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Full text of "Daily Louisville Democrat: 1861-04-12"

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uum, susm <i og. 



0*Bi muMw Hi tf paM U ■ III! 




V*r CamaMi, 

v« aali l aai «a aaafti MOB WATta 

aaaMaa»krOa«aMU la lha Pint BirrtGl. oasM 

aP«B tim. «aaaM «M IMk Wn4a.Mtka aw 

7. paib gcmocrat. 

t^am, foortaaa million mon, Uptcnd of Ikir- 
(;-tbrM million, m herotoforo. TkU adds 
nnolbar Utx. Wo knro not Ineludod in thia 

«rtmaamnof«aaOlaa>MKaJ.M EAUnUOSfaa I 

* " '"*'* * ' *^* ^' * * '*‘' *»**»^'>^»** » <« =t .< ~n npaaaa » j o ; the loai of • 

Wlhr Pk«,.laaanl aM Tamk WaiA.. at tAa aaaolaa > DeleCkteO tO the Border SUve SUte h._„. ,h., 

aoiiot** j CouTeation. Recommended by the ^ 

***** ■P'^*'***^ WM A. OOCBB at a rw wt Av-ni.js. aurntion Iho 

oaaOMatamrCaBtUUrlatntTVIr 4 BMilrt.tnt>iac«^ UniOn DeHOCmCy, tO be ElfCtCd May or* gu*ition 
th. PMI. ..4 auu. Waroa at tt. mmt^ Ha, ,.n- 4th. 1861. , 7 ' 

*r.. •*“ ^ «*TK at lakop *®*® * 

***^ niunn no ra atlOa ti ’ tor O f^a tlt la tn» lOH^ J. fitlTTKMtlCN, ,.^,1 

^** *•***“*••"■»"••* *^ me Pint ao 4 On. ana ward, J A.MEM <;l Til K I K. •I^How , 

at lAa aoa uln t May a l a r t l a o . nUTKltT Mi.aaiaTrs i kan.I.nn.. < 3 . 

‘*“'^i<>“'‘‘**i*e*l««»o.oaiiino.e.’ Tbeao of the (leH will reinforce Fort Pickens, 

the immonae Up that would fall upon them "‘PP*’'" “‘■**‘* 

;n cue of war. The destruolion of buai- P**‘ •*’*" ^ P*®- 

neae, the decline in the ealue of properly, ®**‘* *® oo-opei ate with Oen. 

the loai of elATea. and. woree than all. the '^o*' '*»« restoration of the gororn- 

The News. interesting from japan. I are guarded by leTtral hundred soldier*, 

— ' and when, a few dty* ago, Mr. Harris had 

The flyieg artillery, oavalry and : Murder of the American Secretary ’ *" audience with the Oorernor of Foreign 

. .-4 — Li.k v._. i.a. i .. .. '1 aar.l.. ,k. i.: 

All Sorts of Paragraphs. 

number ' 229 . 

Telegraphic News. 

must attend a ciril war, whose '“®"‘ “**' *h«** portiou ' |C't>rTB 8 ponil#nce t>f the New Yt>rk llmod J 

of Legation ' Affairi. the Tycoon sent him an escort of 80 I 

^ ' men frem his own body-guard. 1 hope Mr. 

FULL A.ND iNTEKBSiiNO PARTlcuLAKH UP Ills Harris’ fearlessness may reoeirs due credit. 
OR.tTli -CURIOUS C0NVKR8AT10N WITH j Perhaps he may be the means to prevent a 

TOMMV. I bloody, and I think very unjust war, against 

IC'orrtspon.len.'e ,>r Ihr New Y.>rk limpi I this Country. | 


*•* Owk or OUkeiw I'eMir UMrt. 

^ WM.W PAtUm Is « iiMSIlen WrOmteStkeOH 
IsmOs— tyOiette«ta« Ae«e«>Tli[Wie. ■rSAAvta 


"SlMre ia no nso Talking.** 

TWm Msw wm h» was uS m-anet. kes *A kr 
mama, tksr ks m s a M set tkwr rest ta tkv meets 
•m Pr. fl i m . wba w« ezuicau tkam a«m tke 
immwimeveiT meet Mem. Bees eSveeWs-wet le 
gg* ^y * *••*•* “Umnnis Pankn Mmw 

■alr>ByeI lalr^el Balr-Byol 
tn duoiBAi, AWB InBr n *n woua 

Union Democracy, to be Elected May 

4th. 1861 

lOHW J. ritlTTKMIlCN, 





PsanhDMrlct Joaul'A r.BKLL. 


s*»m a w mn aBuRoe w. duvlap. 

Rlcklh BtMrtpi. .. . JAM» F RORIXSON. 

Blntk awrlrt. JOHN B HCSTOy. 


Are questions to he considered before Ken- 
tjcky goes into disunion. 

and other pos's on the Gulf coast. 

A(tt«M, YeSdo, Tup,Uir. Jso. n. Mil. 

I regret to be obliged to announce to you 


F^wpll. hr..w,lk blit Ihl. I IpU 
To tlipp. tliou Unit itup.t* 

UP prs>ptb Writ k lui lovrih writ 
Botli luui anil bin) and tpaat. 

Up prarpih l.p -1 »b<> 1 ni ih to ,i 
All lliiiia.bolh arral and .mall; 
lorthe dpal ii..l. a lml..v,ll, u.- 
Ilo iua.lp aii .1 kiiptb all. 

.ta.'ipn' .Vans i 

*How grateful we should be to our Confederate troops at Pensacola 

Ills esiimaied that by this lime!**** death of M. Ileustren, Hutch inter 

there cannot be less than eight thousand 1"'®.*'''’ *“jf Seorelary of the American Le 
* I giition. I became acquainted with him in 

Affairs, the Tycoon sent him an esoort of HU Farewpii. iar..wpiu but ihi. MpU i 8ECE8SI0H OF ARI26HA. 

men frem bis own body-guard. IhopeMr. ToUip, u,ou »...inneaup.f I 8 t. Locis. .Anril 11 Tk« v._ w. • 

■ I • » .# 1 ^ ® . a «*a PrBVk*!!! Wrli WlkU lukwib wwll waas®, a-l|PriI 11. •—'AB# >tw MhXlO%ll 

Harris fearlessness may reoeivs due credit. Bntii man and biniana ipa»t. correspondent of the KepublicRR sat* the 

Perhaps he may be the means to prevent a tip prav.ihiK,,, «b..i A*i*ona, in eonventiow at Msmlla, 

bloody, and I think very unjust war, against Aii iiiimi.boili .nd.mali; ' on the ICih ult , resolved themaaUm. ' 

“>« | 'h* umon, and tJ.a W. C. Jo^ JJrJL.ri, 

Political Jen D Esprit. Wr.Shskspeare’s house >0 reJfi^^Lt 

The following pungent resolutions (which been restored, at considerable expense, to | Conlederate Stales 
we tinj in the Baton Rouge .Advooale) were *|** oondiiion they were in during his life- I “ 

offered in the House of Representatives of! 

federate troops at Pensacola. Over i l 8 iu, while I was ■coaneciea wiih th^ Louisiana, on Tuesday, the l(»th ult, by Mr. I ^fe'na Green are no 

.h;;iu i 

kanJsome S«n 4 tor* lie coDsented logo to iwo tbousmnd left New Orleans last Friday, scientific eipedition sent here by the Prus 
Congress, and did nothing for his State or including eighteen hundred from Mississip "ian Government. He was very serviceable 

■ • . . . ^ e D * in iEa* mAttaKskM a/ s U * ....... 1 ^_.1 X _ . 

TMS, anaaia notniog for ms state or including eighteen hundred from Mississip Z u \ «« was eery serwiceable Be U re*olred. That it is the sense of this for pursuit of runaways. I g*rd s staff. A large number of ths mom 

district. He was gracious enough to be pi. Eight companicif, numbering ower a »vpf ®*P® Uion, and has House that the Conrention now Otiing in ^ly-ThMrsk ia ^ui . i: %r ' conTentioa sfior adjoorMment wo 

Eight companies, numbering over a 

Charleiton Itemi. 

CiiAXtisTON, April I0._ Wigfall. Chest, 
nut, Means, McGowan, and Boylatoa have 
I received appoiatmenls in General Beaure- 
I gard’s staff. .A large number of the members 
1 of the convention sfier adjonrament volua- 

^ ...c, ....vuu, , luc 1 1 uBsian Liegation nere, neing a frequent Stai» «iih .i. frmi,.... _u: i. cKueu ur. ooon- 

slone statue of 8 t. Peter, that lets all the early last week; and from every point of ''*'’*‘®*’ of Veddo where »hall not be chauirL eo lonir «, th« Siat. ®°“ ® '*■**• *“^« o>» '*** property of Mr 

to rua for Prssideat, in order to break up in the Confederate States, the news reaches i,.ln “f ' -'L “u*!'"/:!" **••'« S'*'** America. * »“ * ^uggiur.”" 

feBuwiM ROBBRT RKTHARMON. j L'nion and drive Kentucky with the us almost daily of troops bound for Pe 

I eotton Stales, and Kentucky was so un- | cola, on which point, as much as on Su 
^he friwwds of the Union should be j gmlsful ns not to go. And now, Lke a tor, Southern expeciauc** seems turned 
t in Iho State. There are but a few and untiring teacher, be parades our j uur national troubles continu* 

inthe Confederate States, the news reaches i„en .tu-nding a meeting with the Japanese rite,/' That fhev be r 

us almost daily of troop, bound for Peusa- Minister for Foreign Affrirs He dined ! q„e,ud to eJ^t s 7 f Congressmln and tv 
cola, on which point, as much as on Sump- 'here and left at about half-past eight Senators: Provided, That the personal 

«-..t„«ir .kl ■ .. 7 ,F" • ■‘•e’” aenaiors: rravuird, rnat me persons so 

n'nirplr iIiA ' *^^*^*“K A*- eUoled be obosen from among iho delegates 

0 clock the lumales of the Legation were , now sitting in said Convention. 


“** “*®“Py “** ‘"*“'i®'> of 'hepresB and people Evleoburg. communicating to h.m that Mr said Convention7rom ihe^^^^^ Imba^as^ 

“hugging.** tUAiLisTOM, April 10. — A ipweial die- 

•rtTThe grsve of L. E. L , at Coast ! C.^s II v“ thi'ttilni^* 

Castle, Africa, his until I, iiiiercoenilv heen I ““?** “J* 'he Boating battary is now in 

unmarked. .V Vro-ls of marL^e’ w*" ' KriS^ntr^H •“* r***:'* 

Ihe simple leiters L K L now marks the *®” ®'‘“P'**- 1* c»Fries two bl-pound 
spot wh'ire that ill-fated akd“7ccrnbsie «« 

Floatiiuf Battery in PopiUon. - ; “ 

CuABLirroN, April 10. — A tpeeial die- 

itch from Charleston to the Now York ' PHBsch chip 

mes says iho Boatiag battary is mow in ' Ro hbmiaw ( 

" _M 1 SCELLAN_^U& 

New Importations 

9 Diawr paoM 9 

eifimo, FRiKE i mmi 


H atb jun ancBivBD abb opbbid a lam 

•■d vactei tmonmml if t-Mv 

k^^Thc frioads of iho Union should be gfntsful as not to go. And now, Lke a ter. Southern expeciAuc seems turned ik ' •* ***h*“K- At half past nine elected be chosen from among the delegates IkV**^-^ *' • .V Litin cross of marble wiih nf Fort Sumpter It carries two t 

vigiUBt i. Ih. Stete. There are but a few P‘'ie»' «d untiring teacher, he parade, our i „„ national troubles continue to stariUd bv a note /rom U* ■ "®’ **i<l t’onventkn. Itot wZre fhaMll r ’ i*- Po«»<l.r. «T W 

weeks, and tha Irrspreaaibies will bo untir hills and valleys from the Big Sandy to the oconpy the allenlion of ihepre.s and people co'h'nunicali'ng to h7m IbaOIr gaidVo/venU^^^^^ lady reposes. “ *'“““’’“***'* i ‘®’ 

ing. AU oorta of fklse issnes wiU bo gotten mouth of the Ohio, to let us know that we of Europe. The Paris correspondent of the H«“s'Fcn. on his way home, hafl been ment under which they now labor, the7 ar*^ ■»*CAnoi!icr seanJalous case is before i * • ci y is hng w ith troopo. 

up. PrweipiteUoa U the policy. They mustgo. Hear him, oh ye who hanger and London Post, writing on the llOih ult , says *'^‘f=**'* "«*«*»• P^wns and stabbed, hereby authorixed and requested to constitute ““e Courts. Sir C. H. Hum bold, i TaklUff the Arm w Oath 

wa« U .ak. s. .Lont pUn. of ad. f- he drop, the manna of disunion j that it ha, been suggested in high quarters the EmC^'^io Msisr wVunded'mVn*’ ' X"t 7n Mr'.^d"’ M^V ' April ll.-Pi,. .^impanie. 

juitasaBt. as if there was danger that the fFom his lips, and distils the water of revo- j that England and Franca should mediate ^**e doctor was ready in a few minutes, but an, cause Thlteven trclo‘*c.:ren±.“ Foneath, of Bunny ifa^r NotVs. ro'ree v" to-dny and 

homed Bad requested lo constitute Lourts. g»r C. II. Uum bold, i TaklUff the Armv n&th i 

I into a perpetual legislative body, “*Phew of Lord Kiacliff..', deceased, has' (Yasrivotos Anril 11 p- ' . i 1 

power in case of vacancy, from brought an action against Mr. and Mrs. marched 1 ^ 1 ^^’ ^ 
whatever, to choose their succes- of Uuonjr Hail, Notts, to ree(»Ter fook thaaFmwntetk , 

ARs A .. . . a . ' - . . k u — . . * woMiever, 10 enoose tneir succes- va asuuujt uau, x^oiis, to rec<»ver te%Ah ik^ o 

Bord» »(BtM Uemeelves are hkelj to lution in eugared scaUnret. Allah, il ; bei ween the Norihero and Southern confed were not ready, he started on sore : /Vopirfrrf, That no ordinance or legis- » of a year, bequeathed to n^k ik!, ^ ^ taking the 

batray tWir oww oAuse. The truth U. they rilah ! bavU is Great, and Breckinridge is eracies in order if possible to Prevent ,i^ P"**J her by his lord.ship d he c-rcumstences are 

w»l win. _;t. 4.;f ki. L,. . 7 . «P 0 SSii .6 to prevent uten. members of the Prussian expediiiOD. constituted bodv shall be sLhmilleJ lo the *“ough The wife of Lord Rancliffe I CoL Ell.worth has 


PRBNCH OHI.WA. flatbb oabiob® 
naOORATRD TABia. OOUSt nnwwi-w 





WRBt BO plBB BXCept ODC that WiU fAll. 
Thoy wUl BWTor liko a plaa that is likely to 

his prophet. 

SBff* We charged, during the late Preai 

bloodshed .As soin as I had heard the sal news 

It is reported that Victor Emanuel ’**“* *° '**« »'al>le, saddled my horse, ai 

idiiiom constituted body sbail be submitted to the *“*'»“* enough The wife of Lord Raneliffe ! been tenderll Tk. . 

lews, I people for their ratification or rejection. *** a proud lady ot rank, who ran off with j corps, bnt has not aeeented ix ik 

I, and, I lit it further Tttohed, That the Speaker of P“e of his servanis. lie then termed an i gi»ee them the h»n« 4 i 

oath they were informed that the obligatioa « . 

I wae for three montka. Col. Ellswoiih has I **'“•"“’**•• •*«“• •» 

. been tendered the command ot a sarriee I 8 . C.4SHED.1T M SO.MS*. 

corps, bnt has not aecepted it, thonwh he _ 

I given them the benefit of his experinneV ^ "* -■•«>*»*» •»•) hair mama, 

I M ~Z _mi 3 I <«Bwe _ ^ Lopi evwt A it. 

»« v 7 .!C 1 iL“r':.‘-w 4 k i UOSKN Am, 

i piano-forte manufacturers 

Will demAnd an expUnAtion from Gov. f-rr " I— W. 

thongh he , 

eABfeewwasei m e t itekwte 
BRAT. RRO. ar RRRFT RAIR Axes IMeaBv ta i 

■B HRBAUI swS RtfUOilAB tave keas 
I «i Wm. A. BmMw Wwee Mi. m* aeer ■. 
leaBeas have a meAe to tet kalr aS tte 

Bend lke ticket at tke bead of our paper. 
What ether twelve men in the State can be 

it was held to be. How is it now* Are they "•* Emperor 
not DisnnionistsT Further South Linccln's The in 

mw4«- ...te I “*®®**‘ “<* : was held sufficient cause for Dis- ! New York for the month cf March have ®“ '*•« ! memW fVmiri^drVt'oTayT^ tebTe: sritule'ihV^aTriron Z '*Fo.;’'M:rgan’ ZZ ' 

oner ef Kentooky. „ojo,, ,nj ,bis same party bad provided *>*«" only Iwo-ihirJs as large as for the j f eentleman Vr°l*K"' dinner. It is much larger than uc<-essary,*Lni i^ls as*!! * ■* •'*»PO*rible, 

I. tk.ekan,.ableeo.dition.fthe conn- .hat Lincoln should be elected. It w.s ! *®>®® Period cf last year. h?a“ Tp! a'nd aVw^ „ „ H.ui'. Ukely ru.j le 

try, we eaanot foraaee what this Border unreaaonable alter their conduct to expect Col. Hoe, while he was in Paris, concluded “ear. Dr. Lucini and his partv had not!,. '“xst.iry , oticx rihcx or Afiere are two leu inch and two eight inch ! feJeracy officially * **”' *** 

SUv 8 ^. CMferMce may Ite compeUeU any other result. 8 lill, in Kentucky, they “ot to have his press patent renewed. The J«* »rrmd, and therefore we turned by the ; K.xq or Be.igaes ’’-T he ,ui7b7un«i .77or«?bIr The Southern tommissioxer. leave to- 
te eotteider. What part of th. machinery of .aid they were for the Union, and tha. P®P®r* i« that city are such slow coaches teken’m1^h^m a fl n T Leavenworth ter. aud to .hr, baa"y tll; thVse ^ 

gOTBrnmeBt, briwewn North nnd South. Linool.’s election would not be a sufficient 'Ley don’t need double cylinders. The stree”: Tnl the election of Lane da.iy expected will be added. These *new 

*4 tee ■ oMew of hat Byw i 

haW lavtfmlaS kr Mr by tek mtsw4M 0 

ww HseSerr. M Rows stowL Itew Tate. 

Hei4 m al eSnss aaS Se w s aS tee OSBSaS I 

boBwr af Keateoky? 

la Ikaakaagwable eoadition «f the coun- 

5 ,k. u 7 . k- ' ucu.»icijr Biicr lue anjouriiineni or me : — 7 ““ego,., nta irauuu- ,k., .k.Vi 7 “uiaoni j 

p^^ 7 ^”,^uS.nar*reSn^^^ Yz bra's; . ■ - *> 

The imports of (ory dtj goods u. ®*;*»; J‘P;;>*** physicUns kneeling by hie Pe„ji„g dUeussion, and on motion of the thi^^e.n complniet in a^l^'n.;] men iJn^ ' t?retr ' 

union, and this same party bad provided ^cen only Iwo-lhirjs as large as for the fcfn'eenCe^ **'* k" u^i°*'**'*k M^k^ ’**® adjourned to dinner. 

*T» w* cannot foraeee what this Border unreaeonable alter their conduct 

that Lincoln should be elected. It was ! *®'®® pe'riod cf last year. 

lean gentleman, Mr. John Wilson, held his ; 
head up, and a few Japanese officers stood 1 

It is much larger than uccessary, and it is 
quite likely some m*y teseut to Florida. 

^msilBlali in«mvlaB.aamte«4asarthtbaB.«( k, 
Wte A. tArOR BtetelSB.aSsw.a. Ww yma.a,4 

alSf?® »«••• • IHs te WS Lstes v lMa ^ iWr 

Kaw YOBR. A^^ a. UM. ’•'T 

M>mri Bmutur A AM*. fVhitsw. fk .- dntUl 

Kfoomr yaan ysWl ksT« bars aMMaS with Ml. mOBt 
•awise awS tfrP'Pm. ■ lim s ii biBy a tl mSsS wMhohaU- _ . 
aai* aUacks <4 SMobsa. , - thisi roMol 

reason for disrupting it. | Monilei 

What reason exists now that didn’t exist Colonel 

‘ y ^wry B>aSi Rsai w gewernmeBt, between North nnd Sontb, Lincoln’s election would not be a suffioieni | 'Ley don’t need 

i-pi— *^' * i-r*te^w*iUij^ ****** •• AL# main question. Itmsy reason for disrupting it. 

tnw Btete IS Bsas striaa Haw Yate^ be all the qBcMion to be considercsi: but What reason exists now that didn’t# 

Hssw wnsi. B BistbM iwmviim^ ibBir mmmul em ether queeUoBt may be then? 

Raw Y^. A^a. Mi. ’•'T oppewpriauly given. For Ue future They are for the Union still, they sty; 

b-u '**“*!^ “^’* “ “ * “•* ‘*‘*«"'*® ** ‘®® ^ ‘‘'<*® “•® 'An'L- 

ns 4 Wh“ww. -Ii-J — — t-i wMbohau- A*F*riABt meeting. It is their duty to We are for the Union, />rovided the No 

cA» <4 SMabaa. Bam* a B* 4 >asi maa miwi', •'•Aoee tkia UmioB OB juat and fair prlnoi will concede certain amendments of 

** '•ri-ABteiUjual demagoguery .North Constitution. That is not only plauiil 

in Ili.t rila .r. .n.k . 1 . k roadwhich we thought they might have Topeka correspondent of the Leavenworth »nd ®ui«r bur, says 

IB that cilT ire each slow coachee imirmn mmi iitek.,t *ui u j , 111 ., , . , *<> iluj* baiu-ry iheilir^# 

'**'*“• “®A •**«'“ n Ae* blocks distant in the Herald charges that the election of Lane daiiv exuecuJ »iii i- « 1 1 ■ 
out need double cylinders. The street, sn I returned with them. The Doc .ui> u -.u/- >, >**"7 e»p«cud will be added. 

xr. however, concluded to adopt the '®®. *A'®r having washed the wound, which ' fraudulent K**®* »;® “ 

’. advice to stereotype their form. L®d ®ea.ed to bleed, began at once to dress Two such men u* ow a“7?poierVul77.'i‘‘ and 

of setting duplicates as wae its wre sesreV m Lane and Pomeroy cquld have been sent the ability of Ly force, lau’d o 

iTl % V^-,M‘igbarg, of the Lug , to the United Slates Senate from no other take it. Col. W. J H»r l..u i. 

le^ fur“.h‘“V"‘^ tur," :yr.™hs“r;* mo^rJoVZ^X" foruTstr 

datVex^eVtUwr^rZd'ed^^^ Trteune’s dispatch .ays 3,000 or! 

and he:vy guns ar, “ Unionat to .h^ k^morreUr 

regular armament of the fort. Fort .Morgan which maw r ,o, - “ ®“7 <A« •!>*»*»« s design | 
is now a most powerful post, and^e S Ze'n .i*:!*!"'*® ! 


lish Legation, who bad arrived at a later 

When George F. Train opened his “"'“'^■n'. assisted in the operation, as did | ®®'“““““7 ‘L»n from Kansas, unless we 

Wmalaal. I 4ct«rmls«4 te *n tea aBwet a4 • battle a( 
raw owtwhMeS BKtan. RsbifB esawawaWw Is ukw 
th* RMun I had aat h*4 s aatessl. *— 11.1 *cu*a *f 
MiMmsaa *atf t»wW*f«T ibia* wtbs. *aS A b il te 
•hM tWe I kwt iKM BtUaa rwiaS. uf Owte. le tw* 
WMOw I h*Tw *i lb »S «v» p*e*s* la walsbt. hwr* bad a 
•bvabuaa afiaatlu. ptrttrt SRaalleik m 4 be at bitaabM 
or Slaribwb. Mt why cal] yawr Ibcamtiafa. 
■teemspiiBbS amMs’ I SbS N a iMttbtfVI patevat. 

> WiU Bepend, ia a great degree, 

A. l^oaa •Lalbwr tkie Unioa is to be restored or peT- 

hava had a IhBBSBtly dividod. 

'Len? instead of setting duplicates as wae its m “ Line and Pomeroy cquld have been sent the sbiliiy o> Lrfork,‘’'lL’a“oV o«L.i'zario“n ‘® "** '^® I 

They are for the Union ilill, they ssy; but ou®'®®! , l'*L Legation, who had irrifed at a later ' Senate from no other take it. Col. W. J. Hardoe is commandir. The Herald’s dispatch say, the Presi I 

the disguise is loo thin te hide the truth. "’hen George F. Train opened his 'nomeni, assisted in the operation, as did | “““‘‘J ‘i>»n from hansas, unless we \ shrewd farmer, not a thousand ‘®*‘* * viaiior to-dny that deeuive : 

We are for the Union, nraa, ded the North eTM' railway in London, he gave a “turtle '®»*A»‘ ?‘L*f gentlemen from the Prus- ; **®*P‘ AA®'»uy Bay or the Penitentiary, miles from Farmingham, Maisachuselts, looked for before the i 

WiU concede certain amst,dm«ni. Af Ik. lunch” at St James’ Hall and ., 1 •'*“ exp' juion Lane is a ruffian and a murderer. The P'-esented a quanlily t f meal for exhibition, '•»' "J ®f '•«» week. He remarked, -We I 

mv , “»endment. of the 'unen at St. James Hall, and invited rep Mr. Hams whom I sought nowin his Leavenworth Herald tells as follows whs. “>e agricultural sccieiy having offered two *®« “>en whether they dare to fire npon ! 
Conetilulion. That is not only plausible, resenlatives from every class in society — ''®0'p. Hound busy iu giving such directions „ of h’ i - • ' ’ ** prizei. Finding no other exhibition of vtasel to provision our warY- I 

but aound; and if they stop there, they Palmerston and Spurgeon among the num- f® circumstances required, and from him 1 P ® '* P* *® ' meal at the show, and uat wishing to lose solJiers." Heexprcsced bntlittle hope i 

would be good L'nion men after all Bu* ber. learned how this affair occurred. Mr 1 . The announcement we are about to make his labor, he divi.led it into two portions. '*|® PA«*®F*»'ion of peace, but evinced a i 

mark wk.i A.m.A - . * \i.. I t- c . - . "®“»'f«n W.S riding home at . brisk pace, '* “®A oei'gned for the possessors of Weak »nd getting a neighboring firmer to exhibit 'Ao«i'A»J determination to relieva Msior 1 

what comes next. Mrs Lincoln is very fond of garden- accompanied by three Vakoiinins, or gov slomAchs. Pomeroy, the prince of thieves the other half, he obtained from the judges •'“'*®*'*®® 'o hold the other Southern ! 

They proceed earnestly and elaborately ‘“ 8 - >' »» *»'d, and (he grounds about the eFnmental officers, on horseback Of these, | ““J ‘Le king of beggars, has been elected the first prize for the one, and the second i haiarda. | 

to demonetrate that (he North will concedi- executive mansion are being tastefullv ®“* ■''O'Ae front of him, whilst the two | 'o the United Stales Senate to represent the for the other. ’ 1 Dispatches from Montgomery my Jeff 

o J n*h^ra fflllAMxazI tell ^ I esf ITtenatea Qktell Wtete aB-I- I Iktete;^ Ite 1 I .a ” ^ . 

m%j promise rewwa. Measures llTWrffN ?ixth a!I 0 ^mrmm 

(B^eo to brrftk up tkis perBieiooa I LOUISVILLE# KY» 

We are for the Union, z.roo,*d the North e'roel railway in London, he gave a “turtle ‘'*® '«»**■») ?‘L*r gentlemen from the Prus- ; **«*P‘ B®'»“7 ^*7 o® 'Le Penitentiary, miles from Farmingham, Maisachuselts, 
WiU concede certain amendment, of (he lunch” at St. James’ Hall, and invited rep Mr Harris"'',h..n, I .....kt -a ■ k- ‘ '* * ®“®*“ ‘“J a murderer. The Presented a quanlily t f meal for exhibition, 
Conetilulion. That is not only plausible, resenlatives from every class in society— room, I foiind’busy in giving^such dire'olion‘2 -Z****’"**^, ^.*'*'‘1 !*'**’** *“”®**’ ****** priief‘'Fin'diBg“7r^olhVr'’L°^^^^^ 

* tefi teteiiM.I. IP *1 .1 i>a 1 __J £f . MS eirciinmiATkteua BSA'z.tiitete-F te.i k:-. , 118 opinion OX D18 pal IS : -a ai l° . ... .!ksi 

andSMte; b«t aomproteise only what it is but aound; and if they stop there, they Palmerston and Spurgeon among the num- f® circumstances required, and from him 1 “* ®P‘“'““ °A Lis pal is : 

fair te oompromise. Indeed, upon their would be good L'nion men after all Bu* ber. learned how this affair occurred. Mr 1 . The announcement we are about to make his labor, he divided it in 

ateMB wiU Bepend in a great degree mark gkai aa.,.. .... * \i.. i -» t • e • a . '‘C“»'ren was riding home at a brisk pace, '* “®A ueaigned for the possessors of weak and getting a neighboring f 

wkatWtei. r ■ - . k 4 ^ ’ wLat comes next. Mrs Lincoln is very fond of garden- accompanied by three Vskoiinins, or gov *Aomachs. Pomeroy, the prince of thieves the other half, he obtained 

•■•***r tele Union IS to be restored or HAT- TKaa nrAAA.s ...... ._.i .i.i in» a ArnmAntai k k.-k 7,..k® i .n.i k;.. „r k.l k.. k .k_ a . 

■Nteiiir w ikA laai*. oos te* t*Miu* otecu spoate, Stete; and th* tosk is as important as anr 
■YviniorAs4«Ufatral«*rteiaiotlM auteocli *Mi a* iW —ii.j . ^ 

•■hSMatlas slew ever lb* wBelt •*!**• of tee ks 4 r. _ ***® Ao perform. 

”«* *■. «*!><••• pevA p ti H ew wHbewt eUtesUiiM ter "® •*L#rt nur friendi to work for the 

’“« «* •• '‘* >»"* 

•mno* le ter ss* *r ten ptepumian. Let ‘ **A BB BBUee miBoriiy gel eonlrol of 

W# prtMut th* Buses ef mea who can be nothing. This is, indeed, their great point arranged by her orders 
tnuted with tha honor and interest of thia It is the burden of (heir speecbei. They The Savannah Rt 

’ / * F m. o ^ four horse-boys ihfti were on i I® inorBi deprariiy of our peo- 

It is the burden of their speecbei. They The Savannah Republican announces fool. About half way between Akabani P'®- Alod forbid ! Shall we say it is to be 

can make no headway, except by exciting 'hat the banks of (bat city have taken five ®“d the American Legation, in a somewhat i ®cc®unled for by the combination of forces* 

others followed, all carrying lanterns, as I State of Kansas. Shall we attribute thie i»*-Flw..r.l 'v .. ,k ,1 Davie is coasidering the propriMy ol going 
also did the four horse-boys that were on i effect to the moral depravity of our peo ‘f.'i . V*® P®'*:®’ ' '® Charleston. * ^ ^ ***"' 

trian, has issued another bulleiio. He 

the masses of the people wiih thie poeiiive hundred thousand dollars of the loan 'L's party was suddenly at- I This may be true, but leaves us only te propoeed, waT owi 

^ ...... •«ckea by seTen or eieht J&D&ne 8 « armB I ®ourn the exlent of iniuuiiv. I r™'*; 

*®^7***^*' , k T. - . ****^ crized by the Montgomery Congress. with sword.s. Some of them knocked down I A)f one thing only we are confident— that -f Fort^ Ueno b*** 

They are for the Union, then, with this The latest English papers state that 'Le horse-boys, extinguishing their laa- I 'Le worst man ever sent to Congress ha. try again ” a d 

proviso; but the proviso ii impossible. Ol 'he following clause has been introduced '®®°*' wLilst others fell on the Yakonnins, I ''®®" elected by our State, and that be only Wa.hing'on aT'i 

thiiiaiier point they are certain— infallibly into the policies by the companies and TmrF‘*'Ji'th“k* mi*“ n»n* ®® ‘‘breax a leg. 

, 14 “ 4 . euu gules. The Ikuer gentleman pushed on as '''‘Lr, with his ill gotten gams— the RUB- k...-. . 

oeruin, therefore, rtry are sot /or tir LWs private underwriters, and the fact posted fast as he could, and bad soon got clear ' HER of WIDOWS and ORPHANS— the P®®®‘®Lle business 

aWrH. Yawn, tiwir. 

B. W. WESTBROOR.lie.wWoot HUM. 

• •nrwMWT. ^ veic* OB 

*«lM*r’B ▼•ffetRblB OoRiMtic Bo- ^Biu. 

tfiOB. th*y war 

Raavhezi: teawskuAMoikloaeaMcaBlaitelate* ird ntheri 
or IBs te i w u m test ar* *>w*al*«as wna te Ji 4 

•KptTUnmi lu wwiitffBl iBinarr !• *** * 

ttoMN «r •vvrrftfBd •< M rnrwm «r tBc tkie— wBfflWr N®w, B 

»*«— whakawe 

WM40 te* »««<*.. rufyrlnr *«OTYte4r. iM releic*. ; 

te* Bteftt «r ek te*K teal neU la sate aa4 will Btee 

aa* ar te *■*« vwtaaa ■*.* raa pteplao aa veer I iB H. Tl 

“.A*"*® ^ **•• •"* • riote <t*aip*o «4 wU tea I — _ — _a 

^SM.*aaaartwti>aa4*Y.aU tear wUMteUraWaa- 

•n«L a qnamioB by your nagligamee te Yot* 
A grwat maay is th* Couob Slat** got 
«• f*l»® prateaaes. Thay were for the 
DuiiB. Thay ware for eo-op*ration, when 
AL*y ware miateken themselyas, and daeei y- 
ad other*. Thay dtd what their eoattituanl* 
did Bat aspect. 

Naw, w* hay* a ticket composed of maw 
Hh* have th* honest purpose to work far 

lays the reatoa he didn’t walk from Boston ! koo^edgrthTan w w- '"**“** I 

to Washington inside of ten dsTS as he ' *“®*‘®'' 5 « »hYt an attack on Washington la 
propoeed, whs owing to delays Mca-ioned ®®?'*“P**"®“- He has ooamuaieated 
UmaIicteu 4 0 Arg..n,^,?,l Lis laformauon to several Oovamor. of 

SULKIES, Aa., Aa. 



•«*'t*F LOL'MTTUR. KT. 

Good spunk but un- 

momeni a warning. j 

It is understood that Governor Curtia i 
will call out th* Paansylvania volaaleera on 

(heir position as to the impouibility of their seceding 8 :ales of the Union, generally ®®® ®^ 'Lrm rode to the American Legation I 'Le light of a den of thivvesi 


The two are incompatible; everybody 

known as the United .Stales ” 

The Presidential liveries are hand 

tp call for assistance. Alter he had ridden 
a short di*<tanca he found that his horse was 
badly wounded, and as it could not walk 

me iigni or a Jen or thieves: as breakfast and hungry c!i ildren. Never I necesuly of holding it is abaolut* ” I « k*v* la rior. * wry Uut* sbJ eampiai* «*ts *r 

4 - . 4 .- . 4 , plea t guilty of poverty. 8 o far as this I Niw Voix. .April II.— The steamer Coat- VIRQISI V MloqiUIRI a k'FMTi-r irv 

Not A Rxpi blica!i T.tR— M world is concerned, you had better admit . racoalcos arrived to-d.y. She landed two ' ‘"DINI.V. MISSOURI A KENILtKY 

Gf.v Pins —While the excitement incident 'La'Tou Are a scoundrel. | companies of infantry at Kay Weal, and had MallUfaCtUrOd Tob&CCOf 

40 ini 4 *oi. 1*** 1 SnvER OR Tiia Ci'B tn CoAST.— Captain , ‘.® *? '® Havana for water. Over four hum. Aou win atfcr laUareoieeu to irms tetetaa i* sa» 

going on at the navy yard on Saturday, a Hickey reports that when four miles to the J®**"®®OF» *«"• brought here. The troop* *;Aa** for cma. at ptoibm o ..!.™ m Uia*. 

lady and gentleman, apparently man and westward of C.tpe Corrientes he saw , I ®‘*H *'» Teias-oa* thouMnd in aumbar- EDWARD WILDEB. 

inquisitive as to “the uses .Urer, schooner rigged, Unding * cargo of ' ‘®® Laalth, with aa abundaac* - _M> Warn stkxrt.^ 

loaded *and holUw ^ ?ohdshot. slaves by small boils, on the Cubui coaal. ' P®«»‘»*«nt and means of transportation, i ROTTl’V^T 

••duZad’“atth^ih..r 1 !*'! Hickey likewtve reports that, on the '^®“ ‘'®’® ‘® “'^«L savanlaan I OwAWlWix 

. I- w >!• *"L«*Larf, the lady approached .Jist ult , when 110 miles off Pass a I’Oulre ^ LundraJ miles te reach the coast. ■ rpHl SPRIro SISSiox of HER wryurill-W 

a jacK lar who was putting them down, h« anok. th. h.rS t.,..’,. u,.. 4 >-_. r , A hcboul wui oomaeM* 

and asked what they were? “ henc^for Uv~! v w. RO.ndaT. Fxbscari «. 

sheila, madam/’ said the sailor. ^ - U. tcayume. Washuilfton I iiRt c— tiPT twoty W9%t§. A mar* icaaiM «■ 

•• not cire up either; and we 

vie iMm wlCa a BBOB dock 4aBiDaMe wiih 4 ^ I ... ^ ^ 

•Ba*ariB«ora4ay.aB4 Ikrr BUiBBkMr OOWideut thej will BOt kbklidoil the 

Rav. Y*. ttatar aw fww ha» 4 .t a Matt* mpB- I ••'L bbUI it ih done, or their mission in it 

cr rrrrjTi.’ri;: i * «*r •- r-*". - •- 

r—toroi ing Ilf tkla iTgtUte tewsai au • k* xr wv ^ ' .a Duuuuru, aua as it could not walk vuc eEciiameni inciaeut 

nu Union and the right eees thal. No man can be for the t'nioL “ulberry- coloieJ cloth orercoata, and an/ further he tied it to a fence and pro departure of the Powhattan was 

onl/ with a prorieo. whilst he holds that the hat-banJe 

steamer Coat- 


proviso IS impossible. 

The CimxNs' a«i> WoBKiRnuxu’s Miit 

The CoDimercinl 

York dry goods market 

aated* 4ag Baca W Ukawlos te haiwr *Bka la te* 
<Wfa or avsTT klaa at ewuaeoot 4teaw. 

▲b Act of Ch-atitadB. 

■M* m aaraaa* iteBB y . * ti. i_l 

• * •iAA- "“Htte **• aariy anata, hr foBaw 

liwww. te North or South. Let these Border obserye, with pleasure, that the 

State* fix their programnia, and nlUmAtely CHitene’ and Working men’s Association are 
North Bad South wiU come te it They have Lolding meetings throughout the city to 

• intoreat u the Southern State#, 

^Lieh SBB t be hurt without hurting them; 
and thay hsT* a deep interest in the Consti- 
tutiBB oar Ihthers Made, and the Union 
•ffeeted by their labora. It is not impracti- 

iodorse the Union ticket for the Stale at 
large W* are glad to Me thie. We hop. 
all friends of the Union will assemble and 
take eteps to unite (be w^ole strength of th* 
L oi.a Y irty. We are engaged in (he most 

Some of them have to march seveateen I 
hundred miles te reach the coast. 

Washington Itoms. I 

silver highly fiiiished viva a Utile. His face, at first collapsed “Sea shells ?” ejaculated the questioner, fi^k-A western exohtnge says the times ^**®'"®tor, .kpril 10 — Of the Nationnl ! 

The -N V. Courier which ie suDtiosed sLiwtly pale, assumed a more cheerful ; ‘“'®'‘.''®ff*''’®'7- are so hard out there that the people can't ' ** *-i- t.-,* ..... 

, . ’ „ . , expression; his eyes began to brighten up: “»es, 'uadam, men-of-war sea shells,’’ even jxzy aWm/iun. Then they are badly off, 

o derive its informalion from French dtplo- be asked for some wise, which was given to *f®'“ '»as the answer. for we fear it will be a long lims before 

mausts a- Wa*Lingtun, aanouaoea that the liini, and he expressed his ibauks to those j *‘"Ly, you astonish me,” remarked (he 'Ley will bs able to jxi.v anything else. 

Presidential policy is irrevocably fixed upon »ro“nd him. His bloody elothee were re 7 - oeiY-Mr Rii«..ll .r ik. i... i.. v: v 

coercive measuree. This has been Mr. ““’®'*’,.®‘®®“ °“*® P**' ®“- ®“'‘ '»''L P®®<'«'‘ I 4 ,/,* ‘*;*y »»'®n‘»L | be^Ii.-h L„-'*..u..w; latT'ouy- 

IBK la* iBsfracttaiB Ctoaa to a i 

ittMs iBCr.lacfAMiBAi sata*BBiaWyaa 4 
« sf OoB Mp WA' t m4 Mtob^ mWmf, 

«ata,M 4 wa* ail, and we kope never to see i oanvass, and lanaess or care 

mw ii Sf wi. OB ri n rts i twa aUBiBa. * •orocta* bat it Bust ^ dn&hi 

•B4iw I tke work abandoned until it ie aecomplielied i* not tke way to win. Tke fiirkt r in/kMMV wv 1 -m • xi . precaution ke was put to bed, oovere ’ 

— ' 1 . ». u d-. . 4 .,, ,:,r. .. i. - ,04 „ u,.,., f ,;.4 ‘„ 4 1 ;:,':,- rfe*"'!'”.':-" 

Rifles, of over UO members, only half eon- ! 
sented to be mustered. Th* reaeon for thie, 1 
as in other similar rases, was that tome of ' 
the men were apprehensive iney would be 
ordered to some point beyond the UaitA of . 
the DistpUi rv-' — *• aHT^.tP i 

yeare; but it muet b# dnn«— »*> ““-k m.->^ Dh-uniun. a desire to nreBent euai> t. — - 
we OKI. la it are involved, not only the Uottim .Nu,e# and the .>orlh may agre. 

darcb. All tbs narlcsiauA aia< 
s *4te iiiB «avu^ Ol TCewonTgooie 

mekvm rte ' ^ waMWBwwB av vviu* DUIBA UVTOBU IBS UaUA Ol *- 

, mte.’teik» fiktewp w t A 1 • V I dl^^^Ir* Rus.*sll of tbs londoQ Timss has tkc JJiairiAA a* : AK . H . t 4 »VAC *b 4 

ih proper | „ i„ ^K_’ i!l*T »as >nade to astonish j been mu.-h i»i, otiy- ‘ pet them to fight against Maryland. Virgi- ! „ . <4 

, coftre ' j » F * ^‘1 ttewf«tug liitic and leaves jti4t such an oia, or other Souikern 8 tat«s- It is said | .ia«Dttty of 

ELaa^.Wi'ni ! k lt>o» !»•• cOTTTOn b.alis, re* iinpresaion a.s one mi/lr luriu, after reading they were informed that tke oath must be | 


a. *. B. BB O. A Zi. B. BABT 

HIS A ttKX T* ^ 


k.\u-pa>vi« MJ i.A.NatniD^ 

An or whlck ara of la* oofT koos ^BodUoA Aim, 

gooiery (jtovern- 

uient— illtbathai occurred that looked like vVilson and I Hbuuld a??si 8 t them alternately 

Ptb'fiiV It was rcHoWed that the pbyslciaoii I woman, determined not to be his graphic narratives. * 
aho uld watch with him one at a time, and Mr. i 

Wilson and I should a-sist them alternately. . “These here, ma’am,” replied Jack, point. a^Tliemiui likes is generally 

Ofwat BBrlisb ELamadj 

fuUre af thia eeaUnemt, Iwit th* glories of “P®"* a pArty that seeks te break tccomtuodalion, has been lUe personal doing -As the immediate danger seemed over.'^l ‘® ‘L* heaps of ammunition, “are polit- * *®®1 The man nobody liket i. iftnerally 

up the Uuion and throw the State into the 
arms of the South. 


C«laara(«4 reBnalc PIUb. 

■itaTA:Bsbte BBilclBt H ta tA* cbib • 

IfTVpTe ss ible Kwpublienns have R- 't. i. i State ihouj 

ferrwlted out th* eecrat* of the Cabinet Slavery exists now in all the Terri he was onl 

Greeley, *r the Tribune, annouBees, poei- '®rie# of the United State# up te the 37(1 himself, m 
tively, that Sumpter ia te be reinforBsd; that PArallel of latitude. The South have aeked to bis own 

jf Mr. Seward. While tha Secretary of YvntureJ to Akahtni to fetch some night- ‘®®' F“n pills. These ones (touching the a knave. The maa who has friends 

clothes for the duutor and myself, and at heavy iron shot) is a Republte»n. and theoe coubl die fur him. aud loes who w. ulJ 
•State thought he was master of the situation, I ,w. . ...{“I’, , " “ ie Democrats: the litiU hean frianriu, at te see him broiled alive. U usuallv a lu 

taken unconditionally, and the in^aelioB of , peOB. tees 1 

which eipoAOd thorn to puuishmtut under ; iboi opoaod * Stor * *b 

the rulea *nl articles of war. I SYfC# StrfCt, Nb. 3M, 

Capt. rarvingtoii e aempany of 80 men : la* Leaiwiii* Joamai OM*. «k#« par 

«,."e ij)ii*t*red iaio se-vic* to a mOB. The ! dMtdas •* porehaa* te* par* wt lri* wil l k* •** 
ftcsopleff r^r m pBB l SW hnvO" sifwSSy awttoadau l»,^n*B*.I n*MB« 

SUvery exists uow in all the Terri be was only iu reality, though unknowa to tion. loaded shell) are hard shell UemocratK, 

toriee of the Uailed Stalos up io the C7tb bimvolf, maekiog a policy euiirely opposed Alas' I came only to see our poor friend heap (the hollow ehell) are the 

cioiurn lor me aocipr ana myseiip aua at r/T;-^ a» » «c*»uuuc?in ana .v,a M.te. w ... w . uawb . gcsepleff P^r tt paw i en kavA" airwSSj XirwarT»rtl *n ■yOooUaU l».^nlBa.I na*Ba«» 

midoigbt 1 returned to the .American Lega- j ** l>eniocratp; the httU heap (glanctng al lo see him broiled alive, u usually a man ol on liu.v. *A new BiUlarv depart- I ■rwBanAmraioavary'SlhTi whRlha»ator.*»a. 

tion. loaded shell) are hard shell Uemocrati*. some worth and force. // \f.--i.^M .4 te.a 4 »k 1 rhiJ^ix** _L.B.Rakr wutirB 4 a#»iif viaurra»e*ter»BBfiia*afc 

ment, formed of Maryland and the District Be wniule cdu&im tor ranoZ ouor cmSi 

expire. .T®"*r'l midnight he became rest- 1 »®H »Lell Det^^^^ throw the bard purchasr d a pair of horses of Wm 11. Van- 0. F Smith 

less, desired more wine, also some water, i f^®* ?u/TrihfZ ^ ®®"’ '■‘®*®®- <>“'»rio county, as we learn as adjutant. 

An agent of President Lincoln has ®I Columbia, is to be established, with Col. ' 
sfd a pair of horses of Wm II. \ au- U. F Smith oommaadant; aad Capt. Talbot 

T* Jfiwi il*4 I eBtaa 
itr soMM. K wiR. ta a tel 
Up parte* wisb ncalailtj. 

Tha F-saaing Poot’a Correspondent is still niinutei^; therefore tbe is a half degree richer traced (be republic of Puerto Cabello lhal 
better informed. He baa Bet only Bmell out 'Lan ihe ever claimed. The fugitive slavr business there is almost entirely suspended 

tb* daeign te reinfore* it, but Ik* way it’* '* *® enforoed that the negroes iu The King and (j leen of Naples belt 

te b* d*B*; and ke tell* all Cottendom jnei '^® 8 'AtM Are escaping to Canada a levee in Rome a few weeks since, whtcl 
how U is to be done. The Uarald'e Charles I^an any one tell why they wish Kenluckj was attended by tijktetn persons I Hov 
tea eonwepamdent kaotrs a gowd dealabeai ‘®*®® “'® "*'‘®«® L®®®***® iLerebj like the world. 

what is te be done tkare and at ia etartlinr >' will promote (he political aims of some 8 ‘roog Union reioliitioas were passed 

...Political discussmnt have so dis- „^ue,ted afterward te be raised up, his j '“‘® ‘L® Tribune office, and-” 
sed (be republic of Puerto Cabello lhat breathing became rattling, and a few I “Where do you throw Ihe R 

hreathiog became rattling, and a few 
minutes after midnight be breathed his last. 
The Abbe Girard, who had arrived at an 

Tl,. r;.. ...I II «r v.«i— 1 . 4.14 "utte uiraru, wno naa arrivea at an 

The King and (j teen of Naples held Legation, had '®*"® “ " progressed 

a levee in Rome a few weeks siiice, which rendered him religioue coneolation, and 
was attended by tijkteen persons I How before he died he received the Holy Com- 
like Ihe world. munion. 

a !• - , , I ^Ir. Wilson end myself remained in the 

8 ’rong Luton reiolttltons were passed hg„,g auring the night, partly for protec 

\l a large iii-*eiing held in Pi-auktort, Ala , tion, as there had been rumors of hostile 

R w fron* 'L* Rochester Union, paying therefor Sherman’e artillery, from Fort Ridgsly, 

,, • . .u ■ . , “®P'‘®"®Ans $“ 1)00. They were put on board tho cars Minn, and two eompania* of cavalry, are 

hUd* hea*rd"*w^*l Washington Saturday uiorning expected here to-morrow, 

had heard, with a very wry face, the dia- a J 8 President has appointed Georg# N. 

MSf In a case before the Pari* Civil Tri- BeaL of Md . naval store keeper at Week 

Prooca. 0 ntT 4 mgy bg loA t l>ka rtaw. 


.MUS. M. A. weaver; 

A asHmeawtetaliw UlT m*. *a4 ewteste* wMB te* 
Baviiwtetet Btewip at Oiaot Brlteto. caw n* saei 
BesterBlawS Wa paste** eu«p* 

RM.Bmii U AB*oa. MB MUBM. 

RochMSir. Itew Yate. 

RV BBU ta Ltet w in* kr RaftaowS A lYHar, UHU" 
A R r »tt 1 1 . aaA aB te* ■i'(i4niili aa* raUU IWWBfteu 
Bate la mtrn Atewr te Rt.fjRTlwteB 

coax I coax I 

VkCllleir eft? Oo., 

WbwXxU teS Bata* Dealart teOOAL,k*ri> eoaoUwav 

teawar tei4 w «teiwi<a lermu i«l S4t 

Tks taBowlas I* aa ratnet naa a tettar, wTMte 
teteaBav. 4.B.B*IWM.paatarartk* riarraeahM Bteaai 

wkBt is te be doBc there, aad U ia etartling “ **“ P®®““'« ‘“® pobttcai aims of somi 
•“'y t® »Lat eraiy people K'®‘“«L7 poUti eiani ?^ 
mmlutruuZ »A7 4o; bnt how doe# philoeopher Greeley g#^ Keep cool. Reflect upon lh< 
IL* demgns of the Cabimet? He U benefit you hare enjoyed in Ibe Union 
teWsM«»r •■••‘•Iff®®- He did much forth* Republi. Think of its history, of the liberties *t 
at BpWNi. Sv can perty; bwl parUe* are wngraleful; and g.^dly won before you fly to the arms of an 
®I «*® philoeepher aforesaid government, as unstable, in al' 

tevafcite*. ^ * “"kiag illueteatioa ef the truth probability, e, water A government whom 
samteptaAssa. Greeley know* nothing whereof ke affirms; ,te right of your sister Stat. 

te— -te. te. ^ L* give* hi* eiMMMl, by w.y of a pre- „ pg,i, 

di^. i. order te, r®® UAColn a high fall, these are the considerations everv cilizec 

“Why, damn them ” returned (he sailor, bunal, the fact was revealed thal the person ing, on, and Elisha Whiltleaey te his former ( sJSJ^^ 

straightening himself, “we throw the con- who contracts with tiie city of Paris for posiUon of Comptroller of the Treasury. (ate n ri SpztM 'Um-ij. v^ oiiaa.a ovAaKn...! '* K-..a 4 I- k . V 4 .l. 

founded cusses overboard ” 
That man could spike e gun 

performing funerals is bound to have oon p. M Coffey, of Pittoburg, has entered 
stactly on band not fewer than six thouMnd upon hie duties ea .Yseietant Attorney Oen- 
®®*Ln^ eral. Arehibald Roane, till reeeatly ekief 

anything to jnA^L Rajy-Lord Adolphus Vane Tempest’s in- clerk of that department, ha* gone te Mont- sii<-**iri -rrai i* a— *aiir». 

- . — te.w-n Mwaxva. V | |a ^ teta W wk fik ff * flAg B®? UW* U x^t 4 Wt|JWU 9 • 4 »UB A CUI|AO** ■ IU* GAVBMWB RMMfo teV|BMB « AUVlifo, IBM* sMteMfo" 

lbs 22 1 ult. Oas was : That our Con* dcai^fas ag\in 8 i all foreigners. Two soldieis , ^ r * * • uo er unaie L K. L. g^miy was brought ou by continusi habits ! gomery, and ike pInos thus vacated is filled 

=4 ......I : were ol.HO with US. (Wies Landon. afterwards the wife of Gov. of intoxication. His wile is a laughter of ' by Richard Bates, aon o( (he Attorney 

rressionnl nominee, if elec'c I is to renre were wiin us. • . ,, , 7 . . " . of intoxication, ms wiie is a aaugnier oi ny iwici 

gr o HI ® *® About 1 o’clock r M , the Third Governor MoLenn, of Cape C oMt Castle) lies buried ,hg Buke of Newcastle and (be marriage General 

sent us in the Luited Slates Congress, and f„r Foreign Aflairs, Ugoen Bungo-no Kami. *' <^*P® L»* been the subject 2ade ntarriage uonerai 

not in Ihe of ibis so called arrived and received Mr. Harris’ permission ®^ comment of all who have visited U. The 

pspa very angry. 

“Southern Confederacy.” 

Iron freight cars are coming into use rather an uuusual thing for a Japanese — 

, ,k V V 1 n . 1 i> -1 I -Pk requested to see the wound, which was 

on the New 1 ork Central Railroad. The ghown to him, and gave assurances that no 
walls and roof are made of boiler plates pains would be spared to discover and pun 
riveted together, and ihe frame and slriog '«** the murderer. 

to see the body. He seemed greatly move* “««!*«' La* now been removed 

neglect has now been removed. “We be Elg'A litlle boy died very suddenly in 
lieve,” says the West African Herald, ‘HhHt Toronto last week who has consumed a 

VirciniR ConTentioa. 

nV*lv«ry g(U>M»go ffiTgftto 4r«« BUkk^on. «r 1 fi 


Broadcast Seed-Sower, 

™ i SOWtBfte— 

Ru-hmosu, Va, .April 10 — The extreme ox rv. rrrwr*. bamlkt. aMAU-.emtif, 

if he d^’t foU-Bw the heroic advice. j 

The Poet has mmilar designs, and means i,, p„g„vcd 

*• Bhew hew itB advie* oen be easily fol . — 

lowed, aad leave bo excoM for the failurr BQu"'hy doesn’t Lincoln arrest J. For- 
te follow U. syth aad others, try them for treason, and 

Ob Ihe baak ef all this private inform* bang them? That’s the way to execute law 
UoB, publicly expreasad, is a dispatch aaeur It's 'he way to let ni kaow that we have a 
iag UB, fiwta thee* beat informed, that Fort Government. If treason and traitor are 
Sumpter ia to be svacasOed. words that mean anything, there is a short 

We dettht oareelvefi if the designs at way ef dealing with the crime and the 

are the considerations every cilizec freight iron ; the floor alone is of 

should have, and having them, we know the wood. 

Union will be preserved. Carl .Schurr. is the accomplished ora 

y,. , I . ^ ■■ tor, who, in Springfield, styled the Ameri 

pains would be spared to discover and pun particular L L L has remained un- 
ish the murderer. 1 ®Ared for. .\ Latin cross of marble, with 

The interpreter who remained with us j "'® •'n*P'® letters L. E L , now marks the 
was Ojonooky, in the United States better ] ®P®' ^Lere the i 1 fated lady reposes. On 
known under the name of “Tommy” — the I 'L® night of Sunday, the -id inst , his Ex- 

it would have beea su long ago bnt what is p''"®'! ®I eP”®™ daily for Ibe U«t ten La'oa'*** '» Convention My they are not to 
II WOUIU nave oeeu BO tong ago, Dnt What IS t tr, 'k- a,, -kiij be moved by lelegrapkio dispatebee, an* - 

every one’s business in general, is no one s 7 ®Ars. lie nvi nt.s. poor cniid and salts ^ . .. . ' ... • 7 , . .k, n-,..F«m.»i -- 

can Revolution “ a mean, 1 ankee trick” — 
and the Declara'ion of Independence “a 
diplomatic dodge,” &e. 

same who accompanied Ihe Japanese Em- 
bassy to Wasbingten A conversation en- 
sued of rather a peculiar character. 

“Poor .Mr. Ileustren ! be was so kind a 
mau, I hope he will go to Heaven.” 

cellenry. Governor Andrews, attended by Ti isi.ay 

the officers of the civil and mditary depart. I’unuant to a ^uinr 
I ments, proeeedrd to the grave at the poelical M-iyor. the f'dinwiiiq 11 
I hour of nine o’olock. Tho Governor made 
a abort address. lUting that the object was ,nd"jrmte‘'B’‘t;J«uZ 

“I trust he is in heaven now,” answered ®''“P'7 '® mark the grave, so that strangers I From tho 1st Ward’ .Mewrs. Wm. F. Kul>al an 

The Albany Argus thinks Ike custom I, greatly astonished, for it was the first I “®‘*. t'®''®®* might have no difficulty in I Hugh livinr; 

were his only remedy ' 'n<*‘®Ate they will stand by the Government I 

if the steamers are allaekeX The Con- 
servatives ealertaia different senlimcnte. 
tii-tlt l.Yi- The Convention amended the thirteenth 

llO.Ylil) I>F ruMMiiN cui NCIL. reeolniiouanJ pasee<f it It ie as follows: la 
Tt iai.av Kvkms... April 9, 1«!1. «.P'."‘®* ®/ ‘L“ Convention, the people of 

. . . .. \ irniDin will rtfarU any neuon of ino 

rur^uftnt to t 8 ummon< ffom hn Honor, tb* r»tete#v i UiteStem «te.a 4 .^. *,«. -.1 

AVtw. tho f..llowit.q members elect of th* Cota Contederale Stales tending to produce e 
Itn C.mncil »pp«xr-.l. triz: collision of force# penJieg the efforts te | 

From the HHh, Mewra. Jik>. W. Storv | effect ea mljusimeat of existing difficulties, ’ 
id JamoA B. lire^crv; I on unwitft and i»jariaa« to tfi# intorootf of 

Fr<Hii tho 1 st Ward, M^.urAo ra. F. Kultgl an both, and tkoy wcnld ragord nny onob I 
X'/t W“,I M«.r, w p r.™„i,.ii “•'®“ ®.®‘L® part or either eslMvwg them 


Tl f!Ai»AY Kvkniksj. April 9, 1H61. 
I’urfiuant to a summon* from hii Honor, tb* 
AYi>r. the ftiUowiiu; ni«*inl>era elect of th« Com 


la UM warkl tut la* vku a uum aaU un i isos <• 

of “encoring ” ill-bred as caUing twice "“*1 had heard a Japanese speak of 1 ''“‘*‘“6 4 “*® P’"''" '•'« free to determUe own future policy 

far soup. * Heaven or of any future state after death 3 *. 1 . of -Lite mart e. hree feet .H-.raU F. Adjourned. 

WMhiagtoa or Montgomery arc venlilafAd, | criminal. If there be a reason for not taking ,„gmBled 

The gas wae lit and Ihe audience ®" "®'‘k‘"“® ®“‘*j®®‘ 

ti r^- mvrjL t ” •A'LAileUerwritera can get hold oft hewn this step, then let’s have Fort Sumpter 

" • LuarUBt IheSotsthern CommiMioneri evacuated, and see if a reason ean’t be found 
^5T — ^ _ have d i a p aloheJ te Davis that war is com- for R- 

(his step, then let’s have Fort Sumpter ^ 

, Mr. Wilson said now : “Tommy, do you 

at the ibealer in Milwaukee, k._ k:„ u . 4 , • ^ 

* remember bow xiodly you and your coun- 

four inches long, by two feet lix inches 

8 aip Asuore AMD Aba.voosii). — C aptain 

Momza. V. iH-eniU and F. Adjourned. 

nl. Me»an. F„ *V. Buckner TII 6 StCRRlBr CRrollRR. 

T*« Mmutt .MarhSaa 
So«g frgoi povn W ®tx oergg fnr Og«r. 

Ttm mSiprJb 

C. Wglnun; 

From the 4tb VVanl. F.. A. Backner 


ig S?g^ Nfrf Calm ^Tn fortk«r informed tknt ih»y j Mr. Breckinridge says lie is pleased the curinin, who announoed that ae the 

m#a*mB*n.<i a ev ^ laaoarv ttet UH* Is a# wiU leave WashiagtoB. The Commiseioners I <4, ... 1 i ..... 4.. . 11. k..i . 

hMtaur— wv Bxva varaa rr, um kmw it vo sa aix. it 

autew It W ar a SaS K oaaat ta* »aai aawfaaftil teaai 
etat* *r ta* 4*r. W«aaa* It I* awe ef m* eaat. 4a* 
taao* at ra*4 laa* * — triN Baa* SaSIte cwi't 4* Sauat 
maB«ateTlaa*a*(><t- UStmtUw 

Royal Havana l4fOtler>! 

fi RATAaA U/nKRT, nanaataaS Uf m* ReoiU * 
faaorania,-'. *d 4*4 Un >30*4*1#** af «a* (Wain 
WMStal u) Oeta. wm t>a* lUaaa al BAVaBA. aa 

WiU leave Washiagtoa. The Commiseioners j j. Criilenden’s name on a Demo 

have net left yet, hewever. and it ie not c,;o ticket. Well, strange things happen 

Wis.. a few nights since, but the perfor- trymen were received in America’’ and now Hickey, of the ship •Alice Ball, which ar- ,,,du/’r.*IV;''**'”’ Lenee for CharleotoB, put into Norfolk ye# 

mance failed to commence. Such a clamor they murder one of our countrymen in tuch rived at this port yesterday, from Lirerpool, Fmm' the fit h Ward, .Me.i><rt. .lao. Btrhae and ‘ '^®'*®7 lend^ her pasMUgars, tweaty- 
WAS raised lhal it brought an actor before * ®olff-Llooded manner. ” reports that, on the 29ih ult., four miles W. 11. Uul.nav; "»® '“,***• »“'* Pf»«®«dw to ChMlee- 

* 4 ,k 4 ,k Tommy replied. “It ia very true, there east of Cape Corrientes, Cuba, he saw a I'nin the 7ih W snl, Mosarv Dr. (1. . K. nald 'on- It is supposed she spok* the w^ flem 

the curiam, who announoed that as (be »re many very bad people in Vtddo who large ship, painted black, with a while »nd Jno. G. llixtar; d i. - *“** *“'®H*f®n«® r*c«ir®’l though 

pjournaa. frowTrtioiifTim-agjiif lOg w^rt m m# »gma*L 

XliB Steamer CRrolin*. JtStHjI 'JinTvr'Sa't^'S 

B..ST 01 .. .YpriUl.-The taMmarCwoliBa. teamblax u. RaM.te*. tete Mate 

no 6 for Cbarloncon, pat into Norfolk yta- aggiftiNtTOfti won'tufVn ^tnogg wno anftgtagMtmmn 
rdayandlaad^ her paaMngars, tweaty- 1 %* m. tr«»* te 

likely that they or Jeff. Davis published any 
eueh infennatipB. 

If Liaeola t C*. andertake to aend pro 

«V'e didn’t expects year or two ago to see J 
C. Breckiaridge out of the Demooratio party, 

manager had refused tc pay any ealaries, at night make life in the streets 
the actors would not act. 8 ome benches cure. 

were spoiled, but the specla’.urs finally 

' •' are so many people allowed to cm 

, retired peacefully, their rniney being re who, when drunk, are apt to mak 

“But, why,” coDtinued Mr. Wilson, “why i her, but could not make out her name. He and W. A. Duckwali 

anal In a Dliunioii party. Shades of hit funded. 

VIM 0 B 4 er mea to Fort 8 ompter, they will do an testors! They would be more ■urprised 
a wery abewrd act, and they must knew It. than we are. Ab, John, John, when you 

Russian serf and criminal who 

are so many people allowed to curry swords, I supposes, however, she was tbosbip Judith, Jos. ClemaiitA, * Justice of the I'.-ace, being 
who, when drunk, are apt to make very bad Captain Brown, fiom Calcutta, bound to present, admioisterod ibo oxth of uilic. to the 
use of them ?” IhU port, of which we have before had „ , ..... 

“It is true,” answered Tommy, again, “I report*. She had no signal set, but bad an " '"n r«tii.Uut of ib« 

liked It much belter tn America, where even American U*g flying at her peak, and men ^^,ulIh ,n was r*-al*cl*d Cl«k f t th. 

Dutkwaii. , . Excitemtht mt Oreeiubarr, IriL 

[laiitA, a .lustics of the r.-ace, being . _ , . , . 

Imioistered Ibo oath of uilica to the GaxisaaoRO, Iso , April 11. A itcvisioa 
lact. tlAg with Severn star* was raised hers ob tha 

Cainn>MU was alei-toil l*rasi>leut of Iho weal towerof tb* court house, thia morniag, 
the ensuing i ear. as the 2 o'clock traim was psMing through. 


ffHoas sate4* el SMt at t i*r oete. dfoeeewt. 

Mils •* ar aaWaw Bar 4«4 uk>* al par 
ARr*w;i., wiu te ferwMO** ** ■«• •aUarssritte 

The rUke ar* wot oaly to b* imeurred ouoe, g*, over Jordan, your father and 

Omlarelara Ainil »#, IMgi. Y*P®®*«*17- To hold the fort in secu- will Bot < 

rily, would require more men aad money 

OOOO^p^O^^O. than is Bt tha diepoMl ef ih* Geveraaitnt ^ 

4^TE0 NTMERO 66 S ORDINARIO ^ "“Lingtoa. To make experimente and JT^!* ^ 

*“ 1 , wowld be nothing to the credit of any 

CAPITAI. rBIZR -«IB«.B#t! csncerned 1 b H. start, and 

I M***r. .e>aaAOI m m»a*'- 4IRR 4 wt — . - . ’TheUrii 

I M'-eC-w— **.*■* ebPnmoc mt' *■»**• Rtate of the cat#;, we My Lines la oerthei* 

1 teMaS'7 .L.7— SySi^ Api^v u rMaite'.' SAW Will eradiate Port Sumpter. If be does not. Hurrah f 
' f!^ M m. sieoem *r aww *mW; a ^® L*« RBi sene# eaongh to hurt eiybody, and stars 

rnSm *• •xnwpl himMlf. QrMl.y want, to destroy .j. 

wmtteBncKBTSMi-RAi.vRjem-vrABTRBtas Liaeola, Seward A Ce.; that’s what he and „ . 

._._,- 4 - 44 in _4 Li* brother Irrspreaaibies are after, and ®”' 

ffH— •( ilAt ft* I oobL digegnat. m , , “• iUm 8 

.. they waatte drive Umm lato this folly We . „ , 

**r»w;i.4 wiUtefc.w.n>*4a***B* laUaieeritte. , ^ dollarefo 

ggaggknow^ ftnnUtCf. ] 

will Bot own yon| 

BMTThe Cottonian papers indignantly 
repudiate the term siripea, as applied to 
their flag. They say they are bars and not 
start, and thay sing : 

* TU#bgj iftintk't tpabocr. ob. lunx ut*T H w«v«. 

O erthe Uuil gf (lur ftw. au4 lta«> h»oui itt ihg rUvc.** 

Hurrah for the stars and bars and the bars 
and stars ! I’ts ready made poetry. 

, John, when you passed himself off aa a Polish nobleman,,..,. ■ i * ® -'•“erican n*g nytng at ner peax, ana men j. m. Vaughm wa* re- alee lad Cl,irk f.>r th* Q^awt iudlgaaiiaw was maaifeaied bv the 

; 4 44 u - I M -u - , . , Government officers carried sword* only were about her, apparently engaged in ensuiug year when t ho uuh of orti.-« being *d- was maeiiewea oy ine 

kerandgrandfathet married a Notl.ugham, EagUod, clergy- when they were on duty, but our Govern- | stripping her. A Urge tent was al.o erect- (L YV oiUzens. The flag WMiakM down and the 

am, caugi>«uuv cicrjf/- wneQ iDfy were on duty, hut our Oorern* | stripping her. A large tent was also erect- minUtereJ by 
man’s daughter, aoi robbed him of ^ 2 , 000 . luenl cannot take their swordu away; if they ed on the shore. — .V. 0, Picayune, ^'itv t’oart, he > 

The clergyman had him before a police “"empted to the whole country would be in 4 ^ dnitM of h!» ofl 

® a revolution ” r* t* «• # Fbos. Re:iu^ . ... -m 

magistrate, in hopes of recovering his money , TommT “ *aiJ I •• il.u «• m FosTorriOBa. — The hrst poslor- Arms for the enduing yuAr. an I t.»uk the rt-quired 

“^hiM dAiitfliter'M diiRvrMt’A trAiihlAl him hut tm^ni m#* m tr ' •••* •* » u was established lo k rance in 1464; in oath of office b«ft>r« tixi. W . JibudUm, Jud^g of 

-ht* tiaughter s disgrace troubled btm but good state of affairs; will it never be bet- England in 1681; in Germany in lt>41; al- tb* City tWt. 

I ..mj — **’r. .1, u » AS I, though one authority attributes the author- Oo moiion, 

I®.J*hDsy Breckinridge is going to ‘ 1.?! L”®!®/ ^ L.s answer, ,hip of the modem postal system to the 

speak at Fdemmingrturg Monday. Las. where they are Uught%o7d*rtograX''/ 

summer and fail, when (bat gentleman was read he Bible. _ i hi, ..biects ihroueh the mftiliiim nf thair I ‘ Jin Ik 

man’s daughter, aoi robbed him of ^ 2 , 000 . 
The clergyman hod him before a police 
magistrate, in hopes of recovering his money 

('ily t’oart, he entered upon th« ctiachEr^ uf the ^d stripes raised initn sCend. 

daties of his office. - - — 

Tboa. Reiiu^h was re eUct^ Sgr^rant -a*- Corwin'f DfiDArturfi- 

purpose of facilitating an espionage over |y 

or- tJa motion, Meesr'*. ArmMroniic and thremll. 
the *PP ’ibted a i’oramitiee to ioform the bfijgnl 

th ^ .AlJ-irmon that the Common C^unc'1 ws< or- 
ganized, when said C-ommiiteg perfcrincii the du- 

Corwin's Depnrtnre- atii* wr tuia *i..tte**.i**n 

New Vrtaa Anril 11 HI Ciirwia A RT NOW SnCBtVIllW LA 

-V xw 1 OBK. April 1 1 — .winisier uurwin ^ ofreta* *»i Qn* 

leaves in the Cahawbe for llevaa* to-day, «n<i,« a lais* aad iiairiarma 

en rdute for Mexieo. nw mmmwsr 

MXX& rt7B.ivxgBzsra. 

P ill Egni:>^r 4 . bggS aaOa. 


larTM, 4 D<I oa kanwg atoa. 

OMirr MACHlNn-Omr^ mmwtwA ktain 
Sill IroikM. Icrvwg, lyrggaa* fialtlnt, PlggSm Fsrta 
Md K!U wtlelgg emraUT. 4 lam eoB on Oanfi* if 
vgrraetgd eosmI aaa'U ]^ mm fer salg ^ 

■MtiRgr A tRittirr. »*, urwh* •nem. 

^m mwm Mala aad tOa BSeeii 
«di dW fasaMwvUla. B e. 



At !•* WT Mala *L, tte** -laata Haiww 1 >*Wimi Bot I 

Ibalr XocR of rkina a»l Qnreaawarw Oe hatel **4 

MW BODKIUCRX. r* 4 * af uu, Poai. Chariaataa, 
1 Oaraii,.. " aid lUwIratdt 

•fine’s Lotlerj’ Office. 

“R sum ef one hundred end fifty ihousend when hie talented nepbew,,in' response to a 
dollar* for the support of the Provisional Ouv- request from the Hon. John Young Brown, 

Tsi. - 1 - 4 , (I - c — 1 I u 4 I Lis subjects through the medium of tbrir ' On motion, M**«r«. Orartll atwl Ouliney war* sziled to-day with sealed order*. 

JapHne'se speiU*of a Bible* **"*** * ® | cotrespondenoe, and also for the purpose of appointed a cotnn,ittoo to wait uiwn^ibo AUv.w 

enriching himself by the profits of the en- and iofiirm liiin *f tka orcanizatiiin of Ihe it.>aid. 

Two Imperial soldiers were present and terprise. The first posts in America was "Len tho cr.mmittee, haring fjer.’ormed teridniv! 

ana stars; i i. rwauyj.^* poc.r,. implored to speak to preserve the Union ; Ants, also, was tuenrs. time 1 fieard a cotrespondenoe. and also for the purpose of spp.inied 

The Texas State Oazrit. .ays that when his own *1®®'®® Virginia had Tw^lm^ri.! «®Miers were present and T^e^t^s/poris wh'lnrtrcc'm 

Hon. 8 . Han offers the Soothem Republic pledged his word thal he would speik; witness to the conversation. esiablishel in New V^rk in 1719, under the ™P"f'®d » •"« 

“a sum ef one hundred and fifty thousand when hie talented nephew,.in response to a As may be expected, the sad fate of Mr. Colonul Government. In 178‘J the direction 

dolUre for the eupport of the Provisional Qov- request from the Hon. John Young Brown, of the postal business of tha country was B.wrd ti^t h« 

4p.. 4..4.„„ «u. u.. 4i4 .. . 1 .. tt; r.zrsi's 

jMCmlllC/ o LiUtCvlj AJlllUCs ed nlUmtioa U (be foci tknl tka Soatknra 

pBOPRVRb AT THI oiA wiaND, OB voURTR State*, frem aeU aad climate, enanot expect 
t N-w-atw. IA* w asomo tbWvlb um * 1 . fc, mtmulmuanmg Stetew It is contrary 

W irVJT It' U M UflT C'T ^ BBtoTBi IBWS te txpeet it. They rMson 

Vf JjO 1- £j IvIy UU i.lldij, that it ie fer Ih* Beuih te roue the eottea 

t *T» VAflADzi nmiaw ~ n .** oouiw t* raaae iwe eottea. 

„po„ moderate terms.” Bu. un- did at Lexington authorize that gentleman ^ iasejurity prevail . andthe Ministers " A??ha^^ .Vm; .her?:#;. Z tC.r^tra Al::^l^;th‘‘' 1^:^^^ 

I^Th* Hoaorables A . H Stephen* and ■ forlunately lhat Government is not supported to ask him to epeak, be was mute as an of England, Franca and Holland have al- 75 postoffice* in the Union; in 1826 there fariwd to tb* Commit t*« on Election.. 

. H. Hi’J, ia rseeat tpecchc*. have direct- j upon moderate term# oyster. Now, however, when his speeches re»d7 ®® '‘Lout to retire, to Yoko- were6.C77; At the commencement *of 1869 Mas-rs rrabuo ami .lefforiu.n appoarpl and 

J - 4 .._.! .. . .. . . _ . I i 4. I 1. ... 4i.. II-: u- hama or Kanagawa Oul7 Mr. Harris re- ; ij,ere 28 573 formed this Board of tho orh-anuiiionut tho Uoard 

* are calculated (0 break up the Union, he ' 'L®®* “8,5,3. 

An ill-Baturad Hecetsioniat who .... main# on fits post, and with him is .Mr. A. | •- — -a 

. ’ , suddenly raises his voice and will cry aloud Postman, as interpreterand secretary, who, ‘ Philadelphia paper illuftrates a 

a all th* telegraphic dispatches, ,nd spare not. That is the love be has for having already been Com. Perry’s clerk and ; cunning phase of ewell-mobism In a 

LATE VACARO HOUSE, , . , ' . . „ 

MdeMETket, bM.rourthkFiftk. **® ■®»“fr®*«®« 8 l iw RngtoBd- 

A preB 3 of matter h%« orowJgd out j game poaitioa, to this country. 1 do not ! young man, evidently a stranger, p^e^UTaed, I c*d wgra odupigd for th# guYirniugnt of iha pr< 

■ nUEK8 E t»„ PrORilctorB. W*®tLtew SteUR, and expect 

nrB WdOUiBRRPROrrVLLTlRfOBMRUrOR. * teOBtry distent from throe to five 

jLti!£:v:^uL"air:u'sr:^^ .hte*..d maM fr*. th*ir poru u do thi., 

f..m.Bt,y right « .h*ir door, 
ammwos^^i^ te g. W. have seew that they have adopted the 

‘*®** »Lile th* United States have 

i.ttJti.Oyllll'i’'**** **’'® •*“ hdopted Iha Merrill tariff, which ia eoasid- 
'■i^^aaamfo ■^imT****** ******** seahly highar. It is soppoaed by this ineans 

believes ell th* telegraphic tlfrpn'nLrt. That is the love he has for having already been Com. Pe 

refers to the interpretation Douglas gave to | the Union. Dutch interpreter during hie 

the Inaugural, and asks how is it now. If I . T , , , R®®o>np»niod the Japanese t 

..... ... press of matter has crowded out same position, to this com 

he means by ,f the .nt.rpretation, it .. just j , 

*<,« it was before. We don’t know about the , ^ the conduct of the other ] 

Inaugural. It may mean something differ- , ^ , , ,, » n , 1 , „ i ongLi to know best what tl 

* ^ ' * lucky Senate from Ihe counties of Bath and , 1 ,,.,^ country may requirt 

CD every ay. ^ ^ ^ Bourbon. W« Hball, nt oa early a day oe American, i feel proud tha 

W^The Irrepressible* North say it ie possible, ley it before our reAlert, and sUnds alone and unshaken, 
time to let us know that we have a Govern ,olicit their careful attention to It, as a There can be no doubt tl 

of Aldermen. 

Dr. Ui'nald presentgil a |kgtiti«>n from lhgc%>m- 
miRkionerA of the rt>ur?hou’«e, a>king to have ihg 
ar !(€ eant nv>m furni>he«l. wh ch woa refigrred to 

roate lur .nexioo. | OlnJBiMMVP AMA 

a - ^ w A BnUMla and PtgigU VmLsm U«okS««f Uimms and hem 

of tuO FOCkhOnUU. - lerma Wgtwr tog*«rM.Ti*Bki Ov«n mB • 

Nortoik, April 10.— Th* PooAhontRS | S'jte *‘ 1,^** ”* * ** ’'' * 
iled lo-dRy wiih scRlod order*. ^ 


wacuokU asm antk& Moung tn 

Thr Mucxtaiss ALL Riour. — .k citizra of ^uici>y DDihinV UllhlCC 8k I* 1 
hilley county say* that eunaty giva* lillidRl, Dli.'traUT, HlnCO, fifrls*' 
tout 1,600 vote A aad that out of that Mnrkm ■*«.. mtevo Reteh. eerth mUm, 
imber, tho Disunionists will not got over Mm<ttf LorisrnxR rt. 

10 vote., if Ihtu Uf ih.M ,CUH r».C 9 i.B. i>avi» 

er* are about 600 Democrato, btu the Die- _ n a m 

lioaist* are like hen’s leeU. ±1. 1? erg^USOIl SC SOIl,^ 

Knox county gives about l.tlOO votes W »t laa> H an* Rmati fiaaNr* (a 

kis county has not ons hundred Disunion- f-* ~^^T T FIL.OXJII; 

niTH out noon !iY>mTH ot vaiiur. 
Laurel eounly givee aboat 1,0(M> velee, tCfilfififii. 

Dutch interpreter during his Htay in Japan, i fashionable church in that oily last Sunday, ha Co mmittee on Fablic i\>rk< 

b was rg- I aboul &U> Democrou, bni the Dio* 

, unionist* are like hen’s teeth. 

1 ami io- I Knox county gives aboul 1,000 votes 
tho Uuanl { This oounty has not ons hundred Dieunion- 
ieis in it. 

i Lruv *1 eoualy gives about 1,000 veto* 
;Jwred to eiitRen ol thi* county says there ar* bnt 
® on* or two Disunioniota iu that eouuty. 

accompaniod the Japanese Embassy, iu the ; a very genlleman-Hke, faultlessly attired Un mothm. i>m rula. KcvominK th* last l’ 4 mn- | Harlan county c**'» about I,0U0 votes. 

M*l at wm*a, UaB4«,OL;ar>, ale. 

B^W* laa^asiMllr aatlrH «*• tetaaaaBa sT tte 1 
laRas saS sV tte saBiic la senatnl. 
aasesw * JaOOB rRIRBB • no 

& maBjratAir, 

vwaam alb arb brtril lbalbr ar 

time to let us know that we have a Govern elicit their careful attent 
ment. Good people have seldom known iu gp,*ch well worth perusal, 
j this country lhat they had a Oovernraent; ’ 

! beeause they have never felt it. We eball M%..l eflerson the First has made areqiii- 

stands alone aud unshaken. stranger pronounced the resp.inses eonor- 

TUere can be no doubt that a party (it ously, sang ia a beautiful tenor, aad was 
may be a large party) exists in Japan, who apparently very devout. The moment. 

A New Drstri'ctivr Mi-ulk. — B y invi 
tation of the inventor, we witnessetl yester- 

and aboat ’-‘o UtsuaioaistA ’ J. H. MONTCa^OMERT. 

Frankfort Commonmealtk. Mterchamt TrUoT. 

■ . jBrnMsoy ST, BKT. rmBo a.xd mrurm, 

•OuTke annual meeting of tho laioa v ratr a lauhb bur-rub cuytRiB*. mam iR 
Agricultural Sooiety for Maoou ami Biwek. .LL*:S!.yA 

on eouatiea, was held ia uermhatoBB, April mv*‘*v< 2 ssjb 

•i'L. i 8 tii. 

tkat tkay will receive imports ehaaper than j BOt have a Government ambitious to have eition oa oerlain Southern States for addi- 

I in tkc Mertharn Rtetes. This might be ao 
if there wee not aa additional export duly. 

Uonal forces. Forces seem to he a weak 

look on the presence of foreigners as an | however, the benedietion was pronuuaoeJ, l!.®^ some experiments with the St. James | 
intrusion. It is very natural that they ' Le was up and out of the church door, and '* ®'°" 8 ''*'>' ‘‘"“Ll^ | 'L® ®n#uin| 

should, and it may be a long lime before ‘Le damsel cculd only explain his haste ®Lambered bomb shell. (>ue chamber is, Heary 8 , 
theirprejitdiceswiil beovvreome. Yeddo, | "Lcn ibe dimiovered her prayer-book. ’/A 

like all other large otiies, has among iu worth $ltl. stolen, a breadth of her dress ‘'•o'f'*®!'®® I PrMidente. 

The following panooj ware tUale4 for 
i enawing yaor: 

rW Oote oatgTO. If 1 Oowg ag| tOg grtkclg mgftg g| 
I 4g ttm a «0gv% tlMh lOaggafigaattfai— urtwi 

natlu, CkBRlawM ka4 TeaUaga, 

Heary Bmoot I’rostdsot. Wm Denghorty, w* 

ipi. A. Owens, and Dr 8 . U. flavago Vie* lotevcfom 

hick I «ni a*h* a, I* laSir. Aa* te f *ar manna 
nslv* **• a fotraaov. *»>*■*■» cammm *• ta* rStw 
> k«v clBtlitM wtB *• w*R M ,|.* ma * <*U tofote 

The New York papers have more wsr ! ®^ 'L® Boutbern Aut.craoy. 

IN*) Jtegf j »aka up tka diffaraaoa, oc tfcoi ; aews tkii morniBg. Lineuln has been Jia 

like all oiacr large oiiiea, h&a among ita . woria wi*', swien, a oreadio of her drrsR 
pupulalion a large number of reckless, low j ®“' cleau across and her porteuiounaie 
characlers. If a man of a certain rank gets ■ abstraotad. 

WRtra H#Riry Oiiaal«B. , . . . 

100 ?- *j** RRcbivbi brb iitbambb R j * ®G11 heavier apoa lb* Southern Slates. | 
’‘BRAAib-'^jrcB^^itR. Mortken maBBteetures and BMohiBary, to 
— ^ L* need ia the eottea Md sugar Stelae, keve, 

_ WotdBm. in tke Dbaob, paaeed Sontk witkont mv duty 


lu a r eta l eai ir .ai le lArir tewaaN. amd luuar’m whBtCTcr. It was the most complete free 

u etem^f ^ ^ trad* poBribl*. Bearing ia mind tke reBBsrks 

*®"*^ ’"**“®*“’QLSte^a^ra£kMr* cffMeser* Hill Md StapkeB* tkat th* Boqtb- 

IM ^terite Jte m Ml **■ ■*“*• ta tkeir very nature solely Bg- 

Omwt, rteBltaral, ar taratak Mly tk# rww material. 

TWO BTtjBY BRICA HuCBC. IB A SOOD OMBOt b* taMufreturiug Stetet, we find 

Ikere is Rule ar no real advMUge. j p.tchiug end talking The Tribune 

I Aaetker bat, alee, Briea* which wiU mak* ' Herald know all about it. Washington 

The only acts of tho .Administration - . country do not allow him to earn I ,„r. iiuuiin,, oi lasucnes- vu,,...., » u uewib **u . n rrvno*. 

tune and ii,,t h,„ been discovered is the political hU living by working. If he ha* noUheei:- ' I®/'’ “‘“P,®?,*''*’ **‘'* ‘** ''"“''* ®*"**® The burning powder igaite* the fluid, which /V.rtor./or Hroctew-W fl. Harrod, Jao. f 
rtonislo ax .7r« to do m i/t^rel he is thro« is so rapid aud destructive lhat we really H. Bond*. Joo. DouiphM, W H. ReyMlde, .a 

I ton. — Inrielt and ofterh^lmta an ntX.Tl ®®®®‘“''®“. 7 ®' we Lave »>®»«®®»Latif aixof them were fired into UMiel Byar, Dr. A. U. FoUock. Dr. J. T. ’ 

do done g|,0r They have got a quack doctor in "®blo of doing any^dhsperate do^. Ver^ the largest vessel it would be utterly impoe- Bradford. 

out of oHiue or loses his property, the laws 

The Ker. Mr. Hunting, of Manches- 

burnlog fluid The p .wderia to be igoiled >’«w Ihrttt^* for .IfuMW— Dr. A. Wall. A. 
hy meais of a p«r;u.Hsiuu cap. which, of KiUgcre, Jaa. B. CUybroeh, Dr J A. Cs 
ooutse, burets the shell *i soon as it hits an burn, Wm OhancalUr, Sam’I FurmAh, Mr). 
object, or hy means of a fuse as other shells. K L Lewis aad J B Froaoh. 

JaBhnaw atr***, fe*t 

J M. »M4T<>dsaBU. 
!*•*■ Thtm an* Voanh. 

be taken, and other dreadful deedi 
Hunt verrvm, Mr. Richie need to say. 



cam* ta* var*— wanrsa>.| tejawO wiKtn 
URHRT RBVmiOrs CgtelAaay i 
cIStea fifth 4I-. liAw.ia Jatetaaa ate 

jail at Burlington, Vt , not for murder, 
which would give the case a professional air, 

,f#°oT.iu\ui v**oriut*afIe/ New Englaad clergy were only to blame for ••Lie to save it from destruction 

i-,. .— 4 ,nU 4 ,f ..•-tils 4 .\ - 4 , 4 .. 4 ,» ; wer* obit to Diame lor .. James K. Kaekley was sleeted Seeretery, 

if so^cLmpan'\edV»»‘®ongguerA uotdiecussing politic# with more vehemence The principal point In he tested yesterday James C. Savage, Treaenrer, Md Capt. J 


V. 4 Rite Cfo manroi la ihrir haWacN, aaid Bauar i»- 
Urite BteeBam Tka rrmWoinc mrtinn retata Ih* 

Th# Hon. J. C. Breckinridge has ] i,at fur pelil larceny,* crime unbecoming e the**oth*r^*i/s'ier#'*have been 'Lon they had, and endeavored to be satiri- j wm whsihsr the explosion of the powder B. Harris, Marshal 

TguigvOle. Jga. fi. Mil 

•eaaral appoifilMOfili to apoak in tke Stale, nedical man. Tfie fellow, who ealle bioi* a''**"* ****^ cally sharp upon ike press for coBdemniag would ignite the To test thia *Mr. St. Tha meeiiag odjourmod to moai namt 

Meamt Simms Moor# and Porter are also self Dr. Taskar, is the same scamp who has .he street after dark and our unfortunate jLe spirit exhibited by Hunting and hi* Ilk. James had two miniature shells made, about Saturday, th# 13th day of Ap^ a* whiek 
/ ■ A figured in T»riou 8 parts of (he country ag nt«.nw » tim- nrjB^rf hv Mr H«r more to promote morality i*chea m diameipr One of them was time oU ike itookkoldera of tka Impraoa- 

owt far epcockos. The Precipitators are 4 *ihe oalebrated Scotch, English and Indian ®®"f'°n 'Lan many of tho New England placed in a small pile of shavingi, a ftiao ment Company are respecttally invited to 

doinc<kBir beet. The Union men should be Physician,” a compound of nationalities , ® ,, ,.r . > “ clergymen do, the devil would drive over was inserted in the snell and set fir* to. in .,.-.,4 

Bhicb muri constitute a rather potent mix- Pf®P ® ‘7. ‘I?"**'/ *" 2? 1/ “'L® l-d of the Pilgrim.” i. . eoael Z, • niinute the bomb bur. 1 , making a report *“®"'*- 

“ - , 4 tnve Ui his advertisements he was aoeus- . ./* ,® ? ’,l i ^ 1 ta hand, with th* Rtvamd Mr K— — and nLout as loud as a pistol, and in the twink- R|^Th* PriBC# of Walo* hM beon mad* 

g|^(?*atiiisiioB*rs hav* been appointed boMi that he could “prescribe for _ *® ^®' "*“• ®*“ * the Hevermd Dootor P for outriders. H»R of *“ eye the whole pile of shaving* Colonel of com* Cambridge military yonng 

by Virginia to Mk Lincoln what be U paiieDls hundreds of milee off as well M if 7® “'®®®n»'»‘ was assassinateu a »n*rt Bouton Pott was in a blaze. The rame experiment wm gentlcmaa. 

Roin. to do. Don’t think he knows whet ihoy were present ’-a sl.tement which, '*‘*'?®®.7“.“ ‘‘*® "^.rrr.“.L a. . — . . . Died th. Mooad time with like lucemm 

u to 1 riB/i 4 »f anma information on very likely, was no more than the simple ®®n hardly be expected that the Gorerntncht I^^No Slate tax is to be levied in Illinois This point wm then Milled to tho satis- _ , _. 

He would be gUd ot eome in formation on 7^ 7. P protect foreigners better than their for the next two years; the accumniation of faeiion of ail who wiiaes-ed it. Tbe TelwertOB TtIrI 

. . 1 - . 4 - ■ own people In their houses, and at dny- the SinkUg Fund for paying off the Stale We understand that Mr. 8 i. James intend*, < ’"“•w a ubbat dial MCITlMBBr 

Beweral appotatmewU to *pMk in Ihe State, medical man. Tbe fellow, who ealls him- „-_,4 over and over araio not to he in ®***7 »Larp upon the press for condemning would ignite the fluid. To test this .Mr. St. 

O. Moor* and Porier are alio »elf Dr. Taskar, is Ihe same scamp who has ,x- , 4 ,-, 4 ,-x „„f„ri„o^ 4 , ‘Le spirit exhibited by Hunting and hi* ilk. James hod two miniature shells made, about 

Meotes. Simms, Moor* and Porter are also the etreet after dark, and our unfortunate promote morality fi®» i«cLee in diameter One of them wm 

cBt far epcecke*. The Precipitator* ar* “the celebrated Scotch, English and Indian was many a ime urge 7 ®- ®®‘ and roligioa than many of the New Englond pieced ia a small pile of shavingi, a ftiM 

d^iwA^ir boat. Tka Unioa mea shoald be Pbyticiao,” a compound of nationalities ris no o go ou a nig olargymen do, tke dofil would dri to o?er was inaerled in the poell and »o4 fire to. ini 

warwed. which must ooneliluie a ratker patent mix- Pf®P ® ®®“ ® 'w ® ® 7® **“"* * I “'ho iMd of the Pilgrims” ia a eoaeh, four • minute the bomb burnt, making a* report 

r.«4,r ^ 

*••*' Oeneaui 

I ®W® CAM-flJ 

Ld miTH a*re>uam*aUT** hasAaiiqiB 
t ttBnJom matfron, ot nedi. m w*B mV 
. A^#m^ m M.jtzs tUMmrmt. _ _ j 


aMI TSMB Po.Mvwi mt C.ate** 8 «ma 
I . m Mm Loot hu**r, , 

Eusmt B 

tkat bN »t tkaa* Brtielea tkat kave com* to 
duty m«Bt mw pnj tk* duty. 

Ui bis advertisement* he wa* aoeu*- 

going to do. Don’t ikink ke know* what, they were present ’—a ntatement which. 
He would h# gUd of some information on »®®7 "koly, was no more than tbe simple 


The New Orleans Delta advlBss the 
cents by Ihe Confederate 
with the 

Tbe TelwertOB TrUtl 

O iLcumn CUT a>D PUT bowb wna .brat- 

ogM ga*t otnaiRh gt 

_ HkNEy BBTRoOTil Cph 4 >mi*rv SMfe, 
MWdBm rinam.. »>tw»« * -i 


jy, “** v*»‘ M j »««*••»«,» miK •m^Wt*«ow - 
Shwtm at OTTTT *»-crt,CM wmBo aa# **•#. aB *M* “ 

w*> « will MMeetaia* Met ONiinvt «a* th* >*rT ixm 

■i n emmimiQ. TtefoBMAnrimMA >MM«lmm* teE 

M foBD* aomharr ta Lftaa.llA* hat m 

•cVOni rota iz., Ogtag>me(gArgaa ami Hmm 

O LE ruunrcRB BwautaR r m tu w . abb 

Vwaabm wl,h it-hi.,..* ta* dfoinlca at 

^ “•‘i.hY UBYB.«r» c *a te » «oy *m»m . 
_wN i Wm Plft h h*>w.># J «ihrma «a* detom. ^ 



tPYF S* Kra> enm* Utaaov 0*aat* Bater . ^ 

adviBss the '•'“® •“ the Mreeta, 1 tbiak there is no dobt bayoed the am-junt falling due, and by permis-Hion of 3eo 
eral* States g®«®' danger for life. All assauk* on for- the reveaue from atook ia tha Coatral Rail- several of the shells of 

el ion of ail who wiiaes-‘ed it. • wivsz awm snat M tm*b*mntr**Laa*d*aa*'*H#(^ 

We under-tandihAt Mr. 81 . James intend*. ( V m 

rignern have taken place in the a 
at ni|^t (be honse* of tb* Foreig 

ro*d will defray all the expenses of lke and teat ibeni at Fort Morgan 
ini«tfr« I Stete Government. I VoMt T, 

Clemens, to make Uina Uau, lt»t kmiiski oai tv 
eight inch diameter, “i® . 

N 'RW TBaa-wb UAVa oLwr ufuai 

* lYMk meelT at ta* racIcMt mark 

<tn*a Tms Nl *cm i foam tlw auj* ham 

tv . Be MThfodw 

L-MO BALB 8 OARCW BBCtlvaD PBB u*aM*^a w. lavim .ita-at 
|H||jk|^n BMBMCT a SOM. I mm 

Clailn democrat. 

jrAlUXS* A»l> rOkLIAUEV Bl 


OAaa -EaMt sul* 'I'bird HtMot, b« t »>— n 

MVimriLl.B, BT.i 
rmiSAT MkWNOKli APUL u. ua. 


Tk« C«*(m 1 CoBBiUee *f th« Cuon 

J«tA«ra<mTille Itenu- AuiUAemeau. UAiu or Bhius, peace ur «Ar, tlrod d 

he celt eemi aoaual meeltag of the Thiatib.— dr miAtizAlion of UickeoB' gellrry is crowded «iih customers. Whj 
Clark Cuunlj Sa^ibath Bebool Assccialioa ebarmiag siory — “.V Meeaege from the Aaswer — Kcoause Hired uiakes his pictured CRfllU 

will be held at the Presbyterian Cburoh, ia Sea” — wa^ the Iradiug pWee at the theater goo.J ,ad »t good pricet. 11101*1 

Jeffersi'BTille, c...BW)enriaf i^eduMday, Iasi fight, and with the acting, which was . ,„.ri , . , v j 

• ,, , , » ,1 w iajrPitnaged bools and shoes at suction Ij’ I \ 

AprillTih, at 7 * o’clock p. w All ready eT.ellent, made one of ihebestlhiags *> , T I a 

* . 1 ,, 1 f .• by order of underwriters; also, ty order of ^ Jl-a a. 

Sabbath dcbeois in the eonaty are iDTited. we base s-en on the boards for atuie lime. . ,u , , , . u .v 

^ — .V „ . . I 1 u • L a-“tgnee, the balance of a grocery slock this 

g®_The ladies of the Hpiscopal Church To as ereryboily knows, is the , ,V 

1 e \i <-< ' 1 . 1 . moiuiDgat li) 0 clock at ihe auction room* 

wdl tire a grand fesirml at Keigwin At Ew eTinlful erening of Mr Carey s benent, “ o,. „ „ , t i 

® ^ . j 1 - ofMebBni. o U. Uearv ^ ( o. Two uorbes, ti j i 

IMS MftU. M XaoBdUT oYMiBc B»Hi. Ike blU ike biil preseBieU cuubiuts eurftououii , ' UAn 

im%m ABU, 9m abbmbj btbbibi sexs . . a * ii- i * l. e dray Bui harness will be sold in front of HCU I 

proceeds to be JeToted to the church. The enough to tempt b blind man to the scene. 

* a. . . a a Buouon rooms. 

object U lauiBble and we trust that our A great tragedian, hitherto unknown to aiV|*o T% 

ciUtena will take an interest in it. A fame, but one who will make his mark, and Keibishiso. — - kt the Capitol Drug Store, 1 HIS XJ 

glorious time may he shUcipAted. a black one at that, as Othello, has been un- oppojite the postoQiee, may be obtained 

RECEIVEDlaOTHlNG! CUITHING! sprineGoods! iwi. 

VII. Ji 



Spring Goods! 

F L A U N T ) E R J. f. MnHEHHIi i 

ciUtena will take an interest in it. 
glorious time may he anticipated. 

A prisoner was brought in from I earthed for this especial occasion, and al- 

KElBiiBUid. — .kt the Capitol Drugstore, 
opposite the postoQiee, may be obtained 
pure carbonated mead and seda waier, made 

Red Snapper Fish! 

This Day, April 12, ’61! 


Between Second and Third, 

r*»hiotuibl** A<>ortfn'-Bt of 

y wiU mmi ikw (FritUy j oouBiy ob Tuesdny night on thorBil- ready the excitement runs high. 8 «e this At the counter is dis- TABLE E’UOXE- 

M tko office #f Jaaies Speed, £* 4 ** road, ile was sentenced for a term of years I dar, who is undoubtedly oue of star tling tonic bitters, which, in the soda, 

at MTen and n half o’clock. 

I for counterfeiting. 

gi^A lot of stolen properly is in poses 


makes a delightful drink for dyspeptics and 

Miss Jennie Hight alto, tired of letting The most pure banana, sarsapa. 

I'clkxk. at SO k'KDtn por poiaon. 

MISCELIAMT. | sion of Officer jjhn liirker, soppoeed to l»®r friends speak for her, appears in a rilla, pine apple, orgea*, hymen, nectar and | 

CloTolaad lolegrapha from Washing | ttelong to pariits in LmuTille. The prop speaking character herself, and lakes Ike wine sirups may also be obtained. j __ 

torn, “aa order wai ioiiaod yooteiday for the | arty will he delirered if iudenlibtd by the part in which she male such a bit at tier 


i.f Tlilitl •ii'l Jef!**nioii 

Diairtct militia to asoomble UiiamorniBg for rightful owners. 

I— irotTiTTTn aad, aa t kaaa auuUiiac, it was : 
■Bwonaood that OoworaBewtdouaadod sixty 
wolnateort from oaeh battalion to go into ! 
iBBodiote oorwioe. Tko complement of men 
vao goaorally furaiohod; bwt Baay ro ! 

Mtstebiui s DisAri-E.iBAa. a — A gentle- 
man named William Matheraon, from Mon- 
liecllo, Arkansa*, disappeared on Tuesday 

* ^ ^ i with foul play, as he bad about hia person 

li«Md, oapiMthU they would not he plBBd i^^ 

* f *• ^ forced to fight agains j other Berohanis from his oeciion to 

ikoir aoaatrymea. It iofeaerallj Mp&tosed . . i i.- # • j j 

^ . pureka«ie g*>odp, and hm friends are ready 

ikeae aampaBiao will, for tke time beiDg, be u « « •••!.«. 

“ • !0 return home, but ore waiting with much 

aagafod only oa duty alikoir arcoriet at • , . s: ^ .i. ■ n- v 

^ ^ ^ ABX'Oty to nad ihrir companion, iiie bag- 

but alwvyt lo bo ready OB call. Thir v , , m i «w 

^ gi^e roBixias at the hotel. When he left 

shows that the Presidmtthas apprehensions | remarked that he was going up 

an iaeas.oB of ths Capital. town, but would shortly raluin. ’I hepolire 

Ilooari. Fortylk, Crawford, and , i • i. 1.1 1 • ■ ! 

_ , ^ ^ ’ * OB weineed«y Bight, 6 earcbed and inquired 

Eoman, tke SceeoMOB Comniseionerfl, have , , , ^ • 

V r nt 1 . 1 hi A l®® “PP®® Portion ot tke city, 

lofl WaekiBgtoB forCkarUstoa and Moct t. . 1 . •> 

* kt OBe koiiee, tke proprietress said a gen- 

fOBory Tuesday satisfied, to use tht 

dftut — Esmeralda, in the “llunchbaok of 
Notre Dame.” All the rest of Tom Carey’s 
chickens will appear. 

Krom a glance at the box sheet, in which 

We adrise our readers, who are in I 
want of fine carpels, curtain goods, and 
house furnishing articles, to attend Mr. C. 
C. Spencer’s rale of Mr. J. 0 . Mathers' 
stock, which will be continued this morning 




—AND — 





(i.aTK MK- M. A. o-njN.NoK) BPRIZEO SUITS! 


cuhtofiierh *eneml!y th»t her iht« «•»■>. n U ,4 l.AI.'dE ASSORTMEXT OF FiXE 

tt» 4 U t-ver Eviur*-; «UaU, bavtibc all b**ru 

•rening, and it is feared that he bad met I seats arc taken, we predict afternoon. We are requested to Bay 

^ M I u A 1 .- i the fullest house of the beaeon. . . , . . . a. 


Mr Bontinell sang *- Hrighteat Eyes ' wor- 

FifMch arxl Drfv* Ti ItumliiKS of rrvry 

vAiiftv A’fi • tiRre-ik u(-w ae«tirti« BuDiivtv, 

>Wiw»*rH. IUHl-i>iiF> tU'i Fi*a(li*TV. 

Lh<li«ii v»ul i.tniillfii rt*^liltnt< lit the conitiry, who may 
ttiMt ll tucoo* cith-bt to vivtt L*ol«vtlW*, can rviy on the 

tba* the p»anc<J will be aolJ at lirecisely four FreMch KmH'Ol.leriea an^ Dreva TilmmlUft of erery 

Thb .Misical Ft XP CoBCKBT — The con- 

0 clock I* M to lay. U* .it l/ie IUHl^'i FeaUi.-ra. 

C*Tt last night wa^ oue »»f the mo-^t brilliant .. Lh.ii.- au.l I.tmiiu-a rt-l.lln« in the conmry. who may 

® la A, i. a I ntnlU luco 4 i»eLl*’iit to vlvlt leHiIjivilW*, can rely on the 

and pleasing yet gi»en by the Musical Fund ^ Fabfl \ to. A liw dajs ago we „»i r, 

Society. The programme inelud.d a capital -'asually dropped into the eit cneive factory Strict and Punctual ExeCUtlOD 
earieiy if classic musie, audit is tupcrilu- firm, situated on Maiden Lane, and r«Hlti.tInTVn’ir^i!T.i-r* i.. 'frs Ti 7 iur**»tlt ana rnl'm 

one to eny that it was mast admirably were astonished, as well us pleased, at the T-X^F^mK 

execute J. Mr Itisbop sang a baritone eHen' of 'b* concern, which occupies a full «'“_*> mrz^ 

passage by SiigeU-lsolini -in fiae tasle tcre of ground, ami turns out ’JO. imjo pounds MAHBLE W ORKiS 
and efliCt, and wa.» acooidid an encoie soap and :;oO boxes of csii lies per week. | » 

Mr Bontinell sang *• Hrighteat Eyes wor- '*'■ fahel i* a thoroughly man, jjg JEFFERSON STREET, 

\m m mw 

Black and Fancy Vests. 

strict and Punctual Execution 







Xffo. S 48 Market Street, | ^ 

XVo. 348 market Street, j 





umi.Mjsmhm vsKmrj.'Yutut 

oa. u»r. asPAAsen eowpAwr. 1 nmht*. c««, 

c™?AfeIP.A«®,A? Kas iiSxAsci c«; .f 

0 .™ .’»* ISSBAAICI conrAxi. ^ s« 

conrAiT. .i s 4 *tS 


Pkihuielphia. wms-ABi, m 




I u)ua raonm-T aoJinTE) asD faib hku. 

PBATBBB * UimOLAS^, Ar-nto. 

-»». 4n MAW STXaWT. OT»« wilmw a F*TBL .iu tlHa 



ixiR rraiFYLV) tue Bua>D. Axo fua ihb 
r .oe«ar mn or th. m iain .4 .f IMm,« 

No. r? MtlN 8 TREI.T. 

thy of himself. Mr Dolt.nger s tine tenor established in Loiiiaeille Kr ; 

lemaa ( iafe. but she would not admit ‘ 'wo pieces he D““''‘’«“ yc»rs. and l\,r the last s.x.een 

i.orisvjj LE, A*r. 

Uac«^* nf oae of them, that “Vi, can he *‘“8 

BBk. wBhing nwt ofthisOoTcrnmenl. ^.ew a hou*. down town They drore oQ | *W »ianc 

Thwy rwgard the crime as at hand. | be*nac 4 uirtd j *““* "> 

Oa Moalay aorniag last, ia New I I Moran Ilall. 

Oa Moalay aorniag last, ia New 

Tofk, Sa-M»yor D. F. TioBann was thrown — - ■■■-■ . 

froB his eaniage and rery seiiousiy in- H*-* Fee»i»u. Ike feed wkick j m Louissilie, 

jawed. The npirited horse which he wa^ *“ Harrisburg, PeensyWania, to Pres - 1 thus speaks of it 

dririac tank fright and ran ngaiaet a laaf 'dent Lincoln and his parly, including n | Vesterdav. we referre 
pwat aad threw Mr. TiaBwan orer the dnsl. Legislatire commitieen en, 

hoafd to a dietaace of neariy iweaty feat *** “>* 

Ba Brack aa his head aad haads ia a pile cl " *" 

Ba«.frw. which he was tokea np iaaatate •" Select Committee, who 

af iaaMatbi'i y matter in their keeping, hare just 

The Washington S'ar eaye • There •*»<!« ‘R***- report to the Legislature, which 

Maatoacoraay doaht bat that it U the =<•>'*>»« '>>ese items, comprising the aggre 
parpaaa of the reeestioaists to make ih. <*l« of what the frolic cost the people of the 
oaeaBoa af aendiag food to Major Andcraot, Keystoae : 

. . , .» „ • OwrtMS Hire- - 178 SC 

la aa anaraed veesel the excuse for firing :i n o - si c .i.tior ,ui iiuiei v: m 

the Saaihera heart aad preeipiiaung tbr l s r, c ,iamiu.c-su« .pi.v» i 4 onui 

Varda r States iato resolutioa. TeuL..._ jiTiTtii 

......Licat Talbot returned from Charles- What the twenty gentlrn.en, who com 

tea to Washiagtoa, aad reports that he w.- prised the party, indu’ged in, the bill ren- 
MA pvBtaed to return to Fort Sampiar nn Jered does not explain, but it is quite 
laai ho would drclnre that hs bore orderr -tTident that they had something else than 
for its eTaenaiion. Re replied that hir ‘ hog and hominy,” wuhed down with old 

Qg year- has occupied his present premises 

gtf Kanc sPauoramaisalcautifulwotk ”>* factory is subslanlially constructed of 
art. and niehllv draws full houses to contains all the ueual, but latest 

' Marble sMoriUiiieiits, 

07 -art 11 x 11 imjiroTeJ, maohiaery aaJ apparatus fwr , >-'lV/ A-flUiiuilil. I 

This panorama has nerer before been making soap and candles— a steam engine, ■ V ’ 1 I t 

h.biled in Louis.ille, The New York Mr«ulic presses, molds, presses, ^o lUarUlC lUDlelS, 
erald thus speaks of it : ^ iwenty-seren persons j 

Yesterdav. we referred to ibis s.ilendld 'I** departments of the factory, , VI !l T hlf» I Ig ‘1 t! ft It* 

ngainet a lasf "’=‘"“'“8 • Yesterday, we referred to this splendid uepanmenis oi me laciory, 

over the dnsl. tottf** doien cf Legislatire commitieen en, nnd unique exhibition, and cannot now pass which has the repuiat on of making the 
nas no tmall set cut, if the hill of fare was orer it nuboui Bdreriing to its perfeciion of very best of star and pressed and mold 

andi in nnilerl “ l“*“ 7 ie» *» was the bill for the ****'‘‘!’„‘‘* m tisiic excellence, RLd the German, palm, olire, oreide and 

aaos IB a ptle cl . o • c exquisite beauty and fidelur which perrade , 

eanpiaantate *cc ’.n figures. The Select Committee, who e„,-y «.ene, and impart a life like riridness common soaps, and lard oil. Indeed, we 
had the matter in their keeping, hare Just lo the whole. All the Tableaux depicting speak by the card as to their excellence, 
eiTS- • Theie •*»<!« ‘R***’ report to the Legislature, which Ur. Kane’s royage to the .Arctic regions, haringu»eifhem,andcan,therefore,prop- 
Utot it Uth. eontam. these items, comprising the aggre TonsVenUrV piemr^ recommend them. Their business 

Miirblcllead & Foolstunes 

^ k KliiytA M But KNE. 

Ill LI iDiia 

Osrrtaeo Hire. 

it r. lOini. a:- SI C.>iiiu»-.,ul Ituiel 

elll •' r.ixer'y-. 

I, -■'.'•t -T. .luruituc — SllO splts-e 

lions, from the departure from New Y'urk to office is at No. ll.> Third street, between 
the sublime and ihrilliog riews of Arctic Main and Water. The long experience and 

lem. Their business Foil S ALK ! 

Third street, between One and TtTO .Miletl Trom Sand- 


Si^loxx<J.icN. Stooli^ 

OF .\E«r A >:0 iT\I l. U 


; AtUpWtl tu tbtf i xut pr>-;* 4 r<» l tt> faml-li gro 

! UvmrD vlth outiliA In ib« LAXk^T AS 1 > 

I 1 corv of tho Ml lO-IhvA V«r 1 et»M #f BUmSih# tVllK* / 1 C* 41 I*TV 0 

■ I M n F 1 TH I t’cr-fa'a Sero**io» ABrtlotis, .well «a fcmofs. L‘ . I TUB UaNLlNK 


./. f’ Ajkt aF fli.— 0 #oto; I tt niv dttiy tm scNsvwI* . V»W»TAXIId» 

HOOP SKIRT! pain-killer. 

aa w a am. a aa a o h*ui.,u»l »na*; w»«uiii«l»tnnMU i». W ■ AEB THB aTTEWTUMI Of THE TEAM AM 

want sail 4 *-t e-e^ me at lae . tu rns a. Tws r^ra sos Sv Bo caSas to tarn 

' \l-E AKk .N\.vt R>j aIM.Sw UAILT, FAil k\- It I raSe out ou my Se»J »»l w.iw mr •« » mJ e«r» ,, ~ .. . 

I t> I.r-- . fr..m .Xe« ti.ix Hliii, lei; .. .«.*n.| till- 11 . w.lh one ♦ w wh'ch ww t»ln<sl mi I Nmtawhi • kejomi W aaillX ^•dlClBe. 

I .liie.i fr..tu iui IJ 1 P.H 1 . ... s. * sad ai-nrei.' .ii*l:>< de«r.i,Uo^ I iru^l iuM.r ine liclBe. amt mtctM m- lUfiasctue Ml rmMc - 

; .l.-.K..rihel.i.,i v . 1 '. «i.i.t»». t 1 »t rtr'..-., tn> telthnet niseti rrH-T 0 ..a >B.iaicinTa 




: 13 TUK OENl’lNB 


' vterrABLi 


St mam Ml rm. Oolle. CYsin*B i 

■|h"’l' 7 i-h Vsi; ea U ;. Ssre li „■> a lt .BUee. m Uat. tl^ »ll~.cder Qrew w -r,--. At lanam 1 wm triatc^J *jS*T*: J*!*. I 

IM- .iniue.B.I-,»ie|.u- '-.i, lir..mi -i u. tealln the .» apH M..w^..«ar that »»« hat p^varaa haSThiJr iJilJSt 

«.n.«-<iuei,ii. we B.-..a ihe .-xiti iB-rc.ntju- a..iail» au .'teraUre , .Wmi-mUU). iu« 1 aura Hum yoax r IMS- rmra m satL 

.«.! I t.r . -.un mer.-h..i,i i r. i i •. u-r. the tat.=u. that M.'thtas TOO mala mM M toad. laattu a— 

K ..tern rule*, irrilci. war. xni. m t . -ell M ' :;..le»»ie Uii.-tanatl auJ sut I. Mul U uU It ratsu ma 1 " ****>• ls«*"ato and e.. We I.Mie ihe partl.-iiutr Mt.-nil.-u of leli- lu to j» It. « ti.o aljtse. to .ms'l *»«ea #f a iea»paonfsl. >a.» ^ ... ^ . 

inet.n.l.u.n..ii..f..t.i -I ux. uter a moMn. and auM MiW inrae hutue., hewant B?»war aiX^eSlaiDlf »“*«*» »•« 

lAA-o.i-toat. hr*llhf wioa r>s.CN« iw tor* i»ni«T ib« »cnh. •XJeh tt 1 i> - — * - m ^ 

avrvi vi\ vV 7 i I A I my ♦efPiiXH thdi tA* JWmm* iiAA »«sfi« frAamrv^*- ^ 

vralfcO- via it* t?Crj 1 lem- YtoU CMA WlOi MUW 8 ilMl I lP«i wbMl MaiMymil Sem - . . ■ - 

OHiiffi.NMK:*: . A.N »» I • H> f'l! Bi,..n I t-i! v<wi Ib.i I k. 4 d vt»« to le <hiLVErft^BEM*,^l«E a. . Ja^ •, li«Ll 

Tr»v®Hi>s Hrexft tn every VArlet)! I \v:»km, 

Wi»it xiher O * • D I'eo Bam ‘ftw* to mt bUdQ— lul la# '• m 

KVe.'<. Dim’PNV.- D r Robert ^ r««M« 

Wi»it x iher 
ft >14 tt piict 

! erlUM froM iMein, N. V . Ulb sewiomber, iaJAlha* He allbMi 

i b«w rBTVti ao ^Br< terate cbm -^f wklfk tferent- tXat fmrpmm, 

\ MWal la tsTm!BAfte tAiBlIx. fa* iW M«r«KV«rtM Q-e « ae* mer «oe. adU 

-.ywth*>|o laad laconrm ta It ts laaM* 
«Hb— d* t ha d aaaar ha an <w m hsimi aasd Be 
*r»aa^ ea haafa mtomd mi mmlT .r«m aBm 

anr<l to tenninate laiallT. tt iha varaavsnaa n— at air I and Imvins sa albar ratasdr at AaML 1 a»- 

Har- .par* >;a. an .1 also a daPaer->na attart of Ebiv-aaf I pCsd Be Wain Kl.ier Oaatt Wr ahant Eftaaa mtnetaa at 

AVaa-setiU hr lerre -to.— -a of tka aims, aara Ba enraa lAo I aaoalaw. ami lepaatad tha 

hcenery, the brief splendors of a I’ular 
summer, followed by ihe dreary horrors ot 
a sunless winter, reliered at interrals by 

TeuL._.. . Jl lit to u.u'w euus, i 3 uiacBi 

What the twenty gentleman, who com ‘'S'*'®- “** Aurora Doreal.s, are distin 

” ’ guisbeJ by a wondrous iruihfulnesB, vigor 

prise.l the party, indu’grd in, the bill ren- of pencil, aud skill of delineaiijn, such as 

the gorgeous hues of mork suns, xodiacsl men's of their msiiufaciures, and they 
lights, and the Aurora Dorealis, are distin pledge themselxes to sell at as reasonable 
guished hy a wondrous truihfulness, vigor West. tf 

Main And Water. The long experience and «»al, lllinolit. 

^ ^ 4 TTllE 0 RKATCU»’iSIN*tOFl IlK IM I dB A ’ 

thorough knowle«:ge of the busineeN poe- mV DGUCeuU’M]dit 4 «>biuNU'i.Mi«a>u-ippiH 8 iivfl|^C 

Befloed by the firui are guarantees of the in/nrfi*. tcomn>nnic 4 tion wUb lU the prioct 

- , . a 1 aL p*l clUm ot ihe* LislU 4 f'Utfw. 

roeiDB of their manufacture*, and they .'®'uti ono i«i) m >« p n «ti St. bi*iD. ns miip* north 
... , . of Cwiro. 12 A Mritrom L *u’ 8 %li|p, 13 iLoori from CU»ca- 

pledge iheniselrea to eeil af as reaponable * 0 , h i>t>ardtrHiu Ctnciimaiu it tour* frum Ne«v York— 

k •« tUtt u'ma* s* M^UnUK 8 C -*«/ Morilt/, OM th/ svot, lOF nU Ut'BlU 


•p5 .lOllVI ANDKKy»»N. 

April 8 th, 1861 

>^JE.Vf= 40 ]N^ ! 

rommcNi M hr tt '’OBsiNiktlT. g o* »t nko r nlBB - waiga 

bKo.NtliuCXLR. tKUriUI oa SWU-Lin Nacc. 1 ^ t bb« J mj ro m n amfm Ib ihs, itaiiy of th* r aa i ^ - 
Zt bBKtB M ** 0 , or Frt.*..«vt. fexii*. wrrlWw ■ ** TBIy* h^t- •Jv* — . 4: T 

I iiMm ToBrSBfiApdrtmcBrtd bm »b» • *1 ihB Wmtnm tXMandtm 

ewod wweiilDic wn th» BocX^whlch 1 hdl »vi a < r Btt horn VBS NAXV Kllfixa 

' o**rt«o >*Ar< _ f -p-, 



J. U. S. Obodiun. oi .N«« VofB c«y. WT»W: - 1 mow4 ^ 

rhno-rfBUy romplf wtlh th« 9t %omt ami t» ^ 

-4*IL« I hBN* UmnA yoBT PBlMiliBrli;* B BWMt 8Xs:BLBBi Mn WM CMil •Zand^Jl^ - 

Blt<^«it*« In Ih# BBin«r>>BB rmpl^uU far vhlcB wb m. 

J. U. e. CnBuDikN. oi N#« \«KB cuy. «r>fa-#: "i mowB 
rh#»rfBUT r«AfnpTf wtth th# ik*io«'-h 4 bY io«r B**>»l Ib 
- 4 *IL| I hBNB kIBiM fOBT PBraBifBrlilB B BWnt 8 Xs:BLiBBi 

Bltf^Ait*# In th# BBin«r>>B 4 r mpUluU i»r which v« 
etfapl'ty »Qcb • rp«k#>ty, 6 bI r 8 pc«l*ily IB i> 4 ^ 

wOBT* (^ih« acrofatou* uIdthBBtw 1 hBV# mrp-t aiBnf 
ln*t*r«nBt# c*-to;m >4 Irf u«orrB«B fa) H, Bfini bbapbIi^b 

Q«Nt *~^*n irh 

Um BMeBtk 

BOWmaMf ##BB 

. .mpuim wa. e.u».| be si af th. sfer.i. * «■«.. and 

Th- Skrraie* 1 -a.u .m Moa .br'I. haihlsa Im aur er,u,|„|, ‘. 7 -* 

h-ewl-L:....nal,ll twia«ale».l.der»n<.m-«u.- S 

EtlwBf ia Mbitow.oC NpwBBrr. AtB . wiltBK **A 4 b»^ 8 * 111 # bb 4 Um Aibib. 

'-P-rriBB l«#l'>P on BOB ot ilt# hrlllBlBB iB BIJ tB»- 
Vy.whk B hBd 4 Brt#d #11 th» t#b»piIi#b w# f.mi 4 8 «aiBy. >..*wk-^ a 

h#-* Bl tr'iBth bBt-u GOtaplrtBlj turmt By ynar Rxir#.! I Mr.x ARK 

©f ?»#rwMBrmB. Onrphy<'klB•th^«lch(•^(llt•«h«|PN' i'DTJATC'rTV *D V ATT 
tifPBttoB t fartofti r*u«>f. bat h# « 4 Bt«e 4 ih# uIbI oI | A XV aA X O ffil X# X aa 

▼oar .-^rsBfaBrinB B# tb# iBBt *M©ri bB*>r© PBtthie. b »4 akBf hV f»rk 

II nr.h«B.i jhftBrtiitoL A t*r tAkiArf kuiir f▼mtotlv sihsiki 1 WF:« r VRIa.\l TU 

I l>#r biHtU. 
iBfBi,OiBE!aaBa, Ote 

Jered does not explain, but it is quite it wire rain to Attempt to portray. -Noth- I ,xi . Ttos Salf -A lot of fine and commot 

-TidentthAt they hnl something else than ' 1 ?"® ff., -;ii t. .oil ..t -tn,„ af i \i 

^ k si 1 * *K 11 cagabie of inuparicg thrilliog -tore of J. M 

icea as any nou?e in me »> eat. ii Cfoo^, Fni.t, a# Jm Truot bu 4 .'‘•o- k. 

I I nit» renter at tu# nri«*>*t Fkiii Rillt tn the Coltest 

,\i fTi»»N 8 alf —A lot 01 tine an-i common lo bvh# t bi ujD p >nit Ui #b.;ii<uuce #t *▼▼▼ r«>«ruD#i> ▼ ■ 

„ . •»! I . . ,v ^ I \f rtitr*. Tniw urt^ii'furhtf >4 I* *«ttu»i{ up >*»rr r#yialv, ! 

riiiture will be sold it the '®torc of J. M. 4 t.,| m r«‘f#r'l »«* h'o‘t*i, w>iL r.lrtiit# «iit future prow- j 


erWers ware aeAled, wad ke was insirncled I rye or hard cider 

-hog aad hominy.” washed down with old nothing that recalls more strongly Smith, on Market street, between Second »' 

It profs-l .Oarm. 1 . A lar taktas luar ivmailj lusbA __ 
wrrk.. ua.trmpmmafiha-imFwardBialw' W*‘%M t'Xa f - *wm» » 


l>f J. C. Ayrr-FIr ’l rtM-rrCB^ .-amppTwtto Dr. Weaver’s 

Canker and Salt Kheuio 

p!»lmatbr«h’chnDr-'tvvBiiDBn 4 #i 1 .#o>lhBTB«M»ttu -w -m~ ^ 

wn#cu iru’T m i.'silTnil !a th© car#©/ k ' m t r >#/ mmd iVr* | |_3 V V L-^ f 

cunat jHt/jif. miib ©f my p#t 1 #ot 4 h#d »yphiHtlc ak#ra X 

1abi4thrvBl. «hKB wmroBMBiiBahlBpBUiBBadth© mnw mnmw ^ nAvamwm ■. ^ .u— » 

top of hi. month Voor jW-hp.rtUa. .Umlily Ukan. THXCtJXlOf CA lUB t. lALZ BHHOlt. Bf* 
nml him la Sva ana. Aauihar am aa t M iS a n l>« UrKLAA. EUBuFCUIVE nUBAAMA i t I imfi 
ahawi«rT«rm|>ium*lBhl,hun.Mi-lthaBlr<"itiuakai BCFTlONa. kWA WSKAT Kian 'iinaum 

-Maa aaar a coaahirra va imrt of II, a» tliakl be 1 .*aE J; ■»a»l auiB U« jl WEf 

thr.|i- .rl-r a.'UM .otin rrach hla hnla aa-I kUI hint. nh.-ll A!l Ht*uan STATB u* TH* 

Hot It TiahiaO la mv almialsmtloa of ram Sanaiwall. •UMU. 

1 »; Iha uN-rr. bath- 1 . .an ha aa. w.ll^^-oo*. af )|M ■■hiUia laaS Kwrttav to to 

cBr-a, BTttBoat I >mr B'tosBrail. b u hla msa A aa- i lEtoataaMa « ■— 

IU.B aha ba .1 ba.-n ir-M— I fra Ih. aaiu. 41 imiiar hr I i. w,.- . . . _ 

our sense of the beroic daring, and iuviuci 

to dMirsr them to ns one but Major Ander- Beooks’ PBOurie Sthaweleet -W e ask '”‘*'•• 8 ®®**” ‘“J 

H. was tktoi informed that he conld a»,„,iou of our leaders t, the adrer 

aud Third, on Fi iJsy and .Silurday morn- ipm,*'- iSrlTtwil a->’or 

Die icriiiiioe OI inose couragecus and -om„..„oin« at 10 o clock each .lav The«’.-o>ru,. .c .. .t-. ii. . a»iuu.livi4e. 2i0 

constant i-piritB, who, auimaiej by the ‘“8*. eo™"*®"0'"8 •' o clock eacn .lay .a.„, „ .u.. 

noblest philanthropy, braved the eilremest general assortment of bureaus, wardrobes, ihr^Ja.Ia. 

perilt*, the modt harrjwiug hufliriug'^^ iht Eed^teadij, tablea, washsianda, stand tables, 1 . 404 , mud p#- 

most unrtmuiingpnTatioa 8 presaea, safes, lounge*. ma»re«e 9 . &c. aw . ta* 
can've of bumanitT. They were heroes * ^ pr#M— lu i»iw i«* kuu purrh#-*- * 

4 toi 41 to* sK * »u k • fa. s 1 Terras cash in bankable money. dl Th«uwtKTrewia«s#oo #u#sJj'uuio* F#rm, BnLhBTinx 

indeed. .Vlas' that the b^lg^le 9 t and « *“ U 4 u## m# luu urj va mere Un.i lUiu h© wWbe* to cu.iDBi**,ortrr* above 

brarest of them all should have perished iu „ ^ ,, ''“A7’r*I-V!^hto‘r^“’Vi 1 * 

tbeprime of hu. manhood, and In the cul- Comm.ssiob and Ioewaki.- App„ 

Bot go to Fort Sampler and be turned 
•rwond aad came back to Washington. 

Ua wiaitod the Presideat aaJ reported 
toaae aad atkar facts to him. 

— CaL Gawea, tka Amerioaa eoatractor 
far eUaning tka harkor af Sevastopol cl 
naken vcaaals, kas dislodged all the oraf; 
kataigkl. Be has aot oaly satisfied ki: 
OBMiaa employers, but has received a gold 
tmmM kax fkam tka EritUk Gorercmcat for 
kia a erv i eaa ia boryiag tke EogUsh dead. 

ti*ement of Mr. J. C. Brooks in our col 
umns this morninr. The eeltbrily bin unrimiiting privations in the presaea, safes, lounge*, ma'resses, tie. 

, . „ • 1 . r - - 1 . * I C 8 u*e of humanity. They were heroes ' . . . l 

frnti has a'Uine.i in Louist.lle and else, Al.s ' that the bri«Mcst and Term* cash in binkable money. dt 

where will alwsys command for it a ready bravest of them all should have rerished iu „ „ " ' ., 

•als. Mr. brooks ia always first in market the prime of his manhood, and in the cul- BomcB, ommissiob and orw\ri> 

with this delicious fruit, sn.l generally the “‘““‘"e ®P®“‘ 

last to have etrawberries for sale L*t «^The nr*t lyric and dramatic repre- to the a Iverlmemeal la to lays paper of 

•hose who would a choice, hardy, pro- “'® c®!®^*** F-bbri troupe, Mr- Mcyuistoo ^ Co.. Fourth street. Mr. 

lific harry remember brooks’ Prolific. 

jiCBfai; (lirw Wrl. to 41 h lile IntG 
r:u«*MK, # l»rK© 4 < Qbe frBiu© 
orvhurt aDluBrtlen. 

4 * iV. 4 w#Ii to illvUe. 2 td 

i>BCklVl.D rms MOK.Nl.NU PStt k-XFIUU.*- 


BLACK »ILK .MAMI.kS. ac« tl>I . 

FiCil lUID USk.N ADl.Nii^ 

«rrk<. ua .vapmoi af iha Utarwa rtoialaa - 


inu — IV e would rp.j'ieft especial atienlion apn.t.**«x omaus Ui nuu.. l..ui« . iiia'. Kt. I 

to the alverlUemeal ia to lay’s paper of rPtyrri TmnrnVfkH Pormc! 

Mr. Metjuistoo i Co., Fourth street. Mr. 4 VifU iUipiUVCU A dl lUb 

S ark ia well an i favorably known to the FO& ff 1 

produce trade in Ibis oi.y, aud the new firm S«nUov»l, 111 ., 

deserve every centiienre Mr. Mcv^aislon. t niF uv 4 Tf*Bwtvi ©nirtt ^ 

which is lo come off on axturJiy nisht, is S ark ia well an I farorably known to the 
DOW generally the topic among o\xt deUfanti produce irdie in this city, aud ihe new firm 

Yesterday afremoon a shooting This is not at all surprising, when we eon deserve every conii lenre Mr. Mcgaislon, 
rss to hxve taken place at Cincin aider the enihuaixsm of those whose good Madison, Indiana, is highly indorsed as 

.-...The chief eashier ef the Branch itxDk match was to have taken place at Cincin aider the enihuaiasm of those whose good Madison, Indiana, is highly indorsed as 

•f Xaglaad at PortsmouTh, a Mr. Xheak niti, between Mr .Tohn Hope, of Paris, Kv., fortune it has been to hear tht lu; then the energetic businessman. 

••owe. has abscowded, having with biir. a Cincinnati gentleman, who enjoys grogramme for the first concert embraces Mr. McQuiston is well known aD this city, 

41,400 ia gold. It was spprehended tkst the rspniAtioa of being sn siccllcnl msiks some of the finest piecas from tne penj of gVniAUocuVqUiUtle^A^nd'bus^^^^^^^ 
tokto itoaes might be diseore red. m%n. Etch pAriy fires At fifty single birds, the greAtest lyric, drsmAtic and iusirumentAi are highly esieemed and appreciated. To 

_....J>r. J. D. Hill, sf Buffale, has los' Un Friday the same individual will have a composers, and we may safely say that in those in the bounds of our circulaiioo, 
•U kis nkildrwi, five in Bomber, wiihia a utstoh for £200 aside, filly double bhd* this as well as in on; other resoB-t a tout baving business to Irausaol at Louisville, 

au_ u .E J ■ J . L. ... . We iKOumiuend W McMuiston ee Co., No. 

by Ikat dread soourge, bcarlei •«“ nurmAfv is offered lo our oil. zens, tuoh as iL’ t Wall street. We iiuite with our cotem- 

A T rut: liKEAT CRc).<tsIN>) UF THE IL-#a #| 
ItDol. CVlirral ab t "bio anti Bl 

**®*‘ Caors.— .L corre-penuent at Woodbury, tkey have never witnessed bsiore. 

Liteeabt I«T.«...a,cE -Tke long-ex- '^T , '•*» U>. “ and apple blooms are ^t n.cpal Affa'i.s -T he Mayor sent a I 
4 ^d a«dloB,^laymi.«,s.dvolum.ol *b<indan.. and are not yet killed. The ,j„ei.l message to the Councillast night in 
-•toAle’sHitotoyaf CiVdixauoB i. Eng ’*beat crop look, remarkably well; more defalcation of .McCle^nd 

ta.d” is at iato becoming a bibliolcgicai »owi. than usual. The farmer, are doing u, ha. made an invesiiralion. and save ih. 

. , ti 8 :lr»n 4 ’i. In ilTfCt commuiilo#ilon, roiL wiiL «.i 

1 energetic business man. tb# mncSpBl c;t:i *8 cf ib© Voiiel Suten l< 1 xrv>one 

a ^ ... a . . . mil «4 e«-t u< M. L«>ui#. tl '1 mU «>74 Dorb of CbIvo. uWart 

Mr. Mcuuiston is well xuown aD Ibis city, rmji LouDvIUc. U Houm fiMin CrJcaN©. li hour» from 
is and the adjoining counties, and bis 
nixl socul qUBliiies xni business cxpxcity u*n trock bikJ stock. 

ft hitFlilv *is'©tsmpfl ©nti T.h Ctnter ibV fl 0 # 4 t FNCir-NalT In thv VnItM 

e niguij es.eemea ana appreciaieu. to nrt.r mu J-umUr and Chat 

Ose in the bouou 4 of our circulxtioo, m i»eb »4 #t tb 3 at in.ibuuU 4 Uc«#t v«rv reB»©QAbJe 

LviniF hu#in»* 4 M In 1 * 1411114 ,'* #4 Li.iiiivilld* TbU Dv'kh^ rh«M>.n, 8 *ul', g up very rvi/lJI*. 

ivjng Dusiuess 10 irauHBc* ai LsouidVliie, #ul, m regAri i.» Va''.'A. * 011 . cilm#ie «nl lutur© 

4 lecumiuend Mewuiston Cu., No- p^«*. not mri A 4 -ei i.y aii> m the weai. 

Wall street. We uu.te with our cotem- 

purarv in w;s’jing the new firm pleuiv of B*-n. tw<> m tii.,"rcb«rt ant G«m*o 

irale and the best success. 

Madron Courier, H tb Firm-* #rj m«*i rtvlllnv prttr!©, atl/>nc J, bd 4 

MadtAon Courier, 

We take pletsure in calling the attention of S.',‘;|?!i™/Vl*»Ti’ :.V,?rr.Ho‘ 
the readers of the Courier to the a*lveriue- y»*^n, if ti.'.irA.i. 

“ ment in another column of Mes.'^rs. W. .Mo- 
lie has made an investigation, and pays the gjisioa^Co.wbohkVejustestabliBheilihem- 

, ... . si -- w s- _ • ai • .1 — — Baav V/ 410 VUU Ob \yu. wuu u 4 vr 1 U 8 L cevauiiBueu luvui- 

TEpidlj going through the t u e in is see on total defalcation amounts to ;^ 20 ,tXiU, and -elves ai No. 1 -”.* Wall street, as 

sF D. AppIstoB 4 Co., from tke Eoglisfa of country A larger breadth of corn will it i, covered by securities, for *“‘=***o“ “od forwarding merchants. Mr Mc- 

wdvnaesd ahewts. 

VkMt two Tolames comprise a preliminary 

tout be well anderstood before the true 
kictoty of eivUizaUoa can beoome possible 
aneond volume is aa analysis of the 
•uwmi eaiisM wkick have disturbed the 
UBUe to eivUitailjn in varions countriM 

be planted than asua’; not much tobacco 

19 * Kefcrencc has been mads lo an commenced 

ancient coin issued in Kentucky in 17 S 3 . In In the board of Aldermen th<- following ^'*’‘k, his associate, and the acting and, v*i • i , v o i v iia-'/ * •, 

-.U.L I,. committees were a,. pointsd managing partner, we have knnwn for H()L^E H HMSHl^(JI^! 

,, . ,, ,v. * «nBHv vwitrs, and a mure genial or clever _ ^ « 

the edge were! be words **l‘a 3 able in Lances- Kevision — Bonne aai liueumg is ruierprimug, cot I-- found, lie GREATER INDUCEMENTS 

ter, London or Bristol.” It was issued as a Streets, Easietu I'iKrict "shorne aud 8 “‘“ 8 . *t»d for prosecuting an J pu^mng nk . _ ^ , ^ ^ ^ 

speculation, lor circulation in this countrj tiunkle. active business his lew equals. We wish 'I'iiav kver UiFolts offeked l.v tiih CITF 

' the new hrm plenty of trade and the best ot si eitnar Auniou ur FiIvai.- s.i». 

.Chanoellor Liv.ngslon, the free negro *' * *‘‘*'’“ I’isirict — Gault and tucoess.— Lo«i..r,V/r tWirr. -BV- 

-ockpon . New York, whom « man i r ** r ' "v ” n i i "4 O c 4 ? S XU. A X X , 

Silas Smith brought into Kentuckv «.4 fi.hora. Letter from Larue County. f-™ ".*>r n.w .« i -p!.a 4 ,j of 

1 . lo K. ® *"*“"*'“ 5 - Public Works-Peitit and Osborne. .. Aprtir.h. i-u. CAEPETINOS; I 

ly to be sold, was released by the ~ , r- ^ « uc. Mimas Uulwv. Iliojii. a Ou; OTner r.vTnn<.T>T ^ 

of Newport, on Wednesday, h. hav , • , o“\* ‘“*“*'*’ Believing. a.s we do, that a 

sceeded in proving his treedom. A e and Sargent. Convention will have lo decide who shall be LACE DRAPERIES; 

money was contributed to send the •pArimenl— Jtfferscn and Trabue. our next Uepresentoiive in this Congres- LINEN GOODS: 

xnale darkey home Poliec-Gunklo and IVtlit. PARLOR ORNAMENTS; 

^ — KUetions- Downing and Usult. county, hav. no delicacy in presenting our CHAMBER do. 

De«*l CuKVs.Nnos.-Thi. conven- Hospiul-Sargent and I'sborne w B Reid, Esq., a, a suitable can OIL-CLOTHS; 

s^i in session to Ms'onio Temple, Workhou.e-Uowning and Trabue d.dste for said offico-knowing him as we , MATTINGS, &c.. &C.; 

i debates are eaid to be interesting Cemeteries — Osborne and Trabue i , > u , i >* ’ t'tfvitTkU KAPKESSI.Y r.ui vum SPKINU HALES, 

profession. The session will last Public 3 and tiunkls. f", r L!! .‘f.?" r ^ HnVLL, 

the balance of the week, and the Oa. and Wat.rijeffeLn and « suit. could ^ot be led b T' ‘ll r““V '••"-'.r-t snu Fonr.h. 

stotoaa.i;tow. . 11 I fa ij • fa- 1*1 VB could not beledoffbytbe wild fanatics ot wm m.ihiston. l. siAkk 

rje nevl Lducat. on -Boone and Sargent. or lb. extreme fire-eaters of the <<*<>!..«. in .1 Loobviu., K, 

*•”* Koard aa ordinance wis South. We have marked his course through Mill, IlCOllistUll & CO 

We are requested lo announce that P*®*®'‘ »l>olishing the oflics of Chief of life, »nd he has ever b>eu true to bis coun- ‘ a ■ •* 

^ P'oJuce, Fo.war<Un 6 and Con,. 

. w fa> fa fa * UuiaioD, the senior, has long been a resident 

ibe recovery of which, tuila have been Qf Ma-Jison, lad , and U an entelligent aud 

ALSO, :•**» A • 84*1 I.f rNiMf«.'.v£D LkND. hl«ta rolling 
prAhif. iu lou t<» hUli parchBHi'ns. 

the uwiirr re# •If’* "ii »*i a ij>i'tilne Kami. bc 4 havlDif 
luorv iBfi 1 liiBn b© wlah©# 'o cuitivjte, oii<fr4 th© Bbov# 
uo rcaaonxl'le l©nu» Ap(>:jr to th# praprleiori or to 
AMO:* m IFIKLb. H#ii.lova*, 111., 
BpUtUa:* OllfiS. iil^KlKLD, L«»uU\ m*>. Ky. 

energetic business man. 

Revision— Bonne aa i liueumg 
Streets, Easietu l'ii.;rici ' >sb 


••lime to eivUitai jn in varions eouLirias — 48 i.Chanoellor Liv.ngslon, the free negro 

SpMn. Ue.JlaBd, rrsr ■ -rr.anv and Ibe ff*™ Lockpon . New York. wk«m « man 
Htoitod Htatrs K iff ^JUhrkbI_hy. the samE gilas Smith brought into Kentucky, 

toigiaality, -loldneM. and power of stale probably to be sold, was released by the 
to«M which distiamii-he.l iu predecessor -Mayor of Newport, oa Wednesday, hs hav- 
^tosl sammer, when we ia cities were *®8 snoceeded in proving his treedom. A 
•^•^'*•8 ^ Vsat, Mr. Chsrob, with the of money was eonlributed to send the 
tras spirilof tks explorer afisr ties objects unfortunate darkey home 
•f iatorsat for his penciL andertook s ,, „ [ ” 

to Labrador, where he held close I 

."k a- . i'"*“ session in Ms'onie Temple, 

loaahip with those otuecto of terror . ' 

mariasr. •• Ieeher« » ^ debates are said to be interesting 

Ur thsmariasr, •• Iceberg. ” J “ ‘»‘®"®*"»L 

Tk« lu. I I V 1,1 • . *0 the profession. The session will last 

Tas itov. L L Noble aooompaaied him. i , 

— J k. k— . , . . duiag the balance of Ihe week, and the 

•*“ how ready a book which will . ... 

Mdanhitoilw — -,k , “®*‘ ooBvealion will be held in this city 

i^toil^ly most wtU a warm reception by u oetolier next 

ths ^blie. It is entitled “ After icebergs 

with a Pasaler.- The six illusiraiioas are requested to announce tha 

wivid tgaaneripis of tke scenes of wnioh the ^®**“ .Miller, Es-i., has consented to ad 












Il.tvixo Pt BCHASm TIISkF. IKX>P 3 

X?' O XX O S IX ! 

* I BLiCk UREN.1D1NK; 
AUBKiililEltkD PvIPLI.N'A 
URUANDY .\ll£l.IN..; 

FIliUREU JAtXI.Nkr L.tU.Nd; 
kID UL<jY Kf; 

.MOlRMS'i IKhJD:*. i.-.. A.-. 
ajf~ Ws .tiall be rscvtvtnx Uallf uuveUlel 

Fane) Dress Goods, 


Fourtls atod JeMvraon Atre»t«. | 

_ai» _ I 


Till UkKTaL CuNva.NvioK.— This convea- 

Lattcr from Larue County. 

ll'ioiuii iLu. April Tih, I'il. 
Mruu. UuLvcv. lltuBU a Cu: 

Uentlttnf,: Believing, a.s we do, that a 
Coaventiou will have lo decide who shall be 
our next Representoiive in this Congres- 
sional Ifisiriet, we, as the citizens of Larue 
county, have no delicacy in presenting our 
friend W B. Reid, Esq., as a suitable can 
didate for said office — knowing him, as we 
do to l>e a high-t}ned gen lem in, and a 
true friend lo the I'nion; and one who 
could not beledoffbytbe wild fanatics ot 
the North, or the extreme fire-eaters of the 

— *.-• ^ ' * r** t r s 

t at eltUBr Aartiou ur Pilvat.- s,ile. 

-BY- j 

XI 1 1 : o c 4 ? St xxn. a X X , 

Ff«*m thwir nww #n ! s.p!«atliJ ttock of 






MATTINGS, 4 c., 4 c.; 


IliTI-l fit Mn 4 LI., 

Msti^tre.*! bet Tulni and Fonrth. 

WM M.ql lSTIi.N. THi'S. L. aiAkK. 

Maals-ia.lnt LcubvIUa, Kf. 

W ill. .ik'Uuistuii & Co., 

or was aa eye-witness. The Appleton. I “*® «•*’««»» »f the Seventh ani * j’'"*' *®**‘°“ ruitablecandidale forth. oIBceof PresUent* 

mission Mercliants, 

are the ^bliahem. 

4 *<*ni*«TAt PoisoxiNu. — The Fort 

^*jbe, Indiana. Seatianl records a melan- 
•fawly dtoe to aecideatol poisoning in that 

Eighth wards this evening at Smith's 
Exchange, earner of fhapel and Market 
streets. Men of all parlies are invited. 

•My oaae to aecideatol poisoning in that B^The New York Herald inquires “if Ft 

•sty, which o«eurre 4 last Sunday. An in- After nn existence of only three weeks, the R< 

Bat child of J. D. Wevden, E-q., about pres< at Administration cannot find favor or wall 

whl, being aick, Mrs. W. re. support from a single paper in New Y'ork, St 

Cyreat Suci'ilice ! 


X^dlLfalAigJO* W faiJU X falJTLiJ**, 





.\G 1 :N J S \Y.\N T KD!! 


"Library Association Company’s" 



MAX 1 st, 1861 . 


TicketN i.liulted to A,UOO. 

.>iI.\ULK TtCkt H »i ISK >4|\ TICK XT. F"R Sia 

Tetm- i 4 i Asrai* ver, Liberal. 

|,AiR TU'KS.T.*. SCUIlMK.I "U AiiKNClR.*, AIL 
A Jr«»» or «i)„ly Li 


No »i’. JfIVerb.n .Irert, l.'.ulevlll*. Kjr. 

. . , Ural s»« Mr, Uui Irl- iirviMZMlo'i :rum sear bB VKA\KK>a 

liallv invlie tb« latin to an r.v*mla*Uuii ot oer man W « ftrol Tvaitoy: eaawearat>v. tbM .** * " 

coKNKu OK ”!*™™**‘ 

rtl. atod Jetreraoto Stredf. KHKcMATtfaw. .RHTjdvw totoPL JjacWA^ 

EAT BARGAINS I S j 5 Se.lUiVemUrt”iiiT!nU^^ far*^** to Ptosiaoaa Ibe toaa. Aad 

som nipples and sore etm 

-or I Wtoalttokoil. I ains !l » •oodvrfal mrdWtee. ia*l>rit»l»tb«oBt» ttto. rrauii-jlMcara. ll .andU 

J raaAH. to tool ta tto Kmot nt evtov Ihmllj. 

FrbCB CcfBiBk M a#B£B BB* 8B8II©k Mifci NB 

fATlTn 'XT r\ r\r\r\n dal»i I. OMchcU. «t St. I^ml*, write. : “ I tove VMa Itnlm 

1 I !ll\/!|l iv' MflicteU (hr r*«n with »« ajKe<kto I*tor. which J. W. HA ■<• IB to (tou 

J \ _ I J V _ 1 1 1 \ lr.u.»r.l to»Hh. ‘ P M ert.»to» to Wrtotoa Mates c frCa eB. to. 

1 \ T 111 Til III ihini filled !•> r»i*r>. mr : M 1 I have toto * hrutMi- To wham m: todcre Sw ito toov. naiifiare Bay to 

I I I III llllll 'town uito tor •nme vr»r» ii..ui aa Ator cm ijwa aAlntoad 

.liilULr/ili UvJ^UU .<rroato«w»l •/!** ttorr. Wv haloy to pa-’to. tto Rev aifa. Sato wbtowM'a «o, eMail hr KdWtod WIMto akP 

.M' fap>, alviMtl ma ta uv Toai aa»«ea't>la, tooaaaa Rtomaad A Tvlto. U>ata»tla. Sv. 

h<* fiM h»» kT>#w foq.ADel BnvtMnN ▼•►« 

-AT- irytii*. W* Ui* «f OoU 14 Im© cni#4 MaarB ^^-k-m — ^ « • 

hBV 40 par1fl#>! a? LUmJ B4 t.k mBke B o©« ABO »r a*. VOOD TO Tttkfl TAffiTS! 

'Rro'n oooo for thr stowacn is 

Oball ot Alfa/O; s, HrRKi*. CAXt-KR TTMORii. rvL.%RiJSMrfT. nto » Jl Bif»u ann.iAviiA 

n-ito W S. 0. RICHARDSON’S 

H36 MARKET sTRBBT. j.r.,d u „ Slierrf \V («♦» Bltiers. 

|;tl'WKr..'l BR"OK AMI* FL"\P. iMce toiv wiU a d adailt ttoia. itoato ot itoto omv to »» ' xrikkVIlJt 

tound la our .luirt-r u .lluaaar. which Ito kcanu k- • 

lOISVIfaT.K. KKNTI 4.;KY. lowauuadan idcmi u faiahto siaila la ad wba coU ; 4 G4l4brated N. £44144# RdlB44V 


>UT «r# iw toisr i«r## #rul wwil totoW* VtoB ©usfaB #1 MBlaA.NCIli»L«a >ilbldRAUkjIA. *>- Vab* AM -%*'tUA4| tJSaAlA 

nr#4(tf th#*to> Bifvitiofito h»v# Wto« aBt© Vy tW #UrT> I piBAA£SA ARlAUHk VIlA sv •#>iikfal,B£T tVIMA 

R V O ( ) O 1 YCH. ut Kaiia sowu -fa X-A V_-r .fa_x k_z i 1 wLi.-h W..UM to »«ato»«d tojoad Ua raaca. i They ai« aaat aad raantoawa lii >i Waa rhvtoBlaa 

I h a remrdv ha, Mra barn lean'rad hv tha Brcaa*!- | at tha taauirv, aad aU wto tiy ,l .riartoaca ■* — — — 

wearentoT rerelvlni ; fr.>m K.-l-rn an.l I lla> u( tka pr-plr. and «* *ia caaOJaat tkal thia wnl i hie. 

_ __ , I Itooaa'ieaialn. Th i boat that caa to 

4* e% wew* Jk# uwt half X'Mel aaonih.** 

• « fa HI 4 %X. AJ 4 fa/ O; s, hthki’*. c.ixnt* ttmor-x. rvi 

a rt.e toto a wa wwwaito Mtoawa vawaM TUK BliNK* A treat vartiti bf caar* 

No. il 36 NX ARKET STREET, ;.„rird u ua «b-» caraa #r Ito*r fermhU 

harr rraulinl IV..IU Iha Uto at th>- rri 
lltl'WKR.'l BRKOK AMD FL"\P. a,«c« toiv wiU a d admit ttoia. toaaaa 

tound In aur .InirVu aa .lluanar. which 
l.OOISY'IfiT.K, KKNTI 4 . 7 K\. Uiw aaaiad are »latoa»l la farabb siaila 

rui lb«Ui. 

X\rKINnTKTH*!>PriqAL 4 TTKNTI"V"rCV.'H DY;»PKV(IT nKtifTTlfliytil. FTT 

IV OUT m w UUI >acaa arm well mW. ted aue-a rl MKLA.SCll"Li. -h kL RAUil .1. — tola 

nTf»< «»f lh#»r Blfs>Ctii>flB h»y<p HB 

x)i:iY Gooosi 

V‘Ui h 4 T*«^*tT k 4 B loTif b©»o r©qa*r «4 

Which w© mr# n-'w r#r*lTli»i :»t1y fp»‘m b:«*>|wni mx*>\ Us# yts.pi#. * 1*4 w# at# fa#«B.i#B 

l>.uroi.eBii oi 4 rk*tB. W # ia\ l«* lU# 4 p«>- t#l Bitcatkoa ot 4^ *»'■ itn-m 4 U U»#i ui#uu to© cbb <So. 

'• 88 tlN 8 A'.to^w— w*B-- Uto.J-C-l*LihP Itl'n .1 

RZCH DUZSSS 0001 >d AV A 11 ©«r r©n»n©* ©r# forsBlebT 

WWWAN9, ACo. Boa nutfaiur# a IIj 4 A«s 

DOMESTIC OOOSS, I Clfh^niusi a soal t»y Blitl*^©** «v#m*B« 


EMBaoiuERX. dte. 

.N. a.-Wr ara ,lu. i-repare ! tor thr H i. „le Tra-Ir. i MOPFAT r'S 

am (' natii Mrrchaiiu rialtli It uar cli . wim,U no .1 ,1 I a , v * .T WWilv 

Or II Uliuar luKiudbr uur rl>. a iMrlurairnirha- I VBgOTBDlO IaUO X*lll 8 

A. STARR 4 BROTHERS, j ■ > w ■ a wi y ■ y ■•■riw 

No. 2tii MARKET 3 T K E E T. ■ ■■**'ta* ■ A. 4 

a*" tl - Itowlavllle, Ky. I'llg HIGH AVD CNVIgD CtLfaB 

r I ayrw u er Uiiuui^W a pel maiiaai CWto to UM 

•araa-fttito aad Kinew. iito toii.i ■— la ChUlhteMe 
aM gloat Htaa, aj nW Beb, OtoppaJ to LY i rfild 
Banda to Idea, hhu c h e a at F to p ia, aa iba gaaa. Aad 


IhaUeretata tbaoalv thin., ivuaiiedlachra. Il i liM 

ha hapi ta tha haaaa nt avaev (hmllT. 
grica Cei toa, tooaaiaeto>a w a laM hg maasmagb 

daa Itnlm. j. B. HA ■«• IB to C«u 

P*#frtWi»f» An Wto# 4 #ni atow#. Oi. 

To vAora bL ©rkn Ik tA# bA©*© aMOKMcB mm to 

4 Artf#g# 8 iJ ^ 

toM vtotoB # 8 ifa 1 r« 4 Bn M I 4 W 4 tA WIMm mdr 

Umtmamd A tym, toAto^UB, Ikj. 




Slierri Win** Bitters. 

i A Calibrated A. £4(laad Rdinady 
I toK UAftlTUALa>Mim''41 AUa^toOffi fto 

r® ^ ANEttR- 

S©l ’ ^8 I K* V 'N® BA P KEN ABNMBR ! aw^ ^ RfaMAMlUB, 1^11404, Vlrt88B BA 

K le MAw ■ XAAE DltfOOlA* ■ ttoa ik©y bt# ia# tuBoB ©MMAg# Mtokh*© 

to#r©CBMkM©Rd«4ttoM wUA NT#B4 M 8 CIM, 4 Rd «ttA 

MOPPAT-r'S Jh«^^^ 

Vegetable Life Pilla I la-nBOBn write# a* b '.^^i*Ue?«JBh!er^)*4B^7 

He W4A rialA f#A«c#4. AbmAm to#w ©ilrito tor 

lAr*# T«»«n wtifi <(TBal Brrvuaa t#l4Utv. i Bd^itatMA ot 

FficKXix iiiTTRRS % 2 rtSai.“Sw"TdSrrtri*sr^^ 

; hadam haw ta naeat haalth.* 



Bl th© 


d.y.tbelrtihinst., lor the election of city be then end there decUred the senli- 12 !K?:,‘„'iT.y,h^’'l^.?eV''•L^^^^^^ ‘‘Avkiib * fLEMICNTS. 

offierrs. menle he uttered bhurtly afierw irds in the • uufor the Dun h .4 an l «'a of Bacon Lto .1 N" »'• JeiVrrw.n ,ir«t. to.„..viii,. Ky^ 

In the Common Council the following ®"^ Beliimore— ihet be was Ibe ^n >l.-ai ii. , lau.. Corn. Timu by an.i Vahiahln modioinoo < A.t'i.^.. 

n “ "*® "" °"-“8 man who could give peace and q.jiet to the ^Wr Mm smn-, Buiirr. r.a^ take VaiuaOle aietliCineS ior Asthma. 

Standing Comniittees were announced; eounlry, and the on, who coJtld say he 'Ln"d'^Y*V 'jiV. 

FiLance-liQlaney, Wellman, aud Carulh. knew no North, no South, no East, no w a il Pur?mrdi. ^ a.sthma (-u«...tini« caikn 

2 l*r Ko’irfU Sfivs^e. 

I |Wl>« si> um PRAeHx'tsiii TUK TIMBa** WK i 
* ' w ll/ t«>l>' <Msr toiiiCR of j 


Curtauis, Floor Oil-cloths 

Fibance — Iiolaney, Wellman, and Carutfa. knew no North, no South, no East, no 
Revision — Wellman, Dulaney and Duck. “ss fur the whole eouniry. But 

faasud hnr hnsbaad to give her a powder either on one side or the other, what is to 
isg A, whiah he would fiad ia the bureau be its condition ai the red of a year *” 

4 »war. Dafortuaalaly, in clearing off tha 

■teUTvheUaday ar two previons. some P««Pl« Newport are making 

tajaatuto powdera, composed of sugar of a branch of iheCcmmcroial 

land and marph^e. had been pUcod in the '***‘ ‘“’® ‘’®*" *•“‘^‘‘*‘>•'1 

4 mwav, aad Mr. W„ unaware of Ue fact “**” *** subscribed long ago, 

■at one or them, iaateml of tha pawdar .*"** '*'* ‘*®“" 8 >J >f tke project 

saii«ht, aad it wav admiaistered to tha child, “ , 

•aaaing its death ia a few minutes, ta the Cotar — Many ordinance cases were 

naapaakatia horror aad aaguiah of Ibe •***?<>••** tt. but no interest attaches to them 
aSielad pareata. Wm Powers, drunk and disorderly ; bail in 

N 4 _ThatriM.fy.ang Evans for the sup “J>'k Jas Kemp and L A. 

Paaad mardcr of TUghmaa H. Hanna and ’ *"* *“®'* 

to I ®®ff Buckner. 

.oavvv aav fawstu, stu c>uUfaU, UU £.# 81,00 W « 1 1 . |* urEUarUI f HrfOJtoEPr A ijo U.iZrh.Mii CBlIf/l ramiBlc) lto*htUr «4 

Heit, but HAS for the whole country. But iS'*® )* luitert a c... a. u. S b ^®^*‘*“* m ^ 

not only ID politics has he ever been true — • r ^ -n. l ii.n,uw.>aiin* 'zi Foorth miwU. 

E„,„. strawberry Plants SIGHT DRAFTS 

madeusagoodRsDrasentativsin tbo ri.nai. 1 THAT XOUOnV PiV Ufa v • > — O-t— 


roVA‘^rnM“i*.'''’ f;L*Toi K 8 JtKDIfl.Nmi FURNISHING GOODS 

tor ASTHMA <>«KnHiiu©B cbIIc**! I'hthltlc) lto*h tUri^ W4i4# 4faff44 4 A«w fa#ww4^wf 

madeueagoodRepresentativein the Senate I Ff/.-l T X OR O D F CAN R F. T 

Streeu, Westiru liislrict — Lightburn, I ®‘ Kentucky, and being a good lawyer sad 


Kli.j, MA't 8 

BT.llfa BOCa. 

AqJ •vpryttilo# la the bfO.**# forutHhlax Uu# #i UBJtAi* 
liAhOAl.\i. j 

•erCB>h ba^tfTf will Ami it tr© 4 th to tbelrBUTan- I 

Buokw#]] BUfi RAffifaiii ® »eobible loAD.wc think he would mnke ua a I ” I rorjffl I 

good UepreBenietive in Congress at n time | I J'**-^* \v\hr 4 \t t 
T averns and Groceries, Eastern District— like ihis We know not tha> be has any as th.j uJtj‘"no'iiriu“‘,< { 
Tucker, Buckner and Story. pira' ions for eaid office, but should a Conven- 'i'hto.Vr,rilra''i"'®'^ 

Taverns and Groceries YVeslern District '*®'* we do not believe they could lYoiiil'; aniu they m!< the 

„ . D . . . make abetter choice in the Fifth Congres- “> 1 ?" '* u> Plan 

Buchanan. Batter and Armstrong. sional District. * mJSu,m"riJrcm 

Oas and Water — Baxter, Dulaney and isiox. pan ot me Untu Siit-i 

— 1 . ‘.I"' ’ “ 'ez’"i^''Y SOUTH AMEBICk AND AL'STRATIA 

whtoM he »»ri,iy,e Propir foiyn tha Brook. AUblBALIA, 

I luiiflt; amu ihay k«<» th«* dfllcU/>u iruli lo uiArkct. buU -“AT THK— 


I THK- ■ I 113 Main Slrfet 413 I ‘>:U 7 a? ^Ntoy. m.: \ rw,*-? w. 

I UAMT sinv VUIDf, I ^ tti’.X at F.lNO\ JUNu^lsru^LK^DkV^tl^ H-#rV FBlulir*# t Of»o, It'BIS IS i 

M. IB©«Bp©© #ttlBpnia#*aCTnBBBB*BBM«W©4torttoW 

UVB/tifilll# ©tflvBay IB BU the WtUcO tb#7pfU:sH|# 

iB mm. hB# r«t>ii#f«ii tto offiBi praettfa© i pmim^ •#• 
otily Hutd©a‘BtttoBr*, b«t uawfMthy «»^th n.. TWy bt© 
toowB to thBirf TBitA; ih#w bobU votto t 4 a 4 lto tor thna, 
B&a th#y ihitv# not to th© Uith ot th# croUhioM. 

I!t ALL CA^a 

or hAthMB. Armu ac4 mwiBto RhasMBllM. AfltotiB 

Bf th# Kl^faler Bfvt Ei lBrr& 

la Uk# BfaHith BwU ^«to4, #h#r# itowe «h##M## pwoopfiL 
they v1 bB toQiwI tarVuBMe. rUa or*. toraerB bm i 
tkihBnt, who oot# bab.ioobb MiUtfataaB. wiU ift-rr* i 
V4r*l# t# viihivat thein. I 

liiliicNi 4 (toiMlc #04 >*#rlB v Uhmbmb^ ““n. Ctotl*** 
oe'- 1> >LU9. O BB<U>olle. 

OO.NhUMmoN-L#Ba wUhcr©B4«acc«aB tolhtoUto 

Dy.**PRP!!A—.N# Btth thU iltofotof JlMtoB 

ho«U >f#Uy iMto# tto## MeUtt'toaa 

EatHTluh.'* uV TUE rtElN. 

rSTCR %!rD.4O0t-fortnii©c©arfBBfthB We#Mra 
eoaiaiTF the©# taBUlUto# vUl to hnuto b «Btow i»» 8 ity 
Bivl o»rtBln reaMUr- * ta#r MBcDclar# Iobv# tto •vm©b 
•oMbci U) b r#taro bi tto llMBii ■ ©ora to lhc#B MBdt 
cla«# ** tonoBOBut Trv thBoa. to «Btl#dBil uoi to coroil 


Oo«t,Ot.UtfiB«i.Orm*©L HMdBCh#4©Ve««iThlail la 
yf^*4 Hoot, liirtaw niBhify Ehauhtora. itonoNB mmA, 
AbuOu!*«* AytotllB. 

ijy^. • CL>MrLAurrs. 

!«.vm IMb w Mwffea.** *l*t^ 

■’U7 Ukdruteij 1 "r-"* t£h^ Mto* pBVOna pTBOBT- 

.'«©■ for t«#Dty v«#r#, i.i bU 'ib *#n#a# fon^ #to M 

J. n, 

FroprtoiBfB tor tfoaih bob W«at, i^nrliMto. Ot 

To wh«>a aJUf#*# Bl) ©rxirnfa 
N. It th# 45 f>V(*-q# M r 4 to«r TBlarhl# sBUlefooB otoi 
«a©)«BBfo BDd retail to KdW 4 rl W'M©r. Eajraoto h 
t>)#r,BB«lB 4 niUu« A datey. fo aotrlUB. E?.; X U. 


peM##ll|p. hBBhrtlto. Ttoiii.; Woo. U Wtft. Xow Alhawf , 
IbiL, 4 b 4 hr Bd Niwlliirtnt d©Btar« cxttallf, 

8 B« lh«l«hJp 

riti7 Ukdr^ij ©mBP# # 
Bd*m «M liartBwrH i 

^Buchaohn, Baxter and Armstrong. 

Oaa and Water — Baxter, Dulaney and 

8tT4Wo© t'T ma* hr #rt ojt tar liurlax 

H.ALF or HlCKM.tN, Ky., CoXSTMIyD bt 

Fire Department— Buckner, CalJweil and Fir* —W e learn from Captain J II. Tachu ^ -mm-. 

D„K^i di, theobliffioE clerk of the Belle kiemnhiB Anybodr thtt cbd f.oBt m© in ih© Loutivtiie I W* l!K>n.D RK^PKCTFULLV CALL YOtJE AT 

*^®t>el. . * ^ - w/wRiuK A I . . wtia birAurbrrn*#. ihU 4 # 4 «Oii. cbo wlu the I teailou to ow •U<h ol 

p.j„ i-u.i. 1 > , I that Sunday night about 12 o clock, as mat ‘'"•’■"Joi.t w.i.i, ih.t cm be bou«iu m iheciiy.u,j I ooaLhjil lamps ssn i »mm 

lolice-Lightbnrn. Baiter and Gregory, boat was eflectiog a lauding at Hickman. ~~»*> U U u hr 

mouth of April. 1 cwi peek ©nil »blp vith oofoty u> ©nv 
l*©rt of ih« Untt-**! :^Mtw8. ,NI/ Pt©'it^ tu©* touu<l ©t 
4D©riu«D A Brother’© ©ml »t I’Ukiu. Hurt a Co.’# 
ANncaltarsI bd.) j» *e*1 Jt.t»re«jn l4>alsvlll#. 

Ali ordt f# will tt>jprom»»Ur BriemleU Ut. A 1dre>Mi 
J. r. HHOJKS. LouUrlil© PiMtolltce. 

riixiR KMxm. 



Rejuvenating Elixir! 

JUftt CV# 8 iato o/tAf Ago. 


; M©m ©twl M©r%# 4 . 

Attention, Consumers ! 

th<* citr, aIhI hANPu h#BB p*irfaLA.'»*tl i^!er to# cuoii 
fovoTAufo rlrcala^Mavv*© will to w hI b-« W« b© tbr 

•p7 MAEK A Df*WN.<t.4i$M4tn«t 

of aiBoalof bv th# bm (rf thorn Ufo Mmir j xm^o'.uoo uf bU lb# r-LI b» 1 #r# 

tciMBfoo©. ^ ^ ^ a. A -a I mW 18 ^ toBmKSTvr.Utol QOBi*k- ®o thr w.:re*!ai. 

pBltv# ta ito hBBtl, oUo, back, ttoitoiolatB lad otBaas . Wrtoto. vrU to© »tot th« torrpciwa aroetlrto nm» 


proartotor oi thorn oMElctaM wwo eotoO 

T his ts ALT*^ITnZE a new UlDIClNHtHD 

romit ot wa lu r r * A'arr.ri rl©e to ih# ▼©««tBb*r ki^ 

m, btAam ©a ©wttraiT «rw ©a.^ *r**tnet awthaU oi 
TO. 1rrr© a 8:tlN# ut ©il th# oLI b» 1 «#n-#a4 
wutod toBTTMcaTvr.ffhBU QOBi'ko *o thr Er. 

progrttoiag alovly at tJreraeaMIe, 
Separata iaiiictaiauta have been made 

•Ofal' will baaaen by reference to another 

*• ft* Biordar af tha wife of Hanaa. jb, j '!**t Mr. John M EArekson is a •** 

jaiaoaar appeared ia eaart aad plead not ■ ®“"***'*« Ur Constable in the district com * 
Otlty 4 venire for seventy five persons 'ke Firs;, Second, and Tenth ' 

©•■ Iha aotuhem part af the eona'y was ia the city of Louisviils. ®ki 

•vffared, ant of which a jury was sclec-ed ^ tl. n .. ■ . . ^ 

Wharf— Overall, Buchanan and Tucker. Ky , 11 ames were discovered Usuiog from a 
Public Works— Story, Irvine and Arm- “•’K’’® “kanly, in Ihe village, some distance 

from the river. In a short lime almost 
*■ , . , ***® population were aroused, and 

Contracts— t aruth, L:ghlbarn and Over- exerted every iff.jrt to subdue the flames. 

This, however, owiog to the absence ol fire l uy'ilS.'LiriK 

Just Received by Express, 


©itl#rmH uvui Iroiu Hip ilpriuon, ’ 

THOi; AUT bi» NKaK, A.\U \hl” 

F. 4 K, ' with e 1 «*KAfat I'lh otl*^ vSfto ' 

.z 5 cpiit 4 . ’’Mill lu m» DrvAmo Tih»u ’ rt 

Of Bit klnrf©. It Is by f«r th© lBrcf»t. an I ©f iT#©t#r ▼©. 
nety, tbBa ©ny h#rvlofi»r© oAcreU In iM# mBrk#i oliR 
)ni©r©nt©« !•> to lb© tost; It Li PUNK FROM 
OkkKNMtK 4 »D»K. #n«t will BL^RN LiiNtiEH and 
tbl* U ***^*'*^'*'*^*‘ LWIIT, tlun BDj tkow HrlUnc It. 

BOlRaUtoWi. *tl 

O# ^ ^ 

^ 8 VM omm dtoei 

i ki in i hia th# tocTpcfoa oraetlrto mom th# 
tot4 14 hu i~>t# ©: ©go# w Obv# thiB BUtof 
to WiMXB HrDCBi V#CBU 7 , Wfo). Wtttoto 

Corner of Third and Jefferson Sts. 

” ,, , . ...w ,,r.r, uyMiiauroi Lver ol Ihei- ceiiiA: i 

Hospital— Barbee, Rjnald and Marshall ®“ 6 *“» 8 . ">®y "ere unable to do. and a* itie nthw.i.hii iii « ai,,. . um. i..i of u.w Mo.:c.».«i J 

’ aua Ji»r.a.ii _i„A j-lo win. nr.lto .hornW it,. bv -uci. cuii— « »i Bnni.r RU h- -!? 

Work-house-Rubel Btiler and Bn- ,P **'7 “tarply. the flames | ^".V't'faVr’.'iSi’rar 

, , a u epresd Viry rapidly. Before they could be i a «*.. to u'filcb the ©Tt^iii.un of th** |.ub i> 

We wii only on. ktixl .r (hi. an l par. ta;er< ran .I- 


JWeAye«far.h.Lei.Cre.aoVti.^Jlu^“;. * 3 1 11 1 1 1 U LRITID! 

mXT < 1 i: hip 


SC ROi IXLA. or ETNartTTL. ta tt# vorjt tormo, Olcoto, 
ot orotf OBocTtHfoto 

> 4 <waMBlB 21 kl]kl«Br» •tortOBlty •xpbO#U to thoM 
MBdIt IB#*. pBivala wMI ifo woU to alMtaitoto th«ai 
wtoiMsvac Uu>tr ©tMIBCsto I* •u#^i#*l. R#tl#ftoUa to 


IJKMh Bm WOBh BM faUMN toVUKtoM K'-©VB to MB rOBTS^ 

I vorjt forMB, OlcBto, oupmo bb«b btoo ui©J to ▼Bta. Loatf-ihaotclu rear© ai 
km omttroi tovr* 4 i*BiW 4 a. ©^ b moJ MdoormmJtm btortofo 

r #xD#n#J to thtoB bBtfoha *rmoo4 ^to DumW© ©EtotB, ©to to mow 
^22^2 th«to ©tor# th© Ittxlr ta >01 Jbrtoa haotohitk a* tto < 10 % thtog 
K i#U^£#tl#r^lE to toBi ©BB con IhB fotoWtO© <StoeB#«© BBBteiN 

▼hs dalsada.! ha. a^pUyad abla counsel “ . P'****®®^ »®® locking ^es. 

““ >.< -r ..j r;. 7 ,ri“:.TS,: 7 uS’'’i";^ »«t.r ..a ..rir ~ 

laawasuag Over aae hundred witneste, ».T-ral vonn. e t.- ol the lire wav not esecked until it reached ' nf.riK .1 a.nd .suar BUifalT* 

•re la nUaadancs, and tha eonrl-honsa is »ndbee- fit * * o'" *o ‘ors. Elections — .Vrmstrong and Wellmaa • |»zge brick building, which being provided | obRI.n'uaw^’. U ou-lhi)Wara Rii'i Urwuma'urr, 

arawd^i with apactator. daring the seieion Cemeteries-Barbae. Gregory and Tucker T"'/ ‘fferiually ^ 

I, _ ■ ‘ n ki- o o . cheeked the further march of the (limes. I>u>L iiii..a iif.mi> rikd-a L.VRijK u>i 

^ aaurt f "*"<ts —Onr very clever, good look ing 1 ubiic PriDting— Gregory, Dulaney aud The lois. aecor ling to Ihe estimate of <>i »ooji.,r.i, mu »».- 

M^faTha Siaaford Herald hoist, our Foung friend J. L Overmyer, messenger of ^^a^hee. the officers of the Bel'e Memphis, will ‘ 

tfr fcv aad U .in k. . , the Adam* Eiprea. Componr. for 8 i L nis mmi-a. T ~T , , r^»eh between <100 Ot>l and .«l 2 .i. 000 , on -No. Sii v.i., ,,re*^ 

^ ■ will ba seen Ly ref.r- . , i . RBiFEt a meeiiiig ol the Citizens and which ihtre was an insurance of overf 7 t) 0 (J lkukatkii hakmiill coRX-i‘LASitB 

rlh* ta oar mast-head, that w. hav. run np P*P«'* F®*’'*®'**/ w“l pl«M« accept our Working-mens Union -kssooiat ion of the Among the b.itldiugs consumed were the 

*a«ea af tha Caion eaadidatrs W e First and Second w*rds, held on Thursday priming office and ibe posioffice. ‘ , 4 , u“ w b'sriisw 5 , 

^taaund ^.bem.and defend them «r..o Sunday evening next-Sund.y April U.h, IffOl, the following uw.“"•w!s^^^'V%e" I o' ^KS-UTrlTri.NmT-S-^^ 

U tha Btmoat of our capacity. Though «f 0 »« Ooud Shepherd— there will be a were unanimously adopted, viz: seven hours —.Veia/.Ai» .li.//anrAf. "Vr Ti?" 

we ho|)e U ad 1 something in their I Seuarol meeting of the Soeiety of St Vin- V 7 <»!>/ivd, That this Association believine ■“ F madukn’s Bo., n.ior., s.-i Third «. 

fa.a.le . _ I ....... . . . , 1 .., .c. . . . • '“"‘“g IxTOIIi'ATEn Hme. Th. .1 

Alnis-housc — Duck wall, Marshall and Bar- 

subdued, ihi^rty-oue buildings, the greater j ? 

portion of ineui composed of wooden inate< I ***^* 1 . ©m i» seiiip^ r#p; li* . * 

rill, were onnsumed. We are informed that 

IlSl A 3 Srr> SHERBETS ij 

Batter and Sag^ar Buckets. 

*• Btmoat of our capacity. Though ®f 0 >* Ooud Shepherd — there will be a 
** k®l>« ta adl something in their general meeting of the Soeiety of St Vin- 

uui imullil If liin A 3 STE STI 

VIZ : I 


North Carolina, I n. 7 1 


I Aiilalcaamwm i tfa fc » ARli* H.V'* RKMtK KD T J ML :19 P* »l RTII 

EdOUlDlaato, L. .•^.t.betwee i M.»^n©tMHai 4 #i ©pB.M 

rlZVnL, ^ H CNU V IU )L’(a.AS, 

wANTfau 1.N r..<cnASG8 Tcfa ’AM* «f PIfaBO-rorte asd SlngUg, 

Dry Ooofi^gfeClothinsr. W l jgBiH 

oAa.uiN,~iin.7.. a co 

0**18 * J OA %f\3, S. ' fa*faA terniroBitut 

tfopoeo i to 

Ho a 
V*>r:#BlB by ©R 

BU 4 T 4 #to#« from to# fivfftpm. 

I BroBdwBy,(il«*E 4 U D^liiu)E T. 

4 i »lBBtoB ©Pl 7 tonittw©© 

a/EVEWtofaiOL IMlMiti it¥, DPEkMiNATkEI 
uf ILiiOD 10 THE HIa:>. I'O^iVVaEO IDEAA. 

AvrariTH DTarcnT, maciation. tov am 
ITE. to;*UEfoAMlAni>E iiV THE iNtoAED 0« 
uknieaemn. VAAVRAni n u« the heart 

Ato. to tort. bS tto <‘oiACQa*tUAl8 oi b mtrrom Bto 

^‘*®*-"* 4tBlB ©4 toBto©M». 

PUEF.AttE Futt 6 L.\iyEB* AiVk VUl tt ICkU 

faod. m hct. sB tn. 1 -oi.cad.iuate •* . a.rvoas aad da- 


WUdLBa^ALS DBALIE IN A HANl'f ACTTJ bEE uV in io r toliai. h H ©«4 mtwrt m r—morm to 

ih.p#; It CBWAtav#BtP ei©ii hdaer.rc. ©r©i|atoy 8M 

O All VANXZBB SilaiJl’'’ “ wa* « m. ham a««idty .xl u w im 

AEA ftMtLl MSDfCiNE % b #n«BttT 


Wa arc for them all over, and de rani, in the bseement chapel of the ***** '*** '*“® *>*» nnived when all true •"T®*"'*'**'* HASgs.— The Gazelle, ®f cobiilEU.N cu.NFEiiKiMLV -.NU'ig fai-kr a.nd 
nmelf. wa are of onlnica ihm Cathedral i**'*'' ®®unlry should unite in an 

:: r v"' =^r.^jrr:;’T'p;r:it"r or.:: h;;:r-7.f;::^onh;.: 

•oumty WU! give tbs Uckat an overwhelming Focno Dx in —A negro man belonging to *»*l«r*l Union, and for the protection of ''’®®*'"®®® **''* ‘® •>*▼!> e“‘®r«d' he garden f MADDKX 8 B^.krto:. .Mi™^^^ 

WAmjmitf. Tk« ewAtj wui eertaialv sot ! \tr J r Jd.hh.mrao -r - / i i i .i our riflita ibtrcin; and belieTiof that ih© ^ CN'Bi’aE I# n A • 

fiva ovaraknadrH to Iha Secession and ' r .d ih • a e m * men recommended by the Union members of u* *"'***>““'* having ealon the hark of the llGm HlglllS . 

®*r-T-iff a asrlT •®»*nl mad in the noighborhood of .Mr Joseph the L-gisUture of our State as delegates to **®® 1 ®> «*“« ®'**®*' ru'**'*"®® sa'urated i bt.ER s UF 3 OF e »i zi. 

Satlou I, in 8 ooU eounrj, OD last Saturday *dte DGrUer-Siaie Conytmion are true Union a'cohol, parformpd eiooedingly fan- fakx day bkk.mons. rrio©. $i a'.. 

U„ eveninr. men and loyal ciiizeus of Kentucky, we do |**‘!® "■*®*‘* leaping, luuibliug, andscream- SAY ami SEAL. (:• vuUj. Fnc... $i co. 

hereby fully and unhesitatingly indorse *“* |“ ‘**® “'®*' •*'r»®rdinary luauner. The elsik vrn.m.r. (2 iTi,.e. si 71 . 

*y*. g»^< ine dAj last week ihe steam mill I their nomination. I workmen, who were wltne^s©e of the scene, J Ail Nut EL. ( 2 \uU). t’rii’e, $2 so. 

^ba Labaaoa Kaaliiakian puts up 
Oatoa Dsmooratic ticket, and says. 

FAI 5 KL, \ (•(),“' 

ma.m Fact I REK3 OF 

Lb a- 
V e 10 M* iiSenils SM the i .'1 

«eii« of *.»•'•' I t* »ol »lcluil>- lliol T T H U 7 

M- eodA^enieol la th. d * # J d 

8 \lSV.‘‘h w^^^ 

*“Se 7 !!.*.“^! " ‘*v *«*>« •^ P fal LDB 

A faiwi-en .'etooil on l Third, or si hi* 

n al.le-K*© *oto V ^ »ifB#i. owfiB #lo#. Atm tAuor bAmv# 

nM .I... WVMB*.,- that he kas re««Sv«d an 
A JiteTVr 1 S » *>»' “ m- Mfort jrrr o* vell-kooaa 
fedeiSt/ fir ?h'?^R '•*'“* *“*»»*«. aat rsa »a*i a»- 

go-'-l Iniilrunieol* ttp..n i»il;oi.A 8 . 

. I -_eir nominal iou * workmen, who were witnerses of the scene, 

•ftar araaking of th# dsaperau efforu of ! belonging to John Carpenter of Casev That wc mutually agree and *?'®**« ®“‘*“‘® I”**'® «f laughter, but nothing 

FAKI DAY 8 KK.M 0 NS. riio©, $1 2 *>. 

HAV AND HEAL, (!' vuUj, Fric*', $2 CO. 

KLHIK VKNM»R.(2?ul4), iTUr, Il 74. 

Hi Xo\ KL, (2 \wU). I’rif**, %z UO. 

QUKEN 8 OF tKClKTY. FrUri. $1411 

TIIK CUOSrLD I'ATII, A Mur> ol MuUcru l^f#— 

A'rAMaVKAY^i^VVKDilirm^ *''* 

"•‘W wilt, the Ule*t im- 

r«#sfa'U#i»i# • J!*^*-** ■»rflt l#w. dill I ©fill ^ 

WH-OrV liott#© lu tils* W#vt. 

©#i proiiipUy dii-si ©( ihBthort- 

— — nip3l 

Bny of ©ecartof 

^da wrt»>© 

HFNKir ^tyOLAH. 

Thirty Good Woi^s 8 aJ* 


i Bt XclBuibu*. In*l. Tto# Mb)#s w 
lUn^ lo ajx y**«tiw i*m, iu**#i of Ui«*ui bpe k« to _ 
wo'k. ©n*l irhsiii nflv -b i** wlst#yn !i©»rt« hH *; « 

i^ia# or them uor«*. F•«lss>'tB ©utoirw m a.*..,* smi .. 

^ T**” 0 ^ th#ft. Vr#iht I 

miM ncsr muEsA.i i u 

■ mm , m mm mm plae* M a-Mliw ur r*ii >vMl.« laa r « ..ilBi.oa. MV a 

v^ iu*»i lofc. n.i«a,;amiac» irt ,fc,j »i«.i*s«i^ 

■ 8— WnimOia *mis«f.a. o< n ad. <sv'r*i.i Of me m«aasl ?v«SMM 

— sHs a -ther. 

^ ^ .so Ml '.KH.YL- Pr. w.-,af n «*i| m -C 


’ Stoaulakt* Rus*te*i.ei tuxia-woU kaewliM •hat 
No. 4 © Fuarth Mraat, m 2 ^ Wa«i«lle..»um.toii.mar.qy»ve*fmn*a 

BETWEEN MAIN .\NP IHE RIT 8 A, JW*u 3 iir x! * S 

li.Mlssllla Kv i ka-aomatU.-how w.«« Toa s-e uLliet vim UB 

liUBiarillA, fay. auHa »*r her* .1 .V,. - «amr*er am 

M aodi>said-.» iMPRiiTfo ■rr«i..fafaATO«- 

THK HHANfatl'l arFKKiaaATUR. aRCriO I a«.<L^gaAlfV H SL IY!K. ..I y I .»’* ..m- 

RErRHIKR.»roK. IVK ClllUirs. I*r Haami oa*. i »■— a lesw l.. Wnl y 

eteamhnaw. ««*. sea iLVm >****■ ifc »lm*a sal *>eamy. *»aau *ad w«mar 

No. 4 © Fuarth Mroat, 

LuBlarIlie, ly. 

I VnimBfaiii — * I a^ Pne* ai »« ksMla. «r Ihrva hmusa *aa 1 

mmpfaiB aeeo. hf-si«!*ahTaMui*<ur*r«»*' 

ar.snRL.-. rKUH vimpbiw satPivaT a»- *f 

, 40 C*t>ed uUlorssie kv I »1 stm«* *ad ChanJm. Th* traJ* m» 4 «leU •» » m*ra 

irfa’Ut 0 «*luTut*a# u> Li,»ulBvUlr. .xa p.*r l.-#a 

kwakla am kin arm iw aad r - . 1 . -...-ev. ■“*> j able means to secure the election of Messrs. ®“ *’® ‘•'^i snd were full of Dutch o ur*ge. i-r " i‘tie fuHiu*. (2 voi*). iMce Si ui. 

.. . _ . p 0 |>ar# for the groond. Everything belonging to the mill : John J. Crittenden, Jas. Guthrie Rufus K ^ **® whole of Ihuu a e e subsequently made Itl.sTdRiOAL. ivi. miscellaneous 

•aOHMt. WS have bat a short Um« to pre is a total loss I Williams, Archie Dixon, Francis .M Brie P*’**®®*''’®. »“'L '‘® doubt, tarnished a good Kssats, by M.c*ub>. (.. iTUe. t-uu. 

para far Ih. baud.. Th. e.emy i. i. Ua „ . | t ,w Joshua F. Bell, I’b.. A W ckl.ffe. O. W. “"**®" ^IP'***® .uin F..u.ih .nee, iiu-!!';!'.’:.”'*',* 

4 aM hattKag nn.lar the fl*g of disunion *^'"** '" **■“’ **® ®®“'''** ®®“®“'=*"®“ ®f Dnti'sp.C. S. Morrhesd, .1 F Rot.iueoD, J B " ~ 

Imt aa moM him Ukc men who are deter- **** ^*®”®** Keniurky will meet in 8 t. j Huetonaul U Richardsyu.asdelega'estil'ie MARRIED, JYlUleS fOr ShIC. 

aiaad U tha r k Church at Bsr.s, on ThuriJiy ! **'’®'*®!' **'* * we earufsily on th* lUh Anrii. hr R«v John 11 11 . au-et, Mr ( t’^E lilNliRH. and t\ve;>ty No. i 

•®*‘**w t»a «*«»e of Liberty aad ; .. . appeal lo all who love their country and a -M. u . . ilk *ua miu El.uu v , sajghter nr ' * »*c i<-«r 1.1 ml le.s i.., ., 1 .. a.ijv.. 

Ufafaa- earryiag with us Ua Stars and ^ ® 'h*fr State, .0 unit, with us tn this ^r“d vo- ' 

AHATH. by M.iC#uUy. (*. >oV>. FrUe. $muu. 

. „ W RiiBYKTHijN 

»I>IU _ F‘»ui}h b#tu©#b M©m ©uj Murk#-t 

_ - — ilBVUlr. . 1 *^ Deep L.- m fi * 



SPRING STOCK! ®*arrie<l People Only. 

BEPfc XfotiCE. 

BiMd U MEUiB CBitto of Lthertj ana ! 

Ufafaa- earryia* wlU a. U. Star. j — “-ff. th« i«- 

. (and as we fondly hope successful) effort tj 

■©jt~Oa lbs night of the 80 th of March, reunite the two sections of our distracted 

I I'l. iii.nifHri) A^U T«E;>Ty No. i v*. 

' * l*C lr.r 1.1 MUI.E.S I... ,.l.. A.|Jv..T^~ 

tlie Oli'ler.iiaie I. *i Si. Mallhew. Fo.t<im 
Jrn*.r.nii rom.ty, Ry. .^M.- W 

*|.I0 I'fawl J.iNu iin^T* 

• a, Tt„ M.iu.Ulii Demorr.i. *t Rl-t.lnonj an.VTh. 
• I*"* i.'**’.,** • v-*ez eiKl uuilce u> amiiunt i.f 

t) ■■•ch and aeud bill to iht. i.m ■» for p.vmani ’ 

A■'** 4 n^'*r' u .i'' ■'■"J ff‘;>*ll-ABLV AflHlINTm 
T\ Aa.oiul W.lliaiu* AO., s r„»i \|'ne. at Maa.-i. 
«‘*lt {**“ '*"!*' “ '■■vot*'t at Porai^'* Boat -at***, 

un nairiatrrrt. briwtrii Euu.'ih au.l iaiillit. 

4rbi-niv8BOl mil pBrUcaiBTA ©©ut lr#«* or (h©rirw by mtj. ■ Fi(tk-.,aJ. i 

Ir#^ii4 K FMAXfa’L A o5 BplO'» n>tB #ir^t, l ^mir north of M#r|i#l. 

■ ■■ > J B »rgn Bametj P^jtoa. owneJ bj Mr. counirj, aud pUo« ter where she ia by ShFlby Coil 6 ?e LoUfry of KfntECky, •* •**<^ *« tht* 

—A hesafaa of Iha Uaifel McCulloch, of Bowlinggresn, ran away, "*'‘u to be— the fir-t and highert u. PK.tNfK x VO viaaawers. Han Away, 

Piatriot Court wlU bogia on aeit taking a valuabl e hors, with him. ‘"««o)"rf. Thluh^^ournV^^^^^ , . CL.ifa- K.-ZI^niii. imi. ’ 

****w*P wank, ia Lonisville, and the next -»f— rr™ ? .\nieiger papers be requi-stcd to give these *• AT . 14 -J ttHH-T-J 5 » 4 i 4 w pd 1 4 .g '? "TL. 

•• bbcobE Moaday ia September Fabii 8 row 8 alb AUentiow {? directed to resoluiioiiH an insertion ia their oolumoB. ,, , OLAtoti i 7 >— Aoru ii. W 4 i. • w*^kcitMii'co©t, brown 

TWCUci«m.i Enquirer, speahiag of U. ‘k* *d»«r,if.ment of two farm, for 4 . 1 . n,.r 8 .^.cLKlKELDlN^i:^^',^''■’‘^ I a ELU '‘tvn.avm* Apri. 8 . ust. ' '' 

laoaM aaamoa at Hnwpwd, says : •• We can ^<*°®**’ lUincis. which give a oapitnl | fa.uUTiiie. A,. Otter -Creek Flour ~ 

W 4 aaar««>atv MarUal Dahomey and hi. "*“®® | F*” -Night before last a fire occurred to?’o'S‘’"iT. ';?'£L' 5 r*‘m'To *i?fS .50 R*:CEIVEr. and F,.R sale bt 

Davaty. 0 .«g. M.boaaid, .p«. ,be .ffi- ^ ... ri- *“ ®» Chestnut, between Seventh •*rFRA*’N.* W^ .pio.a_ ni.k ,t, 

aim .aa.aria which U.ytra.,*otedU 4 .r . w"-* Eighth streeU The damage was sllgh^ . G iLtiil^ify .„sh - “ 

. . , . „ ' Taaaijiwu wir ciBaatl papers tro moF* Warlike and threat- I , u- t t *, . . i r ai baiFbbta Wbu* ii.ui 

*"*”**• °~: _ »!., a.. .....h.-p.i- b.. for The lounlrj not Vone let! ... 

fahfahaads of twbacao have bnea soM nt U« 1 Akitoka Skikiikd. — . krizaaa hns thrown j the 1 st inst., two young men RKSCMPTIOX OF BI’SIlfESSI ' “^~£bSI Oi*elu'Ean'i^*di‘‘ 

ffafcat Warehonsn, wkick brought Iht high np her hnnd nnd declared herself out of the *'®'‘® '“'® the Xnverian Brother- 'T'he i.nderrioneu i.nfoRm.s hi* acmcaint- '^*”***‘“’''' 5^1 ur . a. noRit, 

aal yriet of the nc anon— fonrtaen dollars per Cniaa. Woader if she will annex herself 1 hood in 8 t. John’s church in this city. " 'nMr‘‘waf n 

•M h« 4 r.d pound. Tae oa. mUd y.««r- •• th. Comnachesv Par B tat> Vren .nr.e “liVlUt 1 

A—— MA. __ L M a.— y...m a I a! or OtfaK XrottSItrar. Wde, ahereheha*oiie»etlaaiiod*lockoflheino.iu«- -*** •♦♦lelafw I 

4 ay was growa by Nr Bsrtoa Joass, nf n^A very suecessful revival of religion We are authoriied lo announcs Jawva R «r icUa in bu m>*. «,»ci.Mr .nrh 

•#WM( Owen” aad 1 * kw Ur - • . r. 6 u** n e are auittoriisu 10 announce JANKS K. anlclei. ** *r* m.iai n.*^l onl o*e<l by fariaera. which 

progress at Georgetown. Kentucky |, of Barren county for But. 

UtBT tW«Btj ptTflOBa bsTC '^**^ ^*****^*^ *^ 

L^tti:.aii akkivai>. fmrraci.'vo bvkkt vabir- 

V ty ol iunan HUJ J ^ 

rLooorxstrixot loxfa. 


*nc« and the public senerally that he ba* com- 
&if*nr#J the Di y U<Fod« bngibd-411 ©j^kfo* and h#© l4A#u 
oj# or Ur T. L. JfflTwrwob’w n#w on MsrtBt 

4tr#©L UirJ hoQ#e wb©! of ih# cor*«©r oS Flr#l, *so«Ui I 
•id#, m her# he h©» o(*#©#d © good mock of the mom uw©- ' 
rulBnd nffroMBry ©r tefo© la bt# Un#, ##n#clBlly tnrh 
Brtlcleh 04 oro b*j©i o*-«U#’l bii *1 oted by Urtuoro, irbicb 

, 30 do Tft/Ut; 

J08t rocHTod Bud for©Bl# by 



' ' Ufry OI*v Oliara, .upevior qaalliv: 

to.COi* Great E«fft#ni do, da: 

B) c©a«a# Weiih Ooe# 44j rterar 

For porUcniara. itallaa aov. wldreM 

ni n . >arS4dliiOui ■**» Jlo. t*». a’r. 


;ifa huh. a. e. fortkr, 

^ Now U the Time to Bo, Pl»»o.! H*btt'w'^„“AM 

IAIN. Sfa- Call and evaaino nor >4och wen-oaonrtaa a*oek ‘.f 

MJ!^L .DMdS *’ ** *‘^h'LDS « OO.; iS Jlalntir* t, >IILU.SERY o.iQD?. 

****-Wceii Macno I an.l T hinl. ■•'S.l-Dteaac*. Trtmmlnvs an.l RIKbnn* of th* lalaot 

ORTlA*|S ^ Wiles. an.i *Tcmnlnje IB ihi- Sflliin-rv Iiiar, *V the rich- 

; bt ORfaJAX OXSNTZNrO DAY. ^'“** *•* want «f lr»h 

MADAMF P Alinunr latiot faris pattiwus 

’"''•'''"•fa fas IVlIbnUll will 4. weU U «lve nei a CMi bMSM 

» where, aa mr Price* will he axe I lo uill the hnr.' uSlT 

on Tlmradap, April 11 , lOOl, 

M bta iiwh ‘ 

YOK-E Of Am,ric«. Spriach.,,.* 5 ^" 

^♦■totoBi©. Atni JBh latoai 
^L’AL afBRTIfto Of THl BTlX'RiauLP- 
A.\ ®# fSm wi 1 to Wki m Ito ■BBbtoa 

i rr*ot IB ' toe NpAY MtHlNlNO. tto Bto ©f Mbj 
to to!# ntr. t# ^NTtota ©a vkcBfon fov oomm BW#rtofB 

toxtafat M*> cfov. w. #4. wJI L©|i: y #©»• 

w 4#Vx# to# #uaa A II ttoto©#. 

K/A. pl'lEUSS* 

»,ur aad rr*..n. 

^Shrit *w lh» sra m t i V'ffa J. Wfal'tiiT * CU. - 
if mm* KiChnrti e. *CTeef T-w • hljei^an 

WfaSMmtewvamnv KAT«<Via s tfi-ni *■• 

all reMiaai^Infauaalai* m the OnltaU Sums 

_ |■■IJ J i l- ■ L <4 

-A., BJ-> 4 . 1 SriD’S $f, 

EifbBBN<‘ MNd Ifaiiikia^ 

38a SSAAJUBT STAim, , 

Oad. than aa4 dnmth, nutta mie. S -lanM nhMe SnwHI 

iA>rT 9 TIU.fa fat 

Of g s nm i iatmnans h nnnhtnth at imnn. 

prSLlC I.X CaEMKRAo'. 

will weU u Klee net a ewi tai— p— 
where, aa mr price* will he Sxe I to uill the hwV'"umrr 
eha hege lanve In tntiim Lwllea ami Samiuir - 
tn Ihe ruunlrr. who mav n..| Bat It .smvanfwnt 
UfWUvtUn wnrins Uw S»nn«. cen rel 7 np!?w,i“,I!£i 

l^HYSIOIA.lsr 3 , 

. taw ramnctfh'lr tBwWaW •• cnB sad nxnmsnn mw fan* 

at 'iew, aoa niy wsU -alac l a it atoch of 

and MedidneH, 

• Mnh I bar* teWeVeh wItt grant enz^ vty w of |tvtas 
esitlrr an Iv-rfert — rin Si i-Waw »w me US nnS nnini MS 
.maiums m m. a* weU ne wai U, ihn 4 U- 1 hn*n aim 

:WHecte<t with frest earn, 

A Plan nad Large Stoek af 

toxaias amb bxquou 

sofa MBMCOifafa WaiUiM 

> 4 dfTai«i«) 

^ I I #ff O toRi to dJffi_^ 

cRAw\ [Cwvnn^ Prepared Glue! 

L TfaT ct »01 BNENTBODV4 

tfaaa. NAM faWO INVfNTlP ITfafa 
T*J' 2 .fa: *r dmlr ilo. W the '•irmtT. winT## 

«d toB feUol R •!■■ ifaiOio 4 » Ytoi fot 
St -Ty-— ^ ^rBHoito rte *# Br ubb UiI 

wtUhetn*msm- f«n^>.’N. ,nK"»«y »m • 

sms U can hn had. fa he*»et* '•* *^®**“' •* t 


CfarFVOL DRt'R #rORR, 

Cntnsv sf Thtr 4 m 4 faravn U rmia, jad s« TtH U # 
ito ftoey Br^ Bl )«## to to© tory 

jTfaciimR fa ra; 


B.iT^. b'LOWRR.fa 

«♦*** •'* "WlwvtfMlIy lavltef 

a RBhw fa to— toHto*. 

1 ■ -h*. co..o». 
mSUAw V,=:;n BxH* 

nf^gaUt^M^hsmtlsntd wtlh as isocn It hi 90 UAB 0 IV NFSXI 

mToIIT? •nmossfa 1 USOOND arihEKT 


riiM; MUIa la store sau lur aae; hr V^Qnmm 

. "'Z* *I."tN.k<eiRJt A HADEW ^ 

f P. MOfafaN a lOfm sole by (aim ALLKa„toMiUHi 


~ hOClaVlLLB 

BiR^WALK! * 

BAliroad Matters. 



(BUM jvnaMniuA. 
tL 1 — M . U4Mm»«1M mi OMaw* 

dCI! V mi BMUra Iipii IM r. 

OnMlMaTnla(MII.|r«Mi«rltfc a aM H. 

B B> Bui aa4 Wm 4. ...Ml ». a 

ttO &.ULBOAD. 


Oa aat altar 0»iami*r, Baa. Mtk, IMA toMai wtl' 
Ma«* Mmt ABanr aa BMaarac 

CMIaataaa* R. Laata Man ra. lau a. a 

•A UM Biptaaa at , MtM ». a 

Vhnaak AoeammuiMtoa at. kU i. a. 


•MiiMa Man at Kav aiw. MO a. a 

Ba al LoaiartUa„ ■■ 70> a. B 

laala mi CaicasoMaa at — T«r. a. 


BaaaaMar Trata Ha. la* kOOa a 

Maaaaarr Ttahi Na f at trIOr a 

*rnaR»BilaHM Trata - t*l r a 


Hafl flala Ha. I (DaHr) Tki a a 

Ba »aiai TiaBi Ha i ( 8 aB*aT. asearta*). .— THO 0 . a 
lataaM Kxiaaaa (■aaOart *■- 

iMil) Tit A. m. A kll r. a 

akaaaa larfniatlaa (•anOara a tr a t aa*) kU r a 
BardatAwa Braack BU p a 


■ew York Newt. 

Itiver Matters. 

aTBAMboaT KBUlliTBit 

B ibU AitItcU from Dopartod to 

Jkoob Strader. . . .Cikcinoaii. . . .CineiBkaii 


TUurBj«y AvvoUtc. April It. IMI J I XjOUISVIL 
Thccton^v market coptiuora dull « Ittoot chtp);^ In I 
IvAdlng itriuifrctu )rAtoTilBy. Tbe amount of realty 1 .flroa E. I.OUTOM.... 


Louisville Theater. 


a^-i ,, . • 1 .. . B R M PmttAn Tann riwmr H-aaing iiriuiirtiu seburoay. Tbe amount of realty .Tira. E. ........... 

^ rv^a trvw vYMDiDg oa. SAjS IbAI » , j .»• ai *k » ^ the currei cy on hand to me* t It. aii«l oontte* 

d Up Alok— fren Ok&rletloa, dated BO«n Weatmoreland CincmDa l .N i^UanB qo^mly rate# i«r ibUrlati<* of paper, both in and oat c.f R.\TrM or ADMISHION.-Dy^ Circle and parqoetie. 

to-daj, (kai bII i# quiet, but tbt troops W, trrlC&DS b«ik, are lowcr than In t«*y aea^ >na when tbu p cents : Second ] Pamlljr Circle, sa ccnta^ 

were prepared for ioiBediste aerrics. Two waather vaaterJav «aa 1 »*and f..rlvanO« pn'^ lK; m to IJ |.er cent ma> te U canU; doCfe.1 Oallaryt 1» 

eompABMt sf Virrmit troops left Kichmond * wesinrr yea eras/ was ; mmeti BaauirquataUon f>ra.siciaRBpipeT.but mt..n - - 

la*t eraBiDC for CharlettoB. It ii EuppoarJ **•’*“* *'*‘“*'1 “wly d*y. i j.,.,., .r. on.rwi, ih. ™t.. lorrMw in 

isst oroiuBE for CnsrleatoB. It la euppoaed ^ ^ 

tkey go to reintoro* Qen Be*ureg*rd'» I . .-Th* rirer w*s Ulliog glowly yesler- 
ooamaiid. day, «<ik Vi feet water io the canal by the 

Before loariac W*akiagton the Confede- P*-"- *“d i) leet water 

rate Commiaeioner* aent Secretary Seward oTer the rocka on the falla 

a reply to the poaition* aMumed la bia .\t Pitteburg the i 

answer to their demanda. with 10 feet 6 inches wate 

A Haraaa latter to the Eipreas aajs that a t Cincinnati the 

nimed b* a ulr tiuoUi Ion f >r Oi^i cIbrs piper, but »b<*n I 
lomi-r gretlo^ byc oflered, the retcB lDcrea«e In e«mie- ! 
IhliiK' like B rai ••• oiubI w the ^niaercB of U«e diiivr- I 

Louisville Theater. mail line for henuerson 

Regular Monday and Friday Packet for j 

.Tlra. E. l.oitTO.'i _.Kota l.Miu Brandenburg, Learenworth, Stephent- 

w M J*U V '!■ *“** port, CloTerport, Haweerille, Cannelton, 

Tell City, Troy, Rockporl, Owensboro, 

“•'liHenL Kransrille and Henderson. 

PrICBtc Boxm. t'i Cjlorel Buxm. coats ; UaUory. Ttae qb iiilld u«w ali*^l slcBmi r 

U cooU; OotorYhl 0 m]|m 7, u c«QU. KU'IKN K. Capl. l> F. 

- - - — And l> IVtAb. IrAhca 

OUANOR 0? T1M«.-Dm>rt wUl op« At 7 o’clock ADd on ih • tUy. April the lAb. At 4 oVkKk r m ] 

OnrtAta ortit noe At 7S preclAAly. 

mark, 7 feet in the pn?j», and t> leet water i« nn^'U"***** ‘uud' ••i* a cn* ^«*ucrAii> limited 
orer the rocka on the falla. It.oii. rs «rr cution. in umhin, liiin,.i. .nd w i^un-ui 

. .. unriic.v. »m until ih. -look. „i iu,, .rn«. |o» 

At Pitleburg the rmr wa^ nunp, ■ „r i.,vr been smtectM, h«H 

with 10 feel 5 inches water in Ibe channel. fuiHaa-d Aw«y, aimI the Foan<i and heAttbycAH wunm*?*- 

iK^lUvrlv. from city wharr. 

Th" Hte-Biiiwr Kngene lUAkv'* direct cunn^t tlou’* bI 

_ g. ^ , KvBn*tv*| *• «hllh the kyBii^vlllv. Pjluv Ah and CAir. C. 

JDenent OI nsr. Carey I s. matliiAt ket ‘*ChArU*r B twen.*’ aFo Wim the KhAns 

A hN Ki:miY k\ FNlNd IPIIII Heb Iitfi UIII ittf Vi'le «f»d H..wlln<tre**n I . S. Miill p.v krt Matil** Oo« k. 

A III a «,r Tdl IrroBUCD '•> \<»TBE f) a MB 4 'iRUila* tlun'*, Ipp J 00 OwAHI OI tO 

k“n.' •■''I T M gRUl.V. tr«, 

C.iptBln Hiii’hns t il thh KtiicN .ArcherB . l> ckK>n; i j i n • > it n «* .. 

r’apuin Kme*.!, H’siUce i*ierre (irtntfoiru, Sidney Regular Monda/ and Friday U. S. Mail 
Vi Passenger Packet for Brandenburg, 

A naraea letter to lae e.xprcas says that Cincinnati the rirer had com takat.iy .ii.ti'umi.hej from ih.- vniei .n.t wouii.ii-.t, .11 

the aaaeaation of St. Domingo to Spain is mcnced rising again, and at nuon jefclcr I ••iii* * 1 *' s'*'i*ieil. or only to nil r.r.ier. from 
fully eoafiraied. Tho army to auatain the j,_ risen 11 inches. The weather was ‘ kor'onsieir tn.- ni.n r.te of e.. tumse m on 

moremeat eoaaists of 7, Otto men and four .err wet 1 c b > “luce l«'t fsii, »«•! the »oii.ei|uyiii ii..t Oder of the 

Spaniah ataam frigate*. Tbe whole matter ^ _/ _ . i u o w ,• x here, K-n i.ut little m our n:.rki t,or.iin«ri. i> 

only wants the Wueea'a ratihcaiion Presi The Ohio Belle, Capt. John oebastian, ein of it, .0 tn.t ..arp opie, «n.i |..rtkuUriy the poon-r 

doat Santana, of Domiaica, haTiag formally ■ Orleans lo day at tweWe cL.:o.. .ith « hi m J. preruted cum-my nnj. it.,r. »i 

proclaimed her Rueen o’clock. [e>tclr. u:.tmn,h.x..iH-.iilmt.m.ll k,-er> 

The Commtuiuaers of the Coafederale The Lebanon, Capt Daridaon, will i I» Tet > bureti .re . mti. more firm 1 v,i.« , ...1 

^aiM for Europe would lear. Haran. on leare at twelve o’clock for St. Louis , :™k;:nrrtr.ror:r^^^ 
the fiih, on the Brmah ateamer to South way landings. Iheexrt,..ue m.rkei ... . ihout muei. m..v. m, ni 

. _ The Magenta, Capt. H. 1. Spoils, . »nd rat. n m.lned nmi .,notx.l Kl.'., 

I QALEN'S HEaU C2SFSNSART mua p. Kiti.Mrpr 

I nHTabLUunu laea. bmj. m bm»h 

for the cure of b 11 Fritale Dlae«*ea. TIIOS# S. KENNEDY & BRO.. 

Al BiXBSlCilZi XlXlXOaT, A 

NEB EPITtK^ (tiR I!=n, Lx © T1 © ral Lnsuranc© Acrents.' 

Cmtummr THlkTr jhj and Matraai m at • n. a B- a w ^ a n^ a ^ 

lA. Jmuarna cad I .lii ..e. x/!*e »mal Or- 0:W’r*TOS ■ 


rjilCM 0 .v= f n V ri.yx OVBB MASK A OOWBB. 

^ — ,, ',ix Ncw^uriHoo'Ta MUTO.VL LIFE INSURANCE COMP.4NV. New York Cn«h .VaeuialatUaa.. 17 000 OOO 

/ \ If* All 4 ;‘y;.n:l!^, Oou .rfbvA gY/ww«ii,aT»»av— FCMLT WtTllAU **' * * 

t i *‘. ^ 1 , , i# " ^'^NTINENTAL ins. CO., N«w York. Cmak Copual 00*1 .JMihOO# 

ii ...SVS SOETH AMEEICiS~BE”ii!9“*o5r»t?V7t“'oSc!yiffi: 

xttx, ,h:e s^ fULTtW FIRE INS. CO.. New York. Ca*h Capita!. 

•i^ui -M CO. OF THE VALLEY OF VIBGINI.k. Caah Capital.... g^’rw 

‘.' V . ‘t.’'. .. pnMvirxwyro . .. WINCHISTKII. r*. »W^«a P.W-Jt!iri]*al.. 1 Ba.*». 

'dhaSIU ■■-4xw . V-‘ COMMOMWF4T.Tn»iva nt\ i\o vap aTxTPiTp ua »w:ir^ A._a ^ 

. A«4>nt. 37 W all Htrewt 

Muitb; Qi).a.-t!iio'o. Mr II .\.||tqht: Oopln. UrtM-- 
A' ri; K'mrr*l*U M 'HJriw In th« act, 

TAiiUtturino Itance. bv MLa JtiintA llk'ht To bip 


VoUDK > 0 »B^»rs .\ft**Y whub.? ACU of OTIlKL 

LO-<»(b*^llo (ior thtf nuht Mr. Codn All 

M.*n«!....Tocoiir|a.lewl h A CONJU'SAL LK^S«>N~ 
Ur. Lullaby. Mr skAlUit; Mrs Lu'twby, Mrs Plckior. 

Leavenworlli, Siephensporl, Clover, 
port, Hawesrille, Canoellton, Tell 
City, Troy, Rookport, Owene^ro, 
Evansville, and Henderson. 

The Lebanon, Capt Davidson, will 

Carter & Buebanan, 



I the filh, OB the British steamer to South way landings. iheexrti.n 

. _ The Magcnla, Capt. H. 1. Spoils, . .nd rat. n m 

The Post say* it is reported that the will arrive from New Orleans and reluin | 
agent* of ih* Confederate States received to moiraw 

f" The Telegraph. Capt. Hildreth, is the * 

[1! ! 1 ■“ matl and passenger packet for Cincinnati KlJli'’"* 

Uj^er of a loan for the Southern Con- „„„„ H^rStrau..; 

iCMignMy. * A- lerli'AiMAol 

The Commercial eays that the report that • '•«»»«• Or»h*m. Ualliday 4 Co . of 

Jeff. DavU had Ulegraphed to Charleston Csiro have their huge wharf boat completed, Mn« .uri 
not to tiro oa veasel* earning supnlies lo **“ be ready for use in a day or so I UlnolA^ 

.Messrs. Graham, Ualliday &. Co , of 

... (a'4l*nm 

.(kAiw rrvni 
.... Patviu. 

■ (<%'4 pr«iu 

4a S prrm. 
\(4 I •U' 
\((*S prvui 

had Ulegraphed to Charleston C»»ro have their huge wharf boat completed, I Miio .uri 3t,a tdi 

>a veasel* carrying supplies to be ready for use in a day or so j -- 

Fort Sumpter U confirmed by dispatches { " « t-ndersiand that a fleet of boats will tow r 


Agrlrultural ImpieMeBto, 

from CkarlMton to ahippisg boua— hero 

w. pfni?( WH L. p. wuao ... . 

Pitkin, Wiard & Co., 


S E K D S, 

||a Bonthern Item*. 

- „ CnAlt*iTOii. April 11.— A npeciAl dis 
pateh to the M. V. Time* says that three 
r. .raat ateamer* were seen off the ouasl yesterday a 

her from Mound City lo Cairo in honor of b'>u 
the event, on which occasion there will be a 
general galberiog of boatmen in that section, n 
who will celebrate the ootasion with a tig m 
dance, big dinner, and bl' lime generally. .m 
The l.ugece, Captain Sayre, is the : *** 


Ii4ix, dt... 

^Xasonic Temple. 

roK TWO srzaHTs oxri,V! 

Madame Inez Fabbri! 

1 \ork Ara U'Dir ot .Muoit . Aa*i»cea br 

iK th«* liuperlBl Ttietti r Breslau. 


Tilt* Amt'ritau Tvoor, an.l 
HKKH HI* Hard .muldkk, 

Tue ce>traiKl runbt a id Comt»x*Aer to Her Majesty 

U^ly. from city A hart. PlBCiriB their>r!--- nti ,w. — ^ -..m 

Thw Ntcamer Rn;;ene makea direct connertlon at Soom J'tii -k *4 ■ , ■ 

CvAOtvlUe with the KvaiLtMIle, Paducah, ansi Oalro U. Tbb Ac-bub :. l hu prtvfc—" •owl ••er m ^ ^ 

a. MaH Packet Ch irley B.)wen: and al*o with the Kvanv vj“ to liSr u VV ' - n ■ -r - .f V t."vh cb w. w ^ * '** 

vtU. and a>Alliw-«m-D U s*. .iuil Packet .MatiW CM Ma aM.!iv^ itt • n Th.-e wi h- u \\ RmRil* fR.*M THf I^.4^RANCB A*iE>C¥ BClU5Rdil. 4ND BaVB TBAJ»- 

Por friUhtor faMtft .havltm the Ooent accommoda- cod>qH him wUU r* a: ; t v J DAMPokTH M B^MKKT:* wf»»« w*= w^i • - -.trmay'feeiSSLBl/ STwS 

UooN, apply uu board, or to .ymtaa; H^oAhs-’j fVee ^ * >* «»> — r‘ iht rrnn mri i-prr if fhf n— nntTT aaO e— ■eoillW 

, . UjNU 4 BALLARP AcentN. p/«u»/#. an*! all cf Ih** var.otiN a !mi*t.u of the *i»ner* * ^ |•alK»I*a*re nhlch hae hcj«tol»re • < ?o be*;.>wv ! opoa li. 

IP m all AUeet. tlve orjan- upon wh‘ h h.:* n -t tr**i»*,aml foi lU^ cart . MArrh 1*4, U*l. BVLUlCS 0 OOt 

A* I r\ %r w r xr et a Of wh‘ch hS >.kin ha* a >«uirr.i h '.m the b!xhe«4 fepOlA 

I ^ / O y L I y h . Uoo. wtu dn l him at tue l>tw|.cniaErT frMti: f to 1 uom jm ^^*4 jm 

P/xm Vmww i\m\ »aa.m llWE«». 3 tO S an(^.->Oll A. and 7 t»* • Y V# &l Ugw, ^ W ■ J 

For New Orleans. at a »iw a nt u;r .oTtnicntio twi _ 

^unrunVcrcpt. jno sxi*..!., .VslKV^if'SAr; 

j.upA..(tHtrH..-. — — - 

— 1 PALUA m\ Ag eBta. FtMjUxa J*^irui^ a ccrulu rkiiir lv lar irr.yi..:n/* ...o.. — O. ROBnXB, Ja 

For Cairo and St. Louis. iT.;' Vi T I \ XT ITf 1 D T' 1-T i’ L> f" T D LT* D T'C 

AS^ J^AiNfUKlU A: KUKhKlb, 

N*Vn.n'^cl^'“ whJ? ***'** Au .j --'v *• ' s»rcTESHOR.s TO nrLLOCTh Jk C'O. , 

lor trtfUai or pAA»ai;t apPlv on bi»ar»l. or to u ALA.v uiokkn^au 

.P.» UbSO s HALLAKD. «r..(Vl, k- No. t. . H lilt - f . t:KT"“l-'i^r^^^^ INST R WCE A(iE\TS- 

TT u \l A 1 1 tal .0.1 JtftlMWO. WE.l al.’.r. L.Xl <tOx>E lu lltcX. tto- ^ A A. X ^ S A . A *. X V.. Ajj A A. X.J AX X tjm 

» i.v.iJl/ A,.‘t.-Xa: ,, 1 , • .ui UtTiai'hor’. rx/xxfxtrxnx... . _ WINCHUfTKll. VS. *WJW0»« Pvw^ !a UstavlB*. 1,. 

,x:^c.V. .‘n.n“‘ fS; ^myr. COMMONWEALTH ' 1X3. CO. OF THE 8T.4TE OF P.V, PhiiT innh CnphnL..*2«a *00 
tioD^ai|i at.ccF -tni fn • »t a.l^. ae vhown by tht HOME 1N8. CO., New UaeeB, Conn. Cneh Capitkl 

report of raae.< treats d. A l.-mbfc. a-J'Utr to the mar ■uaits.m Ualw ^ •♦-ptfWj.TTrr 

d'oabt') <>t Ihfir pb\ '■ at ' ■ V ■ t t-v *n* »l< 1 reE» INS. CO. OF THE 8TATfc^r'^BOe?l!5r’'^^o^ Cnpiul ttM.000 

: *' ‘'•“.NTs, ..r im-AAXC* on uvm <.( SLAVES vwwed Is uy tlad of sm,loyvt«eA. 

Tm2.. ;’Tm.V.’!r,>h .boT. fclimsod >«ld at oea otBco. m LwH.r'-’ _ •.•4I* 

The splendid new aMe-whee! ateamer ,ianhtx»^.Nf #V».ir vTht it r 7- »*t.> ai>» •sidra.M 

.boy. on Vn.l.y. .A^prtl the mh. m 5 o’clock r. M.. po.|. Tli.«'»’a:‘. i. . * iih r »>>ot« II«. i-c. hoHor, 


I'LOL R— Sale>x NO bt<s at t • •; So. WILLoI\B 11 LI* 1 1 K»>T OPKKATIC C JNChRT, AT j lea\ 

xiRAI.N-S.l»» l.'Oxl.u.heN xxh.-it .1 SI'Vl la M AtxO.MC TtMI’LK. I “if 

.M.AXiFAin KKo ionAx.xxj-.’‘.ii« fu ix.xe. »i lx ©D SATUllDAV, April 13, '61. 

Trees. PUaU. Ltae. Hrdraalk Oesmt, Pusier. A«;. 

lAMOawtlU. ftp. 

3^ Mr Averr bMOf a partner In o«r Nenae. eaabli- 
%$ to fhrvtah vkokonh degim vtiA hts Plowe at krvee 
ekep ptieae. MTrdAwly 



tWrturS tins.. Bet Too, HaBsotlon, IlUIrt 8«od u 
W *Mm w i fcr sjtv lew t«r cs.* bo 



Wv hew am a( tW Bmk swonmiwt. a( OarSm 
■nS. MW .n« T »* Iw .me Hi tht. mwkw Byerytlili* 
VEwnnioS tnm uS true u n.m.. Uborsl Sttcoui 
■. d o to w t i. i — I . S..l r »i 

(Mr niMCrsiel A'ni.nw saS Cmslogw. slvln* *• 
se el s**—. •! — wythts* to*d ftir.].— d k-rul.. 

rtrun. viAJiL * oo. 


Wo sOhr tar aair •— buSra* ebrSee ewtslls*. bst*. 
sm.ivii1 m moat vti'.oh wv bvU fcc OarAm Cnkar.. 

PMcv par h .n Sw t —pen. IS , prv do*— popofs, ‘ 
hr s— I , SSr — .’vm— to aov— . 

Cota*— no *>— — atipnro'luB 


J*t»_4Aw L— loom., it _ 

A le rfff u4 lactre hrMictloE cT frank 
004 fiMBlM ■•me.erawB 


per ur AKD POLO wholesale and eetaii 

* m Papon 

J. U. BU.\DURA.\T, 





Ha t— — w v aaS P aalon 1 a— a«w — paetar taSaer 
maauta Ibaav acoUa. 

O soa— l U i I s e oa promptlp a—wreed, ud Saaolpttvr 
aa— lacaatoT MaaMaaa. *>S(lxdtTn— tafaiibv.' 

longtime Andersen flred * signal gun C. S mail aud fai-senger picket this even- J’. ’v^:" 'J, " 

this morning An attack oa Fort Summer ‘“f. “ o’clock, for Henderson and inter- ^ 

is momeniArily expected Busine.s in mvdiair landings, from city woarf .Mcsnrp. chle-k— ;. i.-. to iHjxr- .i sx m.s, 

■unpeniled It i* rumored that the l.ght " ill A Uavnll and Davidson *re the clerks. v\ lllSK\ -.'t.’.- .’.Wt.i,u .t — c. 

will eommenoe at 8 o'clock this evening The Atlantic, in coDbequence 1 1’ the xiKiX’Kliitt-Ary nrm but very ouivt. ithbd. 

nnlea* Anderton should surrender. It is wet weather yrslerdsy, was unable to get atuarat'-. ;:‘,x.'. i.«- ci>ir<c «t i.i'.rj.ia- 
SA*d that tbe Harriet Lane is off the bar. her t'leight aboard, and wav compelled lo t’Rut t^l^»^b— -My.-r. ttew.ii a li.rter reisirt the 
Thousands of persona arc lining the shores Mvy over until this eveaiog, at I o'clock, i»«rkri very arm. .iih.. 0 Bh nvmryrf nude ihi. mon - 
to witnesi the attack. I when she will positively leave for New m-ixif *>"<•< »‘T- •>*••«» * 11 1 l.rd v.rx .mint, g.l • 

Orleans Capt. A .McOtll. commands. J ''t'l- * 1 * 1 : t'.w.i -y 

EvACUEtion of Ft Sumpter demanded 1 8. W’oolfolk and Richard Ferguson, clerks. '■* 

r A' / o y LISE- 

For New Orleans. 

Thf flaw stFBfu^r 

HHOcraaMM uiiia bici LK. c«Dt. Joo ; 

I*>r irvlxht of i>«kMM*(e uii hoorJ or to 


For Cairo and Bt. Louis. 

Thv mMrnUlc«ai Bte«m«T 

LicB.Y.NoN. DwhUson RiRAtfr. w1 

A *1 1 f * • a . i « a F* » • I “ruB.YLtX) -T1»e MiriB* ili^ WBre»ioii„^> W«*r^ llTIth l>t 

Chalistop, April II.— It 18 rumored that The number of steamboat arrivals ! .,f,M,,r jatti vi:- rs’ i:.i j «i 3 t «t »i.. i r 

®****^'. Beauregard has demanded the at New Orleans for the week ending Friday | h »i ijn- i-a at ».;vi« t., to .i »r — 7 j... 10 . 1 ” S',* 

Mozart J-Iall. 

For One Week Only! 


LlKaullcFunoraiiilrEiul liioramic lllus- 
irailuiK of 




aaa— ssBK ma.trr. wUI ^ ViV?' 

le.xe w .tkiv. on tht. day, the IJth. .t Ii o’clock . 1' 

H fr..m city vhwf letter, i-jr U 

rur trwUUi or a|*i*1v dq bi»ar<l. or to 

•pi* LOjxiO s BALLAKb. Aseiits._ sorx’KVb E- N 

U. 3. MAIL. 

Regular Wednesday and Balurday Passen- — 

•lUkblvEt a« to ;;QRrR'.u* ac‘.r» ... • % v * t c.*.-** lu*!wy 
FrMjUXS Jt^iriD^ R erruiu rtinF lv k>r irr-yn 
anil Jwpx*rrA4»*m q/(h^ i. as Wt^>i «« • «r4> 

▼^nllvs'’ of prFtf)’«r)tT, w’H ft» 1 l»r l»k\»|{ir’ 
MALK Rh;i*l'LATi>K !’i M .* : * • - o > «.L* 

rr cri-e't.U'lwrtAa^o J- L. BANTvHtril . 

f IV lar irr- Jm.’ in/* 

w' i>a*t»'|{irv r* T I V 1 

> ) «.lv .time*! iwmd* J_//\ J 

• ' .alii. out tiUory u 

V D All. 

!, uM L ’ •tlrM’IOkl t« 

OiaPKN>Ai;V, , „ 

» rit>M THK BaNCB 4GB.\cY BCBINBM. 4NB ft4\'B TM4MB- 
iMyokni 4 »*Mi:irr:< wo»« w*= w^i • ^ 

I wortby «i tha wr ura *vw4ti#mra of tbe n— nritlj mi4 *mmmk Av 
bos bc/etofora * ‘ 7 B b^»;«>wv ; Bpoa 14. 

- BTlaUlCM 4 oa 

ger Packet for Brandenburg, Leaven- Dr. IiA C^OIX S *■'* **'*'*'^*® •‘•’lUd.Nu. tx)n.>nn ;>r nCLUTt a.>d jlai.s sTattar* ,mTn-i*t;E oa 

worth, Slephensport. Cloverport, Hawes- PRIVATE MEDICAL TULATI3E ON THE XOVXaWYT.Z.'R 

ville, Canuuliou, Tell City, Troy, Lew- ,,v ...tu A A* As AJ , S *. 

isport, Rockoort, Owensboro. Evansville , niV.’-loL...u..u, \lKv» o? .u.vkri.aue. «*«<>» AA-sncET. we AAPEBSBST n 

and Hendersin. “ 7;'T'u '' ir 

-^^2j2^Thr.i>len.|ldnfw.l’p-«h«Utr.mer *.- I’KICK i»> ! i TVl x; , , t mBi’kNTi'M “'dMi!. INSUKANCE CO. File ESd CATRO.', Of MflW TorR 

J. A. Lu k. Clerk^irtll“l«vl t'7t'ye"Tn 8«“t I r.e at t. all ,..r„ af the I .U., j METROPOUTAH FIRE IH8URAXCE CO . Of NcW YotR- 

Apill th. rih. .t ^ o'clock V. a, piMltlTely, trum Port- TUB I.NflKMlTlKS i»( /xT'ixTr.rx vrn. v.....— 

Tor'f^li'bt or taax^e .ppty on b.>an. or to % .V.-;. ? ’ '‘fV".' , “n C^TIZEES FIRE IXSDRAXCB CO., of Hew York 

_apu , NIAGARA FIRE INSURANCE CO., of New York- 

For New Orleans. ^'7 - , ,. 7"^ FIRE INSURANCE CO , of New York - 

DunbAtn. - -- “ERCAhTILE FIRE INSURANCE CO . of New York 

Springfield insurance co., of ma** 

aho arv conrckHi- ■■ ImV- c ‘ - ir:. i tp. b..jta, k— .. I MASSASOIT insurance CO., of Mem 

pto^* SBtl I’ftTUec' ’ »*• - .-verr htioiAn b«tarr to ra-n . 

’ n ■ ' MERCHANTS’ INSURANCE CO., of Conn 

■ ir .1 d’li w:-ikii.«, sc:. CHARTER OAK INSURANCE CO , of Conn 

eroily vAUAeti l-y * la-l h^i ;; l?i ; M‘h, th. -r •■no of TkTh/vvFWTvwiwrgxiww «— . . . 

anub .jy .iiiiir.. -. px r.. h .-'tui.. — . r«my-.tmx« , PROVIDENCE WASHINGTON INSURANCE CO., of R. I 

rtiiKifur lu tii^ »**i •*. zk ' . \ki - ^^oi the b:o k w* x. 

ory, a’th m lii. i...lx. :.»■ ■ - •! ’ •■.■• »aUiur'. — i*r •** ■TLlABLn IN.'l'ilAHCB COttPAAina, 

■Nr.^* l-AK!.* ,tM» l.<>> '.jN i t.KAi tm.NT. u- i. si E niLICIk.V m all TUI BltA.>CHt.s of L’NDknWKlTl.'tM. x«»r*jiiaB. 

WvUaVx :..rtny|TTyi%lyr -it r. -or d.yxtM , _ ... 

cvncnaiioa of Fort Bumpier. 

I a_!U 

WMhinffton Item*. 

WAsntnaroa, April 11. — Tbe Commis. 
aioaers of the Conl'eierate Stales have 

The President has appointed Lira t'.™**" 
ooln, Jr., Sub-Treasurer al Boston. <*•'. .. 

Col Lamon, of III., has taken the oath as wh’.'kV* 
Marshal of this District. u<> .... 

WasnisuTOS. April II -Advices from “‘‘iT' 
Panaaoola atau that from the aavy yard to , ' , 

I noon last was eighty nine Tbe receipts ot 
I the leading articles per these arrivals, says 
I the Crescent, we fool up as lollaw.^: 

i:.pj* Uie«. 

- «.3ij hh I'.AUi 

. .JIS I.U*. 

- <41 hleU. 

. *.i7i>i.k,. 

ill.*' X...I... 

14.250 — . k4. 

- 10.6 o tc> a bbN. 

— »J4 LW». 


*• ’» 1 «t I 4U<1 1 At Ilf. 


CiN'TNXATl. Ai ril II. P. M. 

The Di >my inxrict Is qafrt aQ'I money i>Vnir and In 
hriAk deuittUJ. ^\thatl,:t' ti tbt- K«st at premium. 
Itut New Orlvjiiir. ''T uU.aI At par. 


Naw You. April U. p. h. 

; loeki firm; 

Chira|r<>And Bo<-k LIhIiI 


J V’ rti..iliere;f!oi . Of 1 e. Aii l \ l^ Idly portreMUK The One ateamer 

the iteiiloUM ATveiiiarrw, Hx n tcrtul <li>ix'*’* ( rie'* AH I '•III- 4LTOCK4T DutiKam mxatpr 

euUr|.hci,omi-n4»lt..c.*.U.yI>f K ..i» .ii l hlH br*vc AMBIfnak. will i. h. m ai«yli m 
c'liutiaT.u.iiH^Oiirln'.; Ibelr tamoar expr-lltlon In (H-AYxh of the Ulh ln»lAiil, atS^/ckxkP m. 
sr John rrAuk iri: evecuied l»y the tr>*At Amerlx'AQ for frelxbt or pA^^oiie audIv on boar*) nrtc 
Artist, tioa<nre II- lice, from priTAtA drAaf*.x^ Hnil BRNKDK'T a ^ON of 

^ — - T^W. KkW l>\ .a«nti. 

rilk.’^IuUx-lt.'.U. \ilxV* xJ? .U B. 

Iwo Suroirott ‘I9ai • f=v.- j- f rv>, • ,,4,^. 

Jtf i\ la -.:i » - ' ■ t.t: . , ; 

♦h- I*KICKi»N!i rw .nti FI\RCkNTi HB 

'I' - dtel I. It. •trAied 

IA> encr4.*!UN4 It 
t ar l*» tt- *>4r:1e l 

t.N BEWCuMBS ni’lLIll.Nu. tX>K.>nB :>( BCLUTT A.>D JtAI.S STaBSTS .BBTE-UitiE (M M.LUTTSB.a 


I i\vuPAi*rIJ7»U^ ^*** AI’DITOE ur the state or KE.-mCET. we eefeesekt the (OLLOWIHH 

HOME INSURANCE CO. Fire and Cargo', of New York ^-$l,5W,SS6 


ntr and In Artut. tioa^rce II- nee. r •*<} . from priTAt* draaf'.K'* Hnil 
8 ketche<i fami<h< •! hy the Ule |ir KAne. Noibini; that 
premium. »rl tould cotitrlhute <*, .ngehulty «uifjf»'At ht* been nec- 
ieett**! to remii'r iIiI-a hff-Hke repre^entAllun uf the 
dteA*lful imrt»rlnf*efidi red l.y the American Ara'Oe ex- 
plorent Tlieexhlb lion nA<«t>eT-n pr.>4iocid reKArtllet** •.! 
11 P M expeitise. All t. In or<iert 6 > '■iiiklmflv 4lU{ilA>' tb«* woD^lerw 
and beAQtlt*<of th*>v Unknown Kei{K>Di4, a VArl«>iy of 

iheuilcAl Aiid UierhAiil* J appl Alters hA^e been Intro- o'cloi k F 

W44BIVUT0X, April 11 — AJficta from JT * OrheUnd and T.*l. -lo. 

Psnsacola Stau that from th* aavy yard to The receipts by tbe above packets, ssys Vum"* ontViK?'.!’..:.'.'.^ 

the light— house, 24 miles, guns are ranged I Delta are rather small, though no doubt i*xnama 

ts bear on Fort Pickens and eominand the 1 '*** />'*mi<l»Lle enough lo any ^ 1 !: 

ekOBBtl. I 0 R« UOACquamtrd wuh too ma^DiUldo Ol iLo ila lem preirrretl 

Wasnin.iTOB, April 11 -The Southern 

I : 1 w .* ea a . 4 Rom lAahikDt ik* nnlv mptisalA wWI-k -4*-. II.XS.,... 

<tuc.*l. by whIt'A tne V HlTor iiiny rralUe th** rfYAu i«*ur oi 

31 the|»o!ArlUgpin». S. .fTAlorihenfMlntrrvAUncrrlhi 

ol thl* evrr-m* niuMble rvistsiUion will be rkblblted. 

< Iehr 4 te<l Ke. 4 |iilmAU 

eoteriA’n - lei'M/O- 
who are comvkvO' 
ptOJ^x ABtl pflTVeC' 

For New Orleans. 

ktie Goe BtrADi<*r 

III leave a 8 above un SaturUy, the lltb iu<«Caiii. al :* 

, ■ emitlevl. U.thC-n: • r. 

i Orleans. a 0 *ne<e Ht'ideht. it:*^ A \ - 

romaiD f and ihTl*i‘> ■ 

**K- eiiiv^'^AUAJ/ty \ ba-l hai i 

•vrrr htioiAn bvtagr t4 
P r ’t'-.'r ^ dtri-kl Min- 
.Manie-u l.^ir.fau /ii 

k\*r ireiaht or pA 6 >>A«(e at>ulv *»n liw.trd ur t*» 

I’RA.NK CAKTfK. Ag nt. 
apll 3L Main ^rvrt. 

wiiUh ore *jUzlr<' 
rtbcifur lu fii^ 

Atid lower exirei: i 
ory. w*th lu '.ad ii 

hern iiUATAUtre*! 

CosmiMi oners Ufc for the South to-day.; . *• RrGcle which con- iindiwn... 

Their last oooiiniinieationo have not been i *“• ■" *•'’*«’ qusntiiies. Of 

divalged. j *>‘irg'Cg, rope, and whisky, howeter, the » irt;...u c'- 

The balance in the Treasury last month jJ*®**®* ***7 marked, and we do not look fnV"'j't‘i.K'i.-.. ni ':'i. 

vaa 4 o, 161,0UU. I for any permanent increase in the receinls Unitei .<ui--.6ii nrsi 











•Sr I- — »• Pra— stiv Adja— •* amd Paid ia L«BiaTHI*.-SSI 


any permanent increase in the receipts 

There is no truth in the rumor about ‘^*** articles till political aff.virs are _ 

ehaagee ia the CabioeL more Bellied. Colton bss fsllen below the makkets Bt tkleiikahh. 

W... .1 I twenty Ihoneand in its receipts, but sugxr Ntw Yoax. April It. r a 

Sonthern Commissioners Goinw Home molssscs ds yet give s good showing. t'.ii..n i..iiiinuf- qui.'t ani uoiuinaiiy uu,i.»ru(yi 
7 . 1 . Home ^ steamer Choctaw, 7 * >’«•- -t If .wij ..- i.,r ml Mli„x ..pi..: |. 

WASSiRoroB, April 1 1 *->Ths oomnunica- k— su- ^ . *■ 'ur-t«>iun.«* » mid iui.idiiu,;K'AtfHiiAv»* 44 i\Aiucii .'n , 

Uo. of theSouthem Commissioner, charges | bLk o7po^si.e Sonnet Carfe Poin.“ ia ts.'ng 
iad« considerably. At the Uteri 

ATEmmii wmmLi V of sTacuaiion it hos smi tcccuots w® had from her there were three ''L^ki»-«|.»« laiM I 4 ai i^tt* ia‘*c. auI •m.iuots «i 

arin#d tssssIs to reiBforoo Fort Sumplei. ' r.m# *ar 1 k,.n tu T ! . . ^ *sv 

They say the government of Montgomerv | here to dav enter Drolest an,^an\i^d^ v* Wb..«t ila.iit Ir boiier-iAlrs >,*)ul.u Mllwaiikre 
aameatlv d.air. tx../-. .n.l ......T-.iKtt' “‘Tx enter protest and go into dock rlui..m J 2 ; 11 , 5 . 1 . bu romm. n wmi.r r«.i w. .. 

u». Th„ mu™ .. ™ p„pi,. j ..'.Tirfiu 

With the eoBTictlOW that war IS LoeviUthle. k-.- ka*-.- i f. » j M**it« auuiu .j.njj.j wa**** ' i *iiO uu ai i*riki..:o lor o d mUfvf Uc*t 

ber of boats left port, aud some with wood •Ti ; av fur m*A; G4 c fornpw WI U** Uv^affrit; 6|». itirurw 
trips r*uiid yrilttA; t7c lur y»How Njiitbcrn; 7u i<<t buo<i 

From the PUin* Clara Dol.en on ber last trip to St Je'’.a;: 5 ?.^ ‘ixjj'r/ 

ExS^J. tul^!iIf.,nia”lliLTJa\\e'^^^^^^ was only five days and fifteen hours ’^Tr 

aipreat, wiia LwliierDia adetoei to the with in doing it, and lost some six hours bj fog “rAwvjnuuu* **.u:h— xajr8/*eihhtiw CuLa At 4 ‘*kv.».M»” 

alL, passod hors *t Bine o'elook this morn- 8 be had a cargo of orer four tuns Con. Jf» 

i-x- “ - '»W*6W W» uver luur luns. V/OU* Porto Ricu At ftV'aCLc. MoiA4%r8 du and uacbAiicpd^ 

L'tiil**d S>ttfl4*8 4'< of 'al rFfUterw*!. 




Sonthern Commimsiooers Going Home- 
WAsaixoron, April 11 -—The oommunicA- 

•ameAtly desire peace, and the responsibil 
ity of civil war rests with the administra 

rmd, ^ S sacripovf tioB. They return to an outraged people. 
immTi.M^W.‘ coavictisB that war ia inevitable. 


Nkw York, April It. r m 
•• iiUnUf'i qiib't ail i liOtuliiaUy uiixIiAnat*! 

> bA.rv lit iZ'a(*L I?’*.' I’lY nil-tilltnA llp!Hl:.| • 
un>«* t lilid tuliidilu,; K'A IfH llAVri A4|\ Alu nl .'n 

Wb*-A». Al*oiit Ic b<»lter— 8Al**«4 >,4(iU i>u .^lllwAiikee , 
rluiiAltl 'Oi-t. I SZ;ll.3i4ibu comim.ii wiiki**r r*! W* *t 
ftn At 3 :w^i 37S: d.2ao bu aImIq v« cbicru At $1 b> 

1 •; IM^' l u kiiilc Kcntuck> At $1 '«*^1 « 4 Rye I 

»l .l.ioi bu At CK . lUrlcy *luil AUd li* «vy— Milet I 

I’AObuStAtC. Cent AiMjUt Ir lietter, Alin tt**od »-X|h>*i 

the Flains 

I’AObuStAtC. Cent AtMjUt Ir lietter, Alin tt*>od »-X|h >*1 i Nftke*^ I't ttKi bu At iiMdri7c lor (1 11 mlxtsi Ui*AC 
rift ; av fur ucA : G4c for npw w( lie \\ f*»trint; 61 *. niruew 
r*Uiii| yeth*A; t7c lur y»How Rciitliern; 7u l<<t buo<i ^ 

while Siinhrin. i*AlH llrntcr— lAir bti“lne>*i do*nK At 3:! the rlt 

Adnii^Alof., .Mlt' -niA; ckll Iren And Aen'AnU. r^re^t4 
0*Hjr* >.iH*n At 7. iomui -iice at ^4 to •«. Ap 6 'iS 


The Great Clairvoyant! 


all i'Kr«M)xs ui.'^ai.Nii Ti» iijeik 

a’\ luture nruAi^'facAii bAve them reilAtiy AtAte*! by 
.MA'iAiue A'wlo. At lua JelleYAuii bt wtl. N'lwcvn Fir«t 
and ^«\. nd. ( 44 toin wide where 8 be mAV te 4 'c»n 8 u)i«m 
• * I All lUAtierii roncerniiic l^'ve, tnA'rlAge, courtrhlp 
>AW matl-in, b08!iM*tAifA‘n*. AU.I will led the name ol 

tie A-lv or let Dtleoiau they will iDAiTy, iUo the bAiue 

4>f hw^vliitu. -i. ap 7 j,.* 



ittlrologlsl, ilairvoysnt and Female 


The Bn« Itubt draaiht. nMe-wh—l Vieiin.t. Or.- 
dan— tdhsil^-t.'Amer DILliiKN'T. Ca|>t N. U. C->hb, reoaM Dr th.' 

JAniHK ( -it. I i. (.’ierk. 1eAve4 Ait Above, An<1 fur All tnterme* the u> AtQ**u 

dlAte laiidliKB. OQ Tim^’lav, thefthot April, At?w*cl*a directed «»ar 

r M.. pisAluvelr. fn>tu l*urtlan>l. 

Yur freiNM or pae^AMe. Apply 00 bof»rl or to 

liK.N'KY OLAY LO.NU, Afent. 
OfBca At J II. MoCle.iry *8 Trunk Store, 
op 7 Comer of Main Aud H'&lt AirewiA 

The flno aUanjer ^l-dlc»nrt with tu,'\ Hr 

MAGKNT.%. Ilarr\ I. Spoil*. niA-’oter. Uidte*i Gtate* nr Canoii- 
will k-HTe A« Above on Satarday. tbe 13th ln*»UQf, at their ttympcoinw by ;eili 
***‘‘I*"^*R- a. Uiiotly'conrt' 

For New Orleans. 

V:et>n.i, Ore !. F, Ber:. ^ . .8 Vh e UaNe b«%a muipiy 

rrpa;.! or ih.- *.i Vti’**ri’ ~ ^ A : i' -= -e L*; ■ r acau*rv.2 In 
the u> AtQ*^ut of tbe .-7' -i.-* .•** .a- h . * wh cb we ha%*e 

directed oUr Attei*?. ■!*. r w,. » ^U*e ibefu^wlvew 

ander our rara will now ha'*^ Ih** nl! ^-^ueSt of tbe 
many NEW .4Nu KfFK IK.Nt KKMKldL.** which we 
are viiAbl***! t‘* at.- ;r ‘ * 4 . aod the pn^ 

tic mar rent ei«iQr***l *>r the •* me i*ai. AMbialtr, 3B- 
CKK.'*Y. and o^tfiitlon t-flu,: 1 -t -i U> U**-tr ca-ve*. which 
use 80 •UbC*''***fud. <s^' -icu> - **l \u ber«*tuh»re. a» a 
rbreUdon lo our PBCliLl.iK d« i>ArUBeat of pruftertoH- 

I pro* tice. 

M.**l1clnrn with ftid 'Hr- ’-n* i=: atiy part of the 

Uidte*i Gtatr* nr CenoiU'. V*- lat'** c< :.muidcatlos 
their ttympc**in« by irUi-r Bu.-. u' •.-'•trv3t*uodeQce 

a#* Dr. L.*«uflWe U ettn located a* e^tAMt^hctl. un*ler I 
LaenanDh.-r DR. LA CKolX. ' 

To iDffnrr* «aiety U- All letter-*, Mt ipty akI troem 1 

it! 33c fur Jeivey; 3r’4.c:USc r**r Welter u and CadaiU; 3T*<a 

.Wh ti*rM4tf. ro.R Very tlim-HHle* «<o> bi>U at 31 : 

!ur IU4‘M«. Lard lln*)^sale*i t*b’<« At vUiAitoSv- ^uwa^ 

— raw i-jfitiiiu*-** 4>i:h— 'vairn fi^ihh*!-* Cuba At 4‘tkp.V4*»’: 

be rltv, An*l can beronAUlie«t on al! matterA pfrlalolnc 
f) llte, rttber l'a**l. Pre«* nt **f Future. tracInK the line* 
r life from Infaner tn oil {.ArMcttlArlilax earh 
vent to reifard to Rii*liiv>4, Love, Marrl«i*r. Cnurt<«hlp, 

• -l-y aucfl >n rJ« bbd» 



The Joint CommiUs* appointed by (he j speed, xnd that the I-told-you-sos nil pre- 
Lepslntu^ to investigate the alleged mis j dieted that she would be a slow boat, ibiv 
jMe in the count of votes ia the rsoent j perhaps is an unexpected and gratifying 
election, kave ooticluded that no disappointment. 

r»oe nou m cargo 0 i Over lour tuns. Lon* I R<>rl 0 Rlcu at MuiA 4 %r* dull and uocbAnx**(l*— I MA.;am»* will nhow her vMton* a Ufe-Ilk* r»*prr 

Sidering that the Clara was not built for I ^^dat'uba ^tAil»nof their FI Tt KK lirSHA.NDS and W1\k> 

wE« T ri election has taken pinoe Joint resolutions xk, 

Fire Insurance ComDanv ^ »«»••• r» i»'® do^nJciacioLati 

H uvaasasuitMawn/ wsupuij It is rspresenied that McDougxl ^ wh.u> d«uacdtoiv,.niia** 

OFFICE. !?*'“*■« ** •**‘'** the roeult of another i - — Ti** P“l*burg Dispatch, of Tuesday, Ti.-^r.- ,< ,e«<.i d.m.nj for m— po.* .t » 17 . .n.i vr- 

* C*>B?SBtlBB. says . Ittik ullvrtMS. Ihvre 1 e a piv«t«‘ng iivojAn.l torUnl at 

Wo. 92 BROADWAY. vamK^a — r* ■ -Allegheny of four ^::;.'er!T,r -'1:1.'';,*^^^^^^ 

w Hm « e New Orleans Itffini. inches up to <l*rk last evimog— the marks nr. » h.-ii.a iiii.-.i .t t. ' j-,. . ii>-,c. Kr!i uuo lu .!•- 

TO"Ia*'\I7’ -wy./~-w~»'v~w OaLax**, April II. — Three oomna- ““ Monongahela brixlge ioJicating seven "'‘"‘•o *>J 

X OxviV. nice of the first regiment of infantry and I*et four inches. The Franklin, which left ,, . , fT 

the New Orleans Cadets left this evening Brownsville yester-lsy morning, reports the l 2 ■.^'’*Su 2 •r arni fk.'ur’*.rui- t”«t *5"2 ^Vj^. 

Oaah GanitAl 49©© tW1 tor Pensaoola. Hsveral eompanios of .New river stationary when she left, with heavy 20 . *rri«ut. ot c..iioi. 

n yjapi nu, g >ggUU,UW. ..rUan. »iliUa voInnteeredUeir service, rains during Sunday. The Echo, the last But.*,,*., Apniil. r v. 

lo leave shortly. Military enthusiasm has “texmer down tbe Allegheny, also reports Fi-ur-ii-xUn.-xi 12 .. w 1 .. «t juii-ssie. »i *i ^^rt i jj: 

nSP?&*2L^riaL?a\“r1^ rennhed a high piloh. lUoruiting has pro- reins during Sunday. We may look wh.te 2 . ..v.i f-rt. uuii. l-.,.* auil-meM »17. 

shHbh Ls— er Ksi w* By HEB. g r eased rapidly. for a coalboat rise at least insufficient lo let 

’ ~~~ A reaoIaUoB was offered in Ibe Boarxl of ‘*** ‘“If* with barges that do not draw 

■MmECTOmS. Atsistant Aldermen appropriating $1UU,(HIU “ore than seven and a half feet water. ]M ISC'KLlj ANKOUS 

QVHEgc^BULBM. MKEY A uyr^tm. for the protection of the city against inva. Business at the wharf was quite brisk fur - ■ „ * 

JAOoe kEBSS. juU8 w MutEEiiha^ sion, which was referred. the commencement of the week, large lots E'^iUDKII^ 

ia5ET\t*?ft“*’ TH.‘mAs't’*sffTH’ Th# Habana, from Havana the 7th, has of produce having been brought in by the \|| |'|| |j 

M throLD.’ AMiiB BuBBiMS, artivod. Boat and Yancey sailed for Europe 1»J» srrivals, principally cotton for our city ii V I Ivlll 

S Lrnfii JiSIuIh bki'^h''' o* the steamer Clydo. Markets anticipated. tuiUs »nd the east, and 1,3J0 barrels of oil, 

»BWtfH (DCiAA ' VILLIXM n TBEkr The Coal tacoalcos left I WO companies of “osily from the Allegheny wells. ov wk wot Lit re , 

THMDtrkl H RILET, (KEirE scHUUUaBJfr t! sjfiret infsHUy at Key West and proceeded Ybe Nashville packet Polan'J, Cspt. R IJ“ JB|i7An 

W.U 4 V— J*—i^M^*m.*^*^^***^’ **"*“ *■ to kew York. Grscey, is fast filling up with freight tor the ^^^®*"oowlejr!x»CTliiy 

THUS. OKEKNT^Al-, »•«,. »<*«•«-■ M»ry P Hi.4.«n arrived »■ «h, Cumberland ri— ,l.v .,uci,.Uub '.IrsioJ.'i- “■*”• 

naurAnTU 9. DflDrDTO A nChlTO 2. ih from New \ork with ordnance and ftctght through on iho Chattanooga rati 

UANrUnin OLnUotnld.AbtNIO, ordnance stores for Fort Taylor. The . TItT A rMkTCI 

HUIL.[klMG iupplie# were exlewsiee, aod embrace The J. W, llailmau, i.apt. H ^ , Martin, HFvr 

nnmmmm am »■ i rwr . wn ‘B the appUancsi for a prolonged Beige. I is »nnounce.i for the MUsouri river this even- 

Owiro. w WjLLITT AJfu MAIN J^TftnTf. r • e • I . 

■> Bn baa™ axa— h— • 1 »®jt- For thk ar*4 th^ ^ootbam Crtonlry- Oar WaKon* ar»* 

a* I7*a. »<; »> LL»*» Mew Ui kaf>« at 33c; 66 bh«ld I'urto 
KU V al t^437r. AOtl bf auctiuii I** bb*!** prime rotto 
Kiev At JlK. 

ClNa.VMATl. April 11. P M 

Fluur « a» A •ht'lf' Armer un ier the new4 fr;m .v«w 
\ **tit. Imt no tuipruvt luent 111 the ueiiiaiid-«up f I 
4 ¥K extra $4 2u. Oata a it'Ance*! to 3 r<. Ry« auU bar* 

(3c; 66 bh«ld l*urto The .MAdsma will tuiiilwh me-tk‘ine for all dlseoacH fui 
bb*!** prime rotto mown pen* *n8, mak or feuiAle. And children. 

No. 213 itovetith tucet. between 

ri. April 11, p M Ap6d4wtf MaIo AUd MArkei. 

TWm t. i_ V ea t I 4 Wf; extra »4 8U. uata a it'Atice*! i 

..ibe i/ouner broke a ebau on her way lev un. hAmted. Com 8U*aU> ai s 3 c 

RtLTiMoKC. April 11. P. If. 
Fli*ur*ln Un.M L' a* H heat duU->NAle<* At $1 Nhjt 1 
hltekl likfTt ut. C.*m dulL l*<>rk duU^meAi 117. 
Whl*»ky dull At 17‘jC 


New Goods! New Goods! 

JOHN aTTiiller, 

MW Fourth btri’gt,- 306 

1 Kr.fl cn H-xi lln«; 

Br. cbe Hdre.;e Apr’a'*; 

IMaIq do 'lo: 

Travellnc Dret>i G.*o«l*: 

Dcbeice* At 0 rent?*; 

Ru(*er1.*r I Awn* at l.'S coot*; 

PUnt«*ton Dr-IN: 

PUI 1<. 4. . 4c.; 

Which will be a'jIJ low a^ at Anjr hniiM selltn;; al a **t. 
mt34 JOIJ-N A .MILLRK.^ 

M. Wittgenstein & Co., 


mr cuA.nuK up ti.vik i -sn 


Aa Stoomer* of ihia 
• wtu loava tor 



‘ For frelahi or penaia, applT to 

_ JOtnO^U CAMPI05.4i«at 
90— Moll Una Whni^boat. foot of Third «t. 


Dr. J. H. Mclsea.n’s 

Strengthening Cordial 


^aiood. I^xxrmox*. 



WT i>Bu«uT?i;iw>A t f 
Mr dial ETEK TAK-/I 

Jm-t BN. h W •trtetly aX 

^Sh8 •cWbOSc and Vr**.^ WV.^^h 

^ tabl. Coapoand. i|0 
Ivrrt Vx.^ prxk-arad ky Un- .11,- 
JCLI ^ muuoo W Kouto, 

Bnho. and BorX.- 
THIow Duck. Blood 
aj^n Eoul. BteeX Boot, 

aortoparlllL Wild 
CiMiTr Bark, and 


P. W boicy, will Mil. at PuMIc Aax:lluD, on 

Wednesday and Thursday, 

APKIL l.’ru ANB ISis, IdSI. 




W'lllRR TflO'K AFFI.ICneU _ 

Tf with AQT form *>f PrvAie Dt> ) 

ooAe can rac' lva prumpi ir**a: i* ;.l \ ' 

wilhirntrl- k or exi •■*ure. % L. 

U, Uonorrheo, die**!, .'■'irlvtuiv’*. I !• w — a 

cef!*. TnmorA, rai.cvra. S* » irv 

and t>>n'»tUuth*nal j**.-t»h-i a. Uhenoe - 

of the KMneya. etc. R. 

tern It u pr»Vfl th-i'*' '.-•.i / ^ 

real r.->mp'Ahit la = n’!:.-; .. .h*r J 

the c.iitr -I t • no 'll- • X'4 a X 41 

away thvir *n . ' , ^ sd 

Ait.l 4ivlmc Ih* ti. !ip . n ^ 

own bieoinpet. Fiev. >»i c ' - a** t i • •’ tTi.-ot curaa are 

c •D’vUQtIv ’ :t • •. ; i' 

VOl NG MkN T 4 Kr. l AK. * I \L V-TU’lt.-Dr 

II .Ievv*t«’n 1,41 . ■ • ! • 0 ri! * th«sv' 

rai* -a raiite 1 ?.. a A#. -*1 . t. w* '< h r. li,- 1- Ih b*>lt 
AS'I mini. aiidtMi tv til ■' =' iviiiiihl hH 

either hu»;a< H - O' -4 ; : . Tk -x!- *-4*iy 

bAl>it>.«*r Ihr *> - '*f • ; r < .n • - •••»! ^ AD-i 

dehlittAte the c-r .• r.i i. utdI 

mental pi*urra,.'liti’n:-‘.* i.l .-‘i. - i.i* i- ~al ir.*l fe. i 
lnK% aid! a*\ha'> 't the vital - d - • h|. iu« 

Cbairy bA. a o d 

DAOdatlon enter* 1^ 

m “* “* evmpwiUon. ** * BASICAL OOEH foa 

lU.M,\ia sS®. taliif CHILL FEVER 

P TUB BUtIPITAL nknarailns <ptm, oa.1 Um bom IMPALUBLB nmdr H fcW bBX n 

PtRIx' tonvaovitlns lh» dt«»0Md <r4tMB, uid r<M..rliis ta« t-st _ 

“ -ck.^Sk5n^^d.hmu.«II>.VAU®WHAfLTB INT ERM ITTENl 






[>T4pr|ay. Brartlxani, lavord I’Uro, Acidity or SIcXiiKS «•••■ naama • ., .. .non. 0 

ol ih« iHoKark. ruitiMoo •f.Mnod M !*• Hood. Dm’ A PEW BOSSS WtU, CVEE AMT uamnAAT 
"V PAlpIlMloo ojt^ A ...... OIM I4>B Uli.-IB 1 T 11 isfiamT 

U-art. FiKliimoor WnohlJii Um Sumach. Sour Hroc- ltcomair.4 oMitln. •• ibo :m<i tamTaSutlC 
UUoBo, OhoXIos or AiimcaUiw PcrSiia «km jr\aa SY.-ITXM U.NbXIt A.YT Cl ACL ISirt "" 

"JLIi".*'— 0-1 ‘1* =***“ “-« aro.l»cog ta. 'yi , 

S U-ort. FiKliimoor WnohlJii Um Sumach. Sour Hroc- ltcomair.4 aolitin. •• ibo aa,t kmTSa 

Bt .- 11-00 on. UUooo. OhoXlBS or Aumcatliw PrrSiia «km rtaa St.-ITXJS U.NbXIt A.YT CIMCLISlrtAbCas 
Bt BIT , I>rxii*«. ar VHIo«i.mb o( IBb SklB ukl ffrBB. aro.1,,™. .B. 

.*'TU’IC— Dr ' Riahi SwealA, lawonl F**bePA. PaIb la th# lUuail -.f ta# - ^^'lataeanU 'lh*‘rrai<‘atf* ;a eaaaral ima It 

It, B*:X. Ch:'>t, or Mdr. Su ldM PI-j^-MB of Hrot. Ikiproa- nrm of u- ood lo mad i 

..B I i6oo Of >blnt«. FrUhtful Draaow*. Lmnour. IhaMsBsKkJs-tEeT TIIMrTe Kyie ma/adia a._ 

Brproo- *>riB of u- ood I 


Splnt*., FrUhtful DraaoM*. Lan«ur. thMimsaJs-Mr. TIDUTC POR XaLkRiA' 4*a Sr Ew A^GaljhMM^ 
.Nervoa- liloa^. or M./Uh^oa Uu :iain. faver ood Ani dvta. tad - *nf!Tr tT^j 

ooU fever ood iaiia (or L^lUa ood fevorL 


ttuulhi; until alt lh*8 Oo *Jn are »oUl, at the late Hture of tn]» mhi: nr And rw;;i 
o'* P WbAle>, on the •oiiihwevt cuiner uf .Main ani conlcmpUtlii^ i.- 
Sixth »tr«aU. L'julavUte. Ky.. 1niroe.liaCe apinicat 

.l*£* h|. luc 

Id irrl-u** bb** 

‘ m f tice«s*> , 

Mom U.i VI L4!i0. ffTXVftNau.N i OOC M cUSSm 
m, n tX. who 4pa omona the «a«Maaa4a iIfm 


_ 0Ba4A4*Tt*M. S. 0-. JoA 9ft. IMR 

•MU.’ We U4e pteaeope t» oftUna that mm 

have hees nsdol dnrtnf ih« loet lUx nohtho. 00*1 !■ he !»• 0BahAO*Tt*M. S. C-. JoA 

oCukce hoe 11 faUed lo cIy Ion eoUre •atl.oCertJoo. Who. ■ W’^U.' We lohe pitaeate to -win that e 

lta*-D, olU •ofllrr from WeftuaoH nr DobtUty wheat ‘Wr Mr ftevH Ow ua ashI **ther« were eor-wli 
.McLkANM STIULN'UTHRNlNti CORLiaL wttt emr* i weft oetantftJtaug r^itoi and Msk oncamlv 
yoBf ** PHI'- -> »«lM< k «. Soo.. t pruOBt 


jAaie kEEiis. 



I W HEN NVaYt,^ 

n Lri.iii scYvAa. 
jgWfH PlM-iAE, 


AMiW KukAlMS, 
LKBHgl'S B wLaD, 

JACOB Pvm'u 




rrv _A^ _ wFwoiLDRP 
' ’folly coll the 

of the 

publle jraHerolly t iBfl 

oil kind* of 

I which tb* v baa e F|>Ar4**l no e x(H*n'i- in tlttlnx Up In the 

I b«t>t tuAiiUi-r. ouil or«* now pn*|*ored tu oner thetr eiock « mb .in 

I Ready-Made Clothing, 


ti 'rfi ’ 

Thertak^ r 1 ee«nrv In prr'eomiiut iheoe 0r«t*rlA«AKOods (^IaOI IlS 

to the people <*t L .I'Urtlle. at | ricea that will «!efy com- ’ 

I {letiilon In thin conntrr: and. In h mcr <»f the Father of 

, f CAfisimoroH 8 i Vootinga, 

Iniroe'liaCe Ai>i‘[ir«t( <!*. i- i.i^nrr 4 

No*atUcleuf medicti- .m 

fenia ea hanev-** ptv*- 

the Amer^ta*' P* *«7 . 

tn all coF«e >t M* n^iruAl ■ * 
w* a 40*e a id Hole retoLBol 

pOatHfe Mtamp 

to romt Ptllo. ffe». -y Gfitet h e, Meo.. a pruealneoi clSZ 
No lonima^e ean^onvey on odaqaaia ktea ft tho Wi- ) e od p loBtar ft Beeniurt Otautet, coa*4 epoa no mft l» 
lOfltate an*t alniftt mireenlu’is cnoince prudneo] hy 1 ymrod ti we kept iduReaherter** P*')a. Ubob 8Wm 9 
kkioiC thtat Oorllal to the<ilaeamesl,«laft!1tate»t.and ohoP- ) ho knew ot the m ho rrpiktil *okftom 

‘rwl nervoneayiiaai, whether brofeea down ‘v tvees-v j **nr. 1 recant theei aapecihe Ihr^ftp 

M.(*r* toklQir thtat ODflial to the*ilaeoHeil,«h»ft!ltateot.and ohoP 

• *( \t. PlLIJ— ter«il nervoneayiiaai, whether brofeea down ‘ v t xces-v 
1 . ' -4 'veiiFs weak by aeiore. .rlmpalrod ty akkneae. iho Max-' 
” xAtl-’Act'^n oe nDi*tran< ontAobLotWo la reoharroi to lu pnm;4i* 

^^er eon * ^ re'***** n h«wUhau*l vicor. 

‘t 1-recnKn?‘.fr.4e,. MARRIKD PBltdONA. 

j't MBe Or oihen cooncWoe o( mobllUy, rroa whotover < 

Fewer tuer werooewi with Airlift totaamea ftw 
tftorl«>t*m ood Aavpunah RataYDOu lux aemmor. am 
oottifnn. *.a toe moal mealy recksu oo4aa fto mooh 
UTloc oircemilWhLeo. I coo uat!7y thotn eel ft emo 
<anc ft o^Bwo; :wi> b jul'-sd neem *s;seraUv«^ 4Mp waee 
otelckoe «lown with on.; oo4 eeeay ewo ro 



Smaramrr am H n lMri mrsst, 

IMStf _ JMCiSru^X TT^ 

Franklin Xnsnraace Oompany. 

OWKS or ins rsoasin Imssasos Oohmiit or I 

Louunux. Asm I. ISM. / 

A t a msetis’ooT!>t*ickholdp.ap. delb this 

dof.BootM* . PT—OO B I 0 -d twohrr IMnxrtarv lu 

tHE- For Uxlo Olid tho SoQthom C-xnntiT. Our Woronr oro 1 

Ronton News The Dscotsh is los-ilDg for 8t. Psul, snJ 4.118 000 oxuntw. of ptiM irun of mr besi ^ • — 

o»4/euuu ACWl. ta; II aaj ii * i ru- % 7 nUAttty. WAlarttaoimerM. With boxei coft OD cbUl*. _ 

J. b. walker, 

Ike Ckrrlsstown nsvy ynrd has been in- »-««••• rt j c r\ * 

made ia Suing out tbs .Mii»ss<^,^iBsis- Ikeir recent meeting in Washington, D. Foundery of our Own, MERCHANT TAILOR 

eippi, Colsrmlo. sad the sloop of wsr Vin- C • re.olved th« the olsss of engineers in or. m.kior unr -rrr.i kind. of , i at ino jr.r «vti nvon tviT.i . ,««pi vr, 


OF Li.)ClriULLE, KV. 

Tlione wt«hlna to avill tlhemaelvve of a chance to ee* OEVTS’ FIR\I*aiXG GOODS, 
leet fiholce Got^d' wi:i piva-e caII «oon. In order to i{«i 

the choU’v. D.ju'1 lorg»l the WAein.SGT«».N .,.b^vt>iv ^ .vr...v.u .v • 

sToKA __ _ i.viJif STORE Fl.XTURE.'i, ic. 


S£RGHANT TAILOR AUmm* under $ 100 . caoh 

'**'*^Vl***ll X XU1XJVA1| AUAumeornfnw.ui uoVrlW). tmoethe. 

All ffumauver ftMood under $4v, • monlht. 

{ AMNO JVsT RETl KNIT) WITH A COMPLETK Al <tuoi8 over $*<■*. 6 aiaotb4. 

AMhurtment or tbe b* «t roateTloi and Late«c Style* Notee wttb approve*! eecorlly, hearlag lot«re»t, 

'Nphitf Uo4**lK thatiottli Ite pnrcbA'.e.Mn the Kaaleru to be plven by the purchaoer. 


Sss.BBotM k rtwMoiK a-d t.oivr (Mrarur. lu «Pe. v.o*omao, SBU in* stoop 01 wsr V ID- »•••» »< eoginoer* in .,„ra! kind, of 

P" — * F***' loUovibf tooiiomoo man oeueo for ooA. Tho Inttor io deotined for I ‘fi* liest shall be the esme ss in the East, I * 

JAMJCS ntABrE.Pr*sl t*at. 

WimsBilisr'tii, Joato. B WUdrr, 

WftUMD 43e« . |4amuH L. Rock. 

V*4Uai Uechoa. Wftum Terry. 

Aomee h LMhpow. Gee W W>*ntH, 

« n W A»4er^:>a, W Ovi. Alhderaee. 

rTM Sew* Amis. Jueepti P Tertftl. 

AftaOAM Hirx™ SaenOorY . 

A* esnat sf Afrien to relisv* the Forts- | first and second enginoers, and firoi, /~V .a .. It.. .fV III -.-..i-. 

moaU oecond and third assisiunt engineers. The I 't*lllt*r"I IlUI f 1 

The Niagara ia expected ehortly lo arrive j ‘*Fe‘ second assistant engineers are to ^ 

nt ihUatAiioD. j be ihoee heretofore known as strikers. On WITH i.MPR»VEP p.yttekN:*. both wEuUHUT 

During the present seoeion of the Mavsa- I aficr the 1st of next month these etrikeis and CAsr sil.tKKS. 

ehuBotu Lsgislaturo the Oovernor has been ep* to 1 *d<I in their petition lo the Local Wo srouli r.|.<-ouiiT ml) tb. Biti-niiun ot pianion 

A.S'D C-Y.-r Sll.tKKS. 

2*at!rntA llvin? a* a*f » '“xn d"'- •* h«w* 

hv coa lrox A iOAcrlpiloo ■ : tL«*lr wStof.’ ai.-I iUtljoi'-H a 

M«»4liciii« «ont ts> arv aM't 

UCIcr- No. u« J. ?. r-. . VlWi-e:. rrjl an.; 

Stx .tu f ^ 0;.^4 :t :i . 4. 4 *; ^ 

i*roia II .V 

clflea, wUloilwr iitam to I'AYl.NU Cl^roMRHe (and 
noutr o'h^ra apply ) at Ub«*rAl ratva. The celebrtiy 
of ihU Iloute, AOJ the wi ie*<predut t.ime of 

w Aihde*»op. i chuMiu Lfgisftturt the lioTerRor hM been ort 10 eeDo ID iheir peiiuon to tne Local 
Hiti:. iaSorT. 4 authoriied l« inoroaao the number of the Baard, indorsed ae being tit and preper per 
IW attoMMi of motTboni. oni otocktradon b par* I voluatoer militia, and to put 2,000 troops *ops. and having tbe necessary mecbanioal 

I A.4 A fNittcr. rnmiDAnd ulor** attention than Abe Llo* 
c^lu It loAU^rat mr30jiliu 

^ emergency fund ikin to m»ke gocKl and oompeUnt eng.neers --‘Se. u.o f,.r ..Mo M..l.n-n..AUM .nd wagon 

•ne 004 worm* fa—ioof bertaam — ft# moft WDarai > plDCM Dt the dltpc.'itUon of the Oov- i ^ Rf Doanl will tSflue their certlficAle, if H»Xk^ Id all kt:>.|', 1 iKR HRSbKKi4, Ac PerHGit^ 

and uUi*^i* lu our n**w :«TKFL rLGlV. made of extra 
Leavv ..i«-el. with abar * orpiMala m'dlboarl. 
wlilrli «r warrant «**|ual lu tbe beat uia<le lu aity 

kt:,.|', 1 iKR HRSbKKi4. Ac PerHon# 
111*- wlU plea'**' Kive u-4 a Cali. 

MAVM 4 4>>01*RR. 
Comer of Main on*! Honroek at reel*. 

' oo»»*r of Hals oml Batnu mroeto ovo» I**’®®''. But afterwards wai withdrawn at his saiisfied, and the new apprentice to engi- »'s*U4s L..uUviii.. «m pir.-. si.o «i .^c 
Ibmmrn-ial’Batifc. ABBaflaM flfrff. ‘request. oeering is put on his good behavior and Cururr of Malu oo-l Moor 

Jit The i.egialaturo refused to pass a bill for Jevolopment of mechanical genius lo rise in _i»'* -**4>sni i- 

BwmBirAV TVBTTS AWPH r<AWP''W nBoBtion of capital punishment and ffie gradation to first engineer. Tho first 

J’m .TI™ *’ Btrihor to protect the freedom of speech engineer and aecond assisiant engineer will ** ^ 

• lEl sTifrsr^I^livuil No acUon was taken on the resolvos of *>and watehes together, and the second 


• rrssiTt Tit taat st tssitvitit. 
spais OxMtPanT ii> kauaoED is a _ 

X *00040- HAEtaE oud Flag IBSL'E- m*^- 
AHOH kaoiooOB. tao BOM Skocai U*VB>. 

JBaeg E. BELL, El».ldooC 
Bsbbt Dsm, Bocnoarr 


JobooK BoE. Ww H-SUhaB. 

E U HadoMO. Juba ExImb. 

Ihikniii Uolbovt. Bom K 0 w>, 

BoBam A. 0A\. Wm U 8p^o. 

ftF4M S Frank ttatLiV 

tht TDrioiit HtDtM hariDg reference io the end first DSbistaot engineer will R‘K- aii or nature rHoicing. except nun; ut him ai^o 

political condition of the country, copies of ! follow. It is claimed for this new regula !ift“i‘h'B 4 'rom'.* war 

which were trenemitied io ihe Legislature i*oo ihat e?ery person who shooses can not a^e i-repArtnir to AMde with u*. ih-nrej ice, uneon*i 

k_ oE. At kmwm *lim « .X aU- frijulce AU I h'U4 ;►!*>■ Wllh lUOll UlUenW AUti wli h- 

by the UoTeraor. haTe toe hanahng of an engine, and the out. m«ke mua’c in your beirt* and with your tonmra: 

result will be less mistakes in the rioffine un.over more >our bant au >1 vi**i-, ani luauu- 
Twwaa Ti^ma KaHh (-m • «> e lUt-nu of luanr key-*: repleplnh your of mwkxlr; 

j InXnG XiClIlt. Ol bells. \.C., Whioh. in most cases, causes Jrop puMlm fur a A*a«»o. ad-I mAkemuEtc. Buy muxlc 

coBoeniraiisg at tome giren point. 

The Ho M, Patton arrived from 

Uaiaa iBEnraaCH C«. of Loaurille. Sw tho a o« and Empire City are still Tennessee river yesterday morning with 

AOT|l^lZBli CAElTaL. smojm off Indianola The Mexicans at Matamoras fair trip, including freight for rethipme 

Ph» ui EXf' i*Mm planisd oaanon fronting towards Browns to CincinuaU and Fmabureh 

Tam H OHPE WT.EEf.yu ww OHaaniiiEl),.WlLL riUo. The Legislatuiw passed a biU dividing „ „ , „ , . , 

' tho8ut. into* six C«.^.ional diolricts; ™ 

km* mmrnionaina. aaij^ ' aloo. a bill for tho iooue of State bonds of , ®Y ffi* Patton, we are indehti 

SHWOOO. f 1.000.000 to be enured by a spooial tax ‘ 

ft ftftftaua. TWa. ft 911*00. 

ft. ft ftoooftet. 

n Ofteo eoor ftoeo ft ft. C ■owoillok A fton. |oli 

rvraais INSURANCE 

earo4__ aitW.HHG, 

Hd« aamamy Ib aeir m 
ervoftood M»d PMd^ to oth 

the Cniled Siitoii troops left in Texas dooign li- onios of pilou. 

^nimnirsAing at oomo given point. The The K. M. Patton arrived from .,.2 '' ’Vw 

Star of tho West and Empire Ciiy are still Tennessee river yesterday morniog with a ^ 

off ladianola The Mexicans at Matamoras frir trip, including freight for reshipmeni To the Stockholders Of the South- 


thoSuie into sis Csngresstonal districts; p ’ . *p i \ ^ melting or stiiCKIIolders. held on 

aIoa a bill for the ieaue of State bands of ^ cierita oi tne ration, we are indebted th«> i» h iii4*ant. the foiiowins rvMauonA wm 

iv/wh /wv/h A* AX. • » . for a Copy of manifest umm liloa^lvA^lo^>te■»• 

*l,000,000 to be eecured by a special tax- lat. Thtt each AbArvhoid^r fhaii *nbACT‘hv 

, I B II The Magenta, Capt. II I spotts for Amt pare hw««* «*I th** rompAt y ah niAny ithAre^ot 

arrtwskH 1aa« taisnVki •vnmir;^.. 4 ikm. *-:-B un4rf>!i| rApllal, Al rtvg* diTllAtH «li^ ihare, not lo b« Mib- 

TKa A«h«vii/yn /vn Priaia * ” n*gQ», l&aklDg th® trip frOm lAct to A SUlllonal CAi*i>, a* will luak^ A huoi of mouvy 

™^ew Orleans in five days and two hours ^uai w dollar fur eaih »haie now hcia ly lam, fur 

• mimtsko. sul-^-iaut a .u w h‘ch, wU^d pAM, certlflcAten iballU-nv. 

*ft^'®** ft rising river, the (Quickest run this j.i. That th« c'oiupaiiy ahoii ot>^n *ub«»cription bookh 

season Ine^ch ittAt^, and appoint a*^iiU in Me each Rtaarv- 

holder AO*l take up HOhHi*rlvt(ufi4 and r«*cHve the i.a>- 

To Mr. A. A Field, one 0( tbe nu*nt thervup-ju of cn* -fourth lu rash oou the rvmAl>i- 

sk1oao.p.A aroa simoB 1 B^m. m. . o* ™a ^^1 dvr lo Rou-1 c*>a* DieTcUl pupv f , 1 D e-Jo xl Uio Qllily IuhIaI!- 

Clerks, we are indebted for a manifest and luviitu uf two. tuur an i <*ix mu«iihHiroiu tiitadAir. 
memoranda of tbe Magenta She brought He are now prepaied tu •«! utulvr the aliovv re«o)u 

USX 4 iMhii ff-k. *k.a ii -u u ^ ituu A ond t h# 4F. A ivN X of I cuiM paHT Jf Hian'l A IToui pt 

up tor the Commercial liank. re8i*on«e from the HtucAi>ui<t*rH 

TRa I MiU n.asvx -xsamm* aV m» I iiii'iL.* *J I Ol W A II. HURRllARPT. A<enta. 

A l> l> L 

liarnesiT, Trunks, &c. 

X meat of All the arllclei pertomin* to the 

Saddlery Business 

To be foond In the citr. PurchoBers will coofoli their 
lutereet by givliiM u* a iail. 

K. R. aMlLKd. No. 211 Mala etreet. 
lAlk hrti. hot «so-l arni Third. 

GhA News i'ur the Lufurtuiiatr ! 


Discovered at Last. 

BY 8. G. HENRY & CO. 



-DRAY— 1WU II-IESE .-1 AND UAR.NK.--.S, H Blink. Bud :lr! t.«lli. -’. i -- |.. Ui v.u'i. w... 

4T al-i'TIii'. I IV'I'IO.-i. ra.i..l»-. i ail I f — 11.. n 

AT AILTIO.N. L In oil il. mi-nnal . -ir-n . a- I Ii : '-!• i - M 

IV' M.IRROW llORNt.NG. FRIDAY. AT TEN O an-l nn-l..-. me .- , lu ai ii; j ■ la.. W 

-i oVb'vk. we win e* 11 At Auitlon K *«niA, by erder of r <»f diat A’***. ItUth^oiih {• ' it evi-r- . , 

AbAiffnee, an emtre atock of Family tiro- erlea and , , ivre*> to tbe wurM .o a pi;. . t . i.iu;' M 
i'tivwiu« Tobacco, previui.8 to ahl.h. on account uf ue ^ within the na*'h '-f al'.'*-- . tixltak. 

manure of owner. In front of Anction Roomo. uoe Dray. rally cumt>lii«*-l o/* to r>e the n.- -* i40wv(ru. 
Two llorvee Olid lla n«v4. ^ tonic, an 1 y« t peiDrii^ 4'iit*r>i >«t le at* ^ 

Al^.by urdrr o4 Un l.TwrltHrs. 33 coiwh Mam’r «nd n m p* r/fU uLUArJimr^ ' n-x'u- n 

Bu>»* tIoolH end Brogana. Wooitn'.s Mlane'*' and Chd> * ami Kmce :n, -j - 4 * ai d I'lii* V 

iren’H wear. porUilljr uaruA^ed by water. 1 up tbe iii,;* ^i;ve ursans, oii . > aU nervoU' 

Thiatsahtuck ot first clas* ( 001 I 4 , belr.f ponhaaed ^ and oth*-r Ltileti -t. I: N h' > p- t'Vti-' >rxL W 

fruiu one Ul our lonieai l*hoe-Hun8eH m LoulHViUe. ^ aratltoc In its : an 1 m t it D**\er 4 ^ 

TfraHca>h. ». il. IIKNRY 4 iXJ^ lowi**l bv U.»4»iu.l. ur n >r * tra ot - ‘t' li 

Apil AuciKKi**arit ^ Ih comir^^A-41 ennrviy ••t • ! > ^ . ! U* >w O 

^ thurouabU » ‘rfbtn.r.,* p- ’ li f. ■' ~ r 

I Blood Henovator 

AbAiffnee, an emtre atock of Family tiro- erlea and 
t'tivwiu« Tobacco, previui.* to ahl.h. on account uf ue 
nanure of owner. In front of Anction Roomo. uoe Dray. 
Two llorveAaiid lla n«v4. 

Al->o, by order 01 Un b'rwTitHrs. 33 roeen Mam’a and 
Bu>8* WooIh and Brogana. Wooitn'.s MlaHe'«' and Cbd> 
dren’H wear. porUilly uarua^ed by water. 

IhiA 18 a atuck ot first clea* (ooiIh, belr.f ponhaaed 
from one ui our lonieai l*boe-Hun8eH m LouInviUe. 
TfriaHca>h. e. ii. IIKNRY 4 OU.. 

Apil AuciKKi**arit 



J. 0. nathers’ Annual Spring Sale. 

H ivre*ttotbe wurM .nap-ii- .'-ti t .- 

within lh*» n-a*'h >-i hI' 
fully cumt>lii«'-l A/* to r*e the tii 
pj tonic, an 1 Y« t m peii-tii^ j'*; 
M in so r/ft.t u££Ar jAmr^ «r..'=i .*'.<■ -' i 
• ami Krttce jornh.- :fi, •:/ *f. -* 

A up tbe iiu’* -i;ve ursAns. oii . i 
^ and oth*-r L'tlleti ^ 1 . I: N h' > p- 
aratltoc In its ani M t it 

lowiHi bv u-x4(tu.b- ur P pr » ti'4n 
aJ Ih comir> 5 «sl ennrviy ••t • r’ 

thurouabU » ‘rfbtn.r.,* p- ’ i 

PI ■ ~ ■ 

rf litjurv. ;= I 

O lkVA t'". lemtiitn 
lb»- ih*ir*Ua;hh- 
a!** bjr all 1 

L «ee that dvbilltv k 
P and Uj ' ifi Ul * ' 

wiU ilikl McLeoa'i IHrvnfthriand Cordlo. a tft*raaak 

re<eiia*rAtor of tha erMeoa; oai i oU who may have t» tSTSUy mb ioei?T,r mH tt Sf 



I MuLHAN G aTnENUTMklMiMd LU>4»i'l.x I. j J- I ML - CAiPAi^m • WK. 

1 fa B auTorelka b--iJ >|>ofS, can- fcr Bi-mann iBii nmm 

i 1.-4CIPIK.NT u-i.N'i’Mi-ri...-*, wuirns, 

imaknuied or iafleoit MvtUkmaUuo. IncuBUaenea ft rraenow^ 

tmne, or iLvotunioo iMwchoyee th«fVof. Follina o< tw ft. Tm ftMmila*ni ft**rrw*iw ft 9W. 

W •ran.GMJ'iiw E Vs. ml bU Dimm mclCBSt lu •»»«oo«’'bwwv-sww • v»., 

VbbuIob. y EoCaajITlE. FE-NS. 

TUBKE IS lilLMlsrAEB AM>UT IT. , MB -UvW4tSHsBi >sln» 

Will etlmulotr. ncrenothefi. oii 4 | tBvta«.rmU yu« and cosoe w WW* ,'9 , n 

ike bMMFOi ft health te OM>«ui jwor LO«H»a AfAiu. ^ ft ft J 

PRII.11E RWfu yisPE«iH» 

If foer chlUreo oreoickJy, pony, aflnetad. McUoa*» ^ oHoioFinwa 

Cordial wlU moke lh«m beftthy. fat. Aod robam. fteUi CefttlftOted 09 the Enreneftft Plnft. 

Aot a tuomoai. irv IL. oDd vua will he eoavtocoft ' 

IT IS drlicigCb^ totarr. ' For thft Curt of all PriToto IhooMo 

CArTfOM-Beworeft Dnurdauof Jeolere who may 

try to B*ami upoo you .H^ma Miter or SonapafrUa trook. ■ M c" AFFUCTO Wm 

which they bay cheap, br oajlnc H te jo»c ee to*>! a a any dleeaee ftaprftam ■» 

Avrdil imck men. Aft mr McLean « StrenathrotOii Coe ftev. who wooM wacope tke l» 

dui. and take nothtn* rii»e. It >e the oft? rem i 1 y thM w-Vf^ M f o a m an ft ‘iaieanl anooko. 

will portry the bLoPi thoffooekly. ood at ike aonM time mP ft i^ w-i ^ wkoahi not Aim m read' *Riw 

»tfpn*tbefi the •ynteiD. [ Jw 0 atf PilsVlts MoMcoa Tlneft 

1 1 |^ toi'leapooafbl token everr morelh* 9*«1 m. ^a « > wa *>■ ^urai Drrgiimi." a mw 

rarLotu (•rvvvotive Aw Cholera. CklUa and Fev«r. TvUaa 4 e I omS n vWed autUen ft ewa hoae 

Fever, or any prevoiant dloeoa*. li te pnt mp la teroe — <~<Nv peem, kamtamiM^ Mnw 

boitteak. XM n«la*i wnk piftee end engraw* 

Priceoaly 31 pw boute.erSboUteaAweA [ Im^. r epremn tm i ftg jeHftgp 

J. H- Ml. LRAN. I un* ft both ^ lea tm e Mol# ft heoha ood -iteaaaa.>» 
Sole Fropnet*«r *f thu Cor.ti^ Tr^atti^ tn ail t*r^ % oia ll»ruea ftrldent to boCft Bomoft 
Aloj .Mclsooh^* VotcABlc UII LmlmeeL <eca a* c*Tterat' aervauj and eenAl d*WR», meteiT 
Frtodpal Depot untka corner ft Fhud and FliMfto. kaV'' ^ *'.:nA«weAaa«*a.lmpemw%Ma. PrukemoA 
M L*.aiA. Mo. ten CENT!*. 

— Toeeo. ool ^ Ml*. wW, kv (odnlflig 

BScZiHAW'S ItnwFi'ury haU 4 £oreac«ai 4 TelnftftftMe ft theft pom 

axoai *A A a • a^ wTr^ A iai fta av*A I V ’ Woaojime rw A WoUJtV m 



Fever, or any prevoiant dteeme li te p«i mp la teroe jz fX 

FTtceoaly 31 pw koule.erSboUtealurfA | 

J. H- Ml. LRAN. I un* ft koth ^ lea ' 

Sole Fropnet*«r *f ihu Cor.tift. 1 Tr-attnf tn «u t*r^ % 

AbiJ .MclsOOh^* VotcABlc UII LmlmeeL <eca a* c*Tterat' oei 
Frlocipol Depot u4 the corner ft rhud end Floe eft keV''-.. ^'*'.:nA«weA 
; M LuBi.. M«. TBN (.'xnts. 

* wk.*, Aom A-ij . anw*. ' 

fl, 000, 000 to be eecured by a special tax. 

I The PranideDt's Opinion on the Crisii. 

WAsaiMOTOR, A^il 11 —A speoinl dis- .gxinst n rising river, the quickest run this 
pnteh to the New Tork Post ssjs that tbe sescoa 

Preeident Mill bopei for pence, nitbongh he m ar . . a- • . . . 

Apprehends the occurrence of s collieion nt , “>« 

Cfasrieeton any moment. He declared 

I ikia uanumin. knB..-.. tk .1 k > 1 k - 1. 1 memotsiK** of ifac MkgeDts She brought 

up $2-J,u<H for the Commercial liBok. 

The St. Liuis Dsmoerstof yeaterdsy 


The river rose l.’l^ inebee yesterduy. 

I Cfasrieeton any moment. He declared 
thie morning, however, that he thought no 
-IceiBive event would take place till Saiur- 


From SnTEnnEh, Oa. 

1861. SEEDS. 1861. 

tt Hoiild t« £Ia> 1 to Avil At low prlcv« lu rlu^v th*m 

ngi' fa lBkiim int uFEoothwa EBiiX.ei>tn«r«fiaia flAYAiBAH, April 11. — Orders were isaued eteadily eocroaebiog on the wharf. Let 
** *"* ^***- a u a n FraMSaaL yesterday prohibiting veeaeU passing Fort ihoee who have cord-wood and other ani 

f. A. tnw ^^lkB M ti i y. Pulsaki without previous information of clcs on the wharf lake notice that the Upper 

pl- f!!?- P*cifie characur. Veaacia are required lo Missisvippi and -Miesouri are rising rapidly, 

^mnammoa. JaoaS L Brnravr. WilltBBi MkSiMaua. Stop and Band s boat to the what f 10 oonvey uud that the Itlinols conlinues to swell. 
* * tB4i. Em F atw t irtstsBir a commitiioned officer aboard to make an The conse-iuenoe will be, doubtless, that tbe 

'I 0^1 mtner.ii nnBm u,- uruifs, twin* |»rvparait 

XOOa • ffoiQ Hoots, Harks atui Learft, In the form of itpUasorU 
ami dtUettfUS Strap 

IIICII H'K It 1H *‘tiAtnrv*rt own rrmMvTorOGNOKKIIK.k fClAp), 

bv prvmttvely An *1 ticrviiioiortly nuM, rvaarl-voa of r«s^t 
Jr\ t ft \ or f olue. at ihv lAT^e Slora-h-*u^e of J. ©. Matnvro. on 

> JLaO ; l\ TO \ Ma n ’4rvrt. b*flar«n Thlnl and Fourth. aimI AJj«>lnln 4 

ji, — ! the Bank ft LmiIhviUv. one of the I tixrst an.l 111 *Ht «lr 

rftf^ DR'- RAmmHWvIlAatteHtraMeAa'ortmentHOtliouse'Fami’*-- 

I ^ I r ft' ft ihAVt^ J IDS AitldcH everotfere.! by btm tn tbln cliv, run’'iH(:nx 

rOT'^^jrV^^^ part of rich velvet Tapvvttry ant KninneU I'ArpeU. 

■^1 / <m# new Ktyl*?* au 1 patterns Inn *ilu CariwtH of ail kIr.lH; 

vrrv elveant pxri**r an«l chAmber Rnaa m vreat VHiiety; 
OiU'ioibH ft all RzeH AH-l pAtiemr ', A .Arav And Onva.* 

virtmvul of rich an i vU ganl te* e thirtalnH. worth from 
rr DCgJCnVf to f.0 A pair; *uperlor new At/lv oattn lUdiai-k. ootin 

kC nCIvlulli I iloiatne. wor»te4. itn! cotton >(amA>k Corioin UftMl-v, m 

rlrb And beouilful fiyurtA Atvl colora; every variety uf 
IFIC FOR .\LL D1^K.\8R9 Wln.luw-MhoJea. CorntCB^. Curd'*. aimI TmiMFeU Pian*i 

liSAN'ri aMi a ©h\A’Kai Covem, 4c., aU'Mo fact everv c*.iuelvab1v Arik-le lo lUH 

ui ;f.\walk tk.iL:. AM V O ^ '‘ranch of bU8lnv<A. to wbUh will bv wMvd a lar^v au I 

kN D B1 i)OD PL RIF IFlR. fine ahhah tniriit of bvAV v plate*! Tra s^i<, SalverH, au-i 

^ , oih**r plate I WArv; All*-', fbr**v very ekrfaii*. |•ear^-keye.| 

r'* I'urea wkea all ailier r-v^uw runewooa Plamv, .-al 1 to be tne flnc 8 t luoUu 

iiUisa l*all.*kR m*-niH lu ibe city. 

.Trrr .'..«exar k-mevn... six-.wis I be* ledVe lo f all thv Kpvcixt Attention of daal 

LiKK Fa1 KRY ilTIIRK MkDl* gip, nouae-krepeni. Ainl enpe* lolly i^tvo. lu ihU lance 
^ntrrui Ottaates, ma \t coatalod oale *>i elefAiit x.hkU, and AAHurv them that 1 will tell 



Dixvaira. a* U cuntoUM oale *>i elefAiit x.hkU, and OAHurv them that 1 will tell 
Driepi. twlD* preporeit every artU te oil*-f»-d at wUatever prl* e buyerH ui*> 
tbe form of ayjb'uMiu liiojoe tuxlve. Mr. Matbere has hereto oretnada many /rm a 1“ ‘lO* OlWAt* *Kjld Unr«oervedl> . 

rOctNOHKIlK.% (UlAp), aidI. a* tli<* prt-i*' nl 4-to. k la HajK-r^or to any heretofore 

U «e« that dvbilltv k- - w* a I a 
P and Uj ' ifi Ul * 'J' .. 1 - 
lact<t of Osaii^ ut tl u: I >1 1 

lA p«Mjr buiuaniv *• ii't-tiii;. 
|i/ exanip!**, AH tl 4 • 0 

:bUi* D% . 

H lUv. Falr-.i.r-x*. Nv-i < ■ - -- In 

HalpitAtten ji tb*‘ If*- 'i 
•' jlidrla, .Mjht Sa v-s* - . ! A ':4 
,1 that 1 1 .X.V* isi * . - ■ It ..r 

am lu In Uni-. < . 

iTi jntJ frr*'.,'«»'*4r>/*-' 1 

r T*ifidduv. ao*t l.tve-- 1 . : 
•ne K' • H. N t: 1 II : ■ • li 
Urlue jr any >:'*a*'rai 
nary (ksans, r«m in t1:=- *> 
iwtt n the **-rs pr- 
OuFL-. II 14 v «nj Linl 

tPni, DiiMt. :-ij U* 't';--. 

mUht ftsaitj •: we n- t - Ui • 

••pa*.e uii! V i-» . *1 ' a -»l 

:iUy fi*tl.F«ln^ CM >-• F 
Ui otto* k< -tll'i*- .' 'I M: 4-« 

« 41,41 rure th«- ill- 1 1 it 

And AH tt •' ; r, 

ij*4»n the bl:‘ : \ t- in. - : 

on-1 ail Hb>sul-i l 
\ fure vailoj. 
f *tr-fi* 1 be;. the 

BScZiHAW'S |tDw»i!tary bAU^^oraacmoaiTelAie k i u i ft theft vom 

aaaaa •» B » . . * iBi la ava ; ak.B.k haT- .. in. Bi Mkakska* r-r a UuUii* « 


TUB BEST UNIMENT I.'l TMl WOEU>. c£.’l ' IiVnch T 

The only »4je and reHabte cvra fbr Caacen, nieo, Te th* ir o*» w *«e wi4*, o-ij . Mwe. «ftk leltelt tke 

m*>r«, i*WrilttUv;*, And Brunehete or Uuiue. ParAiyxto- oan.b-. vf '.L$ rocf^i o4 A> »» Wt'beet dkSDft m 

NeurobflA, te 1 okooeaft tbe .HAwCive»Chfwa!c or IndAB ta.E*i.t cr k? mftt. 3> aw 4 tme tuo* 

matury KheniUAtNm, SuffbvF-H ft Ike j4*‘fii*B Coairocted a*i n MiaoB. _ 

Mah- tea or L:<om**nu. RArocUe '.r T «ocbiwbe. • - RAD.t M CAFRJtl7L”9 FRR.ilft 909YU1.T 

.''troioA, te't*u»te. Freon Cnt-vUice*^ Vvversorro. 004*4 r'U.l - 4.;. miva a:As«.UaaB reua^tv kr 1necetemia% 

BreA.'vU. }t4ire Mppte*. Run***. !tca»l* Bore Throat, ft r->ir : « j 9 mftl* M *aR 

any InilA mm AU o a or pain, no ditkwvnc e bow teveriL ur ftainj 

bow lut.4 tbe diwaArmay have exiekoL JAcLeon'e Ot - Cavm^.— Theme : « net h 

ebTAted Unlmeot 1 tacertoia rem«ty. ! 

TbunHAOd* of bamou beinra i^b« u ee e oared a B9 c: i ^ 

4ftrrrpltu«le and mteery by ike o*e of tht* lavAteabif we e'.i, ■» ? wiiw n 

ait^ltclae ft'** a **' •-** •c.-a .aaewU- -- 

McLioa'a VaUdme OU LmmmU ^ 

ftUI rettrve pom oimoet in ft ok Uio eeoely. kRd ti wW ^^m**'* w - msioom te eav urt ft ike 

clvsuuw. poiify ooi! heal the tuei«el ooree ia oa ladedi* I ,rua fhn ttrAcu^w. -ur 

bi> abort Uiue. , n * t 1 Oote*elUtl'*n-H may *.*• b*ai ?t:fva < k ■. la • R 9, #19 

for Borua omd Othfr vta imnfs . Bea toy from * o «. w r * a. a Mi eftea, nm M m ft 

dt. M : .OIM be- M 

4i. m I.. .HI :bi □ 

» luh. Rnio. - Mi 

‘!'t WrV*' H 

la k 

uuld t e glad to oell At low prlcv*. to rli»-»v tb*'m | QLRRT. UKA\ Kls, iirKiClL'RK, an«f u rx/wetofip rv-c* I ollered by him. xreat loducrmeutH ore oilrrea to pur 
1 make r->ui fi.r the Bui krj*.’ tarmrr. Bii.t I nmm^fuUd fia- ELUoK .XLhUs (V* hlUa lu FeDiaiee). I fi ,u»ri.«i 1 kii-Bi bar 2 alii' will rni.l-ilr b* •eriire-l. 

O .ta-IvntH. minl^i*Ta. lit rjr\ rjtan. .tmtalMO'teJ 
iiv» but OCX awi:mni p> • -.-i: ... -4 

• a..| alv%m>w li li if;* A -ii. ■* 1 ^ 

w:U orxer foU wcare bif isvad.poU evtl. iU(ate,ebl rmn- 
nla* **>re% or »weeny. if prot-erfy appR«^ For apralne. 
brnU^ Mrralrbe*.crack«i bevte. caa8ee.He .aUe * mier 
<Aate. rule, eorem ur wunodA. It te on inloi !'‘>ie remady 
Apply It Oi xiirected, and a cure te certom ta every tm 

trlfie ao lunfer with ike meay wet tkteea Uft 
menu oerred te you. OUola a Mppiy ft Dr. M* Leaa’ 
Oetebroied Ltatmeax. Il wtU care yoa. 

4. II. MoLRaS, fioU Froprtetu^ 
Comer ui Tblid end l ine at , th. U>«ie, Wo. 

DVFor oote la LuUteviUe by R..yniuod 4 Tyter. tee 
U Corvy. AXkd by evi-ry re>*pectmb«e Dr\ta<ri**t Aad dea 
in medlctneetw the Unttwi ftStlAwiyiae 


jm. saddlim. h AR.N jcaa. bridlrr a 

*s^toOULikAKS. ^ 4 wbadeiteteattd retalLftM^^k 
— »AVCFA*^ai— 


Mtdtf I Ol IteVII.I.Rs KVa 

Fur thlA rumplAlnt u lit tiivoluAble. 

Tvrm#- SlOU end under, c 

ftmamei Carter, iecot F Weller, Aies . 
K^iiMMaa. iaoeh I*, ■myur. Vllltam Mumimaa. 
Je.R Altea k.C Leri. Reu F 4verr myS SMUy 


raoPLS'8 iigir&A*cx cokpahy 

A« B Si-ncral AlUratiV'- auJ Uliad /■kirS' haa nc Hava’ crtHiii <>*er lour ui.iulh.’ err 
B-jcal. ami -loiw not fall to rur« >Cll'>FULA, SEtD.ND- ..jy, BDi>roi»a aecurll’T pajBuU lu UbuI 

From Boston. 

Bustus, April 11. — Joseph T. Bucking. 

The conse-iuenoe will be, doubtless, that tbe T-nniRtril I s» 'N'lircnv-i as I 

water will get up nearly to the sidewalks -IjOUISVIIIO -EH UlSerieS . 

here, within a few days. There are 22 feel Ix^OOIRE <Sc SEEB, 

of water at Cairo, plenty of 

water in the Upper Mistiesippi, Urge sitge 

b^lOR — Ik RKWOCMiB*h RUiUfUite. OLURCR 1 ham, dind ihU BornioCa need 84 yenre He i U the Miesourl, and an unRpown depth in 

wa# formerly adilor of the Uoslun Courier I *he Illinois. I 

‘3** I Dr. Palfrey oMumed the office of Post 

liifa iMft> ea iMpmeot* ky tewaaib ifti. by v a* Mite ol _ «.a- a 

i.mAVrtkB maarni mod** ft intend tranapartmkon. Moeur of tLie city to dny 


CL RIAL and ALL KHl'PTtVK DUu..ier.S. curinf 
them morv spreddy and i*rrmaorntly than aqt oUier 
oie«llcltie known, it •tors this by purt/^nff anadtaasB- 
tng th* 6lof*d.'— r’AUNtni; It to 0«>w In all it» orl*luAl purl* 

Id All oi*l caHr-a of G>tnor'fua and tliot hav* baf- I Uvo 

I by lookimt At the Htrictiy F'oibionabte Hat ' 

Mfcfti an 8k l p m eot* ky ft Bonib lak. by vwiate ol 
«A, Mi hr tkB moai mtodm of intend traaapartaOon. 

MW m ftBMMfSMd pooXa avtimoi temer Umijt M 

R RGRAR FiaftAool 
C li- lEMmoM. Flee mm 
JSa L Hi^enSB. Bk rw Ssn 


A ■ 0mtmn. JoSu A Onalkm 

MkT.koorw. W C. BbB DrlS 

MeveI Ordsra. 

PHiLADKLFBia, April 11. — All tbe officers 
at the Navy Yard have been orlered lo be 
ready for aetive asrviee withia tea days. 

busioets -lontioues bri.k, and there is 
quite a jam of boats at Ihe wharf. 

Tbe weather yesterday was very pleasant 
and very beautiful. 


The steBEOeT MeseotBli-ft New OileBUi on P.luriav, 
A|>ni Sih. BI a'l lu. k p u. -N-> iMkt in purl fur l.-nl- 
illlp. Mfl .li-amer Pp- tuna Bt Ckrnihtun; YalrctatM at 


^^^^^OWgriUJL Ef, JAEUAET Fr* Ism 

lmSB5? H ks W BL 'FBu’m'Mm’SacrMall.’.’.’.’^ 

and to report to the frigates Minnesota on Dra-iman a a--iiii. cbBucriiur ai Cuua' 'Crerk; Mum. 
ikalal ud Lke If iBaiBuinni an th* li-ilk nf «<*ui»n Bt .MulUkrii’a B -ml; LiuliHlle al 1 «'bu.I >*l\iv 
IBS 1 St, ana ta* stissiasippi on me torn ot Inau. at I.laud Fouri«;u. Jubu Kalueal Kku. 

Il’-F OFFER FOR F.M.E IGl.iOl Al‘l‘1.1! TREE«. one lo three -lava. A /-w .u-~ u.-a.. i . ~ «e 

V> SOUWI-racUTne.., jrolduio A'l". •'7'*" i-n-t po'*- 
Tn-n: Uu— ••wro'.> a—t ihirrant Ki.Mie.; Il dues not aCeit the biPUh, or Interfrre with anr 
.-trawh- rr>’ **l iu K'-tee and Flowcrl: j: nhrubo oi all claae of hn-ilnci-a 

kinl-: Kicr^reenaan.l t-ha-leTrcea. at a- low prlcr.4 a. It requires no aaaistance from other mrdlrine. 

call be pUixUaAtrd in Atiy otbvr it*apoi>»il-k* Nuruvrv. It can lay op the “'ilIrt-TabU: or In ibe ixjantlUa 

«mr irt-vAArrt ttirony and well gruwn. and of such kiuds Room, wUhoef t* evtr bvlii* *o»pected wh a rcme*l> ** 
thA' wUlbvit Nuit thWcllniMte. fbr pneofr <#t* .. 

teV pretrr to )*(aiii Ibe ireen pimhane*! fr *m ns onr* A Trvati*e on Funereal iH-fa’teH, with foil directlont 
Aviven. chanje tut mo.lvraio Dike* Icr tbe tebur, ana for their pemiatienl cun-. acc..rop4tik* efth boiUe. 
^Ujramee ib. treeg to vruw For full particulAr*. itet a ClrcnUr fiom any dru«- 

.MiK>RK 4 I^KKH. Lonteville, K%.. *lore In the Unite*! SuiM ^ 

Three mile* troiu the city, F'ronklort turnpike. It *<^*<1 at retail for $2 per tettle, or G»re# bol* 

mr24 «l4a2m tie® Mr 1»F all re*p<»nilMe DniicxteU ani Dvolerv in 

dud Alt I-'.- A 

lyA.,rx;u'UL. W.4 .;.e 

F lH*a-*i> ; l**r ber. *;.h:i'-. i • 

w and h-olltt « it-.i'.i =: e*. hi M ' 
F teritlrw r .r.finnv. Tun, h 

uvr^»ct .\fi'f*»er 4 R- s f 
iwfurethe dual tr’mi * ' 
period with p rtvot ca^ w 

wo lOidlu* '• ••: * '•'If I 

.A»r if. .¥■ ’h^rsjry .K> 
ro detF'Ct lh2* U';;. u* ur di 
dAU/ht-rn -f t*v M 

-.-•vreeakS.1 nOXL.a- J-; lof Wt- 

i'alu<4 dvltcacy. *'f1**n a*o lU* 
• rfravf rath*^ «l»in • i ■■ 

■ XX lime, if.f UUrr »!t. 

X ftTeae* bnftnftn on IMlidli^ March enilee la 
■borw and ■fk*r ftw»ft<y, agftaft wa. and all Property 

on Ifte eoMn, tepaw riyorAend gal and rantai. oft*, m 

ft koa^Bnltew* 

Qwwi ftwthawi oftMT ftMnlA and WoR ftrotM. 

UAETiva ism I ACEinit Coercion. 

'tacm "JmSS Ttiai Haittb, Iwd , April 11 —Col. K. 

annw !w'7i»«w—Bi 1 W. TBompesn made an eloquent polilioel 
diiirn. Mereha tsiee l a i apeseh last night, to n large audienoe. Us 
mSTIi ie»g*iaet coercion. 

luan at -HulUkru's B-Iid; L'lUiiville al Is'bu .1 Slviv U Q VAkl CCCCCDM 

t: InauB at lalaud Fourlevu. Jubu Kalue al Kv.u.- Hi 111 fnll OCIIIICnil 


— _ — Franklin I’laniiig Mill, 

liONK ^lANXJliK. WilButSlrf€t.b«weent'la>-»,* 

It requlrvH no AHAlNU^n^ from Other medlf^M^ O tb » moioln^ bv A. r‘KKI.L‘>GG. • 

It can Uy op the ‘i''*llet TAtk or Ui the i-oantli*n^ F'ooitb street under .Noiiuoai UoieL 

Room, wlthocf t* ever bvlii*ao»pected WH A rcme*i> 

*”A’?;^^Wnpre.l with lUll -llrecllon. HATH-8FK1.NG WVLg-AT 

for their perniatienl cur*-, acc.'*ropatil»'* eAch tFOiUe. 5: 5**^^*^ ‘ 

S'SJ »*™-AU. I^JUlK-s. StYLJW ANDqr.ALI- 
fttW It la Aold At retail for $2 per bottle, or tlirea bot> ^ tirs— At a KLlAXiG 9. 

‘ll7d';^n^’lh"rooU3Th^Th.'Si1Ju“^^ * 

dAle by oU Whoieoale DrucA’tstA. fftelf od Ibis dAy par expreoa At ^ tLLOOO’:* 

POTTKR A MKRHI-V, Sole Proprk'ton ^tiff-brim hats.-all colorii RgcgivgD 

BAIST l-OLIA, MO. Ihladay uweapreeaBl ERI.I.-kiJj-S. 

Piwevn rounn aii«i riiio • 

I 9 lh«* V \L I*. vTIa' ^ 


A. E KELLOGG, ft 'J,.V 

>t uuder .'.iiuoai UoieL Q 

\¥ nrver-teti:'- : 

INte STYLE— AT . pxtoi you i" l*i"i. '»v 

KSLL©tiO'S ff jTnl K.Is** if 

Ud Hfi*jnll be oiwav 

9. atYLEN AND tiLALI- Pr. j iivt.* 

Tinnv. Tu h, H t» ^ -H- • Wd 

t*.er . R. |‘. : f.i: - A u. i.t' n-' g 

dnol trui -f.e* ■ p.i -- ibe .;fra*lt*» *1 
Ip rtv-'i »:» I '7‘ *v. /'»"• . ^ 

'h^rsjry K> ll » - 1 we Ai-pen U 

> 2 * U';;. u»ur di ■ —* • * ‘ •' •‘"ir 

r tm t .. ’ > yuur 

Aitua- J-; for wt-i- • the lunsM *. fra; ^ 
n'y.*.f1**n a'oil*»wn *•» a » -s*hihIv. ■ v 

i^Hiin ? •»'*. : ‘ 'll !*= . 

f uurr .: upw;:‘ rs 

lA- t'*.-: - w. I- i». . |F 

^ ->ri, mill ■ At ' 4 .. -tin* ^ 

Or teATRa wn w4ik w M. m ftl 4% 

OMoa on wMeh hte teftp n’ */m||MTt laftRlii 
pftaanallT. ft by tetter. (tnrin* oonufSoMm. 

Atf'dacfocy Mvtotaftn Don't form the eenft m 
pteon An tedMra AonM bn oddMote ft 

DR. M a ifn.i.E% 

nod iWnaRwAwlv i.jftte*in» Ww 



ateten. preffeoia tn tka attantten ft ■mboft Mr 



•khk ereftly Mtil'tatft ibe pre c ee* ft tnMklnE. RF 
Hftkeala* ie« anoMi, .mn. itft «a iA'laiu4aaiteft->ft9 
alloy oiA a&u ocuun. and n 

K p.'ini you i " i fi. '.V 

and III ■'.fI K.Is*'- If OH 
^i*jnl 1 be oiwa.v t. lu ! 
J \V*.K)G, Pr. j'l ivt.*r. u 
a York. AO I ill Marh-‘t hUc 
n* oikd 80 Ui bv oil xouil Drva.: - 
Fl lor pe B**ttl4* 

1 b. .*ia t^. .Rv A M 

aM L.u a. Me oj 
-u. Fn. Ot e u . ^ 


X XRordnw. 

Wft. D Boftiitan; 

Worwe MltcHoR. 
laft'i 8. Manity. 
Togn. d MARnC. Diftkda 

For n«Dt, 

A efi. an Uto' «<**’*i. b^iteftn CUj oi*'i Ghf'lbr 
Apn^M 4 ftC dyeftt, nortti •uta ft JHfetwin 
tmm. boAwaea Rruok and Floyd. Ro CM. ftrSr Mf 


Ordered to March. 

Fobt Keabbbt, April 11. — Compaaiei E 
and F, Second lafastry, have been ordered 
to march *ritkont delay to Fort Leavrnworih. 
Tai* will leave but oue company of dra 
goons nl this posL 

Soldiers offered From the Border 

IfuxTGOMiBF, April 11. — Over 7.<RN* men 
hsv* brsa offered from the Border 8tstee. 

From Horfolk, Ya. 

NoBroLS, Va., April II. — Lleuf. Talbi t 
sad R. E Chew arrived here to day. 


A I.U AYS A GilOD HIPPLV OF Till;! E.\CFI.LFNT WlrJ Blreet. hat Jeflereon aurt Oruen. Ui oM Jonmal 01 
oi*ti <brA|H3*t lUAitBr* on liADd AO't for »oi« by Ace BuDiUas, 

61 9l\ A. KKlTkR. lOUISVILLEe KY. 

Oun>orftTwcot)-arstAti1GrayA*»n Ntrcvt*. Af ANUFACTURRK nf DtMlRK B LINDRAA8B' 
iv| HIN DoteT and D<N>R FIIA.MIC«S. IttoLDlNten 
. ■ . MASTI.RIt. 4r. tWb I*r1mvd Au*t Uloietl. Keep* 
alway* on hoiMi Dr u n u ral Lunjlu*r, F1<H*iituc. HUstlvloa. 

Aon. Fatrir 4 Co.: lo New AU*aoy bv Scribnvr 4 MamIq 
I DV8*. and by all i>naxrl.'*t8 In the UuUe*l Hiatoa. 

! fH'IS cIvhnI wAtwonwIr _ 

H. W. WILKES, Jr., | 



mri* Pnarth etraat. nn*t<te Notional Hutel. 

1 1 y UT RAKKRLH I>'L<>UK; 

vn) borrete Apt.tet; 

Niu b-hirelH PuUlorit; 

!V> borreb* Uominv; 
tu) Imuca Rut'kwbeat Floor; 

I Nl barrel^ UuIuoa; 

j Io stora and for oote by 

mrd JOHN 8NYDRR 4 CM. 

N B.— Driers lo bv left with 


N«>rthwe»t cumor ft Third and .Market Htraetit. 
mr24 d3ui 



lujrti. A -.. dune tu order wUb ueatneoa and dlitpotch. 

A lar*e mipply of Dreaee'i and Ruoffb Lumber always | 
oa hood an<( tor hate. 

Mr Raci g r Manrltaa*. TW anftwtinwd, earviv t oa 
pfttwft. wlM fttUt ta* gilftTaft Mft tete tnn, end wIB \L- 
oonMftft iRe hnsliteft ft ikv oU stftH. nftlft tko namo 
at a. BLAJIOMbED a ton. B> hwatnlto <!*' 


UsmrtBe. Aaamarr I. W>. <al<Hf O 

AJ P m etan at tau luetHnuim aial leaucSea will he 
keie at ma tMrrwtnn' rsea. at the annciiai Beak, thle 
t*am m Muh OAt , the Sth Bar at Haa wazl. 
amm JAP U DALLAil. Cashier. 




I *r Market, bat Third 8 PsHrth, 

wwB. Factart e e. etc., la roaaaoltea 
Water Oa., oa r iiMtilt lam. 

‘ e Wat exseneace W the hiSneii, *M 
g ear wwt* U be Boas Is s ptnser man 

vv BHUoh', alx ■!!»- roath ef LeiitB'Ule. ami uue 
iBtle fr— the L-jnUvUle aad NaehriUe EaUruail at-- U 

O m Slide Me* OiWaas Basar-, 

JH bSie Mela i< a w 

M W-*i> d<K 
m bhi. BogaihuBse Hotastet; 

» S-de do •'I _ 

m Date PMlwlelpfrU O atd eti Mrnr. 
tMiWP>. LjoU do do, 

M kes* BalUaiare do do- lor etie be 

a ft QABPWKR a <>». 

t i.riwiPU - 

V I — ka CeiSib: 
t boloe do; 

ger eaW low to eWee eenWfniaest bp 


‘UMY BGxa m Iiab bgap-, ' 
so bexa Falw du; 
eo boavw teerwion 4o; 

7» boon* Fancy Do: 

Al bokoa Dbavin* Do; 

In 9ft* nn4 for oote by 

"ARHiijUdL ha lrert 4 oa 

Q UK^8W4iUI4JiD9i.4SteW~4Rtt 
■I crate* aeftrlod (tteentwora. 

IS enfti M^teh uEloa; 



No. 1 Poplar 8hln*le*. at 31 iO per lbu«MaiMl. ! 

Dressed Poplar Flooring, | 

If oniilacMi red of fboroiUriily'aaa*ouad Poftar. at $3s , 
per tL'^'Uaoad. TODD m KTLB. 

aal6d( final h ftda FnjtdM bite Bro ck and riuvd | 

Iron. VallH and Steel. 

1 1 F\l oomurted ftft*: 

3K0 kec* Nona from 3 to M I; 

M^i k*K9 9p-kvii, cut and wronyhi; 

.Ml toil* 8 ft*i BUti* and 
35 tonsOw^t-Rtvet, oaanrtvd; 

10 UiDS Aaiorlcan Rllteft Sleft: 

5 lave tevrni' o on* EualtiO Bililcr BlceL 
la ftora and for sole at very luvr prit;iee by 
mrts te R pri W 

•?f #/-s/v^vx;iT IV I 

ISHI.S|irlii^?Slyles!18t)l. I 

100 FOURTH STREET 100 | 

LOUIS V I L L K K 1' . 


«hr l8 now lo receipt ft a c jtuplHe oseurtmeut ul 

Paris Millinery! 

Kmbracinx aM artir’c* ai»|»vrta'iitne lo th* trade, bli** will Htdi btw for ca»b 
Aw* LADIKh DRK.'.** HkTA ma.!« tounter. 

Mrs. J. A. BKATTIK, 

milT dkinf IU> tuUKTIi SFREEr 


Portrait & Picture Frames 

C. S. '^OPER, 

No. S19 Third ^'-eet, between Market and 
n, part side. 


Factory Fiiiiliiigs geiier- 

ally. z 

Woolen Machinery, 

Card nothin^:, /y 

iinbber Belting:, 

Fan-Mill Pastings, sj 
Calcutta Lace Leather, 
Uatiier Belting, ^ 
Wove Wire Screenery, ^ 
Sieves, Biddles & Traps, •‘i*:; 
Cum Bose and Packing, p 

hJ «LI|>lueot ft Herd u-nww Saod. o«d will Mil th« kte 
at test ihoii lu market volua. 
fnw StiCV. te'ICEH 4 <N> 

f tra FoAUlly iTluur oud for ante by 


114 Pniirth otrskM. bate kla'n aiwl Rl< 

St. Louis Hotel, 

c//£sra\ur AsrBffr, aloii: ruinD, 

IN THE ivnULMli: NK lillli ralR** D • F *:5|| 
I th« .lubttu^ II .'»•* oil '!i, . il iri aw*» 

CTivwliiOl *tr* vt 4 , l* •• H#* ks I* *'■ ‘ •. Me. . ;.*i*t* JiS® 

X\chalij(v. Jit , 4v- Kept tu.h ='• * 

AMkRieW AND hi i;»»l*p;-^N I’l.AN? 

Hoard per l>tei Si 

Dinner, bvtwrvn i ai «! 3 u'tl w triti* 

Beti.m. fiurafo . ».* 'PW.E- 

A Urwl-cUo* R' ttJuranl atUkt 'av 1. Fr.* «« ori'tsfUl i* tu 
Bi'N or Fsrv 

ThaCitt Ca«a lake p.!‘W-r.j<eri frj-r any 'iaifon lu i.r 
ebswn to tU« II >tft. 

Kuiril.Hh. Frviic’:, tiaa.i tn 1 ,^r.Nh -p> \ n 
ki 2 'Lift 

roll CAX»23. 

A HOLRE and LtlT.CR>*TH.lLL\ I^H'ATPD. «fM 
ua Ctftrmu : 4 v-l'VOrtU 8 ^'l«rt.^ aa<i 

aUbtb CTona otrevD. Th ' Hti'* < > -tt tbi 'Enfl 

/ V.SIONR.^IU) BlILH CHOICfc. LARD A.ND DRY the m-couJ flu 
H F uuioua lu ntore and fur e >te by cbtevra. wowbr 

UBOIUbE R. PATTON. If the h:«a 

194 pATirth ftrestf. rvt Main ainl kl* 

10 conee itaw-otyte rrtnts 
13 coses Ooiloooites; 

4 coocte coloron ComtrlcA 

5 cooea Hop* Btesched dhlrtlngA 

Of:*! IhrM ri>jmt on i»»v i»r.ei •: <•-. m l .. 
the flu r. hIs >, -Itt hvia a:t 1 '•rr .*onte 

cbtevra. wawaru.d*«t. wIai W 'ai.d «*t*a 

If Ihr *s«Y 4 pr«.' .i|v , », I ... .1, I 

rrtit its * tfuud tenant, 
for farther portlonUr*, lugulru »f 

S9- CAtAMlODKSi (In hook fnrtn), with fuU I- - 
>■ t utlon aoti pncee ol above, eent ritsi by mall.whli-h 
«il NanftacturvT*. F<>ontiftym*4. .Hilton, Railroad 
Ni l Mvrrhoats and others, ore Invited to ftad ior 
fol7 dIawAweowly 

Sweet Potato Seed. 

^ ctiWiMnlnx both el<*fancv and conifoit. bay one *1 
thoev**2kllT Briui!*." iutrudoced lu thUcity by 
ape ^^lu. 

Oharrtar. Smwbvnteo. AprU'>i». Toiuarova. tereou 
Corn, OrocB Peoao. ^oo Pr cAor vet. Jainoo, 4c . lor sole 
by J.T LAN HAM 4 00.. 

_^mr3B I mporUre of Tegg. nc.. Third ftfovi. 

BaUiufiood Carpel CKftn. In More ami for date by 
P22 NiN'R. WICKS 4 Oil 

I iiAVw usna a on a VieiruavTu tu at »v e wi ■ < kUVK OIL.- AN ASSORTMENT CF TUI tUoiCRST 

HAVE M APE ARR ANOKMENTS THAT ENABLE I f OUve OU* Jost ncolvM and for sate by 
mrt> funii'>h the l ure y c low lupet and red skin j. T. LANH.AM 4 OCX 

Ml Bfttn*. BalRIift AmrftDA 
In ifoafinftMnf MO, , 


Is — 1 hsisw UrtsTifie BsM. 

I *t* ' »k' p.1 k.fet u. F 1. . 
la eiart tiki tor mle hr 
8*7 lUBI 

Toiluu* Mjrlee for Plctureaor I alt kiods uJ^ 

Kentucky Sweet Poiat^ taken freeh tr..m the xround ouB) Ireportere ot taaa. *e . Third Mre^t. 

every day. cleir from Till, ewl *t priceaIo.uU the time*. - — ■ — — 


All perw-.4 wlfthliiK lo Mori ha.-' ■ pilina erltcle fbr ** bn.4ieli UeBA-rnU i>n«alaee, Ihr eeed; 

■enl wli It totlietre iT.ntwe 1 1 call end exuulna liM baakrU Iowa Meebenock Fmetnee. 

our Foi.t *,>w’re hiiylu* A v . g.-ninetr Blne-freae For 4e»e cheea hy |epS) JVO. B .Bl'ILv AIN A SON 

8 e d. •lonemla".,’*';!''. ' J'.JV*'''. uior.-r. Timothy ant .^14 . 11 - 0 . puiuu uwuim,i . 1 . /.i- . vT”.. . 




Shoall not tm them <lown v'ln wtthoat 


To L« h.wl un:v «i 

wx L Kxir S’, 

Waft ftda fonrih ft., itei. M.iia and U uJtft. 

C(te dtf 

Mew Boohs! Mew BoohsI 

death ol BA) feet IO aa eifev The Uaaer fe a taaer-Muty 
HrI.'k dw.mne. wita kttcaea uel MfVMU’ iwowm et- 
n he-l, aw-l all - w ere wry oa t h ■*■■• 
ttld 4ell very low for caeh aud thsrt Uaa. A-Atr— 
Boa niA. l.wI.elBe F-eeamew. frjtdtf 

I YABBLBNa.l.tathanMSfrriilM ■ MB^nK 
.Mar. le now read, Sw the . e wauale-taaB kutbef a>4v- 
aalu aar eotat above er kalow tho folw a. lha —a. laaa 
rnloa Dvtfti tn « hAOia ft •apatl u nead bmoOftra, 
he WIH be at>4e lu laikart Jm a rf lea he eU who mam 
wleh to oweMe hor u rviire 
AS oMenM* at tao ihWMM e—o at Real. Banou. 
earaer at Fourth aad WeUw •Waoia, wBl a— wNh 
.M M S 4 al t eatleu. PUIE VAUBLJL Caswa. 

F! A— AU leielaa *•■• a. the ih* at amman. a— 4 




O at*.ry -f l.ftl, omi in • Ifoik: i v. ft *5 _ ” a_ 2 ^^ 

M> ->Ho(e tram the ckui. And th.* I • c >mmrrnal Travel- 1,^ 

at IW. oeineft WteOa Mi*teon 

Rfcj ILL 

|DRN bEFDt>. 

h 4) W B4?i|lAW. 

^^^•1 and AaticuUurol Woronouai 

ante Jhancuituroi Woronouaa, 
aF^ISwtf »jMdiBrt.,oppo«teSank LooUTllia, 

rerrlyed and for Aote by 


rt North old* Ha'll «trta%, near Sixth. 

TheCr iHrtvi Pa te dklerftUiH. twl.r. 31 23. 
Father Tom and Ibe n»**v i*. ^nt-. A: 

f M\LH>RS*3 Bofttwlor^A 
%p3 331 Ylilr lnt. (lM No. I 

I la now biaparattan for Iter iMnocttM nod snl* 

ro. The pri>prlrt»r* hnw aporod am oxnenae 

II tm Caere riaei'ct what a worehonoa AoM 
tnateatel pnrrhmpftTohftoo. The MMtiu 

WteOa Wi*s«an«My Unhseal. nhh mrtft1»r eoaag 

merii a Hhore ft toot tenter* and deoiore’ 

merit a Hoore ft to* t-te 

- \Lir* Tr,*::'., I REMteB.SCRl^TVd 

^ S' >t third iweat, heLJvlitrMaABdUrvva, MB * "** ***••* 

Hetbodist Book Rooms, 

22;t THIRD .nTHEL 

mervhaata aad bulu— i 

unon. Buou OF by 

gaili] ^tmotrat , 

S pecial ^sotioe s. 

Stock o» Mbb'* k>d Bon’ Cutrm- j 
<M ~-J. M. AnaitroKf. oa Mata, oppooiu 
* 4Ba K a iio aa l HolaU kaviag ntaraoA fro* i 
^0 BaaUra aitiat, ia aaw opaaiac kia ala- j 
gaat Mack at aaaaaaabla alotkiaf far aaa'i i 
^•••ka’ aad akiMraa’a waar, ambraelac all [ 
•iaaa aaS qaalitiaa far ekildraa ftaai tvo ' 
jaan ta tka largaa< yoatka’ tita. Baaatifal j 
aaaartMat of U(kt eaaaiscrc laita. Alao a 
^•■Saa*a ataok at elatks, aaaaiarraa, raat- 
lm§a, iar wkiok arSan an aolieUad. Prioa« 
Tory lav for eaak. 

^■arrt *s AT Coot raa Ca*r. — J. M 





A CURE . Jt 
^ JdnfliS 


«b 4 a 0 EK"STAT 3 S OF THE WEST. 




Dr. Roback'i Scandinavian Remedieil 

I I. ^k.wblcD Is At All times AcrasAlbU to th« public. 
sAfAliItstaet the fbllowlQA fhcti: 

I TbAt tbo B:oo4 PnrUl*r AOd BtooJ PlI's have bM 
I prosed br ADAlTsU to coraeln do mlnrrAl; thAt ih«T cure 
I the Alm>>st onlversAl cotuplAlDt. I>v>pepti]r. with 
j fine cfrUiimty, sod 1q a tmt short time; thAt. After a! 

I Mh**r Dte<U(ti)rt hsve pruTei] ua»*leas,they rvMeve LItp' 

I OumplAiiit. An*l testore the beAllh au< 1 kUrnrth of thr 
I suflrrer: thst iriek femAlen. who b>av<i Uttitulehet foi 
I ?eer4 tn belplesa wsaktiuHi aii 1 •IpspoiiJenry. rccupaM'AU 



FIRST OF THE SEASON!' , , • ... 

n ^ g „ Memphis and Louisville 


•1 ^cumbti;. TuuiAto«f simnj’ CWc»»n/?^p.,*E£v- RAILBOAD LINE! 

*r." Potomac l*hA*l. SAlmon. Bam aq 4 f 

All other hliiJs of OAiue Aod TegetAbles la their teAeua. t _ - . 



Memphis and Louisville 





Ba.u.1. M.a Am«ic«, on ,i™u«hL I Completion of the Memphia. Clarki- 

T hirj rt r wt .^.t. M ain u><i vulc and Louisville Railroad, form* ; 

a a -n ~ >. ■ i in? a Direct all-rail Line from Lou- 1 

at. Unaries Restaurant! itville to Memphia and New Orleans ; 
.a^. via Clarksville. 

^ •* I ■■ ■ tiM ®«A «f thAAP PtUf the periodic AtUckA of Nerr- I 

WnVTTt KK AT C«ST r*K CaAR. — J. M etwer AirF H«idceAe idaT t« prrvAOted ; ADd, If tAkPA . 
^mi$k A Bro Tt •elliar 0«t ikeir e«tire •* tl« o mme^oemeiit <A mm Attack. lm»AdlAU «M.l 

_ ^ ^ ® pAta AOd AlCkkMA Vlll he AldAlDed. 

ilMK m fUlBit4lTT %i OOBt, bdUIB TWr AAiinM tatl ta re«OTto« ih# Aaiiami ao4 Btmd‘ j 

■a kia g a ekaa(« in bosiaMt Tkej art ac*r «• vMch ftnuiM txt to .utiiMt. 

•e«r»s imiaaamamu, atagraat aacriic. lo , 

ke*nkMp«r« to re|ilMisk tkeir ksases. Tor x. n r a rr ilm. j a mdtmtt, Delloftte FmalM. and all , 

OaU aad iMk for TMivelna. before bnyiae •«»*• «• , 

.. V- 'o.w U I. . . . L . •ew..1mpr*Tl»t IL* »!*««'. p'^lna to«i« «Dd U ' 

■ ** 20H Market eireet, batveea ta»eie»«i« orpaa. aad i».u tins UKu*tiiimiru.>tcU5 i 

Aaoaad aad Tkird. dl* mat mrmMtk nf tbn va«.> .yUrni. 

; _ TWCKPIlALtC PlLUtnrata.tMtinndancInmMI ' 

A^^Urdart far euboenpuoa le (ke Dailj cn<*«n nnS c«r*milT-«nadacind espnliiwBU, haTlas I 
Demaerai UA at Ooe. W Bartk’a feed^tore, ’»*” *“ ““ '*n'in« 'S’** tbtr hn.. , 

» ». L . .a, 1.., rt*mt«d «nl raltovnd a vnM uuanut nf twin and wt I 

****^**** *•*•••■ *f Market aad Twelftl a.»ii«cn». whcUiv viainMiBc in tha wm- ‘ 

Mracta, aad at U. 2auaia(:er't drnei atorr .m vnaai or Hem a dMnnea.1 »;aat ot ta. eim tata 



Jacksnipe, Blue-win? Ducks, i":« II 
Squabs, Fro? tegs, etc., j a 

IbFrKIVKD DAILY AND ?KRVBD IP IN ift'PK- *- *ve 1| :;irH Mt 
li rb>r Ats I * at th*’ St CiiAd«s \nive at Ja- k-*.* 

eaWsaat aeraer of Jeffaraoa aad Skelbi Ta»> v. murair v,fMnnt» in u.Hrtomeua»l.>u.anJ 
Milt. Will be promptly attended U by thr -w b. tatae « mi ii^ T’"*' 

mi„, r J ' ^ set »a>la< anr caans* of dkrt. and Ike abtruor of aa* 

ai^r. vtV toVr r md t rr it tary to odommuUr tJum to 

CWmm rtrraaaau ana PeMaaoT Cooi. nnw.»» n» muivniiinniTm 



Ia iiLvci.-^ '-». iuiiiVAit.i> ,\';i) ri’, 


We Aamra U eay U aU tkoea vko wish . j ^ u-rrC.Bym* 

gaod artaelc of Pittsbarg aad Poateroy coal. I BAOOCAchbOS. 

Ikaa M aaa alvaye be feuad at the deaot o' j w DnirHaU and aO nthrr Dralm in Mnlklnn, 

bOA wttl iiA M>Bi by bad prepAid <m rwedpt w4 U»* 

Gape W. A. Porter, comer at Jefferaoa aad | 

third atraau Thoae wke would deal will ’ fMffJS— VS CK.%*rs. 

Ufle^ ^ •‘O'— « *• 

MU !• MW tM AMT* •mcc IS mimd vb«Ci 

tkay waatgood aeaL dtf HE1TB.7 C. AFAXiDIXFO, 

HaruiM.-nu. kr.. aecnei ru. Iida 
©a. 8aALL.,„.o..-/)r.7lr .. I har, _ 

^ Mto tkM yo«r FcTer Md Apn« AnudotT ^ =^:r. z _ir 

Aikij Croviaf iM fkver, Attd bmA» - fHE FOLLOWING INDORSEMENTS OF 

ttWARK or aHJNTKRrriTht I 

ne KVAolDA hAwe Ita dADAtarctf of ilvkir C. SpAl«l- ■kJ^HAV IC3. yARMTaTlj U SOAKING Bt hN t 

pf^rjk r cutTf'y, I 
c>>1> h- .-•• 

C-XupATAltN *> • 

• . . 1 - tr>,b. |.| 

i-\ ,H.'l f4UA:;i. 

l.ttU- • 

fmtmg to reeommead U, a^ita ewa merite 
are anAcieat. wkercrer a trial kae been 
made. I keliere it kaa aerer faiird wkrrr . 
tha ateiaiatratioB kaa baea proceeded with 
la aaaaadaaee with ike direetieDs. It ie a | 
^AkW** **U medieiaea that meet the ex- ! 
fia t i l iia of parekaeera aad girc samlaetioa, ^ 
aad aa each I am proad to reomniead year 



^ ' bW* UkdA Anl MV *r:!, tUiw atf‘*rJlng mu i.ubrok*'n 

M.C.V BMirA M D- •••*•• k*e Of i | R*d4**ru auJ Siotbcru iitarL'i 

iWAr. Par ^ pam aaveral moatke 1 I-T A T) A C) II Ei APPUCATION OF CAPITAL, 

kaea kaem lakeeiag wadar great weakaaaa ' Thn» f.r, r»;nui »ii.i u~r Ua> - u--u 1 1 

aad gemeaal debUity, mack of tka time vv-K^iind lU. k. I ; tu • er- ai r 

- - ^ , .-t. TII.T . ooni »uJ l.-una-M h--!. TUj mririnli.. 

aaaAaad U my had, aad frem which that a o>aith.m,.i.«iicnrt.fl.Hir;.->.i. mwf.-’ .u 

reaaixad mo b aa el i Cram my phyaieiaa. | aro o>np<'«, win run..w ..t :m parly ,uy la iiupw 

Aflar aaiag aoam at year bleed yOle aad AFBBDT AXTD SVBB CVB.E hiiii«ooun< ofib.ii.xttmyeurpi.. ia»iira!i.». 

ni-.n ■. ..---a ^ I n«ae«itxe of lb ■ ci>-< ■ w.rr.tit il. • b-lt f tUal at 

KBCHAKIC3. FABMEILI i WOttKlKO klLl.’ ■ ’•> i- i-aUu-u l.TaS.fiC.", » r-oto ai02 i«r cut. in j U Uo>p 

T he mi-nt.M r th.- > ni- . I'f. IV' ■■ ■ ’■ n. ll■.^>tr. . i . la)....- -oiiUlr 

tmo or lb- r.*.m mity ,.i Hr. v. -! f It . .'IGaiCULTPUAL PEOUniiTS. | .u^u-o l bb. . a luau • -u.. Ui. pfl . J lb,-,., by II. 1-. A.r. a’!.v-al IT«I ti . f arc t-rpator than 

lib..-- I.r'...y. ill.. r fill’ 7bo|.r..!c.t: fbt 001 (lorlD* i-on.uU 
ILLIKOiS CEHT2AL KAli.RO.\U COMPAbY.'il,, |.v-iy. ar < s.-M- 1 I n.a>,r-' Tb. wheat rrup |iortlie 
wbnh, nj tli'*y w.l! j-r.-.*:!-', v 'I . i.abl'' tipu], byl..f a . 't - - ' b -b- l', wb.lplbPcorn 

|*o.j»-r put-ryy, i.-r-* . o- 1 - 'try , b. i.i'.iu -,,ji y„ IJ., L*.t b-2- lb *:• 14-^ ' "..j-O bi;«b. !J. Dr, 

cnufortibl.. b. .P f.w tl..m -V .,,..1 f .a.:;.. .,ib FLKTIUTY OF THE SOIL. uiwo 

cjuiia,r»l,i .».U I ■■•;. bill, • il I farmpr opcutp «Uab Im- 

LANDS OF ILLINOIS. lu -ith- r* ■ T L ^ Jik.u lu. ■ • iH-alrW aoiU, | j 

K.>'i-At 1:^11 . VjU. y -f l!.- ti ’ . ?r *1 it,, y i„ 1 of .t 4-=2-ti r.. 1. K iiu, Iho ffitllitjr xi*;.i 

AD mlu« : ui u.t t : Fi ’ -iil-r . ; I at** ■ : riiof*. V ' f ^ Li«.h In uunirikA* -I hy tuy t'l ' rrly ol 

TIko^p.. . f I... WI..IC n. ib .oov^ TO -VbTUAL CTJLTlVATOEa. «•! '/ i 

tom.or rbno« -»nU..l> oOmitaMy ■ .abci. I . |.-.p, ^ _ , . . ^ . r nmny kcr* -M 1.300,000 amt. 

d«.eth«two..!,t..*;., C.i..aa.' ,„J ovcT, cootroct tubWI, 

Pmiri . of IliOi. ir r.-i-j,*. ,in an,,m tl l> n ltiniu. 5V r4«d iai lam 

KI0;i UCLLIHG V RAlR iE LANDS. tl ikn.r.,k llkcte ara»pj7-wfi/$.'10,f*00, * 

Thc.lw’P rlrli I'^m f !• * i’ ‘ 1 w.t:! ..jO. /m tk- y J.U7 r.u.t vf /.artym'rw ciMUrtef. 

irarU wtAi'FTful fat :!:iy H..*t I f.irrkt'r^ rf = r-i!'i**rn fkjvm^kirLi fc vmj ‘ify ."-'’5, -*•*. ((•*». li 47'*, oo#iu’* 

AD^l MiiUl -• or lu '. u' I' Mm-ais in fr<*jt u»*m ‘aaLifW I* a oiiUl; wt ' im.i tkt: wU, aiiy^u 

bars. Tbo ATtA of Mliitit :l8 ibo'it I" that of F- vjJ , a .w»a <y I4:l |wr orti' * 

' lvidencls OF PEOSPERirv. -“vi: 

miaboos of poopi* . j ^ AurviOeoceofllitillirifl of iLo i»iNjpl *,llmftyb« 

KASTERN AND SOlTi'HEaN MARKETS -tat. . that 6OO.OOO t.-ns -f fr.'.jht, torliidioff 8,600, 000 »^i 

Thw-' Un lA AT? crtValffiK»':i to A railroad 7o0 m;l*?A| huALt '- uf frmin, aat| UoO.‘X>J burr«*U of flour were for- J„5)oii 
la l nzth, whi* h comi tta w.Ui oth**r niud* ku ltiavuru wurU.-J ov«-r tUu ha - h-Hy ar. IgvtiT*^ 

bL'Ukdt Aii'l MV Tr!,thuA all'fraiag au i;ubrok-n nmx EDUCATION. M>vini 

iu':ukal..m With t!i«' FodmttTu Aijtl So«thf*rti iioirL- U ; yi,.rbAQit'« aod w >rkini'm<ii will find Iho frf^ Arbool *'*',} JJ,' 

nyfitrm i‘OCour.v^^ Stat* and endowM with a nirti 

APPLICATION OF CAPXTAI*. ‘inrr** v»g**ant> f‘*r th<* impport of ^hool*. Th^lrchil* 

Thn. far, ra;i.Ul k!..l labor bav- U-u »l-l-b- 1 bi d.-- ^ ^ cbnrph »na tahoolhousei, 

Wiopliu! lb. K-I : lb- r-.sour.-pi of lb .ub- in „p ,^,,1, ,,ro-ipprity of lUo l-a.imc 8UW In 

1 thAt all BeiOAl dljotbl. li ra An irmorri! by thrfr curdUl fllirpr HP I rri’n'Tira 

■k I And crulljr dtlimi'atliiir |»rx>i*e^tlrd; that tbry 1 l,l<l|i\ \L I |l|j|l|f 

ahaltrrr.1 rooptUutiona. howrvrr I bey ma> lurr bfwi , l|l|l.|.1 iir I ll||lir., 

• 4^V7ia.'\ i tr1il«M with And Atuartl; thAt their dlrrct trndvary b ■ .1 1 1 II I Llil 

-• if<n5M*A, to l*‘!i«thpu Utr ATd rrndwr 11 r nj.»yable; thAt. oprrat PntomAe fihskfl Qnvswi.w f*K;.mWee*« 

■ 01 W ^ Imcdimtly njionihi* i-.ijfta ./ fit tiia.iiz laf^r Mirdi rOLOmac SOaO, SpilXl? CniCKCD, 

. thoyctuaraowiitohral aiil .lUKtA'a^lroUithekydirn JackSDlDe BltlPwtifinw 

r rW ^ I fv.*p> uiniof JLrofu:A,wbwUi»Thrro.mAryorothrrwiwq, w ohe«3ti*|PC7, AAiue Wing^ 1/UCMS, 

(A ^ ' tl*Ai th'^T rr. -..It tl.r drl'lliuit^l. Aiid that tfcrrr Id m Souabs. Frow Tef»o« pvtr 

i d’M*Aa. at thr .'tiomAi h AUd BoWfU. thr U . er, ih« Hrr «4a«»u3, C»C., 

|vood*iyatvin.thrgk1n.t»lAn.l«orMudclw. ■ I 4 FrKI V KD I»AILY AND ?KRVgD IP IN iftPK 

■'...Ik I ABI«NO KKfiM IVPURITm* OR OU.-TKCCTIO.M * i!"' , . ... 

I OK TUB ItbOUO OK PkCKETlO.Vr. U- wra.-d lirily It 

|3* . ki which iher do not clwe pnMQpt rrllef. And (If Ad A frw'.h »ui.i>ly of DAjriun Air lu t r>crlveH| 

ailiiltOe-rt'd brfttre the very of life haa brea! C- ap4 C. c Utl'ktl i4uprlrtor. 

\ a painl^kS and Ik rfrci trtrt. — -— - 

i Bear tn mini that ih. rC.lNDlN AVIAN VKGETA 10 . ?. wwaw „ niAru 

liLlk BloOtaD HI LLi< are lt,dor»«>l or tbr eRpz^e*enre ui 44 Tk a w~« •• 

thoUAAntii uf UvtiiA wttu*‘HMe», who.ln ietUr-.alOdavtU K,OllTlCl Tillft C artl*Tl PI* 

nietlicMlwork-.AiidLy worrit*/ uiouth.i.r..cUIm them t. ; J-Arvr va j-av* |>AXV \J\J± AACJl 

lethe very btdt preparatloo *»t the kind averoiferrd. ! / \ Am 

S4Llj th- Ln>ki‘D down vrktlme of lU health. They bun I / mj m 

nKeAK*ethnnuhevrry A\ uuea!«'loi,;AUof the«i>um 
_ - _■ A It! » »Dt I It th*»r.*n4hlv ani i-ermAiieutly. 

T A Wj Tiv! *'’*•* ‘eta UuuU their auiM^norUy After oda alnicl* ( / « ■ * t *. 

LjXaA w XJi^m ' trlai. They A.-e not <>T)lv )4>f* r. hut. in tact, (.heape-i i WklliifiTl •Ill.'I m^ kkO t a i ii h fti # 

^ than auv ••tbrr l*U|d. for It tak«»> A leBrt numhaM* of then- OfliUtMl fllili 1\ v^lft U I fill I A 

to I rol ife 4 Letter rtlert. ■ ^ ■ 

ptu. ..r tie Si4i. i.i**vi4u vvietALiA Bif*od Fnrifier I Comcr Sizth St. and Court Place. 

' l$lperUU>,.»r$'.iwrhal It.ieQ Uf the HcAndluAVlAi I «*a*« wwuil nave, 

ES, ’ VtAetaMe Blood RUu*. coiiU p<r box. or Are box«v I OPltiSITB Tlllt CITY -COURT RiiOMS, 

; “kow.l Dr. KolMuXit Bto-dal Notlrtw Mil 0«rtlflcUM,l LOUISVlIaLK, KY. 

ai02i«c^nt. in |;;jb“,;b^ '" <> part ot this i.p»r ftom unip SIHW d PIIKTKK Proprietors. 

I con if f:\cixf: AfRir. 1 1. iwi. rif.4f.vsi d mm $«•' 

» // r./{i xASFou.of. ft i 

, J K.tyit (.iil_I:1V|i.|.K I»(M MltlN Itiio NIOhT ' d\ 

I tPllP .» ll.ia |)npaJr.o.p -I |» \|. -. ^ I — ' — j 

I 1 iTl»» .1 .Na-bi !l- P„| »> M. ., ., M WiiJ. I 

t’r \e at C?ark-v 1- •• *. » l» .\|. 7;,ti .% M 

Irr.v at Huml : :t 4- 4i A M. 4 .W IV M a- • . 

Sciving mltaCh%H€: 

OON.Ml'Ii.NO Al' III 'lUaLlir Fi'K .\KU llRLKtMl . , 

b. avp II iiiv 111 — 41; .4, V 4 -J PM I ^o Kaiiiilv caii .\lToril to l»o Without (toe ! 

Sewing mfiachine 2 

A Bujaply of Daytun Ateju t r» c«*lwe.| 
•P5 C. C UU'kri. D 

Round the Corner” 

Saloon and Uei^taurant, 

D^RoUalAV MrOl. Al Almnnac And PAnilly Advliwr I \ I K AT AI.L IIOUK8 C«F THK DA V AN D \ IHIIT 
ntUlniriif A frreat \arlBtv of liiterrmtlng Akd Taltiabla ! Gur LmMer u »upi>llrd with KUb, McAlr. Houlm- 

.<sthA> liif. rmallon. raa l.«t ha>t grwtl'* vf t^ny of hla I an 1 Mv-ura— th«* b. M In th* m<rktL In our ha 

tfei.t- thr.»u;huij« the LOt-iiiry. I ^ f*»un.| Import^i Wlued, Llqaora an>l Cl 


Ka ut V-U-yf ti’ . ?r aI 

AD mlu*:ui -M: I'l ‘ tllr . {.iC .ikt-*'’; rw..’ 
TUkftw- ,-rie s ' f t.t- w-riawleic \i tU. .oa<-. 
taooa of chmat ' aol Lv.I > ddrairaMy ' -.ulta. t ^ pru- 
dwk«tho«' tWO.CTi at vte.OCA, C^-I. .* ja-MTut-aT ..ill. 

pTAiri a *>f liioii -r. 

t*oBeuUe.i }M*rrouAily or bv letter. Inviotftinf on« atAtiiD 
lor the r»*;»iy. ■ 

A NKW article 

Dr. Boback's Stomach Bitters 

A ti< w .la t dr iglilftil Ht in’it-'lilr an«l Corital, forelv 
.U|( toitf to the latuiUA- h wad t.»r lat* pre%*«ui:t»u of l>i‘- 
U'UdCwtiii luititd ii.ctdei t loth- W< attTtM ^uotry. Try it 
Aa A tuffuiu? tlrlok. U) as-i-t «ll>C'*>ti *0 Aad reileTe 
dvdi. iiv it. 

- L itikTu Jid.uiU'.*|»rAinc®oiui, dvdi. i.w. . u i.a;; t ..ual, iivir. 

- 'of id— or.. UKiiu the fwtlld* • In .« m r ti U ;»f/*'n.,r to f/'< th«"r l*llter< Try i*. 

, .04 a u pr.'U 1...U.U40 iu»iy Tha* lot la a’ a ol IMu m. i„ w (.Sblythe •* 4e prop 

rjki? -.1 l>y iuy t'< ' .i'*l>*. crly of Ih. Kot'Ork. ' rl/lua'- i with < n«e o* the o:«te-t 

AUi n:i>ar M d caI ITa tUiftier^ .*f ll.e Wo t 

.’TUAL CULTIVATORS. •»* * '* *» directly p^eduaie l up-.n tbo walih o.' elem 

r mMtty harm M 1 .300,000 aerrs. ***i/jJ.*!„ H lera derive tliHr Mimtnni frnm ih<- powerful 

3.;.. I „ d/»iiA.V !-*, I 'id eutry camtraci toiiu: imiur ■ at t*ie te.'iin and h> ti-a ol which ttn v ar 

*. ^ J . -. t ^'wei ; an I *>>« ihev AH. til AiiAvinir annaitirwl crae 

t-m At r» Tk^r^kaJtM dire.-ily pt nnattv.- of TfcMHKR- 

iktkcs* lin>U afa»<J7ieiue(/$.T0,f#00, A.NOR.the pr«a.iit prrprleiiH- i- I v.e that. tn ni.iklua 
» .• f ^ til- ni wLlt Ijr ki.t.wn, tbv pub U wreilare la «ub»erved. 

y j‘U.i.t .1 t;t y..r(y Niue <• Munee, It w Id M«>n l*v i r ale py al of l»r K«d>a>’t(’a nume^ 
,lXv ^ v— *i?y ."-'’S, . *a. i<*A*.Ji47d, ooa lU’eitla, aud at Imtp'in, A«‘ . the coootiy aver. Iwthe 

, . i, , me4i»i;iii'’.ord*ra will r»e tide I a.-e^t iro'M Ufklutiatl In 

I- f ; Wf .iM.t tae vkiJ-' i- ^tuUnutH i'll, ly^ u, • i<,» «.,t ratea. It u pai up In 

ilfiercen' quart Untile ^ and urely pa ke i tn ooe-doaen ra<a*«. 

“ ha I'doEeD aitiiple rapci wU:. howes tr. be pa*'ke<l Aud 


. lim.rlKi KK.rAlLI-KICK»lPKR BoTTLE OR SIX FOR 14. 

'•blca*,. aii.l .MII«atlkiM< .<, .\.X an I X\\ l-al-Cnaia 
*hd Btoik Alc.»— whaieaale, la bArre'a anl hAlf-bAfrels 
or hr the bottle. 

tr CaII - KoCND THK OORNER.- noM dtf 

FItLMI II.UTI1I1E llViilElll 

1 ta4l A'lama Kvpn^. nt the t-se>t brands I 0jj 

ot the abuve->rAn<« lakTe-e An<1 well till* 1. 

I prlte.* fair aitd lu-t. 1 aui the dlrevt A^rui 

\rrlve at Ja. k**.n T- nu 4 i A M. a i > p M j 

iilioued, wli: Avlre at raut 'U M»* 7. r. I* M. "HA M 1 

Irvlvea* .Ww M-P*ai ' \ M e:l> H M \ 

i|. TtOi. , L U’svllle to New (Jrleani.. hour^ * | 

l-ruprlpj.-r. poR B.lUUSrOMN. U:b1SOS A.\D KLIZ.IBETII- 

WCK maria j ..... l.in1«Tlll->. .._’ 7;C0 .1 .M. 4 -.i P M 

riAW** ‘ lir - .1 l!a..M .wn T ni P M. 

LiwX i tr-lve ml Ki14aI> •thtowD .......... « •<•)> M 

; A-rlve at Lehmoakn .......11 A. M. e M • 

] I’he 7 n't .A M. T atn f.'.-m I. m -vUle roDHvU> at L b- I 
aVT ■ tnon w th ataa** l« .S»rltuhe| j. D.*nvil;e ait-J poluu lo I 

he iDtar.or ot KeAtALkb. f 


I Lc-kve LeloAiiOO. .,5:40 4 M. loAl P. .M 

fliillt ; l*em. e K Ua»it» p.wo 4.--' A M. 

a B»nl town ri *• \ M 

I « IHCC, I*i lie-,... . •:.U4 A M. I’m P, M. 

f ‘*2' n»i>h (» a d .^a•&VlU• arriVA at Loai' 
GMS. vide at I $1 P M. and llrTU P M. 

• d«mh» IrwVk iftn wM run dally. 

, . fhe I 2 ri») i.lait Tra u Wiil aa'e i.n.'^inOav 

'PrlClOrh. >uht. b>ii vm not mu ld Sroi'Liy ntrbt. i 

LNDNhlllT V *'*- Hiiwure ILr-.-i.U Tl. kei„ •» ih * IP p-d. n.rn« r<M I 
Lri P.i iillv Bn odaay.andat.No 7oF.,arth*treet,oppo. 

all. Pouliry s ; • the Naltouai II *.el. . 

[ad; ;sfi o ?'■" '' “■ 1 


11148. T. B4RBEK, Agmmt, 

ini34 Id Hourth alieel LtAUiaviUa, Ky. 


Little Miami 


fiinisai iMo 


P i-'W niKnxwATi To- 

Bumon m ns konra; !lw Tark la mk nann 
pUaJ.f»^'n J» aa.ti»wn la S22 

I ByCWn la W knara; I>nnklrk la 14 nuuw 

Omuiid to bu«ni PuaaWwni 'n iflh 'fomm 
' ihker.lnAlatya hottfst ikMbenetAyA 

tt«atl!D« ta t ht'Urq tMvnVdle ta • bo«m 

iMwtiTi y tB at howrm f t'L hnaim^ 

Detroit la UK houra. 

miMtH miBS iUVt ClMmBATI M ftUMS. V 

7:30 A. M. KX PRKSS 

Aiel trt m CiDkiDCiAU, n i'll ip»a aw*i Owytow c«^ 

•acta eU Cctattbaa, ClereM*!. iKakirh aftd B«BU«t 
via OoiwliAa. Oeatltoe aad flDifiWii. rla C'>l«mh«iL 
SteotHiOTl!W ADd PliUborr: eta Cotusboa, Batialr im 
flltaburf; FlAUAlvttbL'a. S' *1 ;lr aad BtBW<M^ 

7:30 A.M. EXPRl^iS ST 

Um AW.! iMytoA Dopot. a^ ronoecU eU L.*mK ToMk 
I^ irvlt A»d l.\iAAilA4 Fla Dae .o«» Opda aad Jaadasky. 

10 A.M. EX PRKSS SS-o.'Srdir 

naru «ia lo w iml,—.. a. .air an-1 BMW.>od: Tin OaWm. 

Bnlialr .t-a Pm m n m; aUOommim^rCraaiannnBa 
rmabnm; tu Unlnin»nk Oti aianK. DuiWua aad BaB 

6 P^l. EX PR ESS rdl!;...°S?S:Sr 

Ada; t7a Daytan. Ctydo abJ flaadBdftj. 


KctoItIr? Looper BAikle-Threaker 

SovTirln-SE liCAolrklxxo 

( L. I C K .N H K U ). 


T'.a Cmniu.ib, S'T-ibMTuia and eiuonrr »l» 
■S’* nnat-m* TlnCMamaw. MaW 
aad B^woad; Tia Ookiniaa., Cr-«:tn. aad muaniat 

Tta Ootnubaa. Oaraiaad. Oanktra aad anOkto. 

Mobn.t 8uuu>i>a cars u« tku traul 

VJL^LXJLk. ^3 • Kvttt Marhlna warrau*.-l. P-jrn -iwt tTT- * ■'T* - ■ — j- 4,^ n7rilaad~* TaaiiM at m 

Siaa-Ianl Ma. hicr, omaaMuiad la Baa oIxIt, atf. Lia* i A a., moko dlrart rnnnarilam 

•piiArNs WILL i.BAVB j*frKK3oNviu.m OP- 1 1 

I po..u.Ia,nUv, an., C.r. u:ar 

« a. M., r:.v» I*, w., D.;t« P. II. , J- • »»• f •*”■‘•0!;}-““ ‘ ~r**-*-r 

• 4. M. .^T, U*U IS. CINCINN ATI. INDl A.N A<N)U^ M »ta ad 4 Mirt. t. dell UU . otW Xi5i4Aa rm« OaUj. *»«KA 4Ad. 

ter< Try H. 1 Iasi A'lmuift K«pr«^. nt the t-w^t brands w I ftif 

dy the 4 ale prop | ot the Abuve->rAn<« lokra-e ad*! well till* 1. 

3« 0‘ the o :«lewt | prl«e'i fair AihI |u-t. 1 aUl the dlrevt A^mi 

•r* of the MV t of Mesvrv C. It. Hitch M Co. Oyster Ptu-kers, of BaIU 

ALtH Ol' eieni more. AW>. detly la receipt of 

■ 7 h. 7 h'r?’'i^;' Choice Game! 

[ vhtch tt»«’V ar 

onnAiurwl crav Wlll«npply deAlcM and boteU At the loweef UArket 
of TfcMPKR* prlctfL 

ihet. In m.iklbA I'epol— No. Firth tlrtet. between MA'kei as«' 

’ Is «ub»erved. Jeil>-r<aon, looauvihe, Ky. 

k.diA.-k’« nume^ oc27dtf A. F8«!NT7. 

liy 1(1 the * - . — — — - 

riiiups E\(l!A\(iE. 

“bJ^'ke.l*A^' I THIHO Sr. HET MAHKi.r a\[> jefe> rso\ 
W'hkuk will alm a\s he Found tiif. pb.^t 

R STY PilR fA * * L«qi» r Beer adI the tlnent Li<io-M>. Clear*. Ac . ic 

H A. M., *.4j 30 I*. Yf„ ASIrt 9t;i« P. ] 

• 4. M. .'•T U'UIS. CINCINNATI. INDl A.N A<N)U^ 
AND CJlICAliO IiatlLY K.VHKICSS'-lKhr (^uii'iay* 
e»t»ectd-l) cminectiiiic at Sryaionr with Tt^ae on the 
OhloAD'l MN-liie*ptl RellroA.1 KrSt. LoaU, Cain*, the . 
Suuth And Wvet. and CluciariAll Atid tb# Pah, wtikotit 

kRN 1 X I'KKS." -o>atly (fliinday 4 ev^’eateat), connect* t 
Inc At ^e^ OiOur w!rh Trail’.'* on th*^ i*tio and Mhtahe 
ilpi'l Katlftwl P*r Cinc>n> etl. Odumbu*. Sew York. ’ 
Boet4>n, PhtlAileliihiA. luPtmure, and all Evstern CV 
tie-: AD>I At In lUnapnlt^ w*th KcitefontAiae line for 
ClevelAUd. Fitfiburr. Pit'la lelphla. PtlMmure, and aU : 
prlncitMii c’tiem in the KahY; a 'H* wtthTrAinaon the 
T»rre lUt;te and L'fayette kattrtd».t'« |4>r ,**t. Looif*. 
ChlcoAr, iCvk NUr.'t. Muliicey, }lAnnrt>Al. St Joaeph, ^ 
A»id A«i the other princIpAl cltiee la th« We^dt a tvI ' 
Northwwwt. j 



Prices Reduced ! j 

Br.rA.4 i-KtuK a. FK^rrkE ok *,x for «. »r;jit“/ ‘ '* ««« «« * w'«-»i»t iRWi.NU kacuixi ,n^i^ w 

a#*I’TlnolpalOffl..Tant !«aiT.TO<im*.Vo «Ka..t Fanrtb yonili.a at Iiiu’cIk*. Mr frlTtUi will plraa. laXano- CaiM, VemXh New orJLu,.. St. 1 ***“^ *" **iS7I*5 ^ a i... — TT n' ~ ' 

r-«.thlM bnMIi.* Main«!t. Clnalmiail. O. Aubwi. and aU lb* inWin^ M-EirrUTw ! E'"'*** aiwaiiaa. unnaral Uanatkinak 

.buiatoifN... 3Jllamt! laSdlr PKILI f BK.\CK IIEI.MER. Fiai-*r. gonihrra Htln. »<si | b.^b««!.T a^ an.. ac-->r4lii«l7 tUUlUCBD _ _ 

, Ttaina mn hr OalnmhM Uma. ahlea W T alaawa 

I _aa. BAOdASB CRKUB TUlOOea io m-«- 


mk- Puwnaarn ahnnid i.arln ■!%) tam iha *CO- 
UNyATI' fAVORin RIHirn. Si 

B A I iLA S TBD, aarI a i.M^en tfliprnvmAtMs ActASieft** 

Iwwlim W«*i 0MU«M and s Af irv. 

TArmugk TtclicU 

-^Midntaa tb. PRINCIPAL railboao Ticsar- 

LmboiAtnry No. 33 Ilamtnor'l .ntreet 
For sale In Jener>oT I omit\ l*v lUrnwin I ATvler,T/»U' 
Isvtlle: ihniAChalk A Co.. l^.nUviil.'; >. D. SccAr. e. Fluh 
erwvIMe; J II Ni'Wklrk. J**rtem'>ntOAU. ao -1 by iH’aKcPte I 
Aiid MerrliAld'' gen-iAhc Ihronkliout the Untteil htate ] 
And In the cttl n *n 1 lari;(*r vll'oife# uf the CanAdae. I 
nt r W d A w 1 > eoiuh:.. Aeu.u<et I 

Caip), MemiJhI*. New OrWiM, St. L<*q^, JelTei 
City. Aiih'won, aod aU the prluvipai Waateru 
Sonihf m cltlei. 

to LaTuyette k horn; Time to Calm. W h» 

toChKagoU “ - tO^LoUH It - 

to Detroit 23 ** ** to M* uiplus 37 ** 

THK FRintS of their aS*wlns M«chlne«. 

liavliM aadA. fbr ower aavoa yeara. Uia meet pAp w lar ' 
FatuPy^wIt . Ma'-htae In tha couAlrv. and new mm ' 
ploviuA HInftOO.OiNI la th-'le booine*.#, aU'l maklAg | 

VeHEpiOt; lheK*.l ; tli * gr* rt r'*.'.our»*«*^ oi tu . ua.'- m 

ooaI Aud l."ooa**>» Aitiaxt unl.''i''h'‘-'. TUo iur-kTiiib!' ru. • 
that the mecliAalc art:: fl.>urir ?4 1* l wh»*r’* f*“*=l i»u 1 fuel 
AT(> cheaptwl, wl!* follow .d au early day la IU.aou», an . 
«H fhe Aounc of the Oi’illm yeurei’*-' uaurall twa aa-l 

tnd irn'W up with tli-' pro«penty ot luo i-'a.isnf waw* la 
ili' «l.“''4t W.'^tern rmpir*'. 


Tli * prices of tbeae loU'U vary from id to $'36 per 

( 't/ k A f i I T oom i aa joDKago 14 - to M. Lutiii It ** , raiuPy Sewit . >U''h<ae In tha couauv. aud aow mm 

g'l I /\ I .i ' I J I J 1*1 T 1 Fa Ka, I Detroit 23 " ** to M* uiplus 37 ** j pt'-viug HInftOO.OiNI to th 'le boolne*.#, aU'l maklAg 

- — I ftd^PcrMjasAiTlMng on the UmSvr.V and NmAhrUV* }^‘*^*Vi*^**t ^ 

a-,/ V 4 I / 1/ \ A ■ V' la.ulavill« and lo-alnai.-n tUllroada conn«l wub 

C( )A l^a (, ( )A L. 1 F:^”v.“-i‘'’i'oSh“7r!;r,.r.!.‘^ “ “• ; iix'’iuri:Jj.'^^a.':;’wrs:; 

Uaa4 evriiar, saroAaaad at jaaa ageai. 

Mr. Wm. H. H. Plammer, I fe«I aa a a«w 
Sa*«M. dmoat aatirely free fraai diaaaa t , : 
a»4 ««sl4 ra«ommaa4 jam meJiaiaM to | 

aB vka an ia maat at aa iavalaable ram- [ 

_T«a». HAKT T. Bo/rVAH. , 

i^'Saa a4var f< aamaat ia aaoikar eol- ' 

SgreMer de Lftm vat boliercil, ia era- 
4alaaa agat, U bava foand tka "Watart af : 
AAaaaaaaeaBcr'* — bat ka foaad tkam aoi. 
It vaa laaara td for an cmiacat raaa of oar | 


As (kern n0tmomuU mmrt un$^tcUf4 by Mr BpAiftniu 
tkHf Mfneifi mgfcfe prmtf^ the 

thxs tryfy mcimttjic dfcjoecarp. 

MoAC'imiLia Onrv FebraAfF $. un. 

Mr. I hA*e tiled your CephAilc Pilbi. 

«id / ftK firm $m mmU ihAt I WAUt you to oead me two 

fteftAiw’ Won* nore. 

Sve hundred tbonaaiil ja<»i'lo w *l L.? Ui ta- 

ia||a(.» 4^ lllitkou in vmfiocA inakuofacttiriag impioy* 

‘I T( rr^ Ai^ArUdbiy me irueccodUlOQ And locAltty vt dl* I <*ve ...... - •• • - - 

liWHua'l’ Tb*P'«»3 fh*** Luj'U \ary from id to *-6 per gtniple*nd Adeirtlflc method, wtthoct *AAlnb | ' oidlouA'.ce (M the patroM*^*e h.T»*lof -re *0 Ilt-rolly >•»- ■ Main an 1 TiilM -Ti'd 

a .» laa^od'uA-re, At'x'ordiDir to locAlion, quAhty, Ac. First cIaas the patient Ai.y '*net»tiou#. N>ittd profit to do thle, yo’ U**^^^* ^ !•’,*****” I in JelTV*;a>uviUe, I«'i 

At at leohl mhtv't flO to *1'* nor morta aud cATffUlo ludi eouie leoiM.'ig -in.'-didna lu order to ob olflvel^^n Market, iH-tween ij.»lh o;id neveuih etreeU. ^ 

,sl Uith- ’***‘“®‘‘**'^ tAln A Cine U> the dl3ea.xe. He do rothla* of that kind ^*;1 ^ Hr-t *lrtfeia. ^ ^ ^ ^ | ^ 

. Ui') r-Utivc < xitenoo of rcb'lui!:; ]>nirirt Uad as Ctxn* and LAretOTarlAtl? rives AAtlefocoon. ! '''* 

'[ATod WOIF.I Und 1« inthoratnoof 1 lolUlnfaror OOMSVLTATJuNH AND KXAMIN A7I0NB I 

* ^ tuc former. The tt^ruu of Aoloftr tho hulk uf tbutw > CD7C nc puaofii: 

1 Lain A thoue lot uf FITTSHUKU CIA together 
with all other kln<U ki pt tu th « tuarket, to which ihev 
uuul 1 liibltc the A*t*ntlon of buy»*r4. Havlu}; bad IoUa' 
rxp"i!e(‘re In the »-a.iJn«**8, We feel conn l«bt we cab 

Tratui anive at Jeflereoa*1Ile, aaft lowc 
In-Manapoiu axkl Cibt louatl Night K* preoa at \m A. «.'oro. la.nAoapolW and Qactonatl Da, Kapreaeat 
k3» r. ■. 

Su LouU ami GocinnaU ActomaicdAtU»a at AJO'a. «. 

leei conn i«ui we cab Throiuh Ticket* an I fhrtiier InbMTDj 
y b*^'’***'*’'; • I *t tlif alri}»M>on*Ule Kallri>Al Hlflce. wo 

1 Tiiiol •.*r<.*fU, LouutviUe, Ky., or at the Depot 



The dItferAacA In pnee being merely a illfcrbiiie ta 


JIa Macblne* sold In Ittfe, being 4e«bta the setee 
of any other compAsy ta ihe Unkim Awanled the 
First Pfemlnm m the 

V. A PAIRS OP ISA, )«• and iMft 
And At the Rentock* Bute Pair Ibr iMft ae th« 

I* ; TWKiS 


KoAaoOaw of Pwa I ThraowB Ttakato 1 1 

T“j|_* V** **P‘- ***'•'» *T*AJf- ■» -A»^ 
in i '‘»>***- CITY ^ 

a. cTTY or ma’a C, 'T-IT W 


UVERF-JUL, catUm at OUKE in teaO nrf mW*n IkiM 
aad P i M a n aat,. a.atT AATCEUAT. 

Ftanf (Jiaf(.AM4oi.A «anW arumgaai^ 


RtTBiroAD. Pa., Pebruary C. tail. 
Immg ^Slr r 1 wUh yon to aewd me one more 
•X of vewrO^rhaDu PUi*. I we rectmmd a grtM chA^ 

daraiimiorvr tt, oompoaont parto af l . ^ 


vblob ia ao Cable bat a Toriiy. Il ia porel/ j f amks KK.\MU)Y. 

Hgotablr ia ita arigia, aad the oldoot arac- ' „ . _ 

... . . Harmroan. P», rrbrunrr *. Utl. 

**••••« are tbaadorotmek at tba rapidity 

Img ^Slr r 1 wUh *on to aewd me one more 

vilb vhiak it romooM tke Tirim from tbe t?l3!jS7^S£!lr. Jkoof ricoml m tr.M*o' 
ajOam, vkiob ia tba oommoa cauoa of dgt- \ »o«ra. i.aaKUuih^ htoieuoubk 

eev. **i7if>, dqppu4<an of optnU, m om, aad 

fmmal paaotrtom. Ttirougkoat the Soulb, ' . ^ 

, . ey»t;ok CkOE. IlniTi^oT'iii CocsTT. Pa ,\ 

mfmmmikj, U dm triomphed oTpr f ?erj tbiag jAno«r> ia iwi. / 

M ikm ^Afi I II II I mm.A *»m» Ka fettle mmiimoi a ^ ^ Mr t Yo« wi!l pWwee tAsd m# tWf 

m tmg fmmwmti jpuhh. naa m^j D« truly CftlM . bAxet ms yont OphAitr wia. hena them imMbrdiAteU 

tfcn w^g ^Iw af mATBre IU»pectiuUy yocut. 

" •“7 •« ftftture. , g. niMifKfl 

•aU bf an roapaeiable drug giota tirongh- >m« omt oo^ kox of yom- t\u,.omdjmutkml 

amt tW Daiiod 8uu«t aad Caaada. J. i 

RAILROAD SYSTi;*! OF ILLIKOIS. . I Ii-J- » ll b.> DlHB ASKS of TIIK TUIl-iAT A.SU l.uNttS Inateo 

Otit llou,uuo,oo-) of i-ap-oii nav,- b n ci oj4,j YLAH'S INTEREST IN ADVANCE, Or • nn-tl.i«l of Me-lK-al luhalailuB an I Uoin-tmi- 

P«d,.d « Ui. r.,lr^ .v.b ,b ^ .ll.b.n-^ S.X c-nt p. r annnm, aui ala lnU.n.1 nnlea a, a.x 

pATt of the InrtMa' fiom «.r*TAl o. WaWks, w.i.i r.*iyah1<*t rrt>portl*c!y In one two, three, four, the foUowinfi dl.ieAi****, *U: lir-nchUliJ, aU dlM»aM*a oi 

a vahaLle pobl.-fuu.l lu Uni.. ^ ^ 8,' Vl' 

esptuMi'. .theiAXK:aMSU*»i, 4aLd u*i*3l col*a*Mw»-**»iy juy^blo la four, flV'-.Xixaud »*V‘‘0 yuATf tns' l»ur-'*. Canc»*r-. Cltr.mlc l.’uer*, H» '•tnlo, nheom- 

a... .M .law .Wroimae , * . • i .a . . .a .a . . aV tl§ia . NCbrAl«riA, l*Araiv*t <. Fl^Atn'oR, S|iA>»m ' , Film, DlHCAfta r 

tn 17 dAy deercAAe . from dAt‘ofrAl.*;Oi^contrA(-t«llpijlAtln« that ono-tenth ^ EveAiel Lar.^vmlmtl Vt.-Akne^w. hkin DlwAoe* 

mnv an . «. n-p •/ th > tf At t purAiaoxA'i lLoU to f'Doed and cuUlmt«»d, Rupture, IflArrhcA. And. In .’'h*.rt. All cnrAhi.' dUAeee 

THL STAih. Dcaol. la. am a a o ^ t M 6 Ar ’ Dot A ^cQre.All dotU»r. And will undertAke m 

Tkt ikU u uhiy il0.1'»j,i.« 14, ami witkin ae, ***^ y"’*” • ^ cf»- wtiLoot a IaIi prcMpeA.! of recovery. 

' . . , ’ . , I, uio -a. k. utt'jo<-uJcffir..yTar«ooc kairskiUI)<jfbn<»U cS^>-mnletobaU«nUforUi»aia.UcnUonuilia4(0»u>- 

la-e (Aw Roort u»-' l.T« rarfm-oi b uai -.«l . , Banrlcltr 

t lAui <-« jr^r-i a unU <-uhivau.«. , #?g>*a* amSg, Mk4 ttaiaa tfg} A 

J. N. COLIalxNS, 
Ageit and Coal merchant, 

l/AuU*illef Ky# 

pERfflNH DRJ»TRlVOCX>Af, C.\N BE SUPPLIED .41 a i l R.TnAV Mouru w- »2a. 

I abort n>»Uce by cAjHnr At the Ahjve r»*cr. And with ( ) , * V "J **, '??i 

(KmKm.1 -va.a-iA (ra'.K- «AUW«- 04,41 luwaatreeh prhw. • ' ' tfAlnx wtd leAve Lonljrtne dxlly iMiQ'tara exceot 

LOUISVILLE A FRANKFORT AND tide’* of the gno«ta, IcAvtog bo chAla or ridge oa the 

X '•awwMfWA'mm m wnmo. « ^ — uiblef frld# of th* AeACA : ABd mce bat bAlf Ai maeh 

LKXINOTOlf ft FRANKPOXT uincal aw Um Chaia-uuh M A o blaee. 

Stea l Of CAll fur AClrculer. cunUlulo* pfWeA, tAA 

lK3ti8II^^C.^IriBi3E ti«*jalAU. etc. 

T? TyrdTo^T^Cl WM.SDMirBaatCO..A?.nt.. 

^ -L -Li It U -A- J-J » . No. 1 M.kSONlC TEMPLE. 

[ tns* IhLr-.**. Canc‘*T-. ^tr.mlc l.’uer*. Hr '•tnlo, nhettm- j hlic vonr 'irdere. 

. — — FlK9T TllAIN'-N.^ A. a., abipptng At aU 

^ w when ftajwed. except FoIMvroaiiila.R^i r.'YarM, Brown.:. 

horo AD*'. Bei!a.vttw; cvosecUiur et XiDlti'Are with aiegee 

,^U. ih.*kt bt tUo end of fire y*rxrx ooc-hAlf skill be fuocad chArge mA-le to pAtlenti for the AppUcaUon ot li^oeue 

land uad'*r cuHjvaUiio. 

'twenty pee cent, will be DEDnCTSO. 

from the Vailuation for caiAb, except the tame should be 

Female Oifteasesa 

ibDVaVkir PDPUT ATtiUf from the v.uuAti-m for caiAb, except the tame should be Feuiaws iroubiei wun mjpr.eeeionA. irremiAnum 

r itra fc w 1 rur uiaAiiuji. * . . . , nan. LacorrLcA or WUltoA. Feidngof the Womb. Polypue oi 

Tb«> Hmm u refodly filing up Wiih popuimUou , 8»>, At six dcilair* p>?r acre, wuca Ua« caaIi prico w*U Ui fire Uterus. T^ojtirs of any kliid, HArrennmie. a1 

1-ar-u, l.«.« 1*50. u-Ax, lU»iaoltar.. ^ 

Pamnlikq' deemiAlva oof Dm Ubd>- a>Hl. I'lm.At.i, i.nw1«kctaitkA, priCka, Abd U'noA of {laymebt, oau bu had diA Cm« Ot iuutonuUA dn.^ aUU lulurkiu or uuj^ 

ITj I HAlle mivllcl-afe of a.iv kin.!. Tlave no del*- acy 'n 

ou apimp ACtoU w TaiwH rVYtntnioaarknrnw -AUlBg. DO 'll*lercucc whAt y&uf ttouUeii may be. ,, « 

dJ - \A/ - S’ V— X JidXN*, loBJia COUUUISaiODdrg lo Dot rxfp'Ct Toa to ptace youroelf under my treat* ! tocheuv 

r,ivia-i4a-x \ ir t tvr Y*o aientnnleer you pref-rlt- ’DioAtBU-tod Arecor*!lAUy lo ! wetter tor «tr 

< HICAO1), ILLIKOIA. ntM to call AT.d AAU’ify themtirlveA. All conuuunlcA | famUlea In tb 

wa V M aai M WA wm wm mm NeWcOr^tle; at FrALlkl'in for LAwrenr»*bunr. llArrwW 

FZTTSB17&0. borgAud DeotMle: at >Divav r.r UrwAllVa. u pAy^ 

PSACn OSLCHft.Kl> i-r tteojirmw aad at Ux\nict*- vU HAltruA.1 

NlcholAarlUm, DadvIH«. Uncaoter. Crat 
H^ZkTFOILB CITF, >V>hAP'i. 9oiQeriKt,RlrhrwBl.'1 all into 

C03/li COcLIs i ?KUjM» TKAIaN -3:10 T * . tU P|Rm( at all PtAttoas j 


Pnc«*A furaala by Orm-iby k HT*»'»nal*'aro, Buckoer'a and North Beasou ' 

It ne^ no ohutUe. m okea the lock <utch allkaoB batk : BavTarkloOarh sr Uverpaol.... M •• 

slde^ of the vooiIa, li^avtof no chain or r1-ige ob the ^ yndon H Ig 

amSer aide mt th# eeaoi : and mcM but half as mneh Da ■a m turg^Mr emAB , Antvvrp ar 

^ t hm Chain— titCh MAflblMA. I teadOm. mh m AB 

rr !I*D I or call ftrf a Circular. cuoUlulaa ptlcc*. ta» ' Par Fnaayi. a|Mr ta B. J ONITIfl A 00., 177 Braw*- 
tim-ialala. ale. ■ ooj. How York, I. O. DAUL 15 Anuivar Slaw YocB. 

WM. SDMITBB OtCO.. Agent., i«- ,,, 

No. 1 M.L80N1C TEMPLE, I 

Jo!3 UKIljVilXI. KT. I 



M- A m Floor and Commission merchants 

V06 Maui Bt.,bBC. Tkird aad ^ourtft* 

v7 Pnc«*A furaaia ty 


myd Wart el le Third near Maie._ 


A larce fupply ot the beet Ihiteburg an! kotxgb* 
logheuy OuaI. AIho, the ‘*Ui.rU«rrd City OiaI.” none 
w#tt«*r (or sicAro or coualng pnrpoeea; nne>l by caAny 
famUlea In tbe rlly. who proDoniK# tl arAily rquAl tAi 

For lltr namr. of ihe Tttwoo, Village., an<l « lUea aiiualod upon the Illt- 

lon. a*e 'J'lS Pttt-.Fur.., a-.n .npriinr u. alnr othrr nowIn n»for .taan 

.nrr. ; “'l '•"■“r orv^,**. m Ia»U ,4 a Ulai ol It, an4 I . fr»l«kt W ru^tlveU aad dl* h 

wure ITom I'll* le^ » ad ,r-...>l u aairant it utlu u.v» laa.^ittluu Sold wbulaiala and . .... _ 

UraLaby'o, l^«wnal»ar<i, B^kner'a and Vlorth Benaoia; ' 
ramn*** ttnr h? rdere at GmUveuce (or NeBcaeUe; and u 
Pavk#*'* for DecrrHuwn. 

- TIllKD TKAlN^AixXdUIObAnoD— L aavca aI f. 

H . stupplnc at aD Pts'looa; And mimilr>r, will W>av« La- 
• Ki'ACire At 7 JU a M., *10391x11 At aU flutlooft Uhl Arrtre al 
i ») : T.« alNx-iiie At »r.*4 ,4. if. 

>1,. Train* arrive to LonlrviUa mm followa: PlrNt train at 
nm 1L2D A lid "ec. ud imin at $3Q y. LAgraage Acoum 
rT tDOdAtlim A ■ 

Fr«<lght train* leave LonlavlO dally (linn<lAya *xc«pv 
ed) At AM.. AfTl^Uui In Lexington At 4 4dF M. 

II PrelghtlareeeivMl and dWi harred from 7'M A. a. to I 

not- Cronirml KAilrasBda •«« !»««<»« IMS, A. IDO, APFfoKT4i!N'H RftlXWft V I lOr car* Inclri!*^* damp, plring rymptons and na reiall at tbeU»weAi’c.L-h i.rlce«. 

1 tore of dkcAoe, wl'.l r**a»l\e i r»mpt aUenUon, m^tKtda Fmnii at. ha)a« Mmtii- 

OCf UE. dne* -umt tu all i-arU of Ihe t llud Siaiea. 

I. U.M-fOANH.M. D. 

W AA M AM m^ mMa m £LA.I!ffT*n B-1Y*S I "" '' ta O J atl BUp*! Ia. M W. A»1 U h F. it ft. — -w, 

. M. S T O K E ta . (BUCCP:SS0K.S TO JOH. KOIIB). NE^flME T\BrE’ Na, I M., . to T.m.l., (...mrm., Af. 

(MWIIWOI TO ». a w. a. iToam), LIVFR INVlfiORfiTOR -oaaiaM m- NEW TI.ME TABLE . 

IMPOBTKK OF AND DEADEB IN I*-'* "kvI iVdkiuilitatf” ’ Plttsburg End Peytoua Connel CorI, LOUISVILLE. NEW ALB.tNY AND the great 

h and Saddlery H a r d w a r e cm cj^oi^iL^ . h.ave wok thS highest 



T XT It ha* cured tbouAAsd* ^ wltnin the laat Vwa ye»r« »f t“r i'kHosa 5JO AT THR 8TAT1 F.AlRa OF 

Who had a'rru up all _ hope, ol rOlai, aa the au- OUAL, which, for kitebau, parlor ur chamber u<-. ha. wii Twr... a TW MAINE VERMONT 

I AND MAMUFACTn^arKR WOUUtriNU ITTOTHKIK I-SmUtoTTO aSAMINIMT HT"Ct tu-ri-oa unaelldled certll- H Icaloa m mj poaaumlce au auperlor. i AU yOUHl WOSl Ana XVOTtnWMt. 

liar thatr p'lrrha-t-.., and ordera from a diatau-c will be att.Dde-1 to .a If maiie le paraon- laid-f a-Ulahow. m oa~ OUc— — Si4 Third atr*wi, batwen Market and | ■ - ■ ■ - LO^N bl-TiCUT, 

~ . ■ r ‘ M J i.eWiM The doaemuirtba adapt- e Idle lh.UniD« 01 »i ttYbb-. „w ju„ «,ulhwt». NEW YORK. NEW JERSEY. 

nil I ni OTT I tr^i <.»«■« isso. winter ap.ranoeme.nt. isei. pennsylva.n’;, ttroinia, 

IwliniV/ ■ ' F LaC>Vwm Ou WWa^ UaaaaleacKauUrobtbc MU-vala. I la' Al' L' f 1 » V j rwo Xtaalv 1 >«hu la OL (IwaMMKfi and <^wwa MISSISSIPPI, 1M1S8UUR1, 



MTTYirMirh Ylv ketj f<*r DAnkllle. HArrodehunr. del 
AhThor l. t»omeivet, V*rtaUlA*. HnorrHown. a'^I ftr* 
iher '.ttf<'»rmAt!oo con be hod at th-* L vpoi to l«-atovll!e | 
comer uf detDrwofi And Brook •*trcet'« 


noCidtf 9up»l L. h F. A»1 U <t F. R. K 

A 00.g mI# propnhton. New Or- j Belle VnfKoy, o., JAnoAry u, iwi 

Imm, Ia. dBt mrlS dXwlm « ^ aVdrf»«#. J£k pwam ind lookwed twetitv 

\ tlFe rotit* fur wM«An oend me Aneci er box of )onrCe* 
m . _ , a V • m V I dta. i h*y gr? iruiy the UsL FUU I Aarr 

A ftOM vBbb ifthThta freftt fahrtkftl 

^ , . a . .^a, . Direct A. 9T0VKR. P. M„ 

•* ™T lOMttaTg MBk, doon, bliadh, Bell* Venon, B vAiuloi oonnt) , u. 

CoacD &.nd Sstddlerv H 3 .Fd int a, re i iTi 8 ooMiMiNDEuiNTiHi(LkFRiiMuuMAANDi__,^ . ^ i 

««.AA*A OAa.\A.\A.AOJAy M.A oA. M. t-k W CA- X | b»r..uie an . .taUIrhed laci. , StaiMard Mcjlclne. SoIB AgCUtS fOF tfag PODierOy Coal. 

IIVfR INl/innRATnR '* n*;w time table : ' «-■ ■•« (...-aim., a,. 

*■ ' * ‘^nkvkiVuk.IiIiSa!^^ Pittsburg and PeytoaaCannel Coal, ’LOUISVILLE, new ALB.tNY AND THEGREyio)^^^^^ 

9t drj lOMbSTg BMk, doon, bliado, BelleVcrDon, \lvAiuk>too«m)i*0. j 

Aa.,willf411 Aort, ewiag to Um vaoi amooat ' — _ 

ar i « *r caam ua u i» Loaiovilla. U wUl b. ia- . , D««.bar ii, igr 

tiB'Miiftf I# Um pvbUo to know tkftt Aloz- • . ^ •%Mhfn8<r. >'ny ■ 1 w1*h for trmie drmlAn oe (Arm : 

- w m ^ a , , a . I •foow-t.ld*, to bflnt >OBrO|>bAlle PiilA more DAitlcuU'’ j 

BtaftVg Bllta ft t^.g BhFO Oftlftrgod thoir iko- | ^ before Bsy (AotonBr*. It yon hA\« Atinhligt of Ui< 

a V a . , . . kln^a ItleBOe MAR g to me. 

BM BftYO BOV OB BhOd OOFOrhl tailUoft One rn mv t-nstotaw*. who 1« Mldect te sever* » 

-m m-- . rt It a a* . ^ V. . I Dce-lor be (oaOAil* 'eoilyi; tw.» dAV^h •*«« cv • 

BY IftBDOf CoU ht iBoiy ofilco OB Mhtft i ta tma hp ymtr htlff, nhv4i T went t 

Bhhrty oppomt« the 0%lt Room, or at ' b h bilkkh 

Ibair Oeior; oa Foltoa.aboaa ProoUn otreot. : 




Louisville, Ky. 


I Venitian Blind Factory. 

'joiix F.I 1 ARVEY, 


I *otXH nPA urwiu aaortfs an» maa 

I ivroEvd HU raiKiDa am 


wham h« hi ptwa- a wd m maaa u> .-tder. aad wUl aaa, 00 


j ef the tinsOM. amt by eti 
j live sAU^IhctMn t* aU 1 
> wit A n*mn\ pAtroMfn 

Hi norxo. pvum a Mnctirfo kaewieOon 
mtd by •tr'eSAtt^Dt^ wit, he bApenw 
I w aU vh» wAf (ten wtth hh^ «0 

rUl milOW. ^ 

Tbe doee mnet bn AdApt* ™ ed to ihe UmperAmeDl of 
taM 1 tat I \JkJ I C A ihA IxMlHidnAl Uklni; lu ^ lui’! noed la such qoAnU- 

in I m v/ liy kCiVwlO OL UwAeb>Aclg«uUyubtLe MB.>welA. 

I T«m A ox vm ¥11 akwmlmmMW llTox mI/ r* 

IllOn L ulBiliS VwOrKSm 

AAAVrs. i. e««AAAAA^ «W WB IA ^ ^ IIM gHWb:'{-^W«W 

lENTH NT BKK T, BET W E FN WAI.NUT AND OlIEHTNCn i 0KK[^-fcAu7.>; VicdK M nf.y‘'‘^ 

TnniRVrTTV NV ua,«l ami aa an, mirilN AllV F 4 M I I. V 

iaUUlD R.I. Mkl-K'INK. II will mtv Iw . |, r IIKabAI'HR 


Ac.; Ha>B ITIm«l ui-t 01ai«l. Al»af» k..-p on hand I) Pina I.eniW. Flialvlnc. WaalhiT r?l> >’II THKKK 1 K5 -PHi.SFUUi AKkTAK 

Aa. AM mwma* •* *S " uaaaaim yrakl moal 4c rwul m.m1a.aa M««h lUhaam* Ma<ia*«s«r. e«,*l>.Qaa dhVatm. 1 C> At OOmn.mfB *meu( o(; atlock. 

P.Amr*£ Anvica ra LAi»..._Tl,a Sral 1 k-t-u... a., raa„« 

agutamaaf i--mae ohoaU aarrr ba dtor. : - . .... 

gar*r If •• ramnMiL-aaatoa* arffs an?*^’ „ h< ' .’w **—"•' 

m— ' I . -..i.A'.- .....n: l anUIo coaoty. 

imaaiAig toilaw, aa* ia oaekiag aaiiotanor ’ • .... . „ ..... 

' ' “ 1 . J' ur /AKtiaarf. bit . k4r ,-ewr« UraAackr olm-.: 

■X aa»aA»* laat will aet Tiuleailr or redima » »rto a r > r -. 

. ■' Tru!, : .ura, 

Aa flMgtb abamld ba avoido* Tbej, m- WN. c. I 

ataad ai aati a tiag aatara, voakea and dabil- 

i<aia tkoaa organa For F«ma>« Comntaiata, „ . , Vraaon, Mica.. Janharr 

. . ^ - Nr AhMm#— !■ r; Nut Iw « I amt la 

(aka Mol aaa a Streagibeniag Cordial and ^"(CnpiaiicPir.. loriha career iiwNcr* 

JKW ELlty 

, Two Dasip Trmmi In SL Ze 


l'« ^na will laaT .Naw Aiuaay (uppualla ' ILLINOIS. MK'HIG.iN. 

j 1«M U-thle) A* fulLj*^* ’ 


iniV.i.lf’. Vri! wV. rrx SMfnt W,{ * Uaat anil f'hoflnoor I'DnarmaetiirTm • thf^iOjch AccoiumodiUon, .IaHt except 9«a* 

HoIiKka IhKANTUAI w ►UATULthCl’L JAU.x- I onrisunas UlItB. '*^4, V. u. u P 



with nemUMMU Ai»d ItetkAtch. 



KN At oomn.mfB *meu( w(; J* atlock. 

*ALLWliOUSKlTAUE ^ HIVINU their tesUmony 
In lU CxTor. 

VO(iT 6i KLIMv, 

IVi; AlXXl. ir«, C t T.X X'OX'S, 

No. -I '-l 111I«L> HI'UEi:i, 

and *« e a lorte And eptei «ltd a.4surtti4er.t ol 
JkH KLKV, ui aiip.Ttor workniaii-hip »n I fast- %*■* ^ 

• CairojrTncia- M BCH AN irS'A.sSOCI ATIO.Y. BOSTON. 

phla. .Ni'W ium AXi'l Hn-ii 



MIX WATlIt IN Till MOUTH MOTH Till IN lueahlr My.ra-tUaiunn Ir, Opal FnieraM Car ifo 

loaa organa For F«ma>« Comntniato, „ . , Vraaon, Mica.. Janharr 14 , isfl. 

, , . * * ^ Ar r: Nut (m g fitice T **st iMou fore 

[dLMft • gtreBB t AemiBg Cordihl and ^ of c«^hAi»c Pirn, for the mr* of iu« XervBu* HeA.i* 

e<*he Atid 1>iAl1ren»w(a. All 1 received th* AAine : Aiid f/*<4» 

Fu Ifeet. It Ftaftdf pm-ewin e»# t |a need mi '/f^ flkof / ie«4 iSM/tfeerf te jAsi4.Ar ABUT . 

.. ; r i vAec >eu»i by i*tMrw mall. Ihiret u> 

•hae t phctiltar to fomnUt. Try it; it ' a. u. wujcclkr. YpmUn»iL Mich. 

bH Ambabm poeoUar to femaUi. Trj it; it 
IBB AoUoioftfl aromatic Cordial, ap^dftvlm 

M. CoHifti aelta the hoti of ooal ^ [ From tht Krtiminrr^ Ao^fon'. Fa. 

kaa, Tkird olroot, botweeii Market aa«l ■ r'^phAii* piiu ArcAmpiioh the ebi*«t for which they | 
. - wt re Modr, Vat: OUn oi Ucaam- he la aU lu (uthm I 

BOB. Olvf ktm joop ordFPt. dtf i 

YIUORATOR. AND SWALUW B(rTD TUUKTHKK. I b iml*. Pi e i. etc. Artu 
Price One IfoUAr per BotUe. ; f> ^cl. 00,1 evorytblnx b>’l 



SAzrroRD’B ! 

FA.MIl.Y Harlnit tmn ln-truct« 


COMPOUNDED FUOX On Ihe ecore of prirea, i 

Pure V.-orlal.hi ExiracKen I put -ip In OLAiW CAFEF, Public to call a id exani) 

Two Tralra dally 0 *-.ndaya) fhrCah»-at 1111 
. M. and 1015 r. M. 

1 wo Traiu. daily (except Rup-lay.) lor Meuphta— at 

3 sr O T I C E. 

For F 1 \E CII 4 KP 4 GliBB lUft 

r»r old ParLlMkiraS Sberr; WlBca; 
Tor Fine old Bourbon Whisky, 


CIG-A-YIS, aVcc., Ac., 

no Tl> 


"dam* ■“»***• “V “AIN A.ND M IRKR 

axio. n. rATroxt, ~ 


Feftdl A l^r<Hl«ce 
i4 Foortk St.* bat. Maim aad tko Aiyor, 

b’lmi*, PvA I, etc. Artt^ai rraiiy : .i /- 

h. 6cL aoil evorytblnx b>’l«>ugliig U» unr Uoe U uf 

Two Train dAt!> (( sc*pt Fnndnyx) fbr Catre-At tal^ TUTB, WAKHINQTON. • vUlVlMlwwllll¥ MkKUHANI 

N\:Trifu?..'a“- (except MECHANICS’ .A380CUTI0N. CI-NCIN- 4.4 feme A froamo-.. Ommlo-w 

lUrIF a w and 1*115 p ‘ r «ciupuia-ai fj ^Ti kEM LORY INSTITUTE. LOUIS. I "" D«mJ«r, 

at ij'1'4 v\“a^u 'rriT •’^**'* ** O'!-"— VlLLE. MECH.ANICAL ASSOCUTION.8T I Foupth 8t, bat. Main and ika Riror, 

.Jr® ‘'’•‘•‘■■F®-*! LOUIS. MECHANICS’ INST IT'S, 8 AH I iionaowaL ATrSlTtri^iJ*', a., to. - . 

10:15 a.M^ani Itflie. N WKAV4MuT«n AXffb A1» unwibUBikH rk» ^ ^ TTUI kalB 

Two Trmlna datl.- (except 9an<lAy») for Detroit— At ^■*X>CloCO, AND AT HUNDoftDa 0¥ * f ^ lUy, Breta. taieit tnttts. Bntaar. Kggi CtatamL 

Ukis A. M. Aim Kfcup. a. ' > COUNT T FAi&d. i ' 

TvoTtaln* Jolly irxeept SanJAT-) for JeflermCUv. I ®AJIB* 

flvrAcnoe. 9i. JiRaeph. MAnnlLAl. liuWy, Hloomln^n ■■ AKTILLlBmAlcttAd a»I tUeit «a IhA Mai 

j h'KW VoRK PAHIOC. ytaum ^TcoTiAfoa lolly (except SunJAT-) for JeflerAonCUy. 

1 AND OtR OWN MAKK. flvrAcnoe. 9i. JiRaeph. MAnnlLAl. liuWy, Hloomlrigton, 

HAvfng l>een lo<tructed by con-Uner* t>^K OCT ^imuiMeU, b^cAtur, JArk«u*.viilr. PaotiA, BurlluStonl 
An<f *eU At ouy rot* rather than r^luro i4ot('!«,Anyl belnx ^ West and Nurtbwaitu 

dcteruiliAcd, vwlux to the hard time*, to lei Train ou ckinilav evetilng at IBIS p. w. 

Nnf*ABII PfTSTiiMiCH fitbi a. ■ *'*'’t* houm; to Jclfrr^oo Gty, SI 

On Ihe wore ol price., w. Invite our Irl.ndv a*M th. w7-r^to Vcw'cT^ *" 

line Train on italTlarevetiliixU 10:15 ra*' ' “ ‘4e Oulg Rtitok tbot OOnnOt h« mowtad. i ■■ 

ho^n’Tio and ihal prcaants the imma app^oa ag« KENTUCKY MACHINE WORKS. 

Srinphla.a-hoor-: toNcwl>i:-,w.4»h.>nr.. OOcb aide Of the 06005. It » modo VUb tVC I .. vw.eawm. 

880. Sat ndTmTiaement of Dr. RanfarCe ! 
UYKX INVIGOHATOH, ia aaotker aal- 

Western remedy*^" 

TV'Wi fil* /jwMforr. .VaAT/mU. Fa. 

/yam tkt ZMaomermf. ft. ffetNf. Jfinn. 

If yug Are. *r I arc b*en,tr 'Ui-lrd «t>b (h* IieA>Url»e 
(or A l*x iCephAl^ Plh*>. eo that yuu may havv 
then In cae* >«f act a*tA<.k. 

■ ■ ■ T:^-- 

I lion wlikh All txprw** 1ii ^ regard to their tut, hoR 
i 'ndui ed me lo place tbein ^ wUliln the reof h of oil. 
The Prof* ‘lion well. kuuw hat illllen'nt Co- 
(hort'-cx Ac1 (Ml (JlHerr-Qii • portions uf the howete. 
The KAHILY UATH ,w .tKTU* FIUL hon, wlU 

luc reference to thl* well V fort, bteo 

couiP'Miu.letl from a va-,H of tn* pureot V.k*- 

UMe KxiracU. wbUh Arti alike oti every part of dti*- 
AliiuentAryrkiut. Aft ! are M ^hU) and l^.iFK in aJI 
■ af»*H where m Cathartic . n laceded, *u»h a* DK- 
I KANUKMKN’T^t of th' ad TtiM.’tUH, t^l.KKPl* 

'NlilmM PaIMI tV Tllb ^ i> A a • O n v fS i a kt mu fa. a.: 

XMeR'iANT WATniK-**. 

I* UOI U Ull tTKI.AINKfi. 

GiK.D V>a*l-CWAl.N.i, 




Got D KlNt).*, 


GOLD J>TUtiv«*, 

Gol.D UM'KK’n*. 


; ly rrerU AM. rromA, wb«m they ore aleiAymt, thoreb* i 
j tneurloai to PA.-seDafrm reflab’oe cotm'y'tloa* At MltchAlL ' 
I tu or fFom 9f. Loots or Gm-innotl. 

ftft'ParvMe&xrr* and Begnaae ux«« to and from abt I 

(«Art of the rUy ADd the CATS. rXAl OPCllAAdA. 

BoGi thrr>Qxh Tr.Uits tonn'w^ • !u«*ly at On^ettcmAlr ! 
^th the Terre Uout* ooi! Kichmond KoilmAd, wh^y ' 
for Terre luQl* and 9t. t*>uU. miyl east for IipIIaidapuIIs > 
M laAfovett* with theToledO aa-t Weaterti lUllw.V'at ■ 
MWhlgoii duuih«ra rrosolug with thv Michigan 9a«t^ > 
'^ti RAllfNMtol fi>r Tt'la* Ic an l latodc^ilaite i> .t^-Tw: oIaoa. ' 
JdMtfoAfi Cli? with the MlchlgACi (Vitral RAUmad for ! 

j fynm tk* AArerturr. lyonJener, K. /. 

I TheOphAitc PlIH ore oaU] tu he a rcmarkAhly Affect- 1 " ^ ^ >y' y' d/ / ^ 

• Ive lYAMdy for tbe li«A0Ach«. «r>4 oae of the very tent I ^ ^ ^ 

j UaarauHe Fofinileru M •ilarMiie Shttn. 

j Cerner of Fioyd and WaxhiagioB Streeti, LouisTille, Kj., 

/Ac Wrri rm Jf. R. eSozrtU, rksceye. /If. i \T A^D POKTADLR 8TKAM KNOINKH AND BOlf RTLII- CIRCULAB 

taauUlUl daauua. yraTln--. aaot l.y mall whwi .laMrad, ^ 

Dr. MERWTN' S ^ 

; d •’■’HKsy.KH ovKi: Tim: FtmTitR a HKNMrrr. 

w IIOLk B« IUY, from -0‘1- ' ^ |encuM,which fn*iUeut- del9 Main idrvet, hef wim-u Pourih ;on<l I ifto. 

1 It, tf nexlef tiM. m-t Ina od .i*g coar»« of Pe\er. ' — 

li^4>r Appetiu.AlVvei H |i04r.Vii»*t»onotColil04rr A ^ 1 1 4^ f |1 f 

I the body, RebilewiiM-*'- [ ( liNS^lAche, of weight li .i X 

the- head, all lutlaii.ii.aP- e T m,ca,oa. Wonn. In TU'B.y'TV TH»t DOl,CA MS' 

HACK ANI^ At lower price* than evrr Irefor* offered 

1>1 kMONU KINUa, A.:.,*Ac., | Onicogo and aU ptaiuU weot a 4»J oorthwogt. AiAo.fei 
rr irefore offered. ^ J Drtr^t and oil pouiU egei. 


WilMrm <w A.lulta, lllicu ‘ . iall.m. a irvat FurlBcr I -• - - 

of the B1-.I anil luaiij ,« ll-cjaa. to ahlcb a..h 1. WOK I II OF 

uiiVnt^ifo^uoA *' lo *“ ! Watchefo Jewei^, Clocks and P 

Price, Three IHmes. arC ! 

The Liver IuTU"rAfor and Pauilly Chihartk PIIL<iArt | bWlNG TO TUK llAKU TIMKA AND A 

fvuil*<! by I>TQei?i»tii kreueroily. auI bold wholoaole by ' ^ change of bU"lDe>*, we oflrr ouf entire 

ilt# TcAiie In all the laixe town*. stock of fine tiuld and nlver W.\Tt;UK», oil 1 

M T \V UA^Vdhiin -41 II kind* of JKMKI.RY and PLkTKD MARK | 

9a 1 . \V. M.AlifKOItn, .M. U.» liuporte.J HI..1 UI our own manuioai re.Al J 

Man'.irurtnr*raad i‘ri>t*rlet«r. OoBT PHlCiC X»KCAMII M 

Kr ptvaAtlwgy, New k«jrk. *a>riierof pQUooet, PlfA** examiDe our OkOMl* oiul pTU'es. and 

Sob! lu LoalNTll:* by MJIaifd, P*»er A On., K A rlnced that we positively iell At «<*fU 
KuLinNuii A Co., Kayiuond A Tvler, ood by oil Drug ama mn^ — n,.,.# 

ivta IlirNvIitiiilil & Dolffagei 

^^om the Wrrtrm Jf . tt. Gnzrtte, f'kscA##, iU. 

h«’a'tft tndi>ree fipol^liiN. and hU unrl 

A'tfgowAj Vat -y Star, Manawka. Ta 
Wr ate Mil g UiAl peraons AMlferlbC with Ihe Heoalowhe i 
^he try tbec i, will etlofe to tiu m. 

-- FF.VAU i»lMB' m. 

iiSFL * i-T--, " ^ J* ASkM ^ rnmtkt fhmTtrrm t^mUr, Sfw OrU^mt, l,a. 

M4l^ Tn a Ta!! ^ ^ Artllcted. AOd we 

r^/]rrr/il/k ^ A»b. rrt V 4 *.. ArKD ; lony caa he Adffed to the alrce 

amt or* Aitllcted. and we ore o«re that | 
A he Adifcd to the alrce iv nAUiHrim* | 
VW .1 himefiU that tho other Bbodkiiia 

Lotdie DrmofTat. 

Ar the orUclA (OwphAUc Ptlte) 

in 1 Broea Hork; Cam and W robKhtrlron Ekrew Pluw, tor 0 a« 
aindH AR.l dxAA. AIao, Toi-orro Ha-/ewrt Ai»d Pt*ra<a; Lord 
ii'^A.BAli ci lei ACid VerafHtbna coade Lo order from new Axw' 
red. — sijio— 

MAOofortarer of end Agent for the BG# of 



C-nj'Hi le ot OiAklug irum SLofo to <iyh‘y o\htno fS per nmhmc*- 
oiAkt.'*# BUv*h. Barrel UeaUlng. end ell klmla ot Short Lem 
ber, with equal farun 


aj*.r , Watchat. Jewei^, Clock* and Plated 1 1860 . £ AST. 1860 


T»t«nuoa iS.'KNrii ab*! tarther InformAtloa ran 
be ••liLal.iud At uirlr Boilrf-dM Psekei Ojftcm, Mw. agl, i 
wiathwMt corner of Main and Third stroofo, lomUyiifo 

^roliu Aiw roQ by LoalavUie time l 

» R. B. RICKKR. RotFcrlotuodwet. ! 

a B. P«Asxa, Agent. 

mj[^;kllan K( ijjft 





II i:i. LI N(J HAM’S 


■rr I pKRStL’1 


.N ■ UuAckmAkerw' TWere Mta ee im »Mt Mpifogu 

I ed kt»0. mtfa^AviAriM ood tm mkm. |y Iff dtf 


RMtanrant aad Beer Saloaa, 

JNo. 307 'rHIKT> STRKKX 

I Nrul D«*r t* OcoMcrM UOtoo, 


alo<-k of 4ne iloW and Alvor WATialKil, all ''WTi 
ktiKla of JKWKI.KT and fLITKII WARF f; ( 
tiupoft«<l wild ui our own n)ana:a*.i 'T*. ol 

0oB7 PHlClC >(»KCAMII fifll 

PlrA'i* exAmine onr Okonls orul pTU'cs. aimI h« 

co.„u». t^OYSTERSI-oA 


I v'fflt ho h»|0Ofvi will beOerTr'I. The a>r»pr etucs rtogACV 


Boathemm on'J uth^ waiiUne tb* mo«l effMilTe. dor* |0!VliY V W V 

*. eloitd* And rh*An Wailplng ktn' htoery now known, rot ! v/ i" JJ X U X O v/ V/ f AA XV X 

IlinK'libiilil & Dolffnaer, 


d*e On«* deor above Thirl, I 

»l will ftyo 

Mtdiii t 

l-e MippiPd with Morrlnee Af any fii* or fApiu*lty at the Hy I 
drAQ!U* KooQ'len onff Moi'hltie Shop, wberv a Working Mod* I 
oon Alwaiyw he eeen In operation. 

T?7rtAw«ni IP. ftkKn%UOr.X. 

I dgfo I — 

l^mayammnMmi.ltoamrDwaa daa.ofdta.| I 

“ W*F *7t ag riaaMa aad oiiaTaala.M la laka. WwOdiu* would uat cmum-i his tama with an 

jkTWj^aMOaja miuawaj., bolu, pwa- , «tl* k.k.dl.1 uM know I.« r*ul mailt. ' 

' Id O ir I 8 V I Id Id K I II f> W O K 14 8. 

i F*. W. MERZ. 


' Iron RuiiliiK, TvrandMR, lialcunleN, Iron Jalla, Fire-Pmuf Safe* 
BiiuU Vaults, Doairfl, 8eft««g, Ac., 



'puE FiiRdcnniPR wiHji.o rrfpwtifuli.y tendf.r uia acknowi.kdofmf.nt8 t' i,. (T— > 

X Uie of IdtoQtivi'i** Ax.d h!«» t*«ir<m9 Ahruoil lor tho HhcrAl enronr*’.:eoient au'I extern Ive 

itAirooAge sbowx him clurc ha *n(t-TWl irtto Lu-i'iH*w. end lurorms them that, hv the um* uI odiul- 
rahly AtiApi*<l niATh!ne>r>’. be le *r.a*4*(i awd prei»AT»l to do work of evory deMe*l}»ilun Sft t«*r cent-HHadifiBiB 
fowef itoatt oiaT other KiinlUr cottALllahment in this city or eloew here. JIu hufK^a. »iy cl»3« AppUc4M<>n t » i .at 
ueo^ KiHft AT.d hAtidmapflie w«trk, AJii (sir living prt':ee, :•» dreerYe the further pAL-'inoge i»f a aeiierouH I'Ubllr. 

■ ^*B***P ^ 0 Mortem **CAjcfo-t — gy kn»b^ * \ 

MMyo^kOMi l*y ger-ftemen that v»«.e bornrSr ' ^ 1 
JjXjdnaibta mmAmr tuo bentaa UiffoecoAA ef jC«? JJJJ ] 

PVogi fA# AAmertteer, JVovsffnwv. U / 

Tk^ tefitiaony m fttrir fovor Is etrong, Doui the i 
rwe^wyoidia qoA.'-terk. 

From the Dmity JCtwe. .Wte^wf. ftp /. 

OephAllc puis mem tmkiuf the PIaa.# Of aU klodJ. 

From tke f^>mmercial, CSn-ntmah, <M«e. 

KoBfftigr hnniAntty oao now he rcl.avAd. 

Worthy of any Confidence for 



Engine and Boiler for Sale. L'-xr-aK.-d trains lkavk Dunkirk dailf, on 


diV^ Jf^i" 

alT.tlh» _ This 1- tha only roui. rnnnln* Cara Ui-o«h Horn Iha 

m H ■' mm m. F'ur the %% Aiulkerw amd Hair. **■• — ", a .5*1!^ .mi -i: - <awia> . (*7oi»>r«L w ma 

“ ■ ■ -d . mk. I toat >to-rU7. prasadaauvrr IhacuMoak awl wtamra 

■JKRAI BdOAil-OAWR j ■whaertbro lake plaamra la a*nauae1na la tha I“* -aii.^- loa. ' 

'^‘'“‘■VE^i!^‘R\,^n''“RODT*To SX":i:i;vis.^sL 7 flrji 7 new btocx of - - 

ISTew York, ‘Boston CHiXA. glass a auRxxswAM- 



HKKrKKN L'-NirK. STkllJ 5IAUA I, u~ aim. imoww. ...SiJw.. whTLT^SJimSa '■ 

H 'Xr-aF-d TRAIN4 rKaVH niiMcinir n.iiw '• "fn-ara-l hx Dr. C. P. Bnuaaaaa. aa amlnaol ohral- aamaionlKaila. amarlcaa aad BaUiaa OUa.waf,. *m 

UfUUvHle. WmphS, NoshviUe, OvvclAad. Ac., running , wS* «ki. ^*^^**^. ^ 

D;^ly ihruoffh wUhoni cLau..; of cS^ ^ Tsusum& , wtU 

This P the uolv rowta rnnaln# Cmr* ta*nMml5 fWM ll’lllifi' n rxn Ara a ■B.kl-a.Mlanian *®’ ** tawer pffta*A thou AMVwore ta thM sity. 

Usetnl as well as Ornamental 

’laipflie WftiV oJii (sir Hvti 

drM*r>e the further pAL'-inAg** i*f a seiiemuH publh 

ftota^VMfltax5%A ulSf 5 ♦ B?'“AAin«leb#ti|rof PPALOIMGV PKEPARiDOLUE 

*ewrw A oocue ot . Unu • Its coot AunuAiiy.'^K 

.■ ^>fc hh to dUUuotly gndsfwUHd |» . ... . _ *. la’ewt paUetiu> of fiolMnr, fo , U'a:iufeit'ir*’il hr m*. au>l a pr1tite>l INt o 

ftW 3ftgR*f IVDNTlIffo. prriiAfwd frw l Fr m tka fifmmurnA! ifitOettn, Mm. U* S'eL^^ouk** vVk^\*l^* m p^aukai.akoa wrui *^>aj*>f>t vre t-r ni7l to A»iv pf*r«u(i ahroai Ue j/ing thna. 

SS^iSil^Ska? I ■•’'1 w »- r rtdo-rio.. F-r the Headache. p.l.';?. lit .e’Jtny E^iTi^ SJ.;'lo“';ull'lhr*ir' 1 'w’SuW 

IK il gyitsii/Ai Iff, li. I i_ , _ I . Aff hit. af'.l bnlMerM to thUfArt |yl .llnsl 

a — Urns MAt fSaamata mt Wdt^ISFl^W fa tke ' * * -»- - •— . — -»* - 

luiisville iron k, vvokkn i 

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e ^. »» .Ff.y<r*w. •» u aimoi‘7nrSKi*i ! OMBBBST&liBT, OFFOSITE TUB CDSTOK BOV St 

FeniA A F afWWIE C.I.. 1 ^ U!"'! !!•'!'■!!'«'!. •'AlW '^'‘''‘'“AF.FTAIR. W 

^CKNlNa9#le rPeprieterf, I RPlTT)I'*f3’R PRrPARrn nif*r' , I"*cae^.lW^-^o*ea. Bank 1 ant'd. Flia-Fiool nan*. Dear-. Hbutle, Saeh.Ac. .Iiao.avery var'-lr ol IKyN 

AIKT I/M IB Kfk I M-inUI.-U IS PKhPAKLU OLLL . I M'IRfc lor IN-hllc or Pi' Bji J-.,,,. OR.Ni.MFNTAl, INCUfrlkCi, Ibr C«nrtar>- I-ota. of new pavlg A 

am to. Mg I iarn.--T^ar>-au^«;tJalaoJcLe.p Al.a..:; work inlhe l(i>i;.aK-851ITIfl<.(I ,tne dOMeatthe.U.rtMino-^P 

^44 ta I^HtavtDe bw KayuMtad ff Tvitr and Wn- » c p a f ni v/i*s i*pi*P 4 Pvrv r*irTr* ! ** pTicwa as u>w on th» loweot. ^*cte»4T:* wi|l itod it to thoir Arlvsnt.Aq'' to rt ve n* a r*n i**»tor.* 

feftu^taneft^.; ta Krw Aibativ hv P c*iftnvr ft Mggta ALUinu o I ivldrARLU ULUt. . pQAhaelnv v.^ewrit-re (ir-1«tr« from Abroad pro«np'.«y .I'lendcd U>. .\ iPioK OF Pl.tmtl sent on ADpnrat'on b 

■lip. o»d by All »niggi4fo iB Ue Unlaw: »toiea. letter, ff#" Partlcolar at TooUon g1 vau Ia* JAFL iVuHK aiu D'* HGLAK-PKOOP 

— i SPALDINO'S FRKP.4RED GLUE! mead a br,.7 her, 


m mLmTimmlS!' ' *AVH THE PlICBP I Wotice. j II' II I I'lllliin I 

McIIjan^A PflN_ K.V0MFI DKPATCU. T®J.w'e!,!‘J^K^X U,\l,|i r\P||.Kl 

^ «-AF„r„p.T.«*ar»M«--4* ‘T I ' U liU . 

fi Mf'P.VAIV A 80lf I ft* Aacl'^m*» wiM hopper, even hi w*ll-fvgtjlAS*d f*m- hU bn#ttty, wrill contluiie the COAt'IT MAKl.NU buol | ' " 

■ * Dtao, *t |s ' ge^lrxHv *o have mome cU*^p an«l com- im;** at the md mUr. !, xi Uie east 0*4* of Third hvfpkI, IfTING rOMPP.M.FD To maKF rk«'lO\| PoR NSW 

ASD KlUUdDIlbt — A FULL FU PPL V OF t ut wav jig r»>pairmg For**ltwre.Toy«.Orockery. Ac betwerti .M-aikct athI JrAMr-i^,. jijp IIADDoX. i * ^ GtjoD.''. we wiU bcll tur a frw ’(ava at 

All dgM'AUc Wmbm ax- ' Kroi. iw. Kwt^ tAti^ Ac. | HI*^Ll»i8G*K PKKPAjUtD GLUK la*"«*>1Ue Kr . Jnw*- P'.th tNgfi ia,^. 1 Awif I 

pifAPHto vkkv chkaI’ Greatly UediK'ed JYlees ! 

****^,*^^^*** W. J. KOKMAE, I *^UEEm. IN rVFRV IKK’RF Bf EMWaa LEWIS. i 




. *^**^’f^’*»**‘. foli.YH. Ac , tor buiTjImr p«rpf.>eta tawfo h« orler At Ph<»rt notice- IIOUSK hMITUlML 

\ la’ewt paUetiu> of KalMnr, A* , U'anufort'ir’il l»r m*. aud a prltitMl iNt ol 

U* ^.l*^*uw*l* m "i T**0*-**^'* ‘••ft •rem t-r ni7l to Any pf*rouii abroA i de Jiing thna. ftKTAl.A. 

Hvtkw H AHKAN n.D *«ff 1 i*.v« at»u engoavd an No. < r |h*r* r*re Dr*’.air.Tto wi 
OAt.'uiiM lu iTiAk:ug i«t or te* any piatiern of Kviiiog, ftc.. lo s'iit Ibcir tAdl««. aud I wogm eap^ioiiy laa ta • 
ifouof APT hit. J.- af"l bnlMerw u> thU fort |y| dinsi 

l^OllSVlllK ‘ IU()iN "kTILLNO WORKS !“ 



Cieee. tUIrooicA. noiih \ an*U. FlivProol Han . Dtor*. Sash. Ac. .^iso.vrery vap4«*ty of IKo»f 

I It'OhL for labile or P:^>at* OK.>i.My.NTAL INCL<n*UK^, for UemotAry or new* pAvlKjta 

I tams-verynUtinUal AodcLvap. AitoO, •; work in the HoC.-ird-SMlTIflvd ,ioe done at tbe »h*rtv*l no- 
Uoe. and at nr!cwa aa w»w oi> th» foweot- wMI Hod It to ihoir Advant-AC - to rtve n« » r*M l>«*tor.* 

porchoelnv Vcwawfit-re (lr-1«tr« from Abroad bro«did'.«y .I'lendcd U>. .\ ibioK OF PI. 188 sent on ADpnrat'on b 
PartlcoUratTooUonglvAutA* JAft iVC'HK aiu D'’HGLAK-PiU>OP 
' Irm MKAD A BllkM IlKK. 

M any, hinuk tiik grkat dii»c»vkrv of 

Prul. Uoi>l. have AUcuiiiU-d not only to liulUlr 

j hlaHestormtive. bni prof*** to have dlacov«re<1 oouje- —AT— | 

thing that wouM prt*dnve rv-ults IdcriticAl; hni Uic» C ^ 


iM-en furerd to l-are the St Id to lu iraiaUvm aa ar. KSiaiiB I ^ 

Road the. ouowin.: 2i:6 ThirJ S.reet, bet. Main anJ Markei 

Pior. O. J. Woo© .% Co.— «r».7s; Tlie iHtcr 1 wn>ie yon Kf Y 8TUCK OF 
in lfUd.c«iDr**rijlnKy'*tjr valuable Hair Kc-storaUve, oiui a»I WATCH M 

which yon have (aubl<»be<l In thla vicinity end JkWkLKY 

t where, has glN ell no* to uti>vpruUH lu«iiitri«*a tuncbliig *1L1KK AND 

j Ui* fa>*t.3 111 the cAHe. The liauulrle*s arv, llnti, le It a fact p| t*I*KD WA 

' V.‘ ! ’ir.u*'’"* "* '*■»•' n*v,'r N-tt-r than at pr«mnt, ar«l '.iirr«d oa 

, ratioo, iwmd, la It true ol all therelu cr.ui.dac-1; thlnl, a«iod trnua a. cam b, found tn the cito t Manr a|i 
dura ni>- h dr .tm cui.ilnne lo be In ko-1 olIit and ui etitireir uaw Cad auii rxaimue. de.-j lAi 

butural coltir* To -I' I ,au ani do ar.-wer luiarlel U - — - - . 

fea. My hair la er. D |.eii,.r thanln auy ala«r of u.T life Jh IMTr TITITTITI 

fortuyears |>A’it -niur<* eoit, tbtitty.aud Ikctter cofore^l .i-.. ...*** *^^*' "^*****? 

th* Same 1.H trueof ui\ whl.-l'T*, aii'{ihtf only i'AUdw why WHoLfc^ALik A.M> IkKTAlL i'K il.KK IN 



tnaolre (for Tick*!* via Jiuukirk w.*vi tbe New York ' three te Gt weeka ThU Article le the enty ooe 

oBU Krie K*l!r<)Ad; i»r naJe At oil ol the Dnaclowl **■*»* i ^F Hta frvAch. And ta Lumfog and 

rood OfBccs lo ibe Wowt. I PwUa It fo In on «er«Al ooe. 

Aa KxiirvfW Freight Train leeroAtNew Tnrk (tally It is a begmitei. etonetalesl. seothteg. vetettmutattag 

Porta It lA In on verbal ooe. 

1 1 la A beamltei. etuiiAtaHtl. seothtng. vet ettoiuiAltag 


a-lL1 KK AND 




rom fot*l of Doaar street, nuking ciowe toanveUwnA for acting aa If by magic upon (he recta, causing 

U>ntaTliiA. end gnlrker time «baa eve? he^'ire nioile • * ^*tantltal growth of taverlAiM hair. If AgF^ed la the 
CilAS. MIN(iT. Geii’l flap*! *^^P* k wid enrv AaLn.Nae*, enJ cawm le agrteg mp to 
J- C. 0ATMA.N, £xa r*v<i Fra*ight Agent 3*1 LruAdwov ^eW a fine g owth uf new hmr. Ap- 

N. w Fork. • *'"*'«*» ,dl<u1 artordlru lu .-li,. -Umm* H will lara a* or la^ 

thr asms la trueof ui\ w'll.-l'-r^, aii.ilhtf oidjr ,'auaa why K IliiLKFALi. A.ND i.KTAll- DK il.KR IN 
lija io>t kru- rally Irua, thsi lh.-aul»daiur U waahMl llaROM'ARI? A \ I* E l'T* 
alThr !r>ym-nt ablnii..ii of I'..- ia>a, wlii-n If lara wptr “*■•■***■*•*••■ »wl» R, ■ II.E-KI, 
’" I-ouf-tlon with ll" ■iM/iani-ur. .r 

I IMotico. 

a hrtwm, J IIADD-'X A EKII. waa.,'-.oilTi-l on thr ' 

a hrtwm, J >IAI>1)-,X A EKII. waa.,,-.oilTi-l on ter 
IMk af Mar, h. Ml. hr Ibr a-atii of L-ri.- liaidir 
J. Haa-to'i, harliia: purcl,aa>-i th-- riii'r- ln'rr<»t of 


i whlakt rs ti.e-auirr. - dt wim“iow'Ii‘ftJ'h2ir"'''i*h”‘i I Pf 4 VP8 4 .VD 
! hern In th* rec*l'*t of « prreAt nrTn»*e*r of kuers from oil 

I partirfaNcw tuaiiAtid, ofiklit,; mr If my heir still con Third 

ttCJi*M te h* poof'.i As there U mo much f'ond In the iuao- a 

xUctnr* mr.d Hnl«* oi VAr!<«a« cotup<fundts aa w**U a* U*ia #f> i V 

Ml hAv. m*deubl. boF* ly Im ut'-d and b»*ei» ooed t# ^ 

Out only without any g-.-xG efli^ i but u> alvolute lulu- A 

» ty. 1 have iioL ! any (d yuur K* doraJve of any AC- mSiw 

j couiat (or eo*u* xuunths, on * yrt luy hidr Is as cued a* o3K Mfe 

ever, and h 'ndre ls have examined it with surprise, m T ^ 

1 an: eciw n years obi and n<*t a gray hair io my head ' g ^ ”if •JK 

or on my foe*, and to prove t Ilia l&A t. I *«ea(J you a lock k? fT^ISaP* 

of tuT hair tab*-c ufl th* |.»*t week. I received your to- r V,. ' 

vurof two bottk.: i«At aumtuer. for which 1 aid S W~ v -’.tafth' % 
v.r-- grill lui. 1 SAX* 11 to rnr fh.TfU and (hereby J 

■Gticed (tacu Ui (ry It; maoT werr hkepUcal cutll Aftei a gNBP^ ▼ 
trlG. and tii*o mintixcM aax. I us*«t It oniver^a' hA BftA 

AOcCeae. 1 wilt ad( oA A (av<>r. that vou send ois s 
teat by which 1 can ab»aavvr irsud tn the Kv'iturAUve ' 

•('Id by many, 1 tear, w’tliuut aotborUs ff..m >va. A i 
pure Article will »ii-ureM:c(;esi, and I belt*- .« whrregooC | It' MlhKlK.’^.— 
en. rtadoijot !.»li**w, th- (Allure Is caused by tne tm V? 3T>i b> U par** II >; 
pure Artlcb*. whtrh cure** the Inventor of th* gooit. Ini hhu .id M.>n 

Pf 4VP<f 4.YD VL'ClIAXfC.tL TOO/S. 

No. li-ll Third lairerl, l.auUviilo, Hr. 

JrwrU r-. .dni'-ha, Mlllrr", 
Minrr-. vtuarrt-rs llailroa,! 
ButUtiT-. and all who want 
a rnmi'lrtr 


il’H? i*; Wrstrm A«ant, Oanland. 

W. Ik. BKKTIh'I.F. A-:it,U LoUlarlllr a^-1 dl* 

Baltimore and Ohio 

mm, m m 4 «j» wl asw» 


more on iba Fare anti Wherili.f, B-*owo,>1 aud 
"fF « Wilrh piacra n onit-r 

-7 m*' i^oaafcar.,, ac.. lor aud ITom oil pciaia la 

WK-*T. wn TfllVFwT ,%Nn NOKTIUTEST! 


FOR Alala Tllk t'lTlfCfo. 

nu ta the only route to WAAh!hci»o City. 

Pw ^r.pws b/ th*4 rout* can vf*u BaUdmerw. Pblta 
de-rnlo. New \ork, and boat* o, a; tb* co«t of A tkkcx • 

hair kAik, A<td rv»io*e gray hair t> Ue urlglnoi votae, 
leaving n poO. omooiH Aipl flexUb*. The *•> taur»T’* U 

on ImtUhemhObfo anicle iw evwr g*nt>-aiAH*«v*tla4. owd 
A'ter wise wtwk'a ua* thvy wouUl nuk for any cunahtorw 
(ttoH be Wtthnat U. 

The snbw'rlb* ru or* th* only Agreta i*r the oflteta ta 
to w hum ml enlvra rnnxt bv wtnrvose l. 

Frtr-, Oda. IkilUr a boa— or mmhe ^y oil DrnggLu aO'i 
Ifoa'vr-: or a ^•oa uf ihe **ttagweeC (werrAuU*! te have 
th- ate,.ira<l eifiAti wlU be o-nt to out who endrv Ik, by 
mart pthwet) vviuwiv peeked, on receipt («f p^e omf 
P<MAt*.ilifl. April toerwldieee 


UAC>a*»IVW. Ak' 

i>*a iftn $1 WUdom sfovet. New Tgrh. 


Brandeis <& Crawford^ 


Ika sawuiwaaa coewa* *f MaWi aud FWM awwlB 
I WWa will pa* to* huhaai MareM i1m WaaE kiwda 
1 af Wrala daHrarM at «wr BaaM ar al mt aoiad ^wwtoB 

poliit aa tha UhM I l*«r. 




B Aoaa m. atsxvs. 

X* I mouse- SHOE i^a, 

, aad j Aamxa xrMttr. Bt • maim a-nd maubjo. 

o tha iJajrtaaa a,>tv.. W e 

j aalSdlr J U^AThSl h. % * 

, Union Marble Works 

AI.O. a ,rn-Ml aw«rt,.,«nt dJ^'n^'iiTi k'^rk 'ind 'fiL'*- 

^ T «i!l FArnicr. T!^aca ticket'* to ife-. Ka..arn cftlcA con be F-oenrod KM 

T -aU. 

Ubofoeele azpI retail At 

th* iowr?}* (a»h pfiics py 

H « - w ■ w. ■ 



^ l-walWTlIla. Kr-i and Nai* Alkup, Iw 

, M. BiT 7 z.noo 2 v A ca, 

I aatay xtbajit, bkt. tmimd a.\d aocarm 

^ > D'J< ID.'', we will aril lof a few 'laya at 

y* **«■ lAhf M a a Wi L hrtwraa HWa and II V 

Uin irRiPKT. hr- ~ 

M, I PwarhaoMnerraraM IrMiWhiakT; 

a - ** - -- — — Jaaialca R'i«; 

-» e»— »a«l»* P toa n iH t UoUand On.; fr* »l- H 


N. E. a fc,^ acoiopal.lra each BolOr. Price, li | > aM l-KEi-aKED TO to) UI.A7.IN(i INTIIKVFjIV 
a/ i,uiwuv<< unaii.iKo ' * '*■“ »”•' Inwrat rale- i—- ihlr. In 

'*'* -I. J-I rrnaii^i ^jy !;« I •olWdil-..- onWre. I relrr to luy i«.i re,.i.uii.m and er. 

t*tr**t. New surk. ! (le-rwuv'*' a* a W'»tkm»ii, ao*I Ifcliewt ttiAi it wiilprovraa ' 

21oib Is thf^ Um<’ to buy if yen want 

I neem It inirdai^AJi her-fotot*, to keep yon appriowt o 
a tbe cuiitluned ehWt on ui> hair, as 1 A'-^uru a" who in 
I quire of me of nij uiiAhAke.i iHdnlon of !U valuable re 
kolta. 1 remAlo. dear -tr. 


{ AAAOge Hc:t, Ky., Nuieniber 30. info. 

! Pbov. O. a’ Wocii*— four aSiir; 1 voi-lrt certainly be do 
tng you A great liOuai.' e not u> m-ike ktiown to tbr 
werll the wonderful, as w**ll ad th- uiie\p«*cied, reenlt 1 
have exi'erlencetl (rum uolrg esg b'tti* uf your Holt 
keeturatiy*. Att-r oolug tTery kind oi Kevioratlyea ex- 

It 30* b‘ U pur** ll iurbon Whi -kr, I lo 5 years o‘«l; 
IHIhhU-'M ^loraOCgAht'lA d«>: 

»iU M4 a Uet i U-d ifo. 

Orders ooltcUed and prompl’y U'WI. 

A*1 JOHN h Mi'lhVAlV A M>.N 


\ ’'AKIKT1m*> 
M) duten R 


ami retMll of « 4i» A-l-M- a nG charge Oi ft. 

“i.rl7e!, L» rilTi? 'V"’ '*’’ »■ "*■»-' ‘h T r .ota 

..iu«K, PATjUIT : S». H .Vl’lilla**. 

J. H. SlI.LI1.kN. Oen. W^rw AmoI. kiaCOO 900X1X11,1 'l'l,».,,ac' 'I' I. . ... t O iT 

^^^Ht^wh-.i^iai. *n» lou.UTO, 

I - - UL . mrnSk ctjo., 

iiN*>i).N_ W. H. C. DRYUEN, UAOniSIADC A4in *IITI Cnw l*i wK—a hthaEr. bet. twikd and powbtii. 

! Commiatiion Merchant HARDlf Ant AnD CUTLERY : . uaiwE k‘a^*;!^MSN?*!i"I^^ 

AND BAB AHD SHEBTIBOk, SAILS,! A mt ClGAki t*a^*!^^**y* ^ 

rSKD AND PitOnrCK DKiLKft, Wnbi Rk.ft. w* - 

No »5 iTilr 1 alr«l. laswaan M«o aod tha Urar. »!>«*«•. HUbS, FellOM, ShafU, «tc., 1 4 \l A O P I VI 

Lot'IflVILLR. KY aTXUJZ. ATBAireA Aa AXAHA, I Jl.ilklLl* 

Arn.'lf~ ajUeUed anI ail<-d oil u>a uioa. Ia%"ralae i-rua NO. 117 MARKET .STREET. Sc'l'TU PIDB. BETWEEN I *«*WA Mr Iha aafa of nour aad 0»«Mr Whlak*. A 
r-a* a.l»auoaa luada ow t* FIUNT a.nI) BEaioK J* I raacaa ■aUa j« Cwacton*. liia. aaA Jl> 

OEO. »rPAI.A«IIl 7 <P S T El H. , I JTTS* &J}CZIXV 1 SX> 


Jeff-fM.n ondilr-en, Loulsviu '^ ,ui-tr*ei.ieH-e.» forwardiwq k ooMHissioN CHBAPLftCCSTORB, . 

i -n/tti-o r>.x.T ^ -iwrrw i *** •»*). 

Flat-Split rtaalrw A TIa Smftm. 

IhK. laMta«m*. Kv. 

3 I \l wur %fTTTKrfo« or m 
_ ^ 4TI AiMkfo ijf M*.ns* K W 'rth 

VB .’La-SokA ABA A.f 44a bAOk- 1 

I Cigars, 'rob:u*i*o, Snuff, 

1 Pipes, ct3o., 


(('•wrier BwilWiahal. 

* V) dutan Rallroa-t Cor-fta; 
.10 doaen new -.trie .Skirtii; 
CpatV H|ool.. Fn-peii lera. Nee '!• . 

^ _ , laal. !»•* without uccaMi. and On-lliui iu> head nearl* i eui nirrad. M li 'lebone, Cro. hel llru'd, Couit. In (teal I 

D A ea #% A I Al C T dmi itil,- 01 hair, 1 wu #na!l)- in'lun-d i-lry a botlle ol rarlM*. rew .-rl* Bhminr, 4. ., A.-,. Jual lecalred and 1 

D AA BV WJI At I in 1 y<Wlr Ualr K- .l.iiallvc. Now. can-l.-r auT JnWIcr cum- .ala cheap by i t 

pal me I-. aiiiwamc t > wha.'iei mar r.ail tlilc, that I fem T A R SI.EVIN A r II f. ' 

■ ■imeciiii: .J not lo I e undcr-<-l‘l, and would I now |ea-ra- a r,.'*'r Olid leantliul noath uf hair, which ^ .... . . ..... .. .T 

.auloatioi. of oar .lock, whlco la ’ I Br**i, il her ao l b.c>l. -mar tliau the ortclual l>k.UNLD sLliAKS— X^ tlhi-.'- Cltt-silkt). 1^11 

; wae. I willtlier«!..rcUkao,ca!>lon torevommendthl. vc'rTy*’ 

[T»l|l Cl in n V T.nTI>'#» | Ui*e!ilaWo rwoady P ANDI.h>»_Bl yi (NA N a U). 

I.J UkAOUChXXJf Xjai . of Iv. . wUHAk -V HHIS I'llKHiNli'H I KUSIIID. I’clK 

WAAun of the year. ! „ ^ ^ ^ ,!!*• ALLKH HILiCR. df'cit .knd graublAtrl lu tL’dr* anl for .«b 

LfiSS— S. *' 8^- ■ •('■LFAf.TBKKB OT CANDF, Na. 

mm*. Unwnm Btoih aad ha*a,,4h. Um'a 

■** n^i-^aItTm >p k ^ mht 

Kw—r l•■ce^,ew „4 4 ,. 

— RakleoS. W-DD A nfh 

lM»Ut - - _ _ 

^ aw au! Mil:. Dacki r. w» Flawr. 

lafltaMMdMrowfobv ** ^ 

AA4 Waaliif^f,. Mr«?4a 

t*tr**t. New \urk. j |iB-rWUk'«‘ a* a W'ftkm»ii, ao*I ta*lle\«> ttiAl it wiilproh*aa 

■ ■ I Nuttclenl guAiAniee tur the (uinr*. orders foil at He- 

f * A r J 'I'K > V i ttmte A ha en lt*» i.!jl rwcsdye prutuyt AlVnthHi. 

A. r«t.,n ur.priZ'Ip e.! ,TO«n.'ar* allempttnf to | •“‘* F-S ANLeu LEW IS. 

t«»a..rr.. lb' ' ttknaito<rtln< imruir iiniLACloio uf (Uy : « Ail . «« J v . 

Am!ne*iiJ^«'iuVvb’*I Oil oiblld XlaiEXipS. 

N^-rB.Ac oi>.J dFEF:FA«EDOLUE .* , Ooal Oil ood Laxups. 

Is <Mi ibe fimij^e vrrapier. -AU othora ar* a«iielUog r 

Coal Oil and Lamps. 

i Ft Tfth ArrihaiM. : pio.kl oii. ll'Kar g/l. la! •# cl. and fll td I 

rVWIIP r*MtB.NMa...h MA.BU BUM -a. aW D «WTVI V I Wf 1 AWb ' ./ LA II F* U( Vyei y * t » . * A 1*1 * tU l»f ACi l.g SH f b »• Ul 

Unusually Large 

For Uiu avAAun n( the year. 



^THIAT FRYACH ^TiiJI^YhK kliAar si^.aiv j ■fov’ly ta« v> tAe Alh‘‘OUu« uf ca* Atol pnDctuaJ deoim 

^ UmrrtyAmifotatauaWi |lMaymw^k(,;7te^rJ'M<»^^«^ - 

^.taheh^uLiy Ai »*^hi . «i ta tta# i J AMJtfl ^ ^ • 

im ^ ALI-l rmatn'R I tat? dftwtr ifopoAltv LouUytOe Uajial- 

Vt — 

k ArwIf-AI-P KA»->: • -THk 1. iTIL'T~ii5W -Sr: ' R^CKIFF-D— 

MrWaf Cap.. re« i-d a* auau a. iairnw^!r*j*7* I "*> i»wa Ii»»h Epr, ur IT'OU; 

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8 Jtlir. ton 9tr$et, beitMem TTura and fourth. Louu, llo. Aud icid by oil looA DinigKists and Fancy 
I Gooda UuAiwr*. OeVdAwtr 

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^AfUa, ruMurtovl iiumbci*. In ■ luri* ai»'l lyr a fo by | Jeff**rM.n and rlr**eo, Luulaviu • HM 

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CMf ArtfMt with my otore. GKo. D. PAL.\IKK. 


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P..U!*.r-. Flour. kUaxm. laor-l. Ac. ^ 

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li barrels Aimlut Alm'dids. 

X 20 bAirels !»lcliv AirU'inds; 

^ 10 b irrriv Knyllah W aImiU: 

X X 20 kegv Fr'T* h Pmueji; 

9 raws PreiKh ^uace, la gloA:. 

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I THAI! CE A erv- «*’ ^ *•»'« •* . 

Morris & Hogg, 

485 MhIh Btrpft,M hoaur 8t‘loir FoRrth. 




All aIm«, In stuck Slid mwlc to order; 

FnrnisliiD? Hoods, Combs and 
Brushes, Soaps, AKc. 

|G U N P O W D E R , WaSu'2pW^“ 


I fum^ijeR. Whun .» u ».. « th. F.w,« 

! Th* reButoDon and welldufod^n SDnerlcrtty of ogr j wK'*^A'i^ii^iI7^ifi ^^JL^*****®^ ta*ttlAil kw fiuuUy qaa. 
powder prohibita the Deceoetty of o«r foviM H io par | il phyAltU ns tor 

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I loAor other brauivmAnnfActiired In tb<> United tRstea fthwAoe ft Vbitb # A* Wooff ewarB 

OfflCB OP CITY POWDKK MAOAAUift I ft«* can cooKileiiUy rAeodnoBd onr stock af ALB and 
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ma’ W A II ffl’JrtSH ^DT. 417 llarket M. 

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at.lvSD (Wtoen JHVemon Alta Green n>lt) 

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Talaaclamaaa Htoinaa anS Iwoaa. 

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OH M Pannh airaaA. 


Cannon, Sherrill ft Co., 

WU.J wa.i a M.iwwa m 

IS^OT IO>T 8 , 

Tklifly and Fancy Gooda, 

Paper Baft. 

, All kU* s, In Store an 1 for sAto by 

V&iUN UAWflUaN, Nu tv Main stfret, 

r balwaeii Third and ronriK- 


‘*’aU 121, MOUU S OUtM. 

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"“to wni i ' H Mato atraFi, ihraa .toon taal^ Bana i h. 

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beet tmte that cormen lo ios tasrhsA Mr oiAeR fts ta mab Wo weetoi mmw mt tho 

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•*d cociony. and Mn naito nni i ' H Mato atraFi, ihraa .toon taa^ Baaaa i h. 

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