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Full text of "Chronicles of crime and criminals No.1 - Wainwright Murder and Whitechapel Murders"

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Chronicles  op  Crime  and  Criminals 
 No.  1  

The  Wainwright  Murder 

The  Whitechapel  Murders 

Chronicles  of  Crime  and  Criminals  No.1: 
Wainwright  Murder  and  Whitechapel  Murders 

Unknown  author 

Published  by  Beaver  Publishing  Company,  Toronto,  and 
subtitled  "Full  and  authentic  account  of  the  murder  by  Henry 
Wainwright  of  his  mistress,  Harriet  Lane,  and  an  extended 
account  of  the  Whitechapel  murders  by  the  infamous  Jack 
the  Ripper. " 

Running  time:  01:46:37 
Read  by  KirksVoice 

Cover  design  by  Kathryn  Delaney 
Contemporary  newspaper  account  of 
Jack  the  Ripper  murder 


Accoustical  liberation  of  books 
in  the  public  domain 

Tliis  recording  and  CD  cover  are  in  tlie  public  domain  and  may  be  reproduced,  distributed, 
or  modifiedwithout  permission.  For  more  information,  or  to  volunteer,  ws/