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The Waste Land 

The Waste Land 

LibriVox T. S. Eliot 

The Waste Land 
By T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) 

The Waste Land is T. S. Eliot's Modernist masterpiece, first published in 
1920. Rich in allusions to Shakespeare, Dante, Baudelaire, the Bible, 
Marvell, Buddha, and the folklore of the Holy Grail, among other sources, 
the poem emphasizes the fundamental fragmentation and lack of 
connection that characterizes modern life and relationships. (Summary by 

Elizabeth Klett) 

Read by Elizabeth Klett; total running time: 00:25:40. Dedicated Proof- 
Listener: mb. Meta-Coordinator/Cataloging: Elizabeth Klett. 

pue] ajsey aul 

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