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Full text of "Windows XP Pro uSP5 x86 All-In-One (Volume ISO)"

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Microsoft® Windows XP Professional (x86) 
Unofficial Rollup Service Pack 5 

All-in-One Product IDs 
Change Log 

Modified the System Properties dialog for each distribution channel 

To display what kind of product key was accepted and used during setup. No more guessing which distribution channel was 
used to activate that particular installation. 

Added the setup for nLite under the SUPPORT folder 

Using nLite makes switching the Distribution Channel a snap. As an added benefit, keeping a copy on the ISO means not 
having to keep a separate copy, hunting it down, or ultimately downloading it again at some date in the future when you 
want/need to customize the ISO further. 

Added the ALT_PID root folder with alternate setup files 

This allows switching the kind of product key accepted by the ISO. Multiple “hard links” to the majority of files duplicated 
on the ISO, means only a little extra space is required to accommodate those files unique to product activation. As an added 
benefit — if using nLite to tweak and customize an ISO — keeping the ALT PID folder gives a backup/reference copy of the 
original setup files before any were modified/eliminated by nLite. 

Replaced the DOTNET root folder with DotNet Frameworks AIO Setup under the OPTIONAL folder 
This All-in-One setup simplifies and speeds up the process of getting NET installed under WinXP, and only requires one 
critical/security patch after installation. 

Slipstreamed in one, final critical/security patch (KB3139398) 

For some reason Microsoft Update doesn’t flag this as needed unless/until the Renesas drivers are both installed and 
working correctly, even though the patch doesn’t need them