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f A 



It's Like 
Getting 50 
Bucks to 
Have Fun* 

Suggested Retail Price 

See, it goes like this... 
you trade in your old 
16-bit unit 

and get the brand new 
Tunczn j^uD 
for only $249.99. 
That^s a $50 Savings! 

Turbo Duo comes with: 

•Two Free CD's loaded with these awesome gomes: 

Gate of Thunder New!!! 

Bonk's Adventure 
Bonk's Revenge 
Y's Book I + II 
•Ninja Spirit (TurboChip) 

•TurboForce Magazine and ten $5 coupons good towards any TurboChip, 

CD game or accessory you buy. 

Top 10 hot TurboGrafx-CD Titles. 


Shape Shifter 




Prince Of Persia 




Dragon Slayer 




Shadow Of The Beast 








Forgotten Worlds 




Camp California 

Coming Soon 




Lords Of Thunder 

Coming Soon 




Dungeon Explorer 2 

Coming Soon 




Riot Zone 

Coming Soon 



Ordering Instructions 

Send this order coupon and game unit to: 


Shipping Instructions: 

P.O. Box 938 

Santa Clarita, CA 91380-9038 
Securely wrap game unit along with power 
supply and controller. Include instruction manual 
if available. Make sure to include your check, 
money order, or credit card information 
to the above listed address. 


D Mastercard / Visa 



CH Personal check 
n Money order # 

Referred by: 


Turbo Duo (only $249.99 with 16-bit trade in) 

(only $269.99 with 8-bit trade in) 

Subtotal of Software 

S & H ($6.95/Residents of HI and Puerto Rico $8.95) 


S & H ($11.95/2nd day Air service available) 

8.25% Sales Tax for CA, NY residents 
6.25% Sales Tax for IL residents 
5.50% Sales Tax for GA residents 

Limit one Turbo Duo per customer while supplies lost. 


The units that apply for trade in value are TurboGrafx-16/ or other 16-bit video game systems. 
Trade in your 8-bit system for a $30 discount and pay only $269.99 for the Turbo Duo. 

1 -800-995-9203 

(8:30 - 3:30 PST) 

Prices and policies are subject to change without notice. We do not accept C.O.D. orders. We reserve the right to refuse any orders or purchases. 
Some items may not be available when you read this. No refunds. Defective Turbo Duos replaced only after inspection by TurboZone. 

We will not be responsible for freight charges incurred for return of defective merchandise. All shipping is via U.P.S. 


Offer available in the U.S. only. 

TUrboComems: A Look inside 



Dragon Slayer.14 


Number 3 — January 1993 



Super CD Takes Off.5 

J.T. says “hi” from COMDEX! 
COMDEX — page 4 

New Five-Player Chips.6 

Sim Earth/Camp California....? 

Lords of Thunder..8 

Dungeon Explorer II.....10 



Marc Camron 

Art Director 

Juli McMeekin 

Assitant Editor 

Terry Tang 

Copy Editor 

Jennifer Whitesides 

Contributing Editors 

Mike Valias, Joe Funk, 

Jeremy Klein, Mr. L.A., Little Ricky, 
A.Y.M., and Johnny Turbo 


Brandon Harris 

Eisenberg Communications Group 
10920 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1120 
Los Angeles, CA 90024 
(310) 824-5297 



The Bubblegum Crisis.20 


Dr. Butcher M.D. . .22 


The Black Crowes.23 


Laser Discs.24 

Virtual Reality. 25 

Special Report: 


Coming Attractions 

A look at games to come.28 

Turbo Force (ISSN #1063-8334) is published quarterly by 
Sendai Publishing Group, Inc., 1920 Highland Ave., Suite 
222, Lombard, IL 60148. Subscription rate for U.S.: $9.99, 
Canada and Mexico: $19.99, and all others by air mail only: 
$40.00. single issue rates: $3.50. POSTMASTER: Send 
address changes to Turbo Force, P.O. Box 7597, Red Oak, 
lA 51591-0597. For subscription changes, change of 
address, or correspondence concerning subscriptions write: 
Turbo Force, P.O. Box 7597, Red Oak, lA 51591-0597. The 
editors and the publisher are not responsible for unsolicited 
materials. No part of this publication may be reproduced 
with the expressed written permission of Sendai Publishing 
Group, Inc. Copyright © 1992, Sendai Publishing Group, 

Inc. All rights reserved. All materials listed in this magazine 
are subject to manufacturers change and the publisher 
assumes no responsibility for such changes. Printed with 
pride in the U.S.A. 

Stylin’ with the Bubblegum Crisis! 
Anime — page 20 

The sequel to Gate of Thunder! 
Lords of thunder — page 8 

The hottest RPG of 1992! 
Dragon Slayer — page 14 

The games presented in this issue 
were provided by TTI and hold ihe 
following copyrights. 

Lords of Thunder: Dragon Slayer; 
Dungeon Explorer II; World Sports 
Competition: Bomberman ‘93; 
Super Battle Lode Runner; 

Sim Earth © 1992 Hudson Soft 
Camp California © 1992 
Camp California Inc. 

Exile © 1992 Working Designs 

TUrboNews: COMDEX 

Prototype Only 

Turbo Technologies gets 
“Scuzzy” at COMDEX 

If you were lucky enough to get a 
pass to the recent COMDEX show 
(Nov. 16-20) in Las Vegas, you 
would be hard-pressed to believe 
that we’re living in a recession. 

Organizers of the super computer 
trade show estimated attendance at 
140,000, which would make the show 
far larger than the giant Consumer 
Electronics Show. The convention 

At the show, TTI demonstrated 
Turbo Duo’s ability to play Macintosh 
formatted games, encyclopedias, 
atlases, educational discs and more. 
(For the technically inclined, the 
adapter makes the Turbo Duo capa¬ 
ble of reading High Sierra and ISO 
9660 formatted CD-ROM discs.) 

The Intelligent Link is expected in 
stores before next summer and will 
probably retail for less than $100. 
That makes the Turbo Duo an 
extremely low-cost alternative to 
more traditional CD-ROM drives. And 
for the price of the player ($299) and 
the Intelligent Link, you get all this: 
the world’s first integrated chip/CD- 
ROM based game system, more than 
$250 worth of games and discount 
coupons, and an all-purpose CD- 
ROM drive for your computer. That’s 
a whole lot of value! 

TTI also displayed the Turbo Duo 
in its purest form...connected up to a 
TV and loaded with super games. It 
proved to be an extremely popular 
break for convention goers, who lined 
up to try their hand at Bonk’s Adven¬ 
ture or Gate of Thunder. 

craps table. 

What does this have to do with 
video games and with Turbo Tech¬ 

Well, if you’re an owner of the new 
Turbo Duo, your machine is about 
ready to become 
a powerful com¬ 
puter tool. And 
that’s why TTI 
was at the show, 
previewing the 
company’s new 
Intelligent Link 

cable and it will connect up with an 
IBM-compatible, Macintosh, or Amiga 
computer. The card, which simply 
slides into the Turbo Duo chip slot, 
contains everything needed to allow 
you to play just about anyone’s disks. 

The Intelligent Link will turn your Turbo Duo into a full-fledged multime¬ 
dia machine. You will be able to connect it to any PC with a SCSI port. 

center and numerous hotel exhibit 
areas were jammed with tekkies, pro¬ 
peller-heads, retailers, wholesalers, 
manufacturers, press, and the odd, 
bewildered gambler just trying to find 
his way through the masses to the 

The Intelligent Link will be about 
the same size as a TTI chip-based 
game (the size of a credit card), but 
there will be a cable extending from 
the exposed end of the card. This is 
called a SCSI (pronounced scuzzy) 

adapter that 
turns the Turbo 
Duo into an all¬ 
purpose CD- 
ROM drive for 
personal com¬ 

4 Turbo Force 

Super CIMM>M Trices Off! 

The Super (CD) Season 

It’s finally here! The long awaited 
TurboGrafx Super CD-ROM games. 
These games, released along with 
the hottest new Turbo system, the 
Turbo Duo, represent the next step 
in CD-ROM gaming. The Super CDs 
take advantage of the increased 
power and memory of the Turbo 
Duo, as well as showing Turbo 
Technologies commitment to bring¬ 
ing out great titles in support of their 
new system. 

The first titles released include 
Shape Shifter, Shadow of the Beast, 
Dragon Slayer, and Loom. One look 
at these awesome games, and it 
becomes apparent exactly how good 
turbo games can actually be. These 
games are the beginning of the 
rebirth of the Turbo system as a 

Super CD Upgrade 

For those who already own an 
original TurboGrafx CD-ROM and 
don’t wish to purchase a whole new 
system, there is good news on the 
horizon. The folks at Turbo Tech¬ 
nologies have made it possible to 
upgrade your existing system, to 
play the new Super CD-ROM 
games. The upgrade comes in the 
form of a new system card, and is 
available in two configurations. 

The upgrade 
can be bought 
separately for 
$65 or for $95, 
value con¬ 
scious con¬ 
sumers will 
receive the 
upgrade card, 
a three-in-one 
CD with Bonk’s 


Revenge, and 
Gate of Thun¬ 
der, and a 
coupon book 
worth $50 off of 
future games 
you buy. 

The Super 
System card is 
now available 
and can be obtained by calling 1 - 

Turbo Bonus Club 

For those who always wondered if 
the money they spent buying games 
and supporting the game comapnies 
was noticed. Turbo 
Technologies pre¬ 
sents the 7^ Team. 

Whenever you buy 
any Super CD-ROM 
game, you will earn 
points towards TTI 
merchandise like 
shirts, sports bags, 

TVs, and of course 
more Turbo games. 

The club is open to 
everyone who buys 
Turbo games, and to 
make filling out the 
paperwork to join a 
little easier, TTI will 
throw in some bonus 
starter points just for 
joining. You even 
get bonus points 






Ver3® \ 

when a friend 
joins and uses 
your number 
as a referral. 

You can find 
the F points 
on the back of 
the instruction 
books of every 
Turbo Super CD. 

Members will 
receive a catalog of 
awards, as well as 
updates to the latest 
Turbo games. You 
will be the first to 
know when hot new 
Turbo games are 
announced and 
^ when they will 
become available. 

The 7^ Team 
marks the first time 
a game company in 
the U.S. has given 
customers a chance 
to earn gifts just by 
buying their games, 
a move TTI should 
be applauded for! 

Turbo Force 5 

Phiy3f jMsJJJJD 

Bomberman is back, with more 
bomber fun for up to five players. All 
of the same great enemies have 
returned, this time with more power¬ 
ful bosses and different worlds to 

Bomberman was one of the most 
popular five-player contests for the 
TurboGrafx-16, and Bomberman ‘93 
offers the same great fun as before. 
Whether you are facing the terrors of 
the maze alone, or you bring friends 
along for a multiple bombing free- 
for-all, Bomberman ‘93 is sure to 
please. Are you fast enough, brave 
enough, and tricky enough to sur¬ 
vive Bomberman’s latest adventure? 

Great games don’t go away, they 
come back in great sequels. 

Lode Runner, a game made popu¬ 
lar in the old Atari 2600 days, is 
back again for another round. This 
time up to five people can play at 
once, making Battle Lode Runner a 
game to be reckoned with. 

Collect the gold, bury the mon¬ 
sters, and make your way to the 
next level. The action is as fast as it 
gets, and there is no looking back. 
Battle Lode Runner is a classic from 
the past, rocketed into the future! 
There’s no turning back now! Battle 
Lode Runner is on the way, so be 
sure and check this one out! 

iilixiJa iDila ilLUJjjyj' 

Some have dreams of one day 
winning an Olympic medal. Being 
the best in the event of their choice. 
But for others, that is not enough. 

World Sports Competition gives 
you the chance to be the best in the 
world in 18 different events. Shoot¬ 
ing, archery, swimming, rowing, 
track and field - it’s all here! 

Up to five players can compete at 
this round of Olympic-style action. 
Don’t fret, there are enough different 
sports here for everyone to find a 

And who knows, with enough 
practice, maybe one person - you - 
can come out on the very top! 

6 Turbo Force 

Finally it’s here. One of the most 
popular computer simulations has 
arrived for the TurboGrafx Super 
CD-ROM. Sim Earth is the game, 
and all of the bells and whistles of 
the computer version are here, as 
only Super CD could provide them. 

Take charge of a planet. You are 
in control, you make the decisions. 
What will the land look like? What 
creatures will swim the oceans and 
walk on the shores? Only time will 

Choose from different periods of 
mankind’s evolution, or even try and 
terraform a planet that no one has 
ever even visited. The choice is 

Some games give you the powers 
of a superhero, but only Sim Earth 
lets you experience the biggest 
power trip of all: supreme ruler of all 
you survey! 

With Sim Earth, the world is yours! 

0 saiiddjaiaiiiii 

05 /oo RAMDOM ^soockxxxiz .o 

^OPRatxjcxTi Plaiet EARTH . 

Create s av^rlcl <2^ 4; Nodei n Pay 1932 

Puil'J Contiiienb TeirafoiniMar? 

Nation VEMJG 

I^Help Civilization ^ Terraform Venn? 

^{p'-^EARTH -jl^DaisyWcyid 

i^v^tVTlieC-amln ianEra Explore GAia 

Select a Timescale 

‘CONTINENlftt. DftlFf 
4.5 B ‘SiMaE Ceu Life 

J ,1 jfWM, -Cum^te/Drift 
' -CoMFiEx Life 

Las?COOMYears ^iomes 

J — ‘Clll«TE 

Lasi ItLOOO Years -Civiiization 


I “Life/Bicmes 



Lasi 100 Years 









1 H . 

ailSdwlJ:J 3 lSell}l 

i RSO 


Garbage. It’s everywhere, and 
even seems to be multiplying all by 
itself. But some of us know better. 

Camp California is probably the 
first ever environmentally aware 
game. Become a bear or a pelican, 
and clean up the mess that has 
been made. Your job is to pick up 
cans, banana peels, and any other 
trash you find that has not been 
properly disposed of. Clean up the 
land and reap the biggest reward of 
all — a better place to live. 

If all of this action isn’t enough, the 
sounds in the CD are provided by 
none other than the Beach Boys! 
More jammin’ tunes have never 
been heard in video-game-land. 

So jump on the bandwagon, and 
get ready for the jammin’est game of 
the year. Camp California is the 
name, and it adds up to environmen¬ 
tal awareness made fun! 

Turbo Force 7 

cl)e suaoRO 

oeAOLg oaeAPonsl PouxeR cRyscAls 

Due to the intense 
reaction to the super 
shooter pack-in for the 
duo, the sequel has just 
been announced and is 
going to blow away any 
forms of competition! 

This time around, you are 
not the brave soul piloting 
the police 
"hunting dog" 
craft. This 

sequel is going to be 
up as a fantasy game, 
casting you as a hand 
some warrior with 
some powerful 
weaponry and a 
whole lot of courage! 
Instead of lasers, you 
have magical blasts and 
a sword with enough piz 
zazz to bring down even 
the toughest of 
foes! Not only 
that, but this 
game is loaded 
with cinematic dis¬ 
plays. The details to 
the main plot are 
sketchy at this point, 
but with the power and 

memory ot uu, you can oet that it 
will be one dramatic and powerful 
epic on a grand scale! 

The graphics are some of the best 
to be seen on the CD supersystem! 
Combining many layers of parallax 
scrolling to multi-scrolling backdrops 
provides much more than a linear 
side scrolling one-way effect. 

And, as always, there is a boss 
which needs to be dealt with before 
entering the next stage. But be pre¬ 
fer some of the most graphi- 
es ever 
conceived! The 
one alone is about half 
size of the screen! Let 
not forget the totally 
CD sound- 
that the chaps at 
T.l. are going to add 
n. It will keep you 
' for a long 
The sounds, 
ics, game 
, and 

kickin' music 
will set new 

CD games! 

Should you collect these, 
they will boost the power of 
your standard weapon! 


Grab these nifty pieces and 
watch your score skyrocket 
into the outer limits! 

In this super sequel to Gate of Thunder, 
there will be many weapons available to 
our hero. At present there are only a few, 
but there are bound to be more! 




8 Turbo Force 

Check out Stage One above 
for some intense action! 

Fly through a waterfall and come 
into a cave of mystery! 

At present, there are only four levels that are playable. You 
can choose from six different lands to wreak havoc upon 

before you go on to the final stage! Good luck! 

Flame spurts and moving walls are 
your main hazards to dodge! 

Falling ice and other chilling 
terrors lurk in this level! 

Fly in front of the city above the sand 
and head to the cave entrance. 

This walking battle creature is only 
vulnerable if you hit it in the head. 

Once you get through the cave, you will 
come to the palace of the first boss! 

It ifiififi ftiT^ ft iiwiiiit ynn m nwR rif' (.ffUfiMi 

At first, he arrives as 
a mere mortal man. 

But after a gigantic 
discharge of energy, 
he becomes one of the 
most monstrous ene¬ 
mies ever to grace the 
CD platform! He has 
three attack styles, all 
powerful enough to 
drain the life out of 
you! Watch for his 
weak spot - it's just 
under his neck! 

Turbo Force 9 

TUrboPmiew: Dungeon Exiilorer II 

Q: What do you get when you take 
one of the most popular TurboGrafx 
games of all times, and cross it with 
the power of the new Super CD- 

* ¥■ 

A: Dungeon Explorer III 

fighters, wiz¬ 
ards, and bar¬ 

Those familiar 
with the original 
Explorer will feel 
right at home 
with the sequel, 
and those new 
to the series are 
in for a treat! 
Explorer II is the 
adventure of the 
year, and it is 
coming only for 
the TurboGrafx 
Super CD-ROM! 

The adventure 
of the year is 
coming soon, 
and its name is 
Explorer II. Not 
for the weak of 

That’s right. Dungeon Explorer II is 
coming in 1993, for the TurboGrafx 
Super CD, and once you see this, 
you will understand what the folks at 
Turbo Force have known for a long 
time...TurboGrafx Super CD is here 
to stay! 

With just the right blend of action 
and adventure to keep the game 
lively, and just enough role-playing 
to make things interesting. Dungeon 
Explorer II draws the player into a 
world of fantasy beyond that of your 
wildest imagination. 

Just like the first game, up to five 
people can 
compete togeth¬ 
er, playing such 
characters as 


!■< f-, 
HP. ? 1 

j i ^ 

10 Turbo Force 

'HiitioPreview: Exile by Working Designs 

Come forth to a savage 
land in a savage time. 
Come forth to a time of 
war, death, and the strug¬ 
gle of good versus evil. 
Come forth to a time of 
great cursades, in the 
name of uniting the world 
under one god. Come 
forth to Exile. 

You are Sadler, the 
hero the world has been waiting 
for to save from darkness, and 
lead into a new age of enlighten¬ 
ment. Before this can be done, 
you must travel the world in 
search of mysteries long past. 

The Fight has Begun. 

The quest of Exile will take you through vast lands, all of them filled with mystery and evil. In order for you to 
emerge triumphant, you must destroy many powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to witness your defeat. 

12 Turbo Force 


l-ip. 4 

Exile is a quest like no other. Combining strate¬ 
gy, action, and role-playing, for a perfect balance 
of game play and story telling. You don’t just wan¬ 
der around killing beasts like many of the other 
games out there. Instead, you are drawn into the 
story of the game, thanks to an extensive use of 
cinematic storytelling. 

While you do not travel alone, your companions 
are not able to assist you when the action 
becomes intense. You must enter those situations 
alone, and pray that the fates are on your side. 

So take the role of Sadler, and join Kindi, 
Fakhyle, and Rumi, to free the world from the 
bonds that mankind has been tightening on each 
other since the beginning of time. The peace of 
the world lies within your hands. The fate of 
mankind depends on your strength. May power 
and fortitude be with you on your journey. May the 
promise of peace drive you to success, and may 
the world look forward to a time when all men can 
live together in peace, under one flag and deity. 

If such a world is possible. 

Turbo Force 13 

DliAOUsl ZjLAyiii 


the boundries that man might make 
and the artificial walls he would con¬ 
struct, but instead threatens to 
encompass Isrenasa entirely, plung¬ 
ing it into darkness forever more. 

Dragon S/ayer will take you 
through four chapters, each with a 
distinct purpose. There will be peo¬ 
ple to meet, items to find, and a rich 
story to unfold. The world of Isrenasa 
is huge, and you must travel by land. 

Dragon Slayer Is the latest and 
greatest role-play game for the Tur- 
boGrafx Super CD-ROM. Brought to 
you by the same people who cre¬ 
ated the most popular Turbo CD 
of all time, Y’s Books One and 

You are Prince Logan. 

When you were just a child, 
your father was killed defend¬ 
ing the land of Farlayne, on 
the world of Isrenasa. Since 
that time, you have been 
raised on the island of Glen, 
looking toward the day when 
you will be crowned the King of 
Farlayne, and 
your family 
would once 

again possess 
the royal crown 
Now, as your 
sixteenth birth¬ 

day approaches, 
and you prepare 
to take your 
rightful place on 
the throne, 
something has 
gone wrong. It 
seems that the 

Baron Drax, 
your father’s 
most trusted 

advisor, is not 
quite ready to let 
you take over. 
His fiendish 

plans include 

your permanent disposal, and wed¬ 
lock to your mother, thus making 
him King of the land. 

It is up to Logan to go forth, and 
keep Drax from implementing his 
fiendish plan. You will have some 
help along the way, but the quest is 
yours, whether you succeed or fail. 

And don’t think that just the fate of 
the Kingdom lay in your hands. 
Indeed, this plot stems far beyond 

air, and sea, to 
search out the 
answers to the 

Experience is 
important, but just 
as vital is thought 
and reason. Your 
strength and agility 
won’t solve the 
puzzles when they 
present them¬ 
selves, and there 
is no time for idle 

Why is the world 
being over-run 
with beasts? What 
are the secrets 
your companions 
hold in their past? 
Who is behind this 
plot to destroy all of mankind, and to 
have the world for itself? 

It is up to you to answer these 
questions. Isrenasa depends on the 
salvation which can only come at the 
hands of heros. 

Go forth, and prove to the people - 
to your friends, family, and compan¬ 
ions - that you are the one they have 
been waiting for. You are the legend. 

You are the Dragon Slayer! 

14 Turbo Force 

Destined to be Prince Logan’s 
Queen... If the country survives. 

Crown prince of Farlayne, awaiting 
for the day he will be King. 

An excellent spellcaster who seems 
to enjoy avoiding work at all costs. 

Who is he and what is he doing here? 
Only time will answer this. 

A leader to the resistance movement 
She is a great asset to the battle. 

A traveling monk who seems to be 
hiding from the past and his true seif. 

Turbo Force 15 

What makes Dragon Slayer stand 
above the rest of the RPGs now 
crowding store shelves are the 
numerous options allowed the play¬ 
ers. The game is riddled with items 
for the adventurous player to find, 
and experimentation with these 
items and the various battle and sys¬ 
tem options will surely yield some 
interesting results. 

One of the more unique options is 
auto-battle. In this mode, the com¬ 
puter picks the best means for fight¬ 
ing enemies when they attack. This 
is particularly useful when fighting to 
build up your experience points. 

Another such useful option is auto- 
heal, though this can backfire as the 
computers strategy in this instance 
is questionable at best. 

The game provides the player with 
items like the “Seeker Orb” (if you 
can find it) to show you a map of the 
world, and the “Spy Scope” to fill you 
in on the location of all monsters 
lurking about in the area. 

There are also plenty of spells, 
many of which perform the same 
function as the objects you can find. 

The most useful spell In the game is 
probably the “Warp 2” spell, which 
will instantly transport the entire 
party to any location they have pre¬ 
viously visited (over forty by the end 
of the game). 

In short. Dragon Slayer is the most 
advanced video-RPG to date, and 
still simple to learn and to play. 

There are so many things to find in Isrenasa, you'll wish there was a mall! 

16 Turbo Force 

The land of Isrenasa is massive, 
and not a tour-guide in sight. 
Would-be explorers should keep a 
few things in mind. 

1) Everything you bump into will 
try to kill you. 

2) The people in the towns may 
or may-not be friendiy. 

3) Things are not always what 
they seem! 

4) Whatever you do, spend as 
much money as possible 
before paying bribes!!! 

By foiiowing these four bits of 
wisdom, Logan may iive to see 
his next birthday, it is nice to have 
some friends on your side, but if 
you depend mainiy on yourself, 
you only have yourself to blame 
when things go awry. 

The creatures in Dragon Slayer only exist to bring your journey to a halt! 

' Chap. 2 THE CHASE ' I 


; 5 f 

> 120 120 




LV 10 
S 278/ 273 

66/ 66^ 
K 153 

LV 10 
:> 32/ 250 

113/ 113 

< 264 

3 casts SLEEPII 


j falIs asleep! 


1 THE TCt€R 

1 j 


> ^ ^ ^ * 

i 1313 1900 1 

'SLi)5h!M LV 23- 
0 Hf' 1323/2008 
617/ 617 
X 18335 

SEThftN LV 23 

% KP 1422/ 1422 
Sy HP 857/ 857 
fs 16811 

: Eimt 

, STATUS Pltl j 

LV 27' 
^ HP 562/ 332, 
>< HP 1037/ 10371 
M • 3205: 

?^61LEb LV 28' 
HP 1006/ 1573, 
MP 411/ 411! 
^ - 7338 

The worst part about going on a 
iong trip, is carrying all of those 
heavy weapons. Logan and Com¬ 
pany must keep up on all of the 
latest trends in weapons and 
armor if they are going to survive 
in the Isrenasan countryside. 
There are ali kinds of beasties 
iurking about, ali set to bring your 
quest to an immediate and perma¬ 
nent halt. Be swift and be brave! 


1 .v^ 



1 ICO 

■ imi 




Turbo Force 17 

The hordes of nasty beasts can’t 
be left to run around unattended. 
There must be supervision to 
assure that the destruction is 
even and orderly. Not to mention, 
the game wouid be darn boring 
without some bosses every now 
and then for variety. Dragon Slay¬ 
er has the most frightening selec¬ 
tion of bosses ever! Don’t turn 
your back, it may not be safe! 

Isrenasa may be beautiful^ but it just isn't safe for women and children. 

Isrenasa is a huge iand fiiled with 
interesting piaces for your party 
of warriors to explore. The quest 
is long and will challenge the 
most experienced roie-players. 
The question isn’t “is the quest 
large enough?” The question is, 
“are you up to it?” 

18 Turbo Force 

Like all things in life, the quest must come 
to an end. Logan will go forth as leader of 
Farlayne, and learn to rule as well as he has 
lead this party. And if evil ever comes forth 
again in this land, he will be ready. 

For Logan is more than just a Prince: 

Logan is the Dragon Slayer! 


^ 0 - 

Turbo Force 19 

TUrboStyles: Japanes 

The Bubblegum Crisis 

Artmic and Youmex are the creators of this animation master¬ 

piece. It was released in Japan in 1987, then in America in 1991 
by a company called Animeigo. The Bubblegum Crisis is the story 
of four incredible women who call themselves the Knight Sabers. 

Priss is the strongest and most aggressive; Nene is the weakest 
physically, but she makes up for it with her brains; Linna is the 
quickest; and Sylia is the leader, brains, and coordinator of this 
elite group. 

The year is 2032 A.D. and Mega Tokyo is being taken over by 
android like robots known as “Boomers”. These Boomers are 
always causing some kind of trouble throughout the city. Trouble 
so great that not even the advanced police (A.D. Police) can do 
anything to stop it. 

Nene works at the A.D. Police station with comput¬ 
ers and such, so she always knows when there is 
trouble in the city. Once Nene knows, it’s only a mat¬ 
ter of time before the Knight Sabers show up. The 
Knight Sabers, when not in their “hard-suits”, look 
just like normal women, but when they have their 
suits they are able to jump really high, withstand bul¬ 
lets, lasers, and almost anything that the Boomers 
can dish out. 

The battle scenes in this film make you feel like 
you are right there within the action, with hard hitting 
sound effects, truly great music, a unique perspec¬ 
tive, and incredibly detailed backdrops. The story will 
captivate you with its many wonderful elements. 

Each member of the Knight Sabers has her own- 
great personality. Once you see one of these great 
films (there are eight in all) you will definitely have to 
see them all. 

The Bubblegum Crisis has drama, action, violence, 
and even comedy, and I recommend it to everyone. 



20 Turbo Force 

ie Animation Attacks 

Japanese Animation Company Directory 

Here are a couple of companies who translate Japanese Animation to English. They also 
sell novelties of all your favorite Japanese characters. 

Animeigo Inc. 

Streamline Pictures 

U.S. Renditions 

RO. Box 989 

P.O. Box 691418 

1123 Dominguez Unit K 

Willmington, NC 

West Hollywood, CA 

Carson, CA 




Phone #(919) 251-1850 

Phone# (310) 657-7697 

(310) 604-9702 

Turbo Force 21 

TUrboStyles Cinem 

Dr. Butcher M.D. is rated NC-17 and is not intended for viewing by persons under the age of 17. 

Dr. Butcher M.D. © Paragon Video Productions 







In the high glitz world of Hollywood 
there are not many movies (maybe 
none) made for the sake of movie 
making. Dr. Butcher M.D., was 
made when there was some integrity 
(if there ever was any) left in L.A. I 
know about L.A., because we at 
T.T.I. live here. Anyway, the movie 
starts out in New York for no other 
reason than New York is probably 
where Donald O’Brian lived (and he 
is...well, you know who he is). If you 
watch the movie you’ll understand 
there is no logical reason for any¬ 
thing that happens in Dr. Butcher 
M.D...but a good movie like a good 
life does not always need a purpose 
or a direction and if you just want to 
watch the greatest movie ever, then 
Dr. Butcher is for you. But I’m 

The movie starts out in the big 
is stealing 
body parts 

cadavers in 
a hospital. 

The first 
scene (of 
many spec¬ 

scenes) is of a guy who is caught 
stealing and eating a cadaver’s 
heart. He jumps out of the window 
instead of confessing. From there a 
female doctor who also just hap¬ 
pens to be an anthropology expert 

concerning a certain cannibalistic 
tribe, makes the connection that a 
symbol found on the jumper, links 
him to the tribe. So anyways, of 
course the lady doctor deciphers 
the symbol to mean “kito” or divine 
island, so what would you do? Well 
of course you would go to a South 
East Asian Island with two investi¬ 
gators (who both act like Dan 
Tanna), the female doctor, and a 

Now, before I give away too much 
of the story, here is our board of 
reviewers in 
an open panel 
discussion to 
rate the 
movie. In this 
our Siskele- 
bert type 
forum, we 
throw out gen¬ 
eral questions 
about the 
movie and our 
experts just say what they feel. Very 

What was the best part of the 

J.K.: Eye-gouging, guy jumping from 
the building. 

T.T.: The propeller to 
the face. 

AYM: All three 
J.K.: It’s got to be all 

T.T.: I agree 

But why 
were these 
the best 
parts of the 

AYM: Well, 

when other horror films leave 
you hanging. Dr. Butcher 
always follows through and 
leaves nothing to the imagi¬ 

J.K.: That’s right. For 

example, you get to see the guy who 
jumps out the window actually hit the 

T.T.: The propeller 
goes through the 

AYM: The eye 
gouge is followed 

Why is this movie 

T.T.: Other movies 
have the prover¬ 
bial helpless 
woman screaming 
at everything, but not this one. 

J.K.: Forget the stereotypes. In 
“Butcher” women don’t always trip 
and sprain their ankle at the worst 

AYM: That’s true. Even when the 
heroine was surprised by a cannibal 
in her room, she didn’t just sit there 
helpless. She calmly put a machete 
through the guys head. 

J.K.: Even if a lady did scream. Dr. 
Butcher just cut her vocal cords out 
anyway. The doc put up with no 

22 Turbo Force 

a: Dr. Butcher M.D. 



If you had one sentence to 
describe Dr. Butcher M.D., what 
would it be? 

T.T.: Eat your heart out. 

J.K.: Donald O’Brian in his best 
role yet. 

AYM: The greatest movie ever. 

Johnny Turbo’s 
of the Month: 
What made 
you pick this 
movie in the 
video store? 
T.T.: The title. 
AYM: News¬ 
paper type 

J.K.: Obscure 
video compa¬ 
ny, back-cover 

Cowardly Question 

Final consensus from the panel: 

The only part where Dr. Butcher 
M.D. leaves you hanging and did not 
follow through was at the end. 

You’re never really sure if “Donald 
The Doc’ O’Brian” perished. 

Other comments heard about 
Dr. Butcher M.D.: 

D.B. is cold! 

Edited like Benny Hill. 

Better than Faces of Death. 

gives a good 

Films social 
from the 

Dr. Butcher’s 
cruel experi¬ 
ment was 
his own 

Music: The Black Crows 

A couple of months ago I saw two 
guys driving down the street blaring 
some heavy metal. I said to myself, 
“what could those two long hairs with 
the black concert T-shirts, find meaning¬ 
ful in the noise they were listening to.” 

At about the same time I was condemn¬ 
ing them for their choice of song, I 
remembered my driver’s license picture 
from when I was 16. In it, I looked like 
cousin It, and yes, I did have a black 
concert T-shirt on to boot. The point of 
this story is to tell you about a group 

that brings me back to my “good old 
days” when Led Zepplin and Lynyrd 
Skynard were king. This group is the 
Black Crowes. The two albums they 
have out right now are Shake Your 
Money Maker and The Southern Har¬ 
mony and Music Companion. If you like 
blues/semi heavy metal music, the 
Crowes have got it down. Even if you 
don’t like the music, you’ll love their 
psychedellic/dead head inside cover 
layout. Anyway, check out the Crowes, 
and play it very loud in the car. 

Turbo Force 23 

TM & © Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. 

People are becoming more and 
more comfortable with the compact 
disc as the storage medium of 
choice for their music. And as they 
do, they recognize the advantages 
of the digital format. 

The recording never fades or dis¬ 
torts, the sound is unsurpassed in 
quality and clarity, and the digital for¬ 
mat allows for greater programming 

Laser discs (LDs) boast the same 
inherent benefits of CDs, except 
they also include video. Lately, video 
distribution companies have begun 
manifesting that flexibility in special 
edition LDs. 

Special edition LDs have such 
bonuses as behind-the-scenes looks 
at actors, directors, or the making of 
the film; a simulated theater screen 
known as the "letterbox" format; or 

extra scenes not found in the origi¬ 
nal big screen version of the film. 

Film distributors have learned that 
people who became fans of the the¬ 
atrical release of a particular film will 
also likely pay to see an enhanced 
version at home. 

Aliens director James Cameron, 
for example, reinserted nearly 20 
minutes of footage on a widescreen 
edition of the sci-fi thriller. The addi¬ 
tional scenes embellish the storyline 
and make Aliens worth a re-watch. 


In a Special 
Widescreen Col¬ 
lector's Edition of 
Aliens, the viewer 
gets a glimpse of 
Newt's family and 
a better look at the 
space colony 
where they reside. 






Many owners of LD players are 
looking forward to a collector's edi¬ 
tion of Cameron's Terminator 2: 
Judgement Day. Several key scenes 
were rumored to have been 
chopped from the theatrical release 
of the blockbuster film but they may 
resurface on the special edition LD. 

As the prices of LD players contin¬ 

ue to fall, (a 
decent LD play¬ 
er currently 
sells for about 
more and more 
movies to take 
advantage of 
the superior 

With better 
sights, sounds, 
and durability 
than videocas¬ 
settes, LDs are 
destined to 
become the 
obvious choice 
of the future for 
storing and 
viewing video. 

This scene from Paramount's Hunt for Red October illustrates the letterbox format available on many LDs. With its 
rectangular screen that simulates a theater, the movie doesn't have to be cropped for a square television screen. 

24 Turbo Force 

TM & © 20th Century Fox. All rights reserved. 

that you sit 
and do nothing 
with) to inter¬ 
active content 
you take an 
active part in). 

Video games 

“You're walking down the dimly lit are a precur- 
corridor of the forbidding dungeon. sor to this, but 

The stones feel cold and slippery are primitive in 

beneath your feet. Suddenly, iron comparison to 
gates creak shut on both ends of the the possibili- 
corridor. You're trapped - alone. ties of VR. 

Then you hear a grunt. Your pulse A child will 
quickens - and as you come to the no longer sit 
realization that maybe you're not with his or her 

alone, a dragon rears his head up "electronic 
from the depths of the darkness. babysitter", but 

You'll have one swipe of your instead will Imagine being a brave knight fighting this fierce dragon in his lair ■ 

sword to sever his head, you think, have fantastic or whizzing down the tracks of a roller coaster with impossible 

or you're just another drago-snack. " adventures twists and turns. With virtual reality, any scenario that can be imag- 

Although it sounds like a bad with other chil- ined can be recreated using increasingly complex simulators. 

dream, the following description fits 
just as well in a virtual reality (VR) 
environment. In fact, VR technology 
is evolving so rapidly, that the line 
between imagination and realization 
is blurring. 

Despite the many technological 
advances in the last 50 years, virtual 
reality truly represents a revolution. 
VR makes the fundamental shift 
from passive content ( a television 

dren and fami¬ 

Instead of going on vacation for a 
weekend, a person will be able to 
bypass all the hassles of travel with 
VR. He or she will have the ability to 
be thrust into an adventure of 
choice; a dragon-battling knight in 
medieval times, a 200 ton mecha¬ 
nized warrior in 2112, or a top secret 
international spy (for further descrip¬ 
tion, see the film 

duke it out on an electronic battle¬ 

field. Each person controlling a 
mech warrior on the battlefield has a 
view as if he or she was the robot, 
and the environment revolves 
around them accordingly. 

A symbol of the progress in VR, 
the Battletech Center recently 
upgraded its system. Monitors have 
twice the graphic resolution of the 
ones they replaced, 
and the battleground 
environments have 
even more variety. 

5 T* As computers come 
|p closer to catching up 

t * 4 with our imaginations, 

^ ^ look for VR to 

' r become an increas- 

prominent tech- 
' ^ is surface 

Ir 1 f has only been 

M. . ' i * scratched, and for 
■ij» i VR, the best is cer- 
}g tainly yet to come. 

Total Recall). 

Such endeavors 
already exist, albeit 
on a smaller scale. 
The Battletech cen¬ 
ter in Chicago 
enables participants 
to choose from a list 
of robots, and then 

How would you like to be a robot that can 
transform into a race car? As virtual reality 
technology advances, simulations and games 
will blur the line between fantasy and reality. 

© Miramar Images. All rights reserved. 

Turbo Force 25 

Evans & Sutherland. All rights reserved. ® Miramar Images. All rights reserved. 

TUrttoSMes: Famines 

Two Big Reasons to 
Read a Fanzine 

According to Webster’s Dictionary, 
1986 edition, a fanzine is a maga¬ 
zine produced by amateurs. 
Fanzines are usually put together 
with cost efficiency in mind: They 
are printed on inexpensive paper; 
they usually have no advertising; 

rely on for income), but their articles 
are often unedited and uncut, which 
means the writers speak exactly 
what’s on their unpaid minds. So if 
you want reviews that are direct and 
in language you can understand, 
you’ll find it in a fanzine. 

Why do the fanzines exist? Good 
question. For the answer, let’s speak 
to the editor of Next Generation, 
Casey Loe: 

LR: Do you have a job other than 
working on NG7 
CL: Not right now, no. 

LR: Do you go to school? 

CL: Yes. I’m a senior right now. 

LR: Oh yeah? Which college? 

CL: Actually, I’m in high school. 

LR: Really? You sound a lot older 
than that. (Maybe I should explain 
this lame comment. You see, I was 
actually impressed by the fact that 
someone who hasn’t even graduat¬ 
ed from high school is editor and 
chief of such a high quality, under¬ 
ground publication. It had nothing to 
do with the way he sounded on the 

Fanzine editors have unique opin¬ 
ions on how their publications 
should function. Ed Finkler, who has 
worked on several fanzines, says 
the zines should be as creative as 
possible. It is the type of publication 
that isn’t influenced by the game 
manufacturers and should reflect the 
editor’s personality. “A faned 
(fanzine editor) should be able to 
write about whatever he wants to 
write about, such as music or poli¬ 
tics, not just video games,” says Fin¬ 
kler. “You learn more about a person 
that way.” 

Fanzine Quality and the 
Two Big Reasons 

(sounds like a movie title, doesn’t it?) 

Fanzines can be as different as 
night and day. In all video game 
fanzines, you find reviews, game 
hints and letters to the editor. But 
some publications go further than 
that. Phanzine Star, for example, 
offers several other features, such 
as an on-going comic strip, movie 
reviews, and a section called “Crys¬ 
tal Ball,” which tries to predict future 
trends. Game Zero offers a section 
called “Head to Head” which com¬ 
pares different versions of a single 

they are put together on a home 
computer; and one staple in the 
upper left corner holds them 

But don’t let appearances fool you, 
Actually, the publications are often 
quite interesting. Not only do these 
little collections of underground writ¬ 
ings contain no advertising (which, 
by the way, most major publications 

LR: So Casey, why 
did you decide to 
create a fanzine? 
CL: At first it was 
for fun, and I also 
liked to write. Then 
I got to review 
games and see 
what was coming 
out. I really enjoy it 
a lot. 

LR: Do you aspire 
to work for a major 

CL: Actually, I 
would like to make 
this a major publi¬ 

LR: What one thing 
do you think sepa¬ 
rates fanzines from 
the major publica¬ 
tions, other than 
the obvious cos¬ 
metic differences? 
CL: To me, the 
major publications 
look good and 
have lots of pic¬ 
tures to look at, but 
there usually isn’t a lot to read. In a 
fanzine, you’ll find more articles than 

LR: What is the circulation of your 
particular publication? 

CL: The last time we published 
(number 10), we printed 110 issues. 
From what we understand, at least 
three people read each issue, so it’s 
at about 330. 

26 Turbo Force 

video game produced for sev¬ 
eral systems. In the issue I 
have (number 2), Game Zero 
also has a section called 
“Remember When” which is 
kind of an editorial look back 
at past gaming trends. 

Fanzines are just as good as 
the major publications, yet 
they’re usually cheaper. This 
brings me to the two big rea¬ 
sons you should buy a 
fanzine: Firstly, all fanzines 
are up to date with what’s new 
on the gaming market. If 
there’s a game coming out, 
they’ll know about it. They are 
as relialbe as the major publi¬ 
cations, but without the bud¬ 

Secondly, fanzines offer 
clear options. For example, 
have you ever sat down to 
read a review in a major publi- 

cation but can’t understand a 
word they’re saying? When 
you’re finally through with the 
article, you don’t know if the 
game is worth buying or not. 
With a fanzine, you won’t find 
that. Each writer approaches the 
game head on. If they didn’t like 
the graphics, they’ll tell you so. 
You’ll find no confusion here. 

The quality of each fanzine 
varies tremendously. The only 
true way you’re going to find one 
you like is by trying them out 
one at a time. There are so 
many fanzines around that 
you’re sure to find one or two to 
your liking. 

So there you have it, the two 
big reasons to hunt down a 
fanzine — any fanzine, just get 
one. And to help you on your 
way, we offer a list of fanzines 
we have found. 

MiDfy m 


Mind Storm 

Game Zero 

Random Access 

9474 Fallson Ct. 

P.O. Box 169 

21 Aden Way 

Blue Ash, OH 45242 

Columbus, OH 43216 

West Hartford, CT 06117 

Irregular - $1 per issue 

Bimonthly - 65c per issue 

Unsure - $2 per issue or 

Aaron Buckner 


Eric Cohen 

Panic Zone 



3217 23rd Ave., S.E. 

1209 Frisina 

10 East Prescott St. 

Rio Rancho, NM 87124 

Pawnee, IL 62558 

Westword, MA 01886 

Irregular - $1 per isue or 

6 times per year - $7.50 per year 

Bimonthly - First issue free 

$2.50 for 3 issues 

Chris Larson 

$1 per issue after 

Chris Larson 

Shape of Gaming 

Michael D. Babcock 


to Come 

Power Piay 

316 E. 11th Ave. 

12311 Conservation Trail 

14 Stratford Drive 

Naperville, IL 60563 

Utica, Ml 48315 

Brick, NJ 08724 

Monthly - $1 per issue 

Bimonthly - $5 per year 

Bimonthly - $2 per issue or 

Paradox Publishing 

Darren A. Krolewski 

$8 per year 

Chris Ritzer 

Next Generation 

Phanzine Star 

5961 Cannon Ct. 

4436 E. 5th Street 


Ventura, CA 93003 

Long Beach, CA 90814 

135 Ten Rod Road 

Every 6 weeks - $3.50 per issue or 

Bimonthly - $2 per issue or 

Exeter, Rl 02922 

$10 for 10 issues or 

$10 per year Quarterly - $1.25 per issue or 

$24 for 8 issues 

$4.75 per year 

Casey Loe 

Scott N. Weller 

This, of course, is but a fraction of the complete list of fanzines available. If you would like more information about 
fanzines or fandom in general, please contact the National Association of Electronic Gaming Enthusiasts (NAEGE), 

P.O. Box 240523, Honolulu, HI 96824. The cost for membership to NAEGE is $10 per year. With this cost, you may 

also request a complete list of fanzines for your browsing pleasure. 

Turbo Force 27 

Bonk III: Bonk’s Big Adventure 

Bonk III: Bonk’s Big Adventure 

Darkwing Duck 


Buster Brothers (CD) 


Darkwing Duck (Chip) 

Legend of Hero Tonma (Chip) 

Lords of Thunder (SCD) 

World Sports Competition (Chip) 


Bomberman ‘93 (Chip) 

Riot Zone (SCD) 


Bonk III: Bonk’s Big Adventure (SCD) 
Magical Chase (Chip) 

Super Battle Lode Runner (Chip) 

Sim Earth (SCD) 

Other Releases 

Dates Unknown 

Subject to change or cancelation. 

Beyond Shadowgate (SCD) 

Blood Gear (SCD) 

Camp California (SCD) 

CD-Zonk (SCD) 

Cosmic Fantasy 3 (SCD) - Working Designs 
Cotton (SCD) 

Dangerous Journey (SCD) 

Dungeon Explorer II (SCD) 

Dungeon Master (SCD) 

Dynastic Hero (SCD) 

Exile II (SCD) - Working Designs 

John Madden Football (SCD) 

Might and Magic 3 (SCD) 

Military Madness 2 (SCD) 

Power Golf 2 (SCD) 

Legend of Hero Tonma 

Legend of Hero Tonma 


28 Turbo Force 


Bundled Software 

\\ ill) lli(‘ I III l><> Diio. \(Mi r,‘iM 

II lo Noiii hiNonIr iiiiisic 

CD-Rom Drive 

|MM’SO|l<‘ll ('<HII|Mll<M nild IIS(' il il.^ il < 

(iiil(‘i hu (‘ ii(hi|)lrr ii\iiil«il)l<' IdU;}) 

CD View Window 

l^oiik s \(l\(‘iiliii(‘ niid Ijoiik s l\ 

CD Release Dutton 

Front View 

© 1992 RED 

— Player Port w/ 

5 player oompatibility 

TurboChip Drive 

Him* nr jicn‘ss(n \ \nil 

Prince of Persia Forgotten Worlds 

Dragon Slayer 

w ^ Turbo Technologies. Inc. 

Available through Sears Catalogue. To order, call Sears’ 24-hour toll free number, 1-800-366-3000 

TurboGrafx-CD Super System Card 

©1992 RED 

For the super low 
price of 


you could choose 
the Super System 
Card without the 
extra software. 


But, for the low price of 


you get the Super 
System Card 


You will also receive three 
games in one CD: 

Gate of Thunder 
Bonk’s Adventure 
Bonk’s Revenge 


The Super System Card will add to your thrills with the addition of 
four times the memory capacity of the older TurboGrafx-CD games. 
With this increased storage, you will experience incredible sound and 
scaling graphics. TurboGrafx-CD system users have no worries! With 
the Super System Card you will have all the power of a Turbo Duo 
System. It completely enhances the TurboGrafx-CD system so 
you can play all the awesome CD games! 

These Super CD Games 

$50 Value *•, 
/ Coupon Booklet *. 

• • 

* This coupon booklet gives you * 
ten $5 coupons for savings on any 
TurboChip or CD software for use 

^ in the TurboGrafx systems. This offer , 

• is a great way to expand your game • 
software library. Your only problem / 

• is choosing which games to 

*• use the coupons on! • 

Dragon Slayer 

Shadow of the Beast 


Shape Shifter 

Prince of Persia 

Available Now 

Available Now 

Available Now 

Available Now 

Available Now 


Forgotten Worlds 

Available Now 



Camp California 
January '93 


Lords of Thunder 
February '93 



Dungeon Explorer II 
March '93 

Riot Zone 
March '93 

To order call: 

1 - 800 - 995-9203