she won't get off. 

One time the Boss and I got on a plane. She sat in a seat and put on the 
belt. I lay on the floor and panted hard. Then the plane started slowly. I 
still panted. 

There was a girl up front. She said to everybody, "There is something 
wrong with the engine. I hear a scraping noise. " She pointed back. 

A boy on the other side laughed and said, "Sure, there’s your scraping 
noise. It's the dog." 

Everybody laughed. The girl laughed, too. She said, "Oh, I never dreamed 
of a dog. I thought it was a bomb. " 

The Boss patted me and said, "You see, Janny, you’re scaring people more 
than you’re scared yourself. You pant too loud. " 

I am glad I am not a bomb. 

What is a bomb? 

Goodbye ! 

17 - 

Jarniie Dinsmore 


5^ ■ ci’SIWvm - 

■ : .i^"-.i ; 7-*:.. “ini i I .•s€>:;'?rior;xo<'^ .atl£f>ix/>:l' o:UI. J 

.o'.i <..j.cq " 

. ■•'I.;'- ■^;-i ;r..- . jncilf m o'lH I .a't--o oj'ii I 

■ " .'v/.'' .f ’. :r.'5 J .ou.‘- rnn 'iUc-ml o'4'.J I 

! aofi-njq CiJ" a;U.l .Vnob 1 :>u<I 

:•• ' ., ii,.'-:;-’ J'ho^ i ...xjjd I:u5 O.J!::.i':; vOriT 

• ’ . i', 7 .]■) > oJ^ -.-iao.q rvr^ ff.j-j cyj ,■ 

: -io;; t’:i 0 7 rrla ilhv 'iU'l ^j/v-nc I'ro: Icfiq I 

'<?■} . ■<. . r. i-.o :;o;j I IVi.; aaotf J>;7iu ^iiO 


:;f !ja:2 axiJ I .^I^d 


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Y?.- u '• xitiv/ 

...n * j'f.-.'Y'.i 7frii..o 'll) .qc* '^<'>(( A 

■'.;j|uL orit • '^I .3Gion 
ii- ' .’>0? ox'T ^,1 

' ' .'i ar;v ii ■« .;^ob jJ 1:0 

, Y.’rf;:;, ,i>or. oY" ,J:ir.:i ba.f; ':5.q-j orfT 

>.: >i :!frnq D'-*/ ,lIac;T,:.iCY 

.ik'.ou f. ^oa .;a$ [ -'Jij'] I 

i? ji A'ixIV/ 

I y Y'^booO 

i'q. r r.'njj 



PLAYS ROLE TO THE CORK - Mrs. Martha L. Cameron of Richmond, Va. , 
had a ready explanation as she faced a charge of selling whisky to an under- 
cover police officer. "I didn't know he was a policeman," she said. "Besides, 
he looked like he needed a drini^. " Police Court Judge Harold C. Maurice 
wasn’t impressed. He fined her $100. 

♦ * * 

LAW TUNES IN MR. SMITH - Anthony Smith, 26, of Bognor, England, was indig- 
nant when a judge fined iiim $56 for fitting a television set to the dashboard of 
his car. "I never watched it while driving, " he insisted. "I used it only when 
parked in a line of traffic. " 

* * * 

THAT'S USING THEIR HEAD - In Tacoma, Wash. , a letter from Neunburg, Ger- 
many, reached the office of Mayor Harold Tollefson after a slight detour. Asking 
assistance in locating a relative, the letter was addressed simply to: "The 
Burger meister , Tacoma, Washington." The Post Office sent it to a local brewery, 
which forwarded it to the Mayor. 

* * 

THE HELPFUL DEMOCRATS - In Columbus, Ind. , State Sen. John R. Rees is 
pondering whether to accept an invitation to a statewide Democratic seminar for 
legislative candidates. The letter, signed by Democratic State Chairman Manfred 
Core, promised, "our books will be completely open for any information you want 
to use in the campaign." The Senator, who has two more years remaining in his 
term, is a Republican. 

* * * 

MOTORISTS HIT "JACKPOT" - In Malibu, Calif. , things went from bad to worse 
when Leonard Hartley of Los Gatos accidentally drove his car into the rear of a 

- 18 - 

. -MD..’ 

. r. - ot ■' 

. A 

. ‘"J ? ; :'i i ^ 

>■’ .'•( 

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f ii 

< } 


10 XK.oor iVV' .1 ia:Vi' .crxM - 21^100 
•■id/ih’. jru:.j=:, ij •. i-. Ioop! erta as {bno^i .r, hsd 

■ J 

'.(u^Tva.-’' 'i'-i : ■■-'.‘•'V' -•-''r'"'! i'ribiib I*' ooilocj tovoo 

-I > •oi.'v;. ' .■>Ii:''<lj si looboan oJ bsilool 9ri 

\ ,O0If; 7 :^ .hejea-o Aqaii r’ctafiv/ 

- .. U' f ; iicrtoj/. - Jij./— ^ WAJ 

,: f r yi'l.iirj ’•'■>1 ^'r.--. V'tii irji'i't o-.objjj; r. nf)[{*.7 .+)ar..a 
r ■ j -=’.K ^<r’ ■‘:'.:.;S -.'[dr li 1: 'j 1' .xso airi 

u ".rj;17n-ii V> . /iH .' rii, i^ojlosq 

■• T-^'A lic- ' ovy ' v' ’''; jj hOlfo:;'. . .VftBXtf 

-.5 . -/v.''." - ' ■" , .to: ■; .-i ooji Jdiaci: 

; - . 1 ■ ■ .r;. _ ^ • ' . , ['•^fa cn^'fwS 

.. ■'■; ;; ■ t .ii bO'/l-fivnot 

Sfi N: *. ^ 

^r. ; ,'p. •. - 

/ .,-"• ';• • T ii.;' t oo/Iltj.f'fv.' gonofanoq 

: r:-- 0": i' , .‘-j/- ‘-'^T .o:4/;f).u>nf:o 

': ■,;i /J J'i'>aj'‘'’tO > ic/ '.-■.' OyJoO’^ 'it/o" .b'J.n'fOiOAi .aioO 

• -'■• V*/! itvri o‘'VA ,rnin^oR 0(17' " .r:?.;'.s;|f:Tfio ?r!J if! n- tj oi 

.nKoifdjfq.jyi j; ei .aiftt 

' r 

. !,■ .:':n . 

; •,; './■■ii, / 1 ' !:'■).>: * ac^.T lo /ofjval'? I'-fUrioo ' coilw 

• ; 

I 1 ■ 

parked 1964 sportscar. The mishap touched off a chain reaction crash that ended 
up with four heavily damaged cars parked in front of the Malibu sheriff’s substation. 

Three of the damaged cars belonged to sheriff’s deputies. 

* * * 

EASY TO GET ’’SHOT " - In Haverhill, England, a firm of aerasol manufacturers 
is bringing out a plastic spray container filled with pressurized whisky. It will 
be called ’’Scotch Mist. ” 

* * 


Lee Harvey Oswald, "acting alone and without advice or assistance," assassi- 
nated President Kennedy in Dallas last Nov. 22, the Warren Commission reported. 
"The Commission has found no evidence that either Lee Harvey Oswald or Jack 
Ruby was part of any conspiracy, domestic or foreign, to assassinate President 
Kennedy, " the long-awaited report said. . . . All testimony of the Warren Commis- 
sion eventually will be released — but whether "in our lifetime" was not made clear 
in Washington. Reports and material evidence — including the rifle allegedly used — 
may fill 64 drawers in 16 cabinets, will be stored imder "highly restrictive" con- 
ditions. . . . The Supreme Court began its fall term, gave top priority to two 
test cases challenging the constitutionality of the new civil rights law. The 
court may issue a decision before the Nov. 3 election. ... A group of New York 
liberal Democrats opened a "Democrats for Keating" headquarters. A spokesman 
for the group quoted Keating as saying at a private meeting he would "never, 
never" support Sen. Goldwater for the Presidency. . . . President Johnson pro- 
posed to cut excise taxes next year if he is elected. The size and extent of 
the proposed cut was left to be determined late this year. . . . Secretary of 

- 19 - 


|.‘s- 7 «{ 


bvLia i 1'*' » n’ir. rr.'iijpe’j 'fijadn P. bs/J-awoi 'XfidaiT ''d'T* . liiOaJioqft t-OGI b^^hrsq,' J 

r.i'x ;f;.- '. ^.•:'. 

I. -'■•-• » 'j 

U ’.>*'■ o»f» lo Snc’O f b^jhfiq ?,%S 5 ba^.firrisb ’^Ihrfla/I tsic>^ iitiw qi/ 

■a-jJt'jqob Ti i xod-i ni fa'‘'^itoif5d 8'rftJ bo^^iUrtBb 5i>flt io eoirfT', 
<■ * * 

kr.„.'Oi- \.' jrMiavfjH nl - '’TO!-!?!'* ^ >T Y3^ 

■: '?:a ' wyrh drn ,'-»iusJno'j v.B'xq;-) oiisaUj 8 luo Ttcrgal'id al 

'* J&.IM doJoDS'* b5)ILflo "td 

'• + "i 


. ;j. :AMrLr:v'' 


_ ■ - /' >£ 

.V'; i' *■■%'.' i>fi r)ac[-^ j'.fiLTric'’ /*if*v/r^O 'rwmH e 3 i.T 

>Si'^ .'.■I .'■'!;:'.T L) •; ^^rjiuiiiA jH'5hiooj5I bjlm 


‘i-,-- 101. '>i,J! /o' o/i ua.'fol ;3fjH rfoxasirarwO odT’ , 

.•I 'i; .''ok'iiqe.'-viO vrt.s Jo fiiiq anv/ vduJt' 

. 1 .: .! rioQ' iov bo Abv/r.-^fiol 0 .( 1 ) ’’ .vborxio^ij 
. t ' uO'*' od ffl’.'/ Y!!fif.;1«ova 

;. <..; ifs' 

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i'lr.'i .aJoii'.' -ro '■L.fd xi-’ ■‘V/xiib Hi} ■'); 8 CCt, ^ 
^ " ->-> •! 

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',j:j. 'di :r^.o',>.‘ .) i;r ^o^o'iqur odT ... .v.ioiibb L 

. I . w- 


/•. ' V./ 

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. a. ) Z .vrr \ o,') -r.Vo'i ,v 'jam )*iUO0 »■! 

i-V-.'. -fo) rr.'r.iocv ..j"!’’ o b-ntoqo 8)moom':><T UiodU ,’ 

iJrtvnq 13 ,'r Arv/iO -• (jeioyp q^oxg- ofTt lot 

. >i‘T ... . x.ortobia^yt^^ Ml %o) xo,}87rt>IoO .noK )7oqqu& "■iOVO(i.> 

... xlT ho-^o?/Io ai (j/f *1(50'/. )x?o« coxni oaJoxo itiO ol boaoq 

. .no/ ul) o)6l l>..B)rrrx!M'vb o4 tiol aBW )uo iyiaofpyxq Oitt: 

* A <: 

Mi - ■ 

.no / 

state Rusk told Americans that Communist China may explode a nuclear device 
"in the near future. " Some Washington officials claimed a successful test explo- 
sion was far from weapons production, but conceded the blast would strengthen 
Red China's position in Asia and elsewhere, . , . Under heaviest security, Queen 
Elizabeth II landed at Prince Edward Island, Canada, to tour parts of the Dominion 
despite alleged threats on her life. Security extended to frogmen who kept watch 
on the royal yacht Britannia. . . . For the first time, a document on religious 
liberty was introduced in an Ecumenical Council of the Roman Catholic Church. 
Standing for freedom of worship were three American Cardinals, representing 
most of the 240 U. S. Bishops; Spanish and Italian Cardinals opposed the U. S. 
stand. ... A four-engine French U. T.A. DC6, bound for Africa, crashed in the 
Sierra Nevada, 50 miles east of Granada, Spain, Ijilling all 80 persons aboard. . . . 
Mrs. Nelson A. Rockefeller lost her Supreme Court (White Plains, New York) 
fight to regain custody of her four children from her first husband. Dr. James S. 
Murphy. The Governor's wife was described as "deeply grieved. " -Dr. Murphy 
"higlily gratified. "... President Johnson, for the first time since becoming Chief 
Executive, invoked the Taft-Hartley law in the Maine-to-Texas longshoremen's 
dispute. The dispute revolved around automation and job security, involved 
50,000 dock workers. ... Soviet authorities burst into the Siberian hotel rooms 
of three U. S. military attaches and one British attache, held them while their 
baggage was searched and looted. Both nations protested against this latest 
violation. ... Jane Hadley Barkley, 52, v/idow of the late Vice President Alben 
Barkley, died of a heart attack in Washington, D. C. ... Iron Ore deposits were 
discovered in Alaska estimated to total a billion recoverable tons, possibly one 

- 20 - 

r>ot 'il) a yijfnt mun ta^rrjmmoD iiirfl artfioiT^mA biot ;Ja£/H 3 isia 

-oiq.,> bomiRlo pJuiMlJo not^nhlBS^/ stitoS ’’.e-frjJMl •xiisw ailj ftl’» 

n'^rjjTrr^"): >J '*\7 Ibr.fd Dflj Iwp'ionoo iud .fffti^oj/ho^q snoqsow ffroil i:al aaw rtola 

;:f>'3i' ^ .‘/.^i 'I'jbf.i/ ... bna fi^8A ni rroiiiaoq a’iinixD bsH 

' i 

fi**»,fbr.0!'T 0 ..■Jicn !!»o5 oi J>/isrsI b'iJ5vd32r. D^iiq la babnal 11 rtladtesHa 

noj‘ • It’.:- *-■ "' r.'- Tpo"! ol .oHI vofl no alaa-ifil b 33 ®II.R 

' -N . ^ 

t.’ ..-• i- -f : jt! )<':’•■.% *■ R ij'iij t>rii ‘iol[ ... .fslnnairffi jrfoax ift’fo'i odi no 

.\ i ' *•'..:!■! r;jr, iO?i odi 1 a Ir^riuo;. If.^iri^fuUoCi nr b90rffoc-ilH.| saw -(l-indil 
,r>lnri;r’7n'* S't^s^w <(ii''!a!now lo fnoboo'xt ■xo5 

. ■: tb'.'iiirrxjP; 'rjl;?!! f fte ;r>qoir3i?T .g ,a c^S odl \o laomt 

. . -L'jln'/ 'f.i i7i': ,yff .A.I'.U ^JonoT’^ A ... .bnala. 

, . " v;F. 

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M Ai;. 

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A dr ‘'.'.’j •<.l 

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nv>,:'.n^LCb bfAhraa'i^ . . , " .baiHJinig 

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’* - i I ,' r--:'^ r Aj-iM,Ap " .ff ;/«! pf.tir.H -jlsT Jirfl bajiovni , 9 ViJrr> 3 xa[ ' 

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' '.■' ,;i} , c'rv; bfTF. iipri." vioh'n; ^jrJ07-n tovlov^n t^hrqaib orIT »«>)yqailli ■ 


'''■ •• . 'rr^.A’' f* i otni .P'UKr /oivoP, ... .^'lo^how jltjob 000, Odj 

‘* .sHop.iJr Jhl'i.i/ AffA Ipr. aodoaila ,S .U aonrfl lo ' 

’1 - '? JT.nhqyr h'.*i.'..«i'inq Rrao’tnu 0’ fi .fiolooi boc b^ifotBoa ajsv/ 

'• ■' '' ■' ’ I ' ‘if', ojflf V.» woltl’.v /;r. . rji^l'xaGL y,^»Ibftn okjeL^ . , . MOltBlOi^ 
■•T3. 07 ''.' r:* ■) .. .3 .Q ,fti7lxjftit,.jixjV/ ui jfoaWti iTBad a lo both 

'jnn i.ii ; .{j ^lidB'ro'/ouo'f nviiSttcf n i^loj ol bdJAxaWao a^laatA «i bonovooaJlj 

of the largest deposits ever found on this continent. It was expected that U. S. 
and foreign dollars would be lured to earthquake- smashed Alaska. . . . The Govern- 
ment suddenly and mysteriously ordered a halt to the trial of Alexander Sokolov, 

40, and Joy Ann Garber Baltch, accused of spying for Russia. No reason was 
given for the cancellation shortly after the trial began in a federal court in 
Brooklyn. ... Prince Yoshi, 28, a son of Japanese Emperor Hirohito and third 
‘in line for the Japanese throne, and Hanako Tsugaru, 24, daughter of a former 
count, were married at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. . . . The Post Office Depart- 
ment expects to deliver an estimated 7 billion pieces of mail this Christmas sea- 
son, a 3 per cent increase over last year’s volume of 6.7 billion. It advised 
that locally addressed greeting cards should be mailed no later than Dec. 15, and 
air parcels overseas or greetings to distant U. S. points no later than Dec. 10 
to assure delivery by Dec. 25. ... Arthur ’’Harpo" Marx, 75, silent member of 
the Marx Brothers comedy team, died of a heart attack in Los Angeles. . . . Dr. 
Walter L. Robb, a chemical engineer at General Electric, has developed a one- 
thousandth-inch-thick silicone rubber "gill" for man. He claims it will pro- 
vide enough air and fresh water from sea water to enable a man to live sub- 
merged indefinitely. . . . Former British Prime Minister Harold I'dacmillan 
unveiled a memorial plaque to the late John F. Kennedy in Forest Row, England, 
where the late President attended mass 16 months ago. The dedication address 
was what Macmillan called his last speech as a Member of Parliament. . . . 

Mahalia Jackson, 50, famed Negro gospel singer, seriously ill in Chicago with 
a heart ailment, received a note from an admirer: "Lady Bird and I were most 
sorry to learn of your recent illness, and I hope this note will find you well on 

- 21 - 

.2 irr'J b^jooox'* Rftv; jf .n ^iiliffoa airfj no tova Bi^iaoqsb- iad^iusC adl lo 

‘f;-t.*voO fit ... .► <eafA b9rf»cfaa-G>iPifprfJ'X60 o1 foeiul 9d foldpv/ aijailob biu8 


,, to f«i'i} ofH txJ )li?rl s v.fetJoi‘iot3Y**’^ bna ^In«bbf/a tnofltt' 


-^T->! rir'-'O'-*! ''VT .rsxaat-ifl -<0! ^^nrtqa \o bsaijooij .rbilaa TOcbsO miA ^oTi bna ,0h 
.1/ lijj'.itj Ju'iobol a rii sip/ii'jti larxi erfi 'x'sfiB ’^ibo/le nohailoanao odi lol nsvij 
>.t'' bu'. .'HrljiK' ',ro-'" fTra'i saonKqr.Ij b ifioe a .BS .iriaaY avnrsl. .<'rv:I:loo‘: 
p -,j bnfi .ryno'itfl QGaffaqaf, 10 I oail 

'r’T ., .ov?!oT sorJfs^ 'Rt'foqcnT oriJ tfn bornnta sitow ,iiuK>d 

■■■ M p- (-.rr' > •. •':- ';■;<>] 'in ;•'.!');«•:} rj-oUib'* V i;jao fiS i^vilob rxh aboqxo 

, Vi 

!•:'• >j .r T'f ' V.- I'-* Jani 'lo/o osao’xofli jnsa •idq 8 n ♦xio* ,1 

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;.L‘.<^ci " ianla'fb 03 aTVJiloo'x'S 10 eleo'tsq- lAa' ■fl 

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. . ' . _ . v^r. no 1. iJ vb">rui'3'I .'•! fubl Mnl atb oS ojjoRjq iai-roaocx a bolisvmf j 


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4 ') -'•(■-.ji (,) 'Mc'f iol,! n aa f];>«»q3 tsal atd bbliUo ttaUlrajcM ‘law 
>/■ -y.- j'^.l ni (11 '.Inirol 'oa ,tot/fla locfeog CTJt^W boc:u^ ,05 ,fio0>lA«t, isHfulr^ 
t - 1 - •• >.7 : m: in'li J/Al ;ia'j;i'*;ba ttxl rnoiJ o3on s: bovloaoi ,Jn»friIln i^aorf a ' j 

r - of :o ’ H.'t;! liiv/ ^'^rrc gjKj aqod I bfui .aconlll jaaoo'c ‘xuoy lo rt'xsol oJ rxi<>» 


the road to recovery." ... Eugeny Potapov, 27, a Russian housepainter, was 

sentenced to 2 1/2 years in jail for stealing $1,500 from three churches in small 
towns near Moscow, the newspaper Moscow Komsomol reported. Its Marxist 
moral; the "earthly powers" of the anti-religious Soviet state safeguard the interest 
of churches better than supernatural influences. ... John H. Stenger, GOP Vice- 
Presidential candidate Miller’s law partner, confirmed that he is also his $13,742- 
a-year Congressional assistant — operating from their law office in Buffalo, N. Y. 
Miller, campaigning in North Carolina, said, "It's never been any secret." ... 
Billy Rose, 65, Broadway producer and grand-scale investor, was divorced by 
Doris Warner Rose, 48, Billy's fifth wife, after a six- month marriage. ... Radio 
Corp. of America demonstrated an electronmicroscope system boosting maximum 
magnification 10 times above the power of conventional electon microscopes. The 
new system uses a television set enabling an audience to view a specimen magni- 
fied 2 million times. . . . Republican Sen. Mundt of South Dakota blasted President 
Johnson and Sen. Goldwater and their running mates for what he called the "gutter 
sniping" quality of their Presidential campaigns. He asked in a Senate speech; 
"What kind of madness is upon us?" ... Sen. Barry Goldwater visited the affluent 
suburbs of Philadelphia, discussed minorities for the first time in his campaign. 
Goldwater charged that "minority groups run this country," and "Americans are 
getting sick and tired of it." ... A Mimich tribunal sentenced Adolf Hitler's 
"Bureaucrat of Death," Karl Frederick Wolff, 64, to 15 years of hard labor for 
his assistance in the annihilation of 300, 000 Polish Jews during July 1944. Wolff, 
the highest ranking former Nazi officer to be tried by a West German court, 

clandestinely negotiated the German surrender of Italy with Allen W. Dulles and 
other Allied agents in 1945. 

- 22 - 

srr^Ui3i') r, , /& ,voqrJc*i '^ny^s/lJ ... '' ,vzvvooe>\ . br>o 7 odi 
r'r! -;'• M-. oorr ■'i (rrr'ii. OdS.Xf]; ^r.i'nrjlp, li:;! ni a'xjjtv S:\l 5 , oj b’y:>. r.aos 
■oT .Ii.orio«f'>i lorf '/a rn o A vr'.o?oj.!I '^coq.,qav..?ni edj .'."O'jars’vl anv/o3 

'."luj islp/' 'Mrda ■'>r!i i') '*570V/(jq v,ffI3\7io'' su' Jn'-on 

■; . ,H ndo! .^onsuOiir lu iuterr,t>;iqjj!,'2 nsrU ’/O-lisd c;3d;)7.'JUo lo 

.[ -•• d . ps: ;v[ 1rj(;.t M iu'irinnr? v.v.’i ?.’'ra?'j-id o.'f^bibun'j [Ritowi 

.•>•• ! f.i :';nKo '.vrI rr/0'..’i — jiU:)«lda;; i :f:oir.?i-.>'i;C!0o'O 

.. ' 3 ;o ■lo^y.! 10 '‘■^n ;• »bxr':: ,Rn!lcTj;::) rf;ucK fix ''’nirg'fjr'-xiisx) 

: r- / /'filPjO-.':;’ ? -I -'riR •i'joi.ibo'iq 7.rA7bi307fT ,c:'' (3 goH 

' tj h'iX.'D. •' j! '.rGJi.Xa . iJii.r/x s ''<IIicX «o>ioq-. 'iN?f.r.ii5V/ 'ii'ioCI 

ocoor'O'i.orrarfriT^'^ s^-yrier.iA io 

,aO':>‘.do b:'i':b.L:>v j,, "'^v/oq ovoqs GcaciJ 01 :ioUno:hfi}tft.z'’ 

■ ■ I- '-3:'/ '.I j:-; aj: ■q;.;L!'*.i.:a', r a'^rir* xrrol^va v/Ofi 

.•■.iivl','' ^ ila:L 1 . d nr. '^n '•/qe'^v ... .aon^ii noxHrr ^ boct 

pr ^ -i- -’;:: //•■•■•■•a't '.'adj bn,.: 7o:iov/bl-’.b' .nr/j brui iroearioL 

' ■ -a:’-;;; riod) lo \;^iln7p ’'jjii^qins 

,f/ ri'-.-d .f'r-.d ... "Vau noq” gI k> indW- 

! n: •'f-r-i 'O'o'l arb 7o)3i'ionn7 ,p.dq,;obnU;H lo arhijcfuG 

b ' r:;5 ” .v^rrfiaa ai'b my:. -.rX’iJOTp. yj'/xoniji'' t;a:; ;.(■?;-• x^flo 'ror'.7xi.d')0 

b.;'b/i b )L>:is''i:i-'>. iurxdri! d.’.iia.rxM A ... ” .3i '; .■ Ijo'jti bxtf'. kuin 
'1-^ -j noY dl «./) .bi> ,lln/vV yl'jJ-io(:o'i’X i'xn?! ”.riJ£:r;Ci to 
dl Jb vpyr'fi, rl . ifc'T Ci'O.OOb 'it:, nari.oiinbnrrp o.'b ni son.'.rjaon eiii 

. i.i'-r-'r u S’.yJt r. bkii oc! oi loniT^o fxPd ’ic xiol ^nh-hm taprlqb! orii- 
‘ 'i ’ i-.oV^. >.!i / /.fji '; * 'a>tnc»’‘ jj; ' Ci'.f .rpyo sr't bnjrJ.tojjon vi'-nin‘=»i>xttdo 

5 '' 








A Magazine for Deaf-Blind Readers 

VoL XVIII November, 1964 No. 9 

(Mimeograph Edition) 

Edited and published monthly, except July and September 
by the American Foundation for the Blind, Inc. 

15 West 16th Street, New York 11, N. Y. 

Editor: Sam Chermak (Deaf-Blind) 


Vol. XVIII November, 1964 No. 9 

Ivlessage from Annette Dinsmore 1 

News Digest 3 

Sports 13 

Jannie’s Corner 16 

Trivia 17 

Marginalia 19 


November - the month of elections, Veteran's Daj^ celebrations, the 
windup of the football season, and Thanlcsgiving! 

Recuperating from the election day excitement, we all find ourselves 
looking ahead to routine events - looking forward to Thanlcsgiving Day. The 
Thanlcsgiving weekend has always seemed to me to mark the peak of autumn 
activities and is usualty the last peaceful period before the impact of the 
pre-Christmas rush. 

Is there anything new or different to say about Thanksgiving? 

Some past November issues of TOUCH — AND GO come to mind. Once 
we described the Pilgrim Fathers and the first Thanlcsgiving. Another time 
we featured poor old Mr. Turkey Gobbler with a tear rumiing down his face 
as he contemplated the calendar. 

One year I told about Thanlcsgiving during my first year away from 
home, and the childish disappointment I felt when mince and pumpkin pie 
were omitted from the menu. Through the years, readers have commented 
sympathetically about this reaction - irnmature though it was - and have 
expressed the hope that I will have both kinds of pie this year. I always 
enjoy their friendly wishes. 

Still another year we discussed how you say "Thanlc you" in a number 
of different languages. This took a bit of research since I am no linguist; 
but the column seemed to arouse a good deal of interest also. 

Thinicing back is all well and good, but now we circle around again 

- 1 - 

'r.-h j j ' jaoiw 'i- ‘■idi - 'ratlc-avoM 

■ .ii j;,(*'.r I'rr lifijjocl oifi lo quf.Vliv,' 

' . 7330 roij'Dsio 0‘fi vio'x] ;;53nlt57„' 

■f.'T ;^■ • n,lr.7vu 7.aftjxo‘i b^.Oiix; gribJool 

0: ■ :■! i : ji iu.-O/.bov/ ;;nr'. !.]na>bi3dT 

?.ilj --OLil'^jr ni r.'OX 

^ii .' . . 3 r«.j .)7q 

‘ ' j xr7',toi?ib io y/o.f£ ciii al 

jj14' 177' lovol-’i 

'b' OPM 7 .t.-' - '3'T 1. 7 o:'i xoeoty >ii 


■ -i ■ Loid'-': o 'd.'}!-.! ''! .'.(■ ■ 'f.^oq I>0 iijdisoi 97/ 

. 7'’v.''£?.i:'7 ,;r;i 'Bjiioo 'm 

'• ■'■ '■ 'b; .7/ .:j 1 Xfiri-V onO 

' ■' A :■ ■ .'ud.qq. ,,ii;; ddfbiiiij 7(1,-^ bnr, 

■' - '■ .:;!i ,;.V^7i L^J.jLrTf' v79V7 

i -1. -dd: ... d \vUiiOb;7ijxqi:AY'' ' 

■ 'li ’d Jii-//.}' ■;).■•.■ ■J'b lj9ii,‘!37'|X9 

.ao'.l'.ir/' vfJ.jrixi'j’t rljfq 7pi./i.o 
■p!-- y, V7'7 jy// ••'i;3v >.2< Ifblil 

'•.'■1097 d.> .^o' :'ort ai'JT ,:'"j',ii.u:p5rd la'.-'xoBijb lo 

'* '*7vi., -n.] /: ,70!;.O7/J oi b'X.1008 itffU//' ' ) .iJCl 

.V.>I- :',v,i ,bcH-..5> >)::r. 11 V/ lU . : :;9X5d yfii:IrbTi'r 

to November 1964. What's new? What can we say that is not repetitious? 

Perhaps this is the wrong approach. There are so many changes around 
us constantly that perhaps some repetition is good for us; traditions can give 
us a stability we all need. 

So - this year - let's re-count our blessings, take an inventory of our 
assets, both physical and spiritual, and give thanks on November 26th in 
the good old-fashioned way. 

Thank you thanl^ you very much! 

Annette Dinsmore 

- 2 - 


-r-.a ..w ff>.o .jb'IV/ , .^oef 'ladni^voM o3 

oo ■' ; ;,'-r:v:T . d‘.>r.o Kiq^ -.irft ai aqisriT^'i' 

•■ "■ ix-^u '.i ^.i-.-roa aondioq JAiit yJ'^Wiarrco air 

.b 9 :>a lU; 9 V' G aw 

•-' ■'•,;■ ■ -’•' ” ;- 9 - a’tnl - abiJ - 03 

■' ''in'; I huH liiOia /Hq dSod ,=3)3aaj5 

.VB // i afToiffa'j'l'-bic' F>f>o;s 9 /.b 
.'nai'.!' ' S'; ‘•'“V oo^, >!rfjJiJT 

•.Ti , r- 


Are school boards constitutionally obliged to remedy school segregation 
caused by housing patterns? No, implied the Supreme Court last spring 
when it refused to review a lower-court decision permitting the Gary, Ind. , 
board to ignore de facto segregation. Are school boards constitutionally 
empowered to remedy de facto if they wish to? Yes, implied the Supreme 
Court when it refused to review a decision last month by the New York 
Court of Appeals. 

Unlike Gary, New York City's board of education had deliberately made 
pufSils' race a consideration as it tried to "balance" a de facto school. It 
drew the attendance zone for a new Brooklyn junior high school in such a 
way that its pupils were equally divided among Negroes, Puerto Ricans 
and "others," which is the board's euphemistic term for non- Puerto Rican 
whites. But four white parents claimed that the plan set up a racial quota 
system that violated a state education law against school racial discrimina- 
tion. Not so, countered the board, arguing that the so-called quota was 
designed only to balance the new school at the beginning. After that, the 
school would be open to any child of any race who lived in or moved into 
the school's area. 

A trial court ruled against the board, but the state's highest court 
found that the school zoning plan was fair, reasonable, and carefully aimed 
at avoiding segregation rather than enforcing it. Given such circumstances, 
ruled the court, the board is constitutionally permitted to zone new schools 

- 3 - 


M .4 /jifirjoii'rj JsjilO?) .; )ij>cri ’ov'rioa ■:>iA 

.. /. s.'lJ b‘='4r(i,-:i bsaufio 

0 •■.••:. •■/■; A uj b^auV-^’f. 3i a^iiw 

' OaA ■•'ijisa ot b'f^.od 

Y t'or i:-;-v/ .-Mri c jjpB l /••ij vbyf/i-'i. o.l j riovA-.(;"ii'> 

iL-:-!' 'A’cr'‘.vi ;■ li timO 

-^’■r^cjqA >0 riiioO 

...... 'In b'U-:.u‘ 

■ ' ..j 

■ j: • Y ,'ii nol.jf.1 :v .,p ooia'i 

'.PKhoozx’ -..‘vr . v...i v/atf) 

' f 

vrA ^ , , ■ isiii viiw 

"• y.i .: .Y 'nji '.O'.n'*' " AriorlJo’' Uiw 

> I 

’■.auc;:i-: H.’.ini'i'-q t>'iw T'J^4 ;uu .A-??biv/ 

'Y.;/!.,-.. ;\j' ^ ij tiif. i 

■:■' ;■.^ •l!.: ^b'a'’''c' ?JC»aYi'>jor> ,(’c^ .tua .fioU 

.) ■ I'-i l: V, ,)n -j-M 'iurt-Mob '{(mo 
■ i • ]„■• rl-j fH:- ••."Cl biuov^ loodoa 

^^.’itv.'doa ofii 

>f]; jji.! , /'^ocl eiY .*■', rs' 'vlii"' Jv’.'O-.^ Ir.riJ A 

'A /J Y '.v/ 1 ;)A^no: i<>oii-.;.i ifirfj rrmol 

i j.nio'icti V fi/idJ .!0rJe3'>f^aa gnib^c/F Ik 

iaf / 'Cj ’^[fi-aoiJuiUanoo «l b'".x>c-J o:t} .huc'j sdJ 

on the basis of race "in addition to other relevant factors. " By refusing 
to review either the Gary or New York decision, the only such cases that 
have thus far reached it, the Supreme Court, as predicted, has held in 
effect that the Constitution currently gives school boards broad discretion 

to treat de facto as local wisdom dictates. 

* * ♦ 

Speculation about the circumstances of Khrushchev's "exit" was plenti- 
ful; however, Russia's leaders may never reveal the full story of Khrushchev's 
abrupt removal from power after directing the Kremlin for a decade. But 
bits and pieces of the story began to fall into place last month. The final 
act in the Khrushchev story, it seems, began on Sunday, Oct. 11. 

Khrushchev at that time was vacationirg at a Black Sea resort. That 
Sunday, Leonid I. Brezhnev, now first secretary of the Soviet Communist 
Party, returned from a visit to East Germany and was greeted at Moscow 
airport by Mikhail A. Suslov, the chief party theoretician. While Communist 
diplomats waited to welcome Brezhnev, Suslov talked with him for ten minutes. 
Either that day or the next, the Communist Party presidium, the ruling 
Russian body, met and voted to remove Khrushchev from office. Some 
reports say two of the nine presidium members voted for Khrushchev. The 
presidium then called a meeting of the party central committee, an organi- 
zation of more than 300 members that is just below the presidium in party 
structure. The move was a shrewd one. In 1957 the presidium had voted 
against Khrushchev on a matter of policy. Khrushchev, his rule threatened. 

- 4 - 


'to'.'.io o) loWibbE 5 #obt lO alHiiC •;>vi uo 

• 'j ■•!•,( 1, 7 WT/j > v,‘i.f5v' ja'tik' ot 

■■ > 'oiquC* -j.lf .if rj.hilozo'x x'vl: aw/f] o/fitl 

j •’■ -v''::! -;l a afii ir.rii 

- .r. r:£j'.»iJ.> 0] 

> ‘}.j ‘,rfi hfodii /<f lit tuoaoP, 

•■• ■ is: ■ ; ■ /'.a r; imL-r.-ji c; ('i^auPi. . 

'?■■■* ^ i mo-n [£.-7oa^/y* '■'ivii.dB 

-YY ■•Vi oj,-' iin.': ■■:> P -ziflJ ’lo .j'v.-O'jiq bn.p. iiid 


. Y .v-TviY odi i.ii iOJB 

■ ‘ " r ^.1 rrib ^; '>.sv ' r:.iJ ;£ y 

' •■ ■ /s;i,[:cara .L niaov.i .viibnud 

a. ■'' '•: j'^lV L ^o’-l 

' P-’ -■ ■•.•■; '1 r" ff-’> ij,i; .’■•■•;!, ,y» .UGflbr"^ 'J \t'X.rii 

■ ; r,'"-: . .'OM, / ';’T Yrv,.'Y>i ' i;v; aiiY.Y.I'jfb 

' <,. 'I ;;.i’ 'fu:,-'. ; .j . ;: •r--!) -'C vib " T0''‘b1 

^ ■ ■'"■■' jVLKi'-' bohv- oiffi j>;ia ,yfK>n it-i,- •■;:'[ 

■' .-■• -v' i '•■ •-•fii'fT to ovi'} yiV. :i’10q»'r 

a'l'.'o'vitard u()‘: fti-n? -I'torn io 
i i'.Ol iti .HIO I dll <{137/ !■.. ,'Ofn r..'l . >'ri;iou'lia 

•• .'I / bii'-rru;, .v'jrloq lo x-jVlcfXf .r*. m- V9/fo*1i3U'jP/{ ts«l'.i,.3Q 

called an emergency session of the central committee, which upheld him. 

This time the central committee went into session on Tuesday. Khrush- 
chev, presumably still unaware of the moves against him, met that morning 
at his Black Sea resort with Gaston Palewski, France's minister for scienti- 
fic affairs. A half-hour after the talks started, Khrushchev received a phone 
call. He then excused himself and took a plane back to Moscow. Palewski, 
the last Western to see Khrushchev before his ouster, said the Russian 
leader had given no hint his rule might be in jeopardy. 

Upon his arrival in Moscow, Khrushchev was told by the presidium of 
the decision. Khrushchev asked for a meeting of the central committee. He 
was told the meeting was already in progress. 

Suslov carried the brunt of the attack on Khrushchev’s policies before 
the central committee. He spoke for at least five hours, concentrating his 
assault on Khrushchev’s foreign policy and agricultural difficulties. Khrush- 
chev was permitted a reply, although he had been given no time to prepare 
his defense. For more than two hours he argued vehemently, insulting his 
opponents. When he finished, other Russian leaders made shorter speeches. 
The central committee then voted on whether to remove him. Khrushchev 
retained some support but m*ost members were against him. According to 
some stories, Khrushchev lamely raised his own hand when the vote was 
taken to remove him. 

sf: 3fe * 

No one ever laughed at Jawaharlal Nehru. But these days, when the 

image of his successor, Lai Bahadur Shastri, flashes across New Delhi 

- 5 - 


:iqu 'MiiVJt 
M.'*', 1 ■ '’ i'.( r. . 

'ilrsM-::- Jj .-.iu.; zo fto’U'i.>a \on3'a'iojji9 as\ !>■ lUy 

■■ '--jfii mo'ff -59<!i'3:*T00 o;ii mn'il ctirfr 

■ ' * , .’iji.' . :n' yr:. \..r! 'x\ o/{:j T^^ •inhi.i.'Ji/ao iq[ .VOfb 

i.-r': , 'j'o.i ;i^r e.:‘3 

.:• Tyorf-ii.Bxi A .;!■:?(. iRi; ot'i 

i bvir.iipxa nriiiJ .IIeo 

. - '''ri ’ ■ r.r'i , , );;> .-,0^ ■)) iSEi jrfj 

• bi..; . r.i ja " .c ;si-' Jniil on rrsvir^ hiul nobEoI 

j ' '' b". ‘ . •■'■ ■..--iforbjj’jib'i .'A> '.' rrf frvri7£^ abi no^TT 


• '■■'''■ oiL •' !■. ■. ' 70r!orf^xTriX .no fiioub /'i-.t 

c;'''''-f .' ' ybce'jL-. E'v.7 ■;nh3''^''7 9(!f bb.b .,:8’.v 
•b‘.' . ■ ^ ■;' • ■ .j C'i. bDiTfEO 

' ? . ■;■ '• ..L .y, ill: 7.. .‘liraL/oij mJj ■> 

v'- '.j b'., j 'b . V'V ■ a' '/ vJ-xfejnij/T ;w JlifE-iuJS 

r: ‘Jjj,/j(,r‘io.J KEY/ 7ni{0 

r7- ..'v, 'Yj •: 

■) ’ :.'j' 

I ,/r*V 

bX)'^I . K-:ne'iob ai/i' 

•Y'.. b, :;•: Yrri • 

'ft. , yrj . -sli, ■* ’ 

■ ■■ !,<v .fY'r'f bT/.btyo 'iriT 

■ Jub i j w}<:fua o/rroe I 'Y.-bi.N'i 

.H-^i'iCJa o.fjaoti'^Y 'j) EO/Jj:' 

■h.>' .ifsdr'"^ .b:l yr/<jr’.7;b b-': borb^jL-El i.077 Hio o',’. 

'•#f.,.i.,ri 'Tj..bwl£.'l >EJl /i'-ayi'^ooua aid '?;^Eua 

• .. 

movie screens, all too often the audience breaks into giggles. After the 
aristocratic Panditji, the commoner with the Gandhi cap and small, brave 
smile is something of a Chaplinesque figure to many Indians. But despite 
their sniggering, these Indians still expect Shastri to solve all the problems 
that his great predecessor swept under the rug for seventeen years. And 
never have these problems seemed as formidable as they do now. 

Worst of them is the soaring price of food. In one 24-hour period 
during a special holiday festival last month, the cost of fish, meat, and 
chicken rose 25 per cent in New Delhi. Throughout India grain and rice 
prices have been rising for months, and only huge imports of foreign wheat, 
most of it American, have prevented famine from spreading across the land. 
Naturally, Indians blame the inoffensive Shastri for their stomach pangs, 
even though the shortages are clearly the result of the errors and omissions 
of the Nehru Administration — most notably of its failure to put enough em- 
phasis on agriculture. In some places, agitation over the food crisis has 
almost reached the stage of open rebellion. Within the past month, more 
than 3,000 people have been arrested in Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi’s neigh- 
boring state, for demonstrating against food prices. In one week alone, 
1,200 hungry slum-dwellers were arrested in Calcutta. 

Along with the seething economic discontent, Shastri also has political 
problems that require urgent solution. Trigger-happy Naga tribesmen in 
the rugged hills of northeast India have stepped up their demands for an 
independent "Nagaland. " The southern state of Kerala is being run under 

I.' ■' 

.I/.-' 3'/ j; ' . 

;\j.a r 'yd.< r^sjlc ocj flij tann^ioa ;3ryom 

. ;]j3r: .0 /!;!■] V/ /'^jtrm/noo oij ,i|.ii:iD£ir<l oijja 

vf.- '■ ■» y:u,^:l '^n : ■ LJ.‘5raca r^c sitofp 

ui •i.r ;.; '■■ '•,y.^. arv/Monl . ,73fjhi>.y'r:ina 

■j . .; >>■'/ i^bc: i Jqyvv:? •fca8o;:'3bs''H| J/5‘37j? sitf iJS'-rj 

' O/ >} /' ; bo. rjiS'.ta a:r£oldo'Tq OLOd- o; 'M 'rovoii 

■: ‘ ■' -■ ' - .O';:/" In rrOiiT;;^ OilJ 3X :i.fOrL} lO fO'.V 

■ ....''ni 1: . .5i.J. .r/-ivti?‘ii •'.GbilOlI isiooc!':; f-; r. t7/j.b 

;/! 0 .d T .i-dbQ 'vo’-C n- 7 oq g 5 oa' i [V-i^hUlo 

. ty. :>• ^.oyrir'tr ■ :>rija ..;’l.O/,. ' /jcrrsi':' rroBul ‘.vbjI af-'Uiq 

• --■ ■■ ■>"' ny,: ' rh']" y -yui U 'io Jaom 

'■••'.' ■■*■-'■■’ -..atr.'f'loa’ n- j axiobOM tyil.O't'didd' 

nu-' ■.:b .:.. ;yu ■{I'XLoio - .O'/i.-iiodg -ub dn"'‘>r'.' xtwvo 

■• ■■■’ ' b K-k in ••.Ml,!:,'.:' ''b'^vb A -rcrl'--''! obi 7o 

• .b? ■ii',' 0 ? i'l^ ''"•yrr.vx- .ao 

•'.j u'.s'y'" .: •// boJo .t :r‘:-xto o:.- ’bA oXfi 

' * •** .■ p i ')»••. f f 

■/•‘b X£l (food jV'Jxi 

■. '’OC 


V-* • 


i M '1 j yK' O:\fib -lol 



:r' bo: n':7.' n-x-) /.' a ' -i.Mv 'V'- ‘-url Oi'tf;;,! 
'' ■■■’ • <• -'^>0 .SisObin .r.ii:' -t'.i .‘fiooo o.b; ibb// ^nO/A 

’i ,••. ••Oi '-'I-.; ' •:,r .nciiubr': b'.'r,v''-p o^ami.-i Jfldi di' ■ ■; lo-iq 

=-• 'i I OV'i'i ty/-. .it ri; .n '>n ’jr:;/:l bfJJ'Jjj/T f/fll 

; {.'in;./ ,ri-..-!.,)t::-, ^ r; iriMbfioqohrd 



direction from New Delhi after Shastri's own party members there joined 

forces with Kerala’s powerful Communist Party to overthrow the state 
government. And in several other states, grumbling Congress Party dis- 
sidents have threatened to bring down Congress governments. 

♦ ♦ ♦ 

As Britain's Queen Elizabeth II flew homeward across the Atlantic 
last month, rumors blazed through Canada that she would never return. 
London quickly and flatly denied such talk. "She is Queen in Canada and 
of Canada," said one official, "and she will share her country's trials and 
tribulations as well as its joys." 

Yet there was no blinlcing at the fact that the Queen's visit had been, 
as London's Daily Mirror put it, "a wholly wretched mission." Liberal 
Prime Minister Lester Pearson had hoped that her presence would some- 
how draw French and English Canadians closer together. While her wel- 
come was warm and cheerful in Ottawa and Prince Edward Island, French 
Canadians virtually ignored her, and among those who did turn out in 
Quebec City were the separatists, who shouted rude obscenities, chanted 
Quebec Libre , and fought with billy- swinging policemen. 

Across Canada, English Canadians reacted with shock, revulsion and 
anger. The Toronto Daily Star called the Quebec reception a "national 
disaster," and an Ontario businessman spoke for millions when he mut- 
tered: "I'm a h — 1 of a lot less sympathetic toward Quebec this, week than 

r yjas Is^st week.. " Added a Newfoundlander: "I think the people of Quebec 
are a crowd of ignorant pigs. " 

- 7 - 

■'r i yrioo >iwo 'j Ml^Ci n^oi'i ,i:i»lti»oiil) 

• VC; -..t --li-LA ft;v.c,v, r;>q nfm 8&oiclt 

' c '-fiy 'iio ni bnA .Jrr«>rajrf'Tgvoa 

■;>. « 

■0 i fj n^yoisO a’;uiMnfI - A ' 

•'7 --'-...A {■''''■.■•fy'} d-^Ao'aA .cljno/r. 

7' '■■' .ALd! fi'j.vii bjifi,..'; bnju yl3;!;pA;p ; rbro^ 

- M •■-(■;. tliv; ftd?i brrvj" .A-bjiiA. on;, oAjc; 'A-iljiiffsO '.lo 

;,;y ',‘.11 y,c. Llev/’ fin ynt" 

■': ' u:; Jon’; ’'Eilr* ^r; SlorJ Wi' 




•■nr;;i Por.jC'rl bi,;, 

! .loovno'.'' ■ .n--. 



/i-ijcAaJ, b'ro'f 


;. b v.-T/ib worl 

A'T ; ■ c- 1. " ' ' b 

> M • ! I, *; U *v> ; } ‘*1. ’ * 


•■ 'r' .;uV 

'dj ■;. iiontc'- J;..f.i; 

i'oK -d-y'ioinpfr i} 



.^Aiody ''fiV' 

y.’Vi'ir, s-!)- 

■ •W 

V'HA PscBi-tO 

'..[;in’;v.''.. -•■,cf '.; ,1 I'llv.’’ iC I, . ;,., .o foiA '.*i5d'vj.A^ 

: , ;::-'A od; t-lU; j}d3 onT . 

■ '.’ '» (•■'c;-- n.euj. aoni MJU .'.Aj-jr' i on , 'to 'OfUiixo 

;.; /.-O' fiinryayfe '-O. »I 1o [- U i.1 AtT' .biilpt 

i.»r.!J (' ;' . i-Tf.ibnj;-'.bw‘Vi n „ obL . 'A^^onv/ trtni HJi.i'? "f 

” ; irtK'iOfiigj ic b'.vc'io n iixfi 

The danger, of course, is that the two sides may have been driven 
so far apart that Pearson will find it infinitely more difficult to push through 
the things that French Canadians clamor for: more provincial autonomy and 
a stronger voice in federal affairs. Yet, if nothing else, the Queen’s un- 
pleasant reception brought all of Canada face to face with a problem that 
many English Canadians had never bothered to thinly about before. "This 
came as a real shock in Ontario," said Eleanor Berry, a Toronto secretary. 

* * * 

There is a fun-loving admiral at the Pentagon with an engaging ru].e 
of thumb on just what constitutes military payola. "If you can eat it, drink 
it, or date it," the admiral likes to say, "then it isn’t payola." 

Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara, however, doesn’t look at it 
that way. Alarmed by evidence that a New Orleans shipbuilder had been 
treating a group of Navy officers to some high-stepping Southern hospitality, 
the Pentagon forbade all military personnel to accept "any favor, gratuity, 
or entertainment" from a firm doing, or hoping to do, business with the 
Defense Department. No ’ matter how pretty the payola, everything — from 
trinkets to junl^ets — was banned. 

Predictably, much of the U.S. defense establishment last month was 
up in arms. "This order impugns the motives of people at the Pentagon 
and in industry," snapped an official of a Midwest aerospace firm. An 
Air Force colonel snorted: "It’s silly to suggest that some industiy repre- 
sentative could bribe me with a $1 tie clip or a $5 lunch. " Military and 

- 8 - 

r- >;,n 

in ..t :(|( 
Ji/f ::-• 

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■y'du x^r: r' .f:' -'iij i:i:U r^i 

: ■.■'/cii. .'l.ojiriJa' ji lini] ifivv froa'i! . 1 Ip.rf^ Jtri'tqfl oa 

iq a'io. if • roj locrn^lo i’hnnp'.'' • lajJ'r’T ir/11 t^gnirli eilJ 

.'-i-Aa ^:{iLA' n. )i .w?. ni n .■ ov 'is-^o’jJa n 

I' oofA yj ;);:-j 7 n/iO ito ’I'i "]r!.T«/o'in' a^^ilqaaoi Jfjfsasslq 

■ J.v. dj;'! y>: .■'* O'- ‘v -jout'cl ■i'ovf'n brt ' ..i-Tjjibf.TpD rl«a-;aJI viigch 

.. r^TUij ■ v.'ru;- f:-r bf-a ' ,")X7i'''’rC ni /!oox'?. {xso'X B ap amjio 

ii -. ' 

rc.' '‘'i- b, j.; a: O'tsdT 

iP'v T!’’ vr.q r ,i Jxulvr ao dnTuai 'to 


.nq !'“:•/ .1, n,[X-b ot .'.''•fbi'itK cs;i,; '\Ji ©XPb to 

- •b V ‘nf! ,x 1 1, ( :? ■"■:' '■ /VH-ii-i" '3g:'ro'?oCI 

^ '"’■■A ... n d; -V.yr Ayi r-> yd raxA .yxsv/ 

ja-.. 'jn-.y, d r.; lo p ■QiuUn'ii 

•n ' : ’ jf. ; v., >■<:<■'. ilin*' ' ■; o' 

'■'• .1 ,n;; .'.t ■■'!.■■■ d '■■: .qiarAi 'ant y '’trtO'-if'.b..M:;!:iT i lo 

■ ' -"' . ■• ; 'rod T'.''')T;.a'y c , . .ai‘3: ■ o cut ‘‘‘ i ''3(1 

.Lai/'f;-" -b dory a> ;;Jc.dr?rrt 

>i . ' .. .A.r, , ' I > L’-.j'dxjh >.'j 'll'' ;!>!jf,! 

: ^- ■■■' d '.iOX-f 3tll • y-O' -.idT'' .Myiq Ai (iii 

r; f: '.-.v ..;;n3/'‘: ' pv. ", al bar. 

to;' "f.. y ' i ■ ' •ilie ad'),'’ ;Ivirn, :J, lonoIoO OO'IO'Z t’lA 

... ra 

■ .il. 

T ' .lij ji: Jt, ii *1dv.' ■.!'•. -j.iini biiioD nviiajnaa 

industry officials complained chiefly that the order senselessly outlawed the 
convivial business meal, which they noted is a perfectly acceptable commer- 
cial lubricant in the civilian world. 

The canopied and carpeted downtown Washington restaurants, where 
defense contractors once wined and dined military companions, already were 
feeling the anti -payola pinch. Luncheon trade at the National Aviation Club, 
a block from the White House, for instance, declined last month by 35 per 
cent. And the traditional fall military banquets, where defense firms enter- 
tain Pentagon brass and their wives, reported a cannonade of cancellations. 

At the Pentagon, too, the payola prohibition was taking hold. Trade, was 
unusually brisk in the officers' dining rooms, and businessmen munched in 
glum segregation in cafeterias. "McNamara, " complained one businessman, 

"is trying to kill a mouse with a cannon. " 


Late one August night in Miami, Mrs. Charles V/orthington, 67, heard 
a call from her stepson Richard. She hurried to Iiis room and was slugged 
to the floor by Richard's pal, Joel Gebhardt, 20. As Joel smothered her 
screams, Richard beat Mrs. Worthington to death with an iron bar. For 
three hours the youths sat around discussing how to split the Worthingtons' 
$40,000 estate. Then they crept into the bedroom of Richard's father, 

Charles Worthington, where Joel killed the sleeping contractor by firing a 
.22 rifle bullet into his brain. Next day the youths wrapped the bodies in 
stone-weighted canvas, loaded them in the family station wagon, and dumped 
them in a canal 18 miles away, where a fisherman found them four days later. 

M-fj jt-fL? 'J) ;il':ton!lo '^rtaubm 

;i- ■.- t:>r.lT 3 q js h:i 'pil! -iR^m 2r-,::/rtJ3ixl Icivrv/ioo 

.biTtc n nfiiJtvx' ts/li ni Jn.ooi'fclijf Ijsio 

riorj^i irlsK'’/' j'.'//..}*r>-wJi J:3.t3q'X.«i> bcic b:5K|0/fi;r> 5'ir 

. ;i: ; f'-£i rijab bfiii euao R'wi'jRiJiioo aanol^ob 

i.j'lxVii 9iii jji r.h'v/r noaliofifj.I ..*9rtic] xxIo'(.i$q~briXJ v^fiJ g.ti:iao> 

j-r:.'.] bonii-s^r r;i t:'/? .-.iaijoH aJi/iV/ od^ cao'il’ xJyoid ;5 

.•■.•' e: • r.; :;u ,;i‘:.:;.ux ihil' l*-.f£oiJil:?ti'xj lull brxA Jnoo 

j -cr Tiiqio .r; buJ ,a-jviv/ iii'uv adS'xb, HOT’Cune'^i’ aiuJ 

ivi! :.j-v.' ’; 0 ,'.!j,''i..(o.;i u‘oy^q o.rb ,of't aai 

LixX: ,3.’: ^nr^dlb '-ilfSoiBo ‘VJ:i a'i ;,!3fld •'/li.SlJgUXXU 

'-. j b -■; jf L ..liilieAlno u2 ri<AlE-^^‘ippz end's, 

. r bbv.- '''rrjjox.j £ Lfi.:' oJ '^niv-xJ af’ 

+ :?• >: 

j ;J- oV? .^. . ar '^’r-uA yao oi'Sj 

•.;a' c^t b-i^; ;. •.;iU J>‘-.EdvA;; ■ ocqyja 79xi rnoT* IJAy £ 

vr-*. Xx. . A: ,.'i. .ndfxdO- L b 'o’ yrb oJ 

I' r .; b‘b.’ flA;' '0 cj oi>.b;aj,dt'j, .aiU bxR.''oj;/I 
’•1 xu-’^ . v.^fJ .'iff 'uj'i fb i-xixtc'ti. A;a i^iDnoi cr'l a'axaxl oyirii 
: ->:. 'ic ’o'b .. y.i:.' r:/:. am:’.) r,/-.rivr .:)j>:.jdj (> 

. : ' '.;•■? •'.; ''dfi.' I'jul yvoxiw if.'Hx'j'''* 

■ ' ;•;/ ..'IhJ': -i.Xi ‘ ) .'-fVl . '>.X'xd ’.UX.! O-Tax JyJJjfd 

• 7 ;:. .;.:jv. •; ; ,; •;'!> -xt , .'b b.jbx.u^ '. jjf!' 

■'j ;'j<''’ rii,4j £ ‘.v. ’■■*' ,v.i‘7ii yy,li;£ 6i iiiiixu*- .£ 'r: 

Spelled out in all its grim detail in Joel Gebhardt's confession to the 
Dade County, Miami, grand jury, the Worthington slaying seemed to pro- 
mise tliat the two young men would soon be facing trial on two counts of 
first-degree murder. Not so: the grand jury has indicted only Richard 
Worthington — leaving "witness” Gebhardt to go completely free as soon as 
his friend's trial is over. 

Gebhardfs amazing escape from prosecution has shocked Miami and 
roused a hot debate over the uses of "copping a plea, " that familiar bar- 
gaining system between accused criminal and District Attorney that governs 
so much of U.S. criminal justice. Never declared illegal or unconstitutional, 
it is often the D.A. 's only means of solving crime or showing mercy, yet it 
has been abused by D.A. 's more interested in convictions than justice. One 
goal is to do away with the need for a lengthy trial by producing a fast 
guilty plea — a "copout." And, after weeks in a county jail, many a crimi- 
nal defendant is more than willing to plead guilty, to settle for a judge's 
quick sentence rather than insist upon his constitutional right to trial by 

Soon after the Worthingtons' bodies surfaced, Gebhardt and young 
Worthington were arrested as prime suspects, but the evidence was all 
circumstantial and neither man would confess anything. Then Gebhardfs 
lawyer, learning the strength, or weakness, of the case against his client, 
offered the deal that did the police's work for them. "It was half a loaf 
or nothing, " insisted Prosecutor Richard Gerstein. 

- 10 - 

!yoL >fx x- ; ’■ irri'^ aJi i.f'i ii: J'J'’; 

j borri:>fi.‘ r - >.i;:r:j.fix"i'-W -cH’' .vh-’t l>rxx^*r^^ ,i:,...'ji:' : ,7jrrrjoO '?bv':CI 

f:o iioos bL'JOvx :i.r'u't ovvj oiU 1£ilJ '"lalm 

’•^i'r-i pnil /'U.i;. i-ii •fiJ; ;o^ joK 

a a.: 70'-:"' •. ir ‘ il :;':.■•>") .oj ^nfivKoJ- xiol'VnidJic.V 

, 'ovc ax jx.:ri1 a’buJiTi diJ 

L :;.7>;.;ax!,; zfi-l !->qji7ao a'r'b'xjiddoO 

■ ;::rM r* xpyj! 'xovc 9j::clfb 5o;f '• b ''3Uoi 

. .rq '■ Jf;rl:'7rr3 bf'a.r -...' 

; , •■-v rr-r.r;;- xb Ti'f^ b !.i' xo fioxjt-i oe. 


. ;■ -X .'? ■•.li.' i*> ' j.'v i.oj. t' 'i'lftC 8 '.u.-.C .'ivxlO SX .Ji 

b'.7'. <;u: .-oiviy .■,; :u :::; : xo;u /'.A. -I v a/;J 

1. -;-j •;:., •;; --o ■■^rn} v ;.v-7;' '..lS f'Jiw vrv^^ cb oi f;i !i?o:£ 

:■ q;.v,. .;! i xv. .:7 c ji -Vy^'u ■;3;4r Ai/r'. ’.Aoqro" ‘:”-!:;aki 
XT'- xi u '■’;) v-lbix' b'lX/q = ■ qribivx a' Lbc 

•;;■ j o-’ j..., ;■ xld i.; q!' An,..' xnri; •.e.’jxv': ^brup 

> . V’lU? 

, . ,■ . .j'XOi’ I i'.' ;.i ■■; .'X'.' ■' ' ' rj U-. ' !;i I • ; *"f‘ ’ iji.i ■.•.i-dfX i j 

' . f ■' : . '..I'.r.C ,' j:, ’x 7 'lf>Vt,;X 

. ‘yr;r, ■;.., , ..L. ■:.• a.X'.': rX;' ;!70'W0 

‘ '■ Txf") ^ ./'.'J , "i.'.';. . ,'i ," ' /',f 3 i 

.f; . -rol liij < ;!. ■};:’> ; Ofl. bD 7 .»kO 

':, q ;,iw'. .M. ■ill'!. .;;!X " 7 ' 


The mandible in Abe Lincoln's animated jaw quivered to a stop, the last 
grinning visage faded from the Bell "picture-phone," the line in front of 
General Motors finally disappeared, and souvenir stands sold their last pairs 
of Unisphere glasses — at half price. 

The New York World's Fair wrapped up its first season last month, not 
with a bang but with a rumble of mimeograph machines proclaiming its suc- 
cess. And a success it clearly was — although not as great as its planners 
had envisioned. Attendance, while below the 40 million target for the first 
year, topped 32 million — more than any U.S. fair in history for a comparable 
period. But construction and operating costs may reduce the fair's surplus 
this year to around $12.6 million. Fair president Robert Moses had pre- 
dicted a $53 million surplus for the two seasons. The General Motors 
Futurama ride was the biggest draw with some 15 million visitors; the 
Vatican followed with 13 million, and New York State, General Electric, and 
Ford were among those pavilions topping 6 million. Spain with its flamenco 
concerts and Goyas ran off with foreign honors, while Illinois and New York 
jockeyed for the lead among the states. 

On the losing side, the Dick Button ice show, the Wonder World show, 
and the Music Hall at the Texas Pavilion folded their tents. One reason 
cited for the entertainment disaster was that visitors preferred watching 
nine Sinclair Fiberglas dinosaurs for free over paying $3.50 for a 250-man 
spectacle. The international pavilions, on the other hand, were frustrated 
by labor practices. "If you wanted to truck a load of paper plates you had 
to do it between midnight and eight," moaned one low-budget foreign exhib- 
itor, "and that costs overtime." 

- 11 - 

■ A. :rr 

c>] ' 

■f : J 

I'.'p'i d' I -onU rii uidibrui^? iiriT 

. fi' .It* ij.-j .,,1 ' fjd;} a'i'5'i'l r.,,5Bniv ^Binnrc^ 

n’! . II ■ r -' , ra''j([qc?.ib vUiJcn'^ ijii'-tanoO 

. .-ji'i'.i Mnr. oivffaai/ij io 

; I ;<i!':i// e'[J ^ V, ji'ioY v/;;Vf '?dT 

:•' Ik' of-'fnr-’f i: /fJiv/ i' Aj'i'f/ 

f i' '- I ; in— riC j j, n bn'', ..'iihOO 

' 'n f 

■'o' .•l' ..iiii;/ 


vio; •- ^tl) artoi'i-^rHinl.;' 

:f £C i.'oqqoJ /U’;)V 

• 'O'-- !>aii iK.jj' t 

•'O'O'-; bfC .b'/rroq 

d .FFlFi 0: 

noc j>> ?; iiriJ 

'-■'■■j i .> c nn 

.■ "ibai -"Scj; n bojoib 

:bi; .' .- •■•'ib ; n.,?;?";' ‘7’ , •> 

r . 'J)i 2 

y -r 

fi r .n:.’Alri/i f 'ii: <■ 

■ nr.oi'jf'V 

sn;yr.i:vn. a-i.;''' 

r: ■. •‘,» : '=)'// biol 


nnr: !0.' r{:fi'V a,.o •■,... 7 

; • , '.ii b: ^ 

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,'.> ■ ‘ 

'i'-oM bdt .'oby-. 

; ' , 'Oi .yd.t aO 

■fol , 

. anxisT '’rU . ' 

' ''i .srf'J b/is 

■ ■ I'nfj . Tn-jpn?,ib 'wf.! 'ioi balb:) 

; >' ..j-'i ■. i *,;xij i o/iia 

• ’ b' it ,r’i, >iiiv/!(j "^ffT .oF.v^sio-jcjrt 

A iini o."* ty'iini-w vo f y‘' lodftl v.d 

o' ' !-v,i7n >rr. ' , *d>'/ ) bnr -idif '.'bln /nO;>' q;jd i? ob OS 

3)aoo iwdJ lvi;j" ,w4i 

-ii- ■ ' 

One group that was more than satisfied by the first season was the 
city's hotels, which claimed 83 per cent occupancy for the summer (vs. 

64 per cent in ’39). And one person who will miss it is an 8-year-old 
Queens lad — known to the fair guards as Danny — who has visited every one 
of the fair's 140 pavilions. lie simply slipped under the fence in back of 
press headquarters; 136 times, to be exact. 

* * * 

As the fallout from Peking's nuclear firecracker wafted toward the West, 
the political chain reaction had only begun. Taking full propaganda advantage 
of its feat, Red China unctuously dispatched messages to heads of state, 
among them President Johnson, urging a summit conference to discuss nu- 
clear disarmament. U.N. Secretary-General U Thant took up the call, 
suggested a meeting perhaps next year. The U.S. State Department had 
already rejected Red China's ploy, calling it "a sucker proposal" since 
it made no mention of inspection. If the Chinese are really concerned 
about all this, said the U.S. , they can always sign the partial test ban 

But the unavoidable dilemma remained: what to do about a Communist 
China that, in the foreseeable future, will be a nuclear power. Any type 
of delivery system, no matter how crude, could vastly change the strate- 
gic balance in A-sia. In fact, it has subtly changed already, confirming 
many Asians in their growing belief in an eventual Communist takeover 
of all Asia, shaking hitherto staunch anti-Comniunists in their resolve — 

- 12 - 

12'trt pii. r^d nRxi* ij/tv/ J.^rlt qunug r>flO 

i. i > v- 'ia(; bSirii/sid ddirlv/ ,sIaiorf a’vjllo 

' f' ...r Hfv. ou f/ ;io?. c^q '>ffO ni ‘Jtoq 

-’fi -C ■)■ t.rrvjy 'ihU oi nmfitA-—bhl 

'f' '. 'Kiif;; '{j'd. iiu .-if!; 0-M e'-lifil ’-ffU 'id 

;<.;• '! ''1 aui ;jrfoHj^«pbr«3;f aao-iq 


. ,r/' '•'TL" in i.:o-i1 JuniLcj srJi a A 


■k 'i.’i-' k^i;; ri a.huio is'shiioCf adi 

/.‘-./.'ouloi.j; r.r-ifl3 h*»rf ,3r.ol ’SS'i lo 

■ . /'lOfV ...'.-‘lianii -T, K' ‘bxr.^-vx'-S; ‘.g/tOJiJS 

r ' / 

. '■ -■ '' V»‘ '.u. .'L'-n ’-i -ob .’'t-U ^ .:t:£y.cnr^f;;'ifi’jijU') iXiiilo 


■ C'> .i.i".*;;v.. li Jb^^JC 07 ^fJUa 


'• '■ I- . ■ ' d:f': '_■> . b-' bo3'3.o^;vf ybiJiinlfi 

i - :. ' • . ■-"; :■ ■( i' . .r'.'' ■ ':Uf.i ■u-„i dll obotd' Jl 

'.■■■;.! I • '>■?! .;■< '•uii ,. ", I Mf'j hi.fie ^u\s U/s m'de 


.b . .iVH- ' 1 ‘VI r/' L.-. Rklabi'W.vio 'iB'i 
' I '•. }• -r 'ir r ,t>7< l’:i •T'kfB > '>d3 „3c.ft! xumlD 

' ,1,;... i?.(yfvj WfMl t.i/jflftr vn x.'i.yvilab'lo 


>' ,' •„ ir:.'. mO v.lfufM H rii .ffifjA iii ^iS 

V /n“> ‘0 nfl 'll I’lUv'Ci :;4CilW( 'ilerii ai dficiaA y/mm 

■ '• tif'i ■urrB . -lian om«riJid giibimlii ►CtftA fla lo 

and giving other nations nuclear ideas. Thanks mostly to technology sup- 
plied by the U. S. , a dozen or more countries — among them Egypt, Israel, 
India, Japan, West Germany and Mexico — possess reactors capable of pro- 
ducing uranium or plutonium. The U.S. Atomic Energ}^ Commission esti- 
mated that nowadays, for an investment of $50 million, a country can 
establish enough plutonium production to manufacture one crude weapon a 
year. Communist China’s example, as President Johnson puts it, "tempts 
other states to equal folly." 

Except on Chiang Kai-shek’s Formosa, there is remarkably little talk 
of curbing Peking’s folty by hitting the Chinese before they are really strong 
enough to hit back. In Washington, a U.S. Congressman asked Secretary 
of State Dean Rusk why the U.S. had not "detonated that bomb for them" — 
in other words, blown up Peking's embryo nuclear establishment. Rusk 
replied: "We considered this but decided against it." In effect, such a 
decision, in all probability, would not be merely to take out a bomb or a 
plant, but to go to war with China — and perhaps ultimately with Russia. 

* * 


Atop Tokyo’s National Stadium, the scoreboard flashed one last mes- 
sage: SAYONARA— WE l.IEET AGAIN IN: MEXICO CITY, 1968. Darkness 
fell, the Olympic flame flickered and died. There was nostalgia, but no 
regret, no fear that reflection would do anything to dim the luster of the 
XVIII Olympiad. For in 15 wondrous days, 6,500 atliletes from 94 nations 

had tumbled, leaped, twisted, soared and splashed to a kind of special 


. J v!.r;:,..r vlred'^ TftjloLa saoiiiia: ■trdiiio a«^/lg bn£ 

r'.'L I »ra/''>o ’riCiCt n a , o(li yd boilq 

“ ^o:j--.y.-ii;‘:o.'^L Fura ym’iCT'mO ja')V/ ,iU\qBXj ,cibial 

o.i ‘ r. '■]■ od'i .i-.uTf:oJ;;?q *io ixcij.L««iTM ^jcrioub 
‘ '' 5 ^ i " i .iTc vrij. jsyj'JjBvron iarf^ bsifaxa 

j ,,(r '.-j't' ■ r »>: ho-sq mui/roiwlq ri'gj:»o<r« ff3UclfsJ39 

, j . 1 .' •;.?:! , •,;, jOi.K-ca-/: ;) a’jXt'D 'ji; iiau'B'aioO ."easy 

.’/(let .IrjjpD oi -asidJo 

■ ■ a;: 

J 0'-.ri' O J'- yd 'dk)! wid’rwii ki ^ 

■: •■ I i: iisi oi rhujon-j 


.• ' T f t ,^i•,'{ or’j- vefv'' aaDCi f'1'2'13 io 

•■i d;,;...':.; >r-u ■x.':? V',. :ryrik;'/i ;j rW' Jd ,qp707/ Toflto «i 

.■ / 

•• . '. ’ .i; : ja, jb .fLYi Afii' i.jiuL'iai; »w' •i'/,*” i 

^ 'A ' ■;••;■ l.'l'i'.nv , y1 ! '/» '. ;do Vj llfi ni 1. 

___ i 

- -n.. .; , [y,--- - i,,,: t'Zt iuiVr W// 05 twi . ' < 

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In some future Olympics, other athletes would swim faster, jump higher, 
throw farther; and some day it might not matter any longer that the U.S. had 
beaten Russia in their private battle for supremacy in the Games. But the 
memories would stay — of Bob Schul sprinting across the finish line in the 
5,000-meter run, the first American ever to win the race, soaked with 
rain, plastered with mud, a look of utter rapture on his upturned face. Of 
Russia’s Elvira Ozolina, crushed by her defeat in the women's javelin, rush- 
ing wildly into a hairdresser’s to have her head shaved in shame. Of South 
Korea’s defiant Dong Kih Choh, disqualified in his flyweight boxing prelimi- 
nary, sitting angrily in his corner for 50 minutes while officials pleaded 
with him to leave the ring. And of the Hungarian water poloist who lost 
his trunlcs while the whole of Japan watched on TV. 

If the first week belonged to the U.S., the second belonged to everyone. 
By the time it was over, 41 nations had divided up the costume jewelry. The 
U.S. did fine in sailing (two silver, three bronze) — but the 15 yachting medals 
were split eight different ways. Germany’s balding V/illi Holdorf, the oldest- 
looking 24-year-oid in Tokyo, won the decathlon. New Zealand’s incompar- 
able Peter Snell, already the 800-meter champion, scored another awesome 
victory in the 1,500-meter run for what he termed "a nice double." Austra- 
lia’s Betty Cuthbert, who won three events at Melbourne in 1956, cranked 
her 26-year-old bones around the 400-meter track in 52 seconds to win 
her fourth Olympic gold medal, and a tidy bundle named Ann Packer became 

- 14 - 





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ifi l i.. T ■■ ■' •i.-.': •.,- :r<i-u; ,ck>fi. 'o — ’/juiz fali/ov/ eioHoiaBiTi 

'■■ ■^.r:. :.•.■■ • L'A d i'lifT udi ,nij-j ‘i!«?:l 9 ra -000 ^ } 

• ■■ • .i; y .‘-qu-i /..uiir ir.i vKjo^ r. ,bjKr d.ltv# ,b«r.:'jj?jGiq .tik&'x 

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.1 .sj/. ! ' t--- : ■ ., y«/'i, ri MJ) .Ci U 

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‘ Jo ■■;,).t M-'OOd OflJ /br.OiUi Jlau?2 oldis ’ |i 

•"' .! ti.ij’w ‘;t> ai'-' 'f^'tor/c-OCO, J oif") ni ^^’*ot>rv 

.. • .; ‘i I ■ . ' ''■<r>v» o.-.jilj 1 C.V/ offv;- 7 „;WoiI 

n' or. j fflSoi-fKiJ-* o.jt aonoci folo--7«iOy.“<)S tM 

’ tici<' i y.jL>i:f n brrjL' .l/ I'io’j- oiqmT^lO lUrjol isid 

i 1 

-0 1 - 

the second British woman ever to win an Olympic track gold medal when 
she took the 800 meters in world record time. 

The Russian men, shut out for the whole first week, finally got a couple 
of gold medals in men’s track and field. Romauld Klim whirled the hammer 
228 ft. 10 1/2 in., and Russia's Valery Brumel beat the U.S.’s John Thomas 
for the ninth time in ten meetings in the high jump. Both Brumel and Thomas 
cleared 7 ft. 1 3/4 in. ; the Russian won because he had fewer misses. 

Those victories did little to pacify Pravda . Where were all the "sure” 
gold medals that track coach Gavril Korobkov had promised? In track and 
field, both men’s and women’s, the U.S. picked up 14 to Russia’s 5; in 
swimming, the bulge was 16 to 1. Then there was basketball. "The result 
will be a surprise,” predicted coach Alexander Gomelsky just before the 
U. S. -Russian final. If anybody was surprised, it wasn't the Americans who 
rolled to an easy 73-59 victory — 47th in a row for the U.S. in Olympic com- 
petition. Of course, when it came to toting up all the medals, including the 
semi-precious ones, the Russians beat the Americans 96 to 90; but around 
the Olympic Village they were calling Barracks 11 and 12 "Fort Knox”: that 
was where the Yanl^s lived and the gold was. 

With visions of Siberia dancing in his head, Korobkov did the best thing 
he could thinlc of: he said he would retire. A Hungarian canoeist had a 
better idea: he defected to the U.S. 

* * * 

- 15 - 

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15 'll 


Hi there ! It ' s me again. 

Teddie is a little cat, I told you about Teddie before. She likes to 
copy what I do, I copy her sometimes. 

Teddie 's Boss took her to the cat show. 

My Boss said I couldn't go to the cat show. She said I'd scare all 
the cats there. I like cats. But cats don't always know this. 

Teddie has long hair. It looks like silver and shines. She is pretty. 

Teddie sat on a pinl: pillow and lots of people looked at her. They 
said she looked pretty. They gave her some blue ribbons. 

The Boss says now Teddie is Champion. 

The Boss says our movie of some deaf-blind people has a blue ribbon. 
The movie is Champion, too. 

I have no blue ribbon. 

I'm not Champion. 

But the Boss says I'm her Champion. 

That's good. 

Goodbye ! 

Jannie Dinsmore 

- 16 - 

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a/x^s oa y'Ji Ig'xerU iU 
r.'o/^'blo'i f ii si'oujboT 

Tjf{ Ytpo I .oi) j iQi'v/ '^cpa 
3rl'j Oi- 'loxi csof: a'aifcfosaT 
■;;) oy -'rblL^o I ,b'i3e saoa 

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'f[ > ti .'dor! 

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■■*■ 'si'-'il' .’{■Jj'J'A/ be:lO')l J>if3 bi>;2 

V, ofi r:T£2 \.'.cotr*9fIT 
•..■ ‘0 ;b :.‘V ,. -yo .;vos jdT 

.oi-.t ar'ora o/rTi 

..■rodui'T ;jij[d on ovo/J J 
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.ucoi{ ?Jhi(lT 

' ‘ iV . vb^JoO 


NOTI-IING LnCE AN OLD HAND! - In Seattle, Washington, Carl Smith walked 
into the precinct station and signed his name with a firm hand. Then, he 
cast his ballot and walked out with a spry step. Carl Smith is 105 and 
probably the oldest voter to cast his ballot in this election. 

* * >i< 

A NEW BEAT FOR SLEUTH - A former superintendent of London’s famed 
Metropolitan Police force has come out of retirement in Los Angeles to take 
on what he considers the greatest security assignment of his life. "It was 
just too great a challenge to turn down," said Cyril Lloyd Preece. During 
his 32-year police career, including six years with Scotland Yard, he helped 
guard the British royal family at public events. The assignment is to pro- 
tect the Beatles when they perform in Hollywood Bowl. 

* * 

CRASHED — IN TIME - Edward Allen, 32, of Wilmington, Mass., escaped 
with only a scratched arm when his car plunged 25 feet onto a railroad 
tracks a.nd burst into flames only moments before a train was due. Hospital 
attendants said he escaped serious injury in the plunge onto the tracks be- 
cause his body was encased in a liip -to- shoulder cast from a previous injury. 

>jc 5|< ^ 

IT’S SIMPLY DIFFICULT - In War stein, Germany, city manager Heiz 

Pikullik said his city’s code limits civil service promotion from grade nine 

to grade eight to em-ployes ^yho "carry out a difficult task." The cede, he 

said, defines a "difficult task" as "one which is not quite simple anymore. " 

* * * 

CUT THE PUB-LICITY - A news dealer in Camber ley, England, has put 
up this sign for commuters on his stand: "If you are mean enough to steal 

- 17 - 

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=1 : ;• 1'., . ;, >■;."? . 'liivi iwo b?»^lav/ loliBtl aM 

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‘••■.V..- r- 'J •.Jr:rr^’q,tr> ^ - H'C’jnja MO^TAia V/HW A' 

• -f : k' Ji.T), bt) iiWJ vO'Jol ablloq aBifioqo‘(,toi\l 

y; - .. ',1 ..' ■■ ■^.r..,:.;> .-ir'-ub-j?. ^':ir-rk^'r;q y,-Lf a’itvl'ianoD or! Wrfw ,(.icr 

r-, ■■:; ...'■ffoi, o.r ri:ja-jn.nxb R coi Ittift . 

j I./' -'.irr. •ioo'xr.o “^ioiloq aid 

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.j 'i ■\h‘‘ 'y'.'b ... .-<-?i;;.rTri oia: Jaixitl brro aftonti f 

: ■_ 'i''- a. .?.i;oi'.- JC! bDcji’-jco ni Ouia 

• T •: . -••■ rvblj.'cxv- "Or- Cjiit i; .'ti teeiBOtib .Jf/v 'ihoct 

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. '..yH. 7,--y ii-n cni'de^rV^ ol - 

,i.,, M bjr,-. ,7 y>i.'rvj‘i I ■b.'^ -jUfvixJ i&boo aiff Oiiio .>Jillu;lW 

j J'; JTu.b i' xy; \TU'f* oilv; ao'irplcjnto cl stbcig o4 

fif.L f». i.;.' .<•!< 5’> ac ":!aeJ js ff.aailBb ybica 

•/•■ 1 • .i , ..yr'^r ni «v/on A - YTIOli-aU^ 3?1T TUO 

ijjf-y 1 ax*: '• y )i” tbnxiia airi rto stTiftimmoo *rol nisia BifU qif 


a paper, don't add insult to injury by bragging about it in the pub down the 

road. " 

* * =i< 

BINGO! ZINGO ! - In Nottingham, England, an electric shock knocked out 
bingo caller Tony Smith, 26, when he pushed his finger into the machine 
after one of the numbered balls had fallen into the wrong hole. 

* * 


- City officials of Dover, England, have dealt 

with thousands of requests for samples of chalk from the famous white cliffs. 
But they were stumped by a request from Mrs. Pearl Bacon of Bartlett, Tenn. 
for "some clean, but salty, sea air of Dover, where I was born." 

- 18 - 

' Jm'ocJq oi sluzri hba f ncb .“toq^ fl 

•’ .bBO'l 

♦ * 

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■; '■•; oi ..'.'iil-fucf i>fj’ fi9f{v/ ;82 %aoT laHiio o'^ald 

7 '• i rijlbu ,'ilfid bi'j-'^^cicTLra ©dj i>rK' 'iotla. 

ft S' it* 

,7 'vur >r' viiD' - K:.'Ta,?-o o.{g a qg a >UAHO 

■' :' ■'ll y'off'7 .ic •.i''dqrij J;--; idj ’Jo ab/w^at(OfI;t ittiv/ 

■; t-i': vx .rjfi'i. :v.i.;rl ic'.'M'.’MDx « v'd b3qi.!f5x.}a oiow hjO. 

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Texas-born President Johnson, 56, running in his own right, swamped 
conservative Republican Barry Goldwater and became the first Southerner 
elected Chief Executive in 116 years. It was the greatest Democratic triumph 
since Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Alfred M. Landon of Kansas in 1936. . . . 
Robert F. Kennedy was elected to the U.S. Senate from New York, by defeat- 
ing GOP incumbent Sen. Keating as the Dem-ocratic party rolled to its greatest 
victory of the century. In Massachusetts, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy easily 
won his bid for a full term in the U.S. Senate. ... The nation’s "most stunning 
upset" took place in Ohio where Sen. Stephen M. Young narrowly won re- 
election over Robert A. Taft, Jr. . . . Former White House press secretary Sen. 
Pierre Salinger was defeated by former actor George Murphy in California’s 
U. S. Senate race. . . . President Johnson named a special group to study 
new policies to help prevent the spread of nuclear weapons in the world. Of- 
ficials said Communist China’s detonation of a nuclear device last month 
was a major element in the decision to preview U.S. policies on the prob- 
1 e m of nuclear proliferation. . . . France signed a trade agreement with 
the Soviet Union, guaranteeing the Russians credit of seven years on $350 
million in heavy equipment. The long-term credits extension, opposed by 
the U. S. and West Germany, is the largest volume ever granted the Soviets 
by a western nation. . . . The Supreme Court held that Virginia cannot 
maintain separate voting, tax, and property ownership records for Negroes 
and whites. In another case, however, the Court upheld a Virginia law 
requiring listing the races of parties to divorce actions. . . . The bodies 

- 19 - 


/■' .. '■' -If r-"i .c>L- .^aiifi'ji. Tfod-'-aRXJT ‘ 

'•:':l.' .;Tr.-, , ,' . "; ■ ,*r. . -.Icv) :iLOi'idmiL,H. avilRV'iOr'iioa "JM 

■ '' ■ ■'. ,; ■.'•rti,(iO-:»::i K-UrfC) iV5jc,K<l;5 ' <'vh 

■•'.•■-» ../ .ri aih'ifsj!” « nio.cii^ 


■ . r; >•• ^.ij ''i v!)vua'='>I .'A .f'T'KloM . -.11:11 

/'■ ■'[ i '' a'. ■' '.r; ,ta.->d/i£:;Of.; In'.' 

■ .'vr:’ , .1: .V'iii," ;il 'iiVyj '{;i< r-'Vf ' 

. ■■ .d.j '-'•-'i .viJj ••■; ,1..' Hijt 'ioi bi'd .lial -it.-vr 

. :'•■■■ ,. w'->: *;> '-voBfq >k'„d "joaqjj „ „..'j 

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. ..■ '.'J •;■• ■ ] 'll ■■>•'■•1 I ,1 

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- :i xo •.•..':r ~ 'd. .;y)BT .'l .U ' Jfif 

■' ■ .n.i rJoil . ..'©]■: r ■ ■ .n A*}ySH 

.'j.*' . od' n a£)w 

I ■ - K.r-' -iLj ■'>ni ■■':'( 1 ;»■' L'g ,:K.rui; J-jj'?'"-?* turfl : 'm/M 

' I ■ k r ..Jif^rrjct'Lt. > v'/i \'! iri 


'k ■)ri.} \\i , ,>j3Att - iiJ 'V/ bn-: .k fJ -ijrii 
■ "' ■ ■ .:i k '.,0’upc! •■d’l ... •r-.n.'-f):! intr's'r jH 

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.■if! • r iTi;' 'v ofk ,',v' V . r.-jn Tuiioim ill .t'.olhJv/ brtsk 

of eight American servicemen were removed from a downed C-125 trans- 
port after South Vietnamese fought a night battle with Communists. Cam- 
bodia, supposedly '’neutral" but long leaning left, admitted shooting down 
the plane. . . . The Nobel Prize in physics went to an American, Dr. 
Charles H. Townes, 49, of MIT, and two Russians for developing the 
laser-maser principle of high-intensity radio and light rays. Principles 
theoretically may range in application from eye surgery to a "death ray." 

. . .Premier Chou En-lai of Communist China has expressed hope that 
relations between Peking and Moscow will improve following the downfall 
of Nikita Khrushchev. Chou said Khrushchev's replacement as Premier 
and party leader was a "good thing. " ... Delegates to the Second Vatican 
(Ecumenical) Council abruptly halted debate on the Roman Catholic Church' 
traditional stand against artificial birth control. After liberal and con- 
servative prelates clashed sharply, the more than 2,000 Council Fathers 
voted over-whelmingly to set it aside for the time being. . . . The State 
Department disclosed it has protested to Communist Poland after a hid- 
den microphone system was foimd in the new American Embassy in War- 
saw. As expected, Polish authorities denied any knowledge or respon- 
sibility for the listening devices. ... Canada's Immigration Department 
reported that 44 Cubans aboard an airliner bound from Havana to Czecho- 
slovakia defected at the Gander, Nfld. , International airport. More than 
200 Cubans have used the Gander stopover to escape from Castro. . . . 

Nine McComb, Miss. , white men pleaded guilty to charges in racial 

bombings of three houses and a church, sentences were suspended and 

- 20 - 

.L*(-V vl' i; '.c*'! M-v'-oc. ‘:'*i }o 

.. •■•■ 'r '“ jUuoIj ’lefw i roq 

\* '. -'rt ’’li-Tir. .♦fi*' yiboaorrrp.i .f.ibod 

o.^ '-i-. ni. lodoK .€(:C.j,q oni 

V ■-■■ ■> ■■"- ■■•vj bcij: 'f : (•:' , rHonv/r»T ,ii e^jl'nirlO 

■;( ■■'. . .=■'■ c . b; ;: •. rbr.x 'vi ' r- :';'! I'o ■:.(qinai‘:fq 7 

"7'''- -'t'cr.: ■ y.:." r;t apjnfty '{JI r/j If r> 

■ :..vj : 7 .;i D j u'-v' .. < i^'O Ic :jr 10 Moiris''*!. . . 

. : •••'-■- ■■jv.'.y'iuJ \llv , ; brin no,^\' 7 jsd jvruftTjJs^ 

.’ ■ : i < .;‘7' b.i.a 70 ;':' .7'3r!od:^)j'.uf2^ V'j 

••■;•' ■•( ci' y ... ;■■; j' :;;fivr xt'rsijq bm ' 


'■ :' 7:' ,' b? ;■ ' 'X ■ •:'• /dtri’ictj; (! ^i'dqo'T:’ oUl) 

'•.r" ''v;'- , ifr'7',.';o '/ ■'.■ilw'i.i- .ejzurofi 

' _■ ' 'r'-.,... . -b ■;' ^ iy'y r;7')iivrr>a 

1 . . ... j • ;' '-'b';:' jf R. O’'" /ix^xa'^rdow ' -7 isvo boivv 

.V... ■: ■" ) R-i '. -Jj-i f an;I ^.l haeoTo^rf.' ‘^n 

-•7 R- 'y ■ ■ ■.; ■•. li^y.-jb ■.:■'< '■ ■• doq .ba;{ooq/^o tj/’ . rna 

■ R : yji.''” / , • I ' 7 .' •.: , .-R'.'iv Mi jptni'laxj aiit 'ioi vMba.^ 

• .. ;. c ; '7;f .••' ivxid 'iii ra; !*•!• Ifirb bo,J'ioqn‘f 

•).■' ..; • '■ ' •■ ' ■ i ::':i:x >7,, , .'• >/' .ii>l>rTn-U o.ij js !?. duo.b.iib .cblrvolcJ 

'•■ ' ^ ' y.'\ -fpOTi j - ' xav^'f .- ' X ' OffJ boa:/ ovfi:i ax^/^dl^' ' 0/>S 

■'■ ■ r,. 7 . /•' /tti:-. ',‘ ’-M.'..-t '.'.d:',-/ . ,dr;':o'^cii‘'t oatM 

i ••■’.oa:; -I/O ■ '>■•>'" ' .;.s .rioaxab r, br.n ,;'>BL‘oa lo ai'.Mnl.itCiod 


they were on probation by a judge critical of civil rights workers. Pike 
County Circuit Judge V/. H. Watkins, Jr.'s, reasoning was that the defend- 
ants came from what he called "good families," while some rights workers 
were, in his words, "of low morality, and some of them unhygienic." ... 

A rare book of essays memorializing President Kennedy’s brother Joseph 
and inscribed by the late President was sold at auction for $2,600. The 
book, entitled "As We Remember Joe," was privately printed in 1945, has 
an introduction by the late President and about 25 essays honoring Joseph P. 
Kennedy, Jr. , eldest of the Kennedy children, who was killed in action 
during World War II. ... While Soviet propaganda blazed away at Nikita 
Khrushchev, the ousted Premier was reported to be living in a four-room 
apartment near the Kremlin, receiving a pension of 1,000 rubles ($1,111) a 
month. Residents in the same apartment house include new Premier Alexei 
N. Kosygin, Presidium members Suslov and Polyansky and two men Khrush- 
chev threw out of office, I.iolotov and Zhukov. ... Astronaut Theodore C. 
Freeman, 34, was killed when liis T-38 jet crashed into an open field a 
mile v/est of Elington Air Force Base, Houston, Texas. Freeman’s death 
was the first for the U. S. astronaut team, and reduced the number of 
astronauts to 28. ... Reform- minded Crown Prince Faisal was proclaimed 
King of oil-rich Saudi Arabia. Dethroned King Saud, Faisal’s ailing older 
brother, will receive a pension of $20 million. ... A team of five surgeons 
restored the severed right arm of Oklahoma State University basketball 
player Bob Swaffer after a six-hour operation. Swaffer lost his arm when 

he caught it in a machine used to spin water out of clothes. ... A Kremlin 

- 21 - 

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' '-i^L .,.■''■.7,') bo’v.;'!r,:-;:.'folo'-' ... .oi' cJ 
'u ...f-'i bojoxii.f'.ri .xifciirxA ibr;;,:: rl'ji'x-.i'to lo 
. . .roHiur; lo r. rjviooi-yj. lUv/ '+(.>•.;! 

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J'jo T-viiv;/ a.q,-' <>:/ tyjju onJfhum r, ai tj jxl)]ujju 5.'I 

document said to be circulating among Soviet Sed leaders assailed Khrush- 
chev for bungling the 1962 missile crisis. Delegations of Red leaders from 
European countries apparently were satisfied at explanations they received 
for Khrushchev’s ouster. ... A secret report by a Senate subcommittee on 
juvenile delinquency charges it has found, ’’conclusively,” a relationship 
between TV crime and juvenile delinquency. The report makes clear it 
does not contend TV is the sole cause of delinquency, but emphasizes the 
medium’s impact on easily moldable minds. ... Felice Ippolito, 48, former 
head of Italy’s atomic-energy commission, was found guilty of embezzlement 
and misappropriation of $15 million in state funds during liis four years in 
office, and sentenced to 11 years in prison. ... In El Centro, Calif., a 
jet bomber, roaring along only 20 feet off the ground during a parachuting 
show, crashed into a recreation center at a Naval air base, killing at least 
9 persons and injuring 26 others. . . . President Johnson began using contact 
lenses to read speeches carried on television. His regular horn-rimmed 
glasses now have thick lenses that make the President’s eyes seem abnor- 
mally large in TV closeups. . . . Moscow reported Mikhail A. Suslov, a 
Communist theoretician who allegedly delivered the indictment against 
Khrushchev, suddenly was stricken with tuberculosis and kidney trouble. 
Recently fatally stricken in or near Russia were the heads of the French 
and Italian Communist parties and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Red power in 
the U. S. 

- 22 - 


.'TH ;3n! 

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.1' I 

K J I -1 I '.iO )0 nfii'cJ! h«J3 

■ .1 x'j 

fl^oi 'n \i 


A Magazine for Deaf-ELind Readers 


December, 1964 No# 10 

(Mimeograph Edition) 

Edited and published monthly, except July and Septembe 
by the American Foundation for the Blind, Inc, 

15 West 16th Street, New York 11, N* Y, 

Editor: Sam Chermak (Deaf-Blind) 




Vol. XVIII December, 1964 No, 10 

Words To Live By, by Henry van Dyke, , • 1 

Message from Annette Dinsrnore • • • . 2 

News Digest, 

Sports • • • • • • • • , ,11 

Jannie*s Corner, ,,,,,,• 1^ 

Trivia 14 

Marginalia ,,,,,,,,,16 


It is Christmas 
and I wish you happiness, 

and tomorrow, because it will be 
the day after Christmas, 

I shall still wish you happiness 

and so on through the year. 

Good will to you 
is what I mean 
in the spirit of 

— Henry van Dyke 


Yc avij OT eanow 

i:w’r » ^ I 

yoy: Hal'vr I 

X L/ V . j Dod ,wo'j’i.axioi ftnr 

, ■"*;:! ; i" r X "r ? ' D -i o .+ 1 Y.<r b o rf :r , 

;j(')Y. [f'c.i:w XlJtXn IledR 

.• jv 'vfl:? / ^?o 

(JOY o.t X.Ixw XsdoO 

• z' 

i .'■."cf..’ oi: 

7o ii’dl i:ii 



.. f 



Christmas time is a season of anticipation for young and old 
alike. For every adult it is also a season of memories - good times, 
family gatherings, gifts,.,. Most of us can remember at least one 
gift that, for one reason or another, stands out sharply in retrospect. 

Helen Keller recalls vividly "Teacher’s” first Christmas at the 
Keller home in Tuscumbia, Alabama, "Teacher", Anne Sullivan, had by 
this time taught Helen many words and concepts. Before that, Helen 
had realized that Christmas was a time of joy and presents, but this 
year, for the first time, she was able to put names to things and 
wished everyone "Merry Christmas," 

There were many gifts in the Keller household that year to re- 
joice in the little deaf-blind girl’s awakening mind, but the one 
that Helen herself remembers best was the present given her by 
"Teacher" - a canary. His name was Little Tim and he was very tame, 
Helen was able to hold him on her finger, feel the throbbing of his 
throat when he trilled, and feed him candied cherries, 

Helen soon learned to take full care of Tim herself. It was her 
first experience in assuming responsibility and in realizing that 
without sight and without hearing she could become a vital part of 
another creature's life. 

Some gifts, when brought back to mind, come with a chuckle, I 
remember one when I was eight years old and feeling almost grown up 
because I was in the fourth grade, I opened a package eagerly - to 
find a linen book of A B C’s with pictures of APPLE, BABY, CAR, DOLL. 

— The book had come from an old friend of my mother's who had 

obviously forgotten my birthdate, I felt let down, and it hurt my 
pride , 

Robert Barnett, our Executive Director, remembers a bright red 
wagon which, at the age of five, he found under his Christmas tree. 

The wagon not only broadened his horizons, but gave him status, 
too. He found this out when he overheard his rival talking 
to the pretty little girl next door, "Who do you like best - me or 

Bobby?" She replied firmly, "I like Bobby best - he’s got a red 

wagon, " 



s ■,!';‘''i’- , .-iD.rr:'' . 'j.'. i r. , ". •> ';o£.,sor: ■:^± ar; tj- £. lid w 

■’ c. '‘S' ~'i :f i :f £;j.b£ vj 

I-'''-, 'i 1 ' n.., ■-'■x ■^^Xx'Tin'i 

.1- j'q-: :,' . v --.I. i =; . 'r C lo -lOLiS'^r 'trS , S odf fj.l^ 

^ 'i ^ n eT'’ •ioils'I i:r»XoH 

' ’ ' - • ' ' f i’i'X <I' .'.rd.'.- r,i. , F. idir.aosL'T i,s. r>:yod ’ss>Sl :\’J 

• - ‘ ’ .■■ ^ riL'xcy; ■•,;r},.,,nt a&iaH r-', d -ic^xX r.rri.i 

. Of.;: ,.or 'jy- r .. k. : O. s'i b;.:d 

-• ■■■■’ 'X':;- . .,,X f ; •aow; ry. . or' r I je"r.'^ xo't 

y”-; j yl-’jilO '-'•i'tst-i" ■.' nov .tovo ,bofidX’’.v 
■-' -‘'f <■■ :y ■fJj fv. ■!•: :vv',‘ yX’l.r;;; viy, . ■M'xaw iS'ryST 

yXJyx.C ni eoioj; 

'■ •■•'■■---; yy ■ .y ■.:’•■•/ d .. yJ y"- o- ■ .-i 1 r. y-r.^rj ;t;3-dj- 

" -'■' y ■ •• .'li'.f' ■ ... / ‘ f- '. v: . ; 'H ., C -■ '' X>r 7 ' ^ 


j <.v ;. ./•fo:' j'.y; y; ■ •• ■'■ ij,., r. ; Icy ., J .rXy yyy nJxoU 

. ' -'T' i,:!r ;<•, ,■ -i/ r.yr:)' c.!' J’AocylX 

' • ■ ‘ " .. L ' ■ ' ■ ."Iccf o-'' .c :. r y.'f'y £i. [fH 

■■■-■' • ^ ^ ^ I i..r' t y' ■ ,y r ..■ c X yonviixaqr > 

-^ ■' "-iccj yrcry- b d ■.rr ,rci h V J /i'^.Cd Ji’ddtXw 

. .L.) f; ’ .. . ID ixfldoas 

rye . ci rc'^.y; O'! . fia.':'. , F. J T •lyo? 

. •-'■■ ' -Vf-X.' • f c.:,i II''’ ■'•lyla {M.yj 1 jj-.-cf cr;o 'TDcffflO'Ryi 

; ■ - t x; .:• ’ - • .--b;''; jiJyjy'l a.-'d :tl cyw ■ r,;C:;ii.c 

‘ y. 'io : c . , !' r\.\ f. ' 0 A ’♦. r ."Xo^n .•'Sfy.i' y i.-y/'? 

' ,..? a ‘ voi r.'^Z nn i-o'x': 'jitiioo hr,ri Dkiod oiiT 

' - f: .t'/ '. JI;" t" y j d y::t nadJC'^-xoi vlDnoXvdo 

■d c . ‘T-. d o. 'fXQ ov.i, U'Dc vcl ixro ^ddon'tyH' d'l udoJJ, 

■-.If I •■]:»-; r.y.-’j •■•d ,yv.;I lo 051 ® no^aw 

'.f' cv. y, )y:; , bi:..)-; ' y li aid -i . 'To.f^ cp'id y;Xao Xort sto'x^w oifl' 

* X’.-. riivl f :.'.;i ; T ay.!*! ’>^■’■0 . li Hodw dt/O 0 -’.d."* bttUOl .OOd 

■ M.' c'.'. t.-ov. ob Oii'.’" .7ciih d'/ .-ft X'l.ta olddxX Mrld od 

^ s vddoQ aj.MX I’‘ (’cinyilt ii9i;.f.q9T DrCS 


And so — a Christmas present may last a day or a lifetime* 
Perhaps one of your gifts this year will hold some special measure 
of significance. But the true quality that endures is the thought 
and love behind the gift - a quality that can never be lost. 

Merry Christmas I 

Annette Dinsmore 


' ■ 

" S' 

? ’tc. n ta;?! iaoa&'iii ascBd'QitriO a -« oa JbnA 
o':i'<=^3-.rfa I, x'voqs --r'fiio^ /.lorf Xl.iw ‘ZP>o\, i&idi a.tli*'*) ttro'^ Ito 9«o Rqsrf'X^l 
. ■ ~.r T 3iMC> erfi cfuS .eoaaollirt^ia lo 
. .c L £■«■ i&vv f» ns) :> rj tlRup n - srf'J bnjcrladf ©voX brm 

Jajissi^ aiulD - 

:-iC >'- A -jiv '2 'X£3/V 



The tributes to John F, Kennedy*s memory poured forth, ranging 
from official orations to folk songs, from religious ritual to crass 
commercialism, from public breast beating to silent prayer. It was 
the anniversary of the assassination, and those who knew his quick, 
sensitive, critical mind could not help but speculate on how he would 
have commented on the observance. 

In Washington, President Johnson issued a proclamation saying: 

*'In churches and homes everywhere, on Nov, 22 let us rededicate our- 
selves to the pursuit of those ideals of human dignity in which he 
believed and whose course he so brilliantly illuminated," A shop- 
window placard in New York's Times Square proclaimed: "SALE! COL- 
LECTOR'S ITEM. KENNEDY HALF-DOLLAR. 880" Boston's Richard Cardinal 
Cushing prepared a sermon for a special Mass that said: "He became 
the voice of mankind to interpret the issues of the day and to help 
lead our generation to higher levels toward an era of relaxing tension, 
humane hopes, and peace on earth. We thank God, however, that we 
had him, even for less than three years, as the first Catholic 
President of the United States," 

At Kennedy's tomb in Arlington National Cemetery, where a 
S2, 000, 000 monument is planned, thousands marched by each day. 

Cemetery authorities had received so many requests to lay wreaths at 
the graveside on Nov. 22 that they closed reservations months ago, 
granted permission for 21 such ceremonies; among the privileged 


few were ^est German Foreign Minister Gerhard Schroder and Juanita 
Castro, anti-Castro sister of the Cuban dictator. Miss Castro said 
that her brother was in part responsible for Kennedy's assassination 
because he "must have influenced" Lee Oswald by constantly calling 
the President "the illiterate millionaire" and a "murderer," 

The outpouring of memorials was new testimony to the well-es- 
tablished fact that John F, Kennedy's style had caught the imagination 
of people around the world, 

* * * 

Everything seemed to be working against Italy's Communists, 

Palmiro Togliatti, longtime Red leader with a popular following out- 
side the party, died in August, The unceremonious ouster of Russia's 


“ • /' rrrfo'O o 1 asJwdx'tl' oriT 

•jjo ■ ■"I’ ,aj;r»o 5 .-tXol nt ^.nox;" ■• /.o XaioX^.lo 

X - S': . •■ '- r^i;, j-riw-'-jt-j r, ^ ] Xrri c..oT;'t .juiX.f,;- ■ ot^itixo-o 

■;' ■ ''i-t', , '<oj Xr'ir< ;. aj>i ?‘;= K oH:^ tn \ /i/i&T avi oru*. erfd' 

. r,i" v .' .. .to. bXv'o-i bxx.ciu',^'Lv:- , pv r:t X p-xipr 

, opr;'-iv'c.v>-Xo -^ri; no o?. J:moo ovx^'f 

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: \ £■"■ i ■> ■ , 'N’Y.xovo ait^orl hnn c.->a-ri;j:{o nl’* 

' .V ' 'j ^ r i.r .I'.ir. i i > rjjB'iu-; orij' oJ- aov Coa 

;■ '• .'.i; .X ^ '..•'r/ ' .‘‘."i.'J oa v>rf oou.'oo '=>coi-(w bi>vo 

I ■■' -..lO ' -[7 j-'t.-nP, ti-'-x', r:J: i- To woftniw' 

-.0 ”;.-o ■[ V XlviCra .(TiXXI 

.■■•ri oc:.a. X.. .r^:-' . ■;■■:>; .T';'.:r 3 X- r ocoxiv^'i' ’;;oiX 3 /fO 

‘ ' 1 f O v .f .Xni: oX X ti>r.a.-'; , a ■; ^i.O’vr orit 

". ■' . ■■ i.-'':- e f.i---.' 'torlYi-i •. - tuo b/io.£ 

• ■; : i;. ' : e" ’ ^ ' X -; o •:? bxiX ^ Pt?.:( 0 'X' e.'u^,SJUH 

-'■ - 

3 1 ■ . . • 

.“•'ittj' i-- ■ lid •■ 

■ c.i Mc 7 . 0.00 a ,'ivlri 


. S'.r tc , b y 

M'oi 7 lo ;j lobXs 

? 00 :*^ 

i/oi ;■■:■' i,!;, rr !' clr.c} c ' ;boo.. .>/[ dA 

■ r 'Xt , I;- ’.:iXcj pc Xji'5n!:.;;'iC:rT ( "'‘J ,000, S3 

t ■ r ; 00 .'; c V Xi'OO':' bxAr' os 'O i: ..v xl aa 

•. c-’.V'‘.'R:i i-.''3 ■C''’'.'i3 J/. rl " O..?. ■Jdf 

■■r.or \ ; • ■ iv'.'son- o .'..'.Hi \ "''"t- r .'io :.x-:: *0(j[ 

t'l I:'", i' 'H . c i a c. a c>’^ axu x.:;--,, 

J'.J:.' o ■ .O/O 0 ■ Oo ''OX'“iXa oTiG..’!)-.?-. j fro .o'fiaaD 
s-o'i •? Jj; o.'::! -q-r. ‘-y ,t'i;>s.: ni- '„,ov; xo.'l.loxd 
^.■, 30 ■ ■■' '.■■'■■•'oO o-‘.l ' 7 '»..' ■>.•,■.•’ .0. .cl ovn/i irsir.rj'’ od ccvaood 
r, '■ o ."1.0 ox I.!". Lfo ■v; .-rolirix odd" add 

X roo'; .. --d van r:P.w al ' c'tO'.io"! I'c uo odT 

; 'j .■' •'■ ■'_(■•, do a’v'harrnrOT r/rioL dr,dc) jor-'t bodatlded 

.i.X"ro‘,i vdd hnuoija olgo^q ^c» 

» « * 

’ S. doni . o •"n IdToc' rf 0,1 hoicsos ? 5 nxdl\;'sav 3 
L. . , 0 'id.i.v .')X*d 0 , ''t3ri;oI j .Ldd/ilXjjoT o'limJC/' I 

•< >Hjci';rr. -y’ t> r,iT .‘-uu^irA nl bolb odj pbia 


Nikita Khrushchev threatened an end to the Soviet policy of "peaceful 
coexistence"and put added emphasis on the ties between Russia and 
Italy's Communists. Party membership continued to drop. Italy was 
more prosperous than ever. Yet in municipal and provincial elections 
last month the Communists once again increased their percentage of 
the vote and the Christian Democrats and Socialists, the two key 
partners in the nation's four-party coalition government, continued 
to lose ground. 

The voting losses damaged the prestige of the coalition. 

Christian Democratic Premier Aldo Moro had proclaimed that the 
elections would amount to a plebiscite on Italy's "opening to the 
left," the uneasy political wedding between the doctrinaire Marxists 
of the Socialist Party and the pro-Western Christian Democrats, The 
two other parties in -Hiie coalition are the Social Democrats and the 

The reason for the Communists' consistent gains at the polls, 
Italian political analysts say, is that Italians who vote Communist 
are voting against the government rather than for the Communists, 
Italians, despite the country's unprecedented prosperity, have many 
complaints. The country's economy has alternated between fits of 
inflation and deflation in recent years. Because of the fluctuating 
economy, the Moro government has been forced to push through unpopular 
legislative programs such as credit restriction and tax reform while 
delaying more expensive but politically beneficial social and economic 
reforms . 

Although there were no drastic changes in last month's voting, 
the Socialist Party of Pietro Nenni and the Christian Democrats of 
Aldo Moro most probably will each go through a prolonged soul search- 
ing on the benefits of continuing the center-left coalition. Within 
both parties are factions dissatisfied with the political alliance. 

The "opening to the left" may well close slightly because of last 
month's elections, 

* * * 

Britain's House of Commons may be the "best club in Europe," but 
many a member can hardly afford the honor of belonging. At the 
current M.P,, pay of 14,900 a year, both Laborities and Tories can 
agree that it is a constant struggle just to keep looking neat, let 


./t f.'O;: nJ^.U.LK 

* .jr. ■ ■;•' bar/'-JoKL-v^^ .]!.xr»c? 

1 ‘ 1. '• :) 7 " 

• X -i l *«i :,-.i:.a}j£,ifrj x o ■ vl.'j;f .1 

.q . 

n.l 'J : . 

,7 - Kx axr 0 7 « q e o 7q ,.7 

• .—r.^oi: r 


X>,rrnfflioD qj'ijox* JaaX 

'! j- ■ ;^oo 

•■;/'. q-'H'r)'}-. e ’ nox^flii nx 

,haiJOT^ f^ao.L O-t 

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r3:(-' f*"''. 

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;; •• ! r-'.'r 

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.1 r; 

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7 , '-.V ' 

■;• J- ’’ vf 

>- ^ ‘ X 1 0 q (■ ?. ?. 0 n xf 6 d , -t “t o x 

.'■'T- '.■' r. ? 

-'‘.■'iq O'?.'- 

la£' •/t'lft'.i t»rti 'to 


0 '. ’ ’.X 

■: .v., ■“iRtt XX 3i>.rj7 'q 0 pwt 

*■ ■k;:o^ 

• ? .' ■•'X ^ 

,'’o0 odit ■ro’^ rtc •ri.v edT 

-■!-*. V -m' 


:. ■ xtxXo'; xr^-xXojl 

f'T • _ 

'... i a-' x •'■ ; 

r- '■id: ’;^r:.'Xov v'rq 

■■•' '7 

q..Aj ■ ■ 

'xifoo ^'j i . ?x'^x .f*' •* ,.' 

■ , A '« 0.‘*‘ ’ 

i.'j 0 ' 1 

X, ' ■;■ -T .t a c; '0 :> v ri'x . J q C 0 u 1 •■» *,> 

' i ■ V ' - 

'■:,r (.0 jr. r ’ -b 'f ‘ a.'i .. X j ”1 a i 

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y, /i.'irq »ix:.ox,V;0“.r v./- r.-.xyiAl 

a ■.,' r . '7 

t;o' MV.laa;’''q V. b •-': ,'!i ,_;x,cY>=i-''t5 

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. f'to lo adn’--»n-)'-! 'i-il 1 no ynl 

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r, r. ...xyizip.'l o li. x xl'y i rixoq 

.'.-'o.:.^ Il'jy arlJ’ o:t (S a q ■■:•"' o4T 

, oi‘X') , n * (I.i riom 

'M'.t '*)J ■t''/ 1o r nioH v i xfl 

'' ' o.lJ Iv7uMi: 'lOC ‘il 3 

' ‘ ■ r 'V. « COP,t'.“: ic x&q Janssuo 

i J .u'r • r.3',7U': * i i.'.' ■'^nOO .,> \zl a .‘iiiJ 

alone statesmanlike. After a year's study of the problem, a special 
independent committee last month recommended salary increases of 
about 80 per cent. It sounded like a staggering raise, but even the 
new salary of S9»100 a year (ve. $30,000 for U.S, Congressmen) is 
far from lavish, considering that all official expenses, except for 
local telephone calls, trips to constituencies, and 050 worth of 
stationery a year, must come out of the members' own pockets. 

Endorsing the recommendation. Labor Prime Minister Harold Wilson 
remarked that M,P,s without independent incomes are forced to exist 
in "intolerable conditions," True enough. Many live in dreary bed- 
and-breakfast hotels in Bloomsbury, One Laborite M.P, reports that 
he cannot afford to telephone his wife in Scotland. Though the 
House of Commons dining room serves excellent food and wine -- the 
roast pheasant and Chateau Cheval Blanc 19^9 are particularly well 
regarded right now — quite a few members must stick to fish and 
chips in the cafeteria. Many cannot afford a part-time secretary and 
are often seen in the library answering letters in longhand, 

Businessmen-politicians , of course, can attend board meetings, 
lawyers can go to court, and journalists can polish off their stories 
in the mornings, devoting afternoons and evening to Parliament. One 
cf the busiest M.P.s is a Tory Backbencher Sir Cyril Black, who at 
last count was chairman of some 40 companies and director of a dozen 
more. But the increasing number of teachers, white-collar employees 
and workers among M.P.s have a much harder time dividing their careers 
this way. Besides, with the growing amount of complex homework to be 
done. Parliament is becoming more and more of a round-the-clock job. 
Under the proposed new scales. Cabinet members (whose salaries 
in many cases have been frozen since I 83 O) will get pay boosts too. 

But because Wilson is telling labor to hold the wage lines, he 
virtuously halved the committee's proposed raise for ministers, who 
now would go from 01^,000 to 023,800, The Prime Minister, whose 
thrifty wife has fired the cook and does much of the housework her- 
self, would go from 028,000 to 039,200. 

% Hi 1); 

The government pamphlets circulating in Port-au-Prince last month 
left little to the imagination, "Dr, Francois Duvalier will fulfill 
his sacrosanct mission. He has crushed the attempts of the opposition, 


. “s- ?o b r .•.nBm&a:} eflolu 

■ . .• L ;•: '.ra 'j _>} ^' •• ■ ir'or. t ifcoo 'u 

. «■' ;• ■: .j.'i 'i r. f.' -S:. /I 08 Ji/ctJa 

r.-' .’ .' -ic'. 00'\0c''' tZi'J ) 'iB-*/ -C.v.f’n \;'t.f:. li???. wan , 


:■■ '■ .. ■?• '. "r v ;i:f - 1 'ai,-- j ,rlPsi'‘Bl moT'J 'ir’>. 

:.-■•■ (■ -iji-riajf* j. r^.-t E'f,. O a ■''(,! -f ^ i t'' ;'>oI ^ 

■ •, :■••. i' ” '• -1 I'i 3inC .0 T-.l-W. ‘;' VlUnOXv'iB + fili 

■■ '■- .H - ' . ■■■'■■]■ . 'I rod;:.; , ;f.ji'da;Mr ..cod':, o^ict a3 

. - ^ ■■ . , . <-■:■ "■ill J r^adf? ■ i; Jro^. l'v' a/l.M ^ 

:i '.’ ' V B ii'i . dricf'" 0 t.;:’\ndo r'p'f9.fc.)r*, nl ,a 

■, . . . c-‘ , i.r?'- , .li s's. i.IjdfO'j ?, .| 

li* "^1 

"■ . .'.o-i;roo.^ r.. >?.' ^/TOiiq ; r -'.i O''- ionr.'s-) sni ' ||i 

, ;■ ; -o' ■■ ■ S' ..-i anor:7.;io"' 'ic -oiooH 

.■'■ • ••• ""o oi-u'.XX I«v '• j... X li': JeBor^ 

* £' 

.-j.'-.-! .i'o ^.i3,T ■•.■•vi; ;. .< j tiM v/orf b obiS'S-o"; 

: i\ r X •■'■{■.•:•• :ior'c:- ■ ''X 'r'.C'--J .t'l.G d odd ni '-‘-idO' 

. •■ " • ■ ; . . j. ;,'iX':o,.o •■ X'ti-Tcix.f. •'©Xj ,'j rxo-j'lo '1 

i ^ 

. ’'• ■i. -o " r' . > '■ . •;■ rvn?; ufX; ‘dl 

; ; '■' c . XoT ■; \j'r:.r ' 'V'/- ^ :y>\ i'iru' . 1 

■ “ •■' ' ■;• X'i.. Vii-I,;, ■■ ‘VX;- rj Cl.roV r ' , 3'3Ki f\ lom 9lIX rti ..a 

:•... / l->.-y;X ; q ' ;;T rj '■ r:. i./'; i ■■. ;ivud '-'di 1 

c;'^ OX''.'.! roo ?.■'• ' .d' r ■* r/uoy IbbI ♦ 

. " ' ■■ - ■*/.;''■ .■■■•■■•':;■) . io i.i .•; 0 '=^~,ojr : '■ X:' r; !jd , OdOri 

d. '...d,' • -ir ,! .'.'OX’;,. .e TV-.d o /T , pn'. y.t:?, iiaod'-rov; f:(i« ; 

■■■; '0:r : c Y/.'O' f( I cv: ,r. 'B>L.'o'X ,'dcv.' B.r:iJ 

.' ■ - : ••.■.•.,,• i". !. :r .. - ■■» •; a.i '• ; i C'jjt'-'X 

■■ ... ■ ' ■ 'd r.;: . fO"’’ 'M ''/9n dOSOC, 'd , jio -I. had 

r :, ■. XX--" u -ca-r--: aas^j OGJrn f.i 

■ ■' y ■ ‘ X'.r, oX •locj - nj; rio.-rs L’ .'»aad0‘70' d£/H 

,■ . r. - 1 ; : -.d. d .or-' a * or J jfiioo' odd civ 

: ■' o .d'd jr{? o* 000,-A,£'ii MCJ'i'i o'A bluow vroa 

■-■d •(' O'.j IO ;!''' iiT c-Gob i>n'’ ?'co'; orl:i f)9T: ''1 cdsin aX 

" oj OOOfbSS %.',o bdaov.' ,'i'Ion 

4 r .► ♦. 

X -' -i »d .: L-ti--, f.uo-i 3.’ Qj.'Xqfn.R'i ’ noramtovoB adT 

'u! :• f -I'i .Tia" , aoiX^niooiinui ;• 1 ^ o- oi.tJil ,tloi 

^ . . j i j " r nj '• i-Gd.'iuMO oH , n ior. -vo'r.yu''^ &l.i 

Think well, renegades. Here is the fate awaiting you and your kind," 
Below was a photograph of three severed heads torn from the bodies of 
captured anti-Duvalier guerrillas and displayed at Haiti's National 
palace. Just in case anyone missed the message "Papa Doc" adminis- 
tered yet another object lesson to his opposition. In a chilling 
ceremony at Port-au-Prince's "Exterieur" cemetery, he staged Haiti's 
first public execution in 30 years. 

The victims were Louis Drouin, 28, a short, stocky mulatto, and 
Marcel Numa, 21, a tall handsome Negro, both members of a 13-man 
guerrilla force that landed on Haiti's southern coast four months 
ago. Operating independently of other scattered bands in Haiti, they 
ambushed troop columns, encouraged peasants to defy their Duvalier 
overseers. Papa Doc had no trouble finding out who they were; in 
tiny Negro Haiti, the word gets around fast by telediol grapevine. 

In retaliation, Duvalier's secret police slaughtered whole 
families and even distant relatives of the rebels, Drouin 's family 
was marched naked through the streets of their home town and "removed" 
at a nearby army barracks. Meantime, Duvalier's rag- tag army was 
killing off the miniature force one by one. The government bragged 
that only Drouin and Numa remained. To guarantee an S,R.O. crowd 
for their execution, Duvalier ordered all businesses closed and 
schools let out; backlands peasants were trucked into Port-au-Prince, 
Still at large in Haiti's hills is another band of guerrillas, 
which landed last June and linked up with other fighters already 

there. Papa Doc had won a battle, but the war went on, 

♦ * * 

High School Biology, Biological Science; And Inquiry Into Life, 

and Biological Science; Molecules to Man are three textbooks with 
imposing credentials. They were prepared by 80 of the nation's 
top science teachers, with the help of thousands of others, on a 
grant from the National Science Foundation, In Texas, however, the .se 
books have caused a commotion in the last few months. 

In July, Reuel G, Lemmons, editor of a Church of Christ publi- 
cation, attacked the books, which were being considered as possible 
high-school textbooks by the State Board of Education, Mr. Lemmons 
wrote that the books presented the theory of evolution as fact and 
that "boys and girls who do not believe in this theory are discrimi- 



.. HI *.'?] 


A ' I 

',' - 'jl 


.' .. ’ . r -- . ■ .: i ^.;'‘ ■. i '' ja ;."-:', ae‘t ,11^ XitJcrfT 

— ■> ' .'■'.! ■• ■• ■ ::'*■ ' e -:^ c ':'^ tt •.•'■w wcIeE 

; £■(. J.x :*'5). rv . rSR 

• I 

. " ' r ‘=-'3 ^. ■ '■.'PY;'. eOfiO ;li, SUu i -•'lOJSisq 

. 1 : '■•' ■■< ■; ■’■■'■ '■('■'• i --..''"'? ’ ;;■ 0 d osxb . v.^'Y '■'■ I'xoj 

.zn.:vi'’ ■ 

ti ; 

0- IIj-X) 

.. '^0 

V’T j 

a 1 xl 

4 . .. 

j ' j 14. i ■ ■ .. ■•.' '-1 

: -V 


/ o±v 

^ jjT 

;V . i 


.. .’I Ls: 

nJ n 

1 — - 



y ' ■■> '. '■.■■■ 

V.; x:-"’: ro b 

J-r 'lx 


■■ .xXj. :: 

•/OL SJ 

'xo ' 0 ""Li 

iiOi', 0 


,.■ 1 > i 



. 0 4.0 

. : .r w:f r.*:)':.' Of,-' , ivt'jiu.tori ..jcc'-ij 

. ■ • iv-c.-i -^oQ ."•'Ui”'’ . ■'• 

; v;: j. ’ i o'xcv; --'I: ,.i:jj;£K 0 'i;';ioW ’’.tili 

'.:' ^■.' . 3 ’i ry ‘ O - v :' ’ . aoxJ Yli r:X 

: : ^ T ■ ,i .y r!' ri?v^ Xrt > 

.j .-I :vr5 .' r' .d’'V' 0 'Tc: ;; bo'i.'.r a-’'/ 

■ ••'. 1 . ' f Y ^ 

^ •■ v:>0 --O' . ,l V.?,: y.f{j "I'lc i' 1.1 j( 

■'• .' . 3 ’ 1 .h..'.. ■■ ..,3Y ^ri' : n.''.i':yiC vino 

' ' , ' ■ .io . I'.lr’.'jLjL. ,. •- Vi .■:> !»/:■> -^..iroiVr ncl 

■ : ■ ' . • 'I •,•• ' r?V" 30 c(>' I > 1 .:;.?% :• ; ' :r. •■•r.:>orioa 

■ s ' c ; .j ■ , '.VroV fil ;•• ■;^.r S ’ .''nTa 
■'■-' ■ I ■ ■ . o;;’..rT 1 X ''■■■' '5 I ioliw 

,’ ... f • "c . -> 0 ’ 

> v.y '•".r.oxil , .Coof irj/ . d; ,x'i 

: o" J.", ;; ; ■:• .Yoi'cl. .V-. 

jo; ■ Y ’.'iT , 'nsi . 10 cu.fioqmi 

. . ' ■ ij,. o ; o.-' ••'r'*.’ .'"'r-'- f ' 3' rts.^ofi yo* 
:: ,. •- ^ . V :’3 . CnnoJ :;!/-;''^ oiJ an - s ^ .j 

. t' 1 •’ : 1 C 

..'j V'} r^ r.-'. Vr,.')',. , r ro ’.lO'.i , '<) ,yXu'j fvl 

. .V.;.' Yu-v. .fr>,Lr!^; ,yj,7loocf -....J i' ‘>.».70Cf ^is j^toUiBO 

'1 ■ . ii ' iC . ■•'X flirlt ’{ r < :3> foc . f . l -■■>')< :t 

' i; ‘p'i !o?o,n?;’' Hjlood a.'lO'lW 

V fix .v^ii'jd Jcv'. i'i. o: J rX'iX",-: br.iA .txirfi 



I ..: 


nated against.” Hundreds of letters criticizing the books soon began 
pouring in to Gov, John Connally and Dr. J. \ Edgar, state com- 
missioner of education. 

Ministers of other denominations, however, joined with science 
teachers in defense of the books. The Rev. James iv'. Horgan, a Method- 
ist minister, said, ”I thought we settled this matter with the Scopes 
trial." Others pointed out that there was no real conflict between 
the books and religion because the books didn't deal with "the 
ultimate question of the original source of life." 

Last month, the State Bot^.rd of Education made its decision. In 
a vote of lA- to 6, the board approved the books for use in Texas 
classrooms. Now it is up to the local school districts to decide 
whether to adopt them. xhere are, of course, other new biology texts 
available that have not been disputed. And it is likely the t.rgumentr 
i\rill continue over which books will be used, 

^ ^ 9}( 

He may be only a disheveled, somewhat mischievous schoolboy of 
l6, but someday Charles ’ indsor will rule Britannia, He will concern 
himself with, among other duties, financial affairs and his public 
and press relations. Last month, the student prince received a 
valuable lesson in all three subjects. "Charles," as the prince is 
unceremoniously called, is a star boarder at tough Gordonstoun School 
in the Scottish highlands. But he has not been able to adjust to 
the school's limit of S9*10 per term for pocket money. 

Two months ago, the youth hit upon what seemed a sure vjay to 
raise funds; if collectors are rilling to pay huge sums for 
Shakespeare's signature or for the handv/ritten notes of his own great- 
great-great-grandmother Q,ueen Victoria, then someone must vrant to buy 


.0 .'a' hK’4 rTf fjnoO fitloX .voO of nJt 

.ni:ii^'roub9 1c 

, if 

. ^ . r;! ,a' Jl .'.'..j ’'fo !? iO * -! j;iJ,.H1 ‘ 

i“?'‘ ar I . 'O'-! •'''!> ni 

,tj. i- '. I t. ■ I I'' ,<'i‘an .-Sit-ta r nJtrr; dai 

!'. ■ I. ’•■ ' Ajv^ni.cfi ai-afi'O '.I' X't-f 

■If ‘ .■: ' •oo''' rif/X bnr^ y.Aorcf 

-tr i 'fi'-' T iirl.c ^C'.' a; 6 j:t .'iG/io .'a'-’UJ iw 

‘ l . ■ r ) - ;'jr;- 

:a ‘f- J>..= ."''■■•v, / .lir ,d o;f ?>. s 

,1, . - ..t, ■ ’■ o-, rr-.r n! ."i //oil , C., .„■{//:’ •ia''GXD 

: .'--"a. ’ , ■.. ■ lan, . iC-i'J c,’ i;. 

-■■' ,■•• I.' ■ : Van, 1 0 ifj.y- 

.. •••:.. . ''h' •'* r 1 --' .r. ro -(j/ni; /.lit.' 

• :. i '- i , " . ; . TV ■/,' .xi' . T.'a* 9:' 

•■ , . •.' ' ''' V' v.-' 9 ,iu. ;0 : 

.. . . 1. , * "■ ■ •■ i ’ 'fr . ~ '"i r xt.i 

-. • ■;! , ■’ •.•“ Vi , rj/-' cJ i.i "y- ..jraiv: bioia 

• .. 1 . r; •• Llr tiX 

•■' .1 ^ •■ •! T - , ■' .J'O I. 'a (J OMM 

■' f. • ■*' :K' ., n .t*f j.i I ■■ n ,. e-if.f .rii 

‘ :•, j - t .. ?; "6 ti:v{.X.r o ' linentoe 

(■•,'. ^ a •( ri U'''V. '■ 'i ,o.3*'- ■bK.i’ nocii owT' 

It at , ' 'V'v 0-;,, asTIorj 't I: :csbrti/! t/etaa 

-.«» .! V Sfi.n orti 'to I -JO V lU.ii a' B'%M>oqGst 2 icii’d 

■ir a , i I ■‘t'' n ot-l t &’3*XS 

j T 

the school notebook of a future King. Indeed, someone did — one of his 
classmates. Charles got .„4.20 for the olive-green, blue-lined scribbler 
in v/hich he had written, in a neat, rounded script, a number of essays. 

Young Prince Charles's classmate, however, sold them to a Gordon- 
stoun graduate for :wl4. The graduate, in turn, handed them over to an 
unidentified Journalist for ^>280. At that point, a British Journalist 
named Terence omith, 30, who runs the small Mercury Press i.gency near 
Liverpool, heard about the scribbler, contacted the new owner, signed 
him to a contract, and had three photocopies made of the book's contents. 
Smith then offered the essays to ' hree picture magazines — Lif e , Paris- 
Match, and Stern — for what v/as reported to be ^28,000. 

Lt first, there were no takers. "Me i^rere naturally interested,” 
Stern publisher Henri I'lannen explained last month in Hamburg. "But we . 
doubted that they were genuine.” Then, Scotland Yard moved in, and con- 
fiscated the original scribbler as stolen property--and immediately 
convinced Stern that the copies wei e authentic. Stern quickly bought the 
essays from Smith--fDr about half the original price--and published them 
last month. Despite the confirmation, Lj.f e and Paris-Mat ch still turned 

them down, but the Hearst papers expressed interest. 

* * * 

Atomic chemistry stepped back into the Nineteenth Century last 
month in an attempt to explode a myth. The myth concerned the cause of 
the Emperor Napoleon's death. a Scottish legal -medicine expert. Dr, 
Hamilton Smith, and two Swedish doctors proclaimed that Napoleon died 
from arsenic poisoning rather than from cancer, as historians have 
asserted. Their conclusion was based on i^ntron-bombardment analysis 
of strands of Napoleon's sandy-red hair. The strands had been keepsake 
items passed dovra through the years. 


■ I n I 
;iIo • 
• '■ .1; o 

. T ' » » i 

^ ♦ * 

:> f i.* 

. _nl>l 3 'i.v/,rr:! "• lo Co^ripa ' arid 

'tol: Of.."' rn-', ,?. jCiei<0 . 

'i iJ •• '.'-id till do.fdu nl 

■ I'd '■ i-.l-jo-dO r.oai"'"- 

; ■;/' .^Vt, 'iCOi- rrSJ'OdlC! 

. . ” , . ■ •)'' .''.i i j;j nsl) fcfsu 

•■-.-i.j - 2 a-r. :,/ , ,'v- .A. ‘ POiieieT bpiiiisn 

, 'i ^ ? t - ya 

?':od.c. b'l Pi! 

» Xooq-fJviJ 

b';.’ !?u"i , d 0 iic 

- o:t la/d 

‘ ■ ' ■- 1. 

1 >/■' i b P7 lo 

'■'•ja;' df} -i’xaa 

: ■. .. -■ 

J '-ri',' 

■ : n f do;t.3H 

: I'xpv-f 

or.x2 .>. ; 

...j -ao*' ■' i' -.'l Pb?Ji 

^ . •?;. ‘i :-y: \f ■■• v .? 

d. ! !?:' i'yob 

’ • .V ’.‘•vJ 

■!.: j.' a.L-,lTO f'"’’ .f pai;! 

' ■ 


'-J i ^ * f'T 

X' . ' ■ '■ 7 ; •’ ~d ji;:! ,. r 


•■.. .• ) ■:• i.J 

jf'j ; .CTP-O'.' 


‘ 0 ■ '3 

' ' ■■ 1 7a i ’'o 

(n'-'ob ruarft 

i 2'..J ■ ' ! '■ :'l '^*•1 

ft j ai.:;.' 'ip 

o :..-;o5 d 

1 .' • 1 

3 .; J'qft'Gddc 

v:i "HI 

i nom 

P..' . • , 1 ■■■.]'■ : 

^ ' .> 0 . 

-.■C-. OC TU. 


^ ■; i i^L bil -. , Li:\' iiO J'UiH 

. . i ./C' .. dfr.'i ^ p-tnew-ts moi'J 

.. d . » ff0.i . I Of • ' P I a «f i2a/3 

i- d '-."G ■ ''O ai-n -vUi >0 

; Xi\'ob boci.,v'q ocp.lJ: 

•“/iJ ri 'ij 'll h:i 

Napoleon died in l821, after six years of exile on the island of 
St. Helena. He was accompanied in his exile by Count Charles-j.'ristan 
de Montholon, who was executor of the emperor's will and received 2,000,0C 
francs from his estate. Three years ago the two Swedes, Dr. Sten For- 
shuf^’^ad and Dr. xi.nders v'assen, published a book st> ting that Count de 
Montholon poisoned Napoleon by order of King Louis XVIII, The investi- 
gators now say that chemical analysis provides circumstantial evidence 
that arsenic was administered at least 40 times during the last year of 
the emperor's life "with the intention of murdering him." Dr. Smith 
urged that Napoleon's body be exhumed from its Paris tomb for further 
examination . 

French scholars disputed the theory. And a descendant of Count de 
Montholon, Countess de Montholon, said Dr, Smith's version of Napoleon's 
death was "so unthinkable that v/e v.dll not even protest," French 
lawyers said exhumation v;ould encounter many legal obstacles. Even if 
Napoleon's body were made available, examination might not prove anything. 
After 123 years, some scientists say, even atomic chemistry v>fould be use- 
less in analyzing Napoleon's remains, 

>:-• * ♦ 

"One of the most forthright witnesses I have ever encountered," is 
the way Circuit Judge Hodney S. Eielson described V’illiam G, iilpert, 20, 
of Darien, Connecticut, at the recent trial and conviction of 19-year-old 
Michael Smith for negligent homicide in the car-crash death of Nancy 
Hitchings, Alpert, Smith’s chum at Norwalk Community College, a night 
school, had volunteered vivid descriptions of staggering drunkenness at 
the debutante party that preceded the fatal accident. He himself did 
not drink, said Alpert, airily explaining: "I have no need to dull my 
senses , " 


irro x.t?. ci: bDlX noi^ J.'vrw^I ■ 

vo'‘ Yjl ' riy't ei'i rix h ■'•■ w «Ii . ^ ^ 

., >•' ^ ••,'iv;- lo c; 7'.' odv'' ^.^cXoitJacM ab 

cs . . ' ;'.(f > ■'^j.’ir.i.Cci'yq i, i .t'.- im:?. 

• •' ' Zv^h-’o ">j' ac^Lo':::j., b( nc^^.icz 

’ -x-' ■.,■1 r '. t'.xl.'.-.r .:, X oi .t9a'',y ■■ worj ciniag 

■■■■;j.b h ifj.+ r.j, itLvft:*' et?". Xt?;I + 

x-iffif;:! ^ 4 bocf a V.;CfiI '^q■o'. -j ari.-l 

.fioi :? -'rtifrte.xe 

'■i, -rf; axaloz-oa d 

' L.i^' . ''■’ ' r. X X •; , r;-:.Ioa-.' 

f.'O!.'! f-’h 

J naoC! 

f noXcd.i noH 

■'• '■' : ■''■< i.i. ri' ' :jv: > ai 

X. ‘:.dzA 

rii-ii.t!.' 0.0” 

•p.v} Ifis'ib 

i. " 1 (',. (•■ ;i -fiT, ,1] ._ 

r - ixojr 

txrrr;/;' Xh' 

j X'V^VWijX 

' c. a , a.rdi;j.'x .x’ '■• 

■ xb/:-r"t 


’ “'O'.) EoqoiX 

■XX ^ .'' ■V ' 

' 0 ' j 

l-T t > (;i ^ J ^ 

. ^ C •'toxlA 

, c -“iXf’..:; r:' . x ' 

: icq. 

.' 1 '•' f ; .L- ' B 0 D X 

iti : 

■' -'■\ * I -■' ^'--•.orri • rlJ xo ■.’•‘.i” 

‘. 'i ■:•■;■'. :■•,■;■, .'5. rS . --ii'a b;nXt’t< dxxx-.:iJ '^.xv; oxfX 

..' ■ 'xi .'.'t' -V'j.:! dxajc-t adl’ ‘fri , Jwax.tasrxaoC' rnfarisii, ->(;q ....i 

.':.r ^' ioJziod .) u^alXxso 'xnl' x<.-' f.xiX laajfoi.M 

- I". ../<*;/ d C . :dC f ' .;ujr>,rv a*/i)x;a-:; .d-a-.-ql . . . .;.,r..criodXii 

j-'*' ^ .{Ixinaoh /jXvj'-''" b 1 nu ijv ^looxfaa 

.'■ X.'; 3,flJ fco;;sL-)r;Tq J-'-d-t 'r*rP-'i o3m?.X0cJoXt oif't 

.'.f J'' ; , rxri.'.-’ '*qxy ‘-xl'ils hj;.ja ion 

" » af'ijrrea 

Not with alcohol. Last month Alpert was arrested for the possession 
of narcotics. When Norwalk police stopped his blue 195S Volkswagen, they 
found 1 1/8 02 . of marijuana hidden where the batteries should be in a 
3-in. flashlight in the glove compartment. And in his pocket was a tin 
tobacco box containing several marijuana cigarettes, 

Alpert, according to the police, admitted that he had been using 
marijuana for about a year, and that he also kept his senses spinning 
by sniffing model-airplane glue and eating "goofballs" (barbiturates) 
and hallucinogenic peyote. Arrested in the car I'ith him, after admitting 
he knew about the presence of the drugs, was another pal of Michael 
Smith's — l8-year-old Martin Greig, who is currently estranged from his 
family and living with Michael, In two earlier arrests, six other Fair- 
field County youths had been picked up on narcotics charges — two of them 
sons of former mayors of Norwalk and Stamford, 

Nobody was happy about the new element that had been added to the 
situation; the commuter community of Darien seemed to the outside world 
like more of a Peyton Place than ever (Darien real-estate men report 
indications that sales of houses are down), and dark doubts are shadowing 
the residents themselves, "Parents are more suspicious of their kids," 

said one Darien minister last month, 

* * * * 


The Baltimore Orioles' Brooks Robinson, 27, won the i.merican 
League's Most Valuable Player Award for 196^, breaking a four-year 
Yankee monopoly. Third baseman Robinson hit 28 home runs, led the 
league in RBI's (119). ••• Third baseman Ken Boyer, 33, of the World 
Champion St, Louis Cardinals, was named the National League's Most Valuab 
Player, Boyer hammered 24 home runs for the fourth straight year, and 
his RBI total was 119. Ex-Yankee manager Yogi Berra signed a two-year 


ffl TOl E''^W S'l’VlZk rf^fiota ^Cj 3-J .loHooif! rfilv/ J#oK 

< 1 

nrw'-'x.-V =»t/J j rtl.i i.-?qqo??s ootXoq iJXbvioW n^xfW .soii'oo'iiaa 1,0 ,. 

.'•* -t:...'- ■ U.ri ijtl.1 aifcliid &n»vit’rn's\ lo «sa 8\X I' fcfluol 

' . r:i -sr i' i/. . .I 'T?rtj .swfiiii -avclg «di 0 i 5 fl^ilriaBX'l , 0 . 1 -^ 

. ' ,'s'.‘. tzBr, .,Cj:i'i''iV'?.'- 'S'.ixnxjR'^non xo-rf ODOjttcfo^ 

i :■ -r i j 1 : x t*V:--. ^t<orioq orii ^cxiL'xooaii ,cf*ro(jXA 

■ •-■ 

: ' X ' 0 0 :■; I 

j X :: n X 

■Ird’r htiiZ. ^ 

i ; 

: dsyzy'. 

' aXX ■• , 

.bar oxtX^ 

' . fci . .. 

. ' ' ‘ . 

. :i. 

; _ 1 a 9 ' caw. 

1 ' !■ 

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79 9 rlX j 


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, ■ V 1 J. -V "■ lo iyi 3 fio\ lo r.aoKi 

'■ c*..' t- .., , , ’-..',3:' ;H’ ‘y;<^:fsil fjX'W 7 : 150^011 i 

■-■‘X ■ •. ■ ■;■■ -■- ■‘■'i.c-.. .Q 'I'o 't f- X xi'jfi fflo ? odJ :noI)a^Jla 

' ■•■•■■•'.'■ .~f. „ 1 Tl) f'^-v • .;'t.i'},! no -' jc ?3'lXir 


■■ . • .: . '- o s^Tv^; anoXJs'Oibnl . 

■■ ,. : j. . 3 ”.. •7. e: j iT^ li/Ti*' ,' 3 ';? Xo!:n-4tid^ a J’.'iabi ■■:•.•.■* if "''' 

. a . r*. .: x:. 'ta X ainif' rif’i.'xn.l &0O b ^ 


.3; ■' Ic, 

ro-r » 1. , > vr'co'n''. ' .■.'^lo.tiO ■^'fOKii J I s?i 

‘ j'l.LoU.--)-' f , H)'-' ;. i-n'f h7 ’v,' •to^'.nC-.' oIcfA».fIsV J-boH a '30309,1 

, "M' 

,. . ii fiy .yx-i'.'-l btl'lT ^ "iloixonota 

? , .'t v'c ' r'v nA'Tjii-TM ... 0 ’ Iffii nl 

. J irciic' - •:> I bn'^-nn acv/ , alHdibT^iO eidri- ,^2 nolg;c'6d^ 
^ ' 7 * 7 . rf;"!.--,' -rr r^'i't o;noH ivz&mta&d 'JS'ico^t 
-irc B t^-.o7 li, iJ aeffn.. V-JCii ... -OCX THQ 


contract to coach the Mets at a salary thoufrht to be .;!>30,000 a year, 

Berra will rejoin his old skipper, Casey Stengel, and may eventually 
succeed him, ,., After 24 years v.dth the Braves, V'arren Spahn, 44, the 
most successful left-handed pitcher in baseball history, joined Yogi 
Berra as a player-coach for the New York Kets in 1965* The amount the 
Mets paid for him was probably nominal, since Spahn had made it clear 
that he wanted to continue as a starting pitcher : nd the Braves did 
not have such plans for him, ,,, President John McHale of the Milwaukee 
Braves announced the purchase of the jitlanta baseball club from Bill 
McKechnie, Jr,, for ■^>280, 000, The Braves previously had announced they 
will move their National League franchise to Atlanta in 1966, ,,, Fred 
Hutchinson, 45, former manager of the Cincinnati Beds and twice named 
National League manager of the year, died of chest cancer in Bradenton, 
Fla, ,,, Birdie Tebbetts, who suffered a heart attack in spring training 
last year, v.dll return as manager of the Cleveland Indians next season, 
Billy Hitchcock, former manager of the Baltimore Orioles, has been 
signed by the Milwaukee Braves as a Southern states scouting supervisor, 
,,, The Heisman Trophy, often called football's No, 1 individual award, 
has been voted to John Huarte, the Notre Dame quarterback who, with 
almost no previous varsity background, led the Irish to v;hat is generally 
regarded as national college championship, .,, Michigan defeated Ohio 
State, 10-0, Vvfinning its first Big Ten Championship in l4 years and a 
trip to the Pose Bov/1, Backing into bowls, fourth-ranked Nebraska, 
though upset 17-7 by Oklahoma, will go to the Cotton Bowl; ninth-ranked 
Syracuse, despite a 28-27 defeat by 'est Virginia, received a Sugar 
Bowl invitation; iilabama's Crimson Tide closed out a perfect season, 

10-0, v/ith a 21-14 victory over .'*uburn, and announced acceptance of a 
bid to play Texas in Miami's Orange Bowl game, .,, Peter Snell, the New 



, 1 

/ *< 

I'ioY -rfi 'itoi js »i£i a'Xit^Q. 

U >•■ 

; .if .. 

O' . 0 *»({ s 1a eJoH oit:? doA^o oi fos'tlao? 

■ pfU , C SXo shi nJtoloi Illy ansS 


.■'. ■'■s m'T'i.' -(f1 lillM 8’t«*V. 'tt‘StA ••. fP|.fepl b9900i/a 

•''c,’” i..', ilkvci .it iiniOfisiI-’^laX xulaaao^WB iaoia 

' i. '•" 1 ,->/ .i 

iVi'- i.‘. : • -I .-:! a;3W (tjxd lol aJ 

'■'■ ■• i .f.' ■••■•i'. iJ'i. ii-. ‘ ac 3unliioo oJ b’Sipuaw wri' ' .tod^f 

t‘ I o‘I ^".i j .'aXri lol eniil.; oooa 4iv«fi ion 

: 1 -) . fi: r.rfi To ft'd't baorijjoaiis 


■ ' . t' ,. -. ',J‘ ’'rro ’■ /G . ., er^v '■■ la ;5-'T 'lo’i , .Tl' , 

. ■' 1 i.^’ i,..[i. (v- tf '.'iU-jTyJ .rxnDX^ ■p?’’- '^rsrf;f gvofls IXiw 

‘i •■ ,:.,f r i".' Ici I 'Tst-^jajio/a tym-iol , rv^-unidc^uK 

.!__ . . -■’ ■• ) '.o.; j" ' •■’M' "lo' if^^GHCnti 

• =•'• / /*•'■ I,'5 O ! . Oli'.' , ri + T ■’■» -A' 1 1'?' ... .fil'i 

• ' y'-: '■. ; , 7 ■' ' ;:■ ri uTiryyi [Tx^; (-XJBC'T 1=?%X 

, fc, '■ -T ■-.■X. I V ”^0 yviHioi ..moot'd '>Jxii Y.I£j:Ef •.« 


• -‘X j:. . .'•■■ ,/ ft =..s 7 l 1.'. -'-d.i .u ^ianTj'xa 

7.j. " fr3j Lo ^ vii'tqoi v i:-37i »fiT •»» 

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i'l >rti 


M ' ' ' ’ '-^0 I 

■ , ,i ' f Ts-; j o/j -'d - ,v7').fcj;;U irrfoT 'n^r'-'U^aov nO' d gt.'^d 

!'!. r - > 0 [ , '.••■'.yoXi.’iJrj.'icJ syo i:.V5--.i on ic orflXa 

, , .. .uxd;:i’V..r;x:rfi' o^oXIoo Ir<n“iiJ>£Xi 
■ ..iclx’"' a:ti snxnftXi.’ ,0~-0I 

’ ' I' .I'^ori y.ioil »ii3 

,. * n, 0. :. r,ti^ '.’“•S''i x^ec'u j 

f.- ■ Y . ‘I ■ 1 1 


}, •• c'V :'>»' d Xcsj'iob * 9.-X-;p.Ab. ,2atfO-<*itQ ^ 


I ... ••■• '■ 'oXy '’> 6.£T aaat-il'fU a’aCiJid^^X''' jftoXJaiXvcX Xwt^S , 

^ oorM.'or.u. ■ .fils, ‘jj 'tQVo ■^loJoXv t^I-XS a .O-OX 

... . ■•«^ tyo€ ijUAyO a'X.tiAin nX a^xoT x^iq o.i bJtd 


I ^ 

} f/' 

Zealander who won the 800-meter and 1,500-raeter runs in the Olympics 
two months ago, broke his world mile record by three-tenths of a second 
in Auckland, New Zealand, with a time of 3 minutes, ^k,l seconds. ... 
Cleveland (Big Cat) Williams, a top challenger for the world's heavy- 
weight championship, underwent five hours' surgery for a bullet wound 
suffered in a scuffle with a highway patrolman who arrested him for 
drunken driving. Ivilliams, 31 » world's second-ranked heavyweight, was 
in critical condition but was expected to recover and be able to box 
again. ... Marion Ladev/ig of Grand Rapids, Mich., won the women's division 
of the eighth annual S32,000 World's Invitational Bowling Tournament, held 
in Chicago, with a Petersen-point totsil of 219.1^. ••• Bold Lad, the 
winner of his last seven races, was named unanimously as 2-year-old 
colt of the year by the Thoroughbred Racing Association. His winning 
streak included six stakes victories; he won eight times and finished 
second twice in 10 races. ... The National Basketball Association team 
known as the Bullets was acquired by three Baltimore businessmen for 
Sl.l million. The team was moved to Baltimore from Chicago last season 
because of poor attendance, 

♦ ♦ 5i; sjs 

Hi there! It's me again. 

Everybody hangs up stockings at Christmas, They hang up under the 
mantle by the fireplace. 

The Boss has a red sock. Teddie, the cat, has a little red sock. 

Other people have red socks, too. But I have a big, shiny, red stocking. 
You can see right through it. It's the biggest there, 

Christmas morning my big stocking and all the socks are full of bumps. 


„ ' “T T 

' I' 


bnc. is:»na »-'^06 <*rit otlw *i^6n«X««S 
;•.'* V'^ fc bl.'z-ow dJ:a lO^a adi;i;oia 

c- •: < .'*,K - • ic -atal:) .IS .dJiv/ ws^i ,]6n;i;£^.t>wA ai 

". T ,<»■ .' , - qgj' .0 ,3r9!{iJ:rXi'^ (laO aift) r)nBl©V!5>I0 

, ’ I 

i \ . _ .j'a ’;■; 

I rt 'f*w 7 .'’>v Tiu , 0! i.danoicjiUu'rf 0 iia-^ 

. ■•- .vi- i.. ■.,./. ^--i -^atr Vfci-,’ri'ii rd '?- dJlv/ b fix Jbp^ellwa 

I li , .-vn.j-fclXiv. ao^a^d' ' 

,r.' o.^.'a > c .: ] oc'; >.!.• i -iijd crol ji: 0 f *:)0 X.sol.fiio 7fc 

'.i.l biT'.^b '1c rior^fs!!', ... 

■hi ,l '■ ^if.i . J .r V .■■ -5. "Si 

* f 

.Ixo '>00,5r'^ cfsfd'j'.'s lo 

, . . i vi'.’' "'O 1 . iOs.i' rci PI .X^xw ^ oi'i »0 vti 

■ J r. : i r-:r.j.;j b7c .f li/I ‘.'o ronrll-W ,r 

r f 


:i Xc'i.XiL iyo-*DX"' ■->:Uf y;c^ nv-r-v. ^lo ’^£oo 

.\' :.-■ I ,. . -.•.A.J; , r. ^D a/t^s .xX?s .b'>XuX';'^:,.r; >:e©7dn 

•.:,rv.r'i-'' " '' s!’j4 ^ rdXC' . * „r"s'3r'“7; OX ni 'poxy'f orrcjo«a 

or' ';■ ,0-' '■’ vVi'-Xx’’ .vof o«"t ‘"'■j, s.C'w at©XXi?^X !'''ri> 7' Awoft'il 
r. t],Z ' *ao,f. bix® 

. 1 "'axiOn ->.1 1 B "tooq io o&tu&ofrtfJ 

.f * i< 

S', A ' : i’viX/L 

.ctlr.^a st.T a'i.L 2 IH 
. ■'' ■/ .•■ .-■ :f.+ !r._rn-!'.'.' .? > a qw ‘s'bo^ '^•j©vS 

.i5 5aXq?»'Xa.'! fadi' sltfLeW' 

•I If..:: ■ :.,ui , '.v ■» T,d‘r , ■x.^^■&X .Tfooa Xo v axia aaoS ©rf'T^ ^ 

,";'i •.-' ,'^XX vv ./' I iaJii .col ,3>{Doa ba r i>Xqoeq 75>< 

ofix .J± ifgvo'idl IrfaXt 5>9a uo7 

. -7f-ra or', r XI. I bfiM a.C''!' 'CfS 'Mff fca'tom R^mlaivirfO 

It’s exciting! 

) VJhen people start to open packages, I watch. I wait a little. Then 

I go to my stocking and nudge it. The Boss laughs and takes out one of 
the bumps for me. Sometimes it's a new ball. Sometimes it's a new toy. 

I play with it and run around. 

Then people open more presents and I nudge my stocking again. Each 
time I get another one of the bumps and it's a surprise. Sometimes it's 
a cracker, or maybe dog candy. And I eat it, 

Teddie gets little soft things in her sock. She gets a soft toy with 
a bell. She gets a little mouse that smells funny, and she gets little 
crackers for kittens. She eats them, I like to eat Teddie 's crackers, 
too, when I get a chance, 

I like my Christmas stocking, I like the bumps and the surprises. 

I hope you have a big Christmas stocking. 

I hope you have lots of bumps in your stocking and nice surprises. 

Merry Christmas! 

Jannie Dinsmore 

* * * * 


BET SANTA CAM MAKE IT - John Deodiuc, 3» of Santa Clara, Calif., doubted 
anyone as fat as Santa Claus could get down his chimney Christmas night. 
He climbed up on the roof of the house next door and jumped down the 
chimney to find out. He was right. He got only half way. Eight fire- 
men worked two hours and got John out only after the fireplace damper was 
removed to provide more shoving room, 

* * jK * 


* J 

J - 

^ «• 

**- * 

1 .dnd'ew I , ftovjo ^* 7 fi^o ft>iqo6q aad^ 

,i-J hcii-z E.ri;,jt;^X naoff fcnfi oJ' 03 I 

>. I -.tic 3 ’vsn a la’di «o<B£j 9 fno 3 . 9 (r: loli aqmpd ari^ 

.i^Cijoia citi-i haf^ .tl rfdXw ^clq X 
ir>i^' vt\ j^ul'i/rt I v;i-:, girss-iaTq s' cic n-aqo ol‘qoi>q asdT 

c .'3*kM hji* lo ^ao 'X'sdXona I.amli' 

,•♦.{■ i-'S'-r T ba • *YPfTon 3 &b .scfY,afn '2:0 ,’to'>ioe'x» a 
■ ••i - .v iiX f;^n::r{.! iloa al-i-ir.E at a-: oibb-^'T 

• 'wCt ;•■ .^Tia .' wdi 'oauoos y.r.:>iiX s at*i'g sdS .T-Xscf js 


; bo~ ct ">ii, i" 

a.:t,:«i ari& .an&ttid lol 

.9 own if r> a 1 a^ytiw ^oof 

'r. z-jn.,- -»rf-.‘ o>fij' I . viivi :-Ioo.f a as/ittaiaflD vm sjiXX I f 

. . : i i£. r.fli’'' ;q.;:c} 5 svad aoy: aqod I 
■’'- -!',' rr.i: a .ku.’X lo f.'’^oI siveifi ijoy /9cfod X 

1 asni J a Xtri 0 vn ai -2 



■' Y;irf(;.r.'* ’ ' i- '--.h 1 9 :';, ciwoo ejiftlO s .3 sjk oMovioa., 

.v.„'ir> •:=''::;fi o/JJ Tci ’J'ob'i edt no qu borfiaiXa’ aH.; 

';.r:'/’ .'■.!,?u v.X-^r ’i ■_, ‘'d o >w ali .two hait ot 

■'i.D w^i \**n > t-vn niitju to-g bna anuo/i oi^t nsSi 

.mooT ^alvoda ^'lom sfalvoiq ot. bovomoi 

adol ~ 'll ibvO xr’‘A 

"SHOPLIFTER UNDETSCTED"- Someone walked out of a Colonial Williamsburg 

tavern with an Eighteenth-Century print. The stolen print, made in the 
late 1700s from a painting by John Collett, was entitled A Shoplifter 
Detected . 


OK, SANTA, YOU CAN PARK - The holiday spirit is rampant in St. Helena, 
Calif., a wine-growing community 50 miles north of San Francisco. The 
city fathers removed the tops of parking meters, inserted Christmas trees 
decorated by school children and proclaimed free parking through Jan. 6. 

LET A VETERAN DO IT - Perry Lewis, a newspaper vendor, had to leave his 

news stand unattended briefly on Veterans Day. Before leaving the stand, 

he posted the following sign: "Veteran World War I. 10 cents please." 

When he returned, he found one paper gone and in place of a dime the 

following note: "Veteran, too. Thanks." 

^ ^ ^ 

SANTA CUT THEIR ’ CLAUS ^ - The village children of Gueret, France, stood 
aghast at a slugging match in the middle of the street: Santa vs. Santa. 
The rival Santa *^lauses at a trade fair were hustled off by gendarmes 
but released. You can't arrest Santa Claus before Christmas, the police 
chief said, 

^ * 

BADGES OF NO HONOR - New York City police arrested the co-owners of a 
Brooklyn metal-stamping stop on charges of black marketing police and 
firemen’s badges. Police raiders confiscated 1,500 badges selling 
wholesale at 4^10 each. They also arrested one of the salesmen, a city 
fireman, who admitted retailing at least 55 badges at the prevailing rate: 
of Sl5 for a patrolman's shield and ^$l8 for officers' rank. 

^ ^ iit 



^'i};cfs>mui:T.XIW I^Laalo^ n 'o >uq er»e$flio« ♦» ’*(1? ir> :. tgcVtU gySilHXjgr^Og^. 

’•Ij "L ,iaj. u'aI<:X% i./fr X"*^“ itlli'./ iS'Xovw^ 

T^l; '»To:f> b*;rii>oj tjrioT/ saii^olBq R raoil . aOO^f c-iflX . 



: r *T 

■;i , *)!>.+*»(!' 

•li I T -ir. 

V ,; •;:• 


• hJ.l : , 

y^m:o»i ‘.ti^ - Map uoy 

• X I' i e'’ri:ii Oi;! >!{;*! .Lrmnwoo ^dxwoT^-ortiw » ,.liXoO 

“rr„ ,r. -i-l'-ua > iljl-i •<; 'lO ?3qoJ feavotc^d aTSiditfll ^ 

L, . i-f: L'->rnr-; bsir dy'^hfirfo looiioa ^jci f)9‘t dioosift"''^ 

••■ + ■• t 

. :oJ. r^'’ ■^;;^:lv?'5.•.t r, ,r.:.-^nil ■“ tl OQ K/^.?I3T^V A T3 ^ tl: 

•" i ■’ ■ .vru 3 x3-i’i'i '■■*'*) Ho y^f.yoH.d bd/aia awoxil 

ij . r. .-, f '.-To‘' rsistsli"' in^nie. ^^aivloIXo'^ oriJ fcei aoq '' ®fi 

• I ''-. :'•'. 'aiOJi ■'•XX3 .DdOO'jt Bd ,i50i£'I JXJ r>t ‘^(f H .,,1^ '.| 

^ , - 

■ . . 00 ,-“ , j?>i'3V'’ ; 9 1 c<3 twoXIolj- ' 

■ + -x ; 

:i . " ”' ,.Xi'^' ; ;’ .LL''^' 'd •" 


i: “ ^i'r:'r riio 

i\-, ' nj f'o'-t'in .anl’iiisi^X'a ta 

:•'■) 'X-'.’} -jb-'y' ■. 3r. ^>^^ui'iI^ crXiu “ iGvi.i «dT 

^ fedxf 4 ' ) Tr 3 X- •' ' n;jo ixol ,t? 9 e 39 Xe*t. ^l/t^ ■'’■ 

,b(;c.a isida 

)>' > (• * 

X *'( 

. . --'XX. ^r.Uo: \:n'' jhaY sv©H - ^ OVIOH OK '10 ed.^O^y -f 

V jfO'-X. Hr . CIO qjcfa a;nJ:q;ina;t8-ii3,i0m fi’\iX;ji[ao'x3 x 

. < 

V. ,i !■ U'03iirtor>'i •^ocXo'l .asrg&ad *9* fxnjnfjiXt 

*' '■' >.• j 

« ^ 

*n vro OfiXn Ydril* ,,ll0..9 Olij '6 

♦ ? 

. , '* ac bii^^XiRbja '>riw 

' : '‘Jv.c't'l : roT' fans JbloXrta «%' cieaiXot^i^q /? dol ^Iv lo J 

• * « K' 


I'/ELL, HE *3 ON EIGHT ROAD - Everybody knows Santa Claus' workshop isn't 

really at the North Pole, Seven-year-old Joe V. Martinez, Jr,, of 
Santa Fe, N. M, , wrote a letter to Santa, telling him: "I like trains. 

If you can, bring me one. When I am older, I will help you make toys 
in Alaska." 

* * * * 


U. S. Mariner 4 was reported rocketing "well ahead" of Soviet Russia*# 
Zond II tov/ard a rendezvous seven and a half months from now, with the 
planet Mars, regarded as our solar system's nearest potential home of life* 
Unofficial calculations placed the arrival of the Russian ship, ivhich 
was launched two days after Mariner 4, at Mars three weeks later than 
the American spacecraft, ... The V/arren Commission released 26 volumes 
of evidence collected in its investigation of President Kennedy's asss.c;- 
sination. Most observers found nothing in the volumes to dispute the 
commission's findings that Lee Harvey Oswald killed the President, 
acting alone. ... Eleven nations put up ^3 billion in credits for the 
beleaguered Bank of England, a rescue effort to sustain the British 
pound sterling. The pound has been under heavy selling pressure in 
foreign exchange markets since Britain raised its bank rate to 7 per 
cent from 5 per cent, ... Brazil's Federal government took over control 
of Goias State and deposed Gov. Mauro Borges, accusing him of complicity 
in a Communist-backed plot. The government, facing its severest politi- 
cal test since the ouster last iipril of leftist President Joao Goulart, 
took over without major incident. ... President de Gaulle, speaking on 
his 74th birthday in Strasbourg on the German border, warned "West Germany 
that it would "inflict a deep wound on a greet hope" if it chooses an 
auxiliary role to the U, S, in preference to working with France to 


t vi 

f W 

■ '^; ■'>■• '■f 

,V sjoti bXo-'Xfi^X'-tl^'^oS .9l0‘'l dJ'JGt? 341^ 

Ol (c; '5, "tow ,Q'i ftiftJ!88 

"■ , / v.nXf» rne i J . &ito sm ^inr'ic ,XQt> trcjy, ll 

”.«3f«j3lA n.t 




,bo.J'ff; /iH'i 'T.-aaX.'x.i.’M .2 ,'U 


C;,:i ■■’ bnr, f-j '-'-t. eifv.s.p'bii -ji ,o Mg -/ ol xl baoS’,^^ 
.‘■; -'ev,E cGloa -ir.'^j gi; .U)«Glq 

:,'iX irincb jfilj.foXaD Xr> hjX'^loatJ' ''f'?" 


’ •■ , T- 'f^r;.-.' >•. -I',-.;! ■};?■( owj' .■., sfianunX 0£;w '^4 

- . i G *f Q •? o n i rt ;. 0 It: s*-.. A e.d X 

aXr nf nvXi; XI ao ©ortSf/ ivo lo 

,!/■ . "•■T..(' 1. r-M -.v-iou'dn •' , ar .'X»nia a'IJ 


• G Tu dr 
J', X 

., f ., ■■ 

''OL'.";.i '■^'•vx;-: IXf ,, , * gaibp.ia 

1' . T.'jfjJ.-'Ti;! j;o >j;rr ^ bt; i5>rj^i’\0X3d ■ ;| 

'■ .T't.;.-- _ .r?. foawoq ’'..,''™y| 

” •T'-Slp' 

r;; I .■■'■'. i/,*;,r-.: oil, em,' •■>■- vf W ■)5<;-*5 n^-tMTol 

• Ir. i ' i.'>.’Tb . .» .iiiGn i>'] ?. -/fio-xl iaoo 

. r ',■ >-• ■■'•i, .voO ,-»n -TaioO 'lo 

, -Ni ,ir - %. vgT ; tolf; b'^X’iotrj- MlnrmaO q ai:-',;ji 

I'.. 1 Xo d?. X i^dawo odd &oax.3 c^BO^ £oo 


Tof'..->in .fwoddr.^ lovo 3ioo^ 

.'. jt-i::.- ac .-JTijodTRiia ns. aid 

f r '• 00 bnoor/rjdob X4 bluow ^i: *«d[^ 

■'I f. 

o; rsiO’.i I'l'X .r .'J B-fi'X Q3 0 Co'X 

. ' ei- 

organize an independent united Europe, ... Communist China rejected U 
ji Thant's suggestion that countries not represented in the UN attend as 

observers. The Chinese Communist party organ People's Daily said, "If 
representativesof Chiang Kai-shek are not expelled from all UN organs 
and China's lawful rights there are not fully recovered, China will have 
nothing whatsoever to do with that organization."... Sir V(/inston Churchill 
frail but smiling, made a brief appearance at a window on the eve of his 
90th birthday, while a crowd of nearly 1,000 stood in a cold drizzle out- 
side, cheering and singing "Happy Birthday to You," ... In a wine-toastec^ 
signing ceremony in Moscow, U. S, i.mbassador Kohler and Soviet Foreign 
Minister Gromyko signed a two-year agreement to cooperate in exploring 
the use of atomic energy in desalting sea water. Both hailed the pact 
as another move toward bettering U, S. -Soviet relations, ... Vice- 
President-elect Humphrey disclosed that Walter Mondale, 36, Minnesota's 
Attorney General, will take over his Senate seat for the remaining two 
years of his unexpired term, ... The Philippines offered to send a 
3,000-man combat team, wise in guerrilla warfare, and as many civilians 
to aid South Viet Nam fight Communist infiltration. It was the first 
big response to President Johnson's call for "more flags" in South Viet 
Nam, until now backed mainly by the U, S. ... Richard M, Nixon was 
elected chairman of the board of the Boys Clubs of America, succeeding 
the late President Herbert Hoover, Mr. Hoover had led the 10^-year-old 
youth guidance organization for 28 years, until his death last October. 

... Radioactive fallout around the v/orld reached a new high in I963, the 
UN Scientific Committee on Atomic Radiation reported, but the I96A level 
is expected to be only two-thirds that of last year. The committee 
attributed the anticipated drop to the partial nuclear test ban of 
December 1963* ••• Soviet Communist party Chairman Leonid Brezlisev claimed 


'■ \w' 

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— fl- iqai joa r ich^ qcJt^aos^ii's e’^risri^' ■ 


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that in relations with capitalist countries "we consistently advocate the 

principle of peaceful co-existence." The day before, Premier Alexei N, 
Kosygin told 92 visiting American business men that peace is the Soviet 
Union's "immutable policy." ... Rep. Charles S. Loelson, a N. J. Democrat, 
has asked the House Committee on Un-American Activities to investigate 
the Minutemen, a right-wing organization that trains its members in 
guerrilla tactics and the use of firearms as "America's last line of 
defense against communism." The organization's newsletter. On Target , 
deplored Barry Goldwater's defeat and predicted that "we are not going 
to have a free election in I 968 ." ... John Nance Garner, oldest of the 
five living former Vice-Presidents, turned 96 at his home in Uvalde, 

Texas. ... A Trans World Airlines jet plane with 73 persons aboard 
faltered on takeoff from Rome's Fimucicino Airport and exploded in 
flames, killing kk persons. ... A German scientist (name v/ithheld) at 
Kiel University has disclosed after 19 years of secrecy that he helped 
identify the charred body of Adolf Hitler for the Soviet Army. The 
Schleswig-Holstein state government said the scientist then was an 
assistant to famed Berlin surgeon Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch, who fre- 
quently treated the Nazi fuehrer. ... The Verrazano-Narrows , the world's 
longest suspension bridge, was formally opened to traffic after a 
dedication ceremony. Italy issued a commemorative stamp valued at 20 
cents in honor of the opening of the Brooklyn-S taten Island bridge, 
named after Florentine navigator Giovanni de Verrazzano. ... Donald 
Culross Peattie, 66 , famed poet, author and naturalist, died of a heart 
attack in Santa Barbara, Calif, In more than 25 lyrical books ( An 
Almanac for Moderns , A Cup of Sky ), he gave neiv voice to Thoreau's idea 
that man reaches spiritual fulfillment only through contact with nature. 
... Britain's National Gallery bought a Cezanne painting, "Les Grandes 
for Si. 2 million. It was a record price for a Cezanne, 


Baigneuses , " 

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possibly the highest ever paid for an Impressionist work. ... William 
0’ Dwyer, the immigrant boy from County Mayo who became mayor of America's 
biggest city--New York-“died of a heart attack at the age of Mr. 

O'Divyer xvas mayor from 19^5 to 1950 when he left on the eve of a police 
shakedown scandal to become President Truman's ambassador to Mexico. ... 
Three new members were admitted to the UN: Malawi, Zambia and Malta, 
raising the membership to 115 nations, ... Air Force Col. William G, 
Draper, 44, President Eisenhower's personal pilot during two White House 
terms, was found dead, an "apparent suicide," at his home in Prince 
Georges County, Md. He had been despondent since a heart attack ended 
his 23-year career as a pilot in 1963* ••• Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, 32, 
was removed from a frame that held him immobile for the last five months 
while recovering from a broken back suffered in a June 19 plane crash. 

He was first placed in a new frame that allowed him to be raised to a near 
sitting position; later, took his first tentative steps; and finally, live 
up to the promise he had earlier made to his family that he " would walk 
out of the hospital " before Christmas. ... Higher postal rates on books, 
magazines, and circulars are among steps being considered to trim the 
Post Office deficit, which totaled S719 million last year. President 
Johnson asked Postmaster General John A. Gronouski to study such a move, 
and also to look into other cost-shaving methods, ... Ethel Merman, 55j 
klaxon-voiced comedy star, was divorced from Ernest Borgnine, 47, TV 
and screen star, her fourth husband. ... P. Sargent Ohriver, head of the 
Office of Economic Opportunity, announced 79 new national anti-poverty 
projects. Approved thus far are 120 costing ^35 million. ... Liza 
Minnelli, l8, daughter of singer Judy Garland, became engaged to Peter 
Allen, 21, member of an Australian song-and-dance team, the Allen 


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ori' n-* .♦'tal !}ii n:>riv- D^QT od mo'xl «to^s» lO-^cv^d'O 

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,: -" X 1 ifl'J ?>iU od bsddxmba &'i9W a^.odolaffi wart aaiLriT 
r i. n x^,v ... .^no'id.^rt c*XX od qxri3't«dt!t'-'»n orii gniaitfTt 
T. ■**’'- ' ^n'l I' rtos'i ', ';( G ' iHViodnsax'l dafefclas'iH' , ,‘i'r»qa'sCk 

, b; , pbio.c'jj’ daeTsqqrt” as ,b«^9b baud afv' ^aca'isd 
L>.l '^oriJ l/firr fr-.iiiiab nj.*o’J bj3.*f :?H .b'.l » '^drtOoO aag'JOdO 

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N. ■' '.i: ''•'r'Lu^ d p bio's! ■iriixpyooa'T t'Xiffw 

c .'-■.n-r- (.p 'T'i wsn c, c:i JiiuXl si>w ofl 


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I* ... . 'I',...* %ii I, -jGl voifG- ^ iOa oJnJL doof OS'- OHlJi f>ao • 

" G-"' i J . TV*)*; 1 oovtovhb ax.v' ,T-ia Y.bsjon X dal:ov-rtoxiaX.X,i 
■ ,i.‘.* '. • -(.d; ... .5rt' dB'ij-:-i rfdij/oi 'tari ,-X'33a .tgMioa bna 

X '>rt 's' !*'OiSfifc , Ydiawd'totiqO aiiuonooa lb aalllQ 

. T.i.lfcx T';-; TtifL-^'io^ OSI SIP '1*1 lUdJ b^vo'xqqA ,Bdoato’ici 
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Brothers, ... Defense Secretary McNamara named 95 more military instal- 
lations in 33 states and five foreign countries to be closed or reduced 
in activity. 63,000 jobs i/ill be cut from Federal payrolls and 377,000 
acres of land ivill be released, saving--including previously announced 
cutbacks--!! billion yearly. ... Lance Reventlow, 28, son of Woolworth 
heiress Barbara Hutton, married starlet Cheryl Holdridge, 19, in Los 
Angeles . 

From all of us to all of you, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! — 
The Staff 


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