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Full text of "The whole booke of Psalmes. Collected into English meeter by Thomas Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins and others, conferred with the Hebrewe, with apt notes to sing them with all. Set forth and allowed to be sung in all churches, of all the people together, and after morning and evening prayer, as also before and after sermons: and moreover in private houses for their godly solace and comfort, laying apart all ungodly songs and ballads, which tend onely to the nourishing of vice, and corrupting of youth"

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or I'SAI-MES. 

COLLI- c r 11 D 

INl'C) EN( 31 . 1 SH MEETEK BV 

7 ’ H O M A S iS T E R N J 1 O I. I>, 1 O U N f I O I' K I N S ail J 
Others, conferred xrith the Uebrerve, mtha^>t 
Notes to Sing them with all. 

forth and allowed to heiSim^ mall Cluirclics, oFall the 

people together, aiul alter Vlorning and evening Prayer,asallb 
before and after .Seimons; and luorcov-cr in jiriiiarc H Hjfcs fortkir 
godly lolace and comfort, l.iyii)gapjrt all ungixily Songs arxl 
Ballads, which rend oncly to iltc nouriihingof 
vice, and cot riiptitrg of' 

"i' O 11 T li . 


Let the word of God dwell [dtnteoufly in)ou in all wijedMe , teaching and exlmtin^ 
one another in Tj alines Hymiies, and jfirituali Son^s , and Jlr^ to the Lord in your 

I A M t s V. 

If any he afjlifled let him Tray , if any he merry, let him fin^ Tfalmes. 

t f f t iit ttf tf w»f f t # l 1111 ft ^ w 

L OX 0 X, 

Printed by R^'Badger ^ov the Company of Stationers. 

1632 . 


• ' 

' I T * 






io ^ 

C.i’i' ASVJ^. t 

( >f 

'f' , 

U ‘ ;r iT‘i iiA naivi:.)!/:'i 

»'fii ■ Iflctt •) I( )M 1 1‘. I>ni. 

j.'j. Jl - i: .<-’ 1 ^^ ■ -' •'•'M 


I . »>• ^ ' • ‘'I ^ A ' 

lo I ■> lini., i.r.-., ^ 

. ‘4 » * ■ • ^^ 

.I . ) (* r * 'i / <t 4 

. -. .lAlfV 'XiVV -’"’ 

>rtt. c ■ u> ' 




L .. v :ilL 

v\ y {■>'» 

^ { *) * % 

*' V'iV’‘ ‘.i' ; '^1 \ k t'ii'j'V'ii l*. .4*’^\u’i-4 

■Ti’*' -i 

:-^- ■; ->>♦> 


'■■v •■*►. '• 

P - * • * * 4 

-.. .:. 

V . . A 

■i' -■'■> 

• 'f«r 

■VV. -Y ‘ 

^ '. 

:;:A ,' 

■:--V . -' ■' • 

•• > \ i* 

f . P 




♦ , 'V 

it* s* 

■' ; -f.;' 

-A «.■.. ff 


«• >«' V 


. • . ’'•'' 

» * » y* Y . 

•Jfe*, . , /• 

;, V, V f 

', V 

-tiv • - 

I . 



* .V.',.. I o 1 J . 1^1 ' I 1 'J I! V*. H 4 tV. I 

^ ^ Ut '^>.\ «.'^ >‘ ‘v\v((V.vvn\vA:>'^ ^ 

• * ' '59114 .Ufc il i//nr i’i ••Mi2oj-':'>4 _ 

• 'PP.^ ‘ ^ 

r- arl^!^C^^,.. .iLiml J li^iu v‘'iiX*>ri di II'jv/oPx: Imx; i - -i 

^ - I' • • * I ! f. / » 1 I .. k 11 •- .t> T »-. > 




In A 1 e e t e r. 

Beatiisvir. Pfal. I.T. S. 

This rfdme is ftt fi'fi M a ?refACttt exhort aJI 
rodty m;n to ftsstlj arsd meets! Ate the heAstenlj tnf r- 
‘ they be blejfed that fo doe, b At the veiebed 
corttemtsers thereof At length Jidlcome to tmferj. 

Hcaunisblcftdut hath 

not bent to wicked rede his care, nor led 
his lifeas finners doe,nor fate in feorners 
chairc, a. Batin the law of God the 

Lord, doth fet his whole delight: And 

in tliatlawdotlicxcrcifchimfclfe both 

^= 3 : 

(hall come in place or (ig!:t. 

6 Eor why?tbc way oCgodly men, 
vnto the Lord is knowne, 

And eke the way of wicked men, 
fliaJI quite be ouerthrowne. 

QuarcfraniKnint. P/al ij. T.S. 

DAMsd reiejeeth thot Atbeu enemies And worldly 
fewer rAie,g»dwil Adstonce hu km^dome/uento 
thefAstbefi end d the worliLTherefere be exhort- 
eth Princes humbly to fsdimtt them/e lues vnder the 
fAme,Hereinijf£mfiedCknJI Audhtt Izn^deme. 

Sing this AS the t, TfeJme. 

■t i\ 7 - Hy did the Gentiles tumults niie, , 
V V what rage was in their brainc ? 
Why did tl>« lewifli people mole, 
feeing all is but vaine. 
a The Kings and rulers oT the earth, 
confpircand are all bent, 

Againft the Lot d and Chrift his (bnne, 
which he ainongft vs fent. 

3 Shall we be bound to them fay thev, 
let all their bonds be broke: 

And oftheir dodtine and their law, 
let vs rcied the yoke. 

4 But he that in the hcauen dwcl’di, 
their doings wLl deride. 

And make them all as mocking (hxkes^ 
throughout the world fo wide. 

day and night. 

3 He (hall be like the tree that groweth 

by the waters fide. 

Which bringeth foith moft plca&nt fruits 
in her ducTime and tide. 

W hole Icafc (hall ncucr fade nor fall, 
but flourilh (lill and (land, 

Eucn lb all things (lull proiper well, 
that this man takes in baml. 

4 Solhallnotthcvngodly men, 
they (hall be nothing (b; 

But as the dull which from the earth, 
the winddniiestoandfro. 

y Therelbrcfliallnottbewickedmen, 

, in judgement (fand vpright: 

, Hor yet the fiimcrs with the luft, 

5 Forin his WTath the Lord will fay, 

And in his Hiry trouble them, 
and then the Lord will lay. 

g I haue annointed him my King 
vpon mv holy hill, 

I will therefore,Lord,preach thy law, 
and eke declare thy will. 

7 For in rhis wifi: tlie Lord himfilfe, 
did fay to me I wot. 

Thou art my diare and oncly fonne, 
to day I thee begot: 

8 All people I will giuc to thee, 

as heyresattby reqntll. 

The ends and coJfis of all the earth 
by thee (hall be poffeft, 

A 3 2 Tho^ 

^ Thou fhalc them braid- cucii with a mace, 
as men vndcr foot trod: 

And as the potters (beards (lialtbrcakc 
them with an iron tod. 

10 Now ye O Kings and rulers all, 
be wife therefore and leariiM, 

By whom the matters of the world 
beiudgedand difeern'd. 

1 1 See that ye ferue tlie Lord abouc, 
in trembling and in fcare; 

Sec that with reiiercnce ye reioyce 
tohiminlike manner. 

1 a See that ye kifl'c and eke unbrace 
his bleffcd (onne, 1 fay, 

left in his wrath ye luddcnly 
pcti(liinthemid way. 

Ifoncehiswrathnaierfo fmall 
fliall kindle in his bred, 

O then ail they that truft in Chrift, 

(liall happy be and bled. 

Dortiine quid. P(al. iij T.S. 

Daiiid drinen out of his kingdom bj hUfon Ahf.tlom, 
tpos ofeatl^ tormented in mind for hisjinne.There¬ 
fore he callcth vpon Cod.emd is hold inhispromifes 
ai^ainjl the terrour both of enemies and present 
death. Then heere 'tojeeth far the viHorj^iueH to 
him and the Church, oner their enemies. 

Lord how arc my foes encread, which 
vexe me more and more ; They kill my 
heart when as they ^'y, God Can him not 
rcdorc. But thai, O Lord, arc my de- 
fence when I am liard bedcad; My wor- 
drip and mine honcxir both , and thou 

Iiold’ft vp my head. 

4 Then with my voice vpon the Lord 
I did both call and cry. 

And he out of his holy hill 
did heare me by and by. _ 

5 1 laid me downe and quietly 
1 dept and rofe againe: 

for why ? 1 kn<w affuredly 

the Lord will me lullaine. 

6 if ten thoufand had hem’d me in, 

I could not be afraid: 

For thou art dill my Lord and God, 
my Sauiourand mine aicL 
Rife vp therefore,fane me,niy God, 
for now to thee I call: 

7 For thou had broke the cheeks and teeth 
ofthife wicked men all. 

8 Saluation oncly doth belong 
to thee, O Lord abouc, 

Thou dod Ixdow vpon thy fblkc 
thy bledlng and thy loue. 

Cum invocarem. Pfal iiij. T. S. 

Dauidperjeemed hj Saulfalleth vpon Godtoith af- 
faredtrm(l, reproneth hit enemies forrefisimf kis 
dominion, andpreferreth ihefaaoHr of tfodbefore 

S'mg this as the J . readme. 

O God that art my rightcoufiicfTe, 

Lord heare me when I call, 

Thou had fet me at liberty, 
when I was bound and thrall, 
a Haue mercy ("Lord) thereforeon me, 
and grant me my r^ued. 

For vnto thee vnccflantly 
to cry I will not red. 

3 O mortall men how long will ye 
my glory thus defpife ? 

Why wander ye in vanity, 
and follow after lies ? 

4 Know ye that good and godly men' j 
the Lord doth take and chufe: 

And when to him I make my plaint, 
he doth me not rtf'ule. 

5 Sinne not but dand in awe therefore, 
examine well your heart, 

And in your chamber quietly 
d e you your felues conuert. 

6 Offer to God the facrifice 

ofrighreoufnefTc, I fay: ' 

And looke that in the liuing Lord 
you put your tniftalway. 

7 The greater fort craue worldly gootls* 
and riches doc embrace, 

But Ixjrd giant vs thy countenance, ; 

thy fauour and thy gi acc ; 

8 For thou thereby flialt make my heart 
more iovfull and more glad. 

Then they that of their come and wine 
full great incrcafc hauc had. 

9 In peace therefore lie downe W'ill I, 
raking my red and fleepe; 

For thou oncly wilt me, O Lord, 
alone iofafety keepe. 



P S A L M E V. Vj, Vl|. 

Vciba inca atuibiis. Pfal. v. I .S. 

jUttirtr/,caUtlh vftn g*d tt fufup, i tfeir m*lic t 

- Thtiii>^Hred0f/i4ce*fi,htC9ncHit*d(imJ<)rr. 

’ ' Sin^ thii uthti- VfMnu. 

I Ncliiie dune caret vnto mv word, 

() Lord iny pbint confidcr : 
a Aivi heart my v 6 ice,inyktng,my God, 
ro thee 1 make jnypnyer. 

2 Hcarc me bciime, Lord tarry not, 

forlvvilllauetripeif^, ^ 

Mypfaytrtally ihthe tnome 
to thee tor todircift. 

4 And Uvilltruft through patience, 
ill thee my God alone, , ^ 

Thou an not pleas'd with wickednefle 
and ill with thee dwclsnone. 

5 Andinthyfightfliallncuerftand, 
thcl'e furious tootes O Lord, 

Vainc workers of iniquity, 
thou haft alwaics abhord. 

6 The lycfs and the flatterers, 
thou Quit deftroy them then: 

And God fhall hate the bloudthirfty 
and the dcccitflAl man. 

7 Therefott will I come to thy houfe, 
truftingvpon thy grace, 

And rtuerenrly wiH worftiip thee, 
toward chine holy place. 

8 Lordleademein tlwrightcournefle 

for to confound my rocs. 

And «kc the way’es that I fhall walke, 
before my face difclofe. 

9 For in their tnonthes there is no truth, 

their hearts are foule and vaine ; 

Their throat an open Sepulcher. 

their tongues doe ^ofeand fame. 

1 o D. ftroy their filfe confpiradics, 
that they may come to nought! 

Subiicrt rhefn in their hcapes otfmne, 
which haue rebellion wrouglu. 
j 1 But tliolc that put tlKir trull in thee, 

let them be glad alwayes. 

And i cndcrthankcs for thy defence, 
and giuc thy name thspraife. 

I a For thou with fau<vr wilt incrcafe, 

the iuft and right© jsftill. 

And with thy grace ao .vithalhic'.d 
defend them G on 1 all ill. 

Dominfc neir. T.S. 

Dauidforhafiimeifelt Godi hand, and coHcrimtd 
the horror ofenerlaflut^ death. Therefore he defi- 
rethforfmeties,*nd not to du tn^ods tndionatun. 
Then f^inly feeling Cods mercy Joe rehnkitb hti 
enemies vrhe reiejttsh at his 

Ne yit corrcift iijc in thy rage, 

O Lord I tliee defirc. 

a For I am sveake, thtttfort O Lord, 
ofmircymc foibcare, 

And licalc me I»rd,for why,ihoa knoweft 
i/iy bonti dot quake for tearc. 

j My fojic it troubled very fore, 
and vexed vehnnemfy, 

But Loid how long wilt rhou delay, 
to cure my miltry. 

4 Lord tumc thee to thy wofittd grace, 

my filly Ibiilc vp take i 

Ofiuic me not for my dcLert 
butforthy mercies fkke. 

5 For why ? no man among the dead, 
remembreth thee one whit; 

Or who fliall worlhip thet O Lord, 
in theinfernallpir? 

6 Sogiicooutitmyplaintandtnorje, 
that I ssaxe world rout faint. 

All the night long I wafti my bed. 

With ccarcs ot my complaint. 

7 hf y flghtitdimmcand waxcthold 
with anguifh ofmy heart, 

For fearc ofehofethat be my Ibes, 
and would my iouic lubuerr. 

8 But now away troin me all yec 
that workc iniquity. 

For why ? the Lord hath heard the voice, 
of my complaint and crie. 

9 He heard nor onriy the reqneft, 
and prayer of my heart: 

B-t ir receiued at my hand, 
and tooke it in good parr. 

I o And now my Iocs that vexed me^ 
the Lord will foooe defame. 

And fuddcnly confound than 
to their rebuke and fha^. 

DomineDeus Plal. vij. T. S’ 

DaMtdfaJfe/j acenfei bj Chat Sa*/t bps/man, cal- 
leth to God to be his defender. Firfi, for then hu 
confcienceSdnot accofehimof anj eostU towards 
Sanl^next, that it torched Codt^/ioj to award 
fentence agatafl the wiekrd, ami fo vfon gods 
merciesawd frtwafes hee waxeth hoid,thrtatnute 
that it lhalj fail on therr ovrne ntebs, that trlwA 
htt er.tmut fnrfo/edftr other t. 

Sino this as the J. Pfalme. 

O Loid my God 1 put my tnift, 
and confidence in thee: 

Siuc me from the.-nthat me purlue, 
and eke deliuer mce. 
a Lcfl Like a lion they me tare, 
and rent in pieces Itnall, 

Whilft there is oexie to I'occour me 
and rid me out of tt«a!l. 

Si»i thii as the l. Pfalme. 
Otd In thy wfath reprotie ttic not, 
t though I dcleruc thine ire; 

j 'OLord mv God iff l^e done, 
* the thing that is not right. 

Or elle if I be (ound in fault, 

A i 

or guilty in thy fight. 

4 Or to my friend rewarded tuill, 
or left him in diftrefl'e : 

Which me purfued moft cruelly, 
and bated me cauflefle. 

5 Thcnlctmy foespurfuemylbule, 
and eke my life downe thruft 

Vntothe earth, andallblay 
mine honour in theduft. 

6 Start vp O Lord,now in thy wrath, 
and put my foes to paine; 

Pcrfbrme thy kingdome promifed, 
to me which wrong (uflaine. 

7 Then (hall great Nations come to thee, 
and know thee by this thing, 

Ifthou declare for loue ofthem, 
thy felfeas lord and King. 

8 And as thou art of all men ludgc, 

O Lord now iudge thou mcc: 

According to my rightcoufnefle, 
and mine integrity. 

T'he fecondp-trt. 

9 Lord ceafe the hate of wicked men, 
and be the iuft mans guide, 

10 By whom thefecrets of all hearts, 
arc fearched and defcridc. 

11 ItakemyhelpetocomeofGod, 
in all my paine and fmarr. 

That doth preferue all thofe that be, 
of pure and vpright hear t. 

12 The iuft man and the wicked both 
God iudgeth by his power: 

So that he fecles his mighty hand, 
eucn euery day and houre. 

13 Except he change hi* mindc I die, 
for enen as he Ihould finite 

He whets his fword,his bow he bends, 
aiming where he may hit. 

j 4 And doth prepare his mortall darts, 
his arrowes kecnc and (harpe. 

For them that doe meperfecute, 
whilft he doth mifehiefe warpe. 

15 But though that he in trauell be, 
ofhis diuelifh forccaft: 

And of his mifehiefe once conceiued, 
it brings forth nought at laft: 

itf He digs a ditch and deities it deepe, 
in hope to hurt his brother: 

But he (hall fall intothc pit, 
that he digg’d vp for other. 

17 1 hns wrong returneth to the hurt, 
of him in whom it bred. 

And all the milchiefe that he wrought, 
fliallfall vpon his head. 

18 I will giue thanks to God therefore, 
that iudgeth righteoufly. 

And with my fong will praifc the name, 
ofhimthatis moft hie. 

Doniine Dcus meus. Pfal. viij. T. S. 

The 'Trophtt ctHjideriwf ibe txccUtnt I'dfirAlitj *nd 
fuhtrtj primuitHce of CedlnrArdt man, jrhom 
he made as it yrere Cjod oner all hie works, anelj 
ftMetb thanks, and is ajltnted with the admiration 
of the fame. 

Sing thit at the 1. 'Pfalme. 

Godour Lord how wondcifull, 
arc thy workes euery where ? 
Whofefamc furmounts in dignity, 
abouc the heauens cloaic. 
a Fuenby the mouth offuckbg babes, 
thou wilt confound thy foes, 

For in thofe babes thv might is (txne 
t/iy graces they dilclol'c. 

3 And when I fee the hcaiieus hie, 
the workes ofthincowne hand : 

Thelunne,theinoone,andailtlicftars, . ^ 

in order as they (land. 

4 What thing is man Lord thinkc I then, 
that thoudoeft him remember, 

Or what is mans poftcrity. 

that thou doc(t him confidcr ? 

5 For thou baft made him little IdTe, 

than Angels in degree; ^ 

And thou haft crowned him alib, 
with glory and dignity. 

6 Thou haft prefen'd him to be Lord, 
ofall thy works of wonder: 

And at his feet haft fet all things, 
that he Oiould kcepe them vnder. 

7 As (heepe and neat, and all bcafts eUe, 
that in the fields doc feed, 

Fowles of theayre.fifti in thefta, 
and all that ihei ein breed. 

8 Therefore mufti fay once againc, 

O God that art our lord: 

How famous and how wondcrfiill, 
arc thy workes through the world. 

Confitebor tibi. Pfal. ix. T. S. 

‘Danidfitteththankesfor hie manifold viBoriesre- 
cetteed,dejtrethtbe fame wontedhelpeagaine, *• 
gainfl hie new enemies, and their maJstiotts arro- 
gancj to he delhoyed. 

Sing this ae the P(alme. 

■c pr pith heart and mouth vntothe Lord 
V V I will fing laud and praifc. 

And fpeake of all thy wondrous workes 
and them declare alwaics. 
a Iwillbegladandmuchrcioyce, 
in thee O God moft high. 

And make my (bngs extoU thy name 
abouc the ftarry skie* 

3 For that my foes are driuen backe, 
and turned into flight: 

Thev fill downe flat,and are deftroide, 
by thy great force and might. 

4 Thou haft rcucogcd all my vvnxigi 


P S A L M E IX X. 



my gricfc and all my grudge: 

Thou doeft with luAitc litaic my caufc, 
moft like a riglitcom lodge. 

j Thou doeft rebuke the licatlicnfolkc, 
and wicked fo confound t 

That ahei ward the mtmoiy, 
of them cannot be found. 

6 My foes thou laft made good difpatch, 
and all their townes dcutoi d; 

Thou haft their fame with than defac'd, 
through all the world fo wide. 

7 Knowthouthathe which is aboue, 

for eiiamore (hall raigne. 

And in the leateot equity, ' 

• true iuftice will maintainc. 

8 W ith iuftice he will keepc and guide 
the world and cucry wight: 

And fo will yecld through equity, 
to cucry man his right. 

9 Heisprotedorofehepoore, 
what time they be oppreft t 

He is in all aduerlity, 

their refoec and their reft. 

10 All they that know thy bo'.y name, 
therefore (ball tnift in thee; 

For thou forlakcft not their luite, 
in their necclsity. 

The fecend p^o-t. 

11 Sing Plalmes therefore vnto the Lord, 
that dwells in Sion hill: 

Publi(h among all lations, 
his noble ads and will. 

11 For hcismindtuUofthebloud, 

of thole that be ^preft, 

Forgetting not the afilidcd heart, 
thatleckestohimfor reft. 

j j Hauc mercy Lord on mec poorc wretch, 
whofc enemies ftill rcmainc, 

Which f rom the gates of death an wont, 
to raife mevpagainc. 

14 In Sion, that I may (et forth 
thy praife with heart and voyce, 

And that in thy (aluation Lord, 
my foule might ftill reioycc. 

15 The heathen fticke faft in the pit, 
that they theml'elucs prepar’d, 

And in the net tliat they did fet, 
their ownc feet faft are fnat’J. 

16 God (hewes his iudgemenrs whicKare 

for eucry man to marke J (good. 

When as you (ee the wicked man 
lie trapt in his o wne warkc. 

17 The wicked and the finnefull men, 
goc downc to hell for etier, 

Andallthepcoplcoftheworld, , 

' that will not God remember. 

18 Butfurcthc Lord will not forget, 
the poorc mans griefe and paine. 

The paucut people ucuerlookc. 

for lidpc of God m vatoc. 

19 OLordarHckftmenprnjailf, 
that be of worldly might: 

And let the heathen f^c rrceinc 
I heir iudcement hj thy fight, 
so Lord Ibike filch terror, frartini dread, 

• into the hearts oft hem, 

That they may know afTindly. 
they be but meirtaU men. 

Vtquid Dominc ?Plal.r. T. S. 

He cempl/ejneth tf til the veram^t which wtrld/j men 
vfeJoectHfetf ihew preferiey^wht therefert with- 
tut til fetre tf (J»d/huJif thry mtj d»e t1 thta^t 
yncttumltd. He esUeth ftr remedy teamft Jnth, 
titd u comftried vuhthe hepe iherttfl 

Sinf^thifte the j. Tftlmt. 

W Hat is the caufc that thou OLord, 
art now fo far from thine. 

And kcepeft clofc thy 
from vs thistroobloustiir.t? 

2 Thcpoorcdocpcrilhby the proud 
and wicked mens defire, 

Let them be taken in the fnare, 
that they thcmfciucs confpire. 

J Forinthcluftof hisownehcart, 
the vngodly doth delight. 

So doth the wicked praife himfelfc, 
and doth the Lord defpighr. 

4 He is fo prood that right a-ud wrong, 
he fetteth all apart, 

Na>',nav, there is noG^l, laith he, 
fbr thus he thinkes in heart. 

5 Bcciufc his waies doc prof^ well, 
he doth thy lawes negkdl. 

And with a blaft doth puft againft 
fijch as would him correef. 

4 TuflijCufliffaithhe) Ihaucnodread, 
left mine cfflte ftiould change. 

And why ? fbr ail adjcrfity 
to him is very ftrangc- 

7 His mouth is full ofcurfednefTe, 
of fraud, deceit, and guile, 

V.ndcr his tongue doth mifchicfe fir, 
and trauailc all the while. 

3 Hceliethliid in waies and htrfes, 
to flay the innocent, 

Againftthe noorc that pafte him by, 
his crucll eyes arc bent. 

9 And like a Lion priuily. 

lieth lurking in his denne, 
if he may fnare them in his nee. 

he crowcheth downc I fay, 

II Soaregrctrheapcsof poorc men made 
his ftrong power his prey. 

A 4 


TheJecond fart. 

12 Tufli.Cod forgettcch thisClaich he] 
thcrefoiC I may be bold; 

His comutnauce is caftafidc, 
he doth it not behold. 

12 ArifcOLord,OGod, in whom 
the poorc mans hope doth reft, 

Lift vp thy hand,forget not Lord, 
the p oorc that be oppreft. 

14 What blafphcmy is this to thee. 

Lord doll diou not abhorre it| 

Tohearethewickedintheir heart ‘ 
fay.tufh thou cat’ft notfbr it. 

15 But thou feeft all this wickednefle, 
and well doft vnderfland, 

16 That fricndlcflcand poore fatherlcffc, 
arc left into thy liand. 

17 Of wicked and malicious men, 
then breakc the powir for cucr: 

That they with their iniquity, 
may pcrintalltogcther. 

18 The Lord fliall raigne forcucrmorc, 
as King and God alone; 

And he will clialt the heathen folkc, 
out of his land each one. 

19 Thou heat’ft O Lord the poore mans 

their prayers and rcqutft: f plaint 

Their hearts thou wilt coiifirme vntill ’ 
thine cares to hearc arepreft. 

30 Toitidgcthepoorcanqijtherlt/Te, 
and litipc them to their jight, 

That they may be no morc dp^cft, 
with then of worldly might. 

In Domino confido. Plal xj. T.S. 

This Pfilme (hewethfirfl tU-ae ajfaa/t of temptation 
andan^ni/h of mind hee fuftained in ferfecutton, 
^exc hee reiojeeth that God font him fuecoHrin 
necejfny-deflating hisiuflict^as trellingouerning 
the good and tricki d men, at the trhole world. 

Sing this as the j. Tfalme. 

Truft in God, how dareyee then, 
fay thus my (oirfe vntill, 

Flie hence as fall as any fow!c, 
and hideyouinyourhill ? 

a Ikhold the wicked bend their bowes, 
and make their arrowes prtft, 

Tofhootcinfecretandco hurt ’ 
the found and harmclellc breaft. 

3 O; worldly hope all ftayes arc fhrunkc 
and clprely brought to nought; 

Alas, the iuftand righteous man. 
what euill hath he wrought .* 

4 But he that in his Temple is, 
moft holy and inoft hie, 

And in the heanens hath his feat 

The poore and Ample mans eftate, 


And learcheth out full narrowly, 

xj. xij. 

the manners of mankind. 

5 And with a cheareful countenance 
the righteous man will vfe, 

But in his heart he dothabhorre, 

allfuchasmifchiefemufc. ’ 

And on the fiimcrs cafteth fnares, ' 


Fircatid brimftone,and vvhirlewinds tliicke 
appointed for their painc. * 

7 Yre fee then how a rightcaii God 
doth righteoufiiefre embrace : 

And to the iuft and vpright man, 

fluwes forth his plcafiuit face. 

Saluiim me fac. Pfal.xij. T. S. 

The Trophet feeingthemtferable decay of all oood 
order, defireth God /heedilj to fend reformation. 
Then comforted with the af,ranee of Cods helpe, 
stndBromtfesyonclndeth, that when all orders are 
mojt corns fled,then God will de liner his. 

Sing this as the J.Tfa/me. 

TT Elpc Lord, for good and godly men 

1 T doc perilhand decay, 

And faith and truth from woililly men 
is parted clcanc away. 

2 VVho fo doth vvith his neighbour calke, 
his talkc is all but vainc ; 

Foreucryman bethinketh how 

tofl3crci-,licandfaine. ‘ * 

} But flattering and dcccitfull lips, 
and tongues that be fb flout. 

To fpeake proud words A make great brags, 
the Lord foone cut them cur. 

4 For they fay ftill,wc will preuaile, 
our tongues fliall vs cxtoll, 

Our tongues are ours,we ought to fpeake, 
what Lord fliall vs control!? 

J But for the great complaint and crie, 
of poore and men oppreft: 

Aiife will InoWjfakh the Lord, 

6 Gods word is like to filuer pure, 

that from the eanh is rride, 

And hath nokfle than feuen times 
infircbccne purified. 

7 Nowfincethypromifeistoheipe, 

Lord kcepc thy promife then, ' 

And (aue vs now ana cuermore, 
from this ill kind ofmen. 

8 For now this wicked world is full, 
of m fohiefes manifold; 

When vanity with worldly men 
fo highly is cxtold. ” 

Vfquequo Dom .Pfal. xiij. T. S. ‘ 

Danidasitwere, enercortte with ajjUnion, fliethte 
^od bis oneh refuge, and encouraged through 
Codspromijesy heconceiueth cenfMnee aga'tnfi 
extreame horrors of death. 




P s L M E xiij. xiiij.xv. 

Sw^ tbu *s the i. Tfalmt, 

H Ow long wilt thou forget mr.Lord, 

(hall I neucr be rcinembred > 

How long wilt tlKXi thy vifage liide, 
as though thou wert oftended ? 

2 In heart and inindc how long (liall I 
with care tormented be ? 

How long eke (lull iny deadly fotj 
thus triumph <>uct me ? 

3 I^d.rnyGfjd, 

andhcarcme lbre oppreft. 

Lighten mine eyes, lc(i that 1 (let pc 
as one by death pofltftt 
4 Left that mine enemies (ay to me, 
behold,! doc prcuailc : 

Left they alfo that hate my foulc 
reioyce to fee me quail c. 

5 But from thy mercy and goodneife 
my hope (lull ncuer flart: 

In thy relicft and fauing health 
tight glad (hall be my heart, 

6 IwillgiucthankcsvntothcLord, 
and prailcs to him fing. 

Bccaulc nc hath heard my requeft, 
and granted my wilhing. 

Dixit infipiens. Plal xiiij.T.S. 

lie deferiheth the rrickeJHeJfe of men ergrrne to fuck 
iicentioufnep, that God vftu brought to vttrr 
(ontempt :for nhkh/dbett he root greatly j^ieued, 
yetperfrraded that Cod would redrejfeit, heett 

Here is no God as foolifb men aflirmc 

That in the world did any good, 

1 fay there was ikx one. 

4 Is all their iudgcmentlbfarrc loft, 
that all workc mdchiefe ftill. 

Earing my people cuen as bread, 
not one to (cckcGods w ill f 

5 When tliey thus rage, then Ciddcnly 

great feart On tlicm llull fall i 
For God dull looe the rigliieoosmcn, 
and will maintainc tlxm all* 

Ye tnocke the doings of the poorc,. 
to tlieir rcproch anoihauic, 

Becaufe the^ put their truft in God, 
and call vpon his name. 

7 But who (lull giue the people health, 
and when w ilt thou fulhU 

Ihy oromife made to Ifrad 
from our of Sion hill? 

8 Euen when thou (Salt rellort agiine 
fuch as were captiue led. 

Then Jacob (hall therein reioyce, "* 1 ^ 

and 1(1 aci (hall be glad. 

Domine quis. PQl.xv. T.S. 

Here is taught why Godebofe the lewes to be hitfu~ 
culuwpeo^e, a^placed hu Temple ameug them, 
which wai that they by Utnug vprtfhiljymght waH 
tiejfe that they were huJ^tMl and btlyp^e, 

Sotg this as the I- Tfatme. 

O Lord within tlw Tabernacle 
who (lull ionabicc (till. 

Or whom wilt thou receiuc to dwell 
in thy moft holy hill f 
a The man whoft lift is incorrupt; 

whoftworkcsaiciuftand ftraighr, | 

Whole lieart doth tbiakc the very truth, 
whofe tongue fpeakes no deceit. 

in their mad moOvl: Their drifts are all 

corniptand vainc, not one of them doth 

good.a.Thc Lord beheld from heauen hie 

3 Nor to his neigbboor doth none ill 
in body, goods, or name: 

Nor willingly doth oiouc ftllc talcs 
which might impan c the fame. 

4 That in his heart regardeth not 
malicious u'icl cd men: 

But thofe that louc and fcare the Lord 
he maketh much of them. 

the wholciaceofmankindc.and (aw not 
one that (ought indeed, the lining God 

to findc. 

3 They went all wide and wereCorrupt, 
and trucly there was none 

His coth and all his promift* 
that kccptth faithfully, 
Altliough f c make his cooenant fo 
tlut he doth loft thereby. 

6 Thatputteihnottovfuiy 
his moTTcy and luscoinc, 

Nc for to hurt the innocent 
doth bribe, or clfc purloyne. 

7 Whofodithallthingsasyouftc 
that here is tobe d<^, 

Shall newer perifbm this wOrl<)^ 

nor in the world to cotne. 



S A L M E XVJ. XVlj. 

Conicruamc. Plal. xvj.T. S. 

D/tuidfraieth to CodforJUccour,notfor hit roorkst, 
but for hit faiths (ake^ proteftmg that he hateth all 
Idolatry, ta^n^ God oaely for his comfort and fe¬ 
licity , who faffereth his to (ackc nothing. 

Sinyr this 04 thel^ Pfalme. 

Ord kcepc me; for I trull in thcc, 
and docconfclTc indeed, 

Thou art my God, and of my goods, 

O Lord, thou haft no need. 

2 I giuc my goods vnto the Saints 
that in the world doe dwell. 

And namely to the faithfall flockc 
in vertuc that cxceil. 

5 They (hall heape Ibrrowes on their heads, 
which runne as they were mad. 

To offer to the idol gods, 
alas, it is too bai. 

4. As for their bloody lacrificc 
and offerings of that fbrr, 

I will not touch, nor yet thereof 

my lips lhall make report. 

5 For why? the Lord thy portion is 

of mine inheritance: 

And thou art he that doll maintaine 
my rent, my lot, my chance. 

6 The place wherein my lot did fall, 
in beauty didexqeU: 

Mine heritage aITJgn’d to me 

dothplcafeme wondrous well. 

7 I thanke the Lord that caufed me 
to vnderftand the right ; 

For by his meaner my fecret thoughts 
doc teach me euery nighr. 

S I let the Lord ftill in my fight, 
and trull him oner all; 

For he doth ftand on my right hand, 
therefore I Hull not 611 . 

9 Wherefore my heartand tonguealfo 
doe both rcioyce together ; 

My flefh and body reft in hope, 
when I this thing confider. 

10 Thouwiltnotleaue my Ibuleingrauc, ' 
for Lord thou loueft me: 

Nor yet wilt giuc thy holy one 
corruption for to lee. 

II But wiltane teach the way of life 
for all treafure and (lore 

Of perfeft ioy ate in thy lace, 
and power for cuermore. 

Exaudi Donninc. Pfa.xvij.TS. 

Here he complaineth to God of the crtsell pride and 
arrogancj ofSanl, who rMed without aaj caufe ; 
Therefore he defireth God to renenge Ins innocen- 
cie and delitter him. 

Singthis as the i, Pfalme. t ' 

O Lord giuc care to my iaftcaufc, 
attiad when J complajge: 

And heart the payer that 1 put forth 
with lips tlut doenotfainc. 
a And let the judgement of my caufe 
proceed alwaits from thee * 

And let thine cics behold and clcarc 
this my limplicity. 

3 Thou hall well tri’d me in the night 
and yet could’ft nothing finde. 

That 1 hauc fpoken with my tongue 
that was not in my minde. 

4 As for the workes of wicked men, 
and pathes perucrleind ill. 

For lone of thy mod holy name 
I haue refiaincd ftill. 

y Then in thy pathes that be moft pure 
Hay me Lord and preferuc. 

That from the way wWein I walkc 
my Heps may ueucrfwerne. 

6 For I doc call to thcc O Lord, 
fnrely thou wilt me aide. 

Then hcarc my prayer, and weigh right well 
the words that I hauc faid. 

7 O thou the Saniour of all them 

that put their truft in thcc. 

Declare thy ftrength on them that Tpurnc 
againftthy maiefty. 

8 O kcepc me Lord as thou wouldft keepe, 
the apple of thine cie. 

And vndercOHcrtofthy winps 
defend me fccrctly. 

The fecond part. 

9 From wicked men that trouble me 

and daily me annoy. 

And from my foes that goe about 
my foule for to deftroy. 

10 Which wallow in their worldly wealth 

fb full and eke fb fat: * 

That in their pride they doe not fp»re, 
to fpcake they care not what. 

1 r They lie in waite where I Ihould palTc 
with craft metoconfbund. 

And muling mifthiefc in their minds, 
to call me to the ground. 

12 Much like a Lion greedily 
that would his prey embrace. 

Or lurking like a Lions whclpe 
within Ibme fccret place. 

■13 Vp Lord with hafte preuentmy foes, 
and caft them at thy feet 
fauc thou mv foule from the ill man 

and with thy fword him Imite. 

14 DcliucrmcLordbythy power, 

oat of theft tyrants hands, ’ 

Which now lb long time raigned haup 
and kept vs in their bands. 

15 I meanc from worldly men, to (vhon) 
all worldly goods arc rife. 

That hauc no hope,nor part of io/, 
hut in this ptelent life. 

16 Thou ofthyftorc their bellies fil'ft, 


P S A L M E Xviij, 

V I nc ix)rn dcicaidtd from aLouc 
and bow U tiK hcauc nj high, ’ 

And vnderneathhit feet he cad 
the darkenede of the ikic. 

with plcafurcto their mindc, 

Thdr childrtij haiic enough and leauc 
to theirs the reft behind. 

17 Bur Iftiall with purcconfcicncc, 
behold thy gi aeious face, 

So when I wake, I fliall be full, 
of thine Image and grace. 

Diligam tc Dom. Pfal. xviij.T. S. 

Dauid^tMtth ilumh eitriu^ into htj ktx^domt,tx- 
miTHetoHS grtues ef God in hit prefer- 
nation. Herein it the Image of (^hnfltkinodome, 
which P>all corejnere through (Ttrijl bj tie vn~ 
fpeakeable lone of God,though all the world reftfl. 

God my ftrungth and fortitude, of force 


Imuft louethce: tliotiartmy cafticand 

defence in my nccclftty, 2, My God my 

rockeiii whom I truft, the worker of my 

wealth, my refuge, buckler and my fliicld, 

the home of all my he^lu 

i When I Gn<; laud vnto the Lord, 
moft worthy to be (crued, 

Then from my foe s I am right fure 
that 1 (lull be prelciiied. 

4 The pangs of death did compafle me, 
and boutid tne cucry where, 

Tlic flowing wanes ofwickedncfTc 
did put me in great fearc. 

5 The flic and fubtile fnares of hell, 
were round about mefet. 

And for my death there was prepar’d 
a deadly trapping net. 

6 Ithusbcfct withpaincand griefey 
did pray to God for grace. 

And he forthwith did htare my plaint 
out of his holy place. 

7 Such is his power that in his wntii 
he made the earth to quake, 

Yea the fiundation of the mount 
of Cal'an for to fha kc. 

8 And from his noftrils came a fmok-r, 

Vviien kindled was liis ire, 

Atid from his mouth came kindled coales 
ofhot confumiog fire. 

10 f)n Cherubs and on Chenitint 
full roiallty lie rode, 

And on the wings ofali the winds 
came flying all abroad. 

7%e fecond fart. 

1 1 And like a den moft darkc he made 
hii hid and fccret place. 

With watersblackr and aitie clouds 
enuirorud he was. * 

12 But when tlu prefcr.ce of hit face' 
inbrighoitflc ftiallappraie, 

Tlicn clo.,d$ confume and in their fttad 
come haiic and coales of frc. 

ij The fiiry darts and thunderbolts 

difpcrfetliem here and there, * 
And with his often lightni- gt ‘ 
he puts them in great fearc. 

14 Lor, at thy wrath and threatnings, 

and at thy chiding cheare, ’ 

TIk fprings and the foundati'^, 
ofali the worldapptarc. 

ly And from about the lord fentdowne 

to fetch me from below, 

And pluckc me exi: of waters great, 
that would me ouerflow. * 

16 And medLltutrcd from mr foes, 

that would ha.;e made me thrall. 

Yea from fuch foes as were too ftroo«» 
for me to dcalc withail. ^ 

17 Theydidpreuentmeroopprtfle, 

in time of my great griefe. 

But yet the Lord was my (defence 
my fuccour and reliefc. 

18 He brought me forth in open place 

whereas I inight befree, 
Andkeptmefafebccaufche had 
a fauour vnto me. 

IP And as I was an innocent, 
fo did he me regard, 
Andtothccleanmflcof my hi.nd$ 
he giuc me my rcwaril. 

20 For that I walk.d in his waits, 
and in his paths hane trod, 

And liauc not wauerrd wick.dly 
againft my Lord my God. 

The titird fart. 

31 Bureucrmorc Ihane refpc(ft 
to his lawand decree, 

His ftatutes and commaixiemenrs 
I caft not out frotn me. 
a a But pure and clcanc and vneorrapf, 
appear’d before his face. 

And did rcf'rainc from wiitcdncfTe 
and (iniK in any cafe. 

3} The 


S A L M E 

2 ’ 71 it l.mtl tlurtforc will me reward, 
as I liaae done alight. 

And 10 the oi my lands 
appealing; m his light. 

24 Bm Loufw'iih him that holy is 
wilt thou be holy too, 

And with the good and Vertuousmen 
riglitvcnuoully wilt doe. 

25 Andtothe loiiingandclet'l, 
thy loue tlion wilt rtleriic. 

And thou vvilt vie the wicked mrit 
as wicked men dclia iic. 

20 Porihoudoft (auethcfitnplelolkf^. .. , 
in trouble when tlicy lie. 

And doll biiiig downc the countenance 
oftlicin thatlooke full high. 

27 The I.oid will light my candle lb, 
thatitfliall flhnc fiill bright, 

’I he L .1(1 my Gotl w'lll make allb 

my d.itkenefle to be light. > 

28 I'or by th)' lielpe an boaft ol' men 
difeomfit Lord I lhall. 

By tlieo I lealc and ouei-lcapc 
the Rrcr.gth of'any wall. 

29 Vnfpottcd arc the walls ofCod, 
his word is purely tride, 

He is a hire defence to fuch, 
as in his faitli abide. 

30 Forvvlio is God except the I.ord, 
for other there is none. 

Or clfc who is omnipotent 
failing our Cod alone. 

The ftvrth part. 

31 The Cod that girdeth me with Rrength, 
is he that Idoemcanc, 

That all die waits wherein I walkc 
(lidencrmorekecpe clcane. 

32 That made my feet like to the Harts, 
in fwiftnen'e of my pace, 

And for my (iirety brought me fortii 
into an open place. 

33 He did in order put my hands 

to battcll and to h'ght, ' 

To brcak’c in funder harres of brallc 
he gaue mine armes the niiglir. 

34 Then ttacheft me thy fauing hialth, 
thy right hand is my tower, 

Tliy loue anti familiarity 

doth flill increafe my power. 

35 Andvnder mcihoumakcRpIainc 
the way where 1 fliould walkc. 

So that mj' fict (Ivall ntnernip 
nor Rumble at a balkc. 

Stf And fiercely I purfnc and take 
my foes tliat me annoi d. 

And from the field doe not rctimie 
till tliey be all deRi oi’d. 

37 So 1 fupprcile and waind my foes, 
that they can rife noinorc, 

XVlIj. XIX. 

1-or at my feet Llu.y fall downc flat 
1 Rrike till in all lo foi c. * 

38 For thou doR gird me with thy Rruigtli 

to warre in (uch a wife, * 

Tliat they he ail Icattred abroad 
ilutvpag.iinR me rite. 

39 I.< ltd, rhoh hall put into my hands 
my mortall enemies yoke, 

And alt iny tbi i fheni doll diliiJe f 

in fimdir with thy Rrokc. 

4b' They call for helpc but none ^ginc care, 
nor ho^e them witli rcliefc/ 

Yea to the Lord thiy cald for fx lpe, 
yet heard he not the irgu'efe. ’ 

T>}e fifth part. 

41 And Rill like duR bthirc the windc, 

1 driuc them vjidcr feet, 

Andfwcepc tlieni out like filthy clay 
tlutRicketh in thcRrcct. 

42 'I hou kfcp’R me from feditious folke 

tliat Rill in Rrife are led, ‘ * 

And thou doR of the heathen fblloc 
appoint me to btliiad. 

43 Aptople-Rrangctomcvnknownc, 

am! ji^il iey flull me (erne. 

And at ii^VR obc)' my word 

whereas niineowne will fvvenie. 

44 1 fliall beirkefome tomineovvnc’, 
tiny will not fee my light. 

Bat ivaiuler wide out ofthc way 
and hide them out of fighr. 

45: ButblcRcdbcthc lining Lord, 
moR worthy ofall praife. 

That is my rockeand fauing health, 
praifeil be Ikaivvaies. 

45 For God it is tliat giuc mepovver, 
rciicngcd for to be. 

And with his holy word fiibdu’d 
the people vnto me. 

47 And from my foes deliiiercd me, 
and iet me higher than thofc. 

That crutll and vngodly were 
and v'p agaiiiR" me rofe. 

48 .And for this caufc O f.ord my God, 
to thee giuc thanks I fliall, 

Andfingoiirpraifcs to thy Name 
among the Gentiles all. 

49 Thou gaucR great profperitj’* 
vnto the King I fay, 

To Dauid thine anointed King, 
and to his feed for aye. 

Cali cnarrant. Pfal. xix.T. 5. 

Hee meiieth the faithfitll to jrlorifie God hj iht 
rvorhemonfljip, preport ton ornaments of the 

heMtens, and by the hue teherein God is reutaUd, 
familivlj to hts chofen peop/e. 

Sinji this as the Pfalme^ 

He hcaiicns and the firmamcnc 
doc vvondroufly declare 

The gloiy of Ciofi omnipotent, 
his works and vvhat they are. 
a 11 k wondrous works of Cod appearc 

Tlie niglits likewife whicli tlicir race runne, 
the Itlfc fame chiii^ exprefTe. 

5 There is no language, tongue or fpiech, 
where tlxir found i s not heard, 

In all the earth andcoaflstheieof’ 
their knowledge isconfe'n’J. 

4 Jn them the Loid made for rlic Sunne 
a place of great renowne, 

Wliolikea bridegroome ready rriii.’d 
doth from his clianrber come. 

5 And as a valiant champion, 
who for to get a prife. 

With ioy doth haffe to rake in hand 
fome noble enterprife. 

6 And all the skie from end to end 
he compaffth about. 

Nothing can hide it fi om bis hiatc, 
bnt he will findc it out. 

•f How perferfl is the law of God, 
how is his couenar.t fuie, 

Coniierting toules,and making wife 
t he firnplc and obfciirc. 

8 lull arc the .Lords CbaimandcmentSj 
and glad both heart and mindc. 

His precepts pore, and glucth light 
to eyes that be full bliiidc. 

9 TbcfcareofGod iscxcellcnt, 
and doth endure for eucr, 

Tlic indgements of the Lord arc true 
and righteous altogether. 

10 And more to be embrac’d alway 
than fined gold.lfty: 

The hony and the hony cotnbe 
arc not fo fweet as they. 

11 Bythcmtby^mlantisfbre^varr.•d 
to liaueGod in regard. 

And in performance of the fame 
there (liall be gi cat reward. 

1 a But Lord, what earthly man doth know 
the errours of his life ? 

Then clcanfc me from my fccrct finncs, -r 
which are in me moll rife. 

13 Andkicpcmethatprefumptnousftnncs 

And fo fiiall I be innocent, 
and great oUences flee. 

14 Accept my mouth and eke my Ticarr, 
my words aiKl thoughts each one, 

iornjyredcfmcrandmy Ifarngth ’ ?i 

O Lord thou art alone. 

Exaudiat te Dcus.Plal xx-TiS. 

Thefeofttfrtyu Gtduktm^ their KineMdre- 
cote huftcrifice whuh he offered hfore ^e vent to 
ttnelltomilithe Ammmttes. dee'ltritotbtt the 
heothttfHt their trtfi m hor/it, htt'th^&nfi 

’’’c thet Pad foil tMt 

'^ch’’>Mdhupeop/,jioi/fi4ad. ^ 



] t!)t /.ord CfKl Juarc ilxe fiiU • 
Tiicmaiiflyof/icobsGod *’ 

defend thee horn alhll; 

a And find tine from his f,olyn|j£e 
his he Ipe at cilery need. 

And fo in Siou Ibblifli thee 
and make thccftiong indeed. 

3 Remembrinjg well the (acrific< 

And fo recciue right thankfully 
thy burnt ofTrings each one. 

5 AtcordiiigtotLyhcariidcUre 

the Ixnd grant vmo thee. 

And all thy countll ar.d deuicc 
full well pel forme mj) ia-. 

5 'Vc /lullrtioycc when thoo vi CuW 

and our banner s difplay ' 

Vnro the Lord, which thy rtqucfls 
fulfilled hathaluav. 

6 The Lord will his'anojntid fkoe 

I know well by his grace, ’ 

And fend him hclpeby his right hand 
outof his holy place. 

7 In chariots fome pur caifidcnce, 

and fome i ri horfes trulf, ^ 

But we remember G od oijr Lord, 
that kcf peth promilc iuft. * 

8 They fall downe£lar,bu: we doe rife 

and Hand vp ftcdfaftly. 

9 Now fane and hcJpevs.Lord and Kine 

on thee whai we d oc cry. 

Domine in virtiirc. Pfal.xxj. T.S. 

‘he ferfot eftbefetfle ^ot rtb Codfer 
the v^Horj pten then, ogmtft the Sjnteu ind 
Am^nuet, 2 Sam. , o. teheretnheto, ernrnrd 
v,„h the cr^eofthe K.og •fAmmoM,^ Sam. I a. 


how ioyfull is the King, jn thy 
Jrmgth and thy power? how vehemtn:- 

ly dodi he neioyce, in thee his Sauioor i 

a Fot thouluft giiienvnro him hisgod- 
ly hearts defire, to him nothing haft thoo 



P S A L M E xxi|. 


dciiy'J of tliat he did require. 

j V Thai didftpreuent him with thy gift*, 
andblcflings manifold, 

And thou haft k t vpon his head 
a crownc of perfeft gold. 


thereof thou mad’ft him ftre 
To haue longlife, yeafuch a life 
as cucr fhall endure. 

y Great is his glory by thy helpe, 
thy benefit and aid, 

Great woi (hip a id great honour both 

thou haft vpon him laid. 

6 Thou wilt giuc him telicilie 

that neiier (liall decay, 

Anil with a chctrcfull countenance 
wilt comfort him alway. 

j For why ? the king doth ftrongly truft 
in God for to preuailc, 

Wherefore his goodnefl'cand his grace 

will not that he fhall qnaile. 

8 Bnt let thine enemies fcele thy fo; ce, 
and tholethatihce<h 
Findc ouc tby (ocs, and let them fcclc 
the power of thy right hand. 

p AndUkeanouenburnethcm.LorJ, 

in fiery flame and fume. 

Thine angtr (hall deftroy them all, 
and (ire fliallthcmconliimc. 

10 And thou (halt root on t of the eanh 
their fniitthat (hould increafe, 

And from the number of thy folkc 
their feed fhall end and ccafc. 

11 For why ? much mifehiefe did they mufe 
aeainft thy holy name. 

Yet livd they fade and had no power 
for to performe the (ame. 

11 But as a markc tbcu HiaLt them let 

in a moft open place, 

And charge thy bovv-ftrings readily 
again'ft thine enemies face. 

13 Be ihoii exalted (Lord^therefore 
in thy ftrength cuery houre, 

So (hall we fine right (olemnly, 
prayling thy might and power. 

DcusDeus mens.Pfal.xxij. T. S. 

T),xuidcomflM>tnho(his Jffperait extremitj. And. 
decUreth wherofhe recoHerctb himfe/fefrem temp- 
Ution.Tnder hisperjon it figHred Herein 

ttdecUrea the prophecie »/ Efay, hee was tAken 
forth ofprifon and indg^munt. . 

Sing this astoei\ .’Tfatme, 

O God my God, wherefore doeft tliou 

And helped not when I doc make 
my great complaint and cry ? 
a To thee my God tuen all day long 

I doc both cry and calf, 

I cealc not all the nighr,and yet 
tliou hcaidift nut at all. 

3 Euen thou that in thy fanifliiary 
and holy place doft dwell. 

Thou art the coinfoi ter and the ioy, 
and glory ot Iliad. 

4 And he in whom our fathers old 
had all their hope for ciitT. 

And when they put their trull m thee, 
thou did ft them aye deliuer. 

5 They were dcli icred eucr wlicn 
they caked on thy name, 

And for the faith they had in thee 
they were not put to ftrame. 

6 But I am now become a worme 
more like than any man. 

An oiit-caft wfiom the people fcomc 
with all the fpighc they can. 

7 All men defpifeas they behold 
me walking on the way, 

They grinne.thcy mow.they nod their head*,' 
and on this wife they lay, 

8 This man did glory in the Lord, 
his fauour and his loue, 

Let him redeeme and helpe himnow, ^' 

his power if he will proue. 

P But Lord out of my mothers wombe 
I came by thy reqiieft. 

Thoudiclftpreferueme ftillin hope 
while I did fucke her bread. 

10 I was committed from my birth 
with thee to haue abode. 

Since I was in my mothers wombe ^ f 

thou haft beene ere my God. 

The fecond part. 

11 Then Lord dc part not 110w from me 
in this my prclcnt griefe. 

Since I baue none to be my helpe 
my fuccour and reliete. 

12 Somany bullsdocompaflcmc 
that be full ftrong of bead. 

Yea bulls fo fiit as though they liad 
in Bafan field beene fed. 

13 They gape vpon me greedily, 
as though they would me (lay. 

Much like a lion roaring ou t 
and ramping for his prey. 

14 But I drop dowiie like water died, 
my ioynts in funder breake, 

My doth in my body melt 
like waxc againft the heat. 

15 And like a potfticard drictfi my ftrength, 
my tongue it clrautth taft 

Vnto my iaws,and 1 am brought 
tb duft of death at laft. 

1 6 And many dogs doe compaffe me, 
ami wicked counftll eke 

Confpirc againft me curfcdly 
they pierce my hands and fcc^ 

17 I waj 



Ps A L M B XXllj. XXllIj, 

I -j I wis torincnccd, Co thac I 

might all iny buics hauc told, 

Yic (111 vpou mt they doc lookc> 
and dill they me bchohi. 
j 8 My garment they duiidcd eke 
in parts ain'>ngtl)Cin alli 
And for my coate they did call lot* 
to whom i: might befall. 

Ip Therefore I pi ay thee be not farre 
from me at my great need. 

Blit rather (uK :h«u ar t my ftrength 
to liclpe me Lord make fpeed. 

10 And from the Iwordfl.ordjlaucmy foulc 
by thy might and thy power, 

And keepc my toulc thy darling deare, 
from dogs that would deuoore.' 

II And from the Lions mouth tlut would 
me all, in funder Ihiuer, 

And from the horncsofVnicornc* 

Lord (afely me deliuer. 

11 Tlienflialll to my brethren all 
thy miiclly record. 

And in thy Cluirch lhall praifethename 
of thee the lining Lord. 

The third part. 

13 Allyethatfearehim piaifctljcLord, 
thoulacob honour him. 

And all yec lied of Iliad 

with rcucrence worlhip him. 

14 Forhcdefpilethnotthcpoorc, 
he turnecli not away 

His countenance when they doe call, 
but gi anteth to theirciy. 

15 Among the folke that fcare the Lord 
I will therefore proclaimc 

Tliy praifcjand krepe my promife made 
for ferting forth thy name, 
a 6 The poore lhall cate and be fuf lie ’J, 
aid tliofe thatdiie their dcutr 
To know the Lord, (Irall praife his name, 
their hearts lhall Hue for euer. 

a 7 All coafls of th’carth fliall praile the Lord 
and tume ro him for grace, 

Tlie heathen folkc lhall worlliip him, 
before his bltflcd face. 

:8 ThekingdOmeof the heathen folke 
the Loreflhall haue therefore. 

An 1 he fliall be their gonernonr 
and King lot etiermore. 

ip Tlic rich men of his goodly gifts 
lhall feed and tallcalfol 
And in his prdence worlliip him 
and bow their knees full lotv. 

50 And ail (lull rfiat goc down to duH, 
of life by linn fliall tallc. 

My feed lhall feme and praife the Lor d, 
while any world Hull laft. 

31 My feed (hall plainly (hew to tliein 
that lhall be borne licreafccr, 

Hisiufticcandhii oghteoulbcllc, 
and all his works of wondc t. 

Dominus rcgit.PQ. xxiij. IT IT. 

(Muuif nvd Gedtmeuiftid mertui^uurs 
w*iei,j^Mb^eth the tffmrtmct thm Cod mU lom- 
mute hu f^oodneje for emr. 

Sio f thtidt the 18. PtMmr. 

'J'He Lot d is on}y my (upporr, 
and he that ooth me feed, 

How can I then lackc any thing 
whereof 1 Hand in need? 

1 He doth me fold in coats moll QJc 
the tenda gralfc ftfl by. 

And after driues me to the ftreame* 
which run mull plealantiy. 

3 And when I fccle my fclft netre loft, 
then doth lie me home cake, 

Condudling mec in hts right path* 
eucn for his ownenames lake. 

And t bough 1 were coen at deaths doOrr, 
yet would i ftarc none ill. 

For with thy rod and Ihepbeardscrookt 
I am co^orted Ihll. 

5 Thou hall my table richly deckt 

in defpighe of my foe. 

Thou hall my head with baJme rtfidht, 
my cup doth oucillow. 

6 And finally whik breath doth laft 
thy pace fhali me defend. 

And in the houfe of God wik 1 
my life for euer Ipcad. 

Another of the fane T. S. 

Y lhcphi»rd is the lining Lard, 
nothing therefore I need. 

In pallurcs faire with waters calme 
he fees mee forth to feed, 

1 He didconnenand g<ad mvlbole, 
and brought my imnde in frame 
Towalkcin paths ^righteoufnefle, 
for his moll holy name. 

3 Yea though I walkc in vale of death, 

yet will! feare hone ill. 

Thy rod thy ftaffi- doth comfort me, 
and thou art with me Hill. 

4 And in the prefcnee of my foe* 

my table thou fhalt forcad, f 

Thou fhak (oLord)fillmilmy cup, 
and eke anoint my head. 

y Through all my life thy fauour is 
fofranekly fliew'dtomc. 

That in thy houfe for enermore 
my dwelling place lhall be. 

Domini eft terra. Plal Jcxiii/./.W. 

Thegrttetf God krirjrtOon tittereduotheT t m ioie 
mere j^lonatt that h^e in the tohemmle. DmU 
TTith extitnunm fetteth ferth the hemr themeT^ 
meume the cemiideratett of the etermoU woat^ 
prepatdm heoMeo, nhtreef thot ntu ofitmTt. 

Ba Sm^ 


PsA L M E xxiiil. XXV, 


Smg thUm the ll. PftJme, 

T Hc earth is all the Lords, withal! 

her (lore aiid luriiiture, 

Yea his is all the world, and all 
that therein doth endure. 

<1 For he hath faftly founded k 
aboue the leas to Hand, 

And laid alaw the liquid flouds, 
to flow beneath the land. 

3 For who |s he ("0 Ix)rd) that lhall 
afeend into thy hill, 

OrpaiTcintothy holy place 
there to continue ftill? 

4. Whofehandsare harmlefleand ivhofc heart 
no fpot there doth defile. 

His I'oule not feton vanity, 

who liath not fwotnc to guile. 

J Him that is fuch an one, the Lord 
fliall phee in blilTtfulI plight, 

And God his God and Sauiour 
fliall yeeldto him his right. 

6 This is the brood of traucllcrs, 
infeeking of his grace, 

As lacob did the Ilraelite, 
in that tiHic of his race. 

7 YePrinces ope your gates, (land ope 
theeuerlafting gate. 

For there (hall enter in thereby 
the Kino of glorious (late ? 

8 WhoistheKingofgloribrfsflatc? 

the (Irongand mighty Lord, 

The mighty Lord in battell flour, 
and tritllof the fword. ,, • 

. Ye princes ope your gates, (land ope ; 
theeuedafting gate, ’ 

For there (ball enter ia.thereby 
the King of glorious (late. 

10 ^VhoisthcKingofgloriousftate? 

the Lord of hods it is, 

The kingdome and thcitryalty 
of g'.Oi ious (late is hi s. 

Ad te Dom. Pfal xxv. T.S. 

•Dnuiii grieued at his fwnes md mahetoHS eisemies, 
moft Urneatlj frajethfarforpMeneffe^effeciatiy 
of fuchfanes, as he commuted in his youths 

Lift mhye heart to thee, my God andguidc 



moftiuftT Now fuffer me to rakcnofliame. 

foriii thee doc I tnift, 2. Let not my^focs rc- 

iofce,' nor make a fcome of me, and let then^ 

not be ouerthrownjthat put their truiil in thee. 

3 But (hamc (hall them befall 
whicfi horme them wiongfully, 

Tlicrcforc thy paths and thy i ight wares 
vnto me Lord dcicry. 

4 Direft me in thy truth, 
and teach me I thee pray. 

Thou art my God and Saurout 
onthccl wait alway, 

y Thy mercies manifold 

I pray thee Lord remember^ 

And eke thy piety plcntiliill, 
for they liaue beenc for cucr. 

6 Remember nOt the faults 
and frailty of my youth, 

Renleinbernot how ignorant 
I hauc beenc of thy truth. 

7 Nor after ray defertS 
let me thy mercy findc. 

But of thine owne benignity, 

Lord, hauc me in thy mindei 

8 Hismctcyis fullfweet, 
his truth a perfeifl guide, 

Thcrcfbi'c the Lord will finners teach, 
and fuch as goc afide. 

9 The humble he win teach 

the lowly and themecke. 

10 ForallthewaicsofGod 
arc truth and mercy both. 

To them that keep his teftament 
the witnelTcofhis troth. 

The ftcond fart, 

11 Now forthy holy name, 

O Lord I thee intreat 

To grant me pardon for my finne, 
for it is wondrous grear. 

la W ho fo doth fcare the Lord, 
the Lord will him direft 

To leade his life in fuch a way 
as he doth bell accept, 

13 Hisfoule (hall euermore 

in goodneffe dwell and (land, 

HisfecdarKlbiS poftcrity 
inherit (hall the land. 

14 All thofe I ha: fcare the Lord 
know bis fccrct intenr.i 

And vnto them he doth declare 
his wil and teftament. i . 

ly Mine cicsaudckc my heart 

Thatpluckt my feet out of the fnarc 
of finne and ignorance. 

16 With mercy me behold, 
to thee I make my mone. 

For I am poorc and drfojatc, 
and comfottlclTc alone. 

17 The troubles of my heart 
arcmultipli’d indeed. 

Bring me out of this mil'f ry, 


P S A L M fi XXVj. XXVJj. 


■ HI 



ncccflityamlntcd ' 

17 behold my poiurty, 
mine aiiSutOi aiid uiy ptinc. 

Remit my finiK wd mincoftentf, 
and make vie clcanc agiuoc> 

18 OLord,btlioldiliyrwM». 
how they dot flUl incecafrj 

Piirlumg me wii,h deadly lyitc, 
that laiutwoBld hue th-peace. 

J 9 PitltHK! and krtpe myfiaule, 
a:)d eke iWHoer me. 

And let me not- bt <*ienltKwfne 

b«aulcifrftftinihfc 4 „„ ,- 

M Jjrt myfunple purenefle 
V-' me from mme etitmksfliend, 

• Betaufe 1 looke a< one ol’ thme, 

• that thou Ihould'ft me dihrndi 
21 D.huer(Ijord;thylolke, 

and (bid them tome rcUefCi 
I mcanc thy chofen U'racl, 

from all their painc and griefe. 

ludica me Domine.Pla^jXxvj T.S. 

Dauidimuriouflj opprefeJMidhe/plejfe. jet Mfiirid 
ef bit integntj to Smtl, ahetbtoCod to defend 
btm hein(!_ canjUjfeaffilled; ebe» bedefirtth t^ie 
in tbe ctmpunj of the fnilhfitll^ the conpegninn 
efgod,»hence he rets banilheJ bj Snul. premijinj^ 
fodlj hfr, otenfrM/es. tbeakt^ming nndfren- 
^efor hie delmerance. 

Sm£ tbit ns the m- T’ftlme. 

L Ord be my ludge and thou (halt fee 
my paths be right and plainc, 

I truft in God and hope chat he 
will ftrength me to remaine. 

2 Prone me my God I rbcc defirc 
my waies to (catch and try. 

As men doe prone their gold with fire, 
my reins and heart elpic. 

; Thy goodneffe laid before my face 
I duift behold alwaics. 

For of thy truth I tread the trace, 
and will doc all my dales. 

4 Idocnotlufttohauntorvfe 

with men whole deeds arc vainc, 

To come in houfc 1 doerefufe 
with the dcccitfull trainc. 

5 I much abhorre the wicked fort 
their deeds I doe defpife, 

I doc not once to them rtfoit 
that hurtfull things deuife. 

6 My hands I wadi and doc proceed 
in workesro walkevpright. 

Then to thine altar I make fpeed, 
to offer there in fight. 

^ The n I may fpcake and preach the prajfe 
that doth Ixlong to thee. 

And lb declare how wondrous waics 
thou hall bcenc good to me. 

S O Lord,thy hoiile I tow moft dcare, 

to me it deth esetU, 

1 hauc delight and would be ncarc 
whereas thy graceduhdwdl* 


9 O fhut not vp my fowU with ikcrn, 
in finuc that uketheir fill 
Nor yet tfiy life amoo^iOt nstn , 
that fetke much olbud to fpilL 

I o W1)^ hancU ai c hcapt wuh erj^ and gaile 

tltcirliues tl«icfii «c itol, 

And their lightluiid wuh wrcachand wtlc 
fur bribes doth pibeke and ptiJ. 

II Hut I in nghtccaiTane mtaid 
my time and dates to ftxuc^ 

Hauc mercy fLordj and me defeud, 
fo that I doe not fwenje. 

IS My loot IS fiasdlorallafliuea, 
it fiandrtb wcU and right, 

\VhcrelOTC to God will I gtue ptaile 
in all the peoples fight. 

Dominus illumi. Pfal.xxvij. /M 

Ddnid deUmereti from grent ferde, gieeeth thnidj 
wherein we fee confinmfeuth ngntad the mJmm/ii 
gf nil enemiet, nnd the end why he defireth to line, 
nnd-to be dehuered. Then he exhgrteth (4 fnub, 
emdtgnttendvfen CoL 

Svtg tbueu the 14 . ffnlme. 

T Hc Lordis both my hedth and light, 

(hall man make me dilmaid ? 

Sith God doth giue roc ftrength and might, 
why (houldl beaftfaid? 
a While that my fbes with all their ftrength 
/ begjin with nie 00 branlc. 

And thinkc to ate me vp at length 
thcmfclucs hauc cau^ the lalL 

3 Though they in campeagainft me lie 
my hart is not affiaid, 

In battcll pight if they will try, 

I crult in God for aid. 

4 One thing of God 1 doc rtqoirei 
that he will not deny. 

For which I pray and will tkfirc 
till be to me apply. 

5 That I within his holy place 
my life throughout may dwell. 

To fee the bauty of his (ace, 
and view his Temple well. 

6 In time of dread he (hall roc hide 
within his place moftporc, 

And keepe me fecret by his fide, 
as 00 a rocke moft furc. 

7 At length I know the Lords good grace 
(hall make me ftrong and ftoiit. 

My foes to foilc and clcanc duace, 
that compaffc me about. 

8 Therefore within h shcxilc will I 
giue facrifice of praife, 

With Plalmcs and longs I will apply, 
to laud the Lord alwaics. 

The fetgndfettt. 

9 Lord bear: the voice ot oiyrequeft, 

^ B ) fol 



16 P s A L M E XXV] ij. XXl)^. 

for which to thcc I call, '' 

Hauc mei cy Lord on me i^prcll:, •' * 

and fend me heipe vvuhall, 

JO My heart 4 oth knowledge vino t^ec, 

I file to hauc thy mact, '' 

Then fcckc my facCjTailV mou to mcj ; ■ 

Lord I will Icckc tby ftcc. 

11 In wrath tumc not thy face away,. • 

nor fuffer me to Aide, i t 

Thou art my heipe ftill to thisday, li 
be Hill my God and guide. 

12 My parents both their Ibnne forfooke, 
and cart mcoffatla^ 

And then the Lord himfCTft yet tookc, 
of me the care and charge. 

ij Teach me (0 Lord) the way to thee, 
and Icade me on forthright, 

Forfeari ofliichas watchformc 
to trape me if they might. 

J4 Doc not betake me to the will, 
of them that be my foes, 

Forthey Airmil'e againft me ftill, 
falfc witneflfe to depofe. 

15 My heart would faint but that in me, 
this hope IS fixed faft, 

^hc Lord Gods goc>d grace (hall it fee 
in life that aye (hall laft. 

}6 Truftftill in God whofc whole thou art, 
his will abide thou muft, i , 

And he (hall ea(c and ftrength thy b^^t, 
if thou in himdoe'truft. . 

Ad tc Domine. Pfal. xxvii^.Tl^, 

Seinj^ <* fetire jun/iuetiefe'tofet^od eUpjotto- 

red bj wicked men,he criethfar vengeance /taaiuj} 
thcm,and being nfured th4t god hath heard him, 
he commendeth all thefaithfuU to hU tuition. 

Sing this as the 18 . Pfai'me. 

*^11011 art O Lord my ftrength and (lay, 
the fuccour which I crauc, 
Ntgle(ftmenot,leftI belike 
to them that gocto grauc. 

■2 The voice of thy fnppiiant hcarc, 
that vnto thee doth eric. 

When I lift vp my hands vnto 
thy holy Arkc moft high. 

3 Repute me not among the fort 

of wicked and peruett. 

That fpcake right faire vnto their friends, 
and thinkefull ill in heart. 

4 According to their handy workc 

as tliey deferue indeed, 

And after their inuentions, 
let them recciuc their meed. 

y For they regard nothing Gods works, 
his law nc yet his lore, 

There fore will he the m and their feed 
dcftioy for cnermore. 

6 To render thanks vnto the Lord, 

how great a caufe haue I, 

My voice,my prayer and tny complainr, 
that heard fo willingly. 

7 He is my (hicld and tbrtitude, 

my buckler in diftrefTc, yi 

My hope, my htlpe,my hearts rclifc, • 
my (ong ftialihim confefle. .1 

8 He is our ftrength and onr defence, 

our enemies to reftftj , ^ 

The health and the faluation, * 

of his elc<ft by Chrift. ^ 

p Thy people and thine heritage, 

I.ord bicftc,guide, and prcfciuc, j 

Incrcafe them lx)rd and rule their hearts, 
that they may ncucr (werue. 

Afferte Dommo.Pfal.xxix. T. 5 . 

Dauidex'jortelh Princes,who for the moft partthiak. 
there IS no God, at the leafl to feare him for tht 
thunders and tempejlsjor feare whereofaU crea¬ 
tures tremble ^nd albeit tt threatnethftnners.jet 
it moueth hit to fraife his nawte. 

Singthis at the 3J. Jaime. 

lue to the Lord ye Potentates, 
yc rul ers of the world, 

Ginc yc ail prai(c,honourand ftrength, 
vnto the lining Lord. 

3 Giiic glory to his holy name, 
and honour him alone, 

Worfhip him in his maiefty^ 
within his holy throne. 

3 His voice doth nilc the waters all, 

eucn as himfelfc doth pleafe, * 

He doth prepare the thunderclaps, 
and gouerncs all the fcas- 

4 The voice ofGod is of great force, 
and wondrous excellent. 

It is moft mighty in cfRift, 
and mod magnificent. 

5 ThcvoiceofGod dothrentandbreake 

the Cedar trees fo long. 

The Cedar trees of Libanon, 

which arc m ft high and ftrong. 

6 And makes them Itapc like as a Calfc, 
or elfe the Vnicorne, 

Not only trees but mountaincs great, 
whereon the trees arc borne. 

7 Hi s voice deuides the fl.amcs of fire, 
and ftiakcs the wilderneftc, 

8 It makes the dtfa rt quake for feare, 
that called is Cades. 

p It makes the Hindes for feare to calue, 
and makes the couerts plaine. 

Then in his temple cuery man, 
his glory doth proclai'mc. 

10 The Lord is fetabouc the flouds, 
ruling the raging (ca, 

Sofhallhc raigneas Lord and King 

11 The Lord will glue his people power 
invertucto incrcafe, 

The Lord wfl! blcfte his chofen folke, 
with cucrlafting peace, 




Exalcabotc Dorn. 

ffhtn'DtUuilhoitLi iUduMt hii battfe to rhr Lttrd. 
b>fM4Xtrenu [tekf rruhoM *U W«'»)' 
thtrefore tftcr rtconetj ht thai$htb God, txhar. 
rmj^ ttheri It die the U^', xmd !• learnt by him 
that Gedit rather merctfnU thanfeutre tnitardi 
hie, alft that ainerptj ts fmUea.'J'henbeft'ajeih 
andfromtfetbu praifeGoU ferener. 


L laud and prailc with heart and voice, 

O Lord, Igiuetothcc, Which didft not 

make my foes rc/oyce, hut haft exalted me. 

2. 6 Lord my Cod to thtc I cride, inafT 

my paincs and griffc, thou gau’ft an cate, 

and didft prouidc to cafe me with rclkfc. 

Doth duft (kclan; thy maicfty ^ 
or yet thy iiuth doth praiie^ 

lo Wherefore my Cod fomcpitrytakBi 
O D>rd I thccdchfc, ; 

Doc not t hi s ninplc ftaJe torUke, 

(d helpc I rbtc require. 

It Then didft ihou turoc my griefe and woe 
into a chctreMl vcacc, i 

The inrxji ning wad tiiou took'ft me ho,’ii mctorciuycc. 

I a Whertforemy foule vnetllamly, 

(ha ./ingvntoiby piai/e, 

MyDiidinyCodto tha wiill 
giuc laud and thaoksalwaicr. 

In tc Domiac. Pi'al. xxii. I.f/. 

Danid deluurtd from treat danfer^Jitwtlh frit 
rebat meditation ha hath bj thtfower of faith, 
when death pat hefata htt eut, and ham the fa- 
monr of Cod a/waietiJ rtaaj ta thafe that feare 
hun : heexharuth thtfauhfioJJti truft m Gad, 
h t cam! the prr(iruetbthem. 

Stag thu at the li. Tfalnte. 

O Lord I put my truft in clirr, 

let nothing worke me ftiamc. 

As thou art iuft ddioerme, 
and fee me quit from blame, 
a Hearc me fOIxnd and that anon,) 
t.ohclpcme makegoodfpetd, 

Bethoumy rockeand houfeofftooe, 
my ft ncc in time of need. 

j Of thy good will thou liaft cal’J backc 
tny (bulc fi om hell to fane. 

Thou didft reuiuevvhen ftrtngthdidlackc, 
and kept me from tliegiaue. 

4 SingpraiCe, yt faints tfcitproucand fee 
the goodneilc ol the Lord, 

In memoric of his maicftic 
rtioycc With one accord. 

y For why > hit anger but a fpace 
doth laft and ft ickc againc, 

But in his lauour and his grace 
alwaics doth life rtmaine. 

Though gripes ofgricf.- and pangs full fore 
(hall lodge with vs ail night, 

TIk Lord to ioy (hall vs reftore 
before the day be light. 

j For why ? ai Hones thy ftrength is tride 
thou art my fort and tower: 

For thy names fake be thoo my guide, 
and lead m- in thv power. 

4 Pluck thou my fet: from out the Curt 
which they for me haue laid, 

Thou art my ftrength, and tU my care 
i- (or thy m:ght and aide: 

5 Into thv haixls.Lord, 1 commit 
tny (pirit which is thy due; 

For why ? thou luft redeemed it, 

O Lord my God moft true. 

<5 I hate Cuch folkc as wiil not part 
(rom things to be abhord: 

W hen they on trifles fet their hiart 
my tnift is in the Lord. 

6 When I cnioiM the world at will, 
thus would Iboaft and (ay, 

Tufh, T am furcto fcclc none ill, 
this wealth (hall not decay. 

7 For thou fO Lord) ofthy good grace 

haftfentme ftrength and aide 

But when thou turn’d away thy face, 
my mindc was (ore diimaid. 

8 Wherefore againc yet did I ay 
to thee, O Lord of might, 

My God with plaints I did apply, 
and piai'd both day and night. 

9 What gainc is in my bloud, (aid I, 
if death dcftiov’ my daiesr 

7 For I will in thy mercy j y, 

I (ce it doth cxccll: 

Thou feeft when ought would me annoy , 
and knowft my fouic (uil-wcll. 

8 ThtHihaftnex left me in their liand 
that would me oucrcltargc, 

But thoo haft (it me uit of barxl 
to walke abroad at large. 

Tie fecpnjfort. 

p Greatgriefc,0Lcrtd.dothnvalTailc, 
(bme pity on me take. 

Mines eics wax dirniiK, oiy (ighrdoih faile^ 
my wombe (or woe eiorh akc. 

10 My lift is w omc with grieft and painc: 

B 4 my 


myyccrcjin woearcpaft,; !■ 

Myftreiigth is gone and through diiUainc 
my.boncs corrupt and waftc. ^ 

II Among my foes I am a fcomc, *' 
my friepds arc all difinaid, ' 

My neighbours and my kinlmcn botoc 1 > 
tbicemcare aft'raid. . 

1 a As men once dead are out of minil, 
foam I now forgot, 

As fmall effed in me tlicy finde i i.- 
as in a broken pot. 

I j I heard the brags of all the rout, ' i 
their threats my mindc did fray. 

How they confpii’d and went about ., 

. to ukc my litc away. . i 

14 Etir (Lorn) I truft in ihcc foraid, 

For I confefle and dill bane ftid, 

T hou art my Lord and Cod. 

15 The length of all my life and age, 

O Lord is in tliy liand, 

D.fend me from the wrath and rage 
ol them that me wirhlland. 

16 Tomethyl'tniant (■ Ix)td) exptelTe, 
and Ihcw thy toy ful face, 

Andfaue me Lord for thy goodneffe, 
thy mercy and thy giace. 

Tie third fnrt. 

T 7 Lord let me not be put to blame 
for that on thee I call, 

But let the wicked bcarc the /hamc, 
and in thegrauetofill. 

18 O Lord make dumbe their lips outright, 
which are addiifl to lies, 

Andcnu-lly with pride andlpighr, 
againftthc iuftdeuilc. 

19 O how great good hall thou in llorc 
laid vp full fate for them 

That fcare and trull in thee therefore, 
before the fonnes of men 1 

20 Thy prefence (hall them fence and guide 
from all proud brags and wrongs, 

Within thy place thouihalc them hide 
h orn all the ftrifeof tongues. 

21 Tlianks to the Lord that hath declar’d 
on me his grace lb farre, 

Me to defend with watch and ward, 
as in a towne of warre. 

22 Thus did I lay both day and night, 
when I was fore opprell, 

Loc, I was cleane call out of light, 
yet Ircard’H thou my requell. 

3} Ye Saints louc ye the Lord I lay, 
thefiithfull he doth guide. 

And to the proud he doth repay 
according to their pride. 

24 Be (Irong and God lhall day your heart 
be bold and haue a lud. 

For furc the Lord will take your part, 
fich you on him doc trull. 

\ Hcati c}uoflitn. xxxij. 7^51 

."jitinidpumfiedvahfritnutficifiTS fur'hiifiaftte, 

I, . (emittth at ihemlMpejta whom-Oaddeibumim^ 
fMte thtii traaffrejjient. rind after tbM ttea hail 
ceitfeffed ill ffuut, amt viraiMed pari^^ inex- 
. iartitlfaieiedmea ti hue^edlj, and thej^oid 
■aufitB reiefer. -i ‘ v ■ 4 

Sin^tiitai tie jOfflfttMir. .. 1 . 
yiie man isl^ll whole wlckrdi|tli« 

the Lord hath clcanc rdnijttcd, A 

And he whofe (intic and wrttchcdncnb ^ ^ 

. is hid and allbcoiiered, ’I ' I 

2 And bled is hero whom the Lord 1 •; 
imputcth hot his dune. 

Which in !ushca|)c hath hid nbguile, . 
nor fraud is found therein. ' 

3 For whild that I kept clofc my ILuic . 
in (ilcnce and condiainr. 

My bones did wearc and wadeaway ' 
with daily moarie and plaint: 

4 Fornightaoddaythyiiandonme 
lb gricuous was ami linarr, 

Hut all my bloud and humors mold 
todrimfl'c did conuerr. 

5 I did therefore conftfre my fault, 
andall myliiiiH'sdifcoucr, 

Then thou (O Lord J didd me fbrgiuc, 
and all my linnes palTc ouer. ’ 

6 Tlie humble man lhall pray therefore, 
and feeke thee in due time, * 

So that thedouds of waters mat , 

lhall hauc no power on him. 

7 When trouble and adiicrfity 
doecompalle mcaboiir, 

Thou art my refuge and my ioy, 
and thou dod rid me out. 

8 Come hither and I will thee teach 
how thou flialc walkc aright, 

I will thee guide as I ray Iclfc 

haue learnd by pro^c and fight, 

9 Be not fo rude and ignorant 
as is the horfe and I'nule, 

Whole month without a rcineot bit 
from harmc thou cand not rule. 

10 The wicked man lhall manifold 
forrowesand gricfcsfiidaine. 

But vntohim that truds in God 
his goodnclTc lhall remairie. 

11 Be merry therefore in the Lord, 
ye iud lift vp your voice. 

And ye of pure and perfetd heart 
be glad and eke reioycc. 

Exulutciiifti.Pfal. xxxiij. T.S. 

He exhmeth^eed men te praife God for creating 
gouerningall thmgt.for hufauhfaUpromifeJor 
fiattering the conitf eCef the taieked^leac htng that 
no creatwepreferneth any nkmjhiit only ha mere j 

Singthu Mtbe^O,’T(alme. 


P s A L, M E xxxiii. xxxiiu, 


Y e righteous in the Lordreioyce, 
itisaicctncly fight, 

That vpright inen with tliatikcfull voice 
fhuuld praife the Lord of might. 

S Pratic ye the Lord with harpe and fong, 
inPialincs and pleafant tfjrigSi 
With lute and infimraent among 
tliac loundcth with ten ftringt. 

3 Sing to the Lord a fong moft new, 
with courage giuc him praife, 

4 For why ? hij word it cuer true, 
his works andalLhiswaies. 
j Toiudgcmeiit, equity and right, 
he hath a ga*at good will, 

And withhisffiftshe doth delight, 
the earth tcrougho jt to fill. 

fi For by the word of God alone 
the heauens all were wrought. 

Their hods and powers ciicry one 
his breath to pafle hath brtnight. 

7 The waters great gathred hath he 
‘ on heaps within the fhore, 

'And hid them inthcdeprhto^, 
as in an houfe of fibre. 

^ All men on earth both lead and mod, 
fearcGodand kcepchislaw, 

•Ye that inhabit in each coad, 
dread himand dandin awe. 
o Whathecomiiianded Wrought it was 
* at once with pi efent fpeed, 

\Vhat he doth will is brought to pafTc 
with full tffcft indeea 

Tlic counfels of the nations rude, 
the Lord doth bring to nought, ’ 
fie doth defeat the multitude, 
of their dcuice and thought. 
j I but his dccrecsconrinuc iLTf, 
they neucr flacke nor fwage. 

The motions ofhis minde and will 
takcplace in eun-y age. 

Tht fremd fi&i. 

1 i * And bled are they to whom tlic Lord 
as God and guide is knowne. 

When he doth choofe of meerc accord ^ 
to take them ju liisowne. 

15 The Lord from heauen cad hijfiglir, 

'bn men mortall jjy birth, I 
J4 Confiderihg his fcatqfinight 
the dwellers ofthc earth. 

1 j The Lord, I lay, whoic hand hath wrought* ^ vnte die Lord did call 

mans heart aiuf doth It frame. . •. who dii^him heart without delay 

and rid liim din of thrall. 

., 7 The An^cll of the Lard do;b pitch,’ 
’’ his tents in coery place, 

To lane all Ijith as fiarelbc Lord 
that nothing them defree. 

, jS Tadcandcoofiderwefl therefore,' 
that God is good and iud, 

O happy mantlwinakethhun 


the rider to preferue. 

Bjt loe the cits of God intend 
and watch to aid the iud, 

With fiich as fcaie him to offend, 
andonliis goodncffctiuil. 

ip That he of death and great difirefTs, 
may (ct Uieirfoules from dread. 

And if that dearth their landopprciTc 
in hunger them to feed. 

JO Whtrclorc our ibulc doth whole depend, 
on God our (Irenetb and fby. 

He is our fhield vs ro ocflnd, 
and driuc ail darts away. 

a I Ourfoulc in God hath Joy and game, 
rtioycing in his imglit, 

ForwhyA in his moll holy name 

we hope and much delight. f 

a a Therefore let thy goodncllc O Lord, 
flill prefcnt with vs be. 

As wealwaics with oocaccord 
doc oncly trull in thee. 

Bcncdicam Dorn. Pfal. xxxiiij.TiS. 

Dmuu/ hdum^ tfcMud Acbfh (l Snn-ai.)yr 4 M 

frth Gtd foT hit ae/iMcrmct,(^UHa^ 0€bert exton- 
flt tt trufiin Gtd, ttfetre »id ftrwt htm wht de. 
ftndtihtht^td/jwhhhts Anf^i,imiytterljdt^ 
flrcyrth the Jtickfd ttxbttrfimj. 

Saij this4tthe 

I Will giue laud and honour both,* 
vntothc Lord aJwayes, 

And eke my mouth for cactmore 
fhall fpeake vnto hit prayfe. 

a I doe delight to laid the Lord, 
infopkafidekein voyce, ’ 

That humble men and mortified, 
may heart and lo reioyce. 

3 Thereforefccthatyetnagnifie,’ 
with me the lining Lor^ 

And let vs now exalt his name’ 
together with oneaccord. 

4 ForlmyfdfcbcfoughttheLord, 
heanTweredmeagaine, '■ 
Andmedcliuered incontinent 

from all my fcare and pai'nc. ' 

I 5 Whofothcybethathimbehold 
/ball Ice bis light moftdetre, , . , 

, Their countenance (bill fiet be dalhf 
they need it nut to fearr, ^ 

This fil^ wretch for fome reliefs' ' 

ilti T J 

For he alone doth know the Hiodglit 
and woi king of the fame. 

16 A king that trulleth in his hort; 

lliali nought prcuaileat lengtlv 
Thcmantbjtofhismightdothboaft, ■ 

lhall fall for all his flrcngth. , 


a 7 The troops of hbrfcmen tbe fhall failc, 
their flurdy rtecds fhall flcruc, 

The flrcngth olhorfcfhall not prcuiHe 




his only flay and cruft. 

9 Fcarc yc the Lord ye holy ones, 
aboiie all earthly tntng, 

For they that ftare the liuing Lord, 

^ arc (ure to lackc nothing. 

10 The Lions (hall be hungerbit, 
and pi id with famine much, 

But as for them that (rare the Lord, 
no lacke (hall be to fneh. 

The f'tco»4 part. 

11 Come necrc therefore my children dcarc, 
and to my words giuc care, 

I (liall you teach tlic perfed way, 
how ye the Lord fhould fcarc. 
ti Whois the man that would line long, 
and leade ablelTcd life? 

13 Sec thai rcfrainc thy tongue and lips 
from all deceit and ihife. 

14 Tumcbackethy face from doing ill, 
and doc the godly deed, 

Enquire for peace and qujetnelTe, 
and follow it with (peed, 
ly For why ftheciesof CJod about 
vpoii the iuft arc bt nt. 

His eates tikewke doe he-arc the plaint 
of the poore innocent. 

a 6 But he doth frowneaod band his brow, 
vpon the wicked trainc, 1 
And cuts away the memory 
that (hould of thciq remainc. 

17 But when the iuft do: call and cry, 
the Lord doth hcare tbcni (b, 

Thatoutofpaineandmilcry ' 
forthwith he Icrs them goc. 

1 8 TheLordiskindandffraightat band, 
to (uch as be contrite, 

Hcfauesalfothe forroW'fiilL 
the poorc and meeke in fprite. 

19 Full many be the lii dories 
that righteous men'doe liiffcr, 

But out ofall aduerfitics 
the Lord doth thein deliuet. 

ao The Lord doth fo'pr'eierucand keepc 
his very bones always 
That not lb much as one of them ‘ ' 

doth perilh or decay. ’ ■ 

it The (inneft^fl^y the wicked man 
which he hipifdfe hath 'wrought, 

And (iich as hate the. righ reou.i man,. 

(hall (bone be brougbetbnought.d 

32 But they that fcarb'the liuing Lorc^ 
the Lord doth (aue tliem (bund, j,,.. 

And who that put theft- truft in him, 
nothing (hall them confound. 

ludica me Dom.Pfal.xm. 7. H 

Sm/j jlAttererj perfetutedTinuid, xthe prajrth for 
reuen^e, thiU his imoetHey mAj be declar,d, And 
thAtfuch iU lake bfspAi't jHaj rtiajt*,{tsT which he 

promifetb to mAi»sJie (jeds nAme, Allthe ddies of 
bu life. 

Siispi tbit At tic 1 4. T(Aime. 

I Ord plead my caufc agaiiift rny foes, 

^ confou. id their force and might. 

Fight on my part ag iinft all rholc 
that (ccke with me to fight. 

2 Lay hand vpon the fpcarc and (liitld, 
thyft'lfcin armour drefle, 

Stand vp for me and fight the field, 
to hclpe me (rotii diftrtfle. 

3 Girdonthyfword,andftopthc way, 
mine enemies to withftand, 

That thou vnto my (bule mai’ft (ay, 
loe I thy hclpe at hand. 

4 Confound chtin with rebuke and blame 
that fccke my (oule to (pill, 

Let them turne liackcand flee with lhamc 
that thinke to workc me ilL 

j Let them difperfeand flic abroad 
as windc doth driue the dull; * 

And that the Angell of our God 
their might away may fhruft. 

6 Let all their waies bt void of light 

and flippery like CO fall, ^ 

And fend thine Aiigdl with c|}y might 
to pcrfecute them all. 

7 For why? without my fiuik they haue 
ill feerct fetthtir grin. 

And for no caufc liauc diggVl a cauc 
to take my foulc therein. 

8 When they thinke leaft, and hauc no arc, 
O Lord dtftroy them all, 

Let them be trapt in their owne (hare, 
and in tlicir mifehiefe fill. 

9 And let my foule, my heart and voice 
in God hauc ioy and wealth, * i 
That in the Lord I may rtioyce, 
and in his fauTng health. 

I o And then my, bones (hall fpcake and fav 
my parts lhall all agree; 

OLord though they doc feeme full gay. 
what man is like to thee ? 

The ficondpArt. 

11 Thou do'ft defend the wcakc from them 
that arc both flout and ftfb'ig, 

And rid the poorc from wicked men, 
that fpoileand doc them wrong. 

IS, My crucll fresagainftmerife, 

•40 wirncrtl- things vntrUe, 

' Andtoacculif nictheydeuile . 

of thingsIncuct knew; n. ■ s 

«3 Where I toithem did o\yego6d'wiJ| 
thcyquitmewithdildaine, r ’ 

That they (hould pay my good with ili 

my foule doth fortfcomplainc. * 

14 When they v^refickc I moniM therefore, 

and clad my feife in |,ukc 
With fading I didfaint fujilbrc, 



Psalm E xxxvj. 

to pray I waj not flackc. 

j y As tliO' I'srJ iny brctlircn dcarc, 

As one that maketh wo u I chtmre 
about his mothers Rrauc. 

16 But they at my diltalc did loy. 

and gatlier on a rour, 
Ycaabiiiflflauesatmedid toy, 

with mockw checks foil ftijut. 

17 lltcbcily-f’od and flaitringtiaine, 

' rtiat all good things deride 

At me doc grin wiih great dildaine, 
and their mouthesafidr. 

18 Lord when wilt thou amend this geerc, 
why doeft thou ftay and paule ? 

Grid my route mineoncly deare, 
out of thefe Lions clawes. 

ip And then will I giuc thankes to tlite 
before the Church alwaycs. 

And where moft of the people be 
there will I fhew thy praife. 
ao Let not my foes prcuaile on me. 
which hate me for no fault, 

for wlw ? he <!oth delight 
To fee his feruanrs profptr wdl, 
that is hit pi alantlighr. 

30 Whenforc iiiy tongue I will apply 
thy rightcoufiieflt to pr. ilc s 
Vnto the Und my tiod will I 
ling laud aud ptailc al waycs. 

Dixit iniuftiis.Pfal.xxxvj l.H, 

Dautd vex J hi the r^ukeJ, cmttlji ’rilyefil>'ir 
mxlict, but Cimfidrrmj^ Gtds greui mer^ yttetl 
cttAtwrtt e'ptfiMly icitjtrJs huctHljtrtHby 
thertftrtheetJdm/ttitd. md ujfuttd o'butult^ 


Sihudiiheiy. 7 /i^/ne. 

T He wicked with his worker vniufl 
doth thus pcffwadc his hcarr, 

1 hat of the Lord he lath no truft, 
hisicarc is ftt a.narr. 

i Yet sloth he toy in liiseilatc 
to walkc as he ^gan, 

So long till he dcleruc the hate 
of God and eke of man. 

Nor yet to winke or tumc their eye, 
that cauklelTe me aflhult. 

Tie third pure. 

a I Of peace no word they thiiikc or fay, 
their talke is all vntruc. 

They (fill confult and w'ould betray 
all tliofc that peace enliic. 

3 a ' With open mouth they run at me, 
they gape,they l3ugh,thcy fleerr, 
WeIl,weU,fay thty,ouc eye doth fee 
the things that we dcfite. 

jj But Lord thoufeeft what waits rhey rake, 
ccafe not this gcare to mend. 

Be not farre offi nor me fbrla ke, 
as men that failc tbeir friend. 

34 Awake, arile, and ftirre abroad, 
defend me in my right, 

Reuenge my caufc,my Loril,iny God, 

« and aide me with thy might. 

3 5 According to thy righteoufnefle, 
my Lord God, fet me free, 

And Iccthem not their pride expreftc, 
nor triumph oucr me. '' ■' 

76 Let not tlirir hearts I cioyce and cry. 

Thcrc,therc,this gcare goes trim, 

Nor giuc them caulc ro lay on high, , . 

VVt haue our will on him. 

3 7 Confound them with rebuke and (baihe, 
that ioy when I doe moume, ^ 

And pay them home with I'pigbr and blame ' 
that brag at me witli fconte, • ' .. 
38 LctthtmbcgladandckeKii^e • “ 

which louc mine vprigftt »«y. 

And they alltiipcs with heart and voice -r . 
fh*V\ praifetbe Lord,a"d iby, 

tp Great tb< Lofd,aiid doth excel!) 

3 His words arc wic- cd,v;ic,i;'.d naaglit, 
his tongu j no truth doth r. II, 

Yct at no hand will he be tx ght 
which way he may doc weiL 

4 Wlnnhcihouldflccpc thendjthbc m'jfi 
his mifehiefes to tb.B\ 

No wicked wasrs doth he refufc, 
nor nothing that is if. 

y But Lord thy goodnefll doth afeend 
aboue the heanens high. 

So doth thy truth it felfc extend 
vnto the cloudy skie. 

6 Much more than hills fo high and ftccptf 
thy jufticc is cxpixft. 

Thy iudgements like to Has moft dccpC) 
thou fau’il both man and beaft. 

7 Tliy mercy isaiiouc all things, 

OGoil it doth e*cell; 

In truft whereof ss in thy w'ing', 
the fonacj of men fts'ail dwell. 

8 Within thy lioalc they fhalibcf^ 
with plenty at their will, 

Ofall delights they fhillbcfptd, 
and take thereof their fiil> 

p For why ? the ivclloflifero port 
doth eucr flow ft om thee, 

And in thv light wcarc full lure 
the lafting iighrro fee. 

I o From liich as theceklire tO IcnostT 
' let not thy grace denarr, 

, Thy rightci'ulartTc declare and (hmtf 

to raea of rpright heart. 

II Lit not the proud oa me pmiaile) 

O Lord of thy good grace, 

Nor letihc sv ickcumcaliaiic, 
to thiow me cut ol place. 



P S A L M F. X 5 CX\']j. 

I j Blit they in tlicif dtuicc fhall fall 
tliat wicktd workc.s rnaintaint, 

Tlicy (liallbc oucrthtowiic vvithall, 
and ncuer rile agaiiif. 

Noli xmulari. Plal.xxxvij. Tr* 

SecAufe the fiould not he Jaunted to fee t»ieked 

men projper^autd(hereeth that allthixj^ipnttl he 
granteieuen tvith hearts Jejire to them that tone 
anjfeare Cod: hut the mcked, albeit they fourijh 
for a tme^ fidt at lengh perijh. 

Sing this as the JJ. Pfalme. 

G Riidgc not to fee tlie wicked men 
in wealth to flourifti ftill, 

Nor yet cniiic fuch as to i 11 
bane bait and fet their will. 

2 For as greene grafl'c and fluurilhing herbs 
arcpit and wither away. 

So fliall tlitir great prolperity 
lbonepa(fe,radc, and decay. 

3 Triifl; thou therefore in God alone, 

to doe well giuc thy mindc, 

So/halt thou haue the land as thine, 
and there furc food flialt fiiule. 

4 In God let all thy hearts delimit, 
and looke what thou wouldlt hauc, 

Or elfe canft wifh in all the world, 
thou need’ll it not to crane. 

5 Call both tliy feife and thine affaires 
on God with pcrfcdl trull, , 

And thou llialt fee with patience 

th’tffce'l both furc and iiift. . 

6 Thy perfcdl life and godly name 
he will clcarc as the light, 

So that the Sunne euen at noone day 
Hull not niinehalfi: fo bright. 

7 Be ftill therefore, and fttdiaftfy 
on God fee thou waitc then, , 

Not Ihrinking for the prorpcroiis ftatc 
of lewd and wicked men. 

8 Shake off defpighr,entij',and liate, 
atlcaft inany wife, " 

Their wickedftcpsauoidandflcc,,. 
and follownotthcirguilc. 

9 For cuery wicked man will God 
deftroy, both more and k'fle, 
Bntfuchastruftinhimarc liire . ' 


10 Watch but a while,and thou fliakftr 
no more the wicked traine,- . . 

No not fo much as houfe or place ' f 
where once he did remaiiic. 

II But mercifuU and humble men ■ : 

cnioyfliallfca and land, 

In reft andpeace they lhallreioycc, i . 

fornoughtlhaUthem with(hnd.>!' 

12 The lewd men and malicious 
igainftthciuftconfpirc, ■ 

They eiulh their teeth at him, as men 
which doc his bane defirc. '', 

13 But while that lewd men thus doc thinke, 
the I-ord laughs tlicm tolcorue, 

For vs'hy ? he fees tlieir terme appnrath, 
when fliall figh and momiie. 

14 The wicked luiic the 1 word out Jrawne 

their bow eke lialie they bent, * 

To ouci throw and kill thcpoorc, 
as he the right way went. 

I y But the fame I word fliall pierce their heart, 
which was to kill the iulr, 

Likewife the bow fli.rll breakc tofliiucrs, 
svhcrciu they put tbtir trull, 
id Doubtkrtctliciuftmanspooretlbtc 
is better a great dealc more 
Than all chefe lewd and wicked mens 
ricli potnpeand heaped ftore. 

1 j For be their power noner fo ftrong, 

GoJwillic ouerthrovv. 

Where contrary he doth prcleriic 
the liunible men and low. 

18 He fees by Iiis great prouidencp 
the good mans trade and way. 

And will giuc them inhcritaiice 
which ncuer fliall decay. ^ 

19 They fliall not be difcQuraged, 
when foincarc hardbefted. 

When others fliall be hungerbit, 
they (hall be clad and ftd. 

20 For whofocucr wicked is, ' 

and enemy to the Lord, 

Shall quailc, yea melt eueii aslambes greafe, 
or (moke that flics abroad. 

The third fart . ,' 

21 Behold the wickedborfows much, 'f 

and ncuer payes againc, 

Whereas the iuft by liberall gifts ' - I 
makes maiiy glad and f^e. 

22 For they whom God doth blc(re,(hal haue 
thelandforlieritagc,: j'.k- n 

And they whom hee doth curfe likewife ■ •. 

fhall pcrifli in his rage. '..h 

2 3 The Lord the iullmaus w^cs doth guide, 
j and giues him good fuccefle, 

To cucry t bing he takes in hand ' ■ a ■' 

e he (endeth good addrefft.' >■ 'ftr 
24 Thougluhat he fill, yet is hefiirc 
nocvctcrly tbqiiaiJc, lau'- fj, 

Becaufc the kordftrctchethoilt his hand ^ 
atitec(j,anddothiK)t faile., ', I 

2y I haue b6cncpijugand"i)p\v atp old, * 
yet did I ncuer fee 

The iuft (lui) left, nor yet his Iced ' • 
tobegformifery. ■ 2 ol. ' It 

26 But glues alwayes moft liberally, < ! 

and lends whereas is need, i-:::v i tFt 
H ischildreo andpafterity^-'' j '- m " > 2 I 
rcceiuc ql God their meed. ■! 21’•»/ 

1 . 1 .) 


;< 1 

57 ^^Icffvldcthcrefpre.andwiciscdncile, ft 
■, and vertue'doe embrace,' 

50 God (Jiall grant thee long td haue 

•I L A 


S A L M E XXXVllj. 

on earth a dwelling place. . 

a8 For God (oloucrli equity, 
and ilicwes to liii fuch grace, 

That lieprtfei uesthtmcucrmorc, 
but (ho;.'C 5 the u icked race. 

30 Whettisthcgoodandgodly men 
inhtiitefhall the land, 

Hauingas I-ordsallehingstherein ' •' 
in their ownc power and hand. 

30 The jjft mans mouth doth euer fpeake 
of matters wife and bie, 

His tongue doth talke to tdiSe j 
with truth a.nd equity. 

31 For in his heart the la wof Goo 
his Lord doth ftill abide, 

Sothat wherecre bcgocorwtlkc t 

hisfiet can scuerflide. 

3 a The wicked like a rauening woife , 
the jufl man doth befet, 
if he fall in his net. 


33 Though he ihould fall into hU hands 
yet God would fuccour frnd, 

Tho^hmcnaeiinft hjr ftmtnee giuc , 

<S>d would him yet defends ' 

34 Wait thou on God and kcepc his way 
he ftall preferue thee then > 

The earth to rofe, and thou (halt fee 
deffroide theft wicked men. 

jj The wicked hauc ifeenemoft (tong, 
and plK d in high degree, 

Flcurifhirie in ail wealth and (lore , 
as doth the lawrell tree. 

16 Butfotkinlyhcpaflbdawayi 
and loc he w'as quite gone, 

Then I him fought, but could not findc 
the place wlicre dwelt fueh one. 

IJ Marke and behold the perfeA man 
how God doth him incrcafc, 

For the juft man (hall hauc at length, 
great joy with reft and peace. 

38 Asfortranfmtlforswoetothcm, 
deftroyde they (hall all be, 

God will cut o(f their budding race 
and rich poftcriej’. 

3p But the faluation of the juft, 
doth come from God aboue < 

Who in their trouble (ends them aide, 
of his moeregrace and lour. 

40 God doth them helpe,(aue and dcliuer, 
from lewd men and un/uft, 

And ftill will fauc them whhft that they 
in him doe put their truft. 

Dominc nc. Pfal.xxxviij. I.H. 

Ddvidfe^t cfCum* grievotu iift^tMbatralti^ttb 
bimje^ctohtcbdfiifedef tb* LtrdfrrbH 

tbertjtrt fd'dyttb t0 Qtd t» tunu hid 
, but nthtindwithfrmtntpdtnct , W 

i d 

. td 

ccmmtndwrhitcdufdt (jtd , htfrtbftr jfetdit 
btlft at hu hdiul. 

Sing rhtsat Tfalm*. 

F t me not to rebuke ,0 Lutd, 
inthy piouokidire, 

N. in :h> htwy w;^h, O Lord, 
correft me I iklue. 

3 Thineafrowsdocftlckefaftlnmei 
thine band doth prifferr.e loot j t 

And in my fltftuio lK»kti*ak 

appextthanymo c. ■' 

3 AndaHthisiabyreatonof !‘’;r p . 

thy wrath that I am in; - “ - ^ 

Nor any reft u in uiy Utits, 

by rtaf XI of myftiine. 

4 For loc, my w iclad doings, Lord, 
tbbtit my heij are gone, ^ 

A greyer load tiian I ejn brarr,^ ‘ ’ 
they lie me (ore noon. 

. t- -i 

f My’woundaftinkcandarefifftreilbte 
tsioachromcaretofor, . ^ 

W hich all chi ough miiic ownc tboii(hiicA« 
betideth unto Dice. s 

6 ArKlltncarefuU wiftambfoiigbc 
in trouble and dilbrilc, 

That I goe wailing allthc <ay 
in dolcfull hcamncftc. 

7 My bines are filde with fotrdabift^ 

my fltlh hath no whole part, 

8 r <ecble am and broken forr, * - 

I rore for grjefe of heart. 

9 Thou know’ft Lhrd my deftre, iny eronrj 
are open in thy fight , 

1 o My heart doth pa«.my flrer.gth doth fitilc, 
ihine eyes hauclofi thcjf light. 

It My louers and my wonted friend* 

(land look ine on my woe, 

And ekemy IcmmienfatTcaway 
arc me departed fro. 

13 They thtr did feek my life laid fnatrs, 
and they that fought the way 
To doe me hurt .fpake lie* ,ar.d thoimht 
^ on'mftchitfe all the day, 

Tbt fietndfari. 

13 Bur as a drafe ma.T I becaate 
that cannot bearcat all, 

14 Andasooedw.'iilbcthitopeciaoJ 
his mouth to fpeakc withall. 

15 For all my confidence,© Lord, 
is wholly fet on thee. 

Id O Lord ,thou Lord that art my G«b ' 
thou (halt giuc care to mcc. 

Thus did I craue, that they my foes, , 
triumph not oner mcc, >• 

17 For when my foot did (up, the* the 
did joy my fall ro fee. 

And rruAy I poorc ’wreech am fet 
in place a woTull <rigbt, 

And ckc my gn<u«i» hMuincTe 


»S Foe 

PsA L M E XXxix. xl. 

18 For while that I my wickcdncflc 

in humble wife coiifimc . 

And while 1 for my lintull deeds 
my lorrows doe oepreffe; 

19 Myfocsdocftillremainealuic, 
and mighty are alfo, 

And they that hate me wrongluUy 
in number hugely grow'. 

20 They fkmdagainftmethatmygocxl 

with euill doc repay* 

Bccaule that good and honta dungs 
Idoeenfue alway. 

31 Forfakc me not O Lord my OocI, 
be thou not larre away, 

jj HaftemetohelpcmyLord,my CjOO, 

my lafety and my Hay'. 

Dix^ Pfal. xxxix J H. 

Dnuid hamng dctcrmMtd, fdtnce, jtt hrjt firth 
into words iliAt he would not, through his buter 
For ho nukrthcerlidneretweps 'mhicb 

%{le ofmont infimitj, r* ”•'7 

fru^H-sYsuid oil to IhewA mindt wondorfully 
troubled, that it m.ij upfearethothedidfiniie 
mightily igdiifi death And Jtfperation. 

Sing this as the Pptlme. 

I Said,I wilUoolcc to my wares, 
for fearc I fho.ild goc wrong, 

1 will take heed all times that I 
offenif not with my tongue. 

3 As w'ithabit I will keepe fall 

my mouth with force might. 

Not once to whifper all the while 
the wicked are in ficht. 

Lord quit me out of hand. 

And make me not a fcornc to fools 
that nothing underftand. 

10 1 was as dumbe, and to complainc 
no troublemight me mouc. 
Bccaule 1 knew it was thy work, 
my patience for to ptouc. 

11 Lord take fiom me thy feourge and plague 
I can them not withlland: 

I faint and pine awayforftarc 

of thy m'.'ft heauy hand. 

II Wl'.cn thou for linnt doft man rebuke, 
he waxeth woe and wan, 

As doth a cloth tliat moths hauc fret, 
fo vaine a thihg is man. 

13 Lord hcare my fuit and giue good hwd, 
regard my tcarcs that ftll: 

I fojourne like a ftranger Iktc, 
asdid my fathers all. 

14 O fparc a little,giue mefjrace 
my ftrengihfor to reftore. 

Before I goc away from hence , 
and mall be fccne no more. 

Expedans expe(5tavi.Pral.xl./.H. 

Daviddetmered from jweat danger, dothmagnifie 
^odtherefore/tnd commendeth his frouidenre to- 
■wards allmankinde. Then he promifeth to giue 
himfetfe wholly unto Qodsferiiice , and deelareth 
how GodistruelywoiPnpped. yffterwardthegU 
uelh thanks, and hauing comphtined of hisene- 
mies.hecAlletbforaideand'^ - 

3 1 held my tongue and fpake no word, 
but kept me clofe arid ftill, 

Yea from good talke I did reftainc, 
but fore againft my will. 

A My heart waxt hot within my breaft, 
with muling, thought, and doubt, 

Which did incrcafeand llirre the fire , 
at laft thefe words buvft out; 

5 Lord, number out my life and dates 
which yet I harre not pall, 

So that I may be certified 

how long my life lhall laft. 

6 Lordjthou haft pointed out my life 
in length much like a fpau, 

Mine age is nothing unto thee, 
fo vaine is cucry man. 

7 Man walketh like a lhade, and doth 
in vaine himfelfc annoy 

In getting goods ,and cannot tell 
who ftall the fame enjoy. 

« Now Loid.fith things this wife do frame, 
what heipe doc I dclirc ? 

Of truth my hclpc doth hang On thee, 

1 nothing clfe require. 

The ficond fart. 

9 FromaUthclinncsthatIhaiicdo(]< 

Sing tbit AS the ^%.Pfaimr, 

r Waited long and fought the Lord, 
and patiently did bcare, 

At length to menc did accord 
my voice and cry to hcare. 

3 He pliickt me from the lake lb dccpc 
outofchc mire and clay. 

And on a rocke he fet my feer, 
and he did guide my way. 

3 Tome he taught a Plalmcofpraile, 

which 1 muft fhew abroad, 

And ling newfongs of thanks aJwaics, 
vnto the Lord our God. 

4 When all thefblkc thefe things (hall Ice, 
as people much affraid, 

Then they vnto the Lord will flee, 
andtruft vponhisaid. 

5 0 bicft is he whole hope and heart > 
doth in the Jxitd remaine. 

That with the proud doth take no part, 
nor fuch as lie and fainc. 

6 For Ix)rd my God, thy wondrous deeds 
in greatneffe farre doc paffc. 

Thy fiiuour towards vs exceeds 
all things that cucr was. 

7 Wli«a 


P S A L M E Xl. Xlj 

7 When I intend and doe deailc 
thv workc 5 abroad to fliow , 

To fuch a reckoning they doe rile, 
thereof no enal know. 

8 Bunit'olFcringsthoudeliglii’ftnotin, 

I know thy wliole defire; 

With fccrificc to ptirgc hitfinne 
thou do’ll no man require- 

p Mear-oflferine? and lacrifice 
thou would’n not haue at all: 

But thou (O LordJ lia ft opwi made 
mine earcs to hcatt withall. 

10 But then, laid I, behold and kx)k, 
Icomeamcane to be. 

For in the volume ofthybooke 
thus is it faid of me. 

11 That 1(0 God) fhould doe dtyminJe, 
which thing doth like me well, 

For in my heart thy law I findc 
fall placed there todwell. 

la Thy iuftice and thy rightcouCieflc 
in great refbrtsltdl. 

Behold, my tongue no time doth ccale> 

O Lord thou kuow’ II full well. 

The fecendf^trt. 

13 1 haue not hid within my bread 
thy goodnelTc as by Health, 

But I declare and hone expred 
thy truth and fauing health. 

14 Ikcptnotclo(ethylooingminde» 
tliat no man Ihoald it know. 

The trull that in thy truth I findc, 
to all the Churcii I Ihow. 

1 y Thy tender mercy (Lord) from me 
withdraw thou not away. 

But let thy loue and verity » 

prcfciue me Hill for aye. 

1 6 For J with milchicfcs many one 
am fore befet about, 

My finnes increafc, and fo come on I 
I cannot fpic t^m out* 

17 For why ? in number they exceed 
the haires upon my head: 

My heart doth fmnt for very dread, 
that I am almod dead. 

18 With fpeed fend help, and let me free, 
O Lord, I thee require s 

Make had with aide to fuccoor me , 
OLord,atmy elcfirc. ' 

ip Let them fiidainc rebuke audlhamey? 

that feck my rcmlc to (bill i , ^ 

Driue back iTiy foes, and them de&me 
that wilh and would me ill. 

so For their ai.fcats doe them delctifi 
• that would deface my name: 

Alwaies at me they raile and Cry, 

Freon tirmlfe for lhamc. 

^ :u<. ■. ^ 

SI Ixttheminihcehaucjoyand^ftiltb 
that feck CO thee alwaies, 

•,..0 • 

That thofc that Icoc thy lauing health 
may lay, To God ^ prail e. 
ai But at for me 1 am but pexMr, 
oppred and brought fiiil low, 

Yet thou, O Lord, wilt me rcdocc 
to he^th, full well 1 know. 

23 For why? chon art my hope and trod, 
my refi^, help, and day : 

Wlrcrefbre my God, as thou ait j'nd, 
with me no time delay. 

Bcatus qui. PfaL il/. T.S. 

Dttvid fritHeiiJlj hUffed them tktt finy 

n hit ftutblrfft ^rindijiicb 
<wIudaS,Ioh. 13. Tbfuhtguulbtbmket f"’ 
god] mercie in tid/fninr bm gtntlj , ivii Mt 
/nffiring his enrtmesto trunnyh. 

Sing tbit di tht J^ 6 . Tfdnu. ■ v 
He man is bled titai carcfuil it 
the needy to confida , 

For in the feafonperiloui 
the Lord will him deliuer. 
a The Lord will make him fitfe and found f 
and happy in the land, 

Arrd he will not dcUuer hun ^ 
into bis enemies hand. '' 

3 And in his bed when he lies fick I 
the Lord will him redore: 

And thou, O Lord, wilt turtle to health 
his ficknefle and his fore. 

4 Thcninmy fickncirethuslaidl, 

Haue oicr«, Lord, on me. 

And heale my foule which it foU woe 
that I offended thee. 

5 Mine enemies wilht me ill iuhetirj 
and thus of me did fay, 

When (hall be die, that all his name 
may vanidi (Mite away ? 

6 And whditneycomctovifitme,' 
they aske if I m wdl, 

But in their hearts mifehiefe they hatch^ 
and CO their mates it tcU. 

j They bite their lips and whilperfb,' 
as though they would me charme, 

And cad their fetches how to trap 

8 Some grieuexisfiture bath brought him Ct} 
this ficknefle, fay they plainc: 

He is fo low that without doubt, 
rile can he not againc. 

$ The man alfo that I did cruft, 

withmedidvfoJeccic, " 

Who at my table ate my br^, 
the fame for mclaio wait. 
lO Hauemcrcic .Lord, onmetherefore) 
and let mebe prefetu'd, 

That I mayrender vnto them 
the things they haue deleiu’eh 
By this I kfKm’afliiredly 
to be bclou’d of dice, 

c ^ v. «« 


PSALME xlij.xllij. 

When tt«t mine enemies haue no caufc 

to triumph oucr me. 

I j But in my right thou haft me Kep^t , 
and maintained alway; 

And in thy prtfence place alTign’d 

where Ifliall dwell for aye. 

13 The I.ord the God of Ifracl 
be prailed euermore; 

Ellen fo be it, Lord, will I fay. 
euen fo be it therefore. 

Quemidmodum. Pfal. xlij. 

Vaviiu gritMfJ that through perfecnti>»f>e coM 
not be prefent in the congregation, protefling hit 
prefence in heart, albeit in body feparate. At lajt 
he fhencth, that nottrithftanding hit forrorrt and 
thought, jet he continnallj pnttelh hit trafi in 
the Lqrd, 

Sing this at the 1$. Tfatme, 

L ife as the Hart doth breathe and bray 
the weW'prinjjstOobtaine, 

So doth my foiile delirc alvs'ay 
(vithtnee (Lordj toremainc. 

2 My foule doth tliirft.and would draw neatc 
thekiini’ Goti ot might; 

Oh, wiBpluU I c.&inc and appearc. 
inprclenctot liis fight. 

3 The teares all times arc my repaft , 
u-hich from minccics doc flidcy 
W hrn wicked men cry t>0t fb faft, 

VVhcceUiow isGo<Lthy guide? .> 

4 Alas, what griefc is it to think 

whacfrtedomeoncel'had: _ . 

Therefore my foiilc, as at pits brink 
moft heauy I? and Ud. 

/ M' ‘ • 'i:'- 

When 1 did march inigood aray, n f h • 
furn fhedveithmy.traine, /i::. . /. 
Vnto the Temple wasourway ^ i 

with (<«ngsandheartsimoftfairie. _i:^ 

5 My fixile, why art.«l«»ijiad alwaies. ’ t 

at>d.frcl’dtliusi)) (oybrtaft? .uiifi; 

Ti uftftill in Goel, forbmi to praife i 

Iholdit tuerbpft* .. . •- .r , 

.■'I'-'': • ' '1- -V ;■ ‘ ' 

ByhimfJraoefuccoilratnced ' 

againft^painand^icfe; ;i liftra 
He is my God ,which,with all fpced ■/ tt.i 
T vlilth^ftc to fend reliefc. c. "ler;:. 
d And tims my foulelwithin me, Lord’, 
doth faiyttothinktlpon • :vA.r>!(jl ': Ti 
The land of Iordan,andword :il nro ■ 
the little Ml Heg^oiy ,|j;; T « 

The finhd-jpar'L h am rl ji ; 

7 One griefc Inodnfcrin cratllcaftan U o 1','.' 

as clouds burJl oijthhdir voicr}, I’f ! atl; 
The flog<U. 9 f-CWill thaddodfaU < -n s'l.'.l I c i 
run oner me \vkhnfSili:»j i ;'n rjl loin: 

8 Yet I by day fckibts goodkeCfe . Lfii 1 ■■IT 
and heIpAtallalft*J.;i {>11: eiiiudfoA. 
I.ikewifcby niglitidjdnotcc^ i jidj i j 
the lining Godloiwfef jdc-r 

p 1 am i)tr(wadtd tluis to fay 
to him with pure pretence, 

O Lord, thou art my guiiie and ftay, 
iny rock and lure delenCe. 

Why doc 1 then in pcnfiucnenc IJ 

hang! igthe head thus walk, 

While that mine enemies me opprc.le-, 
and vex me with their talk? 

10 Tor why?they pierce my inwai d part* 

with pangs to be abhort’d 
When they cry one with ftubbornhearts, 
Whereis thy Cod,thy I.oid? 

11 So I'oonc why doll thou faint & quail, 
my foulc, with paine oppreft ? 

With thoughts why doft thy fcllc aflailc 
fb lore within my breaft ? 


t and thou the time flialtfee 
Togiue him thankes with laud and praife 
for healtli reftor’d to thee. 

ludica meDom.Pfal xHij./.H, 

He praieth to be<itli''erejfrom them which conjoin 
with Abfalom., to$he end he might jojfulljpraift 
Cod in bit holj congregation. 

Sing thitatthe^f, Pfa/me. 

r dge and reuengcmyciule,0 Lord,' i 

from them chat euill be; 

From wicked and dcccitf.iU men 

2 Forofmy ftrengththouartmyGod, 

Why put’ftthou metheefro? '■ 

And why walk Ifoheauily,'- 
opprefied with my fbc ? 

3 Send out thy light and eke thy truth, ^ 

and lead me with thy gi ace, 

Whichn^y.condiMflraeto thy hill, I .'d 
and to thy dwelling place. 

4 Thenlliallltothe^targoc 
of God jdy and chC' re, 

And on my harpgiiie thankes to thee ^ , • 

O Goimy God moft dcart. ‘ 

5 Wby art^hbUtlKnfo fad, nay foulc, 
and ti ctft thus in my btcali ?1 , 

Still truft in Qod, for him topriiile 

I holditalwaicabtift.j '(li'nii,!; .1 > 

6 By him,Ihauedeljueraucp^ .■ J 
agiinft'al/bain indnritifey’' , * 

He is my God Which aofhidvfe/ ' . 

at nttd'fend'mc refiefci-’l^' 

.111. .1 /ht'.'iri: "' ' 

Dens aFitibus,..P|^T,^lj[,). T. * 

, sr. h’If!' r-•’.r.i.'ltlh 

A moft earneft'^/utr[f»ae^iii\.fjff^iV*ff the 
faithfnll in perfecution ^ for (ii^atningthe quar^ 

rtUi^S*dtiMr<i,tuinS,YviAi^oa»^ ** 

' Our 

P i A L M E 5clni|.xlv. 


Vrcar.&tuiU'licjrdoiir lathers tell, 

f rtlpf :0'H": ^ 

and rrucrcntly iccord tlic wondrous works 

Thcy inocke,iliey (cOfnt,thry nod diatiitaii 
where ere they got or wsike. '» 

15 ! am adiam'd cocnmually, V 

to litarc theie wKktd men: 

Yea,lo I bl,.ni. that ali my face 

with rid iscootTcdrhtn. ’ 

_ _____ j6 For why? wt h<arcltKhn*ndtrOL» words, 

tT --1 fuchfailerepoitsand Im : 

f] fn 1;—4- —--TIai death ir is roke(li<'ir wrong*, • 

. that tlioulialldonc, ill alder time, O Lord : their tlircatningt, and their erkt. 

;— 1 ~'A ^ f ' ? 7 * ^ For all this wcK>ig<ir n«x ihte, *■ 

- 2— nor yit thy couenant brake 1 

i8We tunic not baclcocrlitartsfiomtlicci 

a. How thou didft cart thcGcniilcs out, rA 

nor yet thy p;hs foi lake. 

j— ip Yet thou hart trod vs downctoduft, 

'” wlicrc dtnso-Uragonsbc, 

And coucred vs with rtiaje of death, ' 
and great aduirktie. 

Itroidll them with ftrong hand , Planting 
our lathers in their place, and'gaucft to 

them their land. 

5 They conquer d not by J^rd not rtrtgth 
the land ot thy be he ft, 

B.itby thy hand, thy armc and grace, 
bccaulc thou lou’dftthcmbeft 

4 Thouartiny king,OG<)el,thatholpe 
Jacob in fundry evife, 

5 Led with thy power we threw downc fneh 
as did againft vs rile. 

6 I trurtfd not in boev nor fword, 
they could not fane me found , 

7 Thou keptft us from our enemies rage, 
thou didft our foes confound. 

8 Aiiel ftill wee boaftot’ thceourGod, 
and prailc tJiy holy luinc: 

9 eYet now thou goert not widiour hoft, 
but Icaucft vsto (hamr. 

I o Thou mad’ft vs flee before oar foes, 

and to were ouertrod ; I" 

Onr enemies robb'd and Ipoil’d our goods, _ 
when we were iperft abro:^d, ^ 

II Thou haft vs giuen to our foes, ' 

asrtie^fdrxobcflaiue; ■ ; ' • i » 

Amougft the heathen cucry whete 
fcattcrcd we dot remainc. 

la Thy people thou haft (bid like flauci, 
and as a thing of nought; ® 

For profit none thou ha ft thc^y, „ 

no gain at all was fought. 

13 And to our neighbours thou haft madt 
of vs a laughing ftock, » 

And thole that round about vs dwell, , 
at vs doc grin and mock. O 


34 Thus we feme for none other vie ‘ : ' * 
but for a common calk) ’ 

* i 

ao Jfwe<fiad ourCJodi (wne forgot, 
and betpc of ido 4 »flioghr, 

21 Woold not God then lauc triek this out, 

for he d'lth know our thought f 

22 Nay>nay, |i.>r thy name* fake, O Lord, 

alwayes are we ftame thus: gab ■ ■ 


right fo they dcalc with rI. - [ 

23 Vp Lord, why ftcepeft thou ?awakf, ‘ 

and Icaue vs not for all *. 

24 VVhy hideft thouil^.ooiintrr.ance, 
anddo ft fixgaiCMt^rfktt? ' .f-J M 

2 5 For downe to dultoeif foufe is brought'^ - 
and we noev at lift icaft ;' 3.. 1 

Ourbclly,likeas itwei^^tidr, ^ j jj 
vnto the ground clfaiiisfafl. ,,'j 

36 Rife vp therefore for bur defoner,' * r-j 
and hdpe vs ("Lord) at need : 

Wc thee befcc’ch for thy goodnelTe, 

tordcueys Withfpev^. T ;t 

Eructauit. Pfal.’xlv. T. ^ 

SdlnKonbumMt'lfj^ G r w i w ’, firmg:h, r«. 

ches tmd favrrr trt friyfeijbi! wtrruiji 
Ei^yfeida mi beilthtm 
rnouiKt her profit md XMunrj 
rohoUj to hrr hmitauU Here u fi^mo^m^won- 
derfuU maiefiy Mtd ulCree^e'o^l*i<rt^tktrciame 
And the Qu«rthbufp»ufe,ionoHlkim’if 
tiles. r . !■; t 

SatfAitAsthe ayiP/iAnv di-'f 

M Y heart doth take in hand >3 . ft 
fbne godly long to liiig: • 

Thcpraifetfiatlflialllhrwthercrn .nbns 

pcTtainetbtorhekln^.’ lo ^d: o::T 

2 My tongue Ihallbeattjulck ' ic’S 
his honour to indite.. 

As is the pen pfany Scribr. 

that vfeth fill to write; 

3 OftTrefrof all mcn^ 

thy fpccch is plcafior pure: 

For G^ hath blcffcd thoc with gif t* 
for eucr to endure. 


.,n..l yi 
..ii’.i T 

<1 f. 


f About 

PsA L M B xly.xivj. 


if, About thcceird thy lword» 

O Prince of might cleft, 

With honour, glory, and renowne , 
thy perfon pure is dcckt. 

5 Goe forth with godly fpetd, 

w ith meeknefl'e, truth. and right , 

And thy right liand ihall thee inftruft 
in workes ofdreadluU miglit. 

6 Thine arrows iharp andlccenc 
their hearts fo (ore ihall fting, 

That folk ihall fall and kneel to thee 
yea, all thy foes, O King. 

y Thy royall feat, O Lord, 
for cuer ihall remaine, 

Becaufe the feepter of thy rcalme 
doth righteoulhelTe ma intainc. 

8 Becaufe thou lou’ft the right, 
and doft the ill deteft, 

God, euen tfiy God hatji nointed thee 
with joy about the reft. 

ff With myrrhe, and iauoursfweet, 
tiiy clothes are all befpread, 

When thou doft from thy palace palTc , 
therein to make thee glad. 

10 King»daughters doe attend 
in fine and rich array. 

At thy tight hand the quccne doth ftand 
in gold and garments gay. 

T'i&e /iceiUpart. 

11 0 daughter take good heed, 
cncline and giue good eare, 

Thou muft forget thy ki^idred all, 
and fathers houiemoftdtaie. 

11 Then ihall the king dtiire 
thv beauty faire and trim j 
For wky ? he is the Lord thv God, 
and thou muft worOiip him. 


13 The daughters then of Tyre, 
with gifts full rich to fee, 

And all the wealthy of the land 
fhall make their fuit to thee. 

14 The druightcr of the king 
is glorious to behold, 

,Withfn her clofet ihe doth fit, 
all dcckt in beaten gold. 

15 In robes well wrought with needle, 
and many a plcaianc thing, 

With virgins feire on her to wait 
flic coracth to the king. 

Thus arc they brought with joy 
and mirth on cuery fide [iji 
Into the palace of the kind, 
and there they doe abidel 

17 Inftcadofpareniileft,, 

(O quccne the wle fo tands ) 

Thou (halt hauc fonnes whom thoumalft let 
as Princes in all lands- , ', . •. 

18 Wherefore thy holy naijic ^ ' . i. 

all ages ihall record; , ^ ^ 

The people fliall giue thaiikes to tlicc 
tor cuermore, O Lord , 

Deus noftcr. Pfal. xlv). I. /-/. 

of thAiikefp^tvinj^ for thedeiiHtrumtof It. 
mfulim *ftir Stuaclicnb vith his asmjt 
dr intis OK'iiy , or (omt other hke juiden anU mnr- 
vtllons deltutntncthjlhtmii/htjhAndof Cod^ 
robtrehj tht I’rephtt commtH^iny^ his ft tut btsu~ 
fiss, doth txhers tht fttithfnll to osuc sheitifelittt 
■sthoUj into tht iMudof God, donhsiny^ noibint 
but that vndtr hit prettHuH thtj Jhall bt fitfi 
nysAinJlni/tht Ajpinltt if their entmiet- 


He Lord is our defence and aide, the 

ftrcngrh whereby wc ftand; When wee 

with woe arc much difmaid, he is our help 


at hand, 2. Though th’carth remouc wee 

will not feare, though lifts fo high and 
^ccp,bc thruft and hurlttTlKrc ai^tlurc' 

within the fca io deep. 

3 No,though the waucs doe rage fo (ore, 

that all the banks it fpills, ' 

And though it ouerflovv the ihore, 
and beat down miglity hills. 

4 For one faire floud doth fend abroad 
his pkafant ftreams apace, 

Tofrcfli thccity of our God, 

and w'aih his holy place. ■ 

5 In midft of her the Lord doth dwell, 

ftie can no whit decay; 

All things againft her that rebcll 
the Lord will trucly flay. 

6 The heathen folk the kingdomes feare, 
the people make a ncriic, 

The earth dolli mclcand not appearc 
when God puts forth his voice. 

7 The Lord of hoafts doth take our part 
tovshehath an eye. 

Our hope of health with all our heart 
on Jacobs God doth lie. 

8 Comehcrcandieewich mindc & thought 
the working of our God, 



P 5 A L M E xlvij.xlviij. 


What wonders he himfelfc hath wrought 
inall the world abroad. 

9 By him all warres arc hufht and gone, 
which countries did conlpirc, 

Theirbows he broke, and fptares each one, 
their chan’oti burnt witn fire. 

I o Leanc off tlicreforc ("faith he) and know 

lama God moft flout, 

Among the heathen high and low, 
and all the canh throughout. 

II Tlic Lord of hoafls doth vs defend, 
he is our (Irength and tower, 

On lacobs God we doe depend, 
and on his might and power. 

Omnes genres.Pfal.xIvij./.H. 

An exhortatuMto worlhp Cod for hit mercutto la- 
CObe fojieruj: Heretn it prophtjud the 
of Qirtfl inthtttmeof the Coffet. 

Sine this tu the 

Y e people all with one accord 
clap hands and eke rtJoyce, 

Be glad and (Ing unto the Lore! 

with (wcet and plealant voice. 

1 For high the Lord and (inadfull is, 
with wondei s manifold , 

A mighty King he is triiely, 
in all the earth cxtold. 

3 The people Ihall he make to be 
vnto Oar bondage thrall, 

And vnderneath our feet he fliall 
the nations make to fall. 

4 For vs the heritage he chofc 
which wepoflifle alone. 

The flourifhing worfhip of lacob 
his wclbeloved one. 

j Our God afeended vp on high 
with j'oy and picafant noife; 

The Lord goes vp aboue the skic 
, withtrumpctsroyall voice. 

6 Sing praifes to our God, fing praife, 
fing praifes to our king: 

7 For God is king of all the earth , 
all ikilfiill praifes fing. 

8 God on the heathen rcignes and fits 
vpon his holy throne, 

The princes of the people hauc 
them j'oyned cutry one 
To Abrahams people; for our God, 

which is exalted high. * 

As with i buckler doth defend 
the earth continually. 

Magnus Dominus.Pfal.xlviij. I.H, 

Thnnkeriigmen to God for the notnble detmermce 
nf lerulalem from the hnnit of many 
the efi ate thereof u fraifed . for that God tj pre- 
ferttat all timet to defend tt.fhia Pfalmefeemeth 
to be made m the time of Ahaz.JOlaphat.Afa, 
•^•Ezcchia ,for then cbieflj wat the ^itj hj foyn 
r eigne PrttKti affonited. 

1 me ihu at the 4 ^. Pfalme, 

C '' Rear is the Lord .and with great praift 
1 tobcaduanccdffill 
W ithin the citie of our God 
vpon his holy hill, 
a Mount Sion is a pleafant place, 
it gladdcth all the land -. 

Thcciticof the mighty King 
on her North fide doth fluid. 

3 Within the Palaces thcreo# 

God is a refuge knownc s 
For lo, the kings are gathered, and 
together they are gone. 

4 But when they did behold it fb, 
ilicy wood red, and they were 
Aflonied much, and fuddenly 
Were driuen back with fcarc. 

5 Greatterrojrtlicrcontlicnididfall 
for very woe they cric 
As doth a woman when Ihe fliail 
goctraucU by and by. 

6 AstbexiwithLafternewindethcfhip* 
vpon the Sea doff break , 

So they were fhoy d ,andeucn as 
w c heard oar lathCTS fpcak. 

7 So in the Ciry of the Lord 
we faw as it was told, 

Yea, m the citry which out God 
for cuer will vphold. 

8 Oloard, we wait and doe attend 
on thy good help and grace, 

For which we doe ^1 rimes attend 
within thy holy place. 

9 O Lord, accord ing to thy name 
for cucr is thy praife, /) 

And thy right hand, O Lord, is full 
of righteoufncflc alwaies, 

10 Let,forthyj‘udgme'ts,StOQinouas 
fulfilled be with joyes, 

And eke of luda grant ,0 Lord, 
the da ighters to rc/oycc. 

11 Goe walk abewt all Sioo hill, 
yea, round about her goe s 
And tell the towers that thercupod 
arc budded on a row. 

11 And mtrke ye well her WwVks all j 
behold her towers there; 

That ye may tell thereof to them 
that after fhall be here. 

13 ForthisGodisoutGoJ.oarGod 
for cucrmofc is he, 

Yea, and vnto the death alfb 
our guidcr fball be be. 

Audicc hxc omncs.Pf^ xlix. ttl. 

Codt/pkit moneththe confideration^ mantl^e . 
fheviae that the wtalthteji are not bappteli , btet 
mtetohow aU thtnot are ruled bj Codtprotei* 
deuce, who ae bejudgeth tbefeworldljnoifert tt 
euerlafi ing torment I; fo doth ho mefemt Ul and 
mil reward them in the dap of the rtfemtOten , 

C A fiai 

11 _ 



Siti^ this tu the s{6, Ppimt. 

A I. neopte hearken and giuc care 
to that that 1 (hall tell, 

2 Both high and low , both rich and poorc 
that in the world doC dwell. 

3 For why ? my mouth Hiiill difcouric 
of many things right wife, 

In undei (landing (hall mine heart 
his (ludy excrcifc. 

4 I will incline mine care to know 
the pai able (b dark; 

And open all my doubtfiill (ptcch 
in mecter on mv harpe. 

5 Whynionld Irtareaffliftion, , 

or any care full toyle; 

Or elfc my foes which at my hccles , 
arc preft my life to fpoilc. ^ 

6 Forasforfuchasrichcshaue, 
wherein their trull is moll ; 

And they which of their trea(urcs great 
therti(cluc.tdoc brag and boad; 

7 There is not qiicof them that can 
his brotlicrs death redeeme; 

Or that can giue a price to God 
fufficientfot him. 

8 It is too great a price to pay, . • ' 

none can thereto altaine; 

Or that he might his life prolong, 
ornotjugraueremaine. > ' 

5> They fee wife men as well as hoks^'" 
(ub/ed linto deaths hands, 

And being dead, flrangcrs poflefTe ' 

theii goods , their rents, their lands! O • 

10 Theircarcistobuildhoiifisfalrcj ^ ; 

and fo determine (lire ■ ,; !,, 

Tomakc their name right great oncaith t £ 
for ener to endure. .• • 

II Yet (liall no man alvvalcs enjoy 

high honour .Wealth, and rclt .tj 
12 But (liall at length tad of deaths cupl 
as Well as the bnif^ bead. w . .nJ n 

Theftcopdfsrt. ■■'driP.'h v 
15 And though they cry fixir foolifli thoughts 
tobc modlcwdairi vainc, S ;,S tt 
Tlieir'children yet approuc their talk,, .! 

aud iu like dune rtmainc. - u y{ rs 11 
14 Asdiccp mto the field art bl'oitght ,!., It 
fodijill they iittog^au?^ . . t. j £ 

Death dta!! them car, arid mtha,t day.,*, 
the jud (hall lorddifp hauc,. ^ 

15 Their image and their royall port!'’ ' 

. (hall fade and quit^e.dcqay, ■ ■ 1 -j : ■' ■: 

Whdn as from hoiife to pitclicy pailh, 
with Woeahd wel-a\v^.. ’ 

16 ButGod WilffiitefyMIcfu^mc' 
from dca'th and crtdrcfTe painc, 

Bccaufehc willof hiSgood'grace \ .y! 
my (bulerecciiicagaine. 

I7 If any man wax wondrous riciv! ' 

tiarc not, 1 (ay jtberelbre. 

Although the glory of his houfc 
iucteafeth moie and more. 

18 for when he dies, of all the (e things 
nothing diall he rccciue; 

His glory will not lollow him , 
his pomp will take her Icauc. 

ip Yet in this life he takes liimdlfc 
the happied under Sunne; 

And others likewile flatter him, 

(aying. All is well done. 

20 And pre(iippolf he lint as long 
as did his lathers old. 

Yet mud he needs at length giue place, 
and be brought to deaths fold. 

21 Thus man to honour God bath brought, 
yet doth ht not confidcr, 

But like brute brads lb doth he line 
which tutne to dud and powder. 

Dciis dcoriim. Pfal. L. 7. H. 

He faropbejietb hose Cod will call all nAtiom hjtl-i 
Goff ell,and require no ilher/acnfice oj his people 
but the confejfton of his benefit 1 0- thAnkff^tHin^, 
and bow be detefleth all fueb as feeme KealoHt of 
cereitionies , and not of the power of tbt word. 


He mighty Gud, th'ctth-nall hath 

thus fpokc. And all the world he will call ■’ 

and prouoke, Eucn from the Ead, andfb ^ 
forth to the Wcd; a- FrOfrt iSiWards Sidn, 


xvhich place he liktch bed,' God wlll'ap-'' 
pearc in beauty hiod exceDlmc';'^Ouf'Q^d 
will come bcfofCtlial fpenu J ^ 

>"’ petloUf|i)g.(tfVi ,,,:it)' ] ■■ 

dial! goe before his face; * 

A greaf tejnpcd fbaH round about him traces 

4 Then'fliafl he call 

the earth and heauens bright-; • ' 

Toj'udgc his folk 

with equity and right J '-.v, N, 

5 -Saying, Go to, .1- 


P S A L M E L 

aiul now my Saints aiftinble: 
My padtlitykccp, 

tlitir gifts tloc not dilU inble. 

6 11ic Iicaiicnt Oiall 
declare his righrcoufntirt« 

For Coil is i idgc 

of all things more and Ufle. 

7 Heart my people, 

for I will now tcuiale, 

I will thee notight conceale: 
Thy God, thy God 

am I, and will not blame thee 

I Forgiuingnot 

all tnamur olfrings to me. 

^ I Iiauc no need 

to take of thee at all. 

Goats of thy fold, 

orcalfcoutof thyftall; 

10 Forallthcbcafls 

ate mine within the woods; 

On thouland hils 

cattcli aremincowne goods. 

II 1 know for mine 

all birds that are on mountains: 
Allbealb are mine 
which haunt the fields Sc fountains. 

to backbite and to flandcr. 

And how thy tr«guc 

decciucs, it is a wonder. 

ao Thou firt ft mufing 
thy brother how to blame, 

And Kow to put 

thy mothers fijone to fhamc. 
at Thefe things thou did ft, 
and wfiilft I held my tongtx 
Thou did ft me judge 
bccaulc 1 f laid lo long, 

I.ike to thy ftlfc: * 

ye', though I keep long fiJence, 
0;.cc ftult thou feel 

of thy wrongs j’uft rccoinpence. 

a a Confiderthis 

) e tfiat forget the Lord, 

Arid feare imc when 

he threamtth with his word; 
Left without help 

Ifpotle you as a prey. 
aj he that thankes 
offCTcth, praifeth meayc, 
Saiththe Lord God: 

and he tf«t waJeah this trace, 

1 wi 1 him teach 

Gtxis laving health to embrace. 

11 Hungry if I were, 

I would not thee it tell; 

For all is mine 

that in the world doth dwell* 
ij Eatlthcflifti 

of great bulls or bullocks ? 

Ordrinkthc bloud 

of goats ,orof the flocks ? 

14 Olf.rto C.,od 

* praife and hearty thankfgiuing, 

And pay thy vows 

vnto God cuerliuing. 

15 Callvponme 

when troubled tboii ftult be: 

Then will I help , 

and thou ftialt honour me. 

16 To the wicked 

thus (aith th’cttTnall God, 

_\Vliy doft tfiou preach 

my laws aiw hefts abreadi, . j 

17 Seeing thou haft 

them with thy mouth abaftd, t aT e 
And hat’ll to be : 


My words, Tfay, ^ 

thou doft rejed and hate ft ’ : 1 < 

18 It that thou fee r . .. A 

a ^iiefe. as with thy mate j j 

Thou run'il svitli him, 

and lb your prey doe feck, . .1 r 

Andartallone ' , 

with lia.vsxls and ruffians eke, ,11 
iy. Thou giu’ft thy fclfe ‘ ' 

tyfnftberof $hffume, ^ L H. 
Sfir£ ibu /a the 2^, fftlm*. 

T Hc God of Gods, the Lord 

hathtal W the earth by name: 
From whence the San doth rue, unto 
the fetting of the fame, 
a From Sionijis fair place, 
his glosv' bright and cicare. 

The per fed ocanty of his grace, 
from thence it aid appeare. 

3 Our God fhall come in hafte, 
to Ibeak he ftiall not doubt; 

Before mm fha! I the fire waftc , 

and cempeft round about. ^ 

4 The bcaiicns fiomon high, j 

the eanh below likcwifc I 

He will call forth to j’odge and trie 
his folk he doth dcuife. 
y Bring fbrth my Saints, faith he, 
my faichfull flock fodearc, 

Which are in band & league with rac 
my laW to louc and fore. 

6 And when th;fe tilings are tride, 
the he aliens (lull re cord 

That God is j’uft,and all inuft bide 
the judjptancnt ofthe Lord. 

7 My ficoplc, 6 glue hoed, 

Ilracl.rothcelcty, j 

I am thy Gixl 4 thy help at need ^ | 

thtM^afift'it not deny. 

8 1 doe n<^ fay to the* 

thyfacrificf is/lack, ** 

Thou offered da Jy vnto me 
much more than Idoc lafck. 

9 fliinkft 



P SA L M E L. Lj. 

S> Thinkft thou that I doe need 

thy cattcll young or old ? 

Or clfc fo much dclircto feed 
on goats out of thy fold? 

10 Nay, all the beafti arc mine 

in woods that cate their hus > , 

And thoufands more of neat and kmc 
that run wildc on the hils. 

11 The birds that build on high, 
in hills, and out of fight, 

And beads that in the fieWs doc lie 
are fiibjeft to my might. 

1 2 Then though 1 hungred fore J 
what need I ought of thine ? 

Sith that the earth with her great ftore, 
and all therein is mine? 

13 TobuHsfleflihauelmindc 
to cate it doft thou think? 

Or fuch a fweetnefle doe I findc 
the bloud of goats to drink ? 

14 GiuctothcL-rdhispraifc, 
with thanks to him apply, 

And fee thou pay thy vows alwaics 
vnto the God mofthigh. 

ij Then feck and call to me 

when ought would work thee blame: 
And I will furc dcliucr thee. 

that thou maid praifemy name. 

16 But to the wicked traine, 
which talk'of God each day, 

And yet their works arc foiile and vainc, 
to them the Lord will fay, 

17 With what a face dat’d thou 
my word once fpeak or name ? 

Why doth thy talk my law allow, 
thy deeds deny the fame ? 

18 Whereas for to amend 
thy life thou art fo flack: 

My word the which thou dod pretend 
is cadbehinde tby back. 

' The third fArt. 

Ip Whenthouathicfcdodftc 
by theft to Hue in wealth , 

With him thou run’ft, and doft agree 
likewife to thriuc by dcalth. 
ao When thou doft them behold 
that wiues and maids defile: 

Thou lik’d it well, and waxed bold 
to vft that life mod vile. 

21 Thy lips thou doftapply 
to flander and defame: 

Thy tongue is taught fo craft and lie i ' 
and dill doth ofe the fame, 
a a Thoududiefttoreifile ' • 
thy friends to thee fo neare: 

With flander thou wOtildft needs defile 
tliy mothers fonne mod deate. 

a 3 HereatwhileldocwinJc^ 

as though I did not fee j 

Thou go ft on dill, and 16 dod tltink 

that 1 am like to thee. 

24 But furc I will not let 
toftrike when 1 begin , 

Thy faults in order I will let, 
and open all thy finne. 

25 Mark this I you require 
thathauc not Gotl in minde, 

Left when 1 plague you in mine ire, 
your help be far to findc. 

2<S He that doth giucto me 
the (acrificcot praife. 

Doth plealemc wtil, and he diall fee 
to walk in godly wait s. 

Mifereremei. Pfal. Lj. jr.jf. 

T>avidrehHkedhj the Prophet Nathan /ir ^eat 
ejfeace.,ack’ioieledj^tth the fame to C od,protefl me 
hie natiira/lcorruption,irherefore heprajeth Goi 
tofor^iue his fnnet, and renue in him his holy'fpi- 
rit, promifinp that he will not be umnindefuH of 
theft treat praces. Finally , fearinp lefl ^od 
wouldpuni/h the whole fhurch far htsfault , Is* 
reijuireth that he rather wouldincreafe hispract 
towards the fame. 

Lord confidcr my diftrefle, and now 

With fpecd lome pitty take, my finnes 
deface, my faultsredrefle, good Lord for 


T— -7----*—V—' 

thy great mercies lake. a. Walh me ,0 Lord, 
and make mcclcane, from this unJuft and 
finfullad, and purifie yet once againc my 

hainous crimeand bloudy fad. 

5 Rcmorftandforrowdocconftraine 
me to acknowledge mine exceffc 5 
My finne, alas, doth dill rcmainc 
before my face without releafe. 

4 For thee alone I hauc offended, 
committing cuill in thy fight: 

And if I were therefore condemned, 
yctwcrc thy judgments juft and right. 

5 Itistoomanifeft.alas, 

that firft I was concciu'd in finne» 

Yea, of my mother fo borne was, 
and yet vile wretch rcmainc therein. 

P S A L M H 

6 Alio behold (I>ord) (hou do’d loac 
the inward ti nth or a pure hiart: 

Thtrclorc thy wilcdonic from ahonc 
thou laftrcucal'd, me toconnerr. 

7 If tlioii with hy’flbp purge till J blot, 

I Aiall be cleaner than the gUlfc: 

An<l if thou walh aWay my Ipot, 
the fiiow in wiiitcnclle Dull 1 pafTe. 

8 Thcretbre ,0 Ixird, luch /oy me lend 
that inwardly I may iindegiace, 

And that my ftrength may now amend, 
which thou had fwag’d for my trclpaffe. 

9 Tume back ihy face and frowning ire, 
for I hauc felt enough thy hand: 

'And purge my finnes I thee defire, 
whtch doe in number parte (he fand. 

10 Make new my heart within my brcaft 
and frame it to thy holy will: 

Thy conftant fpirit in me let reft, 

which may thefe raging enemies kill. 

Tht ftcerd f4art. 

11 Caft me not f Lord ) out from thy free, 
but Ipeedily my torments end 1 

Take not from me thy Spirit of grace, ’ 

which may from dangers me defend. 

XX Rtftorc me to thole j ayes againe 
which I was wont in ihcc to fiiidc, 

And let me thy fiee Spirit rctaine, 

which unto thee may ftiri c my minde. 

Thus when I £hall thy mercies know, 

I ihall inftruift others therein : 

And men that areJikewife brought low, 
by mine example ftiall flee finne. 

14 O God that of my health art Lord, 
forgiuc me this ray bloudy vice: 

My heart and tongue (hall then accord 
tofing thy mercies and /uftice. 

15 Touch thou my lips, my tongue untie, 

O Lord which an the onely key, 

And then my mouth (hall reftihe 

thy wondrous works and praife alway. 

16 And as for outward facrificc, 

I would hauc oflered man y a one, 

But thoucftcm'ft them of no price, 
and tlieri in plcafurc tak'ft thou none. 

17 The hcauy heart, the minde oppreft, 

O Lord thouncuerdoft rejeift; 

And to fpeake tnith it is the beft, 
and of all facrifice thVfteft. 

18 Lord vnto Sion tume thy face, 
powre out thy mercies on thy hill. 

And on Ictulaleiu thy grace, 

build up the walls,and louc it ftill. 

Tj» Thou fiialt accept then our offerings 
of peace and rightcournefle. I fry , 

Yea , calues and many other things 
vpoii thine altar will we lay> 
t^itothfr »f the ftmt , I. H. 

SiMI tbit 4 t th* 

Ave mere y on me fLord; after 
thy great abounding grace: 

After thy mci cies multiUMc, 
doc thou my finnci deface. 

• Yea , wafti me more from mine offtnee 
and clcanfc me from my finne : 

For 1 doe know my fruits, and ftiU 
my finne is in mine cyne. 

3 Againft thee, thee alone I hauc 
offended in this wfe, 

And cuill hauc I doro before 
the prcfcnceof ihyface. 

4 That in the things that thou Iiaft done 

vprightthou ouiftbetride, 

Andtkc in /udging, that tlic dootne 
may palle upon thy fide. 

y Behold, in wickrdnefle my kindc 
and ftiape I did rcceiue, 

And loe my finfull mother ckc 
in finne did mcconceiuc. 

€ But loe, the truth in in ward pa'ts 
is pleafant unto thee; 

And fdnrts of thy w ifedome ihou 
rcucaled haft to me. 

7 VVith hyrtbp. Lord, befprinkle me, 

1 fhall be clcanfrd lb: 

Yea wafh thou me, and (b I (hall 
be whittr than the fnow. 

8 Of ;oy and gladncrtc make thou mC 
to heare the oleafrnt voice; 

That fo the bniifed bones which thoa 
haft broken, may re;oycc. 

p From the beholding of my finorSi 
Lord , tume away my face: 

And all my deeds of wickednefle 
doe vrtcrly deface. 

10 O God create in me an heart 

vnQxstted in thy light, 

And eke svithin my bowels, lord, 
renew a ftabic fpritc. 

11 Nc call me from thy fight, noi take 

thy holy Sprite away, 

The comfort of thy lining health 
giuc me againe I pray. 

11 With thy fire Spirit eftablilhtncy . 
and I will teach therefore 

Sinners thy waits, and wicked fhall 
be turned to thy lore. 


ij O God that art God of my health; 

from bloud deliner mce. 

That prailn of thy tightcoufnefle 
my tongue may fine to thet. 

14 Mylipsthatyafiftcloledbc, 
doe thou, O Lord , unlofc: 

Tlic ptailes of thy tnajcftic 
my mouth fhall fo difclo.'e. 

15 I would hxucoffcred facrificc,' 
if chat had pleafrd thee: 

But plealed wini bumt-offcrings 



rlic lA>rd for lii.s defence, 

But of his gootU his god did make , 
and cruft his coniipc (tiife. 

8 But 1 asOliuc frefh and greene 
ftiall Ipring and thread abreiad : 

For why ? my cruft all times hath bcenc 
vpon the lining God. 

9 For this thertfotc will 1 giae prai'r. '' 
to thee with heart and voice : 

I willfett'otth thy nameal wiies, 

vv 4 iereintl>y Saints 

Dixit infipicns Pral. Liij. 

^aviddeferiitth tfie ci onkfdMtitrt, mult j 
funtpimcm of the tricked trhen they loekjut /ai* 
H , W defreth the deUverdnee of the godly,thiU 
they ntij rtjojee ttgethtr, >. ’l 

Sing thie/u the t^6,Pfdlme. 

T Hc foOUfli man in that which he v 
within his iKirc hath l^d , 

That there Is any Crod atali ' ’ 

hath vttcrly dcnaid. 

1 They ate coil upt, and they ahb 
aheinous crime haue wrought , 

Among the m all thci e is not one, 

ot good due woikcth ought. '' 

3 The hol'd lopk’t downc on fonnesof men , 
from hcaucri all abroad ; 

Tofteii any were that would 
be wife and feck for God. 

"*4 Thcyarcallgooeoutr)f the way, 
tliey arc corrupted all, 

There is not one doth any good, 

I know thou wouUlft not be. 
j 5 A troubled (pirit is facrifiee 
dclightlu’l ill Gods eyes, 

A broken and an humble heart, 

God, thou wilt not ddpil e. 

17 In thy good will dealc gently , Lord , » 


Grant that ot thy le tufa’cm 
uptear’d may be the wall- 

18 Burnt < .fferings, gifts. and lacrificc 
0* juftice in that day, 

Thou (liait accept, and calucs they Hull 
vpon thine altar lay. ' ■ ' 1 

Quid gloriaris. Pfal. Lij. I. fJ. 

DdvU dcfcriietlj the nrrofont tfrdiny «/Dorg, 
Sauls chiefe Jhepheurd,trho by fJfc fetrrmfet cah,- 
fed Abimele ch uni the prieflt to be JUtn he pre^ 
phejfclh dejlritliion, enctnrueetb thefuitbfUUo 
truflinGod, rrbo mofl IhurpetyTeVengeth hie, 
dndre’klreth thnnktfor hn iebvtrnnce.Heretnif 
liteely fet forth the kingdome of Anttchrifl, 

Hy doll thou tyrant boaft abroad ^ 

thy w eked works to praife ? doll thou not 

knew there is aGod, whofc mercies laft „1 

waits? a.Why doth thy mindc yet ftill deni'e 

fuch wicked wi'es to warp?Thy tongue untrue 

jn forging lies ,is like a rafor (liarp. 

3 On mifehiefe ivhy fet’ft thou thy tninde, 
and wilt not walk vpright ? 

Thou haft more lull falfc tales to findc, 
than bring the truth to light. 

4 Thou doft delight in fraud and guile, 
in mifchicfe, bloud, and wrong; 

Thy lips Iiaue Icarn'd the flattering ftile, 

O falfe deceitful! tongue* 

j Therefore (hallGodforaye confound 
and pluck rheefrom thy place, 

Thy fceo root out from off the ground , 
and Co fhall thee deface. 

6 The juft when they bchc 4 d thy fall. 

With fcarc will praife the Lord, 

And in reproach of thee wichall 
crie out with one accord, 

7 Behold the man that would not rake 

5 Doc not all wicked workers know, 
that they doefeed upon 

My people, as they feed on bread f 
the Lord they call not on. 

6 Eucn there they were afraid, and flood 

with trembling ail difmaid , 

Whereas thfre wasnocaufcatall 
why they Ihould be afraid. 

7 For God hisbones that thee befieg’d 
hath feattered all abroad ; 

Thou haft confounded them, for they 
rij'eiftcd arc of God. 

8 OLord,giuc thou thy people heairh 

and thou ,.0 Lord,fiiliiH ‘ 

Thy proraife made to Brael 
from out of Sion hill. 

9 When God his people ftall reftore 
thn erft was captiue led, 

Then Jacob fhall therein re joyce , 
and Iftaci fhall be glad. 

Dominus in noraiuc.Pfal 

J>*vidiiegreMid 4 ititrthr»nghZiphim)c*Uedvf*t: 

God to defiroy bit enrmietfnmifmg firrific- fee 

PaALME Lnij.Lv. 

Sinf thn4i 

Od (i'jc me for thy holy nainr, 
and h>r thy goodiicltc faht. 

Vmo the ftrength, l-ord, oftlic (itine 
Id'ximy cMilt betake, 
a Regard, O Lord and giuc an rare 
to me when ( doc pi ay. 

Bow downc thy (die to me and bran 
th(^ words that I doc (ay. 

j For (Grangers vp againft n>c rife, ' 
and tyrants vexe me ftill, 

W^licll hauenotGod before theireics, 
they fetke my foulc to fpill. 

4 B tloe.myGoddotfigitiemeaiJ, 
the Lord is ftraightat land, 

W^th them by whom tlw (otJe is (laid 
the Lord doth cucr (tand. 

5 With plagues repay againe all thofe 
fbrmetliat be in wait, 

And in thy truth deftroy my fott 
with their ownc (hare and bait. 

'6 An olFcring 6f free heart and will 
then I to thee (liall make, 

And praifc thy name (or therein ftill 
great comfort I dec take. 

7 O Lord at length doc fet me free 
from them that craft conipire, 

And now my eye with toy doth fee 
on them my hc4rts deftie. 

Exandi Dens. Plal. Lv- T. S. 

BmiJ ui (riiu diflrtjfecomplaintth of Stmlicrueh 
tytindfiUfthoodcfbttfamilur 4c<jM/urUMcc,tf’ 
feEimouflj nuupifi the Lord to fitly him .then jijfit- 
red of hi! dehnernnee, he fetteth forth ihe^rtiee ff 
Cod^nitf he hudnlreniy obtuinedhisreqnefl. 

Sin£ this as the Pfalme. 

O God giuc care and doe apply, 
to btarc me when 1 pray. 

And when to thee I call and cry, 
hide not thy lace away. 

2 Take heed tome, grant my requeft, 
and anfwcrmc againe. 

With plaints I pray lull lore oppreft, 
great griefe doth me conftiainc. 


3 Bccauftr my foes with threats and c, its 
opprefle me through dc(pighf. 

And fo the wicked fort likewile 
to vexe me lianc del *ght. 

4 For they in counlcll doc confpirc 
to charge me with (bme ill, 
Sointheirhafty wrath and ire, 
they doc purfuc me ftill. 

5 My heart doth faint for want of breath 
it panceth in my breaft. 

The terrours and the dread of death 
doc Worke me much vnreft. 

6 Such drcadfull fctre on me doth (all 
that I tliere with doc quake, 

Such horror whelmeth we witliall, 
that I no ftiitt can make. 

7 But I did fay,who will giuc me 
the (wifcand pleafanc wings 

Offomefairt Ikxic tlat 1 may flee, 
and reft me from thefe things ? 

8 Ijx: then I would gorrfarreaway 
to flic I wcxiid notetafe. 

And I would hide my Itlfcand ftay 
in Ibmc great wildcmcfTc. 

p I would be gone in all the hafte, 
and net abide behind, 

Tlat 1 were quit aud txjerpaft, 
tht(c Llafts of botfterous wind, 

] o Diuidc them Lord and bum them pull 
their diotlifli double tongue. 

Fori lauc (pidc their Citicfiill, 
of ia^>iue, ftrife aud wrong. 

li Which things both night and day ihrocgfi 
docdofchtrisawali, (not 

In midft of her is mifehtefe floor, 
aodiofrowikc wiibal. 

I a Hcrinwaid part rare wicked plaine, 
her deeds are ftnicli too vile, 

And in lies ftrextstbete doth reuosne, 
all crafty fraud and guile. 

The fet end part. 

13 Ifthatmy fbcsdidlc-.kc my fliame, 

I might it wdl abide. 

From open enemies checkc andbUmc^ 
fomcwlKre I could me hide. 

14 ButthouitwasmvfHlowdcare, 
winch ffendfliip didft pretendi 

And didft my (t'crctcounlelJ heare, 
as my familiar friend. 

Iy With whom I had delight to 
in lecret and Artjad, 

And we together oft did walke, 
within the iKwfcofGod. 

1 6 Let death in haft vpon them fall, 
and (end them quickc to hell. 

For milchicferaign«hin their hail, 
and parlour where they dwell, 

17 But I vnto my Gotl will cry, 
to him for heipe I flee, 

The Lord will heipe my by and by, 
and he will luccour me. 

18 At morning, noonc and cucoing tidj , 
vnto the Lord I pray, 

\\ hen I (b inftantljr liauc cride, 
he doth not fay me nay. 

1 p To peace he ftiall rcftorc me yet, 
though waiTC be now at hand, 

Although the number be full grrar, 
tbar would againft me ftand. 

10 The Lord tliar firft and laft doth raign* 
both now and cTJcrmore, 

Will heare when I to him complaine, 
and punifti them full fore, 

21 For furc there is no hope that they 
to tume with one accord. 

For why .'they will not God obay, 
nor yet doc fearc the Lord. 

D as Vp 


3 ? k 

P S A L M F, Lvi. Lvij. 

32 Vpon their friends they laid their hands 
whicli were in coutnaiu knit, 

Of fricndfliip to ncglcdl the bands 
they padc or care no whit. 

33 Whilethey haue wan e within their hearts, 
as butter arc their words, 

Although their words were linootlias oilc, 

• they cut as iharpe as I'wonis. 

24 Caft thou thy care vpon the Lord, 
and he fliall nouriih theCj 
For in no wife will he accord 
the iuilin thrall to fee. 

35 ButGod (hall caft them deepe in pit, 
thatthirftfbi bloudalwaus. 

He will noguilefull man permit 
toliucout halfehisdaies. 
i6 Though fuch be quite deftroi'J and gone, 
in thee O Lord I truft, 

I (hall depend thy grace vpon, 
wifhall my heart and luft. 

Mifcrere mei. Pfal. Lvj. 7. H. 

DMidheing brokght t» Achifh the K.ef Gath. I S.t 
31 . lO.comjiL’.taeth of his enemies^demiweleih 
/uccoter,trHlieth in God^O- (romifeihto performe 
his veto, which WM to prnife Godin his Qmtcb. 
Singthis as the Lamentation. 

H Aue mercy Lord on me, 1 pray, 
for man would me deuourc. 

He fighteth with me day by day. 

andtroubleth mceachhoure. 

2 Mine enemies daily enrerprife, 
to fwallow me outright. 

To fight againft me many rife, 

O thou moft high of might. 

3 When they would make memoftaffraid 
with boaftsand brags of pride, 

I truft in thee alone for aid, 
by thee I will abide. 

4 Godspromife I doemindcand praife, 

O Lord I fticketothcc, 

1 doe not care at all aftaies, 
what flefh can doe to me. 

5 What things I either did or fpake, 
they wreft them at their will, 

And all the counfell that they take 
is how to workc me ill. 

6 They all confent themfelues to hide, 
dole watch for me to lay. 

They fpie my paths, and (hares haue tide 
to take my life away. 

7 Shall they thus (cape on mifehiefe fet ? 

thouGod on them wilt frowne, 

Forin his wrath hetJoth not let 

to throw whole kingdomes downe. 

8 Thoii feed how oft they madernc flee, 
and on my tcarcs doft looke, 

Refente them in a g'alTe by thee, 
and write them t'n thy booke. 

9 When Idoecall vpon thy name, 
my foes away doe ftart, 

I well perceiue it by the fame, 
that God doth take my part. 

10 I glory in the word of God, 
to praife it I accord, 

With joy I will declare abroad 
the promift of the Ixrrd- 

11 ItruftinGod,andyctiray, 
as 1 before btgan. 

The Lord he is iny helpeami ftay, 

I doc not care for man. 

12 I will perfoanc with heart fo free, 
to God my vowesalwaies. 

And 1,0 Lord, all times to thee 
will offer thanks and praife. 

13 My foule from death thou do’ft defend, 
and keep’ft my feet vpright. 

That I before thee may a(cend, 
with fuch as liuc in light. 

Mifcreremci. Plal. Lvij. I fl. 

Dakid in the dejart ofZiph, betrayed by the inhabit 
touts and in the fame caue with Sanlcaileth vtf 
to Cod^ with fad confidence that he will performa 
his promi/e, and Poew his glory in heautn and 
earth^againfl his erne// enemies. Therefore tea 
rendretb land andprai/i. 

Sing this as the 44. Pfalmr. 

T Ake pitty for thy prom lie (ake, ^ 

haue met cy Lord on me. 

For why ? my foule doth her betake 
vntothcheipe of thee, 
a Within the lhadowof thy wing* 

I fet my fclfc full faft. 

Till mifehiefe. malice, and like things 
begone and ouerpaft. 

3 I call vpon tlie God moft high, 

1 mcane the God that will ftaud by ' 

4 From heauen he hai h fent his aid, 
tofaue me from their fpight 
That to deuoure me haue affaid, 
his mercy,iruth and might.’ 

5 I Itadc my life with Lions fell 
all Itton wrath and ire. 

And wi'h Inch wicked men I dwell 
tliat frtt like flames of (ire. 

6 Theirtietharelpearcsand arrowcsiong 
as Iharpe as I haiiefcene. 

They wound and cut with their quick tongue 
like 1 words and weapons kcenc. ^ 
7 Set vp and Ihew thy felfe ,0 God, 
abouc the heauens bright. 

Exalt thy praife on earth abroad, 
thymaieftyand might. 

8 They lay theirnetanddoepreparc 

Wherein they thinkc my (biileto fnarc 
but they are falnc in it. 

9 My heart is let to laud the Lord, 
in him to ioy alvvaits, . 

My hcarr.I fay, doth well accord 

to fing Sis laud and praife. ?) 

10 Awake my ioy, awake, I fay 
my lute, my harpe, aad ftring, 

• u 

Ps A L M E Lviij.Lix. 

Fot I iny fdfir before the day 
will rifc.rcioycc and ling. 

II Among the people I will tell 
the goodntlfe of my God, 

And Ihcw hi> praife that doth cxCcU, 
in heathen lands abroad, 
la Hi* mercy doth extend as farre, 
as hcaurns all are high, 

Hts truth as high as any ftarre 
that fhinctn in the skie. 

13 Set forth and Ihcw thy felfc O God, 
abdue the beauens bright. 

Extoll thy praife on earth abroad, 
thy makfty and might. 

Si vere vrique. Pfal. Lviij. 7.H. 

ffe de/irihth his mdfuttsss enemies, Snnis jUste- 
rers, whofecretlj msdefenlj fenght hes deftrunun, 
framstbtmhedffesJeth te ^aels mdgement, (hes»- 
ing thns the tuft PstR reiejee dt the fmssjbmetst tf the 
vtckeel tt ^edsghsrj. 

Sing this « tAr 48. Tfndm. 

E rulers that are put in tfuft 
to iudge of wrong and right. 

Be all your iudgemeuts true and iult, 
not knowing meed or might ^ 

3 Nay,in your hearts you markcand mufe 
inmifehiefe toconfenr. 

And where you Ihould true iulVicc vie, 
your hands to bribes arc bent. 

3 The wicked fort from their blnh day, 
hane erred on this wile. 

And from their mothers wombcalway 
hauc vfed craft and lie<. 

4 In them the poy Ion and the breath 

of ferpents doe appeare, 

Yea like the adder thatisdeafe, 
and fad doth ftop her care: 

j Bccaufe Ihe will not heare the voice 
of one that charmeth well, 

No though he were the chiefe of choice, 
and md therein exccll. 

6 OGod,breake thou their teeth at oacc 
within their mouthes throughout, 

The tusks that in their great iaw-boncs, 
like lions whelps hang our. 

7 Let them confumc away and waftc 
as water runs forth right. 

The lhaftes that thev doc Inoote in hafte, 
let them be broke in flight. 

8 As (iiailes doc waftc witnin the (hell, 
and vnto flime doe rnnne, 

As one before his time chat fell, 
and acucr faw the funne. 

9 Before the thomes that now are yong 

CO bulhes big (hall grow, 

The ftormes ofanger waxing ftrong. 

fhall take them ere theylmow. 

10 The i ft lhallioy, it doth them good 
iloi God doth v«r)g*tn<e take, 

And they IhaJl walk rfeir leet in blood 
oftlicm due him Ksrfake. 

11 Then lhall the worid fticw fotth and tell, 
that good men Iuuk reward, 

And that a God on earth doth dwell, 
that luflice dochrcgaid. 

L'ripc nic. Pfal. Lix. L H. 

DmU in frent whe feri rj ItfkAt 

in hts ted his inneemej nnithtis 

frnjing (fui t» arjfrej aO md/icians Snrtrs, rtha 
lute for numt to exeretje htsp-cflejsil pt lie end 
con^m’tnbtswrtshtoCodiglnj. For this ho 
fmgethprnt/etoGoi^efnredofhn mercies. 

trA aide and tauc loe from my foes . O 

La d Itnaytothte : Defend wid keep me 
from all chofc rile and Ih ine with mec. 

2. O lad preferue me from thofe men wliofe 

doings arena good. And fer me fore and 

late from t^m that ftill thiift after blood. 

3 For loe, they waite my foule totake, 

they rage againft me Ifill, ' 

Y ra for no fault that I did make, 

1 ncnct did them ill. 

4 They runne and doc themfclues prepare, 
when J no whit oflfend, 

Aiifeand faueme from their Cure, 
and lee what they inttsid. 

y OLad ofhoft? ofIfrael, 
arife and ftrike all lands. 

And pitty naw that doc rcbell, 
and in their mifehiefe ftanids. 

6 At night they ftirre and Crke about, 
as hwnds tbe>' hoole and grin. 

And all the Citic cicanc throughout 
from place to place they runne. 

7 They fpeake of me with mouth al way, 
but in their lips are Iwads, 

They greed my death, and then would lay, 
what ? iKXK dah heare our wads. 

5 But Lord thou haft their w'aics cfpide, 
and laught thereat apace. 

The heathen Iblke rhoi do’ft deride, 
and mockc them to their face. 

D a 

9 The 


P S A L M E Lx. Lxj. 

y The ftrength tliat doth our foes vvithftand, 
Lord, doth come fiom thee, 

My God, he i s my helpe at hand, 
a fort of fence to me. 

10 The Lord to me doth flrcw his grace 
in great abundance ftill, 

That 1 may fee my foes in cafe 
inch as my heart doth will. 


11 Defl toy them not at once, O Lord, 
left it from mindc do fall, 

But with thy ftrength driue them abroad, 

‘ andfb confi.mi them all. 

■ 1 z For their ill words and truthleffc tongue, 
confound them in the ir pride, 

I'heir wicked oaths with lies audlwrong, 
let all the woi Id deride. 

.1 j Confumc them in thy wrath, 0 Lord, 
that nought of them remaine. 

That men may know throughout the world, 
that lacobs God doth raigne. 

14 Atetieningthey rctume apace, 
as dogs they grin and cry, 

Throughout the ftrects in euery place 
they runne about and fpic. 

15 They feeke about for meat, I fay, 
but let thcTi not be fed, 

NorfindeahoufewherJn they may 
bebold to put theirhtad. 

16 But I will fticw thy ftrength abroad, 
thy goodnefle Iwillrriife; 

For thou art iny ■'efence and God 
at need in all affaies. 

'17 Tliou art my ftrength, thou haftmeftaid 
0 Lord, I fing to thee, 

Thou art my fort, my fence,and aid, 
a louing God to me. 

Deus repiilifli. Lx. I. H. 

Dauidnorv Kingoiter iHdaly.aftcrmiOTyviBoriet. 
JhcTveth bj euident fgnes that GtdeleEledb:m 
King, ajfuring the pcop/e that Gfd jri/lprifpet 
them, if thej approue the fame. After he pray- 
eth vnto God to fitiif) that he had begun. 

Sing thit as the 3 J. Pfalme. 

O Lord thou didft vs cleane forfake, 
andlcattcrcdft vs abroad, 

Such great difpleafurc thou didft take, 
rcturne to vs, O God. 

2 Thy anight did moue the land (b fore, 
that it in funder brake, 

The hurt thereof, O Lord reftore, 
for it doth bow and quake. 

3 W iih hcauy chance thou plagueft thus 
the people that arc thine. 

And thou haft giuen vnto vs 
a'drinkc of deadly wine. 

4 But yet to fuch as fcare thy name 
a banner thou didft ftiew, 

That they may triumph in the fame, 
bccauletby wotdis true. 

5 So tlat thy might may keepe and (auc 
thy fbike tim fauour thee. 

That they thy helpe at hand may haue, 

O Lord grant this to me. 

6 The I.ortL did fpeakc fi om hisownc place, 
this was his ioyfull tale, 

I will diuidc Sichem by pace, 
and mete out Succoths vale. 

7 Gilead is ginento my hand, 

Manadcs mine befuie, 

Ephraim the ftrength of all my land, 
my,law doth ludah guide. 

• 8 In Moab I will wafti iny feef, 
oner Edom thro w my ftiooe. 

And thou Paleftine ought’ft to leckc 
for fauour me vnto. 

p But who will bring me at tills tide 
vnTo the city ftrong 

Or who to Edom will meguide, 
fo that I goe not wrong. 

I b Witt thou not God whicli didft forfake 

thy foike, their Land and Coafts ? 

Our warres in hand thou wouldft not take 
nor walke among our Hoafts. 

It Giueaid.OLortl.andvsrelieuc 
from thtrn that Vs difdainc, 

The helpe that liolls of men can giiic, 
it is h it all invaine. 

II Bur thi ough our God ,ive fhall haue mi"lie 

to rake great [lungs in hand, '* ‘ 

He will tread downi and put to flight 
all tliofe that vs withftand. 

Exaudi Deus. Lxj.T.S'. 

whether he were in danger of the oyfmmomtet, or 
purfued of tAbfalom, here he crieth to bee deli- 
nered and confirmed m bn kingdome, promi- 
Jingperpetnall praifei. 

Egard O Lord, for I complainc 

and make my futc to thee j Let not my word* 
rcturne in vainc, but giuc an earcco mce. 

2. From out the coafts and vtmoft partes 

of all the cart h abroad,in griefe and anguifh 


- - 



— X - j 



9 f ray heart, I crie to thee O God!. 

16 Vnto 

P S A L M E Lxij. Lxu’j. 


3 V pou the rockc of thy great power, 
tny wohili uiindc rcpole, 

Tliou art iny htjpe, niy foi t and tower, 
my fence againff my foes. 

4 Within thy tent IlufttodwcII, 
for euer to endure, 

Vnderthy wingi f know right wt If, 

I fhall be fate and furc. 

5 The Lord doth my defire regard, 
and doth fulfill the fame. 

With godly gifts doth he reward, 
alfthofe that feare his name. 

C The King (hall he in health maintaine, 
and fo prolong his da:es, 

That he fronvpge to age fhall ralgnc, 
for euermorc alwaics.. 

7 That he may hane a dwelling place 
before the Lord for aye, 

O let thy me rcy, truth and grace, 
defend him from delay. 

8 Then (hall I fingforeuer (fill 
with praife vnto thy name. 

Tliat all my vowes 1 may fulfill, 
and daily pay the fame. 

Nonne Deo. Pfal. Lxij. 7. H. 

Hauiddeclartthbj bit eXAmflc Mtd the ntuttre tf 
that Godhe And aI feeble mufi trufi in Godtdone, 
feeutf ihAt aU tntbont GodgMth to nongHt, vtho 
only It of power to fAne, And thAthe rewArdeth 
men Accordmg to their worlds. 

Sing tbit At the 61 . PfAlme. . . 

M y fbulc to God (hall giuc good heed, 
and him alone attemd. 

Forwhv? myhcalthandhopctofpced 
doth whole' on him depend, 
a For he alone is my defence, 
myrocke, my health and aid, 

He is my flay, that no pretence 
(hall make me much diftnaid. 

3 O wicked fbike hosv long will ye 
vfc craft ? furc ye mufl fall. 

For as a rotten hedge ye be 
and like a tottering wall. 

4 Whom God doth louc,yeicikc alwaicg | 
to pm hiip to the worfe. 

Ye lone colic, with mouth ye praife. 
and yet your hean doth curfe. 

5 Yet flill my fonle doth ftill depend ‘ 
on God my chiefe defire. 

From all ill feats me to defend ’ 

none but him I require. 

6 He is my toefcc. in y fort and tower, 
my health isot his grace, 

He doth fupport toe, that noppwer p 

can mpuqmepucof place, 

7 God is thy g^dry and my health, * 

my foules dcfirc and lull, - 

My fort, my ftrenph, my ftay^ my wealth, 
Godismyctitlytnrfl. ' 

8 Oh hane your trufl in him alway, 
ycfolkc with one accord, ’ 

Powre cor your hearts to him, and fay. 

Our trufi is in the Lord. 

9 Tlic Tonnes of men dtccit&id are, 

on ballancc but a flcight, 

With things mod vainc doc them compare, 
fortlicycan kupeno weight. 

10 Trufl notin wrong,robberyorftcaUh. 
let vaine delights be gone, 

Tlioogh goods wdl got flow in with wealth, 
let not your Jitaris ihcrcot). 

11 "nic Lord long fince one thing did tell, 

whichhtreto niindcl call. 

He fpakc it of, I beard it well, 
that God alone doth alL 
ja And that tfiouf Lord) art good and kind, 

thy mercy doth cxcctd. 

So that all forts with thee (hall findc 
accordingtotheir deed. 

Deus Deus meus. Pfal. Liiij. 7 N. 

DAttid After hit dAnger in Ztfh, gineth thAnlcet to 
God for hit rron&fnl dehneroncet ^ tohofemer. 
cjhe trnfieth^etten in d'e mtdfi of anferie.prophe- 
fyingthedefrnSltonof Qods enenottt,AndcontrA- 
ritr^e, bAppineJfe to aU them thnt trnfi in the 
Lerd^i Sam.aj. 

Singihu At the 44 . P/Altme. 

O God my God, I watch betime 
to come to thee in hafte, 

For whv ? my foulcand body both 
to third of thee to fade. 

And in this barren wildcmcfic 
where waters there arc nooc. 

My flcfli is parcht for tboi^h: thee, 
for thee I wifh alone. 

a That I might fee yet onoc agaiae • 

thy, glory firength and might, 

As I was wont it to ochold 
within thy temple bright, 

3 Fot why ? thy mercies tarre firinounc 
this life and wretched diics. 

My lips therefore (hallgiue ro thee 
due honour, laud and praife. 

4 And whilft I Hue, I win not fails 
to worfhip theealway. 

And in thy name T (Kali lift vp ^ 
my hands when I doc p.ray. 
j My foule is fill’d aswith marrow, 
which is both far and fweer. 

My month therefore fhall fing luch (bogf, 
as arc for thee moft meet. 

6 WhenasinfacdlThinkeonthee, 
and eke all the night ride. 

7 For.TndcrcnuetTof thy Wings, 
thou art my ioihiU guide. 

8 My fonle doth Tardy flickctoihcc, 
thy right hand is niy power, 

9 And tnoflr'that (eefce'my fbafe to ftroy^ - 
them I death (hall (oone deuourr. 

D 3 



p s A L M R Lxiiij. Lxv, 

them death (hall (oonf dcnoarc. 

10 Thefword fliall them dcuourc each one' 
thiircaikaffc^fiiall teed 

The hungry Ibxcs, w|iich doe nmne 
their prey tofeckc at need. 

11 The King and all men fliall reioyce, 
that doc profefl'c Gods woid, 

Tor liers mouths fliall then be flopr, 
whichhauethettruth diftuib’d. 


Exaudi Dcus. Pfal. Lxiiij 

Dauidfrttielh agitinfi thefalfe reforters Md fUn- 
dercrs,be dtciareth the'tr^umPjmentanddejtrM- 
the cemfortof the tuft, md theglarj of 


SiHgthit as the i8. Pfalme. 

O Lordvneo my voice giue care, 
with plaint when 1 doe pray, 

And rid r.y lift.' and foule from (rate 
offoes that threat to flay. 

2 Defend me from that (brt of men 
which in deceit doc liirke, 

And ftom the frowning &cc ofilicm 
that all ill feats doc workc. 

i Who whettheir tongues as wcliaucfecnc 
men whet tnd ftiarpe their fwords, 

They (hoot abroad their arrowes kccnc 
I meane moft bitter words. 

Witbpriuic ((eights (hoot they their (haft, 
the vptight man to hit. 

The iuft vnwares to fttike by craft 
they' care or fcare no whit. 

5 A wicked wotke they, hauc decreed; 

in counfcll thus they cry-, 

T0 vfc deceit let vs not dread, 
what fwho can it cfpie ? 

6 What way to hurt they ta'kc and mu(e 
all times wiihin theirhtarr, 

Tliey allcorifuit what ftats to v(c, 

each doth inutnt his part. ^ 

y Buty.ctallxhis (hall not prcnaile, - ■ > 
^schen they thinkc leaft vpon 
Gcd with his dart (hall '(urc ailaile, 
and wound them eucry one. 

8 Their crafts and their ill tongues withall , 
(hall W'orke thcrn(?llies (uch blame. 

That they which thentheir (all 
fliall wonder k the (ame.. 

p Then all that fecOtadlcnow fight Wtif ■ 
that God the thing hath wrought, , 

And praife his witty works,and tell' 
what he to pafl'c hkh'brotight. 
lO Yet (lull the ;jft in God reioyce,'! «< 

(fill t'rnfling in his might, !.; . 

SoOialltheyioy,with mind and voice, • i 
whofc hearts arc pure and righte nor'; 

Te dccct hymmis. Pfah Fi. 

'yjthapklxio^gvHtoGdihj the fakirs,mho are 
Jigaifted bj Sion and Umjalem, for the -thoojing 

prcferaalion and gontrnance of them, and for the 
flenlifnllbleffinfS fotvred Vfon all the earth. 

SiM^ thil as the 30. 'Tfalme. 
'T'Hypraile alone,O Lord, doth ttigiie, 
in Siontliineowne hill, 

Their vowes to thee they doe maintainc, 
and their bthefls flilnll. 
a Tor that thou do’ft their prayers hcarc, 
and do'll t hereto agree, 

The people all both farre and neerc, 
with trull (hall come to thee. 

3 Our wicked life fofarre exceeds, 

tharwe (hall fall therein. 

But Lord, (brgiue our grrat mifdceds 
and purge vs from our (iiinc. 

4 The man is bicfl whom thou doll choofc 

within chv couns to dwell. 

Thy houfc and temple lie fliall vfc 
with plcaibrcs that cxcclJ. 

5 O; thy great iuflicc hcarc vs Lord, 
our health o! thee doth rife. 

The hope of all the earth abroad, 
and the (ca coafls likewife. 

6 With (licngth thou art bdetabour, 
and compart with thy power. 

Thou mak'il tlie inountaincs flroiig and (lour, 
to Hand in eucry (hower. 

7 The fwellirg feas thou do’ft aifwage, 
and make their llrt ames full (lill, 

Tlion do’rt rdlraine the peoples rage, 
and rule them at thy will. 

8 The folke that dwdl full (arte on earth 
' rtialldrcadthyfignestofcc. 

Which mornc and cuen in great mirth, 
dOe paffe with praife to thee. 

9 When that the earth is chapt and drie, 
and thirfteth' more and more. 

The n with thy drops thou do’ft apply, 
and nxich inCfwfe her (lore. 

10 The (loud of God doth ouerflow, 
andlbdoth caufe to (jjring 

The feed and cornc which men doe (bw. 
for be doth guide the thing. 

11 Withwctthbudo’fthcrfurrovvslill, 
whereby her elpdil doe fall, 

Thy diopfon het'lhou do’ (l.dirtili, . 
and blclfchei'fniit withaHv 

12 Thou dcck'rtthe cart h-ofeby good grace 
witli fairc arid pleafant crop,, j 

Tby clouds diftill the ir dew apace, 
great plent;^ tliey doe drop, ^ 

13 Wherebythidcfartfharibe^Ia 
full great incfcafc tobrrn^,* 

The little hils flSnll toy thereirt, 'H' " 
much fruit m them (kiHfffrtng. ' 

14 In places plaincthtflockc,fliall ■ r 

and ctiuerati the earth, . ( . 

The vales with c6mc ihall fq,cxcfjcd, . j 
that men (iM (log foi jhij^uu 







P 5 A L M E Lxvj. Lxvij. 


lubilacc Deo. Pfal. Lxvj I.S. 

Htctxhanelh to prtife the Lord i» hit 

warh, he/etteth forth thefawer of God to afroj 
rehelt^andp/eweth Cods nhtej to Ijmel, ludia 
frouokf men to hedre and frni/e hit name. 

StHf^thitm theCS. P/d/me. 

Y e men on canh in God reioyce, 
with praifc let forth his name, 
Extoll his might with heart and voice 
giuc glory to the fame. 

3 How wonderfull O Lord,fay ye. 

in all thy works thou arr, 
Thyfbcsforfeaiefhall feeketothee, 
full fore againft their hearr. 

3 All men that dwell thccarth ihrooglionr, 

(hall prailc the name of God, 

The laud thereof the world about 
is (he w’d and let abroad. 

4 All folkc come forth, behold and fee, 

what things the Lord hath wrought, 
Markc well the wondrous woi ks that hce 
for man to palTe bth brought. 

5 He laid the fca like heaps on high, 

therein a way they liad. 

On foot to paffc both taire and drie, 
whaeoFtheir hearts are g'ad. 

6 His might doth rule the world alway. 
his cics all things behold, 

All fuch as would him dilobey 
by him (hall becontrold. 

7 Ye people giuc vnco our God, i 

due laud and thanks alvvaics, 

With ioyfuli voice declare abroad 
and fmg vnto his praifc. 

8 Which dorh endue our foule with life, 

and it prifenie withall. 

He (hies our feet (b that no ftrife 
can make vsfliporfalU 

9 The Lord doth proue our deeds with fo e, 

if they will abide, 

Asworkemen doe when theydtfire 
to haue their mculs tride. 

10 Although thou fuffer vs fo long, 
inpriiontobe call, 

And there with chainesand fetters ftrong 
to lie in bondage fad. 

The fecond 

XI Although,Tfay,thou fuffiT men 
on vs to rule and rcigne, 

Though we through fire amhwater runne 
ofvay griefc and painc. P' '■ 

11 Yet furc thou do’ll ofthy good grace 

difpofeiccothebt.ft. i 

And bri ng vs out into a place 

, to Hue in'wealth an U rtft. ‘ It 


I j Vnto thy houfc i efort wid I. ■ 
toofferandtopriy,' , 

And there I will my (life apph'i 

myvowestoihcctopay, t. 

14 Tlic vowes tbt w ith my mouth i fpakc 
in all my grief'e and (mart: 

The vowes, 1 (ay, which i did make 
in devour of my heart. 

15 Homt ofF-tings I will giue ro thre 
of Oxen (ar and Rams, 

yM,tbisiny facrifice (liallbc 

of Bullockc‘,Goat$ an! Lambes. 

15 Come fdrthand lieaikcn licit hilifoooe, 
all) c tliat fcarc tU Ijotd, 

What he for my poorc foulc hath done 
to you I wUl rtcoid. 

17 Full oft I call to minde hij grate 
this mouth to him doth cry. 

And thou my tongue make fpetd aracc 
to praifc him bv a-nd by. 

18 B.,t if! fecic my licarr withta 
id wicked wot k s rcio; re. 

Of if I liauc delight to (inne 
God will not licare my voire. 

19 But furtly God my vnecc hath heard, 
and what 1 doc require, 

My prayer hce do: h wdl regard, 
andgiantcth mydefire. 

30 All praile to him that hath not p_t, 
nor cad me outofminde. 

Nor yet his merq’ from me fhnr, 
which I doe euer fi.ndc. 

Deus mi/ercatur. P/al. Lxvij. T. S. 

faeet proper for eJi the fdithfuiJ toolnd 'me the 
fttuouT ef God, d»i to he Itghtned truh lAt counte - 
tutnee, to the end that hit vej and jnjjiementr 
mojr beeknorrne thromghoM the e.vch. Urtaj- 
rriff that God it thoe^ouernoHr ff edi lutunt. 

Sino thit ns thoe 1%. Tfedme, 

H Aue'mercy on vs lord, 

and grant to vs thy grace, 
To flje w to vs doc thou accord 
the bnghtntfic of thy ftcc. 

1 That all the ranh may know 
the way to go-Jly wealth. 

And all the nations on a row 
may lee thy lauing health. 

j Let all the world, O God, 
giiic p ailc vnto thy naajc, 

O let the people all ^xoad 

extoll and laud the (amc. 

4 Tliroughout the world fo wide, 

let all neioyce with minh. 

For thou with truth a.nd right do’ft guide 
the nations of tbecarm. 

5 Let all the world, O God, 

'’^efT.Tffe vntothy name, 

Olet fhetk-c^lt all abroad 
*" Ixtw and laud thc (amc. 

6 Then (hall the earihincrcafev 

giTat ftorcof friik fbal’i falL- 

■* 04 And 

/ .. 




S A L M E 



And then ourGod the Goci of peace 
ftiall bkfle vs eke withall. 

7 God (hall vs blclTe, I fay, 
and then both farre and ncarc, 

The folkc througliout the earth al way 
oniiin fliall (land in feare. 

Exurgat Deus. Pfal. Lxviij l.H. 

DaHidexprejfetb therronderfull merej of Cod toj. 
ward his ftople, who bj all meanes and mofl 
ftrangtfortsdeclstrethhimfelfeto tbtm. ^»iis 
Church therefore by restfon of hispromifes.orsices 
Misd vidories, doth excell oil roorldlj thirtges. 
fyberefore sdt men are mossed to praife Codftr 


Et God arife, and then his foes will turn 

thetnklues to flight: His enemies then wil^ 
run abroad,and Icatter out of fight, a. And 

^as^e fire^ oth melt the wwe, and winde 

blowcs (inoke awayjso in the prefence of 
the Lord, the wicked /hall decay. 

3 But righteous men before the Lord, 
inall heartily rcioyce. 

They (hall be glad and merry all, 
and chcarefull in their voice. 

4 Sing praife, fing praife, vnto the Lord, 

whorideth on the skie. 

Extoll the name of lah our God, 
and him doe magni/ic. 

5 The (ame is he that is aboue, 
within his holy place, 

That father is of fatherleffe, 
and fudge of widowes cafe. 

6 Houfes he giues and iffuc both 
vnto the comfortlefTc, 

He bringeth bondmen out of thrall 
andrcbcls todiftrefie. * 

7 When thou did'ft march before thy folk 
the jEgyptians from among .. i 

And broughfft them through tfcwildcrnc 
which was both wide and long. 

8 The earth did quake the rainc powr*d do 

heard were great claps of thunder. 

The mount Smai (hooke in fuch fort, 
as tt would breake in (under. 

p Thine heritage with drops of rainc 
abundantly was wafiir, ’ 

And if (b be it banen waxt, 
by thee it was rcfrtdit. 

10 Thy cholen flockc doth there rtmaine 

thou had prtpai’d that place, * 

And for the poorc thou do’ft prouidc 
ofthine cfpcciall grace. 

Tbefecond part, 

11 Got! will giue women caufes /all 
to magnifie his name. 

When as his people triumph make, 
and purchale bruit and fame. 

12 For ptiifiant kings for all their power, 
(liall flee and take the foilc, 

And women which remaineat home 
(liallhelpt to pair the (poile. 

13 And though he were as blacke as pots, 
your hew flia|l pafic the Done, 

Whole wings and feathers feeme to hatic 
filuer and gold aboue. 

14 When in this land God (hall triumph 
or’c Kings both high and low. 

Then (hall it be like Salmon hill 
as white as any fnow. 

15 Though Bafan be a fruitfull hill, 
and in height others paffe, 

Yet Sion Gods mod holy hill 
doth fan e excell in grace. 

I Why brag ye thus ye hils mod high, 

and Icapc tor pride together ? 

The hill of Sion God doth lone, 
and there will dwell foreucr. 

17 Godsarmy is two millions 

of Warriers good and (Irong, 

The Lord alfo in Sinai 
is prefent them among. 

18 Thou didd (O Lord; afeend on high, 
andcaptiuc led'd them all, 

Which in times pad thy chofen flockc, 
in bondage kept, and thrall. 

Thou mad’d them tribute for to pay, 
and filch as did repine. 

Thou didd fubduc that they might dwell 
in thy temple diuinc. 

19 Nowpraifedbethe Lord for that, 
he powres On vs fuch grace. 

From day to day he is the God 
ofour health and folacc. 

ao He is the God from whom alone 
faluatiOT cometh plainc, 

He IS the God by whom we feape 
all dai^crs,death and painc, 

j his enemies head 

and breake the hairy fcalpe. t 

Lit thofe that in their wickedneffc 
continually doe walkc. 

21 from Bafan wfll I bring, faid he, 

oiy people and my (heepe. 


P S A L M £ L^Vllj. Lxix 


Xiid all mine ownc as I haue done, 
frotndant'crsol thcdccpc. 

3j And make ihcm dip theirfect in blou.l 
orchofcdui lu:c my name. 

And docs Ojail lane their ton^n«6 einbrude 
•, with iickutg ui the lame. 

34 All men ma^ fee how thou O God, 
thitte enemies dolt deface, 

And how thou gocfl as Ciod and King, 
into thine holy place. 

35 The fingers gOc before with toy, 
thf minftrtls (oUow a‘ter. 

And inthemidft rhe damlels play 

with cimbreU and with taber. 


atf Now in tht congregation, 

OKiiel. praffethe Lord, 

And Jacobs whole pofterity 
ginc thanks with One accord. 

37 Their chiefe was little Beniamin, 
bur ludah made their holt, 

Wi^ Zabulonand Nephtahm, 
which dwelt about their coaft. 

38 ,A* God hath giilen power to thee, 

To Lord mike firmc and fiirc 

The thing tha- thou haft wi ought in vs, 
for etjcrto endure, 
ap And in thy temple gifts will Wc 
glue vnto thee, O Lord, 

Forth ine vntolerulalcm 

liirepromife made by word. 

The fourth 

';o Yeaandftringc kings to vs fubdu'd, 
ftiall doe like 111 thole daies, 

1 mcane to thee they ftiall prtfent 
their gifts bf laud and prailc. 

31 He (hall dcftioy the Ipv are-mens ranks, 
thccalues and bjls of might. 

And caufc them tribute pay and daunt 
allfuchas louc to light. 

31 Then (hall the Lords of dEgyptcom", 
andpreltiits with them bring, 

The Mo res moft black dial (Irctch their liands 
vnto their Lord and King. 

33 Therefore yckmgJomes of the earth, 
giue praife vnto the Lord, 

Sing Pfalmes to God, with one confentj 
thereto let all accord. 

33 Who though he ride and eucr hath 
abouethc heanensbright, 

Yet by the featcfull thunderclaps, 
men may knoiv well his might. 

34 Thercforethcftrengthoflliael 
alcribe to God on high, 

Whqfe might and power doth hirrc extend 
abouc theclouay skie. 

35 OGoil.ttiyhoIincirc and power 
is dread (breuennore. 

The God of Ifracl giues vs ftrength, 
pnifed b« Cod thcrcforci 

Sal vum me fac. Lxix. 1. IL 

ChJfl Mudhuetrif ilfif uredm lituidtvedt rood 
Mtutlhfho uudufu, 'cruelty of »hof, rmrmu/ 9. 
the$rpuu,%meoit /ueUt ondfuehteutonnoieih 

■mho ure4ccurfed:lleru fuberethhecounite m ufl 

flUltoui, uml ejfereth 'prufet 10 God, teiup men 
MceproHe thou ollfurtfirei FtnoHy he huh pro. 
uoheoU creuum to prutfei. proph’fjmf of the 
kiufJome of Chnlf.ouU tuMuje ofiudJt mhert 
all the fauhfuU anithnr feedfh'alldwellforruer 

Auc mtOGodandtliat with/peede, 


the waters flow foil faft, nigh my foalc 

doc they proceed, tha: lam fore agaft. 

2. Iftickefulldcepeinmirc and cUy where- 

as I feeje no ground,! fall into luch floods 

I (ay, that -1 am like be drown'd. 

3 With crying, oft I faint and quailc, 
my throatis boarle and dric, 

With lonting vp mvCg't doth faile, 
forhelpe toGcdon high. 

4 My Foes tlia: guiltlefle doe opprefie 
my foulc with hate are led. 

In number fure they are no ItlTe 
than haircs arc on my head. 

5 Though for no caufc they vexe me fore, 
they prolper and are glad. 

They doccbmptll me toreftote 
the things 1 ncucr lud. 

6 W hat I haue done fir want of wit, 
thou Lord, all times canft tell, 

And alt the faults that I commir, 
to thee are k.iowne full well. 

7 O God o^'hoftidefend and flay 
all thole that truft in ihcc. 

Let no man doubt or ftirinkcaway 
(broughtthat cliancethme. 

8 It is fot tbee and for thy lake 

that I dne bcare this blame,- 

In fpitc of t bee they would me make 
to hide my fact fee lhamc. 

p My mothers (onnes, my brahren 
forlakemeoria row. 

And as a ftran^ they me call, 
my face they will not know. 

10 Vnto 


P S A L M E Lxix 

lo Vntothy houfefuch zcalclbcarc, 
that it doth pine me much, 

Their checks ana taunts at thee to heate 
my very heart doth grutch. 

The ficeiid fm. 

ti Though I doc iaft my fieih to chart, 
yea, ifI weepe and mone, 

Yct in my teeth this gearc is caft, 
they pafle not thctcupoo. 

I a Ifl for griefe and painc of heart. 

in fackcloth vfc to walke. 

Then they anon will itpctuci t, 
thereof they ieft and talke. 

1 j Both high and low and all the ftrong 
that fit within the gate. 

They hauc me eucr in their tongue, 
oi me they talke and pi ace. 

14 The drunkards which in wine delight, 
it is their chiefe pjfiime, 

Tofeek-. vehict ivay to wi'fkeme Ibighr, 
of me c! r, y ting and iicne. 

But incethcWhrlc,t) Lord.Ipray, 
that ulk". it pkaietli tlhx-. 
lortlivgtea tiuththouwiltalway. 
i«id dcrtvnc tiiincaid to me. 

1 6 Pluck chou my ft et out of the 
from dterwfting doc me k eepe, 

fromfich as oweme wrath and ire, 
and from the waters deepe. - 

17 Left with the waues I (Itould be drown’d 
and dmh ntyfoulc deupu.rc. 

And that tlic pit fliould me confound, 
and (blit me in her power.' 

18 0 Lord of hods tome giue care, 
as thou art giKal and kind. 

And as thy mercy is moft deare. 

Lord haue me in thy mind. 

Ip And dOc not from thy ferifln t hide 
nor turnc thy facraway, 

1 amoppreft on cuery fide, 
in hafte giue eare I fty. 
ao O Lord, vnto my foulc draw nigh, 
the fame with aide repoie, 

Bccaufe of their great tyranny, 
acquit me from my foes. 

The thirdpertm 

ji That I abide rebuke and ihame, 
tltoii Icnow’ft, and thou canft tell. 

For thofe thatfteke and worke the iamc, 
thou iced them all fullwcll. 

23 W hen they with brags doc breake my lieart 
I fetke for helpc anon. 

But finde no fricnos to eale my finarr, 
to cointort me not one. 

35 But in my meat they gauc me gall; 

too crucll for to tliinke, 

And gaue me in my third withall - 
feng vinc^ for to drinke. 
ie4 Lord tome their table to a fiiarc 
to take themfelues therein, 

And when they thinkc full well to fare, 

(hen trap them in the gin. 

35 And let their eie« be darkeand bUndrJ 
that they may nothing fee. 

Bow downc their backs and doe them bindc 
in tliraldomc tor tob& 
ad Powrc out thy wrath as hot as fire, 
that it on them may fidi, 
let thydifpleafureintnincitC 
talre hold vpon thtmall. 

2 7“ As dciarts dry, their houfedilgrtte, 
their off Ipring eke cxptll. 

That none thereof poffcfle their place, 
nor in their tents d-'c dwell. 

2 8 If thou do'll Hi ike the man to tam^ 
on him they fay full fore. 

And if that thou doc wound the fame, 
they fcckc to hurt him more. 

ap Then let them hcapcvpmifchicfeftiH 
(fith they arc all pcmei t,) 

That of thy fauour and good will 
they ncucr hauc a part. 

• 30 And raic them cleanc out of thy book* 
of life, of hope, of truA, 

That for their names they ncucr looke 
in number of the iuft. 

The foHTth p»t, 

JI Though I (OLordJwtth woe and griefs 

hauc Dceiie full fore opprcft, 

!, Thy hclpe (hall giue me fitch rdiefe, 
that all (hallneredrtd. 
j a That I may giue thy name the praiTe, 
and Ihew it with a fong, 

I will extoll the (ame al wales 
with hc-arty thanks among. 

33 Which is more pkaCantento thee 

(fitch minde thy grace hath bome^ 

Than cither Oxc or cSfe can be, 
that hath both hoofe and home. 

34 When fimplcfblke doe this behold, 
k (hall reioyce them fiirc. 

All ye chat feeke the Lord behold 
your life for aye fliall dure. 

35 For why ? the Lord of hofts doth heart 
the poorc when theycom^aine, 

His prifoners arc to him full dearc, 
he doth them not difdainc. 

3d Wherefore the skie and earth below,' 
tbc fea with floud and ftreamc, 
Hispraifethey fliall declare and Ihow, 
with all that Hue in them. 

3 7 For furc our God will Sion faue, 
and ludah’s cities bnild, 
j8 Much fblkcpoflcfliQn they fliall hauci 

her ftreets (hall all be fill'i 
His feruants feed fliall keepe the fame 
all ages out ofminde. 

%9 And there all they that lone his name, 
a dwelling place (hall finde. 

Dcusadiutorium. Pfal.Lxx- T.S. 

■ ■ /* 


Htprujilb tobtrifhtffetdiljdtltHtred^hiS entmits 
to bt ajh»mti,iind*U that fgtbfiht L»rd t> be 

Sui^thii attbe ■jl.T'falme, 

O Gocltomccakciiad, 

of bclpc I cbtc rtquix*, 

O L)rd of hoftv with haftc and fi>ced, 
helpi'.ticlpc Ithec dcfirc. 
a With fhanreconfcxmd them all 
that Icckc my foule to fpill. 

Rebuke them backcwith blame to fall ^ 
that thinkeand wifh me lU. 

5 Confound them that apply, 
and feeke to wotke me Oi^e, 

And at my harme doe laugh and cry, f 

So,(o,thctcgoe3 tliegamc. 

4 But let them ioyfull be 
in thee with toy and wealth, 

Which only truftardlceketotlite, r 
and tO thy fauing health. 

5 That they may fay al waies 
in mirth and one accord. 

All glory, honor, land and praifej 
be giuen to thee O Lord.^ 

^ But I am weake and poore, 
come Lord, thine aid 1 lacke, 

Thou art my flay and helpc, therrforc 
make fp>ced and be nor flacke. 

In tc Dominr. Pial. Lxxj. 7 H. 

T/if ^ajetbuiftith, efttd>ltPred (rj frvmtfe,, and con- 
firmed bj the nror be ef God from hit yon th, to be 
dehneredfrom bit tricbed and crttelilome Abfa- 
lom, with hitcowftderacj, fromtjing to be thank; 
find therefore. 

Sing thitatthe^p, Pfatme, 

M T Lord, my God, in all diftrelTe 
my hope is whole in thee. 

Then let no lhame my foule opprtfTe, 
nor once take hold on me. 
a Asthou art iufl dt fend me Lord, 
and rid me out ofdrtad, 

Gine ea re and to my fuit accord, 
and fend me hcIpc at need. 


much fbikeabour me thr rg. 

But thou art DOW and fHIl hafl bet k, 
my fcoceand aid (o ftrong. 

8 V\ hereforc my mouth no time (hall lacke 

thy g'orv and thy praife. 

And ake my tongue (W1 not be fiacke 
to honour tlicc alwaita, 

9 Refufe me not (0 Lord j I fay , 
when age my limrrtes doe ral e, 

And wlifti my fir ngth doth waAeaway 
doe ijot my kxile fbrfake. * 

10 Among themftliics my foea enquire 
to take me through deceit. 

And they againA me doe confpire, 
that for my foule laid wait. 

The feeondpart, 

11 Lay l«nd and cake him now, they raid, 
for God from him is gone, 

Difpatch him quite, for to his aid 
f I wisj there commeth none. 

n Doe not abfeot thy rcjfe a way, 
OLord,whenneedA-,aJlbc, ’ 

But that in tiirtc of gnefc thou may 
inhaAegoichcipe tome. 

3 Be thou my rocke to whom I may 

for aid all times rcfbrt, 

Thy promife is to helpc alway, 
thou art my fence and fort. 

4 Saue me, my God, from wicked men, 
and from their An ngth and power, 

FromfolkevniuA, and eke from them ’ 
that cruelly dcuoure. 

$ Thou art the Aay wherein I truA, 
thou Lord ofhoAs art he. 

Yea from my youth I hada luA 
Aill to depend on thee. 

6 Thou haA me kept eucii from my birth 
and 1 through thee was borne, * 

Whercfbrel Willthee praife with mtith, 
both euening an J at morne. 

7 As CO a monAct fcldomcAcoe, 

Ij \\ ithAiame confound and oun throw 
all thofe that fccke my life. 

Opprtfle them with rebuke alfo, 
that fainc would workc me Arift.' 

I4 But I willparieridy abide 

Still m<w and more each time and tide. 

I will fetforth thy praife. 

ij My mouth rhyiuAiceAiall record, 
that dai y helpc doth fend, 

Butofthy benefits O Lord, ; 

I know no count nor end. 

16 Yctwilllgoeardfcikelbnhone- 
with th) good helpc,OGod. 

The fauing health of thee alone 
to fhew and fet abroad. 

17 P^ofmy^-htboatook-Atheewe; 

ai^ do A inAruA me Aill, 

Therefore thy wonders to declare 
Ihaucg:ear mindeand wilL 

18 And as in youth from wanron rage 

thou didrt me ktepe and Aay, 

Forfakemenot vntomincage, ’ 
and till my head be grayf ’ 

The thwd part. 

19 That I thv Arength and might'may fLow 
to them that now be here. 

And that our feed thy power may know 
hereafter many a yeare. 

JO OIx)rd,thyiuAice doth exceed 
thy doings all may fee. 

Thy workes are wondcrfiill indeed, 
oh who is like to thee? 

a I Thou mad’A me fte/e affiiAon foie, 
and yet thou didA me f*ie, 

Yea thou didA helpc and me rcAorc I 

and t^k’A me fiw the gratiy. ’ 

as And 

4> e 

P S A L M E Lxxij. Lxliij. 

aj And thou mine honor doftiiicrcafe, 
my dignity maincainc, 

Yea thou doft make all grief e tocc ale 
and cOrofortfl me againe. 

a 5 Therefore thy faithfulueflc to praifq 
1 will with violl fing, • ,) 

My harpe fliall Ibund thy praife alwaics. 

OIIracls holy King. ' ‘ 

34 My mouth (hall ioy with plcafant vcicc 
when I (hall (ing to thee, 

And eke my loule will much reioyce, 

for tiiou hall made me free. •' • 

2y My tongue thy vprighthefle (hall folukl, » 
and Iptakf it daily ftill. 

For griefe and (hame doe them confound 
that fccke to worke me ill. • j , 

Deus iudicium.Pfal. Lxxij. 7. H. 

gods in Cbh/l ii ri^tfeHttd^j Salotmn 

vnder whom PmII bee ri(hteoMfnejfe, pence And 
feticuy, vnio whom all KintsAnd nt^iensPhiU 
doe homaoe, whofe name AM power Jiall pndiae 

foreHer, • i 


i-* —*- 

-±—- i 

5 -^- 4 - 


Ord giuc thv judgments to the King 

therein inftruct him well: And with his (611*” 

that princely thing. Lord let thy j.iftice 
dwell. 2. That be may goiiemc vprighily 
and rule thy folk aright, and lo'defend 


through ccjluty the poorc that haue no might. 

3 And let the mountaincs that arc high, 
vnto thy folkc peace. 

And eke let little hits apply, ; 

in iuftice to incrcafe. 

4 That he may htlpc the wcake and poorc » 
vvithaideand make them llrong. 

And eke deftroy for euermore, 
all thole that doe them wrong-. 

y And then from age to age (hall t hey 
regard and feare thy might. 

So long as Sunne doth Ihine by day, 
or elfe the moone by night. 

6 LordmakcthcKingvntotheiuft 
like rainc to fields new mownc 

And like to drops that lay the duft 
and fielh the land vnlbwne. 

7 "fhe iuft (hall flourifli in his time, 
and all (hall be at peace, 

yntill the Moone (ball leauc to prime, 

wade, changraud to cncrcalel 
8 He (luill be hii d of fea and lapd, 
from lliore to lliorc throiighoirr, ' 

And from the floods Within tlic land, 
throjgh all tlw earth ab<mt. 

The people tj^t ill do^tts dwell ' .> 

fli-ill kiTvcIe tp niui full thkkt^ . 

Andall histneinipitfiat xcbfU - 7 , 
the earth and dpft fliall ljt;ke. 

10 The leirdsofall th ejles dicieby • ' 
great gifts tp .hfip IhaH Uiug, ; ,1 1 ■ 

The Kings of Saba and Arahy, 

giue.manyai/dfUythiDg. ' * ' ;• 


n All kings fliall ietkeW'ith oHc'accPrd' ^ 

ill his good'^c.ctP (land, , • 

And all the peppicofthe'World.'' ' *' 

fliall feme jiim at his hand. ‘ ' ■/ 

12 I'orhethencedyfbrtdoiifi faue, ‘ 
that vnto him doe call. 

And eke the fimple folkc that liauc, T y 

ij Hetakethpitty ontbcpoorc 'i- 

that arc witluk-cd opprtft. 

He doth preltruc them euermore, 
and brings tlick fbulcs to reft. 

14 He (hall redeeme their liucsfiom dread, 
fiom (rand, fi dm Wrong, (rommiphr ' 
And ckq the blood that they (bslitilecd * 

Is precious mhis fight. 

15. But he (hall liut and tlicy (hall bring 
to him ofSabaesgold, 

He fhaij be honoured .as a King, 
and dally be txtold. 

i<5 The mighty mounraines of this land 

of come flvill bearc liich throng. 

That it like Cedar trees (hall ftand 
in Libanus full long. 

17 ThcirCitiesekcfiiUwell(hallfpeetL 
the fruits there of fliall palle. 

In plenty it lhalj farre cxccedc, 
and fpnngas greene as gwlTc. 

18 For euer they (hall prailc his name 
while tharthefunne is light, ! 

And thinkethem happy through the fame, 
all folkc fliallblelfc his might. 

19 Praife ye the Lord of hofts and fing 

talfiacls God each one, 

For he dodi cuery wondrous thing, 
ycahe him felfe alone. 

20 And blclTed be Iiis holy name, 
all rimes eternally, 

That all the earth may praife the fame. 

Amen, Amen lay I. 

Quam bonus. Pfal. Lxxiij. T. S. 

Detuid UAcheth that neither the prefperitj of the vto- 
gpd/j,northeoffltBUnt tf the^oodotty^bt todifeoH 
VAoe Cods children, but rAther moue them to coHm 
jider Gods proHidence,Apd to reuerence his issdt^e-- 
mens s, for thAt the wicked VAnipi nw.iy like fmoA^ 
«nd thegodlj enter into life eHerUftng, m hope 



P s A L M E Lxxiij. Lxxiiij. 

wbtuaj^i rtjifmttb htmfelfi i9t» G»d$ h/ndi. 
Smj^ l(iis tu the 'rjdlwu. 

H Ow eucr it be yet Oodiigood 
and kind to 1 Traci, 

And to all Tuch as fafely kcepc 
thcirconlcicncc pure and well. 
a‘ YctlikeafoolcI almoftllipr, 
myfcetc began to (tide, 

And ere I will, cuen at a pinch, 
my ftepsawry gan glide. 

3 For when I faw lucli fbolKh men, 

I grudg'd ami did difdaine 
That wickid mcaall things Ihouldhaoe 
without mrmoyle or painc, 

H They ncucr fuffer pangs nor griefe, 
as if death Ihonld them Imire, 
Their bodiesarc both ftout and (bong 
and eucr in good pliglu. 

y And free from all aduerfity 
when other men be Ihent, 

And with the reft they take no part 
of plagueor punifhmcnr. 

6 Therefore prefbmption doth embrace 
their necks as doth a chaine. 

And arc euen wrapt as in a robe 
With rapine and difdaine. 

7 They arc fo fed that euen for fat 
thei r cics oft times out fhrr. 

And as for worldly goods, they hane 
morethan can wifhthctr heart. 

8 Thcirlifl-is moftliccncioas, 
boafting much of the wrong 

Which they hauedonc tofimplcmen, 

' and cuer pride among. 

The heauens and the liuing Lord 
they fpare not to blal'phcmc, 
prate tlK7 doc of worldly things 
no wight they doccllcemc. 

10 The people of God oft times tame backe 
to fee their profperous ftacc, 

And almoft drinke the fdfe lame cup, 
and follow the 6mc rate. 

The Jeconi furt, 

11 How can it be that God, lay they, ' 

Ihould know or vndtr^nd o 

Thcfe woi Idjy tlii^s, fith witked men 
be lords of fea and land ^ 
la For we may fee how wicked men 
in riches ftill Incrwft,- 
Rewarded well with worldly goods, 
and liuc in reft and peace. 

13 Then why'doe I from wickednefle 
my fantaficrefnrinc. 

And wafh my hands with innocents, 
and Cicanfc my heart in raine ? 

14 Andluffcr (cOurgcscuciyday, 

as fubieftto all blame, * 

And cuery morning from my youth, 
iiillaine rebuke and Ihainc. 

Ij And I had almoft laid as they, 
miOiking mine eftace, 

But that I Oiould tliy children indge 
as folkc eiifbrtijnate. ' 

1 6 Then I bethought me how I might 
this maaer tmdcrftand, * * 

But yet the labour was to great 
for me to ake m hantf. 

xy Vntill the time 1 went vnro 
thine holy place, and then 
Ivnderflood right pcrfcdly 
the Old of all thtfe men. 

1S And namsJy bow thou fetreft them 
vpon a flippery fiAcc, ' 

Andat thypUalureand thy will 
thou doft them all deface. 

Then fhall men mufc at that ftrangt fi„hf 
to fee how fixidmly, “ ’ 

Thcy^ dcftro>'d,;dcfi>Kcbt, coofum’J, 
and dead fo horrib/)’. 

ao Much like a dreamc when one awakes 
To fhall thcirwralfh deny, 

Thei r famous names in ad mens Gghc 
fhall tbbe and parte away. 

Tlutherd ftrt. 

a I Ya thus my heart was grieued then. 

my mind was much opprtft. 
aa So fond was I and ignorant, 
and in this point a b^. 

aj Yetneuerthelcrtcbymyrightlttod 

thou hold'ft me alwaies tart. * 

34 And with thy connfclldort meguide 

to glory at thelaft. 

ay Whatthingisthcrcthatlcanwifli, 

wt tlicc in btauen about ? 

And in the earth there is no thing, 
like thee that I can loue. * 

atf My flelh and eke my heart doth ftiilc. 
but God doth failc me ncucr 

For ofmy health God is theftnmgth, 

my ponion eke for eucr. 
ay Andtoeallfochastheefbrlake 

thou flult dtftroy each one. 

And tholethat truft in any thing 
lauingin thee alone. 

a8 Thcrctbrewillldrawneere coCod, 

and eucr w ith him ^wdl. 

In God ajonc I put my truft, 
thy wonders 1 will tell. 

Vrqmd Dcus. Pfal. LixUlJ. L H. 

eA eomflevet of the deftmaum of the Chtrch *nd 
tme rti$Jtmm,fwder the njtme of Sum, end the Af. 
tert defirntd. Smt trufting in the might rndfret 
meretet of God. tyhit coneneent, rtymrethbelf* 
mtdfnecoter to the gterj ofku tume, thefeinntwn 

Smgthis eutheji, Pfdhme, 

Y/YrHy art thou fLord) Toloogfrooirg 
V y ‘ in all this danger deepe? 

Why doth thine anger kindle thu^ 
to thine owne ^urc Ihccpc ? 

B a Lord 


P S A L M K Lx3ciiij. Lxxv. 

a Lord'call the people to thy chou^lit, 
which hauc bcene thine fo long, 

The which thou haft rcdecm’tl and brought, 
filom bondage lore and ftrong. 

3 Haue minde therefore and thinkc vpon, 
remember it full well, 

Thy pleafant place, thy mount Sion 
where thou was wont to dwell. 

4 Lift vp thy feet and come in haftc 
and all thy foes deface. 

Which now at pleafure rob and waftc 
within thy holy place. 

5 Amid thy congregations all, 
thine enemies tore, O God, • 

They let as ligncs on cucry wall 
their banners fplai'd abroad. 

6 As men with axes hew downc trees 

that on the hils doe grow, 

So fliine the bils and fwords ofthefe 
within thy Temple now. 

7 The ftciingfaw’d, the canicd boards, 
the goodly grauen ftones, 

Withaxes,hammers, bils and fwords 
they beat them downe at once. 

8 Thy places they confume with flame, 
and eke in all this toile. 

The houfe appointed to thv name 

they nzc downe to the foile, ' • 

p And thus they fay within their heart, 
difpatch them out of band, 

Then burnt they vp in wiery part 
Gods houfes through the land, 
lo Yetthainoligncolhclpcdoftfend, 
onr Prophets all are gone. 

To tell when this our plague lhall end 
among vs there is none. 

It When wilt thou Lord once end this flrame 
and ccafe thine enemies ftrong. 

Shall they alwaies blafphcme thy name 
and raile on thee lb long. 

12 Why doft thou draw thy hand abacke, 
and hide it in thy lap. 

Oh plucke it our and be not flackc 
to giue thy fots a rap. 

Tie fecend part. 

13 O God thou art our King and Lord, 
and euer more haft bcciie, 

Yea, thy good grace throughout the world 
for our good helpe hath feene. 

14 The feas tliat arc lo deepe and dead, 
thy might did make them drie, 

And thou didft breake the ferpents head, 
that he therein did die. 

15 Yca,thoii didft breake the heads fo great 
of whales that are fo fell. 

And gaue’ft them tothefolkctocate 
that in the defarts dwell. 
iff Thou mad’fta fpring with ftreamesto rift 
from rocke both hard and high. 

And eke thy hand hath made like wift 

. deepe riiitrs to be drie. 

17 Both day and ckc the night are thine, 
by thee they were begun, 

Thou fet’ftto IcrucVs with their fliinc 
the light and i ke the funne. 
j 8 Thou did’ft appoint the ends and coaft* 
ofall the earth about. 

Both lumtner heats and winter frofts 
thy hand hath found tlicnt out. 

19 Thinke on, O Lord, no time forger, 
thy foes that thee defame. 

And how the fooliflr fblkcarclct 
to railc vpon thy name. 

20 O let no cruell biafts dcuoure 
the turtle that is true. 

Forget not alwaies in thy power 

the poore chat much doc rue. . f 

at Regard thy conenant and behold, 

thy foes proirelTc the land. 

All (ad and dai ke, forwornc ant! old 
our rcalmc as now doth ftand. 

33 Let not I he flinplc goc away, 
nor vet rcturnc with fliame. 

But let the poorc and needy aye, 
giue praife vnto thy name. 

2 j Rife (Lord) let be by thee maintain'd 
the caul'e that is thine ownc. 

Remember how that thou blafphcm'd 
art by the foolifti one. 

24 1 he voice forget not of thy foes, 
for the prcCimption high. 

Is morcand more inertaft of tboft 
that hate thee fpightfully, 

Conficebimurcibi.Pfal, Lxxv. Ifi. 

Thefiithfii/l praife the Lord,rtho [hall come to hd(B 
at his time, whea the rvieked ftiall drinke the cup 
ofhis wrath ■, hut the righteous [hatI be exalud !• 

Sing this as the/^^.Tfalme. ^ 

Nto thee (God) will W'c giue thanks, 
we will giue tlranks to thcc, 

Sith thy name is lb nccre,declare 

thy wondrons works willwc. ., 

2 I will vprightly iiidge when get ; 

conuenienttimcl may, ' ^ 

The earth is Wf alee an 1 all therein, •* 

butl her pillars Ihy. 

j I did to the triad people fiy, 
dealc not lb furiopfly. 

And vnto the vngodly ones, 

let not your homes on high." ^ 

4 I laid vnto tlKm, fet not v’p ■ ' 

yourraifedhomesonhigh, • 

And fee thatyou doc with ftilFenccke, 
notfpeake prcfumptuoufly. 

5 For neither from the cafterne parts, 
nor from the vvefteme fide. 

Nor from forfaken vvildcmefTc, '*• 

promotion doth proceed. 

6 For why ? the Lord our God hc is 
the righteous iudge alone, 

P S A L M E LxXvj.LxXVlj. 


He pottetii downc the one and fat 
another in the throne* 

7 For why ? a cup of mighty wine 
is in the hand oi'God, 

And all the mighty wine therein 
himfclf doth powre abroatl. 

8 As (or the Ices and filthy dregs 
that do; reinaine of it. 

The wicked of the earth fluU drink, 
and luck them eucry whit. 

But I will talk of God, I lay, 
of Jacobs God therefore : 

And will not ccalc to celebrate 
his praife for euermore. 

10 ]n (under break the homes of all 
vngodly men will 1: 

But then the homes of righteous men 
(hall be exalted high. 

y/aru Ptifri. 

To Father, Sonne, and holy Ghoft, 
all glory be therefore, 

As in beginning was, is now, 
and (hall be euermore. 

In ludca. Pfal. Ixxvj. I H. 

liire u defertbed the petrer tf god, *ni cart for the 
Oefenceof bitpeo^e, ijihedeftrudumefSem- 
cherib'/ armu , for wbtcb the fatthfuB art ex¬ 
horted to be thaakefud. 

Smf^ thio at the 66 . Pfalme. 

T O all that now in lury dwell 
the Lord is clearely known: 

His name is great in llrael, 
a people of his own. 
a At Salem he his tents hath pight 
to tarry therea fpacc : 

In Sion eke he hath dc lig lit 
to make hts dwelling place. 

j And there he brake both (haft and bow, 

thefword ,the Ipeare ,and lliicld , 

And brake the ray to ouenhrow 
in battrll on the held. 
e^ Thou art more worthy honour Lord, 
more might in thee doth lie, 

Than in the ftrongeft of the world 
that rob on mountains Ingb. 

5 But now the proud are fpoil'd through thee 

and they are falne on fleep: 

Through men of watre no help can be, 
therafdues they could not keep. 

6 At thy rcbok^O Jacobs God, 
when thou didft them reproue; 

As halfe on deep their chariots (food. 
nohorfemeii once did mouc. 

6 For thou art dreadfull. Lord,indeed, 
what man the courage hath 
To bide thy fight, and doth not dread 
when thou art in thy wrath ? 

S When thou doll make thy judgements heard 
from heauen tf^iyh the ground , 

Then all the earth full lore afraid, 
in filence (hall be found. 

9 ^ that wlicn thou, O God, doftfta.nd 
in judgment for to (peak, 

To lauc tl/afUkfltd of the land, 
on earth that arc full weak. 

10 The fury that in man doth reigne 
(lull tuine unto thy prailc. 

Hereafter, Lord , doe thou rcftiaine 
their wrath and threats alwaici. 

11 Male vows and pay them to our God 
ye folk that nieh him be; 

Bring gifts all ye that d well abroad, 
for dreadfiill fure is he. 

12 For he duthake both life and might 
from princes grear of birth, 

And full of terroursis bis fight 
to all the kings on larih. 

Voce tncii. Pfal.lxxvij. I. H. 

"David rehearfrth hit great afftuiunt/vtdgruitotu 
teptptatvms, jrhertbj be u drum toconjiderhu 
former conaerfatum , aad the courft of gods 
workrt m the prefermatioH of bio ftruanti , kW ft 
bectufirmrthhufatthaoatmll tbofe temptatsonr. 



4 :- - f 

- ^ -1- - -J— - » -- - 

With my voice to God doc cric,witb heart 


^ + -y— 

md ht^y chiara, my voiccioGod I jift on 


i , A A ■ k -T“ - 4^0 

Ex y 7^ s VT ♦-1 -y 


- Y. - . 1 .. ^ 

1 .1 - 


lie ,and he my fult doth hetrc-a.In time of 

r 1 . 1 A 

fc- 5L fl.1,1 A ■ a—7 

griefc I^fought to God, by njght no red I 

t J A 1 ' ^ ■ 1 

2-4 - 4 ~ A ^ 4 - J 

-X \ —. 

took.but dretcht my hands to him abroad, 

1 . T rr 


lA. A II 

^T.1. A' A i:t"B 

- x—x. —srvHii 

my Ibule comfonfod'ook. 

j When I to think on God intend, 
my trouble then is more: 

1 (pake,but could not make an end, 
my breath was (lopt lb lore. 

4 Thou holdft mine eiesalwaics from fcft< 
that I alwaies awake; 

With fearc I am fo fore oppreft, 
my fpccch doth me forfake. 

5 Thedaiesofoldinmindc Icall, 
and oft did think rpon 

The times and ages that arc pad 
full many ycarcs tgotic. 

6 BynightmyloQgsIcalltominde, 
once made thy piaife to (how t 

And with my heart much talk I fiode, 
my fpirits doc fearch to know. 

7 Will God, Laid I, at once for all, 
call otF his people thus, 

So that henceforth no rime he fhal! 
befrkndly vnrovs? 

E a 

8 What 


PsALME Lxxviij. 

$ Whatsis his goodntn'c clean decay'd 
for euer and a day ? 

Oris his promife now delaid, 
and doth his truth decay ? 

9 And will the Lord our God forge c 
his mercies manifold ? 

Or (hall his wrath increafe (b hot , 
his mercies to withhold ? 

10 At laft, 1 (aid, my wcaknefle is 
thccaufeof thismiftruft; 

Cods mighty hand can help all this 
and cnangc it when he luft. 

The feco/iJpart. 

Ill will regard and think vpon 
the working of the Lord ; 

Of all his wonders part and gone 
I gladly will record. 

12 Yea, all his works I willdeclarc, 
and what he did deiiife, 

To tell his finSs I will not fpare, 
and eke hiscoanfcll wife. 

13 Thy works (O Lord ) arc all vprighr, 
and Iioly all aoroad; 

What one hath flrcngth to match the might 
of thee, O laard our God ? 

14 ThoiiartaGodthatdoftforcfhow 
thy wonders cucry hourc, 

And fb doll make the people know 
thy vertue and thy power. 

iy And chine own folk thondofl defend 
with flrcngth and flretchcdarmc, 

The fonnes of lacob that defeend, 
and Jofephs feed from harme. 

1 6 The waters, Lord, percciued thcc, 
the waters faw thee well. 

And they fo r fcarc away d id flee, 
the depths on trembling fell. 

17 The clouds that were both thick and black 
did raine full plcntcouny, 

.The thunder in the aire did crack, 
thy fhafts abroad did flic. 

18 Thy thunder in the aire was heard , 
thy lighccnings from aboue 

With flaflics great made men afraid, 
the earth did quakcand moue. 

ip Thy waics within the Sea doe lie, 
thy paths in waters deep, 

Yet none can there thy flcps cfpie, 
nor know thy paths to keep. 

20 Thouledfl thy folk vpon the land 
as fliecp on eucry fide; 

Through Mofes and through Aarons Iiand 
thou didft them faftly guide. 

Attenditepopuli. Pfal. lxxviij.T.5. 

He fhervith borp Godof hie merej chafe his (^harch 
tftbe pofierity af Abraham,r4;7/»j i„ ,heir teeth 
therebeilwHof their fathers, that their chiidren 
mitlit ackrtotpledge Gods free tnercies, and be 
aftamed of tketr fertterfe attceftars^ the holy 

Ghoft hath camprebtoded, as it Were, the fhmme 
of all Cods btnrpts , that thegrojfe people mif ht 
fee IH feir words the eff'dl of the whole hijUrj. 


1 tend my people to my law, and to •-ti 
my words enclinc; 2 My mouth fhall fpeakj 
flrangeparables,& feiitenccsdiuine. j. Which 
weourfelues hauc heard and learned ,cucn 

of our fathers old; And which for our iii« 



i— 1 


flrucTion ,our ftthers hauc vs told. 

4 Bccaufewcflionldnotkcepitclofe 

from them that (hould come after, 
Whofhould Gods power to their race’praife 
and all his workes of wonder. * 
j To facob he commandment gauc 

how Ifrael fhould liue. 

Willing our fathers fliouhl the fame. t 

vnto their children giuc. ^ 

6 That they and their poflcrity 

that were not fprung vp tho, 

Should hauc the knowledgcof the law ’ 

and teach their feed allb. ' 

7 That they might hauc the better hope ‘ 

in God that is aboue, ^ 

And riot forger to keep his laws * ^ 

and his precepts in louc. 

'r..'- i 

8 Not being as their fathers Were,' ’’ 

rebelling in GckIs fight: ' ; 7 

And would not frame their wicked hearts- 

to know theirGod aright. T 

9 How wait the people of Ephraim • 
their neighbours for to fpoile, 1 . d 

Shooting their darts the day of warre 
andjtetthcytookthcfoilcf.n * . iiK 

10 For why Jthev did not keep \vithGc(tl 6 
the couenanc that was made;,., . .. 

Nor yet would walk or lead tlKirdiwcs d 

according to his trade. ,^.jr . 

11 But put into obliuion ' ]■ ■ ■'i 

his connfcll and his will, ^ i, ' * 

Andall his workts mod magniHqucJ" •' r 
which he declared ftill.' , 




li VVliatwonilcrsfoourforcfatliiTS 
<li(i lie liiiiilcltc (liklolc, 

III A-lfiypt land witliiii tlic liclJ 
citat called ia l aiiccn f 
I j He did diiiiik and cut the Sea, 
that (licy iiiiglic pallc at oner; 

And made tiiv waiira (land ai llill 
as doth an heap of (foncs. 

14 He led themfecrctinaclond 
by day wlicii it was blight; 

And in the night when dai k it was 
with fire hegauc them light. 

1 y He brake the rocks in wildcmcITc, 
and gauc cIk people di ini'. 

As plenrifiill as when the deeps 
doc flow vp to the brink. 

1(5 HedrcwouiriuersontolVocks 

that were both dric and hard, 

OtTuch abundance, that no flonds 
to them might be compai’d. 

17 Yctfbrall thisagainftrheloid 
their finne they did inerrafe, 

And ftirred him that is moft high 
to wrath i 1 wildenieflc. 

18 They tempted God within theii luarts, 
like people of millruft, 

Requiring fuch a kindc of meat 
as ferued to their InA. 
ip Sayingwith tnurmtirition 
in their viifaich/iilntfle, 

What ? can this God prqsau'for vs 
a RaA in wildcinttfc ? 

so Behold, he Arakc the Aonv reek 
and flonds f irrhwirh did flow, * 

But can he now gkic to his fi>lk 
both and flifliallo? 
a I When Godlicaid this Ik- waxed wroth 
with lacob and his fepd ; 

So did his indignapion 
on Ifracl proceed. 

Tht third part. 

2 2 Rrcaufe they did nor fiithfiilly 
bciccuc, and hope that he 
Could alwaies ItcFp and fuccour tlicm 
in their nec'.Aitie. 

23 Wltcreforc he did cemm.ind the clouds 
forthwith they brake in (iindcr, 

24 And rain’d dwvn Manna for them to tar, 
a food of mickle wonder. 

sy When earthly men witliAcgels food ■ 

were ft d at their req itcA. 

26. I^e bad the Riftwhide blow away^ 

• Snd hi wighHrfthtS.Vrth-wcA.' 

27 He rain’d downReAiasthickasduA, 

' and fowlc as tlu'ck as land, 

Which he'd dca A amid^he place ' i 

where all the jj- rents did Aasd.' 

*;? Thciidid they eat pidrecdingly, * 


Yet in< ire and more they did defire 
to (tiut their lulls and wills. 

JO Bjtai itie meat waiin itirjun iuthef 

his wiaih vpon tfiem fcl A 

And flew iIk flower o* all tliciTytutli, 
andclwicc of ilratl. 

j2 Yet ft II they to their wonted fitinc, 

and Aill they did gricuc 1 

F^r all tlic wond.r* that he wtuight, 
ihcy would him notbeleiur. 

3 3 Their dai: s thin fore he Aiortcncd, 
and made their lionairvainc; yearesdid wafleandpafleaway 
with terroui and witli paint. 

34 But tutr whni lie plagtttd iIkoi, 
they fo'ight him by and by, 

3y Rcmembringtliat he was their Arength, 
their help and God moA high. 

36 Though in tlicir mouths ihty did but g'.ofe 
and flam r with I he Lo: d. 

And with thtir tongurs, and in their hearts 
tliAtmblcd cuay word. 

The fourth part. 

3 7 For why ? their hearts were nothing bait 
to him nor to hts trade ; 

Nor yet to keep a' to performc 
the cone; ant that tvas made. 

58 YctwashcAf'l Aimcrcifull 
when they dcltru J to die, 

That he forgaue tlKin their mildccds 
and would noicbiin ilcAtoy. 

Yea, many a time he nim’d his wnth 
anddidhimfclk adiiifc, 

And would notfuffcrall hii whole 

39 Confldering that they were but fltfli, 
and ciicn as a wLndc 

Tlatpaflcthaway, and cannot well 
recurneby his ownc kindc. 

40 How oftentimes in vvilJcmdrc 
did they the herd prouokc ? 

How did thy motieand Airrc the Lord 
to plague them with his Arokc ! 

4t Yet did they rumc againc to finne, 
and.tem;n.d God cftloonc, 

Preferibing to the holy Lord 

wl-at things tlicy would liiuc done. 

42 Not thinking of bis Kind and power, 
ncr of the efav when he 

|)i.Iii!cnd them out of the hands 
of tlte fierce aiemie. 

43 Nor how he wrought his miracles, 

(.IS they themiclucs beheld) 

In'.F'gypt, and the wontfcrs tliat 
he did in Zoan field. 

44 Nor how he t-med by his power 
their w;atcrs into bloud: 

That no man oiighrrccrinchis drink 
at riuer nor at flond. 

E 2 


45 Nor 



Nor how he (cut them fwarmcs of flies. 
which did them (ore annoy 

And fill’d their countrcy fullot frogs 
which did their land deftroy. 

The fift part. 

46 Nor how he did commit their fiuits 
vnto the caterpillar: 

And all the labour of thtir hands 
he gauc to the graflioppcr. 

47 With hailftoncs hedeftroyd tlieir vines, 
lb that they were all lofl: 

And notfo m.idi as wildc fig-trees, 
but he conlum’d withfroft. 

48 And yet with hailftoncs once againc 
the Lord their cattcll fmote, 

And all thtir flocks and hcards likewife 
with thunderbolts full hor. 

49 Hecaft vpontheminhis ire 
and in liis fiiry ftrong, 

Difpicafute, wrath, and euill fpirits, 
to trouble them among. 

50 Then to his wrath he nude a way, 
but fpartd not the Icaft: 

But gauc vnto thepcftilcnce 
the man and eke the bcaft. 

51 Hcftrakealfothcfiift-borncall 
that vp in A’.gyptcamc •• 

And all the chiefeof mcnandbeaft’s 
within the tents of Ham. 

52 Bur as for all his own dearc folk, 
he did preferue and keep, 

And carried them through wildcmeflc 
euen like a flock of (heep. 

5} Without all fearc both (afe and found 
he brought them out of thrall. 

Whereas their foes with rage ot IlBS 
were ouerwhelmedall. 

54 And brouglit them out into the coafts 
of his owne holy land, 

Euen to the mount which he had got 
by his ftrong arme and hand. 

5 5 And there call out the heathen folk, 
and did their land diuide; 

And in their tents he fet the tribes 
of Ifracl to abide. 

5 5 Yet for all this their God moft high 
they ftiri’d and tempted ftill, 

And would not keep his teftament, , 

nor yet obey his will. 

5 7 But as their fathers turned back, 
euen lb they wentaftray, 

Much like a bow that would not bend, 
but flip and ftartaway. 

The/ixtb part. 

5 8 And gricu’d him with their hill-altars, 
withotferingsand with fire, 

And witli their idols vehemently 
prouoked him to ire. 

57 Therewith his wrath began again 
to kindle in his breaft. 

The naughtiutfle of Iliad 
hctiidlo muchdctift. 

60 Then he forfook the tabernacle 
of Silo, where he was 

Right conucrlltiu with earthly men, 
euen as his dwelling place. 

61 Then liifftrcd lie his might and power 
in bondage for to (land, 

And gauc the honotir of his arkc 
into his enemies band. 

61 And did commit them to thefword, 
wroth witli his heritage. 

bj Their young men were dcuoui d with fire, 

maids had no mariage. 

^4 And with the fwordthc Priefts alfo 
did perifli cuery one, 

And nor a widow left nliue 
tiicir dcatli for to beinone. 

(Jy And then the Lord began to wake 
likcone that flepta time, ’ 

And asa valiant man of warre 
rcfrcflicd after wine. 

66 With Einrods in the hinder parts 
he drake hiscncmicsall, 

And put them then vnto a fliame 
that was perpetual!. 

C-j Then he the tent and tabernacle 

of loftphdid refufe: 

As fm the tribe of Ephraim 
he would in no wife chufc 

<58 Blit cholc the tribe of Ichuda, 
whereas he thought to dwell*, 

Euen the noble mount Sion, * 
which he did loiic fo well. 

69 Whereas he did his temple build 
both lumpruoiifly and fure, 

Like as the earth which he hath made 
for cucr to endure. 

70 Then chofe he Dauid Iiim to ferue. 

Ills people for to keep ; 

Whom he took up and broughtaway 
euen from the folds of "fliccp. 

71 As he did follow th’Ewes with young, 
the Lord did Iiim aduance 

To feed his people Ilracl, 

7} Thus Dauid with a faithfull heart 
Ins flock and charge did feed, 

And prudently with all his power 
did goucru them in deed. 

Deiis vencrunt.Pfal.lxxix. 1. H. 

The Ifraelites cemp/aiae to God for the calamitiet 
which the^ fnjferedwben Antiocblis deflroyed 
their Temple and Cilj , dejiring aid a^ai/ifl hk 
tyrant) y , lefi ^od and Religion Ptouldhe contem- 
ned by the heathen , whojhonldjee themforfaken 




Siii^lh$/ 4 ! the 77, Pf4lme. 

O Co<l tl)cGcntilcjd()f inuadc 
thine lieriraf'cto ipoilc, 
Iciufalcmaii Inapt 15made, 
tliy temple they defile. 

2 lliebixlirsoltiiy Saints moftdetre, 
ahroa.l to birds thfv calf, 

The fltfli ol'thtin tlut dot thee ftarc 
the bead deiiouic and watte. 

j Their blond thraighoiit Itnifalcin 
as Water f jiilt they haue, 

So that there is not one of them 
to lay their he ad in graue. 

4 TI1US arc we made a laughing (lockc 
almoft the world throughout. 

The enemies at vs ieft and mocke, 
which dwell our coafts about. • 

y Wiltthou (OLord)tliusinthincire 
againftvs cuerfume, 

Atid thew thy wrath as hot as fire, 
thy fbike for to confiimc. 

6 Vpon thtfe people proue the fame, 

I which did thee neuci' know. 

All i calms which call not on thy name 
conlLme and oiKrthrow. 

7 for they bane got the vpper hand, 
and Jacobs feed delfroy , 

His liabirationand his land 
they haue left walfe aud void. 

8 Btarc nor in mind our former faults, 
with fpeed tome piety fliow. 

And aid vs Lord in all atlaults, 
for we are weakc and loiv. 

The (ecntd part, 

9 fbat giu’rt all health and grace, 

on vs declare the fame, 

\Vcigh not our works, our linnes deface 
for honour of thv name. 

10 Why fhall the wicked (fill alway, 
rovsa people durnbe. 

In thy reproach reioyce and fay 
where is t heir God become } 

11 Require.O Lord, as thou fit’ff gooel, 
before wreies in fight, 
Ofallthelcfolkcthy feruants bloud 
which tlicy fpilt in delpight. 
la Rccciue into thy fight in hafte, 
the clamours griefe and wrong, 
Offuchas aie in prifon caff, 
fuftaining iions flrong. 

ij Thy force and fttength to celebrate. 
Lord let them out ofband 
Which ynto death aredeftinate, 
and in their enemies hand. 

14 The nations which haue bcene lb bold, 
as toblalphcmc thy name. 

Into their laps with leuen fold 
repay againc the lame. 

1 y So We thy flocke and paftiire fheepe, 
will praife thee ruennore. 

5 ? 

At,d teach all ages for to keep 
for thee like praife in (lore. 

Qui regis Ifracl. Pfal. Ixix. /. H. 

the Chtercbyie/iep,^ hm to conJSder the fir ft eft at, 
when hta fanour jhmed towardt theta, thru baa 
miibtftmibthat aoTkjrlncb he te^an. 

Stag tbu at the yj.Tfalme. 

' r» Hou Heard tliat Jfiael doff keep 
I gi* ore and take good heeu,' 

Which leaded lofephhkLfh^. 

and dod him watch and feed. ’ 
a Thw lord, I fay, whole feat is fet 
00 Chcriibins mod bright 
Shew forth thy felfe and doc ni let, 
fend down thy beams of light.* 

J Before Ephraim and Ben/amin, 

Manafles ekelikewife, 

To die w thy power doe thou begin, 
come help vs, Lord, arife. 

4 Dirod our heartsvnto thy grace, 
con vert v $. Lord ,t* thee; 

Shew vs the brightneffc of thy face 
and then fuli fafe are we. * 

y Lord God of hoads of Ifracl, 
how lon^ wilttlioo, Kay, 

Agiind thy folk in a.nger fwdl, 
and ivilt not hean the m pray ? 

6 Thw dod t/iOT feed with fornnrs deep' 
thcir bread ^virh tcarcs they catc • 

And drink the tcarcs that they doc weep 
in meaftire fiiiJ and great. 

7 Thouhadvsmadeavciy drife 

to tliofe that dwell ab^, 

And t hat our foes doc louc alife 
they laugh andjead it out. ’ 

S O take vs, Lord, vnto thy grace, 

conucfxour hearts ro thee : * 

Shew forth to vs thy jV.yfbH face 

and we full fife (hall be. ’ 

9 ^rem Aigypt where it grew not well 
thou broughtda full dcare; 

T he heatheu fcJk thou didd expel! 

and thou didd plant it th^ * 

I o 7 iiou didd prepare for it a place 
and fer her roots full fad, ’ 

That it did grow, and fpring apace. 
anti fild the land at lall. 


11 Tlic hills Were coucred round aboot 
with ihadetharffom it came; 

And eke the Cedars drongand dour, 
wi rh biaiKhcs of the fame. 

12 \V hy didd thou then her walls dedroy 
her hetlgcplucktvp thou had. 

That all t.Sc folk that paflfc thereby 
thy vine may Ipoiicaad wade. 

1 j T Ire Bore out of the wood fb wiMc 
doth digaud root it out: 

£ 4 The 

5 + 

P S A L M R 


The furious bcafts out of the field 

devoure it all about. 

14. O Urd of hoafts return again, 
from htauen look berime, 

Behold, and W ith thy help lulhiu 
this poorc vineyard of thine. 

15 Thy plant, T fay,thine IfracI, 
whom thy riglic hand hatli fet, 

Tlie fame which thou didlUaie fo Well, 

O Lord, doc not forget. 

16 They lop and cut it do wnc apace, 
they buineitekewith fire. 

And through the frowning of thy face 
we perifh in thine ire. 

17 Letthyrighthandbewiththem now 

whom thou haft kept fo long, 

And with the Ibnnc of man whom thou 
to thee liaft made lb ftrong. 

18 And fo when thou haft let vs fi ce, 
and failed vs from fhanic, 

Then will vve neuer fall from thee, 
but call vpon thy name. 

I p O Lord of hoafts, of thy good grace 
convc rt vs vnto thee; 

Behold vs with a pit a!ant face, 
and then full i'afe arc wee. 

ExulwccDco. Pfal.lxxxj. 7 H. 

Ait txhmtuioH It pruife Cud both in heart and 
voice for hie benejits, aid to worfu^itimonely, 
godcondemneth their uf^ratitade, and Jberveth 
lohat great beaefusthefhatteloft thieugh their 
orvne malice. 

E light and glad in Got! rejovee, which 
is our ftrength and flay; Be joyfull and lift 


vp your voice to lacobs God, Hay. a.Pre- ^ ^ Hicvv 
pare youf inftniinents moft mat.lbmc joy- 


full Pfalme to fine 


: Strike vp with Harpe 

and Lute fofwcct,pn euciy plealantfjrlng. 

f - , 

3 Blow as it were in the new moon,. 

vviclixrumpets of the beft; 
Asitisvfeditobedone ' 
atanyfoleinnefeaft'- 1 
4. For this is vnto Iffiiel 

a ftatujce and ^ trade i • " - ‘ ' 

AlawthatmuflbpkeptfuJl well, ho ■ 


which lacobs God hath nude. 

j Thisclaiife witli lofipli wasdteiced 
when he from /Egypt came, 

That as a witnell’c all hia Iced 
fhoiild Hill obleriit the lame. 

6 W hen God , I lay , had I'oprt pai’d 
to bring him from that land, 

Whereas the Ipeecli tliat he had heard, 
he did notvnderftand. 

7 1 tfom his ftiouldcrs took ( he faith) 
the bnrdcii clean away : 

And from the lurnaceqnit him free, 
from burning brick of clay. 

8 When thou in gritfedidft cry and call, . 

I holp thee by and by. 

And I did anfwcr thee witlial! 
in thunder feeretly. 

9 Yea , at the waters of difeord 
I did thee tempt and prouc, 

W lie teas thegoodnen'eof the Lord , 
with muttering thou didft mouc. 

10 HearcjOniy fblfcjO Ifiael, 
and I alfnre it thee: 

Regard and maikc my words full well, 
if thou vviltclcaue to me. 

The fecund part. 

11 Thou flialt no god in thee rcicruc 
of any land abroad, 

Nor in no wile to bow or feme 
a ftrangc or forreignegod. 
la I am the Lord thy God, and I 
from Aigypr fet thee free : 

Then aske of mcabundantly , 
and I will giue it thee. 

1 3 And yet my people would not hcarc 
my voice when that I fpake ; 

Nor Ifrael would not obey 
but did me quite forlake. 

14 Then did I Icauethcm totlieirwill , 
in hardnefl'e of their heart. 

To walk in their own counlells ftill, 

' .nileliicsthey might pcriierr. 

O that my people would haue heard ’ 

And eke that IfracI would regard 
to walk vvithin my way. 

1 6 How foone waild I confound their foes , 
and bring them down full low; 

And turn my hand vpon all thofe 
that would them outrthrow I 

17 And they that at the Lord doc rage 
as flaticsfhoiild feek him till; 

But of his folk the time and age 
fliould flourifh ciicr ftill. 

18 I would haue fed them with the crop, 
and fineft of the wheat; 

And made the rock with honey drop, 
that they their fills fliould ear. 

Deus ftetit. Pfal. lxxxij.7. H 

Tlavid declarmg ^od to be prefent with hedges and 



P s A L M li Lxxxnj. Lxxxiiij. 

tnapflritts rrfrovttb thtir furiulny ^ xmnfh- 
tfOH/iiefe, and fxhn'Uth tJjtm to doijuflue^bm 
fifMf no amendment , he defireth Hod lodeein- 

fltce himfelfe. 

this at the 77 . P/Jme. 

K Mill the picalc wit 1 : men of might 
1 V ihclxjidliiinfdlcdixhflaiid. 

To plead theiaulc of tnith and riglit, 
with Judges of the land. 

* hc_l will you proceed 

falJe judgments to award, 

And haue refpert for louc of meed 
the wicked to regard f 

3 Whereas of due you Oiould defend 
the fat he t lefle and weak, 

And when the poore man doth contend 
in judgment juftly fpeak. 

4 Jf ye be wife defend tlKCaufe 
of poore men in their right. 

And rid the needy from the claws 
of tyrants force and might. 

j But nothing will they know or Icame, 
in vain tothemltalke, 

They will not Jee, or ought difeeme, 
hut (fill inda:k.neflewalk. 

6 For lo,eucn now the time iscomc 
thatallthingsftll tonought, 

And likcwiJc lawes both all and (bmc 
forgainc arc fbld and bought. 

1 had decreed it in my fight 
as gods to rake you all, 

And children to the moft of might 
for louc I did you call. 

7 But notwit hfiand ing yec fliall die 
as men, and fo decay, 

Otyrants I fiiall you deftroy, 
and pluck you qeiite awaj’. 

8 VpLord , and let thy ftrength be known, 
and /udee the world with might; 

For why ? all nations are thine own 
to take them as thy right. 

Deusquiei. Plal-lxxxiij././/. 

Thelfraehtes pray the Lord to de/iner them from 
their enemies both at home andfarre off',aJfo thdt 
allfnch tricked people heflrncken rrito buftormy 
tempefis that they may lenorr his power. 

Sino this as the 77. 7 Crime. 

D Oc not Cod) ref rain thy tongue, 

in filence doc not ftay; 

\Vq:hbotd not fiord) thy fdfe fo long, ’ 

and make no more delay. 

3 For >vhy ? behold thy foes and fee 
how they doefage and cry; 

And f holt chat bearc aa hate to thee 
lx)ld vp their heads on high. 

3 Againft thy fek they'uledeedt, ' 
and craftly they inquire, 

For thine eleift to lie in wait ' ■ 

their counfcjldorh conipife. 

4 Come on, fay tlicy , let vs expdl 
and pluck tbefe folk away, ■ ' ' 

So that the name of J/fad 

may vttcriy decay. 

J T hey all confpire within their heart 
they may thee vvhhftand: 

Againft the Lord to take a prt 
they are in league and band. 

6 The rents of all the EdomiOf . 
the J/inaclircf alio; 

Tlie Hagarens and Moabites , 
withdiucrsotlicr moe. 

7 Cebal with Ammon, and I Jet wile 

doth Amaltk cf-nfpirc: 

^ he I biiiflines againft diet rife , 
with them that dwell at Tyre. 

8 And Alhur ekris wdl apaid 
with them in Ic^^tie tobc; 

And doth becotnea Icnceand aid 
to Lots poftcrity. 

P As thou didft to fhcMidianitcs,' 

fo feme thtm lavd each one; 

As to Sifer, and to lafain, 
befide the brook K'ilon. 

10 Whom thou in Endordidft deftroy 

_^^and w'aftc them with thy might, 

That they hkc dung on earth did lie ^ 

and that in open fight. 

The Jet <md fart. 

It ^ake them now and tfcir lords apptare 

like Zeb and Orcb then ; 

As Zebah and Zalmana were 
the kings of Midian, ’ 

I2 Which laid. Let vs throughout the land 

in all the coafts abroad, 

PofTefl'c and take into our hand 
the faire houfes of God. 

ij TumethemfOGod) with flormcs IS 
as wheels that haue no ftay , * 

Or like the cliaffc which men doe caft 
with windes to flic away. 

14 hikcMtbc fire with i age and fume r 
the mighty foiTcfts fpills. 

And as the flame doth quitcconluaie 
the mountains and the hills. 

15 So let the tempeft of thy wrath 
vpon their necks be kkl ; 

And of thy ftormy wjndeand fbower ; ; 

Lord make thtm ill afraid. 

Id Ford bringthemall,! theedefirer 

to fuch rebuke and ftiamc. 

That it may cauJc them to enquire ' 

and Icahic to feck thy nunc. i 

17 And let them cBcrmOre daily ‘ 

to ftiimc and (lander till , 

And inrctafticandoblpqi^ ' i 
rb pcrlih ckc withall. 

18 That they may know and feel fnUvpHI t 

that f Jiou art called Lord , 
Andihatalonethoudoftpceil, JO -t 

and reignethroughout the world, t . 

Qu."!!!! dildda.POi|. Ixxxiii/.^y. 

D avid, ex Jed his cdtmtry^deliret h ardently to retsem 
to Gods tahemaeh , m 4 ajjemhlj of the Saints to 



P SA L M E L/XXxilij* IvXXXV. 

fTAifiCU, the* het frAihlhthtcour^oftht 

fctfUthM p4f throHgh thevUderntjfete ajjem- 
tU themfelnes in Ston. 

Sing thu tu the Cj/Tfaltnt- 

H Ow plealant is chy dwelling place, 

O Lord of hoafts to me I 
The tabernacles of thy grace 

how pleafant CLord) they be I 
■a My foule doth long lull fore to goc 
into thy courts abroad; 

My ht^rt doth luft, my flclh alfo 
in thee the lining God. 

j The Sparrows finde a roome to reft 
and (auc themlHucs from wrong, 

And eke the Swallow hath a neft 
wherein to ktq) her young. 

^ Thefe birds full nigh thine al tar may 
haue place to lit and fing; 

O Lord of hofts, thou arc, 1 lay, 
my God and eke my King. 

j O they be blclTcd that may dwell 
within thy houfe alwaies, 

For they all times thy faTs doe tell, 
and cuergiiiethee praife. 

6 Yea, happy hire likewife are they 
whole ftay and ftrength thou art, 

Which to thy houfe doc minde the way, 
and feek It in their heart. 

As they goe through the vale of tearcs 
they dig vp fountains ftill, 

Thatasa fpring it all appears, 
and thou their pits doff fill. 

7 From ftrength to ftrength tliey walk fill fell 

And lb the God of Godsatlaft 
‘ in Sion they doe fee. 

8 O Lord of hofts to me giue heed, 
and hcarc when I doe pray, 

And let ttthrough thine cares proceed, 

O laco’JsGi'd, ? fay. 

9 O Lord rurfhield, of thy good grace 
regard , and fbdrawncare; 

Regard. I fay, behold the face 
of thine anointed dearc. 

10 For why? within thy courts one day 
is better to abide, ' 

Than other where to keep or ftay 
a thouland daics befide. 

Much rather would f keep a doorc 
within the houfe of God, 

Than in the tents C(f wickedn^’ • > 1 ' . t 

to fettle mine abode. 

11 For God the Loeddight and dtfcnce, 
will grace and worfhjp gine •>" • 

And i)Q.gQod thing will he withhold 
from them cHar-piirely Irue. ‘ ’ 

la O Lord of hofts ;Aflt min is: bleft 

and happy lima fs he ’ -■ H.. 

That is per(wadtd;in.bis bceft';[ . . . 

•' tdtruftalldmWtpthee.V j ■* ' 

Benedixifti. Pfal. Ixxxv. /. H. 

lecMfe God wuhdrerv not kit rod from bit Church 
after the retarnefiom 'Babjlon jirfl they pm him 
in minde that he Jhon/d not leaue the of hit 
grace vnferfed, andcomptaine of their af~ 

pUlion.Then they rtjoyee in hope ofpromtfeil deli¬ 
ver ance,which vat afigiiroof^h-ifls ktagdome, 
vnder whiebJhaJi he perfed felicity. 

Sing this at the 'Vfalme, 

T Houhait been incrcifull indeed, 

O Lord, vnto thy land, 

For rhou reftoredft lacobs feed 
from thraldomc out of band, 
a The wicked waics that they were in, 
thou didft them clcanc remit, 

And thou did ft hide thy peoples fmne, 
full clofe thou coucredft it. 

5 Thine anger eke thou didft affwage, 
that all thy wiath was gone. 

And fo didft tunie thee from thy rage 
with them to be at one. 
f O God our hcalrh, doe now conuert 
thy people unto thee; 

Tut all thy wrath from us apart, 
and angry ccafe to be. 

y Why ?fhall thine anger neuer end, 
but ftill proceed on vs ? 

And fhall thy wrath it fclfc extend 
vpon all ages thus ? 

6 Wilt thou notrathertumc therefore 

and quicken vs, chat wee 
And all thy folk may eucrmorc 
be glad and joy in thee ?• 

7 O Lord, on vs doe thou declare 
thy goodneffe to our wealth 
Shew forth to vs, and doc not fpare 
thine aide and fauing health; 

8 I will hcark what God faith, foe he 
fpeakes to his people peace, 

And to his Saints, that neiitr they 
retume to fooliftinefle. 

9 Forwhy? his help is ftill at hand 
to fuch as doc him feare, 

Whereby great glory in our land 
fhall dwell and flourifh there. 

1 o For truth and mercy there fhall meet 
in one to take their place; 

And peace fhall jufticc with kiffc greet, 
and there they fhall embrace. 

II As truth from earth fhall fpring apace, 
and flourifh pleafantly: 

So righreoofneffc fhall fhew her ftce, 
and look from heauen hie: 

12 Yea, God himfdfc doth take in hand 
to giue vs each good thing; 

And through threoaftsof all cIk land 
the earth her finit fhall bring. 

Ij Before his face fhall j'ufticc goc 
much like a guide or ftay; 

He fhall diied his fteps alfo 
and keep them in dhe way. 

L .. 

■ ■\ 

■ M 



Ps A L M £ Lxxxvj. LxXXVlj. 

Incliiu Dominc.Pfal. Lxxxvj./. H. 

Duatd fore- nfftilltd, frtjtth fcTHtnitj for dcluu. 
r*nce fomcnmt rehur/lnjr hii miftrui and mer- 
citiriccmed^defriHgalftto btuiflrnlicdif tht 
Ltrd, that ht may feart aadglrrtfu bn name: be 
cempUmeth atfo ofbu adMerJanet.aud rejniretb 
tebedeliitertd from them. 

Sing thitasthe l8" Pfalme. 

Ord bow thine care to my rtqucft, 
and licarc me by and by, 

W ith gricuous ptinc and grief'e oppref^ 
full poorc and wcakcam I. 
a Prcfcnic my foulc, btcaulc my wajci 
' and doings holy be. 

And (auc tby ftruant.O my Lord, 
chat puts his trull in dice. 

3 Thy mercy, Lord, on me exprefle, 
aefend me eke withall, 

For through the day I doe not ccafc 
on thee to ciy and call. 

4 Cortifoi t CO Lord) thy feruants fbule 
that now with painc is pin’d. 

For vnto thee Lord I cxtoll, 
and lift my (ouk and 'mindc. 

J For thou art good and bountifall, 
thy gPts ofgiaccarc ficc, 

Ajjd tke thy mercy plcntifull 
to all that call on thee. 

6 O Lord likewifc when I doc pray, 
regard and giue an care, 

Markc well the words that I doc fay, 
and all my prayers hcare. 

7 In time when trouble doth me moae 
to thee I doc cot plainc, 

For why ? I know and well doc proue, 
thou anfwercfl me againe* 

8 Amongthegods.OLoid.isnone, 
with thee to be compai’d, 

And nonecaadocas thai alone, 
the like hath not beenc heard. 

7 'Ae fecond parti 

9 The Gentiles and the people all 
which thai didft make and frame 

Before thy face on knees (hall fall 
and glorifie thy name, 
to For svhy ? thou art (o much of might, 
all power is thine owne 
Thou worked wonders Hill in fight, 
fbi thou art God alone. 

11 O teach me Lord thy way and I 
_ (hall in thy truth proceed, ’ 

0 /oyncmy heart to thee fb nigh 
that I thy name may dread. 

12 Totheemy God,will Igiuepraile 

with all my heart, O Lord, 

And glorifie thy name alwaics 
forcuer through the world. 

13 For why ? thy mercy flicw'd to trie, 

IS great and doth excell 

Jhoulctft my foulc at liberty, . 
out from the lower lidl. ’ 

14 O^rd,tlicpioudagainf>mcri/c, 

heaps of men of might, 

They feik my fiiulc , and in no wife 
wtIJ hanc thee in tht :r fight. 

*5 Jhou ,Loid.artmercifu!land mak 

full flack and flow to wrath ; * • 

Thy goodnclfe is hill great, ai-^l tke 
thy truth no mcaturc lath. 

16 Oturne to me, and mercy grant, 


O help and la^c chine own leruanr, 
thy handmaids loiineam /. 

1 7 me fomc figne of ftoour fliew 
that all mv foes may fie , 

And be afliam’J . becauft (lajtd) thou 
doft help and c.omfoa me. 

Fundamenta cjiis Pl'al. Ixxxvij.//:/. 

The hclj Ghefi prermfeih , that theCbnrtb. a, yet 
m nufety, after the capttnuy ef 'BabyUn ,/httU 
bfrefteredtagreat rxcellrmcy , ja that Htthtre 
fhanldbemare cemfertabU thorn te be tambrti 
among the number t thereof. 


T-* Hat city lhall foil well endurr , 

1 her giou.ndwo.k dill doth flay 

Vpon the holy hills fail lure, 
it can no time decay, 
a God loucsthcgares of Sion btfl< 
his giace doth there abide ; 

He Iducs them more than all the aft 
of lacobs teiusbciide. 

3 Full glorious shings reported be 

Great things, 1 fay, arc fiid of thee 
thou Cily of our God. 

4 On Rahab I will caftan eye, 
and bcarc in inipde the fame; 

And Babykin (hall ekekppiy , 
and Icamc to know my name. 

3 Lo and Tyre alfo, 
with Ethiopclikewifc, 

A people old foil long agoc • 

were borne , a id thtre did rife. 

6 Of Sion they fhall fay abroad, • ' '* 
thatdiuersmenof feme 

Hane thfte fpnmg \-p, and the high GoJ 
hath founded fall the lame. 

7 luthoir records to them it fliall 
^V™*'gh Goels daiicc- appearc 

Of Sioo , that the chkfe of .ill 
had his beginning there. 

5 FhcTrBmpetters.withfocTiasfing, 

therein g^ear picnry be ; 

My fountains and me plealantfpti.ngy 
are compall all in thee. 

Domine Dcu3. Pul Ixxxviij.T.S. 

The/attbfnB Jore affitShd by/kkpf{fe.perfrcmr,ed] 
aduetfny, and at it rrere lejt •/ Godnttbnt any 
conjfolation, jtthculUihon <fodbj fattb. amt 
ftrineti a^ainji de/peraiuiy. 


P S A L M E Lxxxviij. Lxxxix. 

Sinf^ as the -j-i. Pfalme. 

Old God oF health the hope and ftay, 
thou an alone to me, 

I call and cry throughout the day 
and all the night to thee, 
a O let my prayers (none afeend, 
vnto thy fight on high, 

Encline thine eare, O Lord, attend 
and hearken to my crj'. 

^ For why ? with woe m y heart is fill’d, 
and doth in trouble dwell. 

My life and breath almofi doth yeeld 
and draweth nigh to hell. 

4 lam efteem’d as one of them 
that in thepitdoth fall. 

And made as one among thofe men 
that haue no ftrength at all. 

5 As one among the dad, and free 
from things that hereremaine. 

It were more ta(c for me to be 
With them the which are flaine. 
i6 As thole that lie in giaue. Hay, 
whom thou haft clrane forgot. 

The which thy hand hath cutaway, 
and thou regard’d them not. 

7 Yca,liketooneftmtvpfull fure, 
within the lower pit. 

In places darkc and all obfeure, 
and in the depth ofit. 

8 Thine anger and tby wrath likewife, 
hill fort on me doth lie, 

And all thy ftormcsagainft me rife 
my fouleio vexe and try. 

9 Thou put’ft my friends ftrre off from me 

and mak’ft them hate me (ore, 
lamlhutvpin prifonfaft,’’ 
and can come forth no more. 

I o My fight doth faiic through gtiefc and woe 

I all to thee OGod, 

Throughouuhe day myhandsaUb 
to thee Iftretch abroad. 

*rhe fecond part. 

II Doftthou vnto the dead declare 
thy wondrous works of fame ? 

Shall dread tolifeagain? tepaire 
and praife thee for the fame? 

1 2 Of (hall thy louing kindnefle Lord, 
be prt ached in the graue ? 

Or Hull with them that arc deftroid, 
thy truth her honor haue. ’ 

13 Shall they that lie in darkc M low 
of all thy wonders wot? * 

Or therc.ft)all they thy iuftice know 
where all things are forgot ? 

14 But 1,0 Lord,to thee alwaies, 

doe cryand call apace, 

My prayer eke ere it be day, 
fha l come before thy free, 

JJ Why doftthou Lord abhotfcrtiyfcule 
in griefe that feckc;th thee, * 

And now,0 Lord, why doft thou 
thy face away from me? 

itf lamaffliiftedas dyingftill, 
from youth this many a ycere. 

The terrours that doc vexe me ill, 
with troubled inindc I bare. 

The furies of thy wrathfull rage 
full fore vpon me fiill. 

Thy terrors ckc doe not afl'wage, 
but me opprefle withall. 

18 All day they compafle me about, 
as water at the ride. 

And all at once with ftrames full ftout 
befetmeon each fide. 

19 Thonfetteft farre from me my friends, 
and loucrscuery one. 

Yea, and mine old acquaintance all 
out of my fight arc gone. 

Mifcricordias. Pfal. Lxxxix.T.S. 

DaMiJpraif rth Cod for his costenam made betsoee* 
him and his eteU by Ufns Chrift : then hee com- 
fUineth of the dejo/atton of his Kinodome,ft that 
the prormfefeemed to be broken. T^allj^fraj. 
eth to hee deliuered fromaf/liniotis,mentioMiy^ 
thejhortxeffe of mans life, and conjirmint him- 
ftlfebj Gods fromifis. 

Sinithisas thejy. Pfalme. 

^O fingthc mercies of the Lord 
my tongue fhall neuer (pare. 

And with my mouth from age to age 
thy truth I will declare, 
a For I haue (aid that mercy fliaJI, 

for eucrmorc remaine. 

In that thou doft the heruens ftay, 
thy truth appeareth plainc. 

J To mine tlc<ft faith God, I made 
a couenant and bcheft. 

My feriiantDauid roperfwade 
I fwore and did proteft. 

4 Thy feed for cuer 1 will ftay, 
and ftablifli it full taft. 

And ftill vphold thy throne alway 
from age to age to laft. 

y The haiirns (hew with ioy and mirtK 
thy wondrons works,O Lord, 

Thy Saints within th>'Church on earth 
thy faith and truth record. 

€ W ho with the Lord is cquall then 
ill all the clouds abroad? 

Among the fonnes of all the gods, 

what one is like our Goo ? i - 

7 God in alTcmbly of the Saints 
is greatly to be dread, 

And ouer all that dwell about 
interrourtobc had. 

8 Lord God of hofts in all the world 
what one is like to thee, 

On cncry fide, moft mighty Lord, 
thy truth is fecne to be. 

9 The raging fa by thine adnice 
thou rulcft at thy will, 

And when the wanes thereofarife, 
thoumak’ft themcalme and ftilf, 

lo And 


P 5 A L M E 


10 And>Egyp« Lord thou halt lubdudc, 

and thou hafl it deftroydc | 

Tfca thou thy fots with mighty arme 
lull fcaitcrcd all abroad. 

The ficntdf4urt. 

11 The heaueni are chine. 6c flill hauebcen, 
likewile the earth and land • 

The world with all that is therein, 
thuu founded with thy hand. 

12 Both north and (both with cad and wed, 
thy felte d<dd make *d frame, 

Both Tabor rnoum. a-(<(L^ Hamon, 
reioyce and praife thy natae. 

13 Thinearmeisdfone andivdl ofpower, 

all might therein doth lie, 

The drength of thy richt hand each Koure 
thou lifted vp on hie, 

14 In righteonfnefle and equity, 
thou had thy feat and place, 

Mercy and truth are dill with ch^, 
and goc before iby face. 

15 That folke is bled that knoweih aright 
thy prelent power O God, 

For in the fauour of thy light, 
they walke full fafe abroad. 

16 Forinthynamethroughouttbeday. 
they loy and much reioyce. 

And through thy tighteournelTe hauetbey, 
a plcafant lame and node. 

17 For why itheir glory, drength, and aide, 
in thee alone dorh lie. 

Thy goodnclTc eke that hath vs daid, 

^11 lift our home on hie. 

18 Our drength that doth defend rs well, 
the Lord to va doth bring. 

The holy one of llracl, « 
he is our guide and king 

19 Somcrime thy will vnto thy Saints 
in vifiontthou didd ihew 

And thus then didd thou fay to them, 
thy mind to make them know. 

ao A man of might 1 haue ere<d, 
your king and guide to be. 

And fet him vp wbum I cledl 
among the felke to me. 

The thirdptrt, 

21 My feruant Dauid 1 appoint 
whome I haue fcarched out, 

And with my holy oyleannoint 
him king of all the roan 

22 For why, my hand is ready DiO 
with him for toremaine. 

And with my arme alfo I will 
him drengchen and fudaine. 

23 The enemies (hall not him opprtde 

they Ihall not him dcuoure: 

Ne yet the fonnes ofwickcdnelTe, 
of him fhall haue no power. 

24 His focslikewife will I dedroy 
before his face in light. 

And thofe that hare him I will 

and (bike them with my might, 

2j My truth and mercy eke widulJ 

(hall dill Tpon him lie. 

And in my name his homceke (liall 
bcelittrd rpon hie, 

aC Hiskinedomcl wiiKctcobe 

vpon the fca and land, * 
AndcK the running floods (hallhc 
embrace with his right hand, 

*7 He (hall depend with all bia heart 

on me, and thus (hall fay, 

My Father and my God thou art, 
my rocke of health and flay. 

As one (irfl borne 1 srill him take, 
of all on earth that fpringi, 

His might and honour! (hall make 
abmx all worldly kings. 

19 My oxrcydjalJ bewithhimdill, 

as 1 my kite haue cold. 

My faicliiull couenaai to fulfill, 
my mercy I will hold. 

30 Andckehisletdl will (udaioc, 
for cuer long and lure. 

So that hit feat Ihall dill remaine 
while heauen doth endure. 


31 Ifthathbrooncaforfakcmy law, 
and fo ^inoe to rwerue, 

And of my iudgcmenti haue nooe awe, 
norst^ not them obfeme. 

32 Or if they doc not vie aughr, 
my datutes to them made. 

And fet all my commandemena ligfa^ 
and wrtll not keepe my trade. 

33 Then with the rod wUlIbegio 
their doings to amend, 

And (b with fcourging for their dtio^' 
when that they doe odend. 

34 My mercyyctaodmy goodoede^ 

I will not t^ him fit^ 

Nor handle him with cratoede, 
andfo myciutb forgo. 

33 Ba fiire my couenam I will bold 
with all chat I haue fpoke. 

No word the which my lips hw toldl 
(ball alter or be brodee: 

3f Once fwatcl by my hoknede, 
and that perfonoe will I, 

With Oauid I will keepe proaif^ 
to him I wtQ not lie: 

37 His feed for auermore/hall raigae, 

and eke hii cfarooc of might, 

At doth the (iinoe, it (ball remaioe: 
for euer in my (^t. 

38 And at the moone within the ikfe, 
for euer daodethfad, 

A fakhfuH wicticdcfrom on life, 
fo (ball hit kingdoMw ltd< 

39 But now O Lord thou doAreicQ 
and now thou dunged chcara. 

Tea thou SR wroth with thiK ckS, 
thine owne tnootaicd dearc. 

F <OThc 


P S A L M E XC. 



J^■, The coiienani which thy leiuant made, 
Lord thoti haft quite viidone: 

And dnwnc vpon the ground alfo, 
haft ca'I liis royall ctowne. 


ij.1 Thou pluckft his hedges vp with mighty 
Ills wals thou doft confound, 

Thou beatefteke his bulwarks downe, 
and break’ll them to the ground. 

41 Thatheislbrcdcllroideand tome 
of comtners-by throughout, 

And fo is made a mocke and (come, 
to all that d A ell about. 

4 j Thou their right hand haft lifted vp, 
that liimfo fore annoy, 

And all his toes that him deuoure, 
loeihouhall madetoiuy. 

44 His iwordsedge thou didil take away, 
that would his toes withftand. 

To him in warre no vidlory 
thou gaueft, nor vpper hand. 

45 Ill's glory thou doft.allo wafte, 
his home, his toy, hit mirth. 

By thee is ouerthrownc and call 
full low vpun the earth. 

45 Thou hall cut oft and madefuU ftioit 
his youtii and lull) dayrs. 

And taildc oa him an ill report. 

With Ihanieand great difpraile. 

47 Ho w long a way from me O Lord, ' 
lorcucf wilt thou tame. 

And lliall thine anger Hill alway, 
as hre coTifimte and borne 7 

48 O callto mindiretnember then, 
my tunc confumeth fall. 

Why luift thou made the fonnea ofnien, 
asthings in vaine to waft i 

49 Whai man is he that liueth here, 
and death (hall neucr fee. 

Or from the hand of hell his foule, 
lliall he deliuerfte:. 

50 Where is O Lord thy old goodnelTe, 
lo oft declarde beforne. 

Which by thy truth and vprightnelTe, 
to Dauidthou halllwornel 

51 The great rebukes in minde I call, 
thaton thy Icruantslie, 

The railing of the people all, 
borne 10 my breft haue 1. 

52 WuerewiihO Lord thine enemiei, 
blaiphcmej haue thy name, 

The lleps of ihineannointed one, 
they teafe not to defame. 

fj All praife to thee O Lord of hoafti, 
both now and eke for aye, 

Through skie and earth, and all the coafts, 
Amen, Amen, I fay. 

Domiacrefugium. Pfal. XC.I.H. 

ftkt ftef/e neither n tl m ni ^ed h the 
bremtj »ftheir by pUgnet tobe tlhtnkefnl, 

prnytth Ctd U turn* their benrtifd’ tentimte hit 

mcrciei townrUi them nm<i tliiirptJttTuy, 

Xing thuMthtyt, 

Hou Lord haft beetle our fure defence, 
our place of cafe and relf, 

In all times paft.ycafo long liner, 
as cannot beexprelf, 

2 Ere there was made inouiuaine or lull, 
the eartii or world abroad, 

From age toagr.and alwaics flill, 
foreuerinorc art God. 

3 Thou grinded fiVH) through gttefc&pain 
to dull, or clay. then, 

And then thoulaycllagaincreturnc, 
yc fVnncs cncii. 

4 1 be IsAing of a ihoufan J ycaret, 
what is it in tiiy light, 

Aiyellerday it doth appearc, 
or as a watch by nighri 

5 Sofoone asthou dull fcatter them, 
then u their life and trade. 

All as a fteepe, and like the gralTe, 
whofe beauty foone doth lade. 

6 Which in the morning lliincs full bright, 
but ladeth by and by, 

And is cut downe ere it be night, 
all withered, dead,and dry. 

7 For through thine anger we confume, 

our might is muchdecaid, 

And of thy feruent wrath and fume, 
weare full lore afraid. 

8 The wicked works that we haue wrought 
thou fetft before thine eye; 

Our priuy faults, yea eke our thoughts, 
thy counteoauce doth Ipic. 

9 For through thy dayes our ycarei do waft) 

thereof doth nought remainc; 

Our yeares confume as words or blafts, 
and are not calde againe. 

10 Our time it threcfcore yeatea and ten, 
that we doe iiue on mould, 

If one fee fourfeore, furcly then 
we count bioi wondrous old, 


11 Yet at this time the ftrength and chiefe, 
the which we count vpon. 

Is nothing elfebut painefullgriefe, 

and wc as blafts are gone. f’there 

13 Who once doth know what ftrength is 
whac might thine anger hath. 

Or in his heart who doth theefeare, 
according to thy wrath. 

13 InflruA vaLoidco know andcry, 
how long cur daies remainc. 

That then we may our hearts apply, 
true wifedome to attaine. 

14 ReturneO Lord, how long wiltthou 
forth on in wrath proceed, 

Shewfjuour to thyleruants now, 
and help them at their need. 

15 Refrelh vs with thy mercy foone, 

^nd then our ioy (hall be. 

All times as long as life doth laft, 

in heart rcioyoe (hali w*. 1 d As 


P S A L M E 

16 At thou halt plagued r$ before, 
now alto nuke vt glad •' 

And for the yearcs wherein fuJlfore 
afflidtion wte liaue had. 

17 O let thy workeaad power appearC| 
and on tby teruanulrgh'. 

And thew vnto tliy children dearej 
thy glory and thy roieht. 

18 Lord let cliy graceaadgloiy Hand, 
on VI thy feruants thus 

Contirmc the worker we take in hand> 
Lord profper them 10 va. 

Qm habitat. P&l.xcj I, H. 

Here it deferibed the affurtuct be Imeth n iluU ci- 
mitttthbimfelfc vhotj toGedt prttiUieu in tU 
te^Utunt.Afremifetf Gedtuhtfe thtt hut 
bim^ntir him,iind trnP in him I* dtUmr thtm^ 
etnd gim them imm trtd/lg/trj, 

S$Mg ihu m the yp. Pfnlme. 

H e that within the teem place 
ofGodmofl hie doth dwell, 

In Ihadow ofthe mighrielt grace, 
at rell lhall keepe him well. 

» Thou art my hop: and my llronghold, 
I to the Lord will fay. 

My God is he,in him will f 
my whole affiance (lay. 

3 He (hall defend thee from the fuare, 
the which the himter laid: 

And from the deadly {H^ue and care, 
whereof thoo art afraid. 

4 Arxl with hi$ wingi fhall couer theey 
and keej>e thee fafely there, 

Hia faith and truth thy fence fliall be, 
asfure aa fhield andfpeare. 

S So that thou lhalt not need 1 fay, 
to (cue or be affright, 

Of all the (hafts that flyebyday, 
nor terrors of the night, 
f Nor of the plague that priuily 
doth walke in darkc fo fart. 

Nor yet of that which doth defftoy, 
and at noone dayesdoth waft 

7 Yea at thy (ides as thou doff (land, 
a thoufand dead (liall be: 

Ten thoufand eke at thy right hand, 
and yet thoo (halt be free. 

8 But thou (halt fee ft for thy part, 
thine eyes (hall well rrgard. 

That euen like to their defert, 
the wicked baue reward. 

9 For why.'O Lord I oncly lull, 
to (fay my hopie on thee. 

And in the highert I put my ttu(f, 
my (ure defence is he» 

10 Thou (halt not need none ill to feare, 
with thee it (hall nor roeil 1 

Nor yet the plague (hall once come nearc 
the houfe where thoo doll dwell. 

It Forwhyf vnto his Angeli all, 
with charge commanded he. 

xq. xcij. 

That dill in all ihy wares,hey (hall 
preferue aitd pio/patlxc 1 

I a And ill their hands fluUihabearevp, 
dill waiting thee vpon, 

So that thy foote ifiall ixuer cbanc*, 
to (purnc agauill a (l«oe. 

IJ Vpon the Lron thou (flak goe, 

the Adder fell and long, 

And tread vpon the Lyon yong, 
with Dragons (lout and (froog. 

14 For hethattruflethrntome, 
i will difpatch him quite: 

And him dcieud,becau(c that hee 
doth know my namcaiighi- 

15 W ben he for hcjpe on me dotf 1 cry, 
an anfwere I wiU giue : 

And from his griefe take him will |, 
in glory for to hue. 

itf Wiihlengthifycares and daiei of wealth. 

I will fulhll hia time: 

The goodnelfe of thy (auing health, 

1 will declare to him. 

Bonum eft Confiteri. Plal.xcij. I.H, 

A Pfnlmefer lit Ssihnib,ie fitrrt vf thtfnflt U 
dtkntwUdge mU trmfe GUmlue wmki.Dmmd 
reirfCttk the wKkfdfaJUer mm thmt 
the Vnged/jwhemheieme/tflmm/^JUlmefi 

(j,ttdUjftr,p,.fm ikeewiiedefcr^’diltfdmmjef 
the t^^medmihebmifetfGmdtegrmfitlttl^d 
Smg thU m the 8g. •P/iUmte. 

I T is a thing both good and 
to praife the higbeft Lord : 

And to thy nameO thou roofi hie 
to fing with one accord. 

* TortiewthetindenefTeoffheLord, 

betime ere day be light: 

And eke declare his truth abmd, 
when it doth draw tonight. 

3 Vpon tendringed iollrumcot, 
on lute and harpe (0 (weet. 

With all the mirth you can inuent, 
of inftruments mod meere- 
4 For thou had made me to resoyce, 
in thingsfo wrought by thee; 

And I hauc ioy in heart and voyce, 
thy handy werketofee. 

S O Lord how glorioui and how great, 
are all thy wotkeafo(lout: 

So deepcly are thy counieli fee, 
that none can Snde them out. 

6 The man vn wife hath not the wit, 
this geare to ptde to bring ^ 

And all (iich fooles are nothing 6r, 
to voderdand thia thing. 

7 When fo the wicked at their will, 

asgralTcdoe firing full fad; 

They when they flowridi in their ill, 
for euerfhalJ be wa(L 

8 But thou art mighty Lord mod high, 

yea thou dod rasgne ibctcfoce. 

In euery time etenially, 
both now and eocraorc. 

F» 7*4 


P S A L M E XCiij. XCiiij. 

Tht ftctnd p4rt, 

9 For why/O Lord behold and fee, 
behold my foej I fay, 

How all that workc iniquity 
fliall perifh and decay. 

10 "But thou like as an Vnicorne 
Hialc lift my home on hie> 

With frcih and new prepared oyle, 
thine oynted King am I. 

11 And of my foes before mine eyes 
ihallfeeihefall and(hame> 

Of all thatvp againfl thee rife 
minceares (hall heare the fame. 

II Thciuftihallflourifh vponhie, 
as Date trees bud and blow. 

And as the Cedars multiply 
in Libanus that grow. 

Ij For they are planted in the place, 
and dwelling of our Cod, 

Within his courts they fpringapacej 
and flourilh all abroad. 

14 And in their age much fruit (hallbring, 
both fat and well befeene: 

And pleafantly both bud and (pring, 
with boughes and branches gteene: 

15 Toihewthat Godiagood andiuff, 
and vpright in his will, 

Hcii my rocke, my hope and truff, 
in him there is none ill. 

Dotninus regnauit. Pfal. xciij. I. H. 

Ht frtifith the ptwer »f Gtd in the crentitm tftht 
norlJ,<$nd hentttb dimne nS fetflt which lift 
them vp ‘tgoinfl hit puiijljf, nnd frtntkttb It 
ctnjider kit frtmtfei. 

Sing thit MtheyJ. 'Pftlmt, 

He Lord as King aloft doth raigne, 
in glory goodly dight t 
And be to Ihcw hia flrength amaine, 
hath giithimfelfe with might, 
i The Lord likewife the earth hath made, 
flo might cm mske it moue or fade> 
at Hay it doth endure. 

3 Ere that the world was made or wrought, 
thy feat waster before. 

Beyond all time that can be thought, 
thou haft beenc euermote. 

4 The floudsO Lord, the floods doc rife, 
they roare and make a noyfe. 

The floods I fay did enterprife, 
and lifted vp theirvoycf. 

5 Yea though the ftormej arife in fight, 

thougli Icasdoe rageandfwcll. 

The Lord 11 ftrong and more of might, 
for he on hie doth dwell. 

Andlooke what promiie he doth tnikc, 
his houihold to defend, 

^ For iuftand true they lhallit take, 
all timet without an end. 

Deus vlcionum. Pfai.xciiii. I. H; 

He prtjeth Gtd ngninft I ht vtolenct of Ijrnnii.nnd 
(omftrlilh the nffiUted bj the ttod ijhetftbeir 
»jjUniimi,4ndbj tbt rninetfiht tricked. 

Sing this dt iht •yi.Pfnlmt, 

Lord thou doll r.euenge our wrongs, 
that office longs to thee : 
b'ith vengeance doth to thee belong, 
declare that all may fee. 

3 Set forth thy lelfe,for thou of right 
(he earth doft iudge and guide. 

Reward the proud, and men of might, 
according to their pride. 

3 How long fhall wicked men heare fway 
with lifting vp their voyce, 

How long fhall wicked men I fay, 
thus triumph and rcioyce f 

4 How long Mall they with brags burfl our, 

and proudly prate their flll| 

Shall they reioyce char be foftouti 
whofe works are cuer ill I 

5 Thy flocke O Lotd.rhine heritage 
(h^ fpoile and vexe full fore: 

Againfl thy peop'e they doe rage, 
ftill daily more and more. 

6 The widdowes which are comfordefTe, 
and flrangers they deftroy, 

They flay their children fatherlefle, 
and none doe put them by. 

7 And when they take thefe ihingi in hand , 
this talke they haue of thee, 

Can lacobs God this vnderffaad t 
tulh.nodic cannot fee. 

8 Ofolkevnwire,and people rude, 
fomc knowledge now difeerne, 

Yeefoolcs among the multitude, 
at length begin to learne. 

9 The Lord that made the care of man, 

he needs of tight mud heare: 

He made the eyes, all things muff then 
before hit fight appeare. 

10 The Lord doth all the world cotreif, 
and makes them vnderftand. 

Shall he not then your deeds deted, 
how can ye (cape his hand ? 

The ftctnd pnrt. 

11 The Lord doth know the thoughts of man 

his heart befecth fullplaine. 

The Lord 1 fay mans .heart doth fcan, 
and findeth them butvaine. 

It But Lord chit man is happy fute, 
whom theu doft keepe in awe, 

And through correftion doft procure, 
to teach him in thy law. 

13 Whereby he (hall in quiet reft, 
in time of trouble fit. 

When wicked men (liall be opprelf, 
and fall into the pit. 

14 For fiire the Lord will not refute, 
his people for to take: 

His heritage whom he did chute, 

^ hewillnotime forfakci 

•“ I j Vniil! 

P S A L M E XCv. XCvj. 

15 Voiillchadudgetncnc be dccr<cd| 
coiuflice co conuerr, 

Thai all may follow h« wiih fpetd, 
chat arc of vpiight heart- 
Iff Bui who vpon my pare doth (land 
agaiiiff chc curfed iraine, 

Orwho Oiall rid me from their hand 
that Wicked worki maincainc I 

17 Except the Lord had been mine aide, 
mine enemies co expcll, 

My foule and life had now beene laid 
almoff as low as hell. 

18 When i did fay, my foot did Hide, 
and no w am like to fall, 

Thy goodncife Lord did (o prouide, 
to flay me vp withal I. 

ip When with my felfe I mufied moch, 
andcould no comfort hnde, 

Then Lord ihy goodnelfe did me touch, 
and chat did ea(e my minde. 

3 o Wile thou inhaunt thy felfe and draw 
with wicked men to fit { 

Which with pretence in (lead of law, 
much mifehiefe to commit i 

ax For they confultagainfl the life 
of righteoui men and good, 

And their counfclschey are rife 
t« (hed the guilclelTe bloud. , 

S2 But yet the Lord he is to me 
a (Irong defence and locke, 

Heismy him I flee, 
he is my mength and rockc. 

2 j And he fliall caule their mifehiefes all. 

themfclocs for to anooy, 

And In their malice they fliall fall, 
our God lhall them dcflroy. 

Venite exultemus. Pfel.xcv. I. H. 

An tnrm/l txhorldtica t* tGeAftrt htgtatrr,^ 

■Mar tf the eitOim ef hie Chmrthf mid 

t* ^chew the rtfuUien ef the Ad ftthert^ wht 
tempted 0*i mtbeteUdemtJJe, med tbirtfere 
nired net the Und ef premifi. 

Sing ihie M the SenedeOm. 

O Come let vs lift vp our voyce, 
and fing vnto the Lord, 

In him our rocke of health, reioyce 
let vs with one accord, 
a Yea let vs come before hit face, 
to giue himthanketandpraife. 

In finging Pfahnea vnto his grace, 
p letvs begladalwayes. 

3 Forwhy/theLordbeisno doubt 
• great and mighty God, 

A king aboue til Gods throughout, 
in all the world abroad. 

4 The fcaets of the earth fo deepe, 
and comers of the land. 

The tops ofhilsthatarefofteqsc, 
he hath (hem in hia band. 

J The fca and 

for he the lam* hath wrought- 
The earih aodallifiai iherrin is, 

I is haod hath made ol m ught. 

6 Come let vs bow,and prtife the Lord, 
before him let v* tail, 

And knccle to him wnh one accord, 
the which tiaih fau'd rt all 

7 For whrf heisthcLordourObd, 

for V5 he dorh prouide s * 

We arc hit folke, he doth vs feed, 
his flieepe, and he our guide. 

8 Today if ye his voyce will bcare, 

then harden not your heart, 

As ye with grudging many a ycare 
prouokt me in delart. 

p Whereas your Fatherr tempted me, 

my power for to proue. 

My wondrous works when they did tet, 
jet ftiJl they would me roooe. 

10 Twice isventy yearci they did me grieue, 
and I to them did (ij, 

They erre in heart, and not beleeue, 
they haue not luiowne my way. 

11 Wherefore Ifware when that my wrath 
waa kindled m my brefl. 

That they (hooid netict tiead tbc path 
(oenterin my refl. 

Canute Domino. Pl^.xcvj.I. H. 

An exhertMtienieth U the Jemei nmd GewtUeiti 
prey ft Gedfee hie merej, amd t hu fptcinSj eeeght 
tt he referred te the kmgdeeeee ef Chrt/f, 

Sieg thie m the 77, 

O I ng yee with praife vnto the Lord 
>3 new fongs of ioy and mirth. 

Sing praife to him with one accord 
all people on the earth, 
a Tea, fing vnto the Lord I lay, 
pratie ye hit holy name, 

DecI^ and fliew from day to day, 
laluation by the fame. 

3 Among the heathen eke declare, 
his honour round about: 

To (hew hit wonders doe not fpare, 
in all the world throughout. . 

4 For why? the Lord is much ofroighc, 
and worthy praile al way. 

For he is to be dread of right, 
about all Gods I fay, 

y For all the gods of heathen folke 
are Idols that wtii lade t 
But jet our God be is the Lord, 
that hath the heauens made. 

6 All praifc and honour eke doe dwell 
for eye before his Ckc, 

Both power and m%bi likewBc excell, 
within hb holy place. 

7 Afcribe vnto the Lord alway 

yee people of the world, 

JF j AB 

6^ P S A L M E XCvij. XCviij. 

All inigtitaiiJ worlliip eke 1 lay 
attribc vnto the Lord : 

8 Afcribc vnto the Lord 1 fay 

the glory of his tiamcj 
'And ckc vnto his courts doe got, 
with gifts vnto the fame. 

The ftconi f*rt, 

9 Fall downe and worlhip yee the^Lord, 

within his temple bright, 

Let all the people ol the world 
be fearefull at his light- 

10 Tell ill tlie world, be not agatt, 
the Lord doth raigneabout. 

Yea he hath fet the earth fofall, 
that it can neucr inoue. 

11 Andthatitis thcLordalone 

that rules with princely might, > 

To iudge the nationseuery one, 
with equity and right. 

12 1 he hcauens lhall great ioy begin, 
the earth ekelliallreioyce ; 

The earch with all that is thetcin, 
llialllhout and makeanoyfe< 

ij The field lliall ioy, and euery thing 
that fpringeth on the earth, 

The wood and euery tree lhall ling 
with gladnellc and with mirths 
14 Before the prefence of the Lord, 
and commingof bis might. 

When helliall lullly iudge the world, 
o - and rule his f oike with rigbL 

A ’ 

Dotninus regnauit. Pfal, xevi). I. H. 

Deuid exhortfih ei to reiojee fer the commhtgef 
the kfnedoene ef Chufi^dreedfuU te the rebels 4std 
idelMtert,(i-iojfidltotheiHfl,Khom he exherteth 
to imteiacy,te rfiojemg md tkesdtjgitmg. 

Sing this M the 95 . Tfttlme, 

T Hc Lord ddih raigne,whereat the earth 
may iwy with pleafant voyce. 

And eke the incswithioyfullminh, 
may triumph and rcioyce. 

2 Both clouds and darkcnclfe eke do fweli, 
and round about hitn beate. 

Yea, tight and iuflice cuer dwell 
and bide about his leat, 

3 Yea fire and heat at once doe runne, 
andgoe before his face, j 

VVbich lhall his foes and enemies builie * 
abroad in euery place. _ 

4 Hislighrning eke full light did blalc, 
and to the world appeare. 

Whereat the earth did looke and gafe 
with dread and deadly feare, 

5 The hils like waxe, did melt in fight 
and prcfeijce of the Lord, ' > 

They fled before the rnlcfs might, 1 s) 
which guideth all the world. ' 

6 The hcaueiistke declare sndihsvy ; 

his iuflice forth abroadi ■ -i 
That all the world may fee and know i/ v 
the glory of our Gtod. ^ 

I'A ■ * • 

y Coniulion lurelliall conic to lucli 

as wotOiip Idols vaine: 

And eke to thole that glory much, 
dumbcpiflurcito inaintainc. 

8 For all the Idols ol the world, 
which they as gods doc call 1 

Shall ferle the power ol the Lord, 
and downe to him lhall lall, 

9 With ioy lhall Sion hcare this thing, 
and Iiidah lhall rcioyce : 

Forallthy iudgementstlicy lhall ling, 
and make a picafant aoi.'c. 

JO That thou O Lord art fet on hie 
in alltheearchabroad: 

Andaitexaitcd wondroully, 
abouc each other god. 

11 All ye that loue the Lord doe this, 
hate all things that arc ill •' 

For he dothkcepethefoulcsofhis, “ ^ 
from fuch as would them IpiU. 

12 And light dothipring vp to the iull, 
with pleafurc for his part: 

Great ioy with gladnelfe, mittb,and luff, 
to them of vpright heart. 

13 Ye righteous in the Lord reioyce, 
his holinelTe proclaime: 

Be thankefuU eke with heart and voyce, 
and mindefull of the fame. 

Canratc Domino. Pfal. xcviij. I.H. - t 

J!h eternejl exhertatien la eScredlm-et tepr4i/t 
the Lord for hie power, Deerej send futelitjin tsie 
premife bj Cbrifijbj whom he helh cemmrnikit^^ 
ted hiefelnatien te all uetieni. g t 

Sing thie su the yy. Pfelmt'. 
Singyenow vnto the Lord, ‘ 'A 

a new and pleafant fong. 

For he hath wrought throughout the world, 
his wonders great and ifrong: 
t With his right hand full worthily 
he doth his foesdcuoure, 

And get himfelfethc vidtory 

with his owne arme and power. 

3 The Lord doth make the people know 
his fauing health and might: 

The Lord doth eke his iuliicc Ihow 

in all the heathens fighr. ■ 

4 His grace and truth to Ifrael 

in minde be doth record} ”1 

That all the earth may fee right well 

the goodnelleofthe Lord. » 

5 Begladiobimwithioyfullvoycc 

all people on the earth J ‘ 

Glue thankes to God, ling and rcioyce 
to him with ioy and mirth. ^ c 
C Vpon the Harpe vnto him fine, * ^ 
giuc thankes to him with PlSines: ■ A 
Reioyce before the Lord our King, 
with trumpets and with flialmcs. ^ 

7 Yea let the Sea with all therein^. , 
for ioy both n^e and fwcll f 
The earth likcwiie let it begin, 


S A L M E XOx.C. Cj. 

wiiih all that therein dwell. 

8 Andletihc Houdi reioyce their fill, 
and clap their hindi apace, 

And elce the mountainei and the hilt, 
before the Lord hii face. 

9 For he lhall come toiudge and try 
the world and entry wight: 

And rule the people mightily, 
with luilice and with right. 

Dominus regnauit. Pfal. xeix. I H. 

Hecommtndelh tht p«B>er, t<iHUy^ud exetUeaey 
•fthc itingdome »/ Old bj Chrifi tuer the Intel 
dtUCenttiet, prtmikimg them It megnifie the 
feme, end to ferue the Lord. ai the mnentfe- 
then LMafet, tyiertH,and Sewiue/, lehe ceUtng 
vptm God,were heerdh their proyeri. 

Sing thie ee the 77. Tfnlme. 

T Hc Lord doth raigne,although at it 
the people rage lull fore; 

Yea, he on Cherubins doth fit, 
though all the world doth roare; 

2 The Lord that doth in Sion dwell, 
is high and wondrout great, 

Aboueall tolkehe doth excel!, 
and hcaloliisfec. 

3 Let all men praift thy migfi'ty narne, 
for it is fearifull fure: 

And 1« him magnifie the lame, 
that holy is and pure. 

4 The princely power of our King, 
doth loue iudgetnent and tight: 

Thou rightly rulcfl euery thing 
in Lcob through thy might. 

5 TopraifethcLordour Goddeuife, 
allhonourro him due. 

His footfloole worlhip him before, 
for he is holy too. 
d Mofes, Aaron, and Samuel, 
as Priefis on him did call. 

When they did pray, hee heard them well, 
and gaue them anfwere alL 

7 Within the cloud to them he fpake, 
then did they labour flill 
Tokeepe fuch lawesas he did make, 
and poyneed them rntill. 

8 O Lord out God, thou didll them heire, 
and anfwcredll them againc, 

9 Thy mercy di d on them appeare, 
their deeds didll not maintaine. 

10 Q laud and praifethe Lord our God 
within hit holy hill : 

Fot why/out God throughout the world 
is holy euer dill. 

lubilatc Deo. Pfal. C. T. S. 

//« exhertetb eOwten to fenu tht Lord,trh» hmk 
woedevtteenter uat hie Conrtt end njftwhSei 
to frnife hie 1 

to itie Lord imi.'i cr.tarciull soyce him 

LL people tlut on earth doe dwdl/ing 

lerue with, hisprajle forth tell.come 

yte betore hjm and rtioyce' 

3 The Lord ye knowo God indeed, 
without our ^idc liuihd vs make 

We are his floe ke, he d^v, feed, ’ 

and fetihis llierpe be doth vs take. 

4 then bis gates with piraile, 

approach with toy, liii couns voto, 
Frailc, laudjand blelTc his name alwaies, 

£or u If feemcly fo to doc. 

5 for why. the Lord out God is good, 
his metcy is for euer hire. 

His truth at ^1 times firmcly llood, 
and lhall from age to age endure. 

Anetber efthe fnaoe by TL fV, 

Smg tiui Ml the Ci. Tj*lme. 

I N God the Lord be glad and light, 
prailc him throughout the caitb, 
Seruehim,and come beiore his light 
with tinging and with mirth. 

3 Know that the Lord out God he is, 
hedid vs make and kcepe, 

J^ot we our fclucs, for we are his 
owne fiocke and pallurc Iheepe; 

3 O enter then bis gates alwaies, 
giue thanks within the lame, 

Within his Courts fet forth his praife, 
and Uud bis holy name, 

4 f orwhy.»tliegoodnclIc ofthe Loid 
for euermore doth raigne. 

From age to age throughout the world, 
his truth doth lUll icmaine. 

Mifcricordiam. Pfal.Cj. N. 

DM/ttd defenbetb trketgenemment he wtB ebfermt 
M hid heafe MmdktrngdMmeJn rotting out tht wit- 
ked.ead chen/biag tht godly ftr(tui. 

Sing thid Md the St, P/dhte. 

I Mer^ will, and iudgement fuig, 

O Lord God vntothee, 

3 And w'lely doe in perfed way, 
vntillrhouconx to me. 

And in the midft of my heufe walke, 
inpurenedeol mylpiiic: 

3 And 1 no Idnde of wicked thing 
will let before my fight. 

4 I hate their wotb that fall away, 

It lhall not clcaue tome. 

From me (hdl part the froward beirt, 
none mill will 1 ice. 

5 Him will 1 llroy, that llandcrcth 
hii neighbour piiuily, 

The lofty heart I cannot bear#, 
not him that looketh hie. 

r 4 tf Mj 

6 Mine eyes fliallbcon them within 
the land that faithfuil be, 

In perfeft way who walketh IhaJl 
be feruant vnto me. 
y I will no guilefull perfon haue 
within my houfc to dwell. 

And in my prefence he (hall not 
remainethat lies doth tell- 
8 Betimes I will denroy euen all 
the wicked of the land, 

That / may from City cut 
the wicked woril,rs hand. 

Domtne exaudi. Pfal. Cij.T.S. 

Jt pemeth ih*t this frujer v/ts ^ffoinled *f tht 
fmthfHll t$ prt^ in tht cuftimty ^ BtAjltn: A 
cc>ipl 4 tunf*rih bmtdmgefth* ^mrtb.Vfbtr- 
»f pUowtth tht prUip of God to boo fnhltlhtd 
vnto oHfofltritujjthocoimerfioHoftht Gtntiietf 
4 nd the ftabHitj of the Churtb, 

tbie M the 67 .Pptme. 

Heart my prayer Lord, and let 
my cry come vnto thee, 

3 In tiineoftrouble daenot hide 
thy face away from me. 

3 Incline thine cares to me, make hade 

to heare roe when I call: 

For as the fmoake doth fade, fo doe 

my dayes confurac and fall. 

4 And as a hearth my bones are burnt, 
my heart is (mitten dead : 

And wither as the grade, that 1 
forget to eate my bread- 

5 By reafon of my groaning voyce, 
my bones cleaue to my skin t 

AS Pelican in wildernelTe, 
fuch cafe now am I in. 

6 AndasanOwIeindefartis, 

loci am lucha one, 

7 I watch,and as a Sparrow on 

the hoiife top am alone. 

8 Loe daily in reprochfull wife, 

mine enemies doc me fcorne. 

And they that doe agiinfl me rage, 
againd me they haue fwornc. 

9 Surely with allies as with bread 

my hunger I haue Side, 

And mingled haue my drinke with teares, 
that from mine eyes haue (lild. 

10 Bteaufeof thy difpleafurcLord, * 
thy wrath,and thy difdaine. 

For thou haft lifted me aloft, 
and caft me downe againe- 

11 The dayes wherein I pade my life, 
are like the fleetingfhade. 

And I am withered like the grade, 
thatfoone away doth fade. 

12 But thou O Lord for euerdoft 
remainein fteady place. 

And thy remembrance euer doth 
abide from race torace< 

The fecondfort. 

I j Thou wilt arift, and mercy thou 

to Sion wilt extend : 

The time of mercy now the time 
forefet is come to end, 

14 For euen in tbe ftoncs thereof 
thy feruants doe delight. 

And on the dull thereof they haue 
cempadion in their Ipright. 

ly Then fhall the heathen people feare 
the Lords molt mighty name: 

And all the Kings on earth fliall dread 
thy glory and thy fame, 

1 d Then,when the Lord,the mighty God, 
againe fhall Sionreare, 

And when that he mod nobly in 
his glory fliall appeare. 

17 Topraycrof the defolate, 
when he himfcife fhall l^d. 

When he fhall not difdamc vnto 
their prayers to attend. 

1 8 This ftiall be written for the age 
that after fliall fuccccd. 

The people yet vnereated 

the Lords renowne fhall fpread. 
ip For he from his hie fan Auary 
hath looked downe below. 

And out of heauen hath the Lord 
beheld the earth alfo. 

20 Thatofthe mourning captiue he 
might heare the wofull cry. 

And that he might deUucr thoie, 
that damned are to die. 

21 That they in Sion may declare 
the Lords moll holy name, 

And in lerufalem fet forth 
the praifes of the fame. 

32 T hen when the people of tlw land, 
and kingdoraes with accord : 

Shall be alTerabled fot to doe 
their leruice to the Lord. 

The thirdpMTt, 

13 My former force of ftrength he hath 
abated in tbe way. 

And fliotter hedidcutmy dayes) 
thus I therefore did fay ; 

34 My God in midft of all my dayes, 
now Cake me not away, 

Thy yearet endure continually, 
from age lo age tor aye. 

25 Thou the foundation of the earth 

bcforeall times haft laid. 

And Lord the heauens are the worke 
which thine owne hands haue made. 

15 Yea they fhall perifti and decay, 
but thou (halt carry ftill, 

And they fhall all in time waxe old, 
euen as a garment will. 

27 Thou as a garment (halt them change, 
and changed (hall they be, 

But thou doft (till abide the fame, 
thy yeares doe neuer flee. 

The children of thy feruants fhall 
continually endure. 


5 A L M E 

And in tliy fight thtit h*ppjr ieedc 
for cucr lli«ll iUndiurc. 

Bcncdicanima mca. Pfal. Ciij. T.S. 

7 btpTfphtl prfuoiith mm (f- aUcn»~ 

tHre/t0 prMftili0 l^df0r hit fuhirljwmcui, 
ill dtluurmtC! if tht pii^ifrim kufn. 

Midinci Mtir i/l tbia/i,si$din tht pnftrmrniom tf 
tbtfikhftdl. ‘ 

Y foulc giueltud vnto the Jxtid, 
my fptrit lliall doe the Cunc : 

And all the fecrcti of my heart, 
praife ye his holy name, 
a G iue thanks to God for all hiagifci, 
fhew not thy fclfevnltinde, 

And fufFcr not hii bcnefiri, 
to dip out ofthy minde. 

3 That gauc thee pardon for thy faults, 
and thee rcfior'd againe: 

For all thy ureake and fraile difeafe, 
and hcalde thee of thy paine. 

That did redeeme thy life from death, 
from which thou couldfi not flee: 

His mercy and cumpaflion both, 
he did extend to thee. 
f That fiid with goodneffe thy defire, 
and did prolong tby youth: 

Like as the t'agic cafl'th her bill, , 
whereby her age renueth. 

6 The Lord erith iuftice doth repay 
all luch as he opprefl: 

So that tiieir futferingsand their wrongs 
are turned to the beQ. 

7 His Wales and his commandetnents, 

to Mofes he did (hew: 

His counfell and his valiantads, 
the Ifraclites did know, 
t The Lord is kinde and meicifull 
to fuch as doe him grieue: 

The floweft to conceiue a wrath, 
and roadiefl to furgiue. 
f He chides not vs continually, 
though we be full of ftrife. 

Nor keepesrur faults in memory, 
for all our finfull life. 

10 Nor yet accordingto our Gnnes, 
the Lord doth vs regard. 

Nor after our iniquities, 
he doth vs not reward. 

11 Blit as the fpice is wondrous great 
iwixt earth and heauen aboue. 

So is hisgoodneffe much more large 
to them that doe him loue. 

II Godduthrcmoueourfinnesfromvs, 
and our offences all ; 

At farre as is the .Sunne rifing, 
full difiant from his fall. 

The (icand pjtrt 

« 3 And looke what pitie parents deare, 
vnto their children beare t 
Like pity bearelh God to luch, 
as worflitp him in feare. 

»4 The Lord that made vsjknow’th our (hape 
out mould.and tafluon iuft: 

Cuj. Ciiij. 

How weakc and fraile our nature Is, 
and how we be but duff. 

15 And how the time of inortall men 

is like the withrnng hay. 

Or like the flower right faite in field 
that fades full foone away. 
itJ Whole gloffe and beauty flormy wiodea, 
doe vctetly di^race: 

And makes that after their affaulH, 
fuch bloffomes haue noplace; 

17 But yet the goodneffe of the Lord 

with hit (liall cucr Hand: 

Their childrens children doe receiue 
his righteoufhelTe at hand. 

• 8 1 meane which keepe his couenant 
with all their whole defire- 
And not forget to doe the thing 
that he doth them require, 

*9 The heauen s hie are made the feat 

and feotffoole of the Lord, 

And by his power imperiall, 
he goueroet all rhe world, 
ao Yee Angels which are great in power, 
praife ye and blefle the Lord, 

Which to obey and doe his will, 
immediicely accord- 

31 Ye noble hoafls and roiniilers 
ceaie not to laud fum flill. 

Which retd fare to execute 
his pleafurc and his will. 

32 Ye all his works in euery p'ace, 
praile yee his holy name, 

Myheart,mymind,and tkemy fbnle, 
praife yee alfo the fame. 

Bcncdicanima. PfaLGiij. W. K. 

A r hnkigiunKfir the crettuu aftbe wirld/i- gi. 
uentmet if the fame jej hit mirnititni priitdici- 
•tfi • Tnjer igim/} the mcked.wbi trt iccifim 
thaiCfd dimimlhth bit hl'ftiyt. 

Y loulcprailethe L'*d, fpeak good of 

his njme.O Lord our i;rcat On<>,how doS 


thou appexredupairing in glorr ina'grcatM 
thyfatne.hoRora dmaiciivtnihetfhiiicmoli 

clearc.with light at a robe thou haft thee be- 

^ ■■ ^ 

clad.whereoTsil the earth thy great-irllc may 

ice,the heauens in luch fori,tnoaalio half 

fpreadjChat it tO a cstriaiiK cosupaicd may be. 



p « A L M E Ciiij. 

5 His chamber beamcilie < 
inihe clouds full luie> 

Which as his chariots, 
arc made him to bcatc. 

And there with much fwiftnclle ' 

his rourfe doth entlure, > - - i 

Vpoii the wings tiding i vi z 

of winds in the airc. 

4 He makctb hisfplriu ' 

as Heralds so goe, ,' .i 

And lightning to feme 
wc (ce alfo prcfl. 

His will tqaccoinplilh, 
they riinnctoandfro. 

Tofauc or confume things, 
as feemeth him bcQ. 

5 He groundeth the earth 

fo hrmcly and lad) 

That it once to moue, 

none lhall bane fuch power, 

6 The dcepe a fairc coucring, 
for it made thou had, 

Which by his owne nature, 
the nils would dcuoure. 

7 But at thy rebuke, 
the waters did flie, 

And In giueduc pi ce, 

thy words to obey: ' 

At thy voyce of thunder, 
fo fearelull they be. 

That in their great raging, 
they hade foone away. 

8 The niountainettomoift, 
they then vp afcend. 

If thou dod but fpeake, 
thy wordthey fulfill:' 

So like wife the vallies, 
mod quickly dcfcend, 

Where thou them appointed 
remaine they doe dill. 

9 Theirboundschoubadlet 

how larre they lhall runne, 

So as in their rage, 

not palle that they can : 

For God hath appointed 
they lhall not returae. 

The earth to dedroy more, 
which made was for man. 

Thtftctni fart, 

10 He fendcch the Iprings 
todrongdreames or lakes,' 

Which runne doe fuU fwift, 
among the huge hils. 

11 VVherc both the wilde ades, 
their third oft times flakes, 

And beads of the mountaines, 
thereofdrinke their fils. 

11 By chcfepleafant^tings 
of founraincs full fare, 

The lowles of the airc, 
abide lhall and dwell. 

Who mouedby nature, 
to iiop here and there. 

Among the grecne branchti. 

their longs lhall cxccll. 

13 The mountaines to mold, 
the cloudes he doth »fe. 

The earth with his works 
is wholy repleat- 

14 So 85 the bruit attcU, 

he doth not tefufe. 

But grade doth prouidethera, 
and.heafbe for mans metie. 

15 Yea bread) wine and oylci 

hemadefor mans fake. 

His face to refirelb, 

and heart to make drong. 
i5 The Cedars olLiban, 
this great Lord did make. 
Which trees he doth nouridi, 
(hatgrow vpfolong. 

17 In thefe may birds build, 
and make there their ned > 

In firre trees ihedorkes, 
remaine and abide. 

18 The hie hils are fuccours, 
for wilde Goatci to red. 

And ekcfherocke fiony, 
for Conies to hide, 

19 The moone then is fet, 
her fcafont to runne. 

The dayes from the nights, 
thereby to difeetne, 

And by the defeendiag, 
alio of the Sunne, 

The colde from heatc alvyay, 
thereby we doe learnc. 

So When darkenede doth come,' 
by Gods will and power. 
Then creepc forth doe all 
the beads of the wood, 
a I ThcLyons range roaring, 
their prey to deuourct 
But yet it is thou Lord, 

which giued them food, 

23 As foene as the funne 
is vp, they retire, 

To couch in their dent 
then are they full faine, 

23 That man to his workc may, 
as right doth require. 

Till night come and wl him, 
to take red agsine. 

Tht third p4rt. 

34 How fundry O Lord, 

are all thy works found. 
With wifedome full great 
they are indeed wrought. 

So that the whole world, 
of thy praife doth found, 

And as for thy riches, 

they padie all mens thoughts. 

35 So is the great Tea, 

which large is and broad, 
Where things that creepc,fwarme, 
and hews of each fort¬ 
s' There both mighty (hips fiile, 
and (one lie at rgadei 

The Whale huge and nionflrouJ, 

ihere alio duih Iport. 

37„/.ll ihingi on thee wait, 
thou doll them relicur, 

And tliiiu in due ttme, 

full welldort them feed, 
a 8 Now when it dothpicale thee, 
the fame fo togiue. 

They gather full gladly 

thufe thing’s chat they need. 

Thou opcncll thy hand, 

and they hiidc fuch grace, 

That they with good things, 
are Ailed we lee. 

19 hut lore are they trcubled. 

if thou lurne thy face. 

For if thou their breach cake, 
rile dull then they be. 

30 Againe when thy fpirit 
from thee doth proceeda 
All things to appoint, 

and wbac lliall cniue : , . 

Then are they created, 
as thou hall decreed. 

And doft by thygoodnefle, 
the dry earrii r-ntie. 
jt 1 hcprailrolih. Lord, 
trreuer lhali lad, 

Wh 5 may in bis wurki, 
by right well rcioyce • 

|3 His looke can the earth make, 
to tremble full fall. 

And like wile the mnunfaincs, 
to Imoake at his voyce. 

33 TotbisLrrrdandGod, 
ling will I alwaics. 

So long as I liue, 

my God ptailc will I: 

34 Tlieh am I moll cettaine, 
my word* dull him pleale, 

1 will tiioyce ira him, 

to him will I crie t 

35 The linnets O Lord, 
conAime in thine ire. 

And eke the peruede, 

ihcni roqte out with fbame; 

But as for my foule now, 
let it liill dcljrcr 
And lay with the faithfull, 
praile yce the Lords name. 

Confitembi Dotnbo. P&L Cv.N. 

n ftcnlutr fecflt ft bin^tlfe^iurctalmg t* dn 
, them gold,earnf»r his frowu/o/dkf. 

Sing this astbe^f. f/aimo, 

lire praifesrntoGod the Lord, 
and call vpon his name: 

Among hit people eke declare, 
his works to fpread hisfame. 

2 Sing yevnto the Lord I fay, 
and Ung rnto him praife. 

And (aike of all his wondrous norki, 

that he hath wrought alwayes. 

3 In lio.nour of hii holy name, 
rcioyce with one accord. 

And let the heart alfo rcioyce 
of them that feeke the Lord. 

4 Seekeyee the LordA feeke the Qreneth 

of hif (ccrnall might. 

And feeke bis face coDtinually, 
and prefenoe of hii fight. 

5 The wondrous works that he hath iootl 
keepc fHlI in mindful! heart, 

Ne let the iudgernent of his rnoutfa, 
out of your minde depart, 

6 Yec that of takhtuU Abraham 
his feniams arc the feed, 

Yec his eledf, rhe children mat 
of Jacob doe preceed. 

7 For be,he oncly ia I fay, 
tlK mighty Lord our God: 

And hia moll righteous iudgements are 
through all ebe earth ahtnad* 

8 Hispromiieend hi, couenant, 

which he hath oiade to hia. 

He hath remembfedeoet more, 
to thoulaiid of degrees. 

Thi (otosU far*. 

9 The couemnr which be bath made 
with Abraham long agoc. 

The fairhhali oath which be hi^ fworoe, 
to JiascaJlb. 

I o And did confirme the iame for law, 

that Jacob Ibouldobey, 

And for eternall coucoanc, 
to Jiracl for aye: 

II When that he (aid, ioe I to yoo 
all Canaan land will giuc: 

The let ol your inhahance, 
wherein your feed (hall liue. 

I a Although thdr number at that tioe, 
did very fmall appeare. 

Yea very fu^, and in the land 
they then but flrangers were. 

13 While yet they walkt from land to lao4 
without a Hire abode. 

And while feom fundry kingdomesthey 
did wander all abroad. 

14 Andwrongat no opprefiorshaodt, 
he lutfered them to tiJce, 

But cuen the great and mighty kingt, 
reptoued for their fake. 

15 And thus he laid, touch yoo not thole 
chat mineannointed be, 

Ne doe the Prophets any harmc, 
that doe pertaineto me. 
i4 Hecaldca dearth vMnthe land, 
of bread he ftroide me (lore. 

But bearanfithetitne of need, 
had lent a roan before, 
ly Encn lof^h which had once becnc foU 
' tobueafiauein woe: 
t8 Wbofefeet they burl in Qocks, wbofe 
the iron piete’ealfb. ffbole 


ip Vntillihe (into camewhen hiicaulC) 
was knowne apparantly. 

The mighty word of God the Loidy 
his fjulticde truth did trie. 

20 The kingfentanddeliacredhiin 
from priibn where ha was, 

The ruler of the people then 
did freely let him palTe. 

21 And ouer all hit houle he made 
him Lord, tobeate the fway, 

And of his iubffancc made him ha 
the rule and all the Qay, 

12 That he might to hit will inflruft 
the Princes ofthe land. 

And wifedomes lore his ancient mm 
might teach to vndetfland. 

3 J 1'hen into the Egyptians land* 
came Ifrael alfo, 

And lacoh in the land of Ham 
did liue a flranger tho, 

24 Hit people he exceedingly, 
in number made to flow: 

And ouer all bis enemies, 

in llrength he made them grow, 

3 5 Whofe heart he turnde,that they with hate 
his people did entreat. 

And did hit feruantswrongfuUy 
tbule with ialfe deceit. 

The thirdpMTt. 

3^ Hit faithfulHeruanc Moles then, 
and Aaron whom he cholc. 

He did command to goe to them, 
his melfage to dilclofe. 

37 The wondrous raelTage of his rigoc,* 
amongtbem hedidthew, 

And wonders in the land of Ham, 
then did he worke alfo. 

28 Darkeiieirebefem,andm2deitdaike 
in (lead of brighter day, 

27 And vnto his commimon, 
they did not dilobey. 

Heturnde their waters intobloud, 
he did their Elhes flay, 

Their laud brought frogs euen in that place, 
where their King Pharaoh lay, 

31 He rpake,andat his Toyce there came 
great fwnrmet of noyfomc fiiet: 

And all the quarters of the land 
uere (ild with crawling lice: 

33 He gauc them cold and llonyhaile 
in (lead of milder raine. 

And Eery flames within their land, 
he lent vneo their painc. 

3 3 He fmote their vinei and all their trees 
whereon (heir flgs did grow. 

And all the trees within their coalls, 
downe did he ouerihrow. 

34 He fpakc. then Caterpillars did, 
and Grafhoppers abt^d: 

35 Whichatethegiaflfeinalltheir.fanii, 
and fruit of all their gruond. 

7 htfmrth part. 

36 The firfl begotten in ihcir land, 

eke deadly did he fmite. 

Yea the beginning and firlt fruit 
of all cheir llrength and might. 

3 7 With gold and bluer he them brought, 
from Egypytland to paile, 

Andjn the number of the tribet, 
no feeble one there was. 

38 Egypt was glad and ioy full then, 
when they did thence depart; 

For terror and the feare of them, 
was lalne ypon their heart. 

3P To fliroud them from the parching hear, 

a cloud he did difplay t 

And fire he fent to giue them light, 
when night had hid the day. 

40 They asked, and he caufed Quailei 
to raine at their rrquell, 

And fully with the bread of hcauco, 
their hunger he reprefl. 

41 He opened then the ftony rocke, 
and waters gaflied out. 

And in the dry and parched grounds, 
like riuers ranne about. 

42 Forofhisholy couenant, 
aye mindfull was he tho a 

Which to his feruant Abraham 
he plighted long ago, 

43 He brought hit people forth with mis(b| 
and hit elcA witn ioy. 

Out of the cruell land whae they 
had liu'de in gieat aanoy. 

44 And of the heathen men be gtue 
to them the fruitful! lands, 

The labours ofthe people eke, 
he gaue into tl^ hands. 

45 That they his holy flatutes mightj 
oblinue for euermore: 

And faithfully obey his la wet, 
praife ye the Lord therefore. 

Confitetnini Dorn. PfaL Cvj.N. 

The peefie defer fed vnder AnticchmpUt meegeifle 
ihegeodmJfeefGedeaeenglhe repemMS, 
preep te bee geuhered frem dmeng the teeuhete, 
theit tbej metj prmfe hit netmet 

Sing thie eu the $9- Tfedmt', 

Raife ye the Lord, for he is good, 
his mercy duresfor aye, 

2 Who can expteflie his noble a&Se 
or ail hit pray fe difplay. 

3 They blelTed are that iudgement keepe, 
andiuflly doc al way. 

With fauour of the people Lord, 
remember me I pray. 

4 And with thy failing health O Lord^ 
vouchlafeto vifiteme, 

That I the great felicity 
qf thine elc^may fcf. 

f And 

P S L M 

5 And with thr people loy I may, 

• ioyfullnuinde pollcllc: 

And may with thine inheriunce, 
a glorying tieart exprefic. 

6 Both we and eke our fathcra old 

haue finned euery one i 
We haue commuted wickednelfe, 
and lewdly we haue done. 

7 The wonder* great which thou O Lord, 
halt done in Kgypt land: 

Our taihcrt though they law them alJ, 
yet did notviidetllaod. 

Nor they thy mercies multitude, 
did kcepein chankfull minde: 

^Burai theica, yea the red tcM, 
rebelled mull vnkinde. 

8 NeuenhclelTe he f.ued them, 
for honour of hii name: 

That he might make his power knownc, 
and fpread abroad with fame. 

p The red lea hedid then rebuke, 
and forthwith it was dride: 

And as in wildernclfc, fo through 
the deepe he did them guide. 

10 He (aued them from ctucU band 
of their dcrpiiciuU foe: 

And from the hoeroies hand he did 
delioer them alio. 


11 The waters their opprdTors whelmd, 
not one was leitaliue: 

13 Then they hcleeu'd his words, and praife 

in fongi they did him giue. 
t$ But by and by vnthankfully, 
his words they cleane forgat; 
Aodforhisconnicll and his will, 
they did negletfl to wait. 

14 Bat lufied in the wilderncire, 
with fond and greedy lull i 

And in the defart tempted God, 
the Hay of all their mid. 

15 And then their wanton mindes dcllre 
be fuffered them to haue: 

But Wilhng leannefle therewithal!, 
into their foulcs he gaue. 

id Then when they lodged in the tents, 
at Mofes they did grurch : 

Aaron the holy ot the Lord, 
fo did tlicy enuy much. 

17 Therefore the earth did open wide, 
and Dathan did deuoorc: 

And all Abirams coanpanie, 
did coucr in that houre. 

E Cvj. y, 

19 Vpon the hill of Horeb they 

an Idoll Calfc did frame: 

And there the molten Image they 
did worfliip of the fame. 

30 IntochelikcnellcofaCalfe 
that icedeth on the gtafle f 
Thus they their glory turode, and ail 
thetr honour did deface. 

11 And God their oneJy Sauiour, 
vnkmdJy they forgot | 

Which many great and mighty thinet. 
in Egypt land bad wfo^t. 

7 if 

a a And in the Land of Haoi for them, 
moll woodrous wotkei had dooc t 
And by the red lea, dreadful! things 
paioriaed long ^one. 

23 Therefore for theu fo tbewing them, 
forgetful! and rokind: 

To bring deftrudlion on rbem aU, 
he purpofde iu his miude 

Had not bhehofen Moles Hood 
before him in the breake: 

To curnc his wrath, led heoathra, 
with fiaughter Ihoold him ssreake. 

34 They did defpife the picalant land, 
that he bctiigbt to gine. 

Yea and the words chat he bad ijpoke, 
they did no whii belceiK. 

3 5 Burin their tents with gnidgii^ harts,' 
they wickedly repinde; 

Not to the voyce of God the Lord, 
they gaue an bearkning min^. 

Iff Tho^oreagainfltbcm.lihedhc 
hisDrong reuenging band: 

Them to defiroy in wildcrncflc, 
ere they Ibould foe the Laoth 

27 And to defboy their feed aoaoag 
the nations with bis lod • 

And through the Countries of the worUy 
to fcatter them abroad. 

s8 To Baal-Pcot then they did 
adioyne tbcmrelucs alfo i 
And ate ^ offerings of the dead, 
fo they iorfookc him tbo. 

37 Thus with their owneinuentioM, 
his wrath they didprouoket 
And in hisfo enkindled wrath, 
the plague vpon them broke 
JO But Pbinces flood vp with scale. 

the finners vile to flay t 
And iudgement he did execute : 
and then the plague <iid Bay* 

18 In their aflcmblies kindled tsae Titftmtbfmrt, 

the hot confuming fire: 

And wafting flames did then borne vp 3I It was imputed vnto Wia 

the wicked in his irci for riEhteoulhclfc that day t 

C And 

p S A L M E Cvij 

7 ^ 

And (fom henceforth fo counted is> 
from race to race for aye. 

3 i At waters eke of Meribah, 
they did him angry niakei 

Yea, fo farreforth, that Mofes w«* 
then punilht for their fake. 

3 5 Bccaufc they vext his fpirit fb fore, 
that in impatient heat. 

His lips fpake vnaduifedly, 
his fetuor was fo great. 

34 Nor as the Lord commanded them, 
they flew the people tho : 

3 y But were ainongtiic heathen inixt, 
and learnt their workes alfo. 

36 And did their Idols feme,which wetc 
their ruine and decay: 

3 7 To Fiends,their fon nes and daughters they 
did offer vp and flay. 

38 Yea with vnkindely murdering knife, 
the gtiiltlclTe bloud they fpilt, 

Yea their owne fonnes and daughters bloud, 
without all caufe of guilt. 

Whom they to Canaan Idols then 
offered with wicked hand : 

And fo with bloud of Innocents, 
defiled was the land. 

39 Thus were they llained with the Worker 
of their owne filthy way s 

Aijd with their owne inuentions, 
a whoring they did flray. 

40 Thercfoieagainft his people wai 
the Lords wratli kindled fore, 

And euen his owne inheritance, 
therefore he did abhor. 

41 Into the hands of Heathen men, 
he gaue them fora prey! 

And made their foes their Lords,whom they 
were forced to obey. 

fhtfifi ptrt, T 

4a Tea, and their hatefull enemies 
opprefl them in the land, 

And they were hutnbly made to floope,' 
as fubicffsio theii hand. 

43 Full oftentimes from thrall had he 
deliuered them before: 

But with tbfircounfels. they to wrath - 
piouokt him euermcre# ^ 

Therefore they by their wickednefle 
were brought full low to lie, 

44 Yet when he faw them in diftreile, 

fie hearkened to their cric. 

4$ He cald to minde his couenant, 
which he to thtm had fwore; 

And by his mercies multitude, 
repented him therefore. 

44 And fauout he thtmmade to finde, 
before the fight of thole, 

Tliai led (hem capiiuesfrom their land 
when card ihey were their foes. 

47 baue vs O Lord.thatartoui'God, 

fatie vs O Lord we pray : 

And from among the Heathen folke, 

Lord gather vs away. 

That we may fptead the noble ptaife 

ofthy iiioli holy name. 

That we may glory in thy praife, 
and founding ofthy fame. 

48 1 heLord, theGodof Kracf, 
be bicfl for euermore s 

Let all the people fay, Arncn, 
praife ye the Lord tlierefore. 

Ginfitcmini Domino. PfaJ. Cvij. W. K,‘ 

DdmdtxhorlethuJih^tt *rereJiew$tdh th$ Ltrd. 
(^gtthtrnd vm» himjtgituthtinkt littrftrtfvh* 

byjnding fnCftrit) *nd timrfitj, krmggtlt w$n 
vnta bim/Therfert tu iberightiem tbtrest rri$jet, 
fo pioil ibt wukod htiMt tbiir moHtbes flopfod. 

Sing tbit at the 59. T>falme, 

G lue thanks vnto the Lord our God, 

And that his mercy hath no end 
all mortall men may fee. 

2 Such as the Lord redeemed hath,' 
with thanks fliould praife bis name : 

And fliew how they from foea are freed, 
and how he wrought the fame, 

3 He gathered them forth of the landa 
that lay fo farre about; 

From Eafl to Well,from Nonh to South, ^ 
his hand did finde them out. 

4 They vvandred in the WilderncfTe, 
and ({rayed from the way. 

And found noCitic where to dwell, 
that ferue might for their Day. 

5 Whofe thirfl and hunger was fo great 
in thelie Oafatts fo void • 

That faintnclFc did themlorc alTault, 
and eke their fouIc 4 nnoid. 

6 Then did they cry in their diflreflie ,, 
ynte the Loid for ayde: , 

Who did rerooue their troublous flare, . d 
■* according as they praidc. 

7 And by that way which was mofl right, 
he led them like a guide: 

That they might to a Citie goc, 
and there al/o abide. 

8 Let men therefore before the Lord 
confelfe his goodncITe then, 

And fliew the wo^rs that he doth 
before the fonnes of men. 

9 For he the emptie foulc fuflainde^ 
whom third had made to faint : 

The hungry foules with goodnefle fed, 
and did them eke acquaint. 

““ ■ IQ Such 

P i / L 

lo Sucti ai d<)C dwell in darkcnrllc deepr, 

where ihty on death doc wait- 
Fall bound to tali fuch iroobloui flortnes 
at yroii ihainca doe threat. 


M H Cvij. 

Their Merchandize ihroogh learciuU 
tocompaireand to end* 

14 Thofeinen are forcedro behold 

the Lords workes what they ber 
And in the dan^oos deepe the (mnf 
mofl naruaaloui they lee. 


11 For that againd the Lords owne words, 
they ((juuhi lo to rcbell; 

Edccoiing light his counfela hie, 
which due lo fine ezcell. 

II But when he humbled tbetn full low. 

then they fell downe with grieife, 

And none was Found fo much to heipe 
whereby toget reliefe. 

15 For at his word, the ftormy wind, 
arilafa in a rage : 

And liirreth yp the Surgeslb, 

II nought can them alfwage. 

Iff Then are they Irfred vp lo hie, 
the clouds they leeme to gaine : 

And plunging downe the depthi, vntill 
their loules coofume with paine. 

13 Then did they cry in their dilireflc 
vnto the Lord for aide: 

Who did remoue their troublous Qate 
according as they praid. 

14 For he from darkenello out them brought, 
and from deaths dreadhill fbadc: 

BurlUng wirh force the Iron bands 
which did before them lade. 

27 And like a Drunkard to and fro, 
now here, now there,they rede: 
Ai men with feare, of wit bet^, 
or had of fenfe no fede. 
aS Then did they cry in their dillrefle, 
vnto the Lord forayde: 

Who did remouc their troublous flate 
accorifing as they praidc. 

15 Let men therefore before the Lord 
cenfclfc Ills kindneife then 1 
And ihew the wonders chat he doth 
before the Sonnet of men. 
aff For he threw downe the gates of Brade, 
sad brake them with llrong band: 

The Iron bar* he fmote in two, 
nothing could him withiland. 

For with hit word, the Lotd doth make 
the fhirdy flormei to ccaic. 

So that the grut waucs from their rage, 
arc brought torefiaud peace. 

30 Then are men glad when refl is comci 
which t^fo much doe crane: 

Andare by him in haueo broseht, 

* which they Ct tune would hacie; 

IT The foohnifolke great plagaes doe feele, 
and cannot from them wend: 

Bat hcape on more to tbofe they haue, 
bccaufe they doc odend. 

b 8 Their fmlc fo much did loach all meat, 
chat none they could abide: 

Whereby dei'h had themalmoS caught, 
as they full cruely tride, 

ip Then did they cry in their didrclTc 
vnto the Lord for ayde: 

Who did remoue^eir troublous Hate 
according as praid; 

To For he then fent toShem his word, 
which health did foone rcilore t 

And brought them from thuie dangers deepe, 
wherein they were before. 

Tie thirdftTf. 


31 Let men therefore before the Lord 
confeire bis IdndeneHc then: 

And (hew the wonden that he doth 
before the Sonnes of men. 

3 2 Let them in prefence of the folke, 
with praife ncoll hit name t 

And where the Eldcrtdoc contxnt, 
there let tbetn doc the fame. 

33 For running frauds to dry dcfarci 
he doth oft change and tome: 

And dryeth vp as it were dud, 
the fpringing Wed and Bourne. 

34 A fruitfull land with plealuret deckt, 
full barren he doth make : 

When on their finne* thatdweli therein, 
he doth mil vengeance rake. 

2i Let men therefore before the Lord 
confclTc his kindenelTe then: 

And fhew the wonders that he doth 
before the Sonnes of men. 

as And let them ofrer facrifice 
with thanks, and alTo frare: 

And fpeake of all his wondrous workes, 
with glad and ioy full cheare. 

23 Such 31 in Ships or brittle Barites 
into the Seas defeend: 

33 Agsioe, the wildemelle full rude 
he maketh frmt to beare: 

With picafant fprings of waters cleere, 
though none b^ore were there. 

34 Whereia fuch hungry foulesare let, 
as he doth fredy cboie; 

That they a Gide may them build, 
to dwell In (heir vie. 

gy That they may fow tbeir pleafiuc had, 
and Vineyards alio plant: 




P S A L M E Cviij Cix. 

To yeeld them (ruit offuch increale, 
as none miy fecmc to want. 

38 They rnuUiply exceedingly, 

the Lord doth blclfc them fo, 

Who doth tUb their brute bcaftsmake 
by numberi great to grow. 

39 But when the faithful! are low brought, 
by the opprelTori (lout; 

And roiniih doc through many plagues, 
that compaife them about. 

40 Then doth he Princes bring to (hame, 
which did them fore opprelTct 

And likewife caufed them to erre 
within the Wilderneffe. 

41 But yet the poore lie raifeth vpf 
out of his troubles deepe : 

And oft-times doth his trainc augment, 
much li ke a fl ocke of Iheepe. 

42 The righteous lhall behold this(igiiC, 
and alio much reioyce; 

Whereas the wicked and peruerfe 
with griefc flia'I (lop their voyce.’ 

43 But who is wife, that now full well 

he may thefe things record: 

For certainly (uch IhiU perceiue 
the kindcnelle of the Lord, 

Paratunicor meum. PlaL Cviij. N. 

Vtuad rtith bt»t und vtict prtiftti tht Ltrdj 
tnd Mjfuretb himftlft •/ the fremife ef God^enetr- 
«t>f£ hii kiKttdeme titer Ifr 4 e{, 4 itdhiifever dgtiiiifl 
other netieni, who though het fettttt tt ftrfdke vt 
fore time, jet bee time tu the end wiBci^demtie 
our memiet. 

Stag thie Mtbe6$> 

God my heart prepared is, 
and eke my tongue is fo: 

1 will aduance m; voyce in fong, 

and giuing praife alfo. 

2 Awake my Violl and my Harpe, 

fweet melodie to make 
And in the morning I my feJie 
tight early will awake. 

3 By me among the people Lord, 
llill praifed (halt thou be: 

And I among the heathen folke, 
will fingO Lord to thee. 

4 Becaufethyraercy Lord is great, 

aboue iheheauenshie: 

And eke thy truth doth reach the clouds, 
within the lofty skie. 

5 Abouethedarrieheauenshie. 

exalt thy fetfe O God s 
And Lord difplay vpon the earth 
thy glory all abroad, 
g That thy dearelybeloucd may 
be (et atUbettie: 

Help O my God with thy right hands 
an d hearken vnio me. 

y God in his lioiincfie hath (poke, 
wherefore my ioyet abound: 

Sichem I will diuide, and inetc 
tlie vale of Succoih ground. 

8 And Gilead fliall be mine owiic, 

ManalTes mine (lull be; 

My head (Ireiigth Ephraim, and Law 
(lull ludah giue for me. 

9 Moabiny waflipot,andmyfliooc ^ 

Vponehel^ndolPalcdine ,, 

in triumph will [ goe. 

10 Who lhall into the Citieflrong, 
be guide to conduft me f 

Or how by whom to Edom land 
conueied (lull I be / 

114 s it not thou O God, which late 
hadd vs forfaken quite / 

And thou O Lord which with our head 
didd nor goe forth to Hgfac: 

12 Giue vS O Lord thy fauing aide, 
when troubles docadaile; 

For all the helpc ofmao is vainc, 
and can no whit auaile, 

13 Through God we (hall doe valiant afitV 
and Worthy of renownc: 

He (hall fubdue our enemies. 

yea he fhall tread them downe. • * 

Deus laudem tuam. Pfal. Cix.N.' 

Dnnid being ^nlflj nccufedbjStnltfittterer/jprm- 
eth God to helf him to deftrej hie entmiei, wbt ww 
frefent ludai the trtjtor vntt lefm Chrifigmd *B 
like enemies efthe children of God. 

Sing thie nt the 6s- ffnlmt, 

I N fpecchlefTe filcncc doe not iield 
O God thy tongue alwaica: 

O God, euen thou I fay that arc 
the God of all my praife. 
a Thewicked and theguilcfull mouth 
on me difclofcd be: 

And they withfalfe and lying tongue, 
hauc fpuken vnto me. 

3 They did bc(et me round about, 
with words of hatefull fpight: 
Withoutall caufc ofmy delcrt, 
againd me they did figlit. 

4 For my good will,they were my foes, 
but then gan I to pray; 

; My good with ill,my (fiendlinefTc 
with hate they did repay# 

6 Set thou the wicked oner him, 
to haue the vpper hand. 

At his right hand, eke fuffer thoa 
his hatefull foe to dand. 

7 When he is iudged, let him then 
condemned be therein. 

And let the prayer that he makes, 
be turned into Gone. 

8 Few 


P S L M 

8 Few bf hit daictfhii charge alio 

let (hou anotlKi take : 

9 His Ctiildren let be fitherlelTc, 
his Wife a Widdow otakc. 

10 Let his of-fpring be Vagabonds, 
to beg and fcelM their bread i 

Waodring out of the wailed place, 
where earil (hey hauc bcene fed. 

11 Let couetoui Extortioners 

catch ail his goods and (lore •' 

And let th; flrsngcr fpoile the fruits 
of all his toy k before. 

Il Let there be none to pirty him, 
let there be none at all. 

That on his Children fath^kiTc, 
will let their mercy fall 


Ij And fo let his pofterity 
for ener be deilroyd : 

Their names out blotted in the.age 
that after (hall iucceed. 

14 Let not his Fathers wickednelTe 
from Gods remembrance fall; 

And let not ihou his Mothers finne 
be done away at alL 

15 Butin the prefence of the Lord* 
let them reroainefor aye: 

That from the earth, their memory 
he may cut clcane away. 

iff Siih mercy he forgat to ILew, 
but did purfuc with fpite 

The troubled man.and (ought to flay 
the wofullhearted wigi C. 

■y As he did curling loue,it (hall 
betidevnto him (o: 

And as he did not bleflinglouc, 
it (hall be farre him fro. 

18 As he wkh curling clad himfelfc) 
fo it like water (hall 

Into hii bowels, and like Oylcj 
into his bones befall 

19 As garment let it be CO 
Co couer him lot ay e 1 

And as a girdle wherewith he 
(hall gilded be alwayi 

3 o Loc let the fame be from the Lord 
the Guerdon of my foe: 

Yei,and ofthofc thateuill fpeake 
again (1 my Ibulc alfo. 

a I But thou O Lord that art my God, 
dcale thou I lay with me: 

A fter thy name dehuer me, 
fotgood thy mercies be. 

« Becaufe in depth of great dlftrefTe, 

1 needy am aod poorc 1 

And eke within my pained bread, 
niy heart is wounded fore. 

E Cx. 

Tbt third putt. 

2 j £oen fo doe I depart iway, 
as doth declining fliade: 

And u the Grafljoppers, fo 1 
am fhaken off andifade. 

14 With fading long from ncedfuD food, 
enfeebled are my knees : 

And all ber fataeffe bath my flelh 
enforced beene to leefe, 

25 And / alio a idle reproach 
tochem was made to be: 

Aod they that did vpoo me look, 
did fliake their heads at me. 

2ff But thou O Lord chat art my God, 
mine aid and fuccoor be 1 

According to thy mercy Loed, 
faue and defiuer me. 

37 And they fliall know thereby,chat this 
f Lord^ is tbr mighiy hand t 

And that thou, tnoo haft done it Lord, 
fo (ball cb^ mderdand. 

18 Although they curie with fpiic, yet tboo 
(haltblefle with leuiog rotcc, 

They (hall arik, and come to fham, 
thy feruanc fbabreioycc. 

*9 Let them be doebed all with fkamc, 
that eacmiea are to me .* 

Aod with confuflon asadoake, 
rke couered lerihenibe;- 

30 But greatly 1 trill srichmyinoatb, 
giue thanks rmo tbc Lord s 

And 1 among cbcmukKode, 
his prailes will record, 

31 For he with help at his right hand. 

Will (land the poore man by: 

To (aue him from tbc man that would 
condemne his foukto die- 

Dixit Ekminus. Plal. Cx. N; 

Diutid prrfhtfiitb tf tbt ptm/r mU tmtrUUmt 



Stag tbil attbt SS.P/ahmt. 

T h E Lord did fay vnte my Lord, 

Gt thou at my right hand: 

Ttll 1 haue made thy foes a (look. 

whereon thy feet (hall (hndl 
2 The Lord (hall out of Sion fend 
the Scepter of thy might: 

Amid thy mortallfoes be thou 
tbc ruler in their fight. 

3 And in the day in which thy raigne, 
and power they (hall lee; 

Then hereby free-will o&rings (hall 
thy people ofl'n' thee. 

4 Yes with a holy wotfliipping 
then IhaU they oiler all; 

Gg Thy 

y6 P s A L M E Cxj. Cxij. Cxiij. 

Thy births dew it the dew chit doth But alwaics to prcuailr, 

from wotnbe of morning fill. Hit holy name be feared. 

4 The Lord hath fwornC) and neuet will 

repent what he doth &y: 

By the order of Melchifedech) 
thou ait a Priefl for aye. 

5 The Lord thy God on thy right hand 

that flandeth for thy Hay ; 

Shall wound (ortheethcHatcly Kiflgs< 
vpon his wtathfull day. 

C The heathen he Hull fudge,and fill 
the place with bodies dead/ 

And ouer diuers Countries) thall 
in funder finite the head. 

7 And he fhalldrinkc out of the Brooke 
that runneth in the way.* 

Therefure he fball lift vp on hiei 
his toyall head that day. 

Conhccborcibi. Plal. Cxj. N. 

tbAnkts u th$ Ltrd ftr hid mertifiiB 
hid Chm-cbf tuU idtUarttb mbdrtin 
trud Tdifidomc lud rifht k^mltdgd confifittbl 

SmgthidtUlht^y, tfdlmd. 

W ith heart 1 doe accord 

To praife and laud the Loid: 

In prelence of t^ iuH. 

2 For great his workes are found. 

To (earth them fuch are bound, 

Ai doe him lone and truH. 

3 His workes ace glorious, 

Alto his righteoufueire, , 

It doth endure foreucr. 

4 His wondrous workes he would 
We Hill remember fhould, 

His mercy faileth ncuer. 

5 Such as to him loue beare, 

A portion full faire, i 

He hath vp for them laid: 

For this they (hail well fiode, 

He will them hauein mind^ 

And keepe them as he faid,' 

6 Forhedid notdifdaine 

His workes to fhew them plaine. 

By lightnings and by thunders; 

When he the: heathcnsland, j i 

Did giue into tiicir hand, 

Whcrcthey beheld his wonders. - 

I ': 

7 Ofall his workes, enfueth 
Both iudgemenc, tight, and truth. 

Whereto his Statutes tend, 

8 They arc decreed fure. 

For euer to endure, 

Wbiclj equity doth end: 

Redemptidn he gaue, ' j:i :.'i 

His people for to faue,‘ i • " 

P And hath alforequired, ’ ' 

His promife not to mBc i 

10 Who fo with heart full faine, 

True wifedome would atttine, 

The Lord feare and obey: 

Such as his Lawes doc keepe. 

Shall knowledge hauc full deepe, 

Hit praife lhall lad for aye, 

Bcatus vir. Pfal. Cxij. W.K. 

Hdfrtifitb the ftlteity ef ihtm ibstfdurtCtdf 
Mud cddd/mMdib tbd aerftdfluti of thd coKtewomn 

Siog ibid 4d tbd Pdier mfttr. 

T H E man is bled that God doth fimre. 
And that his Lawes doth loue indc^, 
2 His feedc on earth God will vprcarc. 

And blclfe fuch as from hfn proceede. 

3 His houfe with good he will fulfill* 

His rightcoulneire endure fliall dilL 

4 Vntothetigheeousdotharife, 

In trouble toy,in darkcnclle light. 
Companion is in his eyes. 

And mercy alwaics in his fight. 

5 Yea, pitty moueth liich to lend. 

He dothby iudgement things expend. 

6 And furely liichlhtUiicuetfaile, 

For in remembrance had is he i 
7 No ridings ill can make him quailej 
Who in the Lord fure hope doth fee. 

8 His heart is firme, his feare it pad. 

For he (hall fee bis foes do wne cad. * 

9 He did well for the poore prouide, i* 
His rightcoufuelfc (hall dill retnaine. 

And his eftate with praife abide : 

Though that the wicked men difdaine, 

I o Yea gnalh his teeth thereat lhall he. 

Audio cotilumehit date to feei 

Laudace pucri. Pfal. Cxiij. W.FC.’ , 

dxhorutionttpriufd the lord (or hid fro- 
uideae e,int bot.contmrj to the cetufi ofNot art, hi 
workftbmbid Cbareh. 

children which do Icruc the Lord, 

Praife ye his name with one accord. Yea 


blelfed be arwaics his name, Who from the 

rifing ol the Sunnc,Till it returne where 

it begun,M tobeprailcd with great tame. 



S L M E 

1 he Lord al]people doth futtiif for 

C 5 cv. 


his glory wemajr count^boueiheheiueiis 
high to bc^ With God the Lordtwho tnajr 

compare,whole dwcUiogs in the heauenj 

gg |^ ^ 

an ? of luch great power and fore e ii h^ 

ff He doth abafehimfclfe we know. 

Things to behold both here belo w> 

Andalfo in heauen aboue. 

7 The needic out of dull to draw, 

And eke tliepoorc which hefpe nonefaw. 

His oncly mercy did him rooue. 

8 And fo him fet in high degree. 

With Princes of great dignicie. 

That mlc his people with great fame, 
j The barren he doth make to brare, 

And with great ioy her fruit to reare. 
Therefore praile ye hii holy name. 

In cxitu Ifrael. Pfal. Cxiiij. W. W. 

Ifrdth d;lmrrmct attt tf E^jft^Ktttth vinre- 
memhrtneffCoditrtdt mercKitowtrds hv chit. 
ilrtm,Mdtf «ur vnlhMiihtftdtufftfar the [amt, 

Shi 78- 

\j \ 7 Hen Ifrael by Gods addrciTe, 

V V from Piuraohs Land was bent. 

And lacobshoufc the (Irangers left, 
and in the fame traine went. 

3 In/udah God his glory (hewde, 
hit iioiinelle moft btight : 

So did the ifraelites declare 

bis kingdomc, power, and might. 

3 TheScaitfaw, andfuddainly 

as all amaz’de did flie: 

The roaring fireames of lordari floud 
recoiled backwardly. 

4 /Vs tarns afraid,the Mountainet skipt, 

theit flrength did them forfake: 

And as the fillie trembling Lambs, 
their tops did bcate and lhake. 

5 What tylde theeSea, as all amaz'dcr 

fo fuddcnly to flic ? 

Ye rowling waues of Iordans flouds 
why ran ye backwardly I 

6 Why Ibooke ye hils, as Rami afraid i 

'*'hy did your fliength fo fbake ? 

Why did youi tops as trembling |:tnbsj 
forlcarc, qaiuer and quake i 

7 U hartli coMteilcfl.y i.jurr^ignc L ,rJ, " 

afid d od hit ini^rrv (;»ad 
Cciorethetaccoi fac(>bs G'^d, 

Ictrt ye b'Jtfi Sea and land. 

8 lmcariethf(,(Klwf ichffe,B btrdrocks 

doth caufe triiine floudiappcare. * 

Andfroni the (Ionic flit ts doth make 
gufh out the fonniainei cleare. 

Non nobis Dom ne. PfaJ. Cxv. N. 

7htftithfmll»lfTff,dby IdaLtrem Tyramt.fn. 
r^ft that they mj/btmmdfm'l tf fo artat a btmfk, 
tfu ttttJdfltaft Cod to htart th*hprayfr,anddt&. 
them by ku tmmpotem 


Or vnio VI Lord,not to rs but to 

thy name giue praifc.bofh for thy mercy 

and thy truth, that are 10 thee alwaiei. 

a Why lhall the heathen (corners (aj.wbere 

is their God b«omef 3 Our God in hea¬ 

uen u, and what be will.tha hath bedone. 

4 Their Idols filuer are and gold, 
workes cf mens hands they be; 

5 They haue a month, and doe not fpcake, 

and eyes and doc not (ee: 
tf And they haueeaies ioynd to their beads. 

and doc not beare at all; 

And nofts eke they formed haue, 
and doe not fmell withall. 

7 And hands they haue, and handle not, 

and feet, and doc not got : 

Athroat they hauc.yctthrough tbefame 
they make no found to blow. 

8 Thofc that make them,are like to tbem, 

and thofc whofe trufl they be, 

9 O Ifrael trufl in (he Lord, 
their heipe and fhicld is he. 

|0 O Aarons houfe trufl in the Lord, 
their heipe and fliicld is be: , 

II Tiufl yethe Lord that feare the Lord, 
(heir hclpeandfliield it be: 

13 The Lord hath mindful! bin of vS, 
and will vs blefle alfo: 

On Hrads, and on Airont honfe, 

hii blefling he wil fbew, 

G4 ijThem 

P S A L M E Cxvj. Cxvij. 


ij Them ihit be fearers of the Lord, 
the Luid will biclle clicm all: 

Euen he willblclfc them euery one, 
the great, and eke the fmall. 

14 Toyou Ifay thclouingLord 
will multiply hit grace, 

To yi'u, and to the children that 
lliall follow of your race- 

15 YearethcbleiredoftheLord, 
euen of the I.ordl (ay: 

Wliich both the heauen and the earth 
hath made, and let in (lay. 

Id lheheiu;ns,yeatheheauenshic 
belong vnto the Lord : 

Theeaith vnto the Sonnes of men 
he gaue with free accord, 

17 They that be dead doe not writhpraife 
(et forth the Lorda renowne, 

Nor any that into the place 
of (ileiiec doe goe downe, 

18 Bui we will praile the Lord our God, 
tromhcncef>)ith and for aye, 

Sound y e the p>ai(<sof the Lord, 
praile ye the Lord I fay. 

Dilexi quoniam. PfaLCxvj. N. 

Dawid brill It ituiftr tht ds- 

fun of AidoH. pirce$Mii»i the grtot ddduufiirndhU 
lorn of God towdrd him, rndg/ufiotb fmeh gredt 
mtreui andproitjltlh ihdibtt wii bo thdubefuS 
for the Jome. 

L 'ue the Lordjbecaute my voyce and 

prayer heard hath he.jvVhenin my dates 

1 cald on him,he bow’d hii eare to me. 

5 Euen when the fnares ofcrucll death 
about be'et meround; 

When paines of hell me caught,and when 

1 woe and Coriow found. 

0 ^ Vpon the name of God my Lord, 
then did 1 call and fay, 

Deliuer thou my louleO G( d, 

1 doe thee humbly pray. 

5 The Lord is very merciful!, 
and lufl he is alio: 

And in ourGodtCompafTion 
'doth plentifully flow. 

6 The Lord in fafety doth prefarua 
all thofe that Ample be, 

I wasin wohillmilcry, 
and he relietied roe. 

7 And now roy fouk fith thou art ftfe. 

returne vnto thy red, ' 

For largely loethe Lord to thee 
hit bounty hath rxprelL 

8 Becaufe thou hall deliuercd 

my (oule from deadly thrall. 

My moy fined eync from mournefull tearei, 
my Aiding leete from fall. 

9 Before the Lord, I in the land 
of life will walkc therefore: 

. 10 I did bclceue, therefore I fpake, 
for I wai troubled fore. 

Tie ftttnd port, 

11 I faid in my didreJe and feare, 
that all men lyari be] 
la What (hall I pay the Lord 
for all hit b^efitito roc f 

13 The wholeforoe cup of (auing health 
I thankcfully will take. 

And on thi Lords name / itill call, 
when / my prayeri make. 

14 I to the Lord will pay the vowes 
that I haue him behignr: 

Yea euen at this prefent time, 

In all his peoples tight. 

15 Right deare and preciuut in hia fight, 
the Lord doth a\ e edeeme 

The death of all his holy ones, 
what euet men doe deeme. 

itf Thy feniant Lord, thy feruant loe, 

1 doe my (elfc confelTc; 

Sonne of thy handmaid, thou had broke 
the bonds of mydillrelle. 

17 And I will offer vp to thee 
a lacrificcol praile: 

And I will call vpon the name 
of God the Lord alwairs. 

18 I to the Lord will par the vowes 
that I haue him bchight • 

Yea euen at this prefent linie, 
in all the peoples fight. 

19 Yea in the Courts of Gods owne houfe, 
and in the midlloicnee, 

Othou lerulilem Ifay, 

wherefore the Lord praife ye, 

Laudate Dotninum. Pfal. Cxvij. N. 

Uo oxhortoth the CenttUs toprdife Godjtocdafo ht 
hdth dccemptif/ed tu well to them, m to the lewtff 
the promi/o if life exerldjlmg bj Itfm Chrijf, 

Sing ihit eu the 98. Pfdime. 

All ye nations of the world, 
praife ye the Lordalwaieit 
And all ye people euery where, 
fet forth his noble praife. 
a For great his kindenrfTe is to vi, 
his truth endures for aye; 

Wherefore praife ye the Lord our God, 
praife ye the Ltxd I (iiy • 


P S A L M E 

Confitcmini Dom, Pfal. CxviiJ. N. 

DAttUnuntdtfStHiMHd^tbt fiDfUy4t(h4tim* 
4pf tuned,disbud the Kmideme.ferlbi which he 
hddeth sU mm ihstfesrt ih he ihss^mS, 
vsder whtfe ferftn (Imfi «r Umelj f,t jt^whe 
(heutd he efhiefeof/t reiedtd. 

Sisg lltie St the 84. 'Pfshte. 

O Giuc y« (haoks vnco the Lord, 
for gracioui is he: 

Bccaufe hii mere; doth endure 
for (uer lowudi theci 
a Let I !rael coifefTe and fay, 
his mercies dircs for aye; 

3 Now let the loufe of Aaron lay, 
hit mercies dhtet for aye. 

4 Let all chat jtutc the Lord our God, 
eucn now eonfclTe and lay: 

The mere* of the Lord our God, 
endurcth Hill for aye. 

5 Incroahlrand inbeauinelTe, 
vntothe Lord I cridet 
Which buingly heard me at large, 
my fute was notdenide. 

6 Th; Lord himlelfe is on my fide, 

I will not Hand in doubt: 

Nor feare what man can doc to me. 

when Ck>d Hands nse about. 

7 The Lord doth cake my part with them 
that helpe to fuccour me: 

Therefore I lhall det my dcGre 
vpon tnincenemie. 

8 Better it ii to truH in God, 
then in mans mortall feed •' 
p Or CO put confidence in Kings 
or Princes in our need, 
lo All Nations haueinclofed me, 
and compalled me round: 

Bit in the name of Ged Hiall I 
mine enemies confound. 

si They kept me in on enery fide, 
they kept me in 1 lay: 

But through the Lords moQ mighty name, 

1 lhall worke their decay. 

It They came about meaU like Bees, 
but yet in the Lords name 
I qncnch their chornes that were on fire, 
and will dcHruy the lame. 

Th* ftetwd fmt, 


13 1 hou hafl with force thrifl fore at roe, 
that I indeed might fall: 

But through the Lord I found fuch helpe, 
that they were vanquilhtall. 

14 The lord is my defence and ftrength, 
my ioy,my mirth,my fong; 

He is become fot me indeed, 
a Sauiour moft 



li The light hand oftheLf^fdoor God 
doth bring to ptffe great things; * 

Heesutth eoyceolioy .nd health, 
in righteous mens dwellings. 

Id Therigbt hand of the Lord doth bring 

moft mighty tilings to pafle, 

His band ham tlie prehemincnee, 
hia force is as it was. 

17 I sriil not die, but eucr lioe 
to tnier and declare 

The Lord his might and wondrous pdwer,' 
hii workes.and what they arc, 

18 The Lord himfcifc bath chalicned, 
and hath curredfed me: 

But hath notgiucnroc oueryet 
to death, at ye may lee. 

19 Set open vnco me the gsea 
of truth and righieoufnellr. 

That 1 may enter into them, 
the Lords praife to conieHe. 

So This isthe gate eucn of the Lord, 
which lhall not fo be (but: 

But good and righteous men alway, 
lliall enter into it; 

The third fsrt, 

3 1 I will giue tfaankes to thee O Lord, 
bccaufe thou haH beard me,- 

And an becoiae roH louiagly, 
a Sauiour vnto me. 

3 2 The ftone Which ere chit dme aaioDg 
the builders was refoied, 

Is now become the comer Hone, 
and chiefly robe rfed. 

33 This vas the mighty worke of God^ 
this waa the Lords owne fa^ t 

And it is miruaflouf to behold 
with eyes that noble adL 

34 This isthe ioyfuD dry indeed, 
which God himfcifc hath wrought: 

Let vs be glad, and toy tbeivin, 
in heart, in minde, and cboughr.' 

t$ Now helpe vsLord, and proQxrv% 

we wifh with one accord: 

3 d Blelled is be that comet to vs 
in the name of the Lord. 

27 God is the Lord that ftiewetfa vs l%lit,' 
binders therefore with cord 

Tour Sacrifice CO the Altar, 

and giuechanki to the Lord. 

38 Thou art my God IwiDconfelle, 
and render thankes to thee 1 

Thou art my God, and I will praife 
shy mercy towards roe. 

39 O giue ye thankes vnto tbe Lord, 
forgradoos is he* 

Bccaufe hit mercy doth cRdure 
for euer towards roe. 



j? S A L M E Cxix. 

15ciitiimmacul,ui. Pfal. Cxix. W. W. 

7ht Prophrt vmndctfHlijcvmBttndtih Gods L*i», 
wherm ht c4mo( fMtiifie himftife, nor exfuffe/h^- 
cii’ulj hu dffetlien tbercHnto, gidwg Motxble coM< 
p/jinn undcimfotutitni meet for ihefxithfiiB to hMO 
both in heart tnivijce, and m the Hebreve enerj 
eight verfet begin teith one letter of the i/flfhobet. 

Ltlfed are tliey that perfetS arc, and 

pure in mindc and heant whofe Hues and 
conucrfatioMjfrom Gods laives neuer ftart. 

2 BlelfcJ arc they that giue rhcm(clucs,his Ha. 

tutes to obfeiue,(cekiiig the Lord with all 



tlieir hearcsjind neuer from him Cwetuc. 

3 DoiibtlelTr fuch men goc ngt aftray, 

nor doe no wicked thing: 

WhichilcdiatUy waike in his wayct 
without any wandtiog. 

4 It is thy will and coraraandcment, 
that with attentiue heed t 

Thy noble and diuinc precepts, 
we leatnc and kecpe indeed. 

5 Oh would to God it might thee pleafc, 
tny waits fo to addrelTe: 

That 1 might both in Iieart and voice, 
thy LaweskecDcandconfeire. 

<5 So fhould no (name my life attaint, 
whilftl thus (ermineeyes: 

And bend my minde alwaiesto mufe 
on thy fscred decreet. 

7 Then will I ptaife with vpright heart, 
andmagnifie thynime: 

When I (hail learnethy indgeraentsiufl, 
and like wile proue the fame. 

8 And wholly will I giue my felfe, 
to keepe thy Lawes moft right : 

Foi (ake me not foreuet Lord, 
but Ihew thy grace and might. 

SETH The ftcottd fart; 

B y wbatmcaoes may a young man bed, 
bis life Iciirneto amend I 
If that he marke and keepe thy word, 
and therein his time fpend. 

10 Vniainedly I haue itiee fougiu, 
and thus locking abide: 

O ni uer futfer mec U Lord 
from thy precepts to Hide. 

11 Within my heart and fecret thoughti, 

thy words 1 fnue bid Hill r 
That I might not at any time 
olfend thy godly will. 

12 We inagnins thy name 0 Lord, 
and praife thcecuermuic j 

Thy Hatutes of mod worth' fame, 

O Lord teach me therefore. 

13 My lips haue neuer ccaft o preach 

andp.iblifh day and nigit 
I he iudgements all which dd pri ceed 
from ihy mouth full of irjght. 

14 Thy TeHimniiiesand thy waies, 
pleafcme no lelFt indeed, 

Then all thetrcafurci of the earth, 
which worldlings make thtir meed. 

15 Ofthy precepts I will Hill mnfe, 

and thereto frame my tsike • 

As at a marke, fb will 1 ayrac, 
thy waieshow 1 may waike. 

1 6 My onely toy Hull be fo fixr, 
and on thy Lawesfo fet: 

That nothing can me folaitcblinde, 
that I thy wordsforget. 

Cl MEL The third fart. 

G Rant to thy feroant now fuch grace, 
as may my life prolong , 

Thy holy word then will I keepe 
both in my heart and tongue. 

18 Mine eyes which were dim and Hiutvp 
fo open and make bright, 

That ofthy Law and maruailouiworkei, 

I may haue the cleere fight. 

1 j I am a ftranger in this earth, 
wandring now here, now there: 

Thy word therefore to me dilclofe, 
my fo. ’t-fteps for to cleere. 
to My loulc is rauiHit with defire, 
and neuer is at refl: 

Butfeckes to know thy iudgements hie, 
and what may pleafe thee beft. 

II Theproudmenandmalicioos, 
thou hafl deflroyd each one: 

And curfed are fuch 1$ doe not 

22 Lord turnc from me rebuke and fliame, 

which wicked men confpirei 
For / haue kc^t thy couenonts 
with zrale as hot as fire. 

33 ThePrincesgrcacincounfellfate, 
and did ajaind meipeake s 
But then ihyb'eruant thought bow he 
thy llatatcs migh not breakc •' 

i4 For 

S L M E 



*4 t*or why/(hycoMnanci are mjioy, 
and my hrarct great foUce t 
They (eruc m Head oi Couolilleri. 
my matte n for (opalJc. 

Ti AL El IJ, 7iit ftHTthfmt. 

Giueme rheJpifitoIJilcind power. 

to walltc thy wjiet aright. 

3 8 Confirioe thy gracioo* promifc Lotd 
whicii thou haft made to me: * 

Which aio thy fffuanr, and doe loue 
and fearc nothing but thee. 

I Am alati at brought to grauc, 
and almofl turnd to duf): 

Keflore therefore my life agatney 
as thy promife is iufl. 

It? My waiet I liaue acknowledged, 

W ith mercy thou didfl htare: 
ileare me eftfoones. and me inffrud, 
thy Lawes to loue and feare. 

27 Teach me once throaghly for to know 
thy precepra and thy lore; 

Thy workes then will 1 meditate, 
and lay them vp in (fore. 

28 My foule I feele fo fore opprefl, 
that it mclteth with griefe : 

According to thy word therefore, 
hade Lord tofend reliefe; 

2<) From lying and deceitful! lipa, 
let thy grace me defend: 

And that I may learne thee to fcarcj 
thy holy law me fend. 

30 Thy way and truth both flraight and fure, 
I hatie chofen and found: 

1 fet thy iudgementi me before, 
which kcepe me lafeand found. 

31 Since then O Lord I forc*t my felfe, 
thy couenants toembrace : 

Let me therefore hauc no rebuke, 
nor chccke m any cafe. 

32 Then will I runne with ioyfull cheare, 
where thy word doth me call; 

When thou half fet my heart at large, 
and rid me out of thrall. 

HE Tht fifth pMTt. \ 

I Nflru^t me Lord in the right trade 
of thy natures diuine: 

And it to keepc cuen to the end, 
my heart 1 will incline. 

34 Grant me the knowledge of thy Law, 
and f lliall it obey t 

With heart and minde, and all my might. 

1 will it krepe 1 fay. 

35 In the right path of thy precepts, 
guide me Lord I require : 

Noneothcr pleafurc doe 1 willi, 
or greater things dcfire. 

3ff Incline my heart thy la wes to kcepe, 
and couenantt to embrace: 

And from all filthy auaricc. 

Lord Ihield me with thy grace. 

37 From vaincdefiresjand worldly lulli, 
tuinc backe mine eyes and fight; 

39 Reproach and fhaiae which 1 doe feare 

from me O Lord cxpcll; * 

FOf thou doff iudge with rquiiie, 
and therein dofl eaceJlT 

40 Behold my hearts defire is bent, 
thy Lawes to kcepe for aye: 

Lord fircDgthenmcfo with (by grace, 
that it performc J may. 

A E' Tht fijdh fmi; 

T H T mercies great and manifold, 
let me obcamc O Lord: 

Thy fauiog health let me enioy, 
according to thy word. 

4^ So ihall 1 Hop the Hander out moutbes 
of lewd men and rnrad .* 

For in thy faithfallpromiks, 

(lands my cooi^t and cniQ. 

43 The word of truth within my motxh, 
let euerllillbe preft : 

Form thy iudgements wonderful!, 
my hope doth (land andrefl. 

44 And whilA that breath within my brefi, 
doth oaturall lifepref^je: 

Yea tilichia world ihall be dillblu'de. 
thy Law will I obieruc 

45 Sowalkewilllasfctatlargf, 
and made freefrom all dread: 

Becaufe I fought how foi to kcepe 
thy precepts and thy read. 

4d Thy noble aflilwiUdeicribe, 
as thingiof mod great fame: 

Euen before Kings I willthcm blaze, 
and Ihrinke no whit for ihaiae. 

47 I willreioycethin toobey 
thy worthy heOs and will s 
Which cuermorc 1 haue loued bed, 
and fo will loue them dill. 

48 My hands will I lift to thy lawes, 
which I hauc deardy (ought t 
Andpraflife thy commandementt 
in will, in deeddn thought. 

ZAIN Thef0tmftkftri. 

T Hy promife srhich thou maiTdro me, 
fhy femant Lord remember; 

For therein haue I put my trod, 
and coofiJence for eoeri 
50 It is my comfort and my ioy, 
when troubles me alliiilc ; 

For were my life not by thy word, 
my life would foonc me ftile. 

51 The 

8i Psalm 

y I The proud and fuch a< God contemncj 
Hill made ot me a (come: 

Yet would I not thy Law fotfakoi 
ai he chat was foilorne. 
y t But call to minde Lord thy great works 
lliewde to our Fathers old, 

Whereby 1 felt thy ioy furmount 
my griele an hundred fold. 

53 But yet alas for feare I quake, 
feeing how wicked men 

Thy law forfboke, and did procure 

thy iudgementt, who knowea whenf 

54 And at lor me, I Iramde my (ongs 
thy llaiutei to exalt: 

Wlien I among the llrangets dwelt, 
and thoughts gan me allault* 

55 I thought vpon thy name O Lord, 
by night when otheis ileepc: 

As for thy Law. I alwaieskept, 
and euermurr will keepc. 
y5 This grace I did obtaine,bccaufe 
thy enuenantiweet and dearc 
I did enibiace, and alfo keepe 
with rcuarence and with feare. 

H E T H. 7be debt fiirt, 

O G0D which art my part and lot, 
my comfort and my ftayt 
I haue decreed and proaiifed, 
thy law to keepe alway. ‘ 

58 Mine earned heart did hurablie fue 
in prefrnce ofthy face; 

Ai thoutherelore had promifed, 

Lord grant me of thy grace, 

59 My life 1 haue examined, 
and tiiJe my lecret heart: 

Which to thy datutes, caufedme 
my feet rtrait to conueit. 

60 I did not day .nor linger long 
as they that (lochfullare: 

But hadily thy Lawes to keepe, 

1 did my fcife prepare. 

<yi The cruell bands of wicked men, 
haue made of me their prey ; 

Yet would I not rhy Lawes forget, 
nor from them goe adray. 

da Thy righteous luJgeroent toward me, 

fo great is and fohie. 

That cticn at midnight I will rife, 
thy namecomagnifie. 

d3 Companion am I to a’l them , 

which feare thee in their heart s 
And neither will for ioueor dread, 

ftomthy commanderoentsflart. 

^4 I hy mercies Lord mod plenteoofly, 
doe all the world fijlfill; 

O teach me how I may obey 
thy datutes and thy will; 

E Cxix. 

TE7H- The math ptut. 

Ccording tolhy promifemade, 
fo had thou with nie dealt > 

For ofthy grace in fund^ forts, 
haue I thy Seiuancfclc. 

66 Teach me to iudgcalwaies aright, 
and giuc me knowledge lure: 

For certaincly beleeue I doc, 
that thy preceptaarepure. 

6j Ere thou didd touch me with thy rod, 

I erred and went adray: 

But now 1 keepe thy holy word, 
and make it all my day. 

d8 Thou art both good and gracioua, 
and giu'drood liberally: 

Thine ordinances how to keepe, 
therefore O Lord teach me. 

dp The proud and wicked men haue forgde 

againd me many a lie: 

Vet thy commandements dill obicrue 
with all my heart will I. 

70 Their hearts are fwoln with worldly wealth 
as great fo are they fat: 

But in thy Law i doe delight, 
and nothing (ceke but that. 

7 1 O happy time may I well fay, 
when thou dod me correft; 

For as a guide tolcarne tin' Lawes, 
thy rods did roe dircix 

7s So that to me thy word and Law 
is dearer manifold; 

Then thouCinds great of filuet and gold, 
or ought that can be told; 

10 D, The tenth part. 

O Being thy hands haue niide me Lord 
to be thy creature: 

Grant knowledge likewife how to learne 
to put thy Lawes in vre. 

74 So they that feare thee, may reioyce 
when euetthey me fee ; 

Bccaufe I hauelearnd by thy word, 
to put my trud in thee. 

75 When with thy tod the world fsplagude, 
1 know the caufc is iud •' 

So when thou dod correft me Lord, 
the caufc iud needs be mud. 

7tf Now ofthy goodnede 1 thee pray, 
feme comfort to me fend. 

As thou to me tliy feruant hetd, 
fo fiom all ill me (bend. 

77 Thy tender mercies pourc on me, 
and I (ball furely Hue; 

for ioy and con folation both, 
thy lawes to me doe giuc. 

78 Omfound the proud, whofe felfc pretence 
is me for to dedroy : 

But aafor me thy beds to know# 

7p Who 

79 Whofo with KucrenccdDetlKefetie 
to inc let them retire i * 

And (uch ai doechy couenantt know, 
and them alone defite. 

So My heart without all waucring, 
let on thy lawea be bent t 
That no confunoncumc to me, 
whereby 1 Ihould be fhent. 

C APU The asl. f4rt: 

M V fouledoth faint, andceafcth not 
thy fauing health to crane: 

And for thy words lake dill I trn(| 
my hcarti defire to haue, 

^ Mine eyes dt«faile with lookinglbc 
thy word, and thus 1 lay 
Oh when wilwitoo me coatfott Lord, 
why doll thou thus delay I 

83 As a fckin-bqttle in the fmoake, 
fo am I parchf and dride ■' 

Vet will I notout of my heart 
let thy commandementa Hide. 

84 Alas how long lhall I yet line, 
before I lee the houre, ‘ 

That on my foes, which me torment, 
thy vengeance thou wilijwuic. 

85 Prefumptuous men haue digged pits, 
thinking to make me fure 1 
Thus contrary againllthy Law, 
my hurt they doe procurer 

Butthy couimandcmentaateallrnM, 

and caufelcirc they roegrieue : 

To thee thcrefoxa I doe complaine, 
that thou mightOmerelicue. 

87 Almoll they had me cleane defiroyd, 
and brought me quite to ground: 

Vet by thy (latuies,! abode, 
and therein foccout found. 

88 Rellore me Lord againc to life, 
for thy mercicteacell: 

And fo Hiall I thy couenancs kcepe, 
till death my li<e cxpcll. 


N heauen Lord where thou doll dwcU, 
thy word it Habli/ht lure ; 

And lhall for all etemit'e, 
fall grauen there endurea 
po From age to age thy truth abides, 
as doth the earth witneffie: 

Whofe ground-worke thou baA laid lb luro 
as no tongue can expretle. 

pi Euen to this day we may well ice, 
bow all things perfeuers: 

According to thine ordinance, 
for all thinu thee reuere. 

9 J Had it not beeuc, that in thy Law 
my foule had comfort foi^bt. 


Long rimeere now in my dilfrnfe 
1 had beetle brought to nought* 

9J Therefore will i thy precepta aye, 
in nremcry keepe fall : 

By them thou ball my life rellord, 
when I wai at lall call, 

94 No wight to me can title make, 
for I am onely (hine: 

Saue me therefore,for to rby la wes 
mine earet and f,earf incline. 

95 The wicked men doc feck my bane; 
and thereto lie in wake; 

But I the while oonfidcred 
thy noble adaand great, 
pff I fee nothing m this wide world, 
at length which doth not end 1 
But thy coinmandememi, and tby wotd, • 
beyond all end extend. 

MEM Thejtiif. fmt, 

Hat great defire and finicntlocie 
All L j doc/bearetothyLaw: 

All the day long,my whole dcuife 

is onely on thy law. 

98 Thy word hath taught me far to pafle 

my foes in policy: 

For dill 1 keepe it ai a thing 
of roo/l excclJenctei 

99 My teachers which did me kifirna, 
in knowledge 1 excel!: 

Becaufc, I doe thy couenancs keepe, 
and them toothers ceU. 
too In wifedome 1 doc palTealib 
the ancient men iodeed : 

And all bccaule to kcepe thy Lawet, 

I held it aye bcil reede, 

lOI My feet I haue refrained eke, 
fromeuery euillway.- 
Becaufe that 1 conciniully 
thy word might keepe / lay. 

1011 hue notfwaru’deiramchyiudgetQeots, 

nor yet fhrunke any dell : ’ 

for why, thou ball me Uugbt thereby 
to hue godly and welL^ ^ 

103 O Lord how Iweet vnto my tall 
Gnde I thy words alway: 

Doubtlelle no Honie in ny laouch, 
feck ought fo fweet I may; 

104 Thy lawea haue me fuch wildomc learod. 
thatmerlyl hate 

All wicked and vngodly waies 
in euery Idndeof rate. 

Af VK, The xwif. fm, 

E Ven asa Lantemetomy feet, 
fo doth thy wordihioc bright: 

And comypattowhetenierlgoe, 
hist filming light. 



P S A L M E Cxix. 

^o6 I tiaueboth Iworne and will pcrtorme 
moft ccrtaincly doubtlclTe« 

That I will kccpe thy iudgemcnts luft, 

IC7 Affliftion hath me fore oppreS, 
and brought me to deaths doore > 

O Lord as thou hall promifed, 
fo me to life rcllore. 

108 The olFeringi which with heait &VoicC| 
moll frankly I thee giue: 

Accept, and teach roe how I may 
after thy iudgeroents liue« 

109 My fouleis aye fo in thy hand, 

(hat dangers me allaile t 

Yet doe 1 not thy Law lotget, 
nor it to keepe, will fade. 

110 Although the wicked laid their ncM 
to catch me at a bray i 

Yet did I not from thy precepts 
once Iwaruc or goeaftray; 

111 Thy law I haue fo claiind alway 
as mine owtK heritage: 

And why, for therein I delight. 

and fet my whole courage. 

Ill For cuermore 1 haue bccne bent 
thy ftatuteatolulhll: , 

Euen fo like wife vuto the end, 

I will continue dill. 

L/tMECH Thtxv.fMrt. 

T he craftiethoughts,and doable hearti 
! doc al waits deted: 

But as for thy Law and preempts, 

I lou’d them euer bell. 

114 Thou art my hid and fccret place, 
my fhield of flrong defence: 

Therefore haue I thy protnlfes 
looktfor with patience. 

I ly Go to therefore ye wicked men, 
depart from me anone r 
For the commandements will I keepe 
of God my Lord alone. 

1 16 As thou hall promifed to peifome, 
that death me notafTaile: 

Nor let mv hope abufe me fo, 
that through diilrull I quaile. 

117 Vphold me, and /lhall be Ikfe, 
for ought they doe or lay : 

Andin thy (latutespleafuie take ;• , 

will 1 both night and day. 

118 Thou hail tr^liich vndcr thy feet, 
as doe thy flatutes breake: 

Furnoughc auailes their fubtiltie, 
their counfcll is but weake. 

119 Likedtode thou cadefl the wlckedqut, 
where euer they got or dwell; 

Therefore can 1 asthy (latutes, 
loue nothing halfc fo well. 

120 My flclli alas is taken with fcare, 
as though it were benumbde ) 

For when I lee thy iudgcmeiui, ftraight 
1 am as one allonde : 

AiN 7 hixv].farti 

I Doe the thing that lawfull ia> 
and giue to all men right r 
Kefigne me not to them that would 
opprclle me with their raichc. 
i2l Butforthy feruant,(urety M 
in that thing that is good > 
Thatproudroen giue me notthefeile, 
which rage as they wac wood. 

123 Mine eyet with waiting, are now blinded 
(hy health fo much 1 craue: 

And eke thy righteous promife Lord, 
whereby thou wilt me faue. 

114 Intreat thy feruant Unungly, 
and fauour to him fhow 1 
Thy Hatutcs of mod cxccllencie, 
teach mcalfo to know. 

i3 5 Thy humble feruant Lord an 
grant me to vndcrdsnd, 

How by thy flatutes I may know, 
beil what to uke in hand. 

I2d Itisnow time Lord tobegin,' 
for truth is quite decaide: 

Thy law likewife they hauettan%refl,' 
and none againfl them laid. 

117 This it thecaufi wherefore /k)u« 
thy Lawes better then gold: 

Orieireli fine, which are cfleemd 
mod cofliy to be fold. 

128 / thought thy precepts all rooftiuS, 
and (o them laid in (lore: 

All craftie and malidoas waiea 
/doe abhonc iherefore, 

PE 7hexvy,f*rt. 

T Hy couenants are mod wondctfuil, 
and full of things profound: 

My loule iherefore doth keepe them ftife 
when they are tridc and found. 

130 When men fird enter into thy word| 
they finde a light rood cleaie: 

And eery ideotsvndetfland, 
when they it rcadc or hnre: 

131 For ioy I haue both gapt and breath’d 
to know thy commandements: 

That / might guidemy life thereby, 

I fought what thing is meant. 

133 With mercy and companion Lord 
behold me from iboue: 

Al thou wett wont to bahold fiich 
as thy name feaie and loue. 

133 Dired my footfleps by thy word, 
that / thy will may know •' 



P J il L W 

And iicucr let iniquiiie 
thy fcruanc ouenhrove* 

1 3 4 From flwidroui tongues.dc deadly harms 
pre'erue and kecpemefurc; 

1 hjr precepts then will I oUerur, 
and put them eke In rrc. 

1 3 y Thy counrenance which dotli Cmnouat 
the (onnein his bright hew t 

Let (hine on me^nd by thy Law, 
teach me what to efchew. 

15d Out of mine eyes great floudi gufh out 
of drearic tearcs and fail •' 

When I behold how wicked men 
tby lawcs kcepeneuera dell, 

ZADE Tl»xvi^.p4rt, 

I n euery point Lord thou^ttt tuft, 

•be wicked (bough they grudge t 
And when thou doftlentence pronounce, 
rhou art a righteous iudge. 

138T0 render right, and flee from guik, 
are two chiefe points moft hie: 

And fuch as thou hall in thy law, 
commanded vs (IraUly. 

« Cxix. . 

147 To ihcel cridccueoin the moroc, 

before the day was light : 

Becaufcihat i hauctn chy word, 

•Sly cunfidcticc whole pligiii; 

148 Mine eyes preuciit the watch bv niaht. 
and ere they call, 1 wake / 

That by deuiiingot thy word, 

1 might fomc coiBiof (f ake, 

( 4 P IncJiiie thine cares to hearc my voice 
and pittie on me take : * 

As thou was wont, fo iudge me Lord, 
led life Oiould me forfake, 

1 50 My foes draw netrt, aod doc procure 
B)y death maitcsoufly: 

Which fiDtn tby Law are far guttc backe, 
and drtid bom 11 lewdly. 

lyi Therefore Q Lord approach thoii oeae, 
for need doth fo require ; 

And afltfay precepts true they are, 
then hdpc I thee dcfirc. 

15s By ihy cosntnandements I bauc Icarnd, 
not now, bus long ague: 

That they ranainc (or cucrmoic^ 
thou had them^ioundcd ki< 

1^9 With zeale and wrath I atneonfumde, 
and eocn pinde away t 
To fee my foaatby word forget, 
for ought that I doe may. 

(40 Sopureanlperfediis thy Word, 
as any hean can deeme; 

And 1 thy feruant, nothing more 
doelouc or yet ellceme. 

14I And though 1 be nothing fet by, 
at one of bafe degree, 

Yet doe I not thy hclTs forget, 
nor Ihrinke away Item thee. 

I4I Thy rightcoufnelTe Lord is moft iuft, 
for cuer to endure: 

Alfo thy la w is truth it fclfi^ 
moft conftant and moft fure. 

143 Trouble and griefe haue fcazd on me, 
and brought me wondrous low • 

Yetdoe 1 ftill of thy precepts 
delight to hearcandknow. 

144 The righteoufneffe of thy iudgements 
doth laft for euetmore: 

Then teach the u me, for cuer in them 
my lilelieth vp in ftorc- 

KOTH Tktxix.ftrt 

W ith fsTuent heart Icald andcride. 

now anfwerc me O Lord : 

That thy commanderoents to ohTcrue 
I may fully accord. 

l46Totbeemy God Imakemyfute, 
with moft humble re^ueft: 

Sauc me therefore, and 1 wtUkcepc 
tby precepts and thy heft. 

\ESH Tbt 

M y trouble andaftljaion, 
confider and bebokf: 

Deliuer me, for of tby Law 
1 cuer take faft bold. 

1 54 Defend my good aod righteous caofir, 
with fpeed me luccour fend: 

From death as theu haft promifed 
Lord keepe me and defend. 

15 5 Ai for th: widted, far they are 
from hauing health andgraee: 
Wlrereby they might tby ftamtes know, 
they enter not thy race. 

15 <S Great are thy mefeies Lord I grant, 
what tongue cantbem anaine r 
And M thou bafi me iudgde ere now, 
foletme hfeobeaine. 

157 Though many men did trouble oKs 
andp^ecute me fore; 

Yet from thy i.awet I ncuer (htunke, 
nor went awry therefore. 

158 And truth it is, for griefe I die, 
when I tbefe traitors fee: 

Becaufe they keep no whit thy word, 
nor yet fetke to know thee. 

159 Behold, for I doc loue tin Lawcs, 
with be^ moft glad and mne t 
As thou art good and gracious Lord, 
reftorc ray life agaitje. 

Ido What thy word doefa decree muft be, 
aod fb it hath beeiK cuer t 
Thy righteous iudgeuaems are allb 
moft true, aod decay ucuer. 

H3 SCi/l/f 


P S A L M E CxX.Cxxj. 

SC HIN xxi part 

P Rinces haue fought by cruelty, 
cauftleffc to make me crouch * 

But all in traine, for of thy word 
the fearc did iny heart touch. 

iffa And certainly,euen of thy word 

I wu more metry and glad. 

Then he which of rich (poyles Se preyj 
great (lore and plenty had. 

l(Sj Asfor all lies and falfitleSj 
1 hate moft,anddeteft: 

For why? (by holy Lawes doe I 
aboue all things lone bed. 

1<>4 Seuent'mesa day I praife the Lord, 
Tinging with heart and voice; 

Thy righteous ads,and wondertull 
doe caufc me to reioyce. 

16s Great peace and reft (hall all fuchhaue, 

as doe thy ftaruter loue, 

No danger fliall their quiet ftate, 
impaire or enceremouc. 

15 <J My ondy helpc and comfort Lord, 

1 looke for at thy hand t 
And therefore haue 1 donethofe things 
that thou didft me command. 

xffyThy Lawes haue beene my exercife, 
which my foul: moft defired : 

So much my loue to them was bent, 
that nought eli'e I required. 
iiJS Thy ftatutesandcommandementi 
1 kept thou knoweft aright: 

For all the things that I haue done 
are prelent in thy Gght. 

Tht xx^.part. 

O Loid let my complaint and cry, 
before thy face appeare; 

And as thou haft roc promife made, 
fo teach me thee to fearc. 

170 Mine humble fupplication 
toward theeletfinde accelle: 

And grant me Lord deliuerance, 

171 Then (hall my lips thy ptdles fpeake 
after moft ample fort 1 
When thou thy ftatutes haft me taught. 

wherein ftandi ray comfort. 

I72 My tongue (hall fing& preach thy word* 
and in this wife fay fhall: 

Gods famous aifts and noble Lawes 
areiuft andperfeft all. 

173 Stretch out thy hand I thee beTccch, 
and fpeedily me fane 1 
For thy commandementi to obferue, 
chofenO Lord 1 haue. 

174 Of thee alone Lord I ctauehethhi 
for other I know none. 

And in thy Law, and nothing clfe 
(doc delight alone. 

175 Grant me therefore long daiei to liae 
thy naaae to magnifie: 

And ofthy iudgemcr.tstnercifull, 
let me thy fauout t'7. 
iy 6 For I was loll, and went allray, 
much like a wandi ing (heepe 1 
O fccke me, for I haue nut faild 
thy commaoderoentsto Itcepe. 

AdDotninom. Pfal. Cxx. T.S. 

DaHidhaniJhtdanting thtbarbartm Arabians’, 
ibran^h falft report/ of tnuum fatterers, Umen. 
toth hulong abode among fkeh Jnfide//,giHen to aX 
kindt of rrickedmffo and conttmun. 

5 ^^ 


I trouble and in thrall 

vnto the Lord 



and he doth me comfon 

, dclioer 

me 1 lay .from 


yerslips aiway, 

■nd tongues 

of falfe report 

4 Wbar vantage or what thing 
Getft thou thus for to (ling, 

thou falfe and flattering Iyer. 

5 Thy tongue doth hurt 1 weene, 

No lelTe then arrowes keene, 

of hot confuming Are. 

6 Alas too long I (lack 
Within thele teats fo blacke, 

which Kedars are by name, 

By whom the flocke elerS, 

And all of Ifaacs fed 

are put to open ftiamc. 

7 Withthem that peace did hate, 

1 came a peace to make, 

and feta quiet life; 

8 But when my tale was told, 

Caufelelfe I was controld 

by them that would haue ftrife^ 

Leuaui oculos. Pfal. CxX). 

T ho Prophet (htvetb by bio arm example,tiat the 
faiibf/dlonght to loeire ^ nilihotr/itccanr of God 
atom,who TtiUgonerno and gi/to good f/tceojft to aS 
their godly omerprifee. 

I Lift mine eyesto Sion hill, 

From whence 1 doe attend .- 
That fuccour God me fend, 
a The mighey God me fuccour wills 
Which heauen andeanh framed, 

And all things therein named; 

^ 3 Tliy 

P 5 A L M E 

Cxxij. Cxxnj.Cxxuii, 87 

3 Thy hot from flip be will prelcrue, 
And will tbeeUfely keeper 

For he will ncucr lleepc. 

4 Loe he chat doth I fracl conferue, 

No ilecpe «c all can him cacch| 

But bia eyes doeeuer watch* 

5 The Lord ii thy warrant alway. 

The Lord eke doth thee couer. 

As at thy right hand euer. 

S The Sunnelhall not thee parch by day, 
Nor the Muone not haliefo bright. 

Shall not with cold thee hart by night. 

7 The Lord will keepe thee from diftrefTe, 
And will thy life fore (auc: 

And thou alfo (halt haue 

In all thy buiinelle good fijccefle: 

8 Whaceuerchougoeflinorout, 

God will thy chingr bring abont. 

5 For there are throats neft. 

And that for this rcIpcA, 

To let forth lolticeorderly ; 
Which Thrones right to mainiaine 
To Oauid«houlcpcrcair<. 

Hii folke to judge accordingly. 

6 To pray let vi not ceafc 
For Icrufalemi peace. 

Thy friends God pnolper mightily ^ 

7 Peace thy waiaa^ut, 

And profper thee througfsoiic, 

thy pUtxs eke continually. 

8 I wifh thy profperous flatc 
For my poore brethrent fake, 

Thar comfort haue by mcancs of thee 

9 Gods houfie doth me allure 
Thy wealth for to procure. 

So iBUcbalwajesasliethiaffie. 

Lxtatus futn. Plal. Cxxij. W. W. 

T>»uii nuyetth tbtt tcctmfklhith hit frt~ 
aife^tudfUcedbu /IrlftimStom.rmmglixubtfMd 
frtjuigforthefrofftrnitif tkeCbtrch. 

Did tn heart reioyce,to heare the pew- 

pies voiceyn otferinglo willingly; ForLt 

vs vp fay they.and in the Lords houfe pray, 
thus ipake the tolkc fuUlouinglyiOur feet 

that wandred wride,lhall in tby gatei abide. 

O thou fcrufilem fii’l faire, which art fo 

fcemcly fei.moch like a Gty neat,the like 

wbercol is not ellewhcrc. 

4 The Tribes with one accord. 

The Tribes of God the Lord 
arc thither bent their way to take# 
So God before did tell, , 

That there htsifrtel 

their prayers Ihould together Make. 

Adtcleuaai. Pfal. Cxxiij.T.S.' 

wieltfd wmrldlmgt tudcm tm mi i 4 tfCtd. 

Sm^ tbu M the i x^.'tjekbme, 

O Lord that heauen dofl poficllc 
I lift mine eye, to thee, 

Eucn as the ftniai •tUkeeh bis, 
his maflers hands to fee. 
a As handmaid* watch their miflreflchands 
fome grace for to aichieue, 

So we behold (he Lord our Co^ 
till he d^ vs forgiuc. 

3 Lord grant vs thy coropafTion, 
and mercy in thy fight ; 

For we are bid and oucicomc 
wiib haued and detpigbt: 

4 Our minds be flufi with gieat rebuke, 
the rich and worldly wile 
Doc make of vs their mocking ftocke, 
the proud doe vs Jefpife. 

Nifi quia Dorn. Pfal. Cxxiiij.W.W. 

Thefetthfmi debtKTedemt effrest dai^rr,4r^ianr' 
Udfe rM te bsMe efeetfed k) thetr ewwe fewer, far 
thremfh thef et ueeref G*d. 

Ow liracl BUY lay,and that ttuely, 
it that the Lord had not our cauie main. 

• laind 


If (hat tbc Lord had not cur nghi 

fuliatnd.whcn all the world againft vs hi- 

H 5 rioully 


P S A L M E CXXV. CxXvj. 

- f 

■Q—V ’ ' 

—r ^ 

L 5 ff S-I-1 


made thcit vproarcs,and laid wc 

+t X u 


Uiuuld all (lie. 

3 Now long agoe 

clicy had dcuour’d vs all; 

And (wallowed qiiicke, 

for ought chat wc could deeme, 

Such was thdr rage, 

aswcinigiit well eneeme. 

4 And as the flcuds 

with mighty (orce doe fSll: 

So had they now 
our lines eueii brought to thrall. 

5 The raging ftrearaes 

me lt proud in roaring noy/e: 

Had long agoe 

oucrwhelm’de vs in the deepe: 

6 ButloucdbeGod 

which doth vi fafely keepe 
From bloudie (ecth, 

and ih(ir moll cruell voyce. 

Which as a prey, 

to cate vs would reioycc. 

7 Eucn as a Bird 

out of the Fowlers gin 
Efeapeth away, 

right fo it iarech with vs: 

Broke are their nets, 
and we arc feaped thus. 

8 (jud that made hcauen 

and earth is our helpe then, 

His name hath (aued vs 

from theie wicked men. 

Qmtoiificlunt. Pfal.Cxxv. W.W; 

He defer iielh the afptrance«/the ftithfu/m their 
tMnuHif and deji'ttb their wealthy and the de- 
P’kliiinefihi wicked, 

, . Sing thie at the BeetidiUm. 

S Vch as in God the Lord doc trail 
• s mount Sion fliall firmely fland, 

And be remoued at no hand • 

1 he Lord will count them firme and lull, 

So that they Ihall be Aire 

For cuer to endure. . ; 

V ^ 

2 As migbtie Mountaincs,hiige and great, 
Icruialciu about doe clofe. 

So will the Lord be vnto thole 
Who on his godly will doe vsait. 

Such arc to him fo deate, 

They neuer need to feare. 

3 For though the righteoustry doth he, 

By making wicked men his rod : 

Left they through griefe forfakc their God, 
Itlliall not as their lot ftill be. 

4 Glue Lord to thole thy light, 

Whofe hearts arc true and tight. 

j But as forfuch as lurne aiidr. 

By crooked waies which they outfought, 
The Lord will Airely bring to nought. 

With woikcs moll vile they (liall abide. 

But peace with IAkI, 

For cucT more lhalJ dwell: 

Anether $fthe fame bj R.iV, 

Sing this at the ten Cemmandementi. 

T Hole chat due put their conAdcncc 
Vpon the Lord our God onely, 

And Ace to him for their defence 
1 n all their need and miferir. 

Their faith is Aire, ArmeCu endure,’ 
Grounded on Chrifl the corncr-flonc, 
Moued with none ill, but flandcth ftill, 
Stedfall, like to Mount Sion. 

And as about lerufalem, 

The mighty hils due it compalTe; 

So that no enemies come to them. 

To hurt that cowne in any cafe. 

So God indeed in cuery need 
His faithfull people doth defend. 

Standing them by afTuiedly, 

From this time forth, world without end. 

Right wife and good is our Lord Cod, 

And will not Aifl'cr cercainely 
The Anners and vngodlics rod 
To tarrie vpon his fainilie : 

Left they alfo from God (hould go«, 

Falling to Anne and wickcdncflc, 

O Lord defend world without end 

Thy Chriftian flocke through thy goodncftci 

O Lord doc good to Chriflians all. 

That lledfaft in thy word abide • 

Such as willingly from God fall. 

And to falfcd^rine daily Hide. 

Such will the Lord fcattcr abroad. 

With hypocrites throwne downe to hell, 

God will them fend paines without end. 

But l.ord grant peace to iriaej: 

Glery tt God, the Lcrd cf might, 
tyind te hie Senne ear Satditir ; 
ttyfnd te the h'olj Cheft, whtfe light 
Shine ineitrhearu,and vifncteier. 

That the right way from day te dtey 
fft may waiktyand himglerific '■ 
tf'ith heart I defre all that are here, 
fyerpipibe Lerd, and fay. Amen, 

In conucrtcndo.Pfal.GxXvj.W.W; 

This Pfalmewae mtdea^tertheretameeftbefee- 
flefrem Batylenyd-fheweth that the meant ef their 
deluterance woe wenderfnll.after thefeaentyyeeret 
caftmityfferePekenhy leremy 2 J.i2,and 29. lo-' 

■ When 


P S A L M R CxXVj. Cx '(Vij. Cxy.VIlj. 

Hen efut the Loriiagainc hii 
Sion hid forth brought,from bondage great, 

and allu feruitude excrcamc^ilit work war 

fuch as didfurmouiic mans heart Ac ihoughC; 
fochat ore were much like to them that vie 

to dreame^Our tnouthea were with laughter 
filled then, and eka our tongues did fhew 



vs ioyfuU men. 

SfM^ ihn 4i tilt 'Prjjer. 

E Xtejit the Lord the houledoe make, 
And therruiito d.<eltt hti hand: 
Wfiattnendoe huiJd,ii cannot (land, 
l ike wife in *aine men vndertake 
Cities and hold, to watch and ward, 
Rxcepi the Lord be their (ategard. 

a Though ye ri'eearly in tfiemorne. 

And (o at night g*e late to bed • 

Feeding fall haidly with browne bread. 
Vet were ycur labour loll and wurnc; 
hut iliey whiycn God doth looe and keepe, 
Kecciue all things with quiet (leepe. 

3 Therefore marke well when euer ye fee 
That men haue heiiei toenioy their land, 
Iciithegiftol Godsownc hand. 

For God him.'elfe doth multiply 
Of his great hbeialuy. 

The blcffingof poilericy. 

4 And when his Childrca come CO age. 
They grow in (Irength and aaiucoe^, 

In perlon and in cotnclincllr. 

So that a (haft (hot with courage, 

Of one that bath a mod Qrong arme, 
Flieth not fo (wtft, nor doth like batmei 

1 The heathen folke 

wereforced then this to confeflTe, 
How that the Lord 
for tlicm alfo great things had donc< 

3 But much more we, 

and therefore can coiifeffc no leffe, 
Whaetore to ioy 
we haue good cau(e, as we begun. 

4 O Lord goe forth, 

~ thou canfi out bondage end. 

And to deiatis 

the 6oWing riuers fend. 

5 O well is he that bath his Quiuct 
Furnilhcd with luch artillery i 
For when in peril! he ihall be, 

Such one (Iiall reoer (hake nor (hhier 
When that he pleatkth before the ludge 
Againd his (oes chat bcarc him grudge. 

Beatiomnes. P&l. Cxxviij T.S. 

Htrein he ieferthtth thtfrrf^tm effdU efftr- 
femsmerriedaithejetrtefG^, ^ the fremri^es ef 
Gedi blejjmg t» *l them thtt Imt ui tbu heanernhU 
eftttetiuctrdtm^ r« Cede et m miam Jemn tf, 

5 Full true it is, 

that they which fow in ceares indeed, 

A time will come 

when they (hall rcape iu mirth and ioy, 

6 They went and wept 

in beating of this precious feed, 

For that their CMS 

full oftentimes did them annoy, 

7 But their returne 

with ioy they (liallfure fee: 

Their (hcaucs home bnng, 
and notempairedbe. 

Nifi Dominus. Plal. Gocfij. W,'V. 

neffeefGedthdtgmeihrkhei, freferMh tunes 
fewurietiffTMetb nomripmeM tnd 

Sm^ this 4t the tJJ. 

B Lefled art thou that feared God, 
and walked in his way 
a For of thy labout thou (halt eatej 
happy ait thou 1 (ay. 

3 like nuitfoll Vines on thy houfe Ode, 
fo doth thy Wife (pring out .• 

Thy Children Qand like Oliuc Plants, 
thy table round about. 

hut art thou bled that fcared God, 
and he (hall let thee lee 
hy promifed Icrulalesn, 

•nd his felicity. 

Thou (halt thy childrens children fee, 
o thy great ioyesincreafe, 
likewilc grace on lirad, 
xdperity andpetcei 

H4 >»P« 


P S A L M E Cxxil. CXXX. Cxxxj. CxXXlj. 

Sxpc expugnauerunt. Pfal. Cxxix. N. 

He ddmtmjhclh the Church t$rtiejet^h*Hfh »f- 
fl$liedin4lUfts,J»r Gedmll iilitur 
tUinlj tUHroj the inimiei thereof. 

Smg this tu the liJ, Vfetlme. 

O Ft they now Ifrael may fty, 
me from my youth alfaild .* 

1 Oft they alTaild m.e from my youth, 
yet neuer they preuaild. 

3 Vpon my back the Plowcrsplowd) 
and fiirrowes long did ctft ; 

4 Thcrighteous Lord hnh cut the cords 
of wicked foes at laft. 

5 They that hate me,(ball be afhamed, 
and turned backe alfo: 

6 And made at gralfe vpon the houfe, 
which withcrethere it grow, 

7 Whereof the M iwer cannot findc 
enough to fill his hand = 

Nor he can fill his lap, that gocth 
to gleaiK vpon the Land, 

8 Nor pafTeis bymray God on them 
to let his blefling fall; 

Nor fay, we blcllc you in the name 
of God the Lord at all. 

Di profundis. Pfal. Cxxx. W. W. 

yin (ffeStuU frejer to ehtaitie mercy trui forfflie- 
net of hie fmiyd- 4t length delmertneefrom *l eniit. 

Ord to thee 1 raiKC my mtme.when 

danger, me c 

ippiefle;! cali,l ligh,plains and 

gn .ne, truliing to Unde relcaie.Hcarenow 

0 Lord my rcqueti,forit is full duecime: 

And let tbit 

le c^cs aye be preff vnto this 

[ 3 ]- 

piayer mine. 

3 O Lord out God if thou weigh 

our linnet,and them peruft: 
Who (hall then cfcapc, and fay 
1 can my felfeexcufc ? 

4 But Lord thou art merciful!, 

and turnfl to vs thy grace; 

, t 

That we with hearts moll caretull, 
fhould (care before thy face. 

5 InGod Iputmy wholctruf}, 
my (oule waits on his will: 

For his promifeit raof) iufi, 
and I hope thetein Bill. 

6 My foule to God hath regard, 

wifhingfor bimalway: 

Mote then they that watch and waid, 
to fee (he dawomg day. 

7 Let Ifrael then boldly 

in the Lord put his truQ: 

He is that God of mery, 
that hit deliuer muff. 

8 For he it is that muB faue 

llrael from his Onne: 

And all fuch aa fuicly haue 
(heir confidence in him. 

Dominenoneft. Pfal.Gxxxj.N; 

DsmJ charged tooth 4miitiem,fretefietb hie beol 
moUtj heforo Cod. 

Sing thee m tbo Leueunwint^ 

Lord I am not puft in rainde, 

I bauc DO fcorncfull eye i 
a I doenotexercifemy felfc 
in things that be too hie, 

3 Butts a child that weaned it 

cuen from his Mothers bread; 

So haue 1 Lord behaued my (elfci 
infilence and in red. 

4 O Ifrael trud in the Lord, 

let him be all thy day: 

From this time forth for euermoiCy 
from age to age I fay. 


Memento Dominc. Pfal.Craij.N. 

7befoithfiolgromtded on Code fronoift tooeo/U vto^ 
to 'Dauid,dejiroth thot he toon/d e/InM/i tho fsm*^ 
both M touching h-e ponerity, the hniUeng ef 
the / pray there mot wm fore/pol^tno 

Sing thu M the 48 . Pfnime, 

Emembcr Dauids troubles Lord, 
how to the Lord he fworec 
a And vowed a vow to lacobt God, 
to^keepc for euermorc. 

3 IwilTnotcomewithinmyhoufcj 

norclimbe vp to my bed , 

4 Nor let my temples take their red, 

nor ihceycsinmy bead) 

5 Till 1 haue found out for the Lord, 

a place to red thereon: 

An houfe for lacobs God to be 
^ habitation. 

6 Pyheard of it at K phrata, 
wiere did we heare this fonnd; 

And in the fields and fontds there, 
thefe voices fird were (bond. 



P 5 A L M E Cxxxiij.Gxxxiiij. Cxxxv. 

7 We will alhy and goe in now 

hit cibernacle there ; 

Beiotc hit iootlioole to fail downc 
vpon our kneei with feare. 

8 Arife, O Lord, trile 1 Oiy 
into thy relling place: 

Beth thou and the A^c o< thy Otoigth, 
the prefence of thy gracc« 

p Let all thy Pricfls be cloatbed Lord 
with truth and righteoulhefTe > 

Let all thy S'ainti and holy men 
fing all with ioyfulneBc. 

10 And for thy leruantDauida fake, 
refufe not Lord I iiy, 

< The face of thine annointed Lord, 
nor turne thy face away. 


11 The Lord to Dauid fwore in truth, 
and would not (hrinkefromitt 

Saying, the fruit of ihy body 
trpun thy featfhall fit. 

ax And if 1 by Sonnes my couenant keept, 
that I fhall learne each one t 

Then lhall their fonnet for euer fit 
epon thy princely Throne. 

13 The Lord himfelfe hath chofe Sion, 
and loues therein to dwells 

14 Sayingjihisuaiy reftingplace, 

I louc and like it welL 

15 Andl willblelTe.andeke increafe 
her viftuals euery where: 

Andl will latisfic with bread 
the needy that be there. 

Which on the SacTiheert bealj 
by Gods pieoept was fpent 

3 It wet not Avona head alone, 
but dtcocht hia beard througboot- 

And finally it did ruunc duwne 
bii rich attire about. 

4 And ai the lower ground doth dr into 

the dew oi Heroten hill: 

And Sion with ber Bluer dmpt, 
the fields with fruit doth 

5 £uen fochc Lordontbetn 

hit blcflingi : 

Whole iicartt and (undei without all guile, 
tbia knot doc kcepc and hold. 

Fac tunc. P&J. Cxxxiiij. W. Kj 

Ht* uehtrttththt LtHUtnhtt tnati im tht 
Ttmfi* 10 frt^t th0 Lm-d. 

Sa 0 g thu M tht “BtiudUlm. 

B EhoId and haue regard, 
yc Seruama of the Lord, 

Which In hu houfc by night doc watch, 
praifehim with ot>e accord. 

X Lilt \rp your hands on high 
TDto his holy place: 

And giuerhe Lord Wsprailw due,’ 
his benefits embrace. 

j For whyf the Lord wbo did 
both Earth and Hcauen frame. 

Doth Sion blelle. and will con feme 
for euertnore the fame. 

Id Tea, I will derke and cloath her priefls 
with my faluation: 

And all her Saints fliall fing for ioy 
of my proteffion. 

17 There will I furely make the home 
of Dauid for to bud .* 

For I haue there ordainde for mine, 
a laotecne bright and good. 

18 At for mine enemies, I will cloath 
with fhame foreuermorc: 

But I will caulc his Crowne to fhine 
more ftefii then heretofore. 

Ecce quam. PfaLCxtxii). W.W: 

Tht ctmmtnddtun gedJp tuU brc4b0rlj tafUj 

tSpMTfd (0 the mefl pretiom i^e mentienrd, 

Sing tbit M the FftUme. 

O H0W hippy a thing it b, 
and ioy full for to (w. 

Brethren together faff to hold 
the bond of amity. 

a Itcalstomindc the Tweet perfume, 
and that coflly oyntBicnt, 

Laudato nomcn. PTal. Cxxxv. N. 

He txbertetb el the fekljfnl/t'epret^e Cedfer hie 
merttetlem reerkes end green whertie he b^h de- 
cUred hit MettJljte tht cet^afien ef ei ideltOrj. 

P.'aifc the Lord,praile him,praile 

1 J ,1 A I . 1 "" T 

IT* . .V V r ® i: 1’. . 

g- -f —] 

him, praife him with one accord.O praife 

II 1 1 r 1 . 

gK 1 'T " 1 “ 0 . ' T V 1 "TT 1 » 

n • ^ -f - ▼ ^ 0 ^ 

him ftill aT ye that be the fimiaota of the 

■a*-- 1 A 1 .+ A, T-l-a/ 

H' -' /i ^ 

LordrO ptiilc him yc chamand and be 

-1-*" — 

in the hoofc of the Lord: Ye of hia Court 

rH-T——T— i — 

and of 4ii hoofe, ptaife him with one accord: 

J Praife 

P S A L M E Cssxvj. 

j Praife ye the Lord,fo» heh good, 
fing praKcs to hisnam* r 
It is a comely and good thing, 
alwaies to doe the fame> 

4 For why/the Lord hath choie lacob 
his very owne you fee > 

So hath he cholen Ifrael, 
hh tteafure for to be. 

18 Wherefore all they are like to them, 
that fo doc let tlicm forth : 

And likewifc they that truli in them, 
or tbiiike they be ought worth. 
ip O all ye hoofe of /IracI, 
feeihatve praifa the Lord = 

And ye that beof Airont houfe, 
praife him with one accord. 

j For this I know^and am right fure, 
tlie Lord is very great i 
He is indeed about all gods, 

<5 For whatioeuerpleafedhim, 

all rhat Ml well he wrought; 
In hcuucii, in earth, and in the Sea, 
which he hath framd of nought. 

3o And ye that be ofLeuiei houfe 
praiie yelikewifethe Lord: 

And all that Hand in awe of him 
praife him with one accord. 

II AndoutofSionfound hisptaile, 
the great praife of the Lord; 

Which dwelleth in lerufalem, 
praiie him with one accord. 

7 He lifts vp Clouds euen from the earth, 

he makes lightnings and raine: 

He bringeth forth the windes alfoj 
he made nothing in vaine. 

8 He fmote the firll borne of each thing 

in Egypt that tooke refl: 

He fpared there no liningthinjL . 
the man, nor yet the beafl. 

9 He hath in thee [liewed wondcri great 

O bgypt void of vaunts: 

On Pharaoh thy curfed King, 
and his feuere feiuants. 

10 He fmote then many Nations, 
and did great a£ls and things. 

He flew the great and mightielt, 
and chietert of their Kings. 

11 Sehon King of the Amorites, 
and Og King of Balan: 

He flew alfo the kingdomes all, 
that were of Canaan. 

11 And gaue their land to Ifrael, 
an heiitagewefce: 

To /ftael his owne people, 
an heritage to be. 


13 Thy name (O Lord;(hall ftill endure, 
and thy raemoriall. 

Throughout all generations, 
thatareorcucr /hall. 

14 The LorcHvill futely now auenge 
hispcople all indeed: 

And to his feruanto he wi 1 ftiew 
fauourin time of neede, 

15 The Idols of the heathen are made 
in alt the coafls and Lands, 

Of flitter and of gold be they, 

the woikes euen of mens hands. 

Id They haue their mouths & cannot ipeake, 
and eyesand htue no fight: 

17 They eke baue cares, and heare nothing, 
their mouthesbebreathlefTe quite. 

ConfiteminL Pfal. Cxxxvj. N. 

A moft (itnitfl txb*rt4tion t* aiue thtnkf! tmt* 
Gtdfor the crtMioH tiul^oMirmmct 

Raifc ye the Lord,tor he u good, for 

hit mercy endureth for cuer. Giue praife 

vntothe God of Gods,for his mercy ends. 

^ A i I 

teth fot euer.Giuc praife vnio the Lord of 


Lords,for his mercy endureth for eucr. Which 


mercy endureth lor euer. 

5 Which by his wifedome made the heauens, 
for his mercy endureth forcoer: 

6 Which on the waters flretcht the earth, 

for his mercy endureth for euer. 

7 Which made great light to fliinc abroad, 

for his mercy endureth for euer: 

8 As Sunne to rule the lightfome day, 

for his mercy endureth for euer. 

Q TheMoonc and Stars to guide the night, 
for his mercy endureth for euer: 

10 Which fmote Egypt with their firll borne, 

for his mercy endureth for euer: 

11 And Ifrael brought out from them, 
for hit mercy endureth for euer: 

P 5 A L M E CXXXV j. 

12 With might/hand and lirccchcd armc, 
tor hit mere/ cadureth for eucr. 

Both hemeand lure, 

1$ Which cut the red (ea in two pirti, 
for hit mercy endureth for tuer. 

14 And Alrael made pafTe there through, 
for his mercy endureth for eoer. 

J5 And drowned Pharaoh and hithaafl, 
for hit mercy endureth for euer. 

Id Thteugh wildemelTe his people lead, 
for his mercy endureth for eua, 

17 He which did fmitegreat noble Kings, 

for his mercy endureth for euer. 
j 8 And which hath flaine the mighty Kings, 
for his mercy endureth for euer. 

I9 AiSehonKingof Amorites, 

for his mercy enduretfi for euer. ^ 

30 And OgthcKingof Bafanlant^ 
for his mercy endureth foi euer. 

21 And gauecheir Landfor heritage, 
for hit mercy endureth for euer. 

22 Euen to his feruaiu/frael, 

for his naercy endureth for eoer. 

ij ReincmbringTsinbafeeflate, 
for hit mercy endureth for euer. 

24 Andfromopprellonrefcuedes, 

for hit mercy endureth for euer. 

25 Which giueth food mto all flefli, 

for hit mercy endureth for eoer. 

2<s PraifetheLordofheaoen aboue, 
for his mercy endureth for euer. 

27 Giuc thanka rnto the Lofd of Lords, 
for hia mercy endureth for euer. 

0 Y ea, he the heaur charge 
Of all the earth did Qrctch ; 

And on the watcri large. 

The Sunne he did outrctch. 

For certaiiKly,l(c 

7 Great lights he made 10 vS, 
for whyf His loue is aye: 

8 Such aicheSunoewc fee. 

To rule the ligbtibme day. 

For ccrtaincly.dcc. 

p And eke the Moonefb dealt. 
Which (hineth in our fight ; 

And Start that doe appeare. 

To guide the darkeiomc night. 

I o With gricnoDS piques & fKC, 
All Egypt fisaotc be then 1 

The mu boroc Idle and more. 
He flew ofbeafbatuf men. 

II Andhomamidfl their land, 
Hu /frael fonh brougfu , 

IX Which he with mighty hand 
And Sietcbed arme bathwroogbt. 

ij The Sea he cut in two i 
Which flood TO like a wall I 
14 And aasdetbrough h to goc. 
His cholcn Children all, 

For ccrtaincly,&c. 

Anttbn if tin ySaau iy T”, C. 

SmgihuMih* 72. 

O Laud the Lord benigne. 
Whole mercieslart fot aye: 
2 Giuethankes.andpraifesfing 

To God of Gods /fay* 

For certain ely. 

His mercies dure. 

Both hrmc and fnre. 


3 ThcLordofLordapraifcyei 
Wbofc mercies aye doe dure* 

4 Great woodeis onely he 
Doth worke by his great powa; 

His msreies dure 
Both flrme and fuie, 


5 Which Lord omnipweati 
By Us gre»t wiledomc high, 

The heauenly firmament 
Did frame as we doc fee. 

For certaincly 

Uk meicin dine 

15 Bat these he whelmed then 

The prond King Pharaoh, 
With hii huge boafl of men. 
And CharioockcaUo* 

For certaincly, &c 

itf Who led through the wildesoefle. 
His people fafe and found * 

Andfbr his louosndlcflis, 

17 Great Kings he brought to groOD* 


18 And flew with puiflaot band» 
Kings mighty,arHl of fame: 

Ip AiofAmoritcilaDd, 

Sehoo the King by name, 
Forcertaiody, dec. 

20 And OgftheGiam large; 
Of Baian King alfo.* 
al Whofe Land for heritage 
He gaoe his people tbo. 

Fur certainefy, 

12 Fueo vnlo AraeL 
He gauc the fame to dwcIL 

P S A L M E Cxxxvij. Cxxxviij. 

/\ndthei«’a>iidc f Jf aye. 

For c<rtaiiicly,&c. 


111 our molt bale degree i 
XJ^ And from opprellots all, 

III lafety fcisvs free. 

2/ All fltfli on earth abroad] 
With food he doth fulfill ■ 

2d Whercloreufhfaucn the God 
To hud be it thy will: 

For ccrtamelyi &c. 

Ketneinbcr Lord the crurll worji, 
when ai with one accord: 

They cridc.on, fack, and rizc their wai$ 
in defpight of die Lord* 

g Eaen fo fhalt thou O Ion 
at length to dufl be btouglit i 
And happy fliall that man be cald, 
that our teuengc iuih wrought. 

9 Yca^blcfTcd lhall that man be cald, 
that taJtcs thy Children youpg, 

To dalli their bones againII hard lionet) 
which lie the flrcctt among. 

Super ftum'ma. Pfal.Cmvij. N. 

T he IfrAthiei m their cuptimtj beurmf the Cbef^ 
deem reprejch 4tad hlafphemt G*et a«4 hie 
en.defre Gadtepiiin[bthe EdemHehlfb* fr'aiuhed 
the S Jiiimieni them, 4nd frefhejied the 

deJlruUion »/ • i 

Hen as we fate in Babylopi 

ihcriuers round abnut,and in remembrance 

of Sion, the tcarcs for griefe burfl out, Wee 



bang’d our 1 iarps and Iniiiua)eijt$,the wil- 
low ireci vpon: For intliat place,men for 

(heir v ic, had planted many one, 

3 Then they to whom we prif<\pefs were 

laid coyttaantingly; v 

Now lit vs hcare your Hebrew fongs, 
and pleafant melody, 

4 Alas laid we, who can once frame 
his fotrowfull heart tofing 

The praifes of the liuingGod, 
thus vnder a flrangc King f 

5 Butyet iff ferufaJem 

out of my heart let Aide : 

Then let my fingers quite forget, 
the warbling Harpe to guide. 

6 And let my tongue within my mouth 


If that 1 ioy before 1 fee 
tliy full deliueranccpall. 

7 7 herefereO Lord remember now 
the curfed noyfe and cry. 

That Edoms Sonnes againfl vt made.' 
when they razde out City. 

Conficebor tiWi. Pfal. Cxxxviij. N. 

Z) etUd Breifeih the^eedneffe tf ^dtftemndt him, 
fee which iieettfeth'Mu PrmcesJhtdfrMifi the Uri 
te^ether with fnm. 4itd hee a efwrtdte btmeUkt 
cemfert ef Ced bereefter^tu htHnfore. 

Sing tbietu the II o. If elm*, 

T Hcc will Ipraife with my whole heart, 
my Lord and God alw^es : 

Eucnin the prefence of the Gods, 

I will aduance tby praife. 
a Toward thy holy temple I 
will lookC)and worftiip thee : 

And ptaifedin my chankcfull mouth 
thy holy name ftiallbct 

Euen forthy loningkindenefTe fake, 
and fdr thy troth withall: 

For thou thy name haft by thy word, 
aduancedouer all. 

3 When I did call, thon heardeft me, 
and thou haft madcalfo 
The power of increafed ftrength, 
within my foolcto grow. 

4 Yea all the Kings on earth) they fhall 
giue praife to thee O Lord: 

For they ofthymoftfaaly mouth, 
hane heard thy mighty word, 
y They of the waies of Cod the Lord, 
in finging (liall intreat : 

Becaufc the glory of the Lord, 
it is exceeding great. 

<? The Lord is high, and yet he doth 
behold the lowly fpirit: 

But he contemning, knowes a farre 
the proud and lofty wight, 

7 Although in inidft of trouble I + 
doe walke, yet I lhall Hand 
Renued by thee O my Lord, 
thou wilt flretch out thy hand, 

Vpon the wrath of all my foes, 
and(auedfliall (be 

By thy right band, the Loid God will 
performe his wotke to me, 

8 Thy mercy Lord enduroa lor aye,’ 

Lord doe not me forfakc t 
Forfake me not, chat am the wotke 
which thine owac band did make.' 

~ ■ Dominc 

P S A L M E Cxxxix. Cix. 

Dominc probaflL Pfal. Cxxxix. N. 

DtHtd t» cUitnft ku hdrtfrtm *U hfp$eri/itjf>rw. 
elbihat nttbiiffufffecrrt which G»itftithmt.Af~ 
nr dtefiwin^ hit K/ttlt luidfttri if pnUjf’ 
*th lobe M numie to all them that coatimmi Cid. 


O Lord ttiou had metridcaod koowne, 
mj (citing thou do(t know, 

3 Andrifingeke.mythoughuaime 
thou vnderlUndd alfo. 

3 Mypathes, yeaaod my lying downc, 
thoucompallcd alwaiea : 

And by familiar cuDome an 
acLjuainted with nay waitt. 

No word is in my tongue O Lord, 
but knovvne it is to thee: 

5 Thou me behindc holdft and before, 
thou Uyed thy band on ok. 
d Too wonderful! about my reach. 

Lord is thy cunning skill: 

It is fo hie though I the fame 
cannot attainc vnnll. 

7 From fight of thy al-reeingfplrit 
Lord whether (hall I goe* 

Or whether (hall I flic away 
thy preCrnce to fcape (rof 
8 To heauen if I mount aloft, 
loethou artprefent there, 

In hell if 1 lie downe below, 
euen there thou doft appeare. 

P Yea let me take the morning wings, 
and let me goe and hide, 

Euen there wheic are the fartheft parts, 
where flowing Sea doth Aide. 

I o Yea, euen thither alfo (hall 

thy re.iching hand me guide: • 

And thy right hand (hall hold mefad, 
and make me to abide. 

II Yea,if I fay the darkenelTe (hall 
yet (hrowd me from thy fight, 

So euen alfo the darkeft night 
about me (hall be light. 

11 Yea, datkeneife hidech not from thee, 
but night doth Ihine as day : 

To thee the datkenelle and the light 
are both alike alway. 

The fecond fart, 

I3 For thou poifeded haft my rainei, 
and thou haft coueredme; 

When 1 within my Mothers wombe 
cnclofed was by thee. 

14 Thee will I praile, made fratefully 

andwondtoufly lamt 

Thy workes are roaruailous, right well 
my (oulc doth know the fame- 


1 1 .My bones they are not hid from thet, 
although in feerer place 
I haue bcene iuade,and in the earth 
beneath I fh^d was. 

16 When I wasrorindelfe,then (hiaceye 
(aw me, for in thy booke 

Were written all, nought was before, 
that after fafhioa tooke. 

17 The thoughts therefore of thecO God, 
how decre are they to me / 

And oftlKOi ail, how pa/Iinggreat 
Chccndlcftc rumber be/ 

18 If I (liould count them, loe their fruncDe 
more then the lands 1 ke : 

And whcnfcKucr 1 awake, 
yet am I (fill vvsth thee. 

19 The wicked and the bloudy tocn, 
oh chat thou wcKildeft (lay t 

£ucn cfaolc O God to whom depart, 
depart trotn me 1 fay. 
loEuen thofcofiheeO Lord my God, 
that fpeake fo wickedly 1 
Thofc chat are lifted vp in vaioc, 
being enemies to tbte. 

3 i Hate 1 not them that haK thet Lord, 
andtbatin earneft wile > 

Contend 1 not agaioft them all, 
againft rbee iMtarirc / 

33 J hate them with vnfrdned hate, 
euen as my rtcer foes: 

33 Try me O God, and know my heart, 
my choughtsproueanddifclofe. 

34 ConfiderLord ifwickednefle 
in me thae any be; 

And in thy way (O God^ my guide 
for euer lead thou roe* 

Eripe me Dominc. Plal. Cxi. N. 

T>amd frayeth vmo the Lord agamfi the crmtkj, 
faljhoad & mwrtei of bw eaemus/e^anmg hmef^o 
efhiifaccomrt whereforehtefromo^eththeaflta 
fraifetheLord,& toaffm-ethifelmt^ bu tmtm, 

Smg tbi at the Lmuwiatton, 

L ord faue me from the euill man, 
and from the cruell wight 
3 Deliuer roe, which ewU doe 
imagine in their (prk. 

Which make on me condmtall warre, 
their tongues loe they haue when 

* Like Serpents,rnderneath their lipa, 
it Adders poyfon fet. 

4 Keepe me O Lord from wicked hands, 

prelcroe me to abide: 

Free from the cruell man that meanes 
to cauie my fteps to flide. 

5 The proud haue laid a (hare for me, 
and they haue fprmd a net: 

P S A L M E Cxlj. Clxil, 


Wkfi cords in my p»tli-way,and gins 
for nic eke liaue they (er. 

<f Tlicrcfoie I faiJ vnto the Lord, 
thou art ray God alone ; 

Hcare me O Lord, O hcarc the voyce jj 
wherewith I pray and mone. 

7 O Lord, my God thou onely art 

the llrength that faueth me: 
Myheadinday ofbattailc hath 
bcene coucred rtdl by thee, 

8 Let not O Lord the wicked hauc 

the end of hi* delire; 

Performe not his ill thoughti, left he 
witli pride be let on fire. 

9 Of them that compalTc rae about, 

the chicfeft of them all: 

Lord let the mifehiefe of their lips 
vponthcrafelues befaU. 

I o Let coales fall on them, let them caft 

them ill coiifuraing flame 
And in deepe pits, lo as they may 
not rife out of the fame. 

II For DO backbiter lhall on earth 

be fet in ftable plight: 

And euill to dcliruflion ftill 
lhall hum the ctuell wight. 

12 I know the Lord the afBiffed will 
reuenge.and fudge the poore. 

The iuft lhall praifethy name, lull lhall 
dwelt with theeicuermore. 

Domincclamaui. Pfal. Cxlj. N. 

Damd beinggrieuoHjlj ferfecmedvnder SmI, 
depreth (uccour tvd patience tiU Ctd take vtngem 
ance of hie enemiet. 

Sing thie M the 1Pfa/me. 

Lord epon thee doe I call, 

Lord hade thee vneo me; 

And hearken Lord vnto my voice, 

' when I doe cry to thee, 
a As Incenlc let my praier be 
direifted in thinecies; 

And the vplifting of my hands 
as cuening facrificc. 

3 My Lordforguidiiig olmy youth, 

let thou a watch before: 

Andall'o of my mouinglips 
O Lord kcepe thou the doore. 

4 That 1 (lio&ld wicked workescoinixiit, 

incline thou not my heart: 

With ill men, of their dclicaces 
Li rd let me eatc no parr. 

5 But let the righteous finite me Lord, 

for that is good for me: 

Let them reprouc me, and the fame 
a precious oy le lhall be: 

5 uch Imiting (hall net breakc my bead, 
the time lhall Ihortly fall: 

When I lhall in their n.ifciy 
make ptayrrsfor them all. 

6 Then when in flony pLccs, dowiic 
• their ludgcs/hailbccift: 

Then llial] they heare loy words, for then 
' they hauc a plcafam tail. 

7 Our bones about the gi aucs mouth 
loe Icaitered arc tliey found 

As he chat hcwetli wood, or he 
that diggechin the ground, 

8 But 0 my Lord my God, mine eyet 
doe lookc rp vnto thee • 

In thee is all my cruft.let not 
myfoulc forfaken be: 

9 W bich they liaue laid to catch me in, 

Lord keep* me from the lhare 1 

And from the fubdle gins of them 
that wicked workers arc. 

10 The wicked into their owne nets^ 
together let them tall.- 

While 1 doe by thy help cfcapc 
the dangers of them all. 

Voce mca ad. Pfal. Cxlij. N. 

Daatd neither for feare nor anger ^omld It/ISaeUf 
bntmth a qmet mnd prauth vnto God^nho prefer, 
ned him. 

Sing thieaethe l^i.P/aJme. 

B Efore the Lord God with my voyce 
I did fend ouemy cry: 

And with my ftrained voyce.vnto 
the Lord God prayed (. 

2 My meditation in his fight, 
to poure 1 did not fparc, 

And in the prefenceof the Lord, 
my trouble did declare. 

3 Although perplexed was my fpirif,' 
my path was knownc to thee t 
In way where I did walke, a fnare 
they flily laid for me. 

4 I look’c and view'd on my right band, 
but none there would me know: 

All refuge failed me, and for 
my foule none cared tho. 

5 Then cried I te the Lord, and laid, 

my help thou onely art: 

Thou in ihc land ofh' 
my portion and niy parr. 

6 Harkc to my cry, for I am brought 
full low,deliuer me : 

For they that doe me pcrfecute, 
for me too fttong they be. 

7 That I may praife thy name, my foule 
from prifon Lord bring out: 

When thou art good to me, the iuft 
fliall praife thee round about, 


P S A L M E 


Cxlnj. CxIiJij. 

Domine cxaudi. Pfa). CIriij. N. 

ihti tht tiumui did tnudj ftrfHHtt hm bj Gtdi 
in/} mdgmtnt. Hi dijirilh tibi riftirtd ligrtcl,!! 
btfontrnid bjhuhilj ffirtt^hM hi m*j (and tht 
rejt af thd lift in the tnufnrinnd/eritui if Gad. 

Smg thii M thi I41. 7/1/011. 

L Ofd heart my prayer, hearke the plaint 
that I doe make to thee: 

Lord in thy naciue truth, and in 
thy iufiice anfvrereine. 

2 In iudgement with thy feruant Lotd 
oh enter not at all ; 

For iuOified be in thy fight, 
not one that liueih (hail, 

3 The enemy hath purfude my foule, 
iny life to ground hath thrownc, 

And laid me in thedarke, like them 
that dead are long agone, 

4 Within me in perplesitic, 
was mine accumbred fpirit; 

Andinmetras my troubled heart 
amazed and afinght, 

5 Yea I recall time pafi, in all 
thy workes I meditate : 
y ca in thy workes I meditate, 
which thy hands haue create. 

(7 To thee O Lord my God, loe I 
doe (Iretch my crauug hands; 

My foule defireth after thee, 
as doe the thirOie lands. 

y Heart me with fpeede, my fpirit doth faile, 
hide not thy face me ifo: 
tlfe Hiall 1 be Like them that dowoe 
into the pit doe got, 

8 Let me thy louing kindenefTe in 
the morning heare and know, 

For in thee is ray trull, Ihewme 
the way that I lhall goc. 

9 For I lift yp my foule to ibec, 

O Lorddeliuer me 
From all mine eaeraies,for I 
haue hidden me with thee. 

10 Teach roe to do thy wili,for thou, 
thou art my God I fay: 

Let thy good fpirit vnto the Land 
of mercy me connay, 

11 For thy names lake with qaickning grace 

aliue due thou me make: 

And out of trouble bring my (bale, 
euen for thy inlliceuke. 

12 And for thy mercy, flay my foei, 

O Lord defiroy them all 
That doe opprtlTe my foule, for I 
thy feruant am, and IhalL 

ftenediflus Dom. PCtl. Cxliiij. N. 

'Demd frntfrth tht Lard fmr hit ziOinti & bine- 
da0itr,(land.yttettUmg far tht dt(lrnaiaml/At 
tnckfdj^nd decUreth mhgrm the feheity 9 f Mt pm- 
fie cenfifietha ' 

5i»y thit ditht Ifftlmtti 

B L^ be the Lord toy (lrength,thai doth 
inlirud my hands to fight; 

The Lord that doth my fingers frame 
to battell by his might. 

2 Heismy goodiiefle, fort.&Tower, 
dcliuercr and Oiicld: 

In him I trull, my people lie 
fubduea to me to yccld. 

3 O Lord what thing is man jhar him 
thou holdeli (o in price: 

Or fonneof man, that rpoo him 
thou thinkefl in this wife i 
4 Man is but like to ranitie, 
fo palTe bis dates to end, 

5 As fleeting (hade bow downe O Lord 
the heauens,aad defcend- 

6 The roounuines touch, & they fhal fmoke 
call forth thy lightning flame, * 

And (carter them, tbiocattoircalhootes 
conCimetbem with the lame. 

7 Send downe thy hand eocn from abooe' 

O Lord deJiaer me: * 

Take me from waters great, from hand 
of ftrangert make me free. 

8 Whofe fiibtill mouth, ofeanitk 
and fondnelfe doth entreat: 

And their right hand is a right hand 
oi fallhood and deceit. 

9 A new fong will i fmg O God. 

and finging will I Ik 
O n ViolJ, and on Infliument 
ten llringed ynto thee. 

loJEuen be k is that onaly gluts 
deliucrance rnto Kings: 

Vnto his leruant Oauid help, 
from burtfull (word he brings. 

II From llrangen bands, me fauaandlhieid, 
whofe mouth lalkes ranitie 1 
And their right hand is a right hand 
ofguile and fubtikie. 

n Thatourfonnes may beas the plants 
whom growing youth dothreare: 

Our daughters as caru’d comer Hones, 
like to a pallace faire. 

13 Our garners full, and plenty may 
with fiindry forts be found: 

Our flieepc bring tboufands, in out flreett 
ten thoufandmay abound. 

14 Our Oxen be to labour Ihoog, 
chat none doc vs inuadc : 

1 a 



P S A L M E Cxlv. Cxlvj. 

There be do going out,no cryes 
within our (Irectsbe made. 

1 j The people blellcd are, that with 

fuch blcrtings are fo Horde ; 

Yea blelled all the people arc, 
whofe God ia God the Lord. 

Exaltabotc. Pfal.Cxlv.N. 

Damd Jefi r.l>elh thtrrondcrfml frMidmce^Ctd 
tH/vMtminjratidprtfiruiiig *S th$ otbtr crtMiirtt, 
He friufeth Gtd far hit iujfiea, mtrej, And jpeei^M 
lading kfndntffe taward ttUlb*fa that e*S vpan btm^ 
fa.tre bun find lane him. 

Sing thie M the 137 . Pfalmt. 

■^T^Hee will 1 praife, my God my King, 

X and b’elfe thy name for aye, 

2 For euer vvill I praifc thy name, 

and blclle thee day by day. 

3 Great is the Lord, moft worthy praifc, 

hisgrcatnelle none can reach : 

4 From race to race they ihall thy works 

praifc, and thy power preach. 

5 I of thy glorious MaielUe, 

thy beautic wiU record • 

And meditate vpon thy worlcei 
mod wondCTfull O Lord, 
d And they lliall of chy power,and of 
thy fearcfull ads declare: 

And I topublilh all abroad 
thy grcatnelfe, will not fpare. 

7 And they into the mention Ihall 

breake of thy goodnelTe great; 

And 1 aloud thy righteoulnelfc 
in Tinging Ihall repeat. 

8 The Lord our God is grations 

and mercifull alio: 

Of great abounding mercy, and 
CO anger he is How. 

9 Yea good to all,andall his workes 

his mercy doth exceed; 

10 Loe all thy workes doe praifc thee Lord, 
and doc thy honour fpread. 

11 Thy Saints doe blelle thee, and they doe 
thy Kingdomes glory Ihow : 

tx And blaze thy power,to caufe the fonnes 
of men thy power to know. 

The fecandpart, 

13 And of thy mighty kingdomc eke, 

to Ipread thy glorious praifc; 

Thy kingdome Lord a kingdomc is, 
that doth endure alwaies. 

And thy dominion throughout all age, 
endures without delay: 

14 The Lord vpholdeth them that fall, 

their Aiding he doth flay. 

jy The eyes of all doe wait on thee, 
thou doll them all rclicuc t 

And thou to each liifhcing food 

in feafon due doll glue. 

Id Thou opencll thy plenteous hand, 
and bountcouAy dull fill 
All things whatfocuer doeliue, 
with gifts of thy good will; 

17 The Lord is iufl in all his waics, 
his workes arc holy all i 

18 Necre all he is that c^l on him, 
in truth that on him call. 

Ip HethedeAres which they require 
that feaie him,will fulfill: 

And he will heare them when they cry, 
and fauc them all he will 

20 The Lord prefciues all thofcto him 
chat beare a louing heart: 

But he all them that wicked arc 
will vtterlyTubuetc. 

21 My thankfull mouth Aiall gladly fpeakc 

All flcAi to praifc his holy name 
for euer Ihall accord. 

Lauda aniraa mca.Plal. Cxlvj. I. H. 

Damd ttacheth that nane fbaejd put their trtfl m 
men,hut in Gada/a>$e,wha u almighty,^delitterttb 
lha afUHedfnamrifitlb the pa»r,fetttthpri/iners*t 
liberty, eat^arteth the father let) teiddawet, ftra»i 
girt, and it king far euer. 

Sing tbit M the 7. TJaime', 

M y foule praife thou the Lord alwaies^ 
my God I will confellc: 

2 While breath and life prolong ray dales, 
my tongue no time lliall ccafc. 

3 Trull not in worldly Princes then, 
though they abound in wealth i 
Nor in the Sonnes of Mortall men, 
in whom there is no health. 

4 For why f their breath doth foone depart, 
to earth anonc they fall: 

And then the counfds of theit heart 
decay and periAi all. 

5 0 happy is that man I fay, 
whom lacobsGod doth aide. 

And he whofe hope doth not decay, 
but on the Lord is Hayed. 

6 Which made the earth and waters deepej ; 

the heauens hie withal!: 

Which doth his word and promifektepe 
in truth and euer Aiall. 

7 With right alwaies he doth proceed 
for fuch as fuffer wrong; 

The pooreand hungry he doth feed, 
and loofc their fetters (Irong. 

8 The Lord doth fend the blinde their fight,’ 
the lame to limbs reflorc : 

The Lord (I fay) doth loue the right, 
and inti for euermofc. 




P S ^ L M E Cxlvij. Clxviij. 

9 He doth defend the fatherlelfe, 

the (Iranger fiid inheut: 

And quit the Widov* from diftrelle, 
and ill ment waiet AitNKTi. 

10 Thy Lord and God eternally 
O Sion ftill fliail raigne •' 

In time of all poderiry 
for euer to remaine. 

Laudace Doroinum. PfaLCxlvij. N. 

7 hi Treftul frmftih the 

frtmdtpct cfGodvfem *l hk crttUkrtit^ 
but efptcuklj vf*n bk ^mth, winch he luubfii- 
thered itrtihtr*ftnihnr difpn'fimtcUeUrm^ hk 
werd endmdftmM vnta ihewt, M he btuh dtme fa 
Haathar f tafia. 

Smgfhkeilhe 137. Tfabm. 

Raife ye the Lord, foritit good 
vnto our<jod to flng; 

For it IS picafant, and topraife 
"it if a comely thing, 

3 The Lord his owne lerufalem 
he buildeth vp alone: 

And the difperd of Ifrael 
doth gather into one. 

3 He heales the broken in their heart, 

their (ores vp doth he binde: 

4 Hecoontiihe number of thedara, 

and names them in their Linde. 

5 Grejtit the Lord,great is his power, 

his wifedomeinfinite: 

6 The Lord relieues the meeke,and throwes 

to ground ihe nicked wight. 

7 Sing vnto God the Lord withpraife, 

vnto the Lord reioyce: 

And to out God, vpon the Harpe 
adiiance yotirfinging voyce. 

8 He couers heaoen with cloadt, and for 
the earth prepareth nine .* 

And on the Mountaines he doth nuke 
the grade to grow againe. 

g He giues to beads their food, and to 
young Raueni when they cry ; 

10 Hispleafure notin drengthofhorfe, 
nor ill mans legs dothlie, 

11 Butin allthofe thatfearethe Lord, 

the Lord hath his delight: 

And fuch as doe attend vpon 
his mercies Ihining light. 

The fecaiidfert. 

13 O praife the Lord lerulaletD, 
thy God O Sion praife: 

13 For hethe bars hath forced drong, 
wherewith thy gates he tiaiea. 

■4 Thy Children he hAh bled in thee, 
and in thy borders he 
Doth fettle peace.and with the dower 
of wheatt he dlleth thee. 

1 5 And his commandements vpon 
the earth he (endetb out 1 
And eke his word with fpeedy coarfe 
dothlwiftly runne about- 
Id Hegi jeth Inow bkc wood, hoarefroQ 
like afbesdoth he fpread - 

17 Like morfelscids his Ice, thereof 
the cold who can abide i 

18 He fiendetb forth his mighty word, 
and meltetli them againe/ 

His winde he makes ioblow,d( then 
tlie waters flow amaine. 

19 The doffrirw of his holy word, 

to iacob doth he (bow s 
His daiuict,8nd his iudgetaents he 
giuet Ifrael to know. 

20 With euery nation hath he not 

fo dealt, nor haue they knownc 
His fecret iudgements, ye cberefere 
praife ye the Lord alone, 

Laudatc Dominnm. Pfal. Cxlviij. 

Ha praitakfth ei Craenwaj la prmft tha Lerd am 
haemtn.emd up ml place tyeffttialj far tha ftaatr tha» 
ha htuhg^u tahupa^ ffrmai. 


a .4 V 

55-^-JJ- J -1—; 

lue laud vnto the Lord.from beau'a 

that is fb hie: Praiie 1 

urn in deed and word. 


lethe Harry Sky. 

3 And alfo yee, his 

TT 1 i 


V - ATT—- 

-1 — y T IT 1 

*4 -t—f - - T-*-▼-• f .-J- 9 

AngelstU, armies royall, praife him 

1- l i ' 

ii.. -II - " ■ 

« - ^ r —-— . ■ 

with glee. 

3 Praife him both Moone and Suone 
Which ace fo cleerc and blight. 

The fame of you be done 
Ye glidring dan of light. 

4 And eke no le(Te 
Ye heiuens fiire 
S And clouds of the tyre 
his laud expretfe, 

d For at his word they were 
All formed a we fee; 

At his voice did appeare 
All things in ebeir degree. 


Totbem he made 
A law and trade 
For aye to lad* 

13 yEnoU 


P S ^ L M E CxliK. CL 

7 Excolt and pcaite Gods name 
On earth, ye Dragons fall, 

a 11 deepes doe ye (he rame> 

For it bccommcth you well. 

8 Him magniiie. 

Fire, Haile, Ice, Snow, 

And Itormcs that blow 

At his decree. 

9 Yehilsand Mountainesall,, 

And trees that fruitful! arc; 

The Cedars great and tall, 

His worthy praife declare. 

loBeads and Cattell, ^ ^ 

Yea Birds flying. 

And wormes creeping, 

That on earth dwell. 

11 All Kings both more and lefle. 

With all their pompous traine, 

Princes and all ludges 

That in the world remaine, ' 

13 Exalt his name. ' 

Young Men and Maidsi 
Old men and Babes, 

Doe ye the fame, 

13 For his namelhallweptoue 
To be moft excellent; 

Whofe praife it far aboue 
The earth and firmament 

Exalt with bb'ITe 
The home of his. 

And helpe them aU, 

His Saints all Iball forth tell 
His praife and worthinefle; 

The Children oflfiael. 

Each one both more and lelfci 
15 And allb they 
That with good will 
His word fulfill, 

And him obey. 

Cantate Do(nioo.Plid. Cxlix. N. 

*xhort4ti<m t* tht (^meh tt fruift the Lord 
ftr hU viHtri and canquifi that heegituth bit 
Saintt agaiafiaU mantfttttr. 

Sing tbit Mthtlqq. Pfalm, 

O Ing ye vnto the Lord our God 
a new reioycing fbng. 

And let the praife of him be heard 
his holy Saints among, 
a LetlfraelreioycelBhiro, 
that made him of nothing: 

And let the feed of Sion eke 
be ioyfull in their King, 

} Let them found prailis with royce of Elute 
vnto hia holy name; , 

And with the Timbrell and the Marpe 

fingprairesofthefame: .i • , 

4 For whyi The Lord his pkafureill 
hath in his people fet ; 

And by deliucrance lie unJI oufe 
the mccke to glory great. 

j With glory and with honour now, 
let all his Saiots reioyce t - 

And now aloud vpon iheit beda 
aduance their llngingvoyces * 

6 Andtntheirmmthetletbethe AAs 

ef God the mighty Lord j » 

And in their hands eke let theqi beare 
a double edgedfword. ’' 

7 To plague the heathen,and corre« ' 

the people with their hands t 

8 To binde theif {lately Kings in chaines '' 

their Lords in Iron bands, * 

9 To execute on them the doemc, < 

that written isbefore; ’ ‘ 

This honour all his Saints Ihall hauc, ‘ • 

prailc ye the Lord therefore, ’ 

Laudate Dominum. PCil.CL. N. ^ 

a/fn txhoTUtitH ttprmfitht Lfrdwithtxt 
fmgbjaamanert{waut,for mi hit mthtt and 
rttudtrfilttwtrkti. " ^ 

Smg thk M the I47. Pfokmi 

' 3 ^Eeld vnto God the mighty Lord, 

J[ praife in his fan Auaty: 
Andpraifehimin the firmament, 
that fliewes hii power on hie.- 
a Aduance hia name,and praife him in 
hit mighty ads alwaiet >* 

According to his excellency 
of greatnelle, giue him praife. 

3 His praifes with the princely noyfe 

of founding Trumpets blow : 

Praife him vpon the Violl,and 
vpon the Harpealfo. 

4 Praife him with Timbrelland with Piute, 

Organs and Virginals: 

5 With founding Gimbals praife ye him, 

praife him with loud Gimbals. 

6 What cuer hath the benefit 

of breathing, praife the Lord: 

To praife the name of God the Lord, 
agree with one accord. 

The en^ofthe Tfalmesof Vanidin meeter, 

f^eni (greater. 

Vemte exulteniHs, 

OiiK holjr GhoUjCter- 

ii«ll Gud,proceeding 


from ahoufjboth from the Fatbc 

and the 

- frrr* 

.Son,rhc Godo 







Blinds,and into vs 

thy hcatienly grace infpirel 

that in all truth and godlinelTe, we may hauc 

cruc dcfite. 

To v» luch picaty oi ihjr grate 
good Lord gra/ir v»<e ihee pny t 
That fboo ipaiU l>c our coaifortct 
ar (be lafi drearffuU day. 

Of all (itife and difTmtien 
O Lord diflotne ihc binda- 
And make (fre knoti of peace and looe, 
tfmigfiooraff-Chriftian Unds. 

Grant rsO Lord through thee to know 
the Father moft of might; 

That of hia deere beloued Sonoe, 
we may attaine the fight 
And (hat with perfcA farth affo^ 
we may acknowledge ibcc : 

The fpirit of them both alway, 
one God in peribaa three. 

Laud and pra'le be to the Fatbati 
and to the Sbnnc e^oall; 

Andie the holy fjpuaiaJfby 
one God coctemalL 
And pray we rhatihe oneiy Soooi 
votichfafe hit fpirittofend 
Toalltbacdoa paofdle hia oatiKi 
anto the worlda cod. 

Thou an tLe ve/y comforter 
in all woe and diflrelfc : 

The heaoenYy gifts of God mofl hicj 
which no (ongu; can exprclfe. 

The tountainc and the liucly fpring 

The fire fj brigiit, and loue fo cleerei 
and rnclion fpirituaJl. 

•Thou in thy gifts art manifold, 

wliereby Chrifts Church doth Hand, 

In faithfull hcarti writing thy Law, 
the finger of Gods hand. 

According to thy promife made 
thou giucfl fpcech of grace: 

That through thy hclp.thepraife of God 
may ftand in cucry place, 

O holy Ghoflinto oor wits 

fend downc thy heaucniy light, 

Kindle our hearts with feruentloue, 
tofcrucGod day and night. 

Strength & (tablifh all out wciknefTe, 
lo feeble and fo fraile : 

That neither,flelli the world,nor deuill, 
againfl vs doe preuaile. 

Put backe our enemies fane from vi, 
and grant vs to obuinc 

Peace in our hearts with God k roan, 
wirhout grudge or difdaine. 

And grant ,0 Lord, thu thou being 
cur leader and oar guide, 

We may efehew the (naresof finne, 
and from thee ncuer Hide. 

femit txuitiwmii tftimt 

Si^ ttria tu tht Snm^/hm. 

O Comcand let vs nowreioyoe, 
and fing vnto the LorrI; 

And to our oneiy Saoionr, 

Alfo with oneaccord. 

O let vs come before hit face 
With inward reucrence • 

Confeding ail ixir formet finnea, 

And that with diligence. 

To fhanke him for hia bcDefiu 
Alway diflributing: 

Wherefore of him right ioyfuUy 
In Pfalroei now let vs fing. 

Andthatbecaufe chat God aiooc 
la Lord magnificent: 

And eke ab^ all mhaGodi 
A King omnipotent 

His people he doth not forfakt 
At any time or tide. 

And in hishaorlsarcallcbecoafh 
Ofallcheworid fo wide. 

And with hii louing countciUMe 
He looketh euery where, 

And doth behold (be tops of all 
The Mountainesfwre andBcere, 

The Sea and all that b therein 
Are his, for be them made t 
And eke his hand bath fafhioued 
Thecarth that doth not fade 

O come therefore and werfhip Um, 

And downc before hira fiiO: 

I4 And 

Te T>eum laudamm. 


And iec vs wcepe before the Lord) 

The which hath made va all. 

lie is our’cod, cur Lord, our King, 

And wc his people are: 

His flocke, and Iherpc of hit paflure. 

On whotPibe taketh care* 

This day if you will hieaic hia voycc) 

Yet harden not your heart. 

As in the b|t(e|'murmuring, 

When ye were In dciart, 

W hich tiling was of their negligence 
Committed in the time 
Of trouble in tfie wilderneflc, 

A great and grieuous crime. 

Whereas your Fathers tempted me, 

And tridc inceuery way: 

They proued me,and faw my works, 

What I could doe'otfay. • 

Thefe forty yeeres (haue beenegrieu’d 
With all this generation t 
And eucrmore I faid, they ert’de 
in their imagination. 

W herewith their hearts were fore cum bred, 
Long time and many dates t 
Wherefore 1 know alTurcdly, 

They iiaue not known my waies. 

Tow horn I in mine anger fwore, 

That they flioutd not be bleft i 
Nor fee myipy celcfliall, . ..r 
Nor enter in toy, reft. 


All hud and pratfe be to the lA^d, 

O that of might art mofi : ‘ ’ 

To Cod the Father tad the Some, 
lAnd to the kolj Cheft. 

At it in the beginning toae, 
per euer herettfere '■ 

And ie nett’ at thie prefent time^ 

And [ball be euermore. 

T he Stng tf Stint t^mhrofi/nUtd 
Te Deumt 

Ec praife thee God, wee know- 

ledge thee theoruly Lord to be: And as 

eternal I fa her, all the earth doth wotfbip 
tTice; T o thee ail Angeircry,thc heaoens 



and ail the powerathetdn; To thee Che¬ 

rub and Scraphin,to cry (hey do not Im. 

3 0 holy, holy, holy Lord, 

of Sabboth Lord the God : 

Through heauen and earth thy praife is fpre<(| 
and glory all abroad. 

4 TheApoltles glorious company 

yeeld praifesvnto thee: 

The Prophetsgoodly feilowfl)^ 
praife thee contioually. 

5 Thenobleandvidlofioushoafl 

of Martyrs lound thy ptaife, 

The holy Church throughout the world 
doth knowledge thee aJwaies. 
d Father ofendlcUe Maiciiy 
they doe acknowledge thecj 
ThyChrift, thine honourable true 
and onely fonne to be. 

7 The holy Ghofl the comforter 
of glory thou art King; 

O Chri(l,and ol the Father art 
the Sonne euerlading. 

S When (infull mans decay in hand 
thou rooked to redore i 
Tobeeinclos’d fn Virgina wombe, 
thou didded not abhorre. 

9 When thou hadd ouercome of death 

thcdiarpe and cruel! might: 

Thou heauens kingdomo didft fet opc 
to each belceuing wight. 

10 In glory of the Father thou 
dod fit on Gods right hand : 

Wetrud that thou dialt come our iudga, 
our caufe to vnderdand. 

11 Lord helpe thy feruanis whom thob haft 
bought with thy predous bloud t 

And In eternall glory fet 

them with thy Saints fo good. 

12 O Lord doe thou thy people faue, 
blelfe thine inheritance; 

Lord gouern them, & Lord do thou 
for cuer them aduance. 

13 Wetnagnifietheedayby day, 
and world without an end 

Adore thy holy namc:0 Lord 
vouchfafe rs to defend 

14 From finne this day. Haue mercy Lord, 

haue mercy on vs all: 

And on vsas we truft in thee] 

Lord let thy mercy fall. 

150 Lord I haue repofed all 
my confidence in thee) 

Put to confounding lhamc therefore 
Lord letneneuerbe. 


The Song of the three (Children . "Benecliclpt. i o? 

Th* ihrit CI>UJrem,pr4iJinj^ 



All yce work* of God chc Lord, 

bIciTc yte the Lord, praife him and mag- 


r - 

nihe him for cucr. 

j O ye the Angela of the Lord, 
blelTe ye the Ix)td,prailc him and 
magnific him for euer. 

4 O ye the watert aboue the Sky 
blclfeyctheLord, praifthimaod 
magnific him for eucr. 

5 O allye powers of the Lord, 
blelTeye the Lord, prailc him and 
magnihe him for ctier. 

dO ye fhining Sunne and Moone, 
bleffe ye tlK Lord,praife him and 
magniBe him for euer. 

7 O ye the gliflering Starrea of heaucn. 
bleffe ye the Lord, praife him and 
magniBe him for euer. 

8 O ye the (bowers and dropping dew, 
biclle ye the Lord, praife him and 
magniBe him for euer. 

9 O ye the blowing wind* of God, 
blelTcye the Lord, praife him and 
magniBe him for euer. 

a o O ye the Bre and warming heat, 
bklfe ye the Lord,&c: 

11 Ye Winter and the Summa tide, 
blciTe ye the Lord, dec. 

13 0 ycthedewesand binding froHs, 
blefie ye the Lord, See* 

13 O ycthe frofl and chilling cold, 
bleffe ye the Lord, &C. 

14 O ye coneealcd Ice and Snow, 
bleffe ye the Lord, &c. 

15 O ye the nights and ligbtfome daies, 
blelfcye the Lord, See. 

Itf O ye the darkenelfe and the light, 
bleffe ye the Lord, &c. 

17 O ye the lightning and the clouds, 

' blelfe y e the Lord, See. 

18 O let the earth eke blelfe the Lord, 
yea bleffe the Lord, &c. 

19 O yethemountainetandihchils, 
blelfcye the Lord, &c. 

30 O alive greene thinga on the earth, 
bleUe ye the Lord, &c. 

* I O ye the euer fpringing Wei*, 
bleUe ye the Lord, Sc. 

a* Kj ye iliefr t.aiiu >ethc Hiajds 
bl lie yctIJt L<>rd,&c. 

2 j V.tialci and all that therein Bow, 
bledc ye tfie Lord, Sec, 

24.0 ye the Hying fouleioftheayre, 
blclIe ye the Lord, Sec. 

2J O all ye beaffa, arid cittell eke, 
blelfe ye the Lord, See. 

16 O >c rhectnidren of mankindc, 
blelfe ye the Lord, Sec. 
a 7 Let Ifrad eke blelfe the Lord, 
yea bklfe the Lord, praife him and 
magniBe him for euer. 

2 g 0 ye the I»rielti of God the Lord, 
blelfe ye the L‘-td,praikhim and 
magnific himforeper. 

39 O yethe Inuanti of the Lord, 
blelfcye the Lord.&c. 

30 Yefpitua andfouks ofrighteous men, 
bklle ye the Lord, Sec, 

31 O ye holy and ye roecke in hean, 
bklfe ye the Lord, Sec. 

330 Ananias blelfe cl>c Lord, 
blelTerhou the Lord, Sec, 

33 OAzrriasbkfkiheLord, 
blelfe thou the Lord.&o 
AndMilael eke blelfe the Lord, 
bklfe thou the Lord,prajie him and 
magniBe him for euer. 

ThtSmg »(ZMcbjrLa ceUUd 'BemedUlm'. 

He oncly Lord ofl{rael,bcprai> 
fed ejcrroore." forthrsugfa hia vilitati- 

on,and mercy kept in llorc. Hi* people 
now be hath reJecm'd.that long hath been 

in thrall,and fpred abroad his Buiing health 

rponhisleniants all. 

In Dauids houfe bit feruant true 
According to hia minde: 

And aifo hia annoimed King, , 

As we in (cripmre Bnde. 

As by his holy Prophets all. 

Oft times he did declare, 

The which were finee the world began 1 
Ki watei for to prepare. 


- — - - -w 

lo-f c^Tidagnificat. 

That vrc alight be dcliuered 
From fuch as make debate: 

Our eaemies, and from the hands 
Of all that doe vs hate. 

The mercy which he promifcd 
Our Fathers to fulfill: 

Andchinke vponhis couenantmade 
According to his wi 11 . 

And alfo to petfotme the oath 
Which he before had fworne 
To Abraham our father deere, 

Forvstliat wcreforlorne. 

That he would giue himrelfefor vs.' 

And vs from bondage bring: 

Out of the hands of all our toes, 

To feme ourhcaucniy king. 

And that without all manner fearc. 

And ckcin righteoufhclTe '• 

And alfo hr to lead our liues 
In (Icdfafi hohnelfe. 

And thou O childe which now art borne, 
And ofthe Lord elctfl: 

Shalt be the Prophet ofthe higheft. 

His waics for to dircdl. 

S^unc ‘Dimiitis. 

rpe£fvnte fo bafeellateof bis handmaid 

and let the mighty goc. 

Fwr now behold all Nations, 

And generations ail. 

From this time forth for euermore. 

Shall me right bieded cill. 

Becaufe he hath me magnified, 

Which IS the Lord of might: 

Whole name be euer faniflified. 

And praifed day and nighr. 

For with his mercy and his grace 
All men he doth inflame. 

Throughout all generations 
To fuch as fesre bis name; 

Helhewcdrtrengfh with his great arme, 
And made the proud to flatt. 

With all imsginstions 
That they bare in their heart. 

For thou (halt goc before his face 
For to prepare his waics, 

And alfo for to teach his will 
And picafure all thy daies. 

To giue them knowledge, how that their 
Saluation is neere, 

And that lemiffioii of thsir finnes 
Is through his mercy meere,' 

Whereby the day fpring from on hie, 
Iscume vs for to vifite: 

Andfhofe for to illuminate . 

WlaUid.iein datkcnelfe lit. 

■Tt) lighienihofe that fludoweJbc 
Wi^h ilearfi, andeke oppreff, 

An dalfofor to guidbourfeet 
The way to peace and reft. 

fheSon^^ tkehte^ti Virgin M.*rj cdBed 
r ). LMsgmfkdt. 

He hath putdowne the mighty ones 
From their fuperDall feat. 

And did exalt the meeke in heart. 

As he hath thought it meet. 

The hungry he replenilhed 
With all things that were good, 
Andthrough his power he made thcrich 
Oft times to want their food. 

And calling to remembrance 
His mercy euery deale. 

Hath holpen vp tlTiftantly 
His feruanc Ifrael, 

According to his proroife made 
To Abraham before, 

And to his feed fucccftiuely, 

Tofland for tuermore- 

The fang tf Simeon^ cdHeei 
Nunc dimtttis. 

Y loule doth magnifie the Lord. 


.. . — f —w—ry 

Hff. A ,L- 1 


V A I 1 


my {pint eke euermore, reioy ceth in the 

Lord my God, which is niv Sauiour.And 

why.^becaiife he did regard, and gauc re* 

Lord becaufe my hearts defire 

hath wifhed long to fee, my onely Lord 

and Sauiour, thy Sonne before I die, T he 

ioy and health of aft mankind,defired long 


QuicurKjue 'tult. 

long licforc,which now is comeintothe 

Another perfonproper of 
ihc holy Gboft alone. 

OfFaihcr Suiine, aud holy Ghofl 
but one the Godhead u: 

1 jke glory, coeiernoU eke 
the Maicfly likcwift. 

wiirid, or mercy bringing ftore. 

Tliou fuffcrefltliy fcroant new 
In p< sector to depart, 

According to rhy holy word. 

Which liglitenerbmy hearr. 

Beef i(c mine eyes Which thtJU haft oiaile 
TogiiK my body light, 

Nauenow beheld thy fauing hcakhi 
which is the Lord of might. 

Whom thou mercifully haft fet 
Of thine uhundant grace ;* 

Inopcn flight and vifiblc 
Btfi'ie all peoples ^acc. 

Tl)r G.niiics to illuminate. 

And Saihan oucrquell : 

And eke to be the gluty of 

Tl.y people ll'rael. 

T^fi Simhtlt or Creed of Athanafttu', 
called ^jucurtqiie vnlt. 

Hat man loeucr he be, that lal- 

nation willartaine, The Catholike be- 
licfehe mull,before al things retaine,Which 
Faith vniclle be holy kcepc,and radefi- 
lediy, without all doubt eterna!ly,be (ball 

be lure CO dye. 

Such asthe Father ii/fuch ia 
hit Sonna in each degree ' 

And fuch alfo we do« beketie 
. theholyGhofttobc: 

Vne/eate is the Father, and 
vnereate it tlte Sonne, 

The holy Ghoft rncreate, fo 
rocrcatcit each one. 

IncoinprelxnGble Father ia, 
incumprehcnfible Sonne: 

And iococDprchenCble alfo it 
the holy Gboft of none. 

The Father ii eternal], and 
the Sonne eternaLll fo: 

And in like fort etemall la 
the holy ChoQ alfd< 

And yet chough we beleeac^tbai each 
of thefic ncrnaH be, 

Tct there but one etemall ia, 
and noteternab three. 

And ne incomprehenftble we, 
ne yet rncreate three. 

But one incon]prehenGble,ooe 
rncreate hold to be. 

Almighty fo the Father.ia, 
the Sonr.e alRighcie fo: 

And in like fort alinigbty is 
the holy Ghoft alfa 
And albeit cliac cucry one 
of thefe almighde be: 

Yet there but one altnightieu, 
and not almighties three. 

The Father God ia,God the Son, 

God holy Gboft alfo: 

Yet are there not three Gods in all, 
but one God and no nxte. 

So likewife Lord the Father is, 
and Lord alfo the Sonne: 
there not three Lords but one. 

The Cathcilike belicfe is this, 
that G<>d vve wotftiip one 
In Trinity, and Trinity 
in vniiy alone. 

So as vveneither doe confound 
fheperibns of the three s 
Nor yet the fubrtance whole ofone 
in fonder patted be. 

Onepetfen of rte Father is, 

1,0 another of the Sonne: 

For as we are cotnpdd to grant 
by Chriftian reritie, 

Each of the perfont by himlelfe,^ 
both G^ and Lotd to be. 

So Catholike Religion 
forbiddech rs alway, 

That either Gods be thm, or chat 
there be three Lords to fay. 

Ofnonecbe Father is, ne 
ne create nor begot ; 

The Lamentation of a Sinner. 


create, nc made, but got. ' 

The holy Ghod is of them both, 

the Father and the Sonnt .* ' 

Neniade,ne create, nor begot, 

but doth proceed alone. '' 

So we one Father hold, not three, 
one fonne alfo, not three: 

One holy Ghod alone, and not 

three holy Ghods to be. . 

None in this Trinitic before 
nor after other is: 

Nc greater any then the red, j 
nc Idler be likewife. 

But eucry one among thcmlelucs 
of all thcfepcrlons three t 
Together coeternall all, 
and all coequal] be. 

So Vnitie in rrinitic, . . . . 

as faid it is before: 

And Trinitie in Vnitie, 
in all things we adore. 

Therefore whst man foeuer that 
faluatinn will attainc, 

This Faith touching the Trinity* , , 

of force he mult tetaine, r;.. 

And necdtull to etcrnalHife ; ,> 
it is,that eucry wight 

Ofthe incarnsiingofChrid .. 

our Lord bclceuc aright. . 

For this the true faith is,that we 
bciccue and eke doe know, < 
ThatChrid our Lord.the fonne of God, 
is God and man alio. 

God of the Fathers (ubllance, got 
before the world began i 
And of his mothers fjbitance borne 
in world a very mao. 

Both pcrfeid God and pcrfefl man, 

in one,one lefus Chrid: 1 ^ 

Which doth ofrcalonable foule 
and humane dclh fubfift, 

T ouching his God'head,cquBll with 
his Father God is he : 

Touching his man-hood,lower then 
hisfatberin degree; 

Who though he be botli very God, 
and very man alfo •* 

Yet is he but one Chrid alone, 
and is not perfons two- 
One not by turning of God-head, 
into the flefli of man: 

But by taking man-hood to God, 
this being One began. 

All one not by confounding of 
the fubdanceinto one ■ 

But onely by the vnity, 

. t 

that is of one perfoo. 

For as the rearuoablc fuulc 
and deOi but one man ii. 

So in oneperfon God and roan, 
is but one Chrid likewife. 

Who fuifered for to fiue vs all, 
to hell he did defeend > 

T he third day rofc againc from death, 
(oheauen he did afeend. 

He (its at the right hand of God, 
the almighty father there: 

From thence to iudge the quicke and dead, 
againe he Ihalltetiie. 

Ac whofe returne all men (hall rife 
with bodies new rertor’de ; 

And of their owneworkes they (liallgiue 
account vnto the Lord. 

And they vnto eternall life 

(liall goe that haue done well: 

Who haue done ill, (hall goe into 
eternall fire to dwell. 

This is the Catholike beliefe, 
who doth not faithfully 

Beleeuc the fame, without all doubt, 
he faued cannot be. 

7 » F*thtr,Stm$e^d htlj Ghofif 
4// gUrj be therefere, 

%A$ in btpnmng wm, ie now, 
nndjbnll ot enermore. 

The Lnntentntion of n Sinner, If, 



Lord turtle not away thy face 
from him that lyes prufiraic,lamenting 

fore his (infull life,before tiiy mercy gate. 

Which gate thou opencfl wide to thofc 

that doc lament their flnneilhut not that gate 

againfl me Lord* but let mccotei in. 

And call me not to mine accounts, 
Ilew I haue liued here ; 

For then 1 know right well O Lord, 
How vile 1 (hall sppcarc. 

he humble fute of a (inner. ^Fhe Fater nofler, i o 7 

J need not to cotifeile tuy life, ■ 

lanifurethou canf{ tell 

What I hauebcene, and what I im, 

1 know thou know'll it well. 

O Lord thou knoweft what things be pall, 
And eke the things that be ; 

Thou knowdlalfo what is to conic. 
Nothing is hid from thee* 

Belore the heaoens and earth were made. 
Thou knoActt what things were then .* 
Asali things elie that haue becne iince. 
Among the fonnei of men. 

And can the things that I haue done 
Be hidden from thee then } 

Nav,najr thou knoweft them all O Lord, 
Where they were done and when. 

Wherefore with tearcs i come toihcc 
To beg and to entreat, 

Eucn as the Childe that hath done euill, 
and fcareth to be beat, 

So come I to thy mercy gate, 

Where macy doth abound. 

Requiring mercy iiir my linne, 

To heale my deadly wound 
O Lord I need not to repeat 
What 1 doe begge or craue J 
Thou knoweft O Lcrdbefbtelaske. 

The thing that I would tiaue. 

MercygoodLord, mercy I aske, 

This IS the totall (jmme t 
For mercy Lord is all my futc. 

Lord let thy mercy come. 

Tht bnmhlt futt if 4 Simur. M. 


Loid of whom I doc depend, be- 

hold my carei'jll heart, and when thy will 

and plcafure is, releafe mee of my Imart .• 
thou feeft my (orrowes what they are, my 
, griefeisknownetothee. and thereisnone 

that can remouc ur take tne lame trom me. 

But onely thou, whofe aide I aaae, 
whofc mercy ftillispreft; 

To eaie ail ihorerharc./n,e to ti^a 
for luccouf and for reft 
And liih thou feeft roy rclLeife eies, 
my learea and grieuous gtcsie ; 
Altend rnto my fute O Lord, 

niarke well my plaint and raone* 

For Gnne bath fo inciofedme, 
and cooipaft roe aliout. 

That I am now reoiediJrfre, 
if mercy heipe not out- 
For mortall men cannot reJeafe 
ormitigaie thispame; 

But euen thy Cbrift,roy Lord and God, 
which lor my finoes was llaiae. 

Whofe bloody wounds are yet to lee, 
though not with mort.lleyc: 

Yet doe thy Saints behold them all, 
and fo I trurt ftiall 1. 

Though Cnoe doe hinder me a while, 
when ihouflialtfeeitgood; 

1 ftiall inioy the fight ol him, 

and fee his wounds .nd bloud* 

And as thine Angels and thy Saints 
doe now behold the lame , 

So truft F to pofTelk that place 
With then to praile thy name. 

But whiieft 1 hue here in tbit valtf 
where finners doe frequent, 

AiTifl me eucr with thy grace, 
my finnes fliH lolamenc 


Lcaftthat I tread in finners trace, 
end giue them my cemfenr. 

To dwell with them in wickedaelle, 
whereto nature it bent, 

Onely thy grace m uft be my ftay 
left that i fall downc flat: * 

And being downe,then of my Hclfe 
cannot recouer that. 

Wherefore tbis it yet once agatoe 
my fute and my rrqueft, 

Tog antmcpjrdon for my linne, 
that I in thee may reft. 

Then (hall my hearsay tongue androjee, 
bcinftrumentsof praifc. 

And in thv Church, and houfe of Saints, 
fing P almet to thee alwaies. 

The Lmis ‘Tntjtr tr Tmtrwiihr, 

Vr Father which in heauen art,Lord 

M J -ff n -i 

nr-T--n-— ~r 

ji. J _zr rr—V-'-- 1—1 • 


>wcd be thy rame 

r. Thy k ngdotiic 

U _ 1 _Q_A_ ~r -r~T 


ZZI_ V a M —n — -r- 

■- 1 J 

a ^ 1 . 1 r .V T -E —-1 * V - 


come. Thy will be done in eanb, cucata 
K tbe 

, og 7heX. Commandments, 

the Caine in hcaucnis. GiucvsO Lord 

<mr daily bread thUday. As utee forgiue 

ouf lighters,fo forgiue our debts we pray. 

intotenipjatioiilcadvs notjFrom cuill 
make VI free; Fur kingdome.powcr.aud 


— VH 


glory ihi;io, both now and eucr be. 

7ht X. CtmmaHdtmtnti. 

Ark llracl,and what I fay>giue heede 

to vndcrlland: 1 am the Lord thy God that 

brought thee out of h'gypt land< 2 Euen 

from the hot fc wherein thou didfl in thral- 



dome hue a flaue: None other Gods at 


all before in^ prcfencclhalt thouhaue. 

The name thou of the Lord thy God 
invaine doencuer vie : 

For he that takes his name in vaine, 
the Lord will not cjtcufe. 

Rcmeinbci that thou holy keepe 
the facred Sabbath day, 

Sixe dales thou labour flialt, and doe 
thy needfull wotkesalway. 

1 he fcauenth day is fet by the Lord 
thy Ood to rtfl vpon r 

No worke then (halt thou doc on it, 
ne thou nor yet thy Sonne, 

Thy Daughter, Seruant, nor handroald, 
thine Oxe, nor yet thine AlTe: 

Nor Granger that within thy gates 
hath his abiding place. 

For in fixe daies God heauen and earthy 
and all therein did make; 

And after thole, his red he did 
vpon the leaaenth day take 

Wherefore he blelf the day that he 
for reding did ordaioe; 

And facred Co himfelfe alone, 
appointed toremaine, 

Yeeld honour to thy Parents, that 
prolong'de thy daies may be 

Vpon the land the which the Lord 
thy God hath giuen thee. 

Thou lhalc not murther. Thou (halt ntfC 
commit adultery. 

Thou 111 not deale. No witnelTe falfe 
againd thy neighbour be. 

Thou fhaltnuccouet houfe.that to 
thy neighbour doth belong: 

Ne couet lhalc in hauing of 
hit wife CO doe him wrong; 

Nor his roan-feruint, nor his maide, 
nor Oxe,nor AlTe of his: 

Nor any,other thing, that to 
thy neighbour proper is. 

No manner grausn Image lhalc 
thuu make at all to thee ^ 

Nor any figure like, by thee 
lhall counterfeited be. 

Of any ching in heauen abooe, 
nor in the earth below, 

Nor in the waters beneath the earth, 

- to them thou lhalt not bow. 

Nor dialt (heu> ferue. The Lord thy @od 
aiaalousGod am L: 

Thatpunilh Fsthers faults vnto 
the third and fourth degree, 

Vpon their children that me hate, 
and mercy doe difplay 
•To choulandkof fiieh as loue mci 
and my precepts obey. 

Tht X. ^omm4udem4uh »f Almightj 


A 1M-1 -f-r-g- -- 

■V y ■ . Y 

Trend my people and giuc care. 


•«—___ _-R—A' ^ 

fcf-f-V-» iv A 0= 

: ■ r-r.y 7^3- 

-f— ■' 


ferly things I will thee tell 

: See that my 

words in minde 

thou beare. 

and to my pre- 

cepts liden well. 

1 I 

The Lords Trayer.‘D. (^ox. 


1 I »m thy foucraigne Lord and God, 
W/iich liaucfliee brought from careful thral: 
And eke reclaim’d from Pljaraohi rod, 
Maketheeno Gods oo them CocalL 

a Nor laffiioned foroic of any thing 
In hcaucn or earth to vrorlhip it ; 

For I ihyGodby rcuengin^ 

With grieuous plagues chit linne will finite. 

j Take notin vaineOodaholy name, 

Abuleit not after thy will; 

For fo thou migbtft foone purchafe blame. 
And in hii wrath be woukithee fpili. 

4 The Lord from work thefimcnth day ccaff. 
And brought all thingi to perfed end : 

•So thou and (bine that day take relL 
That to Gods hefti ye may attend. 

5 Vntothy Parentshonourgiue, 

Aa Gods cooamandemcatsdM pretend: 

That thou long dales and good maid hue 
In earth, where God a place doth lend. 

6 Beware of murther and cruell bate, 

7 All filthy fornication feare. 

8 See thou fleale not at any rate, 

9 Falfe witoellc againft no man beare. 

to Thy neighbours hoofe wilh notto haue 
His wifr. or ought that he calleth mine: ’ 

His Field, his Oxe, his Aife. hit Shtie, 

Or any thing that is not thine. 


The fpiritof(^cegrant vs O Lord. 

To keepe theie lawea our hearts rellore. 

And caule vs all with one accord 
Tomagnifiethy name therefore. 

For of out feluea no flrength we haue 
To kiepe thefe lawes after thy wilj. 

Thy might thetefore O Chrifl we craue. 

That vyeeio tbee may them fiilfifl. 

vpon thee wi 

i . ---- f -- 

ch one heai 

f, oufheauenly 

Father aod oor Gc..d, gi 

ant we pray not 

fr_- 1 — 4 — 5 — 

^ with hpt alone, but with the hearts deepc 

dgh and cron 

Thy biefllsd name be (andified, 

Tlw holy word might vs inflame •• 

In holy life for to abide. 

To magnifie thy boly name i 

From aJJ errors defend and keepe 

The littfc^flocke of thy poore incepc.' 

Jfcy come euen at this bonre. 

And henceforth eueilaflingly : 

Thine bojy Gltodintovipoure, 
Wiihallhia gifts mod pleuieoudy • 

Fiw Sathans rage ana aUsy hand. 
Defend vi with thy mighty hand. 

Thy will be done with dUigcnce 
Like as in beaoea in earth alio: ' 

In troobJc grant vs patience. 

Thee to obey in wealth and woe. 

Lctoot flefh, bloud. or any ill 
Preuaile againd thy holy wfl/r 

Giue vs this day our daily bread, 

And all other good gifts of dune; 

Keepe vs from war, and from bJoud-lbed 
Alio from ficknede, dearth, and pioe. ' 
That we may liuein quietnede 
Without ah greedy carefnlncfre. 

Lord f a r thy na mes fake grant vs this. 
Thou art our drength oh Sauiour Chrid. 
Ofthcc to fpeed how (hould we mifle, 

In whom our tr^aluredoth confift. 

To thee lor cuennore be praife. 

With the Father in each refpefts 
And with the holy fpirit alwaits, 

T he comforter of thine eleiS, 

fbe Loris Prtjer. 2 ). Cox. 

Vr Father which in betuen art, 

, mak’d VI aH one Brotherhood.To call 

Forgiuevsour offences all, 

Rclicue our carefuJl confeience.- 
At we forgiueboth great andfinall, 

Whicb vnto VI haue d one offence t 
Prepare vs Lord for to feme tbefc 
In perfe^Houc and vnitia. 

O Lord into teropcatioo 
Lead vs not when tlK fleod doth rage, 

T o withfiand his inuadon. 

Giue power and drength to caery age, 
Arrae and make rtrong thy fteSe hofi 
With faith, and with the holy Ghod.- 

O Lord from euill dclinex vs, 

The dayes and times arc dangerous. 

From eucriading death (aue vs. 

And in our lad end comfort vi: 

A blcfled end to vs bcqocath.' 
Intotby hands out rouletreccicie. 



no The xh.Articlei of the rbri/iian taitb. <iA Trayer. 

I'or thou O Lord art Kins ol Kings, 
An J thi)U had power oner all : 

Thy glory (liineth in all thing!, 

In the wide world vniuerfall. 

Amen let it be done O Lord, 

That we bane ptaied wittvone accord. 

Tbtxt^. Ariicleioftbt ChrifiUnftitb. 

A fci-j_ 


Ll my bclicfc and confidence is in 

IPT-^ -TT-rt riiE 

the Lord of mig 

bt: The Father which all 

things hath made 

2— - if 

,tlie day andeke the ni{ 


fl—— --- —1—1— - 14 -— 

The hcauens and the firmament, and alfo 

rt L : ■! , 

many a Starre s The earth and all that i 


therein) which pairemans realonfarre. 

And in like manner 1 bcleeuc 
Fn Chrift our Lord hisfonne ; 
Coequall with the Deity, 

And man in flcQi and bone. 

Conaiued by the holy Ghofl, 
His word doth me allure; 

And of his Mother Mary borne* 
Yet ihc a Virgin pure. 

To th’cnd he might be glorified, 
Outofailgriefeand pame, 

Akending to the heauent hie* 

To fit in glory Hill 

On Gods right hand hia Father dearc, 
Accordingtu his will. 

Vntill the day ofiuJgeucntcome, 
When he fliallcome agaioe 
With Angeb power, yet of that day 
We all be vnccrtiinc. 

To fudge all people righteouFly, 
Whom he hath deerely bought: 

The lioingand the dead alfo, 

Which he hath made ol nought. 

And in the holy fpiric of Cod 
My faith to fatisfie : 

The third perlon in Trinity 
Bcleeue 1 fledfaltly. 

The holy and Catholilte Church 
That Gods word doth maintaioet 
And holy Setipfure doth alloW) 
Which Sathan doth difdaiae. 

And alfo 1 doe truH to haue 
By lefus Chrill bis death, 

Keieafe and pardon of my linnet^ 

And that onely by faith. 

What lime all flcQi (hall rile agaioe^ 
Before the Lord of might : 

And fee him with their bodily eyes, 
Which now doe giue them light. 

And then lliall ChriA our Sauiour, 
The Shcepc fromGoaiadiuides 
Andgiue litccucriaflingly 
To thok whom he hath tride. 

Within his Realme cclcfliall. 

In glory for to rcfl: 

With ill the holy companie 
Of Saints and Angels blcfts 

Bccaufe mankinde to Sathan was 
For finnc in bond and thrall: 

He came and offered vp himfelfc ‘ " 

To death to faue vs all. ^ * 

And fuffering mod grkuouspaine, 

Then Pilate being ludgc : * 

Wascrucified onthe CrolTe, 

And thereat did not grudge. ^ ^ 

Andfohe diedin ehefledi, , , " 

But quickned in the ipirif, 

His body then was buried. 

As is our vfe and rite. 

His fpirit did after this defeend 
Into the lower pares > > 

To them that long in darkeneffe were, 

The true light of their hearts. 

And in the third day ol his death,' 

He role to life againe: 

Which ieruc the Lord omnipotent,' 
Obediently each hourc: 

To whom be all Dominion 
And ptaifefor euermore. 

^ A Praytr tt the holy Obojt t» he fing 
befart theStrmtm, 

Sm^ this M the 11 9 , •pf/dme', 

C Ome holy Spirit the God of might,' 
comforter of vs all: 

Teach vs to know thy word aright. 

that we doc neuer fall, 

O holy Ghoft yilitourcoaft, 
defend vs Withthy Ibield: 

Againlt alinofieand wickedneffei 
Lord hcipevt,win the field. 

lord keepe the King and hit couniell, 
and giue them will and night: 

T>a pacm ‘Doniine. 

To perleocre iii ehy Gofpe)/, ‘ 

which can put (inne to fflgiit . ‘ 

O Lord that giue(l ihy holy word , 
lend Prcichert plcnteoyfly ; , 

That in ch« (ame we may aocord, ! 

and therein liuc and dye. 

O h^ly Spirit. direA aright 
. the Preachers of thy word, 

That thou by them maid cut downe (inne 

■ ai it were with a fword. ’ 

Depart not front tbofe PaOora pure. 

bat aide tliem at all need; 

Which brcalte to v$ the bread of life, 
whereon our fpules doe feed. 

' 'J 

. ! 

O bleifcd fpirit of truth Iteepe vi 
' In peace arid vnttie: ’ 

Kcepe vs from («da and eriora all. 

■ and from all Papilhy* 

Coquert all thofe that be our foes, 

and bring them to thy light: 

That they and we may well agree, 

and praife thee day and night. 

O Lord increafeour faith in rs, 
and loue fo to aboundt 
That m an and wife be voyd of flrife* 
and neighbours about varound. 

In our time giue.tliy peace O Lord, 
to naticaafaite and nyc: 

And (each them all tby hoiy word, 
that we may fing to thee. 

'Allglarj lathe TriHuie, 
thtttiafmghiietmafl i 
Tba Imimg Father smi the j'wsar, 
andekg tht kalj Ckajl. 

%Aiit hath ktiHautaOfhtttm* ,, , ^ 
that hath hetat heretafttt, 
Atittt"*ta,an4fa Ihaliil ,. . 
hent^arthfar mermare. 

. i 

T)a foerm Damuu. 

lue peace in theie our daics 0 Lord, 

great dangers are now at hand,thine ene^ 

■ mies with one accord,Chnlls name io cue* 

ry land,fceke to deface,root out and race 

thy true tight worlhip indeed; be thou the 

T he complaint of a/inner. 111 

—X t 

T‘ —^ 

M T A. A 1 I - 1 - ‘.r 

f- ^9:::r±=z:$=:.t=::ziz=:± 

flay, Ix>fd Wee t 
1 — f~. 1 . - f 

bee pray: fhou help'd 


- - - 

alone in all need. 

Giue vs that peace which we do lack. 
Through tnisbelicfcand ill life. 

Thy word to offa thou doff not flacke, 
Which we vnkindly gainc flriue t 
With fire and (word 
This heaithfull word. 

Some petfecute and opprclTe, 

Sooie with the mouth 
Confelfe the inirfi, 

Without fincerc GodlioelTe. 

Giue peace, and vs dry fpirit downe fimd. 
With griefe and rrpcntatKc true; 

Do pierce our hcattsyiur Hues to amend, 
And by Faith ChrUl renuc. 

That feare tod dread, 

Wtrrc and bloud-fbcd. 

Through thy fwcet mercy and giacc, 
May ftomvtOide, 

Thy truth maj jbide. 

And (hine io eucry place; 

T be ctmfUtm ef * finmer, wh$ crauetb $f 

Chnfi tait k*ft vatUr hitmarty. 

Here righieoufncde doth fay. 

Lord (or my Cnfull part: In wrath tfrou 

(houldfl me pay, vengcamcfoi my defen. 

I can it not deny,but needs I mufl confeife. 

how chat coniinually thy lawes I do traof- 

grelTc,thy lawes I doe tranlgreffe. 

Butifitbethy will, 

With (imierstu contend, 
TfiAi all thy 6ockc (hallfpill. 
And be loll without end. 



iiz The Lamentation. 

(lA Thankefgmng. 

Lord in chee ii all my trult 

glue care ynto my wofull cry. Rcfiifc me 

J or who liucth hcrelo fight, 

Thai rightly he can fay ; 

Helinncs not in thy light, 

Full oft and euery day. 

The Scripture plaine tel'imee, 

The righteous man o^endeth 
Seauen times a day to thee. 

Whereon thy wrath dependeth, 

So that the righteous man 
Doth walkcin no fucb path. 

But he faith now and then 
In danger of thy vrrath. 

Then lith thc calc fo Itandi, 

That euen the man rightvttfe, 

Faith oft in linfull bands, 

Whereby thy wrath may rile. 

Lord, I that am vniuft, 

And tightcoufocile nonehauc: 

Whereto then fhall I trull 
My iinluU foulc to laue i 

Buttruely to that poll 
Whereto 1 deauc and lhall; 

Which is thy mercy moll. 

Lord let thy mercy fall. 

And mitigate thy mood, 

Orcircwe pcrilliaU.' 

The price of this thy bloud. 

Wherein mercy I call. 

The Scripture doth declare 
No drop of bloud in thee. 

But that thou didll not Ipare 
To Ihed each drop for me. 

Nowlct ihofedropsmolllvvcct, f 

So moill tny heart fo dry; 

That I with finite tepleat 
May liuc, and Gnae may dye. 

That being mortified. 

This linne olmine in me, i 

I may be laniflified 
By grace of thine in thee. 

So mat I neuer fall 

Into luch mortall linne, ^ 

That my foes in^rnail, * '1 

Rcioyce my death tltcrcin. "I- 

But trouchfafe me to kcepe 
Froiathofeinfernall foes. 

And from that lake lo deepe. 

Whereas no mercy growes. 

And I lhall fingthe longs 
Confirmed with the iuG a ^ 

That vnto thee belongs 
Which art my onely trull. 

Tbrtugh ftrftn reftntmet tkt fi mtritsb tfmt 
traj? <» (7 0 2), that hw/amw/Ml ^ 

m Chr^s bltnd. 


fc* 't~ 

not that am vniud, but bowing downc thy 

y. v.». 

heaucnly cye,Beholdhow 1 doe Oillh- 

ment my finnes wherein I c 

til—0——ft- . 

lo ofiend t O 

Lord for them fhall 


1 be (hen 

-*'H ■ 

t, Siihthee 


to plealc I doe intend.^ot fo, thy will is (sent 

to deale with finnCn in thine ire; 

But when in heart they (hall repent, 

choa pantil with fpeed that iIm defire.’ 
Ta thee therefore (fill fliall I cry, 
to waih away my finlull crime, 

Tby bloudO Lord is not yet dry, 
but that it may heipe mein time* 

Uadethee (OLordj hade thee I fay 
to poure on me the gifts of grace t 
That When this lift road lleete away, 
ioheauen with thee 1 may haue place,' 
Where thou dod raigne eternally 
with God,which once did down thee fend^ 
Where Angelsling continually. 

To tfiM be praiie world wiAoutend. 

^tr thtrtt t m mg tftb* 

SmgtbuMtht iiJ.Tfstml 

T He Lord be thanked for bis gifts^ 
and mercy euermore; 

That he doth fhew vnto the Saints, 
to him be laud therefore. 

Our tongues cannot fo prtife the Lord ; i 

as be doth right dcleruc ; 

Our hearts cannot of him fo thioke, 

arhedothvspiefwue. ’ 

Hit beneliti they be fo great 
to vs that be butfinne. 

- Thai 

<t// T hanJ^eJgiuing. 

rtui at our hands for rccompcncc, 
there is no hope to win. 

O (infull flcdi, (hat thou fhouldil hauc 
fuch (Dcrcici of the Lord. 

Thou do(f deferue moft worthily 
of him to be abhord* 

Nought elfc butiinneand wretchednede 
doth refi within our hearts s 

And flubbornly againll the Lord 
we daily play our parts. 

ThcSuntieabouein firmament, 
that is to VI a light, 

Doth lliew It frlte more cleare and pure; 
then we be in hit fight. 

The licauen s aboue, and all therein 
more holy arc then wee : 

They feruethe Lord in their eflate, 
each one in hia degree. 

They doe not rtriue for mederfliip, 
nor (lacke their ofhee fet; 

But fearc the Lord, and doe his will, 
hate IS to them no let. 


thai he our bodies bought. 

In bread and wine here vifible 
vnto oureyrsandtif} : 
fill meraes great thou tnaifl record 
ii that his fpiric thou hart. ’ 

Ai once the Corne did hue and grow 

. Sythe, ’ 

Andthreflied out with many rtn'pes 
out from his huiJte to drioe. * 
And as the MJl with violence 
did tcare it out fo fmaU, 

And made it like to earthly duff, 
not fparing It at all 

And as the Ouen with fire hot 
did dole it vp in beat. 

And all (hii done that I haue laid, 
ihatit rtiould be our meat. 

So was the Lord in hii ripe age 
cut do wne by cruelJ death r 
His IbuJe he gauc to torments great,’ 
and yecldcd vp his breath. 

Allb the earth and all therein 
ofGodhis in awe: 

It doth obferue their Formers will, 
by skilfuli neturet law. 

The lea and all tbit ii therein 

chtb bend when God doth beckc: 

The fpiriis beneath doth tremble art, 
arid fcatehis wrathful! checkc. 

But we alu for whom all thefe 
were made them for to rule,' 

Doe not fo know or loue the Lord, 
at doth the Oxe or Mule. 

A law he gaue for vs to know 
what was his holy will 

He would v$ good,but we would not 
auoidthe thing is ill. 

Not one of va that feeketh out 
the Lord of life to pleale s 

Nor doe the thing that might vi ioyce 
ioChrirt end quiet cafe. 

Thus are we all his enemies, 
we can it not denies 

And he againe of his good will 
would not that wc (hould die. 

Therefore when remedy waa none 
to bring vs vnto lifei 

Thefonne ofGod our fltfh he tooke, 
to end our morcall flrife. 

And all the law of God the Lord 
he did it full obey: * 

And for our fins vpon the crofle, 
his bloud our debts did pay. 

And that we fhonid not yet forget 
what good he to vs wrought: 

A figne helefcoui eyes to tell. 

Becaufc that he to vs might be 
an eoerlarting bread; 

With much reproch and troubles meat 
oneinh Wslifebeled. 

And as the grapes in pleifant time 
are preSed very fore; 

And plucked downe when they be ripe,' 

and ici to grow no more. 

Becaufe the iuyee that'm them is' 
as cooiforable drinke * 

We might rcceiuc, and ioyfull be 
when fwrowes make vs fhrinke. 
So Chrift his blood ouc-prefTed was 
with nailes and eke with fpeare- 
The iuyee whereof doth laac all ihofe 
that rightly doe him feare. 

And as the Coroes by vnity 
into one loafe are knit: 

So is the Lord and hit whole Church' 
though he in heauen fit. * 

As many grapes make but one wine, 
fo fbould we be but one. 

In futh and looe in Chrift aboue' 
and vnto Chrift alone. * 

Leading a life without all Srife, 
in quiet reft and peace ; 
Fromenuy and from malice both. 

our burtt and tongues to ccale. 
Which if we doe, then ftaD wc Ihew 
that we his chofen be. 

By faith in him to leade a life, 
u alwaies willed he. 

And that we may fo docio deed,' 
God lend vs all his grace • 
Then after death we (hall be hire 
with him to haue a place. 


'Prayer by An exhortation to praije ^od. 

T{^crt mftdcmt. 

Rcfcruc vs Lord by ihy dcarc wordi 

>. »" _X___ 

from Tiirk and Pope defend es Lord,which 


both would chrud out of his throne, our 

Lord Icfus Chiiff thy dcarc Sonne. 

Lord lefus Chriftfliew forth thy might,' 
that thou art Lord of Lotda by right .* 

The poore afflicffed flocke defend, 

tnat they may praifethee without cncft 

God hely Ghofl our comfoiier, , ^ . 
be our patron, hcipe and fuccoutt 

Oiue vs one ininde and pcrfeft peace, 
all gifts of grace in vs increafe. 

ThouUuing God inperfons three, 

thy name be prai/ed in vnity t . 

In all our need fo vs defend, t 

that we inaj praife thee world without end; 


^ Anexh0ruu$Ht$ thtfmJiefG$it$lt 

fimgiifirt MirmBgPr*jir,T»B: 

Sing tilt M th* \OQ, Pfnlm*, 

■ ! 

piUile the I,©fd O yc Gct)tilcs all, 

I which hath brought you into hU light; 
U prailc him all people mortall, 
as It is tuod wotthy and right. 

For heisfuUdetermioed, 

on v$ tu pourc out hit mercy; 

And the Lords aathbeyealfured, 
abidecii perpacually. 


Gtnrjht to Godtht Fnlhor, 

And to Itfm Clarif kit trnt Son : 
ff'iththe i>ely (jhofl in h!^ a*4»wr, 

Noionndnuntryfinfon. , 

Ah txhnrtntittt to he fuug before Eue- 
tmg Prajtr. 

Singehunttht too.ffnbeu. 

B bhold now giuc hecd.fuch as be 
The Lords f^uants faithfuU and truet 
Come praife the Lord eucry degree 
With fuch fongs as to him are due< 

O ye that Hand in the Lords houfe, 

Euen in our owne Godt manflon: 

Praife ye the Lord to booutcous. 

Which workethouyfaluadoD. i, . 

X Life vpyour hands in his holy place 
Tea and that in the time of night: .-r 

Praife yc the Lord that giuath all p ’K'r^ 

For he is the Lord of great might. 

Then fliall the Lord outofSioD,' ’ u-.; 
Which made heauen and earth by hk powcrf 
Ks bicmng, mercy, and fauout- 

G/orjtoG»df(f-e. Ath^ol ■’ 

,U..^ . ■ ... ■) I 

.T,l t._. ( ; • .nJ 

.oilivf "Ji-t- :.-i ;;ii itf?/ —. 


.rU i,i »i. i i; ■ liiitl fi 

■ - Hii. - • .. 1. '! 


I i • 

.' ..1 ■.■ . 



-A forme of Prayer to bee y/ed in 
priuaie houfet eutrj Mtrningtnd 

iJMernug Tmjtr. 

Lmightr God aod mod mcrci- 
full Father, vie doe not prefrnt 
our (clues here before thy Mi¬ 
ldly, tru(l/ng ID our owne me¬ 
rits or viorthincde, but in thy 
manifold mercies, which had 
promifed to heareour prayers, and grant ourre- 
yucfli which we (hall make to thee in the name 
ol thy bcloued Son lefus Chrid our Lord, who 
hath alfo commanded vs to alFemble our fclues 
together in hisname.with full affurance that he 
wil not onely be amongd vs,but alfo be our Me¬ 
diator and aduocaie towards thy Maiedy, that 
tve may obtaine all things which (hall fecoMcx. 
ptdicDt to thy blefTcd will, for our necefTiiies. 
Therefore we bcfcech thee mod mercifull Fa¬ 
ther, to turtle thy louing countenance towards 
vs, and impute not vnto vs our manifold oden* 
CCS, whereby we iudlydeferue thy wrath and 
(liarpe pumdimcnt, but rather receiuc vs to thy 
mercy .for lefusChrids fake,accepting his death 
and pallion, as a lull recompcnce for all our of- 
fenccs,in whom oncIy thou an plea(cd,and tho¬ 
rough whom thou cand not bee offended with 
vs. And feeing that of thy great merdet we hauc 
quietly palled this nighiigtanc fO heauenly fa- 
tbcr)chat we may bellow this day wholly in thy 
reruicctfo that all our thoughts,words,& deeds, 
may redound to theglory of thy name,and good 
cnfample to all men,who feeing our good works 
may glorihe thee our heauenly father. 

And foralmuch as of thy mecrefauour 5e loue 
thou had not onely created vs to thine owoefi- 
militude and likenclle, butalfo hadchofen vs 
to bee heires with thy deere Sonne lefbs Chrid, 
of that inunortallkingdome which thou ptepa- 
redttfor vs before the beginning of the world, 
we befeech thee to increafe our faith and know-- 
}cdge,and to lighten our harts with thy holy fpi- 
tit, that we may in the meane time liue in godly 
conucifation andintegrity of life, knowing that 
ldolaters,Adulterers, couctous men, contenti- 
ouspetfons,drunkards,gluttons, and fuch like, 
fhall not inherit the Kingdoine of God. 

And bccaufe thou had commanded vs to piray 
one for another,we doe not onely make requed 
O Lord for ourfelues & for them that thou had 
already called to the tfue vndcrQanding of thy 
heauenly will; butfOrall people acd nations of 
tJiaworld, who as they know by thy wonderfiill 


Works that thou an God ooer al/o they may be 
indrunted by thy holy Spirit to beJeeue in thee 
their onely Sauiour and Hedeciner. but fot- 
^roiich as they cannot beleeue except they 
fieare, nrr cannot heare, but by preaching, and 
none can preach except they bee (enfi therefore 
O I,ord raife vp (aithfuU didributers of thy My- 
(leries, who fettinj; apart all worldly refpeds 
may both in thtir life and dudiine onely (eeke 
thy glory.Conttarily confound .Sathan and Ai>- 
tichrid, with all hirelings) whom thou had al¬ 
ready cad off into a reprobate lenfe, that they 
may not by Sefts, SehifrDes, Hcrefict and er- 
roors, difquia thy litileflocke- AndbccauleO 
Lord we befaJne into the latter daies and dan¬ 
gerous tunes, wherein ignorance hath goaen 
the vper hand,and Sathan by his miniden (eeka 
by al meanes to quench the light of thy Golpell, 
wee bcfeech thee to maintaine thy caukr againd 
thefc rtuening Wolues, and firengthen all thy 
icruaots whom they keep in prifbn & bondage. 
Let not thy loog (ufFenng be an occafion cither 
toincrea'e thcir tyranny,or to difeeurage thy 
children; neither yet let our fins and wicudnes 
bean hinderanceto thy mercy,but vrah (pcede 
O Lord confider their great miicncs. For thy 
people Ifrad many times by then fioa prouofcad 
their anger, and thou punilbedd them by thy 
mil iudgeracnc,yet though tbeir finnea were nc- 
iicf To grieuouijit they once returned from tbeir 
iniquity, thou rccciueddchein to mercy. Wee 
tlfereforc mod w retched finDcrs,bewail our ma¬ 
nifold (ins.and earoellly repent vs of oorfetrtner 
wkiK jnclfe and vngodly behauiour towards 
thcc; and whereas wee cannot of our fclues por- 
chaCe thy pardon, yet wee humbly beicech thee 
for lefus Chriiltfakc,to (hew thy mercies vpoa 
vs,andreceiuevs againctotby iauosir. Granc 
vs deere Father ihcfe our requefis, and all ocher 
things necelfary for vs and thy holy rtg gTh,mr - 
cordingto thy proinifein lefus Chrid our Lord, 
in whofe name wee befixeh thee as hec hath 
taught vs, faying; 

Oar Fatfirr which trt, tfx. 

Earmmg Trtjtr, 

O Lord God, Fatiier euerlading, and full of 
pitry, wee acknowledge and confetfe that 
wee bee not worthy to litt rp our eyes to 
heauen, much lelfc to pr^fetn our fclues before 
thy Maiedy, with confidence that ihoa wilt 
hcarcoarprayeri,and grant our requefis, if wee y 
confides our ovne defcmingt, (or ourconfcico- 
ces do accufe vs, and our fins doc witnes againd 
vt,and we know that thou art an vptight ludge, 



which doft not iudifie the (inneri and wicked 
men, but piiniOieft the liults of all fuch as tranl- 
gredc thy commandements : yet mofl mercifull 
Father fince it hath plealed thee to command vs 
to call on thee in all our troubles and aduerfitics, 
prunufingciien then to helpevs, when wefeele 
oar felucaCas it werc)l wallowed vp of death and 
dcfpcfjtion Wee vtterly renounce all world¬ 
ly confidencetand flye to thy foueraigne bounty 
as our oncly Hay and refuge: befeeching thee 
n'^t to call to remembrance our aaanifold finnes 
and wickcdnclle, whereby we continually pto- 
uukethy wrath and indignation againll vs: nei¬ 
ther out negligence and vnkindnesj which hauc 
neither worthily elleenicd,nor in our liuca lufti- 
denily cxprilfed tire f#cci comfort of thy Gol- 
pell rencaled vnro vs: but rather to accept the 
obedience and death of thy Sonne lefus Chiin, 
who by offering vphis bodyinfatrifice once foi 
all, hath made a futiicient tecompence for all 
ouf fins- Hauc Hiercy therefore vpon vs O Lord, 
andforgiuevs our offences.Teach vs by thy ho¬ 
ly Ipirii that wee may tightly weigh them, and 
• cariiellly repent for the lame. And fo much the 
rather ( O Lord) btcaufc that the reprobate and 
luch as thou luf) forf kcncannocpraife thee,nor 
call vpon thy name,but the repenting heart, the. 
iurrowfull mind, the confcienceopprelTcd,hun- 
gring and thiiHing for thy grace, {Jralleuer f(t|^ 
forth thy praife and glory. ■■ 

And albeit wee be but Wornfes and dudi J*t • 
thou.att our Creatur,sndwebethe wotkofil^ 
bands-yei^choU art our father, aad we thy chil¬ 
dren: thou art' our Shephcard,eod we tby fluckr 
thou ate our redeemer,and wc thy people whom 
thou had bought;- thou arc our God, and wee 
thine inheritance. 

- Corraft v» not thetefote in thine anger O 
■ Lords neither according to our deferts punifh 
vs, but mercifully cliaflife vs with a fatherly af- 
fcdfion, that all the world may know, that at 
what time foeucr a finner doth repent hifnofhis 
linnes, from the bnctome of bis hearr, thou wilt 
put away all his wickcdnclle out of thy remem¬ 
brance, as tfuiuiiadpromifed by thy holy Prp- 
pbet.Final/y/nrafflauch astt hath pkaled thee to 
make the night fc r man to red in,as thou had or¬ 
dained himtheday to trauellin, grant O deerc 
Father, that wc may fo take our bodily red, that 
cur foules may continually watch for the time 
that our Lord Ulus C/irid fliall appeare for our 
deliuerance out of this mortal] Ij[fe, and in the 
mcanelealbnthac we,notoucrcomebyany fan- 
(sliet,drcanics,or other temptations, may fuN^ 
kt our roindes vpon thee, loue ihcc, feare thea, 
and red in thee- Furthermore, chat our deepe be 
not rt^celiiue or euermueb after the inlatiable 
defucsof cheiilclli, but ooely luificient to con¬ 
tent out wcake nature, that we may b«che bet¬ 
ter dilpofed CO liuc in all godly conuerlation, to 
the glory ofthy holy namc,and the profit of our 
brethren. So be it. . 

t //godly te bejaiiiiit 4// timtsi 

H onour and praife be giuen to thce,0 Lord 
God almighty, mod deere lather of Hea- 
ucn,lor althy mercirsand louing kindncsdiew- 
ed vneovs, in that it hath plcrfcd thy gratious 
goodnelfe freely, and of thine owne accord, to 
elcid and choole vs to faluttion, before the be¬ 
ginning ol the world: and cuen like continuall 
I hanks be giuen to thee for cieating vS after thine 
owne image,lor redeeming vs with the precious 
bloud of thy dccrc fionne when we were vtterly 
loll, lorfsndf dying vs with thy holy fpirit in the 
rcuelation and knowledge of thy holy word,for 
helping and fuccouring vs in all cur needs and 
Bcccfliticfjfor lauingvs from all dangersof body 
and foul(,f or comforting vs fo lathctly in all out 
Tcibulationi and prrfccutions, for fparing vslo 
loiig,& gluing vs fo large a time of repentance. 
Thefc benefits((0 moftmercifull Faiherjlike as 
we acknowledge to hauc recciued them of thine 
oncly goodnelfe, eucn (o wee befecch thee for 
thy deere Sonne ielusChfidi fake, grantvs al- 
waies thy holy fpirit, that we may continually 
grow in thaDkcfulncIfc towards thee, to bee led 
in all (ruth, and comforted in all oiir aduerfitics. 
O Lord fti'cngihcn our faith, kindle it more in 
ferUcntncIfc and louc towards thec,& our neigh- 
boyirsfor thy fake. Suffer vs not moll dene Fa- 
thtf,io'tece'mc thy word any more in vaine.-but 
grant vs alwaies the afiillance of thy grace and 
holy fpiritjthat in heart,word,and dccd,we may 
fandtifie and doc worfliip to thy name, hclpe to 
amplific and increafe thy kingdome, and what- 
foeucrthouicndcfl, wee may bee heartily well 
content with thy good pleafure and will. Let Vf 
not lack the thing(0 father) without the which 
wee cannot ferue thee, but blelTc thou fo all the 
workes of our hands, that u ce may hauc fuflici- 
cnl,and not to be chargeable, but rather helj^ull 
toothers. Be mercifull (U Lord) toouromtn- 
ces,and lieing our debt isgreat which thou haft 
fijrgfucn vi in Icfus Chtifl, make vs to loue thee 
and our neghbours fo much the morci be thou 
ouf Father, our Captaine, and defenda in all 
teinptations,hold then »hy inacilull hand, 

that we may bedcliueu .iia!l inconuenien- 

cei,anderid our Hues inii.<Uiidhfyiiigand ho¬ 
nour of illy holy Name, through leuis Chrift 
our Lotd and onefy Sauiour. Let thy mighty 
hand and out-ftretched nrme/OLord) bee Hill 
our defcnce:thy mercy and louing kindncllcin 
lefus Chrift thy dcercSonne, our faluation, thy 
true and holy word our infttudlion,tby grace Sc 
holy fpirit our comfort and confolation, vnto 
the end. and in the end. So be it. 

A coi^ejfton of mU efiotet stA timtSt 

O Etcrnall God and moft mercifull Father, 
vteconfclTe and acknowledge here before 


ihy diiiinc we arcfnifcrablcliiineri. 
conceiucd and borne iii nniie and iniquiry, h 
chat in VI thereii no goudnelfe. For the Hefli e- 
uerinorc rebclletli igamn the fpirifj whereby 
wc continually tranfgrelle thy holy precepti and 
coinmandementi, and (o purebafe to our (eluei 
through thy iuil iudgrnient.death and damnati¬ 
on. Notwithlbnding (O heauenly Father) for- 
alniuch as we aredilpleafcd without feluesfor 
the linncs that wc haue committed again!) thee, 
and do vnlaiiiedly repent vi of the fame, we moil 
humbly befeech riiee for /efus ChriOi fake to 
fii:w thy mercy vpon vs,to forgiue vs al our lint 
& mcreafe thy hdly fpirit in »s,that we acknow¬ 
ledging from the bottome ofoor hearts our own 
vnrigliienulnelTe.may from henceforth not on¬ 
ly mottihe our linfull luffs and aSefHoni.buc aU 
fo bring forth (uch fruits as may be agreeable to 
shy mol) bleifed will, not lor the worthinetTe 
thereof, but lor the merits of thy dearly beloued 
Sonne loiusChrif) our dhely Sauiouri whom 
thou haf) already giuen an oblation and offering 
for our fins, and for whofe fake we arccncainly 
pcriwadedchat thou wilt deny vi nothing that 
wc fliall askc in his name, according to thy will, 
for thy fpirit doth alTure our confciences ftiat 
thou art our merciful Father ,and fo louef) vs thy 
Children through him, that nothing fs able to 
temouc thy heauenly grace and fauour from rt. 
To thee thcicforc O Father, with thy Son, and 
the holy GhoU, be all honour and glory world 
without end, Amen. . 

r» /an/a Mjui begin 
bu werl^c. 

O Lord God mof) raercifull Father and Sa- 
uiour, feeing it hath picafed thee Co coin- 
snand vs to trauail,that we may relieue onr need, 
wee befeeth thee of tby grace for to bleffe our 
labours, that tby blcflings may extend vnto vs, 
without the which weare notable to continue-' 
and that this great fauour may be a witnefTe vn¬ 
to vs of thy bouncifulnelle and afnDaaccjfothat 
therby wc may know the fatherly care that thou 
haffouer vs, 

Motcouer O Lord wc bcfeech thee, that thou 
vvouldl) ffrengthen vs with thy holy fpirit, chat 
Wee ray faitlifully trauailein ourellateand vo- 
caci&n, without fraud ordeccir;and that we may 
endeuor our felucs to follow thy holy ordinance, 
rither then to feeke to fatixfie our greedy affefti- 
ons or dclirc to gainc And if it plcafc thee O 
Lord CO profpet our lalwur, giue vs a mindc alfo 
to heipe thetn that haue neede according to chat 
Ability that thou of thy mercy fhalc giue vi': and 
knowing that all good things come of ihee:gtat 
that we may humble oup felues to our neighbors, 
and not by any mcanes lift vp our felues aboue 
them which haue not receiu^ fo liberalj a por¬ 
tion, as thou of thy mercy haf) giuen vnto vs. 
And ii it fJeafe thre to try and excrcifc ts by 

greater piouerty and iieeJe tren onr Htlh would 
dclire.that thou wuuldefl yet O Lt.rd grant, vt 
grace Co know chat i,S.,u wilt rHiurifh vi crxinu- 
illy through ihy bouiiiiiuli liberaliry,chat we be 
not fo tempted that we fall into diiirul), but that 
wee may patiently wait nil thou hlj »t,noi vne- 
ly with corporall graces and benefits^Hit efnehy 
with t)iy heauenly and fpiriciuJI ueakiret, to ifie 
intent chat wc may al wai.-s haue more ample oc. 
cafion to giue thee thanks, and fo whoiy to reil 
rpon thy iiwrcirs. Hearc vi O I.ofd of mcrctc, 
through lefus Chrift thy ton our LortLAmen. 

Prnytrftr rkvwiw/k tfinteef Cbrt/h 

A Lmighty Otx) and mof) mercifull Fattier, 
we humblyfubroit our feluas ,& fal dowoc 
tielore thy dimne iiuiei)y,befeaching thee from 
the bottome of our heirca, that this icede sf thy 
word now fuwn amongf) vs,may take fuchdeep 
roote, that oeithtr the burning heat of perfixu* 
tiecaulc it Co witJKT,nejther the thorny cates of 
' this life choake it. but chat asfeedfown in good 
ground,it may bring forth thirty, Gxcie, aad an 
hundred fold, as thy heauenly wifedome hath 
appointed, /.nd bccaufe wc haue need condnu- 
ally CO ersue maay things at thy baads.wc bom- 
bly befccch thee O iicauenly fathes to grant rt 
tby holy fpirit to dtrciff out petitions, that tticy 
may proceed fromfuch a feruent qiiiide,as isay 
bee agreeable to thy mof) bletled will, aad fee¬ 
ing that our infirmitic is able to doe nothing 
without thy belp^od chat thou an not ignorant 
with bow many and great tempuciotn we poor 
wretches are on euery tide cnclofcd and com- 
palTed: Let thy flrengcb, O Lord, fuflaineout 
weakcnellc, thiitwec being defended with die 
force of thy grace, may fiec fafclk prefcnied a- 
gtinft all alfaults of .Sathan, who goeth about 
continually like a roaring Lyon fcckingto de- 
uourevs. Increaleour laM O mere thill fuber, 
that wee doe not fwerue a i any time from tby 
beauenly word,but augment in vt hope & loot, 
with a carefull keeping of all thy Commandc- 
ments,that no hardneilc of beart,no hypocsifsc, 
no concupifcencc of the eies, nor inticemcntaof 
the world do draw vs a way from thy obedience. 
And feeing wc liuc now in cbefe roof) pcnlout 
dmeS) let thy huherly prouidenoe defend rs a> 

S 'tinf) the violence of our enemies, which doc 
ecke by all meanet to opprefTe the cnich. 

Furthermore,torilmud) as by thy holy Apo- 
We we be raugbc to make our prayers and fup- 
plicacions bor all men: wee pray not onely tot 
our lelues here prefenc, but bcfeec^chce alfo 
to reduce all fuch as bee yet ignorant, from the 
milhable captiuity of blindneire and errour, to 
the pure vnidaflanding and knowledge of thy 
tristh,tbat weal) With one copirat, and Toityof 
minde, may woriliip thee oar oticly God and 
^puiouTi and that all Pallors, Sbepbeards and 



MiPillcrs to whom thou halt committed the 
dilpenfaiion of thy hely word,and charge of thy 
chofen people, may both in their life and do- 
drine bee found faithfull, fettingonciy before 
their eyes thy glory,and that by them all poore 
flieepe which winder and gocallray,may Mga- 
thtred and brought home to thy fold. 

Moreouer, becaufe the hearts ef Rulers arc 
in thy hands, we befeech thee to dired and go- 
uerne the hearts of all K'ngs, Princes, and Ma- 
gifltates, to whom thou hall cotnmitted the 
Iword; efpecial/y O Lord, according to our 
boundenduty, wee befeech thee tomainiainc 
and increafe the honourable eflateofthe Kings 
Maieily, and all hismofl noble Councellers and 
Magifttates, with all the fpirituall Pallors and 
Minillcrs, and all the whole body of this com- 
mon-weale. Let thy fatherly fauour fo preieme 
thena,and thy holy ipirit fogouern their hearts,' 
that they may in fuch fort execute their Office, 
that thy Religion may bee purely maintained, 
manners reformed, and fanne punifhed, accor* 
ding to the precile Rule of tby holy Word: and 
for chat wee bee all members of the miflicall bo- 
die of lefus Chiif),wee make our requefisvnto 
thee,O heancnly father, for ill fuchasare affii- 
ded with any kind of crofle or tribulatio, at war, 
plague, famine, licknelle, pouerty, imprifon- 
roent. perlecution, banilhment, or any other 
kind of thy rods, whether it be calamity of body, 
orrexition ofiiiiod,that it woiildpJeafethceto 
giue them patience and conl}ancy,tilJ thou fend 
them full deliuerance out of all their troubles • 
Rooteout from hence OLord; all rauening 

Wolues, which to fill their bellies, feeke to de- 

flroy thy flacke,and Ihew thy great merciesrp- 
on ihofe our Brethren in other countries,which 
areperlecufcd.caCI intoprifon, and daily con¬ 
demned for the tefhmony of thy truth- And al. 
tho^h they be vtterly dellitutc of all mans aid, 
yet let tby fweet comfort neuer depart from 
them, butfo in dime their hearts with thy holy 
f^it,that they may boldly and cheerfully abide thy godly wifedorae (ball appoint. 
So that at length, as well by their death as by 
^sr life,the kingdome of thy deereSonnelefus 
Chnfl may mcreafe and Ihine througb'all the 
world. In whofe name we make our humble pe¬ 
titions vnto thee as he hath taught vs. 

Oar Father tehkh art, (f-c. 

J Prayer tie Demittkibii 
mf»idTemftaue»i,made by 
S. Augulhne. 

THe« wanted a Tempter, and theu wall the 
caufethat hec was wanting, there wanted 
time and place, & thou wall thocaulc that they 
wanted. The Tempter was prefent, and th« 


me bickethat 1 (houid notconfent. The Ten^ 

ter came full of darkcinlle as hec is aiidVC 
diddell harden me that 1 migfitdefpifchim rr 
Tempter came armed, and that llronoly i V?,! 
to the intent he fliould not ouertome im- .i, 
didff renrame him, and flrengtherniec ~ “ 
1 emiHer came transformed into an AngcII 
light, and to the intent hee fliould not *ceiue 
mc.thou didfl rebuke himi and to the intent 1 
fliould know him, thou didfl enlighten me.Foi 
bee is the great red Dragon, tfie old Serpent, 
called the Deuill and Sathan, which haehfeaucn 
headsand ten homes,whom thou hall created 
to take hii picafurc in this huge and broad lea, 
wherein there creepe liuing wights innnmera! 
ble.and Beads great andfmall, that is to fay, dL 
uets forts of Fiends, which praftife nothing elfe 
day and night,but togoe about feekmg whom 
bee may deuoure, except thou refift him O 
Lord l^s. For it is that old Dragon, which 
^awethdowne the third part of the Starres of 
Heauen with his Mile, andcafleth them to the 
ground, which with his venome poyfoncththc 
VVaters ofthcearth, that as many men as drinkc 
ol them may dye, which trampleth vpon Gold. 
»s If It were myre.and is of opinion that Iordan 
IhaUrunnc into bis mouth, and which ia made 

ft And 

hischopa OLord lefui, 
who fliall pluck vs out of his mouth fsuing thon 
OLordjwho hall broken the head of this great 
ngonf Hel^vsLord, fpreadoutthy wings 

Dragon that purfii- 

n Tm Ws homes with 

thy fliield. For this is his continual! endeuour, 

houthefouJcj which 

hee OGorH t weecryvnto 

lane, whowhetha weefleepe or wake, whe¬ 
ther wee eate or drinke, or wbetlier wee be do- 
ingof any thing elfe, prcalfeth vpon vi by ak 
kmde of meanes, alfau/ting vs day and night, 
with traines and policies, and fliooiing hisve- 
niroousArrowesatvs, fomerime openly, and 
foiKtime priuily to fley our foulcs. And yet 
fiich isour great madnesO thatwheL 
M wee fee the Dragon continually in areadi- 

uert^lcire doe (l«ep<. and reioyce in otjt owne 
flMhfulncfrc,as though wee were out of his 
^n^r,who dehreth nothing elfcbut to dellroy 
«. Our mifchicuons enemy to theintentto kill 
v^waichcf h conriniially,and neuer flee|»eth,and 
y« will not w« awake from fleepero ftue ^out 
lelucs. Behold he hath pitched in^nit Inarei be- 

O Sr «hocan efcape 

ha fa Uid Inarcs for vs in our riches,in our pouer- 
drinke, in our pleafures, 

for « ^'De hath.fct fnares 

lor vs in our words, and our vvorkes, and in all 




our life. Butthnu O Lord, deliuer »» from rhe 
net of the f< ■Mrleri.and from hard wordi.that we 
may g'ue praife to thee fijriog: Bfelfed bee the 
Lord, who hath notgiuenrt rp to be a prey for 
their rettli- our foulc is dcliuercd u a Sparrow 
out of the fowlers net, the net is brolcenj and we 

7hf eot/ftfltn »/ tht Chr^Unfdth, 

I Selecue and confefle my Lord God eternalJ, 
infinite, vnnicafarablejincomprehenfible and 
inuifible, one in fubftanee, and three in perfon, 
Father, Sonne,and holy Ghofl, who by nil Al- 
mfghty power and wifedome, hath not onely of 
riothing created heauen and earth, and all things 
therein contained, & man after his owne image, 
chat hee might in him be glorified, but alfo by 
hit fatherly proufdence gouerneth,maintaiBefh, 
Atl jrrefcfueth the fame according to the pur- 
jiofe of his will. 

I bclteue alfo & confeffe leftn Chrift the one- 
Jy Sauionrand Mellias, who being equall wifli 
God,madehhnfetfe ofnorepination, but tooice 
on him the fliape of a feruant, tnd became man 
iii all things, like vntovs, except finne,toairure 
vS of mercy andforgiueneiTe For when through 
OUf father AJamt tranfgrefEorijWe were become 
Children of perdition, there was no meanei to 
bflngrS from the yoke of finne anddamnation, 
but onely TefuS Chrifl our Lr>rJ, whogiuingtrs 
that by grade, which was hii \>y Nature, nude 
vs through fatth the children ofGod,who when 
ihefiilneire of time Was come, was conceiued by 
the power ol the holy Ghofl, borne of the Vir¬ 
gin Afary (according to the flefh) and preached 
in earth the Gofpel offaluation, till at length by 
Tyranny of the Priefls, hre was gnilclflle con¬ 
demned vnder Ptntim Pi/arr, then Pre/ident of 
lury, and moQ ilanderoufly hanged on the 
Crotle betweene two Tbeeues as a notorious 
trelpafTcr, wliere taking vpon him the puniih- 
OHntof our fins, hedeliucred vs from the curie 
of fhelaw. 

And forafmuch as he being onely God could 
not feele death, neither being onely man, could 
ouercome death,hce ioyned both tc^ether, and 
fuflered his humanity to be punilhed with mofl 
cruell death, feeling in himfelfe the anger and 
feuere ludgemenc of God, euen as he had been 
in extreamc torments of bell, and therefore cri¬ 
ed with a loud voice .• My G»d, Mj GU, why 
hiifltbtii farftkfnmtefThu)o{his mercy with¬ 
out compulfion, hee offered Tp himfelfe as the 
onely facriScc to purge the flnnes of all the 
World, fo that all other facrifices for finne are 
blarphcroous,and derogate from the fufiiciency 

Which death albeit it did iliflicicntly recon¬ 
cile vs CO God,ye( the Saipturcs commonly doe 
atciibute our regeneration to his refurredion. 
For ss by riling agaiiie from the graue thethird 

day.he conquered death, euen fothcsl^lory of 
cur faith (landeih m hit refutr’ei'litin. and there¬ 
fore without the one wee C onor feele the bene¬ 
fits o( theother. For as by his d^ai.h finne was 
taken away, fu our tighief>ofrieir; was rcflored 
by hit refurredion. And becaufe hee would ac- 
complifli all things, and takepcircfTion for viin 
hiskingdome, hee afeended into heauen toeo. 
large the fame kingdome by the abundant pow¬ 
er ^ hit (pint, by whom we are moil allured of 
his continual! interceffion towards God the Fa¬ 
ther for vs. And although hee bee in t.caocn at 
touching his corporal] prcfimcc, where the Fa¬ 
ther hath now frt him at hit right hind,commit- 
ting vnro him the adminiilradon of all things, 
as wcilin heauen aboue, aiio the earth beneath, 
yetiihecprefcntwithvihit members, euen to 
the end ofthe world, in preferuing and gouer- 
ning vs with his effc^all power and grace,who 
when all things are fulfilled which Cod hath 
i{x>kcnby the mouth of all his Prophets fince 
the wrorld began, will come in the f^e vifiblc 
forme in the which hee afeended, with an rn« 
fpeakeable roaiefly, power, and company tofo- 
perate the Lambs from the Goats, the cleft from 
the rcprobitc. So that none whether he be alitx 
then,or dead beforc,(liall cfcape hit Usdgemenc. 

Moreoutr, I bclccue and confciTc the holy 
Ghofi.God equall with the father and the foatK, 
who rcgencratcthandfanfttfiethvs. nileth and 
guid.'th vs vnto all truth, perfwading mofl af- 
furediy in our confcicoces, that we be the chil- 
dten of God, Brethren to lefui Chrifl, and fd- 
low hcires with him of life eucriafling: yet not- 
witbflanding it is nor lofficient to beiome that 
God is omniporeni and mcrcifull, mat Chnfl 
hath made fatislaftion, orihar the holy Choi! 
hath hii power and eff.ft. cxtepi wee doe ap¬ 
ply the fame bcaefits to vs which ara Oods elc^ 

I beleeue therefore fit confelle one holy chnrchi 
which as members of lefus Chrifl the onely 
head cheicof content in faith, hope and charity, 
rfing the gifts of God, whether they be tempo¬ 
ral! orfpirituiU to cbe profit and funheranceof 
the fame, which Church is not (eene to maos 
eye,but onely knowne to G, d, who of the lofl 
fonnesof c^<^awi,iuth urdaiBcdfoine as vcilels 
of wrath to damnation, and hath chofim others 
as velTels of his mercy to bee fauedLThe which 
in due time hee calleth to integneie of life, and 
godly conuerfation, to make them a gloriout 
Church in himfelfe. But that Church which is 
rifibleand feene to the eye, hath three tokens 
and markes whereby it may be knowne. 

Firflthe word of God contaioed in tht old & 
new Teilaroent, which ash is aboue the auiho> 
rity ofthc fame Church, and onely fufficient to 
inflruft vs of all things concerning faiuation^o 
isit left for all degrees of men, to read and m- 
der(laad.For without this »o^ neither choreh. 
Councell, or Decree, can cflabldh any point 
touching faluation. 




1 ' 




1 iiclecond is the holy Sicraincnti to wit, of 
Baptiliiic and the Lords Supper, which Sacra. 
mentsChrill hath leR vnco vs as holy iigncs and 
feales of his promifes. For as by Baptiline once 
receiuedjlsngnificd that we far well Infants,as 
others of age and difcrctionjl being ffrangers 
from God by origiiiall linne, arc rcceiuedinto 
Ills family and congregation,with fullalfurance, 
that although this looic of linne l)c hid in vi, 
yet to the cleft i, fliallnot hee imputed ;fo the 
fupperdedarctli, that God as a moff prouident 
father, doth not oneJy feed our bodies,but alfo 
fpiritua'Iy nourilheib our foulcs with the graces 
and benefits of fcfu.s Chriff,which the Scripture 
callcth eating of his flcih, and drinking of his 
blond, neither muff we in theadminiftration of 

tnefc Sacraments follow mans fantafie, but as 
Chriff himfeltehatliordained, /onjuflthcy bee 
tniniffred, and by fuch as by ordinary vocation 
are thereunto called. Thetcforc vrhofoeuer rc- 
feructh and vstorniippcih thefe Sacraments, or 
contrariwifccontemnetb them in aroe and place, 
procureth himfelfe damnation. ^ 

The third marke of this Church is Ecclefia- 
fficall difeipline,which flandeth in admonition 
and correftion offaults.Thcfinall end whereof 
Is excommunicatio by the confent of the church 
determined, if the otfender bee obRinate. And 
befijes this Ecclefiaaicall difeipline, 1 acknow¬ 
ledge to belong to this Church a politickc ma- 
giflrate.wbominiffreth toeuery man iufbcc de¬ 
fending the good, and puuifh/ng the eulll ’To 
whom wee muff render honour and obedience 
in allchings which are not contrary to the word 

of God. And as 

goodrufers purged ihcChurtliof God from 
Superflition and IdoJarric. li, the defence of 
ChnffsCfiurchappcrtainctlj to Chriffian Ma- 
giUratesagainlf all idolaters and Herctickes as 
PapinSjAnabaptiils, with fucli Jike Iimtnei of root out all doftrinc of Diuclsand 
men; aSthcMalfe, Purgatory, Umim {‘ttrum, 

''‘'dead, Free Will, 
dll inftion of mcatcs.appjre]!, and dayei,vowea 
of hngic hie prefence at JdoU Scruice, man. 
mctin, with fuch like, which drawc vs from the 
fociety ot Chtilfi Church wherein Ifandciljon- 
Jy rcmifh.-.n ofhni, purelialcd hy Chriffsbioud 
ta^ them that beleeue, whether they bejewes 
or Gentiles, and lead vs to a vaine confidence in 
features, and tiuft m our owiie imaginations. 
The punilltracnt whereof although God often 
times defcrrerli in this life, yet afier the gencraU 
relurreftion when our fouJes & bodies lhaJI rife 
agamc to immortality, they ihall be damned to 
vnquciKliable fire, and then we which haue for- 
ftken all mens wifedome to cleauc vnto Chriff 

Ihall heare the loyfullvoycc: C<m,ey,bUff,d 

mhen, ,he 

jromihtJ,gMmagef$htwi,rld -. and fb Ihall goc 
tnumphing with him in body and fouletote- 
mamc euerlaflingly in glory, where we Ihall fee 
God face to face, and Ihall no more needeto in- 

fhe «ull.lIknow him from 

the higheffto tbcloweO. To whom with the 


honour, and and wer. 

So be it. 


A Table for die number of the whole Pfalmes, 

and dlfi in T»bat leajeyou majfinde euery of them. 


fC»ltn». A 


n A I'lUudand. 

49All people heaikrn- 



7^ Atteru) my (Kople. 


81 An>t(l ihe oicllc. 


too Aljpeople that. 



81 Be lighc and^leilo 


119 BlelTcd ate they. 


laS Rliffcd art cliou. 


114 Beh U and bauca 


14a Before the Lord. 


144 UlcCi be ilic Lord. 



ta Doc not O God reftaiae. 



1 ay Except the I.oid. 



a^Giuc to the Lord# 


]7 Grudge iK’CtoLc. 


48 Great ii the Lord. 


|4God faue me f ir* 

105 Giue praifea Tnto. 


107 Gme (Itanks vnto. 


•48 Ciuelaud rnro. 



siHclpe Lord for. 


If How Jong wdr. 


SI Hauc mercy oru 


54 Hauc mercy Lord. 

#7 Hauc me rry on vt. 


7| How ciKf it be yet. 

84 Row p{c.ifant ia. 


91 Hctbac within, 


f Iracrme thine cares. 



If IcnilinGod. 


»1n rutablcindxiiictli.'/, 
I hfr miar heart. 

M twin glue l:iud. 

99 1 (aid 1 Will looke. 

9"t wared Ians and 
•j and leuenge. 

771 wnb my r oice. 

J» It naihmi; both, 

•■0 In God CM Lord, 
kat I mercy willand. 

1«V In fpeechlcITe (ilenct. 
iMt I lone the Lord, 
las III iruHblcand. 
n> 1 hfi mine eyes 
.ml didin hearcceioyc*. 


< taird in thy wraib. 

I* Lead keepe nio. 

K Lord be my iudge 
JJ Lord plead my caufc, 
awLikeat the Halt. 
d6 Let God arife. 

TiLord jiueihy. 
d# Lord bow thine. 

A LordGod ofhealtb. 

•yu Lord to thee 1. 

Ufo Lord (aue roe from. 









4 » 





7 * 















11 My Qiephetrd II 

4f Mybaaicdoilitake: 71 

4i MylooleioGod. )t 

71 M y Loid my God. 44 

|0| Mytooiegiuclaad. ss 

(U4 My (uulc praile ilic Lotd. Cj 
14S My (oitlc prtilc tiioo. «| 


iiyNotviMon. yy 

HaNow Ilratlmay. ty 


i O Lotd how are. a 

4 OCSodtbat art. 1 

7 O Lord my God. | 

I OLordoorGod 4 

I { O Lofd wiefain thy tabcraacle. 7 
' 17 O Lotd g'lic eare t 

110 God my ftKiig'b. 9 

ai O Lotd bow ioyftdj. 11 

aa O God my God. ' 1 > 

IiOLoidlpuc, 17 

44 Our eatea liacie. as 

5 t O Lotd cotdidcr. ja 

yyOGodgioecate. 14 

so OLotd thendidft. jy 

SjOGodmyGod |y 

^4 0 Lord rmo my. ly 

7oOGodtoroetake 44 

79 Lord the Gentiles* >a 

94 O Lotd lb ju dolt. Si 

9iO come leers. 6| 

910 hogyenow. s^ 

102 O hears my prayer. sy 

I ol O God my bcatc.' 74 

117 O all ye Nations. yl 

illOnueyechanlitt. 79 

laj OLard cbathcaucn. ty 

I ap Oft they now Ilrael. 40 

iJiOLordlamaot. 90 

lllOhowfaappy, at 

115 0 pcaile the Lord. 91 

iIsOlatidtbcLordbcnigtie* 01 
139 O Lord tbou haft. py 

14I O Lordrpon ibee; 94 


3 2 Put me not tO rabukei 
ijS Praife ye ibe Lotd. 



Sja Remember Dauida. 


19 Send aide and Enae; 

49Saae neOGod. 

»S Sing ye with. 

I a I Su^ as in God. 

149 Sing ye nicothc. 


I Tbemaniibleft. 

14 'niereia no God. 

17 The heaticiu and. 

*8 Lord IS ooely. 

14 The eanh isalL 
•7 "Fhe Lord is both. • 

It TbonariO Lori 



















)S Tbt wicked wkh. 

41 TiieaooisblcIL 
44 The Lewd is out 
yo The mighty Gci 
3 o The God of Gods. 

31 The toobfti man. 

3 7 Take pnty fot thy. 

St Thypraiicalone. 

74 To all ihainow. 
ia Thou Heaid chat. 

8 | 1 bou baft Ixrnc. 

•y That CityrnaD. 
tsi Tofuig tbt mcrttei. 
90 Tlwa I ord baft. 

93 The Lordai King. 

97 The Laid doth. 

49 The Lord doth raignt. 

■ toThe Lord did fay. 

Ill The luois bkfi. 

■ lyTnofcibatdocpiK. 
I 3 t Thee wdl [ praic. wUlIataL 


7 s VniotUtGoi 

1 ifidtbc gent ilea. 

9 Wi-h bean and moatk. 
to Wbot b the caoCu 
It Wry doft thou. 

7 4 Wby at t tbou Lori 
111 With bear 1 doc, 

1 14 When Ilrael by. 

I as Wbra char the, 

1 J 7 When as we (it. 


)3 Yerigbceout ia 
47 Yepeopfc all with. 
ytYendari which. 

Ye childien wkiefai 
tyo YceldrotoGoi 





























9 * 






F r:^js. 

Thefc follow ifter the Pfalios.- 

VeniCreatot. |q| 

Venire eiuhemut. id«n 

Tc Genm Iiudamoi. igi 

Ths (ong of the three Childtfn i | g, 
bcnedifbisd iminM. idem 

Magnificat anima. iq^ 

Nuim diaiictB. bk-m 

Quiointpie roh 

TbcLaoaentauoaofa Sinnci, loS 
Tbcbomblcfiiteofa finner, 

Tbi Pater noftcr. 

Tbe ten Conisiaiidcwicnis. 

Attend my people, 

Tbe Lords pnyer. 

Theiij. Anid^af dwFaiiii 
A ptlyer to the holy Cboft. 

Da paeon Dooilnc. 

Thccooplabu ofafinnet. 

O Lord in thee is aS my nlL 

A t hiaktigbijog. 

Preferai n Lord. 

Behold now eioe hrei 
Cemiae godly Pnym. 









■ It 



M' sihTb :isJfnufi “aflj' joVj1u/;T A 

' .r 11 >. \a' ir m o\J)> 







. t 








f , 






• » 


jt»rto W»/> r#.. f l[ 
*« j|'«J a 'T 

J-, .> Tl i r > 

.«* tJ k‘ >• * » t 
. .vao r ’o I «. rI* 
,>I * T< 

.***1 M 

♦^^»/} Vc *»» •* 


f I 


>!< j : *% 


.K*! ' 



e*- r- 

.. -i! . 


. -1 4( 1 I. Jk, 

-t ill . ■ ; ^ ■, 

j uV J UT. I I § 

' ■pt” ' II 1 I V 

ip r(ji j n 

• #11 , I 

^ " 5^ ■ ‘ U* I • 

i . 

, ■ j'i * *1 

' . ' •»• 

' p # !■ -. 5 ■•! t'l 
»!‘ '’pl» 0 ii'ti Un il I'V V I ^ j 
.'I ' >si( iiiPt.V/ Cl I f t 
, .u ffi fl iif iW S' I »» 
i'M.loji'ti «7i V/! |» 
.-oi I n. rf .‘iW HI I <4 

ri •’ t>n*'WpH I .0 

1 I 4)i 

, . |4 flrf','/ I 1 , 

V-' V . ’ (p^-r 

J*I •rtf . -JiV/>4 

jiliP!« #!•) T# i er 

r .,■. ;» j pjin (Y ?} 1^1 
•y# Hpi-U'1>9 y ji i 1 
•bj a .:t,1 nt 6ft (4 

sn Uttl I 
' M T 



..f'iii'i.jvli rM ' J 

III* Ik ' 

.* 'li'Pjb l.tsIfV ( . 


1 ‘ al pi* 

.bu.lul|l' «P 


. ; , J , ' 1 

i Jtai.iplf : n 



.' .( ;i •/1 t * 1 

■b 1 k'. , jihi».i oj 

*ik • ' fj Itl ■ 11 


•I'll' 1, 

• a' 

■f/ ' ffi 



diif ■ *„ 

I r*ii 

ff <v? M r i ( 

k* I *, 

. ;.,' ... 

i 'a.I» 

. .ylipll.ftji w. /. -..I 


■ O .'l ■ 1 


* O 


i:''Ul b.,tl 1 

♦ M 

/•II 1 » 


1 > .1 vll . 

• (# f 

) ..(•fijjpm • 

\ ' 1.. 

T • 

.b'.’JfiM 1 

•V .|I 

iiU »ile wtUo'l slirtT 

l«i 4 '»ii .*',M’iDin>V 

mi'il ^ ,H’ mii'tatvint'/ 

t6t •wautMilmiuU;*! 

}r>t .nJibGiiS J}#1i9iIllo^i‘<.t/il'T 

hi'M 4un>'"ib'vifiii>iop.< 

4< t v •cmpi# 

(.umbafiu ‘ 

1st >7ut scpi'in^u^t 

fo# .iJin'K s^o lOii* nii!».I xTT 

m-.fci ,1. . . ouw'J .dk 

.,#pt .tuiMn V'it'oma'yntiyl 9 
,<n>W 7i* kiraji.^' 

*■•1 .ir(* ij'i'loJ »d J 

VII d'itTiifcVtrtbirtA .jlpwTl 

si>!u J!<-iltJi(lrid sdj i»i)»(« 1 A 

III'. ...1 .ini.-cs'i mssiijsci 

iiuLi tsPi.ri t in tm l^ma til l 
a I -fir.j xm I.’f fi sdi 'li h I O s 

Mill , *9''".liArtili/. I 

#11 ' ainun' j 

ouid Vt-Jji^ijuaiw “ J 

uAi .liyl''. <; pj.iU* ’ f- ; 

.I’t '/.'! ;l ■ J JSln.'J i 

> V no 

I OtaubVi.! ' <■ j 
'.*!« k’J (il.i.-JiiP Lr O'l'}' 
a-f 7 = •, I o si . 

,d 1! : ill) (j I 4t 

III, >1 wsdli'pti}I' { 

ilOi SI 
.!J<(11 o • O i; «t 
■•i»ilcyi#»pn i*!. tt 
,‘i ';iaipnSisJIt i| a; 

»«r .W-V*'"' It < ) 

■ •} ■ I '|.■•’-liiiUti ‘ *s 
' -' t-nUlOl* ' 

'■ ■ n* Wid.T t. #' 1 

• ' • !•• " p«i On- i # 

, .diliw.t 1. p{ I a 

i »5 

,11 i»lSiik>}0 i» jf 

, -Pi-TSVjjB:' <J »5 J jf, 

.tsis'a; I'^asiurlCitoi I 

.ji. idifmbiS) 'J «oi I >f 
.in-i p.ii; jfil »C til I ot 
.1 Cr-I 'I'XSidtUl.'l ' 
dlkvJO ill 
J# .ill iiaBtprii lOjii 
,|ISIini<lb;l\I%4 1(1 
!♦ ' , ■ V'.^td pndOiit 

I* .tT0j»ril 3ilV; I'<|l 

tt iin^Vsu k^.lxiiloiKi't C| I 
(If ..fluIuiMlihita.l O t 

ff ,‘ftiU au<|t bii.'.l U l( I 

It •r»ilkiii:':j;caj'niii'!»» 

c( InJtdjtXsIiirt'tni 

It ' .km.l9rli3(9liivl«ti 


I: •ki^Obi#}#.’'1# 

et .iIiiiit<ii9<im»D>XS{i 

• e 

T( .TV’, b li sticbfiti! r ( 

IS .bpOOS'* snaAcI 

|4 . .diiwatsiiC» 

It - Ari’niitibij? |<i 

I ^’ltcjars(^2|4i 

I .fliWilntfiiWT I 

T b*iJon»»»'ifT f 

ii .bat 1.1011111 *i I »( 

in .(Iwistibi-Js/iT It 

I: li dm* lift f t 

M. ■' -'pbli.J*n"T (t 

#i , .bi' Ont'k.lrii 

*1 ' ■ ils!dti«n*s..T ii 




♦ > 





• # 






ib'.OO . • 


I ■ 



tfriiiij J '• ■» 

.*->•} r‘t9t - ■ 
#> f MU , M 
#• 'Mf# • *■ 

• H ' ti t' 

Tl'' ‘ 


iP 11 i> I ., 
. '.'Iw .' 

• I 1^4 #•! » 

-> 1 * 

• * tu 


• S»k 

‘ Vil 

. t#» 





.^ \ y. \ \ 






v». '> 
k * ? f S- 

iW I * I ; 1 'O-JfOj 

vfyfv*vn *4^, :it4 

. oi m e< a ♦« 

.Wi). .luiij,.! 


• •'I. t 

•bpC* ’ * ' 'tilt 
aaitba*alia* , f* 
,].«vt u- ■ 1 ! I* 
toil -Ik;, I It I it 
k'i*>i ■IP*. 

I3«.. / ' *( 

'sb » (.1, » ’ t? 

, ^loi , .idi 'P' t n 
■•'nYV)' I’l't'** 
fjr. ■, I It 
%' r<sffv(t. Ski 111*** 
•ll I ■•'**£ 
.ll*t.. ..’act 

f».»» 1J1, 'ft 

• ttfiVSllIt I *1 .. a It t 


tilinibicJ ft 

^ SB: litsj Pt 

•sttid'Kii d La. t PC 
. llAf 'IPS' "H; a ; »t 
•tu.l ‘v,.! . » 1 i t^ 
■:1." 'iJlk .tft 
Xdi* i-'.o'/f 
* S ..d* nj .J 

ilLkS-lluI*.-. ■ ; .1 Aft 
.1 l>«J' l.-i .1 «* . 
.riint yn •• •' > " 

.r* 1 . ! • ’ t# 







r'V ■ 



Ill II littt_